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Gabi changed her mind about having an abortion, and Nick learned that Will was the father of Gabi's baby. Nick asked Gabi to marry him. Marlena broke into Kristen's hotel room. Kristen caught Marlena going through her papers, but Brady convinced her not to tell John. Caroline and Bo returned to Salem. Kate and Stefano ended their marriage. Nicole apologized to Daniel and Jennifer. Daniel's medical procedure to cure his tremors failed.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 26, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, November 26, 2012

by Mike

At St. Luke's, Hope introduced Ciara to Eric. Ciara inspected her cousin and quietly asked Hope if priests were allowed to be handsome. Eric laughed and thanked Ciara for the compliment.

Brady entered the room and skeptically asked if Eric was really a priest. Eric sarcastically replied that he had been using a simple Halloween costume to fool everyone. Ciara was confused, but Eric urged her to go along with his story. Ciara quickly realized what Eric was trying to do, and she assured Brady that Eric's story about the Halloween costume was legitimate.

Noticing Brady's bandage, Eric wondered if Brady was also wearing a costume. Brady told Eric and Hope about the muggers who had tried to attack Kristen. Ciara interrupted the conversation to announce that she was hungry. After subtly urging Eric to reconsider his decision to help Nicole, Hope and Ciara excused themselves.

Eric and Brady resumed their earlier conversation. Brady admitted that he was starting to believe that Kristen might have changed. "Well, if she's demonstrated that she's a caring person, hasn't caused any trouble, and shows genuine remorse for those that she may have hurt in the past, then she should be given the benefit of the doubt," Eric said. Brady suspected that Eric was talking about someone other than Kristen.

Eric confirmed Brady's suspicion, and Brady guessed that Eric had been referring to Nicole. With a heavy sigh, Eric explained that Hope was convinced that Nicole was a lost cause. Brady disagreed with Hope's assessment, insisting that, while Nicole had made some terrible decisions, she also had a very good heart. Brady added that Nicole was her own worst enemy.

Eric said that Nicole's pain had clouded her judgment. Eric believed that Nicole was going to need someone to help her turn her life around. Brady sighed and wondered if Eric still had feelings for Nicole. Eric stressed that he was no longer interested in Nicole, dismissively adding that being a priest did not mean that he could no longer talk to women -- even women who had once been romantically involved with him.

At the Horton Town Square, Ciara sat on the couch and waited for Hope, who was purchasing coffee from a nearby vendor. When Hope returned, Ciara's head was bowed. Hope asked if Ciara was all right. Ciara wondered if she was only allowed to pray before going to bed each night. Hope assured Ciara that God was always listening. Ciara explained that she had been praying for Bo and Caroline to return to Salem soon.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel told Maggie about the clinical trial that Jennifer had urged him to participate in. After explaining the risks, Daniel admitted that he was conflicted about the procedure. The news seemed to interest Maggie, who abruptly excused herself so that she could run some errands. After exiting Daniel's apartment, Maggie sighed with frustration.

At the Horton house, Jennifer demanded to know why Nicole was standing in the living room. Jennifer went to the front door and noticed that it was locked. Realizing that Jennifer was scared, Nicole revealed that she simply wanted to apologize. Jennifer skeptically recalled that Nicole had recently sworn that she would never apologize for her actions. Nicole explained that she had been unable to do so earlier.

"You don't -- you don't think I see how you're looking at me right now? All the pity, anger, and fear in your eyes? I let myself in because I knew if I rang the doorbell, by the time you answered it, I would have chickened out and run off. And I locked the door this time -- I came in here and I locked the door -- because I didn't think that I had the willpower to actually do this. Jennifer, I realize that neither one of us can move on until I face up to all my lies and accusations," Nicole said.

"I accused you of murder. I accused you of killing my child, and that was so wrong -- it was unconscionable. But I need you to -- it just happened. It wasn't planned. It just -- it just happened...because it was easier to hate you than to feel helpless. God knows I've done some horrendous things in my life, but even in the lowest, lowest times, I never thought that I was capable of something like that. I should be in jail right now, but you -- you've reached out with nothing but kindness and generosity," Nicole sincerely added.

Jennifer admitted that her motives had not been entirely selfless, adding that she had been eager to move on with her life. Nicole urged Jennifer not to sell herself short. "You've been the better person through all of this, and just -- I'm -- thank you, and I'm sorry...for all of it. And I know this seems inadequate, but just -- I'm just so very sorry," Nicole tearfully stated.

Jennifer could tell that Nicole was being sincere, but she wondered what had prompted the sudden change of heart. Avoiding the question, Nicole asked if the apology itself was enough for Jennifer. Jennifer nodded, agreeing to accept the apology without reservations. After thanking Jennifer, Nicole started to excuse herself, but Jennifer stopped her. Jennifer pointed out that Nicole's actions had also hurt other people.

Ignoring Jennifer's comment, Nicole recalled that she had started worrying about Jennifer's relationship with Daniel after Jack's death. "I came here to offer my condolences -- do you remember that? I told you I was sorry...but I didn't mean it. I mean, not -- not then. I was trying to manipulate you, but now...I know what loss does to you, and that you can never really get past it, so Jennifer, I'm so -- I'm so sorry about Jack, and I now feel so sad for everything that you have gone through, and that is the truth," Nicole tearfully stated before exiting the house.

Later, outside Daniel's apartment, Nicole sighed heavily, preparing herself to knock on the door. Meanwhile, Daniel received a phone call from Melanie. Nicole listened as Daniel told Melanie that his life had been crazy lately, optimistically adding that things were starting to get better. Nicole accidentally dropped her purse, but she managed to leave before Daniel could investigate the noise. Satisfied that no one was in the hallway, Daniel closed his front door and started to tell Melanie about the clinical trial.

At the hospital, Jennifer greeted Maggie, who demanded to know why Jennifer was trying to pressure Daniel into participating in the trial. Jennifer explained that she simply wanted to repay Daniel for everything that he had done for her in the past. Jennifer added that no treatment was risk-free. Maggie agreed, but she admitted that the timing concerned her.

"I mean, what's the rush? Because if it fails, it's like a punch in the gut, and I worry that that could be one punch too many. What's wrong with waiting -- waiting until the drug gets approved? And by then, maybe Daniel will be in a better place," Maggie suggested. Maggie pointedly added that Daniel was the person who was going to have to live with the potential consequences of the trial.

Later, Jennifer went to Daniel's apartment and apologized for pressuring him earlier. Daniel said that Jennifer had no reason to apologize, adding that he had decided to try the treatment. "The bottom line is, um, you're right. I've gotta -- I've gotta do this, whatever the results are. I do, because I have to take that risk. It's -- it's who I am, and you made me see that, so thank you," Daniel added, and Jennifer beamed with delight.

Back at St. Luke's, Eric opened a desk drawer and smiled as he looked at Nicole's earring. A short time later, Nicole entered the room and said that she had apologized to Jennifer earlier. Nicole sighed as she added that she had been unable to apologize to Daniel. "I heard him talking on the phone, telling his daughter that he was moving on with his life...without me. And it was just too much, Eric -- it was just too much," Nicole tearfully stated. Eric placed his hand on Nicole's shoulder to comfort her.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Rafe stared at Gabi's computer screen in disbelief. Rafe insisted that he needed to get to the clinic right away, but Sami urged him to calm down. Sami pointed out that the website that Gabi had been looking at was for a clinic in Chicago, which was a considerable distance away from Salem. Sami theorized that Gabi had simply used the website to do some research.

"Rafe, I was a lot younger than Gabi is now when I was pregnant with Will. I didn't have anyone to turn to. She must have a million questions, and she has this to answer those questions before she makes her decision," Sami calmly pointed out, referring to the website. Rafe nervously countered that Gabi might have already made her decision. Sami realized that Gabi could have called the clinic to ask for a referral. When Sami called the phone number that was listed on the website, the receptionist provided her with the phone numbers for two local clinics.

