Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 21, 2013 on DAYS

Nick asked Justin for custody advice. Will decided that he wanted to be a father to his child. John left town, to Kristen's delight. Jennifer and Maggie knew Chloe was up to no good. Chloe asked Daniel if she and Parker could move in with him.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 21, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States, today's episode of Days of our Lives was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Tuesday, January 22, picking up where the Friday, January 18 episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Sami's apartment, she asked Will if he was ready to be a father or not. Feeling pressured, Will asked Sami to wait until he had spoken to Gabi about the baby. When Sami accused Gabi of having an agenda, Will rolled his eyes. Sami explained that Gabi had said that Will had pushed for the abortion. Sami urged Will to fight for his rights as a father, and she explained that she was worried that Will would get hurt if he backed off.

As Will stared into the distance, Sami said that she was concerned that the full weight of the situation had not hit Will yet. Sami noted that because Will had not heard the baby's heartbeat or seen a sonogram that he did not know what he was giving up. Sami urged Will to speak to someone in the family before he made any decisions. Annoyed, Will noted that he did not want advice.

When E.J. arrived at the apartment, Sami let out a small smile of relief. Sami gathered her things to leave for work. When Will said that Sami did not need to leave, she hugged her son and urged him to speak to E.J. After Sami left, Will asked E.J. for advice. E.J. asked Will if it was difficult to sit and do what Will believed to be the right thing. With a sigh, Will said that he did not believe he had done the right thing.

Will explained that when he had been outed in the newspaper that he had been scared about how his family would react. Will noted that a good friend had called him, disgusted, and had said that everyone felt the same way. Continuing, Will explained that he had felt unsure and insecure after the incident, and he had run into Gabi, who was having a difficult time as well. Will explained that he and Gabi had comforted one another and had ended up having sex.

With a sigh, Will said that though he had regretted sleeping with Gabi, the encounter had made him understand who he was. Smiling, Will noted that after that night, he had no longer felt scared and that when he started dating Sonny, he had been happy. When E.J. asked about the pregnancy, Will admitted that he had not wanted to be the father. Will added that he had not made a sacrifice in relinquishing his parental rights because he had wanted to find a way out of the situation.

"I didn't do the right thing. I took the easy way out," Will said sadly. E.J. informed Will that E.J. had secured a lawyer for him. When Will asked why E.J. wanted to help him, E.J. explained that Will was a fantastic brother and that E.J. cared about Sami. E.J. urged Will to think about what he wanted, and he promised to help Will get it.

When Will asked E.J. what he would do in the situation, E.J. said that although he was not Will, his kids were the most important thing in the world. E.J. added that the other reason he wanted to help Will was because E.J. had been separated from his children and that it had been a painful experience.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Daniel demanded that Jennifer tell him why the number for Child Protective Services was on her desk. Confused, Jennifer said she did not know why the phone message was there. Daniel asked Jennifer if she knew that Chloe had worked as a prostitute.

Jennifer admitted that Kate had given her the information but that she had not told Daniel because she did not believe she should intervene. Daniel accused Jennifer of going behind his back to call Child Protective Services on Chloe. As Jennifer denied the allegation, Daniel's pager went off, and he walked away.

Down the hallway, Anne asked Chloe if she thought the plan to leave the Child Protective Services phone message on Jennifer's desk would work to break up Daniel and Jennifer. Smiling, Chloe said she was confident that Daniel would believe that Jennifer had intended to report Chloe to Child Protective Services.

As Daniel walked past Chloe in the waiting area, Jennifer chased after him. Failing to catch up with Daniel, a frustrated Jennifer stared at the phone message in her hand. Jennifer asked Anne where the phone message was from. Anne pointed to Hayley, the new candy striper. When Anne and Jennifer asked Hayley about the message, Hayley admitted that since she was new, she might have mistaken Jennifer for someone else. Anne ordered Hayley to find the intended recipient of the phone message.

After Jennifer returned to her office, Chloe walked over to the nurses' station. "Damn, you two are good!" Chloe said to Anne and Hayley. Smiling, Anne and Hayley high-fived one another.

As Billie walked down the hallway in the hospital, she left a voicemail on Kate's phone. Overhearing Billie, Daniel demanded to talk to Kate. When Billie explained that she was leaving a voicemail, Daniel ordered Billie to tell Kate that he wanted to speak with her as soon as possible. Billie noted that Daniel appeared to be angry. Daniel walked away.

Chloe intercepted Daniel as he stalked down the hallway and asked to talk to him. When Daniel explained that he was in a hurry to find Jennifer, Chloe countered that she had seen Jennifer leaving the hospital. Chloe noted that she wanted to talk to Daniel about how the revelations about her days as a prostitute would affect how they parented Parker.

Daniel told Chloe that he did not believe she would have sold her body if she had been in her right mind at the time. Daniel assured Chloe that they had both been played and had lost time with their son. As Chloe nodded sadly, Daniel told her that she was a good mother.

At the pub, Rafe stopped by to talk to Gabi. Nick informed him that Gabi was at the church. When Rafe asked Nick why he was not working at his new job, Nick explained that he was helping out around the pub until his new job started. Nick gave the honeymoon tickets back to Rafe, and he noted that he still planned to marry Gabi. Rafe said that he was pleased that Nick had stood by Gabi but that Nick and Gabi no longer needed to rush into marriage.

At the church, Gabi prayed aloud to God for forgiveness for lying to everyone. Nicole walked in and overheard Gabi's prayers. Nicole offered to listen to Gabi if she wanted to talk. In the doorway, Rafe listened to Nicole and Gabi talk about forgiveness.

"You made love to the wrong guy, got pregnant, and you are doing the best you can. You will be all right," Nicole said as she looked up and saw Rafe watching. Nicole hugged Gabi, then left to give Rafe and Gabi some privacy. Gabi apologized to Rafe for lying to him and forcing him to lie to their mother. Gabi promised to be honest with Rafe in the future. Smiling, Rafe promised to support Gabi against anyone that attacked her.

After Gabi left to get a sonogram, Rafe prayed in the church. Rafe asked God to look out for Gabi and her baby. As Rafe turned to leave, Sami entered the church. When Sami made a snippy comment, Rafe reminded Sami that Will had agreed to every decision about Gabi's baby. As Sami scoffed, Rafe added that Gabi was a scared little girl. Sami countered that Gabi had almost gone to prison recently.

