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E.J., Kate, Sami, and Will told Rafe to lay off Nick. Nick continued to play. Eric told Marlena that he was going to marry Nicole. Liam blackmailed Nicole. Liam planned a more sinister way to get rid of Daniel. J.J. and Paige got closer. Someone sent E.J. a photo of Abigail and E.J.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 14, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, April 14, 2014

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Eric advised Theresa that confession was good for the soul and that she needed to tell him the truth about what had happened to Daniel right away. Theresa jokingly replied that, according to most of the people in Salem, she didn't have a soul, but Eric insisted that wasn't true. Theresa claimed that she didn't have anything to confess because she didn't know anything about Daniel's sudden illness. "While Daniel was getting happy, I was off somewhere else, getting happier," Theresa suggestively reported, and she assured Eric that Brady could confirm her story -- if Eric could convince Brady to talk to him, of course.

Changing the subject, Theresa told Eric that she was really sorry that "that nutcase," Kristen DiMera, had drugged and taken advantage of him. Eric insisted that the two incidents had nothing to do with each other, but Theresa disagreed. "Because of what that woman did to you, you think that Daniel was poisoned and drugged, but my theory? He brought this on himself," Theresa argued, adding that stories about doctors using prescription drugs for recreational purposes were getting increasingly common. Eric maintained that Daniel wasn't that kind of person, but Theresa countered that Daniel's friends might not know him as well as they believed.

Theresa compared Daniel's situation to her own overdose, summarizing that it only took one little mistake for a secret to be exposed. Eric insisted that Theresa's speculations were completely unfounded, and she countered that she could say the same thing about the accusations that he had hurled at her earlier. "You know what? You and your friends all think that Daniel and Jennifer are just the cutest little thing since the appletini and just as sickeningly sweet, but I know they're just card-carrying hypocrites who don't give a rat's ass about anyone else but themselves!" Theresa added, prompting Eric to wonder if she was talking about Daniel and Jennifer or herself.

Offended, Theresa started to leave after disappointedly stating that Eric was just as judgmental as everyone else, but he grabbed her arm and insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. Theresa irritably freed herself from Eric's grasp and wondered if everyone in Salem had a God complex. Eric clarified that he simply wanted Theresa to hear him out.

"Oh, is this the part where you go on about how Daniel and Jennifer are the wind beneath everyone's wings? Because, if so, you might want to have a barf bag ready," Theresa dryly stated, prompting Eric to reply that it sickened him to hear her say hateful things about people she didn't even really know -- people who had given her many chances, even when she had made it tough for them to do so. Theresa reminded Eric that Jennifer had fired her, but he argued that Theresa had deserved that. Eric added that he had recently started working for Jennifer, who was a good and decent person, and that Daniel had worked very hard to try to clear Eric's name, which might not mean much to Theresa but had meant a lot to Eric.

Theresa interrupted and insisted that Eric meant a lot to her, although she conceded that he might not feel the same way about her, since he didn't seem to be trying very hard to believe that she wasn't responsible for what had happened to Daniel. "I hope that's true, because if I find out you are lying...and you, in any way, were responsible for this, you're gonna wish you were still in Los Angeles," Eric warned before exiting the pub.

At the hospital, Maggie entered Daniel's room before Nicole could voice her suspicions about Liam. Daniel assured Maggie that the toxins were being flushed out of his system and that he was going to be fine. Maggie was thankful that Daniel hadn't operated on anyone while in his drugged state. "You can say that again. See, even your mother understands the legal ramifications of this situation. Now, as a hospital board member charged with protecting the Horton legacy, I'm sure you'll persuade Dr. Jonas to sign these papers immediately," Anne said to Maggie before entering the room, extending Daniel's suspension papers and a pen to him, and wondering if he could manage to find the appropriate place to sign his name on his own.

Maggie protested that Anne couldn't suspend Daniel, but Anne clarified that she was simply following the hospital's mandatory policy on the matter. Maggie insisted that Daniel wasn't a drug user. "Of course, you know that because Daniel Jonas is a god without any human imperfections. How blessed we are that he sprang from your loins," Anne sarcastically replied. Daniel dismissively pointed out that Anne didn't need to be present when he signed the documents, and she took the hint and left the room. Nicole also excused herself so that Maggie and Daniel could have some privacy.

Once they were alone, Maggie asked Daniel how "that horrible woman," Anne Milbauer, could ever think that he had willingly abused drugs. Daniel suspected that Anne knew that he had actually been set up, and Maggie threatened to wring Anne's neck if it turned out that Anne was the person who had drugged him. Maggie reminded Daniel that they had never figured out who had been behind the smear campaign against Jennifer, and she suggested that the incidents might be connected. Daniel stressed that he didn't want to cast stones and accuse Anne -- or his other prime suspect, Theresa -- of drugging him without any proof to substantiate his claim.

Nicole, who had been eavesdropping outside Daniel's room, left after hearing Maggie ask Daniel if he could think of anyone else who would want to do such a cruel thing to him. A short time later, Parker rushed into Daniel's room ahead of a nurse who apologized for the interruption, explaining that the boy had gotten tired of playing with crayons. Daniel didn't seem to mind, and Maggie smiled as she watched him interact with Parker.

Elsewhere, in one of the break rooms, Jennifer somewhat irritably assured Liam that she knew Daniel and trusted him completely. Jennifer started to walk away, but Liam stopped her and admitted that he shouldn't have placed doubts in her head about Daniel. Jennifer clarified that Liam hadn't made her doubt Daniel. Liam explained that he had probably been projecting because his ex-wife had been addicted to pills for years and had hid the addiction very well. Liam added that his job in the pharmaceutical business had given his ex-wife easy access to samples of various medications and that she had also eventually started ingratiating herself with certain doctors and nurses to get even more pills. Liam said that the matter had made him realize just how many medical professionals were closet addicts.

Jennifer interrupted and insisted that Liam needed to stop trying to compare his situation with his ex-wife to Jennifer's situation with Daniel. Liam apologized for upsetting Jennifer, who replied that she understood that his experience with his ex-wife had probably been really painful for him. "Actually, you have no idea the hole I'm still digging myself out of. I mean, she -- she was constantly applying for new credit cards, taking cash out of our account, telling me that I hadn't balanced our checkbook. And -- and when she lied, she was so damn convincing. Well, anyway, I'm just relieved that you're sure that that's not what's going on with Daniel," Liam casually added. Jennifer abruptly excused herself, and Liam smiled as he watched her walk away, certain that his comment about balancing checkbooks had gotten under her skin.

Jennifer entered the waiting area as Eric -- who had just arrived at the hospital -- was telling Nicole that he wanted the person who was responsible for drugging Daniel to be held accountable for their actions, even if that person turned out to be Theresa. Jennifer agreed but explained that Anne was another suspect, although she conceded that drugging Daniel seemed a bit extreme for Anne and Theresa. Eric pointed out that Theresa and Anne each had the motive and the means to drug Daniel, and Jennifer vaguely added that someone had reminded her earlier that many of the hospital employees had access to lots of different drugs.

Jennifer's comment made Nicole recall that Liam had mentioned during one of their earlier encounters that he was a pharmaceutical representative. Eric interrupted Nicole's thoughts to announce that he was going to help Jennifer take Daniel back to Daniel's apartment, and before they parted ways with each other, Nicole quickly obtained permission to use Jennifer's office computer to look something up.

A short time later, Jennifer, Daniel, Eric, Maggie, and Parker emerged from Daniel's room, and Anne, who had been eavesdropping outside the room and had rushed over to the nurses' station just in time to avoid being discovered, observed that Daniel looked much better than he had earlier. Daniel reported that he was also feeling much better, and as Anne watched him sign his suspension papers, she insincerely stated that, while she was sorry that he was being suspended, the rules had to apply to everyone, not just the "unwashed few."

Later, at Daniel's apartment, Maggie and Eric excused themselves after ensuring that Daniel had everything that he needed, leaving him alone with Jennifer. Daniel mused that he and Jennifer had underestimated Theresa, prompting Jennifer to remind him that they were not yet certain that Theresa was responsible for what had happened to him. "No, that's true, but what we do know is that she is a sick, sick woman. Something has to be done," Daniel replied. Daniel abruptly excused himself after asking Jennifer to watch Parker, explaining that he was going to "have it out" with Theresa.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Eric admitted to Maggie that he wasn't sure if Theresa was responsible for what had happened to Daniel. Maggie vowed that if Theresa was responsible, it was Theresa's future that would end up being destroyed.

Liam entered the Brady Pub and briefly locked eyes with Theresa before walking toward the bar without saying a word to her. Meanwhile, Theresa received a text message from Anne, summoning Theresa back to the hospital. Outside, Theresa rehearsed her denial speech. "Okay, um -- 'I know n -- I know nothing. I -- I know nothing about anything.' Okay. Now, why is that so hard to believe?" Theresa quietly muttered before walking away.

