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Kristen continued to get under Marlena's skin. Brady warned John that Kristen was out to destroy his marriage. Will and Sonny made love. Gabi learned that she was pregnant with Will's baby. Eric Brady returned to Salem as the new priest assigned to St. Luke's parish. Nicole connected with Eric. E.J. began his plan to win back Sami.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 12, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, November 12, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer told Hope the truth about Nicole's baby's death. Hope wondered if Jennifer wanted Nicole to be prosecuted. Avoiding the question, Jennifer cryptically stated that she needed to take care of something else first.

Later, after Jennifer left, Hope placed a Pilgrim's hat on her head. "Oh, Grandpa...I so wish you and Gran could see Ciara wearing your hat in her school play. You'd get a kick out of it," Hope said. Someone knocked on the door. When Hope opened the door, she found Daniel standing outside. Hope informed Daniel that Jennifer had left earlier, and she invited him into the house so that he could wait for Jennifer to return.

Hope assured Daniel that Jennifer was all right. Daniel believed that Jennifer had every right to blame him for what had happened. Daniel theorized that Jennifer wouldn't have gotten involved in his drama if Jack hadn't died. Hope said that Daniel had tried to protect Jennifer. Hope insisted that Jennifer would eventually heal, pointing out that Jennifer's family members and friends -- including Daniel -- were supporting her.

In Nicole's room at the hospital, Nicole sighed as she noted that she had blown another chance at happiness. Nicole muttered that no one cared about her. Brady entered the room and assured Nicole that he still cared about her. Nicole didn't want to see anyone, so she asked Brady to leave. Brady urged Nicole to talk to a lawyer.

"No. No, I don't -- I don't need anyone to defend me, okay? I'm not depressed, and I'm not crazy -- I know what I did to Jennifer and why, and I would do it again in a heartbeat," Nicole admitted. Brady refused to believe that, theorizing that Nicole was simply lashing out because she was angry and tired. Nicole pointed out that no amount of rest would change the fact that her son was dead.

Brady said that he understood. "No, you don't. You don't understand. How could you understand when I don't even understand, Brady? You don't understand! Oh, my God. Why? Why me? Why always me? Why can't I find love? I just -- it's all I want. That is all I have ever wanted, and every time I get close to it, I just screw it up. Why am I always left with nothing, Brady? I don't get it," Nicole sobbed, hugging Brady.

Brady tried to comfort Nicole, but she pushed him away and asked him to leave. As Nicole continued to sob, Brady sighed and reluctantly exited the room. Later, Jennifer entered the room. Nicole warned that she had nothing to say to Jennifer. Jennifer replied that she had plenty of things that she wanted to say to Nicole. Nicole forced a smile and mockingly feigned anticipation.

"I just -- I want to tell you that I'm -- I'm sorry if I added to the pressure that you were already under. And I did push you. I didn't push you down those stairs, but I pushed you to a breaking point, and that fight never should have happened, Nicole -- never. I interfered in your life, and I get it -- you felt -- you felt so trapped, and you felt so desperate, and for that, I am truly sorry," Jennifer said, grasping Nicole's hand.

Nicole applauded, shaking her head in disbelief. "Wow. You are good. I mean, all this bad blood between us, and you just waltz in here, hmm? Like you're some incredible, selfless person. That's Oscar-worthy, Jennifer, really. What were you hoping that I would do? What would you -- what were you hoping for, really? What -- did you want me to just wrap my arms around you and tell you you're my new BFF?" Nicole asked.

Jennifer admitted that she hadn't really had any expectations. "Good, because I will never forgive you, no matter how many times you say you're sorry. Now, get the hell out!" Nicole shouted, and she continued to scream until Jennifer reluctantly exited the room.

When Jennifer returned to the Horton house later that day, she found Daniel waiting outside. Jennifer explained that she had talked to Nicole earlier. Jennifer said that she had also talked to the district attorney. Daniel wondered what Jennifer had told the district attorney. Meanwhile, Hope entered Nicole's hospital room. Nicole guessed that she was going to be arrested.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad approached E.J. and Johnny. E.J. said that he loved and cherished Johnny and Sydney. Chad wondered if E.J. also loved and cherished Kristen. After greeting Chad, Johnny rushed off to play on a nearby bench. "I'm, uh -- I'm just curious about one thing. Uh, why didn't you tell me Kristen was back? What kind of game are you playing with me now?" Chad asked.

E.J. claimed that he had decided to let Chad form his own opinion about Kristen. Chad wondered if that meant that E.J. didn't like Kristen. E.J. admitted that he didn't really know Kristen. Before Chad could respond, Johnny interrupted and announced that he was hungry. E.J. agreed to take Johnny to the pub, and Johnny invited Chad to join them. When Chad agreed, Johnny grabbed Chad's hand and dragged him off to the pub.

At the Brady Pub, Nick was sitting at a corner booth, talking to a man. Abigail greeted Gabi, who explained that Nick was talking to his parole officer. Gabi said that Nick had been worried about the meeting, despite the fact that he clearly had no reason to worry. As Gabi gushed about Nick's many amazing qualities, Abigail noted that it seemed like Gabi had a crush on him.

Gabi revealed that she was dating Nick, adding that being with him was amazing. Gabi guessed that Abigail probably knew exactly what Gabi was talking about, but Abigail admitted that she had never felt that way about anyone. Gabi was surprised to learn that Abigail was still a virgin, and she apologized for embarrassing Abigail. Abigail said that she wasn't embarrassed, and Gabi promised that she wouldn't tell anyone.

Gabi wondered if Abigail had decided to wait until she was married. Abigail laughed and insisted that she was simply waiting for the right guy. Gabi predicted that Abigail would find the right guy when Abigail least expected it. Chad interrupted the conversation and coldly informed Gabi that he needed some menus. Gabi grabbed a few menus and walked over to E.J. and Johnny's table.

Chad wondered if Abigail was all right. Abigail said that the charges against Jennifer had been dropped, which Chad was pleased to hear. Abigail wished that she could figure out why Nicole had lied. Chad suggested that Abigail might simply have to find a way to let it go. Changing the subject, Chad wondered who was with Nick. Abigail explained that Nick was talking to his parole officer, which seemed to intrigue Chad.

Abigail asked Chad to leave Nick alone, pointedly adding that Chad might also need to find a way to let go of the past. Glancing at Gabi, Chad assured Abigail that he didn't have a problem with Nick. Meanwhile, as Gabi took Johnny's order, E.J. asked about Caroline. Gabi said that Caroline had been given some new treatments and medications, optimistically adding that Caroline would probably return soon. Johnny cheered happily.

Later, Chad watched as Nick shook the parole officer's hand. Nick joined Gabi at the bar, and she quickly asked about the meeting. Nick said that the meeting had gone well, adding that Gabi's free clam chowder had sealed the deal. Nick wondered how he could repay Gabi for helping him. In response, Gabi hugged Nick and kissed his cheek. Stunned, Chad approached Nick and Gabi.

Chad guessed that Gabi had used sex to convince Nick to stop Chad from sending her to prison. "When did you two start hooking up? Was that before or after I kicked his ass? Did you kiss everything and make it better?" Chad asked Gabi. Nick told Chad to shut up.

"Whoa. Buddy, all I'm saying is if she did try to seduce you to try to keep herself out of jail, that doesn't really make her your girlfriend -- it makes her a whore," Chad matter-of-factly stated. Nick lunged at Chad, who calmly and pointedly held up his hands to show that Nick was the person who was about to throw the first punch. Gabi managed to stop Nick, who stormed into the kitchen.

Gabi wondered why Chad had taunted Nick, noting that Chad's hatred for Gabi had nothing to do with Nick. When Chad referred to Nick as an ex-convict, Gabi defensively stated that Nick was a good man, adding that she was in love with Nick. Gabi's admission piqued Chad's interest.

"You're in love with him? Really? The same way I was in love with Melanie? But you destroyed that, didn't you? So I'm gonna return the favor, Gabi. I wouldn't hold my breath for that fairy tale ending, Gabi. You see, um...I'm gonna find a way to blow up your happiness, too," Chad whispered in Gabi's ear. Before Gabi could respond, Chad calmly exited the pub.

After Chad left, Nick exited the kitchen and wondered if Gabi was all right. Gabi tried to hide her fear, dismissively stating that Chad was simply a jerk. As Gabi started to walk away, she stumbled and collapsed into a nearby chair. Nick rushed over to check on Gabi, who fainted in his arms.

