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Will confronted Nick, who admitted that he had forced Will to give up his parental rights because he was gay. Brady and Kristen moved into the DiMera mansion. Nancy and Chloe plotted to break up Daniel and Jennifer. John's visit with and gift to Brady irked Kristen.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 4, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, March 4, 2013

by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer told Daniel that she didn't believe that they could be together while Chloe was in the picture. Jennifer insisted that she wasn't trying to issue Daniel an ultimatum. "I just -- ugh. I -- I know that she's not gonna get you back, but I also know that she will eventually end up killing whatever we have between us," Jennifer predicted.

Daniel insisted that Chloe would never be able to kill the love that he and Jennifer had for each other. Jennifer agreed, and she assured Daniel that she didn't want to give up on their relationship. Jennifer struggled to understand why Daniel couldn't just draw a line in the sand and tell Chloe to refrain from crossing that line. Daniel reminded Jennifer that he didn't want Parker to grow up with parents who never talked to each other.

Daniel recalled that Jennifer had previously stated that she understood Daniel's position, but she said that had been before Chloe had dragged Abigail into the situation. Daniel was surprised to learn that Chloe had taunted Abigail with cruel statements about Jack. Jennifer sarcastically admitted that she found it hard to believe that Chloe had neglected to mention some of the pertinent details of Chloe's earlier argument with Abigail.

Daniel tried to assure Jennifer that nothing like that would ever happen again, but she interrupted and insisted that he wouldn't be able to keep that promise. "I see what she's doing to you, and I feel for you in this situation -- I really do -- but now that she has dragged my daughter into this, I am not gonna let us go down this road that you are proposing -- letting us believe that everything is gonna be okay...and deluding ourselves into thinking that Chloe just wants to be a good mom to Parker...when her agenda is so clear. We don't have to talk about it anymore. You know why I made this decision, and you know how I feel, so now it's up to you," Jennifer summarized.

Daniel excused himself so that he could spend some time with Parker before Parker went to sleep for the night. Before leaving, Daniel passionately kissed Jennifer. Daniel vowed that he wasn't going to give up on his relationship with Jennifer, adding that he was going to find a way to make the situation work. After Daniel and Jennifer declared their love for each other, he exited the house.

Moments after Daniel left, Jennifer changed her mind, muttering that love might be enough after all. Jennifer opened the front door and called out for Daniel, but he was already gone.

In Daniel's apartment, Chloe received a phone call from her mother, Nancy Wesley. Nancy was excited about visiting Chloe, but Chloe admitted that she was no longer certain that it would be a good idea for Nancy to travel to Salem. Chloe told Nancy about the ultimatum that Jennifer had given Daniel earlier. Chloe believed that she would never be able to get Daniel back if he accepted Jennifer's terms.

Nancy urged Chloe to remain optimistic, promising that they would find a way to get Daniel away from Jennifer. Later, Daniel entered the apartment, and Chloe wondered if he had made a decision about Jennifer's ultimatum yet. Daniel refused to answer Chloe's question, stating that he simply wanted to see Parker. Chloe said that Daniel was too late, adding that Parker had called out for Daniel before drifting off to sleep.

Daniel shook his head in disbelief, and Chloe wondered if he believed that she was lying. Daniel theorized that Chloe simply enjoyed making him feel guilty. Daniel impatiently instructed Chloe to ask Nancy to travel to Salem right away. Daniel hoped that would give him and Chloe some time to find a suitable nanny and make some decisions about how their co-parenting situation was going to work.

Chloe summarized that Daniel was talking about putting Jennifer's plan into effect as soon as he and Chloe found a nanny, but he insisted that she was jumping to conclusions. Chloe wondered if Daniel had considered how Jennifer's ultimatum would work during the important events in Parker's life, such as birthday parties or meetings with Parker's school teachers.

Before Daniel could respond, Chloe excused herself so that she could call Nancy. Daniel quietly promised a sleeping Parker that he would do what was best for Parker -- although he wasn't sure what that was yet. Later, Chloe rejoined Daniel and informed him that Nancy would be arriving in Salem the following day. After warning Chloe to stay away from Jennifer and Abigail, Daniel abruptly exited the apartment.

Later, in Daniel's hotel room, Daniel received a phone call from Nancy. Nancy admitted that she was concerned about Chloe, and she promised to try to help Daniel convince Chloe to let go of the past and accept the fact that he wasn't interested in getting back together with Chloe. Daniel was pleased to learn that he had an ally, and he thanked Nancy for offering to help him handle the situation.

After saying goodbye to Daniel, Nancy placed a phone call to someone else. "It went great! I stayed on script, and he bought it all. Don't worry, honey -- it's all going to work out just the way you planned," Nancy assured Chloe.

In one of the hospital's supply rooms, Cameron started to get dressed as he explained to Abigail that he had spilled something on his scrubs earlier. Still embarrassed, Abigail apologized for barging into the room without knocking first. Abigail started to leave, but Cameron stopped her. Cameron could tell that Abigail was upset about something, and he urged her to tell him what was wrong.

Abigail struggled to contain her emotions as she told Cameron about her earlier fight with Chloe. Cameron joked that he hoped that Abigail had managed to knock out several of Chloe's teeth. Cameron reminded Abigail that he had seen the way that Jack's death had affected her, and he urged her to ignore Chloe's earlier comments. Abigail sighed and wondered why Jack had been determined to save her life at the cost of his own.

"It should have been me on that elevator. It should have been me," Abigail tearfully added. Cameron confidently stated that Jack wouldn't want Abigail to blame herself for something that Jack had chosen to do. Cameron kissed Abigail's forehead, adding that he was glad that she had survived. Later, Abigail thanked Cameron, admitting that he had actually managed to make her feel better.

Cameron was pleased to hear that, since he believed that Abigail was an amazing person who always deserved to feel good about herself. Abigail said that she felt good about herself when she was with Cameron. Cameron started to excuse himself so that he could get back to work, but before leaving, he asked Abigail if he could see her the next day. Abigail smiled as she accepted Cameron's offer.

Later, at the Horton house, Abigail admitted that she felt like her actions had forced Jennifer to break up with Daniel. Jennifer clarified that she and Daniel weren't breaking up, adding that they were simply trying to figure everything out. "It's not your fault, it's not my fault, it's not Daniel's fault. It -- I just hope that Daniel figures out whose fault it is, and that he just gets Chloe out of his life for good," Jennifer said.

In Gabi's room at the hospital, Kate warmly greeted Gabi and Rafe. Kate explained that she had wanted to check on Gabi. "Oh, hi. I'm fine, so...thank you. Bye," Gabi dismissively replied. After placing a gift bag on Gabi's bed, Kate started to leave, but Rafe stopped her. Rafe chastised Gabi for her rude behavior, insisting that Kate was simply trying to be nice. Gabi demanded to know why Rafe was defending Kate.

Rafe scoffed and claimed that he was simply wondering why Gabi had given Kate such an icy reception. Gabi snapped that she was tired, upset, and unable to forget about the way that Kate had recently treated Nick. Kate said that she and Nick had been conducting business negotiations at that time, adding that Nick had been just as tough on her as she had been on him.

Kate added that the only thing that she cared about was the fact that Gabi was carrying Will's child. Kate reasoned that Gabi was holding all of the cards, because Kate would do whatever she had to do to ensure that she would be included in Will's daughter's life -- even if that meant that she had to purchase a new car for Gabi or send Gabi on a trip to Europe.

Rafe summarized that Kate believed that she could buy Gabi's affections, and Kate shamelessly confirmed that she was certainly going to try to do so. Kate handed the gift bag to Gabi and urged her to open it. As Gabi reluctantly retrieved a card from the gift bag, Kate and Rafe exchanged subtle glances. Gabi thanked Kate for the gift, explaining to Rafe that it was a gift certificate for a full day of spa treatments.

