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Daniel learned that the treatment for his hand tremors had worked, and he returned to the surgical rotation at the hospital. Jennifer told Daniel that she loved him, but didn't remember what she had said until she was home. Chad told Sonny that Gabi had been involved in Melanie's kidnapping. Will was increasingly uneasy about the arrangement he had made with Gabi and Nick. John almost caught Brady and Kristen making love.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 10, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, December 10, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton cabin, Daniel told Nicole to stop the ferry. After Nicole left, Daniel gave Jennifer some pain medication, noting that she was lucky that he had gone to the cabin to restock the island's emergency medical supplies. Daniel assured Jennifer that removing her appendix would be a simple procedure, adding that it would only take a few days for her to recover from the surgery.

Nicole returned and breathlessly informed Daniel that she had been unable to stop the ferry. Nicole reminded Daniel that the next ferry would arrive four hours later. Daniel rummaged through the bag of medical supplies as he muttered that Jennifer's appendix needed to be removed right away. Daniel was pleased to learn that the bag contained most of the supplies that would be needed to perform the surgery.

"Uh, yeah -- everything but an anesthesiologist, a nurse, an operating room, a surgeon. Daniel, your hands -- you -- you can't," Nicole pointed out. Noting that Jennifer's condition could be fatal, Daniel insisted that he had no other option. With trembling hands, Daniel administered an additional dose of medication to Jennifer. After grabbing some clean sheets and towels, Nicole agreed to sterilize the medical equipment for Daniel.

Daniel quickly prepared Jennifer for the surgery, and Nicole nervously handed him the scalpel. A short time later, Nicole was shocked to realize that Daniel had successfully completed the surgery. "Daniel, I'm no doctor, okay, but your hands, the incision, and the sutures -- they were perfectly straight. How -- how did you do that?" Nicole wondered.

Ignoring the question, Daniel noted that Jennifer was going to need some antibiotics. Nicole offered to retrieve the medication, which was in a cooler outside, so that Daniel could get some rest. After Nicole left, Jennifer started to regain consciousness, and she groggily thanked Daniel for performing the surgery. Wincing in pain, Jennifer wondered why her body was still aching.

Daniel wondered which part of Jennifer's body was aching. Jennifer claimed that her heart was aching, but Daniel insisted that he hadn't gone near her heart. "Yes, you did, and you know what my heart says? What I feel for you...and it's not what you think -- it's not pity, Daniel. It's love. I love you, Daniel," Jennifer groggily stated.

At Common Grounds, Hope overheard Sami and Rafe talking about Nick and Gabi's wedding. Ignoring Rafe's advice to talk to Nick, Hope noted that the engagement seemed sudden. "They just started dating. And Nick's still on parole, for God's sake. And what about Gabi? She's so young. How many real boyfriends has she actually -- uh-oh," Hope said, as she realized why Nick and Gabi had suddenly decided to get married.

Rafe sighed and uncomfortably reiterated that Hope needed to talk to Nick. "Yes, I will be talking to Nick. Uh, just so you know, Nick's past is in his past. He has a huge heart, and I'm sure he'll take very good care of your baby sister," Hope said, and she abruptly excused herself. After Hope left, Sami groaned and muttered that she shouldn't have opened her big mouth.

Rafe pointed out that everyone would have eventually learned the truth anyway, and he added that Nick had probably not been looking forward to telling Hope. Sami guessed that Nick had also neglected to tell Jessica, who was at the top of Sami's contact list. Rafe wondered what Sami was talking about. Sami retrieved a folder from her purse and showed it to Rafe. The folder contained all of Sami's plans for the wedding.

Rafe insisted that he had never intended to make Sami feel like she needed to plan the wedding herself. Sami shrugged and pointed out that someone would need to plan the wedding, adding that she would be happy to accept that responsibility. Rafe smiled as he realized that Sami had asked him to meet her at the coffeehouse so that he could offer his assistance.

Sami was determined to give Gabi the perfect wedding, and she pointed out that Rafe knew Gabi better than anyone else did. Rafe agreed, noting that he wished that Arianna could help Sami and Gabi plan the wedding instead. Sami asked Rafe to go to St. Luke's to talk to Father Tobias about the wedding, and she excused herself so that she could meet with Gabi to finalize some of the other details.

Rafe thanked Sami for doing everything that she could possibly do to make the day special for Gabi. "I'm happy to do it...for Gabi. I mean, I may not be good at the whole marriage thing, but, um, you know, I like a beautiful wedding as much as the next person -- probably more," Sami said. Sami asked Rafe to call her later, quickly adding that they needed to have some additional conversations about the wedding.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Gabi wondered if Nick was certain that he would be able to raise Will's child as his own. Nick assured Gabi that he wasn't having second thoughts. Nick added that his only regret was that he had made it seem like he had only proposed to Gabi for the baby's sake. Nick knelt beside Gabi, stating that there was something that he had always wanted to do.

"Gabriella Josephina Hernandez, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" Nick asked Gabi, who happily accepted his proposal. Nick had been unable to afford a ring, so he presented Gabi with a necklace instead. A black object was hanging off of the necklace, and Gabi wondered what it was.

"It's carbon, and the deal is...carbon's the building block of everything. And at the right temperature, and with the right conditions, and after enough time, carbon becomes a diamond," Nick explained. Nick promised that he would eventually purchase a real ring for Gabi, but she insisted that the necklace was perfect and special, just like Nick. Meanwhile, Hope knocked on the door and wondered if Gabi knew where Nick was.

Gabi opened the door, and Nick asked if everything was all right. Hope explained that she had heard the news, and she wondered when Nick had been planning to tell her. Gabi excused herself so that Hope and Nick could have some privacy. After Gabi left, Nick apologized to Hope, claiming that he had been planning to tell Maggie about the engagement later that day.

Nick had assumed that after he had told Maggie the news, the word would have quickly spread to the rest of the family. Hope dryly assured Nick that the news had quickly spread. As Hope started to point out that the engagement seemed sudden, Nick blurted out that Gabi was pregnant. Hope wondered how far along Gabi was, and Nick stammered out a response, claiming that Gabi was five or six weeks pregnant.

Nick quickly changed the subject, stating that he had been in love with Gabi from the moment that he had first met her. Nick hoped that his family would be as happy about the wedding and pregnancy as he and Gabi were. Hope forced a smile, and Nick assured her that he wasn't going to mess up his life again. Nick added that being a husband and father was what he had always wanted.

