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Kristen tried to convince Brady to marry her and then get her revenge by dumping him at the altar. Will asked Gabi to get a paternity test. Chloe tried get between Daniel and Jennifer again. Nick devised a plan to keep Will away from Will's baby girl.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 4, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, February 4, 2013

by Mike

John crept into a house in Italy and greeted Stefano, who was reading a newspaper and listening to opera music. Stefano seemed pleasantly surprised to see John, and he politely asked about John's family. John guessed that Stefano already knew the answer to that question. Stefano innocently noted that he was sensing some hostility in John's voice.

"Well, you know, that's because, you know, your sick, twisted snake of a daughter has slithered her way back into our lives, and...that's not gonna last long, and she'll soon be nothing but a bad memory, but, you know, I got thinking about the situation, and I had to come here to give you a warning, Papa. If your daughter's machinations somehow lead you to believe that's opening a door for you to renew your sick obsession with Marlena, well, then, your head's even farther up your -- oh, I'm so sorry. What I meant to say're sadly mistaken," John warned Stefano.

"I assure you, John, that I have moved on from good old Marlena. Been there, done that, as they say, huh? Look, it's the same as Kristen has done with you, all right? She has just changed you over for a new model," Stefano replied. Ignoring Stefano's comment, John urged him to keep his passport handy.

John predicted that Stefano would soon need to return to Salem so that he could keep Kristen from falling apart after her schemes inevitably backfired. Stefano noncommittally stated that he looked forward to seeing who would fall apart first. With a faint smile, John said goodbye to Stefano and exited the house.

At the Horton Town Square, Kristen spotted Marlena, who was dining at a nearby restaurant. For Marlena's benefit, Kristen embraced and kissed Brady, who was unaware of Marlena's presence. Kristen assured Brady that he had been completely forgiven for jumping to the wrong conclusion about her earlier. As Kristen held Brady tightly, she flashed Marlena a victorious grin.

Brady excused himself so that he could contact one of Titan's business associates in London. After Brady left, Kristen rushed over to talk to Marlena, who was exiting the restaurant. "Aw, shucks. Poor Marlena -- reduced to spying, living vicariously. Does it help distract from the loneliness of you missing your husband?" Kristen asked.

Marlena ignored Kristen and started to walk away, but Kristen chased after her. "Where are you going? Oh, don't go! Please, just stick around. Let's have a little chat, just us girls -- talk about our how does it feel to have your heart ripped out? How does it feel when you lose the one person who means everything to you? Not good, right?" Kristen asked.

Marlena refused to take the bait, instead opting to respond to Kristen as a psychiatrist. "I think you're a borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. Oh, I'm so sorry -- in layman's terms, you're a complete bitch," Marlena said before walking away. Kristen suggested that Marlena might soon be forced to use another name when referring to Kristen -- daughter-in-law.

Marlena said that she would be happy to talk about the future, since she knew exactly how Kristen's story was going to end. Marlena admitted that she was no match for Kristen, who was a master of deception and manipulation. Kristen smiled and thanked Marlena for the compliment.

"No, really, I'm just being realistic. I've realized my best strategy here is just to sit back and be patient, because you eventually will self-destruct in your own time. All your lies will come caving in, and Brady will see you for who you are, and he'll leave you -- just as John left you," Marlena predicted before walking away. Kristen calmly walked off in the opposite direction, but it was clear that Marlena's comment had bothered her.

In Sami's apartment, E.J. carried Sami into her bedroom. After having sex, E.J. admitted that he had been dreaming about lying in bed with Sami for a very long time. "I love you. Uh, no -- um, that's not right. I mean, I do -- I do love you, but, um, what I should say right now is that I trust you," Sami quietly stated. E.J. returned the sentiment before kissing Sami.

Later, Sami admitted that she was surprised that she and E.J. had ended up together. E.J. claimed that he had always known that he and Sami would eventually reunite. E.J. predicted that the news would probably surprise a lot of people, adding that it would probably not be a pleasant surprise for any of them. Sami said that she only cared about her kids' opinions, and she confidently stated that they would be thrilled.

E.J. started to excuse himself, but Sami reminded him that the kids were at sleepovers. E.J. wondered if Sami was trying to ask him to spend the night with her, and she clarified that she was insisting that he needed to spend the night with her. Later, E.J. surprised Sami with wine and a tray of Sydney's pizza bagels, and they made a toast to new beginnings.

In Daniel and Jennifer's room at the Green Mountain Lodge, Daniel grabbed the phone from Jennifer and asked Chloe if Parker was all right. Chloe played a recording of Parker's earlier outburst, giving Daniel the impression that Parker was crying. Chloe claimed that Parker had not stopped crying since Daniel had left the mansion earlier that night. Chloe theorized that Parker was crying because he missed Daniel.

Jennifer encouraged Daniel to return to Salem so that he could be with Parker, and Daniel reluctantly agreed to do so. After ending the call, Daniel apologized to Jennifer, who assured him that she understood. Daniel found it hard to believe that his departure had upset Parker, since Parker had seemed indifferent to Daniel earlier.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe happily informed Parker that his father would be home soon. Surprised to hear footsteps in the foyer, Chloe glanced up as Brady entered the living room. Brady observed that it seemed like Chloe wasn't happy to see him. Chloe claimed that she was simply worried about Parker, who had been having a tantrum earlier. Chloe said that Parker had stopped crying moments before Brady had arrived.

Brady retrieved a gift box from a desk drawer and abruptly excused himself. Later, Daniel entered the mansion and greeted Parker, who was happily playing with his toys. Chloe claimed that Parker had stopped crying approximately fifteen minutes earlier. Chloe added that she hadn't called Daniel to give him an update because she had been unable to predict if the respite would last for a significant amount of time.

Suspicious, Daniel pulled Chloe aside and reminded her that he had been around a lot of sick, crying children as a doctor. Daniel observed that Parker did not look like a child who had spent the entire night crying. Chloe started to get defensive, pointing out that Daniel had heard Parker crying when she had talked to Daniel on the phone earlier. As Daniel continued to question Chloe, Parker uttered the word Daddy.

At Common Grounds, Kristen spotted Jennifer, who agreed to let Kristen join her. "If anybody sees us, I'll tell them that I sat down uninvited," Kristen promised as she took a seat next to Jennifer. Kristen observed that Jennifer looked like she was dressed for a special occasion. Jennifer sighed and admitted that her plans had changed. Kristen wondered if Jennifer wanted to talk about what had happened.

"I still kind of feel like I'm your good friend, you know, and I hate to see you look so sad. I mean, you are really the one person I know who deserves to be happy, believe if there's something or somebody that's standing in the way of that happiness, damn it, maybe I can help," Kristen added, seemingly sincere. Jennifer politely declined Kristen's offer, insisting that the situation was going to work itself out.

Brady entered the coffeehouse and greeted Kristen and Jennifer. Meanwhile, Kristen received a phone call and abruptly excused herself. Outside, Kristen answered the call and greeted Stefano, who informed her that John had visited him earlier. Pleasantly surprised, Kristen theorized that her actions had unnerved John, causing him to try to convince Stefano to take control of the situation.

Kristen's theory amused Stefano, who was certain that he would not have been able to deter her. Kristen admitted that John had probably reached the same conclusion. Stefano wondered why John would have wasted his time on a mission that had been doomed to failure. Unsure, Kristen changed the subject, cryptically stating that she was looking forward to seeing John's reaction to her next move.

Stefano waited for Kristen to elaborate, assuming that he wouldn't like her plan. "I'm going to convince Brady to ask me to marry him...and then I'm gonna leave him at the altar, just like John did to me," Kristen revealed. Stefano breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that Kristen wasn't actually going to marry Brady.

"I think this will have a much bigger impact...and to paraphrase Marlena, karma is a bitch...and her name is Kristen," Kristen said with a smile. Meanwhile, back inside the coffeehouse, Brady asked if Jennifer would like to go on a double date with him and Kristen the following night, adding that he had already talked to Daniel about the idea. Jennifer noncommittally stated that she would have to check Daniel's schedule first.