At the Hartfield Family Planning Clinic, Will checked his watch as he paced nervously around the waiting area. The receptionist wondered if Will was all right. Will shook his head and explained that he wasn't sure which examination room Gabi had been placed in. The receptionist said that visitors weren't allowed in the examination rooms, adding that Will would be able to see his friend after the procedure.

"No, no, no -- I need to stop the procedure. That's why I need to go now, because it's a mistake. I -- I just realized that, so can you tell me which room it is? Because I -- I promise you, it's a terrible mistake," Will urgently stated. Meanwhile, in one of the examination rooms, Gabi met the doctor who would be performing the procedure. Gabi tearfully revealed that she had never been in a similar situation before.

Back in the waiting area, the receptionist wondered if Will was trying to say that having an abortion was a mistake. Will clarified that he wasn't judging Gabi. Will said that Gabi was alone and scared, and he explained that he simply wanted to make sure that she was all right.

In the examination room, Dr. Hill gently assured Gabi that the procedure was not complicated, adding that it would take approximately twenty minutes to complete. Before Hill could begin, a nurse informed her that she was needed in another patient's room. Hill apologetically excused herself, promising that she would soon return. After the doctor left, Gabi nervously eyed the medical tools that had been left in the room.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, the receptionist wondered if Will was trying to say that his friend had been coerced into going to the clinic. The receptionist's seemingly random questions frustrated Will, who confirmed that it had been Gabi's decision to go to the clinic. Will reiterated that he just wanted to talk to Gabi for a moment.

The receptionist reminded Will that visitors were not allowed in the examination rooms. As Will sighed with frustration, the receptionist added that his friend could stop the procedure at any time. The receptionist reiterated that Will could see his friend after the procedure.

"See, the thing that you need to understand -- and frankly, that you don't understand -- is that Gabi didn't know that she had to be alone...okay? The only reason she came here is because she thought that I would be able to be with her in there," Will explained, trying to be patient. After assuring Will that his friend knew that he was waiting for her, the receptionist urged Will to take a seat and try to relax.

Will sighed defeatedly as he claimed a nearby chair. Meanwhile, the receptionist received a phone call. Rafe explained that he was looking for Gabi Hernandez, and the receptionist informed him that the clinic had an obligation to protect its patients' privacy. Rafe wondered if that meant that Gabi was at the clinic. The receptionist calmly stated that she wasn't trying to imply that, and Rafe angrily ended the call.

Meanwhile, Hill returned to Gabi's room and announced that she was ready to begin the procedure. Hill promised that Gabi would not have to worry about additional interruptions, and she urged Gabi to relax. With a heavy sigh, Gabi leaned back on the examination table.

In Gabi's room above the pub, Rafe and Sami decided to drive to the nearest of the two clinics. Sami started to grab the clinic addresses, but Rafe assured her that he wouldn't need them. Sami crumpled the addresses and tossed them into Gabi's trashcan.

As Sami and Rafe started to exit the pub, Nick tried to find out what was going on. Rafe impatiently replied that he didn't have time to talk to Nick. Sami urged Nick to stay at the pub in case Gabi returned, and she and Rafe rushed off. Later, Nick went to Gabi's room and took a seat at her desk, wondering where she was. When Nick touched Gabi's laptop, the screensaver disappeared, revealing the clinic's website.

Back at the clinic, Will begged the receptionist to check on Gabi and let him know if Gabi was all right. The receptionist urged Will to be patient, adding that his friend would probably emerge from the examination area soon. "What does that mean? Why? It's already -- it's -- it's over?" Will quietly asked. The receptionist confirmed Will's suspicion, and he sighed as he shook his head nervously.

Sami and Rafe barged into the clinic, and Rafe demanded to know where Gabi was. Stunned, Will silently stared at Rafe and Sami in disbelief. Rafe tried to enter the examination area, but the door was locked. Rafe ordered the receptionist to unlock the door. The receptionist pointed out that Rafe wasn't authorized to demand access to the examination rooms, and she threatened to call the security guards.

Rafe, using his most authoritative voice, informed the receptionist that he was a cop, and he ordered her to unlock the door right away. Unimpressed, the receptionist stood her ground, refusing to do anything until Rafe produced a warrant. "You're not listening to me. Either you unlock the door, or I'm gonna break the damn thing down," Rafe warned the receptionist.

Sami managed to calm Rafe, who turned his attention to Will. Rafe wondered when Will had last seen Gabi. Will vaguely stated that Gabi had been in the examination room for a while, and Rafe impatiently demanded to know what that meant. "Like...the nurse said the procedure is already done," Will quietly clarified.

In the examination room, Hill promised that Gabi was going to be all right, and a tear rolled down Gabi's cheek. Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Rafe demanded to know why Will had taken Gabi to the clinic. As Will silently stared at Rafe, Sami quickly inserted herself between the two men, insisting that there was no reason for Rafe to interrogate her son.

Sami admitted that she was the person who had encouraged Will to support Gabi. Rafe countered that he didn't like Will's chosen method of support. Will interrupted and defensively stated that Rafe had gotten the wrong impression. Will started to explain that, in addition to telling him about the pregnancy, Gabi had also revealed something else.

Before Will could finish his statement, Rafe angrily interrupted him. Rafe wondered if Gabi had urged Will not to tell Nick, Rafe, or anyone else that she wanted to get an abortion. "No, that's not what it is! She said that the baby --" Will started to say, but before he could continue, Gabi emerged from the examination area.

As Gabi sobbed, Will went to her side to comfort her, leaning his head against her head.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

While in Gabi's bedroom, Nick opened her laptop and saw the web site for the family planning clinic. Alarmed, Nick wondered aloud what Gabi had done. Nick spotted a crumpled paper with the clinic's address in the waste basket.

At the Hartfield Clinic, Rafe yelled at Will for escorting Gabi to the clinic. As Will started to respond, a teary-eyed Gabi shuffled into the waiting room. Will enveloped Gabi in his arms to comfort her. As Gabi looked at Rafe, he rushed to his sister and pulled her into his arms. As Gabi continued to cry, Rafe gently guided her to a chair to sit down.

"I hate that you felt like you couldn't have come to me. I am here for you. I will support you no matter what," Rafe said. Shaking her head, Gabi admitted that she had not had the abortion. Rafe assured Gabi that she was not alone. Sami stepped forward and apologized to Gabi for not keeping her secret. When Sami noted that she'd had to tell Rafe, Gabi agreed.

When Sami said that Gabi had the support of her family and Nick, Gabi's face fell. Breaking down, Gabi asked Rafe if he was disappointed in her. Rafe shook his head no. Will kneeled beside Gabi and told her that he had attempted to reach Gabi and stop the procedure. Sami placed her hand on Will's shoulder and reminded him that it was not Will's decision to make for Gabi.

"You are a good and loyal friend," Sami said. Will looked at Gabi, and she nodded. "No. No, I'm not actually. I'm not a loyal friend. I need to tell you guys something," Will said. Before Will could tell the truth about the baby's paternity, Nick entered the waiting room. Weeping, Gabi jumped to her feet and hugged Nick. When Rafe wondered aloud whether they should talk about the next step, Sami urged Gabi to go home and rest.

Gabi hugged her brother and thanked him for supporting her. Will said Gabi's name and looked at her pleadingly. Gabi asked Will if they could discuss what had happened later. Will reluctantly agreed, and Gabi left with Nick. Suspicious, Rafe asked Will to stay and talk to him. Rafe said that Nick had a right to know that he was a father, and Rafe asked Will why he had not told Nick the truth.

Rafe admitted that it was hypocritical of him to criticize Will for keeping the pregnancy a secret, but he asked Will to answer why. Sami argued that the secret was Gabi's to tell, not Will's. Rafe explained that he wished Will had pushed Gabi to talk to her brother. Will nodded, then left.