Kate jokingly asked if Gabi's positive response meant that Kate would not have to purchase a car for Gabi. Later, in Rafe's apartment, Rafe and Kate were having sex when he received a phone call. After ending the call, Rafe apologetically informed Kate that he was going to have to take care of a police matter. Rafe promised that he wouldn't take long, and he invited Kate to stay at his place and wait for him to return.

In one of the break rooms at the hospital, Will sighed as he stared at the legal documents. Sami wiped a tear from her cheek as she urged Will to take some time to weigh his options before making a final decision. Right on cue, Nick reiterated that Will would go to prison if he refused to sign the documents, pointedly adding that prison was a place that Will definitely wouldn't want to spend any time in.

"If I could go to prison without dragging anyone else down, I would. 'Cause at least she could come visit me...and I could see her when I get out. But I think you're right -- we're all so screwed up, she'd probably be better off without me," Will sadly stated. Unmoved, Nick folded his arms and impatiently waited for Will to sign the documents.

Before Will could proceed, Sami stopped him and announced that she wanted to talk to Nick privately. Sami made it clear that she wasn't going to change her mind, so Will, Sonny, Lucas, and E.J. reluctantly exited the room, with the notary in tow. After everyone left, Nick assured Sami that she would not be able to intimidate him with her threats, and she replied that she was actually interested in making him an offer.

Nick smugly stated that Sami had nothing to offer him. "You're wrong -- there is something. I will take an oath. I will -- I will sign your papers; I will sign anything. I will swear that I will stay out of that baby's life. Get an injunction that will keep me away from the child. I won't fight it; I will sign it. But think about it, Nick -- I am the one who made the mistakes. I'm the one you have a problem with, not punish me, not him," Sami suggested.

Nick claimed that he wasn't trying to punish anyone, adding that he was simply trying to protect Gabi and their baby. Sami insisted that there was no reason for Nick to protect Will's daughter or Gabi from Will, but Nick disagreed, claiming that Will had once tried to convince Gabi to get an abortion. Sami started to correct Nick, but he interrupted and asserted that Will was just like her.

"We are talking about his child. This is Will's baby girl, and that has to mean something to you. You love Gabi, right? You love her, and you love this child that she is carrying, but Will being a part of this baby's life doesn't -- doesn't have to change that for you. It's me you have a problem with, and I totally understand that, so if you promise that Will will be a part of his daughter's life...I will disappear. I will stay away from that child forever," Sami vowed.

Nick admitted that he actually believed that Sami truly meant everything that she had just told him. "That's why people keep falling for your lies -- 'cause when you say them, you actually mean them," Nick coldly added. Sami reiterated that she would sign any document that Nick asked her to sign, but he refused to believe her, predicting that she would simply change her mind the next day and start looking for a way to break her promises.

Sami insisted that Nick was wrong, but he wasn't convinced. "You don't have any rights to this child! You are a blackmailer and a murderer, and you are trying to steal another man's child! You don't deserve to raise any child, never mind my son's daughter!" Sami snapped as her temper flared. Sami quickly tried to take back her previous comments, but Nick was certain that she had meant every word that she had just said.

Concluding that the conversation had ceased to be productive, Nick excused himself so that he could find the notary and get Will to sign the legal documents. Sami struggled to contain her emotions as Nick walked away.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Will asked E.J. if there was any way that Will could accept responsibility for his crime without implicating anyone else. E.J. shook his head and apologetically informed Will that Bo, Hope, Roman, and Lucas would probably each have to pay for their respective actions if the truth were ever revealed. Lucas insisted that he could handle the punishment, but Will refused to let Lucas pay for Will's mistake again.

Will said that he didn't want to hurt anyone else. "What about your own daughter? Do you really want her to be raised by a blackmailing murderer?" Lucas asked incredulously. Will acknowledged that what Nick was doing was wrong, but he added that he understood that Nick was simply trying to protect Gabi and the baby. Will reminded Lucas that Sami had nearly caused Gabi to lose the baby earlier.

E.J. incredulously asked if Will was seriously trying to suggest that Nick's actions were justifiable. "No, I'm not. I'm just saying -- Nick is right in that what Mom did is just one example of the dysfunction of our family. He does not think that's a healthy environment for a kid to grow up in, and he's gonna do everything he can to protect Gabi, and to protect the baby from [Sami]," Will explained.

Meanwhile, Nick entered the waiting area and confirmed that Will was correct. Everyone returned to the empty break room, where Sami sadly informed E.J. that her attempt to reason with Nick had failed. Nick handed Will the documents, insisting that there was no reason to delay the inevitable any longer. Sonny begged Will to talk to Justin, prompting Nick to look at E.J. and wonder how involving another lawyer would help the situation.

Will guessed that, deep down, Nick had to know that what Nick was doing was wrong, but Nick replied that he only cared about doing what was best for Gabi and their baby. With a heavy sigh, Will signed the documents, and the notary promised to deliver them to Nick's lawyer right away.

After the notary left, Nick smiled and smugly reminded everyone to be discreet, since Will was the only one who had something to lose if the truth about how Nick had convinced Will to sign away the rights to Will's daughter were ever revealed. "Your great-grandfather practically built this hospital. If he could see you now, he'd be disgusted. You are not a Horton," Lucas told Nick.

Ignoring Lucas' comment, Nick started to leave, but E.J. stopped him. "Four years ago, I stood in a courtroom and defended you. I asked for leniency -- leniency you got. Leniency without which you would not have got your parole. William is like a son to me, and I belong to a family you do not want to mess with," E.J. warned Nick. Nick replied that he wasn't scared of E.J.

"Then you're a lot more stupid than you look," E.J. whispered as he glared at Nick, their faces inches away from each other. Nick shrugged and calmly walked away. Meanwhile, Sami sobbed as she hugged Will. After declaring that Nick was a vicious son of a bitch, Sami admitted that she was the person who was responsible for everything that had happened. Will shook his head and sadly stated that he had only himself to blame, and he asked Sonny to take him home.

After Will and Sonny left, Lucas acknowledged that Sami had tried to fix the situation, and he assured her that it wasn't her fault. Sami tearfully stated that Nick couldn't get away with his plan to take Will's daughter away from Will, but Lucas quietly replied that it seemed like Nick already had gotten away with it. Lucas exited the room, and E.J. hugged Sami as she continued to sob.

In Gabi's room, Nick excitedly informed Gabi that all of their problems had disappeared. Nick claimed that Will's entire family had finally realized that it would be best to leave Gabi and the baby alone. Nick promised Gabi that no one would ever bother them again -- not even Sami. Gabi cautiously wondered what Nick had done, but he simply replied that he had done what had needed to be done.

Nick added that he wanted to marry Gabi right away. Gabi was initially suspicious about Nick's sudden urgency, but he convinced her that he was simply tired of waiting, and she agreed to marry him.

In Sami's office at Countess Wilhelmina, Sami was trying to distract herself with work. E.J. urged Sami to return home with him so that she could get some rest, but she feared that returning home would simply give her an opportunity to ruin one of her other kids' lives. E.J. reminded Sami that they had promised that they wouldn't shut each other out, and he begged her to let him help her.

E.J. tried to comfort Sami, but she pushed him away and angrily stated that she didn't need or deserve his sympathy -- nor did she need him, for that matter. After a brief pause, Sami's tough fašade crumbled, and she tearfully admitted that she did need E.J. E.J. hugged Sami tightly as she sobbed on his shoulder.

In Will's dorm room, Will sighed heavily as he removed the sonogram image from his wallet. Sonny wished that he could say something that would ease Will's pain. "No, it's,'s over now. My little girl," Will whispered as he rested his head against Sonny's forehead and stared sadly at the sonogram image. Will said that he couldn't get past the fact that the whole situation was his fault. Sonny wondered if that meant that Nick was just blameless.

Will remained silent, and Sonny made another attempt to convince him to talk to Justin. Will defeatedly stated that there was nothing left to talk about. Sonny summarized that after everything that Nick had done to Will, Will was simply going to give up. Will conceded that Nick's actions had been unfair, cruel, and wrong, but he reiterated that he understood why Nick had considered it necessary to resort to those lengths to protect Will's daughter from Will's family.