Hope nodded, and Nick wondered if she would be willing to give him her blessing. Hope hugged Nick and assured him that she would support his decision, but it was obvious that she still had some reservations about the situation.

In the main section of the pub, Johnny and E.J. greeted Caroline. Caroline told Johnny that one of the pub employees, Eddie, was baking cookies in the kitchen, and he rushed off to help Eddie taste the cookies. After Johnny left, E.J. welcomed Caroline back to Salem. Caroline thanked E.J. and invited him to join her at a nearby table. E.J. noted that Sami had told him that Caroline had not lost her feisty personality.

Caroline shrugged and said that she intended to take advantage of the second chance that she had been given. Caroline recalled that her mother had always said that hard work was rewarded with good fortune. Caroline randomly asked about Stefano, and E.J. wondered what had prompted the question. Caroline replied that she could tell that E.J. was thinking about Stefano.

Confirming Caroline's suspicion, E.J. wondered how she could have known that. Caroline explained that, while Stefano had recently cheated death again, he was also getting older, and no one was immortal -- not even Stefano DiMera. Caroline added that she had realized that it was wrong to hold grudges. E.J. conceded that most of the people in Salem had very good reasons for holding grudges against Stefano.

Caroline shrugged and said that Stefano was still E.J.'s father. Caroline told E.J. that their love for their respective children was something that they had in common with each other. Seemingly uncomfortable, E.J. abruptly changed the subject, informing Caroline that he and Sami had recently started working together at Countess Wilhelmina. The news surprised Caroline, and E.J. assumed that she disapproved.

"You know, my memory is not what it was, but the past is as vivid as ever, and the mistakes that I made. Some people say Sami takes after me. Maybe they're right, because I loved Shawn, and I loved Victor. And Sami loves Rafe...and you," Caroline said. Caroline added that Victor had seemingly managed to turn his life around, and she suggested that E.J. might eventually be able to do the same.

Later, after E.J. and Johnny left, Gabi told Caroline about the wedding and pregnancy. Gabi admitted that she was worried about disappointing her family, and she added that she considered Caroline to be a part of that family. After returning the sentiment, Caroline said that she had always believed that a baby was a blessing under any circumstances.

Noting that Gabi had mentioned that she didn't want to disappoint her family, Caroline wondered if Rafe had said something to Gabi. Gabi revealed that Rafe had been surprisingly understanding, adding that she was lucky to have him as a big brother. Meanwhile, Sami entered the pub and announced that she was going to help Gabi plan the wedding. Gabi started to protest, but Sami warned that it would be futile to do so.

Before Gabi could respond, Nick approached the group. Gabi informed Nick that Sami had just offered to plan the wedding. Gabi attempted to protest again, but Sami refused to listen, insisting that she would be happy to help Gabi. Gabi happily accepted Sami's offer, and they started to discuss the bridal party.

At the Horton Town Square, Sonny greeted Will, who was watching someone who had dressed up as Santa to raise donations for a local charity organization. "Thinking about what you're gonna ask Santa for Christmas this year?" Sonny asked. Will smiled and said that he had already received everything that he had wished for.

Sonny started to apologize for pressuring Will to reveal Gabi's secret, but Will insisted that there was no reason for Sonny to apologize. Noting that Will was shivering, Sonny wrapped a scarf around Will's neck and offered Will a free cup of coffee. Will joked that he didn't want to take advantage of Sonny's coffeehouse connections.

"You'll get your turn. I just figure what's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine -- the hang-ups, the bad habits, the secrets...all of it," Sonny replied. As Will and Sonny walked over to the nearby couch, Will recalled that he had stood in the town square approximately one year earlier and watched, hung over and miserable, as everyone else had sung Christmas carols and kissed under the mistletoe.

Sonny was sorry to hear that Will had spent the previous Christmas feeling miserable, but Will happily reported that he no longer felt that way. Will added that, while he was feeling the Christmas spirit again, he didn't think that it would really feel like Christmas until it started snowing in Salem. Sonny recalled a Christmas that he had spent in Dubai, where the extremely hot temperatures had never deterred people from singing Christmas carols.

"You know, um, one time, Aunt Carrie and Uncle Austin took me to the European markets for Christmas. It was so cool, so...I remember thinking that I would go back with somebody I love. Interested?" Will asked with a nervous laugh. Sonny smiled and said that he couldn't wait to visit the European markets with Will. Noting that something seemed to be bothering Sonny, Will encouraged Sonny to voice his concern.

Sonny shrugged and explained that he had been thinking about Nick and Gabi, who would never be able to make similar plans to travel the world because they were going to be tied down with a baby for the rest of their lives. "It's not that bad...if you're forty. I mean, don't get me wrong -- like, I would love to have a family someday. I really do, but I just -- I just don't want to think about it for a long, long time," Sonny added.

Before Will could respond, Chad interrupted and wondered what Sonny was talking about. Ignoring Chad, Will and Sonny started to walk away, and Chad realized that they had been talking about Gabi. Referring to Gabi as a crazy bitch, Chad wondered why Sonny had failed to warn Will to stay away from her. Will turned to face Chad, prepared to defend Gabi, but Sonny stopped Will.

Sonny urged Chad to consider the possibility that he could be wrong about Gabi. Will insisted that Chad was wrong about Gabi. Chad countered that Sonny needed to find out why Will was being protective of Gabi, adding that it seemed like Will was hiding something. Will confirmed that Chad didn't know the whole story, and he said that it wouldn't be appropriate for him or Sonny to share Gabi's secret with Chad.

"Whatever. I know Gabi, and I know whatever her story is, there's gonna be some guy in it who's not gonna have a very happy ending," Chad said with a shrug. Sonny suggested that Chad might change his mind after the truth was revealed, and Chad dismissively agreed. Will kissed Sonny and abruptly excused himself, promising to talk to Sonny later that day.

After Will left, Chad shook his head and muttered that Gabi had really managed to fool Will. Sonny started to walk away, impatiently stating that he was sick of hearing Chad complain about Gabi. Chad followed Sonny, insisting that Sonny only felt that way because he didn't know what Chad knew about Gabi.

