Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on DAYS

Will and Sonny prepared for their wedding day. Caroline's heart-warming wedding speech was a big hit. Aiden shocked Hope with his comments. Liam tried to make Daniel look bad in Jennifer's eyes, but his plan backfired. Nicole was heartbroken when Eric told her that he could not marry her. Things got hot between Nick and Gabi.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, March 31, 2014

by Mike

Nicole was startled when Liam approached her at a roadside rest stop and interrupted her attempt to dispose of the shredded documents. Liam observed that it looked like Nicole could use some help, and when she nervously wondered what had given him that impression, he explained that he had seen her pull her car over earlier. Liam suspected that Nicole might have a flat tire, but she assured him that everything was fine.

Nicole started to excuse herself, but Liam stopped her and said that she looked familiar. Liam asked Nicole various questions as he tried to figure out where he had seen her before, but she answered each one evasively. Liam finally realized on his own that he recognized Nicole because she was a famous television personality, and he wondered why a person of her caliber was wandering around in the middle of nowhere.

Nicole claimed that she had pulled over to respond to a text message because she was adamant about not doing that sort of thing while driving, and she added that she had taken the opportunity to dispose of some trash that had been piling up in her car. Nicole tried to leave again, but Liam protested that she first had to help him remember her name, so she reluctantly revealed that it was Nicole Walker. Nicole awkwardly encouraged Liam to keep watching her show before making one more attempt to excuse herself.

"Oh, sure, you go ahead. Uh, as far as rest stops go, this one came along at just the right time, if you know what I mean," Liam crassly replied as he approached some nearby bushes. Nicole uncomfortably thanked Liam for sharing, and after taking one last look at the trashcan that contained the shredded documents, she reluctantly walked away.

Later, after Liam left, Nicole returned to the trashcan with some matches. As she watched the documents burn, Nicole received a phone call from Eric, who had made one other attempt to contact her that night. Nicole claimed that she had missed the first call because she had forgotten to turn her cell phone ringer back on after silencing it earlier that day. Eric was eager to see Nicole, so she promised to meet him at the pub a short time later, vaguely claiming that she was at a crowded work gathering and would need a few minutes to slip away. After ending the call, Nicole extinguished the flames and walked away.

At the Horton Town Square, Aiden confirmed Hope's fear that he had overheard every word of her earlier conversation with Kayla -- especially the part where she had advised Kayla to steer clear of him. Hope jokingly acknowledged that the situation was awkward -- not because of what Aiden had heard her say but because of the humiliating fact that he had been caught eavesdropping on a private conversation. Aiden reminded Hope that they were in a public place. Hope unapologetically explained that it simply wasn't in her nature to lie or respond evasively when someone asked her a direct question. Aiden dryly agreed that it certainly wasn't difficult to pry an opinion out of Hope, who countered that it also wasn't difficult to pry a judgment out of him.

Meanwhile, Eric approached and greeted Hope, who had left him a message earlier to let him know that she needed to talk to him about something. Eric wondered if he was interrupting, and Aiden shook his head and abruptly excused himself. "Mr. Jennings, don't you want to stick around and judge my conversation with Eric? I'm sure I'll say or do something else wrong -- you could point it out to me!" Hope called out to Aiden as he walked away. As Hope sighed with frustration, Eric sarcastically observed that she was clearly crazy about Aiden. Hope warned Eric not to get her started on Aiden, and she quickly changed the subject.

Hope regretfully informed Eric that she needed him to visit the police station in the near future to sign off on his statement about Chyka. Eric knowingly guessed that the investigation was about to be halted, and Hope didn't bother to deny the suspicion. Hope apologized for asking Eric to do something that she was sure would stir up painful memories, but he optimistically reasoned that she was giving him the opportunity to officially put the ordeal behind him. Eric assured Hope that he would be okay, thanks to the support of good friends and, most importantly, Nicole.

Later, Hope passed the pub and spotted Aiden through one of the windows, so she waited for him to exit the building so that she could apologize for what had happened earlier. Hope braced herself for a lecture, admitting that she deserved it for once, but Aiden simply thanked her and said that he was grateful that she had discouraged Kayla from asking him out.

Hope informed Aiden that Kayla was a pretty amazing woman and a fantastic catch, and he pointed out that he had never said otherwise. Aiden acknowledged that Kayla seemed lovely, attractive, and smart, but Hope sensed that he was about to add that he wasn't interested in Kayla simply because she was Hope's sister-in-law. Aiden gently clarified that not everything was about Hope, and he added that it wasn't even about Kayla, either. Aiden explained that he just wasn't interested in dating anyone.

Hope understood, since Aiden had a young child and needed to focus on him at that time, and she optimistically suggested that Aiden might someday change his mind about putting himself back on the market. "There will never be a 'someday' -- ever," Aiden replied. Taken aback, Hope pointed out that Chase would eventually grow up, but when Aiden assured her that he was aware of that fact, she realized that he was being completely serious. Hope apologized and acknowledged that Aiden and Chase probably missed Aiden's late wife terribly. Hope noted that she didn't think that Aiden had ever told her his late wife's name, and he evasively confirmed that he was pretty sure that he had not. Hope guessed that she was intruding, but Aiden shook his head and clarified that he simply wasn't comfortable talking about that particular subject.

Changing the subject, Aiden mused that the silver lining of what he had overheard earlier was that it had taught him to send women to talk to Hope whenever they showed an interest in him and he wanted to deter them quickly and efficiently. The comment visibly stung Hope, but Aiden quickly clarified that he had been joking. Aiden abruptly excused himself so that he could pick up Chase, who was at a nearby judo class.

Inside the pub, Nicole greeted Eric and apologized for keeping him waiting. Eric wondered where Nicole had been, and when she repeated her earlier story about being at a work gathering, he revealed that he had tried to contact her at her office earlier and had been informed that she had left work hours earlier. Nicole claimed that she had really been working on a surprise for Eric, and he apologized and assured her that he hadn't been trying to catch her in a lie. Eric told Nicole about his earlier conversation with Hope. Nicole was pleased to hear Eric say that the ordeal would soon be behind them, since that was exactly how she felt about the matter, too.

Eric knew that Nicole wouldn't be able to attend Will and Sonny's wedding because she had to work that particular day, but he suggested that she might still like to sign her name to the card for the gift that he had purchased for them. Nicole was thrilled to do so, since it was not only her and Eric's first gift together as a couple but also a wedding gift, which she felt was appropriate. As Eric silently recalled the advice that he had received from Daniel earlier, Nicole received a phone call from Miles and reluctantly excused herself.

At the hospital, Jennifer reluctantly admitted to Daniel that she suspected that Nicole had lied to her during their earlier meeting. Jennifer wasn't upset and didn't want to make a big deal about the matter, reasoning that Nicole had indeed changed but still found it easy to lie about things because that was just who she was. Jennifer guessed that Nicole had wanted to cut their meeting short so that she could do something else -- attend a shoe sale that was in its final hours, perhaps -- so she had made up an excuse to leave in an effort to spare Jennifer's feelings.

Later, Daniel and Jennifer returned to his apartment to relieve Parker's babysitter of her duties for the night. Daniel went to his laptop to record the check that he had written for the babysitter, and Jennifer teased him about his obsession with meticulously tracking his finances using sophisticated software. Jennifer joked that her personal financial philosophy was "ignorance is bliss," which was why she was reluctant to let Daniel install the software on her computer. Jennifer preferred to simply keep track of her finances via the monthly statements from her bank, reasoning that she enjoyed the mystery of waiting an entire month to get the results.

Daniel and Jennifer continued to banter about their differing beliefs regarding finances for a few more minutes, stopping only when Parker emerged from the bathroom, where he had been cleaning up so that they could take him to get some ice cream. After Daniel, Jennifer, and Parker exited the apartment and boarded the elevator, Liam -- who had been hiding around a corner -- used the key that Theresa had given him to enter the apartment.

Liam explored the living room and ended up at Daniel's laptop, which was still open and displaying his financial information. After a brief look at the screen, Liam exited the apartment, pausing for a moment to scowl at a framed photograph of Jennifer and Daniel. Liam locked the apartment door and wiped his fingerprints off of the doorknob with a handkerchief before walking away.

While Jennifer, Daniel, and Parker were enjoying bowls of ice cream in the Horton Town Square, Jennifer spotted Hope and went to greet her. Hope vaguely mentioned her confusing earlier encounter with Aiden and predicted that she could spend a week trying to figure him out and wind up right back where she had started in the end. Changing the subject, Hope mentioned Will and Sonny's wedding, and she and Jennifer joked about the silly, outdated dances that they could do at the reception, such as the Macarena.

Daniel and Parker joined the women, and Daniel informed Hope that he wouldn't be able to attend the wedding because he had an early surgery scheduled for that particular day. As Hope and Jennifer continued to talk about the wedding, Liam lurked nearby and eavesdropped.

Gabi bumped into Nick while she was rushing through a secluded section of the town square, staring at her cell phone and muttering to herself that she would one day be late to her own funeral. Gabi apologized and explained that she was in a hurry, and Nick guessed that she was on her way to Will and Sonny's bachelor party. Gabi confirmed the suspicion and said that she was sorry that Nick would not be able to attend the event. Gabi didn't want Nick to feel left out, but he dismissed her concerns and said that he was fine. "This is me. I know you well enough to know when you're lying," Gabi replied without a hint of irony.

Gabi urged Nick to be honest with her about his feelings, so he told her about his earlier conversation with Will, who had responded sarcastically when Nick had expressed a desire to be liked. Nick claimed that he knew that Will was probably right to be skeptical, but Gabi disagreed and defended Nick, who said that he was touched that there was at least one person in the world who understood him. Nick concluded that he was just going to have to find a way to let go of his desire for other people to like him, since that was apparently asking too much. Gabi assured Nick that he wasn't asking too much and that he was indeed liked.