Back at the town square, E.J. stared at his phone and considered deleting Stefano's phone number from the contact list. Abigail approached E.J. and noted that Johnny, who was playing with a friend nearby, was growing up quickly. E.J. smiled and offered Abigail a seat, replying that kids had a habit of doing that. Abigail offered E.J. her condolences, and he admitted that he owed Jennifer an apology.

E.J. explained that he had simply been looking for someone to blame, adding that he realized that his reason didn't excuse his behavior. Abigail understood, since people usually chose to blame themselves if they had no one else to blame. E.J. realized that he had never properly expressed his condolences after Jack had died.

"You know, my dad died saving my life, so instead of having someone else to blame, I'm constantly wondering if there's anything that I could have done that day -- just one thing -- and he could still be alive," Abigail admitted. E.J. insisted that Abigail needed to stop doing that.

"Look...things happen in life that are random and cruel. To lose a father -- my God, I mean, the pain of something like that must just be incredible. my experience...something like that can give you a certain amount of clarity, you know? It helps you see exactly what's important. It teaches you what you need to treasure. Of course, that clarity doesn't last very long. The fog of life rolls in and obscures anything that was once crystal clear...and then you find yourself making the same mistakes and cherishing the wrong things," E.J. said.

Abigail countered that life didn't have to be that way. E.J. admitted that he liked to believe that it was possible to change, but he added that his attempts to do so had never been very successful. Abigail suggested that the first step might be to start taking the time to appreciate the things that really mattered every single day, instead of only thinking about those things after suffering a tragic loss. Abigail excused herself, and E.J. said that he had enjoyed talking to her. Abigail smiled and walked away.

At the Horton cabin, Marlena found John and Kristen sleeping on the couch together. Kristen and John slowly started to wake up, and Marlena demanded to know what was going on. After explaining the coincidental meeting, Kristen added that she had missed the ferry the previous night. "Lucky for you, you weren't caught out here all by yourself overnight. could have frozen to death," Marlena stated, feigning concern.

Kristen, who was wearing John's jacket, explained that she had left her jacket on the ferry. As Kristen started to remove the jacket, she claimed that her hair had gotten caught on something, and she asked John to help her. After Kristen freed herself from the jacket, she reached into one of its pockets to retrieve her cabin key. Marlena folded her arms and waited impatiently for Kristen to leave.

"John, thank you so much...uh, for last night. I mean, he was, uh, hearing my side of the story -- just listening to me -- is what I mean. Um, I know it was a fluke that we ran into each other, but I'm -- I'm so glad we did. It was very cathartic for me. Bye," Kristen said before exiting the cabin. Outside, Kristen realized that, in addition to the cabin key, she had also accidentally taken John's money clip. Kristen briefly considered reentering the cabin to return the money clip, but she decided to keep it.

Later, at Common Grounds, Kristen walked up behind Brady and wondered if he would object to her attempt to purchase a cup of coffee. Brady urged Kristen to help herself to all of the caffeine that she desired, adding that he wasn't going to let his guard down or take his eyes off of her for a single second. Kristen smiled and said that it was sweet and admirable that Brady was being protective of John.

Kristen admitted that Brady had been right about one thing -- John no longer wanted to have anything to do with her. Brady sarcastically wondered what had caused John to reach that decision. Brady started to walk away, but Kristen stopped him and asked him to do something for her. Brady was reluctant to help Kristen.

"Even if it helps John and Marlena? I was with your dad last night, and I left with something of his this morning, and I think, under the circumstances, it would be better if you give it back to him," Kristen explained. Brady probed Kristen for more information, and she revealed that she and John had enjoyed a nice conversation.

"Oh, did you? You had a good talk? Did you tell him how wonderful you are? Did you tell him that the cruel and spiteful side of you is a thing of the past, and that all you want to do is help people who are less fortunate than you? Something like that?" Brady guessed. Kristen laughed and confirmed that Brady's guess was fairly accurate. Brady wondered what Kristen had stolen.

Kristen retrieved the money clip from her purse, clarifying that she had accidentally taken it. Brady wondered how Kristen had managed to get her hands on John's money clip. Kristen innocently reiterated that she had been with John the entire night. Brady wasn't satisfied, so Kristen added that she had borrowed John's jacket, and she explained that the money clip had gotten mixed up with her keys.

Brady wondered if Kristen really expected him to believe her story. Kristen shrugged and urged Brady to ask John, pointedly adding that the previous night had been a very cold night. Before Brady could respond, Kristen excused herself so that she could purchase a cup of coffee.

After taking a walk, John and Marlena returned to the cabin. As Marlena started to make some coffee, John assured her that there was no way that Kristen could have possibly known that he was going to be at the cabin. "Well, John, have you forgotten that she is a DiMera? They have this uncanny knack of being able to track people down, drive them insane -- you know, destroy their lives," Marlena countered.

John felt that Marlena was overreacting. "Overreacting? To a woman who is obsessed with my husband, has been for years, and can't shake the obsession? To a woman who, time and again, has proven herself to be a sadistic sociopath?" Marlena asked incredulously. John conceded that Kristen might still have some issues, but he added that she was also trying to change.

As Marlena focused her attention on the pot of coffee that she was making, she sarcastically stated that John's compassion was heartwarming. John said that he simply didn't want to allow Kristen to continue to interfere with their lives. John assumed that Marlena would be able to understand that, but she insisted that she didn't, adding that she never would.

John clarified that he wasn't saying that he trusted Kristen. John added that Kristen had not yet given him a reason to doubt her claim that she had returned to Salem so that she could put the past behind her. In awe, Marlena noted that, in the span of a single night, Kristen had managed to convince John to defend her. John insisted that he wasn't defending Kristen.

Noting that Marlena's instincts were telling her that Kristen couldn't be trusted, John clarified that he was simply trying to say that his instincts were telling him that Kristen might have changed. Marlena muttered that the situation was mind-boggling, and John wondered why she was surprised that he was giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

"This is not someone. This is not some human being -- a normal person -- who deserves our understanding and sympathy. This is a woman who has caused holy hell in our lives and has no remorse for it. This is a sociopath with no conscience," Marlena reminded John. John agreed that Marlena had accurately described the old Kristen, but he reiterated that he was convinced that Kristen was trying to turn her life around.

"You know something, Doc? I'm not gonna be so cynical as to believe that a person can't reform, and I'm a little bit surprised that you don't share that belief. Now, Kristen told me that she came back here to have a little bit of closure and move on with her life. She doesn't want me -- she just wants my forgiveness," John said. Marlena wondered if John had forgiven Kristen.

John confirmed that he and Kristen had each agreed that it would be best for them to move on with their lives. "Well, that's...sweet...that you came to that agreement here -- in the cabin that means so much to both of you," Marlena dryly stated. John clarified that the cabin had once meant something to him and Kristen, stressing that it no longer held that significance. John sighed and reiterated that Kristen no longer wanted him.

Marlena refused to believe that, noting that it might have been believable if John had been talking about someone other than Kristen. John shrugged and said that he and Marlena would simply have to agree to disagree. Later that day, John told Marlena that they were going to have to hurry so that they could catch the last ferry.

Without saying a word to John, Marlena grabbed her purse and calmly exited the cabin.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outside the Horton house, Jennifer admitted to Daniel that she had been to visit Nicole, as well as the district attorney. Jennifer explained that she had no interest in justice if the price tag was revenge, so she had decided not to press charges against Nicole. Daniel caught Jennifer in a grateful hug. Jennifer continued that she just wanted all of them to move on from what had happened.

Daniel tried to take responsibility for helping Nicole, but Jennifer said that was just in Daniel's nature. She guessed that Daniel still had feelings for Nicole, but both of them remembered how he had recently proclaimed his love for Jennifer. While neither of them acknowledged the memory, Daniel quietly thanked Jennifer for what she'd done, and then he walked away.

When Hope entered Nicole's hospital room, Nicole assumed that Hope was there to arrest her. As she held out her wrists for the handcuffs, Nicole was stunned to learn that Jennifer had decided not to press charges. Sensing Nicole's reaction, Hope urged her not to take Jennifer's decision for granted. Nicole assured Hope that she understood Jennifer's magnanimous gesture, but Nicole had still lost everything.

Nicole sarcastically flew off the handle about how she never thought about anyone but herself. Hope apologized sincerely, but Nicole told her to "save it." Hope gently pointed out that Nicole had a second chance. Nicole tearfully agreed, and vowed not to waste it. Hope quietly left the room.

