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Kristen told Jennifer that she was not pregnant. Victor and Marlena worked together to take down Kristen. Will and Sonny attended the club's grand opening. Gabi and Nick made love. Thanks to Theresa's scheming, Vargas was sent back to prison. Melinda offered Sami a reduced sentence -- but at a steep price.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 19, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, August 19, 2013

by Mike

In a holding cell at the police station, Sami insisted that E.J. couldn't blame Rafe for what had happened to her. "Yes, I can. Is it not the least bit ironic that just as you and I are back together and about to get married, that he comes between the two of us again?" E.J. asked. Sami protested that there was nothing ironic about the situation because Rafe wasn't interfering with her relationship with E.J.

"Oh, bloody hell, Samantha. You and [Rafe] were about to be married until you found out that his sister was carrying William's child. You didn't fall out of love, sweetheart -- you ended up on opposite sides of an argument," E.J. summarized. Sami denied the claim, but E.J. wasn't convinced. After recapping that Sami had gone into Rafe's bathroom to get him a wet washcloth on the day of the shooting because he had been hot, E.J. wondered how she had known that Rafe had been hot in the first place. E.J. guessed that Sami had been stroking Rafe's face, but she refused to discuss the matter further.

"Look, face it -- there is a part of Rafe that forces you to care, and because of that, you took the time to go and get a washcloth instead of doing what anybody else would have done, which is to get a nurse to do it. Your feelings for Rafe may have ensured that you spend the rest of your life in jail," E.J. insisted. Sami chose to appreciate E.J.'s anger, reasoning that it proved that he didn't believe that her days were numbered yet.

E.J. quietly stated that he was angry because he loved Sami, who returned the sentiment. Sami urged E.J. to let go of his anger toward Rafe, insisting that blaming Rafe wasn't going to solve anything. Sami reminded E.J. that Rafe had previously stated that he felt horrible about what had happened to Sami. E.J. replied that what Rafe had said and what Rafe was willing to do were two completely different matters.

Sami realized that E.J. had visited Rafe earlier. E.J. confirmed Sami's suspicion and proceeded to quietly tell her about his earlier conversation with Rafe. Sami insisted that E.J. couldn't expect Rafe to lie under oath, since Rafe was a cop. E.J. was convinced that Rafe had only refused to lie because he resented the fact that he had lost Sami to E.J., but she insisted that E.J. was wrong.

As Sami and E.J. continued to argue, Caroline arrived and greeted them. E.J. seized the opportunity to excuse himself. Caroline apologized for chasing E.J. away, but Sami assured her that it wasn't her fault that he had left. Sami explained that she and E.J. had been having an argument. Caroline handed Sami a bowl of clam chowder, recalling that it had always made Sami feel better when Sami had been younger.

Caroline assured Sami that everything was going to be okay. Sami smiled and admitted that she appreciated Caroline's confidence. "Sami, when you're on the stand, maybe you should tell the story as if you're telling your kids. 'Cause you never lie to your kids, and that'll show in your face," Caroline advised without a hint of irony. Caroline encouraged Sami to do everything that she could possibly do to prove her innocence so that she could return to the kids and the rest of her family.

In Rafe's room at the hospital, Kate was shocked to learn that Rafe's physical therapist, Jordan Ridgeway, was a woman. Rafe introduced Kate as a very good friend of his, and she apologized for the dismissive way that she had initially treated Jordan. Rafe wondered why Kate had originally assumed that Jordan would be a man.

"Well, because your 'very good friend' has been all over the doctors since you were admitted, and, um -- well, when Kayla was talking to me about the therapist, I'm pretty sure she thought the therapist was a man. I'm thinking she thought that you would be more comfortable with a man," Kate claimed. Rafe said that he didn't mind the fact that his physical therapist was a woman. "In fact, I kind of like it," Rafe added as Kate forced a smile.

Jordan -- who had previously been living in Birmingham, Alabama -- revealed that she had just arrived in Salem earlier that day. When Rafe observed that Jordan didn't have an accent, she clarified that Birmingham wasn't her hometown. Rafe guessed that living in Salem would be quite an adjustment for Jordan, but she assured him that she would be fine as long as the hospital had an up-to-date physical therapy center.

Kate explained that she was on the hospital board and would personally ensure that the physical therapy center had everything that Jordan would need to provide Rafe with the best possible care. Jordan excused herself so that she could inspect the physical therapy center, promising to return later to perform Rafe's initial evaluation. After Jordan left, Rafe observed that she seemed like a very capable physical therapist.

Kate nodded and reported that Jordan's qualifications were excellent. "Even for a woman?" Rafe wondered. Kate laughed and reminded Rafe that she was a feminist. Rafe observed that it had seemed like Jordan's gender had bothered Kate, but she insisted that she had simply been surprised to learn that Jordan was a woman. Changing the subject, Kate wondered why E.J. had visited Rafe earlier.

Rafe didn't seem to appreciate the fact that Kate was apparently keeping track of his visitors, but he softened when she explained that she was simply worried about his safety. Rafe thanked Kate for her concern and assured her that Stefano probably wasn't going to try to harm him again, since the previous attempt to do so had gone horribly awry. Rafe stressed that he didn't need Kate hovering around all of the time.

Rafe stopped himself before he could compare Kate to his mother, but she was still able to surmise that he had been about to make that comparison. Kate started to leave, but Rafe stopped her and sincerely apologized for hurting her feelings. Rafe said that he appreciated the fact that Kate had saved his life after he had been attacked several months earlier, as well as the fact that she had stayed with him in the months following the attack.

Rafe promised that he would eventually make a full recovery, adding that his recovery would partially be due to Kate's support. Kate shook her head and insisted that Rafe would ultimately deserve all of the credit, since he was the strongest man whom she had ever known. Kate gently kissed Rafe's cheek before exiting the room.

Later, Kate ran into E.J. in the town square. Kate told E.J. to stop badgering Rafe. Annoyed, E.J. replied that he was sick of hearing about poor old Rafe. E.J. vaguely informed Kate about Rafe's earlier refusal to help Sami. E.J. warned that if Sami were convicted of Bernardi's murder, the blame would be solely on Kate and Rafe's shoulders. Kate wondered if E.J. was trying to make a threat. "My father makes threats. I make promises," E.J. claimed before walking away.

Back at the hospital, Jordan returned to Rafe's room to perform his initial evaluation. Rafe's first task was to raise his left hand, place it next to Jordan's left hand, and push it against her hand as hard as he possibly could. Rafe was only able to raise his hand a couple of inches off of the bed, and he wasn't able to push it against Jordan's hand at all. As Jordan scribbled some notes in her tablet computer, Rafe sighed and observed that he was off to a great start.

Rafe wanted to try the hand exercise again, but Jordan reminded him that she was simply doing an evaluation. Jordan explained that Rafe was weak because his muscles had sustained three months of deconditioning. Moving on to the next task, Jordan raised and gently bent Rafe's left leg, placed the palm of her right hand against the sole of his left foot, and instructed him to push his foot against her hand as hard as he possibly could.

Rafe struggled to accomplish the task, but he was unable to do so. "Damn it. You're stronger with one hand than I am with my whole leg. How am I ever supposed to walk again? Hmm?" Rafe asked as Jordan started to scribble something else in her tablet computer. Jordan said that Rafe would have to pose that question to his doctor. Rafe guessed that Jordan had to have an opinion about the matter, but she would only say that she and Rafe would try their best to ensure that he would eventually regain the ability to walk.

At the Horton Town Square, Vargas, who was wearing an expensive-looking suit and tie, placed a phone call to a limousine company and hired a driver to take him to a boxing match later that night. Stressing that he had purchased ringside tickets and wanted to arrive on time to see the opening round of the fight, Vargas happily agreed to pay the driver eight hundred dollars in cash.

After ending the call, Vargas turned and found Eric standing behind him. Eric, who had overheard Vargas' end of the phone conversation, wondered if Vargas had won the lottery or secured a really good job. Vargas laughed and confirmed, somewhat sarcastically, that he had found a really good job. Unamused, Eric insisted that he had a right to know what was going on, since he had taken a chance on Vargas as the first member of the church outreach program.

Vargas vaguely stated that he had previously set aside some money and that he had invested that money after receiving a solid tip from a friend. Vargas joked that it was the American way, but Eric countered that working hard and making an honest living was the American way. Vargas dismissively stated that Eric's version of the American way was boring, prompting Eric to declare that he had failed Vargas.