"Damn it, Will, no! No, no, no, no, no. That is just an excuse. Listen to me -- I've been -- I've been thinking about this. You know, I'm -- I was trying to piece this whole thing together. Will, Nick played you...and Gabi, and everyone. You think that he just stumbled upon this evidence of what you did -- the evidence of the cover-up? No. He went looking for it, and he found it...and he sat back and waited for something to happen so he could justify using it. This whole entire -- listen to me -- this whole thing was planned. That's why he was so thrilled when your mom butted in," Sonny said. Confused, Will shook his head doubtfully.

"You really think he's doing all this because your mother butted in? Will, he's doing this...because you're gay," Sonny knowingly stated.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In the rectory, Sami cried on Eric's shoulder. When Eric asked what was wrong, Sami said that she could not tell Eric what had happened. Eric noted that the baby and Gabi were healthy and that Will was excited to be a father. Upset, Sami began to cry again. Wiping her tears, Sami changed the subject and pulled out a check for the school. When Sami explained that the donation was E.J.'s idea, Eric shook his head.

Sami insisted that E.J. was a changed man and that she had seen the good in E.J. When Sami admitted that she had grown close to E.J., Eric countered that Sami had said the same thing about Rafe recently. Annoyed, Sami noted that Rafe had turned his back on her, unlike E.J. When Sami explained that Rafe had been a jerk to Will, Eric counseled Sami to give Rafe the opportunity to redeem himself before she moved on with E.J. Sami told Eric that she was committed to E.J. and was happy with him.

In Will's room, he talked with Sonny about Nick's motives for blackmailing Will. Sonny insisted that Nick had blackmailed Will because Nick did not believe that a gay man should parent a child. Will disagreed and noted that he did not want to believe Sonny's theory because it would mean that he had signed away his rights to a bigot. Sonny reasoned that Nick was smart and had been intentionally nice to Will in order to draw him in.

When Sonny lamented that Will had not consulted with Justin, Will argued that if there were any legal way out of the situation, E.J. would have done something. With a sigh, Sonny softened and said that it was possible that Nick might allow Will to have limited visitation with the baby. After Sonny left for work, Will stared at the sonogram photo of his daughter.

In the hospital, Hope stopped by to check on Gabi. Nick informed Hope that he and Gabi were marrying the next day. When Hope asked Nick if he had informed his parole officer about the wedding, Nick was defensive but then apologized for his behavior. After Hope left, Nick complained that most people wanted Nick and Gabi to wait to be married.

Noting Nick's tension, Gabi asked him what was wrong. Nick explained that he was worried about the baby, and the added stress of talking about his parole officer had upset him. Nick said that when he met with his parole officer, it reminded him of his life in prison and how he had witnessed other prisoners return to prison or die within the first year of their release. Gabi urged Nick to open up to her about his time in prison. Nick declined then left to check on Gabi's release papers.

Rafe carried a cup of coffee into his bedroom and woke up Kate, who had stayed overnight. Rafe told Kate that he did not know why he had started up with Kate but that he was glad that they were together. Kate quipped that they were together because Rafe was the first man in a long while to call her beautiful. As Rafe grinned at Kate, Gabi texted Rafe and asked him to meet her at the pub.

When Rafe arrived at the pub, he overheard Gabi and Nick talking. Gabi informed Rafe that she and Nick planned to marry the next day. Nick asked for Rafe's blessing, but he added that he would marry Gabi no matter what. Outside the pub, Will texted Nick and asked to meet with him out front. Nick lied to Gabi and said that he needed to retrieve her suitcase from the car.

After Nick left, Rafe asked Gabi why she was in a hurry to marry. Gabi groaned and noted that Nick was tired of hearing resistance from everyone about the wedding. With a sigh, Gabi said that she believed Nick wanted to get married right away because he felt haunted by his time in prison.

Outside the pub, Will escorted Nick to the park. Will asked Nick if Sami had not attacked Gabi and if Gabi had not gone into premature labor whether Nick would have blackmailed Will to give up his parental rights. Nick admitted that he would have blackmailed Will no matter what. When Will asked Nick if the blackmail was because Will was gay, Nick said yes.

At the coffeehouse, Kate stopped by for a drink and said hello to Sonny at the bar. When Sonny greeted Kate somberly, she asked what was wrong. Sonny admitted that things were good with Will but that he wished he had found his way back to Will sooner. Kate was suspicious and pushed Sonny to talk to her about what was bothering him.

As Sami walked through the town square, she ran into Rafe. Sami was eager to walk away, but Rafe asked if he could clear the air with her. Rafe explained that he understood that Sami loved the baby and that she had pressured Gabi because she had wanted to protect Will. Rafe noted that there were no hard feelings and that he wanted the families to work out their differences.

With a grin, Rafe added that Will was a great kid and would make a wonderful father. After Rafe walked away, Sami muttered to herself, "You have no idea what that bastard has done to my son."

At the prison, Hope and Abe welcomed Eric to the outreach program as a mentor. Hope explained that the prisoners saw her and Abe as part of the establishment and that Eric might have better luck reaching the prisoners than they did. After Hope and Abe left, Eric sat in the prison visitors' room alone and prayed that he would be able to help the man he was mentoring. When the prisoner entered the room, he introduced himself as Vargas. Vargas was the same man that had attacked Nick in prison.

At the Countess W offices, E.J. confided to Kristen that he was struggling with a problem involving Sami. E.J. explained that a "nobody" third party was hurting Sami and that he did not know what to do. Kristen reminded E.J. that he could take one of the DiMera options, but E.J. declined. E.J. explained that though it would be satisfying to hurt the third party, he could not because he would lose Sami.

When Kristen joked that Sami was no saint, E.J. agreed but added that Sami usually attempted to do the right thing. E.J. explained that he had lost Sami to Rafe previously because Sami believed Rafe was the better man and that he did not want to make that mistake again. Kristen reminded E.J. that the DiMeras were interesting people because they struggled with their morals.

Kristen left the offices and returned to her hotel to meet with Chad, who was helping her move into the DiMera mansion. With a smile, Kristen told Chad that Brady was moving in to the mansion too but that it was a secret for the moment. When Kristen suggested that Chad move in to the mansion as well, Chad said that he was not read to make a decision about the family yet. After Chad left, Kristen muttered to herself, "This is it. End game."

As E.J. worked in his office, Sami arrived. E.J. handed a folder to Sami, but she took it and tossed it aside. Sami pulled E.J. closer to her and asked him to take her somewhere that no one could hear her scream. E.J. escorted Sami back to his apartment's bedroom, and the two made love.

In the midst of sex, Sami asked E.J. if he had meant what he had said when he promised that he would do anything for her. E.J. swore, "Whatever you want from me, I will do." With a devilish twinkle in her eye, Sami whispered to E.J., "I want Nick Fallon gone."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At the prison, a guard led an inmate named Vargas into the waiting area to meet with Father Eric about participating in St. Luke's prison outreach program. After the two men shook hands, Vargas expressed doubt that the church would want him back after everything he'd done. Eric assured Vargas that the program was not about religion; it was to help prisoners find a way on the outside.

Vargas acknowledged that he had been in prison for ten years, although he'd only been sentenced for seven. Eric asked if he could address Vargas by his first name. The inmate replied that he'd gone by Vargas for as long as he could remember and preferred to keep it that way. Eric asked about the additional years on Vargas' sentence. Vargas said that he accepted responsibility for everything he'd done both in and out of prison.

Hope entered just then, and Eric introduced Detective Brady as the lead liaison for the outreach program. Vargas asked to hear what Hope and Father Eric had to say about the program. Afterward, Vargas affirmed that he wasn't the same man who had made the mistakes that had landed him in prison. Eric said that if Vargas were committed to staying on the straight and narrow, he and Hope knew people in Salem who were willing to offer Vargas some help. Vargas seemed pleased to learn that Father Eric was based in Salem at St. Luke's. "I just feel blessed to have this opportunity. And I'm most definitely interested," Vargas declared.

