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Brady told Kristen the reason that he couldn't marry her. Nick continued to lie to Gabi about his plan to keep Will away from the baby. Kate and Rafe got drunk and slept together. Sami mistakenly thought E.J. was going to propose to her. Will's plan to reconcile with Sonny went awry.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, February 11, 2013

by Mike

In Eric's office at St. Luke's, Eric removed his clerical collar before grabbing Nicole and passionately kissing her. Eric cleared a nearby desk, and he and Nicole climbed on top of it and leaned back as they continued to kiss.

Nicole gasped as she woke up. Silently recalling Kristen's earlier advice about falling in love with a priest, Nicole muttered that she needed to stop eating tacos after ten o'clock at night, since they had clearly been affecting her thoughts. Nicole rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but she soon felt someone's hand brushing against her shoulder. Nicole turned and saw that she was sharing the bed with a shirtless Eric.

Nicole woke up and quickly jumped out of the bed, giving up on her attempt to get some rest. Later, Nicole entered Eric's darkened office and rummaged around in her desk drawers, placing various items in her purse. As Nicole searched her desk, the room filled with light, and Eric wondered what she was doing. Nicole vaguely stated that she was going out, refusing to elaborate.

As Nicole stepped away from the desk, Eric caught his first full glimpse of the tight, skimpy black dress that she was wearing. Clearly flustered, Eric tried to refrain from staring at Nicole, stammering that she couldn't wear that kind of outfit while she was working at the church. "Oh, well, you're very wrong, Father Eric, holier than thou. I can, and I will," Nicole defiantly stated.

Nicole accused Eric of being a hypocrite, pointing out that many priests and nuns had been caught doing bad things while pretending to be perfect. With a mocking gasp, Nicole added that Eric had removed Brady and Kristen from the church board simply because they were having sex. Eric tried to correct Nicole's interpretation of the situation, but she ignored his protests.

"You know what? It's normal and healthy for people to have sex. Sure, you remember that -- I'm sure you do. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you don't. Ma -- maybe -- maybe you're a freak, like the rest of the people who work here. Or maybe -- maybe you do remember, and maybe you're just jealous because people are out there having fun -- other people are having fun...without you. Well, I'll tell you something. I am sick and tired of leading this boring, unsexy life, and I'm gonna make up for lost time. I'm gonna go out, and I'm gonna have some fun," Nicole informed Eric.

Eric silently stared at Nicole, who encouraged him to say whatever it was that he was obviously resisting the urge to say. Recalling that Nicole had also lashed out earlier that day, Eric wondered why she was reluctant to talk to him about the cause of her outbursts. Nicole said that she was simply trying to have some fun, but Eric wasn't convinced. Eric wanted to know why Nicole was deliberately trying to antagonize him.

Nicole admitted that she was trying to protect Eric. Frustrated, Nicole insisted that she wasn't capable of being the kind of good person whom Eric desperately wanted her to be. Eric countered that he simply wanted Nicole to be herself, adding that he wanted her to follow God's plan for her, not his. "Same difference. It's never gonna happen -- never," Nicole said with a sigh.

Noting the hour, Eric urged Nicole to get some rest so that they could resume their conversation the following day. Nicole agreed that she and Eric could resume their conversation later, but she added that she was still going to go out and have some fun that night. As Nicole started to walk away, Eric warned that if she chose to leave, she would not be welcomed back.

Eric's ultimatum stunned Nicole, who wondered if he was really going to kick her out if she decided to enjoy herself that night. "There's obviously a lot that you're not saying. Why don't you just stay? Get some rest, and we can talk about this tomorrow, when you're not so worked up. Or you can go...and the conversation is over for good. So what is it? What do you want?" Eric asked. Nicole glared at Eric and prepared to tell him exactly what she wanted.

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. placed a phone call to Stefano, who was pleased to hear from his son. E.J. warned that Stefano's mood might change once he learned the reason for the call. "Well, listen, I'm way beyond the day that I am surprised by anything that my children tell me, so...spit it out, my son," Stefano said with a laugh.

E.J. announced that he had reunited with Sami. After a few moments of silence, Stefano groaned and wondered how E.J. had managed to accomplish that feat. E.J. claimed that the relationship had blossomed effortlessly, but Stefano wasn't convinced. Stefano guessed that if E.J. had not manipulated the situation, Sami had obviously done so, since she had always had a habit of stubbornly pursuing her goals.

"She has, yes. Actually, I always rather admired that about her -- her tenacity. But in this case, uh, there was none of that. We just...fell in love, she and I. And actually, for once, I think it's really going to work out," E.J. predicted before ending the call. Stefano sighed and shook his head as he stared at the phone in disbelief.

In Sami's apartment, Sami was shocked to learn that John had left Salem earlier. Sami tried to probe Marlena for additional information, but Marlena abruptly changed the subject, reminding Sami that she had invited Marlena over to the apartment so that she could talk to Marlena about something. Sami hesitantly revealed that she and E.J. were back together.

Stunned, Marlena wondered when Sami had starting seeing E.J. again. Sami admitted that the relationship had developed quite recently. Marlena said that she had heard that Sami and Rafe had gotten into a disagreement after Gabi and Nick's wedding, but Sami clarified that it had been much more than a disagreement. Sami insisted that her relationship with Rafe had ended for good.

Marlena skeptically pointed out that Sami and Rafe had been in similar situations in the past. Sami said that she had finally seen the real Rafe, adding that he wasn't the kind of man whom she wanted to be with. "You want to be with a man like E.J.? A man who's treated you the way that he has? A man who has been cruel to you?" Marlena asked.

Sami sighed and started to collect some scattered toys, trying to avoid the question. Marlena said that she understood that Will's situation had probably caused a lot of tension between Sami and Rafe, but she added that a relationship with E.J. would be the very definition of a dead-end street. Sami scoffed and muttered that Marlena's reaction to the news had been exactly what Sami had expected it to be.

Marlena matter-of-factly countered that everyone who knew Sami was going to have the same reaction, adding that Sami was hurting Rafe and herself. Sami impatiently asked Marlena to talk to her like a mother instead of a psychiatrist. "Fine. This is your mother speaking. What the hell are you doing?" Marlena wondered with concern.

Annoyed, Sami loudly tossed the toys into a nearby basket. Noting Sami's frustration, Marlena admitted that she probably shouldn't have asked her earlier question. Marlena said that she loved and was worried about Sami. "Mom, I know; part of why you're worried is because you think that this has come out of left field, but it hasn't. E.J. and I have been working together for months, very closely, just happened naturally...over time. He -- he has been so wonderful to me, and kind, and he's been there for me, and it just -- it's been fun, easy, and better than it ever was before," Sami said.

Marlena sincerely stated that she would like to be happy for Sami, but she added that it was going to take her some time to get to that point. Sami suggested that Marlena needed to keep an open mind and allow herself to consider the possibility that E.J. had changed. Marlena remained silent, and Sami cautiously urged her mother to reveal her thoughts.

Marlena asked if E.J.'s supposed change had taken place after Stefano had left Salem. Sami confirmed Marlena's suspicion, and she wondered what Marlena was trying to suggest. "I'm wondering if he will be the same kind, gentle man when his father returns," Marlena explained.

Later, after Marlena left, E.J. arrived at the apartment. E.J. claimed that his visit was work-related, but Sami wasn't fooled. After kissing E.J., Sami suggested that it might be a good idea to inform the kids that she and E.J. had reunited, and he agreed. E.J. started to kiss Sami again, but a distinct laugh interrupted them, indicating that Johnny was no longer sleeping. E.J. went to check on Johnny.

