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Chloe forced a broken-hearted Jennifer to break things off with Daniel so that he could share his life with Parker. Will learned about Kate and Rafe's affair. Kristen turned the tables on Sy. Abigail and Chad learned Cameron's secret: he was a male stripper.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 1, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, April 1, 2013

by Mike

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, a stunned Nick sputtered with disbelief as he stared at Vargas, who noted with amusement that Nick looked pale. "A few days early for April Fools', so this must be real, right?" Vargas mused, twisting a pipe wrench in his right hand.

Vargas explained that he was a free man who had paid his debt to society -- including a few extra years, thanks to Nick. Nick stammered that the whole thing had been a mistake, but Vargas countered that it had been Nick's mistake -- one that Vargas had been kind enough to overlook. Vargas reminded Nick that they had made a deal years earlier.

Insisting that he couldn't be seen with Vargas, Nick tried to leave, but Vargas stopped him. Vargas wondered if Nick was worried that Nick's bride, Gabi, was going to see Nick with Vargas. Vargas observed that Nick had moved quickly, adding that Gabi was hot, despite the fact that she was pregnant. Nick warned Vargas to stay away from Gabi.

"Wrong thing to say, Nicky. Wrong thing to say," Vargas replied, firmly pressing the pipe wrench against Nick's chest. Nick stammered out an apology, but Vargas pointedly recalled that he had once taught Nick that the first thing that a man uttered was what that man had truly meant to say. Vargas said that he didn't care about Gabi or the baby, adding that he was only interested in the deal that he and Nick had previously made.

"I'm a handyman now, over at the church. In-house handyman. Yeah, your cousin, Hope? She set it up for me. And that young priest guy, Eric? He's been helping me out, too. But you and I -- you know, we've got something bigger planned, right? So I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go change some light bulbs and, uh, dust the baptismal font. You just take care of that knockout wife of yours, huh? And you wait. I'll be in touch when the time is right," Vargas promised, tapping Nick's chest with the pipe wrench before walking away.

Elsewhere, Stefano noted that he had apparently interrupted a private conversation between Rafe and Kate. Kate confirmed Stefano's suspicion, claiming that she had been asking Rafe about Gabi, who was pregnant with Kate's grandchild. After answering Kate's question, Rafe excused himself. Kate started to follow Rafe's lead, stating that she had hoped that she would never have to see Stefano again, but Stefano stopped her.

Cecily -- the young woman whom Stefano had dined with in Italy a few weeks earlier -- approached Stefano, who pointedly introduced her to Kate, whom he referred to as his most recent wife. "Yes, regrettably, that is true. But fortunately, that situation was remedied. I hope, my dear, you don't suffer the same fate," Kate told Cecily before walking away.

Kate managed to catch up to Rafe outside the Brady Pub. Rafe wondered if Stefano's suspicions had been aroused earlier. Kate replied that Stefano was always suspicious, which was why she and Rafe needed to be extremely careful. Kate insisted that she didn't want anything to happen to Rafe. Meanwhile, Nick approached the Brady Pub, but when he spotted Kate and Rafe, he abruptly turned around, hoping to avoid them.

Kate stopped Nick and said that she and Rafe wanted to talk to him. Nick evasively stated that it wasn't a good time for him, but Rafe replied that Nick needed to make it a good time. Inside the pub, Rafe knowingly guessed that Nick had somehow been responsible for Will's decision to sign away the rights to Will's daughter. Nick claimed that he had simply been protecting his family, but Rafe was certain that there was more to the story.

Apparently assuming the role of the good cop, Kate asked Rafe to back off. Kate wondered what was wrong with Nick, who had seemed upset earlier. Nick claimed that he simply had a lot on his mind. "Well, you're gonna have a lot more on your mind if you push Will out of his baby's life. Listen to me -- Will's a good person, and Gabi cares about Will, and Will wants to be close to his daughter. He is no threat to you or your marriage," Rafe insisted.

Nick said that Sami was the person who had made the situation worse. Rafe agreed, but he countered that Will and Sami were two completely different people, and he hoped that Nick understood that. Ignoring Rafe's comment, Nick dismissively asked if Rafe was finished talking. When Rafe nodded, Nick assured Kate that he wouldn't let his work suffer as a result of the stress that he had been under lately, and he abruptly left the pub.

Kate quickly deduced that Nick was hiding something. Kate noted that Nick, who usually responded with anger and defensiveness, had seemed shaken instead. "Maybe having everyone ride him about what he's done to Will is finally getting to him," Rafe suggested. Kate hoped that meant that Nick would soon start to have second thoughts about taking Will's daughter away from Will.

At the Horton Town Square, Chloe and Anne anxiously waited for confirmation that Chloe's latest scheme had worked. Anne wasn't very optimistic about Chloe's chances for success, predicting that Jennifer was probably going to do what was best for Jennifer. Anne admitted with admiration that Chloe had a lot of nerve. Anne predicted that Daniel would simply track Chloe down if Chloe tried to leave the country.

Chloe revealed an itinerary and some plane tickets, guessing that she would probably be able to change cities at least twelve times before Daniel made any progress with the legal system. Chloe acknowledged that her plan would keep her away from Daniel, which sort of defeated the purpose, but she insisted that she was willing to take that risk. Meanwhile, Kate approached Chloe, quickly noticing the plane tickets and itinerary. Kate wondered if Chloe was planning some sort of trip.

At the Horton house, Daniel informed Jennifer that he had been unable to contact Chloe earlier. Daniel guessed that Chloe had been avoiding his phone calls, but he vowed that he would eventually make it clear to her that no one would ever be able to interfere with his relationship with Jennifer again. Daniel stopped talking when he realized that Jennifer was clearly upset about something, and he urged her to tell him what was wrong.

Jennifer reluctantly stated that she believed that her relationship with Daniel was moving too quickly. Daniel was confused, so Jennifer clarified that she simply wasn't ready to be in a relationship with him, adding that she didn't think that she would ever be ready. Daniel refused to believe Jennifer, guessing that Chloe had been ignoring him because she had somehow managed to convince Jennifer to walk away from him.

Jennifer claimed that her decision had not had anything to do with Chloe. Jennifer started to sob as Daniel begged her to tell him what was really going on. "You're a wonderful man! You're -- you're wonderful, and I care so much about you, but I can't stop thinking about Jack! And I keep comparing my feelings for him and you, and they are not the same. You are not Jack, and you never will be him!" Jennifer tearfully insisted.

At St. Luke's, Nicole entered Eric's office and started to ask him a question about Vargas, unaware that Eric was talking to Sami. Sami started to express her concerns when she learned that Vargas was a criminal whom Eric had hired to work at the church, but she stopped herself when she remembered that Nicole also fit that description. Nicole admitted that she had also been concerned about Vargas at first, adding that she no longer felt that way.

Sami wondered what had changed Nicole's mind, but Nicole coyly replied that it was none of Sami's business. Meanwhile, Eric received a phone call from someone. After ensuring that it would be safe to leave Sami and Nicole unsupervised for a while, Eric exited the room. Sami said that Nicole's reason for living and working at the church was painfully obvious.

Silently recalling a previous sexual fantasy about Eric, Nicole feigned ignorance and dismissively stated that she needed to get back to work. "Okay, go back to work. Hang on to this fake halo that you are hoping people will see over your head right now, but I am telling you that no matter what you do, no matter where you one is going to forget or forgive you for everything that you have done to them -- especially not this recent episode with Jennifer," Sami confidently predicted.