Back in his cell later, Vargas did pushups, then recalled sharing the cell with Nick. "I'm gonna protect you for now, Nicky, even though your big mouth is the reason I'm still stuck in this hellhole. Don't you worry, because the day's coming when you're gonna pay me back big-time for the three years of my life you've cost me," Vargas had warned Nick. Vargas then crossed another day off of his calendar, which was marking the days until his release on March 15.

At St. Luke's, Nicole opened a box containing flyers for a program that Eric was doing called "Returning to the Fold." Chloe walked in and wanted to know why Nicole was really working at the church. Nicole maintained that because they were friends, she had helped Eric out when he'd needed a secretary and she'd needed a sanctuary. Chloe didn't buy it, but she admitted that she missed Nicole's friendship.

Nicole agreed that she had missed Chloe, too. Chloe noted that something was obviously troubling Nicole, and offered a sympathetic ear. Nicole confessed that she had been feeling conflicted about "various things." Before the conversation could continue, Chloe's cell phone chimed with a text message from her mom. As Chloe replied to it, she explained that Nancy was headed to town to help with Parker.

Nicole was surprised that Victor had agreed to that, and her surprise only grew when Chloe divulged that she and Parker had moved into Daniel's place -- but Daniel had moved into a hotel. Nicole pointed out that she'd warned Chloe how difficult it would be to separate Daniel and Jennifer. Citing Nicole's experience dealing with Jennifer and Daniel, Chloe asked if Nicole had any pointers. Irked, Nicole handed one of the flyers to Chloe and declared, "You didn't come here because you missed our friendship... You came here because you wanted information about Daniel so you can get him back in your bed."

Chloe accused Nicole of being in love with Daniel, but Nicole insisted that she was not in love with anyone. Unconvinced, Chloe insisted that she understood how Nicole felt because they both knew what it was like to want someone who everyone said they shouldn't have, but Chloe and Daniel belonged together because they shared a son. Nicole warned Chloe that Daniel wouldn't be happy with her. Chloe didn't believe that Daniel would be happy with Jennifer, and wondered why Nicole didn't hate Jennifer.

Nicole maintained that it just wasn't worth it. Chloe declared that living in the convent had ruined Nicole. Nicole countered that she didn't appreciate being used so that Chloe could get to Daniel. Chloe contended that she and Nicole were both "bad girls," and no matter how long Nicole stayed in the convent, she would never be a good girl.

On her way out, Chloe ran right into Eric. Sensing that Nicole didn't want her around Eric, Chloe declared that she wanted to talk to him. She explained that she and Daniel had gotten Parker christened at St. Luke's, and she had hoped that they would attend services there as a family until things had fallen apart.

While Nicole noisily slammed things around, Chloe continued that since discovering that Daniel really was Parker's father, she hoped for the three of them to "return to the fold." Chloe added that she would also like to volunteer on the music committee if there was an opening. Eric promised to check and get back to Chloe. As he rose to leave, Chloe offered to walk him out.

After Eric and Chloe had gone, Nicole muttered, "Bitch," under her breath then slammed a drawer shut for good measure. Chloe returned almost immediately to point out a typo on the flyer: where it was supposed to have read, "Six ways to reunite with the church's love," instead of "six," it said "sex." On her way back out, Chloe taunted, "Somebody's not getting any."

When Eric returned, Nicole angrily asserted that Chloe was just using him -- and God -- to score points with Daniel. Eric listened silently while Nicole continued ranting. Finally he declared that he had figured out what was going on with her, and he thought they should discuss it. "I know you were starting to tell me in the confessional," Eric began.

"If you know, then why don't you see...what's right in front of you?" Nicole asked. Eric let out a sigh of confusion, so Nicole gave up and started to walk away. Eric stopped her and pleaded, "Nicole, please help me. What am I supposed to see? What is it? Just, please tell me."

In the park, Will was astonished when Nick confirmed that the reason he wanted Will out of the baby's life was that Will was gay. Referring to how Nick had let Will be present at Gabi's sonogram, Will stated, "Sonny said that you were setting me up, but I told him he was wrong." Nick replied that Sonny had been right. Will was incredulous, but Nick maintained that all he had ever wanted was what was best for Gabi's baby.

Will didn't understand how never seeing her father was what was best for his child. Nick reminded Will that by terrorizing Gabi, Sami had made the situation impossible. Will demanded to know if Gabi had been in on the decision to cut him out of his daughter's life, and Nick admitted that he had decided on his own in order to protect the baby. "From me? From her own father?" Will asked disbelievingly.

"I'll be there for her, Will. I'll be there for her always. Why is that not good enough for you now?" Nick demanded. Will asserted that he hadn't been thinking straight before. Nick countered that Will had been "perfectly content" to let Nick and Gabi raise the baby. "I was never perfectly content, and you know that!" Will shouted. He added that from the moment he'd seen his baby and felt her kick, everything had changed.

Nick angrily asserted that it was Will's fault for not listening, because Nick had warned Will that he would develop an emotional connection to the baby. Nick started to leave, but Will grabbed him by the lapels. "You are the one who is separating me from my daughter. That is on you," Will argued. Nick contended that Will was saving his daughter from years of confusion and embarrassment from seeing her father pop in and out of her life with whatever guy he happened to be sleeping with.

Will pointed out that he was with Sonny, but Nick wasn't convinced that they would stay together. Will insisted that he and Sonny were both looking forward to being a big part of the baby's life. "You two want something to love? Get a dog. Because you and your boyfriend are not going to screw up Gabi's baby," Nick spat. Will declared that Nick was sick. "You want this baby to have three fathers. No. No. She will be normal. You and Sonny, that's what's sick," Nick countered contemptuously.

Nick continued that Will wasn't getting his parental rights back, but by signing them away, Will had saved himself as well as his family members on the police force. Nick added that Will should be thanking him for giving Will's daughter the type of home that every child deserved, and Will would just have to learn to live with not being a part of his baby's life. After Nick strode away, a defeated Will kicked over a bench in frustration.

As Kate and Sonny shared a table at Common Grounds, Kate asked, "Is there something going on in Will's life that I don't know about? Does Will need my help?" Sonny would only say that Will had been going through a lot. Kate noted that things seemed to have settled down between Will, Nick, and Gabi. After observing Sonny's reaction to hearing Nick's name, Kate asked if Fallon were causing problems for Will. Sonny reassured her that Will, Nick, and Gabi had worked things out, although it had been a rough couple of months for Will.

Just as Sonny rose to return to work, a clearly upset Will charged through the door. When Will saw his grandmother, Kate said that she wanted to talk to him, but he asserted that it wasn't a good time. Kate informed him, "I had to just about beat it out of Sonny, but I know all about your problem, and I want to help you." Sonny interrupted to ask if he could talk with Will about some St. Patrick's Day ideas for the coffeehouse. That excuse didn't convince Kate, but she assured Will, "I just want you to know that I would do anything to help you -- no matter what it is." Will thanked her. Kate gave him a goodbye hug and left.

As soon as Kate had gone, Will asked if Sonny had said anything to her, because she had hinted that Sonny had. Sonny promised that he had not. Will declared, "You were right: Nick is a bigot, and I just gave my daughter away to an ignorant, homophobic bigot -- and there is nothing I can do about it." He berated himself for not seeing Nick's true colors. Sonny reasoned that people like Nick learned to hide their feelings, and they always had a justification for their intolerance, but that bigotry was all about hatred and fear. Will didn't understand what Nick was so afraid of.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe asked Gabi if she had ever asked Nick about what had happened to him in prison. Gabi said that she had, but whenever she had, Nick had always shut down. "Obviously something horrible happened. Somebody tried to kill him," Gabi observed. Rafe informed his sister that he had read Nick's prison file, so he knew that Nick had been stabbed in prison. Gabi was indignant, but Rafe insisted that he'd only been trying to protect her.

