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Abigail and E.J. panicked when they thought that she might be pregnant. Jennifer learned that she was the target of a smear campaign. Jordan decided to stay in Salem. Hope started to see the nicer side of Aiden. Eric told Nicole that he would not have sex before marriage. Marlena turned to Roman after she had a fight with John.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 10, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, March 10, 2014

by Mike

At the Horton house, a stunned Abigail sank into a chair, insisting that she couldn't be pregnant and wondering what had led Sami to suspect otherwise. Sami explained that Abigail had mentioned being sick, hormonal, and tired -- all of which could be symptoms of pregnancy. Abigail firmly reiterated that she couldn't be pregnant, so Sami shrugged and apologized for causing alarm.

As Sami knelt to pick up the broken pieces of the coffee cup that Abigail had dropped earlier, she started to reason that Abigail couldn't possibly be pregnant if Chad was the only guy Abigail had ever slept with, since he had left Salem months earlier. Abigail's silence and worried expression clued Sami in to the possibility that Chad wasn't the only guy Abigail had ever slept with. Abigail denied the suspicion and once again reiterated that she couldn't be pregnant, but Sami could hear the fear in Abigail's voice.

Sami tried to reassure Abigail that everything would be all right, reasoning that if Abigail turned out to be pregnant, she and the father would figure out what to do together. Abigail insisted that the father could never know about her possible pregnancy, predicting that he wouldn't want to have anything to do with the child, anyway. Abigail explained that her relationship with the father had ended before it had begun, and Sami optimistically suggested that the related stress could be the true cause of the pregnancy-like symptoms.

"I mean, are you -- how late are you?" Sami asked, and Abigail admitted that she wasn't sure. Sami wondered if Jennifer knew about the man Abigail had most recently slept with. Abigail claimed that she hadn't told Jennifer about the man in question because Jennifer had been dealing with a lot of other things lately, prompting Sami to confidently state that Jennifer would never be too busy to help Abigail. Before Abigail could respond, she received an alert on her cell phone and abruptly excused herself, explaining that she needed to get to work.

Sami advised Abigail to remain calm and take a pregnancy test right away. Sami started to recommend purchasing a home pregnancy test kit, but she quickly changed her mind and decided that it would be best for Abigail to get the test done at the hospital instead, reasoning that Kayla could be trusted to exercise discretion. Abigail insisted that no one else could know about the possible pregnancy, so Sami reluctantly promised that she wouldn't tell a soul. Abigail struggled to maintain her composure as Sami hugged her and once again assured her that everything was going to be all right.

In Daniel's apartment, while Daniel was putting Parker down for a nap, Jennifer received a shocking alert on her cell phone. When Daniel returned, he suggestively stated that he had thought of a few ways that he and Jennifer could use the nap to their advantage, but she declined the offer, prompting him to wonder what was wrong. Jennifer vaguely stated that a problem had arisen at work, and she abruptly excused herself, promising to talk to Daniel later. Daniel's earlier encounter with Hope and Aiden had given him the impression that inviting Aiden to attend the casual dinner party that Daniel and Jennifer were planning to host in the near future might not have been the best idea, so he asked Jennifer to talk to Hope about the matter if the opportunity arose, and Jennifer distractedly agreed before rushing out of the apartment.

Later, Daniel received an unexpected visit from Liam, who said that he needed to talk to Daniel about Jennifer. Liam vaguely clarified that he had learned Daniel's address at the hospital, and he wondered if he could enter the apartment for a moment, explaining that he needed to talk to Daniel about something face-to-face. Daniel invited Liam in, guessing that Liam had heard that Daniel and Jennifer had reunited. Liam confirmed the suspicion and admitted that he needed to apologize for the way that he had reacted to the news.

Daniel doubted that Jennifer was terribly upset, since she hadn't even mentioned the incident to him yet, so he assured Liam that it was all water under the bridge. Liam was relieved to hear that, since he, Daniel, and Jennifer were going to have to continue to work together regardless. Meanwhile, Parker called out to Daniel from one of the bedrooms, so Daniel excused himself so that he could check on the boy. Liam scowled as he watched Daniel walk away, but when Daniel returned with Parker a short time later, Liam wished Daniel and Jennifer well, claimed that he simply wanted her to be happy, and abruptly excused himself.

In the halls of Salem High, J.J. spotted the attractive young woman he had previously encountered in the town square. Before J.J. could approach the girl, Rory greeted him from behind and asked for some cash for the vending machines to satisfy a serious craving for cheesy puffs. J.J. granted the request, knowing that Rory had bought him a smoothie earlier, but he also asked Rory to gather some "intel" for him on the young mystery woman.

Rory started to look for the girl in the direction that J.J. had indicated, but he wasn't being very discreet, so J.J. quietly instructed him to act casual. As Rory raised his arms above his head and pretended to yawn, J.J. described the young woman's hair color and clothing, and Rory peeked over J.J.'s shoulder to search for her. "'s open ground, man," Rory announced. Confused, J.J. turned to look at the row of lockers that the girl had been leaning against -- a row of lockers that, to his dismay, was no longer supporting anyone at all.

Rory wondered why J.J. -- who, as far as Rory was aware, was already involved with Bev -- was asking about another girl, but before J.J. could respond, Bev approached them. Sensing some tension between Bev and J.J., Rory abruptly excused himself, and she started to do the same, but J.J. stopped her. After taking one final glance around the hallway to confirm that the mystery girl was no longer around, J.J. apologized for the way that he had reacted when Bev's joint had fallen out of her purse at the Horton house earlier, explaining that he had been unable to see anything except a jail cell at that particular moment. Bev understood and acknowledged that she shouldn't have placed J.J. in that kind of situation to begin with, but she hesitated when he asked if that meant that things between them were good again.

J.J. encouraged Bev to say whatever it was that she was resisting the urge to say, so she summarized that he had turned into a new, law-abiding person whose idea of fun was changing his Facebook status. J.J. shrugged and unapologetically reminded Bev that he had to keep his nose clean. "I understand that, but still...the old J.J., he would have been ironic, or funny, or -- somehow, he would have risen above that [community service] vest, and you are it, and I gotta say, it's -- it's really boring. So if this is who you are right now? Not really what I need in my life," Bev bluntly stated, and J.J. sighed as he watched her walk away.

At the hospital, Anne was surprised to see that Theresa had actually shown up for work for a change. Anne hoped that Theresa had spent the unscheduled time off from work doing something productive, like wreaking havoc in "Dannifer's" life. "Yeah, about that -- slight change of plans," Theresa hesitantly replied.

Anne was furious to learn that Daniel and Jennifer had reunited, and she demanded to know how Theresa could have allowed that to happen. Theresa dryly responded that she had suffered from a temporary loss of omnipotence, but Anne wanted the truth, so Theresa vaguely explained that her hands were tied because Jennifer and Daniel had something on her. Anne started to get upset with Theresa for giving up too easily, but Theresa promised that she wasn't going to let Daniel and Jennifer win. Theresa declined to share the details of her next plot with Anne, reasoning that it would be best for Anne to maintain deniability, but she assured Anne that she still planned to pulverize "Jenny" -- she just planned to be more subtle about it the next time. "Death by a thousand paper cuts?" Anne guessed, and Theresa teased that she was planning something much, much worse.

Elsewhere, in Jennifer's office, Jennifer and Abigail viewed the source of the alerts that they had each received earlier -- twenty-five nasty comments that had been left on the hospital website, each of which seemed to be directed at either Jennifer or the public relations department. Abigail couldn't tell who had posted the comments, since they had all been sent anonymously, but she pointed out that the smear campaign felt like the sort of thing that Anne would do. "Yeah, except it's twenty-five Annes who just want me fired," Jennifer clarified with a sigh.

Abigail predicted that responding to the nasty comments would only start a flame war, but Jennifer couldn't think of any alternative, guessing that if she simply removed the comments, they would just reappear a short time later. Meanwhile, J.J. entered the office with a bouquet of flowers that he had found waiting for Jennifer at the nurses' station. Jennifer jokingly told Abigail that the anonymous poster had sent a peace offering, but the attached card revealed that the flowers were from Daniel, which didn't surprise Jennifer. Jennifer reminded her kids that she and Daniel were hosting a dinner party later that night, and J.J. and Abigail each confirmed that they were planning to attend.

Abigail excused herself, promising to talk to the hospital's computer technician, Ted, on her way out of the hospital to see if he had any advice about the anonymous poster. After Abigail left, J.J. wondered what was going on, so Jennifer showed him the nasty messages. Jennifer recalled that at J.J.'s old school in London, someone had once posted lots of awful anonymous messages on the Internet about the headmaster, and a computer technician had eventually traced the messages back to a single source. "Which wasn't me, by the way," J.J. pointed out. Jennifer assured J.J. that she was aware of that fact, and she wondered how his innocence had been proven. "Simple -- they weren't able to trace it back to my IP address," J.J. matter-of-factly explained before abruptly excusing himself so that he wouldn't be late for his next round of community service.

Later, Anne entered the office as Jennifer was ending a call with Ted. Anne demanded to know why Jennifer had summoned her, so Jennifer proceeded to update Anne on the vile comments that had recently been left on the hospital website -- all of which were directed at Jennifer. Anne dismissively stated that people were allowed to loathe Jennifer, even if that damaged Jennifer's delicate sensibilities, but Jennifer clarified that all of the posts had originated from the same place, meaning that one person who had a serious vendetta against her was pretending to be multiple people who had serious vendettas against her.

Anne failed to see why any of the information was of interest to her, so Jennifer summarized that she simply wanted Anne to be aware of what was going on, since Anne was one of the people who had an axe to grind against Jennifer. Jennifer warned that Anne could be out of a job if the posts were linked back to Anne in some way. Later, Anne returned to the waiting area and told Theresa what was going on. Theresa feigned concern, and Anne sarcastically agreed that the news was very distressing. "And assuming you were smart enough not to use a hospital computer or your own, you are a clever, clever girl," Anne added.