Nicole noted that, for a woman with umpteen kids and a supposed career, Sami seemed to have a lot of time on her hands. Nicole suggested that it might be best for Sami to focus on her own crazy life instead of being worried about Nicole's life. Meanwhile, Vargas approached the doorway and started to eavesdrop.

Sami guessed that Nicole desperately wanted everyone in Salem to forget about all of the horrible things that Nicole had done in the past. Sami doubted that Nicole was even sorry about the fact that she had used the death of her own child as a way to ruin Jennifer's life and get closer to Daniel. "How do you know what I am? How dare you come in here and judge me? Oh, wait a minute -- I'm sorry. Is Sami Brady's house made of shatterproof glass? Is that why you think you can be so brutal to people, when your life has been one catastrophe after another?" Nicole countered.

Sami said that she was simply trying to let Nicole know that no one was buying the sister act. Before walking away, Sami warned that if Nicole ever hurt Eric, there would be consequences. After Sami left, Vargas entered the office and asked if Nicole was all right. Nicole claimed that she was, and Vargas admitted that he had overhead a portion of her and Sami's conversation.

Nicole explained that there was a lot of history between her and Sami, who could be particularly lethal when they were unsupervised. Vargas jokingly advised Nicole to stop spending time alone with Sami. Vargas asked about Sami's identity, and Nicole revealed that Sami was Eric's twin sister. Vargas admitted that he had heard that Nicole had lost her baby.

Nicole told Vargas about her baby, and she also told him about the lie that she had told after losing her baby. Nicole admitted that, in a life that had been filled with terrible mistakes, that lie was the worst mistake that she had ever made. Vargas pointed out that he was in no position to judge Nicole, adding that everyone did crazy things occasionally.

Vargas observed that losing a child had to have been devastating, and he reasoned that Nicole had probably not been in her right mind at that time. Nicole confirmed Vargas' suspicion, but she added that she had ultimately been responsible for the choices that she had made. Vargas could tell that it was still painful to think about the loss that Nicole had suffered. Nicole nodded, stating that she was in pain all day, every day.

Eric entered the room and wondered if something was wrong. Nicole assured Eric that she and Vargas were fine. Vargas quickly excused himself so that Eric and Nicole could have some privacy. After Vargas left, Eric guessed that Sami had said something earlier that had upset Nicole. Nicole evasively replied that she could handle Sami.

Nicole added with surprise that Vargas had actually said some things that had made her feel much better. Before Nicole could elaborate, Sister Annabel entered the room and informed Eric that he had received a few urgent emails. Nicole and Sister Annabel left the room so that Eric could have some privacy. When Eric opened his laptop to read the emails, he saw something that seemed to shock him.

At the DiMera mansion, Will greeted E.J., who explained that he had heard that Will had decided to enlist Stefano's help in the fight for custody of Will's daughter. "I want to make sure that you are clear, William. Now, you ask my father for a favor -- if he agrees to grant you that favor...there can't be any vacillating or ambiguity. It's a fait accompli. It's irrevocable," E.J. warned Will.

Will replied that he didn't really have any other options left, since he simply couldn't live with the alternative of being shut out of his daughter's life. Will tried to get E.J. to speculate about what Stefano might expect in exchange for helping Will, but reading Stefano's mind had never been E.J.'s forte. Will admitted that he was slightly worried about the possibility that Stefano could choose to blackmail Will again.

"Well, look, he may also take sympathy on your situation. He may help you out of the goodness of his heart, you know, without any payback expected or required," E.J. said without a hint of sarcasm. Changing the subject, E.J. wondered why Will, who had been adamantly against the idea when Sami had first mentioned it, had suddenly decided to ask for Stefano's help.

Will asked if he and E.J. were still friends. E.J. replied that he would like to think that his friendship with Will was still intact. Will wondered if that meant that he could share some private information with E.J. without being forced to worry about the possibility that E.J. might reveal that information to Sami.

E.J. seemed reluctant to make that sort of commitment without additional information. Positive that Sami would find some way to make the situation worse if she knew the truth, Will stressed that he needed to be certain that E.J. could be trusted. Recognizing that Will seemed like he really needed to talk to someone about whatever it was that was bothering him, E.J. promised to keep Will's secret.

"Okay. Um, Nick didn't force me to sign those papers because of what Mom did. That was a convenient excuse. Basically, he wanted me out of my daughter's life because I'm gay," Will revealed with a heavy sigh. Will explained that Nick had admitted the truth to Will, adding that Nick had also called Sonny a "faggot."

E.J. understood why Will was upset, since it had been hard enough for Will to agree to let another man raise Will's daughter before Will had realized that the man in question was a homophobe. Will nodded, insisting that he couldn't -- and wouldn't -- let a homophobe raise his daughter. E.J. realized that Will couldn't tell Gabi the truth, since she would confront Nick, who would reveal Will's secret as a form of retaliation.

"William...look at me. You're a good man, okay? And you're gonna be a wonderful father. And my father and I, we will take care of that, all right?" E.J. confidently assured Will. Later, Sami greeted E.J. and Will, who claimed that they had been talking about the possible consequences of asking for Stefano's help. Before Sami could respond, Stefano and Cecily entered the mansion.

E.J. whispered to Sami and Will that it was time to get the process started. E.J., Sami, and Will each stood stiffly and plastered giant smiles on their faces as Stefano and Cecily entered the living room. Stefano happily introduced Cecily to Sami, E.J., and Will, who each gave her a warm welcome. Cecily excused herself so that she could freshen up.

After Cecily left, Stefano regretfully explained that she was only going to be staying in Salem for one night, adding that she was going to China the following morning. Changing the subject, Stefano said that he was pleased to see Will, and he congratulated Will on Will's impending fatherhood. Referring to Stefano only as sir, Will thanked Stefano, who said that fatherhood was the most important role that Will would ever assume.

Will smiled and politely replied that he was looking forward to being a father. "Which means, of course, that that makes the lovely young Samantha a grandmother. My goodness, will wonders ever cease?" Stefano noted with amusement. Sami forced a hearty laugh, and Stefano excused himself so that he could check on Cecily. Will awkwardly bowed as Stefano exited the room, unsure of how he was supposed to behave in Stefano's presence.

After Stefano left, Will, Sami, and E.J. loosened up. Sami shivered as she admitted that the conversation with Stefano had made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. E.J. noted that Stefano had seemed accommodating. E.J. didn't know if Stefano's behavior had actually been genuine, but he chose to take it as a good sign. Sami promised Will that, while it might take some time, they were going to get his daughter back eventually.

After Will left, Sami observed that he seemed different. Sami was certain that something had caused Will to change his mind about enlisting Stefano's help, and she wondered if Will had said anything to E.J. earlier. "Look, the only thing that I know is that, uh, between my father and me, we can make this right, okay? Nick is no longer going to be a problem," E.J. promised. Meanwhile, in a secluded section of the town square, a teary-eyed Nick struggled to maintain his composure as he recalled some of the things that Vargas had said earlier.

Will approached Nick and wondered what was wrong.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

At Common Grounds, Abigail and Sonny caught up. She declared that she had known Will his whole life and she'd never seen him as happy as he'd been since he'd gotten together with Sonny. Sonny confided that things were "amazing" with him and Will, although they were still trying to work a few things out with Nick and Gabi about the baby. Abigail was envious of how easy Sonny and Will made things look. "I guess your secret is no secrets?" Abigail guessed. Sonny confirmed that was true. After Abigail left, the secret of knowing about Kate and Rafe made Sonny feel guilty.