Rafe explained that he knew what went on in prisons, especially to guys like Nick. Gabi understood that, but Rafe wanted to know why Nick had refused to tell anyone who had stabbed him. Gabi maintained that Nick didn't know, but Rafe asserted that the file read as if Nick were hiding something. Gabi firmly stated that it was in the past, and she and Nick were trying to move on -- and that was why they were getting married the next day.

Gabi asked if Rafe were going to be at the wedding, and he promised that he would do his best. Just as Gabi was happily hugging Rafe, Nick returned. Gabi informed him that Rafe had given them his blessing. A pleasantly surprised Nick vowed to devote his life to making Gabi happy. Rafe shook Nick's hand, kissed Gabi on the forehead, then headed out. Embracing Gabi with a contented sigh, Nick declared that there wasn't anything or anyone who could get in the way of their happily ever after.

Gabi asked why Nick had gotten so upset when Hope had asked about his parole officer. Nick maintained that it was in the past, but Gabi reminded him that he was still on parole. Nick promised to call his parole officer right after the wedding. Gabi told him what Rafe had said, that Nick's file seemed to indicate that he knew who had stabbed him but was covering it up. Nick wanted to know why Gabi was pushing him to talk about it.

Gabi gently explained that she wanted to take care of him the way he had been taking care of her, and she wanted to know about it if anything was bothering or hurting him. Nick recounted how he'd met Gabi, who had changed his life, and insisted that nothing that had happened before that day mattered. Just as he'd fallen in love with her, she had fallen in love with him, too, and they were about to get married and raise a child and build a new life together.

Nick retrieved a gift from his coat pocket and presented it to Gabi. She opened it and found a little baby outfit that read, "Daddy's little girl," across the bib. Nick somewhat nervously admitted that he'd never picked out baby clothes before, but Gabi reassured him that she loved the outfit and so would the baby. "Everything's gonna work out for us, Gabi, from now on," Nick declared.

Rafe was back at work at the police station when Hope returned from the prison. Rafe seemed to have forgotten that she was the police liaison for Eric's prison outreach program. Rafe acknowledged that he'd been thinking about Nick's time in prison and how it had affected him.

In bed at Sami's apartment, Sami whispered in E.J.'s ear, "I want Nick Fallon gone." After they kissed passionately, E.J. asked if Sami knew what she was saying. Sami assured him that she did. While E.J. kissed her neck, she explained that Nick was hurting her son by keeping Will from his child, so Nick had to go. "I will do anything to protect my son," Sami declared.

E.J. asked if Sami wanted Nick dead. Sami started to admit that it would make things much easier if Nick were dead, but she stopped herself and asserted that they had to find another way to get Nick out of the way. "What if there's not another way? What if Nick has to die to make sure that he can never hurt your son again? Can you live with that?" E.J. asked. Sami believed that there had to be another way, especially since she knew that E.J. was trying to be a better person, as was she.

E.J. pointed out that Nick wasn't only hurting Will; Nick was also hurting the baby by depriving her of her father -- and E.J. knew from personal experience how painful that was. "Now, you're asking me to do what is right by that little girl, and that is exactly what I'm going to do," E.J. declared. Sami embraced him. E.J. pointed out that Nick would have to serve the rest of his sentence if he broke his parole, and E.J. knew a guy who could help with that. Sami expressed her gratitude by kissing E.J. deeply. After they'd had sex, E.J. teased Sami that plotting to kill Nick had evidently turned her on. Amid some playful banter, E.J. professed that he loved everything about Sami.

Changing the subject, E.J. worried that if they sent Nick back to prison, he would quickly figure out who was responsible. Sami didn't care, but E.J. pointed out that Nick would immediately go to the authorities with what he knew about Will shooting E.J. He detailed the three things they had to do to deal with Nick: find the evidence that Will had shot E.J. and make it disappear, find Will's taped confession and destroy it, and set Nick up to violate his parole -- because at that point, no one would listen to anything Nick had to say about Will.

Sami was confident that she could retrieve the evidence. E.J. guessed that the recording of Will's confession was on Nick's computer, so all they would have to do was erase the files. Sami pointed out that Gabi wasn't due for another month, so they had time to accomplish everything. "Sounds like we have a plan?" E.J. asked, and when Sami nodded, he threw her back on the bed.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla and Maxine hoped that they would be able to reunite Daniel and Jennifer during Maxine's Nurse of the Year ceremony later that night. Maxine wasn't convinced that she deserved the award, but she conceded that her children would be pleased to see her receive it.

Kayla and Maxine split up so that they could talk to Jennifer and Daniel, respectively. Jennifer apologetically stated that she would not be able to attend the ceremony, prompting Kayla to wonder what could be more important than honoring Maxine. Jennifer said that J.J. was not doing well in school, and she claimed that the ceremony coincided with the only time that his advisor would be able to hold a videoconference with her.

Meanwhile, Daniel regretfully revealed that he would not be attending Maxine's special event. Stunned, Maxine wondered if Daniel knew why she had been chosen to receive the award. Daniel started to stammer out a response, but Maxine interrupted him.

"I'm being given this coveted award for running a tight ship and being a perfectionist...and because I'm only as good a nurse as the doctors I work for. And I work for you, Dr. Jonas. And it so happens that you're an inspiration to me. You make me work as hard as I can around this hospital. So what would it look like if my biggest inspiration wasn't there to support me?" Maxine pointedly asked.

Feeling guilty, Daniel said that he was sorry that he had considered skipping the ceremony, and he assured Maxine that he would be there. After Daniel left, Maxine rejoined Kayla, who was no longer with Jennifer. Maxine announced that she had managed to guilt Daniel into submission. Kayla admitted that she had failed to convince Jennifer to attend the event. Anne smiled as she lurked nearby and eavesdropped on the conversation.

In Daniel's apartment, Chloe happily greeted Nancy, who was eager to help Chloe get rid of Jennifer. "I got rid of her brother, Mike, so I'll -- no, we'll -- get rid of that boring Barbie, too," Nancy confidently declared. Chloe hugged Nancy, who grew concerned when she realized that she could feel Chloe's rib cage. Nancy guessed that the stress of the situation with Daniel and Jennifer had caused Chloe to lose some weight.

Chloe confirmed that she had lost a few pounds, but she insisted that it wasn't a big deal. Chloe added that she was more concerned about the headaches that she had been getting lately. Nancy, who was also suffering from a headache, quickly retrieved a bottle of medication from her purse, where she always kept a supply of aspirin, calcium supplements, and sleeping pills.

Nancy winced as she explained that her doctor had informed her that all women of a certain age would eventually have to deal with insomnia. Concerned, Chloe hoped that the sleeping pills weren't addictive. "Oh, don't be a worrywart. And do not worry about that meddlesome bitch, Jennifer, either. We shall, uh, put our little headachy heads together and come up with a remedy to get rid of her," Nancy assured Chloe.

Chloe insisted that her reasons for wanting Daniel back were not entirely selfish, reasoning that Parker deserved to have parents who loved each other. "Sweetheart, I know that you want Jennifer out of your life, and I don't blame you, but...getting Daniel back the way he was -- sweetheart, you can clear the path, you can get rid of the competition, can't make someone love you. It just doesn't work that way," Nancy gently stated.

Chloe was certain that Daniel's old feelings for her would resurface once she proved that she could give him something that Jennifer would never be able to provide -- unconditional love. Later, Chloe received a phone call from Anne, who recapped everything that she had heard when she had been eavesdropping earlier. Chloe was pleased to learn that Jennifer would not be attending the ceremony.

Later, Daniel arrived at the apartment, eager to spend some time with Parker. Chloe quickly excused herself so that she could run some errands. "Daniel, my daughter is nostalgic for what she shared with you -- the love, the passion -- but we both know that you're not her man anymore...and never will be again. Daniel, I promise you this -- I will do everything I can to drum that into Chloe's head, and to get my daughter to back the hell off," Nancy claimed after Chloe left.

