Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 15, 2013 on DAYS

Daniel and Jennifer reunited. Chloe left town to get her life back on track. Sami agreed to marry E.J. Kristen's plan of revenge began to unravel. Vargas continued to pressure Nick to honor their deal. John put his plan in motion to expose Kristen's true agenda.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 15, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, April 15, 2013

by Mike

Jennifer rushed into the Horton house and frantically called out for Abigail, whom she had received an urgent phone call from earlier. Jennifer found Abigail in the living room, along with two unexpected guests -- Daniel and Parker.

After apologizing for tricking Jennifer into returning to Salem, Abigail took Parker out of the room so that Daniel and Jennifer could have some privacy. Jennifer started to ask Daniel to leave, but he interrupted and revealed that he knew that Chloe had used Parker to blackmail Jennifer into breaking up with Daniel. Daniel insisted that he wasn't going to let Chloe take Parker or Jennifer away from him.

At St. Luke's, Nicole received an unexpected visit from Chloe, who revealed that she had figured out that Nicole had talked to Daniel about Chloe earlier. Chloe couldn't believe that Nicole had chosen Jennifer over Chloe. Nicole clarified that Daniel was the person who had picked Jennifer over Chloe. "When I came back to town, I thought we were gonna be friends," Chloe told Nicole.

Hurt, Nicole replied that she had assumed that she and Chloe were best friends. Nicole admitted that she didn't exactly have a lot of friends. Chloe wondered if Nicole had ever considered the possibility that there might be a reason that very few people had ever been interested in developing friendships with Nicole. Conceding the point, Nicole noted that she could have made the same observation about Chloe.

Nicole pointed out that a lot of things had happened since Chloe had returned to Salem, and Chloe tearfully agreed. Struggling to contain their emotions, Nicole and Chloe hugged each other, hoping that they could eventually repair their friendship. Changing the subject, Nicole wondered what had happened between Chloe and Daniel earlier. Chloe vaguely stated that Nicole would find out soon enough.

Nicole wondered what Chloe was going to do next. Chloe tearfully replied that she was going to do what she had to do, and she quietly walked away, ignoring Nicole's attempt to stop her. A short time later, Chloe barged into the Horton house, where Daniel was trying to convince Jennifer that Chloe had agreed to leave them alone. Chloe interrupted and announced that she wanted to apologize to Jennifer and Daniel.

"I'm sorry...I took advantage of your good nature, I'm sorry that I blew through your relationship, and most importantly, I'm sorry -- I can't believe I was willing to use my own son. I was not like this before I came back here. I love Parker so much, and I knew that he needed his daddy, and I was willing to do anything to make that happen," Chloe said. Chloe added that she knew that what she had done had been sick.

Jennifer questioned Chloe's sincerity, pointing out that Chloe would have said the same things if she had been trying to trick Jennifer and Daniel again. Conceding the point, Chloe acknowledged that it would probably be easier to believe her actions than it would be to believe her words. Chloe cryptically added that she had made a decision that would affect her, Daniel, Jennifer, and Parker.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe placed a phone call to Kate, who agreed to meet him there so that they could talk about their earlier argument. After ending the call, Rafe turned around and found Sami standing behind him. "Look, we can't tiptoe around this. You need to get your head straight about Kate," Sami bluntly stated. Rafe feigned ignorance, prompting Sami to reveal that Will and Sonny had told her everything.

Rafe insisted that the situation was none of Will's business, but Sami believed that it was not only Will's business, but hers as well. Sami blamed Kate for the tension that had been lingering between Sami and Rafe, but he reminded Sami that their issues had started before Kate had entered the picture. Conceding Rafe's point, Sami clarified that Kate had created a new type of tension between him and Sami.

Sami noted that she and Rafe were both interested in ensuring that Gabi and the baby would not need to deal with any additional drama. "So you're looking after Gabi, I'm looking after Will, and then Kate goes all Broken Arrow, trying to get her to sign those papers," Sami summarized. Sami stressed that she had not known about the legal documents until Will and Sonny had told her about them.

Relieved to learn that Sami still wasn't aware that he was sleeping with Kate, Rafe disinterestedly stated that it was good to know that Sami had not been involved in Kate's scheme. Sami's suspicions were aroused, and she guessed that she and Rafe had originally been talking about two entirely different things. Before Rafe could respond, Kate approached him and Sami.

Sami grew more suspicious, demanding to know what was going on between Kate and Rafe. Rafe claimed that he had summoned Kate to the town square so that they could talk about the legal documents that she had tried to get Gabi to sign earlier. Sami angrily demanded to hear Kate confirm that Sami had not been involved in Kate's scheme, and Kate grudgingly agreed to do so.

"I wanted to help Will, so obviously, the last person I would turn to would be Sami," Kate dryly added. Unamused, Sami stressed that she didn't want Rafe to punish her or Will for Kate's actions. With a dismissive shrug, Rafe assured Sami that there was nothing for her to worry about. Finally satisfied, Sami noted that Kate owed Rafe a huge apology -- one that needed to be convincing and sincere, especially if Kate truly loved Will.

After Sami left, Kate sighed with frustration. "Sami's right, and I hate it when that happens -- especially when I'm the reason for it," Kate admitted before apologizing to Rafe. Kate explained that she had simply been trying to protect Will's rights and ensure that Gabi's wishes would be respected, and she conceded that she never should have asked Gabi to sign the documents in the first place. Rafe wasn't satisfied with Kate's apology, since she hadn't even mentioned the fact that she had neglected to tell him about her plan before she had talked to Gabi.

Kate said that she had never even thought about telling Rafe about the plan because she had never had a plan in the first place. Kate explained that she had simply contacted her lawyer and asked him to create the necessary documents. Rafe didn't believe Kate, noting that she had a history of massaging the truth in order to get exactly what she wanted. Ignoring the fact that his comment had obviously hurt Kate, Rafe wondered if sleeping with him had been part of her plan to get to Gabi.

"Well, you got me. I mean, I am so busted. Once a whore, always a whore, right? I mean, it's not like I would have second thoughts about using sex to get what I want. I mean, it's not like I actually have true emotions left inside. I mean, maybe you thought you were getting the proverbial whore with a heart, but let me tell you, you are not, because I have no sloppy feelings for anyone, and certainly not a guy like you! No, I just take what I want, and then I leave, so let me save us both a lot of trouble," Kate tearfully stated before walking away.

At St. Luke's, Vargas realized that Nicole was upset about something, and he wondered if she wanted to talk about it. After giving Vargas some vague information about her earlier encounter with Chloe, Nicole thanked Vargas for noticing that something had been bothering her. Vargas joked that it would have been difficult to have missed Nicole's nervous twitches.

Changing the subject, Vargas offered to help Nicole, who was double-checking some of the parishioners' tax records to see if she could increase their refund amounts. Nicole warned that what she was doing was slightly complicated, but she quickly realized that Vargas knew a lot about taxes. Vargas explained that he had once read the prison library's copy of Tax Accounting for Dummies.