In the park, a shaken Nick sat on a bench as he reflected on Vargas' past threats. When Will arrived and observed how rattled Nick seemed, he asked Nick what was wrong. After insisting that nothing was wrong, Nick ordered Will, "Just leave me the hell alone." Will gently pressed Nick, but Nick refused to admit there was a problem and left in a hurry.

Will followed Nick out of the park and finally caught up with him outside the coffeehouse. Will explained that he was worried about whatever was bothering Nick if it were going to affect Gabi or the baby. Nick would only admit that he was under a lot of pressure, but everything he was doing was to keep Gabi and the baby safe. He apologized for going off on Will and admitted that he also owed Sonny an apology.

Nick explained that he'd said something he shouldn't have while arguing with Sonny, and Will let him know that he knew exactly what Nick had said. Nick stated sincerely, "I'm really sorry... It was wrong, and I don't blame Sonny for wanting to beat the crap out of me." Will countered, "I hope you're not expecting me to apologize to Sonny for you." Nick promised that he would apologize himself.

Just then, Abigail exited the coffeehouse and asked what Nick needed to apologize to Sonny for. Nick admitted that he had said something "idiotic" during a fight with Sonny, and he needed to tell Sonny that he hadn't meant it. Just then, Nick got a text message about a work emergency and had to leave before he could apologize to Sonny.

When Will expressed his indifference to Abigail about whatever was going on with Nick, she was surprised because she had thought that Will and Nick had worked everything out for the baby's sake. Will said that he didn't really want to talk about it, but he hoped that the situation would sort itself out. He gave Abigail a kiss on the check and went inside.

Describing his "weird" conversation with Nick to Sonny, Will said, "He looked upset, and he said that he needed to apologize to you." Sonny pointed out that Nick would still be a homophobe even if he apologized. Will asserted that he wouldn't care about Nick at all if not for Gabi and the baby. Sonny confessed that he'd been keeping a secret from Will, although he quickly reassured Will that it wasn't about the two of them.

"It's not a big deal, but since Kate is your grandma and you're having a baby with Rafe's sister..." Sonny began. Will guessed that what Sonny had to say involved Gabi, but Sonny said that it was about Kate and Rafe.

When Kate approached Chloe and Anne's table in Horton Square, she spotted Chloe's travel itinerary and asked about it. Chloe claimed that she wasn't going anywhere, but Kate didn't buy it for a minute. Chloe "admitted" that she missed Parker so much that she was going to visit him and her family in New York. Kate noted that Chloe was always plotting, and declared, "That's why I don't believe a single word that's coming out of your lying mouth."

Chloe declared hostilely that she was going to cut out all negative influences from Parker's life -- especially Kate. Kate asserted that the only bad influence in Parker's life was his mother, and Kate was grateful that Parker had his father to keep the boy from having a bleak future. After Kate left, Chloe began to fret again about what could be taking so long at Jennifer's. Anne offered to go and check on things for Chloe. "If [Jennifer] and Daniel broke up, maybe I can get her prissy ass fired -- and we both come out winners," Anne added as she hurried off.

At the Horton house, Jennifer insisted to Daniel that her feelings for him would never compare to how she'd felt for Jack. Daniel understood that, but Jennifer continued that she thought they should end things. Daniel asserted that he could tell that Jennifer didn't mean a word she was saying. He added that he had never tried to be Jack -- and Jennifer had never compared them until that moment. Daniel begged Jennifer to tell him what was really going on.

Jennifer stated that she didn't think she would ever get over the guilt she'd felt when Jack had returned from Afghanistan and found that Jennifer had moved on with Daniel. She added that she'd realized then that Jack was the only man for her. Daniel countered that Jack wouldn't want Jennifer to be alone forever. Jennifer insisted that she had moved on too quickly because she had thought that she would miss Jack less, but she didn't.

Daniel tried to reason with Jennifer, but she declared adamantly, "The thing that is standing between us is Jack. It's Jack, and it's never going to change." Daniel offered to take things slowly, to do whatever Jennifer needed, but she insisted that she needed to end things. Daniel wondered how things could have seemed so perfect when they'd been on Smith Island. Jennifer admitted that she'd just been caught up in the moment, and even though being with Daniel had been wonderful, afterwards she'd felt empty and lonely.

Daniel reiterated that he didn't believe anything that Jennifer was saying because he heard no conviction in her voice; he only saw pain in her eyes. Jennifer maintained that she had probably been using Daniel to fill a void, but added, "Friendship isn't love, and sex isn't love." She continued that Jack had been her soul mate, and when she'd returned home and seen his pictures, she had felt as if she'd been unfaithful to him.

"I believe that I had one true, abiding love, and his name was Jack. And there can never be anyone else -- not you, not anyone," Jennifer declared tearfully. Daniel tried to reassure Jennifer that he understood how she was feeling, but she pleaded with him to leave. Abigail returned home just then and apologized for interrupting. Jennifer assured Abigail that she hadn't interrupted because Daniel was just leaving. Daniel reluctantly left, but promised Jennifer that they would talk later.

Anne showed up outside just as a clearly upset Daniel departed. She immediately dialed Chloe and gleefully informed her, "[Daniel] just left like he was shot out of a cannon -- and he looked very, very unhappy."

Jennifer sadly picked up the flowers that Daniel had given her. Abigail apologized for showing up at the worst possible time, but Jennifer said that she and Daniel had been finished. Abigail realized that Jennifer meant that the relationship was also finished. While Jennifer sobbed, Abigail tried to comfort her. Jennifer confided that she had really hurt Daniel. Abigail urged her mom to just apologize to Daniel and work things out. "Whatever happened, I know that you love Daniel, and I know that he loves you... Why should both of you be miserable? He needs to know how you really feel," Abigail asserted.

Daniel went to his apartment and charged through the rooms, shouting Chloe's name. Chloe returned home just as Daniel was about to call her. "I know what you've done," Daniel declared accusingly, then revealed that he had cancelled his trip to San Francisco because he'd found out that Chloe had let Jennifer believe that he and Chloe had slept together. Chloe insisted that she could explain, but Daniel demanded to know why he hadn't been able to reach her all afternoon.

Feigning innocence, Chloe lied that she'd been at the spa. "Do you even know what it means anymore to tell the truth, to be honest?" Daniel demanded. He accused Chloe of upsetting Jennifer before he'd gotten there. "What the hell did you say to her? Talk! Right now, talk to me," Daniel ordered angrily.

Nick met Kate in Horton Square and asked if there were a problem with a project he'd been working on. Kate replied, "The problem is not with your project; it's with you." She explained that she hoped Nick might be more forthcoming without Gabi present. Nick insisted that he wasn't hiding anything from Kate, but she reminded him that she wasn't stupid.

"Obviously, you did something to Will to convince him to give up his parental rights. I'm hoping that you've changed your mind about that," Kate stated, the unspoken warning clear. Nick insisted that he knew what he had done was the right thing for Gabi and the baby. Kate asserted that Gabi was a sweet girl who would never keep a baby from its loving father -- unless someone like Nick had coerced her. Kate demanded to know what Nick had done and why.