When Chloe returned, Daniel excused himself so that he could get ready for Maxine's ceremony. After Daniel left, Nancy excitedly revealed that her plan had been executed flawlessly. Chloe praised Nancy's ingenious method of gaining Daniel's trust. Changing the subject, Chloe happily informed Nancy that Jennifer had been avoiding Daniel recently.

At the Horton house, Jennifer informed J.J.'s advisor that no one in J.J.'s family had ever been very good at math. Jennifer promised that she would talk to J.J. about his performance in his math class. After ending the videoconference, Jennifer received a visit from Kayla, who insisted that Jennifer needed to go to Maxine's ceremony so that Jennifer and Daniel could resolve their disagreement.

Jennifer asserted that it wasn't going to be that easy, since Chloe Lane was at the heart of Jennifer's disagreement with Daniel. Kayla refused to believe that Chloe was a real threat, but Jennifer wasn't convinced. Kayla urged Jennifer to go to the ceremony, pointedly mentioning that Daniel was definitely going to be in attendance.

Later, Jennifer arrived at the Brady Pub, where Maxine's event was being held. Horrified, Anne grabbed her phone and quickly alerted Chloe that Jennifer and Daniel were both at the ceremony. As Chloe begged Anne to do something to fix the situation, Daniel and Jennifer went outside so they could talk to each other privately.

Daniel told Jennifer that he was still madly in love with her, and they shared a tender hug. Meanwhile, inside the pub, Anne cringed as she watched the scene that was unfolding outside. Anne summarized the situation for Chloe, stressing that Daniel and Jennifer's hug was definitely not an ordinary, friendly hug. Anne guessed that Chloe had just missed a major moment in Jennifer and Daniel's relationship.

At St. Luke's, Nicole wondered why Eric, who was usually smart and intuitive, was seemingly incapable of figuring out what was tormenting her. Before Eric could respond, Ciara entered the room and handed him a picture that she had drawn in her First Communion class. Ciara explained that she had chosen to draw a picture of Eric because she loved him very much.

Ciara wanted to say something else, but she was afraid to do so. With some gentle coaxing, Ciara revealed that she wanted to marry Eric when she grew up. Touched, Eric laughed at Ciara's innocent statement, but his reaction confirmed her fear that he didn't share her feelings. Eric explained that, in addition to the fact that he and Ciara were cousins, they also couldn't get married because Roman Catholic priests weren't allowed to do so.

As Eric and Ciara continued to discuss the matter, Nicole, who had been struggling to maintain her composure, abruptly excused herself. Later, in a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Eric found Nicole, who wondered if Ciara had joined the convent yet. Unamused, Eric urged Nicole to talk to him about the thing that had been bothering her.

"I love you, Eric. The truth is...I always have. I thought I'd moved on a dozen times, I know I never did," Nicole admitted. Eric hoped that he hadn't led Nicole on, and he added that he didn't think that they would be able to continue to spend time together. Nicole snapped out of her fantasy, insisting that she couldn't accept that answer.

Nicole sighed as she muttered that Eric was going to expect some sort of explanation. Eric approached Nicole from behind and confirmed her suspicion, adding that he wanted to know why it seemed like their relationship had changed recently. Nicole claimed that Eric had hurt her feelings, but he wasn't sure how or when he had managed to do that.

"It's -- it's not just one time...or one thing. You thought I was upset about Chloe when I wasn't. You think I'm still pining for Daniel, and I'm not. I told you -- yes, a part of me will always have feelings for him, but...he's in love with another woman. I've moved on," Nicole assured Eric. Eric nodded and urged Nicole to continue.

"I'm trying to change who I am, and it's not easy. Seeing Chloe trying to manipulate a situation to get Daniel back, so desperate to have something that she can't have -- it reminds me of me, and I can't -- I don't -- I don't want to be like that anymore!" Nicole insisted. Nicole tearfully conceded that she was a slow learner, but she added that she was determined to change -- for everyone's sakes, including her own.

Later, Eric and Nicole returned to St. Luke's. Eric received a phone call and excused himself so that he could visit a parishioner who was deathly ill, assuring Nicole that they would continue their discussion later. "If I just...accept the fact that I can't have him, I can move on. I can, and I will," Nicole tearfully assured herself after Eric left.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie passed a large pile of Brady's luggage as she entered the living room. Brady reminded Maggie that he was going to be moving out later that day. "It's downright depressing. Moving in with that wretched woman -- Kristen DiMera, of all the people! You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were back on drugs," Victor said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Maggie asked for Brady's new address so that she could send him some muffins later. Brady scribbled the address on a sheet of paper and offered it to Maggie, but Victor intercepted it. Victor was shocked to learn that Brady was going to be living at the DiMera mansion. Ignoring Victor's reaction, Brady revealed that he had already arranged for all of his mail to be forwarded to his new home.

"Forwarded to the bowels of hell, 'cause that's exactly where you're going! It's an abomination, Brady. I mean, it's bad enough you're moving in with that woman, but to move into the -- the DiMera house of horrors turns my stomach!" Victor gruffly stated. Brady summarized that Kristen was needed at the DiMera mansion, and since he loved her, that was where he needed to be, as well.

"How touching. I suppose if she needed to be on Pluto, you'd move there with her, too, even though there's no water or oxygen, and you'd drop dead immediately," Victor dryly stated. Maggie urged Victor to calm down, and she wondered if Brady was going to be vacating his position at Titan. Brady didn't believe that it would be necessary to do so, and he assured Victor that the new living arrangements would not compromise Titan.

Victor warned that if Brady chose to leave the Kiriakis mansion, he would not be welcomed back later. Brady started to hand his Titan identification badge to Victor, but Victor clarified that he didn't want Brady to resign. After declaring that Brady's catastrophic personal life was an affront to everyone who loved him, Victor added that Brady was still good at his job, summarizing with a shrug that business was business.

After Victor left, Brady apologized to Maggie, who hoped that Brady would be able to repair his relationship with Victor after Brady eventually regained his senses. Brady wondered if his relationship with Maggie was going to suffer as a result of his recent decisions. Maggie admitted that she was upset and concerned, but she tearfully added that, despite what Victor had said earlier, Brady would always have a place at the Kiriakis mansion -- and in her heart.

At the DiMera mansion, Harold handed Kristen a set of keys and confirmed that he had fulfilled her request to change all of the locks in the house. Harold added that he had also informed the other staff members that they would not need to return to work until the following day. "Oh, it's been so long since I lived here. I might need a map," Kristen jokingly stated.

Quite serious, Harold apologetically replied that he didn't think that a map of the mansion had ever been created. Kristen informed Harold that her previous statement had been a joke, and he excused himself so that he could finish cleaning the mansion. After Harold left, Kristen placed her hand on a phoenix-emblazoned notebook that had been left on a table in the foyer, muttering that, like Stefano, she was also rising from the ashes.

Kristen entered the living room and removed the protective cloth that was covering Stefano's portrait. Addressing the portrait, Kristen admitted that, despite their rocky history, she was grateful that Stefano had convinced her to return to Salem, since the move had enabled her to exact revenge on her enemies.

Later, Kristen escorted Brady into his new home, observing that he seemed slightly overwhelmed. Brady admitted that it felt strange to be living at the DiMera mansion, since he had never even had the desire to visit the place in the past. "I know. I know that this is Stefano's house, but I'm hoping, with your help, we can turn it into our home, and then replace all those horrible, bad memories with really good ones of our own," Kristen said as she offered Brady a glass of champagne.

Brady told Kristen about his earlier argument with Victor, and she apologized for driving a wedge between Brady and his loved ones. Brady hugged Kristen, assuring her that she was worth the trouble, and she returned the sentiment. Changing the subject, Brady wondered when the rest of the mansion's residents would be arriving.

