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John was upset that Marlena deleted Kristen's messages about Brady's accident. Rafe and Sami learned that Gabi considered an abortion. Nicole and Eric had an honest discussion about her past, his current commitment to the priesthood, and their previous relationship.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 19, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, November 19, 2012

by Mike

In John and Marlena's townhouse, John received a phone call while he was taking a shower. Kristen left a message for John, and Marlena sighed and promptly deleted it.

At the hospital, Cameron refused to release Brady, who had suffered a concussion. Anxious to leave, Brady muttered that Cameron didn't realize just how hard Brady's head was. Kristen entered the room and volunteered to tell Cameron all about Brady's hard head. After Cameron left, Kristen wondered how Brady was doing. Brady said that he would feel much better after Kristen left Salem.

Ignoring Brady's comment, Kristen explained that she had left several messages for John. Brady guessed that Kristen had decided to stay at the hospital so that she could orchestrate another meeting with John. Kristen insisted that she was no longer interested in John, but Brady wasn't convinced. Brady chastised Kristen for calling John, insisting that there was no need to worry his father.

Eager to leave, Brady asked Kristen to retrieve his clothes. Ignoring Kristen's protests, Brady started to climb out of the hospital bed. Kristen reluctantly tossed Brady's clothes onto the bed and turned away from him, oblivious to the fact that he was struggling to maintain his balance.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena wondered if John was having second thoughts about his decision to leave the church board. John shook his head, insisting that Marlena's happiness was more important. "You know, I don't want to argue about Kristen anymore. In fact, I really don't see a reason to ever run into her or speak to her again," John added, pleasantly surprising Marlena.

Later, while John and Marlena were eating breakfast, John excused himself so that he could purchase a copy of the New York Times. As John walked away, his cell phone, which he had left on the table, started to ring. Marlena glanced at John's phone and realized that Kristen was calling him again.

"Honey, I don't care what you say -- she's obsessed with you. But since you feel you don't have to see her or talk to her again," Marlena muttered, her voice trailing off as she deleted Kristen's latest message. After John returned, Marlena received a phone call from the hospital. When Marlena answered her phone, Cameron explained that he was treating one of her patients.

Cameron needed the patient, who was being treated for an ulcer, to adhere to a special diet, but the patient had rebelliously smuggled in a secret stash of food. Marlena agreed to talk to the patient. Cameron casually mentioned that Brady had been placed in a room that was on the opposite end of the same floor of the hospital, which would make it easy for her to visit him afterward.

Surprised, Marlena wondered what had happened to Brady. After Cameron explained the situation, Marlena ended the call and informed John. John was outraged to learn that no one had bothered to let him know that Brady had spent the night at the hospital. As John started to walk away, Marlena silently recalled Kristen's repeated attempts to contact him.

Back at the hospital, Brady, who had been trying to walk over to a nearby chair to retrieve his shirt, stumbled and collapsed in Kristen's arms. Kristen helped Brady get back into the hospital bed, sarcastically agreeing that he was ready to leave. As Brady continued to insist that he was fine, Kristen observed that he was just as stubborn as John.

Brady countered that he didn't need Kristen's help, adding that he also didn't need a character evaluation. "Fine -- then you can just take your pants off by yourself," Kristen impatiently stated, referring to the jeans that Brady had managed to put on before he had collapsed. As Kristen started to leave, Brady stopped her and reluctantly thanked her for helping him the previous night.

Brady added that he would be willing to give Kristen a break if she promised to leave his family alone. In response, Kristen dismissively urged Brady to shut up, and she abruptly exited the room. Meanwhile, Marlena and John arrived at the hospital. After showing John where Brady's room was, Cameron led Marlena to their mutual patient's room.

Later, in the waiting area, Kristen urged Cameron to tie Brady to the hospital bed. Meanwhile, Marlena returned and informed Cameron that she had convinced the patient to cooperate. Cameron thanked Marlena for her help. "You know, your stepson was very lucky. If that blow to his head had been a half inch to the left, his father would be visiting him in the morgue right now," Cameron added before leaving.

Ignoring Kristen, Marlena started to walk toward Brady's room, but Kristen stopped her. Marlena impatiently stated that she was in a hurry, and Kristen nodded, guessing that Marlena was probably worried about Brady. Kristen revealed that she was the person who had taken Brady to the hospital. Surprised, Marlena hesitantly thanked Kristen for helping Brady.

"Well, what else could I do? I mean, I was about to get mugged, and he came to my rescue. You know what's really strange, though? I've been calling John since last night. For some reason...he's not returning my calls," Kristen noted. Marlena started to excuse herself, but Kristen stopped her again.