Nick pointed out that Gabi had a mind of her own. Kate observed that although Nick was usually pretty unruffled, something was clearly getting to him. Nick said that he had a lot on his mind, but Kate wasn't convinced. She cautioned him, "I am a woman of considerable influence in this town, and I can use it to help you, as I have happily in the past, or I can use it to unearth your deepest, darkest secret. I suggest you consider it and decide which you want it to be."

A bit later, Kate arrived outside Common Grounds, and after peering through the window, she sent Rafe a text message that read, "I thought you were meeting me at the coffeehouse."

In Horton Square, Sy called Marlena's office to confirm his appointment that afternoon at three o'clock.

As they strolled through the square together, Kristen and Brady discussed what kinds of wedding bands they wanted. Brady left to run an errand but promised to meet Kristen later. As soon as Brady had gone, Sy approached Kristen and declared that he had something he thought she would want to see. An aggravated Kristen agreed, so Sy followed her to the park.

Kristen then informed Sy that she knew he didn't really have a daughter, much less a sick one. Unconcerned, Sy admitted that he didn't. Sy produced an envelope from his jacket pocket and handed it to Kristen. Kristen frustrated Sy by putting it in her purse without looking at it. "Our business is done, and that's my final answer," Kristen declared firmly. Sy warned her, "Then I'll just do what I gotta do." Her gaze steely, Kristen countered that she would do the same. As he left, Sy threatened that even if what was in the envelope wasn't worth anything to Kristen, then it definitely would be to somebody else.

After Sy had gone, Kristen opened the envelope and found pictures of her last encounter with Sy inside. "He had his accomplice taking photos the whole time," she muttered, dismayed. She started to call Sy but realized that she had deleted his number. "It's going to be okay. Just remember who you are, Kristen: you're a DiMera. That son of a bitch can't win this game," Kristen reminded herself.

At the hospital, Marlena's nurse informed her that Sy Miller had just called to confirm his appointment. Marlena noted that the man had called her private line first, and she had no idea how he'd gotten her number. Instead of canceling the appointment, however, Marlena decided to meet with him and then inform him that she wasn't accepting any new patients.

When Sami met John at the Brady Pub, she gave her stepfather an affectionate hug, but firmly informed him that she had no plans to move out of the DiMera mansion. John corrected her assumption and explained that although he didn't approve, he was glad that Sami was living there. He added that he was at the end of his rope regarding what to do about Brady and Kristen, so he hoped that perhaps Sami would keep an eye on things for him.

Sami admitted that while she would love to help John, she couldn't afford to make waves with the DiMeras. John was very disappointed. Brady walked in just then and was not pleased to find Sami and John together. "Samantha just wanted to talk to me about her mother," John maintained -- just as Marlena entered.

After greeting her mom, Sami made an excuse and hurried out. Brady started to follow after her, but John stopped him. Brady refused to listen to anything John or Marlena had to say. He left in a huff. On her way out, Marlena informed John, "I'm not giving up on us, and I'm not giving up on Brady."

Marlena was in Horton Square when Sy approached her later. He introduced himself, and she noted professionally that they were scheduled to meet at his appointment at three. "Maybe we don't need an appointment. I mean, since we happened to run into each other. What I have to say won't take long," Sy stated. Kristen arrived and was horrified to see Sy removing an envelope from his jacket pocket.

Sami was in the foyer when Brady returned to the DiMera mansion. Brady wanted to know if John had asked Sami to spy on Brady and Kristen for him. Sami affirmed that he had -- but she had turned John down. Brady declared that it wouldn't even matter if Sami had agreed, because he and Kristen loved each other and nothing was going to change that.

Sami assured Brady that she understood because people had told her a lot of things about E.J. over the years -- and at one time, she'd even believed them. She acknowledged that Brady thought E.J. was a jerk, and Brady admitted it was true. "But I'm not going to change your mind about it, right? Any more than you or Marlena or my father are going to change my mind about Kristen. So if it hasn't happened by now, maybe it's time to just give it up," Brady declared.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In Horton Square, Kristen watched while Sy tried to give Marlena an envelope containing pictures of his meeting with Kristen. Marlena politely pointed out that approaching her outside of the office was inappropriate. Although Sy tried to push it on her, Marlena refused to accept the envelope and told Sy that she would see him at their appointment in a little while.

As Marlena walked away, Kristen went in pursuit of Sy, but E.J. stopped her. Sy had gone by the time Kristen turned back around. Although she was initially exasperated, a light began to dawn in Kristen's eyes as she looked at her brother. E.J. had witnessed it and refused to participate in whatever plan she'd just hatched. "You owe me. I'm calling in a chip," Kristen insisted.

Marlena was still in the square a little later when her assistant, Tara, called to inform her that Sy Miller had cancelled his appointment. Marlena was surprised but clearly not disappointed. After Marlena hung up, E.J. approached her and asked if he could talk to her about something important. As the two got a table at the café, E.J. explained that he wanted to make sure Marlena understood how much he loved and was committed to Samantha and the children. He hoped that Marlena wouldn't stand in the way of his and Samantha's happiness.

Marlena stated, "Samantha's happiness is the most important thing there is to me." E.J. continued that Samantha needed her mother's love and support at the moment, and he thought it would mean a great deal to Sami if Marlena would stop by the mansion and wish her daughter well. "Absolutely not," Marlena replied. She explained firmly, "I will never again, for any reason, go near that place. You see, your sister lives there." Marlena then left to return to work. Glancing at his watch, E.J. said, "I hope I gave you enough time, Kristen."

When Sy entered Marlena's office, carrying the envelope, he was stunned and dismayed to find Kristen instead of Marlena in the psychiatrist's chair. Kristen warned Sy, "Screwing with a one of the stupidest things you can do." She added that Sy was mistaken if he thought Marlena would protect him if he gave her the photos that showed Kristen paying him for "mugging" Kristen and beating up Brady -- because neither Marlena nor the Salem Police Department had ever been able to keep the DiMeras in check.

"In fact, one phone call to my daddy, and you're going to find yourself in a very, very, very precarious situation. You might even find yourself dead," Kristen whispered menacingly. She generously offered to give Sy five thousand dollars in cash if he produced the original photos, as well as all copies, including those on Sy's computer. Kristen added that Sy could then keep his mouth shut, or she could shut it for him -- permanently.

Sy grudgingly took the envelope Kristen offered and handed her the one with the pictures, then obeyed when Kristen ordered him to leave. As Kristen retrieved her purse, she spotted a framed photo of John and Marlena on the desk. "Now look at them -- a perfect couple. Not!" she snarled as she knocked over the picture on her way out.

When Marlena returned to her office, she was puzzled when she saw the overturned photo. Righting it, her eyes darted suspiciously around the room.

In private, a discouraged Sy counted his cash and grumbled, "This isn't going to be enough. Not even close. But Miss Cruella DiMera can't catch me, either. Damn! I'm going to have to find another way."

As Kristen returned to the DiMera mansion, E.J. asked if everything had gone according to plan. Kristen thanked her brother for his help. E.J. was curious about why it had been so important for Kristen to get to know that particular patient of Marlena, but Kristen refused to divulge any details. Although he was smiling, E.J. was worried that what Kristen was doing would affect his relationship with Samantha. Kristen assured him that it wouldn't.

After E.J. had gone, Kristen declared to herself that it was time for the next step of her "audacious, crazy little plan." She retrieved a wooden box from the desk drawer and opened it.