Later, Nicole tracked Liam down at the pub after a nurse suggested that he could probably be found there. Nicole pretended that her latest encounter with Liam was purely coincidental, and as she ordered a cup of coffee, he abruptly excused himself. Nicole paid for the coffee and left it behind as she rushed off to catch up with Liam, eventually managing to stop him in a secluded section of the town square. Nicole revealed that she had learned that, while Dr. Weeks did live in Daniel's apartment, she didn't live on Daniel's floor. "Why don't you tell me why you were at Dr. Jonas' apartment today?" Nicole demanded to know.

When Theresa got back to the hospital, Anne happily informed her that Daniel had left the building in utter disgrace. Theresa said that was awesome news, and Anne agreed, although she quietly added that Theresa's latest maneuver had been a bit over-the-top and extreme. Theresa insisted that she was innocent, although she added that Daniel's misfortune couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

At the Horton Town Square, Sonny was on the phone with one of his employees, discussing a supply issue at the club that needed to be dealt with. Sonny assured the employee that he would be there shortly, and after ending the call, he turned to Will and somewhat regretfully summarized that it was time for them to get back to reality.

Meanwhile, Rafe greeted Will and Sonny and said that he and Jordan had really enjoyed the newlyweds' wedding ceremony. Rafe declared that the wedding had been one of the best that he had ever attended. "Well, it was pretty unexciting by Salem's standards," Will conceded, but Rafe countered that it had been exciting for the people who loved Will and Sonny -- including Arianna, who had gained a second father as a result of the wedding and was certainly one of the luckiest girls ever. Sonny added that Arianna was also one of the cutest girls ever, and Rafe agreed before changing the subject, wondering where Will and Sonny were headed. Will reported that he was headed back to his and Sonny's apartment and that Sonny was headed to the club, so Rafe offered to give Will a ride to the apartment because they were both headed to the same place.

At Club TBD, E.J. disinterestedly informed Nick that Sami was and had always been her own person and that she wouldn't allow her fiancé or anyone else to control her. Nick smirked and mused that he should have known who really wore the pants in E.J. and Sami's relationship. E.J. pointedly replied that he didn't view a relationship as a situation where one partner controlled the other, and he predicted that Nick would never be able to achieve true happiness without first learning to view the matter the same way. "You know nothing about my life or my future...but I know something about yours," Nick cryptically countered.

"I'm trying really hard here. You can see that, can't you? But there may come a time in the not-too-distant future where Sami crosses a line that makes me mad as hell, and then...I'm not gonna take it anymore. When -- or, rather, if -- that happens, a lot of people could suffer," Nick continued as Sonny arrived and wondered what was going on. Nick mocked E.J.'s British accent as he vaguely replied that he and E.J. had simply been having a little chat with each other.

Nick quickly changed the subject and handed over the wedding gift that he had purchased for Sonny and Will. Sonny skeptically accepted the gift, and Nick urged him to go ahead and open it, jokingly assuring him that it wasn't going to explode. Sonny opened the box and found a heart-shaped crystal inside that was engraved with "Sonny and Will" on the top line and "April 3, 2014" -- their wedding date -- on the second line.

Sonny admitted that the gift was beautiful but added that Nick shouldn't have purchased it. Nick acknowledged that Will was his cousin and had also saved his life, and he added that, while he knew how Will and Sonny felt about him, he was still hoping that they would accept the gift as a peace offering. Sonny didn't respond, so Nick proceeded to wish E.J. luck with his own impending wedding and urged them both to take care of themselves before exiting the club. "What was that about? What is he up to?" Sonny asked E.J. after Nick left.

"I'm afraid if we don't handle the situation very delicately, it could all blow up in our faces," E.J. replied. E.J. explained that Nick, in his own unique way, had issued a threat earlier. E.J. guessed that Nick was getting more and more confident about his perceived power. Sonny agreed that Nick certainly believed that he was in complete control of the situation, and E.J. predicted that Nick's confidence would just make him even more determined to get what he wanted -- Gabi and Arianna. Sonny asked E.J. what they were going to do about the matter, and he was surprised when E.J. replied that they simply needed to wait. "Nick gets overly confident, and he screws up -- that's his pattern. That's how he'll show his hand to Gabi," E.J. reasoned, and Sonny hoped that when that eventually happened, Gabi wouldn't be too deluded to realize it.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sami resisted the urge to return Gabi's slap, instead taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down. "You know, I wouldn't be throwing the word 'bitch' around if I were you," Gabi angrily warned Sami, who asked if the word "liar" would be more appropriate. Gabi wanted to know what she had lied about, so Sami revealed that she knew that Nick had been in the apartment just before Sami's earlier visit.

Gabi claimed that nothing had happened during Nick's earlier visit, but Sami found it hard to believe that he had removed his shoes just to be polite. "Okay. All right, yeah -- we would have done it...if you hadn't shown up and blown it," Gabi bitterly admitted. Gabi complained that, as a grown woman, she was tired of everyone thinking that they could tell her what to do. Sami clarified that she was trying to help Gabi, not tell her what to do, but Gabi countered that she had never needed or wanted Sami's help in the first place.

Sami suspected that Nick was blackmailing Gabi into getting back together with him, but the idea seemed to amuse Gabi, who insisted that he didn't hold her responsible for what had happened to him. Sami sarcastically agreed that it was her fault that Gabi had bashed Nick on the head with a rock to stop him from raping Gabi. Gabi replied that she knew what Nick had done but also knew that he had later acknowledged his wrongdoing and admitted that he had made a mistake. "Don't be dense about this, Gabi! He doesn't think he made a mistake, and he doesn't think he's wrong. He is playing us! He thinks he has us all exactly where he wants us. And Gabi, he's playing you," Sami impatiently insisted.

Gabi pointed out that she and Nick had once been in love with each other and that he had even been willing to help her raise a child that wasn't even his. Sami countered that Nick had been trying to edge Will out of Will's own daughter's life, prompting Gabi to predict that Sami was never going to forgive Nick for that. Gabi accused Sami of only pretending to be on Gabi's side, arguing that Sami never would have given Gabi a modeling contract if Nick hadn't blackmailed her into doing so -- probably because Sami didn't want Gabi to be financially independent.

Sami denied the accusation and guessed that Nick had planted that idea in Gabi's head, but Gabi clarified that she had figured it out on her own. Sami urged Gabi to spend some time figuring out Nick's motives. Gabi insisted that Nick was simply trying to help her, but Sami disagreed, arguing that Nick wanted Gabi to be financially independent so that she would move out of Will's apartment and into Nick's apartment. Gabi defiantly reiterated that no one, including Nick, would ever be allowed to tell her what to do. "Oh, my God, how can someone so gullible be raising my granddaughter?!" Sami wondered as she groaned with frustration.

Offended, Gabi wondered if that was Sami's way of saying that Gabi was dumb. "You can call it whatever you want. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I am no one's victim. And Nick -- he's responsible for Rafe being paralyzed. He's the reason that you had to deliver that baby in a shed in the woods. You almost went to prison because of him. He should be nowhere near [Arianna]," Sami insisted, prompting Gabi to defiantly reply that it wasn't up to Sami to decide that. "Really? I think it is -- especially the way you're behaving. You are completely out of your mind. You are not fit to be raising Arianna!" Sami snapped as Rafe and Will entered the apartment.

Rafe warned Sami never to speak to Gabi like that again. Sami said that Rafe had no idea what Gabi had done, but Will countered that regardless of what Sami believed that Gabi had done, Gabi was still Arianna's mother. "Then she should put her daughter first instead of ruining your little girl's life by planning to hop into bed with that psycho, Nick Fallon," Sami replied. Gabi insisted that she didn't see how her relationship with Nick was anyone else's business.

"You don't?! Really, you don't?! The guy tried to ruin your life! I mean, whatever hold he has over you -- no, you are not going near him ever again! You hear me?" Rafe angrily replied, waking Arianna up in the process. After complaining about the repercussions of Rafe's loud objections to her relationship with Nick, Gabi stormed into her bedroom to attend to Arianna.

After Gabi left, Will asked Sami to tell him what had happened, so she proceeded to recap how she had interrupted Gabi and Nick just before they had been about to sleep together the previous day. Sami revealed that Gabi had made it pretty clear that things would progress further the next time that Gabi and Nick were alone together, prompting Rafe to angrily insist that there wouldn't be a next time. Rafe stormed out of the apartment, ignoring Will's attempt to stop him. Sami urged Will to let Rafe go, and Will sighed with frustration as he wondered if she realized what she had just done.

Sami tried to reiterate that Gabi was the person who had done something worth worrying about, but Will predicted that letting Rafe go after Nick was only going to make the situation worse. Sami argued that Rafe was at least doing something about the issue, but Will countered that if Gabi wanted to get back together with Nick, there was nothing that any of them would ever be able to do to stop that from happening. "Don't forget who you're talking to," Sami replied, but Will insisted that Sami didn't know Gabi the way that he did. Will warned that if Sami kept pushing, she was simply going to push Gabi right back into Nick's arms.