Nick and Gabi locked eyes with each other for a moment before he reminded her that she was late for the bachelor party. Gabi was glad that she had bumped into Nick, and she advised him to keep being himself, predicting that if he did that, Will and Sonny would eventually change their minds about him. Nick claimed that the most important thing was that Gabi, Will, and Sonny had worked things out regarding Arianna, and he suggested that Sonny and Will might be more mellow after the wedding the following day.

Nick recalled that he had been pretty worked up before his and Gabi's wedding -- not because he had been battling second thoughts but because he had feared that she might have been. Nick claimed that he had always considered Gabi to be out of his league. As Gabi started to blush, Nick urged her to go to the party and have some fun. Gabi agreed to do so, but she promised that she would be thinking about Nick the whole time. "Do that," Nick quietly muttered as he watched Gabi walk away.

At the Horton house, J.J. was playing his guitar and thinking about his earlier conversation with Paige when Abigail called out to him for what she claimed was the fifth time. J.J. apologized and set the instrument aside so that he and Abigail could head over to Club TBD for Will and Sonny's bachelor party. Abigail observed that J.J. seemed to completely zone out while playing the guitar, and she wondered if he had been searching for inspiration. J.J. somewhat irritably replied that Abigail needed to lighten up, adding that he simply hadn't heard her at first. "Wow. You might not play like a rock star, but you certainly have the temperamental thing down," Abigail countered as she followed J.J. out of the house.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Will was standing in front of a mirror in the living room, tucking his shirt into his pants, when Sonny approached and returned the shirt to its original state. "Untucked. Tonight, we go casual; tomorrow, we dress up, nice and formal," Sonny reasoned. Will feigned confusion and wondered what the following day was. "Only the greatest day of my life," Sonny replied with a smile before kissing Will.

Will teasingly referred to Sonny as "Mr. Prim and Proper" because Sonny was planning to stay at the Kiriakis mansion that night, prompting Sonny to clarify that it was a matter of tradition, not propriety. Sonny and Will each admitted that they were nervous about getting married the following day. Sonny reasoned that it was okay to feel that way, since he and Will were doing something exciting. "We're doing something great. And it's not just about tomorrow," Will replied, and Sonny agreed that it was about every single day after that, as well. As Sonny and Will kissed again, a babysitter arrived to watch Arianna so that they could attend their bachelor party.

At Club TBD, T's girlfriend, Robyn, ended a phone call and told him when the male stripper would be arriving. Two of Will and Sonny's other friends -- Kareem and an unidentified guy who was around the same age as the rest of the attendees -- were surprised to learn that T had hired a stripper, since they didn't think that matched Will and Sonny's style, but T dismissed their concerns. "Listen -- gay or straight, bachelor parties carry with them certain traditions, and I think they're gonna love it," T confidently predicted.

Later, T heard voices approaching outside, so he alerted everyone to be ready to congratulate Will and Sonny when they entered the club. The arriving "couple" turned out to be J.J. and Abigail instead, and the implication that they were about to get married disgusted her and amused him. J.J. wondered if T was flipping out yet, and T admitted that he was, since he had never been an official part of a wedding before. The same was true for J.J., who noted that he had also never before had the opportunity to attend a wedding where the people who were getting married were friends of his instead of "old people."

T, who was apparently in the same situation, wondered if J.J. had ever thought that his first wedding of that nature would involve a gay couple. J.J. admitted that he had not, but he added that he believed that it was pretty cool that he was going to get to attend such a wedding. Abigail agreed, and T mused that it was definitely something that they would each tell their future kids about. "I think our kids are gonna wonder why it was such a big deal," J.J. predicted as Will and Sonny entered the club.

Everyone loudly congratulated Sonny and Will in unison, prompting T to joke that it was a good thing that the group had gotten a chance to rehearse the greeting earlier. As Will and Sonny accepted handshakes and hugs and thanked everyone for attending, Abigail started to pour champagne into glasses, and T quietly asked her to wish him luck because he was about to make a toast and was nervous about it. Abigail protested that T had to wait for Gabi to arrive, and Will overheard her rhetorically ask T where Gabi was.

Later, T tapped his champagne glass with a fork to grab everyone's attention. "Okay. So, we all know we're here because these two are getting married tomorrow. Among some of the many swell things about these gentlemen is they have amazing taste. I mean, look who they chose for the best man. Yeah -- c'est moi. It's very cool. It is cool because -- and this is gonna come as a shock -- sometimes I can act like a jerk. And -- yeah, I know -- uh, I was never a bigger jerk in my entire life than when Will came out. My best friend was being honest about who he was, and I went all Mel Gibson on him. I remember being told off by Victor Kiriakis -- 'cause that wasn't at all scary. He said that 'ignorant' and 'stupid' weren't the same thing, but you could be both. And I was. I felt threatened, which was ignorant, and judgmental, which was stupid. I can't tell you how grateful I am for you guys to get past the things I said [and] the things I did. I almost lost one of the best friends a guy could have. Not only did you guys get past the things I said, you let me be your friend again, and to be friends with Sonny. Um, there's a word for that that people don't use much, and that word is called 'manly.' So tomorrow, they make it official -- they start a great life together -- and I just want to say that's awesome, and we should all be so lucky. L'chaim!" T sincerely stated, and as everyone raised their glasses and echoed the exclamation, Will approached T and hugged him.

Gabi arrived shortly after T concluded his speech. Abigail asked about Gabi's tardiness, and when Gabi tried to dodge the question, Abigail quickly guessed that Gabi had been with Nick. Gabi dismissively stated that she had simply encountered Nick on the way to the club. Abigail didn't believe that it had been a coincidence at all, but Gabi insisted that it had been. "Okay, whatever. Look, it's Will and Sonny's night, okay? So just don't say anything to them," Abigail advised Gabi, who assured Abigail that it wasn't exactly fun to talk to Sonny and Will about Nick, anyway.

Elsewhere, Sonny praised T for delivering an eloquent speech, admitting that he hadn't realized that T possessed that ability. "Hangin' out wit' the two o' ya, my talkin' got a little more elegant-like," T replied in a stereotypically Southern drawl. As Will and Sonny laughed, T admitted that being completely sincere during his speech had felt a bit weird. Will agreed that it had been slightly out of character for T, who had actually seemed refined for a brief moment earlier. Sonny guessed that T could even have other upscale surprises in store for the party, such as a minuet or a string quartet, and T coyly confirmed that he might have something along those lines planned.

After thanking T for throwing an excellent party, Sonny went to the bar to get some more champagne. T cryptically called out to Sonny that the night wasn't over yet, and right on cue, a young woman entered the club, wearing a police uniform. The new arrival announced that she was looking for Sonny Kiriakis, and when he identified himself, she informed him that she had received a report about illegal activity occurring at the club. Sonny assured the young woman that there was no underage drinking going on at the party, but she grabbed his shirt and led him to a nearby chair as she clarified that the report had been about public nudity.

The young woman flirtatiously wondered if Sonny knew what happened to offenders, and before he could respond, she used a remote control to turn on a portable stereo system she had discreetly carried into the club earlier. Sultry music filled the room, and everyone laughed as the young woman started to strip for Sonny -- everyone except T, who was embarrassed about the mix-up. "That was supposed to be a dude. Look at her. Look at him look at her. What a waste of a hu -- huge...talent," T complained to J.J. as the young woman continued to strip for Sonny, who was being a good sport about the whole thing.

"Um, what, uh -- what did he do, officer? Because I am willing to testify," Will said as he approached the young woman, who wondered if he was the best man. Will started to clarify his true role in the wedding, but the young woman interrupted and started to dance seductively for him, assuring him that she had plenty of handcuffs for everyone. Will played along, dancing with the young woman as Sonny and everyone else watched and laughed.

After dancing with Will for a while, the young woman turned to Sonny and informed him that his best man had some mad moves. "Uh, you don't know the half of it. And I know that because he's not the best man -- he's the groom," Sonny clarified. Confused, the young woman said that the agency had given her Sonny's name and had told her that he was the groom. "I am the groom," Sonny confirmed.

The young woman quickly realized what was going on, and she turned off the music and good-naturedly informed Will and Sonny that her dance was on the house, so they replied that her drinks were also on the house. Sonny poured the young woman a glass of champagne as he complimented her on her particular brand of skills. "Wow. It used to be that all the good ones were gay or married. Now they're gay and married," the young woman mused before tasting the champagne.

Later, T approached Will and Sonny and apologized for the earlier mishap, explaining that he had intended to hire a male stripper. Feigning confusion, Sonny wondered why T would hire a male stripper. T pointed out that Sonny and Will were at their bachelor party and were gay. Sonny acted shocked, and Will played along, wondering if Sonny had been aware of that fact before. Sonny admitted that, in retrospect, there had been a few hints.

Elsewhere, J.J. spotted Paige entering the club, and they smiled at each other as their eyes met. J.J. went to talk to Paige, who explained that she was meeting a friend there for a study group. "Right, 'cause the library doesn't have a bar," J.J. joked, and Paige laughed and clarified that the library closed early on Mondays, and the club had excellent coffee.

J.J. joked that he was glad that he had said something stupid right away, just to get it out of the way, and Paige laughed and acknowledged that he was consistent. Paige observed that it looked like some sort of private party was being held at the club that night, and J.J. confirmed that his cousins were getting married the following day. Paige apologized for intruding, but J.J. assured her that it was a casual affair and invited her to stay. Before Paige could respond, her study partner entered, took in the scene, and quickly suggested that they could find a different place to study that night. Paige agreed and said farewell to J.J., who sighed as he watched her leave.

