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Kristen begged Brady for a second chance. Stefano ordered a maiming on Rafe. Daniel and J.J. had another run-in. Nick told Gabi that he had married her for all the wrong reasons.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 3, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, June 3, 2013

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady ordered Kristen to leave, stressing that he never wanted to see her again. "I understand that you hate me. I don't blame you. Hate is such a powerful thing. But there is one thing that's more powerful -- that's love," Kristen replied.

Kristen admitted that she had quickly developed feelings for Brady, but she had tried to deny those feelings because she had never expected to fall in love with him -- or anyone else -- after what John had done to her years earlier. Kristen declared that Brady had saved her, explaining that she had once been dead inside, focused solely on her desire for revenge, and he had taught her how to love again.

"Are you done? Because on the off chance that you actually believe what you are saying right now, I don't. You know what you showed me? You showed me how to be deluded. Problem is, I'm not as stupid as you think, Kristen. I don't want to hear any more from your mouth. All I hear are lies coming out. I don't want to hear it anymore," Brady insisted. Unconvinced, Kristen wondered why Brady had not yet thrown her out.

Kristen suspected that Brady had allowed her to talk about her feelings because, deep down, he felt the same way about her. Brady vowed that he would eventually get over Kristen, assuring her that it wouldn't be nearly as difficult as she wanted to believe that it would be. Kristen asserted that Brady didn't have to get over her, nor did he want to.

Kristen reminded Brady that she had given him a chance to walk away from her the previous night, explaining that she had done so because she had been trying to prevent him from getting hurt. Kristen said that Brady's happiness had ultimately been more important than her need for revenge. Brady admitted that he should have walked away from Kristen when she had given him the opportunity to do so.

Brady recalled that Kristen hadn't made much of an effort to change his mind, and he theorized that she had been perfectly happy to break his heart. Kristen denied the accusation, assuring Brady that she had left all of her hatred and bitterness behind in her hotel room when she had walked out on John the previous night.

Kristen pointed out that she had been humiliated, degraded, and exposed again, adding that she could no longer simply run away from her problems, as she had done the last time that her wedding had ended horribly, because she was deeply in love with Brady and didn't want to leave him. Unmoved, Brady encouraged Kristen to leave Salem right away. Refusing to give up, Kristen retrieved the adoption pamphlet from her purse.

"What about this? Just -- somewhere out there, there's a child that needs a home. A child that's supposed to be ours. This was the most amazing gift that anybody's ever given me, baby. This child was supposed to be our future and our hope. This child is our love. Can you really give up on him or her so easily? I mean, as easily as you're giving up on us? I love you. I know you love me, and I know that we could have a future together. Please tell me that you feel the same way," Kristen quietly urged Brady.

Brady remained silent, but it was obvious that Kristen's latest move had affected him. Kristen assured Brady that he didn't need to respond, since their love had always gone beyond words. Kristen added that no one had ever made her feel the way that Brady had. Kristen stroked Brady's chest, where she could feel his heart pounding, and she challenged him to tell her that he didn't want her just as much as she wanted him.

Brady reached for the pamphlet as he pulled away from Kristen. "You would use this child as fast as you used me. You -- you don't deserve to be a mother. No child deserves to be your kid. I don't want a future with you. I don't want a kid with you. All I want is for you to get out of here, and I don't want to see you again. I want you out of here, Kristen," Brady said, ignoring Kristen's protests as he shoved her out of the mansion and slammed the door in her face. Kristen pounded on the door, refusing to go anywhere and tearfully reiterating that she loved Brady.

In Hope's office at the police station, Sami placed a phone call to E.J. while she was waiting for Hope to arrive. E.J. wondered if Sami had talked to Brady yet. Sami reported that Brady had been ignoring her calls, and she guessed that he was probably avoiding everyone. "Last thing he wants to hear right now are those words so often spoken at my own weddings -- 'You're just lucky you didn't marry the bitch,'" Sami mused.

Sami warned E.J. to refrain from defending Kristen, but he claimed that he believed that she was right about Kristen, although he stressed that he would never admit that to anyone else. After promising to try to stay away from Kristen, Sami changed the subject, noting that she had recently received a report about an impending product launch at Countess Wilhelmina.

Sami wondered how E.J. had managed to keep her in the dark about the new product. E.J. vaguely replied that Sami's life would be boring without an occasional surprise or two. Before Sami could respond, Hope entered the office. After ending the call, Sami briefly discussed Will's improving condition with Hope before begging her to arrest Kristen for something.

Hope said that she was doing her best to ensure that the charges against Kristen would stick, but Sami wasn't optimistic, since Kristen was a DiMera. Sami hoped that someone would make Kristen pay for hurting Brady. Changing the subject, Sami demanded to know why no one had bothered to keep an eye on Jensen after he had been released from prison on a technicality.

