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Jennifer was shocked to learn that Eve was Paige's mother. Sami and Kate continued to meet secretly. Sami's wedding day arrived. Jordan told Ben that she was ready to tell all to Rafe. Kate met with someone who had known Jordan. Theresa found a way to keep Brady under her thumb. Daniel had it out with Nicole.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 23, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, June 23, 2014

by Mike

In the living room at the DiMera mansion, E.J. informed Abe that the wedding date had been moved up. Abe promised that he and Theo would attend the wedding, adding that Sami was like a daughter to him. Pleased to hear that, E.J. seized the opportunity to ask Abe for a favor, unaware that Sami had just returned from a shopping trip.

Sami eavesdropped from the foyer as E.J. explained that Will and Sonny's decision to ask Marlena to officiate their wedding had really struck a chord with Sami, who believed that had been one of the best parts of the ceremony. E.J. added that he knew it would mean a lot to Sami if Abe agreed to officiate their wedding.

Abe wanted to know why Sami hadn't made the request herself, so E.J. explained that he wanted Abe's involvement to be a surprise. E.J. added that the idea was his way of contributing something to the wedding. "You've done enough, honey. I have some surprises of my own for you and your little slut," Sami quietly muttered.

As E.J. waited for Abe's answer, Sami made her presence known and begged Abe to say yes. E.J. sighed as he realized that he wouldn't be able to surprise Sami, after all, but she assured him that he had still managed to do so. Sami told Abe that she was thrilled that he and Theo were going to be at the wedding, and she informed him that she had some fun surprises in store for the kids after the ceremony.

Abe assumed that Marlena might want to officiate the wedding instead, but Sami admitted that her parents might not even be at the wedding, so he said that he would be honored to accept the responsibility. Sami gratefully hugged Abe before excusing herself so that she could meet with Abigail to do some more wedding planning.

Abe was happy to hear that Abigail was Sami's wedding planner and maid of honor. Abe raved that Abigail was a great girl and that Theo was just crazy about her, and Sami wondered who wouldn't be crazy about Abigail. As Sami started to walk away, E.J. stopped her and gave her a kiss. After Sami pulled away from E.J., she headed toward the front door, pausing for a moment to give him a cold stare that he and Abe missed.

After Sami left, E.J. thanked Abe for setting aside his feelings for the DiMeras in order to make Sami's day special. Abe mused that Lexie had loved E.J. and would have been proud of him. Abe observed that it seemed like E.J. and Sami were finally getting things right, and E.J. vowed that he was going to spend the rest of his life making Sami happy.

At Club TBD, Abigail was finalizing some of the details for Sami and E.J.'s wedding -- and complaining to herself about how she had gotten roped into participating in it -- when someone delivered a cup of coffee to her table. Abigail looked up from her tablet computer as she expressed her gratitude, but when she saw T standing in front of her, she seemed a bit disappointed.

"You were expecting Ben, weren't you?" T guessed as he took a seat at Abigail's table. Abigail denied the suspicion, but T wasn't fooled, since he had seen her and Ben together on more than one occasion. Abigail noncommittally confirmed that she and Ben were friends who occasionally hung out together, and she added that he was a nice guy. "Yeah. And so am I," T replied, and Abigail promised that she would keep that in mind.

Changing the subject, T wondered why Abigail had been grumbling at her tablet computer earlier. Abigail explained that she was planning Sami's wedding and was also the maid of honor. T was surprised to hear Abigail refer to Sami as a friend.

"Okay, two things -- weird that you're friends with Will's mom, um...and Sami Brady doesn't make friends. Frenemies, maybe, but anything else --" T started to say, but Abigail interrupted and suggested that Sami might have changed. T hoped that was true -- for Abigail's sake. "I've seen the woman work. You're planning a big day for a woman who takes no prisoners. You don't want to get on her bad side. No," T advised.

