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Daniel learned the truth that Nicole's baby died before her accident in Horton Square and forced her to tell the truth. Nicole, distraught and emotional that her lies were exposed, threatened to kill herself. John was shocked to find Kristen at the Horton cabin as he prepared for a romantic getaway with Marlena.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 5, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, November 5, 2012

by Mike

Brady stood in the town square and watched as Kristen argued with John and Marlena. Unwilling to let Marlena have John, Kristen pointed a gun at him.

Marlena begged Brady to stop Kristen, but he found himself inexplicably rooted in place. Brady watched helplessly as Kristen shot John and quickly exited the town square. As Marlena cradled John in her arms, she chastised Brady, wondering if he would ever be able to save a loved one. Brady gasped as he woke up and realized that he had been having a nightmare.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Kristen handed Kate an envelope that contained divorce documents. Kate didn't want to let her marriage end in such an impersonal way, so she refused to sign the documents. "That's your choice. You the end, Stefano always gets his way. I guess the question much hurt do you want to take in the process?" Kristen asked before walking away.

At the Horton house, Sami greeted Jennifer and started to ask about Nicole. Jennifer said that she didn't want to talk about Nicole, but Sami was undeterred. Sami revealed that Nicole and Daniel were planning to leave Salem the following day. As Jennifer struggled to process the news, Sami wondered why Nicole had decided to drop the charges.

"If Nicole thought you did it -- hell, even if she knew you didn't do it, but she thought she could blame you -- she would let you take the blame forever to get E.J. off her back, but she didn't. She changed her story, and I want to know why," Sami said. Jennifer insisted that she wasn't interested, and she asked Sami to leave. Meanwhile, Lucas entered the house and wondered what was going on.

Before Jennifer or Sami could respond, Lucas received a phone call and abruptly excused himself. After Lucas left, Sami explained that she didn't want Daniel to get hurt, since he had always treated her family with kindness and compassion. Jennifer shared Sami's sentiment, but she insisted that there was nothing that they could do. Jennifer added that Daniel had made it clear that he wanted to be with Nicole.

"Oh, come on -- no man wants to be with Nicole. Well, I mean, except for the one reason," Sami dryly stated. After acknowledging that Nicole had suffered a tragic loss, Sami added that Nicole was still an operator. Sami was convinced that Nicole had been lying about the fall the entire time. Sami's accusation shocked Jennifer.

"Oh, yeah -- Nicole had to know that it was an accident. She was just saying what she said for sympathy, revenge, to be a bitch to you, or whatever, but, I mean, when she accused you of pushing her, she knew it wasn't true. I just don't understand why she didn't double down on that lie. I mean, she could have had you in prison for years," Sami bluntly stated. Jennifer impatiently interrupted and begged Sami to leave.

After Sami left, Lucas returned. Jennifer said that she didn't want to talk about what had happened earlier. Ignoring Jennifer's protests, Lucas wondered if Daniel had done something to hurt her. Jennifer groaned with frustration and warned Lucas to back off. Jennifer tearfully insisted that Daniel was a great man, and she refused to let Lucas attack Daniel's character. Lucas apologized and hugged Jennifer.

Changing the subject, Lucas admitted that he was surprised that Nicole had agreed to drop the charges. Lucas assumed that Nicole had simply changed her mind about the nature of her fall. Somewhat jokingly, Lucas added that the only other explanation that he could think of was that Nicole had made the whole thing up. After urging Jennifer to get some rest, Lucas exited the house.

"Could she have manufactured this whole thing? But no -- how would she know where to find me that night? I mean, I left a message for Daniel...but if she listened to it, then she could have come looking for me. But she didn't plan for herself to fall down a flight of stairs -- that would be insane! No, but she did fall, and then she could blame me and lie about it. What in God's name was she thinking? What really happened?" Jennifer wondered aloud.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole placed a phone call to Rafe and explained that she was going to be leaving the following day. Later, Rafe entered the apartment and noted that Nicole seemed nervous. Nicole told Rafe that E.J. was looking for revenge. Nicole was worried about Rafe's safety, but he assured her that he could handle E.J.

Nicole suggested that Rafe could ask Sami to talk to E.J. Rafe admitted that Sami had vowed that she would never forgive him for lying to her. Nicole assured Rafe that he and Sami would eventually get back together, but he wasn't convinced. Nicole hugged Rafe and told him to take care of himself. After Rafe left, Nicole hoped that he would be able to handle E.J.

Someone knocked on the door. Assuming that Rafe had returned, Nicole laughed as she opened the door, wondering if he had already started to miss her. "How I wish I could...but I'm still not through with you yet," Victor dryly stated as he entered the apartment. Victor said that Nicole and Daniel's trip to Hawaii had been cancelled. Nicole insisted that Victor couldn't order her around.

"Oh, I'm sorry -- you're absolutely right. Cancel the trip tomorrow, please," Victor sarcastically replied. Nicole told Victor that Daniel was the person who had decided to leave Salem. Nicole added that Daniel was looking for a fresh start. Victor countered that Daniel hadn't needed a fresh start until he had gotten involved with Nicole. Victor theorized that the trip, like everything else in Nicole's life, was all about her.

"How much will it take...for you to get on that plane tomorrow...alone?" Victor asked, retrieving his checkbook from his pocket. Offended, Nicole insisted that she couldn't be bought. "You can paint this any way you'd like. You're making a sacrifice for Daniel. You don't want him to ruin his life, so you're going to take this first step by yourself. ''Tis a far, far better thing.' Et cetera, et cetera. Just let the man go," Victor urged Nicole.

Nicole told Victor that Jennifer had broken Daniel's heart. Nicole said that she was the person who had helped Daniel recover, adding that she had been there to support him after he had learned that he could no longer perform surgery. Nicole recalled that Daniel had once said that she had made him feel alive again. "Yes, I can imagine the parts of him you rejuvenated," Victor dryly stated.

"Nicole, you don't have the tools for the kind of life that you've fantasized about. For that, you would need to be able to truly love, to make a full commitment to a man. That's not you, Nicole -- never was, never will be," Victor bluntly added. Nicole angrily ordered Victor to leave. Victor urged Nicole to reconsider, but she stood firm. After Victor left, Nicole started to sob. In the hallway, Victor refused to give up.

At Countess Wilhelmina, John started to leave a note for Sami, who wasn't in her office. Meanwhile, Kristen entered the office and greeted John, whose suspicions were quickly aroused. "I know it's your father's business, but you know what? It's well after business hours, and there doesn't appear to be anybody else here except for me, so I've gotta ask myself -- did you follow me here?" John wondered.

Kristen claimed that she hadn't followed John. Kristen explained that Sami had rescheduled their earlier meeting, but John wasn't convinced. Before John could question Kristen further, Sami entered the office and apologized for being late. Kristen excused herself so that Sami and John could have some privacy, adding that the meeting could wait until the following day.

After Kristen left, John learned that Sami had agreed to work for Kristen. Sami told John that she had been offered a really good contract, but he countered that it was a really bad idea. John reminded Sami that Kristen had once tried to kill Marlena, and he wondered why Sami had agreed to work for Kristen. Sami reiterated that she had received a great offer that included lots of incentives and bonuses.

John asked Sami to work for him at Basic Black. Sami wondered what kind of job she would be doing at John's company. "Whatever you want...and I will match any salary, bonus, or incentive that Kristen is offering. Just don't go to work for that woman," John begged Sami. Sami wondered what would happen if she made a mistake or failed to live up to John's expectations.

