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Brady tried to talk to Kristen about what John had told him, but she was distracted and focused on her scheme to destroy Marlena through Eric. Adrienne discovered the video of Sami and Bernardi on her cell phone and planned to use it as a way to control Sami. J.J. played on Jennifer's guilt and managed to keep her and Daniel apart.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, July 15, 2013

by Mike

At the hospital, Kate guessed that Abe believed that it was her fault that Rafe had gotten agitated earlier. Kate defensively pointed out that Rafe had been fine until Abe had started talking about Rafe's attack.

Abe gently asserted that Kate should have told him and the doctors about Rafe's mistaken belief that Sami had shot Rafe, even if it hadn't seemed important to Kate at the time. Meanwhile, Maxine entered the waiting area and informed Kate and Abe that Rafe was resting comfortably. Abe excused himself so that he could give the mayor an update.

After Abe left, Kate wondered if Maxine believed that Kate had caused Rafe's earlier agitation. Maxine insisted that Kate had nothing to feel guilty about. Maxine could tell that Kate cared about Rafe. Kate nodded and hinted that her feelings for Rafe were deeper than that. Maxine wasn't surprised, explaining that her position at the hospital allowed her to see everything. Maxine confidently assured Kate that Rafe was going to be all right.

Later, Kayla talked to Abe and Kate about Rafe's confusion. "The subconscious is very powerful. My theory is that Sami came to visit him. He subconsciously was aware of that. Minutes later, she fired the gun. Somehow, he fused those two events together and made the leap that Sami shot him," Kayla suggested. Kate wondered if Rafe was ever going to remember what had really happened to him.

"We just need to concentrate on easing him back into reality, okay? When somebody's been brutalized like that, their short-term memory is most often blanked out," Kayla replied. Kate asked Kayla to elaborate, so Kayla clarified that Rafe could have potentially forgotten the previous few weeks, the previous few months, or even the entire previous year of his life.

Kate sadly summarized that Rafe might have completely forgotten that they had recently been romantically involved with each other. "Well...then...when he wakes up, it's really important that he has someone here that he knows loves him," Kate decided, grabbing her cell phone so that she could contact someone.

At Common Grounds, Gabi met with Nick to discuss their impending annulment. Nick informed Gabi that Justin would contact her once the necessary paperwork was ready for her signature. "And then it's all over," Gabi summarized. Gabi admitted that the situation suddenly felt much more real than it had before. Nick agreed and quickly changed the subject, asking Gabi about Arianna, Will, and Sonny.

Gabi reported that she, Arianna, Will, and Sonny were all fine. Gabi started to gush about the amazing bond that Arianna had already developed with Will and Sonny, but she quickly realized what she was doing and apologized to Nick. Gabi guessed that Nick had probably been feeling left out lately, but he insisted that he was fine.

"I mean, you know, I -- I feel a little...disconnected, and, uh, I can get depressed when -- when I think about all the plans that we made. That I made. But with this annulment thing, I -- I think it's right," Nick added. Gabi nodded and offered to take Arianna to Nick's place for a visit later. Gabi was certain that Will wouldn't mind, and she pointed out that, as a Horton, Arianna was a part of Nick's family, too.

Nick declined the offer, reasoning that, while he would like to eventually see Arianna, it would probably be best for him to keep his distance for a while and focus on getting acclimated to his new life. "I think that if I saw her too much right now, I might go a little over the top. I'd probably show up with presents every day and take, like, a million pictures. I'm -- I'm like that. I can get kind of...crazy, remember?" Nick asked.

Silently recalling the way that Nick had surprised her the previous Valentine's Day, Gabi said that she had liked Nick's crazy side. Realizing how her comment had sounded, Gabi quickly clarified that she had just seen Nick as a really sweet guy. "Who messed everything up," Nick summarized. Gabi corrected Nick, noting that he had always tried to make her happy.

Nick said that, while he and Gabi clearly didn't know each other as well as they had originally assumed, he would like to continue to be her friend, if that was okay with her. Before Gabi could respond, she received a text message from Kate, informing her that Rafe needed her at the hospital. Before leaving, Gabi assured Nick that she wasn't going to be happy when Justin contacted her about the annulment.

Nick hesitantly removed his wedding band and told Gabi that the happiest day of his life had been the day that she had placed the ring on his finger. Gabi said goodbye to Nick and walked away, leaving him staring sadly at the ring. Later, Nick met with Kate at the Horton Town Square. Kate informed Nick that Mad World's lab technicians were really excited about his formula, which would likely be quite profitable for Mad World.

Kate had asked her legal department to draft some royalty documents for Nick to sign. Kate assured Nick that he would be receiving a nice profit of his own from the patent royalties. Nick said that wasn't necessary, but Kate insisted that it was the right thing to do. Kate added that, while firing Nick had felt extremely good, she still wanted to be the first person whom he talked to if he ever had another brainstorm.

Nick wondered why Kate wasn't with Rafe at the hospital. Kate explained that she had decided to keep her distance for a while. When Kate revealed that Rafe believed that Sami had shot him, Nick casually mentioned that he had once believed that Sami was going to shoot him, too. Nick explained that Sami had pulled a gun on him when he had threatened her during an argument, adding that he doubted that she would have actually pulled the trigger. Nick shrugged and said goodbye to Kate, smiling as he walked away.

In Rafe's hospital room, Gabi removed her wedding band before taking a seat next to Rafe's bed. As Rafe slowly started to wake up, he noticed that Gabi was no longer pregnant. Gabi showed Rafe the photograph of Arianna that she had left on his bedside table. Rafe managed to say that the baby was beautiful, and Gabi told him Arianna's full name. Gabi tearfully predicted that Arianna would love Rafe just as much as Gabi did.

At the Brady Pub, Eric and Ciara ran into Brady. Ciara told Brady that she had seen Kristen earlier that day. "She's the best. How come you guys aren't getting married anymore?" Ciara asked Brady. Brady explained that people sometimes decided that parting ways with each other would be better than staying together. Ciara protested that Brady loved Kristen, who was a really cool person.

Eric interrupted and suggested that Caroline might need someone to help her count cookies in the kitchen, successfully distracting Ciara. After Ciara left, Eric apologetically informed Brady that Kristen was going to be at the reception that was being held to celebrate the consecration of the new school. Eric explained that Kristen's family had donated a lot of money to the school project.

Brady insisted that he understood and that being in the same room with Kristen wouldn't be a big deal. Brady claimed that he had already gotten over Kristen, but Eric seemed skeptical. Brady stressed that everyone needed to stop worrying about him. Brady conceded that Kristen's presence at the reception could cause some tension, especially since Marlena would also be there, but he reiterated that he would be fine.

"You gotta admit, that woman -- she's one of a kind. Whatever she sets her mind on, whether it's attending a reception or wrecking someone's life, consider it done," Brady bitterly observed. Brady was glad that he was no longer involved with Kristen, although he pitied the unsuspecting person whom she was planning to victimize next.

At St. Luke's, Nicole found Kristen in Eric's office and demanded to know why she was trashing the place. Kristen remained silent, prompting Nicole to impatiently wonder if Kristen's hearing had started to degrade in the same way that Kristen's looks had degraded. Meanwhile, the video of Kristen drugging and seducing Eric continued to play on the tablet computer in Kristen's purse.

Nicole heard faint noises and followed the sounds to Kristen's purse. Curious, Nicole picked up the purse and held it near her right ear, wondering what was causing the noise. Kristen quickly snatched the purse out of Nicole's hand and told her to go away. Nicole refused to leave until Kristen told her what was going on. "And why are you crying? Did you look in the mirror?" Nicole dryly asked.

Kristen guessed that Nicole hadn't watched the news lately. Kristen explained that E.J. had seized control of DiMera Enterprises, effectively tearing their family apart in the process. Kristen said that she had been talking to Eric about the situation earlier. Meanwhile, one of the nuns entered the office and handed Kristen a ticket to the reception. Nicole was shocked to learn that Eric had invited Kristen to attend the event.

Kristen innocently explained that Eric had apparently assumed that she would want to attend the ceremony, since her family had donated a lot of money to the school project. Nicole dryly recalled that Kristen had previously stated that the DiMera family had been torn apart. Kristen wondered why Nicole was always making fun of other people's pain, prompting Nicole to question why Kristen was always showing up where she wasn't wanted.