Brady could tell that Jennifer was dressed for a special occasion, and he wondered if Daniel's schedule had ruined those plans. Jennifer confirmed that her and Daniel's plans had changed, but she added that his job had not been responsible for the interference. Brady observed that the situation had agitated Jennifer, but she denied that she was upset.

Jennifer vaguely stated that she was simply questioning the timing of the interruption, adding that she would have answers soon enough. Later, Jennifer received a phone call from Daniel, who happily informed her that Parker had referred to him as Daddy earlier. Jennifer was pleased to hear that, and she encouraged Daniel to spend some time with Parker, assuring him that she would be happy to take a rain check on their date.

Jennifer ended the call and explained the situation to Brady. Confused, Brady casually stated that he had gone to the mansion earlier that night, adding that Parker had seemed fine at that time. Before Jennifer could respond, Brady handed her a pamphlet that contained information about the club that he wanted to take her, Daniel, and Kristen to. Jennifer accepted the document, and Brady abruptly excused himself. After Brady left, Jennifer shook her head in disbelief as she realized that Chloe had faked Parker's tantrum.

Outside, Kristen continued her phone conversation with Stefano, who wondered how she was planning to convince Brady to propose to her. Before Kristen could respond, she noticed that Brady was exiting the coffeehouse, and she quickly ended the call. Brady presented Kristen with the gift that he had retrieved from the mansion earlier, explaining that it was in honor of their anniversary. Brady recalled that he and Kristen had started dating three months earlier.

Later, in Kristen's hotel room, Kristen and Brady were lying in bed together. Kristen kissed Brady and declared that she never wanted to stop feeling the way that he had made her feel. When Brady agreed, Kristen grinned mischievously and suggested that it might be time for them to take their relationship to the next level. Brady laughed as he realized that Kristen was talking about marriage.

"Kristen, you -- I mean, I love -- look at you. You're beautiful, you're smart, and you're funny as hell. I mean, it's amazing -- you're all these things, but you're a jokester, too. Just -- funny girl. You're altogether perfect, as far as I'm concerned," Brady said as he kissed Kristen's forehead. Kristen laughed nervously as she realized that her plan was going to be more difficult than she had originally suspected.

At the Horton house, Chloe visited Jennifer. Chloe claimed that she was sorry that she had ruined Jennifer and Daniel's date. Jennifer noted that it was odd that Chloe, who had been raising Parker for the past two years, had not been able to handle the situation on her own. Chloe shrugged and explained that Parker had been missing Daniel.

"Isn't it nice when we know what our child needs -- or anyone, for that matter? Because then you get to know what they're really about, you understand their motives, and can just easily deal with them," Jennifer not-so-subtly stated. Chloe started to excuse herself, but Jennifer stopped her. Jennifer said that she was certain that she and Daniel would get another chance to go on a date soon enough.

"The hell you will," Chloe muttered after Jennifer closed the front door. Meanwhile, inside the Horton house, Jennifer inspected the pamphlet that Brady had given her earlier. Jennifer vowed that she wasn't going to let Chloe ruin things again.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Nick continued his research while Gabi was sleeping. "I just have to find a way to get Will out of our lives -- out of my life, Gabi's life, the baby's life," Nick muttered, adding that he needed to prove that Will was the person who had shot E.J. years earlier.

In the main section of the pub, Caroline greeted Will, who seemed utterly deflated and was struggling to focus on a college assignment. Caroline noted that she had last seen Will at Gabi and Nick's wedding ceremony. Will admitted that he had really messed up, and Caroline agreed. Caroline asked Will to stand up, cryptically stating that she had been waiting since the wedding to do something to him.

Will cautiously stood, and Caroline hugged him. Caroline assured Will that she and the rest of his family loved him, adding that nothing would ever change that fact. Caroline was proud of Will for deciding to be a part of his child's life. Will beamed with pride as he showed Caroline the sonogram image of his daughter. Will informed Caroline that he had felt his daughter kick the previous day.

"She kind of turned my life upside-down. You know, I know it's all gonna be worth it, though, the moment I get to hold her for the first time," Will said with a smile. Later, Johnny emerged from the kitchen and excitedly greeted Will. Johnny asked about the sonogram image. "I know it doesn't look like it, but it's a baby -- it's my baby, actually. I'm gonna be a dad," Will informed Johnny, unaware that Nick was standing nearby.

Later, Nick asked Will if Sonny was planning to be a part of the baby's life. Will wondered if Nick would have a problem with that. Nick shook his head and quickly claimed that he was simply curious. Will hesitantly admitted that he and Sonny had not had a lot of time to work things out yet. Feigning concern, Nick said that he was sorry to hear that.

Will said that he was going to focus on helping Gabi get through the pregnancy. Before Nick could respond, Marlena entered the pub and greeted Will with a hug. Certain that Johnny would want to see Marlena, Will excused himself so that he could find his brother. After Will left, Nick started to walk away, but Marlena stopped him and wondered how he was doing.

"I'm, uh -- I'm -- I'm fine...really. I mean, I'm -- I'm marrying the girl of my dreams, and I'm starting a family, so...I wouldn't trade places with anybody in the world," Nick said before abruptly excusing himself. Marlena smiled as Nick walked away, but it was clear that something about his answer had concerned her.

When Will returned, Marlena wondered how Nick had reacted to Will's decision to be a part of his daughter's life. "It was difficult at first, but he...knows and accepts that I'm the father of this little girl, and I'm always gonna be in her life, and I'm always gonna be there for her -- always," Will said. Will added that he wasn't interested in interfering with Gabi and Nick's relationship.

Will could tell that something was bothering Marlena, and he urged her to share her thoughts with him. "Oh, uh...well, I know it's all been worked out. I just hope that things don't get...complicated. I mean, I know they've agreed to let you be a part of your daughter's life, but...I hope they don't...renege. I -- you know what I mean. Just...somewhere down the road," Marlena cautiously explained.

Will doubted that he would ever have to worry about that, since he trusted Gabi. Will added that he believed that Gabi and Nick shared Will's desire to do what was best for the baby. Meanwhile, back in Gabi's room, Nick continued to look for information that he could use against Will.

"Well, at least Sonny is out of the picture now. One gay boy down, one to go," Nick muttered as he used a search engine to look for surveillance equipment.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In her room above the pub, Gabi awoke to find Nick seated at the computer. Thrilled to see Gabi awake, Nick jumped on the bed and made love to her. Afterward, Gabi giggled as the baby kicked in her belly. As Nick smiled, Gabi told him how happy she was with him.

Noting that he had to pick up a recommendation letter from Jennifer, Nick started to get out of bed. When Gabi asked about the scar on his back, Nick thought about his attack.

Upset, Nick said that he did not want to talk about his scar. Nick remarked that he did not want to talk about the past, but instead look to the future.

At the Horton house, Abigail was surprised to find Jennifer in the living room when she walked downstairs. Jennifer explained that her night with Daniel had been cut short when Daniel left to spend time with Parker. As Jennifer commented on how cute Abigail looked, the doorbell rang. Curious, Jennifer rushed to the door to answer it just ahead of Abigail. Jennifer was pleased to find Cameron on the doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. Abigail explained that she was going to breakfast with Cameron.

Cameron greeted Jennifer, then informed Abigail that he would meet her outside because he needed to call the hospital before they left for breakfast. Once Jennifer and Abigail were alone in the foyer, Jennifer teased her daughter about her date. Abigail noted that it was just breakfast, and she wanted to take things slowly with Cameron.

After Abigail left, Nick arrived to pick up Jennifer's recommendation letter for the parole board. When Jennifer told Nick that she was sorry to hear about the wedding, Nick smiled and noted that he and Gabi would eventually marry. Jennifer said that the whole family had been worried about Nick.

"I'm glad my daughter will be born into such a strong family," Nick commented. Concerned, Jennifer asked, "Yours?" Jennifer noted that she was worried that Nick was moving too quickly and that he did not realize how complicated the situation was. Jennifer told Nick that she had learned about his attack in jail. Upset, Nick asked Jennifer not to tell Gabi. Nick stressed that that part of his life was over. Despite his statement, Nick thought about when he was attacked in prison.

In the town square, Cameron and Abigail sat down for breakfast. When Abigail said that she wanted to say something, Cameron interrupted and said that Abigail did not need to apologize. Cameron noted that when things had gone wrong between them that Abigail had lost Jack and he had lost Lexie. Cameron asked Abigail if they could start over.