Later, Sami was having trouble finding a pen that worked, so she rummaged through E.J.'s jacket pockets, assuming that he would have one. Sami was shocked to find a jewelry box in one of the jacket pockets. After confirming that E.J. was still in Johnny's room, Sami opened the box and stared at the large diamond ring that was tucked inside.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena received a phone call from a blocked number. Curious, Marlena answered the phone, and Stefano greeted her. Stefano informed Marlena that he had received a visit from John earlier. Marlena guessed that Stefano was up to something, but he claimed that he simply wanted her to know that John had been in good hands during his visit.

Marlena sarcastically stated that Stefano was being very thoughtful. Stefano laughed, wishing that he could believe that Marlena's statement had been sincere. Stefano predicted that he and Marlena would soon be having conversations with each other on a regular basis. Marlena wondered what had caused Stefano to make that statement.

"Well, our families are getting closer, no? I mean, we have Kristen and Brady, and, uh, we certainly have my son and Sami. I can tell by your silence that you're not too happy with this new closeness, huh? But Marlena, look, we both know that the heart wants what the heart wants, all right? Listen, you should be very happy that your other son is a priest, no?" Stefano asked, laughing as Marlena ended the call.

At a hotel in Chicago, Daniel was on the phone with Chloe, who frantically informed him that Parker had been admitted to the hospital due to a dangerously high fever. Chloe handed the phone to Kayla, who confirmed Chloe's story. Daniel assured Kayla that he would return to Salem right away, and he ended the call as he and Jennifer rushed toward the exit.

At the hospital, a nurse informed Kayla that Parker had started to convulse. Later, Daniel and Jennifer arrived and rushed off in opposite directions to try to learn more about Parker's condition. In the waiting area, Daniel found Chloe, who told him about Parker's convulsions.

After consulting with Kayla, Daniel informed Chloe that Parker's fever had caused his convulsions, which had not been life-threatening. Daniel added that the doctors were still trying to figure out what had caused the fever, and he assured Chloe that Parker was going to be all right. Relieved, Chloe hugged Daniel.

After Daniel explained why Chloe had not been able to contact him and Jennifer on their cell phones earlier, he wondered why Chloe had not called the club in Chicago. "Chicago? Daniel, Jennifer didn't tell me you were gonna be in Chicago. She said you were going out town. She gave me the name of a club -- Inferno. Isn't that where you were?" Chloe asked.

Confused, Daniel informed Chloe that Inferno was not the name of the club that he and Jennifer had attended. Before Daniel could continue, Kayla interrupted and announced that Parker's fever had subsided. Kayla added that a virus had caused the fever, and she assured Daniel and Chloe that Parker was going to be all right.

Meanwhile, in one of the break rooms, Jennifer wondered if Anne had heard anything about Parker, the boy who had been admitted with a high fever. Anne snapped that she knew who Parker was, adding that Chloe had been frantically searching for Daniel, who had been unreachable because he had been out partying with Jennifer. Jennifer asked if Anne had been with Chloe at the time that Parker's fever had spiked.

After Anne confirmed that she and Chloe were friends, she continued to criticize Jennifer for taking Daniel away from his son, who had been seriously ill. Jennifer started to say that she was sorry about the poor timing, but Anne interrupted her. "'Sorry' isn't gonna cut it, sweetheart. Chloe is the mother of Daniel's child. You are nothing!" Anne bluntly stated.

Later, Kayla informed Jennifer that Parker was going to be all right. After Kayla and Anne exited the break room, Jennifer silently recalled the note about Child Protective Services that had mysteriously appeared on her desk a few weeks earlier. Jennifer's suspicions were aroused when she remembered that she had questioned Anne about the note.

After spending a few minutes with Parker, Chloe and Daniel returned to the waiting area so that Parker could get some rest. Daniel refused to believe that Jennifer had deliberately supplied Chloe with false information about his whereabouts. As Daniel and Chloe continued to argue about the situation, Jennifer approached them. Daniel demanded to know if Jennifer had lied to Chloe about their travel plans.

At a club in Chicago, Kristen continued to feign intoxication, flirtatiously stating that Brady's lap was quite cozy. Brady suggested that a bed would be even cozier. "That was a real 'non sexitur' if I ever heard one," Kristen said, laughing as she realized her mistake. Brady wanted to take Kristen home, but she jumped out of his lap and called out for a bartender, insisting that the night was still young.

As Brady tried to alert the waiter that he was ready to pay the bill, Kristen climbed onto a table and loudly informed everyone that she was in love with Brady. Brady picked Kristen up and helped her regain her footing on the floor, unaware that she had grabbed a fresh gin and tonic from a passing waiter's tray. As Brady made another attempt to pay the bill, Kristen seized the opportunity to pour the drink into a nearby planter.

Brady turned around to check on Kristen, and he wondered what she was doing. "Oh, I was watering the plants. I love nature. Don't you love nature?" Kristen asked, hugging the planter. Brady nodded and wrapped his arms around Kristen, escorting her into a private room. Feigning embarrassment, Kristen admitted that she was drunk, just as Brady had originally suspected.

Kristen acknowledged that Brady was often right, but she added that he was wrong about their hypothetical marriage. Kristen said that she could still remember the way that she had felt the first time that Brady had kissed her. Kristen reiterated that she loved Brady, and she urged him to think about all of the reasons that they should get married instead of focusing on the reasons that they shouldn't get married.

"Brady...I love you...with all my heart and soul...and I want to tell the world. And it's not just 'cause I wanna shove John and Marlena's faces in it, either -- it's because...I don't think I've ever been this happy before. I'm afraid of losing you, so I guess I want to make it official. I want a big dress, and I wanna say vows, and I wanna -- I want the world to know, okay? I want my happy ending. I really, really do. I want my happy ending, Brady. I want it," Kristen claimed as she sobbed on Brady's shoulder.

Brady tried to comfort Kristen, who removed her head from his shoulder for a moment to ask if he believed her. Brady nodded and abruptly changed the subject, stating that it was time for him to take Kristen back to Salem. Brady excused himself so that he could retrieve Kristen's jacket. After Brady left, Kristen pouted as she tried to think of her next move.

Later, in Kristen's hotel room, Kristen sighed and reluctantly revealed that she had a confession to make. "This is really hard for me. Do you remember when I first brought up us getting married, and you laughed at me...'cause you thought I was joking? It really hurt my feelings. It was like a knife in my heart," Kristen admitted.

Brady apologized, and Kristen assured him that she understood that he hadn't meant to hurt her. Brady said that he had been completely unaware of the fact that his comment had bothered her. "Well, that's because everybody thinks that DiMeras are totally impervious to pain of any kind," Kristen said, but Brady insisted that he had never made that sort of assumption about her.

Brady reiterated that he and Kristen could not get married yet. Kristen assumed that John and Marlena's disapproval was what was preventing Brady from proposing to her. "It's not just them. I mean, it would still be impossible," Brady cryptically stated, hinting that he was the other reason that he and Kristen could not get married yet. Kristen urged Brady to elaborate, but he abruptly ended the conversation.

Later, while Brady was sleeping, Kristen crept into the hallway and placed a call to Stefano. Kristen told Stefano about the cryptic statement that Brady had made earlier. Stefano was eager to learn why Brady, who wasn't fit to shine Kristen's shoes, was reluctant to marry her.