Kristen claimed that she had resigned from Countess Wilhelmina to prove that she wasn't interested in terrorizing Marlena's family. With an innocent smile, Kristen added that she was trying to do everything that she could possibly do to calm Marlena's nerves. "I don't know what game you're playing, but I'm not falling for it...and neither is John. And I'm done wasting my time on you," Marlena calmly replied before walking away.

Marlena entered Brady's room and hugged her stepson, who had been telling John about what had happened the previous night. Cameron stressed that Brady might have saved Kristen's life, but Brady downplayed the event. Marlena told John that she wanted to talk to him privately.

"Just a second -- I need to get this straight. You get knocked unconscious coming to Kristen's rescue, and she doesn't have the decency to call me to tell me my son's in the hospital? What the hell's the matter with that woman?" John asked incredulously. Kristen poked her head into the room and assured John that she had tried to contact him.

At Common Grounds, Sami greeted Will, who was reading a book. Sami urged Will to talk to Gabi, vaguely stating that Gabi was in trouble. Feigning ignorance, Will wondered what was wrong with Gabi. Sami said that she had been sworn to secrecy, adding that she was hoping that Will would be able to help Gabi. Will sullenly agreed, and Sami stressed that Gabi was going to need a friend.

Will impatiently reiterated that he would help Gabi, and he abruptly started to leave. Suspicious, Sami stopped Will, noting that he hadn't tried to probe for additional information. Will shrugged and reminded Sami that she had said that she had been sworn to secrecy. "Uh-huh. And you're my son. My blood runs through your you would be dying to find out what the truth is...unless you already know," Sami realized.

Will wondered what Sami suspected that he had learned. "Nice try. Sit down. You are trying to con me into giving up information that I know by pretending that you already know it," Sami knowingly declared. Pretending to be disappointed that the plan had failed, Will confirmed that Sami was right. Sami said that she had learned from the master, Eric, adding that Will needed to visit his uncle at St. Luke's.

Will was surprised to learn that Eric had returned to Salem. Changing the subject, Sami continued to stress that Will needed to talk to Gabi. Will assured Sami that he would do so, and she proudly stated that Will was a good person. Clearly uncomfortable, Will shook his head and quietly disagreed. Sami insisted that her assessment of Will's character was accurate, adding that she was extremely proud of him.

Will lowered his head, trying to avoid eye contact. Sami grasped Will's hand and wondered how his date with Sonny had gone. Will quietly replied that the date had been great, but Sami wasn't convinced, noting that Will seemed sad. "Yeah, well, try being happy when you have four chapters of Moby Dick to read by tomorrow," Will evasively stated. As Sami laughed, Will abruptly exited the coffeehouse.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Sonny greeted Gabi and wondered how she was doing. Gabi claimed that she had contracted some sort of stomach virus, but Sonny wasn't convinced. Sonny said that he had talked to Will, who had explained that Gabi had been dealing with a problem that had required Will's help. Sonny noted that Gabi's problem seemed serious, and he observed that she had been crying.

"Look, I'm not -- I'm not trying to get in your face...or in your business, you know? I'm just here to say that you can count on me, too. And I mean it, Gabi -- I mean, you've been friends with Will forever, and you've been such a good friend to me. You know, you even stood up to T when he was gay-bashing me -- that's something I'll never forget. So if there's anything that you need...all you have to do is ask," Sonny said.

Gabi appreciated the gesture, but she assured Sonny that there was nothing that he could do to help. Nick entered the room and disagreed, noting that Chad was Sonny's business partner. Gabi tried to stop Nick, but he insisted that Sonny needed to know about Chad's recent actions. Nick reasoned that Sonny would be able to convince Chad to stop harassing Gabi.

Gabi said that Sonny didn't need to do that, but Nick disagreed. Meanwhile, Gabi received a phone call, so Sonny and Nick went into the hallway to continue their conversation. Gabi answered her phone and said that Sami had picked a bad time to call. Guessing that Nick was with Gabi, Sami volunteered to talk to him, but Gabi declined the offer. Sami urged Gabi to tell Rafe the truth, but Gabi refused to do so.

After reminding Sami that she had been sworn to secrecy, Gabi abruptly ended the call. A short time later, Sonny and Nick reentered the room. Sonny promised to talk to Chad. After urging Gabi to take care of herself, Sonny excused himself. After Sonny left, Gabi demanded to know why Nick had told Sonny about Chad.

"What if Chad tells Sonny about Andrew and me, all right? What happened to Melanie was all my fault, all right? Sonny's gonna hate me, and then he's gonna tell Will!" Gabi fearfully predicted. Nick shrugged, dismissively stating that no one cared about Sonny and Will's opinions. Gabi insisted that she cared. Nick hugged Gabi and assured her that Chad had as much to lose as she did.