Sami and Rafe walked to the park outside the town square and talked about Gabi. Rafe thanked Sami for telling him about the pregnancy because it meant that he had been there for his sister at the clinic. Nodding, Sami asked Rafe to go easy on Will for standing by Gabi. Rafe chided himself for not paying attention to Gabi's life. Chuckling, Sami cautioned Rafe to remember that Gabi would not tell her brother everything about her life.

When Rafe joked that Sami was wise, Sami countered that Rafe had forgotten that about her. Rafe noted that spending time with Sami seemed like old times between them, and Sami agreed. Rafe commented that this was the first secret that had pulled them closer rather than driven them apart. Sami's phone rang, and she excused herself to head in to work. Rafe thanked Sami for standing by his side.

At Countess W, Kristen cleared out her belongings from the office and called Stefano to confirm that E.J. was set to take over the company. "I'm just getting started," Kristen said with a smile. After she hung up the phone, John arrived at the office and said hello. Kristen showed John a lipstick that she had been working on. Kristen noted that Sami and E.J. would oversee the lipstick prototype once she left the company.

When Kristen mentioned the deleted voicemail messages from John's phone, John explained that Marlena had apologized for invading his privacy and deleting the voicemails. Kristen thanked John for telling her what had happened. As Kristen started to leave, John thanked Kristen for helping Brady and standing by his side at the hospital. John added that he believed Kristen's efforts to change were sincere.

"You are the Kristen I once knew," John said. Growing teary-eyed, Kristen thanked John for understanding that she had overcome her past. "I'm going to keep trying and trying to be the best person I can be," Kristen said before hugging John.

As Stefano ate dinner, Kate entered and confronted him about their marriage. When Stefano asked Kate how she had found him, Kate pulled out the divorce papers from her purse. Kate asked Stefano why he had forgiven Kristen. Smirking, Stefano asked Kate whether she was searching for a way to get into his good graces. Stefano argued that Kristen was family. Leaning forward, Kate stressed that as his wife, she was also family.

Stefano countered that Kate had ceased being his wife when she slept with another man. Kate explained that she regretted her actions but that she had never stopped loving Stefano. "Are you saying that you will never forgive me?" Kate asked. "No. I will not," Stefano said. Stefano asked Kate to clear his plates and leave.

Upset, Kate argued that she had defended Stefano and told her family that Stefano was not a "heartless monster." "What a fool I was," Kate said as she signed the divorce papers.

Marlena stopped by the Kiriakis mansion to check on Brady and talk about Kristen. Marlena apologized for deleting Kristen's messages from John's phone. Marlena admitted that she could not help but lose control around Kristen. Brady told Marlena that he understood why she had reacted irrationally toward Kristen. Reaching for Brady's hand, Marlena told him that she was relieved that Brady had not been seriously injured.

When Brady asked Marlena why Kristen had returned to Salem, Marlena answered that Kristen wanted John back. Brady asked Marlena if they had been wrong about Kristen's intentions. Brady said that he was not convinced that Kristen was a threat. Upset, Marlena argued that Brady was under Kristen's spell. Brady agreed that they should remain vigilant.

Marlena informed Brady about the incident that had happened in the hospital when John was angry with Marlena for deleting the voicemails. Marlena told Brady that Kristen had returned to the waiting room when Marlena was alone and had said, "Thank you." When Brady questioned the meaning of the comment, Marlena argued that Kristen's tone had shown that it was meant to be mocking.

When Brady wondered aloud if Marlena's judgment about Kristen was clouded by their past confrontations, Marlena argued that she was the only one with her eyes open. Marlena urged Brady not to give Kristen the benefit of the doubt. Brady countered that they did not need to worry about Kristen because Marlena had won the war years before when John had chosen her over Kristen. Brady assured Marlena that he was on her side, and he asked her to let go of her anger.

Sighing, Marlena asked Brady not to let down his guard if he decided to forgive Kristen. Brady told Marlena that he would protect John. When Brady left the room to take his antibiotics, Marlena noticed his cell phone on the table and picked it up.

Kristen was walking through the town square when she received a text message from Brady asking her to meet with him at the rectory. As Kristen turned around to head to the church, she ran into Brady. When Kristen mentioned she was going to the rectory, Brady said that he was on his way to get coffee. Brady asked Kristen to talk to him, but Kristen excused herself and left.

In Kristen's hotel room, the maid entered to clean. In the open doorway, Marlena poked her head around the corner and looked in the room. When the maid returned to the hallway, Marlena told the maid that she had spilled her coffee down the hallway. The maid thanked Marlena for telling her, grabbed some cleaning supplies, and then walked down the hallway, leaving the door to Kristen's room open. Marlena slipped inside and closed the door.

Marlena crossed to the bedside table and picked up Kristen's tablet computer. As Marlena reviewed the document files, she saw one titled "JB." Curious, Marlena wondered aloud what the password was for the file. Marlena guessed the password on the first attempt. "How obvious you are," Marlena said. As Marlena sat on the bed to read Kristen's tablet, Kristen returned to her hotel room.

Outside the Brady Pub, Brady ran into John. Brady invited John in for coffee, but John noted that he had to go somewhere. Shrugging, Brady mumbled to himself that everyone seemed to have somewhere to go. As Brady sipped his coffee inside the pub, he opened his text messaging application and noticed a text for Kristen that had been sent from his phone. "Oh, no," Brady muttered.

In the hallway outside Sami's office, Rafe approached Sami's door with a bouquet of flowers.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny asked Chad to back off of Gabi. When Sonny mentioned that Chad's confrontation had caused Gabi to faint, Chad argued that Gabi had fainted because she was a dramatic person. Sonny assured Chad that Gabi was not faking her illness. Annoyed, Chad lectured Sonny that he did not know what kind of person Gabi was.

When Chad asked Sonny if Nick had pushed Sonny to talk to him about Gabi, Sonny nodded. Sonny explained that it was his business because Will was friends with Gabi. When Chad asked Sonny if Will had explained what the fight had been about, Sonny admitted that he did not know.

"If you knew what this girl was really like..." Chad said before trailing off. Chad noted that Sonny was his friend but that he would not let Gabi ruin anything else in his life. After Chad left, Will walked into the coffeehouse. When Sonny offered Will the money that he had needed, Will declined the offer and noted that he no longer needed the money.

Sonny informed Will that he had talked to Chad, and that Chad had been angry. Sonny mentioned what Chad had said about Gabi ruining his life. Worried that Chad would confront Gabi, Will muttered, "That's the last thing that she needs." Will left to find Gabi.

Back at her room, Gabi asked Nick to talk to her. When Nick noted that Gabi had been wrong to go to the clinic, Gabi interrupted to say that she had understood once she was there that her actions had been selfish. Confused, Nick asked Gabi why she had lied about the baby if she loved him. When Gabi argued that she did not want to lose Nick, he pushed her to explain why she had neglected to tell him about the pregnancy at the hospital.

"Nick, you're not the father," Gabi whispered. "You're damn right I'm not," Nick responded. Nick explained that he knew that Gabi was too far along to be pregnant with his child based on her symptoms. When Gabi asked why he had not said anything, Nick explained that he had not wanted to embarrass Gabi in front of her family.

Nick accused Gabi of playing him. "I'm beginning to see a pattern of behavior here," Nick said. Nick pointed out that Gabi had lied about Melanie and Chad and that she had not changed. When Nick accused Gabi of using him, Gabi argued that she loved Nick and had not used him. Nick countered that Gabi did not understand love. Nick argued that Gabi had manipulated him into siding with her.

"You left out one tiny little detail. You wanted Chad, and you got him, didn't you? That's why Melanie left. Not because he beat me up but because he knocked you up," Chad said as tears brimmed in his eyes. As Gabi shook her head no, Nick argued that Chad was the only person that could be the father of Gabi's baby.