Two attractive young women spotted J.J. while he was picking up trash in the town square. One girl observed that J.J. was cute, but the other girl eyed his reflective yellow vest and dismissively stated that yellow wasn't the new black in her book. The first girl quickly agreed with the second girl's assessment of J.J., and they abruptly walked away, tossing trash at him and calling him a loser in the process.

After the girls left, Rory greeted J.J., who asked Rory to leave before the boss caught them talking to each other. Rory apologized, but J.J. promised that he wasn't upset and that he would contact Rory later. After Rory left, J.J. returned to his community service duties, but someone soon greeted him, and when he turned around, he found himself face-to-face with his mystery girl -- who was also wearing a reflective yellow vest.

As Nick and Percy strolled through the town square, Nick said that, while many things were going his way, the only thing that he truly wanted was another chance with Gabi. Percy mused that Nick might eventually get that wish. "I'd be good for her this time," Nick insisted, and Percy supportively agreed, believing that Nick had learned from past mistakes. Nick concluded that he simply had to figure out how to keep things moving forward.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, E.J. delivered a modeling contract to Gabi, who was impressed with the provisions that he had added to ensure that she would still have time for Arianna and college classes. Gabi expected E.J. to be concerned about the fact that Nick was the person who had thought of the idea to have her model for Countess Wilhelmina in the first place, but E.J. assured her that he didn't care who had thought of the idea, since it was a good idea regardless.

Meanwhile, Will returned to the apartment and wondered what was going on, so E.J. explained that he and Gabi were just discussing her new role as one of the faces of Countess Wilhelmina. Taken aback, Will said that he had been under the impression that Gabi no longer wanted to model. Gabi confirmed that she had previously said that, but she added that the Countess Wilhelmina offer was perfect for her and would allow her to help Will and Sonny pay for the group's living expenses. Will assured Gabi that she already did her fair share and that he and Sonny weren't concerned about the finances.

Arianna started to cry, so Gabi excused herself so that she could check on the child. After Gabi entered her bedroom, E.J. tried to convince Will that hiring her had been a good idea, but Will remained skeptical. Will wondered if E.J. and Sami had thought of the idea on their own, and E.J. admitted that they had not. "I knew it. This was Nick's doing," Will guessed, and E.J. confirmed the suspicion.

As Will started to wonder what would happen when Gabi learned that Nick had been behind the modeling offer, she returned and revealed that she already knew that. Will hoped that meant that Gabi also knew that Nick was simply trying to worm his way back into their lives, but she warned Will not to disparage Nick, who had been completely honest with her. Will couldn't believe that Gabi was actually defending Nick, but she angrily clarified that she was defending herself. Gabi insisted that she wasn't a clueless puppet and that she had decided on her own that she wanted to accept the modeling offer. Gabi added that E.J. and Sami both agreed that accepting the job had been a good idea, and E.J. confirmed that Gabi was going to be a real asset to the company.

Will knowingly predicted that Nick was up to something, and Gabi angrily agreed, summarizing that Nick was trying to ensure that she had something in her life that made her feel good about herself, and that he was also trying to ensure that she had financial stability for herself and her daughter. Will impatiently reminded Gabi that he and Sonny had told her on more than one occasion that they weren't worried about the finances. Meanwhile, Arianna started to cry again, and Gabi irritably warned Will to keep his voice down, completely ignoring the fact that she was the one who had started the shouting match in the first place.

Gabi once again retreated to her bedroom to check on Arianna, and E.J. advised Will to choose his battles more carefully in the future. Will accused E.J. of caving in to Nick's demands, but E.J. clarified that he had simply given Nick a bit of rope -- not enough to do any real harm, though. Will maintained that Nick was in the middle of something. "Exactly! That's exactly where he is -- he's in the middle; he's where we can see him [and] we can watch him, William. This is where he's stupid; this is where he's arrogant. Now, I gave him enough rope so that he can hang himself, [but if] you fight him, that won't happen," E.J. reasoned.

Will wondered what he was supposed to do in the interim. E.J. suggested that it would be best for Will and Sonny to just be happy for Gabi and refrain from giving her any reasons to defend Nick. "Jujitsu," Will knowingly summarized, and E.J. smiled as he agreed with the analogy. Will nodded, assured E.J. that he understood, and excused himself so that he could get some air and calm down. After Will left, Gabi returned to the living room and irritably demanded to know where he had gone. E.J. claimed that Will was running a quick errand, and he reminded Gabi that Will and Sonny were simply being protective of her and Arianna.

Gabi wasn't convinced, and she demanded to know why Will and Sonny always believed the worst about Nick. Resisting the strong urge to offer the obvious answer to that question, E.J. took a deep breath and diplomatically reasoned that it was probably going to take a bit of time for Sonny and Will to see what Gabi saw in Nick. E.J. started to excuse himself, advising Gabi to discuss the modeling contract with Justin at her earliest convenience, but she dismissed the offer and asked for a pen, stating that she trusted E.J. and Sami. Gabi hastily signed the contract and handed it and the pen back to E.J., who promised to have someone in his editorial team contact her the following morning to schedule her first photo shoot. E.J. exited the apartment, leaving a copy of the modeling contract for Gabi, and she immediately sent a text message to Nick.

When Nick arrived, Gabi hugged him and excitedly revealed that she had just signed her Countess Wilhelmina contract. Nick wondered if Gabi had asked a lawyer to read the contract first, and she dismissively stated that there had been no need for that, since Sami would never be foolish enough to try to "screw over" the mother of her own grandchild. Nick skeptically agreed, and Gabi hesitantly added that there was one other thing that she needed to tell him. Gabi explained that Will hadn't been very pleased to learn that Nick was the one who had suggested the modeling gig in the first place. Gabi was confident that things would eventually get better, but Nick shrugged and assured her that he only cared about her feelings, anyway.

Nick offered to help Gabi in any way that he could, but she dismissed the offer. Gabi started to explain the reason for the dismissal, but Nick interrupted and guessed that she was about to say that, while she appreciated the offer, she wanted to live her own life and didn't need his help to do so. Gabi confirmed that Nick's suspicion was essentially accurate. Nick claimed that during his recovery, he had spent a lot of time thinking about how he had messed things up with Gabi, and he added that he had also spent a lot of time thinking about the confident, self-assured woman she had been when he had first met her.

Gabi admitted that she hadn't felt that way about herself at that particular time. "Well, it looked that way from the outside. I mean, just the way you -- the way you moved through the world -- I just -- I fell so hard for that, and -- and then, when you got pregnant, and -- and we dealt with all that stuff, I just -- I wanted -- I wanted to help you, and I should have -- I should have just trusted that -- that you could handle things yourself, and that we would work it out, no matter what -- no matter if Will was in the picture with the baby or not. I've learned. I promise you, I'm not gonna try to control things anymore," Nick claimed.

Gabi pointed out that it certainly felt like Nick was trying to control things with Sami and Kate. Nick conceded the point and argued that he was treating Kate and Sami quite fairly, considering what they had tried to do to him. Nick innocently claimed that things between him and Gabi were going to be entirely different, since he knew how special she was and only wanted to ensure that she knew that every single night for the rest of her life.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Abigail checked the calendar on her cell phone. "No. I'm not that late -- I can't be," Abigail muttered in disbelief as she stared at the dates. Meanwhile, Will passed through the area and spotted Abigail. Happy to see a friendly face, Will joined Abigail, who could tell that something was wrong. Will nodded and admitted that he felt like he might explode unless he talked about the issue right away.

Will told Abigail about the situation and summarized that, while he was aware that Nick was their cousin, he still couldn't stand watching Gabi repeatedly make the same mistakes with Nick. Abigail quietly muttered that everyone repeatedly made the same mistakes. Will noticed that Abigail looked a bit pale, so he wondered if something was wrong with her. Abigail dismissed Will's concerns and assured him that she had simply contracted a stomach virus. Recalling that Sami had always recommended chamomile tea to settle an upset stomach, Will offered to treat Abigail to a cup of the supposed cure as a way of repaying her for listening to him vent about Gabi and Nick. Abigail insisted that Will didn't have to do that, but he disagreed and added that he wanted to talk to her about something else, anyway.

Will and Abigail went to the pub, where he excitedly revealed that he and Sonny were engaged. Abigail was thrilled to hear the news, and Will grabbed her cell phone as he stated that she needed to look at her calendar and let him know when she would be available so that he and Sonny could set a date for the wedding. Will noticed that Abigail had been looking at the previous month's calendar, but she dismissed the observation and assured Will that she would make sure that she was available for any date that he and Sonny chose. Will revealed that he and Sonny were considering having an April wedding, and he added that he wanted Abigail to be a part of it, but she immediately declined the offer.

In Nicole's hotel room, Nicole sensed some hesitation from Eric, so she pointed out that they didn't have to wait to make love, since there was nothing standing in their way. Nicole started to kiss Eric, but he pulled away from her, unwilling to let things progress further. "Our first time -- it can't be like this," Eric explained. Nicole assured Eric that they could still find a way to make their first time special, even in a hotel room, but he refused to change his mind. Eric handed Nicole her coat and asked her to follow him to a more neutral location so that they could discuss the matter further without the temptations that a hotel room inherently offered.

Eric and Nicole went to the Brady Pub, where he summarized that what they were discussing was a big deal. Nicole assured Eric that she understood and was ready, adding that she felt like she had been ready for the past year. Eric reminded Nicole that he had spent that same year believing that he would never sleep with a woman again. Nicole started to joke that whatever Eric had forgotten about the process would quickly return to him in the moment, but he stopped her and begged her not to use the clichéd analogy about riding a bicycle. Nicole apologetically explained that she was joking to prevent herself from crying with frustration.

Eric assured Nicole that he found her desirable, but he added that he wanted to do things the right way. "Before we make love...we need to be married," Eric elaborated. Stunned, Nicole reminded Eric that he was no longer a priest, but he laughed and countered that he was still Catholic and that was one of the rules that Catholics followed. "Oh, come on, Eric -- how many Catholics do we know that are living in sin? I mean, it's like...Catholics using birth control; it's common sense," Nicole protested, but she quickly realized that Eric was being completely serious.