Kate entered Common Grounds just as Sonny was about to tell Will about Rafe and Kate's relationship. Sonny explained to Kate that he didn't want to keep secrets from Will. Rafe arrived just then, so Will called him over and asked if Rafe could shed some light on the matter. Sonny cautioned Kate and Rafe, "You two can tell him, or I'm going to have to tell him." Rafe and Kate finally admitted that the two of them were seeing each other.

Will didn't believe it at first and instead thought they were joking. Kate insisted that it was true, and Sonny confirmed that he'd accidentally walked in on Rafe and Kate. Kate emphasized the importance of the information not becoming public knowledge. Admitting that he wished he didn't know, either, Will left. "Do you see what you did? Are you happy now?" Kate asked Sonny.

Rafe followed Will outside and apologized if finding out about his relationship with Kate had upset Will. Will said that he didn't want to talk about it any longer, and Rafe agreed that he didn't, either. Rafe continued that no matter what had happened between him and Sami, he still cared about Will and always would -- and therefore he wanted to know how Nick had gotten Will to sign away his parental rights. "You already know the answer," Will replied. Rafe assured Will that Gabi would never do anything to keep him away from his child, no matter what papers he'd signed. Will hoped that Rafe was right.

Inside, Kate wondered aloud why Sonny was so interested in what she was doing. Sonny pointed out that Will might lose his son forever, so Kate should be focused on helping her grandson. Rafe and Will returned just then, and Kate reiterated how important it was that the news about her and Rafe not get out. She began to remind Will that his mom had moved into Stefano's home, but Will interrupted to reassure her somewhat impatiently that he wouldn't say anything.

When Rafe and Kate left, Sonny apologized for not telling Will about them sooner. Will confessed that he had also been keeping something from Sonny. After Will filled him in on the plan, an appalled Sonny demanded incredulously, "You're going to ask Stefano DiMera to help you get Nick out of the way? Really?" He wondered if Will were doing it because of what Nick had said to Sonny. Will insisted that he would be doing it anyway because he had to be a part of his child's life. Sonny probed, "What if Nick gets hurt?" Will admitted that wasn't what he wanted. Sonny understood that Will didn't seem to have any other choice.

As they walked through the park, Rafe tried to convince Kate that Will wouldn't say anything to Sami or anyone else. Kate worried that all their sneaking around was futile if Stefano already knew about them.

At the hospital, Chad tried to persuade Cameron to hang out with him and Theo that night. Cameron declined, claiming that he had to work. After Cameron left, Chad made a remark to Maxine about the doctors having to work double shifts. Maxine said that double shifts were against hospital policy. When Chad asked if doctors could work at other hospitals, Maxine informed him that doing so was against state law.

At Daniel's apartment, a furious Daniel ordered Chloe to tell him what she had said to Jennifer earlier. Chloe insisted that she didn't know what Daniel was talking about, because she hadn't done anything to upset Jennifer. Daniel accused Chloe of lying. An indignant Chloe demanded to know what Jennifer had said. Fed up and frustrated, Daniel told Chloe to drop it.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Daniel declared that he was going to New York to spend a few days with Parker. "No, you can't," Chloe blurted. She quickly clarified that she missed Parker, too, and it would be easier if she asked her mom to return the boy to Salem. Daniel agreed that was a good idea, but he wanted to talk to his son right away. He started to call Nancy, but Chloe insisted on making the call herself.

When Nancy answered, once Chloe had subtly clarified what was happening, Chloe gave the phone to Daniel while Nancy put Parker on. Daniel asked if Parker were having a good time in New York. "Not New York," Parker replied, to Nancy and Chloe's horror. Nancy quickly covered that the boy was just tired from sightseeing all day. Daniel understood that all Parker knew was that he was at his grandma's house; the lad didn't understand that Grandma lived in New York. Nancy hurried to get off the phone, claiming that Craig and Joy were waiting for them in Central Park.

After Daniel hung up, he told Chloe that it was time for her to move out, since her new apartment was ready. He ordered her to leave her key and to be out by the time he got back. Chloe was crushed as she watched Daniel leave. "I'm not giving up on you, Daniel," she vowed to herself. She grabbed her purse and hurried out.

At the Horton house, Abigail tried to convince Jennifer to talk to Daniel to try to clear things up. Jennifer claimed that although she cared about Daniel, she'd realized that she didn't love him; she had merely been needy and desperate to fill a void. Abigail guessed that Jennifer was feeling guilty about moving on from Jack, and reassured her mom that Jack would want her to be happy. Jennifer pleadingly declared that she didn't want to talk about it anymore; she just wanted to be alone. After reassuring her mom that she loved her, Abigail reluctantly left.

A little later, Abigail was walking past the Brady Pub when she ran into Chad. He admitted that he had been just about to call her, because Cameron had repeatedly blown him off when Chad had suggested that the two of them spend time with Theo. Chad repeated what Maxine had told him about the rules regarding double shifts and doctors working at more than one hospital. Abigail remembered that she'd seen Cameron handing over a huge envelope full of cash to a mystery man, and Chad immediately sensed that she was also worried about Cameron.

As Chad and Abigail wandered into Horton Square, Abigail admitted that she was worried Cameron might be in some kind of trouble. She added that she had to find out what it was so that she could help him. Cameron strode through the square without seeing Abigail or Chad, so they trailed curiously after him.

Once she was alone in the house, Jennifer broke down in sobs. She found the necklace that Daniel had given her and held it to her lips as she sank miserably into Alice's chair. When someone knocked on the door, Jennifer put the necklace on the foyer table as she went to answer it.

Chloe was on the doorstep. "Whatever you said to Daniel before, it wasn't enough. So it's time for you to stop playing games and do what needs to be done," Chloe ordered. Jennifer complained that she didn't know what more she could do. Chloe declared that Jennifer needed to break Daniel's heart to make it clear that there was no hope for their relationship -- and if Jennifer didn't, Chloe would leave and make sure that Daniel never saw his son again.

Jennifer accused Chloe of being selfish and disgusting. Chloe spotted the necklace on the table and demanded to know where Jennifer had gotten it. When Jennifer admitted that Daniel had given it to her, Chloe blew up, ordering Jennifer to return the necklace and end things with Daniel permanently. She contended that Jennifer was selfish and cowardly because she was going to let Daniel lose his son by refusing to do the right thing.

"The right thing? This is not the right thing. And if you think it is, not only are you sadistic and twisted, you are delusional!" Jennifer spat. "What I am is on the next flight to Brazil. Have a nice life," Chloe declared as she started for the door. Jennifer stopped Chloe before she could leave and promised to do what Chloe demanded. "Just remember, if you blow things a second time, it'll be on you when Daniel never sees Parker again until he's old enough to look for Daniel himself -- not that he'll want to," Chloe warned as she left.

Daniel was reviewing some files in a waiting area at the hospital when Maxine took a seat next to him. Observing that Daniel looked "like hell" and obviously hadn't made the trip to San Francisco, Maxine asked if things were all right between him and Jennifer. Daniel would only say that things were a little tense, but he was hopeful that they would work things out. "Whatever's wrong, you are going to fix it," Maxine said firmly before getting up and leaving. "Yes, I will," Daniel told himself.