Misinterpreting the meaning of Sami's question, John assured her that she would have a very understanding boss. Sami wondered if John would be willing to make allowances for her, and he eagerly agreed to do so. Sami smiled and politely declined John's offer, explaining that she didn't want that kind of job. "Okay, fine, then I'll go around kicking your ass, if that'll make you feel any better," John said with a shrug.

Sami laughed and shook her head, refusing to change her mind. John sighed and insisted that Kristen had to have some sort of agenda. Sami conceded that Kristen probably did have an agenda, adding that she didn't trust Kristen. John predicted that Kristen would use Sami to get to him and Marlena. Sami promised that she wouldn't let that happen.

"This is really important to me...and come on -- Kristen? I mean, if she was really out for revenge, where has she been all this time? Yes, I'm sure she has a plan -- I'm sure she has lots of them -- but I really don't think that she is out to make trouble for you and my mom," Sami confidently stated.

At the Brady Pub, Brady told Marlena that he had warned Kristen to back off. Marlena insisted that she didn't want Brady to place himself in the line of fire. As Brady tried to assure Marlena that he could handle the situation, Kate entered the pub. Kate announced that Kristen had returned to Salem, unaware that Marlena had already had several encounters with Kristen.

Kate told Marlena and Brady about the divorce documents that Stefano had allegedly asked Kristen to deliver. Brady wondered if Kate really believed that Stefano wanted to remain married to her. Kate shrugged and theorized that Kristen might have clouded Stefano's judgment, since she didn't like Kate. Brady offered to purchase a cup of tea for Kate, who wondered if he could lace it with scotch.

After Brady left, Kate noted that he seemed to be taking the situation lightly. Kate guessed that Brady was unable to remember Kristen's reign of terror. Marlena clarified that Brady was calm and concerned. Kate warned that it would only be a matter of time before Kristen would make her move. Marlena wondered why Kate was certain that Kristen would eventually be a threat.

"Because it's Kristen DiMera. She hasn't changed. She tried to take your life once before; she'll try to do it again," Kate confidently stated. Kate told Marlena that they needed to get rid of Kristen, but Marlena reluctantly admitted that Kristen hadn't done anything wrong. Brady returned and clarified that Kristen hadn't done anything wrong yet. Kate found it hard to believe that Kristen hadn't done anything to Marlena.

Marlena explained that Kristen had been showing up everywhere, and Brady added that Kristen was going to be Sami's new boss at Countess Wilhelmina. Kate forced herself to offer an apology about the latter piece of news, and she wondered what Marlena was going to do about the situation. Marlena jokingly informed Kate that Sami was a stubborn person, and she admitted that she wouldn't be able to change Sami's mind.

"Okay, well, I just wanted to note to both of you how sympathetic and civil I'm being about this whole idea of Kristen and Sami working together. Well, I mean, I'm just saying...the thought of those two together? I don't know whether I should laugh or be terrified," Kate admitted. Kate wondered what she could do to help Marlena.

Before Marlena could respond, Brady pointed out that Sami would choose to stay at Countess Wilhelmina just to spite Kate. Kate laughed, and Marlena admitted that Brady was probably right. Marlena excused herself so that she could answer a phone call, unaware that the caller was Kristen. Marlena started to end the call, but Kristen stopped her.

"I just wanted to warn you...not to be surprised, like you unfortunately have been by some recent coincidences. I just wanted to be upfront with you about what happened with John tonight. Well, it was nothing, really. I mean, I was at Sami's office, and we were supposed to have a meeting, and then I had no idea that John was gonna be there," Kristen innocently explained, but Marlena wasn't convinced.

Kristen noted with concern that Marlena's hostility was toxic and would eventually make her sick. "You make me sick, and don't you dare try to handle me," Marlena countered. Kristen apologetically stated that she was only trying to make things easier for Marlena. "Marlena, I live here. Salem is my home now. I can only hope that someday soon you realize that you have nothing to fear from me," Kristen sweetly stated.

Marlena angrily ended the call. After Marlena summarized the conversation, Kate noted that Kristen was in fine form. Brady and Kate emphatically stated that Marlena wasn't imagining things. Marlena wondered why John was seemingly oblivious to Kristen's true intentions. Kate shrugged and matter-of-factly stated that John was a man.

Brady assured Marlena that John would eventually realize who Kristen really was. After warning Marlena to watch her back, Kate abruptly excused herself. "Wow. You know you're in trouble when Kate feels sorry for you," Marlena noted. Brady promised that he would protect Marlena and John. Marlena pointed out that Brady couldn't really promise that, but he insisted that he could.

At the hospital, Daniel's suspicions were aroused when he saw the brown shirt in the lost and found. Daniel tracked down the box of baby clothes that had been delivered to the hospital earlier, and he quickly managed to find the brown pair of shorts that matched the shirt. After confirming that the two articles of clothing were from the same set, Daniel checked Nicole's medical files.

Daniel was unable to find any notes that would explain why Nicole had been in the examination room that the shirt had been found in. Daniel asked Maxine to find out if Nicole had made an appointment for that particular day. Maxine confirmed that Nicole had been scheduled to see her doctor that day, but she added that Nicole's doctor had asked Sedwick to cover for her.

Daniel asked Nicole's doctor about the appointment. The doctor said that she had assumed that Nicole had cancelled the appointment, since she had never received any notes from Sedwick. Daniel seemed unconvinced, and he wondered if there was any way to get in touch with Sedwick. The doctor advised Daniel to call the Machu Picchu office.

Daniel followed the doctor's advice, but the operator at the Machu Picchu office informed him that Sedwick had been assigned to a different office. Meanwhile, Rafe greeted Daniel and started to talk to him about Nicole. Daniel was barely listening to Rafe, who wondered if everything was all right. Daniel claimed that he was trying to tie up some loose ends. Rafe wondered if he could help.

Daniel jokingly asked if Rafe could find a doctor who was in the middle of Machu Picchu. Rafe shrugged and said that he might be able to do so, adding that he knew a guy who could find anyone. Later, Rafe ended a phone call and gave Daniel a phone number. Daniel thanked Rafe and abruptly excused himself.

Daniel placed a phone call to the number that Rafe had provided, and Sedwick answered the phone. Sedwick remembered Nicole, and she admitted that she had felt horrible about leaving Nicole at the hospital that day. Sedwick said that Nicole had been quite distraught, since she had just lost her baby. Noting that Sedwick had left before Nicole had fallen, Daniel wondered who had told Sedwick that Nicole had lost the baby.

"Tell me? Um, Dr. Jonas, there must be some confusion. I'm the one who told Nicole Walker her baby was dead," Sedwick explained.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Outside Brady Pub, Marlena met up with John, and they discussed his run-in with Kristen at the Countess W offices. Marlena admitted that she knew that John had seen Kristen because Kristen had called her and told her. While John and Marlena went into the pub to eat breakfast, Marlena wondered aloud whether Kristen had planned her meeting with John. John responded that he did not believe that Kristen had known that he would visit Sami in her office.

Kayla stopped by the table and asked Marlena to talk about staffing at the hospital. John excused himself to tend to work, leaving Marlena alone for breakfast. With a sigh, Marlena announced to Kayla that she had lost her appetite. Kayla pitched her ideas for staffing in Marlena's area of the hospital, but Marlena was preoccupied. After Marlena agreed with Kayla's recommendations, she asked Kayla about Caroline's progress. Kayla said that it was too early to tell if the treatment was working.

