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Kristen revealed to E.J. that her plan was working. Marlena caught Kristen and Brady making love, but shocked Kristen by not telling John. Though conflicted, Will agreed to allow Nick and Gabi to raise his child. Eric hinted to Sami that there was information that he had not shared with anyone. Nicole and Jennifer followed Daniel to the Horton cabin. Jennifer collapsed and needed emergency surgery.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 3, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, December 3, 2012

by Mike

At St. Luke's, Nicole told Eric that she had moved her things into the convent. Nicole assured Eric that she would be respectful of the church's rules of conduct, but he insisted that he wasn't worried about that.

Changing the subject, Nicole announced that she had apologized to Daniel, adding that she was ready to move on with her life. Unconvinced, Eric said that it wasn't realistic for Nicole to believe that she could get over Daniel that quickly. Nicole countered that she had realized that Daniel had never loved her as much as she had loved him, which had made it easier to get over him.

Nicole defensively added that Eric knew nothing about Daniel. Eric patiently clarified that he wasn't trying to hurt Nicole, and he urged her to calm down. "You know, the most important thing here is that you told me that I would probably feel better if I apologized to Daniel, and I did. I do feel better -- you have no idea how much better I feel -- so can you just relax? Look, I'm gonna be fine," Nicole assured Eric.

In an attempt to change the subject, Eric wondered if Nicole had eaten recently, but she insisted that she wasn't hungry. Nicole was upset about the fact that Eric had accused her of lying. Eric said that he was simply worried about Nicole, pointedly adding that he knew her. Nicole snapped that Eric could stop worrying about her. "You know, Father, you've always been a little holier than thou. I think I liked you a lot better when you weren't such a damn saint," Nicole angrily stated before storming out of the room.

At the hospital, Daniel was devastated to learn that the treatment for his hand tremors had failed. Jennifer asked Dr. Lewis if there was a chance that the treatment could gradually start to cure Daniel's tremors. Lewis conceded that anything was possible, but he stressed that he had never seen a delayed reaction to the treatment before. Lewis believed that Daniel's tremors were incurable.

Lewis apologized and excused himself. After Lewis left, Jennifer reached for one of Daniel's hands to comfort him, but he pulled his hands away from her, insisted that he was fine, and abruptly exited the room. Jennifer followed Daniel into the waiting area, where Maggie was pacing nervously. When Maggie realized that the treatment had failed, she tried to comfort Daniel, but he stopped her.

Daniel walked away, stating that he needed some privacy. After Daniel left, Maggie tearfully blamed Jennifer for encouraging him to take an unnecessary risk. "He was willing to leave town with Nicole. He was willing to throw away his career for you. Don't you get it, Jennifer? He loves you. Didn't you know that he would do anything you asked of him, no matter what it cost him?" Maggie wondered.

Jennifer tried to apologize, but Maggie interrupted her. "Sorry doesn't do any good now, does it? I mean...his daughter is an ocean away, and he's lost Parker and Rebecca...and you. And now he can't be a surgeon anymore, and that's just -- Jennifer Rose, that -- it just -- it breaks my heart," Maggie tearfully stated. Before Jennifer could respond, Maggie walked away.

In Daniel's darkened apartment, Daniel was drowning his sorrows when someone started knocking on the door. Realizing that the visitor was not going to leave, Daniel reluctantly answered the door and found Nicole standing in the hallway. Nicole asked about Daniel's treatment. Daniel, who was holding a glass of whiskey in his left hand, claimed that he wasn't sure if the procedure had worked.

Before Nicole could respond, Daniel's hand started to shake, and she heard the ice cubes rattling against the glass. Realizing the truth, Nicole sighed and stated that she was truly sorry that the treatment had failed. Nicole wondered if there was anything that she could do to help Daniel. Daniel thanked Nicole for her support, adding that he simply wanted to be left alone.

Nicole criticized Jennifer for encouraging Daniel to participate in the clinical trial. Daniel insisted that he was the person who had made the final decision. Nicole pointed out that things would have been different if she and Daniel had moved to Hawaii.

"Don't! All right, don't even go there, 'cause I am not gonna stand here and let anyone trash Jennifer, especially not you -- never, ever again. You've got to go. Now! Just go!" Daniel angrily shouted. Nicole tearfully exited the apartment. After Nicole left, Daniel resumed his effort to drown his sorrows. Later, Daniel received another visitor, and he sighed impatiently as he answered the door.

Jennifer entered the apartment and apologized for pressuring Daniel to take an unnecessary risk. "Wait -- you actually think I went through this just because you -- you asked me nicely? I'm not just some pretty face, you know. I do have a -- I do have a brain in this hard head of mine. I don't really...always use it," Daniel quietly stated. Jennifer reached out to comfort Daniel, but he recoiled and told her that he didn't want her pity.

Jennifer started to apologize, but Daniel interrupted and said that she didn't owe him anything. Daniel knew that Jennifer didn't love him, and he said that she didn't need to feel guilty about that. Jennifer assured Daniel that she had never pitied him, adding that she had always admired and respected him. Jennifer insisted that Daniel had no idea how she really felt about him.

Daniel firmly stated that he wanted to be left alone. Daniel assured Jennifer that he didn't blame her for what had happened, and he dismissively added that she needed to leave. As Jennifer reluctantly exited the apartment, Daniel asked her to respect his wishes and stay away from him. Jennifer nodded and quietly agreed to do so. In the hallway, Jennifer leaned her head against the wall and silently sobbed.

Back at St. Luke's, Nicole told Eric about her earlier conversation with Daniel. Nicole admitted that she had probably made the situation worse. "You want to know the worst part about all of this? I don't -- I'm not over him. I don't think I ever will be," Nicole conceded. Eric refused to believe that, and he assured Nicole that he would be happy to help her.

Nicole guessed that Eric was going to pray for her soul, and she dryly stated that it would be futile for him to do so. Nicole said that she was glad that Eric was happy and in a good place, even if the same could not be said about her. Nicole believed that Eric was a better person than she was.

Later that night, Nicole went to Eric's office to grab some files, but he wasn't there. Meanwhile, in Eric's bedroom, Eric was having a nightmare. Eric gasped as he woke up, sweating and visibly shaken. After tracing the sign of the cross, Eric started to pray.

In Sami's office at Countess Wilhelmina, Sami and E.J. were working on the ad campaign for their new product. Sami noted that one of the lipstick prototypes was missing, and she speculated that Kristen might have pocketed it when she had left the company. After stating that Kristen could be trusted to keep the product safe, E.J. disinterestedly added that he would ask her to return the item the next day.

Later, Sami received a phone call from Abigail, who was babysitting Sami's kids at the Horton house. After ending the call, Sami explained that Abigail's computer had crashed while she had been working on a college assignment. Sami needed to relieve Abigail of the babysitting duties so that Abigail could complete the assignment at the library. E.J. told Sami that they could resume their work on the ad campaign the next day.

Sami encouraged E.J. to accompany her to the Horton house, where they could continue to work on the ad campaign while the kids were sleeping. Later, at the Horton house, Johnny rushed into the living room and greeted his parents. Sami told Johnny to go back to bed, adding that she and E.J. were working on a project. Johnny grabbed a random business document and announced that he would help his parents.

Sami reluctantly agreed to let Johnny hang out with her and E.J. for a while. E.J. retrieved the lipstick prototype and showed it to Johnny, explaining that the company's best creative minds had been unable to think of a name for the product. Recognizing the item, Johnny innocently revealed that Allie had often played with Sami's lipstick -- a fact that surprised Sami.