Eric conceded that he couldn't judge anyone else for ignoring the rules, but he added that he wasn't willing to make the same choice to ignore the church's teachings. Eric hoped that Nicole could understand his position. "Sorry, no -- I can't," Nicole replied.

Eric acknowledged that his request probably seemed hopeless and old-fashioned to Nicole. "It just seems...late. I mean, Eric, come on -- it's not like we're kids who don't know our own minds, all right? We've -- we've slept together so many times, the horse is kind of out of the barn on that one, and -- and since we've already been there before, aren't we kind of grandfathered in?" Nicole reasoned. Eric argued that it was never too late to get everything right, but Nicole countered that everything was already right. Eric continued that waiting to make love would give him and Nicole time to make things even better and get to know each other again.

Eric assured Nicole that he understood that neither of them was ready for a marriage commitment yet. Nicole agreed and wondered what she and Eric were supposed to do until the moment that they finally decided that they were ready to make such a commitment -- if that moment ever even arrived. Eric suggested that he and Nicole could simply enjoy being in love, getting to know each other again, and showing affection toward each other. "To a point," Nicole sadly summarized, and Eric confirmed that she was right. Eric abruptly excused himself and promised to contact Nicole later.

"Funny, hmm? This is my punishment for destroying those documents? You're probably laughing your beard off right now. Yeah, go ahead -- yuck it up. You have messed with the wrong woman," Nicole muttered as she turned her eyes toward the ceiling. Nicole grabbed her coat and purse and rushed out of the pub. Later, in a secluded section of the town square, Eric smiled and muttered that Nicole had taken his proposal pretty well. Meanwhile, Nicole paced the floor in her hotel room, eyeing the myriad of sexy lingerie that she had scattered on the bed.

Sami entered the DiMera mansion and started to hide the art books, acting casual when E.J. also returned home and entered the living room as she was stepping away from the bookcase. E.J. told Sami about his earlier visit to Will and Sonny's apartment. Sami tried to listen to E.J.'s recap, but he could tell that something was distracting her, so he urged her to tell him what was wrong. Sami dismissively stated that the matter wasn't important, which only made E.J. more worried. Sami insisted that she couldn't tell E.J. what was going on, but he reminded her without a hint of irony that keeping secrets from each other was what always got them into trouble.

Sami tried to resist, but she finally decided to reveal the big secret to E.J. "I ran into Abigail, and she's pregnant," Sami explained, stunning E.J.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Club TBD, Rafe made arrangements over the phone for a surprise. Victor overheard Rafe talking and he asked if Rafe was working on a police investigation. Rafe joked that cops always talked like they were running an investigation. Victor advised Rafe to take it easy and not push his health too far. Nodding, Rafe promised to do what he needed to do.

In her apartment, Jordan made arrangements, as Joan Cooper, for a ride to the airport. After hanging up the phone, Jordan looked at a note from Rafe in which he had asked her to meet him in the town square. Jordan complained aloud that Rafe was making the situation more complicated.

J.J. was cleaning in the town square for his community service when he ran into Paige, who was also serving community service. Surprised to see his crush, J.J. fumbled his words, but he managed to thank Paige for finding his wallet. Paige introduced herself, and J.J. smiled. After Paige prompted him, J.J. introduced himself. When J.J. joked that the community service job was horrible, Paige countered that if she hated the job then she would not have volunteered.

In disbelief, J.J. asked Paige what she had done to be assigned to cleanup. Paige reiterated that she had volunteered to work cleanup, and the vest was part of the job. When Paige joked that J.J. was also a volunteer, J.J. looked at his feet and said yes. Paige explained that she had volunteered because her teacher had inspired her. J.J. noted that volunteering was a worthwhile endeavor and added that he would volunteer if he had not had a problem in his life.

Before J.J. could explain what he meant, Abe said hello and asked J.J. how he was enjoying the required community service. Surprised, Paige's mouth fell open as she looked at J.J. Abe's phone rang, and he stepped away to take the call. J.J. said that he had been about to tell Paige the truth about his community service.

Before Paige could respond, the community service supervisor, Russ, complained that J.J. needed to clean the north corner of the square. Russ turned to Paige and thanked her for her hard work. When an embarrassed J.J. noted that he needed to get back to work, Paige said that she had to leave. J.J. groaned in disappointment.

After J.J. finished with his community service, he went home. Rory stopped by to visit J.J., but J.J. noted that he had dinner plans with his family and that Rory should leave. When Rory asked J.J. if he was unhappy about Daniel reuniting with Jennifer, J.J. explained that he had run into the girl he liked and was upset about that. J.J. told Rory that Paige had learned that J.J. was required to do community service and that Paige was cleaning the town square voluntarily. Rory joked that J.J. had nothing in common with Paige.

J.J. answered a knock at the door and found Abe on the front porch. Abe asked J.J. to thank Jennifer for the invite to Daniel's apartment for dinner. When J.J. asked Abe why he had not called Jennifer to tell her, Abe said he had also visited to apologize for mentioning the required part of J.J.'s community service in front of Paige. J.J. thanked Abe, and J.J. asked if Abe knew Paige's last name.

After Abe left, J.J. looked up Paige on the computer. Rory urged J.J. to friend request Paige, but J.J. declined noting that he did not want to look like a stalker. Smiling, Rory offered to help J.J. Rory explained that he had seen Paige in the library studying. Smiling, J.J. noted that he could run into Paige in the library.

On the couch in Gabi's apartment, Nick said that he wanted to show Gabi how much he loved her every day for the rest of his life. As Gabi blushed, Sonny entered the apartment and groaned about Nick's confession. Nick rose to leave, but Gabi ordered Nick to stay. Sonny agreed and said he was only home to pick up items from the apartment.

While Sonny was in the baby's room, Arianna started to cry. Sonny returned to the living room and asked Gabi where to find the diaper rash cream. Gabi volunteered to tend to Arianna. While Gabi was in the baby's room, Sonny smiled at Nick. Nick told Sonny to say what was on his mind.

Shrugging, Sonny asked if Nick was going to threaten him if he spoke his mind again. Sonny noted that Nick's plan would blow up in his face. Nick disagreed, but Sonny reminded Nick that history tended to repeat itself. Nick called Sonny a "smug son of a bitch." Nick swore he had no secret agenda and that if anything developed with Gabi, then it was because Gabi had taken the lead in the relationship. Unfazed, Sonny stressed that everyone would see through Nick's lies. Shaking his head, Sonny left the apartment.

When Gabi returned to the living room, she asked Nick what had happened to Sonny. Nick said that Sonny had left to make wedding plans. Nodding, Gabi told Nick that he did not need to pretend to be happy for Sonny and Will. Nick protested that he was not pretending. Nick explained that Sonny and Will had a right to be angry, and he did not want to be angry as well.

As Nick said goodbye, he thanked Gabi for standing up for him against Sonny. Nick also thanked Gabi for being his friend. Gabi agreed and added that Nick was the only one that seemed to "get" her.

In the Brady Pub, Will asked Abigail if she would be part of the wedding. Abigail declined. When Will asked if Abigail did not want to be a part of the wedding, Abigail explained that she did not want to step on Gabi's toes. Will grew upset, and Abigail promised to be a part of the wedding if Will wanted. Concerned, Will noted that Abigail did not look well. Abigail said that she was fine, and then she gathered her items in preparation to leave. Concerned, Will advised Abigail to take care of herself.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. tickled Sami in an effort to force her to tell him the secret she had learned. Giggling, Sami agreed to tell E.J. if he swore not to tell anyone. When Sami informed E.J. that she had learned that Abigail was pregnant, the smile fell off of E.J.'s face. Surprised, E.J. noted that Abigail had seemed fine when she had baked cookies at the house. Sami explained that Abigail was no longer fine and that she was a wreck. Flustered, E.J. nodded.

When E.J. asked Sami why Abigail had confided the secret in her, Sami explained that Abigail had not told her anything. Sami said that based on Abigail's symptoms and the look on Abigail's face around food, she had guessed that Abigail was pregnant. E.J. asked Sami whether Abigail had confirmed the pregnancy, and Sami admitted that Abigail had not been tested yet.

When Sami asked why E.J. had appeared relieved when Sami had said that the pregnancy was unconfirmed, E.J. said he was not interested but that he was surprised. Sami did not believe E.J., and she asked him if E.J. was concerned about Chad's involvement with the possible pregnancy. Sami noted that it was unlikely that Chad was the father of Abigail's possible baby. E.J. nodded and promised not to talk to anyone about the pregnancy.

After Sami left to meet Will, E.J. texted Abigail, asking her to meet him at his lawyer's office. At the office, Abigail guessed that Sami had told E.J. about the possible pregnancy. E.J. asked Abigail why she had confided in Sami rather than him. Sighing, Abigail explained that she had not confided in Sami and that she did not know whether she was pregnant. When E.J. noted that Sami appeared convinced that Abigail was pregnant, Abigail argued that she did not know what it felt like to be pregnant.

When E.J. asked why Abigail had talked to Sami, Abigail lost her temper. Abigail yelled that Sami had guessed about the pregnancy and that Abigail had no interest in talking about the subject with Sami. Abigail added that talking to E.J. would not help the situation and that the only thing she could do was go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test to settle the question. Frustrated, E.J. ordered Abigail to avoid the drugstore.

Upset, Abigail warned E.J. not to tell her what to do. E.J. stressed that Abigail was not alone and that he would be there to support her. Confused, Abigail said that they could not end their relationship if she was pregnant. Abigail argued that she needed to buy a pregnancy test to be sure, but E.J. countered that he would take her to see a doctor in the morning so that Abigail could take an accurate pregnancy test. Abigail was surprised by E.J.'s offer, but he argued that he wanted to help Abigail with the situation.