After they finished reviewing the tax records, Vargas thanked Nicole for spending some time with him the previous night. Vargas admitted that he had enjoyed being the envy of every man who had seen Vargas and Nicole together, since he wasn't exactly the kind of guy who could ever convince someone who was as beautiful, smart, and funny as Nicole to go on a real date with him. Nicole insisted that Vargas was selling himself short.

Vargas wondered if Nicole was suggesting that she wouldn't run away if he asked her for a second date. Nicole shrugged and playfully stated that Vargas would have to actually ask her that question in order to find out the answer. Unable to think of the right words to say to Nicole, Vargas decided to communicate his response with a kiss instead. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Sami approached Eric's office.

At an undisclosed location, Sy asked his friend, Freddie, to deliver an envelope to Victor. A label on the front of the envelope suggested that it contained documents that were related to a Titan art project. Sy explained that he couldn't make the delivery himself because the police were looking for him. Sy asked to be alerted as soon as the task had been completed, so that he could prepare himself for the impending fireworks.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tried to convince Victor to let Kristen assist them with their selections for a corporate art project. Brady reasoned that it would be a good opportunity for Kristen to prove to Victor that she didn't have a hidden agenda. Victor wondered if Brady was going to threaten to walk out of the mansion and stop celebrating Victor's birthday if Victor refused to let Kristen attend the meeting.

Brady pointed out that Victor hated birthday cards anyway. "Only the ones with big numbers on them," Victor dryly replied. Knowing that Kristen's attendance was important to Brady, Victor agreed to include her in the meeting, leaving Brady visibly impressed.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen informed Stefano that she would not be able to join him for breakfast that day. "I know I haven't been around as much as you'd like me to be, or as much as I'd like to be, but I had to put out a fire that came very close to burning me down to the ground. Thankfully, the danger has been eliminated, but it was a close one," Kristen explained.

Disappointed, Stefano noted that Sy, whom Kristen referred to as a cockroach, had been chosen because he had received glowing recommendations from a previous employer. Kristen muttered that good help was getting harder to find, since people no longer had any standards. Kristen couldn't believe that Sy had been foolish enough to ask her for more money after he had already been paid for his services.

"You know, the DiMera name alone should have taken care of everything," Stefano said, shaking his head in disbelief. Stefano offered to take care of the problem for Kristen, but she assured him that she had already managed to regain control of the situation. Meanwhile, Kristen received a phone call from Brady, who informed her that Victor had agreed to let her assist them with the corporate art project.

After Kristen ended the call, Stefano sneered as he referred to Brady as a dumb slob. "You know, I really wish you wouldn't talk about him that way. I don't like it! He's not stupid! He's trusting...which is a good thing, because he doesn't have a clue, and neither does John, which means that my plan for John's total destruction is still on track. And it's gonna be a spectacular production, if I do say so myself. And it's gonna happen soon," Kristen assured Stefano, who shook his head doubtfully as he watched her exit the mansion.

Kristen and Freddie arrived at the Kiriakis mansion at the same time. When Freddie revealed that he had a special delivery for Victor, Kristen noticed the envelope's label and offered to give it to Victor herself. Freddie started to protest, insisting that he was supposed to personally deliver the envelope to Victor, but when Kristen explained that she and Victor were working on the art project together, Freddie decided that he could trust her.

After Freddie left, Kristen noted that it was strange that he had not asked for her signature when she had accepted the envelope. Meanwhile, Henderson opened the front door and greeted Kristen. Kristen entered the foyer, and Henderson excused himself so that he could find Victor and Brady. Kristen jokingly asked Henderson to warn Brady and Victor that she was going to start opening the art project envelopes without them if they made her wait for too long.

Kristen soon grew tired of waiting for Victor and Brady, but before she could open the envelope, they finally entered the living room. Kristen handed the envelope to Brady and explained that a messenger had been attempting to deliver it when she had arrived at the mansion earlier. Brady placed the envelope on the top of a pile of other envelopes that were related to the art project.

Brady wondered how Victor wanted to approach the project. Victor said that he would do whatever Brady wanted to do. Victor asked Kristen for her input, and she shrugged as she stated that she was easy. "That's not what the mugger said," Victor replied, catching Kristen off-guard. Victor explained that Brady had mentioned that the police were getting closer to apprehending Brady's mugger.

Brady clarified that the police had not yet contacted him to give him an update on the investigation, and he guessed that the case probably wasn't a top priority. Victor pointedly stated that he could change that with a single phone call, but Brady insisted that it wouldn't be necessary for Victor to do so. "Aw, come on. I haven't chewed out a bureaucrat all day. It'll get my juices flowing," Victor eagerly replied.

Brady laughed and promised that he would make a few phone calls later. Victor's expression made it clear that he wasn't satisfied with Brady's refusal to take charge of the situation right away. Taking the hint, Brady quickly excused himself, asking Victor and Kristen to be nice to each other while Brady was gone. After Brady left, Kristen innocently stated that she shared Victor's desire to ensure that justice was served.

"Oh, cut the crap, Kristen. You worked very hard to orchestrate this meeting, so I assume you have something you want to say to me. Well, we may not have much time, so you better get on with it," Victor bluntly stated. Feigning innocence, Kristen claimed that she had agreed to attend the meeting because she had wanted to support Brady. Victor admitted that he had agreed to the meeting for the same reason.

Victor refused to let Brady get hurt. Confused, Kristen pointedly stated that Victor was the person who had hurt Brady in the first place, referring to the ultimatum that Victor had issued to Brady when he had learned that Brady had decided to move into the DiMera mansion with her. Conceding Kristen's point, Victor vowed to rectify his earlier mistake.

Kristen was pleased to hear that, since Brady had been forced to sever his ties to many of his family members recently. Kristen wished that Brady's family could appreciate the fact that they were happy together. Victor said that was a lot to ask of John and Marlena. Kristen shrugged and suggested that Victor might be able to use his influence to convince Marlena and John to reconsider.

Victor noncommittally stated that he would find out if there was anything that he could do to remedy the situation. " know, we were once allies, if not friends. I mean, there was a time when you knew I was a good influence," Kristen reminded Victor, who admitted that he would like to see that version of her again. Kristen promised that Victor would get his wish.

Kristen assured Victor that she would never try to destroy his relationship with Brady. Kristen added that she only had Brady's best interests at heart, and she vowed to prove that to Victor before the end of the day. Victor, who was still suspicious about Sy's earlier phone call, pointedly stated that he had a good eye, which would allow him to easily figure out what he was really seeing.

Kristen countered that she also had a good eye, and she wondered if Victor had something else that he wanted to say to her. "I'll be here, Kristen, no matter who you throw in my path to trip me up, so settle in," Victor cryptically replied. Before Kristen could respond, Brady returned and announced that the mugger had apparently gone underground. Brady took a seat next to Kristen, and they each started to open an art project envelope.

Meanwhile, Victor received a phone call from Sy, who tried to explain that he had sent something to Victor earlier. Unable to talk to Sy while Kristen and Brady were in the room, Victor dismissively stated that it wasn't a good time. Ignoring Sy's protests, Victor abruptly ended the call, pointedly complaining to Brady and Kristen about telemarketers.