"They have these names like 'Plum Pie' -- like you eat it. That's dumb. You should really name it what it is," Johnny matter-of-factly stated. Amused, Sami and E.J. wondered why they had failed to think of that idea. Johnny cheerfully declared that work was fun. Later, after Johnny drifted off to sleep, E.J. laughed and said that it might be a good idea to place Johnny on the payroll.

Confused, Sami shrugged and summarized that Johnny had advised his parents to call the lipstick what it was -- lipstick. "It's smudge-proof. It's smear-proof. It's waterproof," E.J. said, and Sami realized that he was suggesting that they needed to name the lipstick Proof. E.J. and Sami quickly thought of a campaign slogan -- "You know you're beautiful -- now prove it."

After teasing Sami for a few minutes, E.J. excused himself so that they could each get some rest. As E.J. exited the house, a smile of satisfaction flashed across his face. Later, in the town square, E.J. tried to call Kristen, but the call went to voicemail. E.J. told Kristen about the name that he and Sami had chosen for the lipstick, confidently adding that Kristen's plan to reunite him with Sami was working perfectly.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Gabi was surprised to see Will. "Yeah, um...I'm sorry. I know I said I'd give you a day or whatever, and I'm not trying to pressure you, but I think that there are some decisions that we need to make very soon, so I want to know what you're thinking. What -- what do you want to do about the baby?" Will asked. Nick wondered if Will had told Sonny the truth about the baby.

"No, I didn't, actually, but, uh, he does know that I'm keeping something from him, and I'm sure when he finds out what that is, that will be the end of us," Will replied. Nick claimed that he had managed to think of a mutually beneficial solution. Will, who was still upset about Nick's earlier behavior, sarcastically wondered if Nick had managed to build a time machine that would allow Will and Gabi to undo their mistake.

Nick smugly stated that the baby was not a mistake. "I'm sorry if I'm not P.C. enough for you. I actually am my mom and dad's mistake, and I'm very grateful that I was cetera, et cetera. But Gabi and I shouldn't have slept together, right? She regrets it -- I mean, we both regret it -- and bringing a baby into our lives right now is not ideal," Will said.

Before Will could continue, Nick interrupted and said that he was hoping that Will would be willing to let Nick and Gabi raise the baby together. Nick promised to take care of Will's baby, adding that he had already received two very good job offers. Will reminded Nick that when the truth about the baby's paternity was revealed, Will's family was going to want to be a part of the child's life.

Nick shrugged and insisted that no one ever needed to know that Will was the baby's father. Will seemed uncomfortable with the idea, and he wondered if that was what Gabi wanted. Gabi, who had remained silent during Will and Nick's conversation, said that she had wanted to talk to Will first.

Will wasn't convinced that the plan would work, and he pointed out that someone would eventually do the math and realize that Nick couldn't be the baby's father. Nick said that he and Gabi could claim that the child had been born prematurely. "Hmm. Nick, I really do appreciate you stepping up -- I do -- but...this secret -- if and when it gets out -- is going to destroy my child's life," Will said.

Nick claimed that he would never try to keep Will away from his child -- if Will was willing to step up and be the child's father. Nick wondered if Will was ready to make that sort of commitment. "You're in love with Sonny, and Gabi and I are in love with each other. I mean, don't you think this is what's best for everyone -- especially the child?" Nick asked.

"I don't need you to spell it out for me, Nick, and I don't need you to pressure me, and I especially do not need you to pressure her," Will firmly stated, gesturing to Gabi. Will said that he was going to need some time to think about the situation. Gabi said that Will didn't need to make a decision right away. Nick agreed, but he pointed out that some people had already started to believe that he was the baby's father.

"If you want to step up and tell the truth, now is your moment -- and if you do, you've got to know that there is absolutely no turning back," Nick pointedly stated. Will reminded Gabi that she had not yet answered his earlier question. Gabi admitted that she wasn't sure if she wanted to go along with Nick's plan, but she added that it seemed like the only option that would allow everyone to be happy.

Gabi said that it had taken Will and Sonny a long time to get together, and she stressed that she didn't want to ruin their relationship. Will assured Gabi that she wouldn't be doing that, adding that the baby was his responsibility. Gabi said that she wasn't just concerned about Sonny and Will's relationship. Gabi noted that she loved Nick, who had claimed that he could give the baby a great life.

Nick agreed and urged Will to give the idea some thought. Nick's continued interference seemed to annoy Will, who reiterated that he had already agreed to think about going along with the plan. Will kissed Gabi on the cheek and told her to get some rest, and he abruptly exited the room. Outside, Will paced the hallway for a moment before walking away, clearly conflicted.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen was surprised to see Brady. After hugging Kristen, Brady claimed that he had gone to her hotel room so that he could make sure that she had not told John about her earlier encounter with Marlena. Kristen reminded Brady that she had already agreed to hide the truth from John, and she wondered why Brady had really decided to visit her.

Brady claimed that he had wanted to apologize for the way that he had treated Kristen earlier, but she remained skeptical. "Look, Brady, I know what this is about. Let's not turn this into something that it isn't, okay? I got mugged, and you saved me, and then you got knocked out, and I helped you. Look, I don't need any more drama in my life. I'm sure you don't, either," Kristen said.

Brady accused Kristen of denying her true feelings, but she claimed that she didn't know what he was talking about. Brady blurted out that he had overheard Kristen's earlier conversation with Father Tobias. "You know, there's a special circle in hell for someone who would eavesdrop on a confession," Kristen angrily stated. Brady countered that he would see Kristen in hell.

Kristen ordered Brady to leave, but he refused to do so. After a brief pause, Kristen angrily slapped Brady. Brady scoffed and rubbed his cheek, recalling that Kristen had already slapped him once before. Kristen started to slap Brady again, but he grabbed her wrist before she could do so. As Kristen struggled to free herself from Brady's grasp, he pulled her into his arms and passionately kissed her.

After the kiss, Kristen took a seat on the edge of the bed and wondered if Brady was going to leave. When Brady hesitated, Kristen grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed with her, and the pair started to have sex.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the Brady Pub, Will and Gabi talked about the baby. Will admitted that he had not decided whether to be a part of his baby's life. Gabi reminded Will that Nick could be the child's father. Unsure, Will asked Gabi if she wanted him out of the picture. Gabi stressed that she wanted Will to be happy. As Gabi noted that keeping her baby was a difficult decision, Rafe entered the pub.

Curious, Rafe asked Gabi why Will was so involved in her pregnancy. Gabi explained that she had called Will to talk because he was her best friend. Uncomfortable, Will excused himself to leave. Hurt, Rafe asked Gabi why she had told Will about the pregnancy and not him. Gabi reiterated that Will was her best friend. Gabi added that she was upset at how Rafe had treated Will at the clinic. Rafe apologized.

Gabi admitted that she was feeling a lot of emotions. When Rafe reminded Gabi that she had made a big decision, Gabi responded that she had another big decision to make because Nick had proposed to her. Rafe said he was not surprised and that he wanted Gabi to be happy.

When Gabi commented that she was happy to see Rafe and Sami together, Rafe deflected the question. Undeterred, Gabi noted that Rafe was never happier than when he was with Sami. Rafe admitted that he enjoyed spending time with Sami but that the situation was complicated.