Nodding, Abigail agreed, reached for Cameron's hand, and thanked him for being kind to her. A text message from the hospital interrupted their date. Cameron asked Abigail to go to the movies with him, and smiling, she accepted.

At the Brady Pub, Johnny ran down the stairs and greeted Rafe while Rafe ate breakfast. When Rafe asked Johnny why he was at the pub so early in the morning, Johnny told Rafe that he was there for a sleepover. Johnny confided that Sami had told him a secret. When Rafe asked what it was, Johnny explained that Sami had told him that they would see a lot more of Rafe.

When Johnny went into the kitchen to get his vitamins, Caroline told Rafe that she thought Sami had asked for the sleepover in order to spend time with him. With a frown, Rafe asked Caroline if babysitting was tiring for her. Caroline explained that she was fine because Kayla and Joe kept the children busy. Rafe thought about his visit with Sami and how E.J. had been there.

Caroline asked Rafe why he looked miserable when she had mentioned Sami's name. Rafe explained that there was nothing going on with Sami. Shaking her head, Caroline remarked that she had seen Rafe and Sami at the wedding and that it had seemed like they were happy together. Rafe said that they had been happy but that the news about the baby had changed that. When Caroline raised an eyebrow, Rafe explained that Sami had attacked his sister, and he could not forgive Sami for that.

Caroline reminded Rafe that Sami was protective of her family and her kids. Shrugging, Rafe noted that Sami had gone too far. "If you don't go there, you know who will," Caroline advised Rafe before she took Johnny upstairs to play.

When Gabi arrived downstairs, Rafe greeted her and asked how she was feeling. Gabi nodded slowly. Rafe advised Gabi not to let Sami get to her. Shaking her head, Gabi said she was not upset and that she did not want to affect Rafe's relationship with Sami. Rafe informed Gabi that he no longer had a relationship with Sami. As Gabi stared in silence, Rafe informed her that he had spoken to Sami and that she would back off as long as Gabi, Nick, and Will were getting along.

Gabi told Rafe that all was well with Will and that Rafe should work on his relationship with Sami. "Never gonna happen," Rafe said curtly. Worried, Gabi said that she did not want to be the reason that Rafe and Sami's relationship ended. Rafe told Gabi that he did not want to be with someone that treated his sister so poorly. Shrugging, Gabi said that she understood why Sami was upset and she asked Rafe to give Sami a break. When Rafe refused, Gabi called him a coward under her breath.

In Sami's apartment, Sami woke up to find E.J. staring at her. When Sami joked that it was creepy, E.J. joked that he wanted to take in her beauty. Smiling, Sami noted how lucky she felt. "Let's not screw this up," E.J. said. Sami nodded and said that she was thrilled that this time there was no agenda or scheme to get in the way. Sami remarked that things were different.

After Sami and E.J. made love, E.J. commented that he felt like he had been with Sami forever. When Sami noted that it felt like they had been at each other's throats forever, E.J. joked that he had been a master of restraint with Sami. Sami lamented that she and E.J. had feuded so publicly with one another over the years. When Sami suggested that she and E.J. wait to tell anyone about their relationship, E.J. reminded her that she had said she did not care who knew about them.

"I said that?" Sami wondered aloud. Sami admitted that she'd meant what she had said at the time, but that she did care what people thought. When E.J. groaned, Sami explained that she was worried that Kristen might use the information to hurt Marlena. E.J. suggested that they either call a truce about Kristen or not talk about her at all. Bristling, Sami said that she would call a truce if E.J. would concede that Kristen was only interested in hurting her family.

E.J. cried out in frustration and pulled the sheet over his head. E.J. joked that it had only taken them twenty minutes to have their first fight of the day. "I can see that this time things are going to be totally different," E.J. said sarcastically. Sami laughed and kissed E.J.

In Kristen's hotel room, Brady admired Kristen as she slept. When she awoke, she mentioned that Brady could wake up with her every morning if they were married. Realizing that Kristen was not joking, Brady commented that it was out of character for Kristen to push for marriage. Smiling, Kristen said that Brady had changed her. Brady noted that it was too soon for marriage and that if they were married that John and Marlena would believe that they had married out of spite.

Brady asked Kristen to wait until he had reconciled with his family before they moved ahead in their relationship. Nodding, Kristen agreed. When Brady went into the bathroom, Kristen muttered to herself that she liked a challenge and that Brady would be begging for marriage in no time.

After dressing, Kristen met with E.J. at the coffeehouse. Unable to contain his glee, E.J. smiled from ear to ear as he informed Kristen that he had received the business reports she had sent him. Suspicious, Kristen asked what had happened. E.J. told Kristen that he was back together with Sami, thanks to Kristen's idea that they work together. Kristen gloated and reminded E.J. that she was always right.

E.J. countered that he would agree with Kristen except for her decision to have an affair with Brady. When Kristen asked E.J. if he had told Stefano about his reconciliation with Sami, E.J. admitted that he had not told their father yet. E.J. noted that he wanted to give Stefano time to recover from the shock of learning about Kristen and Brady's relationship. Chuckling, E.J. commented on how strange it was that the DiMera kids were dating the Brady kids.

In the town square, Brady ran into Sami. Brady commented that he was annoyed by the multitude of voicemails that Sami had left for him. Sami explained that she was concerned that Brady was hurting Eric and Marlena. Brady warned Sami to straighten out her relationship with Rafe before she commented on his relationship with Kristen. Smiling tightly, Sami countered that her relationship with Rafe was over.

Shrugging, Brady asked Sami what she had done to push Rafe away. When Brady commented that Sami would end up alone, she blurted out that she was not alone because she had E.J. Sami quickly covered her mouth in surprise. Brady reminded Sami that she had shot E.J. and that her relationship with Rafe was healthier for her. Changing the topic, Sami noted that Brady's relationship with Kristen was not healthy either.

When Sami remarked that Kristen had broken up John and Marlena's marriage, Brady defended Kristen and noted that John and Marlena were adults. Sami scoffed at Brady's argument and noted that he was more selfish than she was. Lowering her eyes, Sami asked Brady if he would keep her relationship with E.J. a secret. Brady agreed. "I thought I was the only one who could alienate our family," Sami said as she walked away.

Brady returned to the hotel and met up with Kristen in her room. When Kristen announced that she had big news, Brady nodded and admitted that he had heard about E.J. and Sami. When Kristen asked how, Brady explained that Sami had blurted out the information accidentally and had asked him to keep it a secret. Kristen commented that what the family did not know would not hurt them. Cocking his head to the side, Brady asked Kristen if she was suggesting that they get married in secret.

As Sami walked through the park, she spotted Rafe. Rafe groaned and started to walk away. Sami called out to Rafe and asked him to talk.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hope went to St. Luke's to ask Nicole some questions about corporate espionage and theft at Titan. Eric pointed out that Nicole no longer had anything to do with Titan. Nicole got defensive and accused Hope of harassing her. When Eric asked why Hope wanted to talk to Nicole, Hope explained that some files had been stolen from Brady Black's computer.

Nicole wondered how the missing files had led to her. Hope asserted that she had taken the case over from another detective after a complaint had been filed against Nicole. Hope couldn't divulge who had filed the complaint, but Nicole immediately guessed "that bitch" Kristen had gotten Brady to press charges against Nicole.

In Kristen's hotel room, Brady quickly corrected Kristen's assumption that he wanted to get married in secret. Brady reminded Kristen that they had discussed how their getting married right away would make it almost impossible for him to reconcile with his family. He added that he wanted his family to have a chance to adjust to Brady and Kristen's relationship -- and if they did get married, he would want everyone to be there.

Brady then got a phone call from Eric, asking Brady to meet him at the police station. After agreeing to meet Eric, Brady promised to send Kristen a text message as soon as he knew what was going on. As soon as the door closed behind Brady, a thwarted Kristen muttered, "What's a girl got to do to get a marriage proposal around here, huh?"