"For God's sake, Chad, then why don't you tell me? You know what I think? I think you're so bitter over losing Melanie that you're looking for someone to blame...besides the guy in the mirror," Sonny theorized. Chad scoffed and insisted that Sonny didn't know what he was talking about. "You know what? I don't care. I am tired of hearing Gabi's name come out of your mouth. I don't want to hear it again," Sonny firmly stated.

Elsewhere, Johnny spotted Rafe and rushed over to hug him. As E.J. approached Johnny and Rafe, Johnny asked for Rafe's permission to talk to the nearby Santa. Rafe glanced at E.J. before shrugging and confirming that Johnny could talk to Santa, and he and E.J. each gave Johnny some money to donate to the local charity organization.

After Johnny left, Rafe guessed that E.J. had probably given Johnny one hundred dollars. E.J. clarified that he had only given Johnny five dollars, and he claimed that he didn't consider Rafe's relationship with Johnny to be a threat. Rafe laughed, theorizing that E.J. only felt that way because Rafe was no longer with Sami. E.J. insisted that his relationship with Sami was nothing more than a business relationship.

Meanwhile, Will approached Rafe and E.J., but when he noticed that they were standing in his path, he abruptly turned and walked in the opposite direction. Will spotted Johnny, who was talking to Santa. Will paused to listen to Johnny and Santa's conversation. Johnny admitted that he was worried about his little sister, who really wanted a stroller for her doll. Santa wondered why Johnny was worried.

"We sleep in a lot of different places...with a lot of different chimneys. How will you know where to bring it?" Johnny asked. Silently recalling an earlier conversation with Gabi, Will smiled sadly as he thought about his desire to give his child a stable life. Without saying anything to Johnny, Will quietly walked away.

Back at the Brady Pub, Sami helped Gabi choose her maid of honor and flower girl -- Abigail and Allie, respectively. Sami asked Nick to choose a best man, and he replied that his best friend was still in prison. Sami started to laugh, but she quickly realized that Nick was being serious. As Sami scrambled to think of a solution, Caroline heard someone enter the pub. "Nick, here's your best man now," Caroline happily announced, gesturing to Will, who stared at the group in stunned silence.

At Common Grounds, Chad took a seat at the bar and said that he needed to talk to Sonny about Gabi. Sonny started to protest, but Chad interrupted him. "Look, you think I'm picking on some poor, innocent little girl here. I'm gonna tell you exactly what she did, and when I'm done, I promise you -- you are going to hate her as much as I do," Chad assured Sonny.

Chad said that he was sick of being treated like the bad guy. Chad pointed out that he was Sonny's friend and business partner, and he added that Sonny had chosen to take Gabi's side simply because Will had told Sonny to do so. Sonny started to state that he hadn't taken anyone's side, but Chad interrupted him. Chad stressed that the information that he was about to reveal needed to stay between him and Sonny, and Sonny hesitantly agreed.

"Now, when I say that Gabi's an evil bitch, that is a huge understatement. Gabi is responsible for Melanie being kidnapped," Chad quietly revealed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At the Horton house, Maggie stopped by to talk to Jennifer, but found Abigail instead. Maggie confided that she was upset with herself for how she had talked to Jennifer. Maggie expressed a desire to apologize to Jennifer, and she asked Abigail where she could find Jennifer. Abigail told Maggie that Jennifer had left for the Horton cabin. Upset, Maggie noted that she had sent Daniel to the cabin to be alone.

"The last thing that Daniel needs right now is your mother," Maggie said. Abigail told Maggie that Jennifer was upset about Daniel's test results. Maggie said she understood how upset Jennifer was but that Jennifer was making a bad situation worse by pushing Daniel.

In the Horton cabin, a groggy Jennifer awoke after her appendectomy. Jennifer told Daniel that she loved him. Daniel told Jennifer that she was confused from the drugs, but Jennifer disagreed. Nicole returned to the cabin and overheard Jennifer and Daniel say that they loved one another. Fighting tears, Nicole announced her presence and gave the antibiotics to Daniel.

As Daniel administered the antibiotics to a dozing Jennifer, Nicole complimented Daniel on the emergency surgery he had performed. Smiling, Nicole noted that Daniel's hands had remained steady throughout the surgery and that they were still steady. Nicole noted that the treatment for Daniel's tremors appeared to have worked. Daniel was pleased that the treatment seemed to have worked, but he noted that his top priority was Jennifer's health and safety. The whistle of the ferry blew, and Daniel headed down to the dock to talk to the captain.

At St. Luke's, Rafe talked to Eric about Gabi's wedding. Rafe scheduled a meeting between Eric, Nick, and Gabi to discuss the wedding plans. After talking to Rafe, Eric went to the hospital and said hello to Kayla. As they hugged, Daniel and the paramedics wheeled Jennifer in on a gurney. Daniel informed Kayla that he had completed an appendectomy on Jennifer at the Horton cabin.

Once Jennifer was wheeled into an exam room, Kayla checked Jennifer's vitals and examined the stitches from the surgery. When Kayla asked how Daniel had stitched Jennifer up so perfectly, a smiling Daniel informed Kayla that his hands were rock steady, thanks to the treatment he had received.

While Daniel and Kayla examined Jennifer, Eric and Nicole talked in the hallway about what had happened. Nicole apologized to Eric for the lie she had told him about visiting a sick friend. As Nicole fixed a cup of coffee, Nicole explained that she had followed Daniel out to the cabin to talk to him and that Jennifer had arrived on the island after her.

Nicole noted that she had made a mistake in going to the cabin to see Daniel. When Eric asked about Jennifer, Nicole informed him that Daniel had saved Jennifer's life and that Daniel and Jennifer had a strong bond with one another.

Abigail rushed into her mother's hospital room to check on her. When Abigail noted that she was terrified to lose Jennifer like she had lost Jack, Jennifer told Abigail that she loved her and that she would not leave her. Jennifer told Abigail about the surgery at the cabin. When Abigail asked Jennifer if she had made up with Daniel, Jennifer told Abigail that she believed he had forgiven her.

In the waiting area, Maggie asked Daniel how he had operated on Jennifer with his hand tremors. Daniel informed Maggie that his tremors had stopped. "I never would have had that treatment if it wasn't for Jennifer, and if I hadn't had the treatment, who knows what would have happened to her," Daniel said. Daniel added that Jennifer had saved his life after he lost Parker and then had saved his medical career by pushing him to have the treatment.