After Nick added that he hated Chad, he quickly changed the subject, noting that Gabi's breakfast was getting cold. Nick opened a food container, revealing a plate of eggs and bacon. Gabi placed her hand over her mouth and rushed out of the room. When Gabi returned, she theorized that she had contracted a twenty-four hour virus. After urging Gabi to get some rest, Nick returned to the pub so that he could cover her shift.

In the main section of the pub, Ciara was watching Theo play with his tablet computer. Ciara recalled that Bo had promised to give her a tablet computer for Christmas, and she wondered if he would remember that promise. Hope was certain that Bo would not forget. Ciara admitted that she missed Bo and Caroline, and Hope agreed.

Kayla, who had overheard the conversation, happily announced that Caroline and Bo might be returning to Salem earlier than they had originally anticipated. Kayla explained that Caroline's doctor had agreed that Caroline was the perfect candidate for the new Alzheimer's treatment protocol.

Kayla added that the doctor had told her that he would prefer for Caroline to receive the treatments in Salem, since it was a familiar place. Hope hugged Kayla and breathed a sigh of relief, hopeful that Bo and Caroline would soon return home. Later, Kayla invited Abe and Theo to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of the Brady family. Abe happily accepted the offer.

Hope could tell that Abe seemed troubled, and she wondered what was wrong. "You know, Theo's teachers are a little worried about him. He doesn't talk very much -- especially about his mother -- and I know that autistic kids tend to withdraw from their feelings," Abe explained. Kayla wondered if Abe was afraid that Theo might also start to withdraw from his father. Abe took a deep breath and evasively asked about Caroline.

After updating Abe on Caroline's condition, Kayla excused herself so that she could get back to work. Hope asked about Nick's job performance, and Kayla reported that he had exceeded her expectations. Kayla added that everyone -- including Gabi -- had quickly forgotten about Nick's past. Intrigued, Hope wondered if Nick and Gabi were dating. Uncertain, Kayla playfully stated that it seemed like love was in the air.

Later, Abe, Kayla, and Hope joined Ciara and Theo at a table near the entrance. Theo was still playing with his tablet computer, and Ciara wondered if he wished that Lexie could see him doing so. Theo matter-of-factly stated that Lexie could see him. Confused, Ciara said that she had been under the impression that Lexie was in heaven. "She is, but I can talk to her, and I show her what I can do," Theo explained.

Ciara wondered why Theo was certain that Lexie could hear him. Theo recalled that Lexie had told him that she would be able to hear him. Abe wondered when Theo had talked to Lexie. Theo revealed that he had been talking to Lexie at night, when he was supposed to be sleeping, and he wondered if Abe was upset. Abe assured Theo that he wasn't upset, adding that he was glad that Theo still felt connected to Lexie.

Later, Abe told Kayla that he had never realized that Theo had been talking to Ciara about Lexie. Abe asked about Joey, and Kayla admitted that her son had been missing Steve and Caroline. Abe nodded and recalled that Theo and Lexie had always had a special connection. Abe revealed that he was worried that he might not be able to develop a similar connection with Theo.

Kayla assured Abe that, while he would never be able to recreate Lexie and Theo's bond, his own bond with Theo was something that Lexie would be proud of. Elsewhere, Hope greeted Nick and proudly stated that she had recently received some good news from his parole officer. Unable to resist, Hope playfully added that she had also heard that a special person had entered Nick's life.

Confirming Hope's suspicion, Nick smiled and said that he had been waiting for someone like Gabi for his entire life. Nick enthusiastically stated that Gabi was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Nick asked Hope to keep the relationship a secret, explaining that Gabi wasn't ready to tell Rafe yet.

At Countess Wilhelmina, Rafe greeted Sami, who had asked him to meet her at her office. Sami said that she had decided to tell Rafe the truth about her earlier voicemail message. Rafe was worried about Sami, but she explained that the secret had nothing to do with her, which was why it was difficult for her to talk about it. After pacing nervously for a few moments, Sami sighed and revealed that the secret was about Gabi.

Back in Gabi's room, Will greeted Gabi, who was thrilled to see him. Will wondered if Gabi had managed to get some rest the previous night. Gabi shook her head, and Will admitted that he had also had a sleepless night. Gabi revealed that she had received a visit from Sonny earlier. Gabi assured Will that she hadn't told Sonny the truth. Gabi explained that Sonny had been eager to help her.

"I don't think he would have offered if he knew that his boyfriend knocked me up," Gabi added. Will sighed and apologized for his mistake. Will quietly recalled that Sami had always told him that men and women were equally responsible for using proper birth control methods. Gabi refused to let Will blame himself, noting that they had each taken the same amount of responsibility that night -- none.