Vargas advised Eric to refrain from beating himself up about the matter. Vargas joked that not even Francis of Assisi would have been able to change him, but the comment failed to comfort Eric. Vargas accused Eric of being naïve. "I mean, otherwise you would have picked up on the fact that I was only participating in your program until something better came along. Look, and now it has, okay? But look, don't worry, Father. Look, you're a cool guy. I'm glad that I met you. You were just trying to do a good thing, and -- and you did. You helped your fellow man. But see, now it's time for that man to help himself. I'll see you around, Father. Don't let bastards like me get you down, okay?" Vargas said before walking away.

Elsewhere, in a secluded section of the town square, Nicole started to question Kristen about the pregnancy test kit, but before Kristen could respond, Jennifer returned and claimed the item as her own. "In answer to your question, that pregnancy test can't be mine, Nicole, because I can't have children. I thought you knew that. Yeah, since we both shared so much pain and heartache in that area, I thought that maybe this would be the one part of my life that you wouldn't turn into a cruel joke, but obviously, I was wrong. Nice seeing you, as usual," Kristen bitterly told Nicole before storming off.

Nicole braced herself for the news that she had been kicked out of the book club, but Jennifer wasn't interested in punishing her for making a mistake. Jennifer claimed that she had purchased the pregnancy test for a girl whom she had met while volunteering at a local homeless shelter, but Nicole didn't believe the story. Nicole explained that she knew, due to the church's relationship with the homeless shelters in the area, that none of them provided medical treatment or counseling.

Nicole guessed that the pregnancy test was for either Jennifer or Abigail. After insisting that Nicole was wrong and that she needed to mind her own business, Jennifer stormed off. Nicole quietly muttered that, while the potential pregnancy might not be her business, it was definitely the father's business.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel was surprised to see J.J., who had just finished giving Adrienne a copy of the governor's commendation for Jack. Daniel guessed that the commendation had meant a lot to J.J., who doubted that Daniel even cared. Daniel insisted that he had liked Jack and that he understood why J.J., Abigail, and Jennifer missed Jack.

"You know, uh, Daniel, we know that my, uh, dad's looking down on us, and, uh, he can see that you're out of the picture now. So, uh, don't worry about Mom and Abs and me. We're doing just fine, especially now that we know that my mom is through with you," J.J. assured Daniel. Daniel warned that J.J. couldn't fool him as easily as J.J. had fooled Jennifer. J.J. feigned innocence, but Daniel wasn't convinced.

Daniel theorized that Jack never would have approved of J.J.'s recent choices. After warning that J.J. would have to answer to him if Jennifer ended up getting hurt as a result of J.J.'s actions, Daniel exited the mansion. Later, after returning to his apartment, Daniel received a visit from Nicole. Nicole started to tell Daniel about her earlier encounter with Jennifer, but he insisted that he didn't want to talk about Jennifer. "Even if she might be pregnant?" Nicole wondered. After hearing the complete recap of Nicole's earlier encounter with Jennifer, Daniel abruptly excused himself.

In the park, Theresa greeted J.J. and Rory. J.J., who was clearly still upset with Theresa, wondered why she wasn't working. Theresa said that she was taking a break. Theresa proceeded to rant about her job and Jennifer, who wasn't even working that day but had still managed to find plenty of time to repeatedly call and send text messages to Theresa to make sure that Theresa was working. Theresa said that she didn't know how J.J. could stand to be around Jennifer every day.

J.J. warned Theresa to back off, explaining that Jennifer had not gone to work that day because his father had died one year earlier. Theresa apologized and suggested that she, J.J., and Rory could hang out together later, but J.J. declined the offer, guessing that she had spent all of her money on cocaine and only wanted to hang out with them so that she could gain access to some free marijuana. Theresa shrugged and walked away.

After Theresa left, Rory said that, while he understood that J.J. was upset, J.J. had just blown both of their chances with her. J.J. snapped that if Rory honestly believed that he had ever had a chance with Theresa, he was the dumbest person whom J.J. had ever met. J.J. started to leave, but Rory stopped him and wondered where he was going. "To go find my mom and keep her thinking that I'm a good son," J.J. said before walking away.

Later, Theresa and Vargas bumped into each other as they were walking through the town square. Theresa started to snap at Vargas, but when she saw that he was handsome and well-dressed, she quickly changed her tone and accepted full responsibility for the accident. Theresa invited Vargas to join her at the opening of a club -- presumably Sonny's -- later that night. Vargas explained that he had already made plans to attend a boxing match that night, but Theresa declared that his plans sounded boring. Theresa gave Vargas her cell phone number and suggested that she might see him around later -- unless a better option crossed her path first.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Daniel greeted Jennifer and bluntly asked if she was pregnant. Jennifer laughed and assured Daniel that she wasn't pregnant. Daniel apologized for jumping to conclusions, but Jennifer insisted that Nicole was the only person whom she was upset with. Jennifer wondered if Daniel was disappointed that she wasn't pregnant.

"Um, I -- we never even really talked about it, but if you were pregnant, um, then we'd have no choice but to figure things out, right? I mean, the two of us would have to be talking to build a life together, and J.J., he would have to accept the fact that I love you, and you love me, and we love each other, and we are committed to each other, right?" Daniel asked. Jennifer agreed, but she reiterated that she wasn't pregnant.

Daniel nodded and summarized that there was nothing left to talk about. Daniel started to leave, but Jennifer stopped him. Jennifer tried to get Daniel to reconsider his position on her earlier proposal that they could secretly see each other, but he was still resistant to the idea. Jennifer insisted that she really loved Daniel and that keeping their relationship a secret for a while would be the only way that they could avoid ending their relationship for good. Daniel's resolve eventually started to crumble, and he and Jennifer passionately kissed. Meanwhile, J.J. approached Jennifer's office door.

At St. Luke's, Eric stormed into his office and slammed his Bible down on his desk, barely acknowledging Nicole. Nicole observed that Eric seemed upset about something, so he proceeded to tell her about his earlier encounter with Vargas. Eric believed that the outreach program had failed, but Nicole disagreed and insisted that Abe and Hope had simply picked the wrong candidate for the program.

Eric blamed himself for being naïve enough to believe in Vargas, but Nicole asserted that Eric's faith in people, such as Vargas, Kristen, and herself, was what made Eric who he was. Eric snapped that he wanted to drop the subject, and Nicole reluctantly agreed. Eric handed Nicole some scholarship applications and asked her to deliver them to Kristen at the DiMera mansion, explaining that Kristen had apparently forgotten them earlier.

"I would do just about anything for you, but I draw the line at being errand girl for that bitch," Nicole told Eric. Eric shrugged and stormed out of the office, stating that he would deliver the documents to Kristen himself. After Eric left, Nicole wondered if the pregnancy test really had been Kristen's all along. "No way. Not without divine intervention," Nicole assured herself with a laugh.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen, who had purchased a second pregnancy test after her earlier encounter with Nicole, mused that it was odd that the relatively small pregnancy tests were always packaged in boxes that looked like they could contain complete chemistry sets. "Okay, now...there could be a million reasons why a person is a month late. It doesn't have to be this. It couldn't be this. Oh, please, don't let it be this," Kristen quietly muttered as she read the instructions that were printed on the back of the box.

Meanwhile, Kristen received a phone call from Jennifer, who assured her that Nicole didn't suspect anything. After ending the call, Kristen poured herself a glass of scotch, hoping that it would help her gather the nerve to take the test. Kristen carried the scotch glass upstairs, leaving the pregnancy test laying on the chess table in the living room. When Kristen returned a short time later, she found Sydney bouncing a doll on top of the pregnancy test.

Kristen snapped at Sydney, because she had been under the impression that Harold and Mary had taken Sydney to the swimming pool earlier. Sydney confirmed that Harold and Mary were going to take her and her siblings swimming later, and she apologized for playing with the pregnancy test. Kristen quickly softened and offered her own apology, claiming that the pregnancy test was medicine and that she had simply been trying to protect Sydney.

Later, Kristen stared at the pregnancy test expectantly as she waited for the results. Meanwhile, Eric approached the front door of the mansion.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Jennifer's office, Daniel and Jennifer kissed passionately as J.J. approached the door outside. Theresa stopped J.J. in the hallway and asked him to talk. Startled by the sound of J.J.'s voice outside her office, Jennifer broke apart from Daniel and begged Daniel to hide. Daniel refused. Jennifer crept to the door and peeked into the hallway. J.J. had walked away with Theresa to talk.