"Sami, I'm the one who screwed up. It was my fault. The Department of Corrections sent a notification of Jensen's early release. The only thing -- it was my responsibility to take the appropriate measures to safeguard the public, and I didn't, and it's my fault," Hope admitted. Sami wondered why Hope had failed to do her job, but Hope remained silent.

Quickly deducing that Hope was protecting someone, Sami demanded to know the identity of the guilty party. Sami guessed that Hope was trying to protect Rafe, theorizing that he had tried to go after Jensen on his own. Hope assured Sami that Rafe was an innocent victim. Hope reluctantly revealed that Jensen's release notification had been misplaced in her office.

Sami suspected that Hope was lying, since she knew that Hope kept everything meticulously organized. Sami started to leave, vowing to get the real story from Roman, but Hope stopped her. After closing her office door, Hope admitted that Ciara was the person who had hidden the notification.

Hope explained everything to Sami, who couldn't believe that Ciara had been left unsupervised in Hope's office. "Actually, Sami, I left her in my office that day with you. I had some papers that I needed signed, and I told you that I didn't feel comfortable leaving Ciara in my office by herself, and asked you to stay till I got back. Only, when I returned, you weren't here. Remember?" Hope asked.

"Yes, I remember. What you're telling me is that what happened to Rafe, what happened to my son -- it's because of me? It's my fault?" Sami tearfully summarized, but Hope insisted that Sami was not responsible for what had happened. Sami started to question the judgment of the cop who had left the notification with Ciara, but Hope pointed out that it wouldn't do any good to blame the cop for Jensen's actions.

Hope compared Jensen to Vargas, noting that each man had taken a completely different path after being released from prison. Hope informed Sami that Vargas had been instrumental in leading Hope to Smith Island in time to rescue Will and everyone else. Sami tearfully vowed to find some way to thank Vargas for his help. Stating that she felt just as guilty about the situation as Hope did, Sami wished that she could go back in time and change what had happened.

"You know what? We fight so hard to teach our kids right, and to protect them. You know, when we lost Zack, I blamed Chelsea, I blamed Bo, I blamed Billie, but mostly, I blamed myself. Because it's our job to protect our children, to keep them safe. Ciara -- I mean, she's our miracle baby, our second chance, and I've just -- I've let her down so much. I've -- you know, I've made so many mistakes, Sami," Hope tearfully admitted.

Sami confidently stated that she had made more mistakes than Hope had made. Hope said that the one thing that she wouldn't apologize for was her decision to keep Ciara's name out of the investigation. Hope revealed that she had not told anyone else about Ciara's involvement, and Sami promised that she also wouldn't tell anyone. Hope and Sami embraced as Sami added that mothers had to stick together.

After Sami left, Hope sighed as she hugged a framed photograph of Ciara. Hope tried to call Bo, but the call went to voicemail. "Oh, my gosh. Seriously, Brady? I was really hoping you'd pick up and I'd catch you. Please give me a call back as soon as you get this. I really need to hear your voice, and so does Ciara. I miss you. Would you hurry up and get home already? Love you, Brady," Hope said, ending the call with another sigh.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, E.J. greeted Justin. "Look, my sister's best-laid plans just got shot to pieces, so I need some assurance from you that this little idea we have to get my father out of the family business is not gonna suffer the same fate," E.J. told Justin. Justin explained that he had lost his father at a young age, and he warned that E.J. might eventually regret defying Stefano.

Justin recalled that he had once tried to walk away from Victor, whose methods he had disagreed with. Justin said that he had eventually had a change of heart, but E.J. remained convinced that Stefano needed to pay for abandoning E.J. after being led to believe that E.J. was not a biological DiMera. Justin pointed out that Kristen was adopted, and E.J. said that made Stefano's betrayal even worse, since blood relation only seemed to matter to Stefano in E.J.'s case.

Justin wondered if E.J. had really expected anything more than that from Stefano. E.J. confirmed that he had, since Stefano was still his father. E.J. vowed to do a much better job with his own kids. "You know, when I thought that Sydney wasn't mine, I'm ashamed to say I did turn my back on her for a moment, but I didn't deny her, because real love -- real love is unconditional," E.J. added.

E.J. guessed that Justin was extremely proud of Sonny, and Justin replied that he had always been proud of Sonny. "William and he are heroes, you know. I mean, to everybody, but particularly to Arianna. That's what a father should be, every day," E.J. mused. Getting the meeting back on track, E.J. promised that Justin would be handsomely rewarded for his discretion, although he knew that money wasn't a motivating factor for Justin.