Sami couldn't believe that Will was seriously telling her to sit back and do nothing about the situation. "It's better than freaking her out. You called her an unfit mother. Has anyone ever said that to you before? Mom, how did that make you feel? Gabi pretty much hates you right now, and if that's what you set out to accomplish, you've succeeded," Will replied. Sami conceded the point and offered to talk to Gabi, but Will stopped his mother and insisted that she had already done enough. Will asked Sami to leave so that he could try to remedy the situation himself. Hurt, Sami reluctantly exited the apartment.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe spotted Nick and followed him to the Brady Pub, where he slammed him against a wall and said that he had warned Nick. Meanwhile, Sami entered the DiMera mansion and sadly told E.J. about what had happened earlier. Back at Will and Sonny's apartment, Gabi was still in her bedroom, holding Arianna.

"I'm so sorry, my sweet girl, but they've given us no choice," Gabi told Arianna before emerging from the bedroom with a suitcase. She informed Will that she and Arianna were leaving.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gabi wheeled Arianna's stroller and a packed suitcase out of her bedroom and informed Will that she was moving to a hotel until she and Arianna could find a permanent place. "You mean a permanent place with Nick, don't you?" Will asked. He guessed that Nick had talked Gabi into moving out. Gabi said that Nick had actually been very supportive of her staying there. She continued that she was leaving because Sami had attacked her and accused her of being an unfit mother.

Will begged Gabi not to punish him -- or Arianna -- by taking the baby away from him. Gabi asked if Will really thought it was good for Arianna to live in a place where her mother was constantly disrespected and lectured. Will promised that he and Sonny would not lecture Gabi anymore because, although it was surprising that she wanted to be friends with Nick again, it was her life and her choice. Gabi admitted that was a good start, but it wasn't enough.

Will asked what else he could do to keep Gabi from leaving. With an exasperated shrug, Gabi said that she just couldn't deal with Will's mother again. Will promised that he would keep his mom from visiting Arianna at the apartment -- and he headed out right then to retrieve Sami's key to keep her from showing up whenever she wanted. Will paused in the doorway to make sure that Gabi would be there when he returned. She assured him that she would, because she didn't want to move out -- but she would have no choice if Sami showed up and attacked her again.

Rafe slammed Nick up against the wall outside the Brady Pub and growled, "I warned you to stay away from my sister, didn't I? You should've listened. You really should've listened." When Nick broke free, Rafe accused him of doing everything possible to get Gabi into bed. Nick argued that he hadn't been forcing Gabi because she had wanted him. That provoked Rafe to haul off and punch Nick in the mouth.

Nick asserted that what he and Gabi had was too strong for Rafe to stop, and Rafe couldn't control Gabi's feelings or actions any more than he had been able to control his other sister, Arianna. Acknowledging that Rafe felt guilty for not protecting Arianna and preventing her death, Nick said, "You're not going to get her back by smothering Gabi. You're just going to make her want me more." Rafe argued that Nick was a convicted murderer and a liar who would only cause Gabi pain and heartache.

"I'm not gonna let you brainwash her into thinking that she needs you," Rafe promised. Nick warned Rafe ominously, "You screw with me, it won't only be your sister's life that you're destroying. Others are involved, too." Rafe wanted to know what Nick was talking about, but Nick just told Rafe not to worry about it. After darkly assuring Rafe that he wouldn't press charges, Nick left. Pulling out his phone to send a text message, Rafe muttered, "Okay, Sami, I really hope you can tell me what the hell is going on."

Nick was in the park when Gabi called to warn him about Rafe, and Nick said that he'd already seen Rafe. Nick assured Gabi that he was fine, but he wanted to be alone, so they should talk the next day. After she hung up, Gabi grabbed Arianna's stroller and headed for the park. Gabi was alarmed when she got there and saw Nick's bloodied lip and realized that her brother had done it. Nick insisted that the last thing he wanted was to cause problems between Gabi and her family, including Will and Sonny.

Nick continued that even after what had happened at the river, he'd wanted to stay in Salem because it was his home, but he didn't think anyone there would ever accept him. As Gabi cleaned up Nick's mouth with a tissue, she informed him that Will had stood up to his mom and promised to keep her away from their apartment after Gabi had threatened to move out. "Gabi, you can't do that," Nick said. Nick explained that she shouldn't destroy the good relationship with Will and Sonny that she'd worked so hard to build.

Gabi said that she wished that Sonny and Will could hear Nick insisting that she put Arianna first. Gabi believed that the guys would eventually see who Nick really was, and maybe her brother and the others would, too, some day. Nick agreed that would be great. When Arianna began to fuss, Nick encouraged Gabi to take the baby home to feed her. He apologized for the trouble he'd caused, but Gabi assured him that he hadn't caused it. Gabi took Nick's hand and stroked his face, then left with Arianna. As soon as Gabi was out of earshot, Nick marveled, "Percy was right. Everything is working out exactly how I planned."

At the DiMera mansion, Sami ranted to E.J. about how Gabi had lied to her about being with Nick. "The truth is Gabi's not the real problem here, anyway... We have to find a way to stop Nick Fallon," Sami declared. That made E.J. wonder what Sami had actually said to Gabi. Sami reluctantly confessed that she had accused Gabi of being an unfit mother. Sami tried to justify her actions by pointing out that Gabi had lied and that it had been "reckless and stupid" of Gabi to have sex with Nick while Arianna was sleeping in the next room.

E.J. contended that Gabi had lied because she'd known that Sami would judge her and disapprove. He gently reminded his fiancée that they had no say in Gabi's personal life. Sami argued that Gabi was repaying her for helping when they thought Gabi had killed Nick by jumping back into bed with him -- and Nick was blackmailing Sami for it. "I want Nick gone -- permanently," Sami declared. E.J. asked seriously, "Are you telling me that you want Nicholas Fallon dead?" Sami maintained that she only wanted Nick out of all of Will, Arianna, and Gabi's lives.

Sami suggested that Stefano could put Nick on one of his islands, but E.J. pointed out that would only put them back into his father's debt. Sami admitted that Rafe had witnessed her fight with Gabi and had taken off after Nick. Just then, Sami got a text message from Rafe, who wanted to discuss the situation with Nick. Sami started to head out to the Brady Pub to meet Rafe, but E.J. was adamant that he go in Sami's stead. Sami guessed that E.J. thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut. E.J. stated as diplomatically as possible that they simply didn't need the whole thing to blow up in their faces.

After E.J. had gone, Will charged into the mansion and firmly told her that her behavior -- which had almost caused Gabi to move out and take Arianna with her -- had been unacceptable. Sami was relieved when Will assured her that he'd convinced Gabi not to move out, until he continued that Sami couldn't visit Arianna at the apartment if Gabi were there. "There is no way in hell I am letting her keep me away from my grandbaby!" Sami declared fiercely.

Will assured his mom that he would take Arianna to the mansion see her -- but Gabi did not need to hear anything further from Sami about being an unfit mother. He demanded the key back from Sami, so she reluctantly handed it over. "So you're choosing Gabi Hernandez over your own mother," Sami grumbled. "No, Mom, I'm choosing my daughter, and if you were in my position, you would do the exact same thing," Will said.

E.J. found Rafe downing a shot of whiskey at the Brady Pub bar. E.J. explained that he was there in Sami's place. He asserted that in going after Nick, Rafe had given Nick exactly what he'd wanted by allowing Fallon to play the victim. Rafe contended that he wasn't going to give Nick another chance to prey on Gabi. "Once you calm down, you're going to realize you don't have a choice. None of us do," E.J. said. Although Rafe wasn't interested in anything E.J. might pass off as advice, E.J. warned that if Rafe went after Nick, it could make the situation even more dangerous.

"I'm trying to stop my family from being torn apart," E.J. explained. Rafe bristled, pointing out that his sister wasn't part of E.J.'s family. E.J. hinted that there was more going on with Nick than Rafe knew but refused to divulge more. E.J. reminded Rafe that Nick could easily send Gabi back to prison. Rafe countered that his sister had been the victim, and besides, the D.A. would never take a case like that. E.J. cautioned Rafe that there was a lot more to it than that.

"Then why don't you tell me? Tell me what my sister did this time," Rafe challenged E.J. E.J. quietly but firmly stated that he couldn't divulge anything further without putting Rafe -- a detective -- in an untenable position. All E.J. would say was that it was a complex situation, and he was trying to protect the people Rafe cared about -- so Rafe should try not to make things worse by provoking Nick. "So just sit back and do nothing?" Rafe asked incredulously. E.J. said, "I hear you're the praying type, so pray. You pray that your sister's right and that Nick has turned over a new leaf."

At Daniel's apartment, Jennifer pleaded with Daniel not to confront Theresa without proof that Ms. Donovan was the one who had drugged him -- because that would only make things worse. A determined Daniel practically shouted, "I am not gonna just sit here and do nothing!" Jennifer didn't think that Theresa would ever admit anything. Daniel believed he could get Theresa to slip up and incriminate herself, because he seemed to be her weakness.

Daniel had his phone out to call Theresa, but Jennifer stopped him by pointing out, "Do you realize that there are other people who could be hurt if this doesn't turn out the way you expect it to?" Daniel apologized and acknowledged that Jennifer was right, because Theresa would retaliate by hurting J.J. -- but Jennifer blamed herself. "If you never loved me, none of this would be happening to you right now," Jennifer asserted. Daniel assured her that she was not to blame for any of it, and they would figure out a way to deal with Theresa.