"So you'll go with me? I don't want you to feel alone in any of this. I think we both want the same thing," E.J. said. Abigail agreed. "You won't regret it," E.J. whispered as he caressed Abigail's hair. Abigail nodded. Once Abigail was gone, E.J. sighed and rolled his eyes in frustration.

Sami met with Will at Club TBD and informed him that she had set a wedding date with E.J. When Will mentioned that he had talked to Abigail earlier, he said that Abigail had not been excited about the wedding at first. Smiling, Sami noted, "Your wedding, my wedding. I can't imagine things being more perfect than they are right now."

Jordan walked to the town square to meet Rafe and was shocked to find that he had set up a romantic, private dinner for two. With the square empty, Rafe handed Jordan a glass of champagne and toasted to her. Rafe and Jordan ate dinner together, and Jordan was impressed that Rafe had remembered what was her favorite meal. When Rafe asked Jordan to dance, Jordan giggled. Rafe reminded Jordan that when he had been struggling to stand, he had promised her that they would dance together.

Nodding, Jordan took Rafe's hand, and they danced together in the empty town square. When Rafe dipped Jordan, he stumbled. Jordan was worried, but Rafe assured her that he was fine. Frowning, Jordan noted that Rafe had done too much for her. Rafe countered that if he never saw Jordan again, he wanted to thank her for all she had done to help him recover.

When Rafe asked her for one more dance, she agreed. Rafe kissed Jordan, but she pulled away. Rafe said that the evening had been planned as a thank you. Jordan kissed Rafe. As Rafe and Jordan pulled away, they each said goodbye. Rafe walked away, and Jordan fought back tears.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor congratulated Sonny on his engagement. When Victor talked wedding plans, Sonny asked if Victor was joking. Victor stressed that he was happy for Sonny and Will. When Victor asked Sonny if he was upset about anything, Sonny explained that he had run into Nick at Sonny's apartment. Sonny asked Victor why he did not like Nick, and Victor explained that Nick had manipulated Maggie and was smarmy. Victor added that he had not forgotten what Nick had done to Sonny and Will.

When Sonny mentioned that Nick was walking around town, preaching that he had changed, Victor urged Sonny not to believe Nick. Victor added that he would take care of Nick if he was a problem. Changing the subject, Sonny asked Victor if he and Maggie could attend the wedding. Victor enthusiastically agreed.

Victor suggested that Sonny get married at the Kiriakis mansion. When Sonny noted that E.J. would be at the wedding, Victor swore he could put aside his differences with E.J. for one day. Sonny then reminded Victor that he had married Vivian in the mansion.

"Maggie and I got married here. So everything has changed. History doesn't matter. This is now a happy, lucky house," Victor said. Sonny smiled and commented, "You make one hell of an argument."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A forlorn Jordan waited in her apartment for a cab to take her to the airport, staring at the ID and tickets in the name of Joan Cooper. When the taxi company called to let her know that the cab was downstairs, Jordan picked up Arthur's cat carrier and her suitcase to head out.

Rafe sat alone at a table in Horton Square. "Just get over it, okay. You blew it," he muttered dejectedly to himself as he remembered the romantic evening he'd planned for and spent with Jordan the night before. Rafe got excited when his phone rang, but his face fell when he saw Gabi's name on the caller ID. After assuring Gabi that he loved spending time with his niece, Rafe broke the news that he and Jordan were no longer together.

Someone approached Rafe with a coffeepot, and, without looking up, Rafe declined. "But I brew a really special blend," Jordan said playfully. Rafe quickly ended the call with Gabi. Smiling, Jordan explained that her flight had been delayed -- indefinitely. Rafe continued the coffee gag by saying that he preferred the coffee at Jordan's place. "Well, do you think that I could interest you in a cup?" Jordan asked. Rafe kissed her to demonstrate just how interested he was.

A few minutes later, Rafe and Jordan were in her bedroom, kissing and undressing each other. As they lay in bed after having sex, Jordan admitted that she and Arthur had been on their way to the airport, but she hadn't been able to stop thinking about what -- and whom -- she was leaving behind. "I just couldn't make myself get on the plane. That has never happened to me before," Jordan added. Rafe said that he hoped he hadn't made Jordan return out of guilt, but she assured him that wasn't the case. They agreed that they were very glad she'd returned.

At Salem High, J.J. greeted Paige as she exited the library and said that he'd thought he was the only "geek" who studied in the library before school. Paige admitted that she'd never seen J.J. in the library before. J.J. claimed that he had a corner where he liked to study. He said that he wanted to explain why he'd been doing community service so she didn't get the wrong idea. Paige suggested that they sit outside and enjoy the nice day.

As Paige and J.J. were headed out, Paige's friend Marybeth stopped them. Marybeth informed Paige that "everybody" knew J.J. had been arrested for dealing drugs, plus he had smashed a window in the town square. "I heard it was because he was so high, he didn't even know what he was doing," Marybeth added. J.J., who'd been listening helplessly, finally interjected that it wasn't true. Rory showed up as Marybeth continued to malign J.J.

Finally, J.J. snapped. "You think you know all about me? Well, I've got you figured out, too. All you do is put people down to make yourself feel better. You're no better than me or anybody else. You're nothing but a know-it-all, stuck-up bitch," J.J. pronounced, to the girls' consternation and Rory's delight. As the guys headed out, Paige grabbed Marybeth and demanded, "What is wrong with you? If I wanted to be rescued from J.J., I would've asked."

Marybeth argued that straight-A student Paige shouldn't even be seen talking to J.J., but Paige wasn't worried about her reputation. "J.J. Deveraux, he's, like, radioactive or something," Marybeth maintained. When Paige implied that she wasn't just going to take Marybeth's word for it, a disgusted Marybeth guessed that Paige liked J.J. Paige pointed out that she didn't even know J.J. yet. "Trust me; that druggie Bev Walters is more his speed, anyway... And if he's talking you up, it's only 'cause he wants one thing -- and we all know what that is," Marybeth said before walking away.

While E.J. and Abigail waited in an exam room at the office of E.J.'s doctor, Dr. Mattingly, an anxious Abigail said that she hoped she wasn't pregnant. E.J. reassured her that the two of them would get through it together. He explained that Dr. Mattingly's test would tell them with certainly whether Abigail was pregnant or not. Mattingly entered and asked Abigail about her symptoms. Abigail explained that she was late, although she was normally quite regular, she was unusually tired, and she had been nauseated the previous two mornings. Mattingly instructed Abigail to change into a gown so he could begin his examination.

Dr. Mattingly returned after Abigail had changed and drew the curtain around the exam area. Abigail didn't understand why it had been necessary to put on a gown or do an exam, since a blood test would be able to tell them if she were pregnant. Without answering her questions, Mattingly produced a syringe, which Abigail assumed was to draw blood -- but she was startled to realize that he was injecting her with something instead. Seconds later, Abigail was unconscious.

Abigail was groggy and confused when she woke up a while later. As Dr. Mattingly's face came into focus, he assured her, "Everything's fine. Better than fine." He pulled back the curtain and revealed E.J. on the other side. After making sure Abigail was all right, E.J. asked Mattingly, "Is she pregnant?" Mattingly replied, "Not anymore." E.J. told Abigail that it was for the best because it would have ruined his relationship with Samantha. "E.J., what did you do to me?" a horrified Abigail demanded.

Suddenly, Abigail sat bolt upright in her bed at home as she awakened from the nightmare. Her phone rang on the nightstand, but she flung it on the bed without answering when she saw that the call was from E.J. A few minutes later, she got a text message from E.J. that read, "Trying to call. The appointment is set. Waiting to hear from you." While she was fretting about what to do, she became nauseated and ran from the room.

Once Abigail had gotten dressed, she headed downstairs -- but while she was crossing through the foyer into the kitchen, E.J. knocked on the front door. Abigail froze when she heard his voice. When Abigail didn't answer, E.J. dialed her number, and her phone began to ring in her hand. Panicked, Abigail ignored the door and the phone and ran out the back door.

J.J. and Rory arrived at the Horton house after Abigail had gone. J.J. complained that he was sick of probation, and he feared that he'd ruined his chances with Paige.

When Abigail arrived for work at the hospital, a nurse informed her that an orderly had put some boxes that had arrived from the printer in the community room, and Abigail should move them before a janitor assumed it was stuff to be recycled. E.J. arrived and spotted Abigail leaving, so he followed her into the room and closed the door. Abigail tried not to betray the fear she obviously felt.

E.J. accused Abigail of avoiding him, since he'd seen her getting into her car while he'd been out front, ringing the doorbell. Abigail gathered up one of the boxes and warned E.J. that she was working and he shouldn't be following her around. E.J. prevented her from leaving the room and said sternly, "Did you not listen to my message? I made you an appointment with the doctor." He started to tell Abigail what to do next, but she cut him off. "I'm not going to your doctor -- and you can't make me," Abigail said firmly.

Alone in her hotel room and wearing a sexy dress, Nicole sent a text message to Eric that read: "Missed you last night; sorry I had to work. What about now?" When there was a knock at the door, she assumed it was Eric -- but she was dismayed when she opened it to reveal Stefano. Ogling Nicole from head to toe, Stefano remarked that she was "dressed for work." He wondered if Nicole were meeting a man -- perhaps Father Eric.

Nicole scoffed, "You see a good man like Eric and it's like Dracula and the crucifix. You can't stand it, can you? And neither could your crazy nymphomaniac daughter. She couldn't to get him into bed the old-fashioned way so, what? She had him drugged?" Stefano countered that it had obviously been easier for Nicole to run Kristen off the road than admit that Eric had "needs." Stefano pointed out that everything had worked out to Nicole's advantage.

Nicole lashed out angrily, but Stefano calmly noted that she had always been driven to get what she wanted. Nicole asserted that all she'd ever wanted was to be happy and not all alone, and that was why she had gone crazy after she'd lost E.J.'s baby. "You haven't forgiven me for any of that -- and you had your part in it," Nicole reminded Stefano. "I'm so glad we had this little talk together, because it only proves to me what little use I have for you," Stefano summed up contemptuously on his way out.