Abigail reasoned that people could change, and she used T as an example. T conceded that he had been "an ass" to Will a couple years earlier but had since changed into "a sensitive metrosexual." T admitted that Abigail might be right about Sami, and he added that, to his surprise, E.J. had proven to be a pretty cool guy lately, too. T caught a subtle reaction from Abigail in response to his comment, and he wondered if she didn't like E.J.

Abigail evasively claimed that she was simply overwhelmed with wedding planning duties and couldn't wait for the event to conclude. Later, after leaving Club TBD, Abigail met with Sami in the town square to discuss the wedding. Sami praised Abigail's work and suggested that Abigail could be a professional wedding planner, but Abigail stressed that she was done with wedding planning after Sami's big day ended.

Sami admitted that she hadn't really given much thought to Abigail's feelings because she had been too focused on her own. Sami guessed that Abigail wasn't really enjoying the task of planning the wedding, and she offered Abigail a chance to back out of the commitment. Abigail claimed that any hesitation Sami had sensed was due to the fact that they hadn't been friends for that long.

Abigail added that she had been surprised when Sami had invited her to be such an important part of the wedding. Sami admitted that she didn't have many friends and wasn't close to her sisters, and her whole family had "a thing" about E.J., anyway. Sami reasoned that Abigail was the only friend she had who saw E.J. for who he really was and knew what an incredible guy he was.

Sami hoped that Abigail still wanted to be a part of the wedding, and Abigail agreed not to back out. Sami asked Abigail to read something special at the wedding, and Abigail agreed to do that, too. Abigail abruptly excused herself so that she could head over to the DiMera mansion, since she needed to take some measurements.

"Abigail, thank you. I'm never gonna forget what you did...for me," Sami stressed. Abigail said farewell and added that she would see Sami later. "Yes, you will. Just you wait," Sami muttered after Abigail left.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe was sitting alone at a table, drinking a glass of beer, when Kate arrived and took a seat across from him. Rafe started to say something, but Kate interrupted and announced that there was something she needed to say to him. Guessing that Rafe had not yet worked things out with Jordan, Kate wondered how long he was going to "sit in the corner," punishing himself for Gabi's actions.

Rafe maintained that if he had been there for Gabi when she had needed him, he would have been able to prevent everything that had happened, but Kate insisted that he was "dead wrong." Kate argued that what was done was done and that Rafe would only be punishing Gabi more if he decided to distance himself from Jordan as a result of his sister's actions, since Gabi would not have wanted to destroy his relationship with Jordan.

Later, after Kate left, E.J. arrived and informed Rafe that the wedding date had been moved up. E.J. invited Rafe and Jordan to attend the wedding. Rafe acknowledged that E.J. had helped Gabi out and had actually been "pretty decent" recently, but he stressed that E.J. couldn't just erase history. E.J. agreed and made it clear that his memory went back a long way, too.

E.J. said that he simply wanted to give his bride the perfect wedding day. E.J. added that Sami hadn't asked him to invite Rafe to the wedding. E.J. hoped that Rafe would agree to attend the ceremony, but Rafe declined the invitation. Rafe predicted that Sami would eventually realize who E.J. really was, but E.J. countered that she already knew who he really was, and that was why she was marrying him.

When E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion, the terrace doors were open, and he noticed Abigail's purse laying on the desk. E.J. tracked Abigail down in the garden, where she had climbed a ladder and was measuring tree branches. When E.J. called out to Abigail, he startled her, and she fell off the ladder -- and into his arms.

During a fifteen-minute break from the hospital, Jordan went to a secluded section of Horton Town Square to meet Ben, who had asked to see her. Ben was worried about Jordan, but she claimed that she was fine. Unconvinced, Ben guessed that things between Jordan and Rafe were still messed up. Ben complained that Rafe was being a jerk, adding that Jordan was the one person who could help Rafe deal with his pain.

Jordan pointed out that Rafe might not see things the same way Ben did, and she mused that Rafe's view of the situation might be right. Jordan reasoned that the rift between her and Rafe could be a blessing in disguise for her and Ben. "I don't know why I thought I could move here and be...normal. We both know it's only a matter of time before he shows up, and --" Jordan started to say, but Ben insisted that she had to stop thinking that way.