Chad pounded on the door to Gabi's bedroom, and Nick wiped his eyes. "Perfect timing," Nick said. Gabi begged Nick not to open the door, but Nick ignored her.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Before he knocked on the door to Sami's office at Countess Wilhelmina, Rafe fantasized that Sami loved the flowers that he'd gotten her to thank her for everything she'd done for both him and Gabi -- and that Sami kissed him to show him that she agreed with his proclamation that they were good together. Grinning, Rafe snapped out of his daydream and rapped at the door, then entered the office -- but found E.J. there instead.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Rafe demanded. E.J. reveled in informing Rafe that Kristen had handed over the day-to-day operations of Countess Wilhelmina to him, so he was Samantha's new boss. A dubious Rafe accused E.J. of arranging it in order to stay close to Sami. Sami walked in just then and found the two men glaring at each other. Rafe demanded to know if it were really true that Sami was working for E.J.

Sami confirmed that everything E.J. had said was the truth. Rafe seemed poised to fly off the handle, so Sami asked E.J. for a few minutes of privacy. E.J. agreed. On his way out, he reminded Sami that they were on a deadline and promised to return with coffee for the two of them.

Chad was slouching through Horton Square when E.J. spotted him and put an arm around his brother. Chad responded to E.J.'s warm greeting with sarcasm. E.J. advised Chad that pining for Melanie would not help him get his life back together. Chad noted that he hardly viewed E.J. as a mentor, so E.J. suggested that Chad seek Kristen's guidance.

"She's formidable, shrewd, and she's family, which means she has your best interests at heart... Trust me, Chad; she's an asset," E.J. maintained. He then asked what else was bothering Chad. "Every time I turn around, I see the person who ruined my life... I feel like I can't really move on until I return the favor," Chad replied. E.J. urged Chad to stop ruminating about it and make Gabi pay.

As soon as E.J. had left the office, Rafe demanded to know why Sami hadn't told him that E.J. had taken over as her boss. Sami pointed out that they'd been busy with Gabi all day -- and since Rafe had been so upset, Sami hadn't thought it important enough to tell him about right then. Rafe asserted that the only reason E.J. was there was to be close to Sami.

Fed up, Sami declared that she could make her own decisions, and she didn't care what E.J.'s agenda might be, because she was capable of having a professional working relationship with her ex. Rafe declared that Sami was kidding herself. Sami argued that Rafe continued to sabotage any progress the two of them made, and insisted that what was going on was nothing but "corporate shuffling." Rafe countered that E.J. had finagled his way into being Sami's boss. Rafe added, "You should have seen his face when he realized that I didn't know the truth."

Refusing to discuss it further, Sami declared that she had a deadline. After a snide comment about E.J.'s plans to "pull an all-nighter" with Sami, Rafe sincerely thanked Sami for her help with Gabi and left, just as E.J. returned with coffee. "Is everything all right?" E.J. asked after Rafe had gone. Sami insisted that everything was fine. E.J. informed Sami that they might have to work through dinner.

A few minutes later, Sami returned from putting Rafe's flowers in some water and arranging for Abigail to watch the kids. Sami declared that the lipstick campaign had to be a success because she needed to prove to Kate and everyone else that she was a successful businesswoman who deserved the job Stefano had given her. "There we go. There's the Samantha I know and love," E.J. declared. Ignoring the last part of his remark, Sami got to work on her computer.

In Gabi's room, a furious Nick voiced his suspicions that the reason Melanie had left town was because Chad had gotten Gabi pregnant. Hurt and upset, Gabi tried to deny it, but Chad pounded on the door just then. After Nick opened the door, he warned Gabi, "He's finding out right now, and if you don't tell him, I will."

Before Nick or Gabi could say anything, an anxious Will rushed in. Gabi hurried across the room to him, and as Will put his arm around her protectively, she begged him, "Can you please make Nick stop before he ruins everything?" Nick retorted that Gabi had already done that for both of them.

Will asked what was going on and why they were involving Chad. Gabi tearfully pleaded with Nick, "Don't do this, okay? I love you. I didn't lie to you, Nick. I swear, I didn't lie to you." Chad demanded to know what was going on. Will assured Chad that it was all just a big misunderstanding that had nothing to do with Chad, and politely asked Chad to leave. Chad refused to go until he found out what was going on.

Nick apologetically admitted that he'd allowed himself to believe that Gabi had pretended to love him in order to protect herself from Chad, but he realized that he'd overreacted. Gabi reassured Nick that she loved him with all of her heart. Will reiterated his request for Chad to leave. A disgusted but still bemused Chad complied.

Gabi swore to Nick that nothing had happened between her and Chad. Nick pointed out that Gabi had said that there hadn't been anyone in her life for a long time before they'd met. Gabi reassured him that it was true, and that he was the only one she'd ever been so happy with. Nick demanded to know who the baby's father was. Will finally spoke up, "I am. I am the baby's father." Puzzled, Nick pointed out that Will was gay, and he didn't understand why Gabi would have been with Will if she'd known that.

Gabi explained that she'd been very upset after the explosions and had needed someone to talk to; Will had been there. Nick demanded to know why Will had taken advantage of Gabi. Will admitted, "I don't know. I was struggling with some stuff. I don't really have an excuse." Gabi insisted that they had both been there and had wanted it to happen, but afterwards, they had both realized that it had been a mistake and had moved on. "And now we're having this baby," she concluded.

"Nick, I'm in love with you, and Will is in love with Sonny. I have no idea how this is going to play out," Gabi stated. Will added that they were going to have to tell his mom and Rafe soon. Nick didn't think they had to tell anyone the truth just yet. He explained that Will and Gabi had made a lot of decisions without a lot of thought, and he thought that the three of them should take a little time to figure things out before telling people what was going on.

When Gabi left the room to splash some water on her face, Nick encouraged Will to give Gabi some time to think about things, because once Gabi's family, the Hortons, and the Bradys found out, they would all want to be involved. Will agreed not to tell his mom or Rafe. Nick then said that Will couldn't even tell Sonny about it. Will demanded, "Why is it any of your business what I tell my boyfriend?"

Just then, Gabi returned. Nick reiterated that they needed to keep the news to themselves. Will said that he would go along with it, but not for too long, because he didn't want to keep it from Sonny forever. As Will and Gabi embraced, he urged her to call if she needed anything. Just as Will left, Rafe called Gabi. Rafe wanted to know if Nick was with Gabi, and she informed her brother that Nick had been with her since she'd gotten home. Relieved that Gabi wasn't alone, Rafe urged his sister to get some rest.

After she hung up, Gabi cautioned Nick that she couldn't continue lying to Rafe for long because he knew her too well. Embracing her comfortingly, Nick assured her that she wouldn't have to and promised that he would take care of her.

At the Brady Pub, Brady found a text message sent from his phone to Kristen, but he knew that he hadn't sent it. He worried that Marlena had done so -- and was up to something -- and as he hurried toward the door, he bumped right into Eric. Sensing Brady's state of mind, Eric asked what was wrong, but Brady claimed that he was just busy. Eric divulged that he had planned to meet his mom there for lunch, but she had just canceled. Promising to explain what was going on later, a worried Brady continued out the door.

A bit later, John walked in and greeted Eric. Eric informed John that Marlena had canceled their lunch date at the last minute and asked if she were all right. John guessed that something important had come up, and the men agreed that it had probably been an emergency with one of Marlena's patients. Eric somewhat hesitantly asked why neither John nor Marlena had informed him that Kristen had returned.

John apologized and admitted that it had been rough on Marlena to have Kristen back in town. He wished that Marlena could stop expecting the worst. Eric noted that from the way John was talking, it seemed like he had forgiven Kristen. John said that he was willing to believe that Kristen had changed, but he completely understood Marlena's feelings. Eric left for the rectory.

In Kristen's hotel room, Marlena opened Kristen's tablet computer and found a password-protected file marked "JB." Marlena correctly guessed the password on the first try, and as she looked at the file's contents, she noted to herself that it looked like a journal. While Marlena was scrolling through the file, Kristen entered the room, startling Marlena. "Whatcha doing? Looking for something?" Kristen asked. Marlena declared that she had found something that would expose Kristen as a liar and fraud to John and Brady.