Concerned, Will wondered if Gabi had been having morning sickness. Gabi nodded and said that she had told Nick that she had contracted a stomach virus. "Oh. What's he gonna think when he finds out the truth? What's Sonny gonna think?" Will wondered. Gabi summarized that she and Will could lose Nick and Sonny because of one dumb mistake.

Will warned that Gabi might have to deal with Nick and Sonny on her own. Will predicted that Sami would murder him when she learned the truth. After Gabi admitted that she had always wanted to have children, she added that she wasn't ready to be a mother yet.

"You know, I was -- I was thinking on the way over here, and I think that maybe there's one thing we could do. It's probably -- it's not the perfect thing, but it might be the right thing. You want to get married?" Will forced himself to ask. After a moment of stunned silence, Gabi wondered if Will really believed that it would be best for them to get married.

With a deep shrug, Will hesitantly replied that he would marry Gabi if that were what she wanted to do. Stifling a laugh, Gabi dryly stated that Will's proposal was the kind of proposal that she had always dreamed of receiving. Will laughed and apologized, conceding that the idea was crazy.

Gabi could tell that Will was simply trying to be noble. Gabi said that she didn't believe that marriage would be the right decision for them. Gabi said that, while she loved Will, she was in love with Nick. Will nodded, dryly stating that he wasn't sure why Gabi was in love with Nick. Gabi added that Will was in love with Sonny -- an observation that Will did not bother to confirm or deny.

"Look, I just want you to know that you are never gonna be alone in this. Growing up, my mom was alone a lot of the time, and I saw how hard that was on her. I'm never gonna let that happen to you, because this is my child, and I want to be there every step of the way," Will quietly assured Gabi.

Gabi said that her mother had always been proud of the fact that Gabi had stayed in school. Gabi worried that her mother would stop being proud of her when the truth was revealed. Gabi added that she would lose her scholarship if she dropped out of college for one semester to have the baby. Will said that he could drop out of college and get a job, and Gabi said that she could be a full-time waitress.

Resignedly, Will conceded that his and Gabi's lives were never going to be the same, adding that there was nothing else that they could do. Gabi countered that Will knew that there were other options. As Gabi opened her laptop, she explained that she had been doing some research the previous night. "Will, I think -- I think this is the best...solution...for everybody," Gabi said, barely containing her emotions.

"An abortion?" Will asked, swallowing hard as he stared at the computer screen.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Brady's room at the hospital, John was furious because he thought that Kristen hadn't tried to contact him after Brady had rescued her from a couple of muggers. Kristen arrived just in time to assure John that she had called him and left messages -- several times. Searching his pockets, John wondered where his phone was

Marlena fished it out of her purse and informed him that he'd left it on the table at the restaurant. Pulling up his call history, John noted that there were no messages, so Kristen offered to let him check her phone. While John inspected Kristen's phone, Brady admitted that he'd heard Kristen leaving one of the messages.

John growled that he thought he knew what had happened, and apologized to Brady for not being there. After apologizing to Kristen for jumping to the wrong conclusion, John strode out, and Marlena quickly followed. Brady noted to Kristen that John was obviously mad at Marlena, and asked if Kristen knew why. Shrugging, Kristen suggested that Brady ask John or Marlena.

John stormed into a private waiting room, where Marlena caught up to him. He ordered her to tell him what she knew about the missing messages. Marlena said that she hadn't listened to the messages, so she hadn't known that Brady had been hurt. John angrily reminded Marlena that he'd told her that he wasn't going to talk to Kristen anymore, and demanded to know if Marlena no longer trusted him.

Marlena swore that she trusted John, but when she'd seen the messages from Kristen right after John's announcement that he would no longer serve on the board at St. Luke's. she'd assumed that it had been another of Kristen's ploys. "Don't blame Kristen. It was you," John said angrily.

Maggie charged into Brady's room to check on him, but was taken aback when she saw that Kristen was there. After the two women exchanged pleasantries, Kristen congratulated Maggie on her marriage to Victor, and then left Brady and Maggie alone.

As soon as Kristen had closed the door, Maggie demanded to know, "What was she doing here?" Brady explained that he'd been chasing Kristen down and had found her being mugged by one guy; the guy's partner had knocked Brady out with a blow to the head. Brady reassured a worried Maggie that he'd had hangovers that had felt worse than the concussion he'd just experienced.

Maggie wanted to know why Brady had been running after Kristen. "What has she done now?" Maggie demanded. Brady replied, "Honestly, not a damn thing...not yet, anyway." He explained that Kristen had "randomly" bumped into John and Marlena many times since she'd returned. "That's kind of their problem," Maggie pointed out, clarifying, "Maybe you should be concerned about taking care of yourself instead of your father and Marlena."