Kristen admitted that she wasn't sure yet, but she promised that she would eventually learn the truth and convince Brady to beg her to marry him. "Well, be careful, darling, because even DiMeras can overstep at times like this," Stefano warned.

"Don't worry about me. It was a very small battle in a very big war," Kristen replied before ending the call and slipping back into her hotel room.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the town square, Rafe drank liquor and thought about his conversation with Sami. When Rafe remembered Sami's remark that sleeping with E.J. had been the best night of her life, he groaned and downed his glass of alcohol.

In the church office, Eric asked Nicole what she wanted. Nicole fantasized that she kissed Eric, but in reality, she said that she wanted to leave. When Nicole said that she was going to a local nightclub, Eric begged Nicole not to go. Eric asked Nicole whether she was prepared to throw away their friendship. Nicole responded that she was reluctant to lose Eric but that she was worried that Eric would grow to hate her.

A drunken Rafe stumbled into the office and demanded that Eric talk to Sami about her relationship with E.J. Eric promised to call Sami and asked Rafe to leave so that he could continue his conversation with Nicole. Concerned, Nicole asked Rafe where he was headed. When Rafe announced that he was going to drink at the bar in the square, Nicole asked him to order her a drink. Smiling, Rafe said he would see her there.

Once Rafe was gone, Eric warned Nicole that if she left to join Rafe that she could not return to the church. "I'm real clear on the rules," Nicole growled. Nicole looked through her desk for her stash of money, and Eric told Nicole goodbye. Nicole grabbed her purse and started to leave. When Nicole stopped at the doorway, Eric softly told her that he did not expect her to model her life after his. Eric apologized if he miscommunicated what he wanted from Nicole.

Eric noted that he would not block Nicole if she wanted to leave. As Nicole looked into Eric's eyes, Eric said that he knew Nicole well enough to know that she was running from something. Eric asked Nicole if she believed that she would hurt him. When Nicole nodded yes, Eric disagreed and said that Nicole was a good person. Eric assured Nicole that he had faith in her and asked her to trust him.

Grinning, Nicole commented that she had wasted the whole night standing around. Nicole asked Eric if they could talk in the morning, and he nodded yes. Nicole started to leave but stopped and said that she wished she could see the person that Eric saw when he looked at her. Nicole returned to her room and went to bed. As she slept, Nicole dreamed that Eric visited her in her bedroom and told her, "I knew you couldn't go." Nicole woke with a start.

At the Brady Pub, Stefano returned Kate's phone call. Kate reminded Stefano that they needed to file a joint tax return. When Stefano joked that Kate could rely on her sports car to pay her tax bill, Kate responded that she had given her car "a viking funeral." Stefano chuckled and commented that Kate's carelessness was the reason she was alone. Annoyed, Kate ordered Stefano to send his tax return to her or else she would report him to the IRS.

When Rafe returned to the town square to drink, a tipsy Kate sidled up to his table. Rafe warned Kate not to mention Gabi. Kate sat down and informed Rafe that she was on Will's side. When Rafe grumbled about Sami's interference, Kate asked Rafe if he had an issue with Will as a father. Rafe noted that he had no problem with Will, and Kate noted that she had no issue with Rafe or Gabi if they remained friendly with Will.

Smiling, Rafe bought Kate a drink. After imbibing a few drinks, Kate advised Rafe to walk away from Sami because he was a good man. Smiling, Rafe countered that Kate was "a hell of a woman" for all that she had endured in her life. When Rafe added that Kate was beautiful, Kate laughed and informed him that Stefano had called her an old witch.

"Freak! He spent way too much time in pyramids or secret tunnels hooked up to machines," Rafe said. Kate laughed. Kate confided to Rafe that Stefano had blackmailed her into marriage. When Rafe asked what Stefano had on her, Kate smiled and noted that she did not know Rafe well enough to tell him that. Shrugging, Kate added that it was sad that Stefano had turned out to be the love of her life. Rafe told Kate that she was better off to be rid of Stefano.

Kate rose to her feet and wavered. Rafe offered to walk Kate home, and she happily accepted. Both drunk, Kate and Rafe stumbled out of the square into the park. Kate thanked Rafe for his kindness. Rafe stared into Kate's eyes and told her that she was beautiful. As Kate looked at Rafe, he kissed her. After leaving the park, Rafe and Kate had sex.

In Sami's apartment, she was stunned to find an engagement ring in E.J.'s coat pocket. When Sami heard E.J. returning to the living room from the children's bedroom, she hurriedly shoved the ring box back into E.J.'s coat and ran over to her laptop. E.J. informed Sami that the kids were fine but that they were awake. E.J. approached Sami and noted that he had an important question for her. When E.J. dropped to his knee next to the couch, Sami said that she was not expecting that. E.J. explained that he was looking for Johnny's toy dinosaur.

Disappointed, Sami's smile faded, and she noted that the dinosaur was in the fridge, protecting the food. E.J. took the dinosaur to Johnny and then returned to the living room to drink wine with Sami. When Sami apologized for not having champagne, E.J. noted that they would have champagne "tomorrow." Sami raised an eyebrow and asked what they were celebrating. Grinning, E.J. said, "You know." Sami denied that she knew anything.

"Let's do this, shall we?" E.J. said. E.J. retrieved his coat and pulled his phone out of the pocket. E.J. pulled up the Countess W earnings report on his phone and showed it to Sami. When E.J. said that Countess W was the most profitable part of the DiMera Enterprises retail division, Sami nodded. E.J. noted that Sami did not appear to be thrilled by the news, and he asked Sami what else she had expected him to say.

With a nervous smile, Sami said that she thought E.J. wanted to talk about their relationship and that she was ready to take the next step with him. E.J. reached into his coat and pulled out a bottle of nail polish. Smiling widely, E.J. announced that the nail polish was the new product line.

The babysitter returned to the apartment with Allie. E.J. asked the babysitter to stay for a bit so that he could leave with Sami to do some work. The babysitter agreed and guided Allie to her bedroom to get ready for bed. "You are up to something," Sami said suspiciously to E.J.

At the nurses' station at the hospital, Daniel asked Jennifer if she had lied to Chloe about their date. Jennifer admitted that she had lied. Kayla interrupted to inform Daniel and Chloe that Parker had finished his tests and was in his room. Daniel asked Jennifer to stay so that they could talk later. As Daniel walked down the hall with Chloe, Jennifer turned around and spotted Anne waiting for an elevator.

Jennifer accused Anne of working with Chloe to ruin her evening with Daniel. Furious, Anne reminded Jennifer that Parker was ill and that she was not attempting to ruin Jennifer's night by calling him. Annoyed, Anne walked away.

After checking on Parker, Daniel returned to the nurses' station and led Jennifer to a waiting room to talk privately. Jennifer explained that she had believed that the lie would not be an issue because she and Daniel would have had their cell phones. When Jennifer noted that she felt terrible, Daniel said that Jennifer was not sorry that she had lied. Jennifer stressed that she was not sorry that she had lied in order to prevent Chloe from ruining their evening. Jennifer warned Daniel that Chloe would continue to do what she could to keep them apart.

"So?" Daniel asked. Daniel explained that Chloe would learn that her tricks would not work and would stop. Daniel stressed that he would not disappear on his son and consequently would always follow up with Chloe on any phone call. Daniel accused Jennifer of not trusting him. Sighing, Jennifer noted that she had seen Daniel ride to the rescue of other women, including Nicole. Daniel told Jennifer that she was wrong.