After Rafe left, Will returned and asked Gabi what she had said to Rafe. Gabi told Will that she had talked to Rafe about Nick's proposal. When Will asked about Nick's plan, Gabi said that she felt it was the best option for everyone. Will reminded Gabi that his mother had lied to him about his father for most of his life, and that he did not want to do the same to his child. Gabi countered that it would be easier for everyone if no one knew the paternity of her child. Gabi urged Will to think about how Sonny would react to the lies and the reality of raising a child in two separate homes.

Will wondered aloud if Nick would want to raise the child with Gabi if Will announced that he was the father of the baby. When Will worried aloud about the child bouncing between homes, Gabi suggested that they could make it work. Shaking his head, Will noted that he had been shuttled between homes as a child.

"If we tell the truth, we can both lose the people that we love, and we'd still have to raise this baby. Are you sure that's what you want, Will?" Gabi said.

After having sex with Kristen in her hotel room, Brady woke up the morning after and smiled. Brady kissed Kristen on her shoulder, and she grinned as she groggily woke up. When Kristen remembered what had happened, she cried out, "Oh, my God! We didn't!" Kristen sat bolt upright, but a grinning Brady calmly pulled her back onto the bed and kissed her.

After a couple kisses, Kristen pushed Brady away, leaped out of bed, and ordered Brady to leave. As Brady dressed, he attempted to convince Kristen that they had not made a mistake when they slept together. "We have to forget this ever happened," Kristen said. Brady refused to leave Kristen, as she seemed upset.

"You hate me, remember?" Kristen said. Brady said he had changed his mind. Brady gently kissed Kristen's hand, and Kristen admitted that she felt vulnerable after Marlena had read her journal. Nodding, Brady noted that their night together had not been casual and that it meant something.

"Obviously I have feelings for you, Brady, but I was never, ever going to act on them," Kristen said. Brady surmised that Kristen was referring to his father. "You said you were over my father," Brady argued. Kristen said that she had moved on, but that she could not move on with John's son.

Shaking his head, Brady said that he felt comfortable with Kristen. When Brady commented that John did not know about their attraction, Kristen noted that they should not sneak around. Kristen asked Brady to leave and to keep their night together a secret. Brady finished dressing then left. Once alone, Kristen grabbed her cell phone.

At the coffeehouse, Marlena thought about her fight with Kristen. John asked Marlena what she had been thinking about, but before she could respond, John guessed it was Kristen. Annoyed, John stood up and announced that he did not want to talk about Kristen. As John pulled on his jacket, the prototype of the Countess W lipstick fell out of his pocket onto a chair. Marlena spotted the lipstick and called out to John, but he had already left.

As John walked through the park, he thought about when Kristen had hugged him. John sighed as his phone rang. Kristen called and asked John to meet her.

Marlena sipped her coffee as Kate stumbled wearily into the coffeehouse. Kate informed Marlena that she had divorced Stefano. Seeing past Kate's brave front, Marlena asked Kate if she was sure she was happy about the divorce. Kate admitted that she would have stayed with Stefano if he had given her a chance to reconcile. As Marlena nodded, she stared at the lipstick that John had dropped.

Noticing the lipstick, Kate asked Marlena where she had found it. When Marlena shrugged, Kate said the lipstick was a Countess W prototype. Kate pulled out a prototype for her own lipstick from her purse and showed Marlena that they were in the same nondescript packaging. Kate commented that she had attempted to acquire the Countess W prototype without success.

Curious, Marlena asked Kate who would have a prototype. When Kate noted that Sami and Kristen would each have one, Marlena sighed. Billie walked in and greeted her mother. Smiling, Billie informed Marlena that she had seen John at the Salem Inn. Unnerved, Marlena excused herself and left. On the sidewalk outside, Marlena stared at the prototype lipstick. "You've played me for the last time, Kristen," Marlena said.

John knocked on Kristen's hotel room door, and she ushered him inside her room. "There's something I need to discuss with you," Kristen said.

Brady walked through the park and stared into the distance. With a sigh, Brady pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

When Marlena arrived at Kristen's hotel room, she heard moaning inside the room. Suspicious, Marlena opened the door and looked inside.

At Countess W, Sami sat at her desk and thought about when Rafe had dropped off flowers for her. Sami called Rafe to ask about Gabi. As the phone rang, E.J. stopped by Sami's office to talk. Flustered, Sami hung up her phone before Rafe could answer. As Rafe walked through the town square, he took out his phone and saw the missed called from Sami. Curious, Rafe returned Sami's call.

In her office, Sami ignored the ringing of her cell phone until E.J. remarked on it. Sami noted that the call could wait. E.J. handed Sami a file of market research, and then he informed Sami that he was leaving to drop off a check at St. Luke's. E.J. explained that Kristen had not answered her phone, and that he was going to drop off the money at the church on Kristen's behalf. Sami offered to accompany E.J. to the church.

At St. Luke's, Nicole greeted Eric with a packet of papers for his morning meeting. Beaming, Nicole joked that Sister Margaret liked her. Nicole thanked Eric for the job opportunity. When Nicole admitted that she slept like a rock in the convent, Eric thought about the nightmare he'd had that had woken him. Eric commented that he had been up all night with a parishioner. When Nicole called Eric a saint, he responded, "No. No, I'm not."

As Nicole reviewed the contributors list for the school, she told Eric that he should keep her involvement in the church a secret from the donors. "You're here because you are turning your life around. That's our business. Anybody who has a problem with that wouldn't give us his money anyway," Eric said. Smiling, Nicole thanked Eric for his faith in her.

Eric was working in his office alone when Sami and E.J. arrived. Sami gave her brother a hug, and introduced him to E.J. Smiling, E.J. handed Kristen's check over to Eric. When Eric remarked on the timing of Sami's and E.J.'s arrival, Sami smiled sheepishly. Sami explained that she worked with E.J. When Nicole returned to Eric's office to talk about the donor list, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Sami and E.J.

Surprised, Sami demanded to know why Nicole was at the church. Eric explained that Nicole was the new assistant. "Have you lost your mind?" a bewildered Sami asked Eric. As Eric stared blankly, Sami asked E.J. and Nicole for privacy with Eric. Once Sami and Eric were alone, Sami demanded to know what Eric was doing.

"I know exactly what Nicole has done. And I know what you've done too," Eric said. Sami was displeased by Eric's comparison. Sami noted that Eric was too kind, and that he let people take advantage of him. When Sami said that Eric had shown poor judgment in hiring Nicole, Eric countered that Sami worked with E.J. despite their history. Sami noted that E.J. was not Stefano.

"You're one to talk about bad judgments. You've been making lousy judgments since you were three, Samantha Gene. Don't play that card with me," Eric said. Sami noted that E.J. was her boss and the father of her children, and that she wanted Eric to get along with E.J. When Eric reminded Sami that E.J. had kidnapped her daughter, Sami countered that E.J. had also given her sole custody of the children.

In the town square, E.J. talked to Nicole about her new job. Suspicious, E.J. asked Nicole what she was up to. Nicole explained that she wanted to change. "I don't need to become a nun. Just a better person," Nicole said. Smiling, E.J. commented that he believed Nicole was unable to escape her self-destructive tendencies. Nicole accused E.J. of working to win Sami back. E.J. laughed. Nicole told E.J. that he could not compete with the love that Rafe and Sami shared.

After talking to E.J., Nicole returned to the church and heard Sami and Eric talking in Eric's office. As Nicole eavesdropped from the hallway, Eric reasoned aloud that since he, E.J., and Sami had changed, then Nicole was allowed to change as well. Shaking her head, Sami argued that Nicole could not change. Eric told Sami that he believed Nicole had changed because he had seen a different side of her.