Victor returned to his seat and grabbed the nearest art project envelope -- Sy's.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

E.J. paid Caroline to close the pub so that he could have a private lunch with Sami. In order to surprise Sami, E.J. asked Caroline to call her.

In the church rectory, Vargas kissed Nicole. In the hallway outside, Sami approached the door to the office when her phone rang. Sami answered the phone call from Caroline, but the sound of the phone alerted Nicole and Vargas, who separated from one another and went back to work. When Sami entered the rectory office, she asked Nicole if Eric was around. Nicole informed Sami that Eric was out of town.

Sami introduced herself to Vargas, and he noted that he was Eric's latest charity case. With a knowing smile, Sami acknowledged that everyone had been Eric's charity case at one point or another. Vargas excused himself to return to work, and Sami asked Nicole if she was interested in Vargas. When Nicole rolled her eyes, Sami reminded Nicole that Sami would make her pay if Nicole hurt Eric.

After Sami left, Vargas returned to the rectory and Nicole informed him that Sami had not noticed that Vargas and Nicole had kissed. Nicole added that Sami was the mother of the man that was the father of Gabi's baby. When Vargas nodded deep in thought, Nicole said that Will was gay and no longer involved with Gabi. Nicole thanked Vargas for their night out at the pub, and she noted that she did not want to lead him on. Vargas nodded with a smile and said that he understood.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline asked E.J. what he doing. E.J. said that he wanted to propose to Sami. When E.J. asked Caroline if Sami would say yes, Caroline shrugged and said no. Caroline explained that she did not approve. E.J. countered that he had chosen to propose to Sami at the pub to show her that he did not want to stand in between Sami and her family. Smiling, Caroline said that if Sami accepted E.J.'s proposal then her wedding present would be to withhold her opinion on the marriage. Beaming, E.J. thanked Caroline.

Sami arrived at the pub and asked Caroline what was the urgent matter she had called about. Smiling, Caroline told Sami that she had called on behalf of someone else. "Keep your wits about you," Caroline advised. Caroline left and Sami stood in the empty pub, puzzled. E.J. crept up behind Sami and held out a rose for her. E.J. asked Sami to join him for lunch.

"I wanted to do this in a place that had meaning; somewhere that was special to you. To both of us," E.J. said. When Sami asked what E.J. meant, he sat Sami down and they chatted about the wine. Curious, Sami reiterated her question. Coy, E.J. joked that he did not need a reason to have lunch with the most important person in his life. Sami noted that the meal felt more like a celebration than a lunch.

"We are celebrating something. Us. I was going to wait but then you know I've never been a patient man," E.J. said with a grin. As Sami raised an eyebrow, E.J. bent on one knee and held out an engagement ring. "I love you, Samantha Brady. With all of my heart. WIll you please do me the great privilege and honor of being my wife?" E.J. said.

In the Horton living room, Chloe informed Daniel and Jennifer that she was leaving town. Chloe asked Daniel to look after Parker while she was gone. When Daniel asked why, Chloe explained that she was ashamed of her behavior. Chloe apologized to Daniel and Jennifer. Jennifer told Chloe that she understood and promised to watch over Parker while Chloe was gone.

When Chloe informed Daniel and Jennifer that she was going into therapy, Daniel stressed that Chloe needed to take care of herself and get better. Chloe said that she would be gone for two months but that she had petitioned the court to add Daniel's name to Parker's birth certificate. Jennifer retrieved Parker from the kitchen, and Chloe said a tearful goodbye to her son.

After Chloe left, Abigail and Parker carried a tray of cupcakes into the living room. Laughing, Daniel tapped the cupcake against Parker's nose to cheer him up. As Parker giggled, Daniel, Jennifer, Abigail, and Parker each wiped frosting on one another's faces.

In the town square, a tearful Chloe met with Anne. When Anne asked why Chloe was leaving town, Chloe explained that she did not want to chase Daniel anymore. Anne was upset that Jennifer had won, but Chloe assured Anne that Parker was the one that needed to win and that she was choosing the best option. Anne and Chloe wished one another good luck.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Kristin shuffled through the envelopes of entries for the art project. Victor picked up the envelope that Sy had sent over with the incriminating photo of Kristin and the mugger. Before Victor could open the envelope, Brady got up to take a phone call about the project in China. Kristin suggested to Victor that they continue to review the entries rather than make small talk.

As Victor opened the envelope from Sy, both his phone and Kristin's phone rang. Kristin stepped into the foyer to talk to Stefano on the phone. Stefano warned Kristin to head home immediately. Kristin said goodbye to Brady and left. In the living room, Victor talked to Sy on the phone. Victor ordered Sy to call back in an hour. When Victor hung up the phone, Brady entered the living room.

Brady picked the envelope from Sy up off of the table. Brady informed Victor that there were problems with the contracts on the China project. Frustrated, Victor asked Brady to gather up the envelopes and postpone reviewing them. Brady agreed to pre-screen the entries himself, and he shoved the whole stack, including the envelope from Sy, into his briefcase.

At the coffeehouse, John stared at the old photo of him with Kristin. John pulled out his cell phone and called Marlena. When John heard a cell phone ringing in the coffeehouse, he turned and found Marlena at the counter. Marlena asked John if he wanted to talk. Without changing his expression, John noted that he had called to ask Marlena for her key to their storage unit. Crushed, Marlena pulled the key out of her purse and slapped it into John's hand. John thanked Marlena and left.

As Marlena sat at the table, wiping away tears, Brady entered the coffeehouse and saw her. Brady paused, then walked over to Marlena and asked her if she was okay. Marlena stood up to leave, and Brady joked that he understood how Marlena felt because he had almost left when he saw her at the table. Brady noted that he would be happy with Kristin and that there was no reason that Marlena could not be happy with John.

Brady apologized for giving Marlena the impression that he never wanted to talk to her again. With a sad smile, Brady recommended that he and Marlena discuss neutral topics. After commenting on the weather and the Chicago Cubs, Brady held up his briefcase. Brady explained to Marlena about the art project, and he asked her for her opinion on the entries. Brady opened his briefcase and the first envelope he pulled out was the one from Sy.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano informed Kristin that Sy had not left town. Stefano promised to take care of the situation. While Kristin paced the living room, Stefano and his henchman left to find Sy. The doorbell chimed, and Kristin was surprised to find John on the porch. John told Kristin that he had something for her.

In his hideout, Sy grew restless and ventured out to grab food. As Sy walked through the park, Stefano and his henchman cornered Sy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nick went to St. Luke's to see Vargas, who chided him for being late. Nick asked if Vargas had the money. "Not yet," Vargas replied. Nick wanted to know how long it would be. Vargas retorted, "As long as it takes -- and even then, I've got to make sure that you can handle it... I've been hearing about what you've been doing since you got out of prison. You've got yourself into a hell of a mess, man." Nick asserted, "Vargas, you don't know anything about me or my life outside of prison."

Vargas divulged that he knew Nick wasn't the father of Gabi's baby. Nick maintained that his marriage was none of Vargas' business. Vargas warned, "I need you focused, and if you're all distracted and you're out there making mistakes, then that's going to totally become my business." Vargas asked what Nick had for him. After Nick described his plan, he cautioned that while it could be big, it was risky, and he had to research it more.