"He nearly found us before. It could happen again," Jordan reminded Ben. Ben reminded Jordan that she was talking about something that had happened nearly two years earlier, and he pointed out that things had been quiet since that time. "You honestly think he stopped looking?" Jordan quietly asked. Ben shrugged and said that was a distinct possibility, and he assured Jordan that they were safe in Salem.

Jordan reminded Ben that someone had discovered her aliases, and she predicted that the woman in question would keep digging until she found more information. "She's not gonna find anything. I backtracked those IDs ten times myself. Anybody who's gonna be looking is hitting a dead end. We've been careful," Ben assured Jordan, but she remained worried that something could go wrong at any time.

Ben reasoned that if something went wrong, he and Jordan would handle it -- just like he had handled what had happened the previous week, when someone had recognized him. Jordan was shocked that Ben hadn't told her about the incident sooner, but he stressed that he hadn't told her because he had handled the matter on his own.

Jordan maintained that she and Ben were taking some big risks, but he argued that the alternative -- running for the rest of their lives -- wasn't acceptable. Jordan dismissively stated that Salem was just a town, but Ben countered that it was the town where the man she loved lived. "You can't give up on that. We won't run, and you're not gonna duck out on Rafe," Ben insisted.

When Jordan returned to the hospital, she was informed that a woman was waiting for her in one of the break rooms. Jordan assumed that the woman was the wife of one of her patients, but when she entered the break room, she found Kate waiting for her instead. Jordan started to leave, but Kate stopped her and asked for five minutes of her time.

Kate pointed out that, while she and Jordan didn't like each other, they both cared about Rafe. Kate admitted that she was worried about Rafe, and she hoped that Jordan was, too. "He needs you, you little fool! You made him fall in love with you, and now you need to step up!" Kate advised Jordan. Jordan was confused, but Kate pointed out that she had been using one-syllable words, and she wondered which ones had confused Jordan.

Jordan suspected that Kate was playing some sort of game, but Kate stressed that she couldn't help Rafe herself and that Jordan might be the only person who could. "So, damn it, do it," Kate insisted before walking away. Later, after Kate left, Jordan tracked Rafe down in the town square, where he had just ended a call with one of his contacts, who had agreed to help him find out how Gabi was doing at Statesville.

When Ben arrived at Club TBD to begin his shift, T reported that someone had been looking for Ben earlier. "Who?" Ben demanded to know. T told Ben to "chill," adding that Abigail was the person who had been looking for him. Ben apologized for his strong reaction to T's innocent announcement, but T's suspicions were still aroused. T stressed that Abigail was a close friend of his and that he didn't want to see her get hurt. Ben assured T that he felt the same way.

Kate and Sami met in a secluded section of the town square to discuss their plan. Sami seemed a bit agitated, and Kate feared that Sami might have allowed E.J. or Abigail to see her in that state, but Sami promised that she had everything under control. "Trust me, I've got this. The two of them won't know what hit 'em," Sami added.

Jennifer invited Paige into the Horton house to wait for J.J., since both women believed that he was on his way home. Jennifer could tell that Paige was in a good mood, and Paige confirmed the suspicion, explaining that she had not only finished her finals earlier that day but had also reunited with her mother, who had just returned to Salem.

Paige said that she had barely seen her mother since moving to Salem, where she had been living with her father's cousin. Paige explained that her mother had originally planned to accompany her to Salem the previous year but had encountered some conflicts with her job in sales, which required her to travel constantly. Jennifer was able to empathize, knowing how difficult it had been for her to be separated from J.J. during his time in London.

Jennifer couldn't wait to meet Paige's mother. "I can just see you two together. I think you'll really hit it off," Paige predicted. Jennifer suspected that she and Paige's mother would be great friends, especially if Paige's mother was anything like Paige. Paige admitted that she wasn't sure if she and her mother were that similar. Paige explained that her mother was a singer who was also really creative in general -- just like J.J.