"I'm helping Nicole just like I would help anyone else in trouble," Eric said. Sami argued that Nicole was not anyone because Nicole had been Eric's first love. "I don't think that just disappeared with that collar," Sami said before walking out. Nicole entered Eric's office and offered to walk away from the job. Eric asked Nicole if she was serious about changing. Nicole nodded. Smiling, Eric informed Nicole that they had work to do.

After talking to Eric, a frustrated Sami met up with E.J. in the town square. Sami griped that Nicole would ruin her brother's life. Placing his arms on Sami's shoulders, E.J. promised not to let Nicole hurt Eric. Relieved, Sami smiled up at E.J. as Rafe rounded the corner and spotted them.

At the coffeehouse, Billie asked Kate how she was doing since the divorce was finalized. Kate said that she was fine. Billie noted that she was upset that Kate was sad and hurt but that she felt like the divorce was in Kate's best interest. Billie told Kate that life would get better.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe was surprised to see Eric. After welcoming Eric back to Salem, Rafe wondered if Eric had talked to Sami yet. Eric confirmed that he had talked to -- and argued with -- Sami earlier that day. Eric and Rafe jokingly exchanged tips on how to deal with Sami. Eric observed that Sami and Rafe had always seemed happy together. With a sigh, Rafe summarized that things had changed.

In Sami's office at Countess Wilhelmina, Sami was ranting about Eric and Nicole's relationship. In an attempt to distract Sami, E.J. suggested that they could continue to work on their ad campaign. Later, Sami received a text message from Johnny's teacher, who had taken a photograph of one of Johnny's drawings. Sami and E.J. laughed as they looked at the picture, and they proudly discussed their two wonderful children.

At the Brady Pub, Nick greeted Gabi and Will, and he wondered if they had made a decision about the baby yet. Ignoring the actual question, Gabi assured Nick that she wanted to marry him, adding that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Nick said that he loved Gabi and that he would also love the baby. Will interrupted, asking if Nick's feelings would change if Will decided to reveal that he was the baby's father.

With a shrug, Nick admitted that things would be more difficult if everyone knew that Will was the baby's father. Nick added that his feelings for Gabi and the baby wouldn't change if Will decided to reveal the truth. Will still seemed uncomfortable with the idea of lying about his own child. Gabi and Nick reasoned that they wouldn't be lying, since no one would ever have any reason to question the child's paternity in the first place.

Nick said that he would be the only father that the baby would ever know. "I mean, just -- just so that, you know, your family didn't ask questions, and there was no confusion for the child. No trouble -- just -- just a great -- a great life," Nick quickly added when he realized that his previous statement had saddened Will. Gabi agreed, promising that the baby would receive unlimited love and affection.

"I bounced between parents -- parents who didn't plan on having me -- too young, kind of caught up in their own stuff, and didn't really pay attention to their child when they should have -- and if I ever let that happen to my kid, I would never forgive myself," Will firmly stated. Gabi insisted that she and Nick would never let that happen to the baby.

"You know, you're trying really hard not to beg me to walk away, so obviously, what you want --" Will started to say, but Gabi interrupted and claimed that she simply wanted everyone to be happy -- including the baby. Will shook his head, sighing heavily. "We have to do what's right for this baby. I will keep my mouth shut," Will quietly stated. As Nick breathed a sigh of relief, Gabi gratefully hugged Will, who tried to hide his sadness.

Gabi excitedly assured Will that he wouldn't regret his decision, adding that he was doing the right thing. Will noted that he couldn't remember the last time that he had seen a genuine smile on Gabi's face. Gabi confirmed that she was happy, and she urged Will to be happy, too. Will forced a smile, and Gabi rushed off to tell Rafe about her engagement.

Gabi found Rafe in the town square, and she happily announced that she and Nick were going to get married and raise the baby together. Rafe nodded, claiming that he was okay with the idea, but Gabi wasn't convinced. Rafe said that he just wanted Gabi to be happy, and she assured him that she was. Gabi admitted that the situation wasn't ideal, but she added that she was doing exactly what she wanted to do.

Meanwhile, back at the pub, Will quickly tried to excuse himself, but Nick said that they weren't done yet. "I understand the deal, okay? It's your -- I can't tell anybody about the baby. You're the father, and I can't tell anyone, including the man that I love, what happened. So...that's what you wanted to hear, right?" Will asked. Nick thanked Will, stressing that Will was doing the right thing.

"If you ever let that kid down --" Will started to warn Nick, who interrupted and assured Will that there was nothing to worry about. Nick added that the baby was no longer Will's responsibility, and he advised Will to forget about the baby. "Don't look like you're taking a bullet for me. You're getting what you want -- you got Gabi, and you got my baby -- so please do me a favor and don't rub it in," Will quietly stated.

Before Nick could respond, Will abruptly exited the pub. Outside, Will ran into Eric, who hugged his nephew. Eric hoped that he would soon get a chance to hang out with Will, noting that a lot had changed since the last time that they had seen each other. Will nodded and observed that Eric was a priest, and Eric replied that Will was a grown man.

"And I'm gay. Right -- can't forget that part, Father Eric. I'm gay," Will matter-of-factly stated, a hint of defensiveness in his voice. Eric evasively replied that he didn't want to talk about the church's position on homosexuality. Eric added that he wouldn't judge Will, and he quickly changed the subject. After teasing each other about their opposing football loyalties, Eric excused himself so that he could return to the church.

Back at Countess Wilhelmina, E.J. excused himself so that he could meet with Kristen. In the hallway, E.J. ran into Rafe. E.J. made a few suggestive remarks about his relationship with Sami, but Rafe ignored the comments and entered her office. Sami asked about Gabi, and Rafe explained that Gabi and Nick were planning to get married. Sami seemed pleased, but she could tell that Rafe didn't share her enthusiasm.

Rafe pointed out that Nick was a convicted murderer who was still on parole. Sami insisted that Nick had changed, stressing that he loved Gabi. Sami assured Rafe that Nick would be able to support Gabi and the baby, adding that Nick had managed to receive two great job offers -- including one from Countess Wilhelmina. Sami wondered if Rafe would feel better about the situation if she hired Nick.

Rafe shrugged and noncommittally stated that he might feel better about the situation if Sami hired Nick. Sami wondered if there was anything else that she could do to convince Rafe to be happy for Gabi. Rafe replied that he needed Sami. Rafe's statement seemed to excite Sami, but before she could respond, he rephrased the statement, clarifying that he needed her help.

"I want to be there for my sister, but...she's my sister, and...Ari's gone, and my mom's too sick to travel, and there's just -- there's no one else in my family who can be there for her," Rafe explained. Sami summarized that Gabi needed someone who could be an adult disguised as a girlfriend. Rafe agreed, adding that Gabi respected Sami, who had once been a part of Gabi's family. Sami promised to be there for Gabi.

Elated, Rafe thanked Sami and admitted that he was starting to feel better about the situation. Sami wondered if Rafe needed anything else. Misinterpreting Sami's question, Rafe abruptly excused himself so that she could get back to work. Sami tried to stop Rafe, clarifying that she had been trying to ask if he needed her, but he rushed out of the office. "Yeah, more than you know," Rafe muttered as he exited the building.

In Kristen's hotel room, Marlena was horrified to see Brady and Kristen in bed together. Before Marlena could leave, her phone started to vibrate, alerting her that John was trying to contact her. As Marlena sent the call to voicemail, Kristen glanced over Brady's shoulder and locked eyes with her. Marlena glared at Kristen and took a step forward, seemingly intending to confront her.