Kristen threatened to call the police unless Marlena returned the tablet and left immediately. Marlena vowed that she wasn't going anywhere until she learned exactly what Kristen was hiding. Marlena asked if the "JB" file contained Kristen's plans to destroy everyone's lives. Kristen tried to snatch the computer away from Marlena, but Marlena nimbly kept it out of reach. Kristen managed to grab Marlena by the wrists, and as the two women struggled for the tablet, Kristen fell back against the door and then to the floor, injuring her wrist.

Just then, Brady barged in. "What the hell is going on here?" he demanded, as Kristen clutched her wrist and turned on the crocodile tears. "She broke into my room, she grabbed my personal property, and then she shoved me to the ground," Kristen complained. Marlena confirmed that it was all true -- but it had been justified: "How else am I going to prove to you and to John that she is hell-bent on destroying me?" Kristen maintained that Marlena had lost touch with reality.

Marlena asserted that she could prove that Kristen had returned to Salem for revenge, and she refused to relinquish the tablet until she did so. Brady suggested that Kristen simply show them what was on her tablet, and Kristen became very defensive. Brady pointed out that if Kristen really had nothing to hide, then she wouldn't mind showing it to them. Kristen argued that she didn't have anything to hide, but what was on her computer was nobody else's business. "I just don't want her to humiliate me anymore," Kristen cried.

Brady noted that if there were nothing incriminating on the tablet, then Kristen would be vindicated. Kristen reluctantly agreed to let them look at it. As Marlena again began scrolling through the contents of the tablet, Brady looked over her shoulder and asked if it were Kristen's journal. Seemingly embarrassed, Kristen admitted that it was and that it was filled with her most private thoughts. She explained that she'd been keeping it for years on the recommendation of her therapist.

Marlena began to read one of the most recent entries aloud, in which Kristen stated that she didn't blame Marlena for not trusting her since Kristen had hurt Marlena deeply years earlier. The journal continued that Kristen didn't think Marlena would ever consider putting it behind her. Marlena sucked in her breath and abruptly stopped reading, so Brady took the tablet from her. "'John is thankfully much more open to the possibility of forgiveness. I know neither one of them will ever completely trust me again, but I have no regrets about taking this journey and making this effort,'" Brady read aloud.

Marlena contended that it was all a set-up, just for show. Kristen asked for the computer back, so Brady returned it to her. Kristen declared that as a psychiatrist, Marlena should be especially ashamed for what she'd done. Kristen started to call the police, but Brady stopped her. Kristen gave Marlena a spiteful, knowing look over her shoulder, and Marlena's eyes widened with disbelief and suspicion. Brady urged Marlena to leave. Behind Brady's back, Kristen shrugged and gave Marlena a derisive smile. Glaring at Kristen, Marlena left without a word.

Brady then asked Kristen to hear him out before deciding whether to call the police. She reluctantly agreed. Brady stated that Marlena just needed more time to see what John saw, which was that Kristen had changed a great deal. After Kristen went into the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth wrapped around her wrist, Brady said that he, too, believed that Kristen had changed, but he acknowledged that no one in town had exactly welcomed her back with open arms.

Kristen admitted that she hadn't expected that, but she'd hoped that people would see how much she had changed -- although clearly Marlena would never believe it. Brady maintained that Marlena was a very forgiving person, and urged Kristen to give Marlena some slack. Kristen swore that she was trying very hard to be a bigger person. Brady noted that Kristen could prove it by not seeking revenge against Marlena for her actions that night.

Kristen agreed not to call the police, but requested that Brady protect her from Marlena. Brady promised that he would. Kristen then grabbed her phone and said that John had a right to hear about what had happened. Brady begged her not to call John because he had been through enough turmoil. Brady promised to talk to Marlena to make sure that nothing like that ever happened again. Kristen had already dialed John's number, but when she reached his voicemail, she hung up. Brady thanked her and said that Kristen had made the right decision.

John was walking through the square when he saw Marlena. "Hey, Doc. Something wrong?" he asked with both concern and curiosity. Marlena started to say that they should talk, but a chime from John's phone interrupted her. John looked at his phone and noted that he'd missed a call from Kristen but she hadn't left a message. Marlena reluctantly and anxiously encouraged John to call Kristen back.

John dialed Kristen, who feigned surprised at seeing his number on her phone. "Did you call me?" John asked when Kristen answered. After she acknowledged that she had, John asked if everything was all right. Kristen looked questioningly at Brady, who shook his head.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

by Mike

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel received a phone call from Jennifer, who announced that she had arranged for him to meet with Dr. Lewis later that day. Daniel recognized Lewis as the doctor who was doing the clinical trial that Jennifer had encouraged Daniel to participate in.

Jennifer revealed that she had pulled some strings to convince Lewis to treat Daniel right away. Jennifer added that Daniel would need to sign some documents to confirm that he understood the risks. Daniel remained silent, and Jennifer wondered if he still wanted to participate in the trial. Jennifer offered to cancel the appointment, but Daniel assured her that he had decided that the treatment was worth the risk.

After Daniel ended the call, someone knocked on the door. When Daniel opened the door, Maggie entered the apartment and handed him a stack of documents about the treatment's side effects. Maggie stressed that the treatment could turn Daniel's tremors into a permanent condition. Daniel assured Maggie that he was aware of the risks, adding that permanent tremors had only occurred in a small number of cases.

Maggie was shocked to learn that Daniel was planning to start the trial later that day. Daniel explained that Jennifer had arranged for him to meet with the doctor, adding that he might not get another chance to do so. Maggie tried to change Daniel's mind, but he insisted that he had already made his decision.

At the Horton house, Abigail, who had overheard a portion of Jennifer's earlier phone conversation, observed that Daniel obviously meant a lot to Jennifer. Jennifer claimed that she had scheduled the appointment as an act of friendship. Abigail shrugged, seemingly unconvinced, and said that Daniel was lucky to have Jennifer in his life.

Later, Maggie entered the house and lashed out at Jennifer for encouraging Daniel to start the risky trial right away. Jennifer pointed out that Daniel could have declined her offer, and she claimed that she would have respected his decision either way. "Hmm. Since when has my son denied you anything?" Maggie pointedly asked. Jennifer insisted that the situation had nothing to do with her, but Maggie wasn't convinced.

"You know, after this mess with Nicole, Daniel admitted to me that he still loves you, and that he told you that, and I think you're guilty because you can't say you love him, too," Maggie theorized. Jennifer's denial of the accusation failed to change Maggie's mind. Referring to Daniel's surgical career as the other love of his life, Maggie suggested that Jennifer was trying to fix his hands because Jennifer had broken his heart.

"You can't guarantee that this experiment will work. Jennifer, you are risking my son's entire future to quiet your guilty conscience. Now, I demand that you talk him out of this insanity before it's too late," Maggie firmly stated. Jennifer insisted that she was simply trying to help Daniel, adding that there was only a slight risk that the treatment would make his condition worse.

Jennifer reminded Maggie that there was no other way for Daniel to resume his surgical career. Maggie said that she simply wanted Daniel to wait for the odds to improve, adding that Jennifer would have felt the same way if she had been thinking clearly. Jennifer disagreed and insisted that Daniel was doing the right thing.

"I'm sorry -- I can't accept that, and if you can't see that you pushed Daniel into this, then you are being dangerously na´ve. But if you won't stop him, I guess it's up to me," Maggie said, barely containing her emotions. As Maggie started to leave, Jennifer asked if their relationship was going to be all right. "I love you, honey -- I always will. I just wish that you'd butt out of my son's life," Maggie replied before exiting the house, slamming the door behind her.

At St. Luke's, one of the nuns informed Eric that she had not yet received any inquiries about the open secretarial position. After the nun left, Nicole entered the room and handed Eric a cup of coffee, explaining that it was her way of thanking him for letting her hang out with him at the church. Eric assured Nicole that he enjoyed her company.