After talking to Maggie, Daniel went to the lounge and talked to Nicole. Daniel informed Nicole that Jennifer would make a full recovery. Smiling, Daniel noted that Nicole had made an excellent scrub nurse during the surgery. Wiping away tears, Nicole told Daniel how happy she was that his tremors had disappeared and that he would be reunited with the woman that he loved.

Nicole admitted that she had known deep down that Daniel did not love her. Sighing, Nicole added that she had gone to the island as a last-ditch effort to see how Daniel felt about her. Nicole told Daniel that she had overheard Daniel and Jennifer say that they loved one another. "I hope you two can make it work," Nicole said. Nicole told Daniel that he deserved to be happy, and crying, she left the room.

Maggie visited Jennifer in her hospital room and told her how thrilled she was that Jennifer had pulled through her surgery. Maggie apologized for yelling at Jennifer about Daniel. Shaking her head, Jennifer noted that Maggie had been right to protect her son. As Jennifer lamented Daniel's failed treatment, Maggie interrupted to inform her that Daniel's tremors had disappeared.

"You were right all along, and I'll never be able to repay you," Maggie said as she fought tears. After Maggie left, Daniel entered Jennifer's room to check on her. Jennifer thanked him for saving her life. Smiling, Jennifer told Daniel how happy she was to hear about his hands. Daniel leaned in and kissed Jennifer's cheek.

"And what you have done for me, it was a Christmas miracle, Jen. Because you have given me my whole life back," Daniel whispered. "No I didn't. I was just returning the favor," Jennifer responded.

In the pub, Sami and Caroline talked to Nick and Gabi about their wedding plans. When Sami asked Nick who his best man was, Nick shrugged and noted that his friends were in prison. Caroline spotted Will entering the pub, and she exclaimed that Will should be Nick's best man. Excited, Sami leaped from her seat and greeted her son. Sami asked Will if he would agree to be Nick's best man.

When Sami asked Nick if he was opposed to having Will as his best man, Nick remarked that it would be awkward for Gabi's ex-boyfriend to be his best man. Caroline scoffed at Nick's argument. Will and Gabi admitted that they were past the awkwardness and that they were good friends. Smiling, Sami noted that the matter was settled and that Will would be the best man.

Gabi thanked Sami for her help, but explained that she wanted to get married by a justice of the peace. When Sami asked why, Gabi explained that she was worried people would know she was pregnant. Sami argued that Gabi would not be showing before the wedding. Stuttering, Gabi countered that she was not worried about showing, but that she was nervous. Suspicious, Sami asked what Gabi was hiding.

When Caroline reasoned aloud that Gabi was attempting to spare Sami the workload, Sami noted that she was happy to help Gabi with the planning. Sami urged Gabi to enjoy the wedding so that she could concentrate on the baby. Nick agreed with Sami. As Nick and Gabi hugged, Sami whispered to Will that Nick and Gabi's child would be adorable.

After finalizing wedding details, Will crossed the room, and Sami followed him. Sami apologized to Will for being insensitive to his feelings. Will said that he was fine, then he left. Gabi saw Will leave and remarked to Nick that she was worried about him. Before Gabi could pursue Will, Sami and Caroline returned to the table and informed Nick and Gabi that Caroline wanted to offer the pub for the wedding reception. When Caroline asked for help with the menu, Gabi asked Nick to talk to Caroline about the menu, and she left to find Will.

After chatting with Caroline, Nick sat at the bar and reviewed wedding materials. Rafe entered the pub and informed Nick that he had set up a meeting for Nick and Gabi with Eric at the church. Nick thanked Rafe, and then Nick returned to work. As Rafe stared warily after Nick, Caroline urged Rafe to give Nick a chance because he was a good man. Caroline added that Sami was working tirelessly on the wedding planning and that she believed Sami was doing the work because of Rafe.

When Sami returned from the kitchen, Rafe thanked her for all her hard work in planning the wedding. Sami offered to show Rafe the wedding details, but he politely declined. Smiling, Rafe joked that when it came to wedding details, he trusted Sami. "Unfortunately, not when it matters most," Sami said quietly.

At the coffeehouse, Chad informed Sonny that Gabi was behind Melanie's kidnapping. Sonny accused Chad of lying. Chad swore that Melanie could corroborate his story about Gabi. "She is a lying, manipulative bitch that should be rotting in prison for the rest of her life," Chad said. Chad informed Sonny that he had heard Andrew's dying words to Gabi.

When Sonny argued that Andrew had been an untrustworthy sociopath, Chad countered that Andrew had accused Gabi of hiring him to stalk her. Chad warned Sonny not to believe anything Gabi said because she could not be trusted. Chad informed Sonny that he had failed to inform Melanie about Andrew's confession and that Melanie had not forgiven him for lying to her.

When Sonny asked Chad why he had not turned Gabi in to the police, Chad explained that he had signed a legal document promising not to talk to the police about Gabi in exchange for Nick's promise not to prosecute Chad for assault. When Sonny said how remarkable it was that Nick had protected Gabi, Chad said that it was understandable, since Nick had been alone in prison.

"And now she's pregnant," Sonny said absently. When Chad was surprised by the news, Sonny chastised himself for breaking Gabi's confidence about the baby. Chad accused Gabi of getting pregnant in order to trap Nick into staying with her. Sonny argued that he was certain that Gabi had not planned her pregnancy. When Sonny asked Chad why he had broken his legal agreement not to talk about Gabi, Chad noted that Sonny had a right to know, since Will was tied up in Gabi's life.

Chad asked Sonny to promise not to tell anyone that he had heard about Gabi's actions from him because it could send him to jail. Nodding, Sonny returned to work, and Chad left. Gabi entered the coffeehouse and asked Sonny if he had seen Will. When Gabi asked Sonny to have Will call her, Sonny sighed.

"Why? Do you have another secret you want him to keep for you?" Sonny asked gruffly. Concerned, Gabi asked Sonny what was wrong. Sonny explained that he did not like how Gabi had taken advantage of Will and asked him to lie for her. Gabi apologized for causing any problems between Sonny and Will. Sonny warned Gabi not to hurt Will, or she would have to answer to him.