Kristen phoned Stefano and complained that Brady had shot down her idea of getting married in secret. Stefano pointed out that Kristen's whole revenge plot was to humiliate Brady by dumping him at the altar. Kristen argued that she had been planning to make the private ceremony public. Stefano cautioned her against getting caught up in emotion, lest the whole thing blow up in her face. Kristen vowed that she would get what she wanted, no matter what.

Nicole paced in a conference room at the police station while Eric listened to her vent. After Nicole complained about Hope dragging her down there without a shred of evidence, Eric cautioned her to dial back the outraged protestations a bit. When Brady arrived, Nicole accused him of setting her up for stealing the files. Hope entered and asked, "So you admit you stole them?"

Nicole lowered her voice to ask how Brady could have done that to her when he knew she had a criminal record. Brady reminded her that he was aware of that -- and that was why he hadn't turned her in. "No, you had Kristen do it for you," Nicole hissed.

Kristen arrived and calmly insisted that she hadn't called the police on Nicole. Hope pointed out that Nicole had all but admitted to her guilt. Nicole anxiously whispered to Eric that she was scared. Eric put his arm around Nicole comfortingly, and reminded Brady and Kristen that if they pressed charges, Nicole could go back to prison.

Kristen acknowledged that the previous few months had obviously changed Nicole, whom Brady obviously considered a friend, so Kristen agreed not to press charges. Hope informed the group that the person who had reported the crime still had a say in the charges against Nicole. "What? But who? Who wants to put me back in jail?" a frustrated Nicole demanded.

Victor strolled in just then and announced with a gleeful grin, "That would be me." A livid Nicole fought to keep her anger in check. Victor explained to Hope that when Titan's security team had discovered that the files had been downloaded from Brady's computer without authorization, they had determined that the download had occurred in the Kiriakis mansion during a time when Nicole had been there.

Her anger boiling over, Nicole practically lunged across the table as she accused Victor of being "vile" and "vindictive." Pulling Nicole back, Eric asked if there were anything Hope could do. Hope asked everyone to leave the room so that she and Victor could speak privately. After the others had gone, Hope demanded, "Does it mean nothing to you, nothing at all, that Nicole stole that file to get Brady away from that woman, from Kristen?"

Victor was unfazed, so Hope threatened to tell Ciara what a jerk her grandfather had been. Eyes twinkling, Victor assured Hope that he wasn't going to press charges because he thought that Nicole might actually be helpful in getting Brady away from Kristen. Hope lightly warned her father-in-law that wasting her time made her angry. Victor promised to make it up to her. As he rose to leave, Victor asked what was really going on with Bo, who had been away from Hope and Ciara for far too long without a good reason. Ignoring the question, Hope just gave Victor a goodbye kiss on the cheek and got back to work.

Eric and Nicole walked through Horton Square on their way back to the church, with Brady and Kristen trailing behind them. Kristen hurried to catch up with Nicole and suggested that the two of them walk to the church together and clear the air. When Nicole somewhat reluctantly agreed, Kristen proposed that the men should do the same thing.

After the women had gone, Eric thanked Brady for not pressing charges. Brady admitted that he didn't like the way things were between them, but he knew that things would never go back to the way they had been as long as he was with Kristen.

Back at St. Luke's, Kristen suggested to Nicole that they call a truce. Nicole was skeptical, but Kristen asserted that as long as Nicole played nice, Kristen could manage to be civil. "And who knows? Maybe someday we can even be friends," Kristen added with a smile. She pointed out all the things they had in common and admitted that she respected the way Nicole had gone after her. Nicole grumbled that her plan should have worked.

Kristen noted that Nicole was obviously off her game -- and Kristen could certainly understand why, when Nicole was working side-by-side with "that hunk," Eric -- with whom Kristen knew Nicole had once been involved. Nicole insisted that was in the distant past and she and Eric were just friends. "Take it from somebody who knows: you don't want to fall in love with a priest. It makes married men look like a walk in the park," Kristen warned as she strolled out.

When Eric returned a little later, he asked Nicole how things had gone with Kristen. Nicole admitted that Kristen had actually been very nice. Eric pressed for more details, but Nicole brushed him off, pointing out that after their detour to the police station, she had a lot of work to catch up on. Sensing that Nicole was intentionally keeping her distance, Eric asked why she was pushing him away.

Back in her hotel room, Kristen informed Brady that she and Nicole had called a truce. Kristen explained that what Brady had said about Nicole being in pain had sunk in, and she knew that Nicole had only been looking out for Brady. "I don't want you to lose one more person from your life because of me," Kristen declared. Brady was duly impressed with Kristen's good deed, and said that he would have to find a very special way to reward her.

At the Brady Pub, Julie presented Gabi with a frilly pink dress for her unborn daughter. Touched, Gabi embraced Julie in thanks. Julie expressed her gratitude to Gabi for helping Nick turn his life around, but Gabi insisted that Nick had done so all on his own. Julie confessed that she had been very worried about Nick after he'd been stabbed in prison -- but the stabbing was news to Gabi. Julie was taken aback that Nick had never told Gabi about it.

Gabi said that whenever she asked Nick about the scar, he got upset. She asked Julie what had happened, but Julie informed her that Nick had always refused to talk about it. Nick entered just then and ordered Julie not to say another word. Julie and Gabi apologized and urged Nick to calm down. Nick insisted that he was calm; he just wanted to put the incident behind him. He spied the dress in Gabi's hands, took it from her, and tried to muster an enthusiastic response for Julie's gift.

Julie asked if Nick and Gabi had worked things out with Will. Gabi assured Julie that Will had been great -- although Sami was a different story. Julie recognized some of her younger self in Sami, and she offered to talk to Sami for Gabi and Nick. Nick stared vacantly into space while Gabi assured Julie that they had everything under control. Julie gushed that the baby was very lucky to have three loving parents. She then kissed Nick and Gabi goodbye and dashed off to run some errands.

After acknowledging that Nick obviously didn't want to discuss the stabbing, Gabi gently suggested that the two of them really should talk about it. Nick flashed back to a fellow prisoner accusing him of being a snitch before stabbing Nick in the back. As he clutched the little dress tightly, his hands began to shake noticeably. Gabi stroked Nick's arm and softly apologized for upsetting him. Nick seemed to snap out of it and asserted that he didn't like to think about the past; he only wanted to think about the future with Gabi and the baby.

Gabi assured him that she wanted him to share things with her because she loved him. Nick admitted that he'd had to learn to try to forget about some of the things that had happened to him in prison and pretend that they had never happened, or he would not have survived.

Will arrived outside Common Grounds and paused for a moment before going in. Regarding his key to Sonny's apartment, Will remembered how happy they had been when Sonny had invited him to move in. He then went inside and asked Sonny if they could talk, so the two got a table. As he slid the key across the table to Sonny, Will explained that since he'd moved his stuff out of the apartment, there was no longer any reason for him to keep the key.

Sonny said that Will had left behind a watch that he loved. Will explained that he'd left it intentionally because he knew Sonny liked it, and he wanted Sonny to have it. Will then expressed his hope that he and Sonny could be friends. Sonny also hoped that they would always be friends, and assured Will that he would always be there if Will ever needed to talk. "I just care so much about you," Sonny said. Will returned the sentiment, adding, "I just want you to be happy, even if it's not with me."

Will then showed Sonny the picture from the sonogram, and admitted that he was starting to get excited about becoming a father. Sonny cautioned Will against trusting Nick and Gabi. Will pointed out that he would have to be around Gabi and Nick for the rest of his life, and Gabi had been nothing but great about everything. Sonny voiced his worry that Nick and Gabi were teamed up against Will and pointed out that the two of them had lied and manipulated Will to get him to give up the rights to his child.

"I didn't give up the baby for them! Man, I gave up the baby for you!" Will blurted. Just then, Nick arrived, but when he spotted Sonny and Will through the door, he waited outside and watched their interaction. Will explained to Sonny, "I thought that if you knew I was having a baby, I would lose you -- which I did, so... It wasn't Nick, and it wasn't Gabi. It was me." Will admitted that he'd said that he was doing what was right for the baby, but he'd really been afraid that he couldn't have both Sonny and the baby, so he'd chosen Sonny.

"I chose you over my own kid, which is messed up, I know, but that's how much I love you," Will said. When Sonny took Will's hand across the table, Nick walked away. A sympathetic Sonny noted that if he had known, he could have helped Will. Will admitted that he'd messed everything up by not saying anything, and he knew it was too late. He grabbed his backpack and left.