When Jennifer turned around, a hurt Daniel announced that he would leave so that no one had the impression that he and Jennifer were back together. Jennifer asked Daniel to continue their affair in secret. Daniel yelled, "I don't want to be careful! I don't want to hide my feelings for you. I don't want to lie. I don't want to sneak around."

Jennifer begged Daniel to give her some time to heal her relationship with her son, but Daniel shook his head. Nodding, Jennifer handed Daniel an envelope with the information for his photo shoot. Daniel grabbed the envelope and walked out.

Down the hallway, J.J. apologized to Theresa for his behavior and offered to sell her drugs if she needed anything. Theresa scoffed at J.J. and announced that she had found an older man to take care of her and her needs. Annoyed, J.J. retracted his offer and walked away. As Theresa stood in the hallway, she spotted Daniel drop an envelope on the floor as he boarded an elevator. Theresa walked across to the elevator and snatched up the letter.

J.J. returned to his mother's office. When Jennifer asked J.J. if he had stopped by earlier, J.J. lied and said he had stepped away to make a phone call. J.J. asked Jennifer for permission to go out with Bev that night. As Jennifer agreed to let J.J. out of the house, J.J. spotted Daniel's pen on the floor. J.J. asked Jennifer if she had been talking to Daniel. Jennifer lied that she had talked to Daniel about a press release. J.J. informed Jennifer that he had run into Daniel after Jack's memorial and that Daniel had called him a screw up.

Daniel returned to his apartment to unwind, but Theresa met him there. Theresa handed him the letter he had dropped and walked past Daniel into his apartment. Smiling, Theresa invited Daniel out for drinks. When Theresa mentioned canceling another date for Daniel, he shut her down. Daniel explained that he was not interested in Theresa. When Theresa asked Daniel if he was off the market, he stressed that he would not date Theresa under any circumstance.

Theresa returned to the hospital and texted Vargas about their date. While Theresa sat at her desk, not working, Anne entered to drop off some papers. Theresa asked about Daniel's dating life, and Anne informed Theresa that Daniel had been dating Jennifer on and off. Theresa was stunned.

In an empty hospital room, Kayla found Cameron and asked him about Chad. Cameron reluctantly shared with Kayla that Chad had contacted a specialist. Cameron admitted that he did not know the specifics about Chad's condition but that Chad had intimated that his tumor was terminal. When Cameron mentioned that Chad did not want to tell anyone, Kayla worried aloud that Chad was cutting himself off from the support of his friends and family.

At Club TBD, Abigail stopped by at Chad's invitation. Abigail entered the empty club and found a martini on the bar with a note. The note explained that the drink was called an Abbytini. Chuckling, Chad entered and explained that he had wanted to name the club after Abigail but that he'd had to settle for naming a drink after her instead. Abigail complimented Chad on the renovations.

Chad made a toast to Jack and asked Abigail how her family was feeling. Abigail admitted that the memorial had been difficult but that her family was fine. Sighing, Abigail said that she was concerned about J.J.'s emotional volatility. Chad offered to talk to J.J. Abigail thanked Chad then she furrowed her brow and asked Chad to talk. Chad thought about when he had seen Abigail and Cameron kissing in the park.

Chad interrupted Abigail and invited her to be his date for the opening of the club. Before Abigail could answer, Chad said that Cameron had suggested that Chad and Abigail spend more time together. Surprised and confused, Abigail agreed to be Chad's date. When Chad asked Abigail what she had wanted to talk about, Abigail explained that she had told Jennifer about her involvement covering up the video. Chad called Abigail brave for coming clean.

After Abigail left, Cameron dropped by the club to talk to Chad about his prognosis. Chad joked that he was still dying. Stone-faced, Cameron offered to help Chad because he wanted to see Chad beat his illness. Chad said he did not want to talk about his condition and changed the subject to his date with Abigail.

When Chad joked that he planned to "make love all night long" with Abigail, Cameron frowned. Chad advised Cameron to quit being so humorless. Chad said that he planned to "beat this thing, no matter what it takes."

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen hid her pregnancy test behind a lamp as she answered the front door. Eric was standing on the porch and handed her the folder of applications that she had left at the church. Worried, Eric asked Kristen if she was feeling all right. Kristen apologized for her behavior earlier, and she explained that she was feeling emotional because of Sami and Brady. Kristen reminded Eric that it was the anniversary of Madison's death.

After Eric left, Kristen called Jennifer and asked her to stop by. Jennifer rushed over. Kristen announced that she was not pregnant. Seeing Kristen fighting her emotions, Jennifer gently squeezed Kristen's hand. Kristen admitted that she had dodged a bullet but that it felt strange to feel sad about the news.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor invited Marlena over to talk about Kristen. Victor asked Marlena to help him pry Brady away from Kristen. "Don't you wish for the day that you could make Kristen wish that she'd gone straight to hell? Do no pass Salem?" Victor asked Marlena. Victor noted that he and Marlena only needed to discover one of Kristen's lies to split Brady and Kristen apart. Victor suggested that they find Kristen's weakness and exploit it.

After talking to Victor, Marlena went to the rectory to talk to Eric. When Eric mentioned that Kristen was good with the children, Marlena cautioned him to remember that Kristen only cared about herself. Marlena warned Eric that Kristen was using the children to ingratiate herself with Eric in order to spite Marlena. Eric countered that Kristen was a more complex person than Marlena had given her credit for being.

Marlena's phone rang, and she answered the call. After talking to Harold on the phone, Marlena told Eric that Kristen had banished Sami's children from the house in order to spend some time alone in the mansion. Marlena pointed out that it was proof that Kristen did not care about children.

After Marlena left, Daniel stopped by the rectory to evaluate Eric's health. Eric asked Daniel if he was still conflicted about Jennifer. Daniel admitted that he was conflicted and that J.J. was tearing apart Daniel's relationship with Jennifer. Daniel turned the conversation back to Eric's health. Eric informed Daniel that he'd had no more symptoms or relapses from his illness. Nodding, Daniel said he was calling off his investigation into Eric's illness because they had no leads.

Eric admitted that he had a feeling of dread about the night he had fallen ill. Eric explained that he was fairly sure that something awful had happened that night and that he felt like he did not want to recover his lost memory.

In the DiMera living room, Kristen called Jennifer on the phone to thank her for the support earlier. Kristen asked Jennifer not to tell anyone about the pregnancy test, including Daniel. Kristen noted aloud that if Brady ever learned that she had slept with someone else while they were apart that Kristen's relationship with Brady would be over. In the foyer outside the living room, Marlena held Sydney in her arms and eavesdropped on Kristen.

In the town square, J.J. met with Rory and informed him that Daniel had said he would watch J.J. Grinning, J.J. told Rory that he was confident that he could push Daniel out of Jennifer's life. J.J. and Rory planned to continue their drug business in town.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the DiMera living room, on the phone with Jennifer, Kristen admitted that things between her and Brady would be over if he ever found out that she had slept with someone else while they'd been apart. Meanwhile, Marlena was just outside the door with Sydney and overheard Kristen's side of the conversation. Kristen heard a floorboard creak and freaked out, but when she checked the foyer, it was empty.

Marlena had grabbed Sydney and hurried outside, where she ran into Brady. Marlena hinted that a lot had been going on, but before she could explain, Kristen stuck her head out the front door and realized that she had to have heard Marlena before. As Marlena explained that she and Sydney had been spending time together, Sydney interjected, "I miss my mommy." The nanny then took Sydney through the house to check out the mama fish in the koi pond out back.

Marlena announced that she had something to say to Kristen -- and she thought Brady should hear it, too. Kristen reluctantly led the others back into the foyer. Marlena began a cryptic speech about how life could change in an instant, but Brady urged her to get to the point. Marlena explained that Sami's life had changed the moment she'd saved Rafe's life.

Marlena continued, "You can see how distraught her children are. It will get worse before it gets better. This family has to pull together. The three of us have to bury the hatchet." Marlena explained that she had to put her feelings about Brady and Kristen aside because they were far less important than what Sami was going through. Brady willingly agreed, and Kristen seemed to, as well. Although Marlena clearly didn't buy it, she merely thanked Brady and Kristen and left.

As soon as the door closed behind Marlena, Brady said that "a little peace in the valley" was a very good thing, but Kristen declared that she didn't trust Marlena in the least. Brady urged Kristen to take Marlena's request at face value. "She can't hurt us unless we let her," he asserted. Changing the subject, Kristen suggested that she and Brady go to Chad's club opening that night. "He's the easiest guy in your family to support," Brady conceded.