Daniel called to inform Chloe's landlord that Chloe would be picking up her keys later that day. As he hung up, Daniel told himself, "This is good. Getting Chloe in her own place: step one." Just then, Jennifer arrived. As Daniel declared that he had something to say to Jennifer, Chloe showed up, but ducked behind a corner to spy. "I am not giving up on us, Jennifer," Daniel announced. Before Jennifer could object, Daniel grabbed her and kissed her passionately -- to Chloe's dismay.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

by Mike

At the hospital, Chloe -- and Maxine, Anne, and a few other random hospital staff members -- watched as Daniel kissed Jennifer. Daniel insisted that he loved Jennifer and wasn't going to let her go without a fight.

"I need you, and you need me. Jennifer, I have never loved anyone like this. You are the sweetest, kindest, clumsiest person I have ever known -- and you had me at clumsy! And the way that you just blurt out the wrong things at the wrong time -- I love that, Jen. You are perfect," Daniel passionately declared.

Daniel said that he understood how Jennifer felt about losing Jack, since he had felt the same way after he had lost Rebecca. Daniel refused to let Jennifer spiral into the same kind of darkness that he had spiraled into after Rebecca's death. Reasoning that Jack would want Jennifer to be loved, Daniel insisted that he loved her more than anyone else in the world -- aside from Melanie and Parker, of course.

Jennifer glanced at Chloe, who was still watching the scene unfold, and she silently recalled Chloe's earlier advice about completely breaking Daniel's heart. Jennifer firmly stated that she no longer wanted to be with Daniel. Jennifer told Daniel that he should not have kissed her earlier, and she apologized for misleading him while she had been dealing with her confusion about the situation.

Daniel asserted that Jennifer had not been confused during their earlier stay at the Horton cabin. Jennifer referred to that night as a mistake, adding that she had left the cabin feeling sad and empty inside. "I did want to be with you. I was so excited to be with you. But you know what? It wasn't love; it was sex, okay? And that is great for women like Chloe and Kate, but not me -- I need more than that," Jennifer bluntly stated, ignoring the growing audience of staff members whom she was attracting.

Daniel tried to gently grab Jennifer's arm to pull her aside so that they could continue their discussion in a private location, but she recoiled and warned him not to touch her again. As Jennifer continued to lash out at Daniel, Maggie entered the waiting area and joined the crowd of observers. Jennifer said that she was sick of being patronized, adding that Daniel's need to please everyone had turned him into a pushover.

"After Jack died, I was so lonely, and I wanted this to be real, and I wanted you to be the answer, but you are not. You are not even half the man that Jack was, and I am not gonna disgrace his memory by pretending that you are. Get it through your thick skull -- I do not want to be with you!" Jennifer insisted. Jennifer tried to return the necklace that Daniel had given her earlier, but he refused to take it.

Jennifer angrily threw the necklace at Daniel. After announcing that she was planning to quit working at the hospital, Jennifer wondered if Daniel was finally starting to understand that she never wanted to see him again. Before Daniel could respond, Jennifer stormed off. Maggie tried to comfort Daniel, but he stopped her and silently walked away. Chloe lurked nearby, grinning triumphantly.

Later, Chloe entered Daniel's apartment and told him that she had witnessed Jennifer's earlier tirade. Chloe innocently offered to talk to Jennifer on Daniel's behalf, but he declined the offer and told Chloe to leave. Chloe started to refer to Jennifer as a bitch, but Daniel interrupted and warned Chloe to refrain from insulting Jennifer in his presence.

Chloe apologized, claiming that she was just upset about the horrible things that Jennifer had said to Daniel earlier. "She's wrong about you, and I won't walk out of here and leave you, letting yourself think any of those things she said about you. You are a good man, and you know what real love is, so please...don't shut me out," Chloe begged Daniel, who sighed as he kissed her.

At the Horton house, Maggie lashed out at Jennifer for publicly humiliating Daniel. "Jennifer Rose, I have known you since you were a young girl, and you have never been anything but a kind and sweet soul...until today. And what you just did was heartless, cruel, and completely...unnecessary. You have broken my heart tonight...right along with Daniel's," Maggie tearfully stated.

Jennifer sighed and quietly stated that she had never intended to hurt anyone. Unmoved, Maggie declared that Jennifer's actions were unforgivable. As Jennifer quietly sobbed, Maggie stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind her.

Outside Cameron's apartment, Abigail admitted that she felt like she and Chad were stalking Cameron, and Chad pointed out that Abigail felt that way because they were stalking Cameron. Chad reminded Abigail that what they were doing was for a good cause, but she seemed to be having second thoughts about the matter. Chad guessed that Abigail knew something about Cameron that she had neglected to share with Chad.

Abigail silently recalled the secret meeting that she had witnessed at the hospital earlier, where Cameron had given a large amount of cash to someone, but she claimed that she wasn't hiding anything from Chad. Abigail wanted to leave, but Chad refused to give up, insisting that they deserved answers. Chad reasoned that Lexie would want him to find out what was going on with Cameron.

Chad assumed that Abigail would also want some answers, especially if she was planning to start dating Cameron again. Conceding Chad's point, Abigail insisted that he needed to let her talk to Cameron privately, since Cameron might feel like they were ganging up on him otherwise. Abigail promised to share her findings with Chad, who reluctantly agreed to let her handle the situation.

After Chad left, Abigail knocked on Cameron's door, and a shirtless Cameron quickly greeted her. Abigail said that she wanted to talk to Cameron, claiming that she felt horrible about the way that they had left things earlier. Cameron apologetically stated that he was on his way to work, adding that he didn't mind the fact that Abigail was a virgin.

After promising to call Abigail the following day, Cameron abruptly excused himself, shutting the door before she could formulate a response. "So, you're, uh -- you're a virgin, huh?" Chad whispered as he emerged from an adjacent hallway. Chad admitted that the revelation had explained a few things.

"When we were dating, there was always something about you that I couldn't just -- I couldn't put my finger on, but -- I -- I'm sorry, that was bad. Let me rephrase -- let me rephrase that," Chad awkwardly stated. Meanwhile, Cameron started to exit his apartment, and Chad and Abigail quickly ducked out of sight. After locking the door, Cameron removed a gun from his waistband and tucked it into a duffel bag before walking away.

Abigail and Chad followed Cameron to the Horton Town Square, where they watched as Cameron ordered a cup of coffee from a café. Chad joked that the coffee might be Cameron's way of remaining alert during long nights of breaking and entering, but Abigail wasn't amused. Changing the subject, Chad wondered why Abigail had never told him about the fact that she was a virgin.

Avoiding the question, Abigail told Chad to stop looking at her like she was some sort of zoo exhibit. Before Chad could respond, Cameron started to exit the café, and Chad and Abigail ducked behind Alice and Tom's memorial plaque to avoid detection. Abigail guessed that Cameron was headed toward his car, so she and Chad rushed back to Chad's motorcycle so that they could continue to follow Cameron.

Chad and Abigail ultimately ended up at a club in Chicago. Chad believed that Cameron had gone into the club, which was the only place in the area that had not yet closed for the night. Chad and Abigail showed their identification to the bouncer, who skeptically asked if Chad was certain that he was in the right place.

Confused, Chad nodded, and the bouncer granted Chad and Abigail access to the club. "Whatever floats your boat," the bouncer said with a shrug as Chad entered the club. Inside, Abigail and Chad were unable to locate Cameron. Chad jokingly wondered if Abigail was ready to revisit his earlier theory about breaking and entering. Abigail refused to believe that Cameron was a criminal, so Chad insisted that Cameron had to be in the club.