Rafe argued that Gabi's previous behavior was unrelated to what had happened with the baby. When Sami noted that Gabi was a mother and needed to take responsibility, Rafe countered that he had covered for Sami when she refused to take responsibility. Rafe added that the baby was not Sami's business, but Sami argued that Will had a right to decide whether to be involved in his child's life or not. As Rafe and Sami's argument grew heated, E.J. entered the church and ordered Rafe to leave Sami alone.

Jennifer went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Maggie. Although not at liberty to divulge the details of her argument with Daniel, Jennifer explained that Daniel was angry with her for keeping a secret from him. Jennifer told Maggie that Daniel had accused her of going behind his back to hurt him. Shaking her head, Maggie noted that Jennifer was not capable of stabbing Daniel in the back.

When Maggie noted that whatever had happened had to have been an accident, Jennifer looked at the toy on the table. Jennifer muttered that it was no accident. When Jennifer asked if Chloe was in the house, Maggie explained that Chloe was at the hospital, waiting to talk to Daniel. Nodding, Jennifer said that she needed to finish her conversation with Daniel, then she rushed back to the hospital.

Jennifer caught up with Daniel at the nurses' station, and he apologized for his behavior. From the corner, Chloe listened to Daniel and Jennifer's conversation. Daniel noted that Jennifer was a decent and honest person and that he should have trusted her when she had said that she did not know why there was a phone message from Child Protective Services on her desk.

"I love you, and I believe in you, and I will always trust you. Always," Daniel said. Daniel and Jennifer returned to her office to talk privately. Jennifer admitted that she had been scared when Daniel had walked out on her. Daniel assured Jennifer that he would never doubt her and that she could count on him in the future.

At the pub, Nick met with Justin to talk about child custody issues. Nick gave Justin five dollars to retain his services. Nick asked Justin if marrying Gabi before the birth of the child would make a difference in naming Nick the legal father of the child. Justin explained that unless Will gave up his parental rights, Will would still be the father of the child legally. When Nick asked about gaining full custody, Justin reiterated that Will would need to petition the court to give up his rights to the child.

Nick noted that although Will had previously given up his claim to the child, since the secret was out, he was not sure what steps Will would take to be a part of the child's life. Justin advised Nick that Will could change his mind. Nick nodded and asked Justin what one would need to do to prove Will was not fit to be a father. Suspicious, Justin asked Nick if he was referring to the fact that Will was gay.

"I didn't say that," Nick said. Uncomfortable, Justin asked Nick why he had asked about proving that Will was an unfit parent. When Nick calmly noted that he wanted to consider his options, Justin's face darkened. Justin pulled the five-dollar bill out of his pocket and slammed it on the table.

"Consider a new attorney while you're at it. This case doesn't appeal to me," Justin growled and then left. Gabi arrived at the pub after her sonogram and informed Nick that the baby was healthy. Nick told Gabi that their marriage license was still valid and that they could go to the courthouse and get married. As Gabi started to decline, Will interrupted and demand that the three of them discuss the baby.

In the town square, Nicole saw Sami and called out, "How's it going, Granny?" Not amused, Sami asked Nicole to keep her comments to herself. Nicole told Sami that she had spoken to Gabi and offered to help her. When Sami remarked that she was unhappy with Gabi because she had lied to her, Nicole reminded Sami that Sami had lied a few times in her life. Annoyed, Sami insulted Nicole.

"I wish I had thought twice about getting you and Rafe back together," Nicole muttered. When Sami asked Nicole what she had meant, Nicole explained that she had detained E.J. on New Year's Eve so that Sami and Rafe could be together at midnight. Shaking her head, Nicole noted, "I should have known that you would blow it."

After Sami left, Nicole stood in the corner with her phone and overheard Billie leaving a voicemail for Kate on her phone. When Billie mentioned that Kate's plan had backfired, Nicole narrowed her eyes. After Billie left, Chloe stomped through the town square, and Nicole called out to her.

Nicole asked Chloe if she was on her way to talk to Daniel because she had overheard Billie tell Kate that her plan for Chloe had backfired. With a sigh, Chloe admitted that Daniel was on her side, but things had not turned out like she had hoped. Chloe explained that Daniel had said he would support Chloe but that he was still in love with Jennifer. When Nicole noted that Chloe could not break up Jennifer and Daniel, Chloe exclaimed that she would find a way to get Daniel back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While Rafe and Sami were arguing at St. Luke's, E.J. walked in and defended Sami. Rafe ordered E.J. to butt out. E.J. sympathized with Rafe's desire to protect Gabi, but warned Rafe not to threaten Sami. Rafe and Sami began to quarrel again until E.J. interceded and urged Rafe to show Sami a little compassion and respect. Rafe argued that Sami had shown his sister none of either. E.J. pointed out that Gabi had lied to Sami for months and would have deprived Sami of her grandchild if Gabi and Nick had gotten away with their plan.

Fed up, Rafe started to storm out, but E.J. divulged that Will had changed his mind about whatever he might have agreed to before about the baby. Rafe reminded Sami and E.J. that Will and Gabi were both in love with other people -- but he believed that Sami hadn't even asked Will what he wanted to do about the baby because everything always had to be about her. He pointed out that Will had been passed back and forth for his entire childhood between Sami and Lucas -- and Rafe didn't think that any of Sami's other kids would turn out to be any less mixed-up than Will.

E.J.'s anger finally boiled over as he asserted that Will was "a wonderful lad" who was going through a difficult time, and Johnny and Sydney would grow up to be very happy and secure because they knew both of their parents loved them. E.J. ordered Rafe to leave. On his way out, Rafe warned Sami that he wasn't going to simply stand by and watch her screw up his sister's baby.

In a soothing voice, E.J. tried to convince Sami that Rafe and Will both were simply trying to use Sami as a scapegoat. Sami tearfully asserted that as soon as she'd found out that the baby was Will's, all she'd been able to think about was making sure that Will could be in his child's life -- even though he was terrified. She fretted that Nick and Gabi could use Will's status as a gay man and a college student to fight for full custody. E.J. revealed that he had hired the best custody lawyer in town for Will. Sami thanked him earnestly. E.J. then offered to take Sami home, so they left the church together.

An obviously upset Rafe ran into Nicole as he stomped through Horton Square. Nicole quickly deduced that Rafe's agitation had something to do with Sami, and he confirmed it. Although he was reluctant, Nicole grabbed Rafe's hand and led him out of the square and into the park outside. She then demanded to know what Sami had done. "She attacked my sister, threatened her. I saw the real side of Sami -- and guess what? It's a nightmare," Rafe declared.