"I don't know. Maybe I'm a masochist. I would have said I was a shameless bitch, but you've owned that word for so long," Kristen replied. Nicole wondered if she and Kristen could retract their respective claws and stop hissing at each other for a few seconds so that they could have an adult conversation about the situation. Nicole reminded Kristen that the reception was supposed to be a celebration of Eric's achievement.

Nicole urged Kristen to let Eric enjoy the moment with his family. Nicole insisted that Kristen didn't belong at the ceremony, but Kristen said that wasn't Nicole's call to make. Meanwhile, Eric entered the office and wondered if everything was all right. Nicole explained that she had been trying to convince Kristen to stay away from the reception.

Kristen guessed that Eric was already acutely aware of the fact that some people would prefer for her to keep her distance. "Or disappear completely," Nicole dryly muttered. Ignoring Nicole's comment, Kristen added that Eric's inherent kindness was one of the many things that she admired about him. Eric told Kristen to enjoy the reception, and she assured him that she intended to do so then she abruptly exited the office.

After Kristen left, Eric theorized that E.J. and Stefano's war had really shaken Kristen and had left her feeling vulnerable. Nicole wasn't convinced, but Eric said that, while Kristen had hurt a lot of his loved ones, he still believed that many people were capable of changing, just like Nicole had changed. Nicole understood, but she urged Eric to be careful.

Eric agreed and started to say something about Nicole. Nicole guessed that Eric was going to say that he knew that she would always be there to nag him about being too forgiving, but he clarified that he had actually been planning to say that he knew that she would always be there to watch over him. "I like to think of you as my guardian angel," Eric added. A short time later, Daniel arrived to talk to Eric, so Nicole reluctantly left.

Daniel reported that, while the tests that he had performed on Eric's blood had failed to detect toxins, they had detected plenty of antibodies that Eric's body had created to fight something. Daniel guessed that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that the toxin would not be detected, which meant that Eric had deliberately been poisoned.

At the Horton house, Jennifer received a visit from Maggie, who asked if they were alone. Jennifer reported that J.J. was in his room, which he had started referring to as Guantanamo. With a heavy sigh, Maggie said that she was sorry that her interference had caused further strain in Daniel and Jennifer's relationship.

Maggie revealed that Daniel had asked her to promise that she would never again stick her nose where it didn't belong. Maggie intended to keep that promise, but not until after she made it clear that she believed that Jennifer was a fool. Maggie insisted that Jennifer could be a good parent and be in a relationship with Daniel at the same time.

Ignoring Jennifer's attempts to end the conversation, Maggie added that she wasn't the only person who was worried about Jennifer. Maggie told Jennifer about Kristen's earlier visit to Daniel's apartment and the things that Kristen had said to Daniel. Maggie summarized that Jennifer's friends were simply trying to help Jennifer.

Clearly frustrated, Jennifer replied that no one, including Maggie, had ever bothered to find out if she wanted their help. Struggling to contain her emotions, Maggie nodded and quietly admitted that she had obviously blown it again. Maggie tearfully apologized and exited the house, ignoring Jennifer's attempts to stop her.

Maggie arrived at the Kiriakis mansion as a delivery truck was pulling into the driveway. When Maggie asked Brady about the truck, he informed her that he was getting rid of a piece of artwork that Kristen had given him months earlier. Brady explained that Kristen had secretly researched him, figured out which artist he liked, and purchased the artwork for him to make him think that they had similar tastes and some sort of deep connection.

Maggie guessed that the artwork was worth a lot of money. Brady nodded and predicted that it would look really good in the museum that it was headed to, where it would hang next to a plaque that would explain that it had been a gift from an anonymous donor. "They rejected my first idea. I wanted to put 'donated by the clown who finally got a clue,' but they didn't find it funny," Brady dryly muttered.

Maggie laughed and encouraged Brady to keep his sense of humor. Brady reminded Maggie that he had recently told her that he might be addicted to love. Brady assured Maggie that he was handling it one day at a time.

At the lake, Kristen's bracelet -- the one that Brady had given to her months earlier -- slipped off of her wrist. As Kristen started to put the bracelet back on, Jennifer -- who had arranged to meet Kristen at the lake -- arrived and asked about Kristen's earlier visit to Daniel's apartment.

Kristen innocently claimed that she had simply been trying to help Jennifer and Daniel. Jennifer wondered if Kristen had ever considered checking with her to see if she wanted Kristen's help. Kristen shook her head and reasoned that she didn't need permission to do a favor for Jennifer. Jennifer noted that Kristen sounded like Maggie.

"I never thought I'd be compared to Aunt Maggie," Kristen said with a laugh, but Jennifer insisted that the situation wasn't funny. Kristen explained that she didn't want Jennifer to ruin her relationship with Daniel the same way that Kristen had ruined her relationship with Brady. Jennifer failed to see how her situation could possibly be compared to Kristen's situation, since Jennifer was simply taking a break from Daniel.

Kristen laughed, realizing that Jennifer didn't like being compared to the infamous Kristen DiMera. Kristen said that she and Jennifer were more alike than Jennifer might like to admit. Kristen reasoned that Jennifer's decision to take a break from Daniel was risky and could easily backfire.

Kristen noted that when Brady had learned the truth about her deception, he had demanded honesty. Kristen had told Brady the truth -- that she loved him -- but that hadn't mattered, because of all of the risky lies and mind games that had preceded the truth. As Jennifer pointed out that she wasn't lying to Daniel, Brady jogged through the area, pausing when he heard Kristen's voice.

"But you're pushing [Daniel] away. That's very powerful. And a day's gonna come when he's gonna want to know if he can trust your feelings for him. What's he gonna judge you on, Jennifer? I mean, your excuses or your actions? Your words aren't gonna mean much, trust me. Oh, just please believe me. You could lose your dreams. Any bit of happiness, any chance for joy. That's what I lost when I lost Brady," Kristen explained, unaware that Brady was standing nearby.

Kristen knew that it was pointless for her to hope that she would get another chance with Brady, since that was never going to happen. Kristen said that she had decided that she was the kind of person who wasn't allowed to experience real love, since she would inevitably find a way to kill it in the end.

"Like with Brady. I should have known, because it was so perfect, you know? He was so wonderful. I should have known that it wouldn't last. The alarm bells should have gone off -- 'No, you can't be happy! It's gonna explode!' 'Cause he was the one. He was my one chance at joy. It's all I ever really wanted in my life, was just a little bit of joy. But I ruined it. Not anybody else -- just me. I was so blinded by hatred, I didn't see this beautiful love that was right in front of me, and by the time that I decided that I wanted to change completely, you know, it was over...forever," Kristen said as Brady continued to listen.

Kristen apologized for being a downer. After urging Jennifer to give her advice some consideration, Kristen suggested that they could go for a walk, since the hot, muggy night air was starting to bother them. After Jennifer and Kristen left, Brady quietly warned himself not to get sucked back into Kristen's web. Brady removed his shorts and jumped into the lake, reasoning that cold water might revive his senses.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole placed a phone call to Brady, but the call went to voicemail. "Hey, Brady. Um, I guess you're out. I was just wondering're as lonely as I am tonight. You know that -- that benefits thing that we cut off? I was just wondering if you thought that was a mistake. I'm leaning that way. Call me back. Help me get through the night. Bye," Nicole said before ending the call.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer and Kristen parted ways. After Jennifer left, Kristen gasped as she realized that she had lost her bracelet earlier. Muttering that the bracelet was the only thing that she had left, Kristen started to retrace her steps. Later, at the lake, Brady emerged from the water and reached for his shorts, which had landed right next to Kristen's bracelet.

As Brady picked up the bracelet, Kristen returned and found herself staring at his naked body.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brady cooled off from his run at the lake with a skinny-dip. As Brady returned to his clothes on the beach, he spotted Kristen's bracelet lying on the rock where she had been sitting earlier with Jennifer. Kristen said hello and asked Brady what he was doing. Brady handed the bracelet to Kristen, and they locked eyes when their hands touched.

Smiling, Kristen remarked that it was an amazing coincidence that Brady had gone for a swim at the same spot that she had been sitting earlier with Jennifer. When Brady's face registered no surprise, Kristen guessed that Brady had seen her with Jennifer. Brady admitted that he had overheard Kristen and Jennifer talking. Grinning, Kristen asked Brady if he was following her.