Hope went by the Horton house to visit Jennifer, and admitted that she was completely in awe of Jennifer for dropping the charges against Nicole. Jennifer confided that she was worried about Nicole, who had lost so much -- Daniel and a precious little baby -- and people in such a small town were bound to gossip about her.

"So, no, she's not going to be in a jail cell, but Nicole's in prison just the same," Jennifer asserted sadly. Hope asked if perhaps Daniel needed to know what Jennifer had done. Jennifer acknowledged that Daniel already knew. An idea gradually dawned, and Jennifer asked if Hope could let herself out. Hope happily agreed.

As Nicole was packing her things to leave the hospital, Daniel entered her room. Nicole explained that her doctor had given her clearance to leave on the condition that she undergo psychotherapy. Nicole acknowledged her gratitude that Jennifer had dropped the charges, but she had been certain that Jennifer hated her. "Do you?" Nicole asked tentatively. Daniel reassured Nicole that he did not hate her. "But you don't love me, either, right?" Nicole asked. When Daniel couldn't answer, Nicole gathered the rest of her things to go home.

Daniel asked where home was. Nicole had no answer for that, and added that maybe she would go visit her sister, Taylor. Daniel started to reassure her that if she needed anything -- but Nicole cut him off. She noticed that Daniel was once again wearing his necklace, and correctly guessed that he'd found it as they were preparing to leave for Hawaii -- and that was when he'd found out what she'd done. Daniel confirmed it as gently as possible. Nicole blamed herself for what she'd put Daniel through. He tried to pull her into an embrace, but, sobbing, she rushed out the door.

Jennifer found Daniel alone in a break room at the hospital. "I just wanted to say that I don't think that things ended right between us," Jennifer began. She explained that they'd said goodbye like it was over, but she hated that the two of them had stopped being friends. "You are one of the best people I have ever known, and I do not want to say goodbye to all of that," Jennifer declared. She extended her hand, and asked if the two of them could remain friends. Daniel accepted her handshake and agreed, "Friends again."

Later, Nicole wandered through Horton Square, and the horrible memories of losing her baby washed over her. Paranoid, she assumed everyone was staring at her accusingly and shouted at the crowd that she wasn't a freak show. Sinking resignedly onto a bench, she berated herself, "Oh, God, who am I kidding? I was finally going to have a child and a great guy who was going to raise him with me, and what happened? I ruined it! I lost them both!" Sobbing, she wondered aloud, "God, why does it have to be this way? Why did you make me this way?"

As she wept miserably, Nicole thought she recognized a familiar figure jogging past. Rising wish disbelief from the bench, she turned to watch as the man wiped sweat from his eyes. "Oh, my God. Eric?" Nicole wondered aloud.

In the mirror, Will rehearsed an apology to Sonny, but berated himself because it wasn't good enough.

As Lucas entered Sami's office at Countess Wilhelmina, the two discussed Nicole's most recent crime -- as well as her past infractions -- and Lucas presented Sami with Allie's notebook for school. Lucas noticed that Will's jacket was draped over the back of one of Sami's chairs, so she invited him to stay until their son arrived to pick it up. When Lucas declined, Sami accused him of avoiding Will. After some prodding from Sami, Lucas admitted that he was uncomfortable because he felt like Sonny was pushing Will too fast.

Will entered the office just then. He grabbed his jacket and said that he was on his way to see Sonny -- whether Lucas liked it or not. Sami was confused, so Will explained that Lucas would never be happy with anyone Will wanted to date -- unless the person was female. Lucas swore that it had nothing to do with Will being gay, but it had everything to do with Sonny taking advantage of Will. Will and Sami both begged to differ.

"What if I'm right, and you're making a huge mistake?" demanded Lucas. "Then it's my mistake," Will asserted. Sami gave her son an affectionate goodbye hug as he headed out, and wished him luck. "If this gets screwed up, I am blaming you," Sami warned Lucas. Lucas reminded Sami that they'd agreed to be a united front for their kids, but Sami argued that she was not a bigot.

Lucas countered that he was not a bigot, either; he was only worried about their son getting hurt by someone with much more experience who would probably hurt him. Sami urged Lucas to be the man she knew he was capable of being, and stop trying to undermine their son's decisions.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi sank weakly into a chair. Nick rushed to her side and caught her before she keeled over onto the floor, while Eddie hurried to get Gabi a glass of water. After temporarily losing consciousness, Gabi insisted that she'd just forgotten to eat breakfast that morning, plus she was upset after her fight with Chad. Regardless, Nick insisted on taking her to the emergency room immediately.

A while later, Sami entered the pub, looking for Nick. Eddie informed her that Gabi had fainted, so Nick had taken her to the emergency room. Concerned, Sami quickly left a message for Rafe, then headed out to the hospital.

At Common Grounds, Sonny pleaded with one of his employees to go in to work about an hour early, and she agreed. Cameron entered just then and overheard; he expressed his admiration for everything Sonny was managing on his own -- school plus running a business full-time. Cameron guessed that the reason for Sonny's sly smile had to do with Will Horton. Sonny admitted that he hoped that he and Will could work out their problems, and Cameron wished them luck.

Will arrived at Common Grounds, and immediately apologized to Sonny for how he'd acted. "I let what my dad said get to me...and I really missed you," Will declared. Sonny agreed that he'd missed Will, too, and he was sorry that he'd closed the door to a discussion about things. Will acknowledged that he couldn't really fault his dad, but accepted full responsibility for his own actions -- and asked Sonny for another chance.

Will added that he'd asked questions that he'd had no right to ask, but Sonny admitted that while had hadn't liked the questions, he hadn't been entirely honest, either. Sonny clarified that he and Brian had been just friends, but he was open to answering any of Will's questions about Sonny's past. Will declined. Sonny offered assurances that he hadn't felt a connection with anyone since he'd returned to Salem until he'd met Will. Sonny confessed that he had "lured" Will to his apartment with the Halloween boxes.

Laughing, Will said that his dad had suspected as much. Sonny apologized, and explained that he'd thought it might give the inexperienced Will a way to relax around Sonny. At first feigning indignation, Will admitted that he'd wanted to be there with Sonny. After sharing a couple of kisses, Will took Sonny by the hand and led him out the door.

Back at Sonny's apartment, Will kissed Sonny tenderly as the two prepared to make love for the first time.

Cameron entered the exam room in the emergency department and was surprised that Gabi was his patient. Gabi explained that she'd fainted "for like a nanosecond," but Nick had insisted on taking her to the hospital. Cameron asked Nick to step outside during the exam, so Nick complied. Cameron began taking Gabi's vital signs, but she assured him that there was nothing wrong with her.

Nick was sitting anxiously in the waiting area when Sami exited the elevator. Nick explained that he'd taken Gabi in to the hospital despite her protests, and Sami assured him that he'd done the right thing. Sami barged into the exam room where Cameron was examining Gabi. While Cameron went to check on Gabi's test results, Sami admitted that she'd called Rafe.

Gabi flipped out a bit, but she was touched that Nick and Sami cared so much. Gabi admitted that she'd never connected so quickly or so easily with anyone. Cameron returned to the room, and asked to have some privacy with his patient. Taking Sami by the hand, Gabi assured him that it was all right if Sami stayed. Cameron somewhat reluctantly informed Gabi, "Gabi, you're pregnant."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When E.J. met Kristen for coffee at Common Grounds, he noted that an invitation that included the words "urgent and life-changing" was hard to pass up. Before Kristen could begin her explanation, Marlena entered the coffee shop. Marlena advised E.J. to run away from his sister as quickly as possible, and then firmly warned Kristen that what she was trying to do to Marlena's family was not going to work.

Kristen asked if Marlena needed another explanation as to what had happened at the Horton cabin. Marlena reiterated that no matter what Kristen said or did, she would never be able to insinuate herself into John and Marlena's lives. John walked in just as Marlena was ordering Kristen to back off.

John pulled Marlena away and asked what Kristen had done. Marlena admitted that Kristen's mere presence had rattled her, so John suggested that they go somewhere else for coffee. Marlena agreed.

After Marlena and John had gone, E.J. noted to Kristen that he was impressed, because he hadn't seen Marlena that upset in a long time. Wondering what Kristen's plan was, E.J. asked about the incident at the cabin. Kristen innocently insisted that she and John had been trapped on Smith Island overnight -- but purely by accident. Although E.J. was mildly suspicious, Kristen merely said with a shrug that she would just have to get used to Marlena's "bizarre outbursts."