Nicole expressed her alarm and surprise at hearing Rafe talk like that about Sami. Rafe maintained that things were over with him and Sami. Nicole understood why Rafe was upset, but noted that Sami had gotten under his skin the way no other woman ever had. Rafe argued that Sami had been cruel to one of his family members, and because they disagreed over Gabi and Will's baby, Sami and Rafe would be at odds for a very long time.

At the Brady Pub, Will apologized to Gabi about how Sami had acted toward Gabi. Gabi understood why Sami had been upset, since she'd been helping Gabi plan the wedding and Gabi had lied to her the whole time about Nick being the baby's father. Nick chimed in that Sami couldn't really expect to be a part of the baby's life, because he believed that everyone knowing the truth had no affect on the agreement that Gabi and Nick had made with Will for Nick and Gabi to be the baby's only parents.

Nick clarified that he'd looked into it, and Will could petition the court to give up his parental rights. An incredulous Will accused Nick of being insane. "Don't ever say that about me again -- ever," Nick ordered firmly. Gabi tried to keep the peace between the men and suggested that the three of them just talk things out. Nick pointed out that Will had agreed to their arrangement so that he could be with Sonny.

Will contended that he'd only done it because he had convinced himself that it was the best thing for the baby -- but since everyone had found out the truth, it had changed everything. Nick suggested that Will was only pretending to care about the baby in order to prove something to his family. He added that even if Will didn't end up with Sonny, he would presumably be with a guy who would want to be a part of the baby's life. "Do we really want this baby to be raised by one mommy and three daddies?" Nick asked. Gabi stepped between the guys before things could get physical, and with a look, got Nick to back down.

Nick apologized to Will for insulting him, but maintained that he had only been trying to make sure that Will felt the same way about the baby that Nick and Gabi did. An alert on Gabi's phone reminded her of her appointment with Cameron, but when Nick saw the reminder, he lied that Gabi had to leave to meet with the dean at the university. As Nick and Gabi left together, Nick repeated his apology to Will, and asked Will to think about what they'd talked about. Before Gabi and Nick reached the door, Will stopped them by calling out Nick's name. "It doesn't matter how much thinking I do -- I am never going to give up custody of my child," Will declared.

Chad went to Common Grounds on the pretense of getting the end-of-year numbers from Sonny, but then apologized to Sonny for mishandling how everything had happened at the wedding. Sonny was resentful, but acknowledged that he would still be in the dark if Chad hadn't said anything. As Sonny returned to work, Chad divulged that next he was going to apologize to Cameron.

As Chad was leaving, Adrienne entered and chastised Sonny for not returning any of her messages. A morose Sonny said that he hadn't been in the mood to hear his mom say "I told you so" about his boyfriend. Adrienne insisted that wasn't her intent. She suggested that it was better that Sonny had found the truth out before he and Will had gotten more deeply involved. Offended, Sonny revealed that he had just asked Will to move in with him -- but because Will had lied, Sonny could no longer trust him.

Adrienne was sympathetic but wondered what kind of man lied about something as important as being a father. Sonny ordered his mom to stop it, and added, "You don't think this is bad enough? You've got to come in here and torture me?" Adrienne apologetically assured her son that she wasn't trying to make him feel worse. Sonny reminded her that she hadn't thought Will was right for him, so she was probably feeling vindicated.

Adrienne pointed out that she had only thought that in the beginning but had changed her mind. She insisted that she was just sad for her son, and she had only gone there to make sure that he was all right. "All I know is I have never felt worse than this in my entire life," Sonny declared bitterly as he went into the back room.

As Sami and E.J. walked through the square on their way home, Sami thanked him for his support. After E.J. left to get a hot beverage for her, Sami sat at a table and sent a text message to Lucas, asking when the two of them could talk about Will. Adrienne showed up and joined Sami, even though Sami didn't want to talk to her. Adrienne sat down anyway, so Sami warned her that her fuse was very short, especially where her son was concerned.

Adrienne stated that she had nothing to say about Will, but her own son was devastated. Sami expressed her regret for everything that Sonny was probably feeling, but maintained that Will had done the best he could have in a confusing, complicated, painful situation. Adrienne countered that it would take Sonny a long time to get over his heartbreak because of Will's lies. Sami argued that Sonny would eventually get over it -- but Will was about to become a father, something he would have to deal with for the rest of his life.

"He is in college. He is gay. And he's probably going to lose a man he loves. And he is about to become a father. And you want to sit here and talk to me about Sonny's problems?" Sami pointed out indignantly. The women were sitting in silence when E.J. returned with Sami's tea. Adrienne quickly left. E.J. suggested that once Sami got home, she should turn off her phone and take some time to herself. Sami expressed her frustration about working so hard to make sure that her children didn't make the same mistakes she had, then she broke down in tears. E.J. took her hand comfortingly.

A little later, E.J. escorted Sami back to her apartment and went inside with her. She thanked him again for being there, but he reassured her that he was there because he wanted to be, and because he hated seeing her doubt her abilities as a mother. "You're a wonderful mother. One of your kids is going through a tough time, and I know that is very hard for you because I know how much you care," E.J. added. "I honestly don't know what I'd do without you," Sami declared softly as she put her arms around him gratefully. When she pulled away, E.J. leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

At the hospital, Abigail asked Maxine if Cameron was around. After informing Abigail that Cameron was on duty, Maxine divulged that the doctor and Emily had broken up. As Abigail was leaving the nurses' station, Cameron suddenly appeared. Openly pleased to see her, Cameron declared that Abigail looked great, and reiterated that he respected her loyalty to her friends. Abigail asked what Cameron had started to tell her about Emily earlier. Cameron confessed that things between him and Emily were over.

Chad got off the elevator in time to witness Abigail beaming at Cameron. "It was nice to see you, Cameron," a pleased Abigail said as she turned to leave. While Abigail was still waiting for the elevator, she overheard Maxine remind Cameron that he had an appointment later for a sonogram with Gabi Hernandez.

After Abigail had gone, Chad approached Cameron and said that he wanted to settle some things after everything that had happened. "Don't you mean after everything you did? How are we going to settle it?" Cameron asked. Chad insisted that he only wanted to apologize to Cameron, since the two of them shared a sister who wouldn't want them to fight. Cameron countered that Chad had made a mess out of things and was only sorry because things hadn't gone the way he'd planned -- and Lexie would hardly have approved of Chad's actions. Chad became testy, but Cameron asserted that after what Chad had done, there was no way to make things right.