Jennifer jumped up and announced that there was something she could do: she would put out a press release to get ahead of the news about Daniel's suspension and do some damage control. Daniel promised that while Jennifer went to the hospital, he would stay home with Parker -- and away from Theresa. "I'm never gonna let her hurt you again," Jennifer vowed, kissing Daniel goodbye. As soon as Jennifer had gone, Daniel's fury got the better of him. He picked up a dining chair and slammed it against the table.

Nicole followed Liam to the park outside Horton Square to confront him about why he had really been in Daniel's building, since she'd learned that Dr. Colleen Weeks lived on a different floor from Daniel. Liam lied that he had gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor when he'd been visiting Dr. Weeks, but Nicole didn't buy it. She reminded Liam that when they'd run into each other, he had claimed to be leaving Dr. Weeks' apartment. Liam maintained that he had gone back to retrieve his wallet.

Nicole asked if Dr. Weeks would back up Liam's story. Liam said that she would, but he urged Nicole not to mention it because Dr. Weeks was in another relationship. Nicole said that she would be sensitive, but she still needed to speak to Dr. Weeks. Liam wanted to know why any of it was Nicole's concern. Nicole stated firmly that what had happened to her friend, Dr. Jonas, was her concern. "Wait -- you're not saying you think I had anything to do with that?" Liam asked anxiously.

Nicole said that Daniel had been drugged in his apartment that morning. Liam pointed out that Daniel lived in a big building -- and Liam barely knew Daniel. Observing Liam's edginess, Nicole recounted how he had been involved with Jennifer until she'd broken up with him to go back to Daniel. Liam argued that the idea of him drugging Daniel was crazy -- not to mention completely circumstantial. Nicole turned to leave, but Liam called after her, "I think we should talk about Dr. Chyka, don't you?"

Liam explained that he hadn't paid much attention when everyone at the hospital had been talking about how Dr. Chyka had kidnapped her and Father Eric. Liam continued that he'd almost forgotten about the whole thing until he'd spotted Nicole dumping a bunch of garbage at that rest stop. Nicole played dumb, wondering what that had to do with her or Chyka. Liam revealed that he knew Nicole had shredded documents pertaining to Dr. Chyka and Kristen DiMera and then had set them on fire.

Although Nicole tried to deny it, Liam explained that before Nicole had returned to burn the papers, he had fished some of it out of the trash and carefully pieced it together. He showed her a picture on his phone of the reassembled document. "So what do you think your ex-priest friend would think about you destroying the only information that could ever clear his name?" Liam mused.

Liam maintained that Nicole's theory about him drugging Daniel was completely insane, because he had no reason to hurt Daniel -- just like Nicole had no desire to hurt the priest she supposedly loved. Liam suggested that they stay out of each other's business -- and Nicole should remember that all she had were crazy theories, but he had hard evidence.

Jennifer was in her office, struggling to find a way to word the press release about Daniel, when Liam suddenly appeared behind her and put a hand on her shoulder.

Daniel was on the phone with Marlena, who was offering Daniel her support, when an upset Nicole showed up at the apartment. "I can't let this happen... I have to help you, no matter what," Nicole announced anxiously.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In the Horton living room, J.J. called Paige and asked her to meet him at the park. As J.J. hung up the phone, Abigail asked J.J. about Paige. J.J. was defensive and asked Abigail to change the subject. Smirking, Abigail refused. J.J. asked Abigail not to tell Jennifer about Paige because he was worried that Jennifer would push J.J. for details about his new friend. Abigail urged J.J. not to play it cool around Paige because she might lose interest in J.J. Before J.J. could respond, the hospital texted Abigail about Daniel's suspension.

While Paige waited in the park for J.J., Marybeth spotted her and stopped to say hello. Marybeth surmised that Paige was waiting to meet with J.J., and she chided Paige for spending time with a criminal. Paige asked Marybeth to give J.J. a break. Marybeth said that she was worried J.J. would hurt Paige. As Paige paced, Marybeth noted that J.J. had proved that he was unreliable when he had failed to meet Paige in the park. Worried, Paige texted J.J.

"Maybe he found something better to do. Or someone to do it with," Marybeth suggested. Paige asked Marybeth if she meant J.J.'s friend, Bev. Shrugging, Marybeth urged Paige to join her for a cup of coffee at Club TBD. Paige nodded and followed Marybeth out of the park.

In the town square, Chase said hello to Hope. When Hope asked how he was doing, Chase handed her a thank you note for helping him. After Chase left, Hope read the note and smiled.

In the Brady Pub, Eric informed Marlena that he believed his future was with Nicole. Eric said that he planned to marry Nicole. When Marlena asked Eric if he planned to marry soon, Eric assured Marlena that he did not plan to rush into marriage. After Marlena said that she was happy for Eric, he pushed her to be honest. Marlena firmly said that she wanted Eric to pursue whomever made him happy.

After Eric left, Aiden entered the pub, and Marlena greeted him. Marlena thanked Aiden for his client referral, but Aiden explained that he had asked for Marlena's business card for personal reasons. When Aiden noted that Marlena knew everyone in town, Marlena assured Aiden that anything he said to her would be kept confidential. Hope entered the pub and said hello to Marlena and Aiden.

When Hope asked if she had interrupted anything, Aiden looked at his hands and quietly said no. Aiden added that Marlena had helped him with work at the courthouse. Marlena excused herself and left.

In her office at the hospital, Jennifer worked on the press release about Daniel. Liam entered and offered to help Jennifer with the press release. Fighting tears, Jennifer said that she needed to do the work on her own. When Liam pressed the issue, Jennifer stared but remained silent. Hope arrived and hugged her cousin Jennifer tightly while Liam rolled his eyes in frustration. Jennifer asked Liam to leave, and he did. In the hallway outside Jennifer's office, Liam punched the wall.

Inside Jennifer's office, Jennifer updated Hope on Daniel's situation. Jennifer confided to Hope that her theory was that Theresa had drugged Daniel. With a sigh, Hope said that she would talk to Theresa's parents. Jennifer asked Hope to hold off on helping until after the hospital investigation.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa visited Brady. Theresa complained that everyone was accusing her of drugging Daniel. Scared, Theresa begged Brady to believe her. When Brady shrugged and said he did not know what had happened, Theresa told Brady that the hospital had suspended Daniel for drug use.

At Daniel's apartment, a jittery Nicole said that she needed to talk to Daniel. As Nicole started to tell Daniel about what she had done out of love for Eric, Daniel's cell phone rang. Daniel wanted to ignore the call, but Nicole insisted that Daniel take the call from Brady. When Daniel answered the phone, Brady asked what had happened. Daniel said that someone had set him up. When Brady asked for details, Daniel declined to talk, noting that Brady was on the hospital board.

After hanging up the phone, Daniel told Nicole that he believed Theresa had drugged him and that he would make her pay. Worried, Nicole said that she could help Daniel if he let her explain. Daniel cut her off and thanked her for offering to use her job as a reporter to help him. Instead of telling the truth, Nicole said that Daniel had guessed what she was going to say to him. Daniel declined Nicole's offer because he was worried that Theresa would release the footage of J.J. from the night of Theresa's overdose.

As Nicole started to tell Daniel the truth, Abigail and J.J. knocked on the front door, and Daniel ushered them into the apartment. When Daniel said that Nicole had a plan, everyone looked at Nicole. Nervous, Nicole offered to talk strategy later. Daniel smiled and noted that Nicole had a way of digging up evidence. Abigail left to meet Jennifer at the hospital, and Daniel went to check on Parker.

Alone in the living room with Nicole, J.J. confided that he believed Theresa had drugged Daniel. Nicole cautioned that Theresa might not be the culprit. As Nicole started to leave, J.J. apologized for being rude to her in the past. Smiling, Nicole said they were fine. When J.J. asked if Nicole could find evidence against Theresa, Nicole asked J.J. to tell Daniel that she would be back. In the hallway, Nicole thought about her conversation with Liam.

When Daniel returned to his living room, he talked to J.J. about Theresa. J.J. urged Daniel to go after Theresa, regardless of how it might affect J.J.'s probation. Daniel refused to do anything to jeopardize J.J.'s life. Nodding, J.J. thanked Daniel. Daniel added that it meant a lot to him that J.J. had offered to help.

When Daniel noted that he needed to meet with someone at three, J.J. panicked and rushed out to meet with Paige. In the park, J.J. was dismayed to learn that he had missed Paige. J.J. texted Paige, but Marybeth deleted the message while Paige was ordering drinks at the bar.

In the Kiriakis living room, Theresa explained that she had heard about Daniel's situation after she had arrived at work. When Theresa argued that it was possible that Daniel had voluntarily used drugs, Brady adamantly disagreed. Brady leveled his gaze at Theresa, and she swore that she had not drugged Daniel.

"I swear I'm not that vindictive. You believe me, don't you?" Theresa asked. Brady stressed that he only believed his gut and not what anyone else said. Brady noted that Daniel was his best friend.