As Will walked through the town square, Chad approached him and asked about Gabi's pregnancy. When Will's jaw fell open in shock, Chad noted that Sonny had told him by accident. Chad asked Will why Nick had been furious with Gabi after he had learned about the pregnancy. Will explained that the pregnancy was an accident and that it had taken everyone by surprise. Chad asked Will why he was wrapped up in Gabi's drama.

Will explained that he was involved because Gabi had told him about the pregnancy first because they were friends. Will added that Nick was upset because Gabi had told Will the news before him. When Chad nodded, Will asked Chad to leave Gabi alone. Chad agreed.

Chad returned to the coffeehouse, and he looked through the window. Inside, Gabi asked Sonny why he was upset. Sonny informed Gabi that he would be watching her more closely in the future. Stunned, Gabi turned around in a daze and spotted Chad through the window, staring at her.

At St. Luke's, Nicole paced in Eric's office and cried. When Eric returned, he pulled Nicole into his arms and comforted her. "Why does this keep happening to me? Why do I always end up alone?" Nicole cried out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

At St. Luke's, Gabi and Nick were surprised to learn that they would be meeting with Father Eric instead of Father Tobias. Eric entered the office just in time to overhear Gabi mention her pregnancy. Eric acknowledged that he knew from Rafe that Nick and Gabi wanted to get married as soon as possible, and he asked how long the young couple had been together. When the two admitted that they'd met while working at the Brady Pub together, they were taken aback to learn from Eric that Caroline was his grandmother -- and Will was his nephew, because Eric and Sami were twins.

Nick and Gabi were worried that they wouldn't be able to get married in the church if Gabi were pregnant, but Eric assured them that wasn't the case -- but like all couples who married in the Catholic church, they had to go through premarital counseling first. Eric then had to step out to make a phone call, and Gabi and Nick promised that they would attend the counseling sessions.

Sonny met Justin for coffee in Horton Square because he didn't want anyone to overhear what he wanted to ask his dad about Gabi. Sonny informed Justin that Gabi and Nick were getting married because Gabi was pregnant, and Sonny was worried that Gabi was somehow using Will. Sonny confided that he'd learned from Chad that Gabi had been behind Melanie's kidnapping.

Sonny asked if Will could get into legal trouble for not turning Gabi in if he had known about her role in the kidnapping. Justin regretfully informed his son that he couldn't discuss the situation at all -- and ordered Sonny to just let it go and not discuss it with anyone. Sonny admitted that he was just worried about Will, but Justin assured his son that Will would not get into any trouble. Justin then had to leave for a meeting.

At the Brady Pub, Will let Abigail know that Caroline had returned and was bossing everyone around as usual. The two then compared notes about how Abigail was going to be Gabi's maid of honor and Will was to be Nick's best man. Abigail thought it was a bit odd that Gabi and Nick were getting married so quickly just because Gabi was pregnant, but she hoped that everything would work out between Nick and Gabi. She noted that Will seemed a little down, but Will reassured her that everything was all right -- and everything was great between him and Sonny.

Abigail was elated and thrilled for her cousin when she learned that Will and Sonny were in love. Abigail confided that she wasn't sure that she would ever find that, but Will assured her that one day, she would meet the right guy. Will got a call from Sonny just then, so Abigail left to give Will some privacy. When Sonny learned that Will was at the pub, he asked Will to wait there, because he wanted to discuss Gabi.

When Sonny arrived at the pub, he admitted that he had a problem with Will being Nick's best man. Will acknowledged that he did, too, but he'd given Nick his word -- and he wondered why Sonny was so concerned about it. "Because I don't trust Gabi, and I don't think you should, either," Sonny declared. Nick and Gabi returned to the pub just then and greeted Will and Sonny.

Sonny quickly left, but Gabi followed him outside. She demanded to know what was going on, but he refused to talk to her -- but Gabi wouldn't let him leave. Based on Sonny's expression and recent actions, Gabi guessed that Chad had talked to Sonny. Gabi would only admit that Melanie had left town because Chad had beaten Nick up. "Sonny, you weren't there. You don't know what happened. So please -- just back the hell off," Gabi ordered softly.

Inside, Will declared that it was a nightmare that his uncle Eric would be performing Nick and Gabi's wedding ceremony. Nick didn't see it as a problem. "You don't have to stand in front of my uncle and the church and watch another man marry the woman who's carrying your child," Will pointed out. Nick urged Will to calm down, but Will wondered how Gabi felt about having his uncle marry her and Nick. Nick admitted that Gabi had been a little freaked out at first, but she had since calmed down. "You're not going to make trouble for us, are you, Will?" Nick demanded.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady placed a gold bracelet that he'd purchased for Kristen back into the red velvet box from the jeweler. He wrote a card to go with it: "Hope this makes your wrist feel better, and I hope our night together was as memorable for you as it was for me." When Victor walked into the room, Brady secretively stuffed the box and envelope into his jacket pocket.

Victor deduced that Brady had met someone -- and Victor was delighted that Brady seemed to have at least somewhat moved past Madison's death. Victor invited Brady to have coffee at Sonny's coffeehouse, and Brady accepted. While Victor was preoccupied with a phone call, Brady stepped into the foyer to add something to Kristen's card. Victor urgently summoned his grandson back into the parlor, so Brady left the velvet box and the card on the entry table.

Chad was working at Common Grounds when Kristen entered. The siblings acknowledged that they hadn't been in very good contact since Kristen had returned to town. Kristen noted that while she'd been getting to know E.J., she would also like to know Chad better, as well. Chad confided that he wasn't "in a great place."

Kristen asked if he wanted to talk about it, but he declined except to admit that he'd told something that he shouldn't have -- although he believed that the guy he'd told would keep his mouth shut. Kristen pointed out that information could be very powerful -- but one had to be very clear about the desired outcome of using it.

Kristen warned Chad that anger could make it difficult to get on with one's life -- and revenge could take a nasty turn. She advised her little brother that revenge was a dish best served cold -- so that he could get what he ultimately wanted out of it. "Revenge is only truly satisfying when the object of your revenge can't turn it back on you," Kristen cautioned.

Victor and Brady entered Common Grounds just then. Seeing Kristen, Victor mused, "That fruitcake still in town?" Ignoring him, Brady walked up to the counter. Victor asked if Brady were worried about what Kristen had planned for John, but Brady said that he wasn't.

On her way out, Kristen made Chad promise to think about what she'd told him -- and to spend some time with her and E.J. over the holidays. Chad reluctantly agreed, and Kristen threw her arms around him gratefully.