Abigail wondered why Cameron had kept his whereabouts a secret, since the club seemed like a nice establishment. Appreciatively noting the crowd of attractive women who were in attendance, Chad shrugged and agreed that there was nothing wrong with the club at all. As Chad and Abigail started to pay more attention to the distinct lack of men in the club, their suspicions were aroused, and they realized that they were in a strip club.

Chad speculated that Cameron might be working as a waiter at the club, but Abigail insisted that Cameron wouldn't need a second job, since he was a doctor. Abigail and Chad decided that they were obviously in the wrong place, and they quickly exited the club. Meanwhile, the curtains in front of the stage parted, and Cameron, who was dressed as a boxer, started to strip for the women in the audience.

At St. Luke's, E.J. was looking for Eric, but he found Vargas instead. Vargas introduced himself to E.J., whom he immediately recognized as Mr. DiMera. As E.J. started to write a note for Eric, who had left the church earlier, Nick entered the office. Horrified to see that Vargas was with E.J., Nick quickly left the room before E.J. could see him.

After E.J. left, Nick reentered the office, closing the door behind him. Nick, whom Vargas had summoned to the church earlier, insisted that he couldn't meet with Vargas at the church -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- but Vargas said that wasn't Nick's call to make. Nick was worried about what could have happened if E.J. had spotted him, but Vargas seemed unfazed, reasoning that Nick would have simply lied his way out of the situation.

Nick wondered if Vargas knew who E.J. was. Vargas scoffed, insisting that everyone at the prison knew about the DiMera family, but he was surprised to learn that E.J. had connections to Eric and Nicole. Nick told Vargas that there simply wasn't room for them to operate in a small town like Salem, where everyone knew everyone else's business.

Nick turned to leave, but Vargas grabbed Nick's arm, pointing out that they had some unfinished business to take care of. "I'm about to get my hands on the cash. All that money that you made when we were in the joint -- that was just the seed money. Now it's time to turn that into a real payday," Vargas explained, adding that Nick was going to help him execute the plan.

In an attempt to change Vargas' mind, Nick warned that he might not be able to duplicate his earlier achievements. Nick wondered if Vargas was willing to lose everything as a result of a risky gamble. "I wouldn't be very happy...and you don't want me unhappy, Nick," Vargas replied. Nick tried to convince Vargas to leave Salem, but Vargas wasn't interested in doing so.

Vargas retrieved a rusty pipe wrench from the church's toolbox. "Look, man -- look what I have to work with, huh? I deserve better than this, Nicky, and I'm gonna get it. The thing is...I've got work to do now...and so do you," Vargas said, pointedly waving the pipe wrench in front of Nick's face. Nick nodded and quietly exited the room.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami opened the front door and found Lucas standing outside. "I cannot believe you. I go out of town for a couple days with Allie, and this is what you do? You pull this on me? How can you do this? How can you move your kids back into this house of horrors?" Lucas demanded to know.

Lucas barged into the foyer and started calling out for the DiMeras, wondering if they were all sleeping soundly in their coffins. Sami insisted that Lucas was exaggerating about the severity of the situation, but he disagreed, guessing that she had revealed the news via a text message because she had been too scared to have an actual conversation with him about her decision.

Lucas refused to let Allie stay at the mansion. Sami apologized to Lucas, conceding that she should have called him to tell him about her decision. Lucas corrected Sami, stating that she should have called him to ask him if it would be okay for Allie, whom they had joint custody of, to live at the mansion. Sami insisted that the decision had been the result of an emergency.

Lucas guessed that Sami had simply realized that having a maid and a chef would make her life much easier. Lucas vowed that he wasn't going to let Allie get sucked back into the DiMera vortex. "You've already violated our agreement. If you stay here, I will sue for full custody of our daughter. Don't push me!" Lucas warned Sami. Lucas started to leave, but Sami blocked his path, insisting that he didn't understand what was going on.

"Oh, no, I get it. I -- it's all clear to me, Sami. I get it. You and the overgrown thug have this thing. You're in this sick, destructive, spiral relationship, and you get off on it!" Lucas summarized. Lucas added that, while he couldn't save Johnny and Sydney, he could save Allie, which was exactly what he intended to do. Sami insisted that she and E.J. would never let anything happen to Allie, but Lucas wasn't convinced.

Sami noted with frustration that Lucas wasn't even giving her a chance to explain why she had decided to move into the mansion. Conceding Sami's point, Lucas folded his arms and waited for Sami to elaborate. Nervously glancing around the room to make sure that no one else was around, Sami pointed out that the mansion had a lot to offer to young kids, including a pool, a huge lawn, and stables that were filled with horses.

Unimpressed, Lucas started to leave again, but Sami stopped him, begging him to refrain from separating Allie from Johnny and Sydney. Lucas reasoned that the kids weren't relevant to the discussion, since the situation was really all about Sami -- the only person whom she truly cared about. "What? No! I am living here to try to save our son!" Sami blurted out.

Sami ushered Lucas into the living room and quickly closed the doors to each of the room's entrances. After getting Lucas to promise that he wouldn't say anything to anyone else, Sami told him about the plan to enlist Stefano's help in the fight for custody of Will's daughter. Sami summarized that she would make a deal with the devil himself if it would help Will. Lucas predicted that Sami was about to do just that, and he admitted that he believed that she was making a huge mistake.

Sami challenged Lucas to think of a better solution, but he was unable to do so. Lucas reluctantly agreed to let Allie stay at the mansion. Sami warned that Will was also going to have to live at the mansion, and she urged Lucas to refrain from giving Will a hard time about the situation. Sami admitted that it could take a while for her to gain Stefano's trust, since they weren't exactly starting out as friends.

Lucas stressed that Sami was never allowed to pull another stunt like the one that she had just pulled, and she promised that she wouldn't. Sami reiterated that Lucas couldn't tell anyone about the plan -- not even Kate. "Boy, Nick's never gonna see this one coming," Lucas noted before leaving the mansion.

Later, Sami surprised E.J. with a candlelit dinner that consisted of some of his favorite foods. After ensuring that Sami hadn't actually cooked the meal herself, E.J. knowingly asked her to tell him what she was trying to make amends for. Sami feigned innocence, but E.J. eventually tricked her into confirming his belief that the dinner was the result of a guilty conscience.

Sami reluctantly revealed that she had told Lucas about the plan to enlist Stefano's help. E.J. wasn't pleased, and he wondered if Sami wanted the plan to fail. Sami insisted that Lucas wouldn't say anything to anyone, but E.J. wasn't convinced, since Lucas had never shown the DiMeras any respect in the past.

Sami reasoned that Lucas would never jeopardize Will's best chance to gain custody of Will's daughter, but that logic failed to alleviate E.J.'s concerns about the situation. As E.J. and Sami's argument intensified, they paused long enough to passionately kiss each other.

Meanwhile, in a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Nick sighed heavily. "I can't believe Vargas is here. Oh, think, think. There's got to be a way," Nick muttered. Lucas interrupted and wondered what Nick was talking about.

Friday, April 5, 2013

In Daniel's apartment, Chloe told Daniel that he was a good man and asked him not to shut her out of his life. Daniel grabbed Chloe, kissed her, and pushed her down onto the couch. Daniel hesitated, but Chloe urged Daniel to continue because "it was meant to be." When Chloe reached for Daniel's belt, he stopped her.

Daniel noted that he did not want to use Chloe to get over Jennifer. When Chloe remarked that Jennifer had hurt Daniel, he shook his head and noted that Jennifer was not cruel. Daniel added that hurting Chloe would be the same as hurting their son.