When Sami and Rafe ran into each other passing through the park, Rafe made a disgusted sound and started to leave, but Sami said she thought that they should talk. Rafe wasn't interested in anything Sami had to say because he knew that she'd slept with E.J. the previous night. Sami angrily maintained that she and E.J. had talked, and he had helped her to see that she could have handled the situation with Gabi better.

"That's why you farmed the kids out? So you and E.J. could talk? Go to hell," Rafe spat. Sami declared that what had happened between her and E.J. was none of Rafe's business. Rafe agreed but pointed out that it had only been a couple of weeks since Sami had planned to dump E.J. for Rafe -- and it had taken almost no time for her to jump back into bed with E.J. Sami accused Rafe of being jealous.

Rafe denied it, arguing that Sami could do whatever she wanted with whoever she wanted. Sami asked why he was so upset, then. Rafe replied coldly, "Because I fell in love with a woman who doesn't exist, that's why. You make me sick... I wish I could delete every single memory I have of you." Sami accused Rafe of saying that to intentionally hurt her. Rafe insisted that it was true after dealing with Sami's "bull" year after year.

Sami lashed out by announcing that she had, indeed, had sex with E.J. -- and it had been the best night of her life. Rafe sarcastically declared that it was refreshing to hear Sami finally telling the truth -- unlike the last time she had "talked" to E.J. and then lied to Rafe about it for months. Sami argued that she had known with absolute certainty that instead of showing compassion for her grief because she'd thought that her son was dead, Rafe would only have cared that she had cheated on him.

Rafe said that there was no point in rehashing things, but acknowledged that they couldn't make a clean break because of the baby. He added that as long as she kept her promise not to harass Gabi anymore, things might be okay. Sami agreed as long as Gabi didn't prevent Will from retaining his rights as a father. Rafe countered that his sister had no problem with Will seeing the baby.

Becoming aggravated, Sami asserted that what she'd meant was that Will should have shared custody. Sami cautioned Rafe that if Gabi tried to keep Will from his daughter, Gabi would be the one pleading in court for a chance to see her child. Rafe argued that Gabi was the baby's mother. "Are you forgetting...that the mother is going to marry a convicted felon -- a kidnapper and a murderer? Not to mention her own crimes, whatever they may be. What judge in his right mind wouldn't give the child to Will?" Sami pointed out.

Rafe warned Sami that if she tried any dirty tricks, he would go after her -- especially since she had a way of justifying almost anything, including attempted murder. Sami reminded him that Nick was actually a convicted murderer, so she wasn't worried. "Go to hell," Rafe repeated before walking away.

As Sami stomped through the square, she berated herself for tipping her hand to Rafe. She sent a quick text message to Will, asking him to meet her at her apartment.

Gabi was in her room above the pub when Rafe showed up. Gabi showed off the baby's new dress to her brother but immediately sensed that something was wrong. Rafe cautioned Gabi that after talking to Sami, he was worried that there would be trouble ahead for Gabi and the baby. He explained that he thought Sami was going to push Will to pursue shared custody. Gabi insisted that she and Nick were getting along really well with Will, and the three of them were on the same page about raising the baby.

Nick arrived outside Gabi's door just as Rafe was saying that Sami could get Will to do whatever she thought was right. Nick eavesdropped from the hallway as Rafe warned Gabi, "I wouldn't put it past Sami to take you to family court once the baby is born, and not just for partial custody -- maybe even for full custody." Gabi was adamant that the court would never take the baby away from her mother. Rafe pointed out that the court might take issue with Gabi being married to a murderer.

As soon as Will walked in Sami's door, he pulled out the sonogram picture and showed it to his mom. Sami's eyes welled up as she grinned with pride. "I can see by the look on your face that you love her already," Sami noted. Will admitted that the sonogram had made it seem real -- in a good way. Sami cautioned Will that the baby would be there before he knew it, and she thought he should get in touch with the lawyer E.J. had recommended. Will wanted to know why. "Because I think you need to insist that Gabi get a paternity test -- immediately," Sami advised.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Chloe listened as Lucas talked to Allie on the phone. After Lucas ended the call, Chloe greeted him and noted that he had always been a great father.

After a brief, tense conversation about Philip and Parker, Chloe guessed that Lucas was happy that she had blown her chance with Daniel. Lucas clarified that he was actually hoping that Chloe and Daniel would eventually reunite. "You deserve each other. Not only that, but he'd have to leave my sister the hell alone," Lucas said before walking away.

In Daniel's apartment, Jennifer greeted Daniel with a passionate kiss and said that she was eager to pick up where they had left off the previous night. Jennifer told Daniel about the Chicago nightclub that Brady and Kristen had offered to take them to. Jennifer reminded Daniel that he didn't have to work the following day, and she revealed that she had already taken the liberty of reserving a room at a nearby hotel so that they could spend the night in the city.

Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel told Chloe about his plans for the evening as he played with Parker. Chloe tried to suggest that Parker might start to forget who Daniel was if he was forced to spend an entire day away from Daniel, but Daniel assured her that he wasn't going to let that happen. Chloe hoped that Parker wouldn't throw another tantrum that night, but Daniel was certain that Maggie would be able to handle the situation either way.

After Daniel reminded Chloe that she could always contact him on his cell phone if she needed to do so, he abruptly excused himself. Later, Chloe complained about the situation as she picked up Parker's toys. Chloe found the stethoscope that Daniel and Parker had been playing with earlier, and she wondered if she might be able to use it to her advantage.

At St. Luke's, Eric assured Nicole that she could talk to him about anything, but she snapped that she simply wanted him to leave her alone. Undeterred, Eric guessed that Kristen had said something earlier that had upset Nicole. Nicole insisted that Eric was wrong, but he wasn't convinced. Eric knowingly stated that Kristen had always been very good at getting under a person's skin.

Nicole silently recalled Kristen's earlier comment about falling in love with a priest, and she reluctantly confirmed Eric's suspicion. "Kristen -- she did threaten me. She said she wouldn't make an issue about me loading stolen documents onto her computer unless I did something else to her, and if I did, then she would -- she would come down on me...hard," Nicole said.

Satisfied with Nicole's explanation, Eric warned that Kristen was not the type of person who was known for making idle threats. Nicole sighed and admitted that her attempt to help Eric and Brady had made her feel extremely good about herself. Assuming that Nicole no longer felt that way, Eric wondered if she would like to talk to him about her feelings.

Nicole shook her head and impatiently asked Eric to drop the subject. Eric apologized and abruptly exited the room. Shortly after Eric left, Jennifer arrived and wondered if she could talk to Nicole about Chloe. Jennifer clarified that she wanted to know what it was that Chloe was trying to accomplish.

Sensing Nicole's reluctance, Jennifer added that helping her would be a good way for Nicole to make amends for what she had done to Jennifer in the past. Nicole started to refuse to help Jennifer, but she changed her mind when Jennifer asked if Nicole really believed that Daniel would be better off with Chloe.

Nicole sighed and reluctantly warned Jennifer to be careful. Nicole advised Jennifer to refrain from giving Chloe any sort of ammunition that could be used against Jennifer. Jennifer nodded and offered Nicole a faint smile of appreciation before exiting the church.

Later, at the Horton house, Daniel and Jennifer were preparing to leave. Jennifer noticed a piece of paper that Daniel had placed on a table in the foyer, and she asked him about it. Daniel explained that he had promised Chloe that he would provide her with the contact information for the hotel that they were going to be staying at.

Daniel assured Jennifer that Chloe didn't know that they were going to be staying in Chicago, and he promised that nothing was going to ruin their evening. Daniel excused himself so that he could finish carrying their bags out to the car. After Daniel left, someone knocked on the front door. When Jennifer opened the door, she found Chloe standing outside.

Chloe entered the house and handed Daniel's stethoscope to Jennifer. Chloe started to say that it was important for Daniel to spend as much time with Parker as he possibly could, but Jennifer interrupted and announced that her and Daniel's plans for that evening were set in stone. Forcing a smile, Chloe changed the subject and asked Jennifer for the contact information that Daniel had promised her earlier.