E.J. teased Justin with some information about a blockbuster new product that Countess Wilhelmina would soon be launching that would raise the stakes of their scheme considerably. E.J. cryptically added that the new product would also drive a stake through Kate's heart -- and her company. "E.J., I can see that you're confident, and that's a good thing, because I hope that you're prepared for the fight of your life. E.J., I don't need to tell you that Stefano will always defend what he feels is rightfully his -- to the death," Justin warned before walking away.

At Common Grounds, Cameron ordered a cup of coffee from Chad, noting that the place seemed busy. Chad explained that one of his managers had recently moved on to another job. Explaining that he was planning to ask Abby to go on a date with him the following night, Cameron asked Chad to refrain from enlisting her help with the coffeehouse. Chad encouraged Cameron to do so before abruptly excusing himself.

Kate approached Chad and thanked him for keeping an eye on the coffeehouse so that Sonny could spend some time with Will. Chad asked about Rafe's condition, and Kate explained that Rafe was being kept in a medically induced coma while the doctors waited for the swelling in his brain to subside. Chad hoped that Rafe would get well soon, since Rafe was a good guy and Gabi was going to need her big brother.

"Well, I see you do have a heart when it comes to Gabi, huh?" Kate noted with surprise. Chad admitted that he felt terrible about the fact that he had ruined Gabi's wedding months earlier. Kate didn't condone Chad's actions, but she conceded that she was glad that the truth had been revealed, since Arianna Grace needed both of her parents. Kate added that Will was going to be a great father, and Chad agreed.

Outside, Cameron ran into Abby. Abby declined Cameron's invitation to go on a date with him the following night, explaining that she had already made plans earlier. Hiding his disappointment, Cameron promised to ask Abby out again as soon as he figured out when his next day off would be. Changing the subject, Cameron reported that Will was apparently feeling better, since he had asked Cameron to smuggle a cheeseburger into Will's room earlier.

"Gosh, it's so unbelievable. I mean, one day, we're -- we're sweating whether we got a B-minus or a C-plus on our calc final, and the next, we -- we could have lost him forever," Abby mused. Cameron guessed that Abby wasn't just talking about Will, and she confirmed his suspicion, explaining that J.J.'s return had made her miss Jack more than she ever had before.

"The other day, J.J. was telling a story, and I swear to God, Cameron, he didn't stop to take a breath for, like, five minutes. And in that moment, I realized that he sounded just like my dad. My dad never got to know that. He's never gonna see J.J. all grown up," Abby quietly stated, struggling to contain her emotions. Before Cameron could respond, he received a phone call from the hospital and apologetically excused himself.

As Abby entered the coffeehouse, Kate excused herself, promising to tell Will that Chad would be visiting him soon. After confirming that Chad was aware that Cameron had been planning to ask Abby to go on a date the following day, she wondered why Chad had neglected to inform Cameron that she and Chad had already made plans to go to the special VIP opening of Whoopee World that day.

Chad said that, due to everything that had happened recently, he had completely forgotten that the VIP opening of the amusement park was the following day. Chad encouraged Abby to go on a date with Cameron if that was what she wanted to do, assuring her that, while he would prefer to go with her, he would probably be able to find someone else to accompany him if necessary.

Abby insisted that she still wanted to go with Chad to the amusement park. Chad hoped that Cameron hadn't gotten upset when Abby had informed him that she would not be able to go on a date with him because she had already made plans to spend the day with Chad. Abby remained silent, prompting Chad to guess that she hadn't told Cameron the truth about her plans for the following day.

Abby confirmed Chad's suspicion, and he guessed that she believed that Cameron would get jealous if the truth were revealed. Abby claimed that Chad was wrong, insisting that there was nothing for Cameron to be jealous of because she and Chad were just friends, and the trip to the amusement park was not a date. Chad nodded skeptically, and Abby abruptly excused herself, promising that she would see him again the following day.

Later, E.J. entered the coffeehouse and noted that Chad had a big grin on his face. Chad revealed that he was going on a date with Abby the following day. E.J. said that he had been under the impression that Abby was dating Cameron. "Uh, it depends on the day," Chad said with a smile. E.J. started to excuse himself so that he could go to the hospital to visit Will and Arianna Grace, but Chad stopped him.

Chad retrieved his phone, explaining that he had something that he needed to show E.J. Before Chad could locate what he was looking for, E.J. received a phone call that he wasn't willing to ignore. E.J. apologetically excused himself, promising Chad that they would continue their conversation later.

In Rafe's room at the hospital, Stefano hovered over Rafe's bed, silently recalling Kate's earlier declaration that Rafe was a perfect lover who had restored her soul. Stefano smirked as he eyed the machine that was monitoring Rafe's vital signs. Meanwhile, Ricardo entered the room and warned Stefano that Kate had just arrived at the hospital.