Changing the subject, Kristen asked how things were going with E.J. and Sami. E.J. said that Sami had been a bit more receptive, but the two hadn't seen each other much. "I have a way that you can spend all day, every day, with Sami," Kristen stated. Hinting that E.J. could be Sami's boss at Countess Wilhelmina, Kristen reminded E.J. that Sami was obviously highly motivated to continue working there, as she had agreed to work for Kristen.

E.J. asked what was in it for Kristen and deduced that it had to do with getting John back. Kristen reminded E.J. that she'd returned to Salem to try to put the family back together. E.J. didn't think Stefano would allow him to run one of the DiMera companies when E.J. wasn't even speaking to his father. Kristen pointed out that all it would require was a simple phone call -- a call that might eventually help him make great headway with Sami.

E.J. pointed out that Kristen hadn't been around to witness all the things that Stefano had done to him. Kristen confided that their father's aged appearance had shocked her, and she'd suddenly realized that he wouldn't be around forever. She reminded E.J. that Stefano was the only father they had, and noted that any contact between them that E.J. initiated would be on his own terms. E.J. reluctantly agreed to think about it.

As E.J. rose to leave, Kristen urged him to hurry. She informed him that she was stepping down at Countess Wilhelmina regardless of what he decided -- plus he needed to work quickly lest Sami and Rafe got back together before E.J. could make a move.

As John and Marlena strolled outside Horton Square, Marlena admitted that by overreacting to Kristen's presence at the coffee shop, she had played right into Kristen's hand -- but all of Kristen's simpering and fake concern just made Marlena sick. Marlena added that she didn't understand why John didn't see all the ways that Kristen had been manipulating things. John insisted that he was just trying to be logical; he believed that all the times he'd run into Kristen -- including at the cabin -- had truly been coincidences.

John continued that Kristen seemed truly sorry for everything that had happened before. Marlena didn't buy it for a second. "Look at what's going on here: you are now defending her to me. To me! Doesn't that give you pause?" Marlena demanded, then added, her voice catching, "If anything happens to me, or to you, or to anybody in our family because of Kristen, that's going to be on you." Marlena announced unhappily that she had to go to work. As she walked away, John tried to reassure her that everything was going to be all right.

As a forlorn Nicole sat alone on a bench in Horton Square, she thought she saw Eric Brady -- her old boyfriend and Sami's twin brother -- jog past. Unable to believe her eyes, Nicole started to head across the square to see if it really was Eric, but Maxine waylaid her. Nicole tried to brush past Maxine, but Maxine was insistent.

After acknowledging that she knew Nicole had been through a lot, Maxine warned Nicole, "Understand this: Jennifer Horton is like family to me." Cutting Maxine off, Nicole finished the thought, "And if I hurt her again, you'll hunt me down, you'll make me pay, my life won't be worth living -- yeah, yeah, I get it." Nicole brushed past Maxine, but unfortunately, the man she'd thought was Eric had disappeared.

Nicole rushed around the square but had no luck finding Eric. She tried to convince herself that it couldn't have been Eric because he had been gone for so long. She recalled the day they'd said goodbye outside the Brady Pub. Eric had declared that he'd hit his father and was leaving town the next day. Nicole had informed him that she was seeing a lawyer to get a divorce the next day; once they were both free, they could be together forever. They'd declared their love for one another and shared a passionate kiss. "But if it was [Eric], I have to find him," she told herself before hurrying away.

Nicole returned to Horton Square and pulled out her phone. "Yes, I am down to my last resort," she muttered as she dialed Marlena's office. When Nicole said that she needed Marlena's help, Marlena assumed that Nicole was looking for a therapist and politely turned her down, citing their personal history, but offered to refer Nicole to someone. Marlena said that she believed what had happened with Jennifer had been a cry for help on Nicole's part, and noted that Nicole had an opportunity to turn her life around. Annoyed at Marlena's erroneous assumptions, Nicole hung up on her.

Scrolling through the address book on her phone, Nicole tried to figure out who else would know if Eric had returned to town. She rejected all of Eric's family members stored in her phone's memory, and then wondered with frustration, "God, why are these people in my phone?" Deciding to try to take her mind off of Eric at least for the moment, Nicole started to do some shopping -- but spotted Eric leaving the square through the entrance opposite her. "It is him!" she exclaimed as she hurried off in pursuit.

Nicole arrived outside the Brady Pub and thought she spotted Eric at the bar talking to Eddie. She rushed inside, but slowed as she approached Eric. "Eric, is it you?" Nicole asked with an expectant, hesitant smile. Eric slowly turned around, smiling as he met her gaze -- and she let out a shocked breath of air when she noticed his priest's collar.

John had just returned to work at his office when Kristen appeared in the doorway. "Marlena was so upset. I didn't know what to say," Kristen began. Refusing to discuss Marlena, John encouraged Kristen to leave. Undaunted, Kristen explained that she really wanted to fix the mess she'd made of things. John declared that if Kristen were still in town, she couldn't fix anything. Kristen admitted that she would never be able to convince Marlena that she wasn't in town for John -- but perhaps she could help ease Marlena's fears in another area: Sami.

After Kristen outlined her plan to step aside at Countess Wilhelmina so that Sami was no longer working for her, John expressed his incredulity. Kristen insisted that she was glad to do it if it made Marlena feel better and made John happy. She added that she'd already started the process. "I really don't want to be anybody's problem," Kristen sweetly assured John. John thanked her and extended his hand, which Kristen shook gratefully.

As E.J. wandered through the park, he looked at a photo of himself with Sami, Johnny, and Sydney. With an exasperated sigh, E.J. dialed his father. "Only for you," he told his family's picture as he waited for Stefano to answer. Stefano was pleasantly surprised to hear from his son. "I have a proposition for you," E.J. announced, and then explained that Kristen wanted him to take over at Countess Wilhelmina.

E.J. then warned Stefano, "I keep all of my own business interests, and if I believe at any moment that those are being undermined by my working for you, I'm out." Stefano was pleased that E.J. and Kristen seemed to be getting along so well. E.J. stated that he would send Stefano a full copy of the financial reports at the end of the year. "The audited numbers?" Stefano clarified. When E.J. confirmed it, Stefano agreed to see how things went. After E.J. hung up, he gave himself a pep talk: "I can do this. I can do this. For Samantha, I can do this."

A waitress at the Horton Square café delivered a cup of coffee to Rafe and asked if she could get anything else for him. As he looked up at the young woman, he momentarily saw Sami's face instead, but quickly recovered and assured the waitress that he was fine. Rafe noticed that he had a message from Sami on his phone, so he played it, but the voicemail only urged Rafe to call her as soon as possible.

Nick paced anxiously in the waiting room at the hospital, while Cameron returned to the exam room with Gabi's test results. Gabi assured him that he could deliver the news in Sami's presence. "Gabi, you're pregnant," Cameron announced. Sami searched Gabi's face for a reaction, but Gabi just looked stunned. Cameron got paged with an emergency and had to leave the room. After Cameron had gone, Sami optimistically tried to reassure Gabi that she would be all right.

A panicked Gabi insisted that she had been very careful, but Sami pointed out that birth control wasn't always foolproof. Just then, Rafe returned Sami's call, but Gabi begged her not to answer it. Sami let the call go to voicemail, but warned Gabi that she would have to tell Rafe about the pregnancy sooner or later. Gabi fretted that Rafe would be disappointed in her, but Sami believed that Rafe would never judge his sister.

Sami agreed to call Rafe back but to make up a story so that he wouldn't suspect anything. She stepped outside of the exam room and called Rafe. Rafe noted anxiously that Sami's message had sounded important. Sami lied, "It was, but I figured it out on my own. Everything's fine." Rafe sounded doubtful, but Sami quickly ended the call.

In the waiting room, Sami ran into Nick and assured him that Gabi was okay. Nick was worried because he had some errands to run for Eddie at the pub. Sami urged him to go ahead and help Eddie, and assured him that she would stay with Gabi. Sami promised to have Gabi send Nick a text message as soon as she was ready to leave the hospital. A grateful Nick rushed off.

Cameron returned to see how Gabi was doing. Gabi admitted that she didn't understand how the pregnancy could show up on a test so early. Cameron informed her that, based on her hormone levels, she was at least nine and possibly even twelve weeks along. While Cameron was talking to her about making an appointment for an ultrasound, Gabi frowned and shook her head in disbelief as she remembered the night she'd slept with Will.