"The timing is critical and it's not all legit, so I have to be careful," Nick continued. As he headed out, Nick asked Vargas to give him some time, and then he would be in touch. Vargas stopped Nick. "Why the hell did you get yourself into this baby mess in the first place?" Vargas demanded. Nick maintained that he and Gabi had simply fallen in love after he'd gotten out of prison.

Vargas noted suspiciously that Nick seemed almost desperate to make his "ready-made family" happen. Vargas reminded Nick, "I was there, those years you spent in prison, the things that you went through..." Nick insisted that it was all behind him. Vargas warned Nick that desperation was never a good thing and could screw everything up. Nick looked a little rattled as Vargas picked up his toolbox and left the office.

When Rafe visited Gabi at the Kiriakis mansion, she confessed that it was strange living in such a huge house. Rafe asked what Gabi had wanted to talk to him about. "Kate Roberts," she replied. Rafe reassured Gabi that the contract Kate had wanted Gabi to sign was in the past; Kate had only been trying to look out for Will because she cared about him, just like she cared about Gabi. "She's not trying to hurt you. She gave me her word on that," Rafe added.

Gabi suddenly freaked out in disbelief as she realized that Rafe and Kate were together. Rafe tried to deny it, but Gabi asserted that she'd seen the signs. Rafe reluctantly admitted that it was true; he hadn't told Gabi because he hadn't wanted to upset her. Gabi asserted that she'd deserved to know that her brother was having an affair with the grandmother of her baby's father. Gabi asked if Rafe were in love with Kate, but he refused to answer that. Gabi wanted to know, at least, how much influence Kate had over Rafe.

Rafe replied, "How about none? In fact, I broke up with her because I thought that she was using me to get to you." Rafe insisted that it was for the best, but Gabi wasn't convinced. Rafe asked her not to say anything to Nick. Gabi assured Rafe that although she wouldn't lie to her husband, she also wouldn't divulge anything. Gabi asked Rafe if he thought that he and Kate would get back together, because Gabi wanted to see her brother happy. "If she made you happy, then I'm grateful to her. Just -- just not with Sami, okay?" Gabi added, hugging Rafe.

In Gabi and Nick's room later, Gabi enthusiastically showed Nick some baby clothes that she'd bought. She noticed that he seemed preoccupied, so she asked what was wrong. "I just want to be sure that nothing ever, ever gets in the way of our family, and you and me and the baby... We have to fight to keep that, Gabi. We can't let our guard down -- ever," Nick declared. Frightened, Gabi asked if something had happened.

Nick apologized if he'd scared Gabi, and explained that their life together was just so perfect that he feared they would lose it. Gabi assured him that they wouldn't. They agreed that they couldn't wait for the baby to be born.

In Horton Square, Lucas boasted to Kate that sales had gone up since he'd gone to work for her. He observed that his mom seemed distracted. Reflecting for a moment on her argument with Rafe, Kate insisted that everything was fine. Lucas guessed that it was hard on Kate to have Stefano back in town, but she denied it. Changing the subject, Kate wanted to know if Lucas had confronted Sami about Allie living at the DiMera mansion.

Lucas said that although he wasn't happy about it, Sami had another reason for moving back to the mansion. He refused to elaborate on what that reason was, but he admitted the real problem was that Sami was back with E.J. Lucas confided that he felt sorry for Rafe because he didn't think that Rafe had ever been able to move on from Sami, who Lucas believed had been the love of Rafe's life.

Kate was sitting alone later when Rafe placed a single white rose on the table in front of her. "Truce?" he offered. Kate held the blossom up to her nose. "A fragrant use of the white flag of surrender. Well played," she noted.

Rafe said that he wasn't surrendering, but he did want to apologize for hurting Kate's feelings. "Well, your feelings can only be hurt if the person who's inflicting the damage is someone you care about," Kate asserted. Rafe countered, "A lot of truces end with walking away. I was hoping maybe this could end with a walk, too. So what do you think?" Kate concurred, "I think that I would really like to try."

At the Brady Pub, which was closed for the occasion, E.J. proffered an engagement ring as he knelt before Sami's chair and proposed, "Would you do me the great honor of being my wife?" A stunned Sami could hardly speak. She managed to stammer a few words about how surprised she was, but then E.J. noticed that she hadn't actually answered him yet. "Is that a no?" E.J. asked, the pain and worry in his eyes evident.

Sami reassured him that she wasn't saying no, but E.J. pointed out that she hadn't said yes, either. Sami stated that she couldn't say yes until she was sure that E.J. wasn't asking her to marry him for all the wrong reasons. She explained for a confused E.J. that she didn't want him to feel like she expected him to rescue her because her life was always such a mess. Flummoxed, E.J. declared as politely as he could that what Sami had said was "complete and utter nonsense."

E.J. continued that Sami was an extraordinary woman who gave his life joy, and that was why he wanted to marry her. Sami tearfully admitted that she was very insecure because whenever people had declared their love for her in the past, they had really loved the person they'd believed she was or that she was pretending to be, or they had wanted to change her. As she began to cry in earnest, Sami apologized for ruining E.J.'s moment.

E.J. assured Sami that he loved her for who she was. "Since you moved into the mansion, since we began living together, I have felt a peace and a fullness that I never knew existed. I love you, okay? Even when I said I didn't love you, I loved you. And to be able to say that now and to hear those words in return, that's all I want. That's all I need," E.J. declared softly. His eyes filling with nervous tears, E.J. added that he wasn't sure how much longer he could wait for Sami to say yes. "Yes!" Sami declared abruptly, then grabbed E.J. and kissed him.

Sami and E.J. laughed ecstatically as he put the ring on her finger. After Sami admired it for a moment, E.J. kissed her hand. Sami took his face in her hands and declared that she loved him. E.J. confessed that although he'd chosen the perfect place to propose, he wished they were alone. Sami agreed, so he grabbed her by the hand and they hurried out.

As E.J. and Sami exited the pub, giggling, they ran into Lucas, who wondered why they seemed so happy. Sami said they had just been having a private lunch. Lucas observed the "closed" sign on the door -- and the engagement ring on Sami's finger. "That's what this whole thing was about? Really? A closed-door proposal at a pub? That is amazing, E.J. You really outdid yourself this time, didn't you?" Lucas noted sarcastically.

Lucas continued making jokes about how often Sami and E.J. had been married. "Let me be the first to congratulate you on your next fifteen minutes of matrimony," Lucas declared. Sami asked him not to tell anyone, because she wanted to be the one to tell her family. Lucas was happy to oblige, proclaiming that Sami and E.J.'s news was "pathetic and predictable."

Sami and E.J. fell into bed as soon as they got back to the DiMera mansion. They concurred that sneaking in through the servants' entrance had been a great idea. E.J. declared that it meant a great deal to him that Sami was going to be his wife. Sami said that she couldn't wait to marry him because he was a great father to their kids and Allie, and she loved that they were going to be a family.

After having sex, Sami reminded E.J. of the day they'd first met when his towel had fallen off. Laughing, E.J. confessed that it hadn't been an accident. Feigning shock, Sami declared that he'd almost given her an anxiety attack -- and he still made her heart race.