In the waiting area, Kate asked if Cameron knew why no one was guarding the entrance to Rafe's room. Cameron explained that the police had removed the guard because the man who had attacked Rafe had been killed. Hiding her concern, Kate wondered if she could visit Rafe. When Cameron and Kate entered Rafe's room, they noticed that, while the room was completely silent, Rafe's vital signs were no longer registering on the monitor.

Cameron inspected the machine and attributed the issue to a loose wire, adding that someone had also apparently turned down the volume on the machine's alarm. Cameron fixed the issue and assured Kate that Rafe was fine. As Stefano eavesdropped from an adjacent room, Cameron added that Rafe's neurosurgeon was very pleased with Rafe's progress.

Kate was pleasantly surprised to learn that Rafe was scheduled to be taken out of the induced coma the following day. Cameron said that, while Rafe was facing a long recovery period that would include plenty of physical and occupational therapy, the doctors were optimistic that Rafe would fully recover. Cameron excused himself so that Kate could spend some time with Rafe. Later, at the Brady Pub, Abby informed Cameron that she couldn't go on a date with him the following day because she would be spending the day with Chad.

Back in Rafe's hospital room, Stefano quietly closed the door to the adjacent room as Kate happily informed Rafe that he would be waking up the following day. Kate added that Arianna Grace had been born and was eager to meet Rafe. Kate couldn't wait to tell Will that Rafe would be waking up soon. Before Kate could continue, she received a phone call and grew furious when she heard what the caller had to say.

When Kate exited Rafe's room a short time later, she spotted E.J. and Sami, who were headed toward the nursery. "Not so fast. I know what you did, and you're not going to get away with it," Kate snapped as she approached Sami and E.J.

At the DiMera mansion, Ricardo delivered an item to Stefano. Stefano angrily snapped a cigar in half before turning his attention to the item -- a straight razor that looked particularly sharp.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

At the hospital, Anne smugly informed Daniel that his car had been vandalized again. While Daniel went to inspect the damage, Jennifer noted that there were security cameras in the parking garage. Anne informed her that the cameras hadn't been working. When Anne made a snide remark about one of Daniel's patients seeking revenge because of a surgical mistake, Jennifer admonished her to get back to work. Maxine rather forcefully escorted Anne toward her office.

When a discouraged Daniel returned from checking out his car, he tried to brush it off as just a piece of machinery. Jennifer guessed that Anne was the one who had gone after Daniel's beloved car, pointing out that Anne had known about the security cameras. Although Daniel suspected J.J., he said with a shrug that they would probably never know who had done it so they should just let it go.

Jennifer offered to wait for Daniel while he checked on Will and Rafe before heading out. Daniel suggested, "Why don't you go? You know, J.J., he may need you, you know, for something." Taken aback, Jennifer asked why Daniel would suddenly mention J.J. Daniel explained that he'd run into J.J. in the park earlier, very briefly. Jennifer was disappointed when she remembered the check she'd given J.J. with instructions to repay Daniel. Instead of waiting for Daniel, she left for home.

J.J. and Rory arrived at the Horton house, carrying bags of takeout food and raving about their success in smashing the windows of Daniel's car. When Rory noticed that J.J. had glass on his clothes, J.J. calmly picked it off. When Maggie knocked on the front, J.J. answered it. Maggie teasingly chided J.J. about not going to visit her since he'd returned to Salem -- then remarked that she had just been calling after him in the hospital parking garage, but he obviously hadn't heard her.

Maggie wanted to know why J.J. had been at the hospital. He claimed that he had been picking up some pamphlets about volunteering -- but he didn't want his mom to know until he was sure he could fit it in with summer school. Maggie spotted Rory lurking in the doorway, so J.J. introduced them. Rory was overly polite as he greeted Maggie then said goodbye and left.

J.J. announced that married life obviously agreed with Maggie, who looked great. He admitted, "You two getting married? I didn't see that one coming. Then there's a lot that's happened that I didn't see coming, either." Maggie assumed that J.J. meant his father's death, but J.J. pointed out that Maggie had a whole new family in Daniel and Parker. "And Melanie," Maggie reminded him. She asked if J.J. and Daniel were hitting it off. J.J. maintained that he and Daniel got along fine; they were just getting to know each other.

When Maggie noted that Daniel had thought about leaving town, J.J. wondered aloud if that would have been such a bad thing. "Excuse me?" Maggie demanded. "You still have Mom and Abigail, and now I'm back. I mean, you would still have your real family," J.J. pointed out petulantly. Maggie acknowledged that J.J. had been through a lot. "Let's all try to make this a fresh start, okay?" she urged. As she hugged J.J., he plucked another piece of broken glass from his sleeve.