Noting that Marlena seemed distracted, Kayla asked what was wrong. Marlena explained that Kristen had returned to town, and she informed Kayla of her various run-ins with Kristen. Kayla assured Marlena that John would not let Kristen hurt her family. Laughing, Kayla noted that Kristen was intentionally pushing Marlena's buttons. Marlena agreed with Kayla, and she swore not to let Kristen provoke a reaction from her.

In her hotel, Kristen talked to Stefano on the phone, and he encouraged her to move into the mansion. Kristen declined. After chatting, Kristen hung up the phone and opened a box of mementos that Stefano had sent her. Kristen looked through the box and found a videotape of her son, as well as a key. Furrowing her brow, Kristen clutched the key in her hand and left her hotel room.

John went to the church to talk to Father Tobias, and though Father Tobias warmly greeted John, he explained that he had cancelled the board meeting. As Father Tobias apologized for wasting John's time, he noticed Kristen in the doorway and waved hello. John was surprised to see Kristen standing behind him. Father Tobias introduced Kristen to John as the newest board member of the church. Father Tobias explained that she had taken Stefano's place on the board.

While Father Tobias stepped out to take a phone call, Kristen confessed to John that although she had not expected to see John at the church, she had known that John was actively involved there. John remembered when Marlena had been possessed by a demon, and he had spoken to Kristen about his faith in God. When Father Tobias returned to his office, he informed John and Kristen that he would reschedule the meeting.

After Kristen left, John asked Father Tobias about forgiveness. Father Tobias counseled John to search his soul and pray to God for help. "Through God's grace, every lost soul can be found. Sometimes all it takes is a single person who believes," Father Tobias said.

After leaving church, John met up with Marlena in the town square. When John averted his eyes, Marlena guessed that Kristen was on the board at the church. Marlena warned John that Kristen was not capable of change.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor begged Brady to help him save Daniel. Brady noted that he did not believe they could change Daniel's mind. Victor asked Brady to throw himself at Nicole and distract her. As Brady hung his head, Victor explained that he hoped Nicole would take the bait and that Daniel would see her for what she was. Outraged, Brady noted that Nicole had lost her child and that he would not toy with her emotions.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole was reviewing her travel itinerary when Jennifer stopped by the apartment. Nicole reluctantly let Jennifer in to talk. Jennifer asked what had happened the day that Nicole had lost her baby. As Nicole closed the door, Jennifer thanked Nicole for informing the police that she had made a mistake. Nicole admitted that it had been difficult for her to change her story.

Jennifer asked Nicole whether she had intercepted the voicemail on the day of the accident that Jennifer had left for Daniel, informing him that she was waiting in the town square. Appalled, Nicole asked Jennifer if she was insinuating that it was Nicole's fault that she had been in the town square and had lost her baby. Defensive, Jennifer reminded Nicole that her fall had been an accident. Jennifer asked Nicole if she had met her in the square in order to confront her.

"What did you want to say to me?" Jennifer asked. "That I hate your guts, and I never wanted to see you again. And lucky for me, my wish has come true, only it's too bad my baby had to die for it," Nicole responded. When Nicole yelled that Jennifer could not decide what Daniel wanted, Jennifer countered that Daniel would decide. After Jennifer left, Nicole paced in the apartment. Nicole worried aloud if Jennifer would poison Daniel against her. Jennifer returned to her house and berated herself for confronting Nicole.

At the hospital, Daniel reviewed Nicole's medical chart, and he thought about his phone call with Dr. Sedwick regarding Nicole's miscarriage. While Daniel stared at the two-piece children's clothing, Cameron walked into the lounge and asked Daniel if he had figured out the discrepancy on the chart he had reviewed. Sighing, Daniel remarked that they had missed the diagnosis on Nicole's baby.

Daniel explained that the baby might have died prior to Nicole's fall. When Cameron noted that the charges against Jennifer had been dropped, Daniel countered that he needed to learn the truth so that Jennifer could have peace of mind. Daniel asked Cameron to keep his research secret until he could determine what had happened to Nicole's baby.

Daniel received a call from Dr. Sedwick, and he asked her about the notes from the exam. When Dr. Sedwick said that she had written her notes in the chart, Daniel explained that there were no notes and that he needed details about the exam. Dr. Sedwick informed Daniel that she had notes from the exam with her and that she would email the information to Daniel.

After Daniel received the email from Dr. Sedwick, Daniel received a phone call from Nicole. Confused, Daniel ignored the call. When his phone rang again, Daniel answered it. Dr. Sedwick called to follow up with Daniel. "Your notes were very clear. I know exactly what happened that day," Daniel said.

Nicole called the hospital and asked for Daniel. Maxine informed Nicole that Daniel had left the hospital. Concerned, Nicole called Jennifer and reached her voicemail. Worried, Nicole started to leave the apartment to look for Daniel when she received a call from Brady.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady informed Victor that he had called Nicole but that she had not answered her phone. Worried that it was too late to stop Daniel, Victor berated Brady for taking his time to decide whether to call Nicole. "God help him now," Victor gruffed.

When Daniel returned to his apartment, he called out for Nicole, but she did not answer. "What have you done? Where are you?" Daniel wondered aloud. At the Horton house, Nicole banged on the door, but no one answered. Nicole searched her purse for a key. While searching, Nicole found the scalpel she had hidden. Jennifer answered the door, and Nicole stared at the scalpel.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At the Brady Pub, Kristen surprised E.J. with a brotherly kiss on the cheek as he tried to make a phone call. Uninvited, she seated herself across from him and presented him with an envelope that contained information regarding his ex-wife. After a quick glance at the contents, E.J. informed Kristen that he'd already obtained a copy of Nicole and Daniel's itinerary. Kristen asked what E.J. planned to do to recover after the death of his son. E.J. stated that he was fond of the Biblical idea of "an eye for an eye."

E.J. added that it had been easy to want to get justice against Jennifer when he'd believed that she was responsible, but since Nicole had claimed it had been an accident, there was really no one to blame. Kristen reminded him that Nicole, Daniel, and Rafe had been complicit in covering up the baby's paternity. E.J. pointed out that if he pursued that, then all the progress he'd made with Samantha would be negated -- so he didn't know what to do.

Roman approached E.J. and Kristen's table and remarked that it was a shame the rumors of Kristen's return had turned out to be true. Privately, Roman advised Kristen that he would be watching her, since people had no idea what her reasons were for returning to Salem, and warned her not to screw up.

After Roman had left, Kristen asked E.J., "What is it about Marlena that I don't get? What is it that John and Roman and even our father, they have these strong feelings for her?" E.J. countered, "Sounds to me that they're not the only ones." Kristen admitted that Marlena had possessed what Kristen had wanted -- John and his child -- but she hoped that time truly healed all wounds.

Kristen changed the subject back to getting even with Nicole, Daniel, and Rafe. E.J. pointed out that Maui could be a very dangerous place, but Kristen noted that E.J. didn't have to resort to causing Daniel and Nicole to have some sort of accident -- besides, Sami would probably suspect that E.J. had had something to do with it. She added that only E.J. knew how far he was willing to go to get justice. Kristen then gathered her things and left.

After he was alone, E.J. got a phone call alerting him that Nicole and Daniel were not at the airport as scheduled. E.J. barked into the phone, "Where are you? What's she doing there? No, you stay where you are; I'll take care of it." He strode purposefully out of the pub.