At Common Grounds, Brady asked Marlena for her opinions regarding Titan's art project. He handed her one of the envelopes and took one himself, but as they were opening them, Hope arrived to talk to Brady. She explained that although there was still an APB out on Sy Miller, the trail had gone cold. Brady got a text message that he had a call from overseas. On his way out, Brady privately declared to Marlena that it had been nice talking with her and he hoped they could do it again soon.

After Brady had gone, Marlena confided in Hope about her recent encounter with John. Seeing how discouraged Marlena was, Hope urged her not to stop fighting for her marriage. Marlena maintained that she had fought for so long that she was exhausted, and she realized that nothing would help unless she could expose Kristen to Brady.

Hope asked if there were a way to do so. "Maybe, but it would be in your hands," Marlena replied. She explained that she was the only person who believed that Kristen might have been involved in Brady's mugging. Marlena hoped that if the police found the attacker, he would implicate Kristen in order to make a deal for himself. "Too far-fetched?" Marlena asked. "Not if we find this guy, and not if it's true," Hope assured her.

When Ciara arrived, Marlena said her goodbyes and left. Hope hugged her daughter and declared, "Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You know, you're our sweet little angel." Ciara replied, "I really miss Daddy." Hope agreed that she did, too.

As Brady walked through Horton Square, he was on his cell phone, telling someone, "I heard from Beijing less than an hour ago... Yeah, we have to get it right or we're going to lose them... I would expect nothing less... I'll tell you what: I have the report. It's in my briefcase. I'll take a look at it. I'll give you a call back and tell you what I think." Brady sat down, opened his briefcase, and opened one of the manila envelopes.

After she left the coffeehouse, Marlena spotted John. She quickly turned and walked the other way before he saw her. John glanced at his phone. "Better work. It has to," he told himself.

In the park, while Stefano's henchman menacingly guarded Sy, Stefano cautioned Sy that their business wasn't complete. Sy apologized to Stefano for going to Victor Kiriakis. "You tell me exactly what you've done," Stefano growled furiously.

Kristen was surprised when she opened the door of the DiMera mansion and found John on the doorstep. "I brought you something... You told me not to come back again unless I brought you a gift, and now I have one," John explained as he handed Kristen a shopping bag. Kristen reminded John that she'd asked for a gift before she'd found out that he had never really accepted her relationship with Brady. Declaring that she wasn't interested, Kristen began to slam the door, but John pushed past her.

As John placed the bag on the foyer table, he said that the photos that Kristen had given him had evoked memories that were both chilling and happy. "Remembering those happy times we had together made me realize that I haven't exactly wiped my slate clean. So I made a decision, and you need to have this," John added. Kristen declared that she would throw away whatever "stupid remnant" of the past was probably in the bag. "I'm not looking behind anymore, John. I'm looking ahead. With Brady!" she shouted after John as he left.

Once she was alone, Kristen opened the bag, and her mouth fell open with surprise when she saw that it contained a sweater with "COACH" written across the back and "SALEM MOOSE" on the front. She recalled the baseball game when John had given it to her and how touched she'd been. "John, you've given me such a wonderful gift. I'm going to cherish it and I'm going to use it, all at the same time," Kristen said.

A little later, when Stefano returned home, Kristen anxiously asked if he had taken care of Sy. Stefano replied that he had, but cautioned her that it hadn't been "clean." Stefano explained that the pictures had been sent to Victor Kiriakis, disguised as part of the art project. Kristen flipped out when she realized that she'd taken the envelope from the man who had delivered it to the house for Sy. "This can't be happening!" Kristen fretted. Stefano left the room to take a phone call.

"Brady cannot see those photos! This cannot end this way!" Kristen agonized. She knew she had to do damage control, but she didn't know how, since Victor and Brady could be looking at the photos at that very minute. Determined to make sure that didn't happen, she grabbed her purse and headed out -- but when she flung the front door open, Brady was on the porch.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

by Mike

At Common Grounds, Hope spotted John and told him that they needed to talk about Marlena and Kristen. John tried to protest, but Hope was undeterred.

"You've been treating [Marlena] terribly -- horribly. I'm sorry, I just -- that's the way I see it, because it's the truth. Is Marlena perfect? No. Has she made mistakes? Absolutely. But God knows, John, haven't we all? Are you really going to throw away your marriage because of this Brady-Kristen business? You know what? Listen to me -- you need to find your way back to Marlena by whatever means possible. I mean it. You two need to come together, stay together, stand together -- side by side, a united front. Otherwise, you will lose Brady -- forever, John," Hope confidently predicted.

John dismissively stated that, while he appreciated Hope's advice, he was going to deal with the situation in his own way. John's indifference annoyed Hope, who wondered if he cared at all about the fact that Brady was dating Kristen -- the same woman who had once tried to kill Marlena and destroy John's life. John stressed that he loved Brady and would do anything for him.

Hoping that John's statement was an indication that, despite appearances to the contrary, he did have a plan, Hope urged him to tell her what he was going to do. John silently recalled the gift that he had given Kristen earlier, but he claimed that there was nothing that he could do. Hope refused to believe that John really felt that way, since he had never been the kind of person who could simply accept defeat.

John suggested that the man whom Hope was referring to no longer existed. Before Hope could respond, John abruptly excused himself. Later, John smiled mischievously as he looked at an old photograph of him and Kristen.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor told Maggie about his earlier meeting with Brady and Kristen. "I bit my tongue, she put on her phony smile -- it was all peaches and cream," Victor dryly summarized. Recalling the thinly veiled threats that Kristen had made when Brady had stepped out of the room to answer a phone call, Victor said that his only advantage was the fact that she still didn't know where he stood.

Victor sighed as he wondered why Sy had suddenly stopped trying to contact him. Victor picked up a scarf that Kristen had inadvertently left at the mansion earlier, muttering that she was eventually going to crash and burn. Victor hoped that Brady wouldn't get caught in the wreckage. Maggie needed to take care of a few things at Chez Rouge, so she decided to deliver Kristen's scarf to the DiMera mansion so that Victor wouldn't have to deal with Kristen again.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady stormed past Kristen, who hastily assured him that she could explain everything. Ignoring Kristen's comment, Brady demanded to know where his Ferrari was. Kristen revealed that Stefano had arranged for Brady's car to be towed to the motor court that was located behind the mansion, since the car had been occupying Stefano's preferred parking space.

As Kristen nervously eyed the briefcase that Brady was carrying, he wondered what she had been trying to tell him earlier. Kristen claimed that she had assumed that John might have been waiting for Brady outside the mansion, since John had visited her a short time before Brady had returned home. Kristen revealed that John had given her a reminder of their shared past.

Kristen showed Brady the old baseball jersey that she had received from John, but she neglected to explain the history that the item represented. Changing the subject, Brady admitted that he was worried about his Ferrari, and he excused himself so that he could make sure that Stefano hadn't scratched it. After Brady left, Kristen opened his briefcase and frantically searched for Sy's envelope, but she was unable to locate it.