Jennifer was holding a small stack of documents in her hand, including the list of phone numbers that Daniel had created for Chloe earlier. Glancing at the list, Jennifer claimed that she and Daniel were going to be staying in Salem, adding that they were planning to attend a new nightclub called Club Inferno. Meanwhile, Daniel returned and wondered what Chloe was doing at Jennifer's house.

At the hospital, Lucas greeted Eric, who was waiting for permission to visit a hospitalized parishioner. Eric explained that he had asked Lucas to meet him at the hospital because Billie had suggested that Lucas might be willing to fill her vacant seat on the church board. Lucas wondered if Nicole was still working at the church, and Eric confirmed that she was.

"I'll serve on the board on one condition -- if you can make sure that she and I are never in the same room together. I mean ever," Lucas said. Eric tried to assure Lucas that Nicole was genuinely trying to turn her life around, but Lucas wasn't convinced. Eric said that he couldn't guarantee that Lucas would never have to share a room with Nicole. Lucas reluctantly agreed to join the church board anyway, since that was what Billie had wanted him to do.

Later, after Lucas left, Nicole arrived at the hospital and found Eric, who was praying with the hospitalized parishioner. Nicole quietly watched with admiration as Eric comforted the parishioner. After a few moments, Nicole shook her head and walked away. "Oh, God -- you can't have feelings for this man. You can't! It's wro -- ugh," Nicole muttered with disgust as she exited the hospital.

At Common Grounds, E.J. treated Johnny to a cup of hot chocolate. Johnny predicted that Sydney, who was at a friend's house, was going to be upset about the fact that she had missed out on the treat. E.J. pointed out that Sydney's absence had given the DiMera men an opportunity to spend some time together without any women present.

Being referred to as a man didn't seem to impress Johnny, who noted that Rafe liked to refer to him as a dude. Johnny hoped that he would see Rafe at Sami's apartment later that day, since Rafe had promised to get Johnny a new FBI jacket to replace the one that Johnny had started to outgrow.

In Sami's apartment, Will insisted that a paternity test would be unnecessary, since everyone already knew that he was the father of Gabi's baby. Sami countered that everyone knew that Will was the father because that was what Gabi was saying, and she added that Gabi could easily change her story later. Will doubted that Gabi would ever do that to him, but Sami wasn't convinced.

"She's gonna be with Nick. They might get married. Then the baby's gonna come. What if she decides that's the easiest way to get rid of you -- to put Nick's name down as the father on your daughter's birth certificate?" Sami asked. Will remained confident that Gabi would never betray him like that, but he added that placing Nick's name on the birth certificate wouldn't change the fact that Will was the baby's real father.

Sami scoffed and assured Will that having another man's name on his baby's birth certificate would be a very big deal. Will pointed out that if Gabi did place Nick's name on the birth certificate, a paternity test could be requested at that time. "Will, I know more about paternity tests than anybody you know, okay? And I'm telling you right now that if Gabi puts Nick's name down as the father, then it's on you -- the burden of proof is on you. If she doesn't want a paternity test, you're gonna have to get a court order to get one, and if you think that's easy, you're wrong," Sami warned Will.

Will sighed and speculated that Sami was simply trying to scare him into taking her advice. Sami encouraged Will to talk to the lawyer whom E.J. had hired to handle the case. Sami was certain that the lawyer would agree with her. Sami added that Nick was capable of talking Gabi into doing whatever he wanted her to do.

Before Will could respond, Johnny and E.J. entered the apartment. After Johnny finished telling Sami and Will about the things that he and E.J. had done earlier that day, Sami excused herself so that she could get Johnny cleaned up. Before Sami left the room, she silently urged E.J. to talk to Will.

E.J. wondered how Will was doing. Will said that he was fine, aside from the fact that Sami was trying to convince him to go along with her insane idea to ask for a paternity test. E.J. matter-of-factly stated that asking for a paternity test was not an insane idea. Will wasn't surprised that E.J. had sided with Sami. E.J. pointed out that he and Sami each knew a lot about custody battles, and Will said that was because they had battled each other on numerous occasions.

E.J. shrugged, conceding Will's point. "William, when children are the issue, these situations can become incredibly volatile -- very emotional -- and that's why you need to arm yourself with the facts, because in a situation like this, if you have a legal document that says that you are this child's father, that can offer you as much protection as a suit of armor," E.J. advised Will. Meanwhile, Sami rejoined Will and E.J.

E.J. urged Will to meet with the lawyer whom E.J. had hired, but Will declined the offer, explaining that he trusted Gabi. E.J. admitted that Will's loyalty was commendable, adding that he hoped that it wasn't misplaced loyalty, and Will assured E.J. that there was no need to worry about that. "As far as you know," E.J. cryptically countered.

"What -- what -- I -- everybody is hinting at something that Gabi has done that I don't know about, but no one is telling me, so why don't you enlighten me, please?" Will asked, clearly frustrated. E.J. said that Sami wasn't aware of the details, adding that he wasn't allowed to discuss the situation with Will. E.J. cryptically stated that Will wouldn't feel the same way about Gabi if he knew the things that E.J. knew about her.

Sami pointed out that if Gabi was as trustworthy as Will had claimed that she was, she wouldn't have any problem with his request to take a paternity test. Will wondered how he was supposed to approach the sensitive subject, sarcastically asking if Sami and E.J. expected him to just blurt out that he wanted to know if the baby was really his.

Sami reasoned that it would be better for Gabi to hear the request from Will than it would be for her to hear it from a judge, and E.J. agreed. Will insisted that if he decided to take Sami and E.J.'s advice and ask for a paternity test, he was going to do it on his terms. Sami agreed and assured Will that he would not regret the decision. With a heavy sigh of exasperation, Will abruptly excused himself.

Later, E.J. told Sami about Rafe's promise to get Johnny a new FBI jacket. Sami refused to let that happen, insisting that she wasn't going to let Rafe use Johnny to cause problems for her and E.J. "I don't think that Rafe is just using Johnny to get in between you and me. He cares about Johnny; he cares about Sydney. I understand why, and I'm fine with that," E.J. claimed. Sami seemed impressed, and E.J. assured her that he believed in their relationship and had no reason to worry about Rafe.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Gabi wondered if Rafe believed that it would be a bad idea for her to marry Nick. "I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just saying that you have to face reality, and the reality is that if you, Nick, and Will get into a custody battle, Will is gonna use every weapon he has, and Nick's past is a weapon," Rafe said.

Gabi insisted that Will would never do that to her, but Rafe believed that Sami would eventually be able to convince Will to betray Gabi. Gabi defensively stated that Nick's past crimes were irrelevant because he had changed, but Rafe informed her that a judge would disagree. As Gabi and Rafe continued to argue, Nick, who had been eavesdropping in the hallway outside Gabi's room, quietly walked away.

Back inside Gabi's room, Rafe summarized that he was simply trying to get Gabi to realize that there could be consequences to marrying Nick. Gabi sighed and admitted that she had messed up everything, including Rafe and Sami's relationship. Rafe insisted that he and Sami simply weren't meant to be together. "I've been trying to sell myself on this version of Sami that doesn't even exist. I'm sick of it," Rafe added with a shrug. Rafe informed Gabi that Sami had reunited with E.J., adding that E.J. and Sami deserved each other.

At a store in an undisclosed location, Nick purchased a recording device that was disguised as an executive pen. The vendor informed Nick that the device was voice-activated, could record up to eight hours of audio files, and functioned as a transmitter so that Nick could use an included earpiece to listen to what was being recorded while he and the device were in different locations. Nick also purchased a disposable cell phone.

Later, Nick entered the Brady Pub and greeted Gabi and Rafe. Rafe abruptly excused himself, and Nick innocently observed that Gabi seemed upset about something. Gabi informed Nick that they were going to have to talk about something later. Feigning ignorance, Nick assured Gabi that they would be able to handle whatever it was that was bothering her.

Will entered the pub and greeted Gabi and Nick, explaining that he needed to talk to them about something. "Okay, guys -- we all want what's best for the baby, right? And you guys still want me to be a part of the baby's life?" Will asked. Nick and Gabi each agreed with Will, and Nick wondered what Will was trying to ask them.