At the Brady Pub, Abigail somewhat awkwardly informed Cameron that the reason she had declined his offer of a date the next day was that she was going to the opening of an amusement park with Chad -- although it was not a date. She explained that she hadn't told Cameron because she hadn't wanted him to be jealous. Cameron confessed that her explanation had only served to confuse him.

Abigail assured Cameron, "I made it absolutely clear to Chad -- not just once, but twice -- that this was not a date." Even more confused, Cameron asked when Abigail had felt the need to reiterated that. Abigail replied that it had been a little while earlier. Cameron noted, "That's really interesting, because just a little while ago, I ran into Chad... I told him I was going to ask you on a date tomorrow night, and he told me, 'Just go for it.'"

Abigail maintained that Chad had merely forgotten about it, because he had said that he wouldn't hold her to it so she would be free to accept Cameron's invitation. Cameron reminded her that she hadn't broken her plans with Chad. Abigail insisted that she had been trying to avoid hurting Cameron's feelings, but it seemed she had anyway. Cameron assured her that there would be plenty of other times for them to go out. After kissing Abigail on the cheek, he left for the hospital.

When Abigail returned to the Horton house a little later, she cleaned up J.J.'s fast-food mess and admonished him that she wasn't his maid. Jennifer arrived just as Maggie was taking a grouchy Abigail into the kitchen for some tea. As soon as Maggie and Abigail had gone, Jennifer demanded to know why J.J. hadn't given Daniel the money to replace his broken MP3 player and Parker's train set. J.J. claimed that the things he'd had to buy for school had cost more than he'd expected.

Jennifer didn't buy it and demanded to see the receipts for what J.J. had bought. J.J. churlishly agreed to get them, but as he was leaving the room, Jennifer stopped him. She handed him a wad of cash and ordered him to give it to Daniel immediately. "Yeah, fine. You know, f you'd given me enough in the first place, we wouldn't be having this conversation," J.J. complained as he left. Jennifer's jaw dropped in astonishment.

When J.J. showed up at Daniel's a little later, Daniel was reading a story to Parker while they waited for Abigail to arrive to babysit Parker. J.J. handed over the cash with a very terse explanation and headed back toward the elevator. Daniel stopped him so they could talk, so J.J. reluctantly entered the apartment. Daniel acknowledged that J.J. had been going through a difficult time, but perhaps if they got to know each other, they could be friends.

J.J. agreed without conviction. When Daniel left to put Parker down for a nap, J.J. picked up Daniel's tennis racket and started swinging it around. When Daniel returned, J.J. asked to borrow the racket. Daniel refused. "Is there something you want to tell me?" Daniel inquired. "Why? Is there something that you think I did?" J.J. countered.

Abigail was about to leave the Horton house for Daniel's when Jennifer requested her help picking out an outfit for the evening, since she guessed that Daniel was probably busy. Abigail was gone when Maggie returned. Jennifer asked Maggie if she thought J.J. had changed. "He's a teenager. You know, change is their middle name," Maggie asserted. She added that she'd had a hard time getting J.J.'s attention when she'd seen him in the hospital parking garage earlier.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was handling a very sharp, shiny straight razor while thinking about how Kate had begged a comatose Rafe to fight his way back to her. Lost in thought, Stefano jumped when Chad arrived. The elder DiMera quickly stashed the blade in its box. Chad said that he had just stopped by to make sure that Kristen was all right, but Stefano assured him that Kristen would be fine. When Chad asked what was in the box, Stefano lied that it was a wedding gift for Kristen that he would have to return.

Chad noted that it was a "bummer" to think about Kristen and Brady not being together -- the same as it was too bad that Stefano was no longer with Kate, since she had obviously made him very happy. Ignoring the remark, Stefano coldly agreed to pass along Chad's concern to Kristen. "Okay... None of my business that you seem a whole lot less happy than you used to be," Chad remarked on his way out.

After Chad left, Stefano returned to fondling the razor and brooding about what he'd heard Kate say to Rafe. Scowling, Stefano picked up the phone and punched in a number. "Meet me at the usual place," he barked before hanging up.

In a waiting room at the hospital, Kate accused Sami and E.J. of stealing an anti-aging formula from Mad World and threatened to sue. Kate maintained that Countess Wilhelmina was introducing an identical product a month ahead of hers. Unconcerned, Sami and E.J. denied it. Kate left, vowing to make sure they didn't get away with it. Throwing her arms around him and kissing him, Sami excitedly asked E.J. how he'd pulled it off.