"Good, 'cause you're the only one. Let me give you some advice -- if you want to be well-liked in this town, do not try to railroad Jennifer Horton," Nicole warned Eric. As a way for Nicole to keep her mind off of her problems, Eric spontaneously suggested that she could work at the church. Nicole laughed hysterically, envisioning herself in a nun's habit.

Eric clarified that he was referring to the unfilled secretarial position. Eric asked about Nicole's typing and shorthand skills, which she described as horrible and nonexistent, respectively. Undeterred, Eric admitted that the job did not pay well. Eric added that the job did have some perks. Nicole sighed and unenthusiastically stated that she couldn't wait to hear about the perks.

Eric explained that the church would pay for Nicole's room and board, which would allow her to get out of the hotel that she hated living in. When Eric revealed that Nicole's room would be located in the convent, she started laughing again, certain that he was joking. "Seriously. The priests reside next door. We'll be able to see each other all the time. So...what do you say?" Eric asked.

"You know, as hard as it is to pass up living with a bunch of nuns who have taken a vow of chastity, next to my ex-lover, who is now celibate...I am going to make the difficult choice to let that opportunity go by," Nicole replied, feigning sadness. Eric assured Nicole that she wouldn't have to remain in the position for the rest of her life. Eric reasoned that the job would provide Nicole with a way to fill her days.

Nicole half-heartedly agreed to think about Eric's offer. Changing the subject, Eric urged Nicole to apologize to Daniel. Eric was certain that Nicole could face Daniel, since she had been brave enough to face Jennifer. Nicole countered that she didn't love -- or even like -- Jennifer. Eric wondered if Nicole still loved Daniel. Nicole replied that Daniel had made her feel like she had value.

Nicole was worried that Daniel might not be able to forgive her. After acknowledging that Nicole no longer had a future with Daniel, Eric pointedly stated that she still had a future. Eric said that Nicole needed to make amends so that she could move on with her life. Nicole realized that Eric was right, and he urged her to talk to Daniel right away. After noting that Eric was a pushy man, Nicole left the church.

Later, outside Daniel's apartment, Nicole prepared herself to knock on the door. Meanwhile, Daniel started to exit his apartment, and he was surprised to find Nicole standing in the hallway. Nicole joked that she was trying to sell vacuums door-to-door. After inviting Nicole into the apartment, Daniel warned that he didn't have a lot of time to talk to her. Nicole promised to be brief.

Nicole started to apologize for her recent behavior, but Daniel interrupted her. Daniel insisted that Nicole didn't need to apologize, but she disagreed. "You were so good to me, and I did nothing but pay you back with lies and deceit, because I thought it was the only way I could hang on to you. And you have every right to hate me for the rest of your life. I just hope...someday...that you...can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I did," Nicole tearfully stated.

After a long silence, Daniel hesitantly accepted Nicole's apology. Relieved, Nicole briefly considered hugging Daniel, but she quickly changed her mind and muttered that knowing when to leave was half of the battle. As Nicole started to exit the apartment, she noticed the clinical trial documents, which had been placed on a nearby table. Daniel told Nicole about the trial, crediting Jennifer for convincing him to participate in it.

Nicole said that she was glad that Jennifer was looking out for Daniel. After acknowledging that Jennifer was a good friend, Daniel excused himself so that he could get ready for his appointment. In the hallway, Nicole recalled that Daniel had referred to Jennifer as a friend, and she decided to find out why Jennifer was keeping him at arm's length.

Later, at the Horton house, Nicole tried to talk to Abigail, who wasn't interested in hearing what Nicole had to say. Abigail started to close the front door, but Nicole stopped her. Nicole acknowledged that she had done some horrible things while Abigail's family had been grieving. Abigail stressed that her family was still grieving.

Before Abigail could close the door, Nicole recalled that, while she had been living at the Horton house, she had often heard Jennifer crying herself to sleep at night. Nicole wondered if Jennifer was still doing that. "The only thing that I'm going to tell you about my mother, Nicole, is that she's a very strong woman, and she is trying to recover from losing my father, and also what you have done to her, and someday, if she decides that she wants to make a life with another man -- maybe Dr. Jonas -- then she has my complete support. Does that answer your question?" Abigail asked, slamming the door in Nicole's face.

Outside, Nicole muttered that Abigail had answered the question -- Jennifer and Daniel weren't together. Later, at Common Grounds, Nicole tried to call Eric, but the call went to voicemail. "Eric, it's Nicole. I've decided to take your lousy job, and it gives me a reason to stay in Salem. And...look, thank you for nudging me to talk to Daniel. It was the right thing to do, put my life back into perspective," Nicole said, ending the call with a hopeful smile.

At the hospital, Maggie tried to convince Daniel to reconsider his decision to participate in the clinical trial. Daniel refused to change his mind, adding that he would do whatever he needed to do to be a surgeon again. Maggie sighed with frustration as Daniel walked away. Later, Jennifer and Abigail entered the waiting area. Maggie glared at Jennifer, who abruptly excused herself so that she could find Daniel.

After Jennifer left, Abigail admitted that she didn't enjoy watching Maggie and Jennifer fight about Daniel. Maggie felt the same way, but she stressed that there was a lot at stake, adding that Jennifer's advice could ruin Daniel's life. Meanwhile, in an examination room, Lewis introduced himself to Daniel and Jennifer. After confirming that Daniel was aware of the risks, Lewis asked if Daniel was ready to proceed.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen thanked John for returning her phone call. Brady watched Kristen expectantly, hoping that she wouldn't incriminate Marlena. "Brady came by today, and he, um -- he apologized. He said that he realizes he was wrong about me. He was incredibly sorry, because he'd been so mean to me...and horrible, and he was a complete and total jerk," Kristen pointedly stated.

John assured Kristen that he had not had anything to do with Brady's sudden change of heart. Kristen apologized for bothering John and abruptly ended the call. Noting that Brady still seemed skeptical, Kristen reminded him that she was only interested in making peace with Marlena.

Kristen acknowledged that she could have easily exposed Marlena. Kristen added that she was trying to take the high road and be the bigger person. Brady conceded that he owed Kristen a favor, but she insisted that they were even, since he had recently risked his life to save her from a pair of muggers.

Kristen admitted that, while she doubted that she and Brady were going to suddenly have a beautiful friendship, it was nice to be able to share a room together without him trying to attack her character. Kristen added that Brady could be kind of scary sometimes. Brady conceded that he and Kristen were going to need to learn how to get along with each other, since they were going to be working together on the church board.

Kristen agreed and dismissively stated that Brady needed to leave so that she could run some errands. When Kristen tried to open the door, she winced in pain, and Brady wondered if she was all right. Kristen explained that she had injured her wrist during her fight with Marlena earlier. Ignoring Kristen's protests, Brady gently grabbed her wrist and inspected it. Kristen and Brady's eyes locked as he held her wrist.

Kristen pulled her wrist away, and she reiterated that Brady needed to leave. Kristen started to exit the room, and Brady followed her. Kristen abruptly stopped and turned around to grab her purse, bumping into Brady in the process. Kristen pushed Brady aside, and he waited in the hallway while she retrieved her purse. When Kristen exited the room, she and Brady bumped into each other again. Kristen smiled at Brady and quickly walked away.

At the Horton Town Square, John told Marlena that Brady had apologized to Kristen. John wondered if that was why Marlena had seemed upset earlier. After a brief pause, Marlena confirmed John's suspicion, noting that she had lost an ally. John assured Marlena that they weren't fighting a war.

Later, John wondered why Marlena had cancelled her lunch date with Eric earlier. Marlena claimed that she had been busier than she had originally anticipated, and she excused herself so that she could go to St. Luke's to apologize to Eric. " know how much I love you, don't you? This -- this th -- thing with Kristen, it, um -- we just can't let it come between us. Not again -- not ever. Please," Marlena quietly stated.