Brady growled that he had been out for a run and was not following Kristen. Suspicious, Brady asked Kristen if it was a coincidence that she had run into him. Brady accused Kristen of spilling her guts to Jennifer as part of a plan to lure him back in. Frustrated, Kristen yelled at Brady to go to hell because he would only believe what he wanted to believe.

Brady yelled that he would not believe any more of Kristen's lies. Upset, she slapped him. Brady grabbed Kristen's wrists and pulled her close then he shoved her away. "What do you want from me?" Brady barked. Brady argued that Kristen did not want love because she had thrown that away. Fighting tears, Kristen told Brady that he was wrong. Kristen argued that she had decided not to throw their love away, but it had been too late.

Kristen argued that Brady had thrown her away. When Kristen noted that she was the one person that had loved Brady unconditionally, he shifted uncomfortably. Kristen asked Brady if he was happy. Brady reminded Kristen that she had manipulated him for months. "I've heard this before. Are you done?" Brady asked. Kristen swore that she still loved Brady.

Brady said that he would never know the truth about Kristen's feelings. Kristen urged Brady to talk to John because he had witnessed her epiphany. As Brady's eyes fell, Kristen realized that Brady had not talked to John about that night. Brady admitted that John had not told him what had happened the night of Brady's breakup with Kristen.

Crying, Kristen said, "I chose you that night! And this was before I knew about Marlena having that photograph." "You just threw me away," Kristen said sadly. Shaking her head, Kristen walked away. Kristen walked to the Brady Pub, and she lamented that she had nothing left in her life. Shaking off her tears, Kristen told herself that she needed to focus on destroying John and his family.

Brady returned home to the Kiriakis mansion and poured a drink. Frustrated, Brady thought about what Kristen had said by the lake. Brady slammed the drink down on the table and called his father.

In Jennifer's darkened office at the hospital, Theresa stared at her nearly empty bag of marijuana and noted aloud to herself that she needed to buy more drugs. Theresa was looking through files when Roman turned the light on and startled Theresa. When Roman asked Theresa why she was in Jennifer's office, Theresa reminded Roman that she worked there. Roman questioned why Theresa had been working in the dark, but Theresa explained that she was stopping by for a quick errand.

When Theresa asked why Roman was at the hospital, he explained that he was there to pick up a prescription. Raising an eyebrow, Theresa accused Roman of checking up on her. Roman denied the charge, but he admitted that he would be keeping an eye on Theresa while she was in town. Roman urged Theresa to make an effort to get along with Jennifer.

In the Horton living room, J.J. talked to a friend on the phone about Theresa. A knock at the door interrupted J.J.'s call. When J.J. answered the door, he found Abe on the front porch. Abe talked to J.J. about J.J.'s relationship with Jennifer. When Abe mentioned Jack, J.J. was defensive and told Abe not to fill in for his father. J.J. stormed upstairs.

Abe took a call from the station on his cell phone in the Horton living room. As Abe talked to an informant about tracking down the drug dealer at the local high school, J.J. crept down the stairs and eavesdropped. When Abe hung up his phone, J.J. apologized to Abe for his behavior. Abe assured J.J. that he did not want to replace Jack and that Abe only wanted to be a friend.

"You're the man of the family now, and your mom needs someone to help, not to put more pressure on her," Abe said. Abe told J.J. that he was available if J.J. needed to talk. J.J. nodded. When Abe mentioned to J.J. that there had been criminal activity at the local high school, Jennifer entered the living room and asked Abe what kind of criminal activity had occurred.

Abe received a call from the station and excused himself to return to work. Once Abe was gone, Jennifer asked J.J. what he had discussed with Abe. J.J. explained that Abe had talked to him about how he had treated Jennifer poorly. J.J. agreed and apologized to his mother. Jennifer apologized for treating J.J. harshly and not spending time with him.

Jennifer suggested that she and J.J. should talk about their concerns with one another. As J.J. nodded in agreement, Jennifer's phone rang with a text message from the hospital calling her back to work. Jennifer asked for a rain check on their talk and reminded J.J. that he was still grounded. J.J. protested, but Jennifer was already walking out the front door.

"Could things get any worse, man? Old man Carver comes over and plays dad. Cops know about the drugs. Mom says to stay in prison. What's next, the F.B.I.?" J.J. said as someone knocked on the door. J.J. tentatively answered the door and found Theresa on the porch. Before J.J. could say anything, Theresa noted that she was there for a short visit and that she had a file with her for an alibi should Jennifer return.

Theresa complimented J.J.'s eyes and asked him if he had any more presents for her. Smiling, J.J. asked Theresa if she wanted to go with him to his room to smoke marijuana. Theresa declined, noting that Jennifer could return and find them. J.J. handed a bag of drugs to Theresa, and she paid him for the bag. Smiling, Theresa asked J.J. if he sold other drugs and hinted that she was interested in cocaine. J.J. stammered that he would ask around.

As Theresa walked toward the front door, J.J. pointed out that Theresa had left the file behind. Theresa refused to take the file. Smiling, J.J. noted that he had an idea and leaned in toward Theresa. She turned her head away to avoid a kiss, but J.J. merely whispered his plan in her ear. Theresa picked up the file and left.

When Jennifer returned home, she found a file on the front porch with a note from Theresa on it. The note explained that Theresa had left the file on the porch because she did not want Jennifer to think that Theresa had stopped by unannounced. When Jennifer went inside, she asked J.J. about the file. J.J. said that no one had rung the doorbell while he was home.

In their apartment, Will reminded Sonny that Sonny needed to meet up with his mother. When Will suggested that Sonny go to the movies with Brent, as well, a suspicious Sonny asked if Will was attempting to get rid of him. Will explained that he needed to work on a research paper for school and that he thought Sonny should have fun. Sonny declined. Will then suggested that Sonny should go to a book signing. When Sonny protested, Will asked Sonny to go to the signing for both of them. Sonny relented and kissed Will goodbye.

In the coffeehouse, Sami and Marlena talked about E.J.'s takeover of DiMera Enterprises. Marlena worried about how Stefano would strike back, but Sami told Marlena that she believed E.J.'s assurances about the family's safety from Stefano. Sami changed the subject to Arianna, and the two gushed about how wonderful it was to see everyone getting along. When Marlena sighed, Sami asked her if Adrienne was causing problems.

Marlena explained that she felt that Adrienne could be more supportive of Sonny. When Sami pressed for details, Marlena told Sami that Adrienne had said that she was worried that Sonny would be drawn in by the drama in the Brady family. Marlena reminded Sami that Sonny was lucky to be with Will and that they should not worry what anyone else thought about Will's relationship with his boyfriend.

Sami and Marlena went to Will's apartment to see the baby. As Marlena cradled little Arianna, Will told Sami that Sonny was visiting with Adrienne. Will explained that things were strange with Adrienne but that Adrienne had been more diplomatic recently. Sami noted that Adrienne's issues were with Sami and not Will.

After spending time with her granddaughter, Sami said that she needed to get home to her children. Sami wished Will well with Adrienne. After Sami left, Will put Arianna down in the crib. Marlena noted that Will looked distracted. Will admitted that he wondered if Sonny felt trapped in their relationship. When Marlena asked what was wrong, Will confided that he was worried that Sonny would grow bored of the family life.

Marlena warned Will that he was pushing Sonny away. Will said that he was not pushing Sonny away and that he just wanted to give Sonny the opportunity to have a life beyond changing diapers. Smiling, Marlena said that Sonny appeared to be happy with the baby and that if Will continued to push Sonny away that it would make Sonny feel excluded.

At the Brady Pub, Adrienne talked to Justin on the phone about their fight. Adrienne promised to reign in her emotions for her talk with Sonny. After hanging up the phone, Adrienne started the video of Will with Arianna. Before Adrienne could watch the video, a waiter distracted her. Adrienne put the phone on the counter and did not notice the video switch from a video of Will with his daughter to a video of Sami fighting with Bernardi in the park.

The video finished playing as Adrienne turned back to her phone. Adrienne played the video again in order to share it with Lucas in an email. As Adrienne giggled at the video of Will with his daughter, the screen went to black and then the video of Bernardi started playing again. Adrienne was visibly shaken as she watched the video and thought about when Sonny had sent her the video from his phone. Adrienne recognized Sami and then realized that Sami had been fighting with Bernardi.