Meanwhile, Gabi exchanged a series of text messages with Nick, informing him that she would be enjoying herself much more if he were with her at the party. Nick replied that he didn't have to be there to know how much she meant to him, and he thanked her for their earlier talk. Later, Gabi and Abigail made a toast of their own to Will and Sonny, who kissed as everyone raised their glasses to the happy couple.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brady woke up in Theresa's bed. As Brady touched Theresa's hair, she rolled over and smiled. Theresa admitted that she was surprised to find that Brady had not left in the middle of the night. When Theresa asked if their night together was a mistake, Brady shook his head. When they talked about the wedding, Brady joked that it was efficient to have everyone judging him in the same place at the same time. Theresa kissed Brady and suggested that they skip the wedding.

Brady shook his head and noted that neither of them could skip the wedding. With a grin, Theresa suggested that they go to the wedding together. Brady stared in confusion.

In the Kiriakis living room, Herb Brandt visited Victor to talk about business. When Herb asked Victor if the wedding was for two men, Victor announced that it was. Herb chided Victor and noted that the market for his company was based on family values. Not missing a beat, Victor brightly remarked that his grand-nephew had a baby girl. In the foyer outside the living room, Maggie eavesdropped.

Herb noted that customers could boycott the company. Angry, Victor countered that Will had a right to be happy. Victor added that Herb was hiding behind the customer in order to express his own feelings about the wedding. Victor called Herb a bigot. With a furrowed brow, Victor said that he was resigning from the board and liquidating his shares in Herb's company. Victor added that with Herb's narrow-minded thinking that he expected Herb to run the company into the ground.

As Herb walked out, Maggie ran over to Victor and threw her arms around him. Laughing joyfully, Maggie told Victor that she loved him. Maggie was excited to tell Sonny the story, but Victor asked Maggie not to tell anyone and ruin the festivities. When Maggie joked that Victor was no fun, he promised he would be more fun on the dance floor.

As Victor went upstairs to change, Maggie answered the front door and found Kate. Kate asked if Herb Brandt had been at the house. Maggie explained that Herb had met with Victor, and Kate knew what had happened. Maggie said that she had promised Victor that she would not tell anyone the story. Kate chuckled.

At the Horton house, J.J. and Abigail put together a box of items that Sonny had requested for the wedding. When Jennifer entered the living room, J.J. hurriedly closed the box and informed Jennifer that the contents were a secret. Smiling, J.J. said that Jennifer would learn the contents at the wedding.

As J.J. headed upstairs, Jennifer noted that Abigail looked happy. When Jennifer said that Abigail had been unhappy recently, Abigail thought about when she had told E.J. that he should have showed restraint. Abigail nodded at her mother. Jennifer assured Abigail that she would be there to talk if Abigail needed her. Abigail said that her problems were not worth talking about.

In the Brady Pub, Kayla went to pick up Caroline. Upset, Caroline said she could not speak at the ceremony. Caroline confided that she was having difficulty remembering what she wanted to say, including Sonny's name. With a sigh, Caroline admitted that she did not want to ruin their wedding day. Kayla pulled out her tablet and offered to type out Caroline's speech for her. After Caroline finished dictating what she wanted to say, Kayla gushed that Caroline's speech was beautiful. Kayla printed the speech in large type for Caroline. The hospital called about an emergency, so Kayla handed Caroline the speech, and as she left for the hospital, she called Roman to pick up Caroline.

In a spare bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion, a nervous Sonny fumbled tying his tie. When Adrienne walked in to help, Sonny gushed that he was excited to wake up next to Will for the rest of his life. Sonny nervously rooted through his bag to find his cufflinks then he texted Gabi to ask her to get them from the apartment. Noting Sonny's nerves, Adrienne told Sonny that she loved to see Will with Sonny and that she knew they would be happy together.

As Adrienne retied Sonny's tie, she asked him if he was letting her do it in order to give her something to do for the wedding. Sonny smiled and said that they could not let everyone speak at the wedding because there was not enough time. Adrienne nodded and thanked Sonny for letting Justin speak at the wedding. With a shrug, Adrienne noted that if Sonny had let her speak then he would have had to let Sami speak and "it would have been all about her." As Sonny started to talk, Adrienne hushed him and said she understood.

Once alone, Sonny found a letter in his jacket. It read, "I couldn't put this in my vows because I didn't want to upset people but here is what I really want to say today. You opened my heart to me, Sonny. You know where I was when I first came out. Forget that I couldn't admit that I was gay. I was mired in so much twisted stuff with my family, with E.J., I tried to protect myself and figure out what the hell was going on around me. In fact that pretty much described every day of my life before I met you. You cut through all the fog. It only looked like my life got crazy with Arianna and all that drama after we got together but he truth is, everything was simple after I fell in love with you. I don't know how I got so lucky to find a man who is so warm and generous and loving the first time out of the gate. I promise to never forget what a gift you are. I'm honored that in a few hours you'll be my husband. All my love, Will."

At their apartment, Gabi talked to Will as he got dressed. An excited Will talked about how lucky he was to marry Sonny. Will held Arianna and noted that no one would watch the wedding because they would be too busy looking at his baby girl. Will thanked Gabi for helping him, and she said that she was lucky to have Will and Sonny as her family.

"This works. Arianna adores him," Gabi said of Sonny. Will promised Gabi that she would meet the man of her dreams someday. Will and Gabi settled the baby in the stroller. As Gabi wheeled Arianna outside, Eric arrived. Gabi whispered to Eric to keep Will calm. Eric handed Will a pair of cheesehead hats for the Green Bay Packers, and asked him if he was ready to give up cheering for the Bears. Will laughed as he put on the hat.

In the DiMera foyer, Sami yelled up the stairs at the kids to finish getting dressed. E.J. joined Sami and kissed her on the neck. E.J. joked that it would be good for the children to attend a wedding that didn't "go boom." As Sami giggled, Marlena knocked on the door. When Sami asked her what was wrong, Marlena announced that there might not be wedding. Marlena explained that she had not received her certification from the online organization and that she was not sure whether she could legally marry Will and Sonny.

Batting her eyelashes, Sami smiled and looked at E.J. With a grin, E.J. promised to fix the problem. While E.J. talked on the phone, Sami made arrangements to secure a justice of the peace as a backup for the wedding. Sami urged Marlena to leave with her for the Kiriakis mansion. As Marlena worried aloud, Sami assured her that E.J. would fix the problem. Smiling, Marlena agreed and left with Sami and the kids.

E.J. talked to the CEO of the company website in Chicago, and when the man said that he could not provide the certification, E.J. swore that the man would regret his decision. E.J. made arrangements for his helicopter to pick him up and fly him to Chicago. E.J. then called Sami and informed her that he would have to travel to Chicago to get the certification.

In the town square, Kate ran into Lucas. When Kate mentioned that she was headed over to the Kiriakis mansion, a confused Lucas asked why she was going over there early. Kate mumbled that she wanted to review the decorations and see if Maggie had made them "too sweet." Lucas asked Kate to be nice to Maggie, and Kate nodded as she walked away.

As Lucas turned around, he saw Justin across the square. When Lucas asked about Justin's speech, Justin joked that if their speeches covered the same ground, Lucas would have plenty of time to cut parts of his speech. Justin set his notepad on the bench and walked to get coffee. As Lucas sat on the bench, he gently took Justin's notepad to have a peek at Justin's speech. The notepad read, "I told you, you have to wait." As Lucas looked across the square, Justin smiled and waved at him.

At the hospital nurses' station, Maxine and Jordan talked about the wedding. Jordan confided that she was not sure whether Rafe wanted to take her to the wedding or not. When Maxine asked what was wrong, Jordan explained that she had made too many mistakes. Maxine urged Jordan not to give up on love.

At Club TBD, T worked with Ben to prepare the club for the reception. Rafe entered, and T greeted him. When Rafe asked to talk to Ben, they stepped aside to chat privately. Rafe explained that he would ensure that no one would hurt Jordan, even her brother. Ben swore that he would never hurt Jordan. Nodding, Rafe said he would hold Ben to that promise.

Rafe walked outside and called Jordan to confirm that he wanted her to join him at the wedding. Grinning, Jordan said she would change clothes at the hospital and be ready shortly. As Rafe walked passed the Brady Pub, he ran into Abe, and they walked to the hospital together.

At the hospital, Abe and Rafe complimented Maxine on her dress. With a smirk, Maxine said she'd had to greet them because she did not want to make an entrance after Jordan. Jordan walked around the corner, and Rafe's jaw dropped open. Rafe joked that it was fortunate that there would be no bride at the wedding because Jordan would be the prettiest woman in the room.

Abigail went to Club TBD to talk to T about the wedding present, and she met Ben. Ben fumbled out a compliment, clearly smitten with Abigail. When Abigail asked about a package, Ben grabbed a box from behind the bar and handed it to Abigail. After Abigail left, Ben chastised himself for acting like an idiot in front of Abigail.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie and Kate talked while Adrienne answered the door to greet Sami, Marlena, Justin, and Lucas. When Justin and Lucas asked if anything was wrong, Sami walked to a corner to talk to E.J. on the phone and Marlena said everything was fine. Adrienne asked Marlena if she needed anything for the wedding. With pursed lips, Marlena shook her head.

Marlena and Sami stepped aside, and Sami assured Marlena that E.J. would handle the situation. When Gabi arrived with the baby, Sami made a crack about Arianna's dress. Gabi quietly assured Sami that Arianna would wear Sami's dress at the reception. Sami smiled. Gabi went upstairs to give Sonny his cufflinks.