Will tentatively entered the coffeehouse and approached the table where Sonny was going over some paperwork. Will stated softly that he missed Sonny and he couldn't imagine his life without Sonny, so he hoped that Sonny would give him one more chance. An angry Sonny first demanded an explanation as to how Will could have gotten his ex-girlfriend pregnant and then lied to Sonny about it.

"I was sure that if I told you the truth, I would lose you," Will replied. He reminded Sonny of a conversation they'd had about how Sonny wasn't ready for children because he didn't want to be tied down so he could travel. Sonny countered that he had wanted to travel with Will -- but because Will hadn't trusted him with the truth, they would never know how Sonny might have reacted to the news about the baby.

Abigail entered the coffeehouse in time to see Sonny getting up and storming away from the table. Sitting across from Will, she expressed her sympathy for what he was going through with Sonny. "I'm surprised you're here. I thought you'd be at the hospital," Abigail added.

Abigail was alone a little later when Chad returned to Common Grounds. He told her that he'd seen her flirting with Cameron at the hospital earlier. Abigail took offense, and Chad quickly apologized for being a jerk. "For the nanosecond that I thought we might actually have a chance at something, I think it was the first time in months that I didn't feel so totally alone," Chad explained sadly as he left.

As Nick and Gabi got off the elevator at the hospital, Gabi asked Nick why he hadn't wanted Will to know about the sonogram. Nick claimed that all three of them were going through a difficult time, and Will had a huge decision to make. Nick thought the sonogram would just make it harder for Will to be objective -- plus Nick didn't want to share the experience of seeing the baby for the first time with anyone else, since the two of them were going to be raising the baby together.

After Maxine got Gabi settled on an exam table with Nick by her side, Nick asked if the sonogram would be able to tell them whether the baby was a boy or a girl. After emphasizing that Gabi was the patient and had to ask the questions, Maxine said that she was pretty sure Dr. Davis would be able to tell them the sex -- if they wanted to know. When Maxine left the room, Gabi asked Nick if he wanted to know if it were a boy or girl, and with a happy grin, he affirmed that he did.

When Cameron entered the room, he expressed his condolences for what Chad had done at the wedding -- but added that it might have been for the best that the truth had gotten out. "Best? It's the worst thing that could have happened!" Nick snapped.

Cameron began the sonogram, and Gabi was moved beyond words when she saw the image of her baby on the monitor. Cameron asked if she wanted to know the baby's sex, and a beaming Gabi agreed that both she and Chad did. "Say hello to your daughter," Cameron said. As Gabi let out an excited sigh, from the doorway, a stunned Will asked, "It's a girl?" He moved slowly into the room to have a closer look at his child on the monitor.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Justin listened as Adrienne complained about her earlier encounter with Sami. Adrienne was upset because Sami had focused on how the situation had affected Will while ignoring how Sonny had been affected, but Justin admitted that Sami had a point.

"Look, I know this is painful for Sonny, but Will is gonna have to live with this mistake for the rest of his life, so I just don't think it would hurt us to show a little compassion toward him, that's all," Justin reasoned, unaware that Lucas was standing nearby. Lucas thanked Justin for understanding Will's perspective. Lucas admitted that he was probably partially responsible for the situation.

"I wasn't accepting of Will when he first came out. He felt like he didn't have his father's support, so he must have felt like he had something to prove," Lucas theorized. Adrienne assumed that Lucas was implying that the pregnancy had been planned, but he assured her that she had misinterpreted his statement. Changing the subject, Adrienne demanded to know if Will was thinking about getting back together with Sonny.

Lucas said that was none of his or Adrienne's business, and Justin agreed. After Lucas left, Adrienne folded her arms and glared at Justin, demanding to know why he had sided with Lucas. Justin silently recalled an earlier conversation with Nick, where Nick had made it clear that he wanted to prove that Will wasn't fit to be a father. Justin vaguely stated that the situation wasn't black and white.

"We are on the same team -- Sonny's -- and we will support our son, no matter what, okay? We'll help him through it all. But I just don't see how it serves anyone to make Will into a villain," Justin reasoned. Adrienne clarified that she didn't believe that Will was a villain, adding that she simply believed that he was too immature for Sonny.

In Sami's apartment, Sami and E.J. continued to kiss as they fell onto the couch. Sami removed her shirt and started to unbutton E.J.'s shirt, but he pulled away. "Look, Samantha, I just know that -- I know that you feel terrible about what's happened with William...and Rafe...and you're vulnerable at the moment, and I really don't want you to think that I'm taking advantage of that. You and I -- we only ever seem to end up in this situation when something terrible has happened to one or both of us. I just -- I don't want that anymore," E.J. claimed.

E.J. started to leave, but Sami stopped him, stating that she wanted to talk to him about something. Before Sami could continue, someone knocked on the door. After waiting for Sami to get dressed, E.J. opened the door and found Lucas standing in the hallway. Lucas said that he wanted to talk to Sami about Will.

After E.J. left, Lucas smirked as he pointed out that Sami had not buttoned her shirt properly. Sami sighed and started to fix the mistake, refusing to explain herself to Lucas. "Just tell me this -- why were you all over Rafe at Gabi and Nick's wedding, and now here you are with E.J.? Doing the merengue again, right? Ah, let me guess -- is it because of the inconvenient truth of who the father of Gabi's baby is? Because that reared its ugly head? Now -- what, it's out with Rafe and in with E.J.? Nice. Real nice," Lucas said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Sami defensively stated that E.J. had been extremely supportive of Will, and she added that she couldn't say the same thing about Rafe. Lucas knowingly guessed that Sami had said some harsh things about Gabi. Sami pointed out that Gabi had lied to her, but Lucas countered that Will had also lied to them, matter-of-factly adding that it was in every kid's nature to lie to adults.

Sami theorized that Will had lied about the baby's paternity because Gabi and Nick had convinced Will that he would be a horrible parent, but Lucas doubted that Gabi would have done that to Will. As Sami poured herself a glass of champagne, she muttered that Lucas didn't know who Gabi really was. Sami added that Nick was a genius.

Lucas didn't think that a genius would have willingly agreed to marry a woman who was pregnant with his gay cousin's baby, nor would he have attempted to pass that baby off as his own. Sami dryly stated that Lucas was acting wittier than usual. "You know, I didn't come to fight with you or pass judgment, and I don't care who you're sleeping with these days. And what day is it today -- Thursday? E.J. gets Thursday, Rafe gets the weekends -- is that it?" Lucas guessed.

Lucas reminded Sami that Gabi was the mother of their future grandchild, adding that Sami should not have alienated Gabi and Rafe. Sami chose to ignore Lucas, reasoning that he was clearly in a bad mood. Changing the subject, Sami raised her glass and proposed a toast, stressing that she and Lucas were going to be grandparents.