As Kristen left, she and Brady exchanged knowing looks. Victor said something snide about Ms. DiMera, but Brady urged him to let it go -- especially since Brady and John had realized that Kristen had changed her ways. Victor was skeptical. Since Sonny wasn't around, Brady used that as his excuse to leave. As soon as the door closed behind Brady, Victor whipped out his phone. "It's me. I've got to see you right away," he commanded.

Abigail entered and approached Chad at the counter to ask where Sonny was. Chad informed her that Sonny was out, and Chad didn't know when he was returning. Abigail admitted that she just wanted to congratulate Sonny on his happy relationship with Will. Chad asked if Abigail had heard from Melanie, but Abigail hadn't heard from her friend in a while. Chad then invited Abigail to go out sometime.

Before Abigail could answer, Justin entered and demanded to talk to Chad in private. Justin declared that Chad was in violation of the agreement he'd signed. Chad justified his actions by claiming that he'd needed to talk to Sonny, who was his friend and business partner. "He told me. So, what, you want a police record? You want to do some time for deadly assault?" Justin demanded. Chad swore he would never mention it to anyone else, but Justin stated that, like it or not, Chad's fate rested in Sonny's hands.

Chad insisted that he'd only been trying to make Sonny see that Gabi was poison who should be kept away from Will. Chad wondered why Justin had drawn up the agreement in the first place. "I don't know Gabi very well, and I don't give a damn about Nick. I was actually looking out for you. Do the math: Gabi has a clean record and a big brother who's a cop. You, on the other hand, are now a member of the DiMera family," Justin asserted, adding that there were witnesses and photographic evidence as to what Chad had done to Nick.

After Justin stalked out, Abigail returned from the ladies' room and asked if Chad were all right. Chad reiterated his request for Abigail to go out with him. Abigail agreed to think about it.

John visited Marlena at her office at the hospital and asked if whatever had been bothering her still was. Marlena confessed that something had happened that she couldn't ignore regarding Kristen. She began by saying that John and Marlena as a couple had survived by being a team, but the whole thing with Kristen was making her feel very alone. John asked if Marlena thought that Kristen was still after him. "No, not exactly," Marlena hedged.

"Then what's the damn problem?" John demanded lightly. John's assistant called to inform him about some workers on strike at one of their largest manufacturers. When John hung up, he told Marlena that he had to leave to deal with the problem. After John rushed out, Marlena wondered to herself why she hadn't told him about Brady and Kristen, but then admitted aloud that it would destroy both John and Marlena's relationships with Brady.

Marlena stopped by the rectory to visit Eric, who immediately sensed that something was wrong. "This isn't about Kristen again, is it?" Eric asked. Marlena admitted that every time she found a way to "disengage" from Kristen, Kristen found a new way to pull Marlena back in. Marlena asked if she should do what was right -- or what she thought was best for her. Eric admitted that he couldn't advise Marlena without more details. Marlena confided that if John found out the truth, "God knows what he'll do."

After Victor returned to the Kiriakis mansion, John visited him. "Brady tells me that Kristen's got you two believing that she's turned from Lizzie Borden into Mary Poppins," Victor began. John asserted that he understood why Victor was suspicious, but John planned to handle things his own way. Victor was just worried that Kristen would blindside John and Marlena. Once the two men were finished talking, John showed himself out.

In the entryway, he spotted the velvet box and the card addressed to Kristen in Brady's handwriting. "What's going on here?" John wondered aloud.

Brady surprised Kristen at her hotel room. As soon as she'd closed the door, the two began kissing. After they'd made love, Brady informed a delighted Kristen that he'd gotten her a gift. He got up to retrieve it from his jacket pocket, but remembered that he'd left it and the accompanying card at home -- in a spot where anyone could see it.

Brady was hastily pulling his clothes back on to return to the mansion when suddenly John knocked on the door. Brady quickly grabbed his things and hid in the bathroom. When Kristen, clad only in a silk robe, finally answered the door, John held out the jewelry box and the card. "I think this is for you," he pronounced.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

by Mike

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen stared at John's gift apprehensively. "I think I'm supposed to beware of ex-lovers bearing gifts," Kristen said. John clarified that the gift was from Brady, unaware that his son was hiding in Kristen's bathroom. John admitted that he had decided to use the gift as an excuse to visit Kristen's hotel room.

Kristen nervously glanced toward the bathroom, and John noted that she seemed distracted. Kristen claimed that she had been working on some things, and John assured her that he wouldn't waste too much of her time. John explained that he had wanted to visit Kristen's hotel room so that he could thank her for not reporting Marlena's earlier break-in to the police.

Kristen pointed out that John had already thanked her for her discretion. John believed that he had failed to fully express his gratitude earlier, adding that Brady apparently felt the same way, since Brady had chosen to purchase a gift for Kristen. John handed Kristen the gift and excused himself so that she could get back to work. Recalling that John was usually a man of few words, Kristen thanked him for his comments.

After John left, Brady emerged from the bathroom. Brady said that he had originally assumed that John had gone to Kristen's hotel room because he had learned that she and Brady had been sleeping together. Feigning relief, Kristen claimed that she was glad that John had not yet learned the truth. Kristen added that she and Brady had managed to avoid a complete disaster.

Kristen wondered why Brady hadn't written a note to go along with the gift. Brady said that he had written a note, adding that he had discarded it because he had never been a talented writer. Kristen shrugged and assured Brady that it was always acceptable to let the jewelry speak for itself. Kristen opened the jewelry box and gasped dramatically as she eyed the gold bracelet that was tucked inside.

Brady placed the bracelet on Kristen's wrist, explaining that he had hoped that it would make her forget about her recent injury. Kristen was worried about wearing Brady's gift, since they were trying to keep their relationship a secret. Brady assured Kristen that no one would ever be able to guess that he was the person who had given her the bracelet.

Brady started to kiss Kristen, but she stopped him and apologetically stated that she needed to get dressed so that she could run some errands. Brady nodded and excused himself, promising to call Kristen later. After Brady left, Kristen sighed as she stared at the bracelet. "Wow. I thought my family was fond of secrets. Well, today wasn't the day, John...but it's coming. It's coming," Kristen exclaimed, emphasizing her final words in a singsong voice.