Daniel returned to Parker's room. While Chloe left to get coffee, Daniel promised Parker that he would always be there for him.

Jennifer returned to her house and paced the living room. Upset, Jennifer called the hospital and left a message with the nurse, telling Daniel that she was sorry. As the nurse read back the message, Chloe overheard. When the nurse hung up the phone, Chloe informed her that a man down the hall had called out for help. The nurse walked away, and Chloe grabbed the message and ripped it to pieces.

While walking in the square, E.J. noted that none of the news about work had elicited a positive response from Sami. When Sami shrugged, E.J. grinned and whispered that he did not care about business, either, but that he had not wanted to rip Sami's clothes off with the children in the next room. E.J. suggested that they find a private place. Laughing, Sami and E.J. hurriedly walked into the park and found a quiet corner to passionately kiss.

While kissing Sami, E.J. received a phone call from a client in Italy. E.J. excused himself, and Sami said goodnight. Smiling as she stared at E.J., Sami turned and headed home.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen apologized to Brady from under the covers for her "disgusting" drunken behavior the night before. Smiling tolerantly, Brady reassured Kristen that he loved her and would not judge her. Yanking the covers from her head, Kristen demanded to know why Brady had just lied to her. Confused, Brady insisted that he hadn't lied. Kristen reminded Brady that he'd told her the night before that there was another reason that he didn't want to marry her -- and he'd said that he was the reason.

Noting the time, Brady assured Kristen that he wanted to continue their conversation, but he had to get his phone back from Daniel and go to the office. Brady promised to return later if it was all right with Kristen. She agreed, although she rebuffed Brady's attempt at a goodbye kiss.

Stefano called Kristen after Brady had gone, and informed his daughter that he would be returning to Salem soon. Hearing the testiness in Kristen's voice, Stefano guessed that she was worried about "John Black's spawn." Kristen admitted that she was, because she knew that Brady was keeping something from her. Stefano urged Kristen to keep her mind on what she had chosen to do.

Kristen complained that she had done thorough research on Brady, but she had obviously missed something -- but she was determined to find out what it was, get him to propose, and break his heart. Stefano encouraged Kristen to do it quickly. Kristen reminded her father that if he returned to town, he would run into his ex-wife all the time. Stefano swore that he never even thought about Kate anymore.

Daniel was asleep in a chair next to Parker's hospital bed when a grinning Parker awakened him by playfully tossing blocks at him. Daniel laughed, relieved to see that his son was free of fever. Chloe entered and presented Daniel with a new cell phone. Daniel was surprised to find that the phone was already programmed. Chloe admitted that she had told the phone company that she was Daniel's wife, plus she remembered his passwords and social security number.

As Daniel scrolled through his messages, Chloe asked if he was missing anything important. "No, not really," he admitted, trying to hide his disappointment. Daniel then went to the nurses' station to retrieve his messages, and Chloe followed to get Parker's discharge paperwork from Kayla. Privately, Chloe recalled tearing up the message from Jennifer the night before and stuffing it in her pocket.

Although Daniel was supposed to spend the day with Parker, Chloe admitted that she wasn't quite ready to let her son out of her sight -- so she suggested that the three of them go back to Daniel's apartment together. She explained that she would spend a few hours helping Daniel get Parker settled in, and then she would leave so that the guys could spend the rest of the day together.

Hope arrived at the Horton house in response to a phone call from an upset Jennifer. Noting that Jennifer wasn't in Chicago as planned, Hope asked what had happened. Jennifer described the events of the night before, and admitted that she felt terrible for sinking to Chloe's level. She added that she had left a message for Daniel at the hospital with an apology, but she hadn't heard back from him, and she assumed that he was still angry with her.

A reassuring Hope tried to persuade her cousin not to jump to conclusions, but Jennifer jumped up and called the hospital to find out if Daniel had checked his messages yet. The nurse on duty informed Jennifer that Daniel had just picked them up. Sensing that Jennifer was still anxious about the situation, Hope urged Jennifer to simply go and talk to Daniel.

Daniel, Parker, and Chloe arrived at Daniel's apartment, then Daniel had to leave to meet Brady and pick up some groceries. Jennifer knocked on the door a little while later. After learning that Daniel wasn't home, Jennifer asked about Parker. Chloe informed Jennifer that Parker was much better, but neither she nor Daniel had wanted to be apart from their son yet, so they were spending the day together.

After maintaining an air of civility, Chloe blasted Jennifer for her "inexcusable" actions the night before. Jennifer recounted Chloe's recent attempts to meddle in Daniel and Jennifer's relationship -- including Anne and Chloe's outing to Inferno the night before because they'd known that Jennifer and Daniel were going to be there.

An incredulous Chloe refused to acknowledge Jennifer's accusations. Jennifer apologized sincerely for lying about her and Daniel's whereabouts and promised that it would never happen again, but she warned Chloe that Chloe's little games were not going to help her win Daniel back. Fed up, Chloe slammed the door on Jennifer.

Brady and Daniel met in Horton Square so Daniel could return Brady's phone. Brady was relieved to hear that Parker had already been discharged from the hospital, but Brady could tell that something was bothering Daniel. Daniel admitted that it had been a "messy night," but he really should talk to Jennifer about it.

As an exasperated Jennifer was heading for the exit in Daniel's building, Daniel got off the elevator with a bag of groceries. Jennifer expressed her relief that Parker was all right. Daniel was grateful for Jennifer's concern but wondered if that were her only reason for being there. As Jennifer began to explain, they heard Parker start to cry inside. Jennifer urged Daniel to be with his son. "Chloe's going to be thrilled that you're here," Jennifer added. She stroked Daniel's cheek then walked to the elevator. Daniel seemed to be about to say something to stop Jennifer, but the elevator doors closed before he could.

Once he was inside his apartment, Daniel started to call Jennifer, but Chloe emerged from the bedroom and interrupted him. She praised Daniel for setting up Parker's room so perfectly. As Daniel headed into Parker's room with some juice, he encouraged Chloe to have a bite to eat, since she was going to be there for a while. Chloe sighed contentedly after Daniel left. "Yeah, I'll be here for a little while longer," she said to herself.

Jennifer went to the hospital and asked the nurse on duty if Daniel had checked all of his messages. The nurse said that Dr. Jonas had appeared to read them all. Kayla appeared and asked if Jennifer had heard that Parker had gone home, but she noticed Jennifer's downcast mood and asked about it. "I made a mistake, and I just have this sick feeling that Daniel is not going to forgive me for it," Jennifer confessed.

When Brady returned to Kristen's hotel room, she was startled that he was back so soon. Brady reiterated that he loved Kristen, but she had been right that his reasons for not marrying her weren't only about John and Marlena. Brady explained, "It's not really easy for me to talk about, but you deserve to know the truth... I can't marry you. It's not because of Dad or Marlena; it's not about waiting until things calm down. Those aren't the reasons at all. It's not going to change. I can't ever marry you."

When Will and Lucas met in the park, Will informed his dad that T had not sent the threatening text message to Lucas. Lucas asked if Will were sure that Nick hadn't sent it, but Will was insistent that Nick had been great about everything recently -- plus Nick had no idea that Will had shot E.J. Lucas pointed out that E.J. was the next logical choice. "He's dying to look like a hero in your mom's eyes... He sets up this whole scenario, and he swoops in at the end just to save the day? That's so like him," Lucas asserted.