"Well, just -- the thing is -- is that I think Mom and E.J. -- okay, I'm sorry, no, no. Um, I think that we should get a paternity test before the baby is born," Will explained. Shocked, Gabi pointed out that she had never denied that Will was the baby's father, and she wondered why he believed that a paternity test would be necessary.

"I've changed a lot since -- since, you know, you found out you were pregnant, and I used to want to run away from it, but now I don't, you know? I want to go on record, and I want to make it legal, and I want this little girl to know that before she was even born, I was proud to say that I am her father," Will explained. Gabi started to chastise Will for letting Sami and E.J. talk him into asking for a paternity test, but Nick interrupted.

Nick claimed that he understood Sami and E.J.'s point of view, summarizing that they were simply trying to protect Will. "Yeah, I -- I think so, and I -- trust me, they know. They've been through this a lot," Will pointed out. Nick forced a smile and innocently stated that he would support Will's decision as long as the paternity test wouldn't harm Gabi or the baby.

Will admitted that he hadn't expected Nick to feel that way, and Gabi echoed Will's astonishment. "Well, we all need to think about what is going to be best for the baby, and I intend to make sure that that's exactly what happens," Nick vowed. Will thanked Nick for understanding, and Gabi said that she would agree to do the procedure if her doctor said that it was safe for her to do so.

Nick started to excuse himself, claiming that he had some things that he needed to take care of, but Will stopped him. Will stood and extended his hand as he thanked Nick again. After shaking Will's hand, Nick walked away, discreetly slipping the recording device into Will's backpack before climbing the stairs to Gabi's room.

Will admitted that he had been dreading the conversation about the paternity test. Will assured Gabi that the last thing that he wanted was for them to fight over the baby. Meanwhile, in Gabi's room, Nick locked the door and retrieved the disposable cell phone that he had purchased earlier.

At the Horton Town Square, Lucas received a text message from a blocked phone number. "I know your son shot E.J. DiMera," the message read.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Brady trotted down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion on his way to pick Kristen up for their night out with Daniel and Jennifer. In the foyer, he ran into Maggie, who was spending the evening with Parker. Maggie expressed her concern about Brady's involvement with Kristen, but he immediately became defensive and insisted that he would be fine. On his way out, Brady informed Maggie that he and Kristen were going to the Android Lounge in Chicago.

In her hotel room, Kristen was all dressed up in a short, sparkly turquoise dress for her date with Brady. She fantasized that she sought refuge in the church office after dumping Brady at the altar as revenge for John doing the same to her. Ignoring his pleading and pounding at the door, Kristen celebrated with champagne in her wedding undergarments. After snapping out of her reverie, Kristen vowed to step things up in her efforts to make Brady propose.

When Brady arrived to pick Kristen up, she admitted that although she was looking forward to their outing, she would really prefer for the two of them to spend some time alone together. Brady promised that they would make the time to do so later.

In the entryway of the Horton house, Jennifer lied to Chloe that she and Daniel were going to be at Club Inferno in Salem that evening. Jennifer palmed the piece of paper with the information about the Android Club to hide it from Chloe. Daniel entered as Jennifer was trying to hurry Chloe out the door. Chloe explained that she was there to return Daniel's stethoscope. "Jennifer was just telling me about your plans for tonight," Chloe noted, and Jennifer quickly added that it meant that Daniel wouldn't have to send Chloe the information by text message.

After Jennifer hustled Chloe out the door, Chloe paused on the front stoop and seemed to be hatching a plan.

When Chloe returned to the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie expressed her gratitude for getting to spend some time alone with her grandson. Maggie had just headed for the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Chloe answered it and admitted Anne, who was dressed for a night at Club Inferno. Chloe promised to fill Anne in on the plan to take Jennifer down on the way to the club, so the two women headed out together.

As Daniel, Jennifer, Brady, and Kristen arrived at the club in Chicago, Jennifer wanted to take a picture so she would have proof that she'd actually been at Android to show Abigail later. Jennifer dug through her bag but quickly realized that she'd left her phone at home, so Daniel pulled out his phone to snap a picture of the four of them. While Jennifer and Kristen grabbed a free table, Daniel and Brady went to the bar to order drinks for everyone.

Kristen and Jennifer agreed that they were glad they had all gone out together. Kristen acknowledged that she knew the two of them might never be best friends again, but she was impressed with Jennifer for giving her a chance. Jennifer admitted that she had another reason for going to Chicago. After Brady delivered the ladies' drinks, Jennifer explained that she had told a "white lie" about where she and Daniel were going to put some distance between them and Chloe.

Jennifer clarified that Chloe had already ruined one night for them, and she knew that Chloe would try again if she knew where they really were. Kristen commended Jennifer for taking action.

At the bar, Daniel informed Brady that he and Jennifer would probably leave early because they'd gotten a hotel room for the night, but he was a little nervous. Brady reassured Daniel that Jennifer seemed very happy. The men became frustrated when the bartender disappeared before they could pay their tab.

A very inebriated man plopped down at the table next to Jennifer and Kristen and offered to buy them a drink. The women politely declined, explaining that their boyfriends were at the bar. The man continued to hit on them, so Kristen reiterated that they were both taken, and the man stumbled away.

Kristen excused herself to go to the ladies' room. She took her drink with her and poured it into a flower arrangement as soon as she was sure that no one was looking. She then ordered a double vodka from a waiter.

The drunk guy sat back down next to Jennifer. "I thought your friend would never leave," he slurred. Hiccupping, he asserted that Jennifer deserved better than a man who would desert her in a club. Brady and Daniel looked over from the bar and observed the guy hitting on Jennifer. The man was insisting that Jennifer dance with him, but she warned him that her boyfriend would be back any minute.

When the guy tried to pull Jennifer out of her seat by the arm, Daniel stepped in and ordered the man to let her go. "Make me," said the smashed guy as he took a swing at Daniel and missed by a mile. Daniel punched the man in the face, landing the drunk facedown on the floor. Soon a bouncer picked the man up and dragged him toward the door, while Jennifer fretted over Daniel's injured hand. Brady bent down to pick up Daniel's cell phone, which had gotten smashed in the melee.

After Brady returned the phone to Daniel, he followed after the bouncer to make sure the drunk guy was really gone. Daniel apologized to Jennifer for leaving her alone, but she assured him that she was fine. Kissing his bruised knuckles, she made him promise never again to hit anyone with the hand he performed surgery with. After sharing a kiss, Jennifer and Daniel agreed that it was time to leave.

Brady returned as Daniel was saying that he had to check his messages before they left, since neither of them had a phone any longer. Brady offered the use of his phone to Daniel and said that Daniel could return it the next day. Just as Jennifer was wondering why Kristen had been in the ladies' room for so long, Kristen reappeared with another drink and staggered into the middle of their little group. Pretending to be intoxicated, Kristen hung sloppily on Brady.

Jennifer and Daniel decided that was a good moment to leave, so they wished Kristen and Brady a good night, and headed to a quieter area so that Daniel could check his messages.

While Brady's back was turned, Kristen emptied her vodka into another flower arrangement. Brady cautioned Kristen that she should perhaps slow down a little. After Brady got Kristen a glass of water, she declared that it was great to be out of Salem and away from all the gossips. As she stood up to look for a waiter, she wobbled a bit, so Brady reached for her. Kristen tumbled onto his lap with a shriek and then began kissing him on the ear.

After retrieving their coats, Daniel assured Jennifer that it was all right with him if she wanted to take things slowly. Jennifer confidently declared that she did not want to wait and that she knew the night was going to be absolutely perfect.

In Horton Square, Chloe delivered a paper sack with a bottle of clear liquid inside to Anne. Chloe worried that it wasn't safe, but Anne assured her that Jennifer would only lose a few pounds -- and, more importantly, it would ruin Jennifer's romantic night with Daniel. Anne took the bottle and headed into the club.

A few minutes later, Anne returned and informed Chloe that neither Jennifer nor Daniel was inside the club. Chloe quickly figured out that Jennifer had lied to her about where they were going.

When Anne and Chloe returned to the Kiriakis mansion, they were still complaining about Jennifer being a pathological liar and a slacker. Maggie rushed out to meet them in the foyer and quickly explained that she needed to meet a friend from A.A. who was having a rough night. She assured Chloe that Parker was playing with his blocks in his playpen, and then hurried out the front door.