Lucas said that was what happened when people had kids while they were still kids themselves. Sami agreed and wondered if that was what Will had to look forward to. Lucas suggested that it would probably be best to give Will some time to process the fact that he was going to be a father before springing other surprises, like the perks of early grandchildren, on him.

Sami laughed and wondered if Lucas had talked to Will yet. Lucas nodded and explained that he had promised that he and Sami would always be there to support Will. Sami admitted that Will was upset with her, adding that he had accused her of being selfish and making the situation all about her. After feigning shock, Lucas conceded that Sami might be slightly selfish.

Sami wondered why everyone was always reminding her that she was selfish, and Lucas bluntly reasoned that she was constantly being reminded of that fact because it was the truth. Lucas wanted to know who had been criticizing Sami for being selfish. Sami said that, in addition to Lucas and Will, her parents and Rafe had also called her a selfish person.

Lucas advised Sami to try to get along with Rafe, who was Gabi's only family member who was living in Salem. Sami defensively stated that Rafe had said some horrible things about Will. Ignoring Sami's comment, Lucas wondered if she wanted to be involved in her grandchild's life. Sami impatiently confirmed the obvious for Lucas.

"Then you have to stop blaming Rafe and Gabi. It's not their fault, okay? This is just the hand we've been dealt. We're gonna be the adults in the room. We're gonna be the grandparents, so we're just gonna have to deal with it. The bottom line is...'A,' we have to be there for our son no matter what, okay? Unconditionally. And 'B,' we have to not alienate Rafe and Gabi any more than we already have," Lucas reasoned.

Sami reluctantly agreed that Lucas was right. Changing the subject, Sami wondered how she and Lucas were going to help Will repair his relationship with Sonny. Lucas insisted that he and Sami needed to let Will handle that situation on his own. Sami sighed and protested that Will really loved Sonny. "Sometimes love just isn't enough," Lucas pointedly stated before exiting the apartment.

Later, Sami received a phone call from E.J. Sami thanked E.J. for putting a sudden stop to their earlier encounter, and he admitted that it had not been easy to do so. E.J. recalled that Sami had been trying to tell him something earlier. Sami said that she would prefer to have that conversation in person. After ending the call, Sami muttered that E.J. deserved to know the truth about what had happened with Rafe before the wedding.

At Common Grounds, Rafe asked if Sonny knew where Will was. Sonny shook his head and sadly replied that he hadn't been hanging out with Will lately. Rafe was sorry to hear that, since Sonny and Will had seemed happy together. "We were. Just seems like so long ago," Sonny said with a sigh. Noting that Abigail was standing nearby, Sonny advised Rafe to talk to her about Will's whereabouts.

Elsewhere, Abigail told Chad that they needed to talk about something. Chad optimistically asked if Abigail was about to tell him that she didn't hate him. Abigail clarified that she had never hated Chad, adding that she had simply hated the stunt that he had pulled at the wedding. Chad admitted that he was going to have to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life.

Rafe interrupted and asked to talk to Abigail, so Chad excused himself. Rafe explained that he had been trying to locate Will. Abigail evasively wondered why Rafe was looking for Will. Rafe said that he had not yet had a chance to discuss the pregnancy with Will, whom he had always had a good relationship with.

Abigail remained silent, so Rafe changed the subject, hoping that she would be willing to support Gabi during the pregnancy. Abigail confirmed that she would do so, and Rafe nodded and started to walk away. Abigail stopped Rafe and hesitantly revealed that Will had gone to the hospital so that he could witness Gabi's first ultrasound.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad noted that E.J. seemed to be in a good mood. E.J. vaguely stated that his relationship with Sami was headed in the right direction. Chad wondered if E.J.'s recent progress could be attributed to the stunt that Chad had pulled at the wedding. E.J. smiled and admitted that he was taking advantage of the fact that Sami and Rafe had declared war on each other.

Chad admitted that his life, which hadn't been that great to begin with, had turned into a complete disaster after his wedding announcement. Chad said that Abigail could no longer stand the sight of him. Speaking from experience, E.J. assured Chad that there was still a possibility that Chad's relationship with Abigail could work out exactly the way that Chad had hoped that it would, even if the obstacles seemed insurmountable.

At the hospital, Will smiled as he looked at the sonogram image of his daughter. Cameron wondered if Gabi wanted Will to leave. Will pointed out that he had every right to be present for the ultrasound, since he was the baby's father. Cameron said that it was Gabi's decision to make, but before she could respond, Nick interrupted and claimed that he agreed with Will.

Nick offered to wait in the hallway so that Will and Gabi could have some privacy. Gabi started to protest, but Nick refused to change his mind. Nick apologized to Will, admitting that he and Gabi should have informed Will about the ultrasound. Will agreed, and Nick quickly exited the room.

While Will, Gabi, and Cameron focused on the sonogram image, Nick lurked behind the door and watched them. Gabi invited Will to place his hand on her stomach so that he could feel his daughter kicking. Will smiled and marveled that the baby was a miracle. Meanwhile, Nick peered through the window and watched the scene, muttering that he was going to find a way to make things right again.

Later, Cameron informed Nick that Gabi had asked to see him. When Nick entered the room, Gabi explained that the baby was kicking. Nick eagerly placed his hand on Gabi's stomach, but the baby stopped kicking before he could feel anything. Gabi apologized for getting Nick's hopes up, but he claimed that he understood.

"I just want to say, um...before I go, that, uh, I know now that our original plan -- you know, letting everyone think that you're the father -- was a huge mistake. You know, having seen what I -- you know, having felt what I felt, I'm gonna need -- I want and I need to be a part of my daughter's life, you know? And I want to thank you so much for -- for, um, you know, giving me this time with Gabi and our baby," Will told Nick.

Will told Gabi and Nick that he was sure that, despite their differences, they would be able to work things out peacefully, since they each wanted what was best for the baby. Will asked Gabi to keep him informed about her future hospital appointments, and she promised to do so. Will nodded and excitedly excused himself, beaming with delight.

After Will left, Gabi thanked Nick for respecting Will's wishes, guessing that it had been difficult for Nick to do so. Nick shrugged and forced a smile, downplaying the situation. Meanwhile, the baby started to kick again, and Gabi quickly grabbed Nick's hand and placed it on her stomach. Later, Nick surprised Gabi with the announcement that he had arranged for them to get married the following day.