Kristen gasped fearfully, prompting Marlena to quickly exit the room. Meanwhile, Brady, who was oblivious to the fact that Marlena had witnessed the tryst, wondered if Kristen was all right. Kristen claimed that she was fine, and the pair continued to have sex.

Later, Kristen claimed that sleeping with Brady had been a mistake, but he disagreed. Brady urged Kristen to admit that they were amazing together, but she refused to do so. "It's a good thing this body of yours doesn't lie the way you do," Brady crassly stated. Kristen pointed out that Brady didn't trust her, and she wondered why he wanted to be with her.

"I didn't expect this either, but I sure as hell don't want to see this end. Why don't we see how this goes? Let's play this out," Brady suggested. Kristen shook her head, refusing Brady's request. Kristen reminded Brady that Marlena and John would never approve of the relationship. Brady pointed out that he wasn't a kid, adding that he didn't need John and Marlena's approval.

"And I don't need them to tar and feather me...and run me out of town. Brady, they'd be so sure that this was a plot -- that I was using you to hurt them -- and there's nothing you could ever say that would change their minds. I don't want to do that to you -- I don't want to be the person who causes the break with your family. It would hurt you too much. It's over -- we're done," Kristen firmly stated.

As Brady and Kristen started to get dressed, he continued to flirt with her, refusing to accept that their relationship was ending. Kristen received a phone call from E.J., who arranged to meet with her. After ending the call, Kristen firmly stated that Brady needed to leave. Brady agreed, admitting that he was late for a meeting with Victor anyway. Brady kissed Kristen and promised that he would call her later.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena ran into John, who said that he had tried to call her earlier. Before John could tell Marlena why he had wanted to talk to her, she revealed that she had something important to tell him. John could tell that something was wrong, and he excused himself so that he could get Marlena a glass of water.

After John left, Marlena sighed and wondered how she was going to tell him about Brady and Kristen's tryst. Meanwhile, Billie greeted Marlena and wondered if everything was all right, explaining that Marlena's abrupt exit from the coffeehouse earlier that day had worried Billie and Kate. Marlena assured Billie that everything was fine.

Billie, who was worried that she might have inadvertently offended Marlena, quickly summarized everything that she had said to Marlena at the coffeehouse. As John returned with Marlena's glass of water, he overheard Billie's recap. Billie abruptly excused herself. After Billie left, John assured Marlena that he had been planning to tell her that he had gone to Kristen's hotel room earlier.

Marlena retrieved the lipstick prototype from her purse, guessing that John's explanation would have something to do with the item. Confirming Marlena's suspicion, John explained that Kristen had lost the lipstick, adding that Kristen had theorized that it might have fallen into one of John's jacket pockets. "Um, how was it meant to have jumped out of her hand and into your pocket?" Marlena wondered.

John admitted that Kristen had hugged him earlier. John dismissively referred to the hug as one of those friendly hugs that girls liked to give to people. Marlena repeated her earlier question, and John shrugged and wondered where she had found the lipstick. Marlena explained that the item had fallen out of John's pocket earlier, and he decided that Kristen's theory had obviously been correct.

"I think she planted it deliberately, and then...I think she called you and said she was at the Salem Inn, and it was urgent that you come right over," Marlena speculated. John assured Marlena that nothing had happened. Marlena calmly and confidently stated that she believed John, which seemed to surprise him. Marlena said that she had something that she needed to tell John, adding that he was going to hate it.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady greeted Victor, who chastised his grandson for missing an important conference call. "Nice shirt -- looked better yesterday," Victor dryly added. Brady scoffed and wondered if he had missed his curfew. Victor said that he didn't care about Brady's extracurricular activities, adding that he simply wanted Brady to maintain his sobriety and remain focused on the things that were important.

Brady promised that he hadn't relapsed, and he added that Titan was his top priority. Victor countered that Titan hadn't been Brady's top priority earlier that day, and he wondered why Brady had missed the meeting. Noting Brady's expression, Victor knowingly observed that there were only a few things that could make a man's face look like that.

Brady claimed that he was displaying a combination of relief and curiosity. "No, those aren't the things," Victor skeptically stated. Brady said that he was happy because he had realized that he had completely misjudged someone.

Back in Kristen's hotel room, Kristen smiled as she recalled some things that had happened earlier that day. Shortly after John had left Kristen's room, Brady had knocked on her door. When Kristen had opened the door, Brady had passionately kissed her. Kristen had made a half-hearted attempt to stop Brady, but she had eventually admitted that she didn't want him to stop, and the pair had started to have sex.

Kristen's thoughts were interrupted when E.J. arrived. E.J. admitted that Kristen was a brilliant woman, and he happily announced that her plan to reunite him with Sami was working perfectly. E.J. confidently stated that Rafe couldn't compete with him. E.J. added that the best part was that simply showing up for work every day would guarantee that the plan would be successful.

"Isn't it funny how that just happens sometimes? I mean, you don't even have a plan, but then something just falls into your lap, and you don't have any choice but to just pick it up, seize the situation, and run with it," Kristen cheerfully stated. Intrigued, E.J. wondered what Kristen had done. Kristen offered E.J. a vague answer, adding that it would be better to ask what she was going to do next.

E.J. impatiently wondered if Kristen was going to offer any further clarification. Kristen vaguely replied that someone would soon receive the shock of their life, adding that she couldn't wait for that to happen. "Let's just say that everything I put into motion by coming back to Salem is coming together perfectly," Kristen gleefully stated.

At Common Grounds, Gabi and Nick excitedly informed Sonny that they had just gotten engaged. After congratulating the couple, Sonny admitted that the engagement seemed sudden. Gabi revealed that she was pregnant, and she assured Sonny that she and Nick were happy about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Will entered the coffeehouse and sighed as he heard Nick brag about being the luckiest guy in the world.

Will greeted Sonny, and Gabi and Nick abruptly excused themselves. "That was it, wasn't it? Gabi's problem -- her big secret? She's pregnant. I'm so sorry, dude -- I get it. Of course you couldn't say anything, you know, until she wanted to tell me. You're such a good friend," Sonny said with a smile.

Clearly uncomfortable, Will shook his head, but Sonny confidently stated that he was certain that Will had helped Gabi. Will hoped that Sonny was right. "And just to let you know, this is the last and only level of secret you get to keep from me, okay? I love you, man," Sonny added, kissing Will on the cheek.

Will hugged Sonny tightly, sadly stating that he loved Sonny, too.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

by Mike

At St. Luke's, Eric was having another nightmare. Nicole, who had gone to Eric's office to look for him, heard his voice echoing through an air vent that was connected to his room. "No...please...don't. Please don't. Don't -- please! No! No!" Eric shouted as he woke up.

Later, Eric entered the office and greeted Nicole. Nicole mentioned the shouts that she had heard earlier, but Eric feigned ignorance, claiming that he had probably been sleeping at that time. Nicole skeptically replied that it seemed like Eric had not managed to get any sleep at all. Eric warned Nicole to back off. Nicole started to apologize, but Eric interrupted and urged her to drop the subject.

Eric handed Nicole an envelope and asked her to deliver it to Justin at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole reluctantly admitted that it probably wouldn't be a good idea for her to go to Victor's house. Surprised, Eric said that he had assumed that Nicole's past relationship with Victor was ancient history. After Nicole assured Eric that she and Victor still hated each other, she clarified that Daniel's mother was the real problem.