Chloe grumbled that Maggie's departure meant that Anne and Chloe couldn't go back out to look for Daniel and Jennifer. "I'll go get Parker, and you keep thinking," Anne advised as she went into the living room, but she soon called out for Chloe. Chloe went in and found Anne holding Parker. "He was all sacked out... He feels warm to me," Anne fretted. Chloe took her son from Anne and felt his forehead. "Warm? He's burning up!" Chloe exclaimed worriedly.

Soon Chloe was running into the emergency room with Parker in her arms and Anne on her heels. "His temp's a hundred and five!" Chloe anxiously informed a nurse, while Anne added that they had tried ibuprofen but it hadn't worked. The nurse took Parker from Chloe and carried him into an exam room. Chloe breathlessly told Anne, "Damn it, I don't care if I seem needy or desperate. It doesn't matter when it comes to Parker. I'm calling Daniel."

Unable to reach Daniel, Chloe reluctantly tried Jennifer's number. "Come on, Daniel; where are you? Your son needs you!" Chloe muttered as she waited for Jennifer to answer.

In Chicago, Daniel and Jennifer checked in to their hotel room. Daniel called the hospital with Brady's phone, but another call beeped in. Daniel answered it, and immediately Chloe exclaimed, "Brady, thank God! I don't know what to do -- Parker is so sick and I am so scared!"

From Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Nick sent Lucas an anonymous text message from a disposable cell phone that read, "I know your son shot E.J. DiMera." In Horton Square, Lucas read the message with alarm, and looked around to see if anyone nearby could have sent it.

Nick grabbed the earpiece that accompanied the recording device disguised as a pen, which he'd slipped into Will's backpack, and listened in on Will and Gabi's conversation downstairs. Gabi was saying that she understood why Will wanted to get a paternity test, but she tried to reassure him that she would never keep the baby from him. Will pointed out that he and Nick weren't always on the same page about what was best for the baby.

A phone call from Lucas interrupted Will and Gabi's conversation. Lucas accused Will of sending the text message, but Will didn't know what his dad was talking about. Not wanting to go into the details over the phone, Lucas demanded that Will meet him at Lucas' office right away so they could discuss it. Will hesitated so Lucas emphasized that it was more urgent than whatever else Will might have been doing. Will gathered up his backpack and jacket, said goodbye to Gabi, and left.

Meanwhile, Nick hurriedly put the earpiece in his bag, then left Gabi's room via the back stairs. He trailed a little ways behind Will as Will headed out of the pub. Gabi was surprised when she went up to her room a moment later and found Nick gone.

As Will arrived at Lucas' office, Nick found a bench in the park and put on the earpiece to eavesdrop on their conversation. The pen in Will's backpack picked up every word as Lucas showed Will the text message. Will demanded to know why Lucas had accused him of sending it, and Lucas replied that he had been too afraid to consider the alternative. Lucas believed that someone had found out their secret and planned to blackmail them. He added that he had been unable to trace where the text message had originated.

Will wondered who could be behind it. Lucas pointed out that besides the two of them and Sami, no one else knew the truth but Stefano and E.J. -- and the DiMeras weren't likely to make anonymous threats. Lucas guessed that it was someone they didn't know who had stumbled across the information and had decided to use it. Lucas apologized, since he knew that Will was already dealing with a lot with the baby, but he'd thought Will should know what was going on.

"No...this is my fault. <>I'm sorry. I shot E.J. and you went to prison for me," Will reminded his dad. In the park, Nick pumped his fist in the air. Will glumly stated that he didn't deserve what Lucas had done for him -- and apparently it had all been for nothing, anyway. Lucas firmly reminded Will that he'd been just a kid caught in the middle of the mess his parents had created, and pointed out that Will had turned his life around since then.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence, Dad...but I'm a screw-up. I always have been, and I always will be," Will maintained. Will flashed back to the night when a cop had taken him back to his dad's after finding Will and T drunk on beer. A recovering alcoholic, Lucas had lectured Will that drinking wouldn't make the problem go away. Will had admitted that he had just been trying to forget the noise the gun had made when he'd pulled the trigger.

Will suddenly remembered that he had told T that night that he'd shot E.J. Lucas wanted to know if T had ever mentioned it again, but Will said that T had not. Lucas wondered if T could have sent the text, but Will didn't think so -- and he didn't know who else could have. Will then admitted that the night they'd gotten drunk, he had taken T to the cabin, and Will had let T shoot the gun. Lucas flipped out and reminded Will that the police had gathered evidence from the cabin, and the gun was probably still in storage.

Will was determined to find out what T remembered about that night, but Lucas maintained that they had to figure out who had sent the text message if T hadn't. As Will was thinking about it, Lucas suddenly guessed that Nick could have done it. Will pointed out that Nick didn't know anything about the shooting, but Lucas reminded him that Nick had once worked for E.J. -- and Nick wanted Will out of the picture.

Will insisted that he, Nick, and Gabi only wanted what was best for the baby, but Lucas wasn't convinced. Will argued that it was pointless to throw around crazy theories, so he was going to find out exactly what T knew. Will hurried out. In the park, Nick gathered up his things and headed into the square.

A few minutes later, Nick ran into Will in the square just as Will put his backpack down to contact T. Will politely asserted that he was in a bit of a hurry and didn't have time to talk. Nick distracted Will long enough to remove the pen from Will's backpack. Will then grabbed his bag and continued on his way. As Nick regarded the pen, he muttered, "Everything I need to get you out of the picture permanently."

When T arrived at Common Grounds, he asked Sonny incredulously, "I've been holed up studying for midterms for days. Now I find out my gay friend's going to be a dad? I don't get it. What's going on?" After Sonny filled T in, T said that he hoped Sonny and Will could work things out. Sonny preferred not to discuss it any further, and as he rose from the table, Gabi walked in. T laughed with surprise when he saw how big her belly had gotten.

Gabi took offense, so T tried congratulating her, but then he managed to stick his foot in his mouth again by asking about Will's current sexual orientation. After a long moment of awkwardness, T said his goodbyes and left.

Sonny demanded to know why Gabi was there. Noting Sonny's open hostility, Gabi explained that she was looking for Nick -- but she wondered why Sonny couldn't at least be civil when Nick, Gabi, and Will were trying so hard to make things work. Sonny declared that he would not stand by and watch Gabi hurt Will again. Gabi countered that Sonny had hurt Will more than she ever could. Sonny angrily spat back, "Don't talk to me about hurting people. I know exactly who you are and what you've done. And if Will knew--"

Gabi interrupted that what Will knew was that she was carrying his daughter, and that was something that would bond them for life -- and something that Sonny and Will would never have. Nick walked in just then, and Gabi asked what he was doing there. "I was looking for you," Nick replied, and Gabi said that she'd also been looking for him. Without another word to Sonny, Gabi led Nick out.

As Nick and Gabi arrived outside the pub, Nick asked what Sonny had said to Gabi. "I think, Nick, he knows. Chad told him what I did to Melanie," Gabi surmised. Nick reminded Gabi that he and Chad had signed an agreement that would send Chad to jail for assault if he told anyone what Gabi had done. Gabi pointed out that Sonny's father had been the one who had negotiated that agreement -- and she worried about what would happen if Sonny ever told Will. Nick believed that if Sonny really knew, he hadn't told Will. Nick promised an unconvinced Gabi that everything would be okay.

T met Will in the park and wondered why, after weeks of silence, Will suddenly wanted to see him right away. Will asked where T had been, and T replied that he'd been studying. He asked Will what was up. "I think you know already," Will said cryptically. "You're right. I know everything," T admitted with a playful grin. Will concluded that T had sent the text message and furiously grabbed T by the lapels. "Are you seriously trying to blackmail me, man?" Will demanded. Backing away, T asked what Will was talking about.

Will apologized, but T wanted to know what reason he'd have to be blackmailing Will. Will claimed that he was losing his mind a little with everything that was going on in his life. "I hope you know, like, I might have been an ass sometimes lately -- okay, most of the time -- but you can trust me," T reassured Will. T clapped Will on the arm and left.

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