"He knew. The whole time," Adrienne said sadly of her son. Sonny walked into the pub and said hello as he sat down at his mother's table. Noting the disturbed look on Adrienne's face, Sonny asked what was wrong. As Adrienne mentioned Sami's name, Sonny ordered her to stop attacking Sami. When Sonny asked Adrienne to give Sami the benefit of the doubt, Adrienne asked Sonny to stop defending Sami.

Sonny stressed that he believed in Sami's innocence. When Adrienne pushed, Sonny interrupted and said that he did not want to talk to Adrienne until she was ready to move past her issues with Sami. After Sonny walked away, Adrienne went outside for fresh air and to watch the video again.

"Maybe Sonny is right. Maybe this isn't what it looks like and I should give Sami the benefit of the doubt. Okay. Will do," Adrienne said. Adrienne went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Sami. When Sami asked Adrienne why she was there, Adrienne said that she wanted to give Sami a chance to explain herself.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At St. Luke's, Nicole reviewed the catering order for the consecration of the new school with Eric, who seemed a little tense and distracted. Nicole asked what Daniel had said about Eric's test results. Eric evaded the question, but Nicole insistently pressed him for more details. At last, Eric reluctantly admitted, "Dr. Jonas feels that I was poisoned, and it was deliberate." Nicole was horrified.

Maggie arrived just then, and Nicole started to leave the room, but Maggie had news she wanted to share with both Eric and Nicole. Maggie explained that she and Victor had seen the thermometer on the school lawn, showing how much money had been raised, and they wanted to help make sure the school met its goal. Maggie presented Eric with a check for ten thousand dollars. A thrilled Eric embraced Maggie gratefully.

When Nicole stepped out to grab a bottle of sparkling cider from the kitchen so they could celebrate, Maggie told Eric that she had more good news for him. Nicole returned just in time to overhear Maggie confiding that she had spoken to Victor, who had promised not to say anything hurtful to Nicole. Nicole eavesdropped from the hallway while Eric praised Nicole's work, and Maggie guessed that Victor had realized that Nicole didn't need him putting her down.

As Nicole continued listening in, Eric stated that Nicole needed to believe in herself, so she didn't need to hear things that undermined her confidence. "I just wish she would realize how much she had to offer in so many ways," Eric declared. "You always did see the best in people," Maggie noted, but Eric asserted that it wasn't hard to see the best in Nicole. "I hope things get easier for her," Eric said. Maggie agreed, adding that it was very kind of Eric to protect Nicole. Overcome, Nicole quietly walked away.

Eric was alone in the rectory a little later when Nicole returned with the sparkling cider and a lame excuse about what had taken her so long. Eric didn't buy it, so Nicole admitted that she had overheard Maggie and Eric's conversation, including the nice things Eric had said about her. Eric assured Nicole that he had meant every word. "Thank you. It's nice to know you're looking out for me," Nicole said. "As you would have done for me," Eric replied.

As Eric and Nicole raised plastic glasses of cider, he toasted to Maggie and Victor helping the school pass its goal. "And to you, for making this happen," Eric added. Nicole humbly refused to take credit, asserting that it had been Eric. "The bishop is going to be so proud of you, and when everyone comes here, they're going to be talking about you and what you've done," Nicole declared. She clicked her plastic cup with Eric's as he beamed at her proudly.

When John arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, he admitted that he had been pleasantly surprised to get Brady's message. Brady explained that he wanted to know the truth about Kristen. A confused John wondered why Brady cared about Kristen after what she'd done to them. Brady asserted that he knew there was more to the story than what John had told him.

Brady asked John to recount his motives in seducing Kristen. John pointed out that Brady already knew the answer to that: "To have you walk in on us so you would see that you were just wasting your life on a vindictive sociopath." John added that it had been Kristen's plan, as well, because she'd wanted to destroy John and Marlena's relationship. John maintained that was the end of the story, but Brady wanted to know every detail.

"Kristen swore to me that she was the one who stopped the, uh, lovemaking from going ahead. Is that true?" Brady asked. Privately remembering how the night had played out, John admitted that it was true. He described how Kristen had started shaking after she'd walked away from him. Brady clarified, "So you're saying, that night in that room with you, she changed her mind about the plan?"

When John confirmed it, Brady wanted to know if Kristen had given a reason. John asserted, "She was kind of on a roll by then, going on and on about being free and her love. She was dead set on marrying you, kid. And then off she went, honestly believing that you would forgive her for all of her lies -- everything."

Stunned, Brady exclaimed softly, "She was telling the truth." John expressed his hopes that he and Brady could start repairing their relationship. As he was leaving, John noted, "She played you for months. An attack of conscience at the last second doesn't undo a damn thing, kid." After John had gone, Brady marveled, "She told the truth. She really did love me that much. But does she now?"

Outside the Brady Pub, Kristen re-watched the video of herself in bed with Eric. "I'm so sorry, Eric, but you have to pay the price. It's time that Marlena suffered for what he did to me," Kristen muttered. Stefano called Kristen and asked to see her immediately.

Kristen met Stefano in the park, where a bodyguard stood watch while Stefano relaxed on a bench. Kristen greeted her father affectionately and apologized for not making more progress toward getting him and E.J. to reconcile. Stefano was skeptical that Kristen meant that, since she and E.J. had grown very close. Kristen assured Stefano that she had not been aware of her brother's plans.

"What am I saying? You know that. So what's E.J. planning? Have you found out what he's up to?" Kristen asked. Stefano reassured Kristen that he knew neither she nor Chad had been involved in what E.J. had done. Instead, Stefano blamed Mr. Shin and Justin Kiriakis. Kristen asked if Stefano had wanted to meet with her in secret because he wanted her help to "eviscerate E.J."

Stefano asserted that he did not need Kristen's help taking E.J. down; he had only wanted to find out how things were going with Kristen's plan. Kristen complained that Dr. Chyka was clearly not at the top of his game, although she thought things were going to be okay because Sarah had done a great job editing the video. Stefano wondered if "defrocking a priest" were the right way to go.

"It's done. He's been defrocked -- a whole lot," Kristen retorted, demanding to know if Stefano intended to pull the plug on her plan. Stefano maintained that he did not. He added that since Kristen had kept her word not to physically harm Marlena, his advice was to be ruthless.

After Stefano had gone, Kristen watched the video of her and Eric again. "'Ruthless.' It's showtime!" she announced to herself. She then made a phone call. "Bishop White, please. It's Kristen DiMera calling... Oh, yes, it's important. He's going to want to hear what I have to say," Kristen declared.

When Will arrived at Common Grounds, Sonny excitedly informed him that they had gotten the liquor license, so the place could be both a great coffee shop and a happening night spot. Sonny was proud that he and Chad had done everything on their own, without using either of their family's influence. Will tried to hide his concern when he correctly guessed that the coffee shop would be staying open a lot later.

After Sonny went into the back to put a bank bag in the safe, Brent showed up, raving about Sonny getting the liquor license. Sonny returned, and Brent greeted him with a congratulatory hug. When Brent asked why Sonny had summoned him, Sonny explained that he and Chad wanted to redo the place -- and they couldn't do it without Brent.

Sonny took out his phone and showed Brent's design website to Will, who was duly impressed. Will offered to help, and although Sonny was open to suggestions, he pointed out that Brent had actual design experience. Brent used his tablet to show Sonny some ideas, leaving Will alone at the counter.

At the Brady Pub, Justin presented the final documents for complete control of DiMera Enterprises to E.J. for his signature. As the men drank a toast, E.J. expressed his regret that Adrienne was displeased with Justin for working with E.J. -- but E.J. hoped that wouldn't prevent Justin from taking a permanent position with E.J. Justin assumed that E.J. wanted him to be a part of the legal team, but E.J. clarified, "I want you to be the chief counsel overseeing my legal team."

Justin was taken aback. E.J. explained that he didn't want to be like his father, who didn't trust anybody. Justin seemed surprised that E.J. trusted him -- a Kiriakis -- but E.J. pointed out that Justin was a man of integrity with a sterling reputation and good judgment. "I put Samantha's life and the fate of my entire family in your hands. Never doubt my faith in you," E.J. said. Justin thanked E.J. for the high praise.