At the hospital, Maggie entered Jennifer's room and found Jennifer doubled over in pain. Jennifer insisted that she was fine, adding that she needed to talk to Daniel right away. Maggie revealed that Daniel had gone to see Dr. Lewis earlier. Maggie guessed that Daniel probably wanted to see Jennifer just as much as Jennifer wanted to see him.

Elsewhere, Lewis confirmed that Daniel's hand tremors had disappeared. Kayla hugged Daniel and congratulated him on beating the odds, but he insisted that Jennifer was the person who deserved all of the credit. Kayla asked Lewis, who had removed Daniel from the list of disabled staff members, if she could place Daniel back on the surgical rotation right away. After encouraging Kayla to do so, Lewis excused himself.

After Lewis left, Daniel admitted that he had once believed that he would never be able to perform surgeries again. Kayla seemed skeptical, noting that Daniel had always seemed like a fighter, but he reiterated that Jennifer was the person who had never stopped believing in him. Kayla informed Daniel that Jennifer was scheduled to be released later that day.

Later, after Kayla left, Maggie greeted Daniel, who happily displayed that his hands were no longer trembling. After hugging Daniel, Maggie encouraged him to talk to Jennifer. Daniel went to Jennifer's room and happily informed her that his tremors had vanished. The news visibly affected Jennifer, who had been blaming herself for ruining Daniel's life.

Daniel refused to let Jennifer blame herself, adding that he was grateful that she had encouraged him to participate in the clinical trial. "Words -- there are no words to express how much this means to me. How it -- it just -- I don't know, it changes -- changes everything," Daniel said. Daniel started to talk about what Jennifer had said at the Horton cabin earlier, and she looked at him curiously.

"What? Oh, no -- what did I say to you?" Jennifer nervously asked. Before Daniel could respond, Jennifer recalled that she had been under the influence of some serious medications at that time. Jennifer guessed that she had probably insisted that the Chicago Cubs would win the next World Series. Jennifer promised to honor any wagers that she might have made at the cabin.

Daniel vaguely stated that he wouldn't hold Jennifer responsible for anything that she had said at the cabin. As Jennifer started to change the subject, Kristen barged into the room. After apologizing for the interruption, Kristen admitted that she had been worried about Jennifer. Daniel quickly excused himself so that he could find out when Jennifer was scheduled to be released from the hospital.

After Daniel left, Kristen offered to drive Jennifer back to the Horton house, but Jennifer declined the offer. Undeterred, Kristen offered to purchase a bowl of chicken soup for Jennifer. With a quick laugh, Jennifer predicted that the Horton house had probably already been filled with casseroles. Kristen shrugged and started to excuse herself, reiterating that she was glad that Jennifer was all right.

Jennifer thanked Kristen for her concern. When Jennifer mentioned her doctor's name, Kristen gasped and wondered if he was the same guy who had recently dated Nicole. Jennifer clarified that Daniel was the man who had saved her life -- twice. Kristen admitted that Daniel seemed like an amazing surgeon. "It's too bad he's not a little cuter -- then he'd really be a catch," Kristen dryly stated.

Jennifer started to protest, but she quickly realized that Kristen had tricked her. As Kristen laughed about Jennifer's reaction to the comment, Daniel reentered the room. Kristen abruptly excused herself, promising to call Jennifer later. After Kristen left, Jennifer told Daniel that she and Kristen had once been friends. Changing the subject, Daniel produced Jennifer's release documents.

Later, in the waiting area, Daniel was eager to get back to work. Maggie noted that Daniel seemed deflated, but he insisted that he was fine. Maggie urged Daniel to spend some time with Jennifer before starting his shift, but he claimed that he wanted to give Jennifer a chance to get some rest.

At the Horton house, Jennifer called out to Abigail, who was preparing a plate of food for Jennifer in the kitchen. Jennifer said that she loved Abigail. The words triggered Jennifer's memories, and she started to recall similar statements that she had made at the cabin earlier.

At Common Grounds, Sami and E.J. were discussing Countess Wilhelmina's new lipstick. Chad interrupted and asked E.J. and Sami for their orders. Chad ignored Sami's attempt to engage in a friendly conversation with him, dismissively stating that she was probably busy planning Gabi's wedding, and he abruptly walked away.

Sami started to clarify Chad's statement, but E.J. seemed disinterested. Sami admitted that she had expected E.J. to be upset. "Look, I may be a little bit humorless when it comes to business, but I'm not a complete curmudgeon, Samantha. I think only a complete curmudgeon would object to you planning Gabi's wedding. I mean, she's family to you, isn't she?" E.J. replied, as Chad listened nearby.

E.J. encouraged Sami to take a break from work so that she could meet with Hope and Gabi to discuss the wedding. After giving E.J. an appreciative kiss on the cheek, Sami excitedly exited the coffeehouse. "Damn, you've got her eating out of the palm of your hand," Chad knowingly observed. Feigning ignorance, E.J. claimed that he and Sami were simply working together, but Chad wasn't convinced.

E.J. said that he needed to maintain a friendship with Sami, since she was his employee and the mother of his children. "And, uh, who knows what friendliness might lead to? Shrewd move, E.J. -- very shrewd," Chad observed. Finally dropping the act, E.J. thanked Chad and admitted that Kristen was the person who had devised the scheme. Chad revealed that he had talked to Kristen earlier, and E.J. encouraged Chad to listen to her advice.

At the Horton Town Square, Hope and Rafe took a break from one of their police investigations to discuss Nick and Gabi's wedding. Rafe admitted that he wasn't sure if he could give the marriage his full support. Hope revealed that she and Sami would be meeting with Gabi later that day to talk about the wedding, and she invited Rafe to join them.

Rafe reluctantly agreed, noting that it was the least that he could do for Sami, who was going to great lengths to ensure that Gabi's wedding day would be memorable. "You think Sami's doing this for Gabi? You are such a man," Hope muttered, shaking her head in disbelief. Hope smiled and walked away, leaving Rafe utterly confused.

At the Brady Pub, Will peered out the window, looking for Sonny. Gabi entered the pub, and Will wondered where Sonny had gone. Gabi coldly stated that she hadn't stuck around for long enough to find out, prompting Will to wonder what was going on. "Not much -- Sonny just wanted to make sure I knew how much he hated me," Gabi replied.