Outside, Marlena immediately made a phone call. "Oh, where are you? Where are you? I've got to talk to you right away," Marlena said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson showed Nick a box of things that Gabi had left behind. Instead of having Henderson call a messenger, Nick volunteered to take care of it. After Henderson left the room, Nick went through the box and smiled when he ran across a magazine photo of Gabi from her modeling days.

Victor entered the living room, and after a brief but seemingly pleasant conversation with Nick about lost opportunities and things that might have been, Victor noted that the following day, Nick's parole would officially end. Nick pointed out that the department of corrections had to sign off on it first. Victor was confident that would happen, and reminded Nick that after that, Nick could live and work wherever he wanted.

"Pack your bags, Nick. Tomorrow you're leaving my house," Victor ordered. Nick was a bit taken aback. Victor explained, "Unfortunately, I don't share my wife's compassion and understanding for the extenuating circumstances that led you to become an extortionist and a blackmailer." He instructed Nick to be out by the following night.

Later, Victor answered the door and found Marlena leaning on the doorjamb and wearing a very self-satisfied grin. "One day. It only took one day for the right thing to fall into our laps," she declared. Marlena giggled when Victor wanted to hear every last detail. After reminding Victor that he'd said if they simply watched and waited, they would find something to drive a wedge between Kristen and Brady, Marlena divulged, "Kristen has a secret -- and I know what it is."

Marlena recounted the phone call she'd overheard. She said that she had considered telling Brady about it, but she had reconsidered and invented a cover story about burying the hatchet. Although Kristen had not bought that, Marlena said, "She was, I think, persuaded that I had not heard about her indiscretion." Victor believed Marlena had made the right choice, since Brady would require solid proof -- and ten kinds of it -- to see the truth.

"Kristen did say that this information would kill the relationship she has with Brady," Marlena stated. "Well, then let's make sure that's exactly what happens," Victor declared. Victor stated that they needed to find out whom Kristen had been sleeping with. "It's hard to imagine there's anybody in Salem who wouldn't know better," Marlena noted.

Victor continued that they also had to find out whom Kristen had been talking to on the phone. "And that's going to be the beginning of bringing Kristen down," Victor declared. Marlena concurred, "This woman has wreaked havoc on my family and me for too long. It's time we returned the favor."

After putting Arianna to bed, Gabi emerged, dressed to the nines, from the bedroom of the apartment she shared with Sonny and Will. Will, Sonny, and Gabi complimented one another on how nice they looked. Just as they realized that Kayla was late to stay with Arianna, Kayla called Will to say that she couldn't babysit.

The trio immediately got on their phones and tried to find someone else to stay with the baby, to no avail. Gabi urged Will to go ahead with Sonny, since it was Sonny's big night, while she stayed home with Arianna. Although Will tried to protest, Gabi insisted -- and Sonny was very grateful.

After the guys left, Gabi flopped onto the couch, still in her fancy dress. She was looking miserable while drinking cranberry juice out of a wine glass and trying to read a magazine when Nick showed up with her box of belongings. After he put the box down, Nick started to leave because it was obvious that Gabi was going somewhere, since she was all dressed up. Gabi explained about the club opening and her sitter canceling at the last minute.

Nick offered to stay with Arianna, because Gabi deserved to go out and have some fun. With a shrug, Gabi said that she could go to the club another time, plus she thought she should take advantage of Arianna sleeping so well to catch up on some sleep and recorded TV shows -- although she admitted that she had been looking forward to some adult conversation. Nick asked if Gabi wanted him to stick around and keep her company.

Gabi accepted then poured Nick a glass of his favorite wine. Nick was touched that she'd remembered. Gabi asked how Nick's job search was going. He explained that although Kate had been paying him well for some ideas and formulas, he was trying to find something steadier. Gabi suddenly remembered that Nick's parole ended the next day.

When Nick noted that he wouldn't even have to stay in Salem once his parole was over, Gabi asked if he wanted to leave town. Nick wondered if Gabi would want him to go. "If it's the best thing for you, then sure," Gabi replied without much conviction. Nick admitted that it was hard to think about and explained, "Since I got out, it's just always felt to me like the best thing for me, um, was you."

Nick quickly apologized and explained that he had been replaying the past year in his mind to figure out where he had gone wrong and what he could have done differently. He continued that the time they'd spent together in Gabi's room above the pub had been "as perfect as life could get," and it had been the closest he had ever felt to another person.

Gabi admitted that she still thought about how things had been with Nick, too. Nick declared that Gabi was the most beautiful woman he'd ever known, and when he closed his eyes, he could still see her and feel every inch of her body.

Theresa stopped by Vargas' before their date and looked around the somewhat dingy apartment with a tinge of disappointment. Vargas produced a vial of cocaine, which immediately put Theresa in a better mood -- especially after the two of them had snorted a couple of lines. As Vargas began to comply with Theresa's request to tell her about himself, she spotted his prison release papers on a table.

The knowledge that Vargas had been in prison didn't faze Theresa, who didn't even want to hear why he'd been inside. As they were about to head out, Vargas removed a can from a cabinet, unscrewed the bottom, and pulled out a wad of bills. Theresa's eyes widened as Vargas peeled off some bills from the roll, placed the wad back in the can, and put the can back in the cupboard.

When Vargas explained that he kept his money there because, unlike a bank, the can didn't ask questions. When Theresa said that she wouldn't ask about the cash, either, Vargas remarked, "Wow. You are so different." Vargas led the way out the door, although Theresa had a hard time peeling her eyes away from the cabinet door.

At Club TBD, Chad was reviewing the guest list when Abigail entered wearing a diaphanous top with sparkly trim. Just as Chad finished mixing Abigail her namesake drink, the lavender-hued "Abbytini," T arrived with his date, Robin. After Chad and Abigail teased T good-naturedly, T and Robin wandered off to have a look around the new club.

Even though no one else was in the club yet, Chad asked Abigail to dance, and as they took the floor, a slow song began to play. After they had danced, Chad explained that they were the first to break in the dance floor.

The music shifted to something much more up-tempo just as Will and Sonny arrived. Will greeted T with an ebullient hug then T introduced Will and Sonny to Robin. "Oh, you're that great couple!" Robin enthused, and T's eyes twinkled as he grinned at Sonny and Will. T praised Sonny and Chad for doing a great job on the new club. Sonny credited Brent with doing the redesign, although Brent couldn't be there to share in the celebration.

T asked why the guys had changed things so drastically. "You can't sit around and wait for your life to start. This is it," Chad declared, though Sonny said that it was just good business.

The crowd had grown a bit by the time Theresa and Vargas arrived. They looked around approvingly, but after they got a table, Theresa wasn't impressed. She hinted that she needed to powder her nose, so Vargas slipped her the coke vial then she headed to the ladies' room.

Chad, Will, and Sonny toasted to a successful opening. Chad declared that they made a great team, but Will remarked, "I bring the train wreck to our neck of the woods." Chad assured Will that all Sonny wanted to do was spend more time with Will and Arianna.

Theresa was talking a mile a minute when she returned and slipped the vial back to Vargas under the table. After Vargas left for the men's room, Theresa spotted Will across the club. She got up to see what her cousin was doing there and ran smack into a good-looking guy. "Sorry," the guy said. "Don't be," Theresa replied flirtatiously.

Will, meanwhile, was asking T about Robin, and T confided that she didn't talk a lot. Will noted that was perfect for T, who did like to talk. T admitted that he also saw other girls -- but what he really wanted was what Will had. "Sonny's taken," Will retorted, and T punched him playfully on the arm.

Vargas danced back across the club to Theresa, but she wouldn't go out on the dance floor with him because she said she had to play nice and deal with a family member. Vargas wasn't pleased but shrugged in acceptance.

Theresa found Will sitting alone for the moment at the bar. After they exchanged pleasantries, Will explained that his boyfriend owned the club. "No way! That's awesome! So -- do we get a family discount on the drinks?" Theresa asked immediately.

When Brady and Kristen arrived, Kristen greeted her brother with an affectionate hug. After Brady shook Chad's hand in congratulations, he headed to the bar while Kristen and Chad visited. Observing the young Miss Deveraux on the dance floor with T and Robin, Kristen asked if Abigail were part of the reason that Chad was in such a good mood. "Definitely," he admitted. Chad seemed happy for Kristen that she and Brady seemed to have gotten back together. Kristen admitted, "Nobody was more surprised as me... I guess I was due for a miracle, huh?"