"I protect the people that I love, fiercely, Theresa. So if anybody messes with them, or if anyone tries to hurt them, I crush them. Is that clear?" Brady said. With a raised eyebrow, Theresa noted that Brady had not answered her question. Brady said that, "for now," he believed Theresa. Brady reminded Theresa that she had a mutual hatred with Daniel and that it was suspicious. With a steely gaze, Brady cautioned Theresa that if she had drugged Daniel then she would have to deal with him.

Upset, Theresa pulled away and said that Brady clearly did not believe her. Brady softly said that he did. Brady promised to defend Theresa and added that he needed to investigate what had happened. Brady added that if he found any evidence that Theresa had played any part in the drugging, he would go after her. Fighting tears, Theresa said that she would not wait forever for Brady to apologize to her for making threats.

After Theresa left the house, she thought about when she had given Daniel's key to Liam. With a sigh, Theresa said out loud that it was not her fault that Liam had acted so horribly. Theresa wondered aloud if she should admit what she had done.

At the hospital, Liam watched Jennifer working at the nurses' station. With a smile, Liam asked Jennifer if she was okay. Jennifer said that she was fine. When Liam added that he understood how it felt when someone a person had trusted had lied to them, Jennifer gritted her teeth. Jennifer firmly stated that Daniel was innocent and that he had not willingly ingested any drugs.

In the park, Nicole met with Eric. Seeing Nicole's rage regarding Daniel's predicament, Eric smiled and told Nicole that he loved that she was a good friend. Angry, Nicole countered that she was a horrible friend. Nicole cried out that she had not done anything good. Taking Nicole's hand, Eric assured Nicole that she had done all she could to help Daniel. Nicole disagreed. Eric asked Nicole to back off of Theresa.

"What if people are missing something?" Nicole wondered aloud. Eric agreed and wondered aloud how Daniel had been drugged. When Eric noted that the truth would be revealed in the right way, Nicole agreed.

In another part of the park, Daniel watched Parker play on the playground. As Daniel sat on a bench, Theresa walked into the clearing.

At the hospital, Brady visited Jennifer in her office. When Jennifer said that she believed Theresa had drugged Daniel, Brady asked her if she was aware of anyone else who could have drugged him.

Down the hallway in his office, Liam punched the air. "What the hell is the matter with you, Jennifer? I'm the one you should be with. Not that son of a bitch doctor," Liam growled. Liam noted that Jennifer was pushing him to destroy Daniel.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

by Mike

Upon request, Kate met with Rafe at Club TBD to discuss a "pretty serious" matter. Kate assumed that something might have happened between Rafe and Jordan, but he clarified that he actually wanted to talk about Nick Fallon. "Care to tell me why you hired the S.O.B.? And I want the truth," Rafe said.

Kate agreed that Nick was an "S.O.B.," but she added that he was a brilliant one who made her lots of money. Kate's attitude puzzled Rafe because he knew how she really felt about the way that Nick had treated Will and Sonny, but she succinctly summarized that business was business. "Yeah, and it's my business now that that creep is trying to worm his way back into my sister's life. But the funny thing is, is that I've got people telling me it's not my business and that I need to back off and butt out," Rafe countered with obvious frustration. Kate informed Rafe that those people were "dead right" and that he needed to take their advice.

Rafe sighed as he realized that Kate was "one of the pack," and he informed her that he wasn't going to listen to anyone who told him to back off and let Gabi get involved with Nick again. Kate assured Rafe that Gabi would eventually regain her senses if he simply let the situation run its course. "Gabi had a kid with a gay man, and she married Nick Fallon. She does not have any senses to come to," Rafe countered. Kate warned that if Rafe allowed Gabi to hear him say things like that, he would just lose his sister and make Nick seem more sympathetic to her. Kate advised Rafe to play it safe and wait, prompting him to suspiciously note that she never employed such tactics.

Kate reasoned that, after the situation with Chloe and Parker, she simply didn't want to risk alienating Gabi. Rafe noted with frustration that everyone was acting like Nick was an all-powerful guy they needed to be afraid of, and Kate confirmed that Nick was powerful because of the hold that he had on the "beyond stubborn" Gabi at that time. Kate apologetically excused herself so that she could get to a business meeting, but before leaving, she urged Rafe to take his frustration out on a punching bag instead of going after Nick. Rafe vowed that he would find someone who would level with him about what was going on with Nick, and Kate nonchalantly wished him luck with that search.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Gabi was on the phone with Nick, complaining about how Rafe had punched Nick earlier. Nick hoped that, with the punch out of Rafe's system, they could find some common ground in the future. Gabi gushed that Nick never seemed to get pessimistic about anything, and he replied that Rafe was important to him because Rafe was her brother.

Gabi heard someone unlocking the apartment door, so she abruptly ended the call after arranging to meet with Nick later that day. Will entered the apartment with a gift box in one hand, and Gabi commented that it was awesome that he and Sonny were still receiving belated wedding gifts. Will opened the box and showed Gabi the engraved heart-shaped crystal. Gabi declared that the item was beautiful, and Will agreed, stating that he and Sonny really liked it. "Even if it is from Nick," Will added after clearing his throat.

Gabi was surprised that Will and Sonny had kept the gift instead of trashing it. Will admitted that the gift was thoughtful, but Gabi wondered if he actually believed that or if he suspected that the gift was really just another one of Nick's ways of trying to manipulate Will and Sonny. "Well, that's definitely a possibility," Will matter-of-factly stated. Will's answer annoyed Gabi, but he pointed out that she had asked him a direct question and that he had simply answered it. Will asserted that it was possible that Nick was being manipulative and that it was also possible that Nick was being genuine.

Gabi complained that no one was willing to listen to her when she tried to tell them that Nick had changed. "We listen -- we just aren't sure that you're right. And after everything that Nick has done, I don't think you can blame us for wanting to be sure before we give him a second shot at us," Will calmly clarified. Gabi argued that Nick had already proven himself when he had chosen not to press charges against her, Sami, and Kate for what they had done to him.

"I -- I'm supposed to be mad at him because you want me to be? Can I be mad at your mom for telling me that I'm an unfit mother because I wanted to spend time with him? All right, can I be mad at Rafe for punching him in the mouth? You know what? Everyone's being horrible but Nick, and it's still his fault! And everyone keeps yelling at me!" Gabi complained, pouting as she slumped down on the couch. Before Will could respond or question Gabi about the revelation that Rafe had punched Nick, he received a text message from Rafe, who asked to see Will as soon as possible.

As Gabi continued to pout, Will cleared his throat and assured her that no one was going to keep yelling at her. Will told Gabi about his earlier conversation with Sami, and he held out Sami's key to the apartment as he promised that Sami would no longer be able to barge into the apartment whenever she felt like doing so. Gabi thanked Will as she took the key from him. Will added that, while he and Sonny were willing to lay off of Nick, he wanted to be honest with Gabi about the fact that he was worried about her rushing into something with Nick. Gabi insisted that Nick wasn't going to hurt her. "It's not you that I'm worried about -- it's Ari," Will clarified.

Gabi insisted that Nick loved Arianna and would never hurt her, but Will pointedly countered that Nick also loved Gabi but still had a temper that she had seen firsthand. Gabi replied that she and Nick were far from being in a serious relationship with each other and that Will was just borrowing trouble. Frustrated, Will started to respond more loudly than he had perhaps intended, but he quickly stopped himself, lowered his voice, and apologized. "It's just -- we are talking about Ari's life. We're not some kids in a -- in a dorm room, discussing our love life -- we're parents. And it scares the hell out of me that you've -- you almost moved out. And Nick is moving back into your life, and we have no formal agreement," Will explained. Gabi wondered if Will was saying that he wanted a custody agreement, and he confirmed that he'd like to have a joint custody agreement in place.

"Gabi, when you said you were going to move out, it hit me that if, for whatever reason, you didn't want me to see Arianna, I'd have to go to court," Will explained. Gabi assured Will that she would never keep him from seeing Arianna, but he wondered if that would still be true if she got back together with Nick at some point in the future. Gabi irritably summarized that Will apparently believed that she was some sort of spineless person who would do whatever Nick told her to do. "That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that I would feel safer if there was an agreement in place that -- that guarantees some kind of parental rights if you should happen to leave," Will explained.

Gabi shook her head in disbelief and abruptly excused herself so that she could get some air. Will observed that Gabi seemed angry, but she clarified that she was just surprised because she hadn't anticipated what had just happened. Will assured Gabi that he would watch Arianna while she was gone. "I know. I trust you. I just wish it worked both ways," Gabi replied before exiting the apartment. After Gabi left, Will sent Rafe a text message to let him know that it was safe for him to visit the apartment.

When Rafe arrived a short time later, he asked Will if Nick was threatening or blackmailing Gabi. Will assured Rafe that the situation hadn't gotten to that point yet, but that just confirmed Rafe's suspicion that Nick did know something that could potentially be used against Gabi. Will urged Rafe to leave things alone for Gabi's sake, but Rafe refused to do so because she was his sister. Rafe pointed out that, as a cop, he had the power to put Nick away if Nick had done something illegal. "Damn it, Rafe, will you listen to me? For once, it was not Nick that did something illegal," Will clarified.