Marlena was just admitting that John was right when Kristen entered the waiting room. "Is everything okay?" Kristen asked with obviously feigned concern. Marlena willingly admitted that she had deleted Kristen's messages, but demanded to know why Kristen hadn't tried to get in contact with any of Brady's other family members. Kristen claimed that it hadn't occurred to her, plus she didn't have any of their numbers.

Marlena accused Kristen of hiring the muggers, but John gently insisted that Marlena leave Kristen alone. Marlena pointed out that it wasn't just a coincidence that Kristen had been at the right place at the right time so frequently. Kristen said that she understood why both John and Marlena were upset, since Brady had just been attacked. Before she left the room, Kristen reminded the Blacks that she'd really been trying to limit her contact with them -- but the night before, she'd just been trying to do the right thing.

Kristen promised them, "In the future, if one of your loved ones gets hurt...and I happen to be the first one on the scene, I'll make sure that somebody else contacts [you]. I guess where we're concerned, there's no getting past the past." Marlena stopped Kristen as she was leaving, and declared, "You and I finally agree about something. You need to get out of here. Leave Brady's care to us -- and crawl back under your rock, you conniving bitch." Pretending to be upset, Kristen left the room -- and John began to follow her.

Marlena was incredulous that John wanted to try to comfort Kristen. John pointed out that it was unlike Marlena to call Kristen a "conniving bitch." Marlena reiterated that Kristen had hired the muggers -- who could have killed Brady. John accused Marlena of being paranoid. Marlena reminded John that Kristen had tried to kill her -- and Marlena was upset and scared that Kristen had returned.

"I don't want the burden of proof to be on me. And I don't want you finding a way to take her side. I want you on my side. And if you can't understand that I'm not on the top of my game when she's around, well then, go ahead; take the high road. You forgive her...I just can't," Marlena declared, fighting back tears.

John reminded Marlena that he'd never asked her to forgive Kristen; he'd just asked her to move on. "Can you do that, Doc?" John asked. When Marlena didn't respond, John demanded, "When did you and I stop talking to each other?" He turned and left Marlena alone in the waiting room.

Brady was alone when Kristen returned to his room, searching for her phone. Brady retrieved it from a side table and handed it to Kristen. Kristen expressed her gratitude to Brady for rescuing her the night before, and Brady said that he appreciated her for keeping him from keeling over earlier that day. After bidding Brady a cheerful goodbye, Kristen left.

John entered Brady's room a bit later and revealed that Brady could go home soon. Although relieved about that, Brady asked if everything were all right between John and Marlena. "No," John replied simply, adding that he was going to sign Brady's discharge papers. Before John could leave the room, Brady confessed that what was going on between John, Marlena, and Kristen was John's business, not Brady's. Brady added, "And about Kristen -- you may be right about her."

Seeing Marlena in the waiting room, Kristen entered the room again. "I saw you alone in here. I have just one more thing to say: thank you," Kristen stated smugly before exiting the room. Outside, Kristen smiled smugly to herself. After a moment, Marlena tried to follow Kristen into the corridor. Seeing no one, Marlena's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Will seemed surprised that Gabi wanted to get an abortion. Gabi pointed out that Will was gay, plus the past year had been difficult for them both -- and as students, she wondered what kind of life they could give a baby. Will conceded, "Not much of one, I guess. So, is this what you want?" Gabi worried that if she went through with the abortion, Will would hate her.

Will reminded her that the night they'd slept together, he had known how upset she'd been, and he felt like he'd taken advantage of her. "If I hate anybody, I hate myself -- and I could never hate you, no matter what you decide," Will reassured her. Gabi pointed out that the baby was Will's, too, and if he couldn't live with her decision, then she couldn't go through with it. She declared that she could face having the baby alone, but she could never face not having Will as her friend -- so the two of them had to decide together.

Will reassured Gabi that he would always be her friend, no matter what. He added that Gabi was the one who would have to carry the baby, and her life would change a lot more than his would, so he agreed to abide by whatever she decided -- and promised to be there for her through everything. Will put his arm around Gabi, and she rested her head on his shoulder with a relieved sigh. Will asked if Gabi had considered adoption.

Gabi admitted that she had thought about it for a long time, but she knew that her mom and Rafe would never stop trying to convince her to keep the baby. Will concurred that his parents would probably do the same thing. Gabi pointed out that the responsibility for the baby would still fall to the two of them, and she believed that the world would be a much better place if it were filled with children who were wanted. Gabi and Will each admitted that they were just beginning to figure out who they were, thanks to their respective partners.