In Horton Square, Marlena tried to convince John that Kristen would never give up on him. John insisted that running into Kristen at the rectory had been nothing more than a coincidence. Marlena disagreed, citing the numerous ways that Kristen had already inserted herself into their lives and the lives of their family members.

Just then, Hope walked up and asked why the Blacks thought Kristen had returned to Salem. She assured Marlena and John that she hadn't relayed that bit of information to Bo, because she knew he didn't need anything else to worry about. John informed Hope that the statute of limitations had expired on all of Kristen's past crimes. Hope demanded to know why no one had informed her about Kristen's return, but John maintained that it was no big deal, and they would all be fine. John added that he could use a couple of days away from the hecticness of work.

Hope suddenly had an idea. She reminded John and Marlena that the Bradys had a cabin on Smith Island, and the family needed to get it ready for the winter with storm windows and the like. Bo normally took care of that, but he was out of town with Caroline. Marlena and John offered to take care of it for Hope. A grateful Hope cautioned them that there was no longer cell service on the island, and there was also no landline. "It sounds like heaven to me!" Marlena enthused.

As John returned with a packed bag, Marlena got a phone call from a patient and stepped away to take it. John tried to reassure Hope that Marlena's suspicions about Kristen were unfounded, and he hoped that being on guard would be enough to keep them safe. Marlena returned and explained that she had to wait about an hour for a return phone call from her upset patient. Hope warned them that there was only one more ferry leaving for the island that day, and it was leaving in a few minutes.

Marlena encouraged John to go ahead without her and promised to take the first ferry out the next morning. Exasperated, John reluctantly agreed. He took the key to the cabin and the list of chores from Hope, kissed Marlena goodbye, and hurried off to catch the ferry. Marlena confided to Hope that, while she would love to have been able to join John for that night, at least Kristen wouldn't be able to find him for a few days.

After John had gone, Marlena filled Hope in on all the things that Kristen had done since her return. Hope was appalled -- and on Marlena's side. Although Marlena was relieved, Hope warned her that John was not as suspicious of Kristen as Marlena was. Marlena was confident that soon John would see what Kristen was so obviously up to.

A while later, John arrived at the Horton cabin, and was shocked to see that Kristen was already there, with a fire built in the fireplace.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie entered the living room, where Brady was working, and admitted that she was worried about Daniel leaving town with Nicole. Maggie urged Brady to do whatever he could to stop it. Brady stated ruefully that he thought it was already too late.

Brady took Maggie to Common Grounds for coffee. Brady admitted that he'd just had an argument with Victor about Nicole. He added that he thought the whole idea of moving to Hawaii "had disaster written all over it," but Nicole couldn't see it. Maggie guessed that Victor had tried to pressure Brady into keeping Nicole and Daniel from leaving town in some underhanded way. Brady confirmed it, but asserted that he had refused to acquiesce.

Maggie clarified her own feelings, "If Daniel were leaving town for some fabulous opportunity, I would still miss him like crazy -- but that's not why he's going. He's going because some opportunistic tramp used the baby she was carrying to get her hooks into him, and that's what I hate!" Brady assured Maggie that the two of them both wanted the same thing: for Daniel and Nicole not to go to Hawaii.

Maggie stated, "If they do go, in spite of everything that we have both done, maybe you and I need to get the courage to change the things that we can." Maggie explained that she thought that Brady and Jennifer could possibly do each other a lot of good. Brady pointed out that Jennifer had been too obsessed with Nicole and Daniel to think about much else.

Maggie suggested that Jennifer had been that obsessed because she was too afraid to face the truth that she had lost Jack forever -- but Jennifer would have to face it if Nicole and Daniel were no longer around, and maybe she and Brady could help each other through their respective losses. Maggie and Brady shared a goodbye hug. After Maggie had gone, Brady muttered, "Boy, Maggie, I hate it when you're right and I'm wrong."

Daniel paced fretfully around his apartment, where Nicole was supposed to have been waiting for him so they could leave for Hawaii together. Unable to reach Nicole by phone, Daniel had summoned Rafe, who soon knocked at the door. Daniel quickly explained that he and Nicole were supposed to leave for Hawaii in a short while, except she had disappeared and wasn't answering her phone.

Daniel asked if Rafe could help him find Nicole as soon as possible. Sensing how frantic Daniel was, Rafe insisted on more details first. Daniel explained that he had called Rafe because Rafe was the only other person who had been part of things from the beginning. Daniel pleaded with Rafe to help without asking any more questions. Rafe agreed, but only if Daniel promised to tell him the whole story eventually. Rafe hurried out.

Jennifer answered the door at the Horton house and demanded to know what Nicole was doing there. Nicole had found the scalpel from the hospital in her purse, but quickly stashed it away while staring with sheer hatred in her eyes at Jennifer. Entering the house, Nicole demanded to know where Daniel was, certain that Jennifer had lured him there to try to convince him not to leave town with Nicole.

Jennifer argued that she couldn't tell Daniel what to do, and wondered why Nicole was there instead of preparing to leave town with Daniel that morning. After Jennifer offered up her phone so Nicole could check the call history, Nicole was convinced that Jennifer hadn't tried to contact Daniel. She started to leave, but Jennifer blocked her way. Jennifer confessed somewhat smugly that, despite how frightened she'd been at the prospect of a trial, she almost wished that the two of them had ended up on opposite sides in court, because it would have been Jennifer's word against Nicole's.

Jennifer accused Nicole of saying something that she didn't believe just so that Daniel would go away with her. "You actually think I would use my dead baby as some sort of bargaining chip?" Nicole shouted incredulously. "Not if you tell me that I'm wrong," Jennifer countered. She declared that she would let Nicole walk out the door and start her new life as long as Nicole told her the truth about what had happened on the stairs that day.

After Rafe had left Daniel's apartment, Daniel tried calling Nicole's cell phone one more time. Meanwhile, Jennifer was demanding to know if Nicole had only changed her story about what had happened after Daniel had asked her to. "I'm not doing this, Jennifer," Nicole said angrily as she tried to storm out. Jennifer reached for Nicole, but instead grabbed her purse strap, and some of the contents spilled to the floor.

Nicole's cell phone landed under a chair, leaving the line open, which meant that Daniel could hear the women's conversation. As Nicole scooped up her things and replaced them in her purse, she ordered Jennifer to leave her alone. Jennifer ordered Nicole, "For once in your life, tell me the truth!" Nicole realized that her phone wasn't among the things she'd picked up, and, a bit panicked, wondered where it had gone.

Jennifer demanded that Nicole stop playing games. In quiet, clipped tones, Nicole warned Jennifer, "I have been through hell, and I am on edge. And if you keep pushing me, I guarantee you are going to be sorry." As he listened in and heard the menace in Nicole's voice, Daniel worried about Jennifer's safety. Surmising that the two women were at Jennifer's, Daniel hurried out the door.

Rafe was on the phone, outside Horton Square, when Roman approached. Rafe quickly pocketed his phone. Roman noted that someone had put out an APB with an order that said, "If spotted, do not approach. Contact Detective Hernandez." He asked what case Rafe was working. Rafe noted that he didn't ask Roman for much, then requested, "Just this once, I'm just asking you to look the other way." Roman reluctantly agreed.

After Roman had left, Rafe got a call about a certain car and asked for the address where the car had been spotted. "I'll take it from here," Rafe said as he rushed off.