E.J. warned that Stefano was going to fight back, and E.J. was going to need Justin's help in fending Stefano off. E.J. acknowledged that working for him could cause friction for Justin, so E.J. was making the offer very lucrative. He handed Justin a small folder and encouraged him to think it over. E.J. left.

At the DiMera mansion, Adrienne wanted to hear Sami explain herself about Detective Bernardi. Attempting to play on Sami's guilt, Adrienne mentioned Bernardi's widow and young son. Sami interrupted to sincerely express her sympathy for what the Bernardis were going through but pointed out that the grand jury had cleared her. Adrienne asserted testily that she was there because she had promised Sonny that she would give Sami the benefit of the doubt, but Adrienne was furious that her husband and son had been dragged into Sami's "latest nightmare."

Adrienne complained that associating with a DiMera would damage Justin's reputation, but Sami coolly countered that the Kiriakis family name was hardly unblemished -- and Justin's eyes had been wide open when he'd agreed to represent her. Adrienne demanded to know how Sami had explained why a decorated police officer like Bernardi had suddenly wanted to kill Rafe.

Sami pronounced the conversation over, but Adrienne maintained that Marge and Timmy deserved to know the truth. Sami asserted that Joe Bernardi had been a dirty cop -- and Justin and Sonny both knew that she hadn't done anything wrong. "And we know he's dirty because why?" Adrienne demanded. "It came out somehow. I didn't know the guy," Sami maintained nonchalantly. Adrienne was incredulous.

Sami calmly asked Adrienne to leave, adding, "You can spin whatever conspiracy theory you want somewhere else, but you are not going to come between Will and Sonny, not if I have anything to do with it. It's like my mom said: Will is the best thing that ever happened to Sonny Kiriakis." Adrienne spat, "But you are the worst." She vowed to do whatever she had to do to protect Sonny.

Sami watched until Adrienne was safely gone then furiously shoved nearly everything off of the closest table, including a vase -- although the flowers in it somehow remained, crumpled, on the tabletop. She then called Will to warn him about Adrienne's visit. "She came in here like a bulldozer...and she was making all sorts of threats. Of course, I don't even know what she was threatening. The whole thing was nuts," Sami explained. Will seemed grateful for the heads-up.

As Sonny closed the coffeehouse later, he said that he was going to stay there for a while to check out some of Brent's designs. Will announced that he was going home to relieve Gabi, and Sonny promised not to be too late. They kissed goodbye, and Will left Sonny alone in the coffee shop, working on his computer.

When E.J. returned to the mansion, he spotted the sad flowers on the table and the vase on the floor and asked Sami playfully, "What's all this, then? Trouble?" Sami sheepishly admitted that she'd intended to clean it up before he'd seen it. She explained what had happened with Adrienne, who believed that Sami had corrupted Sonny, and E.J. had corrupted Justin. "She hates our guts," Sami warned E.J. lightly. "I think we should celebrate," he countered.

As Sami and E.J. lay on the couch together, Sami professed her love for E.J. and her trust in him. E.J. declared that Sami meant the world to him, and he didn't know what he would do if he lost her. "I can't wait to call you my wife," he enthused, adding that together, they would rule his father's former empire. They shared a playfully villainous cackle.

E.J. asserted that once they got married, they would become the most powerful couple in Salem. Kissing E.J., Sami revealed that power like his only made her think of things they could do together. E.J. scooped her up and carried her upstairs.

Adrienne charged into the Brady Pub and informed Justin that she'd just had a huge blowout with Sami. Justin was incredulous that his wife had gone to the DiMera mansion at all, since everything seemed to be settled. When Adrienne began ranting about how she wasn't going to let Sami destroy Sonny's life, Justin firmly ordered her to give it a rest, reminding her that they had agreed not to interfere in their son's life.

Justin stepped over near the bar to take a phone call. Adrienne spotted the folder from E.J. on the table and looked at the papers inside. When Justin returned, she confronted him with a document, demanding, "You can't be serious!" She asserted that getting further into bed with the DiMeras would ruin Justin. Irked, Justin informed his wife that he hadn't made a decision yet, but she was not in charge of his life.

Justin refused to discuss it further until Adrienne was a little more rational. He picked up his briefcase and headed for the door, but Adrienne said that he couldn't leave because they had to discuss Sami's case. She tried to show Justin the video on her phone, but he cut her off, "Oh, no, no, no, no. We are not going to discuss Sami's case. Not now. Not ever."

Adrienne watched the video of Sami attacking Bernardi again, then declared to herself, "Sonny could go to prison for helping her cover this up. No way. Not if I can help it." She strode determinedly out the door.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

by Mike

At the lake, Daniel ran into Brady, who was having trouble absorbing the information that he had learned from John earlier. After relaying the information to Daniel, Brady admitted that he wasn't sure if he was ready to forgive Kristen yet.

Daniel observed that it sounded like Brady still cared about Kristen. Daniel advised Brady to sort out his feelings for Kristen before trying to move on with another woman. When Brady asked about Daniel's relationship with Jennifer, Daniel vaguely alluded to the problems that they had been having recently. Daniel explained that J.J. would always be Jennifer's top priority, and he conceded that she was probably doing the right thing.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, music blared through Theresa's headphones as she idly filed her nails. Jennifer slammed a stack of documents down on Theresa's desk to get her attention, wondering when Theresa was going to get around to filing them. Theresa removed her headphones and offered a half-hearted apology, claiming that she was doing her best, but Jennifer wasn't convinced.

Jennifer observed that it seemed like listening to music was the only thing that Theresa had done since arriving at the hospital earlier that day. Protesting that Jennifer was being unfair, Theresa clarified that she had answered the phone a few times and had also escorted several lost visitors to various locations in the hospital. Theresa added that she had been procrastinating because filing papers wasn't really her ideal way of spending the day.

"I mean, it's not like I'm some middle-aged person who has no option but to settle for this, so I just -- I don't really want to waste my youth, you know, under compact fluorescents, doing this," Theresa pointedly stated. Theresa explained that she'd prefer to be doing something that was creative, interesting, and fun. Jennifer observed that fun was what had landed Theresa in a boring job at the hospital in the first place.

Unamused, Theresa guessed that Kayla had been gossiping about her, but Jennifer clarified that Kayla had only said that Theresa needed guidance and a chance to prove herself. Jennifer said that she would love to give Theresa that chance, but Theresa shook her head and suggested that it might be better for her to simply quit the job. Jennifer suspected that Theresa's parents probably wouldn't approve of that idea.

Theresa snapped that she didn't care about her parents' opinions, adding that it was her decision to make, not theirs. Jennifer guessed that Theresa was trying to get herself fired so that she could paint herself as the victim when she reported the news to her parents. Echoing Theresa's earlier words, Jennifer refused to fire the young woman, instead challenging her to make her own decision about the job.

Feigning sincerity, Theresa admitted that, despite her earlier claims to the contrary, she did need and care about her job. Theresa blamed her poor attitude on her family, who had been "up in [her] grill" lately. Jennifer didn't know what that meant, so Theresa casually mentioned that Kim had sent Theresa a gift to give to Eric. Theresa pointed out that it would have been easier if Kim had sent the gift directly to Eric instead.

Jennifer suggested that Kim had probably wanted Theresa to personally deliver the gift to Eric. Theresa innocently stated that she didn't have time to run errands for Kim while she was supposed to be helping Jennifer at the hospital. Jennifer was more than willing to let Theresa take a break to deliver the gift to Eric, although she warned that she did know how long it typically took for a person to make that trip. "That woman and this job suck!" Theresa quietly muttered after Jennifer left the room.

At the Horton house, J.J. and Rory admired the new pair of tennis shoes that J.J. had purchased. Rory was certain that J.J. could sell the shoes online for twice as much as J.J. had originally paid for them, but J.J. said that it would be pointless to do so, since it would be too risky for them to use the profit to purchase more marijuana while the cops were actively investigating the recent string of drug deals that had occurred at the high school.

Before J.J. could try on his new shoes, Abigail entered the living room and snatched them out of his hand, demanding to know where he had gotten them and how he had managed to afford them. J.J. claimed that the shoes were Rory's and that he had simply wanted to try them on, since he and Rory had the same shoe size. Playing along, Rory explained that the shoes had been an early birthday present from his mother.