"Well, it's funny you should ask me that, because, you see, the staff is off until tomorrow. Stefano's not due back for hours and hours. So...why does the phrase 'christen every room in the house' keep playing over and over in my head? It's so weird," Kristen mused. Eager to help Kristen silence the broken record, Brady decided that Stefano's chess table was the perfect place to start the process.

Brady scattered the chess pieces and lifted Kristen onto the table. As Brady and Kristen started to make love, someone knocked on the front door. Kristen reiterated that it was too early for Stefano to be back in Salem, and Brady wondered if the visitor would turn out to be E.J., Chad, or one of Kristen's long-lost relatives.

"Look, we live together. My family has to learn how we roll," Kristen unapologetically stated as she slipped back into her dress. Kristen caught a glimpse of the visitor's face before she opened the front door, and she quickly removed her right arm from her dress so that her clothes were in disarray again. Kristen gasped as she opened the door, prompting a partially dressed Brady to rush into the foyer to check on her.

Kristen grinned mischievously as John stared at her and Brady.

Friday, March 8, 2013

At Maxine's party in the Brady Pub, Anne was giving a play-by-play on the phone to Chloe about Daniel and Jennifer's actions outside. When Anne reported that it appeared Jennifer and Daniel were about to kiss, Chloe ordered her to put a stop to it. Anne rushed out the door and claimed that Daniel was needed inside.

Daniel brusquely told Anne that he would be there in a minute. Anne went back inside but hid just inside the door, which she left open, to eavesdrop. Daniel asked if Jennifer would meet him at Horton Square in a few minutes so they could talk. Jennifer happily agreed that she would wait for him there.

As Jennifer walked off, Anne dashed away from the door and watched as Daniel entered. Anne called Chloe and reported that she had prevented the kiss, but Daniel and Jennifer were going to meet in Horton Square. Determined to put a stop to the meeting, Chloe was trying to invent a reason to take Parker out for a walk well after his bedtime when she spotted Daniel's forgotten hospital ID badge.

Chloe grabbed the ID and started to head out, just as Nancy returned from the bedroom and demanded to know where her daughter was going. Chloe quickly explained what was going on, but Nancy stopped her from walking out the door. Nancy maintained that Chloe couldn't be the one to deter Jennifer and Daniel from reuniting. As she pulled on her coat and gathered up her purse, Nancy assured Chloe, "I have had many years of experience in this area, so don't you worry. Love you!"

At the party, Cameron stepped away from talking to Maxine and Kayla to take a phone call. He told the person on the other end that it was a bad time because he was at a party, but he walked outside to continue the conversation.

Daniel approached a woman named Lily and asked who had been looking for him. Lily didn't know, so Daniel tried to ask Anne, but she pretended not to hear him calling her name as she hurried out to avoid him. Kayla asked Daniel to say a few words while Seth presented Maxine with her award. Daniel tried to get out of it because he hadn't prepared anything to say, but Seth and Kayla pressed him to just speak from his heart.

Anne went to Daniel's apartment to warn Chloe that Daniel would be heading to meet Jennifer very soon. Chloe calmly insisted that she was handling it. She ordered Anne to return to the party and keep an eye on things. Anne incredulously declared that she was tired of being treated like the hired help and would appreciate some thanks from Chloe occasionally. "Okay, thank you. Now go!" Chloe said. With an exasperated look at Chloe, Anne complied.

Jennifer was walking through the park outside Horton Square, looking down at her cell phone, when she ran right into Nancy. Nancy grabbed Jennifer into an enthusiastic bear hug and greeted her warmly, but a displeased Jennifer demanded to know why Nancy was there. "Well, Chloe asked me to come and take care of the sweetest grandbaby ever, and then of course Daniel jumped at the idea," Nancy explained. Jennifer didn't buy that for a second.

Nancy expressed her sympathy about Jack's death. Jennifer tried to tune Nancy out as she went on about how kind and loving Jack had been -- until Nancy warbled cheerfully, "How is your brother, Mike? Oh, please tell him I said hello." Furious, Jennifer whirled around. "Tell my brother hello? Do you want me to send him a note with a cherry bomb attached to it, Nancy?" Jennifer spat. Feigning surprise, Nancy said that despite the history between their families, she thought everyone had put it behind them and moved on.

Nancy continued that since Daniel and Chloe might need her for a while, and since there was a "sweet, innocent child" involved, she hoped they could all get along. Jennifer declared that she had no intention of ever getting along with Nancy or Chloe again. Nancy was surprised that Jennifer still held a grudge against Nancy because Craig had replaced Mike as chief of staff at the hospital.

Jennifer countered that she held the grudge because Nancy and Craig had hurt Jennifer's brother and mother in the process by drugging Mike and having a nurse file a lawsuit against him. "You weren't really completely happy until you ran my brother out of town," Jennifer added angrily. Dropping her chipper fašade, Nancy countered, "Actually, I seem to recall that your brother left town because he was having an affair with Austin Reed's wife." That only infuriated Jennifer further, so Nancy reiterated that she thought all of that was in the past.

Nancy reminded Jennifer, "When Chloe was so sick and we were desperate to find a bone-marrow donor, I will never forget the kindness that you showed our family." Jennifer retorted that Chloe had clearly forgotten. Jennifer declared that Chloe lied, schemed, and manipulated people -- and it was obvious where she had learned it.

Just as Jennifer was raising her voice and saying that she didn't believe Daniel had anything to do with Nancy's return to Salem, Daniel appeared. "Is there a problem here?" he asked. Daniel asked if Parker was all right, and Nancy assured him that Parker was with Chloe. "I just came out and thought I would take a stroll down memory lane, and look who I ran into!" Nancy chirped.

Jennifer asked Daniel if he had asked Nancy to go to Salem. Daniel insisted that he hadn't; he had only agreed to it when Chloe had suggested it because they needed a nanny. "Are you kidding me? 'Nanny Nancy' is going to be the buffer between me and your crazy ex?" Jennifer demanded incredulously. Nancy excused herself so that Jennifer and Daniel could talk.

A confused Daniel asked Jennifer if there was bad blood between her and Nancy. Jennifer couldn't believe Daniel didn't know what Nancy had done to Jennifer's family. Jennifer stated that she understood why Daniel couldn't completely walk away from Chloe. "But if Nancy is the best that you can do for a go-between, I am not doing this. I am done," Jennifer declared firmly, then walked away.

Jennifer returned to the pub just as Kayla was giving a speech about how Maxine had always run the fourth floor with an iron fist and a warm heart. Jennifer joined in the applause when Kayla announced that it gave her great pleasure to honor Maxine as University Hospital's Nurse of the Year. Daniel entered a few moments after Jennifer and headed straight to the open bar. While Maxine gave her acceptance speech, Daniel poured a drink and quickly downed it. From opposite sides of the pub, Anne and Jennifer watched Daniel consume another drink.

Meanwhile, Maxine was declaring, "This belongs to all of us." With her trademark warmth and no-nonsense attitude, Maxine continued that everything they did at the hospital was a matter of life and death and therefore required teamwork, and that because the people at the hospital were like a family, they made the place feel like a home away from home.

After Maxine's speech, she thanked Daniel for his kind words. Seth then pulled Maxine away to have her picture taken for the hospital newsletter. When Jennifer saw Daniel staring at her from across the pub, she turned away. Daniel took another drink or two, then spotted Cameron heading out the door and asked for a ride back to his hotel. Cameron said that he didn't have his car or he would give Daniel a ride. Daniel confessed that he'd had a little too much to drink and shouldn't drive, but he would take a cab instead.

Daniel left right after Cameron had gone. Kayla observed Jennifer's reaction and encouraged her to talk about whatever was bothering her. Jennifer admitted that she and Daniel had just had a big fight, and she had overreacted out of anger -- but Daniel had acted like "an idiot." Maxine overheard and urged Jennifer to take the age-old advice: "Don't go to bed mad." Maxine added, "Now, you said you might've overreacted. Tell him that."