"When you were lying at the bottom of those stairs, you didn't ask how your baby was. All you did was point your finger at me. You just wanted to get even, because that is all you ever care about -- getting even. Admit it!" Jennifer accused. Nicole admitted that she had changed her story to satisfy Daniel -- but she had never changed her mind. Nicole tearfully added that she'd had it all for a few months -- a healthy baby boy growing inside of her and a man who wanted to take care of them -- but then Jack had died, and Jennifer had gone "trolling" for her next guy.

Although Jennifer accused Nicole of being delusional, Nicole continued that Jennifer had only taken her in so that she could play the part of the grieving widow, because Jennifer couldn't stand that there had been a chance that Nicole could have been happy with Daniel. Nicole admitted that she'd heard Jennifer's message on Daniel's answering machine, so she'd gone after Jennifer. Jennifer angrily pointed out that she had tried to walk away from Nicole, but Nicole pointed out that after she'd fallen down the stairs, Jennifer had just been standing there doing nothing.

"I finally found the way to make you lose," Nicole hissed. Jennifer countered that everything was about winning and losing with Nicole. Nicole seemed poised to change her story to the police again, and flung open the front door to leave -- but Daniel arrived just then. "What are you doing here?" he demanded. Nicole declared gratefully, "Thank God you're here, because I finally realized something: I was wrong. I know I was confused before, and I thought maybe it was an accident, but it wasn't. She pushed me. She is the reason that that my baby is dead."

Nicole was prepared to take a later flight so that she could go to the police and tell them everything, but Daniel stopped her, pushing her back into the house and closing the door behind them. "We are not going anywhere," he declared firmly. The two women began to bicker in front of him. Daniel encouraged Nicole to leave with him. "I'm not going anywhere until you believe me," she refused, stomping back into the living room.

Daniel followed her, with Jennifer right behind him. Daniel softly pleaded with Nicole to go somewhere private with him so that they could talk, but she refused. "I'm not lying to you, Daniel, not about this, not about my sweet little baby boy. She's the reason that he's dead. She killed him!" a distraught Nicole cried. Daniel gently stopped her: "I know that when you were at the square that day, you knew that your baby was already dead." Nicole's face crumpled into miserable tears.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

by Mike

In Sami's office at Countess Wilhelmina, Sami read Nick's job application. Sami muttered that Nick and Kristen already had one thing in common -- they were both criminals.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Gabi thanked Nick for agreeing to keep their relationship a secret. Gabi was afraid that Rafe would not approve of her new boyfriend. Nick and Gabi exited the room separately, a few minutes apart from each other, so that no one would suspect that they had spent their lunch break together.

Sami, who was waiting for Nick in the main section of the pub, noted with interest that Gabi and Nick had each returned from their breaks at the same time. Sami watched as Nick and Gabi awkwardly bumped into each other. Sami shared her observations with Gabi, who confirmed that she and Nick had developed a friendship. With a smirk, Sami guessed that Gabi and Nick were more than just friends.

Gabi sighed and begged Sami not to tell Rafe, who was overprotective and unwilling to believe that people could change. Sami muttered that she knew what Gabi meant, and she promised that she wouldn't tell Rafe about Nick. Relieved, Gabi admitted that she was glad that Sami had learned the truth. Gabi added that she had been eager to tell someone about the relationship.

Gabi enthusiastically stated that Nick was the most amazing man that she had ever met. Gabi quickly backpedaled and clarified that Will was also an amazing man. "Right, I get it -- he's the most amazing straight man you've ever met," Sami said with a laugh. Sami warned Gabi to be careful. Gabi started to insist that Nick had completely changed, but Sami interrupted and said that Gabi had misinterpreted the warning.

Before Sami could clarify her statement, Nick greeted her and wondered what she had wanted to talk to him about earlier. Gabi excused herself so that she could get back to work. After Gabi left, Sami told Nick that Gabi was a great girl. Sami smirked as Nick feigned disinterest, and she informed him that she had already figured out the truth.

"I do have one thing to tell you, Nick -- if you hurt Gabi, Rafe will make prison seem like a stay at a resort," Sami warned Nick. Nick grinned and assured Sami that there was no reason to worry about Gabi. Nick insisted that he was crazy about Gabi and would never, ever do anything to hurt her. Sami smiled, convinced that Nick was being sincere.

Sami retrieved Nick's job application from her purse and wondered if he was still interested in working for her. After Nick confirmed his interest, he admitted that Kate had also offered him a job. Sami was surprised to learn that Nick had submitted applications at two competing companies. Nick clarified that he had only applied to work at Countess Wilhelmina.

Sami scoffed and wondered if Kate had placed a deadline on the offer. Nick shook his head, and Sami asked him to delay his decision for a while longer. Nick agreed to do so, and he thanked Sami, noting that the Bradys had been very decent to him. Nick excused himself so that he could get back to work.

Sami tried to call Kristen, but the call went straight to voicemail. Sami left an urgent message for Kristen, noting that it seemed like Kristen had suddenly joined the Witness Protection Program. After ending the call, Sami exited the pub, muttering that Kristen was a crazy bitch. Meanwhile, Nick crept upstairs to Gabi's room.

When Gabi returned to her room later that day, Nick was lying in her bed. Lit candles had been scattered around the room, and Nick explained that he had wanted everything to be perfect so that he could tell Gabi that he loved her. Gabi said that she felt the same way. Nick urged Gabi to say the actual words. Gabi told Nick that she loved him, and he pulled her into his arms and passionately kissed her.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena received a phone call from her patient, who no longer felt the need to make an emergency appointment. Marlena was pleased to hear that the patient had calmed down, but after ending the call, she admitted to Hope that the timing could have been better. Hope suggested that Marlena could charter a boat to the island. The idea was tempting, but Marlena decided to give John some privacy.

Later, at Common Grounds, Marlena watched as Hope hugged Ciara, who was going to be spending the night at a friend's house. After Ciara left, Marlena noted that she had missed out on a lot of Sami's childhood. Marlena admitted that she occasionally felt like she and Sami were still paying for that loss of time. As Hope and Marlena started to talk about Bo's trip, Sami entered the coffeehouse. Hope urged Marlena to talk to Sami.

After Hope left, Sami guessed that Marlena had heard that Sami had declined John's job offer. Marlena was surprised to learn that John had offered Sami a job at Basic Black. Sami had assumed that Marlena had asked John to make the offer, but Marlena laughed and said that John had made that decision on his own.

Changing the subject, Marlena admitted that she shouldn't have asked Sami to quit working at Countess Wilhelmina. Marlena acknowledged that she needed to let Sami live her own life. Marlena added that she needed to trust that Sami would be all right. Stunned, Sami wondered what had happened to the real Marlena. Sami quickly apologized for her snide remark.

Sami admitted that she was glad that she would no longer have to pretend that everything was perfect at Countess Wilhelmina. Marlena listened with interest as Sami started to rant about Kristen's disappearance. Sami said that it had been hours since she had last heard from Kristen, who usually responded to emails and text messages right away.

At the Horton cabin, John admitted that Marlena had been right about Kristen all along. Kristen denied John's accusations, but he refused to believe her. "Year after year of you lying through your teeth has stripped you of all your credibility. Now, maybe -- just maybe -- I would buy this as a coincidence if it weren't for the fact, well, that you were in the square with the little girl, you were in Sami's office, you were in the rectory," John noted.