Abigail recognized the shoes, which were also available for women. Abigail said that she had recently considered purchasing a pair for herself, but had changed her mind once she had realized that the shoes had a five hundred dollar price tag. J.J. shrugged and said that Rory's parents were really nice. Abigail wanted to talk to J.J. privately for a moment, so Rory went to the kitchen to get a drink.

After Rory left, Abigail informed J.J. that Jennifer and Daniel had recently decided to take a break due to J.J.'s string of behavioral issues. Suppressing a smile, J.J. thanked Abigail for letting him know. Abigail told J.J. that Jennifer was miserable, but he insisted that it wasn't his fault that Jennifer and Daniel had ended their relationship. J.J. started to walk away, but Abigail stopped him and accused him of being a selfish jerk.

"Selfish? Why am I selfish? 'Cause I don't think Dr. Jonas is a freakin' saint? Because I actually think that Mom can do a lot better than that creep?" J.J. asked. Abigail insisted that Daniel was a great guy. Abigail added that, while Daniel obviously wasn't Jack, he could still make Jennifer really happy. J.J. was shocked to hear Abigail reference Jack, whom he had assumed that she and Jennifer had completely forgotten about.

"Oh, my God. I don't even know how to respond to that. All I can say, J.J., is, uh, for you to even think that is not only hurtful and mean, but it's insane. And you know what else really hurts me? That I don't just feel like I've lost my dad; I feel like I've lost my brother, too, because he used to be this really great guy, and a good kid, and now I don't even recognize him. And you know what else? I don't think that his dad would, either," Abigail mused before walking away, leaving J.J. visibly frustrated.

At the Brady Pub, E.J. ran into Nicole, who admitted that it was impressive that he had managed to seize control of DiMera Enterprises. E.J. sarcastically replied that Nicole's approval meant the world to him. Nicole suspected that E.J.'s victory would only last for a short amount of time. "Even if Stefano doesn't get back at you with a vengeance for this nasty little takeover that you so cleverly pulled off, I bet my bottom dollar that his charming daughter, Kristen, will do it for him," Nicole predicted.

E.J. dismissed Nicole's concerns, theorizing that her friendship with Brady had made it impossible for her to trust Kristen. Changing the subject, Nicole asked E.J. to make Sami wear a muzzle to the St. Luke's Academy reception so that she wouldn't be able to steal Eric's spotlight and make the event all about her. E.J. observed that Nicole was very protective of Eric, but she replied that she was protective of everyone at St. Luke's.

E.J. shifted the conversation back to Nicole's earlier prediction, wondering what had prompted her to make it. "E.J., hello, it's me. I know your patterns. I've watched you try to throw off the Stefano shackles ever since I met you. If it didn't work then, why would it work now? You tried to become a legitimate lawyer, and then you were mayor of Salem, and it ended in disaster, because your father is a lot smarter and craftier than you are -- let's just face it -- and he manages to sabotage your efforts, and you end up with egg on your face," Nicole summarized.

E.J. joked that he might eventually hire Nicole to write his biography. Unamused, Nicole warned that as long as Stefano was alive and kicking, E.J. would always be forced to live in Stefano's shadow. E.J. insisted that he had executed a flawless attack that Stefano would never be able to recover from. "Oh, God. Now I really feel sorry for you," Nicole replied.

E.J. said that he appreciated Nicole's concern, prompting her to clarify that she had expressed pity, not concern. Nicole observed that E.J.'s delusions of grandeur were preventing him from being able to recognize that the sky was about to fall. Nicole felt particularly sorry for E.J.'s kids, whom she had always loved, since his actions had put their lives in danger.

E.J. insisted that, due to Stefano's age, he would never again pose a threat to E.J.'s family. Nicole conceded that Stefano wasn't getting any younger, but she also warned that he had lost his last shred of decency when Lexie had died. Nicole said that the kids needed E.J., adding that if he weren't around, Sami would have to burden someone else -- like Eric -- with her problems.

E.J. mused that Nicole's concern for Eric was frighteningly familiar. Nicole sensed that E.J. was simply trying to deflect, so she excused herself. E.J. once again reiterated that he had nothing to worry about, and he advised Nicole to worry about her own life instead of his. Still skeptical, Nicole warned E.J. to be careful, predicting that he probably wouldn't be as lucky with Stefano as Sami had been with the grand jury.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen entered the living room and laughed when she noticed the new portrait that was hanging on the wall. "Whoa. The new regime. Talk about 'in your face.' Real subtle, 'Eej,'" Kristen muttered, shaking her head in disbelief. Meanwhile, Kristen received a text message from someone who had managed to find Bishop White's private cell phone number.

Kristen placed a phone call to the bishop, who was touring St. Luke's Academy with Eric and Father Matt. Kristen told the bishop that she had an urgent matter that she needed to discuss with him right away. "What I have to say to you needs to be said in person and, uh, in private. The future of the new St. Luke's school is at stake," Kristen cryptically added.

Knowing that the DiMeras were one of the most prominent families in Salem, Bishop White agreed to make time to talk to Kristen at St. Luke's. After ending the call, Kristen copied the incriminating video of Eric from her tablet computer to a smaller mobile device, placed both devices in her purse, and started to exit the mansion. When Kristen opened the front door, she was surprised to find John standing on the other side.

Kristen tried to slam the door in John's face, but he barged into the foyer and told her to stay away from Brady. "The sheer audacity. You want me to leave your poor son alone? You, the man that screwed over his entire family? You want me to leave poor Brady alone? Oh, get the hell out of here. I don't take orders from you," Kristen replied.

Ignoring Kristen's request, John revealed that Brady had asked for more information about what had happened between John and Kristen on the night before she and Brady had planned to get married. Kristen wondered if John had told Brady the truth. Grinning mischievously, John claimed that he had told Brady that Kristen was a tainted, sorry excuse for a woman, and that it wasn't Brady's fault that she had made him believe otherwise.

Kristen noted that it was ironic that she was the one who had told Brady the truth about the situation, while the noble John Black had chosen to lie to him. Amused, John wondered if Kristen was really trying to call him a liar after everything that she had done. Kristen theorized that John secretly hated himself because he knew, deep down, that he had genuinely wanted to sleep with her that night.

John laughed again, assuring Kristen that he had simply wanted to get her out of Brady's life for good. Kristen ordered John to leave, hoping that she would never again have to see his smug face. John returned the sentiment and left the mansion, and Kristen slammed the front door behind him. Kristen screamed with frustration as she grabbed a nearby potted plant and angrily tossed it across the foyer.

Kristen stared at herself in the foyer mirror, telling herself that Brady was never going to forgive her, which meant that she only had one other option left. After regaining her composure, Kristen grabbed her purse and exited the mansion with renewed determination.

At St. Luke's Academy, Bishop White thanked Eric for everything that he had done for the church. "You're putting an honorable face on the priesthood, and after today, everyone in the community and in this parish will know who you are and what matters to you most," Bishop White added. Later, in Eric's office at the church, Theresa delivered Eric's gift to him.

When Eric opened the gift box, he was surprised to find the Bible that had once belonged to his grandfather, Shawn, tucked inside. Caroline had given the Bible to Kim after Shawn's funeral, but, according to Theresa, Kim had decided to give the Bible to Eric, since he was a priest and had done some impressive work on the school project. Touched, Eric said that he would call Kim later to thank her for the gift.

Satisfied that she had fulfilled her obligation, Theresa started to make a quick exit, but Eric stopped her. Eric invited Theresa to attend the reception, but she declined the offer. "Look, I don't want to come across as offensive or whatever, but I might as well tell you the truth. Um, this whole thing -- this religion, church stuff -- it's not really my thing," Theresa explained.

Theresa advised Eric to refrain from hoping that she would attend church services, since that was never going to happen. Theresa added that, while Eric was a cool guy, she simply didn't understand how he could make the sacrifices that priests were expected to make. Eric said that he had made his choice and was at peace with his decision. Theresa revealed that, in addition to avoiding the church functions, she probably wouldn't be hanging out with the rest of the family very often, either.