Roman invited himself to sit at Eric's table at the Brady Pub because he wanted to talk to Eric about Marlena. Eric wasn't interested because of how his mom had treated Nicole, who Eric believed had more than earned Roman and Marlena's forgiveness and trust. Recounting all the terrible things that Nicole had done, Roman asked, "Can you blame your mom for being suspicious?" Eric said that he couldn't put up with any more of the nasty things his mom had been saying about Nicole.

Roman explained that Marlena felt guilty about her part in what had happened to Eric and would keep trying to make it up to him. "By going after the person who's been there, right by my side, since day one?" Eric asked. Roman urged his son to listen to what Marlena had to say, and Eric reluctantly agreed. Eric had to leave for the hospital, but first he commended Roman on his skills as a peacemaker. "I got a lot of pointers watching you," Roman demurred.

Later, Nicole found Eric working solo in Jennifer's office at the hospital. Nicole explained that she'd stopped by because she didn't want them to become a couple who only communicated via text message. Eric quickly picked up on Nicole's somewhat downbeat mood, and she admitted that she'd seen Stefano. Eric worried that Nicole had made herself a target by trying to prove what Kristen had done to him. Nicole said that Stefano only seemed to want to remind her that she hadn't lived an "exemplary" life.

"Who is he to judge? Especially after the last year and a half, the way you've lived your life," Eric said. He urged Nicole not to let Stefano get to her. Eric added that he was relieved that she hadn't been upset about his announcement that he didn't want to have sex until after they were married. Nicole admitted that it had bothered her at first, but she was where and with whom she wanted to be. Eric asked if Nicole could stay for a while.

Eric showed Nicole a photo on his camera that he had snapped of her and the kids at the first communion class in the square, although she hadn't known he was there. "You see how mysterious you look, that expression on your face? I just wanted to know what you were thinking about. That's why I kept it," Eric explained. "I was probably thinking about you," Nicole admitted. She told Eric that he made her very happy, and he concurred that she made him happy, as well.

Hope met Marlena in the park outside Horton Square. "[Nicole has] information that could help clear Eric's name, his whole reputation, and she is so selfish, she is keeping it to herself," Marlena explained irritably. Hope produced a tiny USB transmitter and instructed Marlena to install it without Stefano seeing her. She explained that the device would pinpoint Chyka's location so they would no longer need Stefano as a middleman.

Marlena soon recognized that something big was bothering Hope. Hope insisted she didn't know what Marlena was talking about, but Marlena wouldn't leave until Hope confided in her. Hope admitted that she had talked to John. Something in Hope's tone made Marlena guess that John had seen Bo in Europe.

Hope explained that Bo was so deep undercover that he couldn't contact anyone at home for another year, possibly longer, and she was on her way to tell Ciara. Marlena was sincerely grateful to Hope for taking the time to help her. As Hope was leaving, Marlena got a text message from Stefano that read simply, "Now."

As Hope and Ciara had lunch at the Brady Pub, Ciara asked why she wasn't eating lunch at school. Hope said that she needed to talk to Ciara about something, and Ciara immediately guessed that it was about her daddy. Ciara explained that Hope always got the same look on her face when she talked about him. Hope gently told Ciara that she didn't know when Bo would return home except that it would be a lot longer than they'd thought. "He's supposed to be home now!" Ciara complained.

Hope explained that Bo was working undercover, something she had described for Ciara before, and he couldn't call or visit. Hope tried to reassure an upset Ciara that Bo missed them as much as they missed him, but Ciara didn't buy it. "If he misses me so much, why isn't he calling me and telling me this? Why are you telling me?" Ciara demanded.

Hope said that Bo kept the valentine that Ciara had made for him when she was six in his shirt pocket, next to his heart -- and that was where Ciara was. "I want my daddy to come home!" Ciara cried. Hope hugged her little girl and tried to comfort her.

Stefano was waiting for Marlena when she arrived at the DiMera mansion. Marlena noted that she'd been searched at the door for the first time. Stefano explained that his men had to make sure she wasn't wearing a wire. Marlena reiterated that she didn't want evidence of what Kristen had done to Eric; she only wanted to know how much Nicole knew and if Nicole had destroyed any evidence. "I would very much enjoy helping you put Nicole in her place," Stefano said.

Stefano took Marlena's cell phone from her, and while his back was turned, she slipped the USB device out of her bra. Stefano led Marlena to a chair in front of an open laptop. Marlena faked a minor coughing fit, so while Stefano got a glass of water for her, she quickly inserted the device into a USB port on the computer. Once the videochat connection was established, Dr. Chyka's face appeared on the screen, and Stefano introduced him to Marlena.

Marlena acknowledged that she knew what Chyka had done, but she wasn't going to ask him about that. She only wanted to know about the time Nicole and Daniel had taken Chyka hostage. Chyka explained that the two of them had overpowered him, drugged him, tied him up, and grilled him until a man with a gun had shown up. Marlena wanted to know what Chyka had told Daniel and Nicole, but Chyka didn't recall.

Under questioning from Marlena, Chyka continued that Dr. Jonas had gotten the gun away from the man but figured out that the man's accomplice had been tracking him, so Dr. Jonas had left with the gunman. Marlena wanted to know everything that had happened from that point forward. "I'd like to help you, but the truth is I can't," Chyka said. He explained that everything that had happened after Dr. Jonas had drugged him was hazy.

Reminding Chyka that he had managed to escape through the haze, Marlena ordered him to answer her question. Chyka admitted that he had stalled Nicole until he'd untied himself, and while her back had been turned, he'd escaped. "Satisfied?" Stefano asked. "So as far as you know, Nicole learned nothing that would help my son," Marlena clarified. Chyka confirmed, "That's right. I got out of there without giving her anything to go on. But of course, I had to leave without taking my things with me." Marlena wanted to know what things Chyka was referring to.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Hope informed Ciara that Roman had already alerted Caroline that Bo would not be returning to Salem anytime soon. Hope revealed that the news had saddened Caroline, so Ciara excused herself so that she could go to the kitchen to see if she could locate her grandmother.

Meanwhile, Chase entered the pub, and when he noticed that Ciara had been crying, he called her a "big baby." Ciara warned Chase not to call her that again, but he continued to taunt her, so she shoved him away from her. As Hope started to intervene, Aiden arrived and demanded to know what was going on. Chase revealed that Ciara had just pushed him, and she replied that she had done so because she hated him.

Hope calmly told Aiden that Ciara had pushed Chase because Chase had teased Ciara for crying, and Aiden pulled Chase aside so that they could have a private discussion about the boy's behavior. After Aiden and Chase left, Hope hugged Ciara and said that she was sorry that Chase had taunted Ciara, sorry that Bo wasn't going to be home anytime soon, and sorry about everything else that Ciara had gone through lately.

Meanwhile, Aiden chastised Chase for teasing Ciara. Chase protested that Ciara had pushed him but wasn't getting yelled at for doing so, and he wondered why the rules seemed different for her. Ignoring the question, Aiden probed for additional details about the earlier incident, and when Chase admitted that he had called Ciara a "big baby," Aiden pointed out that Chase had started the altercation and clearly owed Ciara an apology. Aiden escorted Chase over to Ciara and Hope's location, and Chase reluctantly told Ciara that he was sorry. Ciara replied that she wasn't sorry, and Hope thanked Chase for the apology before taking Ciara to the kitchen to see Caroline.

After Hope and Ciara left, Chase complained that it wasn't fair that Ciara had not been forced to issue an apology of her own, but Aiden simply changed the subject, instructing Chase to head to judo class. Chase reminded Aiden that their original plan had involved getting a cup of hot chocolate beforehand, but Aiden announced that the plan had changed. Chase expected Aiden to accompany him to the class, but Aiden reasoned that Chase could make it there on his own, since it was being held in a building that was right next to the pub. Aiden promised to meet Chase there later, and Chase sighed with frustration as he exited the pub.

Meanwhile, Hope left Ciara with Caroline and returned to the front section of the pub. In response to Aiden's inquiry about Ciara's condition, Hope reported that visiting with Caroline always made Ciara feel better. Aiden assured Hope that he had warned Chase about teasing Ciara in the future. Aiden started to walk away, but Hope stopped him and thanked him for the way that he had handled the situation.

Hope revealed that Ciara had been crying because Hope had just revealed that Ciara's father wouldn't be returning home anytime soon. Aiden was sorry to hear that, and he assured Hope that he understood. Hope apologized, recalling Aiden's own situation with Chase, and they both acknowledged that it was hard to raise a child alone. "You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not," Hope admitted.

Hope received a phone call and excused herself so that she could answer it, but she encouraged Aiden to stick around for a while longer. After ending the call, Hope revealed that congratulations were in order, since the bake sale had gone well, and she and Aiden had met their goal. After a quick chat about the news, Aiden excused himself so that he could meet Chase at the judo class, but before leaving, he once again assured Hope that Chase wouldn't be bothering Ciara in the future.

When Will returned to his and Sonny's apartment, Sonny greeted him and told him not to bother removing his coat, since they were headed right back out again. As Sonny grabbed his own coat, he informed Will that Arianna was with Gabi. Sonny explained that he was taking Will to a meeting with their mothers. Confused, Will cautiously asked why the meeting had been arranged. "To plan our wedding -- what else?" Sonny excitedly replied. Sonny reasoned that the women's feelings would be hurt if he and Will didn't include them in the planning of the wedding, and he also conceded that he and Will could use the women's help.

Will sighed and wondered why he and Sonny couldn't just get a marriage license and go to City Hall to get married, and Sonny explained that Victor's feelings would be hurt if they did that, since Victor wanted them to have the wedding at the Kiriakis mansion. Will knowingly predicted that his mother was going to hate that idea. "Well, at least your mom is behind us getting married. I don't know if my mom's gotten that far," Sonny replied. Sonny opened the apartment door and silently urged Will to follow him, and Will hesitantly agreed, taking a deep breath to prepare himself for what was about to happen.