Kristen pointed out that she lived in Salem and had a right to visit those places. John countered that Kristen had no right to be at the cabin, which was private property. "Let me ask you this -- of all the cabins in all the world, why did you decide to walk into this one?" John wondered. Kristen remained silent until a boat whistle sounded in the distance. Kristen gasped and noted that she was going to miss the last ferry.

Kristen started to leave, but John blocked her path and demanded an answer. Ignoring John, Kristen quickly exited the cabin, and he followed her. A short time later, John and Kristen reentered the cabin, and he guessed that she had planned the entire thing. Kristen firmly denied the accusation, adding that it was John's fault that she had missed the ferry. Kristen grabbed her cell phone and announced that she was going to call a water taxi.

"Oh, and here comes the carefully-rehearsed look of shock when she realizes there is no cell phone service. 'What? There's no service? I had no idea,'" John mockingly stated. Kristen quietly begged John to stop, adding that being at the cabin with him was unbearably painful. John applauded Kristen's performance, prompting her to try to change the subject. Kristen shivered and admitted that she was freezing.

John informed Kristen that there was no heat or electricity at the cabin. Kristen seemed surprised, and John observed that he might have finally managed to tell her something that she hadn't already known. Kristen started to ask John to build a fire, but she quickly changed her mind and decided to handle the task herself. Kristen theorized that the activity would prevent her from screaming.

John noted that Kristen still hadn't answered his earlier question, and he reiterated that he wanted to know why she had gone to the cabin. When Kristen finished building the fire, John was still waiting for an answer. Kristen insisted that she didn't owe John an explanation. John shrugged and countered that Kristen could explain herself to Roman the following day.

Kristen wondered if John was really going to press charges. Kristen asked if John had noticed any signs of forced entry. John admitted that he hadn't, but he added that it didn't matter, since Kristen was still trespassing. "Is it trespassing if I was given a key?" Kristen asked, revealing her cabin key. Stunned, John wondered how Kristen had managed to get a key to the Horton cabin.

Kristen revealed that Alice had given her the key years earlier. "I guess, with your revisionist history, you've rewritten the fact that she actually liked me, remember? She liked you and me together," Kristen reminded John. As Kristen took a seat on the hearth of the fireplace, John pointed out that Kristen still hadn't explained why she had gone to the cabin.

"I don't know. I guess I just wanted to see this place again. I think it was the last time that I was ever truly happy. Happy -- it's not a word I use much anymore. You really have to ask me why I came here? I guess I understand, still kind of makes me sad that you don't remember," Kristen admitted. Kristen silently recalled making love to John at the cabin years earlier.

John assured Kristen that he remembered. "Yeah, you remember, and you wish it had never happened, right? See, but...for me, I really only have the memories. I guess this place reminds me...of who I used to be, you know? When I was just all kind of innocent...before I started to hate. Before I stopped being me," Kristen mused, barely containing her emotions.

John sighed, removed his jacket, and draped it over Kristen's shoulders. Kristen shrugged the jacket off and walked away from John. John noted that Kristen had been shivering, and he explained that he had only been trying to help her stay warm. "I don't want your damn jacket. I want something that you can never give me," Kristen admitted.

At the Horton house, E.J. and Rafe arrived as Nicole tried to deny Daniel's accusations. E.J. demanded to know what was going on. Daniel warned E.J. to back off, threatening to smash E.J.'s face into a wall if E.J. refused to listen. As Daniel tried to convince Nicole to follow him to a private location, Abigail and Brady entered the house.

"We can do this with an audience or without, but one way or another, you are going to tell me the truth," Daniel told Nicole. Nicole pointed out that she and Daniel could talk on the plane or in Hawaii. Daniel wondered if Nicole really believed that he was still willing to go away with her. As everyone watched, Daniel informed Nicole that he had obtained her medical records.

Nicole sobbed as she claimed that someone was trying to make Daniel hate her. Daniel groaned impatiently and removed a document from his pocket. Nicole snatched the document out of Daniel's hand, crumpled it up, and tossed it aside, theorizing that it was probably something that Jennifer had fabricated.

Daniel shook his head and clarified that the document contained notes that Sedwick had written hours before Nicole had fallen in the town square. Nicole continued to sob, claiming that she didn't know what Daniel was talking about. Meanwhile, E.J. picked up the document and inspected it. "What does this mean? 'No fetal heartbeat,'" E.J. asked as he read the notes.

Nicole's sobs intensified, and she insisted that Sedwick had lied. "The doctor is not lying, Nicole -- you are. You are. The baby was dead. You knew the baby was dead...even before you saw Jennifer that day. You said Jennifer pushed you down the stairs and killed your baby. You are lying to yourself, 'cause you knew -- you knew the baby was already dead," Daniel impatiently summarized.

The revelation stunned the crowd for a moment. Abigail broke the silence as she lunged at Nicole, but Jennifer managed to stop her daughter. E.J. looked at Nicole and demanded to know if Daniel was telling the truth. Nicole continued to deny Daniel's accusations, while he assured everyone that she was lying.

"You don't understand. Yes, I -- I saw her, was to make sure we could leave. You remember? You wanted -- you wanted me to make sure I could travel, and I could, and everything was fine. It was fine. I didn't -- I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't -- I didn't hurt my baby. It's just not fair. This is so unfair! I didn't hurt my baby. I loved him. I loved him. He was my reason for living. Oh, my God, my baby -- my sweet boy," Nicole said as she collapsed into a nearby chair, sobbing uncontrollably.

Daniel shook his head and turned away from Nicole, and E.J. stared at her in stunned silence. Rafe, who seemed to be the only one who was on Nicole's side, knelt beside her and gently wiped the tears off of her face. "Twice, Rafe -- twice!" Nicole sadly stated, and Rafe nodded and sighed heavily. As Rafe gently talked to Nicole, she hugged him and tearfully admitted that she had known all along that the fall couldn't have killed her baby.

Interrupting the moment, E.J. crumpled the document and tossed it at Nicole, demanding to know what she had done to his son. Daniel insisted that Nicole had done nothing to hurt her baby. Daniel explained that a placental abruption had occurred, adding that there was nothing that anyone could have done to save the baby. As Nicole quietly sobbed, Daniel wondered if she was all right.

"What? Is she okay? Daniel, she was going to send my mother to prison. She has been lying through her teeth, and you're asking if she's okay? Oh, my God," Abigail snapped, shaking her head in disbelief. Abigail recalled that she had gone to visit Nicole in the hospital, where Nicole had blamed Jennifer for causing the baby's death. Jennifer tried to stop Abigail, but her daughter refused to back off.

"She lost her baby -- I'm sorry -- but we lost Daddy. We were still grieving, and she went after you for no reason! She was going to send you to prison, Mom, and she knew that she was lying. And you -- you, Brady. You told me that my mom had to be lying, because Nicole would never do anything to hurt her baby. Well, you're right -- she didn't. She didn't hurt her baby. She knew her baby was dead! She just went after my mom 'cause she's a bitch!" Abigail shouted.

Abigail lunged at Nicole again, but Jennifer held her back, and Daniel angrily stated that Abigail had said more than enough. Nicole asked to talk to Daniel privately, so everyone else reluctantly exited the room. Once Nicole and Daniel were alone, she wondered if he believed that Abigail was right. Daniel said that he didn't know what to believe.