Confused, Eric said that he had been under the impression that spending time with the family had been the whole point of Theresa's relocation. "Yes, so you guys could keep an eye on me and report back on whether I'm on the naughty-or-nice list. I mean, seriously, I have to ask -- did my parents, like, take an ad out in the paper or something? I'm really asking, because everybody in this town looks at me like they know something," Theresa defensively replied.

Eric said that he only knew that he would like to see Theresa attend church once in a while so that they could spend some more time together. Eric hugged Theresa and assured her that everyone was glad to have her back in Salem. Somewhat uncomfortable, Theresa congratulated Eric on the new school and quickly excused herself. In the hallway, Theresa discreetly inspected a bag in her purse that contained her final joint.

Later, Daniel entered the office and asked Eric for permission to continue to pursue his theory that Eric had been deliberately poisoned. Eric's skepticism made him reluctant to grant the request, but Daniel urged Eric to think about what could happen if the theory turned out to be correct and the person who had poisoned Eric returned to administer another dose.

After Daniel left, E.J. arrived and presented Eric with a donation, explaining that he was making the donation as a surprise for Sami. The amount of the donation shocked Eric, who assured E.J. that he would ask Nicole to upgrade E.J. and Sami to founder status on the program that was being printed for the reception.

E.J. revealed that he had talked to Nicole earlier, and he warned that she seemed to be protective of Eric in the same way that she had previously been protective of E.J., Brady, and Daniel. Eric wondered what E.J.'s point was. "Well, I think it's rather obvious, don't you? You see, what she said, the look in her eye, the timbre of her voice -- that's how she acts when she's in love," E.J. explained.

At the Horton house, J.J. was absentmindedly playing with his cell phone when he heard Jennifer unlocking the front door. J.J. tossed his phone aside and grabbed a nearby textbook to make it look like he was studying. Jennifer explained that she had just returned home to get her MP3 player so that she could spend her lunch break jogging.

J.J. recalled that he, Jennifer, and Jack had often jogged together in Hyde Park when they had lived in London. J.J. offered to accompany Jennifer on a jog in the near future, and she happily accepted the offer. As Jennifer started to leave, she noticed the shoes laying on the couch. Jennifer inspected the receipt and wondered how J.J. had managed to afford the shoes.

J.J. claimed that the shoes belonged to Rory, who had agreed to let J.J. wear them for a while. Jennifer warned that she would call Rory's mother to confirm J.J.'s story if the shoes were still at the Horton house when she returned home later that day. After Jennifer left, J.J. placed a phone call to Rory and informed him that there was a slight problem. Meanwhile, Jennifer jogged to the lake, where she spotted Daniel and Parker.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Theresa called J.J. and asked him to supply her with some more joints, since she had just smoked her last one. J.J. was reluctant to comply. Assuming that J.J. was worried about Jennifer, Theresa assured him that his mother wasn't around before abruptly ending the call. Later, Abigail entered the room, looking for Jennifer.

Abigail quickly noticed the distinct smell of marijuana and realized that Theresa had been smoking in the office. Meanwhile, J.J. approached the office door, which Abigail had left ajar, and hid when he realized what was happening. Theresa denied Abigail's accusation and wondered who Abigail was. When she learned that Abigail was Jennifer's daughter, Theresa suggestively revealed that she knew J.J. before abruptly exiting the room.

At St. Luke's Academy, Kristen introduced herself to Bishop White, who admitted that he was concerned about her cryptic earlier warning about the new school's future. Before Kristen could elaborate, the monsignor interrupted and asked to talk to the bishop for a moment. After the bishop and the monsignor left, Kristen rolled her eyes impatiently as she gazed around the room.

"Poor, stupid Marlena. So proud of your son and all his accomplishments. Pretty soon, it's all gonna turn to dust," Kristen muttered as Brady entered the school.

Friday, July 19, 2013

At the Horton house, J.J. read a text message that he'd gotten from Abigail to Rory: "Can you please explain just how you know that skank, Theresa?" J.J. revealed that Abigail had smelled weed on Theresa. He was worried that if his mom found out, she wouldn't rest until she found out who Theresa's connection was. J.J. continued that after the "glitch" with the sneakers, he needed to get out of the house in case Abigail blabbed about Theresa to Jennifer.

Rory pointed out that J.J. was grounded. "Dude, I'm going to need your help, man. But I can do this and still keep my mother in line," J.J. asserted. A bit later, Rory sent an email to Jennifer from his mom's account, explaining that the sneakers were his. He maintained that his mom would never see it because she was a technophobe, plus she spent her days drinking. J.J. declared that he was only one phone call away from some freedom for the day.

Jennifer was jogging at the lake when she spied Daniel playing with Parker. She apologized for interrupting but then corrected herself to say that she wasn't really sorry. The adults watched and laughed from the shore while Parker played in the water. Jennifer admitted that she had missed Parker. "And I miss you. I miss you like crazy," she added.

Jennifer continued that she was tired of everyone telling her what a stupid mistake she'd made -- and her own heart was telling her the same thing. Before Jennifer could even finish telling Daniel that she no longer wanted the break, he put his mouth over hers. She kissed him back enthusiastically.

Jennifer was optimistic that she and Daniel would find a way to make things work, and she could still focus on J.J. Daniel reassured her that he would be there to back her up. Just then, J.J. called Jennifer to ask if he could go to the library to study for his next class. Jennifer reluctantly consented.

After revealing that she had gotten the email from Rory's mom about the shoes, Jennifer thanked J.J. for telling the truth and apologized for rushing to judgment. While J.J. acknowledged that he had given her plenty of reasons not to trust him, Rory made gagging motions. When she hung up, Jennifer asked Daniel to meet at her house after he'd dropped Parker off with Joanna.

Jennifer went to the hospital and told a nurse, "I going to schedule a time to review the new protocol for dealing with press inquiries, okay?" The nurse, Samantha, had no idea what Jennifer was referring to. Jennifer explained that the new protocol had been distributed to all the floors, but Samantha shook her head. "Don't even tell me Theresa didn't get that out!" Jennifer exclaimed. Samantha stated that she had seen neither the protocols nor Theresa. "She's really having a great second day on the job," Jennifer muttered, irked.

When Daniel arrived at the Horton house, carrying a bouquet of tulips and hydrangeas, J.J. answered the door. He grumbled that Jennifer wouldn't appreciate Daniel stopping by uninvited. "I was invited," Daniel informed J.J., who scowled as Daniel walked past him into the living room.

Jennifer returned home just as J.J. was leaving. He stopped on the doorstep and said that he didn't understand why Daniel had shown up with flowers when Jennifer and Daniel were supposedly taking a break. Jennifer gently told her son that it was none of his business. J.J. complained that he had been trying hard to do what she'd asked and he'd thought they were on the same page.

"I'm scared of him being back in the picture, and I'm scared that he'll start saying things about me again... I know you don't believe me, but the guy hates me," J.J. maintained. Jennifer insisted that wasn't true. "Okay, fine. You do what you think is best for me, and if that means letting him back into our lives, then you know what? I'll just figure out a way to deal with it," J.J. said peevishly.

After J.J. had gone, Jennifer went into the living room. Reading her distant mood, Daniel guessed, "Damn it, he did it again, didn't he?" Jennifer admitted that J.J. had gotten upset when she'd suggested that she and Daniel might be getting back together. Daniel reminded her that they'd decided not to let anything get in their way. He maintained that after she had finally decided she wanted to get back together, she'd changed her mind again after "three seconds" with J.J.

"I have been jerked around emotionally because your son is playing mind games with you," Daniel asserted. Upset, Jennifer pointed out that getting arrested was not a game. Daniel insisted that he was not asking her to stop loving her son, but declared, "You need to stop letting him make you choose between me and him." Daniel acknowledged that Jennifer was scared of losing her son -- but cautioned her that if she kept pushing Daniel away, he wouldn't be around to help her.

"Stop listening to J.J... You listen to your heart and you stay with me, and we can do this. We'll figure this all out together," Daniel pleaded. Jennifer asked for a little more time to make sure that J.J. was really getting better. Daniel warned that if she kept doing what J.J. told her to do, it would ruin any chance Daniel and Jennifer's relationship had. "I know this in my soul. And if and when you have that moment that you know it too, you call me. Until then, I don't want to see or hear from you," Daniel declared. He got up and left without another word.