Sami and Lucas talked about Will. With a wistful smile, Sami wondered aloud how her little boy could be old enough to get married. When Sami added that it was a miracle that Will had turned out so well, Lucas joked that it was because Will had ignored his parents. After Sami asked about Lucas' speech, Sami admitted that she was jealous that she did not get to speak but that she understood. Sami explained that if she had given a speech then Adrienne would get to talk and that she would make it all about Adrienne.

As Marlena sipped champagne, Kate urged Marlena to slow down because Marlena had the most important part of the wedding to handle. When Kate noted that Marlena could not screw things up, Marlena smiled though her eyes showed discomfort.

Upstairs, Sonny fussed with his tie while he talked on the phone. In the hallway outside, Gabi approached the door with Sonny's cufflinks. Before Gabi could open the door, she overheard Sonny inside mention that Nick was a problem and that he would deal with him after the wedding. Gabi threw open the door and demanded to know what Sonny was planning.

In Chicago, E.J. walked into the office of the CEO of the online company that offered certifications for ministry. E.J. demanded Marlena's certification from Carmel, the CEO. "I'm afraid that you have come all this way for nothing," Carmel said.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When Nicole arrived at the hospital to interview Mr. Burns, Daniel informed her that she was on the wrong floor. Daniel and Nicole commiserated a bit about having to leave Jennifer and Eric dateless for the wedding. Meanwhile, Liam was around the corner, eavesdropping on Nicole and Daniel's conversation. "So -- nobody's home," Liam muttered as he headed for the elevator.

After Daniel had finished with his surgery, he ran into Nicole again and asked how things were going with Eric. "It's so good. I would say perfect, but I don't want to tempt fate," Nicole declared, grinning. Daniel tried not to betray his worry about Eric's admission that he might not be able to marry Nicole, after all.

A few minutes later, Daniel announced that his shift was over -- but he was worried that if he and Nicole went to the wedding after it had started, they might cause a scene. He said that he was headed to Jennifer's to pick up some of J.J.'s old toys that he was giving to Parker. Nicole suggested that the two of them get some lunch, so she accompanied Daniel as he headed out for the Horton house.

Liam went to the Horton house and retrieved Jennifer's spare key from its hiding place on the front porch then he let himself in. After checking out some of the family photos on the mantel, he sat down at the computer and inserted a flash drive into the USB port then carefully wiped his fingerprints from the computer surfaces he'd touched.

As Liam was copying some files onto the flash drive, Daniel and Nicole arrived to pick up J.J.'s toys. Without time even to close the computer, a panicked Liam dove in front of the couch to hide.

As Rafe and Jordan headed out of the hospital for Will and Sonny's wedding, Abe and Maxine stayed behind for a moment so Abe could take a call from the police station.

At Theresa's apartment, Brady and Theresa prepared to get out of bed so they could get ready for Sonny and Will's wedding. Theresa suggested that the two of them attend the ceremony together to needle their families, but Brady cautioned her that it wasn't a good idea. Theresa maintained that she had been joking; she knew they couldn't show up together because she didn't want to give her family any more ammunition to use against her. After kissing Brady, Theresa murmured that it was fun for them to have a secret from their families.

After Brady had gone, Theresa got dressed, completing her outfit with the designer purse that Brady had given her. She realized that she had no gift for Will and Sonny, so she removed a photo of her parents from a frame and told herself that she would pick up a gift bag on her way.

At the Church of Life and Energy, Carmel, the leader, refused to give E.J. the certificate that Marlena needed to perform Will and Sonny's wedding. Peppering his speech with New Age language, Carmel explained that Dr. Evans had agreed to the terms and conditions on the website -- which clearly stated that the church reserved the right to refuse service to anyone. Carmel waved around a bundle of smoldering sage and complained about "hostility." E.J. tried to remain calm as he pointed out that Carmel didn't even know Dr. Evans.

Carmel explained that he knew Dr. Evans' daughter, Sami -- and that was enough for him not to do business with either of them. E.J. asked Carmel to talk about his experience with Samantha. Carmel said that he had been on a blind date with Sami many years earlier, and he had never gotten over it. Carmel described how excited he'd been about the date because Sami had been so beautiful -- but it had become "a horror show of oblivious self-involvement."

Carmel asked if E.J. knew Sami, and when E.J. acknowledged that they had met, Carmel wanted to know what E.J. thought of her. "I think you dodged a bullet there, my friend," E.J. said. Carmel continued that he had walked all night after the date, and the next morning, he had found Lama Ralph, the founder of that very temple. "I was on the road to enlightenment," Carmel said. E.J. noted that the experience with Samantha had led Carmel to his destiny -- so, in a way, Carmel owed her a debt of gratitude.

T found Will just outside the gates of Horton Square after trying to pick Will up at the apartment and finding it empty. Will was impressed with how nice T looked in a tuxedo. When T observed how nervous Will seemed, he assured Will that Sonny was likely freaking out a little, as well. As T tried to lead Will to the Kiriakis mansion, Will recalled how he'd seen T in that very spot right after Will had come out.

T was still embarrassed about how he'd acted then, but Will explained, "I didn't mean [it] like that. [...] If you had asked me then, I never would have guessed that Sonny and I would be getting married -- and that you'd be our best man." T declared that it was an honor.

The Kiriakis mansion was decorated lavishly with flowers, and the living room had been set up with chairs arranged around a central aisle for Sonny and Will's wedding. Many of the guests had arrived and were milling about and chatting. Kate advised Marlena to take it easy on the champagne prior to the ceremony. Smiling through her irritation, Marlena asserted, "Today will be exactly what Will and Sonny want it to be."

Sami was in the foyer with Johnny and Allie when Roman arrived with Caroline and Eric. Abigail entered right behind them but took advantage of the commotion to head into the living room with the box she'd retrieved from Club TBD. After the kids took Caroline into the kitchen to see the cake, Roman admitted that his mother was nervous about her speech -- although she was thrilled that the boys had asked her to speak.

Victor answered the door when Hope and Ciara arrived a little later. Victor complimented Ciara on how nice -- and grown-up -- she looked. Victor and Hope agreed that they wished Bo could be there. The Brady women paused before going in to admire the decorations in the living room, and Victor urged Hope to pass the compliments on to Maggie because Kate had been fussing with everything.

Hope and Ciara needed no prodding to oblige Victor, and Maggie was very grateful for the praise. "I told you it was fancy enough to wear my good earrings," Ciara said to her mom, touching a bejeweled earlobe. As Hope and Ciara walked away, Victor and Maggie each noted that they had not yet heard from Brady.

When Kate learned the name of the church that had ordained Marlena, she laughed and asked to see the certificate because she thought it was bound to be hilarious. Sami overheard Marlena trying to refuse and Kate wondering why Marlena was being so "touchy" about it. Sami rushed over and rescued Marlena with a simple, "Kate, really? Today?" When Kate gave up and wandered off, a panicked Marlena hissed, "Where the hell is E.J.?"

Sami admitted that she hadn't heard from her fiancÚ since he'd landed in Chicago. Marlena was determined to warn Sonny and Will, but Sami urged her to give E.J. a chance to take care of it. Marlena asked Sami to call the justice of the peace so they would at least have a backup. Sami agreed but emphasized that Marlena performing the ceremony would be something that the boys and Marlena would treasure forever. "Let's not ruin it with drama unless it's absolutely necessary," Sami said. Marlena admitted that her daughter was right.

When Jennifer and J.J. arrived, Maggie greeted them at the door. J.J. carried his box into the living room and joined Abigail, who noticed that Maggie had the spotlight ready, so she and J.J. headed off to set things up. Jennifer was burning with curiosity about the contents of the boxes, but Maggie refused to divulge any details.

While Roman chatted with Marlena, Sami gestured from across the room for her mother to breathe -- but Marlena continued to fret.

Will and T arrived at the mansion and joined Justin in the garden. After T headed inside to check things out before Will went in, Justin asked Will if he were ready. "There's nobody on this earth that I love more than your son. Except my daughter," Will declared. After vowing to do everything in his power to make Sonny happy, Will thanked Justin for raising such an incredible man.

Justin was gone when T reported back to Will with the best way to enter the house without being mobbed. Brady showed up just as T and Will were headed inside. "Walk of shame?" T teased. Brady claimed that he'd been out running errands but was on his way upstairs to get dressed.

Kate asked Sami if she'd seen Rafe, but Sami had not. Kate wondered if Rafe would show up with his "plus one." Sami seemed dubious after what she'd witnessed in Horton Square.

Rafe and Jordan arrived, but before they went inside, Rafe confessed that he had gone to see Jordan's brother before he'd called her. Rafe continued that he'd explained that Jordan was important to him, so he wouldn't let Ben or anyone else hurt her. Although Jordan stressed that Ben would never hurt her, she kissed Rafe to show her appreciation.

When Rafe and Jordan went inside, Kate welcomed them and showed them into the living room. Behind their backs, Kate muttered that they should enjoy it while they could.

Upstairs, Gabi arrived outside the bedroom, where Sonny was getting ready, and overheard him saying on the phone, "Yeah, Nick is a huge problem, I know, but I can't deal with it today. Once the wedding's over, believe me, I will." Furious, Gabi flung the door open and demanded to know what Sonny was planning. Sonny informed Gabi that he was talking to Ben, the new bartender at the club, about a liquor supplier -- coincidentally also named Nick.

As Sonny hung up, he told Gabi, "Gabi, the last thing I'm thinking about is Nick Fallon, okay? All I'm thinking about right now is Will and the people here I care about -- and that includes you." An embarrassed Gabi apologized profusely to Sonny. "I was just telling Will, so I'm glad I get the chance to tell you, that I love the family we make. I mean, as weird as it is sometimes, it works," Gabi said affectionately. Sonny was impressed when Gabi told him that when she'd arrived, his parents had won the battle to hold Arianna.