Rafe summarized that Will was essentially saying that someone else had done something illegal that Nick could use against that person. Will replied that he was simply saying that the person who had told Rafe to stay out of the situation had given him sound advice. Rafe didn't want to leave Gabi at Nick's mercy, but Will reiterated that Nick wasn't blackmailing her at that time. Will added that, while he couldn't think of anything that Rafe could possibly do to make the situation better, he was positive that Rafe could do something to make the situation much worse.

Rafe found it interesting that Nick had implied the same thing during their earlier conversation. Will wondered if that had been before or after Rafe had punched Nick. "Gabi was furious, and you know what? This might come as a big surprise to you, but she's even more sympathetic to his cause [now], all right? She thinks that he's the injured party, and maybe he is. But Rafe, I cannot let this escalate any further because of Ari," Will insisted. Rafe understood that Will felt boxed in, but he advised that it was impossible to appease someone like Nick Fallon and that trying to do so would only make things worse.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate met with Nick to discuss some business matters. Kate didn't mention Nick's facial wound, so he eventually wondered if she had been planning to spend the entire meeting pretending that it didn't exist. "Well, I just assumed someone belted you. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often," Kate replied. Nick revealed that Rafe was the person who had punched him. Nick guessed that Kate had known that all along, but she denied the suspicion.

Nick demanded to know what Kate had said about him to Rafe. "Nick, I don't talk about you to anyone. I actually try not to think about you at all. But Rafe does know you're a horrible person, and he does love his sister, so I'm sure he tries to keep you away from her," Kate calmly replied. Nick protested that he wasn't forcing Gabi to do anything and that interacting with him was her decision, but Kate skeptically pointed out that his ability to send Gabi to prison for attempted murder whenever he felt like doing so might have something to do with Gabi's willingness to show an interest in him.

Nick reminded Kate that Gabi wasn't the only person who was at risk, and he warned that Rafe might figure out something that Kate didn't want him to know if he kept pushing. Kate informed Nick that she agreed with him and had actually advised Rafe to drop the matter earlier that day. "Good. Let's hope he listened...because wouldn't it be ironic if he ended up responsible for putting his sister, his ex-wife, and his...ex-lover...all behind bars," Nick mused.

Later, Nick met with Gabi in a secluded section of the town square. Gabi told Nick about what had happened earlier, and Nick innocently mused that it was a bit weird that Will had started talking about a custody agreement right after marrying Sonny. Gabi said that she had thought about that, but she added that Will was also nervous about her involvement with Nick. Nick conceded that Will's apprehension was understandable because Nick and Gabi were getting closer again, and Nick had tried to cut Will out of Arianna's life before.

Gabi asked Nick to promise that he would never do that again, and when he granted her request, she admitted that she wanted to believe him. Nick grasped Gabi's hand as he assured her that she could believe him, claiming that he would never ask her to keep Arianna away from Will or do anything else to make Gabi unhappy because he never wanted her to be unhappy again. Gabi gushed about Nick's assurances and started to kiss him -- just as Rafe arrived.

At the Brady Pub, Aiden explained to Hope that Marlena had consulted on one of his recent cases. "She's one of my very closest friends; she's always had my back," Hope shared with Aiden, who admitted that he knew from experience that it was good to have that kind of support. Hope agreed before changing the subject, stating that Aiden's gesture, while unnecessary, had still meant a lot to her.

Aiden guessed that Chase had found Hope and given her the thank-you card earlier. Hope humbly reminded Aiden that protecting people from criminals was her job, and he assured her that he was aware of that fact, but he added that he was still grateful that she had been there for Chase when the boy had needed her. Before Hope could respond, Father Louis entered the pub and wondered if she and Aiden were brainstorming about the church's summer gala. "We were thinking about having it in the summer," Hope revealed.

"Yes. And it'd be kind of like a...gala," Aiden added. Father Louis said that it seemed like the event was in good hands and that he liked Hope and Aiden's "big-picture thinking," but as he drew their attention to a large, overstuffed binder that he was carrying, he added that there were a few minor details and hitches that needed to be dealt with. Father Louis dropped the binder into Hope's outstretched hand, and she nearly dropped it because she wasn't expecting it to be as heavy as it was.

Father Louis carefully revealed that the president of the Parent-Teacher Association, Helen, had asked him to point out that the previous year's gala had not been a "triumph of organization" and that the person who had been in charge at that time had left things "hanging" when they had relinquished the position. Before Hope or Aiden could respond to the news, Father Louis abruptly excused himself so that he could locate and say hello to Caroline. After Father Louis left, Hope wondered if Aiden had ever noticed that the priest had a habit of rushing off immediately after dropping a bombshell so that he wouldn't have to deal with the fallout.

Aiden nodded as he took the binder from Hope and started to flip through its pages. Aiden quickly discovered something that made him realize that things hadn't just been left hanging the previous year -- they had been completely screwed up. After taking a look at the document that Aiden had found, Hope concluded that he was actually putting a positive spin on the situation himself. Hope placed a phone call to the Salem Inn and confirmed her fear that its ballroom had never been booked for the gala and was no longer available. "Oh, no room at the Inn. We Catholics know all about that," Aiden joked.

Hope insisted that the matter wasn't funny, and Aiden agreed but added that it wasn't particularly tragic, either. Aiden was certain that other venues would still be available, but Hope explained that the gala was traditionally held on the same weekend and at the same venue each year. Hope recalled that the church had once deviated from that tradition and that it had barely managed to avoid losing money on the event that particular year. Hope sighed and declared that the impending gala -- which was particularly important because St. Luke's Academy was still relatively new -- was going to be a disaster, but Aiden wasn't ready to admit defeat that easily.

Aiden placed a phone call to the Salem Inn and convinced someone there to reveal who had booked the ballroom on the weekend that the gala was traditionally held, and he proceeded to call that person and arrange to meet with him at the pub. A short time later, a man named Mr. Howell entered the pub and approached Hope and Aiden's table. Hope stood to greet Howell and thank him for meeting with her and Aiden, but the man ignored her and claimed the unoccupied seat at their table without waiting for an invitation.

Hope informed Howell that she and Aiden were volunteers at St. Luke's, where both of their kids attended school. "Public school not good enough for them?" Howell asked. Ignoring the question, Aiden cleared his throat and explained that he and Hope wanted to talk to Howell about hopefully switching the date of his event so that the church could hold its annual gala there that night. Hope added that the gala was a twenty-year tradition that had always been held at the Salem Inn in the past. Howell assured Hope that he was well aware of that fact, since he had been trying for years to hold his own event there on that same weekend but had never been able to before.

Hope wondered what kind of event Howell was planning. "A domino convention. Yes, I'm the president of the Upper Midwest domino society. My membership wants a calm and relaxing place to focus on the art of dominoes," Howell explained between glances at one of the pub's menus. Hope suggested that the town square would be a great place to hold such a convention, and she added that the St. Luke's Academy gymnasium would be another great alternative. "Then you use it," Howell dismissively replied before trying to flag down a waiter. Howell impatiently complained that the service at the pub was horrible.

Hope explained that the gala raised money each year to fund scholarships for kids. "I don't like kids. So why should I be the one to move? What's in it for me?" Howell bluntly asked. Aiden retrieved his checkbook and pen from the pocket of his suit jacket in response to Howell's question, but that only irritated the man, who complained that Aiden was a typical lawyer who believed that everyone could be bought. Aiden reasoned that the check wouldn't be a bribe -- it would be an incentive for Howell to do the right thing for the kids who would benefit from the money that the church would raise at the gala.

Howell refused to change the plans for his convention, and he threatened to report Aiden to the bar association and Hope to her superiors for trying to bribe him. Aiden coolly clarified that he and Hope hadn't done anything illegal, but Howell countered that what they were doing was unethical. Howell stormed out of the pub after wishing them luck finding a different venue to hold their gala. After Howell left, Aiden sighed as Hope sarcastically stated that the meeting had gone really well.

A short time later, as Hope and Aiden were trying to figure out their next move, Father Louis returned and observed that it looked like things were going splendidly. Hope agreed that Father Louis' assessment of the situation was accurate if it was another way of saying that she and Aiden had lost, but Aiden jumped in and concluded that they had lost some of the previous year's silent auction records. Father Louis promised to look into that, and he urged Hope and Aiden to stay focused on the big picture. Father Louis left after enthusiastically stating that he had known all along that Aiden and Hope would make a great team.

After Father Louis left, Hope wondered if Aiden actually believed that the priest wouldn't notice when the gala ended up being held in her garage instead of the Salem Inn's ballroom. "Oh, ye of little faith," Aiden coyly replied. Hope pointed out that Aiden had just lied to a priest, and she wondered what Aiden had been thinking. Aiden smiled as he responded that he was thinking that working with Hope on the gala might be kind of fun.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Jennifer told Brady that, aside from Theresa, she couldn't think of any other "sick, demented" person who would want to destroy Daniel's life. Brady defended Theresa, arguing that her history of screwing up didn't necessarily mean that she was a vindictive person, but Jennifer dismissed his objections and refused to discuss the matter further, reasoning that his incredibly good heart was preventing him from being able to see who Theresa really was.