"Daniel, when -- this whole pregnancy, I was so scared...because of what happened to me before, and...when she said that he was -- he was still in me, and he was dead, and I didn't even know. When I lost the last baby, there was so much pain, and there was bleeding, but this one was worse, because it was like I was dead, too. And then she -- she just told me that I needed to arrange a procedure," Nicole tearfully recalled.

Nicole added that she had tried to call her doctor later that day so that she could schedule the procedure. "And then your phone rang, and it was Jennifer calling, and she was leaving a message, and -- I was making the worst phone call of my life, Daniel. It was the worst phone call of my life, and I just -- all I could hear was her in my head, telling you that she needed to meet you at the town square so she could turn you against me...and take everything away from me -- everything. I had to -- I had to find her, Daniel, because she did this. Fine, you know what? She didn't push me down the stairs, but she did this. And she kept coming after me and making me crazy. I mean, I'm having a baby, and she was making me crazy, and she made this horrible thing happen to my son!" Nicole insisted.

Daniel interrupted Nicole and firmly stated that Jennifer wasn't responsible for what had happened, but Nicole wasn't convinced. Daniel gabbed Nicole's arms and shook her, insisting that she needed to let go of her anger. As Nicole shouted that she hated Jennifer, Jennifer reentered the room. Daniel quickly turned his attention to Jennifer, apologizing for Nicole's comment and explaining that Nicole was upset.

Jennifer said that Abigail was also upset, and she asked Daniel to take Nicole somewhere else. Daniel agreed to do so, but when he turned around to face Nicole, he discovered that she had disappeared. Daniel rushed off to look for Nicole, and Jennifer dashed into the kitchen to let Rafe know what had happened.

At the Horton Town Square, Nicole sobbed hysterically as she climbed the staircase. Nicole paused on the stairs, recalling the accident. Daniel's voice interrupted Nicole's thoughts. Nicole retrieved the scalpel from her purse and waved it around defensively, warning Daniel to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Brady, Jennifer, Abigail, Rafe, and E.J. arrived.

With a tight grip on the scalpel, Nicole told everyone to stay away from her.

Friday, November 9, 2012

by Mike

Daniel urged Nicole to drop the scalpel. Nicole guessed that everyone had followed her to the town square so that they could continue to scream at her and let her know how much they hated her. Daniel said that he didn't hate Nicole.

"Yes, you do! You all do! Why are you here? So you can make sure you see me pay, so let's do it -- let's get it over with. I will end it right here, right now -- I will do it!" Nicole frantically stated, holding the scalpel to her throat. Nicole tearfully added that she would prefer to be with her babies. Daniel claimed that Nicole had plenty of reasons to live, but when she challenged him to give her an example, he remained silent.

"I've lost everything. I've lost my baby...and now I've lost you. And it hurts -- it hurts so much, Daniel. I just want it to go away. I want the pain to go away -- I need it to go away! You don't know what it's have a life growing inside of you...and to love that child with all your heart. He literally becomes a part of you, and before you get a chance to hold him...he's taken from you forever. None of you know how that feels. When I lost my daughter, I didn't think I could feel any more pain, but I was wrong. I was so wrong, and now I know -- I know my dreams will never, ever come true," Nicole sobbed.

As Nicole tightened her grip on the scalpel, Daniel gestured to Brady, E.J., Jennifer, Abigail, and Rafe, noting that they all cared about Nicole. Unconvinced, Nicole countered that the group only cared about watching the show. Daniel assured Nicole that he cared about her, but she knew that he no longer felt the way that she wanted him to feel. Nicole sadly realized that she and Daniel would not be going to Hawaii together.

Nicole said that she loved Daniel more than he would ever know. Nicole hesitantly tossed the scalpel over the side of the staircase. Still distraught, Nicole thought about throwing herself over the banister, but Daniel and Rafe rushed over to stop her. As Nicole broke down in Daniel and Rafe's arms, she begged them to let her go.

Later, at the hospital, Nicole agreed to give Rafe her statement. Rafe suggested that Nicole might want to wait for her lawyer to arrive, but she was eager to end the ordeal quickly. With sadness in Nicole's voice, she started to give Rafe an accurate account of the events that had transpired on the day that her baby had died.

"I remember...when I lost my baby before, I kept -- I kept thinking that there's gotta be something -- something to stop this ache, so I went out, and I got myself another baby. And I, uh -- I lost Sydney. I lost my mother. I lost E.J. And I know that I haven't lived a blameless life, but how much can one person pay?" Nicole tearfully asked before concluding her statement.

Rafe urged Nicole to get some rest. Rafe started to leave, but Nicole stopped him. "Sometimes, I -- I think it's my fault the baby died. Maybe lying to E.J., keeping him from his child, and asking you and Daniel to betray everything that you believe in -- I deserve all of this. Or maybe -- maybe God thought my baby was better off dead than having a mother like me. Maybe he's punishing me for my sins," Nicole theorized.

Rafe shook his head and assured Nicole that God didn't work that way. Nicole said that was the reason that the legal system existed. Nicole fearfully wondered what was going to happen to her. With a slight shrug, Rafe admitted that he wasn't sure.

Elsewhere, Abigail was glad that Nicole hadn't taken the easy way out. Abigail believed that Nicole deserved to be punished for her misdeeds. As Jennifer started to scold Abigail, Brady interrupted and said that he wanted to talk to Jennifer. Abigail started to protest, but Jennifer insisted that she would be fine. After Abigail left, Brady apologized for misjudging Jennifer. Jennifer accepted Brady's apology, assuring him that she understood.

In the waiting area, Daniel showed E.J. the baby's autopsy report, hoping that it would give E.J. some peace of mind. "Peace of mind, doctor? I have no peace of mind. If that child was born...I would never have known him anyway...because you tried to convince me that another man was his father. In fact, you would have done everything in your power to make sure that I had no legal rights to my son whatsoever," E.J. replied.

E.J. refused to forgive and forget. Accepting full responsibility for hiding the baby's true paternity, Daniel said that he was prepared to face the consequences. "Do you really understand what that means? I'm not talking about your career -- I mean, I could send you to jail, and I don't think anybody would blame me for pressing charges. But to ruin you -- that would give me great personal satisfaction," E.J. said.

Daniel encouraged E.J. to do whatever he needed to do. E.J. reiterated that he wasn't going to forgive and forget, adding that he also wouldn't be pressing charges. E.J. recalled that Daniel had once saved his life, and that Daniel had also helped E.J.'s family when Johnny had been diagnosed with cancer. After E.J. expressed his gratitude, he warned that he wouldn't be as understanding in the future.

Later, after E.J. left, Brady, Abigail, and Jennifer joined Daniel and Rafe in the waiting area. Brady wondered what was going to happen to Nicole. Rafe admitted that Nicole was facing some serious charges. Meanwhile, in Nicole's room, Nicole sobbed quietly as she curled into a fetal position.

At the Horton cabin, John assumed that Kristen wanted his love, but she clarified that she only wanted his forgiveness. John wasn't sure if it would be possible for Kristen to make amends for her past crimes. "All the work I've put in to be a better person...and to be the person that I was when you first met me -- I know it might be a lost cause. I got to be honest with you -- it just kind of breaks my heart," Kristen sadly stated.

John continued to wonder why Kristen had gone to the cabin. Kristen reiterated that the cabin held some fond memories, adding that she had been eager to clear her head. Kristen said that she had started to doubt that her random encounters with John had actually been random. John interrupted, assuming that Kristen was admitting that she had been stalking him.