Brady returned a short time later, happily announcing that his Ferrari was still in perfect condition. Kristen was still rummaging through Brady's briefcase, but she claimed that she had simply been unable to resist her desire to see the art project proposals. Kristen innocently asked if all of the proposals were in Brady's briefcase, prompting him to count them.

Realizing that one of the envelopes was missing, Brady suggested that it might have been left at the Kiriakis mansion. Kristen offered to take care of the search, explaining that she needed to return to the mansion to retrieve her scarf anyway. When Kristen arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, she showered Henderson with compliments, but Victor interrupted and told her to save her breath, adding that Brady already had what she was looking for.

Kristen started to get nervous, but as Victor continued to talk, she realized that he was referring to her scarf. Confused, Victor wondered what Kristen had been talking about, and she explained that she had been looking for the art project proposals. Victor dismissively stated that Kristen would have to ask Brady about the proposals.

Changing the subject, Kristen wondered if she could have a glass of water. The bar was out of water, so Victor reluctantly excused himself so that he could ask Henderson to fulfill Kristen's request. After Victor left, Kristen rushed into the living room and started to search for the missing envelope. A short time later, Henderson approached Kristen and asked if she was looking for something.

Kristen told Henderson about the missing envelope. Henderson was positive that Brady had placed all of the envelopes in a briefcase earlier. Henderson walked away, and Kristen started to panic as she wondered who could possibly have the envelope. Meanwhile, at Common Grounds, Ciara found an envelope under her backpack. After checking to make sure that Hope wasn't watching her, Ciara curiously opened the envelope and stared at the photograph of Kristen and Sy.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady thanked Maggie for delivering Kristen's scarf to him. Maggie said that she had heard that Brady and Victor had inched their way toward a proper reconciliation at their earlier meeting. Brady nodded and stressed that the possibility of a true reconciliation with Victor was going to hinge on Victor's ability to treat Kristen with the respect that she deserved.

Brady insisted that everyone needed to give Kristen a chance to prove that she wasn't the same person whom they had previously known. Spotting the baseball jersey, Maggie agreed that Kristen was certainly not the same person who had once worn that article of clothing. Brady was confused, so Maggie told him about the little league team that she had helped John and Kristen coach years earlier.

Brady found it difficult to decide if the memories were making Maggie happy or sad. "It was a good day. We were winning, and, um, a lot of people were rooting for us. I guess the reason that I'm a little conflicted about all this is that it was also the day that I realized that John had very real, very deep feelings for Kristen," Maggie explained.

At the Brady Pub, Will, Sonny, Chad, Brian, and T claimed an empty table as they bragged about beating their opposing team at a basketball game earlier that day. Will excused himself so that he could get some drinks for everyone, and Brian offered to help him carry the glasses. Meanwhile, Chad noticed that Cameron was standing outside, and he excused himself so that he could talk to Cameron for a moment.

Outside, Chad guessed that Cameron had gone to the pub to purchase a cup of coffee so that he could avoid seeing Chad at Common Grounds. Chad tried to convince Cameron that it was time for them to clear the air, but Cameron wasn't interested in doing so. As Cameron started to walk away, Chad warned that there was something that Cameron needed to know about Caroline.

Before Chad could continue, Caroline approached Cameron, whom she instantly recognized. Chad helpfully suggested that Caroline had probably encountered Cameron at the hospital, where he worked with Kayla. Chad introduced Caroline to Cameron, and she realized that he was Celeste's son. Caroline thanked Cameron, recalling that he had worked a shift at the pub while she had been receiving her Alzheimer's treatments in California.

Caroline went into the pub to get a cup of coffee for Cameron. Chad quickly resumed his conversation with Cameron, who was shocked to learn that Caroline had been at the strip club the previous night. With a shrug, Chad suggested that attending the show might have been one of the steps in Caroline's Alzheimer's treatment program, but Cameron insisted that doctors were not encouraging Alzheimer's patients to visit strip clubs.

Chad optimistically pointed out that Caroline probably wouldn't be able to remember that she had attended the strip club in the first place. Changing the subject, Chad tried to convince Cameron to forgive Abigail, but Cameron wasn't interested in talking about her. Chad invited Cameron to hang out with him and Theo later that day, but Cameron dismissively stated that he was going to be busy later.

Frustrated and disappointed, Chad took the hint and reluctantly reentered the pub. Meanwhile, Caroline returned with Cameron's cup of coffee. "I -- I just have to tell you, I enjoyed your act so much. Oh, my. When you took your shirt off, you got me! Yeah, your act is hot, you know? Smokin' hot," Caroline declared. Cameron laughed uncomfortably, and Caroline assured him that his secret was safe with her.

Back inside the pub, T told Sonny that Will, who had been uncharacteristically quiet and reserved lately, had seemed energetic and carefree during the game. "Yeah. That's the guy I fell in love with," Sonny said with a smile. T wondered if Will was freaked out about the baby. Sonny shook his head and offered T a vague explanation for the recent change in Will's behavior, adding that he was glad that T was encouraging Will to stay active. "Yeah, well, you know, that's what friends are for, right? Although I wasn't too good at the friendship thing for a while," T regretfully admitted.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Will and Brian waited for one of the pub employees to return with two pitchers of unsweetened iced tea. Noting that Will's baby would soon be born, Brian pointedly guessed that Sonny wasn't going to be thrilled about the new addition to Will's life. "You know what, Brian? Um, I cut you a lot of slack with all the crap that you pulled when Sonny and I were having a rough patch, but you have hit your limit, man," Will replied.

Will started to add that he understood that Brian was one of Sonny's friends, but Brian interrupted, claiming that he hoped that he was also one of Will's friends. "Really? Does a friend try to convince me that he slept with my boyfriend?" Will asked. Brian defensively replied that Will had jumped to that conclusion on his own. "No, no, no, no, no. You worded things to make sure I'd jump. And by the way, I am more than aware of how you're doing your little thing around him all the time. Every chance you get, you hang out an 'available' sign," Will countered.

Will found it hard to believe that someone who was as smart as Brian was could also be completely clueless at the same time. Brian wondered what Will was talking about. "Um, Sonny and I are together. Sonny is mine. So if you want to go ahead and -- and take a shot, try your luck -- go ahead, man. Go ahead," Will confidently stated.

Will and Brian received the pitchers of unsweetened iced tea and carried them over to their group's table. Chad received a text message from Abigail, who asked him to meet her at the town square right away. After saying farewell to his friends, Chad left the pub. Later, Chad found Abigail and tried to assure her that Cameron was going to be fine, but she was convinced that her interference was probably going to end up ruining Cameron's life.

Abigail paced nervously as she told Chad that, while Anne might not know why Cameron had been at the strip club yet, she still knew that he had been there. Abigail suggested that Anne might have already found a reason to fire Cameron. Struggling to think of a way to rectify the situation, Abigail realized that the strip club probably had a policy that prevented the strippers' real names from being revealed.

Abigail hoped that she and Chad could convince Anne that Cameron was just one of the strip club's bartenders. "Okay, I don't see how you just slip that into the conversation, especially when you're dealing with a conniving bitch like Anne Milbauer," Chad skeptically replied. Abigail didn't appreciate Chad's negativity, so he conceded that if they could make the plan work, it would certainly be better than watching Cameron lose his job at the hospital.