After Cameron was called away on another emergency, Gabi gasped as the realization dawned on her. "Oh, my God. This is Will's baby, not Nick's!" she exclaimed, horrified.

When Sami returned, Gabi tearfully announced that she needed to tell Sami something. Gabi stammered, "Nick isn't -- " Assuming that she knew what Gabi was going to say next, Sami interrupted, "Ready for something like this? Of course. I'm sure it's a big surprise, but you know what? He really cares about you. You have to give him a chance. I think he'll step up." Pacing nervously, Gabi declared that the baby would be a very big problem.

Sami confided that she'd felt the same way when she'd learned that she was pregnant with Will -- but he'd turned out great. "No, you don't understand. I can't be pregnant. I can't!" Gabi declared insistently. Sami hesitantly asked if Gabi meant that she was thinking about not having the baby. Gabi admitted that she didn't know what she was thinking. Sami acknowledged that it was Gabi's choice to make with Nick.

"No!" Gabi blurted, her back to Sami. As Sami reassuringly stroked Gabi's arm, she pointed out that the baby's father also had responsibilities -- and rights. "You've got to give Nick a chance... Think about it. You have me; you can talk to me about anything, any time. But I really think you should give this baby's father a chance, too. I bet you he will handle it way better than you think he will. You're not alone," Sami declared with an encouraging smile.

Gabi was alone when Cameron returned. Gabi explained that she had just needed a few minutes to herself. Cameron presented Gabi with information for a very good OB-GYN and encouraged her to make an appointment as soon as possible. Gabi wanted to make sure that her appointment with Cameron had been confidential, and he assured her that it would stay that way -- but urged her to take care of herself. Gabi gathered her things and headed out.

Out of breath, Nick hurried into the pub and dropped off a paper bag on the bar in front of Eddie. Nick asked for a few more minutes, and Eddie agreed. Nick checked his phone, but there were no messages from Gabi. "Where are you, Gabi?" he muttered worriedly to himself, then rushed back out.

Sami used her cell phone to check her email as she walked into Common Grounds, and was alarmed at the sheer number she'd amassed while at the hospital with Gabi. After Sami placed her coffee order, she turned around and bumped right into Rafe. Rafe noted that Sami looked stressed and asked what was really going on, not believing her excuse that it was just work. Sami reiterated that everything was fine. Rafe pressed for more information, but Sami urged him to just leave it alone. "If everything's fine, then what's the big deal? And there's no problem -- just tell me why it is you called," Rafe inquired.

At Sonny's apartment, Will and Sonny stopped kissing for a moment, but their eyes never strayed from one another's. Sonny slowly unbuttoned Will's shirt, then gently caressed Will's torso as he moved his hands upward to slide the shirt off. Will, in turn, slipped off Sonny's shirt. The two resumed kissing, then slowly sank onto the bed together.

After they had made love, Sonny took Will's hand and kissed it. He asked if Will were okay, and a grinning Will said that it had been perfect. As the two lay there beaming at each other, Sonny agreed that "perfect" was just the right word. Will confessed, "Being with you, for the first time in my life, I feel secure in my own skin -- for the first time ever. For the first time, I feel like I know who I am, and I feel like I know exactly where I want to be."

Will added lightheartedly that he wasn't planning to move in with Sonny anytime soon. Sonny was touched that Will had opened up to him. "I think we're both exactly where we belong," Sonny declared. Wrapping an arm around Will, Sonny put his head on Will's chest, and Will lovingly returned Sonny's embrace.

Later, Sonny went to the kitchen and returned to the bed with some bottled water and a bowl of potato chips. After apologizing for his bare pantry, Sonny asked if Will missed the luxury perks of working for E.J. "No, not at all," Will replied sincerely. He explained that he would have traded it all for a minute with Sonny.

After finishing their snack, Sonny and Will started fooling around again, but an insistent pounding on the door interrupted them. They tried to ignore it, but it persisted, and then they heard a female voice shouting through the door, "Will, it's Gabi... I really need to talk to you. It's important." She kept knocking until a half-naked Will finally answered the door.

When Gabi spied Sonny in bed, Will admitted that it wasn't really a good time. "No, it's not a good time for anything, actually," Gabi stammered. Apologizing, she started to leave, but Will could tell that she was upset. Concerned, he asked, "You look like there's something wrong. Can you tell me what's going on?"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

by Mike

At Common Grounds, Rafe continued to badger Sami about her earlier phone call. Sami wondered why Rafe was making such a big deal about the call. " sounded like you needed me, and I was hoping that was true," Rafe admitted.

Sami didn't know how to respond to Rafe's comment. Clearly disappointed, Rafe dryly noted that Sami usually had something to say about everything. Sami tried to apologize, but Rafe stopped her and abruptly excused himself so that she could get back to work. After Rafe left, Sami sighed as she realized that she should have expected the meeting to end badly.

In John's office at Basic Black, Brady feigned shock when he realized that Kristen was with John again. Kristen admitted that Brady was starting to annoy her, and John asked his son to temper the sarcasm. Kristen politely excused herself, noting that she would see John at the St. Luke's fundraiser meeting later that day -- unless Brady had her excommunicated first.

After Kristen left, Brady demanded to know what John was doing. "You know, son, I think you and I are experiencing some kind of a disconnect. You think that I owe you an explanation; I think it's none of your damn business," John bluntly stated. Brady reached into his pocket and retrieved John's money clip, informing John that Kristen had taken the item earlier.

Dripping with sarcasm, John feigned panic, telling Brady to alert the police and send Basic Black into lockdown mode. Brady insisted that Kristen had returned to Salem so that she could cause some serious trouble. John guessed that Kristen was probably also responsible for the economic crisis in Greece. John challenged Brady to think of a motive for Kristen's hypothetical manipulations.

Tossing the money clip on John's desk, Brady simply stated that John was Kristen's motivation. John was displeased to learn that Brady, like Marlena, seemed to have no faith in John. Brady pointed out that the conversation was about Kristen -- not John. John disagreed, adding that Brady was being condescending. Acknowledging that John had once loved Kristen, Brady insisted that the old Kristen no longer existed.

John sighed and impatiently stated that there was a big difference between trying to help a troubled woman move on with her life and being smitten with that woman. John insisted that he loved Marlena, adding that Kristen was not a threat. Brady countered that John was being foolish, and John warned that his son was skating on thin ice.

"Dad, it's not about how you feel -- it's about how Marlena feels! She doesn't see a troubled woman trying to make amends and become a better person. She sees the crazy bitch who tried to kill her, Dad," Brady pointed out. With a sigh, John dismissively claimed that he understood the concept, but Brady wasn't convinced. Brady wondered if John had considered the fact that supporting Kristen was going to hurt Marlena.

At the hospital, Jennifer handed some files to Maxine, who impatiently stated that Jennifer had taken long enough to deliver the documents. Producing a bouquet of flowers, Maxine added that Jennifer had also taken long enough to return to work. Jennifer observed that it was apparently impossible for Maxine to say something nice unless it was prefaced with a snarky comment.

With a hug, Jennifer added that she had missed everyone at the hospital -- except for Maxine. Maxine gasped with mock indignation before signaling for some nearby nurses to reveal a table that had been hidden behind a curtain. Various baked goods had been placed on the table, and a prominently displayed banner welcomed Jennifer back to the hospital.

The gesture touched Jennifer, but Maxine shrugged and dismissively stated that the hospital staff would do anything for free baked goods. Meanwhile, Daniel greeted Jennifer, who said that she wanted to talk to him in her office later that day. Daniel agreed, and Jennifer abruptly excused herself.

When Jennifer entered her office, Kristen smiled and noted that it had been years since she had last seen Jennifer. With a sigh, Jennifer said that she had heard that Kristen had returned to Salem. Kristen admitted that she probably should have visited Jennifer earlier. Seemingly disinterested, Jennifer rearranged some items on a nearby bookcase as she pointed out that she had been busy lately.

Acknowledging Jack's death, Kristen offered her condolences. "I know he and I never really got along, but I know how much you loved him...and what he meant to you and your kids. Look, I know I screwed up. I don't -- I still care about you, that's all," Kristen added. Jennifer seemed skeptical, and she wondered why Kristen had returned to Salem.