Will guessed that Gabi was afraid that if they kept the baby, they might have to give up Sonny and Nick. Gabi acknowledged that she eventually wanted children, and Will understood that she didn't want them right away -- or with him. Will confessed that he hated keeping the pregnancy a secret from Sonny, but he was afraid of the consequences if Sonny knew the truth.

"My parents were young when they had me, and it was not easy being the big mistake of two stupid teenagers. It seemed to me that they were still chasing after what they wanted, and they kind of just passed me off on whoever was available," Will observed, adding, "I don't want my kid growing up, feeling the same things I felt." When Gabi asked, Will confirmed that he thought an abortion was the right thing to do. Will then asked how much it would cost, and Gabi replied that it would be $350.

Gabi checked her wallet and determined that she only had ninety dollars left, and Will discovered that he only had forty-eight dollars. Will promised that he would take care of the remainder. Gabi reminded Will that they had another problem -- his mom, who knew Gabi was pregnant. Gabi decided that after the procedure, she'd just claim that she'd just had a miscarriage. Gabi wanted to go ahead with the abortion that day, since she was so far along -- and before other people found out and started trying to run their lives.

At Countess Wilhelmina, Sami admitted that, as Gabi's brother, Rafe had a right to know what was going on with his sister. "Well, you know she works at the pub with Nick Fallon," Sami began. A disconcerted Rafe immediately concluded, "She's sleeping with him, right?" Although Sami tried to calm him down, Rafe started to freak out about Nick's status as a kidnapper and ex-con. Sami pointed out that Nick had done his time and was trying to start a new life.

An irate Rafe started to storm out to have a talk with Nick, but Sami maintained that she could tell how much Nick loved Gabi -- and Gabi reciprocated his feelings. Not buying it, Rafe recalled how he'd warned Nick not to lay a finger on Gabi. Sami asserted that if Rafe was angry because he thought Nick didn't respect Gabi, then Rafe confronting Nick would disrespect Gabi in an even worse way, because his beating up Nick would just show that Rafe didn't think she was smart enough to make her own choices, and that he didn't have any faith in her. Rafe countered earnestly that he did have faith in Gabi.

Sami declared that Rafe had to prove it by showing Gabi that he wouldn't judge her and would let her live her life the way she wanted. Rafe admitted that Sami was right. He started to head out to talk to Gabi, but stopped when he realized that he still didn't know the whole story. "What else is there?" Rafe asked Sami. Sami demanded that Rafe promise not to "go ballistic" again.

Sami first reiterated that Nick and Gabi really seemed to be in love -- and Nick seemed like he was going to be successful at making a new life for himself. After some prodding and reassurances from Rafe, Sami finally admitted, "Gabi's pregnant." The news floored Rafe. Sami explained that Nick had taken Gabi to the hospital after she'd fainted. "He was so sweet with her," Sami reassured Rafe.

Rafe angrily stated that Nick had sworn that nothing had been going on between him and Gabi. Sami reminded Rafe that they both knew that sometimes friendship could develop into something more than that. She added, "She didn't want me to tell you, because she didn't want you to -- and I quote -- 'hate' her." Rafe acknowledged that he might have accused Gabi of being a "screw-up," and that she didn't really need that. "I have to see her," he said softly, and Sami agreed to accompany him. The two headed out together.

Lucas entered Common Grounds and ordered a coffee from Sonny, then added that the two of them needed to talk. After they had sat down at a table together, Lucas admitted that he'd been out of line in the way he'd spoken to Sonny, but he'd realized that he was going to have to accept things between Will and Sonny because he loved Will very much.

"What do you know? You and I do have one thing in common," Sonny replied with a sly grin. Lucas and Sonny agreed that they both wanted what was best for Will -- even if the two of them might disagree on what that was. Lucas suggested that it was best if the two of them tried to get along -- because neither of them was going anywhere. With that settled, Lucas headed out.

Shortly thereafter, Will showed up. Sonny started to tell Will about his conversation with Lucas, but stopped when he noticed how upset Will seemed. Will claimed that he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the night before. "I need a favor: I need to borrow some money from you -- and I cant tell you why," Will confessed sheepishly, and explained that he needed two hundred dollars.

Sonny regretfully admitted that he'd forgotten his wallet that morning, and all he had in the till was about a hundred and fifty. Will gratefully accepted that amount and promised to pay Sonny back as soon as possible. Sonny grabbed the money from the cash register and wished Will luck. Will assured Sonny that the previous night had meant a lot to him, and Sonny concurred. Will then headed out.

Alone in her room, Gabi gazed at her reflection in the mirror, placing a hand pensively over her abdomen, and then picked up her phone. She started to dial Rafe but decided against it.