Assuming that Jennifer simply didn't want to discuss the matter with him because he was on the hospital board, Brady assured Jennifer that he had gotten clearance to talk to her off-the-record earlier that day. Jennifer clarified that her concerns had nothing to do with Brady's position on the board and everything to do with the fact that she wasn't willing to talk about the situation with anyone who was going to take Theresa's side over Daniel's. Jennifer was confident that if she said too much to Brady, Theresa would just find a way to use Jennifer's words to wiggle out of the situation and hurt Daniel even more than he had already been hurt.

Brady insisted that Jennifer and Daniel were his friends and that he would never do anything to hurt them. Jennifer agreed that Brady would never intentionally hurt her or Daniel, but she maintained that Brady's decision to hang out with Theresa showed an incredible lack of judgment on his part. Jennifer tactfully suggested that Brady's use of alcohol could cause him to slip up and reveal something to Theresa while intoxicated that might allow Theresa to get away with what she had likely done to Daniel.

Jennifer said that, while she understood that Brady was hurting, it would be better for him to turn to his friends for support instead of alcohol or Theresa. Brady assured Jennifer that, regardless of his involvement with Theresa, he genuinely wanted to help Daniel. Jennifer stressed that she wasn't questioning Brady's intentions -- just his judgment and self-control. Jennifer reiterated that she couldn't risk trusting Brady when he was drinking and dealing with Theresa. Brady understood but wanted Jennifer to grant him one small request.

At Liam's place, Liam selected a specific sample box of drugs from his briefcase, muttering that it would probably do the trick. After setting the box aside, Liam placed a phone call to someone and agreed when they stated that it had been a long time since they had last spoken to each other. Later, Liam met with the person in a secluded section of the town square.

The woman handed Liam a brown paper bag and said that she hoped that the exchange had made them even. The woman added that she also hoped that whatever Liam was planning was worth it, and he smiled as he assured her that it would be. Liam returned to his place, where he dumped a handful of unidentified pills into a labeled prescription pill bottle that he had retrieved from the brown paper bag.

In the park, Theresa spotted Daniel and quickly turned to walk away from him, but he stopped her and warned her not to even think about doing that. Daniel guessed that, since addicts were notoriously arrogant, Theresa probably believed that she was clever and that she would get away with what she had done to him. Daniel admitted that Theresa was smart and that he hadn't expected her to pull off such an elaborate stunt after previously promising to keep her distance from him. Daniel added that Theresa had gone too far with her latest scheme, since endangering the life of a patient was a far more serious crime than embezzling hospital funds.

Theresa dismissively stated that Daniel was crazy. "Possibly...if provoked. But you are crazy if you think that what you have on J.J. can protect you. 'Cause you, sweetheart -- you are playing in the big leagues now, and when what you've done is uncovered, it's not gonna be up to Jennifer or me to save your ass this time around. No, no, no. Because even if we wanted to -- well, we really wouldn't be able to. You are going down, and no one can save you -- no one," Daniel warned Theresa.

Theresa said that she wasn't worried because she knew that she was innocent, but Daniel pointed out that she didn't always act alone. Theresa calmly challenged Daniel to tell her what he thought he knew about her supposed involvement in what had happened to him earlier, and when he replied that he knew what kind of person she really was, she concluded that he had no real proof that she had done anything wrong. Theresa abruptly excused herself after receiving a text message from someone, and as she turned to leave, Daniel warned that the police wouldn't have any trouble tracking her down if they ever needed to talk to her. "Just kick over my rock, right?" Theresa replied before walking away.

Shortly after Theresa left, Daniel received a phone call from Jennifer, who asked him to meet her at the Horton house. When Daniel arrived there a short time later, he told Jennifer about his earlier encounter with Theresa. Daniel said that, while Theresa hadn't given him any indication or proof that she was responsible for what had happened to him, she had certainly seemed guilty -- and really, really worried.

Daniel mused that there had to be a way to figure out how Theresa had pulled off her latest apparent stunt, prompting Jennifer to explain that she had actually asked him to meet with her because she knew someone who really wanted to help him -- Brady. Daniel was reluctant to accept Brady's help, even after Jennifer told him about the promises that Brady had made, since promises didn't mean much to an "untreated alcoholic." Jennifer urged Daniel to at least hear Brady out, since Brady was Daniel's friend and loved Daniel.

At the Horton Town Square, Theresa met with Brady, who had purchased an espresso for her while waiting for her to arrive. Theresa commented that a Bloody Mary would have been more fun, prompting Brady to reply that he had actually arranged the meeting so that they could talk about that subject. Brady told Theresa that some things needed to change right away, for him and for them. Brady explained that, pending Daniel's consent, he had agreed to help Daniel figure out who had drugged Daniel.

Theresa guessed that Brady believed that she had been involved, and he replied that, while he was hopeful that she was innocent, he had to find out the truth regardless, and he was going to have to stay away from alcohol and her until he achieved that goal. Theresa protested that Daniel and Jennifer were just out to get her, and Brady admitted that he couldn't really blame them, given the circumstances. Brady reasoned that Theresa had nothing to worry about if she was truly innocent, adding that the best-case scenario involved him clearing Daniel's name and hers at the same time. Theresa wondered what would happen if she refused to respect Brady's wishes. "Then we're through," Brady matter-of-factly replied.

Later, Brady met with Jennifer and Daniel at the Horton house. Daniel shared his reservations with Brady, who admitted that he couldn't blame Daniel for having them. Brady surprised Jennifer and Daniel with the revelation that he had just ended things with Theresa and was also going to abstain from alcohol until they figured out what had happened to Daniel. Daniel wondered if Brady truly believed that he could stick to that plan, and Brady shrugged as he replied that Daniel would happily do the same for him. Jennifer smiled as she looked at Daniel expectantly, and after considering the offer for a moment, Daniel hugged Brady and accepted his help.

Theresa went to the park after her conversation with Brady. "All right...if I rat Liam's a lose-lose for me. Oh, God. I really hope that psycho Liam realizes that this is -- this is just getting really serious and he needs to back off -- for all of our sakes," Theresa worriedly muttered. Meanwhile, Liam entered Daniel's apartment and retrieved the prescription pill bottle from his briefcase.

Friday, April 18, 2014

J.J. was in Horton Square when he saw Paige across the way. As soon as she spotted him, she tried to run away to avoid seeing him, but J.J. chased after her. Paige ordered him to leave her alone, but when J.J. persisted, she lashed out at him for standing her up. J.J. insisted that he had only been late, not absent, and asked if Paige had gotten his text message. Paige showed J.J. her phone, which had no recent message from J.J.

Puzzled, J.J. produced his phone and proved that the message he'd sent to Paige had been delivered. Paige admitted that she had been with Marybeth at Club TBD and had left her phone on the table while she'd gone to the bar to get coffee. Paige was dismayed when she realized that Marybeth -- who was completely against Paige hanging out with J.J. -- had probably deleted the message. J.J. apologized for being late and asked for another chance. Paige accepted his invitation to hang out at his house.

When J.J. and Paige arrived at the Horton house and found no one else home, J.J. apologized. He reassured Paige that he had expected his mom and sister to be home and hadn't been trying to get Paige alone. J.J. suggested that they go out instead, but Paige assured him that she wasn't afraid to be alone with him -- and even liked it. J.J. got a text message just then that upset him so much that he threw his phone. J.J. filled Paige in about what was happening with Daniel, and she couldn't believe anyone would do something like that to Dr. Jonas.

J.J. explained that he'd just gotten a text message from his mom, letting him know that the hearing about Daniel's suspension was the next day. J.J. blamed himself for what had happened to Daniel. He clarified that he had once hung out with his mom's former assistant, and they had bonded over their drug use and because they had both wanted his mom and Daniel to split up. J.J. sheepishly explained that after his dad had died, he hadn't wanted to see his mom with anyone new, and he had done awful things to Daniel.

"And this girl, she hated my mom for reasons that I don't even get, but she wanted them to break up, too, just to make my mom miserable," J.J. said. He continued that when the girl had overdosed one night, he had called Daniel, who had saved her life -- and covered for J.J. to keep him out of jail. Paige was impressed. J.J. said that he suspected the girl was retaliating against Daniel for turning down her advances -- and it was all J.J.'s fault.

Paige declared that J.J. blamed himself too much because Dr. Jonas probably didn't. She guessed that Daniel was proud of J.J. for getting his act together. "Face it, Deveraux. You're a good guy," Paige said softly, putting a hand on J.J.'s shoulder. Paige got a text message and had to head home. On her way out, she said that she hoped everything turned out okay for Dr. Jonas. Paige was almost out the door when she suddenly turned and kissed J.J. on the lips. J.J. looked positively giddy as he watched her leave.

At the Brady Pub, Hope wanted to chase after Father Louis to tell him that they didn't have the ballroom at the Salem Inn for St. Luke's gala. Aiden persuaded her that they might be able to fix it without having to tell the priest. Aiden wanted to try to con Curt Howell into giving up the ballroom, but Hope didn't think that was a good idea.

After a brief phone call, Hope informed Aiden that they had bigger problems than the location: their most generous donor, Giselle Van Hopper, had decided not to contribute anything from her impressive art collection to be auctioned off, which she had in every year prior. Hope continued that the funds raised from Mrs. Van Hopper's donations had made up more than half of the total revenue from the gala each year. Aiden wanted to call Mrs. Van Hopper, but Hope thought they should track the woman down and talk to her in person.