Kayla chimed in that Daniel might have something to tell Jennifer, and Maxine pointed out that Jennifer couldn't make things much worse. After Seth pulled Kayla away, Maxine declared that relationships were about compromise, and Jennifer was being "stubborn and intractable." Jennifer promised that she would talk to Daniel the next day. Maxine grabbed Jennifer's purse and removed her car keys. "What if tomorrow is too late?" Maxine asked, dropping the keys into Jennifer's hand.

Nancy returned to the apartment to tell Chloe what had happened in the park. Anne called and informed Chloe that Daniel had left the party. "Apparently, he and Little Miss Sunshine couldn't stand to be in the same room... Major trouble in paradise -- he pounded back a few drinks before he left," Anne elaborated. Chloe hung up and excitedly told Nancy that she'd been right.

Chloe pulled on her coat and announced that Daniel needed someone to lean on. Nancy tried to stop her, pointing out that what Daniel needed was sleep. Chloe maintained, "Trust me -- when Daniel and I were together, sleep was the last thing on his mind when he was drunk. So wish me luck!" A worried Nancy promised to look after Parker, and Chloe told her mom not to wait up.

Daniel returned to his hotel room and lost his balance as he pulled off his coat and scarf. He started to call Jennifer, but tossed his phone onto the dresser before he dialed. He staggered over to the minibar and poured a tiny bottle of booze into a glass. He was just staring at the glass when Chloe knocked on the door a little later.

When Daniel answered it, Chloe returned his ID badge. Daniel thanked her but said that he needed to get some sleep. Chloe asked if he was all right, and Daniel sheepishly that he'd had "a little too much fun" at Maxine's party. Chloe offered to make him one of her guaranteed hangover cures, but Daniel politely declined. As he headed into the bathroom to splash water on his face, he instructed Chloe to let herself out. Instead, Chloe stayed in the room and closed the door behind her.

When Daniel returned, he was surprised that Chloe was still there. She presented him with a glass full of green liquid that she'd concocted. Daniel took the glass but couldn't drink it. He reeled a bit, so Chloe helped him sit on the edge of the bed. She noted that Daniel never drank too much unless he was really upset, but acknowledged that he probably didn't want to talk about whatever was bothering him with her.

"No, I don't," Daniel concurred. He stood up and tried to get Chloe to leave, but lost his balance again. Chloe steadied him, then took his face in her hands. "You're right. Talking is overrated," declared Chloe before planting a fiery kiss on Daniel.

As Abigail entered Horton Square, she sent a text message to Cameron to let him know that she had arrived. She looked around and realized that she was standing on the same spot where Chloe had accused her of dishonoring Jack's memory by pushing Jennifer to move on with Daniel. Chad's hand on her shoulder snapped Abigail back from the memory. After making sure that Abigail was all right, Chad asked if she would like to get a cup of coffee so they could catch up.

Abigail informed him that she was meeting someone -- but she could use someone to talk to in the meantime. Chad was happy to listen, so Abigail confided that someone had said something awful to her recently on that very spot, and she couldn't seem to let it go. After Abigail explained what had happened, Chad asserted that she was feeling guilty for things she had done and things she hadn't done. "For forgetting for even a second that my dad gave up his life to save mine," Abigail clarified.

Chad understood, and Abigail immediately felt bad for making him think about losing his mom. Chad assured Abigail that he liked to think and talk about his mom, and although he would never miss her any less, he thought more about the happy times and less about the sad times. "I know that she wouldn't want me to feel guilty for living my life, and I know that your father wouldn't that for you, either," Chad pointed out. Abigail put her hand on top of his as she told him that had been exactly what she'd needed to hear.

Just then, Cameron arrived to meet Abigail, and apologized for keeping her waiting. As Chad left, he encouraged Abigail to have fun, because she deserved it. Abigail reassured Cameron that she and Chad had just been talking. Cameron suddenly realized that he'd asked Abigail to meet him where she and Chloe had fought. He apologized profusely, but Abigail declared that she would not let an argument keep her away from the square.

Abigail explained that she'd been upset about her dad. Cameron understood, but maintained that his grief about losing Lexie was nothing compared to Abigail losing her father. Abigail pointed out that Cameron was also grieving the loss of time with his sister. She added that Chad had lost his mom a few years before and had been trying to reassure Abigail that the grief wouldn't always be as sharp. Cameron and Abigail left the square hand-in-hand for their date.

Brady and Kristen were having sex in the living room of the DiMera mansion when a knock at the door interrupted them. Kristen hurried into the foyer to answer it, pulling on her dress as she went, but when she saw who was on the other side, she remained partially unclothed. She gasped when she opened the door and found John on the doorstep. Brady was still buttoning his shirt as he hurried into the entryway. "Dad, I didn't know you were back in town. What are you doing here?" a stunned Brady asked.

The question surprised John, who explained that he was there to see Brady. As Kristen apologetically stated that she and Brady had thought that they had the house to themselves; she let her dress fall down, revealing her lacy bra, and pretended to be embarrassed when she pulled it back up. Brady returned to the living room to put his belt on, giving Kristen an opportunity to taunt John about getting an eyeful, but he ignored her flirtatious suggestions.

When Brady returned, John finally stepped into the foyer, and Kristen closed the door behind him. John assured Brady that he wasn't there to try to talk Brady out of living there; he just wanted to give Brady a gift. As Brady opened the box, John explained that he had gotten it in Venice. Brady removed a small, oval metal plaque from the box and looked at it and then his father with confusion. John reminded Brady, "You know that Venice was your mother's favorite city in the whole world."

John continued that he had taken Isabella to Venice toward the end of her life, and they had taken a gondola ride on the last day she had been strong enough. As they had passed under the Bridge of Sighs, Isabella had talked about her hopes and dreams for her son. "All she wished for you was that you would feel the peace and happiness that she was feeling at that very moment," John recollected. He said that he had tracked down the original gondolier, who had remembered prying the plaque off one side of his gondola for John and Isabella all those years ago -- so he had helped John remove the plaque from the other side.

John removed the original plaque from his pocket and showed it to Brady. "Just a little something to remember her by," John said. Touched, Brady thanked his father earnestly, while an annoyed Kristen watched with her hands on her hips. John announced that he was going to leave so that Brady could settle in. Brady invited John to stay, but John declined.

Brady confided to Kristen, "Every picture I have of my mom, every note that she ever wrote, that's all that I thought I would ever have, because I don't have any memories of her." He stressed that his father had gone to a lot of trouble to get the plaque for Brady, which gave Brady hope that they might still be a family, even if John never fully accepted Kristen and Brady as a couple.

In the skies over Salem, the pilot of Stefano's private plane welcomed Stefano to Salem. "Home at last. Home for good," Stefano declared to himself.

Marlena was sitting alone in Common Grounds and staring at her cell phone when Hope walked in. "He'll never know you want to talk if you don't make that call," Hope pointed out. Marlena replied that John did know that she wanted to talk to him, but he didn't want to talk to her. Hope said that she felt responsible for suggesting that Marlena use Kristen's own tactics against her and driving a wedge between Marlena and John when the plan had backfired. Marlena contended that Kristen was responsible, and Marlena wasn't surprised that John was taking his anger out on her.

Roman arrived just then and overheard. "Well, if that's what he's doing, then he's an idiot," Roman declared. Marlena said that she didn't blame John, and Hope added that Kristen had manipulated everything. Roman offered to talk to John for Marlena, but Marlena admitted that she had no idea where John was. After Hope had gone, Roman declared that he was sorry that Kristen was back in town.

Marlena reassured him that he didn't have to worry about her. "John will come home -- eventually. And we will make things right -- eventually. We always do," Marlena asserted, and she added that she was glad that Roman cared. Taking her hand across the table, Roman assured Marlena that he would always care. Marlena regretted that she had repeatedly let Kristen get to her. Roman asserted that Marlena was a better person than Kristen -- and the better person would win.

Marlena thanked Roman softly, but her eyes began to fill with tears. Reassuring her that it would be all right, Roman pulled Marlena into a hug -- just as John walked in.

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