Kristen laughed, noting that she had been asked that question more than once recently. Kristen vaguely stated that she had returned to Salem so that she could take care of some family matters. Recognizing that Jennifer was still skeptical, Kristen admitted that she had also wanted to make amends for her past misdeeds. Jennifer wondered if Kristen had talked to John or Marlena yet.

"Oh, yeah -- both of them. I extended an olive branch, and, of course, Marlena brought out the exfoliant," Kristen said with a laugh. Kristen admitted that she wasn't surprised, adding that John's reaction was the one that had surprised her. Kristen explained that John was the only person who had been willing to give her a second chance.

Kristen started to complain about Brady, noting that Jennifer had also recently experienced his judgmental side, but Jennifer refused to say negative things about him. Jennifer said that she admired the fact that Brady had always given her his honest opinion, adding that he had also been willing to admit that he had been wrong about her. Kristen hoped that Brady would eventually realize that he was also wrong about her.

Jennifer dismissively stated that she needed to deal with some paperwork. Kristen dryly agreed that keeping a woman from her paperwork would be a bad thing. "You know, I'm so glad to see you working here. I can still imagine you down that hall with your grandmother and your grandfather at Christmas. They'd be so proud of you. I wonder what that's like," Kristen mused. After Kristen left, Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief.

In Daniel's apartment, Maggie delivered some food to Daniel, who had taken a break from the hospital so that he could take a quick shower. Daniel thanked Maggie for the food and apologized for everything that he had made her and Victor worry about recently. Maggie hugged Daniel and said that she was simply relieved that he had decided to remain in Salem.

Daniel excused himself so that he could check his messages, explaining that he had been trying to contact Nicole. Maggie suggested that Daniel might need to let someone else worry about Nicole, and she urged him to eat something. Daniel reluctantly agreed, noting that Nicole was probably all right, since she had previously mentioned that she was going to be spending some time with Taylor.

After discussing Melanie and Carly's recent activities in Barcelona, Maggie started to talk about Jennifer. Maggie wondered if Daniel had returned to his apartment to take a shower for Jennifer's sake. Daniel asked Maggie to drop the subject, and she apologized for teasing him. With a groan, Daniel admitted that he had recently told Jennifer that he loved her.

Daniel told Maggie about the conversation that he and Jennifer were supposed to have later that day, and he guessed that Jennifer was going to gently inform him that she didn't feel the same way. Maggie wasn't convinced, but Daniel insisted that Jennifer wasn't ready for another relationship, adding that she might never be ready. Daniel pointed out that Jack had meant everything to Jennifer.

"Like Mickey was to me...and then Victor comes into my life, and there's a pull. And it's because he was, I think, pulling me toward life," Maggie said. Daniel interrupted Maggie and insisted that her situation had been completely different. After Maggie scolded Daniel for interrupting his mother, she conceded that his situation was different, since he and Jennifer had already dated once before.

Daniel reiterated that Jennifer wasn't ready for another relationship. Maggie pointed out that Daniel and Jennifer could take things slowly, adding that the world probably wasn't going to end the next day. Maggie joked that taking a shower would be a good place to start. Later that day, Daniel entered Jennifer's office and greeted her.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole eyed Eric's clerical collar. "I think I've driven men to drink before -- in fact, I know I have -- but never -- never this. Wow," Nicole joked as she struggled to process the news. Eric smiled and said that it was great to see Nicole, who wondered if it was still appropriate to hug him. Eric jokingly stated that he was limited to three hugs each week.

As the former lovers tenderly embraced, Eric noted that Nicole was even more beautiful than she had been the last time that he had seen her. Nicole assumed that Eric had returned to Salem for the holidays, but he informed her that he would be staying in town permanently. Nicole clearly had mixed feelings about Eric's announcement, but she forced a smile and wondered why he had decided to join the priesthood.

"Yes, I was a photojournalist. Somewhere, somehow, I just started to think that, you know, maybe I shouldn't just be taking pictures of what's wrong with the world -- maybe I should do something about what's wrong with the world. And then...there was this, like, life-changing experience. I mean, it kind of, sort of prompted my decisions," Eric explained. Nicole admitted that she had also had some life-altering experiences.

Eric revealed that he had already heard about Nicole's experiences. Nicole assumed that Eric hated her, but he insisted that he could never hate her, adding that judging other people wasn't part of his job description. Eric explained that Sami had told him everything. Nicole wasn't surprised, since Sami had always enjoyed broadcasting Nicole's sins. Eric assured Nicole that Sami hadn't been gloating about Nicole's misfortune.

Eric noted that Nicole had gone to prison and paid for her mistakes, and she realized that he was talking about what had happened with Sydney a few years earlier. Eric guessed that there was more to the story. Nicole countered that when she was involved, there was always more to the story. Eric encouraged Nicole to talk to him, but she simply summarized that she had fallen in love, and hilarity had ensued.

Hearing the pain and sadness in Nicole's voice, Eric grasped her hand and observed that it seemed like pain had ensued. With a slight shrug, Nicole admitted that her stories always ended that way. As Nicole pulled her hand away, Eric apologized for upsetting her and wondered if she was all right. "You still care, don't you? After all this time, you still care," Nicole tearfully realized. Before Eric could respond, Nicole grabbed her purse and rushed off to the bathroom.

Later, Eric hugged Marlena, who had called Roman and Sami earlier to let them know that Eric had arrived in Salem. As Eric reunited with his parents, Nicole quietly slipped out of the pub. Outside, Nicole watched Eric for a moment before walking away. After a brief phone conversation with Caroline, Eric informed Marlena and Roman that he was planning to talk to Father Matt and Father Tobias about doing the Mass soon.

The news visibly affected Roman, who wished that Caroline could watch Eric perform the Mass at St. Luke's. Eager to make a toast, Roman abruptly excused himself so that he could find some glasses. After Roman left, Eric quietly noted that Roman actually seemed to believe that he was effectively hiding his emotions. Marlena laughed, and Eric suggested that they could send a recording of the event to Caroline.

Marlena hugged Eric, beaming with pride, and excused herself so that she could help Roman locate the glasses. After Marlena left, Eric asked one of the pub's employees, Eddie, if he had seen Nicole. Eddie explained that Nicole had left earlier, which seemed to disappoint Eric. Later, Sami entered the pub.

Sami excitedly hugged Eric, referring to him as a twerp and refusing to call him Father. Eric started to tell Sami that someone had tracked him down earlier, but she interrupted him and guessed that he was talking about Nicole. Sami called Nicole a bitch, but she quickly reminded herself that she needed to watch her language when Eric was around.

Eric said that he didn't really care about the language as much as he cared about the sentiment. Eric admitted that he had been under the impression that Sami had forgiven Nicole. Sami insisted that she had tried to forgive Nicole on multiple occasions, adding that Nicole hadn't exactly made it easy to do so. "Let me just say that she's worse now than she ever has been. You should stay away from her," Sami warned Eric.

Meanwhile, Nicole walked through the town square, visibly upset. When Nicole checked her cell phone, she noticed that Daniel had made several attempts to contact her. Nicole deleted Daniel's messages without listening to them. Nicole received a phone call from Taylor, who wondered when Nicole was planning to leave town. Nicole revealed that she had decided to stay in Salem.

At St. Luke's, Kristen greeted Father Tobias, who explained that he needed to excuse himself for a while so that he could meet the new priest. Unaware of the new priest's identity, Kristen agreed to wait for Father Tobias to return. After Father Tobias left, Brady entered the room. "I'm here for the meeting. I took my father's place on the board, Kristen -- permanently," Brady announced.

Outside Sonny's apartment, Gabi urgently stated that she needed to talk to Will privately. Will nodded and excused himself so that he could get dressed. As Gabi waited in the hallway, she worried about what she and Will had done. Meanwhile, inside the apartment, Will apologetically explained that he had agreed to talk to Gabi, who was upset about something.

Sonny assured Will that there was no need to apologize, adding that he liked the fact that Will was a good friend. Will promised to return quickly. "It is clear, isn't it, that I would much rather be here with you?" Will asked as he slipped his shoes back on. Sonny handed Will's shirt to him. "Look at it this way -- for us, this is just the beginning. We have all the time in the world," Sonny said, kissing Will.

Later, in a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Gabi apologized for screwing things up for Will and Sonny. Will reminded Gabi that Sonny was also her friend, adding that he and Sonny were both worried about her. Gabi sighed heavily and admitted that she was pregnant. Will hugged Gabi and assured her that everything was going to be all right.