E.J. kept his eye on the door to make sure no one overheard as he emphasized that neither of them had actually stolen anything from Kate. Sami quickly deduced that the formula had been on one of Nick's flash drives. Grinning, E.J. asserted, "It's important that we know that there are some subtle but very significant differences between her product and ours."

When Gabi slipped quietly into Will's hospital room, he tried to sit up, but she urged him not to push himself. "I know you need your rest, but I think it's way overdue for me to come and say 'thank you,'" Gabi explained. She was very relieved that her best friend was going to be all right. Will concurred that Gabi was his best friend, too. He gushed about how beautiful Arianna was and asked if Nick were taking care of the baby. Gabi admitted that she didn't know where Nick was.

Gabi said that she knew what had happened to Nick while he was in prison and what Nick had done to Will and Sonny. Will gently pointed out, "If it makes you feel better, he did apologize. And what happened to him in's going to take a long time for that to heal." Gabi worried that she knew Will better than she knew her husband.

When Kate arrived just then, she was thrilled to see that Will was awake. Maxine entered with baby Arianna, and Will eagerly encouraged Kate to hold her great-granddaughter for the first time. Maxine placed the baby in Kate's arms, but Kate held the infant for only a moment before handing her off to Gabi. Kate said her goodbyes and hurried out.

While Gabi bounced the fussing baby, Will exclaimed softly, "Oh, my gosh, Arianna Grace, you're going to break some hearts." Chad stuck his head in just then and overheard. "Grace? You named her after Grace?" he remarked with surprise, the emotion evident on his face. Chad started to leave, but Will invited him in to see the baby. Although Chad declared that Arianna was beautiful, he seemed reluctant to hold her, so Gabi gave him a quick lesson.

After Gabi put the baby in his arms, Chad said that there had been an energetic little girl at the coffee shop recently who was about the same age as Grace would have been. As Chad and Will were discussing whether Arianna would be a troublemaker, Maxine arrived to take the baby to her checkup. Chad reluctantly relinquished the infant. He promised to keep covering at the coffee shop so that Sonny could visit Will as much as possible.

Once Chad had gone, Will assured Gabi that she didn't have to talk about Nick if she didn't want to -- but he was there if she did want to. Gabi admitted that she was confused. Will asked if that meant she wasn't in love with Nick anymore. "I guess what I'm saying is -- how can you love someone if you don't even know who they really are?" Gabi wondered.

Sami and E.J. were making out in the waiting room when Cameron walked in. Embarrassed, Sami asked about Rafe's condition. Cameron informed her that they were planning to take Rafe out of the coma the next day, but he felt uncomfortable answering any more of Sami's questions, since she wasn't family. E.J. stepped outside to take a phone call, and Cameron left soon after that.

As Chad left Will's room on his way out of the hospital, Cameron stopped him. Cameron warned Chad about the games he was playing with Abigail and Cameron. Chad pointed out that he and Abigail had been together long before Cameron had arrived on the scene, and they had been about to get back together before the wedding.

"I know. You could say Abigail caught a real break that day, didn't she?" Cameron observed. Chad asserted that Abigail had forgiven him, but Cameron countered that forgiveness and interest weren't the same thing. "I didn't kidnap her to get her to come out with me tomorrow. She's the one who said 'yes,'" Chad pointed out.

When Kate returned to the waiting room, Sami announced that they were taking Rafe out of the coma the next day. She warned Kate to make herself scarce before Rafe woke up and contradicted everything she'd been claiming about how close they were. "It's sort of embarrassing, Kate. You act like you're a teenager having a fantasy about the head of the football squad," Sami asserted. E.J. returned just then, but paused outside the door as Kate calmly accused Sami of being jealous.

Sami denied it. "I think it's kind of burning you up that you realize that someone else is actually capable of getting him hot," Kate needled her, adding that Rafe had used the word "underwhelming" when describing Sami's performance in bed. "All right, Kate. What Rafe and I have is so much more than you have had with anyone in your entire life -- ever," Sami hissed. Outside the door, E.J. glowered.

When Bernardi met Stefano in an alley, Stefano informed him that Rafael Hernandez was in a coma at University Hospital and told him what room Rafe was in. Bernardi asked if Stefano wanted him to prevent the doctors from taking Rafe out of the coma. Stefano shook his head. "I'm confused. If you don't want him dead, what do want me to do?" Bernardi asked. Stefano declared, "I want you to cut it off."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stefano met with Bernardi in an alley and asked him to "cut it off" of Rafe. Concerned, Bernardi reminded Stefano that he had worked with Rafe and was uncomfortable with the task. When Stefano asked if he could rely on Bernardi, Bernardi reluctantly agreed to do what Stefano asked. Stefano removed a straight razor from his coat and handed it to Bernardi.