As J.J. and Rory were hanging out later, J.J. informed his friend that "surfer doctor" had shown up on the doorstep with flowers -- but J.J. had ensured that his mom and the doctor wouldn't be getting back together.

Sami and Marlena descended the stairs at the DiMera mansion after Marlena had helped her daughter get ready for the consecration of St. Luke's new school. When they entered the living room, a horrified Marlena exhaled sharply, horrified at the sight of the new portrait of Sami and E.J. An oblivious Sami remarked proudly, "It's amazing, isn't it? E.J. and I are ready to take our rightful place at the head of Stefano's empire. Mr. and Mrs. E.J. DiMera."

Marlena warned Sami that E.J. was using the portrait to rub salt in Stefano's wounds. Shrugging off her mother's concerns, Sami divulged that she and E.J. had set a wedding date that was a mere two weeks away. Worried that Sami was rushing things, Marlena recounted everything that had happened since E.J. and Sami had gotten engaged. Sami insisted that everything was fine so there was no reason to wait.

"Except that you don't want me to wait. You want me to back out completely," Sami deduced. Marlena reminded her daughter, "Do you remember that once my portrait hung there? Hilarity did not ensue." She added that she didn't want Sami to have to endure the same heartbreak. Sami insisted that it would not happen again since E.J. was the head of the family, plus E.J. was more powerful than Stefano had ever been.

"Is he as ruthless as Stefano? Because, honey, if the answer is 'no,' you and my grandchildren are in danger. And if the answer is 'yes,' why the hell would you marry him?" Marlena demanded. Sami regretted that Marlena wasn't more enthusiastic, but Sami was marrying E.J. anyway. Sami confided that she shared more with E.J. than she had with any other man -- and she confessed that she was attracted to how powerful he was and how he went after what he wanted, like he'd gone after her.

Marlena conceded that although she hoped she was wrong, there was no point in trying to change Sami's mind. "Mom, let's not talk about the wedding day today. I don't want this to be about me; I really want this day to be about Eric," Sami said to Marlena's surprise.

In the rectory at St. Luke's, E.J. noted that Nicole had been behaving as if she were in love with Eric. Smiling, Eric asserted that he and Nicole were just friends. "If you believe that, you're either foolish or you're blind," E.J. said. Pointing out that E.J. had better things to worry about, Eric suggested that they focus on the school.

Hope entered and greeted Eric with an affectionate hug. Eric had to step away to attend to some last-minute items, so Hope seized the moment of privacy to talk to E.J. about his takeover of Stefano's companies. She warned E.J. that Stefano was still a threat, but E.J. wasn't worried. "Justin was the attorney on the matter so I'm pretty sure you only control the legitimate holdings of DiMera Enterprises," Hope guessed.

"Suffice it to say that I am not shortsighted when it comes to business or family, and I'm a better man than my father in all of life's facets," E.J. asserted. Hope warned him not to underestimate Stefano. Unconcerned, E.J. maintained that he and Sami had set a wedding date and were looking forward to the future -- and he would be vigilant in making sure that Stefano did not interfere.

As Sami and Marlena arrived to meet E.J. in front of the Brady Pub, Sami telegraphed her mood by grimacing at her fiancé. E.J. complimented Sami on how nice she looked. She wanted to know how Eric had reacted to the news that E.J. was making an additional donation for the new school. E.J. said that Eric had been grateful to be able to do more to help the children. When Sami went inside to check on Caroline's progress getting ready, Marlena waited outside.

E.J. observed that things seemed a bit tense between Marlena and Sami. Marlena explained that Sami had been disappointed when Marlena had been unable to give her blessing for Sami and E.J.'s wedding plans. E.J. confidently asserted that the "changing of the guard" was permanent, and he would do everything he had to in order to protect his family. "Which now includes you," he pointed out.

Sami returned from inside and informed the others that Roman was going to pick up Caroline in a few minutes. E.J. lied cheerfully to his fiancée about what he and Marlena had been talking about. E.J. escorted Sami away, and Marlena expressed her displeasure behind their backs before following.

In a classroom at the new school, Nicole reacted to the news that both Eric and Bishop White had been called away by asking Father Matt for reassurances that everything would be all right. Father Matt cautioned, "I've known the bishop a long time. I can tell when something's on his mind. I don't think it's good."

Alone in the lobby, Kristen got out the flash drive containing the video of Eric in bed with her just as Brady walked in the front door. Brady admitted that he was surprised to see Kristen there. "Why? This is going to be a day to remember -- for all of us," Kristen said then reminded him that her family's money had helped to build the school.

Brady asked to speak to Kristen, but she declared that she wasn't interested in hearing him read her the riot act. Although Brady implored her to listen to what he had to say, Kristen snapped, "It's too late for that, okay? I'm going to do what I need to, and there's nothing you or anybody else can do to stop it."

Nicole arrived just then with Sister Margaret. When the nun left for another part of the school, Nicole greeted Kristen with sarcastic merriment before launching into a tirade against Kristen's character. Brady asked for a minute alone with Kristen, but Kristen crossed to the other side of the lobby before Nicole could honor Brady's request.

Eric entered a moment later, as Kristen was putting the flash drive back into her purse, which she dropped when she spotted the priest. Eric rushed over to pick it up for her. Snatching it out of his hands, Kristen murmured, "Thank you," and then hurried off down a hallway. After Brady congratulated Eric on the great new school, Nicole led Eric away to talk to him about the donors he needed to personally thank at the reception.

Kristen entered a classroom, looking for Bishop White. When she saw that the room was empty, she looked around at the new desks, toys, and books. She opened a book that was on one of the desks and imagined meeting a little boy -- Brady Black, Jr. She seemed disappointed when the imaginary boy vanished.

When Brady appeared in the doorway, Kristen flew off the handle about how she had a right to be there. Brady calmly stated that he wanted to talk to her about what he'd said about the two of them the night before. "I've been thinking a lot about things, trying to take a step back from all the drama and the lies and get to the truth," Brady explained, adding that he had spoken to his father like Kristen had asked.

"John made your motives that night very clear," Brady began, but Kristen irritably cut him off. "I already saw him...and he gloated. He made it perfectly clear he'd rather go to his grave than admit what really happened that night," Kristen declared, her voice rising. Brady tried to tell her that John had admitted the truth, but she wouldn't listen. Kristen shrieked, "I am so sick of you and your family; I can't tell you! You know what? You can all just go to hell!" As Kristen stormed out, Brady shouted after her, to no avail.

After Nicole and Eric had reviewed the list, Eric declared that there was no way he could have done it without Nicole. Nicole confessed that it had been a lot of fun. Eric admitted, "I have to say, through all of this, you were the best friend I could have had. Friends, right?" Taken aback, Nicole asked what else she would be.

Eric explained, "Well, actually, my soon-to-be brother-in-law has some funny ideas about that." Furious, Nicole demanded to know what E.J. had said about her. Seeing how riled up Nicole was, Eric assured her that E.J. had only been trying to make trouble.

Just then, Hope arrived with Ciara, who excitedly ran up to Eric to show off her new school uniform. As Eric scooped her up in a hug, Ciara explained, "Everyone in choir is wearing them for when we sing at the mass." Bishop White entered then, flanked by Father Matt, Sister Margaret, and another church official. "Looks like the start of a curtain call for The Sound of Music," Eric quipped before walking over to greet the bishop. Bishop White said that Kristen DiMera had been looking for him earlier but he didn't know where she had gone.

The lobby had started to fill with people when Kristen returned. She apologized to the bishop and asked Eric if she could speak with Bishop White privately, and Eric obliged. Frowning in Kristen's direction, Nicole asked Eric, "What the hell is she doing here?" Eric chided Nicole for cursing, but Hope echoed the question.

Bishop White asked Kristen if what she had to talk to him about could wait. Kristen explained that she had committed a sin against God, and even though she hadn't acted alone, she was afraid that He would not forgive her. The bishop assured her, "God forgives all." Kristen fretted that the school that had been built in God's name might be ruined, so she couldn't be silent any longer.

The bishop didn't think it was the proper time or place. Kristen watched over the bishop's shoulder as Sami, E.J., and Marlena filed in. Fingering the flash drive, Kristen stated, "It has to be here, and it has to be now." Brady entered from the classroom and eyed Kristen warily across the room. Crossing herself, Kristen declared, "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned."

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