Will urged Gabi to tell Nick, assuming that Nick would understand. Gabi shook her head and said that the situation was much more complicated than Will realized. "He's not the father, Will -- you are," Gabi reluctantly admitted. Stunned, Will wondered if Gabi was certain that the baby was his. Gabi explained that she was approximately three months pregnant.

Will started to apologize, but Gabi refused to let him blame himself. As Gabi sobbed, Will placed his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Will assured Gabi that she wasn't alone, adding that they would figure out how to handle the situation together. Will wondered if Gabi had told Nick yet. Gabi shook her head, and Will summarized that Gabi's doctor was the only other person who knew that Gabi was pregnant.

Gabi revealed that Sami had overheard the doctor's announcement. Will sighed, guessing that Sami was going to want to talk to him soon. Gabi clarified that Sami had assumed that Nick was the baby's father, adding that Gabi and Will were the only two people who knew that the baby was Will's. Gabi said that she had sworn Sami to secrecy. "Okay, well, that always works with her," Will sarcastically muttered.

Gabi wondered what she was going to do. "What are we gonna do, you mean. We're in this together, Gabi, okay? We're both pregnant now," Will gently assured Gabi, placing his arms around her waist. Gabi breathed a sigh of relief and tearfully admitted that Will's response hadn't surprised her at all, since he was a really good guy. Meanwhile, Nick approached Will and Gabi.

Realizing that Gabi had been crying, Nick possessively draped his arm across Gabi's shoulders and wondered what was going on. Will claimed that he had dragged Gabi to the town square so that he could talk to her about his problems, since she was a really good listener. Glaring at Will, Nick sneered and said that Will's behavior was typical. Nick wondered if Will was aware that Gabi had been taken to the hospital earlier.

Will remained silent, and Nick insisted that Gabi should have called him, adding that he had been worried about her. Gabi assured Nick that she was fine, but he disagreed, pointing out that people usually didn't faint when they were fine. Noting that Will and Chad were friends, Nick asked Will to warn Chad to leave Gabi alone. Nick angrily stated that he was going to hassle Chad if Chad ever tried to hassle Gabi again.

Will half-heartedly claimed that he would give Chad the message. "So...well, I'll -- about that -- that project for class, I'll be in touch, and, um, I promise you that I will do my part," Will told Gabi. As Will walked away, Nick, who was still holding Gabi tightly, kept his eyes locked on Will. "You're doing a project with him? So you get out of the hospital, you go on, like, a study date, and then you end up listening to his, like, sob story? I mean, I gotta tell you, Gabi -- that feels really wrong to me," Nick said.

Later, at Gabi's apartment, Nick continued to insist that Gabi should have refused to talk to Will, since resting was more important. Gabi said that there was no reason to be upset with Will, and she apologized for neglecting to call Nick. Nick claimed that he understood and started to excuse himself, but Gabi asked him to stay.

Back at Sonny's apartment, Sonny wondered if Gabi was all right. Will, who looked utterly deflated, vaguely stated that Gabi had been dealing with a problem earlier. Sonny guessed that Will had made the problem go away, but Will admitted that he had been unable to do so. Will sighed as he took a seat on the edge of the bed, his head hung low.

"Well, I don't want to sound cold or anything, but, you know, that's -- it's her problem -- not yours," Sonny assured Will, who shook his head sadly, unable to look at Sonny. Sonny knelt beside Will and made eye contact with him, wondering if he had said the wrong thing. Will quietly stated that Sonny hadn't done or said anything wrong, adding that he would prefer to stop talking about the subject.

Will hugged Sonny tightly, trying to hide the sadness in his eyes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nicole was on a bench outside Horton Square when E.J. arrived. She was about to leave, but he asked if they could talk. A tense Nicole reminded him that at the hospital, he'd given her "that look," so she was admittedly nervous about having a conversation with him. E.J. countered that she had lied to him for months and kept him from the joy of impending fatherhood. "Where do you think we would be right now if you'd just told me the truth?" he wondered.

"We'd be exactly where we are right now," Nicole replied. Looking around anxiously, Nicole asked where E.J.'s minions were, certain that E.J. had something painful planned for her. "What can I possibly do to you that is worse than what you've managed to do to yourself?" E.J. asked. He needled Nicole about how she had taken a terrible situation and had somehow made it worse for everyone involved by allowing her jealousy to force an innocent, beloved woman like Jennifer Horton take the fall for the death of Nicole's baby.

Nicole listened in miserable silence, her back to E.J., while he continued haranguing her. Referencing her attempt to take her life, E.J. asked if Nicole had expected to see her two dead babies in heaven. "No? The only thing worse than the hell that you're living right now is hell itself," E.J. declared cruelly. He continued that all the men whom Nicole had used would never forgive her and would never give her a second chance. Nicole finally hissed at him to shut up. E.J. seemed to relish Nicole's obvious pain as he asserted that she would end up alone for the rest of her life. At last he strolled away, and Nicole fought back tears.

Nicole was sitting and sobbing on the bench when Eric showed up a bit later. "What is it? What can I do?" he asked gently. "There's nothing you can do. I've dug myself this ditch, and I have to do the honorable thing and lie in it," Nicole replied tearfully. Sitting next to her on the bench, Eric suggested that maybe Nicole just needed someone to listen. He took her by the hand and led her away.

Soon, Nicole and Eric arrived at his office at St. Luke's. He asked if Nicole wanted to talk, but she pointed out that the two of them were not friends. Eric reminded her that they had once been the best of friends. Nicole asserted, "You didn't really know me then, and you certainly don't know me now." She maintained that the girl who had thought five million dollars was worth more than true love was long gone.

Eric assured her that he would not judge her. Nicole declared bitterly that once she told Eric what she'd done, he wouldn't be able to keep from judging her. Eric encouraged her to forget for a moment that he was a priest, and added that it might help just to say things out loud. Nicole reluctantly admitted that Eric was going to hear the story anyway, so he might as well hear it straight from her.

Sami was in her office when E.J. appeared in the doorway. She asked what he was doing there, and he explained that he was taking over Kristen's responsibilities at Countess Wilhelmina. As E.J. perched on the edge of Sami's desk, she expressed her surprise, since Kristen had seemed to enjoy pushing Sami around. E.J. stated that Kristen had thought he needed to be more "rooted" after the death of his son, so she'd put her family first.

Sami wondered if that meant that E.J. was going back into the DiMera fold, but he assured her that he was carefully maintaining his independence. E.J. noted that Sami had retained her job working for a woman she despised -- over what had surely been Marlena's strong protests. Sami coolly declared that she liked her job and was good at it. E.J. said that he had thought Sami would appreciate being out from under Kristen's thumb. Sami assured him that she did -- but she didn't think that was why E.J. had taken over for Kristen.

"Let's just say it just seemed like a win-win situation for both of us," E.J. said. Sami pointed out that her family wouldn't see her working for E.J. as much of an improvement over working for Kristen. E.J. reminded Sami that they already shared two children, and he wondered if she were really more concerned about what Rafe would think. Sami asserted that Rafe had no control over her life. "So what's the problem? Look, if you have something to say to me, just say it. Please don't worry about hurting my delicate feelings," E.J. demanded.

Sami reiterated that she didn't want to leave the job because she loved it. She added that she hadn't intended it if she'd sounded ungrateful. E.J. stressed, "Samantha, you're extremely talented, and I, for one, think that the experience of working with you is going to be wonderful." He then revealed that he had an idea for a new product line, and he hoped the idea of the two of them working closely together on it wouldn't be a problem for her.

Sami demanded that E.J. clarify, "This isn't about me, or us?" E.J. assured her, "Samantha, there is no 'us.'" E.J. then encouraged Sami to go home and look after her family. Grateful that he wasn't making her work until midnight, Sami gathered her things and left.

At the hospital, Daniel entered Jennifer's office and reminded her that she'd asked to see him. Sensing that Jennifer was a little rattled, Daniel offered to return later. Getting up to close the door behind Daniel, Jennifer explained that a former friend had just visited, and the visit had reminded her that she had learned to tell who her true friends were -- and how much they meant to her.

Jennifer dashed back behind her desk and grabbed a thick bundle of papers. "This is something that could change your whole life," she announced, eyes dancing excitedly. As Daniel looked over the papers, Jennifer got coffees for the two of them. As she returned, she explained that Daniel seemed like the perfect candidate for the clinical trials outlined in the papers, and it sounded to her like the injections would stop his tremors and allow him to return to surgery.