Will wanted to know if Lucas had mentioned the text message to Sami. Lucas said that he would never divulge something like that to Sami because she would only make things worse. Lucas pointed out that the text message did not indicate that the sender had any proof that Will had shot E.J. Will fretted that all the sender would have to do was go to the police, who did have the evidence with Will's fingerprints all over it.

Lucas tried to reassure Will that the text message was only an empty threat. Will grumbled that it was a reminder that he had been an idiot when he'd tried to kill E.J., and Lucas had ended up paying for the crime when Will should have taken responsibility for his actions. Lucas argued that it had been his decision to go to prison for Will. "Your mom and I screwed up your life enough. We weren't going to let you start out with a record, too... You're a good kid, you're a good man, and you're going to be a good dad," Lucas declared.

Later, Will sat in Horton Square and looked through his mail. A large padded envelope piqued his curiosity, so he opened that first. Inside, he found a card and a small box tied with a bow.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Nick was using his computer to listen to the recording of Lucas and Will's conversation when Gabi returned unexpectedly. She noted that the voice emanating from the laptop sounded like Will's. Nick quickly shut the computer and claimed that he was using some new speech software, which he acknowledged did sound a little like Will. Gabi then explained that Caroline had sent her upstairs to lie down. She added that she hadn't slept the night before because she'd been worrying about the paternity test.

Nick urged Gabi not to worry about the test, because she might not have to take it. He explained that he had only gone along with it so that Will's family thought that they were on Will's side. "Well, aren't we?" Gabi asked, puzzled. She had concluded that Sami was pushing Will to demand the paternity test, but Nick pointed out that Sonny might have been behind it. Gabi recalled how Sonny had warned her that he was going to be watching her very closely for Will's sake.

Gabi admitted that she was afraid Will and his family would take the baby away from her. Nick asserted that they had no grounds to do so -- except for his criminal background, and he promised he was working to ensure that it would not cost Gabi her baby.

A hungover and naked Kate awakened in Rafe's bed and looked around the unfamiliar room to try to determine where she was. She peered over the pillows to the other side of the bed and recognized Rafe's sleeping form. "Oh, my God," she gasped. She quietly gathered up the clothes that were within reach and started to get dressed without waking Rafe, but he rolled over and opened his eyes. He seemed to be trying to piece together the details of the night before and finally concluded that he and Kate had gotten drunk and had sex.

Kate explained that she'd just been trying to make a graceful exit before Rafe woke up, but he put a hand on her knee to stop her. Kate reassured him that they didn't need to rehash the previous night except to admit that they had made a mistake. Laughing with embarrassment, Rafe started to recount some of the events of the night before. Kate promised that, on her way out, she would make sure nothing was broken. Rafe assured her that she didn't have to go -- and that she had only been assuming that he agreed when she'd said it had been a mistake.

Rafe gently took Kate's hand and looked into her eyes. Flinging her clothes to the ground, Kate said, "What the hell?" The two had sex again. As they composed themselves afterwards, Rafe said, "I'm guessing that's the second mistake." To Rafe's surprise, Kate retorted, "Speak for yourself!" She admitted that the two of them made no sense -- especially because they could end up on opposite sides of a war.

Rafe reminded her that they had decided to be reasonable where Will and Gabi were concerned. Kate agreed and promised to talk to Sami for Rafe, but she warned him to keep an eye on Nick, whom Kate deemed untrustworthy. As Kate sat up a bit painfully to get dressed and leave, she told Rafe, "Thank you. Last night was unexpected." Rafe agreed, "But in a good way." He instructed Kate on where to find the key for the inside deadbolt so she could let herself out -- but he warned that he was going to move it as soon as she left.

Rafe went to the pub to visit Gabi and was alarmed to see how exhausted she seemed. Gabi admitted that she hadn't been sleeping. After she explained about the paternity test, she and Rafe speculated about whose idea it had been. They concurred that it could have been either Sami or E.J. Rafe started to charge out the door to confront Sami, but Gabi stopped him by pointing out that every time he did so, Sami got worse. Rafe agreed not to rile Sami up -- but he did know someone he could talk to about the situation who wasn't "nuts."

Nick went to Hope's office to talk to her about the paternity test. Hope was surprised that Will had asked for it, since Gabi had acknowledged that Will was the father. Nick suspected that Sami was pushing Will to pursue custody of the baby. Hope vowed that the Hortons would vouch for Nick.

Nick asked how the rules in family court were different from other courts. Hope explained that the standard and the burden were different in family court, as were the rules of evidence. Nick asked if something like a tape recording could be used as evidence. Hope said that it could be if the judge felt it was relevant.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

by Mike

On Valentine's Day, Gabi entered her room and found Nick kneeling on her bed, naked except for a heart-shaped pillow that he was holding between his legs. As Gabi tried to stifle her laughter, Nick feigned ignorance and wondered what she was laughing about. Gabi grabbed the pillow and tossed it aside, and she and Nick started to make love.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen told Brady that she believed that getting married would force people to give their relationship the respect that it deserved. Brady found it hard to believe that John and Marlena would ever respect his relationship with Kristen, but he added that he was also reluctant to marry her because he was afraid of hurting her.

Brady was worried about his past, but Kristen reminded him that they both had baggage. Brady cryptically stated that he was worried about something that was much worse than baggage, divorces, exes, or drugs. Brady reminded Kristen that two of his previous fiancées had each died suddenly.

Brady said that he didn't blame himself for Arianna and Madison's deaths, but he added that he did believe that he could have done some things differently. "So what are you saying? You think that if we got engaged, something bad would happen to me? What are you, 'Bad Luck Brady'?" Kristen asked incredulously, insisting that Brady was being silly.

"Kristen, it's not silly to me, and I'll tell you why -- 'cause every time I push things a little too fast and a little too hard, they don't work out. Everything goes straight to hell. I don't want that to happen with us. I really like what we have, and I don't want anything to change that. I'm falling in love with you, and I want to protect you...and what we have. That's how I feel," Brady sincerely stated.

Before Kristen could respond, Brady received a phone call and abruptly excused himself so that he could take care of a business matter. Brady promised Kristen that they could resume the conversation later, but he warned that he wasn't going to change his mind. After Brady left, Kristen muttered that she would change his mind instead.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie presented Victor with a Valentine's Day card. After reading the card, Victor kissed Maggie and stated that she had made every day feel like Valentine's Day. Victor cringed when he realized that he was starting to sound like a greeting card. Victor handed Maggie a gift box and urged her to open it.

Inside the box, Maggie found a leather-bound book that contained her complete family tree. Victor explained that he had enlisted Melissa's help to ensure that the family tree was up-to-date. Maggie hugged Victor and declared that the gift was perfect. Victor started to inform Maggie that he had also made a lunch reservation for them, but she interrupted and told him to cancel it.

Noting that it was impossible to predict what the future would hold, Maggie suggested that Victor might want to have lunch at the Brady Pub instead. Victor feigned ignorance, and Maggie explained that the florist had called earlier to ask a question about the bouquet of flowers that Victor had ordered for Caroline. Maggie assured Victor that she wasn't upset, acknowledging that Caroline was the mother of one of his children. Maggie was certain that Caroline would enjoy Victor's gift, but she predicted that his companionship would be even better than a bouquet of flowers.

At Common Grounds, Sonny urged Chad to take the rest of the day off, since the place wasn't crowded due to the holiday. Chad declined the offer, pointing out that he didn't have anything better to do, and Sonny echoed Chad's statement. Meanwhile, Brian entered the coffeehouse, and Chad knowingly stated that Sonny might want to rethink his earlier comment.