Elsewhere, Chad tried to apologize to Cameron again. Chad reasoned that Lexie would have wanted him and Cameron to work everything out. Cameron sighed and cautiously agreed to try to give Chad another chance.

At the Horton Town Square, Will ran into Rafe, who had been on his way to the hospital to talk to Will. Will wondered how Rafe had known where to look for him. Rafe claimed that he had simply assumed that Will would have wanted to be present for Gabi's first ultrasound. Will revealed that he had almost missed the ultrasound because Gabi and Nick hadn't bothered to tell him about it.

Rafe nodded suspiciously and abruptly changed the subject, noting that he cared about Will. Will guessed that those feelings had faded away when he had lied about being the father of Gabi's baby. Rafe conceded that Will's statement was partially accurate, adding that he had simply wanted Will to be honest with everyone.

Will admitted that he should have been honest with himself. "I know it sounds stupid, but everything has changed. I know now what -- exactly what it means...that I'm gonna be a father. You know, I'm gonna be a big part of my baby's life, and I already told -- I told Nick and Gabi that, so they know," Will happily explained, unable to contain his excitement.

Rafe was pleased to hear that, and he stressed that he wanted Will to be a part of the baby's life. Rafe noted that the baby was going to be his first niece or nephew, and Will clarified that the baby was a girl. Rafe smiled and patted Will on the shoulder, congratulating him. Will apologized profusely for lying to Rafe about the baby's paternity.

Rafe understood that Will had lied because he had been scared. "Yeah, but I'm not gonna be anymore. I can't, you know? I gotta be strong, and I gotta, you know, take responsibility for everything, you know? 'Cause there's a little girl on the way, and she's gonna need her dad, you know? I'm gonna be that -- I'm gonna be that for her, you know? I felt her kick, by the way," Will proudly stated.

Will wondered where he stood with Rafe. Rafe smiled and hugged Will, assuring him that everything had been forgiven. Will thanked Rafe and abruptly excused himself. "It's gonna be a miracle if this all works out," Rafe muttered as he watched Will walk away.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Gabi happily informed Abigail that the baby was a girl. Gabi added that she and Nick were getting married the following day. Abigail was happy for Gabi, who deserved some good news after the drama that Chad had caused at the wedding. Gabi vaguely stated that she had made some mistakes that had given Chad a reason to do what he had done, but she refused to elaborate.

Later, Abigail admitted that she had finally realized that she had no reason to be embarrassed about being a virgin. Gabi said that she had expected Nick to break up with her when he had learned that she was pregnant with Will's baby, but he had surprised her. Gabi confidently stated that Abigail would eventually find someone who would love her for who she was.

Meanwhile, Rafe entered the pub and greeted Nick, who revealed that he and Gabi were getting married the following day. The news surprised Rafe, but Nick insisted that there was no reason to wait. Nick added that he could only think of one person who would have a problem with his decision to marry Gabi right away -- Will. Confused, Rafe pointed out that Will had never had a problem with Nick and Gabi's desire to get married.

Nick said that he didn't trust Will and Sami to agree to let Nick and Gabi stick to their original plan to raise the baby themselves. Rafe said that Nick needed to face the fact that Will was the baby's father and had every right to be a part of her life. "Rafe...if things get ugly...and I need to protect Gabi...I may need to ask for your help. I hope I can count on you," Nick cryptically stated, ignoring Rafe's comment entirely.

Rafe hesitantly agreed and started to add a disclaimer, but Nick interrupted, thanked Rafe for his support, and abruptly walked away. Rafe watched suspiciously as Nick exited the pub.

At Common Grounds, Adrienne and Justin greeted Sonny, who was closing the coffeehouse for the night. Adrienne apologized for her earlier insensitivity, and Sonny also apologized, admitting that he had taken his frustrations out on her earlier. "You know, at Christmas, you both acted like you were really happy that Will and I were together...but now I'm wondering if you really meant it...or did you know, even back then, that we were a mistake?" Sonny asked.

Adrienne reminded Sonny that no one had suspected that Will had been keeping a major secret from Sonny at that time. "Sonny, I know how much you and Will care for each other, but you need to know that from now on, things are gonna be different. Will's a father now, matter what happens between the two of you, he always will be," Justin gently added.

Sonny said that he understood that, adding that he also understood that Will's life was never going to be the same again. Sonny sighed heavily, and Justin promised that he and Adrienne would always be there to support him. Justin proposed a group hug, and Sonny and Adrienne happily complied.

Meanwhile, Will entered Common Grounds, but he quietly walked away when he realized that he had almost interrupted a private family moment. After Adrienne and Justin left, Will, who had been waiting outside, reentered the coffeehouse. Sonny was surprised to see Will, who said that he had been hoping that he could talk to Sonny.

Sonny asked about the ultrasound appointment, which Abigail had told him about earlier, and Will replied that he had seen his daughter and felt her kick. Sonny smiled as he realized that the baby was a girl. Will admitted that he couldn't imagine not being a part of his daughter's life, adding that he wasn't sure what he had been thinking when he had agreed to pretend that he wasn't the baby's father.

Sonny wondered if Will was glad that the truth was out. "Yeah, I am...and I intend to be a father to this little girl. Yeah. But there's something else that I want, too -- I want you to be in her life as well," Will revealed. Sonny remained silent. Will admitted that his previous statement had been inappropriate, and Sonny agreed.

"Okay...I mean -- I -- okay, Sonny, I can't tell you how much I wish every day that I never lied to you. I -- I love you, and it's not like I'm gonna stop. I wanna be with you. Sonny -- God, I swear that if -- I mean, if you could just give me one more chance, I will never lie to you again. I miss you every minute. I miss you every day," Will sincerely stated before passionately kissing Sonny.

Will and Sonny continued to kiss for a few moments before Will pulled away and breathlessly asked if they could go back to Sonny's apartment. Sonny sighed as he gazed at Will, clearly conflicted. "I want to be alone with you so bad right now. More than anything -- more than anything. But it's not gonna fix our problems, okay? It's not gonna make anything better. It's gonna be just sex...and it's never been just sex with us," Sonny said.

Will sighed as he wrapped his arms around Sonny's neck, affectionately stroking Sonny's hair and left ear as he stared back at Sonny. "You're so incredible. You're the best thing that could have ever happened to me. And I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot," Will quietly admitted.

With a defeated sigh, Will grabbed his jacket and exited the coffeehouse.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Daniel was at home with Parker when Chloe called to check in. Daniel admitted that Parker had cried a bit after Chloe had dropped him off but seemed to be doing fine. Chloe assured Daniel, "I think, deep down inside, he knows that you're his Daddy." Daniel was expecting Maggie to drop by soon to help him out. Chloe promised that she would pick Parker up as soon as she was finished with her errands.