At Club TBD, Sami was flipping through one of the art books when Adrienne arrived and joined her at a table. Adrienne said that she had never thought of Sami as an art lover, and Sami clarified that the art books actually belonged to Abigail. Sami revealed that Abigail was helping her learn more about art because E.J. loved looking at it and visiting art museums. Sami explained that she was trying to get a bit more cultured in preparation for her and E.J.'s eventual honeymoon.

Adrienne jokingly cited the cliché that suggested that the best way to hold on to a man was to share his interests, prompting Sami to confidently clarify that she wasn't worried about holding on to E.J. Adrienne politely stated that she was glad to hear that, and Sami abruptly changed the subject, announcing that she had a lot of great ideas for Will and Sonny's wedding. "Okay, I have just one, and I need you to back me up on this -- I need you to change your mind and help me stop those boys from rushing into this," Adrienne stated.

Sami reminded Adrienne that Will and Sonny were adults and could decide for themselves when they wanted to get married. Adrienne insisted that she couldn't just sit there and talk about caterers and flowers while pretending that she believed that the wedding was a great idea. Sami knowingly warned that Sonny and Will would probably just stop listening to Adrienne if she tried to voice her objections about the wedding, and Adrienne wondered if that meant that she was supposed to just sit back and let the marriage happen. "It's better than having your son resent the hell out of you because you're questioning something he believes in with his whole heart -- and you know he does," Sami reasoned.

"Yeah -- for now, anyway," Adrienne skeptically muttered. Sami stressed that, while she wasn't trying to criticize Adrienne for having concerns about the wedding, she also wasn't willing to do anything to jeopardize her own relationship with Will and the man he loved. Adrienne reluctantly conceded that she understood Sami's perspective, and Sami optimistically assured Adrienne that Will and Sonny's marriage could work out, citing herself and E.J. as an example of a couple who had found a way to make their relationship work against all odds.

As Will and Sonny entered the club, Sami quietly advised Adrienne to follow her lead and keep any doubts hidden. Sonny and Will claimed their seats at the table as they greeted Adrienne and Sami, and Sonny thanked the women for agreeing to meet with them. Sami claimed that she and Adrienne had just been talking about how happy they were for Will and Sonny, and Adrienne forced a smile and agreed that she and Sami thought that Sonny and Will were a great couple.

Pleased with the way that the conversation had started, Sonny forged ahead, stating that the group needed to solidify the wedding plans quickly because he and Will had moved up the date. Adrienne was shocked, but she quickly recovered and wondered how Sonny and Will were going to find a place that would accommodate the wedding ceremony on such short notice. Sonny explained that Victor wanted the wedding to be held at the Kiriakis mansion, and Will pointedly stared at Sami as he added that he and Sonny thought that was a great idea.

Sami diplomatically conceded that the Kiriakis mansion was beautiful during the summer months and that its terrace would be a great place to conduct the wedding ceremony, but she argued that it would be too rainy during the spring months to take advantage of the Kiriakis mansion's best features. Will wondered if Sami had a better idea, and she shrugged as she casually replied that the DiMera mansion was beautiful during any season and that its garden was just as lovely as the one at the Kiriakis mansion.

"Oh, just stop! You've gotta be kidding me!" Adrienne suddenly snapped, but she quickly recovered and claimed that she was just finding it hard to listen to Sami brag about how lovely the DiMera mansion looked in the springtime. Adrienne argued that the daffodils didn't exactly blot out the DiMera mansion's history, and Sami sarcastically countered that the Kiriakis mansion was filled with lovely vibes. Adrienne pointed out that John and Kristen had gotten married at the DiMera mansion, and Sami replied that she had once tried to get married in the Kiriakis mansion, but the groom had ended up dead.

As Will and Sonny watched the back-and-forth exchange like spectators at a tennis match, Adrienne reminded Sami that Brady and Kristen had almost gotten married at the DiMera mansion the previous year. Sami countered that if the wedding was going to be held at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian would have to be kept off of the guest list so that she couldn't lure Will up to the roof in an effort to kill him. Adrienne wondered if Sami really wanted Sonny and Will to say their vows with Stefano's portrait staring down at them.

"All right, you got me on that one. So, uh, I think it would be a lovely idea for you to get married in the Kiriakis mansion," Sami hesitantly told Will and Sonny. Will was skeptical, but Sami forced a smile and assured him that she was okay with the idea. Will was glad to hear that, since he and Sonny had already decided that they wanted to get married at the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny joked that the group had finalized the first order of business really easily, and he excused himself so that he could get everyone a latte before they moved on to the challenge of choosing the music that would be played at the wedding.

Adrienne accompanied Sonny to the bar, and after they left, Sami asked Will if he and Sonny had finalized their wedding party yet. Will revealed that Gabi and Abigail were definitely going to be a part of the wedding ceremony, prompting Sami to wonder why Abigail had initially been hesitant about participating in the wedding. Will shrugged and summarized that Abigail was sweet but also stubborn, and he added that he was confident that Abigail wouldn't back out of the commitment, since she had already agreed to be involved.

Sami wondered if Will had ever figured out why Abigail had seemed upset during their earlier encounter. Will guessed that Abigail's mood had probably had something to do with a guy, and he elaborated that he had previously learned that Abigail had been seeing a guy who had been making her miserable. Will said that he had gotten the impression that the guy in question had been seeing Abigail on the side while simultaneously dating someone else. Sami said that was a rotten thing for someone to do to a sweet person like Abigail, and Will agreed. After reporting that he was fairly certain that Abigail had ended her relationship with the guy in question, Will acknowledged that it would probably be best for him and Sami to quit talking about the matter, since it was none of their business.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Adrienne returned with the lattes, and Sami abruptly excused herself after accepting hers, claiming that she had suddenly remembered that she had an important meeting that she needed to attend. After Sami left, Adrienne warned Sonny and Will that marriage was a big commitment -- one that could end painfully if it weren't made for the right reasons. Adrienne pointed out that Will and Sonny were both very, very young, even if they didn't feel that way themselves, but she added that it was also very evident that they were completely in love with each other, which was something to be cherished and celebrated in the screwed-up world they lived in. "Am I high on caffeine, or did I just hear you give us your blessing?" Sonny wondered.

"You know, as the -- as the mother of four boys, the one thing that I thought I was gonna miss out on was having a son-in-law, and it seems I was wrong, so...honestly, I couldn't be happier," Adrienne replied, seemingly sincerely, and she fought back tears as she grasped Sonny and Will's hands. Later, after Adrienne left, Will admitted that Sonny's idea to have the meeting with their mothers had been a good one, and he wondered if Sonny had any other clever ideas -- perhaps ones that involved how to deal with Nick. Sonny replied that he didn't even want to think about Nick, and Will agreed, adding that he simply wanted to enjoy the fact that both of their mothers were finally supportive of their marriage.

Sonny wondered if Will knew why Sami had left in such a hurry earlier, and Will shrugged as he replied that it was hard to tell with Samantha Gene. Will admitted that he had gotten kind of scared when Sami and Adrienne had started talking about disastrous weddings -- not because he was worried about his and Sonny's wedding, but because he wanted to make sure that nothing happened to screw things up between Sami and E.J.

In one of the break rooms at the hospital, E.J. started to remind Abigail that they had previously agreed that it would be best for her to see a doctor right away, but she interrupted him. "No, that's what you think I should do; I didn't agree to anything. And if it turns out that I am pregnant, I will be the one who decides what to do about it," Abigail firmly stated.

E.J. reminded Abigail that if she was pregnant, he was the child's father, but she assured him that she was willing to let him off the hook so that he could live happily ever after with Sami. Abigail started to walk away, but E.J. stopped her and insisted that they were going to deal with the situation together. E.J. promised that he wouldn't walk away from his responsibilities, but Abigail bitterly guessed that having a pregnant ex-lover living across town would be a huge inconvenience, especially since it would make it particularly difficult for him to maintain the illusion of living with his perfect family in their perfect mansion.

"Abigail, we were careless; there are consequences, all right? It's not as if, you know, you -- you were trying to lay some kind of claim to me, or -- or -- or ruin my it? Is it?" E.J. asked. E.J. suddenly realized that Abigail's bold decision to follow him into the shower at DiMera Enterprises had been out of character for her, and he wondered if she had only done that because the timing had been right. "Were you trying to get pregnant?" E.J. demanded to know. Abigail wondered if E.J. truly believed that she could do something like that, and before he could respond, she defensively added that she finally knew what he really thought of her.

Abigail started to walk away again, but E.J. stopped her. E.J. insisted that he wasn't Abigail's adversary and that he still cared about her, but she wasn't entirely convinced that either statement was true. Abigail chastised herself for being stupid enough to put herself in a position where she could potentially be carrying the child of a man who was engaged and didn't want her in his life. Abigail wondered why she had been idiotic enough to trust someone like E.J., and she vowed that she would never make that mistake again. E.J. placed a hand on Abigail's shoulder and gently informed her that he was simply trying to help her.

"By taking me to a doctor on the DiMera payroll? Is this the same doctor that you paid off to -- to fake Chad's brain tumor so that he could get me into bed? What exactly is it that you're paying [the doctor] to do this time, E.J.?" Abigail wondered. E.J. promised that he wouldn't do anything to harm Abigail or the child that she might be carrying, but he added that he simply couldn't let her face the ordeal alone. Abigail argued that she was already doing just that, since she was the one whose life was potentially going to change forever, while E.J. could easily just return to his old life either way.

E.J. vowed that he would never deny one of his children or let anything happen to that child's mother, and he wondered if Abigail believed that he was being truthful. Abigail remained silent, so E.J. decided to try a different approach, inviting her to tell him what she wanted to do next. E.J. promised that he would accommodate any requests that Abigail made. Abigail said that she didn't want to go to a doctor of E.J.'s choosing, so he agreed to let her choose the doctor instead. Abigail insisted that she didn't need to see a doctor because a home pregnancy test would suffice, but E.J. reminded her that those tests weren't completely accurate.