At the Horton house, Adrienne talked to Jennifer about J.J. Jennifer informed Adrienne that boarding school had expelled J.J. When Jennifer said that she felt guilty, Adrienne warned Jennifer to hang in there and wait for J.J. to talk to Jennifer.

In Daniel's apartment, J.J. and Daniel's conversation was interrupted when Abigail arrived to babysit Parker. When Abigail asked what was going on, J.J. explained that he had stopped by to drop off money to replace Daniel's MP3 player. After J.J. left, Abigail asked Daniel what had happened. Frustrated, Daniel walked into the bedroom.

Daniel returned with a notepad full of emergency numbers for Abigail to call if there were any problems while she was babysitting Parker. Reluctant to leave, Daniel kissed Parker goodbye.

J.J. met up with his friend Rory in the town square. Sighing, J.J. explained that he had given all his money to Daniel to pay him back for destroying the train set and mp3 player. When J.J. asked to borrow money for a movie, Rory declined citing that he was tapped. As Rory started to leave, J.J. stopped him and said he had a plan.

J.J. returned to Daniel's apartment and asked Abigail for money to see a movie. Suspicious, Abigail asked J.J. what had happened with Daniel. J.J. explained that he had been taken off-guard by the changes at home and was readjusting. Abigail offered to lend J.J. the money if he would watch Parker for her for a few minutes while she finished up some work on the computer in the bedroom.

As Abigail went in the back, J.J. put his headphones on and turned his back to Parker. Parker ran around the room with his paper airplane and threw it up on top of the bookcase. Wanting the plane back, Parker pulled a stool toward the bookcase.

Daniel arrived for his date with Jennifer at the Horton house, and she greeted him warmly at the front door. Jennifer asked Daniel if J.J. had talked to him. Daniel said he had met with J.J. but he did not want to talk about it. With a sigh, Jennifer informed Daniel that she could not stay overnight with Daniel while J.J. was readjusting to life in Salem. Daniel said that he understood.

As they prepared to leave for their dinner reservation, Daniel realized that he had left his wallet at home. Smiling, Jennifer noted that they could stop by Daniel's apartment on the way to dinner. When Daniel arrived at his apartment, he found Parker standing on the stool, reaching for his plane atop the bookcase. Terrified, Daniel grabbed Parker from the stool just as the stool started to tip over.

Abigail rushed into the living room. Daniel handed Parker to Abigail and asked her to go into the bedroom. Alone with J.J., Daniel walked up behind him. J.J. realized that someone was behind him, and he turned around and took off his headphones. Furious, Daniel grabbed J.J. by the collar and warned him that he would tear J.J. apart if J.J. ever put Parker in danger again.

In Will's hospital room, Gabi told Will that she was unsure if she loved Nick because she did not know him. Nick stopped by the room to check on Will and to thank Will for saving his life. Gabi asked Nick to talk alone, but Maxine interrupted to ask Gabi to sign the birth certificate. When Gabi handed the clipboard to Will to sign the birth certificate, he was surprised to see that Arianna Grace Horton was the name listed on the birth certificate.

Nick noted that he wanted to do the right thing and added that Will and Gabi would be excellent parents to the baby. Nick then walked into the hallway with Gabi to talk. Nick asked Gabi what she wanted to do about their marriage. Gabi admitted that she was struggling with her feelings.

"I wish you would have told me something," Gabi lamented. Nick admitted that he had not been able to face up to his past. Gabi told Nick that she was upset that he had used her. Nick apologized and explained that he sincerely believed that he had wanted to start a family.

"There's still a big part of me that loves you," Nick said. "I wish I'd done this for the right reasons," Nick added. Gabi asked Nick if he had married her because he was afraid he was gay. Nick explained that neither he nor Jensen was gay and that Jensen's abuse had been about power. Gabi nodded, and she said that she and Arianna would not go home with Nick.

When Nick said he was sorry again, Gabi asked him to stop apologizing. Gabi noted that she needed to be a better role model for her daughter. Nick stressed that Gabi was an incredible person and that she would be a great mother. Nick handed Gabi information about a bank account he had set up for Gabi and the baby. Fighting tears, Gabi thanked Nick. Nick hugged Gabi tightly, then left. Alone in the lounge, Gabi cried.

In his room, Will fussed over baby Arianna. "You were born in the middle of the woods. I promise it'll get better though," Will said. Catching himself, Will added, "Oh, my God, I just told my first lie. I'm Sami. I'm my mom. Okay I can't promise it'll get better, but I'm gonna try." Will promised to love Arianna unconditionally. Smiling, Will admitted that he understood how his mother could be overprotective of her children. Will promised to love and protect Arianna.