Chad abruptly excused himself so that Sonny and Brian could have some privacy. After Chad left, Brian said that he had been hoping to hear from Sonny. Brian started to apologize for what had happened at his apartment earlier, but Sonny interrupted and assured Brian that there was no need to do so. Sonny said that he simply wasn't ready for anything of that nature yet, and Brian claimed that he understood.

"Do you, though? I mean, you were right about me and Will -- more right than I could ever imagine -- but...I still --" Sonny started to say, but his voice trailed off. Brian guessed that Sonny had been about to say that he still loved Will. Sonny nodded and wondered if Brian had ever been in love. "Thought I was. But I was wrong...'cause now I think I understand what the real deal looks like," Brian claimed as he smiled at Sonny.

"You know, love isn't something you can just make happen," Sonny pointed out. Backpedaling, Brian conceded Sonny's point and rephrased his earlier statement, saying that he liked Sonny and would love to get to know him better. Brian wondered if Sonny felt the same way.

Sonny silently recalled an earlier conversation with Will, where Will had suggested that it might be best for them to just be friends. Sonny nodded and confirmed that he would like to get to know Brian better. Later, after Brian left, Chad returned and wondered what had happened to Brian. Sonny reported that Brian would be returning one hour later, but he quickly clarified that they weren't going on a date.

At the Horton Town Square, Will lifted the gift box to his right ear and started to shake it curiously, but Sami interrupted him. Will quickly hid the gift box under his backpack and greeted Sami, who was on her way to the Brady Pub to meet E.J. for lunch. Will suddenly remembered that it was Valentine's Day, and he wondered if Sami's date with E.J. was an indication that their relationship was getting more serious.

Sami excitedly informed Will that she had started to suspect that E.J. was going to propose to her in the near future. Will was skeptical, pointing out that Sami had been planning to reunite with Rafe a few weeks earlier. Sami insisted that her relationship with Rafe had ended for good. Without a hint of irony, Sami assured Will that her relationship with E.J. hadn't happened suddenly.

After telling Will about the ring that had been stashed in E.J.'s pocket, Sami theorized that E.J. was planning to propose to her at some point that day. Will was momentarily confused, but he quickly reminded himself again that it was Valentine's Day. Will wondered if Sami was sure that she wanted E.J. to propose to her. Sami nodded and rushed off to meet E.J., not wanting to be late for her date.

After Sami left, Will shook his head in disbelief and returned his attention to the gift box. When Will opened the box, he found a small MP3 player tucked inside. Puzzled, Will opened the attached card. "To our new beginning. I love you! Sonny," the note read. Will flipped the MP3 player over and noticed that a message had been engraved on the back of the device.

"Uh...'W.H., I love you. S.K.' Oh, my God. Does he -- does he want to get back together?" Will cautiously wondered aloud. Will plugged the headphones into the MP3 player, turned it on, and sighed as he inspected the music that had been preloaded onto the device, recognizing the songs as his and Sonny's greatest hits.

As Will listened to the songs, Gabi approached him and commented on the nice gift box. Will said that the actual gift was also quite nice, and Gabi wondered if it was from Sonny. Will confirmed Gabi's suspicion, and she asked if he and Sonny were back together. "I -- I don't know. I mean, I -- I don't know. This is the last thing I expected to find in my mailbox. I mean, I -- I -- I think he might be giving me another chance," Will optimistically stated.

The news seemed to unnerve Gabi, but she claimed that she was happy for Will. Gabi wondered if it would be possible for her and Will to each have a happy ending. Will asked Gabi to refrain from telling anyone about their conversation, since he had not yet talked to Sonny about the gift.

After promising to keep Will's secret, Gabi forced a smile and wished him luck. Will rushed off to get cleaned up and obtain a gift for Sonny. Gabi sighed as she rubbed her stomach. "Oh, baby girl...I want your daddy to be happy, but...more importantly, I want us to be happy. I can't lose you. I won't," Gabi vowed before walking away.

Elsewhere, Chad and Kristen claimed an empty table. Chad was glad that Kristen had been available to join him for lunch. Kristen returned the sentiment, but she wondered why Chad was spending Valentine's Day with her. Chad shrugged and admitted that spending some time with Kristen was better than being alone. Kristen laughed, and Chad apologized, realizing that his comment had probably sounded harsh.

Kristen assured Chad that she understood, and she urged him to talk about the things that were bothering him. Chad struggled to contain his emotions as he talked about his failed relationships with Melanie and Abigail. Chad recalled that he had once believed that it was unfair for people to pass judgment on him for being a DiMera. Chad admitted that his recent behavior had proven that those opinions had been justified.

Kristen sighed and gently pointed out that she had tried to warn Chad about the consequences of revenge. "You know what I didn't warn you about, though? Is that even the best revenge sometimes comes with a price tag, you know? Might lose a little piece of yourself," Kristen added. Chad quietly surmised that Kristen had been in a similar situation in the past, and she confirmed his suspicion.

Chad asked Kristen for some advice about repairing the damage that he had caused. Kristen apologetically informed Chad that it would be impossible for him to put the genie back inside of the bottle. "Well, I know that you paid a huge price after whatever happened with you and John, but, uh, you're back in Salem -- a changed woman. Everything's great, right?" Chad wondered.

Kristen forced a smile and agreed, and she abruptly excused herself, claiming that she had just remembered that she had something that she needed to take care of right away. Chad hoped that he hadn't said something that had upset Kristen. Kristen shook her head and assured Chad that everything was fine.

Chad admitted that Kristen and Brady's relationship had made him feel optimistic about the possibility of one day having his own happy ending. Kristen clarified that her relationship with Brady was a happy beginning, not an ending.

At the Brady Pub, a man delivered a large bouquet of flowers to Caroline. Caroline assumed that the man had made some sort of mistake, but he was confident that the flowers had been delivered to the intended recipient. E.J., who was waiting for Sami to arrive, teased Caroline about her secret admirer, and he urged her to read the note that was attached to the bouquet.

As Caroline stared at the note in disbelief, Sami entered the pub. Sami admired the flowers and wondered who had sent them to Caroline, but before Caroline could respond, one of her employees interrupted and asked for her help with something. After Caroline left, E.J. escorted Sami to a nearby table. When Sami picked up the cloth napkin that had been placed in front of her chair, she found a jewelry box hidden beneath it.

Sami feigned shock, but when she opened the box, she was genuinely surprised to find a pair of diamond earrings inside. "I just wanted to find something as beautiful and exquisite as you. Samantha, I know that we've been down this road many, many times before, but this time is gonna be different, and I just want to savor every single moment as if it's the last time -- which, by the way, I bloody hope it is," E.J. explained.

After Sami and E.J. reminisced about the first time that he had given her a pair of earrings, E.J. excused himself so that he could place their order. Sami shook her head in disbelief as she closed the jewelry box, clearly disappointed.

Later, Victor entered the pub and greeted Caroline, who thanked him for the flowers, noting that they were her favorites. Victor nodded knowingly and invited Caroline to join him for lunch, claiming that Maggie had made other plans for that day. Caroline started to decline, explaining that she was short-staffed, but Nick interrupted and offered to work a free shift to repay her for everything that she had done for him in the past.

"Your wife doesn't mind that you're spending Valentine's Day with your former lover?" Caroline asked Victor incredulously. Victor said that Maggie understood that Caroline was, and would always be, an important part of his life. "You know, Victor, I'm really a fortunate woman. I have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I have material comforts. Most of all...I have beautiful memories," Caroline said as she and Victor reminisced, and he replied that he felt the same way.