Eric urged Nicole to ask Maggie for forgiveness, reminding Nicole that she needed to take responsibility for her actions. "Yeah, you want to know what sucks about that? Every time I have to take responsibility, I'm reminded all over again that it was me -- that I screwed up any chance that I ever had of being with Daniel," Nicole replied, sighing with frustration.

At the Horton house, Abigail greeted Jennifer, who had been unable to sleep the previous night. Jennifer explained that her stomach had been bothering her. Abigail assumed that Jennifer had contracted some sort of stomach virus, but Jennifer believed that she was simply feeling guilty about what she had done to Daniel. Jennifer felt like she had ruined Daniel's life.

Abigail insisted that Jennifer had simply been trying to help Daniel, but Jennifer said that her intentions were irrelevant. Jennifer admitted that she still had a lot of things that she wanted to say to Daniel, adding that he had no idea how she really felt about him. Abigail urged Jennifer to elaborate, but Jennifer backpedaled and evasively stated that she simply wished that she could repair the damage that she had done.

Jennifer impulsively decided to go to the hospital so that she could apologize to Daniel. Abigail suggested that it might be best for Jennifer to rest first, but Jennifer insisted that she couldn't wait any longer.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel assured Maggie that he was all right, but she wasn't convinced. Maggie blamed Jennifer for encouraging Daniel to take an unnecessary risk. Daniel insisted that he was the person who had made the decision, and he warned Maggie to drop the subject. Maggie reluctantly agreed, and she wondered if Daniel had managed to get some rest the previous night.

Daniel shook his head and said that Melanie had called to ask about the procedure. Maggie optimistically stated that there was still a chance that the procedure could work, theorizing that Daniel might be the first person to experience a delayed reaction to the treatment. Daniel refused to believe that, explaining that he couldn't cling to false hopes. Frustrated, Maggie wondered what Daniel was going to do next.

Daniel admitted that he wasn't sure. Maggie encouraged Daniel to return to work, but he insisted that he couldn't face Jennifer yet. Daniel could tell that Jennifer pitied him, and he confidently stated that getting back together with her was no longer an option. Daniel considered leaving Salem for a while, and Maggie wondered if he would like to go to a deserted island.

"The Horton cabin on Smith Island -- we store all the emergency medical supplies for the lake islands out there. They need to be updated, um...expired medications replaced -- you know, things like that," Maggie explained. Maggie added that no one would be able to contact Daniel while he was at the cabin, which was enough to convince him to accept the offer.

Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was surprised to see Nicole. After asking Maggie to deliver the envelope to Justin, Nicole wondered if she could talk to Maggie. Maggie claimed that she was late for a meeting, but Nicole promised to make the conversation brief, adding that she wanted to make amends. Maggie sighed and muttered that Nicole had conveniently uttered the magic word.

As Nicole started to apologize, the Kiriakis house phone started to ring. Maggie excused herself so that she could answer the phone, dismissively stating that she had gotten the gist of Nicole's apology. Maggie urged Nicole to show herself out. "Through the doggy door," Nicole dryly muttered as Maggie walked away. As Nicole started to leave, she overheard Maggie's end of the phone conversation.

"Hi, Hope. Oh, Daniel has come to the rescue. He's gonna be taking the medical supplies out to Smith Island today. Listen, is there any food in the cabin? Uh-huh. Okay, well, I'll tell him. Oh, no -- he actually was happy to have a couple of days all to himself," Maggie said. Intrigued, Nicole quietly exited the mansion and sent a text message to Eric, explaining that she would be staying with a sick friend that night.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Daniel informed Maxine that he had decided to take a vacation, and he handed her a stack of files to give to the doctor who would be handling his patients. As Daniel started to leave, he ran into Jennifer. Maxine told Daniel to enjoy his vacation, and Jennifer said that she was pleased that she had managed to find Daniel before he had left Salem.

Noting Jennifer's appearance, Daniel wondered if she was all right. Jennifer shook her head, but she didn't bother to elaborate. Jennifer tried to assure Daniel that she didn't pity him, but he abruptly walked away, refusing to listen to her. Later, Jennifer found Maxine, who noted that Jennifer looked horrible. Determined to locate Daniel, Jennifer relentlessly pestered Maxine, who eventually revealed that he had gone to the Horton cabin.

At the Horton cabin, Daniel sadly recalled some of his past surgical feats as he unpacked the medical supplies. Someone knocked on the front door. When Daniel opened the door, he was surprised to find Nicole standing outside. Daniel insisted that he wanted to be left alone, but Nicole refused to leave, stressing that he wasn't alone. Nicole promised that she wouldn't bother Daniel.

As Daniel continued to protest, he and Nicole heard a loud crash. Daniel looked out the window and realized that a large tree branch had landed on the generator. Daniel excused himself so that he could remove the branch. After Daniel left, Nicole beamed with delight. Later, after building a fire, Nicole heard someone knocking on the door. Nicole laughed, assuming that Daniel had locked himself out.

When Nicole opened the door, she found herself staring at Jennifer, and the two women shook their heads in disbelief. Nicole chastised Jennifer for encouraging Daniel to participate in the clinical trial. Nicole urged Jennifer to leave, adding that Daniel didn't want to talk to Jennifer.

Jennifer insisted that Nicole had no right to speak for Daniel. "He can't stand to look at your face! That's what he told me not five minutes ago. God, Jennifer, believe me -- I don't like being mean to you, but you need to take a hint. Daniel hates you, so do yourself a favor and go," Nicole urged Jennifer.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen admitted that she had always had a plan, but she added that a curve ball had foiled her original scheme. E.J. noted that Kristen didn't seem very upset about the curve ball. "Because it's so much better than anything I had in mind, and it's about to come to a head in the most perfect way. I mean, it's just so beautiful, I could cry," Kristen gleefully stated.

E.J. thanked Kristen for her cryptic, unhelpful answers. "Sorry, 'Eej' -- I just don't want to jinx it," Kristen said with a shrug. E.J. wondered if Kristen's plan involved John. Kristen vaguely stated that her scheme involved John, adding that he was not the main objective. Kristen stressed that she was no longer interested in John, and she predicted that everyone would soon realize that.

E.J. seemed skeptical, but before he could continue to question Kristen, she quickly changed the subject, insisting that she was done talking about herself. Kristen urged E.J. to finish telling her about his relationship with Sami, but E.J. admitted that he had already given Kristen a complete report of his progress. E.J. wished that Rafe would stop interfering, and he suggested that Kristen might be able to help with that request.

"Oh, come on -- you're not suggesting that I pursue the detective?" Kristen asked incredulously. E.J. tried to act coy, but Kristen wasn't fooled, and she laughed as she mockingly summarized that he simply wanted someone to distract Rafe. "It's so lame, I can't believe you actually attempted it. You're perfectly capable of getting back with Sami on your own, and besides, my plate -- incredibly full right now," Kristen added.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena sighed and reluctantly revealed that she needed to tell John something about Brady. Marlena tried to continue, but John interrupted and assured her that there was no need to talk about Brady. John said that he was glad that Brady no longer viewed Kristen as a threat. John added that he didn't want Brady to get involved in the drama that surrounded Kristen.

Marlena protested that Brady was already involved. Before Marlena could continue, Brady interrupted, surprising her with a kiss on the cheek. Brady had heard Marlena mention his name, and he urged her to finish her statement. Meanwhile, John received a phone call, and he excused himself, noting that it was a business call. After John left, Brady observed that Marlena seemed distracted, and he wondered if everything was all right.