Gabi started to walk away, but Will stopped her and insisted that Sonny didn't hate her. Gabi informed Will that Chad had poisoned Sonny against her. Will wondered if Gabi was ever going to tell him why she and Chad had been fighting lately. Gabi shook her head, inadvertently confirming Will's suspicion that she was hiding something. Gabi assured Will that she could handle the situation.

Will worried that Gabi might be trying to handle too many things at once. Summarizing some of the recent developments, Will noted that Nick and Gabi were getting married, Will was going to be Nick's best man, and Eric was going to perform the ceremony. Will suggested that the situation had started to spiral out of control.

"Great. Yeah, let's talk about how this affects you. I'm sorry that this is all inconveniencing you," Gabi sarcastically stated, folding her arms and glaring at Will. Will clarified that he had simply been trying to suggest that it might be best to stop and think about the situation for a moment. "This whole thing is turning into a -- big, fat lie," Will added.

Gabi started to get defensive, insisting that her love for Nick wasn't a lie. Gabi added that she and Nick were also serious about their desire to love and raise the baby together. "I'm not trying to be negative here, Gabi, but I think that -- look, I grew up watching my mom's lies blow up in her face over and over again. And it's literally been my whole life -- she lied about who I was, she lied about who my father was. We're going down that same path," Will quietly stated.

Gabi insisted that her situation was completely different, since she wasn't trying to fool Nick into thinking that he was the baby's father. Gabi added that she was doing what was best for the baby. In an attempt to placate Gabi, Will nodded and sarcastically muttered that she was right. Failing to notice that Will was still skeptical, Gabi abruptly excused herself, vaguely stating that she needed to take care of something.

Later, Hope and Sami entered the pub and claimed an empty table. Hope informed Sami that Rafe might be joining them. Sami seemed surprised, and Hope wondered if Rafe's presence was going to be an issue. Sami shook her head and sarcastically stated that Rafe's contributions would be invaluable. Hope smirked knowingly, and Sami quickly apologized, admitting that Rafe had made their wedding beautiful.

Changing the subject, Hope asked if Kristen had complained about Sami's decision to take a break from work to focus on the wedding. Sami revealed that she no longer worked for Kristen. Hope was horrified to learn that E.J. had replaced Kristen at Countess Wilhelmina, but Sami insisted that he was a great boss. Clearly skeptical, Hope wondered why Sami was willing to trust E.J.

Sami insisted that her relationship with E.J. was nothing more than a business relationship. Unconvinced, Hope muttered that Kristen's sudden departure from the company was just another DiMera coincidence. Sami assured Hope that E.J. did not have an agenda. "Because that would be so wildly out of character for him," Hope dryly stated.

Frustrated, Sami continued to defend E.J., who had encouraged her to help Gabi despite the fact that she was Rafe's sister. Sami wondered if Hope truly believed that someone who had an agenda would have done something like that. "Hmm. I'll have to think about that one, Sami. The answer would be yes," Hope matter-of-factly replied.

Sami sarcastically stated that she wanted to hear Hope's candid opinion, adding that it wasn't healthy to keep things bottled up inside. "Okay...trusting E.J. again is -- oh, my gosh, what is that word? Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue. Idiotic," Hope bluntly replied. Hope was worried that Sami might fall back into the same old patterns that had sent her into E.J.'s arms in the past.

As Sami and Hope continued their friendly argument, Rafe entered the pub and greeted them. With mock indignation, Sami told Rafe that Hope had just had the nerve to question Sami's judgment. Rafe nodded and awkwardly changed the subject, wondering where Gabi was.

At Common Grounds, Gabi approached Chad from behind and shoved him. Chad said that he was busy, and he dismissively urged Gabi to look for trouble elsewhere. Chad started to walk away, but Gabi followed him and guessed that he had told Sonny the truth about Melanie's kidnapping. Gabi reminded Chad that he could go to prison for revealing the truth, and she threatened to call Justin.

"Let me remind you that that's a two-way street. You think Nick could get conjugal visitation rights?" Chad countered. Gabi scoffed and called Chad a creep. After warning Chad to back off, Gabi abruptly excused herself. Chad stopped Gabi and revealed that he had heard about her pregnancy and pending nuptials. Gabi demanded to know who had shared that information with Chad, but he refused to answer the question.

Gabi glared at Chad and wondered if he was proud of the fact that he had learned everything about her personal life. "I'm not sure I know everything, so come on -- what was going on the other night I was at your place? I mean, Nick was sure mad about something," Chad recalled. Gabi dismissively stated that Chad had a habit of making people feel that way, and she abruptly exited the coffeehouse.

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. spotted Will and noted that it had been a while since they had last seen each other. Will shrugged and agreed, and E.J. wondered if Will had heard that E.J. and Sami had started working together at Countess Wilhelmina. Will nodded and quickly started to excuse himself. E.J. guessed that something was bothering Will, but Will claimed that he was simply busy.

Changing the subject, E.J. noted that he had heard that Will had recently started dating someone. E.J. said that the young man was lucky to be dating Will, but Will wasn't convinced. E.J. hoped that the next year would be a great year for Will, filled with happiness and devoid of complications. "Yeah, amen to that," Will quietly stated, sighing heavily.

Elsewhere, John told Brady about what had happened at Kristen's hotel room earlier. John asked Brady to keep an eye on Kristen, and Brady agreed to do so, trying to hide his enthusiasm. Later, in a secluded section of the town square, Brady kissed Kristen and told her about his earlier conversation with John.

Brady confidently stated that John was completely unaware that Brady and Kristen were sleeping together. Kristen hugged Brady, pretending to be relieved. Brady was eager to take Kristen back to her hotel room. After teasing Brady for being insatiable, Kristen noncommittally muttered that she hoped that he would one day know how much she cared about him.

Back at the Brady Pub, Sami, Hope, Gabi, and Rafe were discussing dress-fittings. Sami wondered how far along Gabi was, and Gabi quickly replied that she was approximately eleven or twelve weeks pregnant. Hope seemed confused, and Sami wondered what was wrong. "It's just -- I was talking to Nick yesterday, and he said it was more like five or six weeks," Hope recalled.

Gabi squirmed in her chair as Sami, Hope, and Rafe waited for an explanation.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Due to NBC News coverage of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, today's episode of Days of our Lives was pre-empted nationally. The episode that was scheduled to air today will now be broadcast on Monday, December 17. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

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