Nick was bussing tables at the pub when Rafe stormed in and demanded to know where Gabi was. Nick admitted that Gabi was upstairs resting. " You just better do the right thing," Rafe grumbled as he headed for the stairs. "Hey, I love her -- you don't have to tell me to do the right thing!" Nick shouted after Rafe.

Rafe pounded on the door to Gabi's room upstairs but got no answer. Finally he barged in, but the room was empty. "Where the hell is she?" Rafe wondered.

Downstairs, Sami urged Nick, "You are going to have to cut Rafe some slack here, because, you know, you can't expect him to be thrilled to find out that his sister's pregnant." Nick set down the bus tub with a clank. "What?" he demanded.

Gabi was waiting in the park for Will when Lucas showed up and asked if she were all right. Gabi was just assuring Lucas that she was fine when Will entered through the gate. Before he saw his dad, Will blurted that he'd gotten $150 from Sonny but they still needed another fifty dollars. "Which one of you is going to tell me what's really going on here?" Lucas demanded.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In the Brady Pub, Sami urged Nick to cut Rafe some slack. Sami explained that Rafe was understandably upset to learn that his baby sister was pregnant. Shocked by the news, Nick's jaw dropped open. By Nick's facial expression, Sami realized that she had been the one to inform Nick about the pregnancy.

Stunned, Nick asked Sami why Gabi had told her about the pregnancy and not him. Sami explained that she had overheard the news at the hospital. Concerned, Nick asked Sami if Gabi was healthy. Sami assured Nick that Gabi was fine.

Upstairs at the pub, Rafe knocked on Gabi's bedroom door. When she did not answer, he called her phone and discovered that Gabi had left her phone in her room. Rafe returned downstairs and demanded to know when Nick had last seen Gabi. Sami interrupted to comment that Nick had just learned about Gabi's pregnancy from her. Sami took Rafe aside and urged him to back off of Nick. Rafe promised to lay off of Nick until after he found Gabi.

When Nick asked if Rafe had called Gabi's cell phone, Rafe explained that Gabi had left her phone in her room. Rafe added that Gabi had left her breakfast untouched. Nick explained that Gabi had felt sick. After Rafe went into the kitchen to talk to the staff, Sami asked Nick how he felt about the news. Nick admitted that he was fine, but that he wanted to ask Gabi why she had not told him about the pregnancy.

When Rafe returned, he noted that he had learned no information about Gabi. Rafe said he was going to wait in Gabi's room, and Sami offered to wait with Rafe. When Rafe asked Nick if he was mad at Gabi, Nick answered that he was not angry and only wanted to help Gabi. When Rafe asked why, Nick said it was because he was in love with Gabi.

Rafe and Sami went upstairs to Gabi's room and waited. Rafe worried aloud that he had neglected his sister and failed her. Sami told Rafe that he should not blame himself for Gabi's decisions. As Rafe picked up a photo of Gabi and Nick, he asked Sami if she believed that Nick loved Gabi. Sami admitted that she believed Nick and that she also felt that Gabi was in love with Nick.

Rafe wondered aloud if his overprotectiveness had driven Gabi to rebel. Sami reminded Rafe that Gabi knew how much Rafe loved her and supported her. Rafe noted that he had been willing to give up Sami to save Gabi. "It ended up being a moot point. I lost you anyway," Rafe said. Sami commented that she respected Rafe for his commitment to his sister.

When Sami attempted to send an urgent email out on her phone, she realized that she had no cell service. Rafe informed Sami that she was welcome to use Gabi's computer. When Sami sat down and clicked the mouse, the screen saver turned off and she was confronted with a website for the family planning clinic. Worried, Rafe whispered, "Oh, Gabi." Downstairs, Nick called Will and left a voicemail asking about Gabi.

In the park, Lucas was talking to Gabi when Will walked around the corner and announced that he had $150 but was $50 short. When Will looked up, he sighed. Lucas asked Gabi and Will to let him know what was going on. Will lied that he needed the money for a school project. With a raised eyebrow, Lucas asked to talk to Will in private.

Lucas took Will aside and informed him that he had talked to Sonny. Lucas promised that he would not intervene in Will's relationship with Sonny anymore. Lucas explained that he would work to trust Sonny. "I love you very much and apparently, so does Sonny," Lucas said. Elated, Will asked Lucas how he knew that Sonny loved him. Lucas explained that Sonny had said that he loved Will. Lucas apologized for hurting WIll's feelings.

"If Sonny makes you happy, Sonny makes you happy," Lucas said. As Will said goodbye to Lucas, Lucas offered $50 to Will for his project. Lucas wished Will and Gabi luck with the project, and a guilty Will thanked Lucas and walked away with Gabi.