In Gabi's room, Gabi told Nick that Will and Sonny were back together, just as Nick had suspected. Gabi was worried that Sonny would tell Will the truth about Melanie's kidnapping, which would give Will enough ammunition to win full custody of his baby. "It won't happen. Neither of those guys is going anywhere near our baby," Nick confidently stated.

At Countess Wilhelmina, Sami entered her office and found a bouquet of red and pink roses waiting for her. "Dear Samantha, your grandmother once told me true love can change anyone, and Caroline was right -- it has. I love you more than I have ever loved another woman. The proof is in our children, and in my heart. E.J.," the note read. A jewelry box had been placed next to the flowers, and Sami excitedly opened it, finding the diamond ring inside. E.J. entered the room and wondered if Sami had liked his proposal.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady ordered a bouquet of white and red roses for Kristen, reasoning that a bouquet of red roses would be too clichéd. After ending the call, Brady started to return his credit card to his wallet, causing a photograph of Madison to slip out in the process. As Brady stared at the photograph, Maggie entered the room and greeted him.

Noting that Brady seemed upset about something, Maggie wondered what Kristen had done to him. Brady impatiently insisted that Kristen had done nothing wrong, adding that the truth was that he wasn't good enough for her. Maggie refused to believe that, but Brady remained convinced that his assessment of the situation was accurate.

"She lost her parents. She lost my dad at one point. All her dreams -- everything she ever wanted -- came crashing down, and the problem is...I can never make those dreams come true for her," Brady said. Maggie pointed out that it wasn't Brady's responsibility to turn Kristen's dreams into realities. Maggie assured Brady that she would always be there for him, but he insisted that he didn't need a sponsor.

Maggie agreed, adding that Brady needed a friend. Brady snapped that he felt like Kristen was the only friend whom he had left in the world. Before Maggie could respond, Brady stormed out of the mansion.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen was surprised to find a bouquet of white and red roses waiting for her, along with a note that she quickly opened. "'Thank you for showing me that I could be happy again. You might not know it, but you saved my life. I love you so much. Brady.' Brady, that's so trite. But I know you mean it from your heart. The sins of the father shall be visited on the generations. I don't know anymore. I don't know anymore if it's the right thing to do," Kristen muttered as she stared at the flowers.

Later, Kristen received a phone call from Brady. Kristen thanked Brady for the flowers, but he ignored her comment and said that he needed to see her right away. Kristen replied that she needed to see Brady right away, too.

In Will's dorm room, Sonny opened the shower door and joined Will. Sonny said that he had missed Will, who replied that Sonny couldn't have possibly missed him as much as he had missed Sonny. Sonny wondered if Will wanted to place a wager on that statement. Before Will could respond, Sonny grabbed him and passionately kissed him.

Will sighed as he snapped out of the fantasy and found himself standing alone in the shower. Later, after getting dressed, Will opened a Valentine's Day card and started to write a note to Sonny. "Sonny, I'm not sure I'll find the words when I see you, and I want to make sure I get this right. I never thought I'd get another chance with the only guy that I have ever loved, so thank you for being patient and generous, and for loving me as much as I love you, and most of all, thank you for giving me a second chance. Love, Will," the note read. Will took a deep breath as he placed the card in his backpack, trying to calm his nerves.

Later, outside Common Grounds, Will peered through a window and spotted Sonny. Will silently recalled an earlier conversation with Sonny, where Sonny had revealed that his New Year's resolution for the previous year had been to get Will to fall in love with him.

Will took another deep breath, entered the coffeehouse, and approached Sonny.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cameron arrived, bearing peach cobbler, at the Horton house to have lunch with Abigail. After the two of them had finished eating, Cameron noticed a pile of boxes in the living room. Abigail explained that she and her mom had been going through some of her dad's things and deciding what to do with them. Cameron pointed out that one of the boxes had Abigail's name on it, and she clarified that it was just a box of her old school stuff. Intrigued, Cameron pulled out a birthday card from Abigail's eighth birthday from a boy named Stewart.

When Abigail returned from the kitchen with pie, she found Cameron looking through her yearbook. Cameron joked that he'd wanted to find a picture of his competition, Stewart. Cameron flipped through the pages and suddenly asked Abigail what the Golden Circle Club was. Abigail dropped the dessert tray on the floor. As Cameron helped her clean up, Abigail apologized for being so clumsy and ruining the cobbler.

Cameron guessed that the Golden Circle Club was an investing group at Abigail's school, but she said that it wasn't. Cameron subtly tried to get Abigail to tell him what it was, but before she could explain, he got a page and had to return to the hospital. They agreed to have lunch again soon. As Cameron was leaving, Abigail surprised him by kissing him rather passionately.

After Cameron had gone, Abigail sat glumly looking at the picture in the yearbook of her as president of the Golden Circle Club. "Why don't I just hire a plane, skywrite it all over Salem?" she muttered.

At the hospital, Cameron asked a nurse, Courtney, if she'd been a member of the Golden Circle Club when she'd gone to Salem High. Courtney accused Cameron of sexual harassment for asking such an inappropriate question. Courtney quickly realized that Cameron truly had no idea what the club was. He begged her to tell him before he accidentally offended someone else, so she explained that it was a club for people who'd signed a pledge swearing that they wouldn't have sex before marriage. The "golden circle" represented a wedding ring. A grateful Cameron thanked Courtney.

E.J. entered Sami's office as she was admiring the ring in the box that she'd found on her desk. E.J. asked what Sami thought of his proposal. "I just can't believe you did all this," Sami said after a moment's stunned silence. E.J. admitted that Diane in accounting, who was very creative, deserved credit for the idea. When she'd suggested it, E.J. had agreed, "What the hell? Let's give it a shot." Sami freaked out at E.J.'s cavalier attitude, but he noted that it wasn't as if they were making a lifetime commitment.

Sami became even more confused when E.J. said that the ring was made of cubic zirconium. He continued that it would give them both a bit of a break from the long hours they both put in at work -- meaning that when Sami needed to spend more time with the children, he could call Diane in to help. "The hell you will!" Sami barked. E.J. throttled back his enthusiasm a bit when he saw how angry Sami was.

As he offered to show Sami the rest of Diane's idea, E.J. produced several more jewelry boxes, opened them, and lined them up on her desk, then showed her an ad on the computer for the "Gemstone Collection," featuring the Proof lipsticks and their new line of coordinating nail polishes. Sami gaped at the screen with chagrin. "Oh, my God. I can't believe I thought..." she muttered as she turned her back in embarrassment. E.J. asked her to tell him what was going on.

Sami confessed that she'd found the ring in E.J.'s overcoat and had been expecting him to propose -- even going so far as to tell Will, who'd thought that his mom had lost her mind. E.J. pointed out that it was a little soon for the two of them to get engaged -- and frankly, he was surprised that she hadn't run away screaming as soon as she'd discovered the ring. Sami admitted that she nearly had, but things had gotten "a bit fuzzy" while she'd been looking at the ring box.

Putting his arms around Sami from behind, E.J. declared that life with her would never be tedious or dull -- and even if it were, he wouldn't trade it for a moment of excitement with any other woman. They kissed, then E.J. pulled away and locked the door. He grabbed a shocked Sami and threw her onto the desk.