Sonny acknowledged that having so many people to help with Arianna could have a lot of strings and advice attached. Gabi pointed out that it also meant that a lot of people loved Arianna. Sonny asserted that Gabi had grown a great deal since Arianna had been born, and she'd become a wonderful mother. Sonny confessed, "I feel like you're the sister I've always wanted." Victor walked in just as Gabi was embracing Sonny.

Victor cracked a joke implying that Sonny and Gabi were hooking up, and the two of them played along. A little more seriously, Victor explained that he'd wanted to make sure to speak to Sonny before the festivities began. "You're a true Kiriakis. Jackson, you make me proud," Victor declared, raising his champagne glass to his grand-nephew. Sonny thanked Victor for offering his house for the wedding. Victor quipped that there had been a lot of weddings there, most of them his. He added that he was sure that Sonny and Will would have much better luck than Victor had before he'd found Maggie.

Sonny was admittedly a little taken aback, since Victor rarely mentioned Will. Victor declared, "Will is a fine young man, and lucky thing for you is that you love him -- and, finally, that you get a chance to marry him, and then screw things up like the rest of us. [...] Or you can get it right the first time and live happily ever after. I'd go for the latter."

Adrienne entered the bedroom after Victor had gone and beamed when she saw Sonny fastening his cufflinks. "Oh, honey, those are perfect. Your father wore them on our wedding day," Adrienne gushed. "Maybe one day, I'll pass them on to my son," Sonny said. He asked his mom to check his tie. "I always love a reason to fuss over you," Adrienne admitted. Sonny assured her that she never needed a reason.

Downstairs, Maggie clinked her glass with a spoon and announced that the ceremony would begin soon. In the foyer, Marlena decided that it was time to tell Sonny and Will what was happening. As Sami was insisting that the boys didn't need to know, Will showed up and asked, "Need to know what?" Sami tried to cover that everyone was excited to be a part of Will and Sonny's big day. Will told his grandmother how glad he and Sonny were that she would be performing the ceremony.

Marlena reluctantly admitted that she had something to tell Will. Sami said that she would tell Will but suggested that the two of them go out to the garden before anyone spotted Will. Marlena watched helplessly as the two of them headed out the door.

Most of the guests were seated when Theresa arrived. Maggie greeted Theresa with a terse, "Your family's waiting inside," and returned to the living room. Before Theresa could become too glum, Brady descended the stairs and kissed her on the cheek, then led her inside.

In the garden, Sami stalled by brushing off the back of Will's tuxedo. Will remarked that Marlena seemed "a little off." Sami assured him that his grandmother was just a bit nervous. Sami was disappointed when she learned that she and Will would be heading down the aisle before Sonny. Marlena joined them and tried to tell Will what was going on, but Sami cut her off as politely as possible without giving anything away.

Just then -- and before Will had a chance to become too suspicious -- E.J. bounded up to them. Kissing Marlena on the cheek, E.J. advised, "Don't tell William what you were going to say. He can find out later, just like everybody else." After a grateful and very relieved pat of E.J.'s shoulder, Marlena headed inside. Will was puzzled about why Marlena was suddenly such a fan of E.J. "It's your big day. She's happy; not even I can burst her bubble," E.J. maintained lightly. Sami threw her arms around her fiancÚ's neck and promised to thank him properly later.

Upstairs, Adrienne got a text message from Justin, letting her know that it was time to begin. With tears in her eyes, Adrienne told her son that she loved him, and Sonny returned the sentiment.

From the foyer, T peeked into the living room and said that everyone was seated. J.J. and T waited while Sami spoke privately with her son. She told Will that from the first moment she'd laid eyes on him, she'd known that he was perfect. "I knew that you would be the best thing I ever did -- and you still are," Sami said proudly. She asked Will if he were happy. "Very," he assured her. "Well, good, because that is the best gift I could ever ask for," Sami said, embracing her son.

As T and J.J. entered the living room, J.J. used a remote to begin the music, Pachelbel's Canon in D. The men made their way down the aisle, where Marlena, Abigail, and Gabi waited at the altar. Sami and Will entered next, and the guests all got to their feet. Everyone smiled as a beaming Sami accompanied Will down the aisle, and Arianna grinned up at her daddy as he passed her seat. Sami waited next to Will at the altar as Adrienne led Sonny in from the opposite side of the living room. Will's eyes widened when he saw his handsome groom.

Sami and Adrienne both had tears in their eyes as they kissed their sons then joined the boys' fathers in the first row. Once everyone was seated, Marlena began the ceremony: "Thank you all for coming to this joyous celebration of love and commitment. Today we're here to witness the marriage of Jackson Kiriakis and William Horton." Sonny and Will mouthed, "I love you," to one another.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

by Mike

At the Horton house, Liam hid beside the couch as Nicole entered the living room. After pausing to check her appearance in a mirror, Nicole approached the couch, but before she got close enough to discover Liam, she received a phone call from Miles. Nicole answered the call and went outside to get better reception. When the coast was clear, Liam rushed to find a better hiding place. Liam paused for a moment when he realized that he had left his flash drive plugged into Jennifer's laptop, which was still on, but he didn't have time to correct his mistake because Nicole started to reenter the house at that exact moment.

Liam ducked into the kitchen just in time to avoid being seen, and as Nicole returned to the living room and tucked her cell phone back in her purse, Daniel descended the staircase with a box of toys. Liam emerged from the kitchen and lurked in a corner of the foyer as Daniel joined Nicole in the living room, where they spent a few moments inspecting the toys -- some of which Daniel deemed too mature for Parker to have at that time, such as a zombie action figure. Nicole suddenly noticed something odd in the vicinity of the laptop, and Liam held his breath as she asked Daniel what it was.

Nicole flipped through Jennifer's checkbook, which had been left out on the desk, and declared that it was a disaster. Daniel agreed and admitted that he had secretly considered stealing the checkbook from Jennifer and straightening it out for her. Daniel decided that he and Nicole had seen enough of the checkbook's contents, so he snatched it out of her hands and placed it back on the desk. Daniel suggested that it was time for him and Nicole to drop the box of toys off at his apartment so that they could finally go somewhere to get something to eat. Liam returned to the kitchen and hid there until Nicole and Daniel exited the house.

Daniel and Nicole went to his apartment to drop off the box of toys, and while they were there, she received photographs from Eric of Will and Sonny walking down the aisle at the start of the wedding ceremony. Daniel observed that each groom looked extremely happy, and Nicole predicted that she would have a similar grin on her face when she got married to Eric. As Daniel silently recalled his earlier discussion with Eric about the matter, Nicole excitedly stated that she couldn't wait to start planning her wedding, since it was the first time that she actually felt like the wedding was hers -- and, of course, Eric's, too.

Nicole noticed that Daniel was being awfully quiet, and she wondered what was going on with him. Daniel claimed that he was simply hungry, and while Nicole wasn't convinced, she was unable to get anything else out of him, so she reluctantly dropped the subject as they exited the apartment. After Nicole and Daniel boarded the elevator, Liam -- who had been hiding around a corner -- used the key that Theresa had given him to enter Daniel's apartment.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Marlena told the guests that she was honored that Will and Sonny had asked her to officiate their wedding ceremony. Marlena pointed out that being invited to take part in such a special, joyous occasion was a rare privilege. Marlena added that Sonny and Will's wedding held a unique place in the attendees' lives, as well as a precious place in her own heart.

Marlena explained that, while Will and Sonny had written their own vows, they first wanted several people to speak on their behalf, beginning with Will's great-grandmother, Caroline Brady. Everyone turned their attention to Caroline, who was sitting in the front row, when Marlena gave her a cue to approach the podium, but Caroline remained seated and stared blankly at Marlena.

Eric, who was seated next to Caroline, whispered a few words of encouragement to her, but she still seemed uncertain about what to do. Will approached Caroline and knelt beside her, gently assuring her that he realized that he had asked a lot of her and that it was okay if she needed to bow out, but she interrupted and tentatively spoke his and Sonny's names as she looked at them with sudden recognition. When Will confirmed that Caroline had correctly identified him and Sonny, she nodded with newfound confidence and slowly followed him to the podium, carrying a printed copy of the speech with her.

"Uh...Robert and James ran a little specialty shop next to the old fish market called Gifts from the Sea. There were some silly gifts, and there were some nice gifts, too. When we opened the pub, they were among our first customers -- dark ale with a shot chaser. And then they had this thing -- they would -- they would pour each other's beer, and then they would toast for getting through another day at the docks," Caroline began with a laugh, and as she spoke, the guests exchanged concerned glances with each other.

"Robert could spin a yarn. He was Irish, of course, you know -- a touch of Blarney. And James could have finished every sentence, 'cause he'd heard it all before. But he would laugh, and that laugh would just fill the pub. Then one day...Robert came in alone, and then he sat at the bar, and Shawn set up their special drink, and...I was just about to ask, 'Where's James?' And -- and then James came in with some people, and -- and sat at a table...and not a word to he didn't even know him. And then these people -- they were calling him Jimmy. I mean, we -- we never called him Jimmy -- he was -- he was James, you know?" Caroline continued as everyone slowly started to realize that the speech was more relevant than they had originally assumed.

"And Robert...was sitting at the bar, and never turned around, and he poured James's beer...and then he poured his own. And then he just -- the beer just sat. And Robert sat...looking at it. Then it hit me. That was James's family. Then I knew for the first time, for sure, that they were gay. Me -- I never cared. But it never occurred to me...what it cost them. I don't know which one of them broke my heart most. But in the end, I knew who the real loser was -- it was that family...'cause Jimmy -- he didn't laugh. He barely spoke. Their son -- brother -- was a stranger to them," Caroline explained as the guests listened with rapt attention, some of them teary-eyed.