At the bar, Will showed pictures of Arianna to Brady, who was impressed with how much the infant had grown. Brady asked how Sami was holding up. "She's Mom. She's dealing," Will said, adding that he was anxious for the trial to start so his mom could go home. Kristen pulled Brady away from Will and into a passionate kiss. She announced, "I put in my appearance. I can think of other places I'd rather be with you."

While Kristen and Brady were having sex back at the DiMera mansion later, she begged him not to let go. "I can't lose you. I can't lose you ever again," Kristen declared.

Vargas wandered back and forth on the crowded dance floor, trying without success to spot Theresa in the packed club. Meanwhile, Chad led Abigail outside for some fresh air. When he tired of pacing and drinking, Vargas headed outside -- and spied Theresa in a darkened corner with the guy she'd bumped into earlier in the evening. Theresa was leaning against the wall while the man had his hand on the wall behind her, their faces inches apart.

As Vargas was frozen in the doorway, staring at Theresa, Brady and Kristen tried to leave the club, but Vargas was blocking their way. After saying, "Excuse me," a couple of times, finally they pushed past him.

Outside, Chad pointed out the edge of the roof garden to Abigail and explained that they grew everything for the menu there. Abigail was impressed.

When Theresa began to stroke the other guy's face, Vargas charged over and shoved the guy off, putting his arm forcefully, possessively around Theresa. Theresa stammered that she hadn't seen Vargas, but he spat, "Yeah, that's because you saw a chance to latch on to someone else." While Chad and Abigail observed, the other guy offered to get rid of Vargas for Theresa. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into, pal," Vargas warned.

Vargas tried to lead Theresa away, but she took a step back. "Would you chill out? Oh, my God, I can hear your teeth grinding from here!" Theresa hissed, her brow furrowed with worry. The guy ordered Vargas, "Leave the lady alone." He shoved Vargas, who instantly threw a punch, sending the guy to the pavement.

Chad quickly tried to intervene, but as soon as he touched Vargas on the shoulder, Vargas whirled around and sucker-punched Chad in the gut, then landed a hard blow to Chad's jaw. Chad collapsed in a heap, seemingly unconscious, as the other man wrestled Vargas away, and the two began to fight again. Abigail rushed to Chad's side, while Theresa looked on, horrified.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

by Mike

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Nick impulsively kissed Gabi. Gabi pulled away, and Nick quickly apologized for misreading the situation. Nick admitted that he missed Gabi and that he often thought about what her new life with Arianna was like. Gabi assured Nick that she was all right, but he asserted that she had sacrificed a lot for Arianna and deserved to feel like a woman and know that she was beautiful.

Nick's words had the desired effect on Gabi, who soon found herself having sex with him on the living room couch. Afterward, Nick hoped that Gabi had figured out that her earlier concern -- that no one would ever love her or think of her as a special person -- was unwarranted. Nick started to kiss Gabi again, but she stopped him and said that he needed to leave.

Gabi explained that she had just remembered that Will had previously offered to return home early so that she could have an opportunity to enjoy the club opening for a while. Gabi was worried that Will might catch her with Nick, but Nick told her to calm down. Nick happily added that he didn't want people to find out that he and Gabi were back together until she was ready to tell them. Gabi remained silent as she processed Nick's comment. Gabi rushed Nick out of the apartment, stopping his attempts to gush about what had happened between them earlier. "What the hell did I just do?" Gabi wondered after Nick left.

At an office in an undisclosed location, E.J. met with someone who was apparently some sort of financial guru. E.J. handed the man -- whom he referred to as Stoller -- a document and explained that he needed a financial mystery solved. The document contained information about Joe and Marge Bernardi's finances, including their personal bank accounts and the details of his pension plan.

E.J. explained that his own team of investigators had hit a wall and that he needed an expert to finish the investigation. E.J. instructed Stoller to search for proof of payoffs, but he was unable to give Stoller any additional information that would make the search easier to conduct. "Look, I've given you the low-hanging fruit. Do your job -- dig deep. Find the hidden accounts, find the property in family members' names, find the offshore accounts -- that sort of thing," E.J. said.

Stoller admitted that he had always loved challenges, and he estimated that the challenge that E.J. had presented him with would keep him busy for weeks. E.J. replied that Stoller had two hours to complete the task. Stoller started to protest, but E.J. interrupted him. "Stoller, the life of somebody I love is on the line here, so do me a favor -- find me a smoking gun, all right? Tonight," E.J. instructed before exiting the office.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate ran into Hope, who was headed to Sonny and Chad's new club. Kate revealed that she was also planning to check out the new club, although she wanted to go to the hospital to check on Rafe first. Kate started to explain that she didn't like to leave Rafe alone for too long, but she stopped herself when she realized how her comment would sound to other people.

Hope shrugged and observed that Kate simply sounded like a woman who was in love. "Well, come on -- you are, aren't you?" Hope asked when Kate failed to confirm the suspicion. Hope quickly reconsidered and withdrew her question, admitting that the situation was none of her business. Kate shook her head and said that she was grateful that Hope had been kind enough to refrain from calling her a stalker.

Hope insisted that Kate had nothing to be embarrassed about, but Kate wasn't convinced, since she felt like her relationship with Rafe had nearly cost him his life. Kate wondered if Hope believed that Rafe would be asked to testify during Sami's trial. Hope said that she would be shocked if Melinda didn't call Rafe as a witness, speculating that the special prosecutor would use videoconferencing to get his testimony if he were unable to make an appearance at the trial.

Kate wondered if Melinda had thought about the negative impact that testifying could have on Rafe's stress level and overall health. "Honestly, I wish I could say she cared. Kate, it's all about the win for her," Hope replied. Meanwhile, Hope received a phone call from someone at the police station, who informed her that a brawl had occurred at the club. After ending the call, Hope abruptly excused herself.

At Club TBD, as the fight between Vargas and another club attendee continued, Abigail tried to make sure that Chad was all right. Sonny, Will, and T rushed outside when they heard the commotion. Sonny and T pulled Vargas off of the other man, whom Will held at bay. Meanwhile, Cameron, who had arrived at the club a few minutes earlier, spotted Chad lying on the ground and quickly went to his aid.

A cop arrived and wrestled Vargas to the ground. The sight of the cop spooked Theresa, who quickly retreated from the club. When the cop asked if anyone had seen who had started the fight, Abigail reported that Vargas was the person who had thrown the first punch. Meanwhile, Cameron and T got Chad back on his feet and escorted him into the club.

Sonny promised the onlookers a round of free drinks in order to lure them back into the club so that the cop could have some room to do his job. As the cop was arresting Vargas for assault, he found a vial of cocaine that had slipped out of one of Vargas' pockets. Meanwhile, Hope arrived, and the cop showed her the vial of cocaine, as well as a small bag of cocaine that he had found in one of Vargas' pockets.

Hope estimated that she was looking at five or more grams of cocaine -- enough to charge the prisoner with possession with the intention to distribute. Hope was shocked to learn that the prisoner was Vargas, who claimed that the cocaine wasn't his. Hope read Vargas his rights and stressed that it would be best for him to remain silent. After instructing the cop to get statements from all of the witnesses, Hope escorted Vargas to her car.

Chad, who was sporting a bloody nose but otherwise looked fine, took a seat at an empty table and asked Abigail to get him a glass of water. After Abigail and T walked away, Chad warned Cameron to refrain from making a big deal about the incident. Cameron remained concerned about the injury because of Chad's brain tumor, but Chad insisted that he was all right.

A short time later, Abigail returned with a glass of water for Chad, with Will, Sonny, and T in tow. Chad assured everyone that he was fine, and Cameron hesitantly confirmed the diagnosis before abruptly walking away. Sonny, Will, and T also left the table, leaving Chad free to ask Abigail to dance with him. E.J. soon interrupted Chad and Abigail's dance to congratulate Chad on the successful club opening.

As E.J. teased Chad about the earlier brawl, Stefano and Cecily entered the club and cheerfully greeted them. Stefano was smoking a cigar, and Chad reminded him that, due to a city ordinance, he was prohibited from smoking at the club. "Yes, well, of course. We certainly do not want to break the law, now, do we?" Stefano asked without a hint of irony, handing the cigar to T, who was standing nearby, and asking him to dispose of it.

Stefano praised Chad's renovation of the club, paying particular attention to the décor, which Stefano seemed to think was quite classy and upscale. Stefano excused himself so that he and Cecily could get a drink at the bar, where he hoped to find a selection of liquor that reflected the club's décor. After Stefano and Cecily left, Chad dryly acknowledged that he and Sonny needed to hire better bouncers.