Daniel asked where Jennifer had learned about the trials. Jennifer said that they had been in a press release a couple of weeks before, but she'd obviously had other things on her mind, plus she'd wanted to gather more information before she told him about it. She added that she'd talked to the head of the project, and the doctor seemed to think that it was the best treatment protocol to have been developed in years.

Daniel was moved that Jennifer had gone to so much trouble for him. He promised to do some more research and let her know how it went. He thanked her earnestly. Jennifer hoped that it worked out for Daniel, because he deserved some good news. As he headed out, Daniel said that he would take the information home and start reading.

Abigail and Chad ran into each other near the nurses' station. Chad explained that he was picking up Theo after his occupational therapy session, and Abigail said that she was there to deliver some flowers to her mom and wish her well on her first day back at work. Chad invited Abigail to join him and Theo for ice cream. Abigail happily accepted.

Abigail was in the waiting area when Theo and Chad ran back past the nurses' station. Abigail wanted to drop off the flowers to her mom before they left for ice cream. Just then, Daniel walked up, still looking over the papers for the clinical trials. After greeting Abigail somewhat awkwardly, Daniel walked off. Abigail was just heading for the hallway to Jennifer's office when Jennifer hurried out to the nurses' station with a file folder and a coffee cup. Abigail gave the flowers to her mom, who was thrilled, but admitted that she was "crazy busy."

Abigail asked, "Things with Daniel aren't weird, are they?" Jennifer explained that Daniel was just busy doing some research. After mother and daughter shared a goodbye kiss, Abigail left with Chad and Theo. Jennifer started to toss her coffee cup in the trash -- but spied Daniel's papers on top of the pile inside. With a bemused frown, Jennifer retrieved the papers.

A little later, Jennifer showed up at Daniel's apartment and demanded to know why she'd found the papers in the trash. Daniel admitted that lying that he was going to look into it had been easier than explaining why he was not interested in pursuing it. Daniel revealed that he'd already heard about the trial -- and the potential side effects from the injections -- and that participating in the study would prevent him from trying any other treatment. Jennifer didn't buy it that a risk-taker like Daniel would think that a clinical trial like that was too risky.

Daniel reminded her that when he'd learned he could no longer be a surgeon, it had taken him months to accept what he'd lost. He admitted that the trial showed some promise, and Jennifer understood what it could mean for him if it didn't work. She reminded him that he had gone through the devastation over his diagnosis all alone and had shut out everyone who had cared about him -- but she assured him that if he went through with the trial, no matter what the outcome, he would not be alone.

Jennifer stroked Daniel's arm encouragingly. She pointed out that Daniel had selflessly taken care of everyone else but himself. Daniel pulled away and declared that he didn't need Jennifer to take care of him. Jennifer explained that she had just been trying to figure out a way to thank him for everything he'd done. She cut him off when he protested.

"It's not about whether you decide to go through with this or not. It doesn't matter. I just want you to know that there are people who care about you. You have Victor, and you have Maggie. We're not going anywhere," Jennifer declared. Daniel somewhat reluctantly agreed to look into the study further. After assuring him that was all she wanted, Jennifer left.

Theo was working his way through a giant ice cream sundae at the Brady Pub when Chad urged the boy to slow down. Theo protested that it was melting, so Chad grabbed a spoon and offered to "help." Smiling at the memory, Abigail told Theo that her dad had done the same thing to her when she was a kid, so she'd purposely started ordering ice cream flavors that Jack didn't like.

As Chad and Abigail got up to get some napkins and water for Theo, Chad thanked Abigail for accompanying them. Chad asked how things were between Abigail and Cameron since their breakup. She admitted that it was always awkward running into him. Chad confided that Theo was not only missing his mom, he was missing Melanie, too, and Chad could only tell the boy that he hoped Melanie would be home soon.

Abigail informed Chad that Melanie was staying in Europe with her mom and wasn't going to return to Salem. Chad was surprised, since Melanie's dad and grandmother and all of her friends lived in Salem. Abigail noted that Melanie and Gabi had barely been speaking when Melanie had left, and asked what had happened to make Chad and Melanie so upset with Gabi. "Don't worry about it," was all Chad would say.

Over coffee at the pub, Sami warned Eric to steer clear of Nicole. Indicating his priest's garb, Eric assured Sami that she didn't have anything to worry about. Sami reminded her twin that Nicole had never let anything stop her from getting what she wanted before, and emphasized that Eric should do whatever it took not to let Nicole get close to him.

Sami and Eric were still arguing about Nicole when John arrived. John and Eric exchanged a hearty, affectionate embrace, while Marlena pulled Sami into a hug. Sami admitted to Eric that it had been tough to keep it a secret while he'd been in seminary. They teased each other playfully about how difficult it was for Sami to keep her mouth shut. Eric asked John and Marlena what they'd been up to, but first they wanted to hear about Eric's life.

Noting that John and Marlena seemed to be changing the subject, Eric asked if something was going on that he should know about. Before they could answer, Father Tobias entered and greeted the family warmly. With a lighthearted clap on the priest's back, John demanded to know why Father Tobias hadn't informed the family that Eric was joining St. Luke's. Father Tobias replied that he'd just learned the news from the bishop that morning.

Father Tobias then informed Eric that the rest of his belongings had just arrived at the church, so John and Marlena headed out so that the two men of the cloth could get down to business. Father Tobias declared to John that they would miss him on the board. On their way out the door, John assured a confused Marlena that he would explain what the priest had been talking about.

While Father Tobias stepped away to take a phone call, Eric informed Sami that he had some presents for the kids in the things that had just arrived. Sami was touched. Grinning, she declared that there would be broken hearts all over town when word got out that Eric had become a priest.

At St. Luke's, Brady informed Kristen that he'd taken his father's place on the board to keep Kristen out of John's life. Brady added that he had also asked Father Tobias to postpone the board meeting so that Brady could speak privately with Kristen. "I know you were looking forward to spending some alone time with my father, but I am sorry; you're going to deal with me," Brady declared. Kristen argued that Brady knew nothing about her or what she wanted.

"I know that you're a world-class bitch," Brady said. Kristen hauled off to slap him, but he caught her by the wrist. After she wrested her hand back, Kristen taunted Brady about being a former addict. Ignoring her, Brady ordered Kristen to leave town, or he'd find a box and ship her out in it. Kristen refused to engage with Brady anymore and stormed out. "I'm not done with you yet," Brady muttered as the door slammed behind her, and he followed her out.

Kristen was fiddling with her cell phone as she walked through the park outside Horton Square when a man demanded her designer watch and the contents of her expensive handbag. The man tried to grab her purse, but Kristen fought back. The man seized Kristen by the arms. "Get off of me!" she shouted. Suddenly, Brady showed up. He grabbed the man and pulled him off of Kristen. The man punched Brady, but Brady knocked the thug to the ground. As Brady pummeled the would-be thief, the man's partner in crime emerged from behind Brady and whacked Brady over the head.

Kristen immediately dialed 9-1-1 and asked them to send an ambulance, while the criminals fled and Brady lay unconscious on the ground. "Please just hurry!" Kristen shouted at the operator, then tossed her phone aside and tried to revive Brady. She pulled Brady's head into her lap and stroked his hair while she called 9-1-1 to check on the status of the ambulance. Kristen then called John, but got his voicemail, so she left an urgent message, "John, it's Kristen. Brady's been attacked! Go to the hospital and meet us there right away! Hurry!" As the sirens began to wail in the distance, Brady finally started to stir. Continuing to pat him, Kristen reassured Brady that he was going to be all right.

John and Marlena went to Common Grounds after leaving the pub. Marlena expressed her doubts that John's resignation from the church board would really keep Kristen out of their lives. John informed her that Kristen had also resigned from her job at Countess Wilhelmina and would no longer be Sami's boss. An overjoyed Marlena giggled. John reassured her that he had taken her concerns seriously. Marlena confessed, "I'm so sorry. Kristen coming back to town has got me so anxious and out of sorts."

John assured her that it was a natural reaction. Marlena acknowledged that she had to remind herself that John wasn't her enemy; Kristen was. John completely understood, and Marlena was relieved. She then remembered that she needed to call a patient, but pulled out her cell phone and discovered that the battery had died. John offered to let her use his phone, and then stepped away to give his wife some privacy.

Marlena called and left a message for her patient, and when she hung up, she noticed that there was a message from Kristen on John's phone. Incredulous, Marlena deleted the message without hesitation.

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