At the hospital, Anne informed Cameron that she needed to talk to him about a resignation. Before Cameron could respond, Anne clarified that one of the nurses was moving to Florida, and she wondered if he would be willing to provide the nurse with a letter of recommendation. Cameron agreed to do so, and Anne thanked him, noting that she was glad that he wasn't trying to hold her past behavior against her. After apologizing for the way that she had recently treated Abigail, Anne walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Will returned to the bar to order some fries, and T decided to join him. Brian sighed as he took a seat across the table from Sonny. Brian revealed that Will had accused him of constantly flirting with Sonny, and he wondered if Sonny agreed with Will's assessment of the situation. Sonny said that he and Will loved and trusted each other. Brian pointedly recalled that Sonny and Will had not always been that solid.

"I know. And that was my fault for sending you mixed signals, and I'm sorry, but that's why I've been cutting you slack lately, but there is a limit. I've been cutting you slack because for months, I've been ignoring your innuendos, your looks, your secret smiles, and I just thought eventually, you would get the message when I didn't respond, but you haven't, so here it is -- stop. Will and I are together, we love each other, and if you want to continue to be friends, you're gonna have to let it go. Is that clear?" Sonny asked, and Brian nodded.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Will and T laughed as they recalled some of the finer moments of teamwork that they had displayed during the earlier basketball game. T hoped that things would never change, and Will realized that T was referring to what Will's life was going to be like after the baby was born. "Yeah. I mean, are you freaked out yet? Having a baby? I mean, not because of the whole gay thing or Gabi thing, but...I mean, it's having a baby. I mean, thinking about it even freaks me out, you know? I mean, it's huge! I mean, it's not huge -- it's tiny, but it's huge," T said.

"I don't -- I hear what you're saying, but, uh, I mean, I'm excited. I'm not freaked out. I mean, I'm gonna make -- there's gonna be a real, live person that I helped make, and...I don't know, it's crazy," Will enthusiastically replied. T jokingly summarized that it was the miracle of life, but he quickly reconsidered and apologized for his flippant tone. Will assured T that, while the phrase might be clichéd, it was still true -- babies really were miracles.

Later, Will, Sonny, Brian, and T discussed a Maroon 5 concert that was going to be held in Chicago in the near future. Brian suggested that he might be able to find a date so that he could join Will, Sonny, and T at the concert. T immediately thought of his girlfriend's brother, who was gay. Brian wondered what Audrey's brother looked like. T didn't know how to answer that question, so he reiterated that Audrey had a brother who was gay, and he asked if Brian really needed to know anything else about the guy.

Brian laughed and agreed to let T talk to Audrey's brother about the idea. Brian started to excuse himself, and T asked if Brian would be willing to give him a ride home, since T's car was in the shop. Will clarified that T didn't actually own a car. "I do too. It's in the shop...being made," T replied. After Brian and T left, Will predicted that Brian wasn't going to like Audrey's brother, who looked nothing like Audrey.

Sonny observed that Will seemed genuinely happy, and Will replied that he was happy because he was with Sonny. Will and Sonny kissed, unaware that Caroline was watching them. Will noted that it had been a fun day, and Sonny agreed, adding that he couldn't remember the last time that Will, who had been under a lot of pressure lately, had seemed truly relaxed. Will countered that Sonny had also been under a lot of pressure lately.

Sonny confidently assured Will that they were going to ensure that Will's daughter would have an amazing life. Will gazed into Sonny's eyes and noted that it seemed like Sonny had given the situation a lot of thought. "I did. I want you in my life, Will. I want you to be happy," Sonny replied. As Will and Sonny started to kiss again, Caroline approached their table.

"There will be no public displays of affection in this pub," Caroline bluntly stated. Stunned, Will pulled away from Sonny and started to apologize, but Caroline laughed and admitted that she had been joking. Caroline noted that if she had gotten upset every time that a happy couple had kissed in the pub, she would have gone out of business very quickly.

Sonny and Will invited Caroline to join them, but she shook her head and explained that she had simply wanted to say that it was nice to see that they were both happy. "You know, I've been around a lot of years, and things change, you know? I think it's about time that everybody can be who they are, wherever they are," Caroline added before walking away. Sonny noted with admiration that Caroline was a great lady whom Will was very lucky to have in his life.

Will agreed, gazing at Sonny with a look that seemed to acknowledge that Caroline wasn't the only person whom he was lucky to have in his life.

Friday, April 12, 2013

In his apartment, Daniel asked Chloe if she was capable of taking Parker away from his father. Chloe warned Daniel that he had passed on the chance to be a family and that she intended to take Parker away because she was Parker's only legal parent. Daniel blocked Chloe's path toward Parker. When Chloe threatened to call the police, Daniel called her bluff and handed her a phone.

"I really feel sorry for you right now, I do, because I am going to go and take my son and leave. And you are going to end up with nothing," Chloe said. Chloe asked Daniel why he had forgiven everyone but her. Daniel noted that he might forgive Chloe in time but that he would not let her use Parker as a bargaining chip. When Chloe reminded Daniel that he had forgiven Nicole, Daniel countered that he had forgiven Nicole because she had stopped pursuing him, unlike Chloe.

When a teary-eyed Chloe noted that Daniel saw Jennifer as a saint despite how Jennifer had publicly humiliated him, Daniel argued that Jennifer had only hurt him at Chloe's direction. Daniel and Chloe rehashed the end of their marriage and her affair with Philip. When Chloe said that her life had been ripped away from her, Daniel argued that Chloe had ruined her own life and then chosen to ruin his.

"There's no second chances for me. No, none of that famous forgiveness of yours," Chloe said. Daniel blamed Chloe for his missing out on watching Parker grow up. Wiping away tears, Chloe nodded. Chloe said that she understood that Daniel did not want to talk to her again but that she knew that her actions derived from a place of love. Chloe swore that she would not let anyone turn Parker against her.

"I'm gonna go take my son now, and I would advise you to step out of my way because I don't have a problem destroying anyone who comes between me and my child," Chloe said. "The only thing that we share is Parker," Daniel said sadly. Chloe asked Daniel why they could not work things out for the sake of their son. Daniel explained that he loved Jennifer and that he did not want to live a lie or lie to his son.

Daniel stressed that Parker would always need his mother. Staring into the distance, Chloe said that if she took Parker away from Daniel that Parker would forgive her. "But I won't. I won't rob him of your love because I can't have it too," Chloe whispered. Chloe dabbed the tears from her eyes. Chloe admitted that she had been wrong to use Parker to break up Daniel and Jennifer.

"What is wrong with me? I wanted you so bad that I stopped being a good mother, and I was a good mother," Chloe said. "You can be again," Daniel said. Chloe agreed, noting, "Now I know what I really want." Chloe explained that she would dedicate her life to her son. Daniel countered that he would not let Parker out of his sight. Nodding, Chloe asked Daniel if they could continue their conversation in the morning.

Daniel nodded and added that he would contact Justin to start the process of claiming paternity over Parker. Chloe nodded. When Daniel offered to let Chloe kiss Parker goodnight, she declined, noting that she could not bear to look at her son after what she had done.