Abigail excused herself so that she could greet a nearby friend. After Abigail left, Chad thanked E.J. for refraining from causing a scene during their earlier encounter with Stefano. Chad started to apologize for shooting the video that had landed Sami in prison, but E.J. interrupted him. "We both know who put Samantha in jail, and he's gonna rot in hell for that," E.J. promised.

After asking for and receiving an update on Chad's relationship with Abigail, E.J. confidently assured Chad that she would eventually realize that Chad was the right man for her. Meanwhile, Abigail returned and reported that her friend had tried -- and loved -- the Abbytini. Abigail encouraged E.J. to try the drink, but he declined the offer, reasoning that it couldn't possibly be as delightful as its namesake.

Later, Chad excused himself so that he could help the bartender with something, leaving E.J. alone with Abigail. Abigail was glad that the club opening had gone well and that Chad seemed happy. E.J. reported that Chad was always happy when he was with Abigail. Abigail stammered as she tried to think of a response. "Abigail, there is a way of finishing that sentence that makes you very happy, too," E.J. pointed out before walking away.

As E.J. was exiting the club, Cameron stopped him and questioned him about Chad's earlier alertness, explaining that he was concerned because Chad had taken a pretty serious punch earlier that night. E.J. assured Cameron that Chad was tough and would be fine. E.J. pointedly added that Chad and Abigail had been having a wonderful night together. Later, after E.J. left, Abigail tried to talk to Cameron, but he quickly ended the conversation and excused himself.

Elsewhere, Kate raved that Will and Sonny had done an amazing job on the club. Sonny said that he couldn't have accomplished the renovation project without Will's help and support. Will dismissed Sonny's praise, sarcastically agreeing that his family drama had really helped Sonny get the club finished on time. "No, you were -- you've been the best. Like, you could have legitimately checked out on me, and you didn't," Sonny insisted.

Will said that wasn't going to happen, and Sonny smiled as he replied that he could see that Will's promise was true. Kate excused herself so that she could look for Gabi, whom she assumed was somewhere inside the club. Will sighed as he realized that he had forgotten all about his earlier promise to leave the club early so that Gabi could get a chance to attend the opening.

Kate said that she would have been happy to watch Arianna. Will explained that Kate had been in a meeting when he had tried to contact her earlier. Kate sighed and said that her secretary should have interrupted the meeting, but Will assured her that it wasn't a big deal. Will didn't want Gabi to spend the entire night alone, so he told Sonny that he was going to leave a short time later so that he could give her a chance to have some fun.

Will and Sonny found T, who jokingly offered to be their new bouncer, since the one who was supposed to be on duty that night had been missing in action during the earlier brawl. Will laughed and regretfully informed T that he would soon be leaving so that he could give Gabi a break from taking care of Arianna. T guessed that Will, Sonny, and Gabi had some sort of arrangement that involved rotating shifts with Arianna. Will confirmed the suspicion and reported that, while the arrangement usually worked out really well, that night had been an exception to the rule.

T excused himself so that he could search for Robyn. After T left, Will observed that Sonny hadn't agreed with Will's earlier claim that their arrangement with Gabi was working out really well. Sonny agreed that the situation was working out really well for him and Will, but he admitted that he didn't think that it was working out nearly as well for Gabi. Confused, Will pointed out that he and Sonny helped Gabi out all of the time. "We do help her all the time, but as a couple. And I just think that she's feeling lonely," Sonny clarified.

Outside, Kate was reminiscing with T about the early years of his friendship with Will when Stefano and Cecily emerged from the club. Sonny and Will happened to follow Stefano and Cecily outside, and Stefano seized the opportunity to compliment Sonny -- whom he formally referred to as Jackson -- on the club. Stefano guessed that Sami's predicament had made it difficult for Will to truly enjoy the night.

Will said that he didn't want to talk to Stefano about Sami. Stefano said that he was sorry. "I don't think you are, 'cause I know what you did, and --" Will started to say, but Sonny interrupted and pointedly reminded him that he was supposed to be on his way back to the apartment to see Arianna. Will nodded in agreement, and he and Sonny quickly walked away.

After Will and Sonny left, Kate approached Stefano and told Cecily to get lost. Cecily was sick of Kate's attempts to order her around, but Stefano politely asked her to give him a few minutes alone with Kate anyway. As Cecily walked away, Kate revealed that she had figured out what Stefano had really tried to do to Rafe. Kate referred to Stefano as a sick, twisted bastard.

Stefano laughed at the irony of Kate's comment, suggesting that what she had been doing with Rafe had been truly sick and twisted. Kate ignored Stefano's comment and assured him that he wasn't going to get away with his latest misdeed. Stefano sarcastically praised Kate's originality, but she insisted that she was being serious. "Do you know how many people have said that to me in the past?" Stefano wondered.

Elsewhere, Sonny reentered the club after walking Will to his car. Sonny overheard T trying to impress Robyn with an exaggerated recap of the earlier brawl that involved T heroically stepping in to save the day. Sonny reminded T that they had broken up the fight with Will's help, meaning that it had been a three-man job, but T countered that he had been the first one to rush outside and thrust himself into danger.

Guessing that T was annoying Robyn instead of impressing her, Sonny advised him to give up, but she unexpectedly grabbed T and passionately kissed him. After ending the kiss, Robyn stated that she needed a drink, and she abruptly walked away. "The mime speaks," Sonny noted with surprise, but T's mind was focused on more important matters. Sonny smiled as he watched T chase after Robyn.

Chad approached Sonny and observed that the party seemed to be winding down. Sonny hoped that there would still be people at the club when Gabi arrived later that night. Chad wondered if Sonny and Gabi were getting along with each other. Sonny pointed out that he and Gabi hadn't really had any other choice, but he added that she was really trying to be a better person.

Chad reminded Sonny that Gabi had received a free pass for what she had done to Melanie. Chad started to speculate about what Will would do if he ever learned the truth, but Sonny interrupted and stressed that Will could never learn the truth. Sonny wished that Chad had never told him about what Gabi had done. Chad said that he had confided in Sonny because he had known that he could trust Sonny.

"I can trust Will, but there's a legal agreement that my dad drew up, and it's binding. None of us need this to blow up in our faces -- especially Arianna Grace," Sonny stressed. Chad agreed and conceded that it was possible that Gabi had truly changed. Sonny sighed as Chad walked away, seemingly uncertain about the matter.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will found Gabi sleeping on the couch next to Arianna. Later, Gabi gasped when she woke up and realized that Arianna was missing. Gabi started to cry out for Arianna, but Will quickly returned to the living room and hushed her, explaining that Arianna was sleeping. Will tried to apologize for taking such a long time to return to the apartment, but Gabi blurted out that she was glad that he had not returned earlier. Gabi quickly clarified that she was glad that Will had gotten to support Sonny that night.

In Nick's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Nick flopped down on his bed and smiled as he stared at a photograph of Gabi. "Maybe we can make this work, Gabi. Maybe we can really start over," Nick muttered, sighing contentedly as he continued to stare at the picture.

At the police station, Vargas claimed that the cocaine belonged to the woman who had accompanied him to the club, but Hope was understandably skeptical. Vargas reminded Hope that he had helped her during the Jensen case and that he had asked for nothing in return, but she informed him that the charges weren't going to magically disappear.

"This isn't a misdemeanor. You're looking at four or five felony charges here. On top of your record? You're going back to prison...and they may throw away the key this time," Hope summarized with a sigh. Later, Hope gave Vargas a chance to make a phone call, hoping that he knew a really good attorney whom he could contact. Vargas couldn't remember his attorney's phone number, so Hope allowed him to look it up on his cell phone. Vargas sighed as he realized that he hadn't stored the attorney's contact information in his cell phone. Hope advised Vargas to call someone, since he wasn't going to get another chance to do so that night.

Theresa picked the lock to Vargas' apartment, let herself in, and grabbed the large wad of cash that she had seen Vargas hide in one of his drawers earlier that night. "Oh, see, Vargas, the thing is, is this is evidence. You know, the cops are gonna search your place, know you're up to no good, and then they'll confiscate it, put it in evidence, and -- well, really, if you think about it, it's just a total waste," Theresa reasoned as she counted the money.