Later, Sami apologized for foolishly believing that E.J. was going to propose. E.J. reassured her that the two of them knew each other better than anyone -- and they accepted one another, faults and all. Wearing one of the rings on each finger, Sami looked down at the jewelry and giggled, admitting that even if they were fake, they were beautiful. E.J. declared that there was not a diamond big or flawless enough to tell Sami how he felt about her.

Will arrived at Common Grounds but paused for a moment before going in to reflect on his surprise at receiving a Valentine's Day gift -- an MP3 player -- from Sonny. When Will entered, Sonny assumed that Will's radiant demeanor had something to do with the baby, since Will always lit up when he talked about her. Producing the music player, Will explained why he was there, because it had just arrived in the mail.

Sonny sheepishly admitted that he'd bought it the day Will had moved in and had forgotten to cancel it. Will played it off like it was no big deal and offered to return the gift, but Sonny insisted that Will keep it. Using earbuds, Will started listening to the songs that Sonny had preloaded onto the MP3 player, and complimented Sonny on his musical taste. Will said that the song he was listening to was one of his favorites that Sonny had introduced him to. He removed one of the earbuds and placed it in Sonny's ear.

While their heads were together somewhat intimately, Will admitted that it wasn't just the playlist that had touched him; it was also what Sonny had written on the card. Before Will could produce the card, Brian arrived and asked if Sonny were ready to go. Will announced that he had to leave, and on his way out, he thanked Sonny for the thoughtful gift.

Once Will had gone, Brian said that his gym had just opened a new rock-climbing wall. "I'd love to find someone to climb to new heights with," Brian told Sonny, who burst out laughing. They agreed that it had been a corny joke.

After their rock-climbing adventure, Sonny asked if he could give Brian some tips next time. Brian said that he hoped "next time" would be soon. As the two parted, they agreed that they'd had fun. Brian kissed Sonny gently and left. Sonny reminisced about the closeness he'd felt with Will when the two of them had gone rock-climbing.

Kate showed up at the police station and found Rafe reviewing Nick's file. "I was in the neighborhood when you texted me, so I came right over. Miss me already?" Kate asked lightly. Rafe said that he wanted to talk to her about Sami.

Rafe and Kate went to the café in Horton Square to talk. Rafe explained that Sami and E.J. had "bullied" Will into demanding that Gabi take a paternity test to cast doubts on her promise to allow Will to be a part of the baby's life -- and had even suggested that Gabi would put Nick's name on the birth certificate just to tie things up in court. Kate admitted that she could see Sami's point, even if Kate didn't believe Gabi would do something like that.

Kate was still concerned about Nick, but Rafe believed that Nick had only Gabi and the baby's best interests at heart and supported Will being part of the baby's life. Kate wondered why, then, she'd caught Rafe going over Nick's prison file. Rafe asserted that he only wanted to be prepared if there were a custody battle -- although he didn't think that Gabi would allow Nick to put his name on the birth certificate. Kate wondered if Rafe were worried that in choosing to marry a convicted murderer, Gabi's choices could cause her to look like an unfit mother.

Rafe asked if Kate would really want a judge to decide that Will was the right one to provide a stable home for the baby. Kate conceded that despite all of Will's fine points, she knew he wasn't in a position to raise a child on his own. Acknowledging that Nick was the problem, Rafe asked what Kate thought they should do. Kate maintained that they should present a unified front to Nick. Asserting his belief that Nick was on the side of Will, Gabi, and the baby, Rafe asked Kate what meeting with Nick would accomplish. Kate encouraged Rafe to trust her.

In Gabi's room, Nick firmly reassured Gabi that he wouldn't let her lose custody of the baby because E.J. and Sami were clearly pulling the strings where Will was concerned. Gabi didn't think Will would allow anyone to take the baby from her, but Nick disdainfully pointed out, "It's not just them, baby. And now that the other gay boy's back in the picture, there's no way this arrangement's gonna work."

Somewhat taken aback, Gabi called Nick out on his choice of words, and wondered if he really wanted to keep the baby away from Will and Sonny because they were gay. Nick insisted that hadn't been his intention; he was only worried that Sami was encouraging Will to pursue full custody. Nick declared that he had a plan to protect Gabi and make sure the right parent raised the baby, but he wouldn't divulge the details except to hint, "Will may be out of the closet, but his family still has plenty of skeletons in theirs."

Gabi reminded Nick that he and Will were related, but Nick asserted that the Bradys and the Hortons would go to great lengths to keep their family secrets hidden. Gabi said that what Nick was talking about sounded like blackmail. Nick assured her that he didn't intend to play dirty unless it became absolutely necessary -- and then he would only be telling the truth. Nick then got a text message from Kate saying that she wanted to see him, so he kissed Gabi goodbye and left.

A little later, Will showed up at Gabi's door. "Oh, my God -- what is the matter with me?" Will exclaimed when she answered. He fell facedown onto the bed, then jumped back up and asked if Gabi had said anything to anyone about what he'd told her earlier. Gabi said that she had not and asked what was going on. Will wanted to know if the two of them were still friends, even with all the tension about the baby. Gabi reassured him that they were.

Will divulged that although he had assumed the gift from Sonny meant that Sonny wanted to get back together, that hadn't been the case. Gabi urged Will not to give up on Sonny, but Will revealed, "Sonny is with Brian now." Will explained that Sonny had gotten the gift and the card about their new beginning right after they'd moved in together. Gabi encouraged Will to believe that Sonny's feelings for Will wouldn't disappear overnight.

Will unconvincingly insisted that it was better for him and Sonny both to move on, so Will could focus on school and the baby -- but he begged Gabi not to tell anybody about it, because he would be humiliated if Sonny found out. Gabi promised. On his way back out, Will asked if Gabi had made an appointment for the paternity test. Gabi admitted that she hadn't yet because she wanted to ask Cameron first if it would hurt the baby.

Will said, "That's fine... I just want to get it out of the way, because...after today's misunderstanding with Sonny, I would like everybody to be on the same page, and I just want to know where everybody stands, that's all." Gabi assured him that she understood, but after she closed the door behind him, she wondered aloud, "Where do you stand, Will?"

When Nick arrived at the café to meet Kate, she informed him that she hadn't summoned him to discuss business. Rafe appeared just then and clarified, "It's personal." Sitting next to Kate, Rafe explained that they just wanted to make sure everything between Will, Gabi, Nick, and the baby worked out -- and that there was no unnecessary stress that might affect the baby. Nick claimed that he and Gabi had involved Will in every decision regarding the baby.

Kate elaborated that she and Rafe were concerned that someone with a personal agenda -- other than Sami -- might get in the way of the rights of either parent. "You mean me? You think that I have an ulterior motive?" Nick asked with an incredulous chuckle. "Do you?" Rafe countered. Nick hotly pointed out that it had been Rafe's idea to move back the wedding and vowed that he and Gabi would get married soon.

Rafe reassured Nick that there was no need to get defensive, and Kate chimed in that they were not the enemy. Nick asserted that despite their working relationship, Kate didn't like him very much. Kate countered that Will had convinced her that Nick had only played Sami and Kate against each other for a better job offer in order to provide for Gabi and the baby, and Kate respected that. Nick admitted that it was true, because he intended to protect the baby no matter what.

Rafe warned that if Sami and E.J. managed to get it turned into a custody battle, Nick's prison record could become a big liability for Gabi. Nick argued, "That is so unfair. I did my time. I paid for my crimes. Not everybody does." To Nick's dismay, Rafe divulged, "Nick, I know exactly what happened to you in prison."

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