At the Hartfield Family Planning Clinic, Will asked Gabi how she felt. When Gabi stared at him, Will assured her that he only wanted her to undergo the procedure if she was sure that it was what she wanted. When the nurse returned to the waiting area, she handed patient forms to Gabi to fill out. Will asked Gabi if she was sure about her decision, and Gabi nodded.

When the nurse called Gabi's name, Will looked Gabi in the eyes and assured her that if she wanted to change her mind at any point, she could. Shaking her head, Gabi said that she wished Will would be with her during the procedure. Will noted that he would be in the waiting room if Gabi needed him. Gabi hugged Will goodbye, then followed the nurse down the hall.

In the doctor's office, Gabi was hesitant to answer the nurse's questions aloud. When the nurse explained that she needed a verbal confirmation from Gabi, Gabi said that she wanted to go ahead with the procedure. "God forgive me," Gabi muttered to herself. While Will paced in the waiting room, he stared at a photo of Sonny on his phone.

At the Horton house, Hope and Jennifer set up refreshments for their book club meeting. Billie was the first to arrive, and she apologized to Jennifer for doubting her innocence in Jennifer's staircase fight with Nicole. Jennifer told Billie that she forgave her. Kayla and Adrienne arrived next. Kayla updated the group on Caroline, and she explained that Caroline was likely to return home soon. The women sat down in the living room and discussed The Scarlet Letter.

At St. Luke's, Nicole talked to Eric about how she felt persecuted by the town because of what she had done. "Just admit it, Eric. You hate me now. Just like everyone else in this town," Nicole said. Eric assured Nicole that he did not hate her. "You've suffered long enough," Eric said. Curious, Nicole asked Eric what he was not saying to her.

Sighing, Eric advised Nicole that she needed to make amends with Jennifer and Daniel. When Nicole noted that she was not good at apologizing to people, Eric laughed and reminded her of a photo shoot they had done together in the past. Nicole reminisced that she had thrown out the photos not because she did not like Eric's photography but because she did not like who she had been.

Nicole asked why she should make amends. Eric explained that if Nicole sought closure with Jennifer and Daniel, then Nicole could change her opinion of herself. Nicole confided that she was worried that she would not be forgiven. When Eric urged Nicole to forgive herself, Nicole was defensive and argued that she did not want to hear Eric mention God.

"I'm sick of this God talk, I'm sick of God, and I'm sick of you telling me that I need him!" Nicole yelled. Eric told Nicole that God was not against her. Shaking her head, Nicole asked Eric how he had decided to become a priest. Eric explained that he had spent time taking photographs in a civil war in the Congo. While in the Congo, Eric had witnessed the work of missionaries, and he had been moved by their efforts.

Nicole noted that she saw the changes in Eric's demeanor. Eric encouraged Nicole to make a conscious choice to accept God. Smiling, Nicole asked Eric not to talk to her about God anymore. Eric remarked that if Nicole were willing to accept God in her life, then she would be amazed by how her life could change. Uncomfortable, Nicole excused herself and left.

After the book club meeting, Hope met with Eric at St. Luke's. While Eric poured Hope a cup of tea, Hope discovered an earring on the carpet. When Hope remarked on the earring, Eric explained that the earring was Nicole's and that she must have dropped it. Concerned, Hope advised Eric not to talk to Nicole and to stay away from her. When Eric said that he wanted to help Nicole, Hope argued that Nicole did not want to be helped.

Hope explained that Nicole exploited people and that she was a sociopath. Eric countered that Nicole was grieving the loss of her child and that she needed someone to talk to. Shaking her head, Hope confided her fear that Nicole would not leave Jennifer alone.

In the town square, Nicole looked at the staircase and remembered the night she had fallen down the stairs and the aftermath with Jennifer. Shaken, Nicole thought about how she had refused Jennifer's apology in the hospital. Nodding, Nicole marched off determinedly.

While Jennifer was cleaning up after the book club meeting, Nicole walked into the house. Nicole sidled up behind Jennifer and cleared her throat. Surprised, Jennifer jumped and spun around to face Nicole.

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On behalf of the entire Soap Central team, we are so thankful for your continued support. You've made the last 17 years an incredibly amazing -- and soapy -- time. We appreciate your loyalty, and look forward to continuing our coverage of your favorite soaps for many more years.

If you're bummed out by the lack of new episodes, take some time to check out some of our features that you may not get to visit on a regular basis: our Daily Recaps Archives has recaps dating back to 1996, our Two Scoops columns feature commentaries from 2004 to the present, and our Who's Who in Salem section offers detailed character profiles for past and present DAYS characters.

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