Meanwhile, Theresa received a phone call from Vargas. Vargas asked Theresa to go to his apartment and retrieve his attorney's business card, unaware that she was already at his apartment. Theresa innocently pointed out that she didn't have a key to Vargas' apartment, but he was certain that she knew how to get around that minor detail. Theresa feigned concern about breaking the law, prompting Vargas to impatiently stress that he was giving her permission to enter his apartment. Vargas started to snap at Theresa for getting him sent back to prison, but she pretended that she couldn't hear him and abruptly ended the call.

Vargas angrily slammed his phone down on a desk. Hope returned as Vargas was cursing someone, and she guessed that he was talking about the mysterious woman who had supposedly planted drugs on him. Vargas was confident that if Hope ever met Theresa, she would agree that Theresa deserved to be called every dirty name in the book. Taken aback, Hope wondered what Theresa's surname was. "Donovan. It's Theresa Donovan," Vargas replied.

In Stoller's office, E.J. was surprised to learn that the police had already investigated every account that Stoller had investigated. Stoller reported that he had found nothing suspicious in any of the accounts, but E.J. found that hard to believe. Stoller insisted that everything seemed legitimate, adding that the only account that the police had failed to locate was a savings account that had been opened in Timmy's name. Intrigued, E.J. wondered if Stoller was certain that the police had missed that particular account, and Stoller replied that he was almost positive. Stoller added that the account only contained twenty-three dollars.

"I have a funny feeling if you look again, very closely, you will see that there have been a string of deposits to that account over the last year -- deposits totaling over one hundred thousand dollars -- that cannot be explained. See, there'll be regular monthly deposits -- that's the pad. Then a few, uh, larger deposits for bonuses, extra work Bernardi did -- and these payments stop exactly one week before he died," E.J. predicted. Stoller warned that E.J.'s request was highly illegal and also highly difficult to grant.

"Nonsense, Stoller! I have faith in you -- in your talent, in your will to live. Make it happen. And make sure nobody knows how it happened," E.J. ordered Stoller.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Will was working behind the bar at Club TBD, serving coffee, while J.J. read the headlines on his tablet about the brawl there the night before. Will said that he had seen Theresa for the first time since she'd gotten back. J.J. wondered if Theresa had been involved in the fight, since Will had mentioned her immediately after J.J. had asked about it. Will explained that he didn't think Theresa had been involved, but she had been with the guy who'd been arrested.

Will asked J.J. about school. J.J. said that his first final, in economics and politics, was that afternoon, and he hoped the latte he was about to take his mom would reassure her that he was a serious student. Will acknowledged that the anniversary of Jack's death had to have been hard on the whole family, and J.J. admitted that the realization that his dad had been gone a year had felt weird. J.J. thanked Will for his note and declared that their family was closer than ever.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Theresa was a bit horrified when she read the article online about the club brawl the previous night and saw that it said, "The man arrested was seen in the company of an unidentified woman." When Hope marched in, Theresa immediately pretended to be working. Hope grabbed Theresa by the arm and dragged her out of the office, despite Theresa's protests that she was supposed to be working.

Hope took Theresa to the Brady Pub and asked about her late night with Vargas. Pretending not to know whom Hope was talking about, Theresa claimed that she had gone to the club opening the night before to support her cousin, Will, and she had met a lot of new people. Hope ordered Theresa to stop lying immediately.

"Vargas blamed me?" Theresa asked incredulously after Hope had filled her in. Theresa protested that she was hardly to blame if the guy had gotten drunk, tore up the club, punched a cop and some other guys, and gotten caught with a pile of cocaine. "I didn't take any drugs. You wanna test me? Test me. I'm innocent," Theresa insisted.

"I know what happened in Los Angeles, and now you're giving a repeat performance," Hope asserted. Hope pointed out that Theresa had been arrested six times in L.A., but Theresa tried to deny it. Hope disclosed that the LAPD had emailed Theresa's rap sheet to her. She rattled off Theresa's crimes: a stolen car, DUI, fighting, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of cocaine.

Hope asserted that Theresa was very lucky that her parents and her lawyer had convinced a judge to give Theresa probation, provided Theresa lived in Salem near her family and cleaned up her act. Hope stressed, "Everyone is really worried about you, as am I, because clearly it is starting all over again." Hope gently suggested rehab, but that was the last straw for Theresa, who stormed out to return to work. Hope called after her, "Be very good at that job, Theresa. It's your last chance."

At the hospital, Maxine questioned why Daniel was at work instead of at the photo shoot at his apartment for Salem Style magazine's profile on him. Jennifer and the photographer, Harry, showed up and overheard as Maxine explained for the puzzled doctor that the shoot had been moved up, and the deadline was the following week. Daniel said that no one had told him about it. Jennifer informed Daniel that she had left a message for him the night before.

Daniel admitted that he hadn't listened to the message. "Maybe you could use the picture you've got -- and we can forget the whole thing," Daniel proposed before walking away. Jennifer suggested to Harry that he was capable of handling the shoot on his own, but Harry asserted that his editors had assured him that Jennifer would supervise.

Anne walked up and overheard what she perceived as Jennifer "bailing" on her job. Harry took a few steps away, while Maxine watched with interest as Anne threatened to tattle to the hospital administrator. Jennifer tried to defend herself, but Anne went on the attack, snidely reminding Jennifer about the upcoming gala to honor the doctors and the photographer's impending deadline.

Daniel suddenly reappeared and intervened. He clarified that he had been the one with a scheduling problem that Jennifer had been trying to accommodate -- but the problem had gone away, so they were leaving for the photo shoot that very minute. Anne shook her head and chuckled incredulously as Daniel led Harry and Jennifer to the elevators.

Later, at Daniel's, the photo shoot was in full swing. Harry had lights set up around the apartment and was snapping pictures of Daniel while he roughhoused with Parker, while Jennifer offered direction. Once that series of shots was finished, Daniel left Parker in the living room and headed into the bedroom.

While Harry set up for the next shot, Jennifer told Parker what a great job he'd done. Tickling him, she declared that she had missed him. Daniel returned and smiled in spite of himself when he saw Jennifer and Parker playing together.

J.J. arrived at the nurses' station and politely asked a nurse if she knew where Ms. Horton was. Anne overheard and remarked scornfully that Jennifer was actually doing her job for the first time that month. J.J. took offense and flew to his mother's defense. Anne very sarcastically apologized then launched into a malicious tirade about J.J.'s history of shoplifting.

When J.J. refused to take the bait, Anne asked, "Wait, I'm sorry -- you are J.J. Deveraux, aren't you? Juvenile delinquent extraordinaire?" Eyeing Anne's name badge, J.J. calmly replied, "And you're Anne Milbauer, nasty bitch extraordinaire, who's always trying to ruin things for my mom. Well, guess what, sweetheart. It stops now." Anne tried to disengage and walk away from J.J., but he accused her of always badmouthing Jennifer because she wanted Jennifer's job.

J.J. threatened to turn Anne in to the hospital administrator, but Anne retorted, "As though anyone is going to listen to a little criminal like you. Please." After Anne left, J.J. pronounced her "the meanest woman on the planet," and Maxine was inclined to agree. J.J. worried that he had messed things up for his mom, but Maxine assured him, "The only way to handle Anne Milbauer is to make her pay a price for that mouth. I'm glad you stood up to her."

J.J. thought he should warn his mom what had happened, so he called her on her cell phone. Jennifer was alone in Daniel's apartment when she answered. After J.J. divulged that he'd run into Anne, he admitted, "She said some things about you, so I really let her have it. Just be ready the next time you see her, okay?" Jennifer thanked J.J. for sticking up for her.

Daniel returned, although Jennifer's back was turned so she didn't see him. When J.J. asked where she was, Jennifer hedged, "Oh, I'm, uh, just out of the office, you know, for an hour or so. Just, uh, strictly business, nothing important." Daniel scowled, disappointed. As Jennifer hung up, Daniel slammed the door shut behind him.

Back at the hospital, J.J. returned to the nurses' station in time to overhear Nurse Joyce telling Maxine that she hoped Daniel would take his shirt off for one of the photos. Since the nurses' backs were turned, J.J. continued to listen in freely as Maxine sternly warned Joyce that Dr. Jonas was taken. "I thought that 'Dannifer' thing was off again," Joyce said.

Maxine was puzzled, so Joyce explained that everyone around the hospital called Daniel and Jennifer "Dannifer." Although she recognized that "Dannifer" was like "Brangelina," Maxine disdainfully deemed celebrity nicknames like that "those silly, idiotic combined names." She chastised Joyce and the absent others for gossiping about staff members' personal lives.