Shaking her head, Chloe said emphatically, "You are the best man I've ever known." Daniel urged Chloe to go, but she refused to leave him alone. When Daniel said that he wanted to go to New York, Chloe said that she would arrange for Nancy to send Parker home. Chloe left the apartment and called Nancy.

Alone in his apartment, Daniel contemplated a bottle of liquor and thought about his breakup fight with Jennifer. Maggie stopped by the apartment to see if Daniel was okay. When Maggie saw the bottle of liquor on the table, she advised Daniel to watch his alcohol intake. Frustrated, Maggie wondered what she could do because she felt like Daniel's heartache was her fault because she had pushed Daniel to date Jennifer. Confused, Maggie wondered aloud why Jennifer had hurt Daniel.

Daniel noted that his son was returning to Salem, so he did not want to drink himself into unconsciousness. Satisfied, Maggie smiled. Maggie informed Daniel that she had yelled at Jennifer. Daniel joked that he almost felt sorry for Jennifer. Maggie said goodnight to Daniel, and he thanked her for lifting his spirits.

Abigail and Chad followed Cameron to a club but lost him in the crowd. As Abigail and Chad went outside, Cameron took to the stage inside and danced. When Abigail realized that she had left her purse inside, she went in and was shocked to find Cameron stripping on the stage. After dancing, Cameron saw Abigail in the audience. Surprised, Cameron gathered up the money on the stage and ran behind the curtain.

Wondering where Abigail was, Chad went inside the club and began to laugh as he saw Cameron hightail it backstage. A bouncer ushered Abigail to the side. As Abigail struggled to break free, a clothed Cameron intercepted Abigail and informed her that he had asked the bouncer to keep her from leaving the club. Cameron was angry that Abigail had invaded his privacy.

Chad explained that they had followed Cameron because they were worried about him. Defensive, Cameron argued that Chad did not care about him and that he was upset that Chad and Abigail had followed him. Abigail noted that she had seen Cameron giving money to a shady man at the hospital. When Cameron asked Abigail why she had not talked to him sooner, Abigail noted that she had made an attempt, and Chad chimed in to back Abigail up as a witness.

"I don't need your help, and I don't owe you an explanation," Cameron growled. Abigail argued that she was worried about Cameron, but Cameron countered that Abigail had never trusted him. When Cameron noted that he could take care of himself, Chad interjected to ask if Cameron's gun was how he would protect himself. When Cameron explained that the gun was a prop for his show, Chad laughed.

Abigail asked Cameron why he was stripping. Frustrated, Cameron explained that he needed money to help his mother and to pay bills and that he had been forced to borrow money from the guy Abigail had seen in the hospital. Chad asked why Cameron had not asked Chad for help. Cameron yelled that he did not want DiMera money to take care of his debt. Sighing, Cameron asked Abigail and Chad not to tell anyone that Cameron was a stripper. Abigail and Chad agreed.

When Cameron returned to work, Abigail confided to Chad that she was concerned that Cameron would never speak to her again. Abigail wondered aloud how she could help Cameron escape from his job at the club.

In the rectory, Nicole asked Eric whether he was leaving for the religious conference. Eric solemnly noted that he was leaving for the conference and that he was not sure whether he would return to Salem. Eric confided that the bishop had sent transfer papers to him. Upset, Nicole wondered aloud why the bishop would send Eric away and then she tore up the transfer papers.

Eric informed Nicole that he could not control where he was transferred to within the church. Eric theorized that he had been transferred because he had pushed Brady and Kristen to resign from the board. Nicole cried and blamed Kristen. Nicole wanted to call the bishop, but Eric noted that the transfer was a confidential matter. Eric advised Nicole that she would be fine without him, and he thanked her for helping him with his nightmares.

"You are one hell of a friend," Eric said as he held Nicole's hand. Eric advised Nicole to hold on to her goodbyes until he returned from the conference. Eric asked Nicole to be nice to Vargas while he was gone. Smiling through misty eyes, Nicole assured Eric that she was getting along with Vargas and that Eric did not need to worry.

Once Nicole was alone, she wondered aloud if Eric's transfer was her fault because she had asked God to help her get over Eric. Nicole asked God to stop Eric from leaving Salem. As Nicole wiped her tears, Eric returned to the rectory and informed Nicole that the transfer papers were had been for someone else. Elated, Nicole looked heavenward.

At the hotel, John opened his door and found Kristen in the hallway. John reluctantly allowed Kristen to walk into his room. Kristen presented John with a wooden box filled with photos of the two of them together. Kristen commented that the photos were an illusion of love.

"I guess I wanted so desperately to be in love, I told myself I was," Kristen remarked about her relationship with John. Beaming, Kristen said that she finally understood what real love was. Smirking, John countered that Kristen did not love Brady and that she was using Brady. Smiling, Kristen joked about John's mullet in the photo and then left.

Once Kristen was gone, John looked at the photos and wondered why Kristen had left the box. John remembered kissing Kristen when they had been dating. "One thing is for sure. This isn't over," John muttered as he kicked the box of photos into the trashcan.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer answered the front door and found a confused Hope. Hope asked Jennifer if it was true that Jennifer had quit her job at the hospital. Jennifer explained that she had broken up with Daniel. Hope was suspicious and urged Jennifer to work out her issues with Daniel. Shaking her head, Jennifer said that she was not ready to move on from Jack. Hope disagreed and pushed Jennifer to talk. Upset, Jennifer asked Hope to leave her alone.

As Kristen walked through the town square, she overheard two nurses discussing how Jennifer had publicly dumped Daniel at the hospital. Concerned, Kristen walked over to Jennifer's house to check on her. Kristen argued that Jennifer was repeating history and cutting loose the nice guy because of Jack, just like Jennifer had done with Peter. Upset, Jennifer begged Kristen to stop talking about Jack. Kristen said that she was concerned about Jennifer because Jennifer was behaving strangely.

"Even if you are pretending to be my friend, can you please leave?" Jennifer asked. Kristen noted that although she had not gotten along with Jack, she knew that Jack would want Jennifer to move on from him and be happy. After Kristen left, Jennifer muttered how sorry she was to Daniel as she stared at a toy train in her hand. When the doorbell rang, a frustrated Jennifer answered it and was disappointed to find Chloe on the doorstep.

Jennifer ordered Chloe to leave. Grinning, Chloe informed Jennifer that Parker was on his way back to Salem. Disgusted, Jennifer asked Chloe if she thought of Parker as anything other than a pawn to get Daniel. Chloe noted that she did not care what Jennifer thought about her. Jennifer added that Chloe did not need to worry because she wanted what was best for Parker.

"Since he is saddled with such a witch of a mother, I really want him to have his father in his life," Jennifer said. Chloe yanked the toy train out of Jennifer's hand and walked away.

Kristen returned to the DiMera mansion and grinned when she saw a giant bouquet of flowers in the foyer. "Poor Brady. It isn't my fault that men are the weaker sex. No, it's not my fault," Kristen whispered. Kristen crumpled up the card from the bouquet and walked to the desk in the living room.

"It must be done," Kristen said. Kristen pulled a photo of her and John out of the desk." John doesn't think this is over. Got you right where I want you," Kristen said as she threw the photo into the fireplace.

Daniel wanted to clear his head so he walked to the town square. As Daniel walked under the arch, Jennifer rounded the corner across the clearing. Daniel turned and walked away.

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