When there was a knock on the door, Daniel assumed it was Maggie, so he playfully carried Parker to the door to help him open it -- but instead they found Nicole on the doorstep with a gift for Parker. As Daniel sat on the floor and watched Parker play with his new toy, a clearly emotional Nicole admitted that she hadn't expected Parker to be there when she dropped off the gift. Daniel understood that seeing Parker was a painful reminder of everything Nicole had lost.

Nicole blamed herself for losing her baby because she'd been so determined to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart. Daniel tried to assure her that it hadn't been her fault -- and that one day she would find the right person. Nicole asked how Jennifer was handling Chloe being back in Daniel's life. Daniel asserted that what he and Chloe had shared was over, and Jennifer knew that. "Daniel, I think there's something that you should know," Nicole began.

Before she could say anything, someone knocked on the door, and again, Parker "helped" Daniel answer it. Maggie greeted her son and grandson warmly and cordially acknowledged Nicole's presence. "I was just leaving," Nicole announced, assuring Daniel that what she'd wanted to tell him wasn't that important. On her way out, she earnestly declared that she was very happy for Daniel, who she knew would be a great father to Parker. In the hallway after she'd closed the door behind herself, Nicole fought back tears.

A little while later, Maggie returned from putting Parker down for a nap. Daniel was amazed because when he'd tried to do that, Parker had pitched a fit. Maggie reassured Daniel that he would get the hang of things, but he admitted that he was impatient to make up for lost time because he was still a stranger to his child. Maggie admitted that while she wished she'd been the one who had raised Daniel, she was very happy that he'd had a good childhood. Daniel said, "Well, I was lucky. I had a good mother, and now I have new one." Maggie was sure that Parker would feel the same way about his own somewhat unconventional, but happy, family.

Chloe visited Jennifer at her office and claimed that she wanted to talk with Jennifer about Parker and Daniel. As she sat across the desk from Jennifer, Chloe noticed a picture of Jack and Jennifer and said that after watching the two of them together during her childhood, she understood that Jennifer would always grieve for Jack. Chloe wondered if Daniel was perhaps a transition for Jennifer to help her get past losing her husband.

Chloe continued that Parker was having to learn to accept and love Daniel as his father, and that also meant that Parker had to get to know Jennifer. Chloe was afraid that if Jennifer and Daniel didn't work out, Parker would be more hurt and confused than he already was -- and Chloe had to put her son first. "Chloe, give me a break. You did not come here to talk about Parker," Jennifer asserted. She clarified, "You said to me that you accept...that Daniel has moved on with me, but I don't think you mean it."

Chloe agreed that the two of them should clear the air, since they were alone. She insisted that she had accepted that Daniel was with Jennifer. Chloe then confessed that she'd been a prostitute before she'd left Salem. Jennifer acknowledged that she already knew that -- and it was none of her business. Chloe wanted Jennifer to hear the whole story, because she felt that it might change everything. After Chloe had divulged the full tale, Jennifer assured her, "That's a horrible, horrible story, and I just don't think that anyone could hold that against you -- and I want you to know that I won't."

A grateful Chloe admitted that she had allowed a lot of awful things to happen to her, and she wished she had fought back, because if Daniel had known that Parker was his son, the two of them might have been able to work things out. Jennifer wondered what point Chloe was trying to make. Chloe explained that she was worried about what Jennifer could do to Parker, because she'd heard that Jennifer had asked for the number to Child Protective Services.

Jennifer insisted that she had not done that and she would never report Chloe. Chloe was worried that Jennifer might have done it to get Chloe out of Daniel and Parker's lives. Before Jennifer could respond, a nurse knocked on the door and let herself in to tell Jennifer that the hospital administrator needed to see her right away. As she grabbed her things to leave, Chloe said that it was time for her to pick up Parker. She urged Jennifer to think about what Chloe had said.

A while later, Maggie visited Jennifer at the hospital. After swearing Maggie to secrecy, Jennifer said that Chloe had been to see her to talk about what Jennifer had mentioned to Maggie earlier. Jennifer explained that the information she'd gotten was about a horrible incident from Chloe's past, which Daniel had since learned about. She added that although he had later apologized, he had initially thought that Jennifer planned to use the information against Chloe. Maggie wondered how Daniel had gotten that idea.

"I just think that Chloe is trying to make me look really bad right now," Jennifer concluded. She added that it had been very clear to her earlier that Chloe was still in love with Daniel and would do anything to get Jennifer out of the way so Chloe could have him back. Maggie asserted that Chloe would never replace Jennifer in Daniel's eyes.

Jennifer fretted that Chloe had given Daniel what he had wanted most in the world -- a child. Maggie firmly maintained that wouldn't make Daniel fall in love with Chloe, because Chloe had blown it. Jennifer pointed out that Chloe still believed she had another chance with Daniel. Maggie suggested that she and Jennifer should keep a very close eye on Chloe.

When Chloe went to Daniel's to pick Parker up, Daniel filled her in on how their morning together had gone. Daniel guessed that Parker's meltdown had been because he was in an unfamiliar place. "He's going to learn to love this place. He'll have as many happy memories here as I do," Chloe reassured Daniel. With a happy gasp, Chloe then announced that she had a great idea.

Chloe explained that since Daniel wanted to spend as much time as possible with Parker, and Parker needed to be in one place, maybe Parker could live with his dad. An overjoyed Daniel asked Chloe if she really thought they could work that out. "Sure, it's easy. Parker and I could move in here today," Chloe replied, beaming.

When Brady and Kristen showed up at St. Luke's for the board meeting, Eric told them that he had cancelled the meeting, and he wanted to speak to the two of them privately. "Given the public nature of your relationship, and the very public nature of your fistfight that you had with your father, John, the idea of us all working together to build this school seems a little na´ve," Eric explained. He added that he wanted Kristen and Brady to resign from the board.

Brady was furious, but Kristen calmly offered to resign and asked Eric to let Brady stay, because the school was the most important thing. She urged the men to work things out and then left. Brady hotly declared that he would not stay on the board without Kristen. Eric replied that it was fine with him because, based on the way Brady had been conducting himself, he didn't think that the two of them would ever work together again. Brady demanded to know how it was any of Eric's business what board members did on their own time.