"Doctor Jonas and Jennifer don't need you all whispering behind their backs. And FYI, I know Doctor Jonas pretty well, and he's so in love with Jennifer, trust me, it will never be 'off' -- not if he has anything to say about it," Maxine declared firmly. She added that the photo shoot at Daniel's apartment might just be what Daniel and Jennifer needed in order to fix things between them. J.J.'s expression transformed from one of irritation to pure fury.

Daniel grew impatient as Harry took posed photographs of the doctor in a chair, wearing his stethoscope and reading a thick medical book. When Harry realized that the lens he needed was still in the car, Jennifer volunteered to retrieve it. As she was leaving, Daniel picked up a legal pad and asked if he could read the notes for the article while he waited. Jennifer consented.

While Jennifer was gone, Daniel read what Maxine had written about him and found her kind words touching. He then read a comment by "Anonymous," who praised Daniel's warmth and caring for his patients. "Anonymous" described how Daniel had performed a dangerous and difficult heart operation on her, and Daniel immediately recognized that Jennifer had written it, especially when the entry went on to relate the story of her emergency appendectomy at the cabin, although it left out identifiable details.

"I work with a great many doctors, and they are all fine individuals, but Doctor Jonas is so capable, so caring, and so compassionate that he not only saved my life, he changed it," the remarks concluded. Jennifer returned with Harry's lens just as Daniel finished reading her words. Harry said that he had changed his mind about needing more shots. He left after having Jennifer sign some forms.

Jennifer was going to leave, as well, but Daniel stopped her and called her out on her "anonymous" remarks. He pointed out that other people, like J.J., would recognize that Jennifer had written it. Daniel declared that those words told him that Jennifer loved the guy she'd written about. As Jennifer hemmed and hawed, Daniel invited her to be his date to the gala, and they could be a couple in public again.

Daniel pointed out that since it was in a few days, Jennifer would have plenty of time to talk to J.J. Jennifer hesitated, so Daniel declared that it would mean the world to him if she would accompany him, because he thought about her all the time and wanted her in his life. "I love you, Jennifer, and I want the world to know it," Daniel proclaimed. Jennifer quietly accepted Daniel's invitation. As he was kissing her gratefully, they heard a noise -- and turned to see an irate J.J. standing in the open doorway.

E.J. was walking through Horton Square, fiddling with his cell phone, when Kate stopped him and presented him with a cup of coffee, fixed the way he liked it. E.J. greeted her coldly. Kate reminded E.J. that he had made threats against her and Rafe should Sami be convicted. Kate explained that she understood why E.J. felt the way he did -- but she hoped he would give her a chance, because she also understood why Sami had done what she'd done.

Kate insisted that she did not want to see Sami spend the rest of her life in prison, so Kate would do whatever she could to help. E.J. angrily asserted that Kate knew that Stefano was "pathological" about his ex-wives, so she should have kept her mouth shut about her and Rafe. Eyes glistening with tears, Kate assured E.J., "No one is sorrier about that than I am, but I am being sincere. I will do what I can, anything I can, to help." E.J. retorted, "I think you've done enough. You gave my father a motive and Samantha a gun. I don't think she needs any of your help, Kate."

Jordan entered Rafe's room and announced that it was time for his first physical therapy session. Rafe jokingly wondered if Jordan planned to carry him down to the physical therapy room. All business, Jordan addressed Rafe as "Mr. Hernandez" as she cautioned him that he was extremely weak because he'd experienced no voluntary muscle activity since being put into an induced coma after his injury.

Jordan explained that Rafe's first steps would be to perform simple exercises in bed, then he would move to a chair -- and if things progressed, he would move to the P.T. room. Trying to keep a positive attitude, Rafe asked Jordan to call him by his first name, since his physical therapy was going to take such a long time. Jordan raised Rafe's arm off the bed a few inches until it became too painful, then instructed him to repeat the motion ten times.

Rafe was drenched in sweat when he finished the repetitions. Abe rapped lightly and entered the room then, so Jordan mopped Rafe's brow and promised to return later to work on his legs. After Jordan had gone, Rafe asked about Sami's case. Abe said that jury selection was that day, and Rafe worried about whether they could able to find twelve impartial jurors. Rafe thought it was a good idea that it would be a closed trial, but he asked if Abe thought Sami even stood a chance.

Abe said that the defense was in a terrible position since they hadn't found a weapon or any evidence that Bernardi had been dirty, or any connection to Stefano. When Kate arrived, Abe left but assured Rafe that everyone at the station was wishing him well. Rafe indicated that he was determined to find a way to help Sami. Just as Rafe was declaring that he wanted to discuss the night Sami had shot Bernardi, Will arrived with another picture of Arianna for Rafe.

Rafe told Will about his desire to discuss the night of the shooting, although Will emphasized that Rafe needed to keep his stress at a minimum -- and besides, the police had already been over all the evidence. "Yeah, but I haven't. So let's talk about it -- from the beginning, shall we?" Rafe said. After Kate and Will had reviewed the details, Rafe concluded that there had been ten to twelve people in his room after the shooting.

Kate guessed that sounded about right, because the room had been completely chaotic. "Ah, chaos -- the perfect cover when a weapon disappears," Rafe noted. Will pointed out that his mom never would have used the gun if she hadn't seen Bernardi with the razor. Jordan returned, so Kate and Will prepared to leave -- but before they could go, a process server arrived with subpoenas for Rafe, Kate, and Will to testify against Sami.

When E.J. met Mr. Stoller in the park outside the square, Stoller revealed, "I managed to get over a hundred thousand dollars into the bank account of Timothy Bernardi, using different deposit dates." E.J. asked if anyone would be able to figure out how they'd gotten there. "You'd have to be a genius, and very lucky," Stoller stated. E.J. finally allowed himself a smile of relief as he said, "Mr. Stoller, you may just have saved the woman I love." Stoller said that E.J. obviously loved his fiancée a great deal to go to such lengths. E.J. asserted that Sami loved him just as much as he loved her.

At the jail, Sami was nervous about whether the dress she was wearing was appropriate for jury selection. Just as Justin was reassuring Sami that it was perfect, Melinda Trask showed up. "You can forget about the jury -- and the trial -- if you accept my offer," Melinda declared. After a bit of grandstanding -- and urging from Justin for her to get to the point -- Melinda finally detailed the deal, which expired that day: if Sami pleaded guilty, she would only have to serve ten years.

Sami declared that she could not spend ten years in prison because she was innocent. Melinda reminded Justin and Sami that Rafe was going to testify against Sami, as were Kate, Sonny, and even Will. Sami asserted that the people Melinda had named would do everything they could to help Sami, although Melinda pointed out that Kate might not be a particularly hostile witness for the prosecution.

"Melinda, if it were a slam dunk, you wouldn't even be making an offer," Justin maintained. Melinda contended that it was merely standard procedure. "Oh, gosh, I almost forgot. I want something else besides a guilty plea... I want Stefano DiMera," Melinda declared. Justin demanded to know just how Sami was supposed to pull that off, and an incredulous Sami pointed out that she was in jail because of Stefano.

Melinda noted that, like all of her predecessors, Stefano DiMera was at the top of her list, adding, "But none of them have my leverage. You see, the best way to get to Stefano DiMera is for Ms. Brady to give me his son." Sami couldn't believe that Melinda expected her to betray E.J. Melinda pointed out that E.J. and Sami shared a somewhat checkered history. "You've done much worse to him than a simple setup," Melinda asserted.

Melinda added, "It's a well-known fact that your fiancé goes into a rage at the mere mention of his father. You give me E.J. He'll give me Daddy." Sami told Melinda to "go to hell." Unfazed, Melinda said that she would give Sami time to consider the offer and urged Sami to think about her children, who would still be young when Sami got out if she took the deal.

After Melinda had gone, Sami asked Justin what he thought. Justin pointed out that it was probably the only offer that Sami would get. When Justin said that they would call character witnesses and dispute the forensics, Sami concluded that her case was completely hopeless. She asked for his advice. "You won't do better than this deal -- and it could be much worse," Justin replied.

E.J. arrived just then and instantly sensed that Sami was upset, but Justin and Sami assured him that everything was fine. Sami admitted that she was a little stressed. E.J. reassured her that he was feeling much more optimistic about things. Sami confessed, "I feel hopeless. I feel like if I go to trial, I'm going to spend the rest of my life behind bars." E.J. interrupted, "If? If you go to trial?"

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