John assured Marlena that he wasn't going to let that happen. Marlena hugged John, struggling to hide her fear. After Marlena left, John ran into Brady, who claimed that he had decided to apologize to Kristen because he had been given plenty of second chances in the past. Before John could respond, Brady received a text message from Eric. Brady excused himself so that he could go to St. Luke's to talk to Eric.

At St. Luke's, Marlena greeted Eric and handed him a bag that was filled with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which were his favorite. Marlena apologized to Eric for canceling their earlier lunch date, and he wondered if everything was all right. "Oh, sure. Yeah, everything's...fine. No. No -- my life seems to be spinning out of control, and every time I try to fix it, I just make it worse," Marlena admitted.

Eric assured Marlena that he understood why she was worried about Kristen. As Marlena replied that Eric was the only person in Salem who understood, Kristen entered the room. Marlena sighed when she spotted Kristen, who apologized and explained that she had some church business that she needed to discuss with Eric. Kristen added that she was sure that Marlena needed Eric more than Kristen did.

Ignoring Kristen, Marlena excused herself and exited the room. After Marlena left, Kristen admitted that, despite her best efforts to prove that she had changed, Marlena was still unwilling to trust her. Eric pointed out that Marlena had plenty of reasons to be suspicious of Kristen. Kristen assured Eric that she had changed, and she wondered if he believed in redemption.

Eric nodded, and Kristen added that she truly believed that God had forgiven her for her past misdeeds. Kristen admitted that Marlena would probably never forgive her. Eric said that Kristen needed to understand that it was going to take a lot of time and effort to prove herself to Marlena. Kristen agreed and cryptically stated that she knew exactly what she needed to do.

Later, Father Tobias entered the room, and Kristen started to rummage through her purse, searching for a check that she wanted to give to the church on behalf of DiMera Enterprises. Meanwhile, Eric excused himself, vaguely stating that he had a family obligation that he needed to honor. After Eric left, Kristen told Father Tobias that she had left the check in her hotel room, and she promised to deliver it the following day.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla and Roman offered to take care of the place so that Hope could pick up Ciara. Hope informed Roman and Kayla that their services were no longer needed. "Someone showed up with a lot of experience, and, uh, was looking for a job. I think she's going to work out, too, although...I have to admit, she's a little bossy -- maybe a lot," Hope said.

"Why not? You want something done right, you've got to do it yourself," Caroline matter-of-factly stated as she approached Kayla and Roman from behind. Roman and Kayla excitedly hugged Caroline, who explained that she and Bo had convinced her doctor to let her return home right away. Kayla asked about Caroline's memory lapses.

Caroline admitted that she still occasionally had memory lapses, but she added that they were happening less frequently. Roman asked about Bo, and Hope explained that he had gone to pick up Ciara earlier. Hope happily stated that everyone was back where they belonged. Later, Caroline read an article in the Salem Spectator about Nicole's recent misdeeds.

Caroline noted that Salem hadn't been boring while she had been gone, and Roman assured her that the town simply hadn't been the same without her. Roman excused himself so that he could get back to work. After Roman left, Caroline sighed and shook her head, thinking about Daniel. Meanwhile, Eric entered the pub and hugged Caroline, who silently stared at him. Suspecting that something was wrong, Eric wondered if Caroline knew who he was.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena spotted John, who was laughing as he talked to someone on the phone. "Brady must have persuaded Kristen not to say anything...otherwise he wouldn't be in such a good mood. Wonder why she went along with it -- she must have been dying to expose me, so what is she up to now?" Marlena quietly asked herself.

Back at St. Luke's, Kristen assured Father Tobias that she wasn't usually forgetful. Kristen explained that her day had been extremely unsettling. Meanwhile, Brady approached the office door, which was ajar. Brady hid near the door and listened as Father Tobias asked if there was anything that he could do to help Kristen. Kristen wondered if Father Tobias would be willing to hear her confession.

Father Tobias agreed and wondered if Kristen wanted to go to the confessional. Kristen shook her head and assured Father Tobias that a face-to-face confession would suffice. As Brady continued to eavesdrop, Kristen explained that there was something that had been weighing heavily on her mind lately.

"I'm not sure if you know about me, but I've done some pretty terrible things in my life, and, uh, there's one thing that stands out -- that I regret the most. You know what troubles me? I'm afraid that I'm about to make the same mistake again," Kristen revealed.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Will went to Common Grounds to visit Sonny, who asked how things had gone with Gabi and Chad. Will recalled how he'd promised not to tell Sonny anything, and hedged that everything was fine. Sonny sensed that Will was a little upset, but Will declared that he didn't want to talk about it -- but he did want to be with Sonny at that very moment. Sonny asked one of his employees if she could watch the coffeehouse for a little while, and then Will and Sonny left together.

At Sonny's apartment, after Will and Sonny had made love, Sonny asked if Will were all right. Will declared, "Every time I'm here with you, I wish I never had to leave." Will was clearly distracted, so Sonny urged him to talk about whatever was bothering him. Will confessed that he'd made a promise to Gabi not to tell anyone, including Sonny, even though he really wanted to talk to Sonny about it.

Changing the subject, Will added with a grin that he'd seen his dad earlier. "And he said that you said..." Will began, and Sonny finished the sentence, "That I love you?" Sonny added that he only regretted telling Lucas before he'd told Will, "Because I love you, Will. I really love you." Will declared that it didn't matter where he'd heard it first, because just hearing it had been amazing. "I love you, too," Will proclaimed. He added that he'd felt that way for a while, but he'd been afraid of saying it too early lest he scare Sonny off.

As Sonny pulled on his clothes, Will begged him to return to bed. Sonny pointed out that he had to get back to work. Will asked if Sonny were angry, but Sonny said that he wouldn't make Will go back on his word. "I just can't imagine every keeping anything from you, no matter who was asking," Sonny added with a hint of disappointment.

When Sonny and Will returned to the coffeehouse, a drunk Chad was slouched in a corner booth. "Shouldn't you be holding Gabi's hand or letting her cry on your shoulder?" Chad asked Will. Chad demanded to know what Will, Gabi, and Nick had been plotting about before. Will maintained that they had been talking about how Chad had upset Nick and Gabi. After asking Sonny if they could talk later, Will left.

Chad pointed out to Sonny how quickly Will had "bolted" when Chad had mentioned Gabi. "There is something going on here, and I'm going to figure it out," Chad vowed. Sonny demanded to know why Chad was so obsessed with Gabi and what she was doing -- because Sonny didn't like the way Chad was treating Gabi or going after Will for defending her. Chad urged Sonny to find a way to keep Will away from Gabi -- and to find out what kind of secrets they were keeping from Sonny before it was too late. Chad stumbled out while Sonny was still demanding to know what Chad was talking about.

Nick delivered some food on a tray, including a bud vase with flowers in it, to Gabi in her room. Touched, Gabi apologized for not telling Nick that she was pregnant, and he apologized for some of the things that he'd said. They kissed, and then ended up in bed. After they'd had sex, Gabi thanked Nick for sticking around even after learning that she was having Will's baby. Nick proclaimed his love for Gabi and expressed his relief that she hadn't gone through with the abortion.

"I want us to be together, Gabi -- the three of us: you, me, and this baby," Nick declared. Nick explained that he wanted to marry Gabi and raise the baby together. Gabi reassured Nick that she loved him and knew that he would be a great dad, but the baby was Will's -- as well as Sami's grandchild and Kate's great-grandchild. Nick believed that there was no real reason for them to tell anyone else who the baby's father was, since the three of them were the only ones who knew the truth.

Gabi tried to hide her shock that Nick wanted her to lie about her baby's paternity. Nick pointed out, "Will's with Sonny, and this is going to be a huge complication for them. Don't you think that Will would be really happy if someone would step up and take this problem off his hands?" Gabi countered gently, "It's not a problem; it's a baby." Nick asked if Will had ever promised to take care of Gabi and love the baby -- because Nick would be there and do all of those things.