Paige reminisced about her childhood with her mother, and Jennifer admitted that she couldn't wait to meet the woman. Paige said that Jennifer reminded her of her mother, since they were both really great moms who would do anything for their kids -- and they were both really pretty, too. Jennifer asked to see a picture of Paige's mother, but Paige was unable to accommodate the request because her cell phone wasn't cooperating.

Paige complained that she needed to get a new cell phone soon, since hers was really old. Jennifer understood and suggested that Paige's mother could attend the celebratory dinner Jennifer had planned for Paige and J.J. later that day. Paige sheepishly admitted that she had already invited her mother to the event, and Jennifer assured her that it wasn't a problem at all. "Well, it looks like I am gonna have a new friend," Jennifer optimistically predicted after Paige left a short time later to get ready for the event.

Eve stood in the doorway of Joan's apartment and unhurriedly finished buttoning her shirt as J.J. explained that he was looking for Paige, trying to keep his eyes focused on Eve's face as he spoke. Eve reported that Paige had left earlier but would probably be back soon. J.J. started to respond, but Eve interrupted and excitedly guessed that he was Paige's boyfriend.

J.J. confirmed the suspicion and started to apologize for barging in, but Eve interrupted and assured him that it wasn't a problem. Eve invited J.J. into the apartment as she explained that she had left the door open because the air conditioner was broken. J.J. said that Paige had mentioned that earlier, and he offered to try to fix it.

Eve was impressed, assuming that J.J. was handy with tools, but he sheepishly clarified that he would probably only be able to fix the problem if it was something simple. Eve thanked J.J. for the offer but declined it, reasoning that she didn't want him to get dirty. As Eve started to pour J.J. a glass of lemonade, he said that he was glad that he had finally met her. "Paige is so grateful that you let her stay here this year," J.J. added.

Eve was quick to stress that she wasn't Paige's cousin -- she was Paige's mother. J.J. apologized for the misunderstanding, explaining that he hadn't expected Paige's mother to arrive until the following day, and Eve clarified that she had managed to catch an earlier flight. Eve added that, while she had missed her daughter, she knew that Paige had enjoyed living in Salem for the past year. Eve guessed that J.J. was one of the main reasons why Paige had enjoyed her time in Salem, and she invited him to take a seat on the couch and tell her all about himself.

J.J. modestly stated that there wasn't much to tell, but Eve was determined to get more information out of him, so she said that Paige had mentioned that he was a very talented musician. J.J. remained humble but confirmed that he loved playing the guitar and writing songs. Eve mused that if Paige liked J.J., that had to mean that he was a very special young man, and she added that Paige thought the world of him.

"Well, I think the world of her, too, Mrs. Larson," J.J. replied. Eve extended a hand and urged J.J. to call her "Eve" instead. As J.J. agreed and shook Eve's hand, she curiously asked for his full name. J.J. evasively explained that he had been called "J.J." his entire life. Eve wondered why, so J.J. clarified that he was a Junior, but she was still interested in knowing what the other "J" stood for.

Before J.J. could respond, Eve received a phone call and apologetically excused herself so that she could answer it, since it was work-related. J.J. understood and recalled that Paige had mentioned that her mother traveled a lot, and Eve confirmed the information but admitted that she was hoping to change that soon.

J.J. abruptly excused himself so that Eve could take her phone call, explaining that his mother was expecting him to return home soon, anyway. Eve said that she looked forward to seeing J.J. again soon. "I wonder if you'll feel that way, Ms. Larson -- I mean, Eve -- when you find out about my past," J.J. worriedly muttered as he boarded the elevator outside the apartment.

When J.J. returned to the Horton house, Jennifer informed him that Paige had been looking for him earlier. J.J. explained that he and Paige had gotten their wires crossed, and when Jennifer realized that he had met Paige's mother, she excitedly urged him to reveal his first impressions of the woman. J.J. stammered as he tried to think of a response, eventually stating that Eve didn't look like Paige. Jennifer tried to get more details out of J.J., who silently recalled how Eve had greeted him earlier while in the process of buttoning her shirt. "Pretty. You know, just -- like -- like a mom. Just...pretty," J.J. stammered.