"So...when Will and Sonny came to me, I knew that they were nervous. But I said to myself, 'Hallelujah! This is a world where we can really know who our precious boys are, and they can really love each other and be who they are.' Congratulations, Will...and Sonny. I wish you a lifetime of laughter...and finishing each other's sentences. If you live long enough, that might come in handy!" Caroline jokingly concluded, garnering laughs from the crowd. Caroline kissed each groom on the cheek before returning to her seat as the attendees applauded and, in some cases, dried their eyes.

Justin was the next person to approach the podium. "One day, when Sonny was about three years old, I found him on a second-story window ledge. There was a dragon kite stuck in a tree outside his window, and he wanted it, so he was climbing outside and just...going for it. Most kids, you struggle to get 'em to eat their vegetables or do their homework; our struggle was to teach Sonny to sometimes just show a little caution and be careful. He had no fear...and we had no idea, when he was three, what a gift that would be for him in his life," Justin began.

"Sonny came out to his mother and me when he was fifteen years old. And like most parents, I wasn't surprised when I thought about it, but I was in awe...of his strength, his certainty. And he told us that he had struggled for a while but that he knew who he was. And it was that fearlessness -- that fearlessness -- that saw him through. I was in awe of that then, and I still am. Sonny can handle anything on his own...but his mother and I are so glad that now, he doesn't have to, because he's found a partner in Will -- someone who will give him a reason to want to come home at night, someone who loves him and supports him and will make sure that no matter what life sends their way...he will be by his side," Justin concluded, and Will nodded to confirm that he planned to do just that.

Finally, Lucas approached the podium. "Well, you just heard from Justin how it was a...relatively smooth process when Sonny came out to his family, and the truth is, it was the exact same way for Will when he came out to his family, right? Drama-free! No arguments at all. I mean, Sami and I are both rational people -- we never fight, we never argue, and we always see eye-to-eye -- when it comes to our children, especially," Lucas joked as the guests laughed.

"That laughter -- I'm very grateful for that. It's -- it's our saving grace in our family. Um...Will, he, uh -- he had it tough growing up. And although I can't, uh, fully speak for Sami -- I know better -- but today, maybe we both can agree that...our son, Will, was, uh, the best thing we could have ever asked for. He was, uh, a better son than we both deserved. And when he came out to us...Sami had a moment. Sonny came along, and, uh, their relationship blossomed, and then it was my turn to have a moment. I guess I just thought that, deep down, my son was going through, uh, some sort of state of confusion and that he would figure things out, but it turns out that I was the one who was confused," Lucas acknowledged.

"I am really sorry for the way I reacted, and I'm so sorry for the way I treated you, Sonny. It's not the kind of life that I envisioned for my son when he was growing up...but it is better than anything I could have ever asked for. Growing up with two crazy parents like us -- despite everything we put you through, you still managed to find the love and happiness that you deserve, and I am just so proud to call you my son," Lucas sincerely concluded before hugging Will. Marlena returned to the podium, and Will and Sonny rejoined her on either side of it.

Sonny explained to the guests that, while most people never had to think about why they were allowed to get married in the first place, he and Will didn't have the same luxury of taking it for granted. Sonny said that he and Will had done a lot of research -- learning a lot about the matter in the process -- and that Abigail and J.J. had been nice enough to help them find photographs of people and moments that had gotten them to where they were that day. Sonny invited everyone to take a look at the pictures during the reception, summarizing that he and Will owed those people just as much as they owed their loved ones.

Will added that he and Sonny were grateful that the guests were all able and willing to attend the wedding ceremony, since they couldn't imagine not having each and every one of the attendees present on their special day. Marlena smiled warmly and suggested that it was time to make Will and Sonny's union official. Marlena prompted Sonny to go ahead and say his vows to Will.

"I love a good adventure -- that's been my life. And what my dad said is kind of true -- I've been out on the edge my entire life. I've been to every continent on this earth, and if someone would have asked me a couple years ago, I would have said that would be my life...until I met you. You're my anchor -- you're my anchor that doesn't weigh me down but gives me something to hold on to, a reason to make a home. Our life together is the greatest adventure of my life. I love you so much, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and Arianna," Sonny said as he grasped Will's hand.

"I can't say that I grew up with the same hunger for adventure that you did. I wanted to escape sometimes, and I did some pretty messed-up things to make that happen. But beside that, I never really thought about my future very much. It felt like my own skin was a coat that was too heavy, and even when I came out, it wasn't as though the coat suddenly fit -- it was more like I finally understood why it never would. I didn't believe I'd ever find any kind of love, let alone the love that I've found with you. E. M. Forster once described love as 'two imperfect souls coming together to create something close to perfection.' That's how I've felt since the day that I met you...even if I'm the one who brings more of the imperfection into the equation," Will joked, prompting Sonny to smile and protest that the statement wasn't true.

Will grasped Sonny's hand before continuing. "I respect you. I admire you. I adore you. But most of all...Sonny...I love you," Will concluded. Marlena cued T and Abigail to hand over the rings to Will and Sonny, respectively, and the grooms took turns promising to love and honor each other through good times and bad, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for as long as they lived. "As I give you this ring, so I give you my heart," Sonny and Will each concluded as each slipped a ring on the other groom's finger.

Will and Sonny joined hands, and Marlena placed one of hers over theirs. "May the love you share be the bond that brings you strength and comfort and joy all the days of your lives. It is my very great honor to pronounce you...Jackson Steven Kiriakis...and William Robert Horton...husbands for life," Marlena declared, and Sonny and Will happily kissed as the guests erupted with cheers and applause. As a final touch, gold and silver balloons rained down from the ceiling.

Later, after Victor's staff finished moving tables into the room and rearranging the chairs, the guests mingled during the reception. Sami told Will that she was extremely proud of him, but he didn't understand why she felt that way, since he believed that he had simply gotten lucky. Sami protested that Will was a terrific person and that was why he had such a great partner and a beautiful baby. Will tried to interrupt when it seemed like Sami was about to criticize herself and Lucas, but she insisted that Will didn't have to waste his energy trying to make his parents feel better about themselves that day because it was his day -- his day to hear her say that they were lucky to have such an incredible son.

Sami started to say something else, but Will once again interrupted, and when he pointedly reminded her that it was his day, she reluctantly agreed to let him speak. Will said that Sami and Lucas had taught him that family mattered and was worth fighting for. Sami acknowledged that Will had the metaphorical scars to prove it, and Will laughed as she added that she also knew that he had spent too much of his life worrying about and taking care of her. Sami tearfully stated that she was really glad that Will finally had someone in his life who would be taking care of him for a change.

As Will and Sami embraced, Maggie and Victor approached Eric and Caroline's table. Victor told Caroline that he wanted a copy of her speech, and Maggie declared that it had been beautiful. Caroline admitted that she couldn't even remember what she had said because she had been extremely nervous during the speech. Victor found that hard to believe, since he had seen Caroline wrangle St. Patrick's Day crowds at the pub and couldn't imagine that the wedding guests could faze her.

Caroline thanked Victor for letting Will and Sonny have the wedding and reception at the beautiful Kiriakis mansion, and Victor replied that he had been more than happy to open his home to family, regardless of what that had entailed. When Maggie looked at Victor quizzically, he shrugged and explained that he had been told that it was a day of tolerance and acceptance. Maggie glared at Theresa, who was talking to Roman nearby, and took a deep breath as she conceded Victor's point.

Meanwhile, Brady discreetly winked at Theresa as their eyes met from opposite sides of the room. As Roman walked away from Theresa, Ciara approached and complimented her on her expensive designer purse, stating that it was "to die for." Theresa explained that the purse had been a gift from a really nice boy. Ciara guessed that the boy was really interested in Theresa, who admitted that she shared Ciara's suspicion.

Ciara reminded Theresa that she had once promised to teach Ciara how to get boys to do whatever Ciara wanted them to do. Theresa vowed to keep her promise, but she suggested that it would be best to postpone the lesson until Ciara was in middle school. Satisfied, Ciara and Theresa sealed the agreement with a pinky-swear.

Elsewhere, Eric hugged Marlena and said that she had done a beautiful job of officiating the ceremony, which she took as high praise due to the source. Marlena wondered where Nicole was, and Eric replied that Nicole had been called in to work but would be happy to know that she would have been welcome at the wedding.

Sami and E.J. went outside and stumbled into the garden as they kissed, unaware that Jordan, Abigail, and Gabi were taking pictures of each other there. Embarrassed, Sami greeted the women, and Abigail quickly excused herself so that she could locate J.J. Sami stopped Abigail and said that she wanted to thank Abigail and J.J. for everything that they had done to make Will and Sonny's wedding day special.

Gabi guessed that E.J. and Sami were probably getting pretty excited, since their own wedding date was quickly approaching. Sami nodded and hugged E.J. as she gushed that she was the luckiest woman on the planet. Meanwhile, Gabi received a text message from someone, alerting her that the grooms' dance would soon begin, so everyone rushed back into the mansion -- everyone except Abigail, who remained stationary as she watched Sami and E.J. walk away.

Back inside the mansion, J.J. played the guitar as Will and Sonny shared their first dance together as husbands, as well as a tender kiss. Later, as Sonny and Will danced with Allie, E.J. interrupted to tell Allie that it was time for them to track down Sami. E.J. informed Will and Sonny that a room had been booked for them at the Salem Inn, and he assured them that everything had been taken care of. Will wanted to know what "everything" entailed, but E.J. was only willing to elaborate that it was a surprise from Sami. Will thanked E.J., who urged him and Sonny to enjoy themselves.