At the coffeehouse, Chad was amazed that Will and Sonny had saved Nick's life. When Chad remarked that Nick was a jerk not worth saving, Sonny explained that he had acted out of instinct. Sonny noted that there was more to Nick's story, but he did not go into details. While Sonny made a latte for a customer, Chad borrowed his phone so that he could send a video to Sonny. "Vintage psycho Sami," Chad muttered to himself.

Kate and Sami argued in a lounge at the hospital about Rafe as E.J. eavesdropped from the hallway outside. When a defensive Sami noted that she had a stronger connection with Rafe than Kate ever could, Kate accused Sami of still being in love with Rafe. Sami denied the charge and stressed that she was in love with E.J. Kate disagreed and accused Sami of wanting to hold on to Rafe, noting that Sami had used the present tense when she described her relationship with Rafe. Smiling smugly, Kate noted that Rafe had moved on from Sami to her.

After Kate marched out of the lounge, a misty-eyed E.J. quietly walked into the room behind a fuming Sami. When Sami turned to leave, she was relieved to see E.J. standing there. Sami asked him about the product launch, and E.J. noted that the launch was proceeding on schedule. When E.J. asked what was wrong, Sami explained that she had fought with Kate.

E.J. noted that Rafe would keep Kate busy once he was revived, but Sami reminded E.J. that Rafe and Kate had broken up. Smirking, E.J. pointed out that Kate was standing by Rafe's side after almost losing him. "You don't think Kate wants Rafe back?" E.J. asked. Sami shrugged and said she did not care.

Excited about Arianna, Sami asked E.J. if he wanted to meet her granddaughter. Citing a business call, E.J. declined. Sami went to see Arianna, and a contemplative E.J. sat in the lounge alone and thought about how Sami had used the present tense to describe her feelings for Rafe.

Shaken, E.J. collected himself and went to Will's room to meet Arianna. Beaming as he held the baby, E.J. commented on Arianna's beauty. Sami took the birth certificate to the nurses' station, leaving E.J. alone with the baby and Will. Smiling, Will expressed his relief that both he and Rafe had survived the situation.

At the nurses' station, Sami gave the certificate to Maxine. Across the hall, Bernardi exited the elevator and ducked behind a wall when he saw Sami.

In his hospital room, Will told E.J. that E.J. had been right about being a father. Sami returned to Will's room and noted that she had given the birth certificate to Maxine. Nodding, E.J. noted that he needed to return to work. Sonny poked his head in the room, and Sami offered to leave with E.J. As Sami kissed Will goodbye, E.J. slipped out of the room without another word. Furrowing her brow, Sami chased after him.

At the elevator, Sami asked E.J. why he was so quiet. E.J. said that he was fine, but Sami seemed suspicious. As E.J. and Sami entered the elevator, Bernardi crept out from shadows and stared at the door to Rafe's room.

E.J. walked through the town square, and Sami pushed him to talk to her. E.J. noted that he was thinking about the new campaign for the business. As Sami remarked that she was eager to bury Kate, E.J. crossed his arms and stated that Sami had a lot of anger for Kate. Sami admitted that she hated Kate, but E.J. argued that Sami appeared to be angrier with Kate than usual.

Sonny sat on Will's bed at the hospital and noted that Arianna was awake and staring at Will. Smiling, Sonny noted that he and Arianna were lucky to have Will in their lives. Tired, Will fell asleep, and Adrienne visited with Sonny and Arianna. Sonny sent a video of the baby to Adrienne's phone. Her smile fading, Adrienne warned Sonny that life with the baby would be hard.

Kate went to the coffeehouse to clear her head. Chad greeted her and offered her an Italian espresso. Startled, Kate turned around to see Stefano glaring at her from across the room. Kate started to leave, but Chad asked her to take the espresso over to Stefano. "You guys can't hate each other forever," Chad said. With a groan, Kate carried the espresso to Stefano.

Kate apologized to Stefano for accusing him of having someone beat up Rafe. Kate noted that her relationship with Rafe had been a fling and that it was over. Scowling, Stefano said that he had moved on, and he asked Kate to do the same. Kate nodded and walked away. Stefano pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Bernardi to ask if the deed was done. Bernardi noted that he was preparing to execute Stefano's order.

Kate talked to Chad at the bar in the coffeehouse, and Chad marveled at the fact that Stefano and Kate could not be civil to one another. Kate thanked Chad, and she added that her relationship with Stefano was over.

In Rafe's hospital room, Bernardi stood at the foot of the bed with the straight razor in his hand.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air today.

This was a planned pre-emption, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, June 10, and pick up where the Wednesday, June 5 episode concluded.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air today.

This was a planned pre-emption, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, June 10, and pick up where the Wednesday, June 5 episode concluded.

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