After Chloe left, Daniel played with Parker in the living room. "You know what? Your daddy has a lot to say to your friend Jennifer," Daniel said as he reached for his cell phone. Daniel called Jennifer, but when he reached her voicemail, he hung up. Daniel noted that he did not want to leave a message and that he wanted to talk to Jennifer in person.

In Horton Town Square, Chloe looked through the photos on her phone and wept. "I know what I need to do know," Chloe said quietly.

In the strip club, Abigail was shocked to see Anne in the audience. Abigail fretted that Anne would see Cameron perform. When Abigail wondered aloud why Anne was at the club, Chad informed Abigail that Anne had been at the coffeehouse when Abigail talked about Cameron's secret. Abigail asked the bouncer to stop Cameron from taking the stage. When the bouncer raised an eyebrow, Chad stepped in and bribed the bouncer to warn Cameron not to take the stage.

When the bouncer walked away with the money, Chad pursued him to make sure Cameron received the message. As Abigail crossed the room, she ran into Caroline Brady, who was there with a friend to see the show. "This can not get any worse," Abigail muttered to herself. Chad returned to the main room and informed Abigail that Cameron would have to take the stage because he was the main performer.

Abigail approached Anne. Smiling, Anne talked about Jennifer's dismissal from the hospital. Frustrated, Abigail returned to Chad and pleaded with the bouncer to let her go backstage to talk to Cameron. Abigail grabbed money out of her wallet and ran to the stage. When the dancer took the money, Abigail attempted to jump on the stage and run into the back.

The dancer grabbed Abigail by the waist and danced with her as she helplessly looked back at Chad. Rolling his eyes, Chad marched over to Anne and stood in front of her. Chad offered to buy Anne a drink, and he sat down at her table. Chad ordered multiple drinks and encouraged Anne to chug them quickly.

When the dancer on stage spun Abigail around, she slipped behind the curtain. Backstage, Cameron stretched and prepared to perform. Abigail grabbed Cameron's arm to stop him from taking the stage, but he shook her off.

Abigail returned to the crowd and found Chad at Anne's table. Anne was passed out on Chad's shoulder. Smiling, Chad explained that he had paid the bartender to strengthen Anne's drinks. From the stage, Cameron saw Anne at the back of the room, and he bolted off the stage. Chad informed Cameron that Anne had passed out before Cameron had taken the stage.

When Cameron asked why Anne was at the club, Abigail explained that Anne had overheard Abigail and Chad talking about Cameron at the coffeehouse. Cameron was furious, but Chad stressed that they had not mentioned that Cameron worked at the club. Chad promised to drive Anne home and ushered her to her car. When Abigail started to leave, Cameron asked her to stay and talk.

Frustrated, Abigail warned Cameron not to complain about her and Chad's interference because it had saved Cameron's job at the hospital. Abigail reminded Cameron that she and Chad had intervened because they cared about Cameron and that Cameron should have trusted her with the truth about his second job. Abigail cautioned Cameron to blame himself for his situation and not her, and then she marched out of the club.

At the coffeehouse, Will and Sonny were talking when Nick walked in and apologized to Sonny. When Nick asked Sonny if they "were good," Sonny gruffly said yes. Nick turned to Will and informed him that Will's family was pestering Gabi.

"So that's the real reason you came over here?" Will asked. Nick explained that Kate had asked Gabi to sign legal papers granting Will visitation with his baby. Nick overtly threatened to sever ties between the baby and Will if Will did not make his family back off of Gabi.

Outside the coffeehouse, Sami and E.J. looked through the window and saw Nick talking to Will. In mama bear mode, Sami started to march in and give Nick a piece of her mind, but E.J. stopped her. E.J. advised Sami to keep calm and continue to let Nick think that he was in control of the situation. E.J. reminded Sami that Will could handle himself.

When Sami saw that Nick was leaving the coffeehouse, she and E.J. acted casual outside. Nick approached them and informed them that he had talked to Will. After Nick walked away, Sami and E.J. rushed into the coffeehouse. Will updated E.J. and Sami about his conversation with Nick. E.J. suggested that Will drop by the house and work on his relationship with Stefano.

Sonny asked E.J. if Stefano would hold Will to a debt. E.J. explained that Will was part of the family and that Stefano had different rules for family. Will reminded Sonny that he knew what he was doing, but Sonny was worried that E.J. and Sami would split up and that it would upset Stefano.

"I'm desperate, and at this point, I would do anything to be with my daughter," Will said. E.J. stressed that he did not want to antagonize Gabi because it could affect the baby. E.J. added that he planned to make his relationship with Sami work and hoped to marry her. When Sami asked Sonny if he was still interested in snooping in Nick and Gabi's room, Sonny nodded. Sami noted that they would hold off on the spy work for the moment and that she hoped Sonny would continue to support Will in the meantime.

"You know what we all need to really focus on is making sure that Nick does not find out how angry we all are. This could work out for the best if he doesn't see it coming," Sami said. After Sami and E.J. left, Will worked on his computer, and Sonny poured him a cup of coffee. Smiling, Will high-fived Sonny.

In the rectory, Vargas wanted to celebrate his first paycheck by buying Eric a drink. When Nicole informed Vargas that Eric was out of town, Vargas invited Nicole instead. Nicole reluctantly agreed, and the two went to the Brady Pub. Nicole introduced Vargas to Gabi, and as the two shook hands, Nick walked into the pub. Horrified by the scene, Nick walked over to Gabi.

"Small world," Vargas said. Gabi looked at Nick, and Vargas explained that he had met Nick in prison. Nicole explained that Vargas worked at St. Luke's. When Gabi went to the bar, Vargas told Nick that Nick's marriage and baby were an inspiration to Vargas as a newly released prisoner. After Nick walked to the bar, Nicole asked Vargas why he had not mentioned Nick. Vargas explained that the prison was large and that he did not know Nick very well.

At the bar, Gabi asked Nick how well he knew Vargas. Nick was noncommittal. Gabi noted that she had seen Vargas with Eric and that Vargas had to be a decent person if Eric had vouched for him. Gabi crossed to the table and gave Vargas the check. When Vargas took the check to the bar, Nicole apologized to Gabi for not keeping in touch.

At the bar, Vargas asked Nick if he had thought about how to make Vargas' money grow. Nick warned Vargas to steer clear of Gabi. Vargas assured Nick that if Nick did what he had promised to do then nothing would happen to Nick or his family.

Sami and E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion. Smiling, Sami asked E.J. about his marriage comment at the coffeehouse. When Sami asked E.J. if he was interested in marrying her to help Will, E.J. assured Sami that he wanted to marry Sami because he loved her.

At the rectory, Vargas thanked Nicole for accompanying him to the Brady Pub. Vargas offered Nicole a dessert he had picked up at the pub, and she accidentally dropped the box when Vargas handed it to her. Both Nicole and Vargas stooped to grab the box, and they gazed into one another's eyes. Nicole thanked Vargas for the gift, and he left. Nicole opened the box and nibbled at the smashed cake inside as she smiled. Down the hallway, Vargas thought about Nicole and smiled.

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