E.J. assured Abigail that the doctor that he had in mind was very discreet and would protect her privacy, and he added that if she was pregnant, his doctor could also help her assess her options right away, before she returned home to Jennifer and J.J. Abigail feared that Jennifer and J.J. might have already figured out that something was wrong with her, since Sami had easily managed to do so. Abigail predicted that if the pregnancy was confirmed, the news would devastate Jennifer. E.J. wondered how long Abigail believed that she would be able to hide the truth if Jennifer started to interrogate her about the secret that she was hiding.

Ignoring the question, Abigail muttered that she was really confused, and E.J. assured her that everything was going to be all right. As E.J. handed Abigail his discreet doctor's business card, they heard Sami's voice in the hallway. E.J. quickly hid behind a cabinet door as Sami entered the break room and greeted Abigail. Sami wondered if Abigail had taken a pregnancy test yet, and Abigail admitted that she had not, explaining that she had simply been too nervous to do so. Sami assured Abigail that everything would be all right either way, especially since Abigail had plenty of friends and family members who would support her, including Sami and E.J.

Sami noticed that Abigail looked pale, so she offered to get Abigail some food, but Abigail declined the offer and warned Sami not to mention food again. Sami laughed and ignored the request, proceeding to recite the specific foods that had made her sick during each of her own pregnancies. Sami revealed that Will was worried about Abigail and had mentioned that there was someone in Abigail's life that she didn't want to talk about. Sami wondered if the guy Will had mentioned was the one whose child Abigail was possibly carrying, and before Abigail could respond, Sami also asked if Abigail didn't want to talk about the guy in question because he was married.

Abigail vaguely clarified that the guy in question was with someone else but wasn't married, and she claimed that he also hadn't been with the other woman at the time that he had gotten involved with Abigail. Sami advised Abigail to find out if she was really pregnant right away so that she could decide what to do next, and she also suggested that it would be best for Abigail to be honest with the baby's father if the pregnancy was confirmed. Sami knowingly explained that choosing to hide the pregnancy from the father could end up backfiring.

Abigail nervously tried to excuse herself, but Sami stopped her and wondered if Abigail was still in love with the guy in question. Abigail said that she didn't really want to discuss her feelings with Sami, and she asked Sami to back off, but Sami ignored the request. Abigail blurted out that if she really was pregnant, the news was going to ruin the father's life, but Sami argued that Abigail didn't need to worry about that, since that was the father's problem. Meanwhile, E.J. shifted his weight, making some noise in the process. "Is there someone else here?" Sami wondered as she turned in the direction of the noise.

Elsewhere, Jennifer entered her office and interrupted a kiss between Eric and Nicole. Jennifer apologetically confirmed Eric's suspicion that she needed to reclaim control of her office, and he assured her that he understood. Eric needed to talk to Marlena about something, so he asked if she had been at the hospital staff meeting that had just concluded. Jennifer revealed that Marlena had planned to attend the meeting but had never shown up. Eric mused that it wasn't like Marlena to miss a staff meeting, but Jennifer dismissively clarified that the meeting hadn't been the least bit important, since she was sure that Marlena already knew what to do if the hospital's fire alarm ever went off. Eric explained that he needed to locate Marlena later, since he had recently been made aware of the fact that he hadn't been particularly nice to her lately.

Nicole excused herself after a quick, friendly exchange with Jennifer, who said that Nicole would always be welcome to visit Eric or deliver meals to him while he was working. After Nicole left, Eric thanked Jennifer for being kind to Nicole. Jennifer acknowledged that Nicole had gone out of her way to earn forgiveness for the things that had happened between them in the past, but she also admitted that it had been hard for her to accept Nicole and Daniel's living arrangement after Jennifer and Daniel had ended their relationship. Eric said that he hadn't realized that Jennifer had been told about Daniel and Nicole's lie, and he assured Jennifer that the whole arrangement had been solely for his benefit. Confused, Jennifer wondered what Eric was talking about.

Eric explained the ruse to Jennifer and assured her that, while it might have been ill-advised, Nicole and Daniel had simply been trying to do a good thing. "No, I know. I -- I know that Nicole meant well; I just feel like even when she tries to do a good thing, she has to lie to get what she wants, and I -- she's just -- she's good at that," Jennifer mused. Eric hoped that he hadn't inadvertently upset Jennifer, and she dismissed his concerns, pointing out that everything had worked out between her and Daniel in the end. Jennifer hoped that she, Daniel, Eric, and Nicole could maintain a friendship with each other, and Eric assured Jennifer that the two of them were already at that point.

Later, Jennifer went to the Brady Pub and talked to Hope about Aiden. Hope admitted that she and Aiden seemed to be working through their differences like adults, and she assured Jennifer that she didn't have a problem with Aiden attending Jennifer's impending dinner party. Jennifer was glad to hear that, since she believed that Hope needed to start getting out more often while Bo was gone, and Hope quickly agreed. Jennifer wondered if Bo had mentioned when he would be returning to Salem.

Hope claimed that she hadn't heard from Bo recently, and she abruptly changed the subject, asking about Jennifer's own relationship with Daniel. As Jennifer happily revealed that things were back on track with her and Daniel, Aiden returned to retrieve something that he had forgotten earlier. Jennifer formally invited Aiden to the dinner, and he accepted the offer, joking that he couldn't refuse if his "bake sale coach" was going to be there.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena urged Chyka to elaborate on the things that he had left behind at his cabin, but before he could do so, an alarm started blaring. "It seems like somebody is up to her old tricks! This is what I get for trying to do you a favor?!" Stefano furiously observed as he slammed the laptop shut, ending the videoconference and silencing the alarm. Marlena feigned innocence, but Stefano wasn't fooled. "You betrayed me! That does not go without punishment," Stefano warned.

A short time later, one of Stefano's employees found the tracking device that Marlena had plugged into Stefano's laptop, which had initially been detected thanks to some sophisticated security software that had been installed on the laptop. Stefano glared at Marlena as he instructed the man to destroy the device, and the man complied, dropping the device to the floor and stepping on it before picking the crushed remains back up and handing them to Stefano. "The nerve of you! The arrogance! To think that -- that you could use me against my own daughter?!" Stefano snapped at Marlena.

Marlena argued that she was simply trying to protect one of her children, just as Stefano was trying to protect one of his. Marlena refused to cower and apologize for her actions, and she impatiently urged Stefano to contact Chyka again so that they could find out more about the "things" that Chyka had vaguely mentioned earlier. "Chyka? Do we know anybody with the name of 'Chyka'?" Stefano asked his employee, who innocently claimed that he had never heard that name before. "Believe me, you are gonna pay for this," Stefano promised Marlena as she grabbed her purse and stormed out of the mansion.

After Marlena left, Stefano contacted Nicole and informed her that Marlena had just had a conversation with someone named Chyka. Stefano revealed that Marlena had been very interested in figuring out if Nicole had located anything in Chyka's cabin after Chyka had escaped. Nicole feigned ignorance, but Stefano continued that, while Marlena and Chyka's exchange had ultimately been cut short, Nicole probably knew exactly what Marlena's next move was going to be.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena tried to calm her nerves, quietly assuring herself that Stefano was bluffing and wouldn't really retaliate. Meanwhile, John called out to Marlena as he approached her, and she sighed with relief as she wrapped her arms around him. Marlena apologized and pulled away from John a moment later, admitting that she hadn't been thinking clearly. John could tell that something was wrong, so he offered to take Marlena to a more private location so that they could talk about what was bothering her, but she declined the invitation, insisting that she didn't want to talk about the matter with him.

As Marlena started to walk away, Nicole arrived and confronted her about the earlier conversation with Chyka, which Marlena refused to discuss with Nicole. Nicole wondered if Marlena was trying to help Eric or prove that Nicole had deliberately let Chyka go, and Marlena replied that she didn't believe that Nicole had let Chyka go. Nicole skeptically wondered how Marlena had managed to locate Chyka, but Marlena argued that the details were irrelevant.

"You talked to Stefano. You made a deal with the father of the woman who drugged and had sex with your son. That's called rape, you know that? But you didn't spend your time trying to prove that, did you? You tried to get something on me!" Nicole guessed as Eric arrived and wondered if Nicole's accusation was true.

John, who had stuck around to watch the exchange between Marlena and Nicole, tried to defend Marlena, but Eric pointed out that John had been gone for quite a while and wasn't really the best person to interpret what was going on. Eric demanded an answer from Marlena about Nicole's earlier accusation.

Friday, March 14, 2014

An exuberant Gabi returned home after her first photo shoot for Countess Wilhelmina. Sonny was pleased that Gabi's confidence seemed renewed -- but not when she credited Nick for her good fortune. Sonny asserted that Gabi was so beautiful and talented that Sami and E.J. would have given her the job if she'd just asked. Gabi argued that although Nick had gone about getting the modeling contract for her in New York the wrong way, he'd known what she needed long before she'd realized it.

Sonny reminded Gabi of why she'd hit Nick in the head with a rock, but Gabi insisted that Nick had changed. "How can you say that with a straight face?" Sonny wondered. Gabi said that she wasn't going to let anyone tell her how to feel about Nick -- and she didn't want anyone to ruin her good mood after the great day she'd just had. She thanked Sonny for watching Arianna and headed into the bedroom. "'Nick has changed.' Yes, for the worse," Sonny muttered to himself.

Nick stopped Will in front of the Brady Pub because he thought they should talk. Will disagreed, noting that he knew what Nick had said to Sonny about having a bullet for each of them. Chuckling, Nick claimed that he'd been speaking metaphorically. "So was Hitler," Will countered. Nick revealed that Sonny had used the Kiriakis name to threaten Nick.

After adding that he wanted Gabi to be part of his life if that's what she wanted, Nick pointed out that he hadn't sent Kate and Sami to prison when he could have. "Because then you couldn't blackmail them," Will noted. Nick contended that he was earning his paycheck at Mad World, and he was sure that Gabi had done a great job modeling at Countess Wilhelmina. "What is it you want?" Will demanded.