Nick encouraged Gabi to take a little time to think about it. Gabi said that she didn't want to make any decisions until she knew how Will felt about things. Nick assumed that he knew what Will's answer would be, but Gabi pointed out that Will had asked her to marry him when he'd first found out she was pregnant -- and he had tried to stop her from having an abortion. Nick assured Gabi that he wanted to give her and the baby the best life possible. Just then, Will knocked on the door.

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis examined Daniel's hands and made sure that Daniel had signed the release forms. Daniel said that he understood the risks involved, but Dr. Lewis sensed some hesitation, since beginning the clinical trial meant that Daniel wouldn't be able to seek other forms of treatment for his tremors. Jennifer asked Dr. Lewis if she and Daniel could have a moment alone.

After Dr. Lewis left, Jennifer assured Daniel that it was perfectly all right if he was having a change of heart. Daniel admitted that he kept thinking about what kind of advice he would give himself if he were one of his patients. "But if I could really get my career back, I'd do it in a heartbeat," Daniel finally concluded with confidence. Daniel called Dr. Lewis back into the room.

Dr. Lewis injected a needle into each of Daniel's palms. Jennifer grinned hopefully at Daniel when Dr. Lewis was finished. As Dr. Lewis escorted Daniel out past the nurses' station, he asked how Daniel's hands felt. Daniel said that they felt numb, but he knew that was how they were supposed to feel. Dr. Lewis informed Daniel that if the procedure had worked, they would typically see results within the first hour, which they would verify with a battery of tests.

After Dr. Lewis returned to his office, Daniel admitted to Jennifer that he had a good feeling about the procedure. "So do I," declared Maxine as she exited the nurses' station to give Dr. Jonas a hug. She added that the nurses were fighting over who got to assist Daniel with his first surgery. Maxine passed along a message that Maggie was attending to an emergency at the restaurant, but the rest of the message read, "Give him all my love." Daniel and Jennifer agreed that they needed to get out of the hospital while they waited until the hour was up.

At the Brady Pub, Eric saw the look of confusion in his grandmother's eyes and asked if she knew who he was. After a moment, Caroline chuckled with a bit of embarrassment. "Eric, you're my darling, darling grandson," she reassured him, and shared a couple of memories from his childhood. Caroline admitted that much of her memory was intact, but there were some things she'd rather forget. Eric gently pressed his grandmother for details.

Caroline admitted that after reading about what had happened between Jennifer and Nicole, it had triggered a memory of how Caroline had hurt Daniel. Ashamed, she wouldn't go into any more detail. While they wiped glasses together behind the bar, Caroline finally told the whole story to Eric, who listened without judgment. Eric then got a text message from one of the nuns, who needed him to return to the rectory. "Grandma, I'm really glad you opened up to me," Eric declared, then hugged Caroline and hurried out.

Just as Eric left, Daniel and Jennifer walked in. Caroline watched surreptitiously as Daniel held up his hand to show Jennifer that the tremor appeared to be gone. Beaming, Daniel allowed himself to talk optimistically for a moment about getting his old life back. Jennifer got a call from Abigail, so she stepped outside to take it.

Seeing an opening, Caroline approached Daniel, who said that he was glad to hear that her treatment in California had gone so well. Caroline then sat down and said that she didn't think it was a coincidence that Daniel had shown up when he had. She began by saying that she'd read about Daniel's ordeal in the paper, and it had started her thinking about everything he'd been through. "I know I can never make up to you for what I did. I know that. But I need you to know that I intend to try for the rest of my life," Caroline declared softly.

Caroline continued that she could have prevented Daniel's heartache if she'd just told the truth about who Parker's father was. Daniel reassured her that it was ancient history -- and his life had turned out pretty well. He added that he preferred to look forward instead of backward, but he assured Caroline that he sincerely forgave her. Caroline looked utterly relieved.

After Jennifer returned, Daniel had stepped outside when Caroline delivered two pints of beer to their table and declared that they were on the house. Caroline added that Daniel would never pay for another drink at the pub as long as she was running it. Jennifer admitted that she'd overheard what Caroline had said to Daniel, and Jennifer knew that it had taken a lot of courage. Jennifer and Caroline agreed that Daniel was one of the most generous people either of them had ever known. Caroline hoped that Daniel got the happiness he deserved.

Daniel returned and helped Jennifer on with her coat so that they could return to the hospital. He thanked her for all the help she'd given him on his journey. Grabbing Daniel by the hand, Jennifer announced, "Let's go," and led him out of the pub.

When Eric returned to the pub, Caroline offered him a beer and a bowl of clam chowder. "It's good to be home," Eric declared, beaming. Caroline confessed that she had taken Eric's advice about Daniel, and gratefully wrapped her arms around her grandson. "The highest calling is serving our Lord. I think you're going to be a wonderful priest," Caroline declared as she headed to the kitchen. "I sure hope so," Eric said to himself, his expression darkening with worry.

When Daniel and Jennifer returned to the hospital, Dr. Lewis asked how Daniel's hands were feeling. Daniel said that the numbness had subsided, adding, "I haven't gone this long without a tremor in I don't know how long." Dr. Lewis then performed some tests on Daniel, after which Daniel held out his hands to show how steady they were.

Dr. Lewis had one more test to administer. He handed Daniel a couple of devices with gauges on top that appeared to be a way to measure Daniel's grip. As Daniel grasped one in each hand, Dr. Lewis instructed him to grip them as hard as he could. Daniel complied, but his hands began to shake. Taking a deep breath, Daniel acknowledged that he was probably a little nervous and asked to try again. But again, his hands shook. Dr. Lewis checked the computer monitor attached to the grip-measuring devices, and then sadly informed Daniel, "I'm sorry, Daniel. I'm afraid the procedure has failed."

In Father Tobias' office at St. Luke's, while Brady eavesdropped outside the door, Kristen acknowledged to Father Tobias that if she committed the same sin that she had in the past, then it meant that she wasn't truly repentant. Brady accidentally bumped against a picture in the hallway. Kristen heard the noise and demanded to know what it had been, but Father Tobias assured her that they merely had a noisy old radiator.

Exhaling with relief, Kristen said she'd known that returning to Salem would be difficult, but even though she'd made a lot of progress, she was wondering if it had been worth it, because she had been treated like a pariah since her return. She admitted that it was mostly her own fault. Kristen continued that she was the reason John had resigned from the parish board, because the two of them had a long, sordid history -- and John's wife despised Kristen.

Kristen confessed that she sort of enjoyed getting under Marlena's skin, but Marlena seemed to get more satisfaction from vilifying Kristen. Although John seemed to believe that Kristen had changed, Marlena would never believe that Kristen had returned to Salem for any reason other than to ruin Marlena's life. Kristen continued that she had been trying to be the better person until Marlena had violated her privacy earlier.

Kristen had felt that she would be totally justified in striking back until someone had convinced her that it would only make things worse. Father Tobias asked if it had been John. "No, not John. Somebody amazing. Somebody I never knew could have this effect on me," Kristen replied. She added that the person had touched her heart, and she didn't know what to do about the feelings she had developed for him. Kristen stated that she didn't even know how to make a confession about it, because it wasn't about something she'd done; it was about something she might do.

"Now that I have [these feelings], I'm not sure I can fight them," Kristen declared. With Brady listening intently, Father Tobias asked Kristen to clarify what she meant. When Kristen wasn't forthcoming, Father Tobias assured her that he was not there to judge her, only to listen and offer absolution. "Not if I'm not truly contrite," Kristen noted. She apologized for wasting the priest's time.

"The more we talk about this, the more it makes it feel real, and it makes it feel wrong. I just can't believe, after everything I've been through, after everything I've done to try to be a better person, for it to end like this. I just can't stand it," Kristen declared, and then rushed out. Brady emerged from his hiding place and pensively watched Kristen depart.

A little later, Brady showed up at Kristen's hotel room door and found it slightly ajar. Pushing the door open, he found Kristen perched on the edge of the bed, clearly struggling to keep her emotions under control. Kristen gasped when she saw Brady, and then rose to face him.

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