After E.J. and Allie walked away, Sonny swore to Will that they would have a real honeymoon very soon, but Will assured Sonny that he wasn't concerned about that. Meanwhile, Marlena and Roman approached, and Will wondered where they had gone earlier. Before Roman or Marlena could respond, Sonny added that he and Will had been looking for Marlena because they wanted to thank her for doing an amazing job of officiating the wedding ceremony. Marlena said that it had been her great pleasure to do so.

Roman explained that he and Marlena had disappeared earlier because they had gone to call Carrie. Roman held up his cell phone and showed Will and Sonny a picture of Carrie and Austin's child. Will observed that the "little one" wasn't that little anymore, but Marlena said that the child was unfortunately still too little to fly with an ear infection, which was why Austin and Carrie had regrettably been forced to miss the wedding. Sonny suggested that he and Will could possibly visit Carrie and Austin after the honeymoon, which he once again swore to Will that they were going to take soon.

Will asked for Roman's opinion on the wedding, and Roman sincerely stated that it might have been the best wedding he had ever attended. Will smiled as Roman added that it was clear that Will was very happy with Sonny. Roman hugged and expressed his love for Will, who returned the sentiment.

Elsewhere, Theresa approached Jennifer and quietly stated that she had heard that Jennifer was once again "talking smack" about Theresa. Jennifer tried to ignore Theresa because it wasn't the appropriate time or place to get into an argument with her, but when Theresa warned Jennifer to back off, Jennifer quietly replied that she knew that Theresa was behind the smear campaign because she had overheard Anne recording a voicemail message that had implicated Theresa.

Abigail interrupted and tried to defuse the situation, inviting Jennifer to join her in admiring the nearby wedding cake. As J.J. joined the group, Theresa vaguely stated that she wasn't the only person who hated Jennifer's guts. Jennifer forced a smile and remained silent as she followed Abigail across the room to inspect the cake.

After Abigail and Jennifer left, J.J. warned Theresa to back off, pointedly wondering if she really wanted to start a fight with him. "Yeah, you keep looking at me, and you'll never see what's coming for you," Theresa cryptically advised J.J. As Theresa turned to walk away, she collided with a passing waiter, causing his tray of food to get smashed against her chest. Everyone stifled their laughter as Theresa irritably snatched a linen napkin from the waiter, who apologized profusely for the accident.

Theresa retreated to one of the upstairs bedrooms to get cleaned up, and Brady followed her there to check on her. Theresa jokingly assured Brady that the other guy looked worse than she did. Theresa admitted that the incident had been embarrassing, but Brady dismissed her concerns, stating that she actually looked pretty good when covered in tuna tartare. Brady started to kiss Theresa, forgetting that he had left the door ajar when he had entered the room earlier, and Roman soon interrupted and demanded to know what was going on.

As Brady and Theresa remained silent, Roman said that Brady was supposed to be looking out for Theresa and keeping her out of trouble instead of getting her into it. Theresa playfully stated that Brady was looking out for her. Brady insisted that there was nothing for Roman to worry about, and Roman hoped that was true.

After Roman left, Theresa tried to apologize to Brady, but he insisted that she didn't need to do so. Brady reasoned that Roman was simply protective of Theresa, but she believed that it would be more accurate to describe Roman as a cop and a gossip. Brady admitted that he had never before heard Roman described as a gossip, and Theresa laughed as she maintained that Roman was indeed a "total old-lady gossip."

Theresa groaned and started to complain about her family, but Brady interrupted and warned that if she tried to play the family-gossip game with him, his family would crush hers every time. Theresa accepted the challenge but wanted Brady to take her back to her place first so that she could change her clothes. Brady decided to sneak Theresa out of the mansion through the back exit so that they could avoid being forced to listen to heartfelt toasts downstairs.

Back in the living room, Eric approached Jennifer and informed her that he had just received a text message from Nicole, who was having lunch with Daniel at Club TBD. Eric suggested that he and Jennifer could go to the club and surprise Nicole and Daniel, so Jennifer agreed to do so after saying farewell to Will and Sonny.

A short time later, Sami tapped a fork against her champagne glass to grab everyone's attention so that she could make the first toast, since she had been benched during the wedding ceremony. Adrienne, who was standing on the opposite side of the room and was also holding a fork in one hand and a champagne glass in the other, said that she had coincidentally been about to offer to do the same thing. Will and Sonny nervously glanced back and forth at their mothers as the women exchanged forced smiles with each other.

Adrienne joined Sami so that everyone would be looking in the same direction, and before the women could start to argue about who would get to go first, Sonny and Will intervened and announced that they would like to hear their mothers deliver a toast together. Sami declared that the idea was perfect, and she quickly began the toast before Adrienne could do so. Sami said that she had known that Will and Sonny were perfect for each other since the moment she had first seen the two of them together.

Adrienne interrupted to add that, while she had taken longer to get on board, all of her fears about Sonny and Will's relationship had washed away once she had seen how happy they made each other. Sami continued the toast to Will and Sonny and the rest of their lives together, which would start later that night at the Salem Inn, where they were going to be treated to a mini-honeymoon courtesy of her and E.J. Adrienne interjected that when Sonny and Will were ready to start their real honeymoon, she and Justin would be happy to send them wherever they wanted to go, since they both wanted the couple to get the right start to their marriage.

Sami scoffed and argued that the "right start" for Will and Sonny would be purchasing their first home together at some point after the honeymoon -- something that she and E.J. would help them do. Adrienne wondered if Sami was trying to imply that Adrienne and Justin couldn't afford to buy a house for Sonny and Will themselves, and E.J. and Justin intervened and concluded the toast as the women started to bicker with each other.

A short time later, Will dragged Kate out to the garden as she protested that his guests were all waiting for him inside. Will clarified that Kate was the guest he was concerned about at that particular moment, and he pointed out that she hadn't said a word the whole day. Will wondered if Kate was upset because he and Sonny had asked Marlena to marry them. Kate said that she was not, and when Will tried to convince her that the decision had been made with a coin toss, she knowingly guessed that he was just saying that to spare her feelings.

"Honey, Marlena is very reasonable, and she's a shrink, and I know that you share your feelings with her, and that's all right. Honey, that's all right with me -- it really is. And I am so happy that she was there for you when you were struggling with coming out. I really am," Kate sincerely stated. Will said that, like Kate, he was also glad that Marlena had been there for him when he had needed her, but he jokingly added that Marlena was a lousy poker player.

Kate laughed and said that Will was the only person she had ever known who had been able to count cards at the age of six. Will said that was a life skill that Kate had taught him. "You also taught me how to stand up for myself -- how to survive. You taught me that. And I can never thank you enough," Will added. Touched, Kate hugged and expressed her love for Will, who returned the sentiment.

At Club TBD, Nicole continued to talk about her future wedding as she and Daniel ate their salads. Daniel hinted that Nicole might be getting a bit ahead of herself, but she didn't understand why he would even suggest such a thing. Nicole conceded that Eric could be involved in the planning process if he wished to participate, and she wondered what he had said about the wedding when he had talked to Daniel about it.

Daniel evasively advised that it would be best for Nicole to talk to Eric about the matter herself. Nicole suddenly realized that Daniel was hiding something from her, and she urged him to tell her what was going on, arguing that he was supposed to be her friend. Meanwhile, Eric and Jennifer entered the club and greeted Nicole and Daniel. Nicole immediately started to question Eric about what he had told Daniel.

Jennifer and Daniel quickly excused themselves to give Eric and Nicole some privacy. Nicole explained that, while Daniel hadn't betrayed Eric's confidence, it had been clear to her that Daniel knew something about the wedding that she didn't know. Eric confirmed Nicole's suspicion and admitted that it was time for him to be honest with her.

As Jennifer and Daniel entered his apartment, they talked about the awkwardness of their earlier encounter with Nicole and Eric, hoping that the couple would be able to work everything out. Jennifer quickly noticed the box of toys that Daniel had taken from the Horton house earlier, and she was shocked to see that her checkbook was also in the box. As Jennifer started to question Daniel about the discovery, Liam listened from his own home via the surveillance device he had planted in Daniel's apartment earlier.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny sliced into their wedding cake together, and Will scraped a bit of the cake off of the knife with his finger and fed it to Sonny as everyone applauded. Later, after exchanging hugs with the guests and saying farewell to them, Sonny and Will walked out of the mansion hand-in-hand as they were showered with confetti. "We did it -- we're married," Sonny excitedly stated when he and Will were alone together outside. Will said that being married was a good feeling. Sonny agreed that it was the best feeling, and he passionately kissed Will.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Over drinks at the DiMera mansion, Sami confided to E.J. that she was worried their wedding would pale in comparison to Will and Sonny's, which had been very special and unique. Acknowledging that it was unlikely Marlena would perform their ceremony, E.J. suggested that they have his father do it. Sami informed her fiancÚ that Stefano DiMera would not even be invited to their wedding. E.J. was a bit taken aback, so Sami reminded him of all of Stefano's crimes and misdeeds against her and her family.

Although he agreed that Sami had every right to despise Stefano, E.J. emphasized how happy Stefano was about the wedding. Sami started to get worked up about Stefano, so E.J. kissed her to shush her. Sami succumbed at first but then pulled herself away, refusing to give in about Stefano. She said that she had to drop off Will and Sonny's gift at the apartment, and E.J. was surprised to learn that Gabi had given Sami a key.

E.J. asked what he could do to give Sami everything that her heart desired on their wedding day. As they snuggled on the couch, he listed some very extravagant ideas, but Sami just giggled. She suggested that they should keep things "understated" -- although she thought they could get married there, in the garden. E.J. admitted that he knew Sami loved the garden because she went out there every morning for a walk. "I didn't think you noticed," Sami said. "Of course, I notice. I notice everything about you," E.J. assured her, stroking her hair.