Nick maintained that he just wanted people to like him, and to that end, he would have to change the way people thought about him. Will asserted that it would take lobotomies for him, his parents, or Sonny to think differently about Nick. Nick laughed appreciatively at Will's creative language. "I hate your compliments more than I hate your slurs," Will declared. Nick urged Will to warn Sonny against carrying out his threats -- or it wouldn't end well.

Will was in the pub, writing in a notebook, when Sonny entered a little later. After Will said that he'd just run into Nick, he noted, "When he tries to mimic human behavior, that's when he's creepiest." Sonny cautioned his fiancé that Nick seemed to have Gabi right where he wanted her. Sonny suggested that instead of talking about Nick, they should talk about the wedding. The guys realized simultaneously that they had discussed everything except who was going to perform the ceremony.

Nick went to the apartment to see how Gabi's photo shoot had gone, and she was still in high spirits when she answered the door. Nick produced a bottle of sparkling cider -- instead of champagne since Gabi was still nursing -- so they could celebrate. Grateful for Nick's help and thoughtfulness, Gabi threw her arms around him. Gabi toasted Nick with the cider, explaining that she owed a lot to Nick because he knew her better than anyone.

At Daniel's apartment, Jennifer informed Daniel that Hope and Aiden would both be attending their dinner party. When Daniel asked if they could invite Eric and Nicole, Jennifer didn't respond as enthusiastically as he'd expected. Jennifer said that she'd learned that Daniel and Nicole had lied to Eric about being a couple. Daniel explained that it had seemed like a good idea at the time, since Eric would not have let Nicole help try to clear him if he'd known about her feelings for him.

Jennifer wanted to know if the scheme had been Nicole's idea. Daniel asserted that Nicole's work to clear Eric had been very selfless. Although Jennifer agreed, she believed that it was out of character for Daniel to lie. Reminding Jennifer that he'd lied to E.J. about the paternity of Nicole's baby, Daniel guessed that she was still upset about what had happened with Theresa.

Jennifer said that the situation with Nicole and Eric seemed different somehow, like it was an ongoing deception. Daniel finally asked if they could stop talking about Nicole. After some kissing and playful banter with Daniel, Jennifer had to leave to meet with the committee about the new employee handbook. She reassured Daniel that she was okay with everything that had happened with him and Nicole and that she wanted things to work out for Nicole and Eric.

In the community room at the hospital, Sami was counseling a possibly pregnant Abigail about what to do when E.J., who'd been hiding behind a large folding screen, made a noise. Before Sami could investigate, Maxine entered and said that Abigail and Sami had to leave because they needed the room for a meeting. While Maxine started setting up, Sami quietly pointed out to Abigail that someone might have heard every word they'd just said.

Determined to find the culprit and oblivious to Abigail's panic, Sami charged around behind the screen -- there was no one there, although the window was open. Maxine found a display of brochures on the floor that she guessed the breeze had knocked over. Abigail was ready to get back to work, but Sami was insistent that Abigail talk to someone about what was going on. Abigail reluctantly left with Sami.

Meanwhile, E.J. was crouched on a ledge outside, in a niche around the corner from the open window of the community room. As E.J. struggled to peer into the room, Liam entered, and a group of men joined him a few minutes later. Liam began by introducing himself to the group and explained that he was a pharmaceutical company rep, not a doctor, but everything they said in that room would remain confidential. "So let's talk about E.D.: erectile dysfunction," Liam announced, holding up a pamphlet.

Liam handed out pamphlets to the men and then left so that they could talk. The men were obviously uncomfortable discussing their problems in the bedroom, but each man shared a little bit about his life -- while on the ledge, E.J. wished the meeting would end sooner rather than later.

Liam was near the nurses' station, discussing an order with one of the nurses, when Jennifer exited the elevator. Liam suddenly became touchy and flirtatious with the nurse then greeted Jennifer with mock nonchalance. He clarified that everything was okay between them after their "misunderstanding." "Sure, yeah. Forgotten. In the past," Jennifer assured him. As Jennifer left, Liam's expression darkened. "No, it's not," he said to himself. Later, Liam returned to the meeting and answered some questions from the men.

Sami took Abigail to Club TBD and got a cup of ginger tea to soothe Abigail's queasy stomach. Sami didn't think Abigail should go through finding out if she were pregnant or not alone, so she suggested that the two of them buy the pregnancy test together -- and Sami would wait with Abigail while she took it.

Although she was grateful to Sami, Abigail said that it would be best if she took the test at home by herself. Sami reiterated that she didn't think Abigail should be alone when she got the results. She asked again if Abigail had considered talking to her mother. "No, absolutely not," Abigail said. Abigail insisted that Sami didn't need to worry about her. Sami confessed that she only wanted to help because Johnny was crazy about Abigail, as was E.J., and Abigail had been teaching Sami about art.

"And your mom and I, we have been friends for a long time, and in spite of how she can be, she's going to accept this," Sami reassured Abigail. Abigail took offense at that, but Sami insisted that she'd only meant that Jennifer had led a "very moral life." Abigail was still irked, so Sami apologized. As Abigail left, Sami urged her to call if she needed anything. Once Abigail was gone, Sami realized that she'd intended to return one of Abigail's art books -- only Sami had left it at the hospital.

Abigail returned to the hospital and asked Maxine about the meeting. Maxine said it should be over any minute. Just then, Sami got off the elevator, so Abigail ducked around a corner. Sami asked Maxine about the book. Observing the men leaving the community room, Maxine said that Sami could go in and look for it. A nervous Abigail quickly sent a text to E.J. that said, "Where R U?"

As the last men left the meeting, E.J. carefully climbed back in the window and took off his coat. He sank into a chair just as the message from Abigail arrived. He replied, "Don't worry. Everything is fine." E.J. picked up one of the "erectile dysfunction" pamphlets -- at the same moment that a startled Sami walked in.

In Horton Square, while John and Nicole looked on, Eric demanded to know if Marlena had gone to Stefano and talked to Chyka just to get dirt on Nicole. Marlena explained that Hope had given her a device to try to trace the call and locate Chyka, but Eric wanted to know if Marlena had been trying to catch Chyka or Nicole. Marlena wondered why Nicole had let Chyka go when she'd gone to such trouble to find him.

Incredulous, Eric guessed that Chyka hadn't given Nicole a choice. John tried to intervene, but Eric angrily cut him off. Eric demanded to know why Marlena hadn't asked Chyka about Kristen. Marlena explained that she'd made a deal with Stefano not to do so, adding, "All I wanted was the truth." Eric spat, "And the truth is what? Tell us, Mom, what did you find out?"

Marlena admitted that Chyka had confirmed Nicole's story. Fed up, Eric announced, "That's it. We're done." He took Nicole's hand and started charging out of the square. Nicole pleaded with him not to leave things that way with his mother, but Eric refused to stop. John touched Marlena's arm and urged her to give Eric some time, but she flinched, jerked her arm away, and left.

John followed Marlena out of the square and into the park. He tried to assure her that Eric would eventually realize that she had only been trying to help, but Marlena didn't want to hear it. "All the anger and pain and suffering we are going through is all caused directly by Kristen, and Eric and Brady and I are all suffering because of your arrogance and your stupidity in bringing that evil bitch back into our lives," Marlena growled.

Roman appeared just then and asked if Marlena were all right. "Roman, you are not going to believe what I've done to our son," Marlena said, her eyes filling with tears. Roman asked John to give them some privacy, so John left. Roman encouraged Marlena to tell him everything that had happened. Once Marlena had filled him in, Roman admitted that although he wasn't thrilled that she'd made a deal with Stefano, he knew that what she'd done had been for Eric. As Roman was offering to talk to Eric and putting an arm around Marlena, John peeked around the corner of the gate.

When Eric took Nicole back to her hotel room, she told him that she needed some alone time to decompress before work. Before Eric left, he kissed Nicole goodbye and promised not to let his mother or anyone else hurt Nicole again. Once she was alone, Nicole sat at the desk and pulled out one page from Chyka's files that she had managed to piece back together. She reminded herself that even if she could reassemble everything, she wouldn't use it, because then she would lose Eric.

An obviously worked-up Eric was storming through the square a little later when Daniel called after him. "What?" Eric roared. Daniel asked if something had happened. "Yes, it has," Eric admitted.

After he'd filled Daniel in, Eric went to Jennifer's office to show her the pictures he'd taken for the brochure, except he was admittedly not pleased with how they'd turned out. Sensing that there was more going on than that, Jennifer asked if Eric wanted to talk about it. Eric said that he'd already spoken to Daniel, but he was glad that Daniel could see the all the good things in Nicole that Eric saw.

While Jennifer and Eric were looking at his photos on his tablet, someone slipped an envelope under Jennifer's door. She opened it to reveal an edited photo of two muscled, shirtless men carrying a bikini clad woman -- with Jennifer's face pasted over the woman's -- and the caption: "Director of Public Relations."

As Nicole was marveling that Marlena's attempts to get something on Nicole had only "verified" that there wasn't any proof to look for, Daniel pounded on her door. Nicole quickly stashed the paper back in the desk drawer and let Daniel in. Daniel explained that Eric had just told him what had happened, and Daniel had wanted to make sure that Nicole was all right. "It was pretty brutal," Nicole admitted.

Nicole was worried about what would happen to Eric and Marlena's close relationship if he continued to defend Nicole -- and that all of Salem would think that Marlena was right and Nicole was horrible. Daniel reassured her that it didn't matter what anyone else thought as long as Eric loved her for who he knew she really was. Nicole agreed that Daniel was right. She had to take a shower so she could get to work, so Daniel said that she would let himself out after he answered a text message.

Nicole had gone into the bathroom and turned on the shower when Daniel remembered that he was supposed to ask her about the dinner party. He grabbed a pen off the desk and began rummaging around for a piece of paper -- and stumbled across the pieced-together page from Chyka's files.

When Nicole emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, she was a little surprised that Daniel was still there. "What the hell is this?" Daniel demanded, holding up the paper.

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