Brady guessed that Marlena had told John about her earlier fight with Kristen. Marlena shook her head and changed the subject, asking about Brady. Brady happily stated that life was great. Marlena winced when she heard the enthusiasm in Brady's voice, and he quickly realized that she might have been referring to his recent head injury.

Brady assured Marlena that he felt fine, adding that he would be meeting with a doctor later that day to make sure that everything was all right. Before Marlena could respond, John returned, and he and Brady started to talk about the business call that John had received. Marlena squirmed in her chair as she listened to the conversation, clearly uncomfortable.

Marlena started to excuse herself, but John stopped her and promised to end the business discussion. Marlena vaguely stated that she was late for something, and she quickly walked away. After Marlena left, Brady apologized for interrupting John and Marlena's conversation. John shrugged and assured Brady that there was no need to apologize.

"This one's on me. Kristen and I had another incident, and Doc misunderstood. It's totally innocent, but whenever Marlena hears that Kristen and I touched each other for any reason whatsoever, she's not happy about it. You know, we just agreed not to talk about Kristen anymore, and then this thing happens, but, you know, it'll all blow over," John said. Brady stressed that it might be best for John to completely avoid Kristen.

John's admission that he had recently touched Kristen seemed to bother Brady, who abruptly excused himself, claiming that he needed to run an errand for Victor. After moving a safe distance away from John, Brady grabbed his phone and started to call Kristen.

Back in Kristen's hotel room, Kristen stared at her phone expectantly. When the phone started to ring, she quickly ushered E.J. out of the room, refusing to tell him who was calling her. After E.J. left, Kristen greeted Brady, who announced that he had been unable to stop thinking about her. Brady informed Kristen that he was planning to return to her hotel room after his business meeting.

Kristen pointed out that Brady needed to be careful. Brady insisted that John and Marlena weren't going to find out about his relationship with Kristen. Brady said that he had just talked to Marlena and John, adding that they were too focused on their own lives to notice what was going on in Brady's life.

Confused, Kristen wondered if Brady was sure that John and Marlena had not suspected anything. Brady assured Kristen that he possessed a very good poker face. After ending the call, Kristen sighed impatiently. "Why didn't Marlena tell John? This was the perfect setup. I'm not gonna let that bitch screw things up for me," Kristen muttered as she exited the room.

Meanwhile, back at the town square, Brady smiled as he thought about Kristen. Maggie interrupted Brady's thoughts, noting that she was pleased to see a smile on his face. "You look more alive than I've seen you in ages," Maggie observed. Brady shrugged and admitted that he was very happy, adding that he felt like his life was starting to turn around.

Maggie hoped that the thing that was turning Brady's life around was legal. Brady laughed and assured Maggie that it was legal, adding that it wasn't just one thing that was turning his life around. Brady vaguely stated that he had received a few surprises recently. Maggie was still concerned, and she advised Brady to be careful about letting his guard down. Brady dismissed Maggie's concerns, insisting that he was fine.

Elsewhere, E.J. ran into Eric. After a brief conversation about the recent donation that the DiMeras had made to the church, Eric said that he was hoping that he would be able to get along with Kristen, despite the tension between their two families. E.J. smiled and assured Eric that Kristen wanted the same thing, adding that he was certain that Kristen and Eric would be able to find a way to work together.

Eric started to excused himself, but E.J. stopped him. "Look, Father, I know that this is none of my business, and I don't know you...but I do know Nicole, and I think that you would be very wise to listen to your sister. Nicole does not change -- know that. She may be portraying herself as this humble...penitent person, but that is a façade. She is up to her old tricks -- you will see," E.J. confidently stated.

At the hospital, Marlena was getting a cup of coffee in the waiting area. Marlena realized that Brady wasn't aware that she had seen him in bed with Kristen earlier, and she wondered what Kristen was up to. When Marlena turned to leave the waiting area, she found Kristen standing behind her. Kristen said that she was glad that she had managed to find Marlena, adding that they needed to talk about what had happened earlier.

Ignoring Kristen, Marlena started to walk away. "Marlena! I know you saw us -- Brady and me -- in that private moment. I mean, you looked me right in the eye -- kind of awkward. But I want you to understand that it was just one of those things, you know? It just kind of happened," Kristen innocently stated.

"Shut your lying mouth. Don't pretend that being with Brady was an accident. It didn't just happen -- nothing ever just happens with you. It was a plan, and I'm going to figure out what your plan is, and why you're doing it. Is it because you couldn't have John? Is that why you pulled that stupid lipstick stunt?" Marlena asked, stifling a laugh. Kristen dismissively stated that the paranoia was making her feel uncomfortable.

Kristen pointedly added that, as Marlena had learned years earlier, the heart wanted what the heart wanted. Ignoring Kristen's comments, Marlena wondered if Kristen had decided to settle for Brady after her efforts to seduce John had failed. "You really think so little of Brady? 'Cause I got to tell you, he's amazing -- I mean, amazing," Kristen enthusiastically stated.

After stating that Brady was too fragile to handle Kristen's stunts, Marlena vowed that she was going to end Brady and Kristen's relationship right away. Meanwhile, John entered the waiting area and spotted Marlena and Kristen. Marlena's back was facing John, but Kristen was able to see him.

"Does that mean you're gonna tell John?" Kristen pointedly asked. Before Marlena could respond, John joined her and Kristen, urging them to share their news. Feigning surprise, Kristen groaned when John revealed that he had overheard a portion of her conversation with Marlena.

"Go on -- just get it over with," Kristen encouraged Marlena, sighing defeatedly.

Friday, December 7, 2012

At the hospital, John demanded to know what he'd just overheard Marlena and Kristen arguing about. "Go on. Just get it over with," Kristen told Marlena with feigned defeat. Marlena escorted Kristen and John into her office so that they could talk privately. There, Marlena confessed that she had broken into Kristen's hotel room to try to find some evidence of what Kristen had been up to. Marlena asked for John's forgiveness, and when he didn't believe that she would do something like that, she encouraged him to ask Kristen for confirmation.

Just then, John's cell phone rang with an important conference call, and he reluctantly stepped outside to take it. Once the two women were alone, Kristen demanded to know why Marlena hadn't told John about catching Brady and Kristen together. Marlena calmly stated that Kristen and Brady had to be the ones to tell John about that.

Kristen was irked and incredulous about Marlena's attitude. Marlena pointed out that she owed Kristen a favor for not telling John about finding Marlena in her hotel room. Kristen suspected that Marlena didn't want John to find out about Brady and Kristen, because if the two continued their affair, it would keep Kristen out of John's bed. Refusing to take the bait, Marlena encouraged Kristen to leave, and Kristen was more than happy to oblige.

Outside, Kristen wondered why Marlena hadn't spilled the beans to John. "John has to know everything if this is going to work," Kristen said to herself. She then pulled out her cell phone and started pushing buttons.

At the café in Horton Square, Brady would divulge nothing more to Maggie than that his future looked "interesting." Maggie asked if what Brady obviously found so interesting was a romance. Brady replied that it was too new for him to answer that. Maggie gently asked if Brady were having a hard time defining whatever it was because it was too soon after Madison's death. Brady admitted that the thought had crossed his mind, but Maggie reassured him that Madison would not have wanted him to be alone.

Brady seemed hesitant, but Maggie reminded him that she, too, had felt like she'd been betraying Mickey when she'd had to move on after his death -- but she'd managed to deal with it by persuading herself that Mickey would have wanted her to be happy and loved. She added that Brady didn't need to rush into anything. Brady reluctantly pointed out that his hesitation was also because things were more complicated than his guilt about betraying Madison.