In Horton Square a bit later, Aiden listened while Hope made a phone call. "Please offer Mrs. Danvers' apologies to Mrs. Van Hopper," Hope purred before hanging up. She explained to Aiden that she'd read the name Mrs. Danvers in a book, and that Mrs. Van Hopper went to a nearby salon every week at that time. Just then, Giselle Van Hopper appeared, and Hope strode over to shake her hand and introduce Aiden.

In her upper-crust accent, Giselle confessed that she hadn't donated to the auction that year because she didn't plan to attend the gala. She explained that she'd recently gotten divorced, and she couldn't bear attending a large public function alone, especially when her very dull ex-husband would be there with his twenty-five-year-old bride. When Giselle stepped away to take a call from her housekeeper about Mrs. Danvers' mysterious phone call, Aiden suggested to Hope that it might make Mrs. Van Hopper crazy if Mrs. Van Hopper showed up at the gala with Aiden.

As soon as Giselle hung up, Aiden approached her and offered to escort her to the gala so they could keep each other company while simultaneously sticking it to Mr. Van Hopper. Although at first she appeared charmed, Giselle remarked, "I believe I can think of an even better way of sticking it to Harry." She looked pointedly at Hope standing a few yards away.

"Giselle's into women?" a surprised Hope asked when Aiden filled her in. "All I know is she turned me down flat. When she looked at you, her face looked like my son's face when he's staring down an ice-cream sundae with a cherry on top," Aiden said. Hope pointed out that everyone in Salem knew she wasn't gay, but Aiden reminded her that they desperately needed the donation.

As Hope returned to Giselle, Roman entered the square to talk to Aiden about some evidence on a case. Hope offered to attend the gala with Giselle, but Giselle cut her off. "Oh, darling, I'm not going to the gala with you... I was hoping you might arrange for me to go with someone you know," Giselle explained, indicating Roman. Hope's eyes widened.

Taking a deep breath, Hope crossed the square again to greet her brother-in-law. Roman thought she'd used him as an excuse to get away from Giselle Van Hopper, "your basic nightmare," in Roman's words. "Harry Van Hopper couldn't take it anymore; now she's trolling for her next victim... I get a very uncomfortable feeling she's zeroing in on me," Roman asserted. He explained that Giselle had joined his parks cleanup committee, but he avoided her like the plague.

After Roman left, Hope told Aiden what Giselle had said. Hope was unwilling to try to set up the very stubborn Roman and Giselle because he clearly wanted nothing to do with her. "Great. It just keeps on getting worse," Aiden grumbled.

A gloved hand slipped a photograph of Abigail kissing E.J., taken from outside the window at the Horton cabin, into an envelope.

In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Sami was eager for Abigail to give her another art history lesson because she had learned a lot about Giotto since they'd last met. Abigail admitted that there was something big going on at the hospital, although she couldn't tell Sami anything about it. Abigail wondered if Sami had time to study with the wedding quickly approaching, but Sami said that the wedding plans were going "perfectly." Abigail said that Sami and E.J. deserved to be very happy together.

Before they started on the art books, Sami confided that Will was angry with her because she had argued with Gabi, and Sami thought they could work things out if it weren't for Nick. Apologizing for putting Abigail on the spot, Sami asked what Abigail honestly thought about her cousin Nick. Abigail stated that Nick seemed to only want a happier life, and she speculated that he had actually changed. Sami was admittedly skeptical.

Abigail asked Sami, "If you did something really big -- I mean, you really messed up -- but you were trying to be a better person, then don't you think that you would deserve to have a second chance?" Sami apologized if she'd upset Abigail, but Abigail maintained that her mood had to do with what was going on at the hospital. Sami conceded that it might not be the best time to get together.

As Sami gathered her things to leave, she remarked, "Haven't you ever had a gut feeling about someone, and you can't put your finger on it, but no matter what this person says or what they do, you just know that they're not a good person?" Abigail acknowledged that she had, but sometimes she thought that if she couldn't put her finger on it then she might be wrong. Sami admitted that Abigail had a point -- but in the hallway outside, Sami told herself, "Except I know I'm not wrong. Oh, Gabi, if you only knew."

As Rafe exited through the gates of Horton Square, he spotted Nick and Gabi making out on a park bench. Gabi jumped up and defensively warned her brother that he couldn't tell her how to live her life -- but Rafe just glared at Nick. Finally, Rafe recalled Will's plea not to make things worse with Nick. Rafe apologized for upsetting Gabi and for fighting with Nick.

Extending his hand for Rafe to shake, Nick said that he hoped the two of them could someday be friends, since Rafe meant so much to Gabi. Rafe said that it was possible, but Nick would have to prove himself first. Nick said that he'd been telling himself the same thing since he'd gotten back to town. "From New York, you mean?" Rafe asked. "Yeah," Nick replied quizzically. After Rafe left, Gabi expressed optimism that things would work out because her brother was giving Nick a chance.

Nick encouraged Gabi not to worry too much about Will proposing a custody agreement because it could be a good thing for her, as well. Gabi wondered if she should talk to Justin about it, since he'd done her modeling contract. Nick suggested that, as Sonny's dad, Justin might not want to get involved. Nick promised to look into another lawyer for Gabi.

Will took Arianna in her stroller to the DiMera mansion because he needed to talk to E.J. Will explained that while he and Gabi had been arguing about Nick, Will had raised the subject of a custody agreement, and it had upset Gabi. Will added that he'd been careful not to bash Nick, but Gabi had insisted that Nick would never try to get between Will and Arianna -- and Will wished that were possible. E.J. thought pursuing a custody agreement was the right thing to do, and he thought he could convince Gabi that it was just as much for her protection as it was Will's. E.J. assured Will that everything would be just fine.

After Will had gone, E.J. was on the phone in the foyer, discussing plans for the honeymoon, when an envelope slid under the front door. By that time, however, E.J.'s back was turned, and he didn't see it. He passed through the foyer again later, but still he did not spot the envelope.

Abigail met Nick at Club TBD at his request, and she immediately noticed his bruised lip and asked about it. Nick laughed it off, lying that he had run into a door. He told Abigail that he needed a lawyer, though not for himself. Nick asked about the lawyer who'd helped with J.J.'s case. Although Abigail couldn't remember Aiden's last name, she said that he had been great. Abigail wanted to know if Nick needed the lawyer for Gabi, but he wouldn't say.

Abigail asked her cousin if he knew what he was doing. "Yeah, I know exactly what I'm doing," Nick assured her. Abigail admitted that Nick's tone sounded a little scary. Nick maintained that he hadn't meant it that way. He added that he'd never stopped loving Gabi -- but whether they got back together or not was up to her. Nick asked about Abigail's love life. She said that she was in no hurry to meet someone new.

Will had just put Arianna down for a nap when Gabi returned to the apartment. Will apologized for the way he'd broached the topic of a custody agreement. Gabi admitted that if they worked the details out then, it would force Will's mom to back off -- and Nick was the one who'd helped her realize that she'd been freaking out needlessly about it.

Gabi asserted, "He totally understood what you were worried about, even after I told him why you brought it up. He didn't get angry and try and turn me against you; he actually helped me feel better about it. He's not the guy that you, Sonny, your mom, and Kate say he is." Will pointed out that Nick knew he could put them all in prison any time he wanted to, but Gabi insisted that wasn't what Nick wanted. After Gabi left the room to check on Arianna, Will wondered aloud, "So, what does he want?"

When Sami ran into Rafe outside the Brady Pub, he wryly informed her that he'd just seen Gabi making out with Nick. Sami guessed that Rafe had wanted to hit Nick. "Well, I already did that, so I actually tried to stay calm this time," Rafe said. Sami admitted that she would have paid good money to see Rafe punch Nick. Rafe pointed out that Sami would have already known about it if she'd shown up when he'd asked to see her instead of sending her fiancé to handle Rafe.

Sami maintained that E.J. had offered to meet Rafe for her because they'd both been worried that she would shoot her mouth off again, as she just had with Gabi. Rafe didn't buy it because he knew something else was going on. Sami played dumb, but Rafe wanted to know why the women were all dancing to Nick's tune. "You're not just protecting yourself; you're protecting my sister, too, aren't you?" Rafe asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Sami assured Rafe that she wouldn't just stand by if she saw Gabi getting into a bad situation. Rafe pointed out that they were already past that point -- because he had just had to apologize to "that jackass." A relieved Sami emphasized that the best thing Rafe could do was to leave it alone. She left before Rafe could press her further.

Rafe sat at his computer at the police station and typed "Nick Fallon + New York City" into a search engine.

Sami returned to the DiMera mansion and confessed that she'd run into Rafe on her way home. Sami added that she thought she'd done a good job of convincing Rafe not to make things worse by getting involved. As Sami leaned in to kiss the top of E.J.'s head, she spied the envelope on the front hallway floor. "Hey, what's that? It might be about the wedding. Let's find out," Sami said excitedly as she went to retrieve the envelope.

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