Sami explained that the DiMera gardens reminded her of when she'd stayed with her grandparents in Colorado as a child. When she'd return home, she would always draw pictures of her grandparents' garden so she wouldn't forget what it looked like. Sami asked what E.J.'s heart's desire was. He replied, "I only want one thing for the wedding: you."

After Sami had gone, E.J. was on the phone, giving orders about how the wedding had to be perfect -- while someone was watching him through the foyer doors.

At Will and Sonny's, Gabi was about to put Arianna down for a nap when Nick showed up with a present for Arianna. He presented the little girl with a stuffed panda because he'd remembered how Gabi had said Arianna loved watching them on the nature channel. Arianna gave the little panda a kiss on the nose. Nick offered to leave when Gabi said that she was going to put Arianna down for a nap, but Gabi asked him to wait. As soon as Gabi had left the room, Nick silently pumped his fist.

When Gabi returned, Nick asked about the wedding. Gabi said that it had been "sweet and romantic," and she was sorry that he hadn't been able go. Nick understood why Sonny and Will hadn't invited him, but he knew that eventually they would understand that he was rooting for them. As Gabi and Nick enjoyed some of Sonny and Will's wedding cake, Nick said that his and Gabi's had been better. Gabi admitted that at the wedding, she'd wondered if she would ever have that kind of happiness and security again.

Nick said that he had wondered the same thing. He wiped some frosting off of Gabi's lip, and that quickly escalated into feverish kissing. When they paused, Nick sensed Gabi's hesitation and offered to go before Will and Sonny got back. Gabi said that the boys wouldn't be back that night so Nick didn't have to leave. They resumed kissing.

Gabi and Nick had started to undress when Sami knocked on the door. After knocking and calling Gabi's name, Sami looked in her purse for her key.

Brady and Theresa were having drinks at the Brady Pub when Roman arrived and demanded that the three of them have a talk. Brady pointed out that he and Theresa were adults. Roman said it had seemed more like he had walked in on a couple "horny teenagers sneaking around" at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady calmly maintained that he and Theresa had nothing to be ashamed of by seeing each other.

Before Roman could blow his top completely, Theresa asked Brady for a moment alone with her uncle. After Brady obligingly went outside, Theresa warned Roman that she and Brady were going to keep seeing each other, and there was nothing Roman could do about it. She left in a huff.

At Theresa's apartment, Brady and Theresa had some more drinks and ended up in bed. After sex, Theresa playfully grabbed Brady's phone and declared, "Now that we are officially out, I have to delete any potential threats to my happiness from your contact list." Brady indulged her while she deleted female contacts, most of whom she deemed "not cute" -- except Chloe, whom Theresa deemed "insanely beautiful" before deleting her, as well as Nicole.

When Theresa was finished, Brady took her phone off the nightstand and began going through her male contacts and deleting them. When he got to the name "Cane," Brady noticed that there was a snowman icon next to the name and quickly realized that Cane was Theresa's coke dealer. Theresa took the phone back and apologized for not deleting Cane's number sooner, especially since she couldn't even remember the last time she'd done coke.

Brady assured Theresa that it was no big deal -- and he was sorry for overreacting when she'd offered him coke before. He asked what Cane's stuff was like. "It's the best in the state, at least that's what they say," Theresa replied. When it seemed that Brady might be interested, Theresa offered to call Cane.

John spotted Marlena walking through Horton Square and stopped her to ask how the wedding had been. Although clearly loath to talk to her ex, Marlena admitted that the wedding had been lovely, and Sonny and Will had been pleased. When John pressed for details about Marlena's officiating, she thanked him for not attending in order to help her, but she urged him to ask anyone else but her about the wedding.

Marlena explained somewhat coldly that conversing with John only reminded her of what they'd once had and what they'd lost. She continued that they could be civil when they inevitably ran into one another, but their divorce would be final soon, and then they could move on. John wondered if that were really possible. "I don't know, but I'm sure as hell going to try," Marlena said before she walked away.

At Daniel's apartment -- while Liam listened in from his home via an earpiece -- Jennifer demanded to know why Daniel was in possession of her checkbook. "I told you I didn't need help balancing my checkbook, so why would you go to my house and take it?" Jennifer wanted to know. Daniel swore that he hadn't taken Jennifer's checkbook, although privately, he recalled Nicole looking at it. Liam grinned with delight as Daniel conceded that he had picked up the checkbook at one point, and it might have ended up in the box of toys accidentally.

Guessing that Daniel thought she was overreacting, Jennifer angrily accused him of defying her intentionally. Before they could discuss it further, Jennifer got a text message from the office and had to leave. As Liam listened to the door close, he told himself, "I think Jennifer may need a shoulder to cry on." He put the earpiece aside and practically jumped up to leave. As Daniel tapped at his cell phone, he grumbled, "Damn it, Nicole."

At Club TBD, Eric confessed to Nicole that he wasn't sure they could get married. He explained gently that Nicole's previous marriages had ended in divorce, not annulments, so they could not get married in the church. Nicole tried to persuade Eric that a civil ceremony could be just as nice as a church wedding. Eric said that the church was still very important to him, so he would not be comfortable marrying Nicole unless it were through the church, in the eyes of God.

With tears in her eyes, Nicole asked what difference it made how they got married as long as they loved each other. Eric insisted that he just couldn't get married outside the church. Nicole wondered if Eric meant that they could never get married -- and what kind of relationship they could have if they couldn't have sex unless they were married. Eric said that they needed to figure it out. Nicole's phone chimed just then, and after she looked at it, she told Eric, "Since you're so good at making decisions for both of us, why don't you figure it out and get back to me." She stormed out.

Grinning smugly, Liam got off the elevator at the hospital and headed to meet with a doctor about one of the drugs Liam represented.

When Marlena ran into Eric at the hospital, he informed her that he'd gotten a full-time job offer from someone for whom he'd done some freelance work. Marlena confessed that, selfishly, she hoped Eric would stay at the hospital because she'd missed him, and it would mean they could see each other more. She invited Eric -- and Nicole -- to join her for supper a couple of times a week.

In Jennifer's office, Maxine observed Jennifer's cranky mood and asked what was wrong. Jennifer ranted about how infuriating and condescending it was for people to assume she needed help. Eric walked in and asked what was going on. On her way out, Maxine urged Eric not to offer to help Jennifer with anything or mention Daniel.

Eric confided to Jennifer that he wasn't sure about his future with Nicole if they couldn't get married in the church. Jennifer understood how important the church was to Eric, but she wondered if perhaps he could find some kind of compromise. "But more than anything, Nicole needs to know that, no matter what, you love her," Jennifer asserted. Eric agreed that until he found a solution, he needed to let Nicole know that she was the most important thing to him.

Gazing at Daniel's photo on her desk, Jennifer told herself, "I should take my own advice." Liam dropped by just then to say hello. "You know, I really have to go. Another time?" Jennifer said as she grabbed her things and hurried out. Liam's self-satisfied smile died.

When Nicole arrived at Daniel's, he angrily accused her of swiping Jennifer's checkbook as some kind of joke. Nicole insisted irritably that she had no idea how the checkbook had ended up in the box of toys. After Nicole and Daniel had calmed down a little, each admitted that perhaps they had accidentally thrown Jennifer's checkbook in the box. Nicole filled Daniel in about her conversation with Eric. Daniel urged her to remember that it was a complicated situation and to stay calm.

Nicole insisted that she was not going to lose Eric, not after everything she'd done to get that far. Daniel caught Nicole's slip and asked what she had done. Nicole covered that she'd only meant that she had to put up with Marlena and Sami -- who would probably use Eric's issue with the church as an excuse to sling more mud at Nicole. Daniel reassured Nicole that Eric loved her and urged her to not give up hope. After apologizing if she had caused any grief for Daniel and Jennifer, Nicole left.

As Nicole walked through the town square, she imagined finding Eric talking to Marlena and Sami. Marlena declared that Nicole was far too "barren" for Eric to sacrifice his ideals. "That's not fair; Eric loves me!" Nicole envisioned crying. "Turns out, not so much," imaginary Eric replied before walking away with his mother and sister. Snapping back to reality, Nicole left in search of Eric.

Eric was walking past the Brady Pub when he realized his phone was dead.

When John arrived at the pub, Roman confronted him about Brady dating Theresa. "Maybe it's time you stepped up, be a dad, try to do something to help your son," Roman suggested. John insisted that ever since he'd returned to town, he had done nothing but try to get through to his son, but Roman wasn't convinced. Eric entered just then and told his dad to lay off John. Eric continued that he, too, had tried without success to get through to Brady, who was so self-destructive at that point that there wasn't much anyone could do.

Daniel was stunned when Jennifer showed up a little later -- and even more taken aback when she kissed him before he could say much. Each apologized to the other, and Jennifer said that she believed Daniel when he said that he didn't know how her checkbook had gotten into Parker's toy box. She added that she might some day take him up on his offer to help her organize her finances. When Daniel suggested something more fun, they fell on the couch, kissing.

Meanwhile, a furious Liam was listening in. "Why are you doing this to me, Jennifer?" he raged, throwing things around his bedroom and breaking a lamp.

When Nicole arrived at the hospital, she overheard Marlena leaving a message for Eric: "I know you're having a hard time with this decision, but whatever you do will be what's best for you, and that is what I will support one hundred percent." As soon as Marlena hung up, Nicole snarled, "I knew it. I knew you would come between Eric and me -- and if you think it's gonna work, think again, you bitch!"

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