Maggie assured Brady that he didn't have to talk about anything until he was ready, but encouraged him to call her if he ever needed to talk. The two parted with a warm hug. Almost the instant that Maggie had walked away, Brady got a text message from Kristen and then headed off in the direction of her hotel.

Brady was stunned when he knocked on Kristen's door and she answered it wearing only a skimpy negligée. Grabbing him by the lapels, she yanked him into the room. After they'd had sex, Brady breathlessly admitted, "God, Kristen, this is not was I was expecting when you sent me that text." Giggling, Kristen confessed, "I know, it was kind of impulsive -- but I kind of felt like I just needed you."

Brady confided that he'd just been thinking about how complicated the situation was, but he reassured Kristen that he could handle complicated -- and he thought she probably could, too. He added that although he'd like to stay there all day, he was supposed to meet John and Marlena for lunch. Kristen declared that she didn't like that she was turning Brady into a liar with his family -- and she suggested that maybe he should tell his dad the truth. She firmly assured him that she could handle the fallout if he felt like he needed to do that.

Brady maintained that it was best to keep their relationship a secret for the time being, because John and Marlena might just see it as another attack -- and Brady didn't want to give the Blacks another reason to put Kristen through hell. Although clearly perturbed, Kristen appeared to go along with Brady's plan.

Kristen unleashed her fury the minute Brady had left. "Since when has anybody in this stupid town been able to keep a secret?" she demanded of the walls. Irate, Kristen hurled her shoes across the room and pondered her next move. She wondered how she could let John know about her and Brady without outright revealing it. She began to devise a plan that apparently involved keeping John in the dark just a little while longer. "That will make the moment when he does find out the truth just that much sweeter," Kristen told herself.

After John's conference call was finished, he and Marlena went to Horton Square. Marlena finished the story about how Brady had walked in after she'd broken into Kristen's room; he had managed to defuse the situation. John was peeved that Marlena and Brady had decided to keep him in the dark. Marlena admitted that she had felt "desperate and alone" and like she'd been the only person who believed that Kristen had an agenda -- so she'd gone looking for proof.

Marlena added that she had found no such proof, so she was not going to worry about Kristen or her plans any longer. John assured Marlena that she didn't have to make promises just because she thought that was what he wanted to hear. Marlena vowed that she believed it, too, if John truly believed that Kristen had no agenda. She hoped that the two of them could move past the shock of Kristen moving back to Salem.

Sami tiptoed into Eric's office at the rectory while Eric instructed Ciara in preparation for her first communion. When they were finished, a beaming Sami praised Ciara. After giving Sami a hug, Ciara asked why Sami wasn't a nun if she and Eric were twins. Eric explained that some people felt a calling to serve the church while others did not. Sami added that although she respected people who wanted to serve God, she didn't feel that calling. Ciara then trotted off to light a candle in the chapel with Sister Margaret's help.

As soon as the siblings were alone, Sami confessed to Eric that she owed him an apology about Nicole. Eric admitted that they'd both said some things they regretted. Sami stated sincerely that she was sorry for the things she'd said about his judgment and her implication that Nicole was taking advantage of him. Eric expressed his appreciation for Sami's words. Sami said that she had seen that Eric had a real gift for helping people, and she could see how happy and fulfilled it made him. She added that it made her very happy for him, and she really admired him.

Eric interrupted his sister's gushing to reassure her that he was still human. Sami admitted that although she was very proud of Eric, she didn't exactly understand his calling. They took their conversation to Common Grounds, where Sami admitted that she felt very conflicted about Eric's becoming a priest, because she couldn't imagine her life without a partner or children -- and she wanted that for him, as well. Eric completely understood but reassured her that he was happy with the choices he'd made.

Sami asked if Eric would be okay when other people were shocked with his decision. Eric asserted that he was completely secure with who he was because he was completely committed to his life as a priest. He assured his sister that he really was the same person he'd always been; he'd just needed to connect more with his faith and serve it better.

Eric referenced the unspeakable things he'd seen while in the Congo and how his faith had helped him to understand people and the world better. Her brow furrowed with concern, Sami asked if things had really been that horrible in Africa. "There are things that I just can't get away from," Eric confided.

Sami wanted to know more, but Maggie's entrance interrupted them before Eric could divulge more. Eric greeted Maggie with a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. Maggie declared that Salem and St. Luke's were very lucky to have Eric, and she was interested in hearing his plans for the new school. Eric promised that he would fill Maggie in later, as well as continue his conversation with Sami, but he was on his way to have lunch with John and Marlena. He kissed both women goodbye and left.

Maggie noted that Sami had to be very glad to have her brother back. Grinning with pride, Sami admitted that she was -- but while he was exactly the same in some ways, he was totally different in other ways. Sami and Maggie seemed to agree that it had been a bad idea for Eric to hire Nicole to work as the church secretary.

Brady and Eric soon joined John and Marlena in Horton Square for lunch. Before everyone began to eat, Marlena asked Eric to say grace. The family joined hands around the table as Eric began the prayer.

While Daniel was outside at the Horton cabin, unaware of Jennifer's presence, Nicole firmly insisted to Jennifer, "He can't stand to look at your face... Daniel hates you, so just do yourself a favor and go." An obviously upset and sick Jennifer accused Nicole of lying when she'd apologized. Nicole was concerned for Jennifer, but all Jennifer wanted to do was talk to Daniel. Daniel returned from outside in the middle of the women's argument. "Jennifer, what are you doing here?" he demanded, the displeasure obvious in his voice.

Jennifer apologized for showing up unannounced, but explained that too many things had been left unsaid between them that they needed to deal with. Nicole tried to intervene, but Daniel asked her to give him and Jennifer a few minutes alone so they could find some sort of closure. Nicole reluctantly grabbed her coat and stepped outside, but she stopped right outside the door to eavesdrop.

Daniel angrily demanded to know if Jennifer understood why he was at the cabin in the first place. An adamant Jennifer reminded him that before his treatment, she had promised to be there for Daniel no matter how it had turned out. Daniel insisted that he was fine and didn't need Jennifer's pity. He pointed out that Jennifer was obviously not well and should be home resting. Jennifer argued that she was only trying to tell him that he didn't have to face things alone.

Daniel reminded Jennifer that he wasn't alone, because Nicole was there. Jennifer demanded to know why Nicole was really there. Daniel spat that what Jennifer was trying to do was only making things worse. "If you think that I'm going to let you shut out the world like you did last time, I am not! Because you need your friends to help you through this!" Jennifer shouted. Daniel asserted that he didn't need Jennifer's help and that she had no reason to feel guilty -- and if she really wanted to make him feel better, she should just go away.

Jennifer refused to believe that Daniel meant that, so he grabbed her by the face and tried to force her to look him in the eyes -- and discovered that she was burning up with fever. Jennifer pulled away and doubled over in pain, but insisted that she was fine. Daniel grabbed her and asked what else she was feeling. Suddenly Jennifer's eyes closed, and she collapsed against Daniel.

Daniel shouted for Nicole, who immediately dashed inside and found that Daniel had placed Jennifer on the sofa. While he tried to revive Jennifer, Daniel explained that she had passed out, and he needed Nicole's help. He declared that Jennifer's appendix was about to burst, and they needed to get her to a hospital right away. Outside, the ferry's horn blew. "That's the ferry -- it's leaving," Nicole noted. "No! It can't! She needs to be in a hospital -- now!" Daniel declared firmly.

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