Eric called what Brady was doing "tacky" and declared that it was his business if board members' behavior reflected poorly on his church. "Does that collar give you the right to look down on people?" Brady asked. Furious, Eric ripped the collar off and threw it down on the desk as he declared loudly, "I'm talking to you as your brother, not as a priest." Eric asserted that Kristen was just as dangerous as Stefano and reminded Brady that she had tried to kill Marlena. Brady maintained that Kristen regretted that every day.

"Don't you see how this is affecting your whole family?" Eric demanded. He accused Brady of not caring that John and Marlena's marriage was falling apart because of Brady's actions. Softening, Brady countered that John and Marlena refused to even give Kristen the benefit of the doubt. "And why should they?" Eric asked. Brady declared that becoming a priest had not changed Eric for the better then intentionally overturned a chair as he stormed out.

Nicole was walking through Horton Square when she ran into Father Matt, who had just returned to town. They greeted each other affectionately. Father Matt said that he'd heard Nicole was doing wonderful things in the church office. He sensed that something was bothering her, though, and asked if she wanted to talk about it. As the two of them sat on a bench together, Nicole admitted that she was worried about a man she had once been involved with who was dating a new woman, whom Nicole deemed dull.

Nicole continued that the man was so clueless about women that he hadn't even recognized that another woman from his past was trying to break up him and the new woman. Father Matt noted that Nicole obviously still had feelings for the man and therefore couldn't be objective. Nicole admitted that maybe Father Matt had a point and asked what he thought she should do. Father Matt replied that Nicole should do nothing because it was none of her business. He suggested that Nicole should focus on doing something generous for someone else that didn't involve her needs. Nicole thought that was a good idea and asked Father Matt for some ideas.

As a beaming Marlena met John at Common Grounds, she said that she had been relieved to get his message. John dashed her hopes when he informed her that he was leaving town that very day for meetings in Paris and Milan. Marlena accused him of running away instead of staying to fight for their marriage. John declared that he needed to figure out how to break Brady up from "that woman," but he could no longer think in Salem. He added that he didn't know when he would return.

Marlena was incredulous that John would throw away everything they had fought so hard for just because she hadn't told him about Brady and Kristen. John argued that if he'd known, he might have been able to do something to prevent Kristen from possibly destroying his son. "You told me that she was right and I was wrong," Marlena reminded him. John countered that Marlena had not had faith in him -- and she still didn't.

Marlena asked how John expected her to keep the family safe from Kristen while he was gone, but John contended that Kristen only wanted to play mind games, not cause anyone physical harm, otherwise he would not leave town. He announced that he had a lot to do before he left for the airport, and he walked up to the counter on his way out. Marlena rushed after John and burst into tears as she threw her arms around him from behind. She turned him around and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply, and John returned the kiss.

Kristen walked in just then, but as soon as she spotted John and Marlena kissing, she ducked back out to spy on them from outside.

Marlena tearfully begged John not to go, adding that she had a terrible feeling that if he left, he wouldn't return. John acknowledged that he didn't know what lay ahead for them, but he promised that he would be back. He tenderly touched Marlena's face, but his face remained impassive. Marlena embraced him tightly before he turned and left. As a bereft Marlena returned to her seat, Kristen watched from outside and jumped up and down with glee.

John was headed into Horton Square when Kristen caught up with him. She wanted to know if the scene she'd just witnessed at the coffeehouse had been real, and John asked if Kristen had been spying. Kristen asked if John were really leaving town. John replied that he was only going away long enough to figure out how to make his son see Kristen for the monster she really was. Kristen tried to find out what was going on between John and Marlena. John merely chuckled and told Kristen to go to hell as he walked away. "You first," she said to his retreating back.

As John entered the square, he ran into Brady, who was carrying a bouquet of flowers. John said that Kristen was reveling in the news that he was leaving town and that things between John and Marlena weren't going well. Brady was surprised to hear that his father was leaving town, but John clarified that it was only until he could figure out how to get through to Brady about Kristen. Brady rolled his eyes. "Then you're going to be gone a long time, Dad," he said as he walked away. He stopped and turned back to add that John shouldn't return home until he could accept that Kristen was part of Brady's life.

Nicole was placing Eric's mail on his desk at the church when she noticed his collar lying there. Eric returned as Nicole was looking at it curiously. Eric took the collar and admitted that he'd had to ask Brady and Kristen to resign from the board earlier. He added that Brady was insistent that Kristen had changed and that they were in love -- but Kristen had practically admitted to John that she was playing Brady.

"I don't know what it's going to do to him when he finally realizes that. Between him and the problems it's causing my mom and John, I don't understand how one woman could tear a family apart," Eric said, his voice breaking. He revealed that John was leaving town for a while -- without Marlena. A stunned Nicole asserted that John and Marlena were "the world's most devoted couple." She concluded that the only way to get John, Marlena, and Brady back together was if Kristen were out of the picture.

Sensing the wheels turning, Eric wanted to know what Nicole was thinking about. "Causes that can be won," she answered cryptically. She announced that it was time for her break and walked out. In the hallway, she told God that she was counting on Him helping people who helped themselves.

John went to the church to say goodbye to Eric. After the men embraced, John asked, "Do me a favor? You watch out for your mom, and keep trying to get through to Brady." Eric promised to keep them both in his prayers. "Unfortunately, it's going to take more than prayers to stop Kristen. She really is the devil," John declared.

Brady entered the coffeehouse and spotted Marlena digging through her purse for a tissue. He set the flowers down on nearby table and approached her table. Brady acknowledged that he'd seen John and knew that John was going to Europe for a while. "Eric also told me that you and Dad had been having problems and it's because of me, and I really wanted to say that I'm sorry about that," Brady added sincerely.

Marlena declared that it wasn't Brady's fault; it was hers. Brady wanted to know what Marlena had done, but Marlena didn't care to discuss the specifics of the foolish decisions she'd made because of Kristen. "I think you'll feel the same way one day," Marlena posited. Brady maintained that he'd heard enough about Kristen for one day. "I think you and I are going to end up paying a terrible price," Marlena warned Brady.

Kristen called Stefano from her hotel room to check in. She declared that it had been fantastic to watch Marlena begging John not to go. "So John has lost his wife and his son because of you," Stefano summed up, then suggested that it was time for Kristen to dump Brady. Kristen said that she didn't think she was going to, because if she kept seeing Brady, then she could keep sticking it to John and Marlena. Stefano didn't think that was all there was to it, but Kristen insisted that she knew what she was doing. She added that she was going to ruin John and Marlena's lives just like they'd ruined hers, and no one could stop her.

Kristen hung up when there was a knock at the door, which she assumed was Brady -- but she was stunned to find Nicole on the doorstep.

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