Kristen shook her head and begged John to let her finish her statement. "I guess I started hoping that when I would turn a corner and you'd be there, that...maybe it was a sign...from God or the universe know, we were supposed to work things out," Kristen explained, quickly adding that she wasn't talking about working things out romantically. John wondered if Kristen really believed that they could be friends.

"I guess I'm not that na´ve...but I would hope that you could recognize that I am not the same woman who locked Marlena in that room and tried to pass off another child as your own. Well, hey, you know, John Black -- hired assassin, Stefano's pawn. Are you the same man that you were all those years ago?" Kristen pointedly asked. John conceded Kristen's point, crediting Marlena's love for changing him into a decent person.

Kristen said that she had also found love after she had left Salem. "I learned to love myself. I -- the person who...helped kids that nobody else cared for...the person who coached Little League...the person who did all sorts of things for other people," Kristen explained. Noting John's skepticism, Kristen insisted that she wasn't asking him to love her again.

"I understand that you belong with Marlena. In fact, I think I always knew that, even during the time and I were happy. Part of you always wanted to be with Marlena," Kristen admitted. John sighed and said that he had never meant to hurt Kristen, who returned the sentiment. Kristen said that her jealousy, along with her fear of losing John, had caused her to do some terrible things.

"Getting over you was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I did it. You know, I'm not asking you to forgive me because I love you now. I'm asking you to forgive me because I did love you, and after everything we went through, it would just mean so much to me," Kristen added, seemingly sincere. John assured Kristen that he had also cared about her -- until she had started hurting his loved ones.

"I knew coming back to Salem would be incredibly hard, and I never really deluded myself into thinking that I could make things right again, but...I guess -- I guess I was looking for -- my shrink calls it closure. Does Marlena say that? She must, right? You know, Marlena never really liked me...let alone loved me, so I guess I didn't really expect her to accept my olive branch, but you, John...just because of everything we meant to each other, least what you meant to me...I just can't stand it that you hate me," Kristen admitted, barely containing her emotions.

Kristen concluded that she was simply going to have to learn how to accept the fact that John hated her. After an awkward silence, John excused himself so that he could look for some blankets. After John left, Kristen draped his jacket over her shoulders, pulling the collar close to her nose so that she could smell his scent on the jacket.

When John returned, noting that he had finally found some blankets after rummaging through six boxes of items in the attic, Kristen was curled up on one end of the couch, sleeping peacefully. John draped one of the blankets over Kristen's body. John wrapped the other blanket around his shoulders and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch.

At Common Grounds, T introduced Sonny to Audrey, who said that T had told her a lot about Sonny and Will. T asked about Will, and Sonny vaguely stated that Will wasn't around. T could tell that something was wrong. Sonny admitted that he and Will were no longer together.

Later, Audrey waited at a nearby table while T went to the bar to pay for their order. T was sorry to hear that Sonny and Will had ended their relationship, and he wondered what had happened. With a slight smirk, Sonny wondered if T really wanted to have that conversation. T explained that he had told Audrey that he had helped Will and Sonny get together. "Well, yeah, that's one way of putting it," Sonny dryly stated.

T explained that Audrey wanted him to help Sonny and Will repair their relationship. T said that Audrey believed that he was a nice, considerate, helpful person. "She also thinks me having gay friends means I'm comfortable with my masculinity," T added. Sonny summarized that T was just using Sonny to impress Audrey. T grinned and confirmed Sonny's suspicion.

T wondered if Will and Sonny had tried to repair their relationship. Sonny admitted that he was interested in doing so, but he added that Will no longer wanted to talk to him. T wondered why Sonny had reached that conclusion. "Okay, at first, you didn't want me to have a love life, and now you're all over it -- I'm not sure what's worse," Sonny said.

T said that he was only trying to help. Sonny thanked T, adding that T could tell Audrey that he had done his part to support the gay couple. Sonny excused himself so that he could get back to work. T told Audrey that Sonny had claimed that he and Will would not be getting back together. Audrey could tell that Sonny didn't want that to be true, since he looked extremely sad.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi was surprised to see that Will was cleaning tables. Will explained that the entire family had agreed to help out while Caroline was in California. Will wondered where Nick was, noting that he had seen Nick's car outside earlier. Gabi hesitantly revealed that Nick was upstairs.

Confused, Will started to wonder why Nick was upstairs, but he quickly realized the implications of Gabi's statement and withdrew his question. Gabi explained that she didn't want Rafe to interfere, and Will agreed to keep her secret. "I'm so happy for the both of us, because...I mean, it's about time! Like, we found, you know, the person that we were meant to be with," Gabi enthusiastically stated, and Will forced a smile.

Will revealed that he and Sonny had ended their relationship. After listening to Will's explanation, Gabi assured him that it wasn't unreasonable for him to want to know about Sonny's sexual history. "I don't -- still, I don't think I should have interrogated him, and I definitely don't think I should have asked if he'd slept with Brian," Will admitted, groaning as he recalled the conversation.

Gabi advised Will to meet with Sonny so that he could clear everything up, since Will's attempts to repair the relationship through phone calls and text messages had failed. "No, I haven't -- I haven't called or -- I haven't texted him, either. What's the point? He told me to get out. He -- he said that it was over," Will sadly stated. Gabi suggested that Will might have misinterpreted Sonny's comments.

Gabi urged Will to call Sonny. Gabi was certain that Sonny, who had been waiting for months to date Will, didn't want to end the relationship. Will promised to think about what Gabi had said, and she abruptly excused herself. Later, T and Audrey entered the pub. After introducing Will to Audrey, T explained that he and his girlfriend had talked to Sonny earlier. T advised Will to call Sonny.

Will wondered if Sonny had specifically stated that he wanted Will to call him. Admitting that Sonny hadn't said those exact words, T added that Sonny had seemed disappointed about the fact that he hadn't heard from Will. T and Audrey started to excuse themselves, and Will wondered if they had really gone to the pub for the sole purpose of talking to him about Sonny. Audrey explained that she had asked T to talk to Will.

Audrey revealed that her brother was gay, adding that some of his so-called friends had done and said incredibly cruel things to him when they had learned the truth. Audrey predicted that Will would find that difficult to believe. T stared at the floor, unable to make eye contact with Will. "Huh. I'm sorry to hear that. But, um, you know, I'm glad that you found T, because...he's a great guy," Will said with a smile.

Back at Common Grounds, Gabi greeted Sonny and thanked him for helping out with the Halloween party. Sonny said that Nick had taken his role as a scary, silent dude very seriously, noting that it had been difficult to get Nick to talk to him. Silently recalling Nick's earlier statements about gay people, Gabi claimed that he was shy, and she optimistically predicted that he would soon be eager to hang out with Will and Sonny.

Sonny guessed that Gabi hadn't heard the news. Gabi clarified that she was aware that Sonny and Will had ended their relationship, adding that Will felt really terrible about what had happened. Sonny sadly stated that he wasn't sure how Will felt about the situation, since Will wasn't talking to him. As Gabi started to respond, Sonny received a phone call. Sonny noted with surprise that Will was calling him.

Gabi excused herself as Sonny answered the phone. Will, who was sitting on a bench outside the pub, nervously rubbed his neck as he stammered out an apology about calling Sonny late at night. Will admitted that he had expected Sonny to ignore the call. "Will, I will always take your call," Sonny assured Will.

Will quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and he and Sonny arranged to meet the following day to talk about what had happened.

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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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