Jennifer hoped that J.J. had been more articulate during his conversation with Paige's mother. J.J. claimed that he simply hadn't noticed much about Eve, but Jennifer found it hard to believe that he couldn't remember anything about the woman. J.J. remained evasive and quickly changed the subject, wondering if Jennifer still wanted him to take the box of items back up to the attic.

Jennifer said that she had already handled the task herself earlier, but J.J. pointed out that her yearbook was still laying on the living room desk. Jennifer joked that she had been planning to show the yearbook to Paige's mother, but when J.J. reacted with a look of horror, she assured him that she would never do that sort of thing to him.

Jennifer explained that she had left the yearbook out because she had found a picture of her rival and had assumed that J.J. might want to see it. J.J. somewhat unenthusiastically agreed, so Jennifer grabbed her yearbook -- which was still open to the page where Eve's photograph had been printed -- and started to carry it over to him, but she tripped on the way and ended up losing her place in the yearbook.

As Jennifer searched for the right page again, she informed J.J. that Paige's mother was going to join them for dinner that night. J.J. pretended to be excited, but Jennifer could tell that something was wrong, so he admitted that he was worried about Paige's mother finding out about his criminal record. Jennifer assured J.J. that he had a good heart and had cleaned up his life, and she predicted that Paige's mother would respect that, but J.J. wasn't convinced, since not everyone was as forgiving as Jennifer was. Jennifer reported that Paige had said that Jennifer was a lot like Paige's mother. "Uh, no -- I didn't get that at all," J.J. stammered.

When Paige returned to her cousin's apartment, Eve informed her that J.J. had been looking for her earlier. Eve observed that J.J. had seemed nice, and Paige confirmed that he was a really good guy, but Eve could tell that Paige was nervous about something. Paige reluctantly explained that she had wanted to be present during Eve and J.J.'s first meeting and that there were some things about him that she had wanted to tell her mother herself, before Eve somehow managed to figure them out on her own. Paige promised to tell Eve everything but stressed that Eve had to promise to keep an open mind.

Eve promised to keep an open mind -- as long as J.J. didn't have any outstanding warrants or a history as an arsonist or axe-murderer. Paige insisted that she wasn't crazy, and she reluctantly explained that J.J. had simply gotten into some trouble with the law in the past. Paige stressed that the matter had been small and had been settled, but Eve still wasn't pleased to hear about J.J.'s past.

Paige complained that Eve always thought the worst about everyone, citing Joan and Theresa as examples. Eve protested that those situations had been different -- or, at least, she hoped that they were -- since Joan had no taste and Theresa was a real criminal. Eve reminded Paige of their earlier conversation about how Paige always saw the best in people -- even when they didn't deserve it -- and she insisted that Paige had to be careful.

Paige protested that Eve didn't even know J.J. Eve pointed out that she had just met J.J., and she admitted that she could see the appeal, since he was cute and a bit edgy. Eve added that the fact that J.J. was a guitar player was a big red flag. "He just seems to me that he's a part of this stoner, rock-and-roll culture that -- oh, sweetheart, you don't need any part of because you are going to Stanford, right?" Eve reasoned.

Paige wondered if Eve was saying that Paige needed to stop dating J.J. Eve promised that she wouldn't keep Paige from seeing J.J., but she urged Paige to be careful. Paige assured Eve that she was being careful, and she begged Eve to join her that night at the celebratory dinner that J.J.'s mother was hosting. Eve reluctantly agreed, and Paige confidently predicted that Eve would love J.J.'s family, since they were good people.

Paige helped Eve pick out an outfit for the dinner. Eve feared that it might be too casual, but Paige assured her that the Deveraux family was casual and down-to-earth. "What?! J.J. Deveraux? Your boyfriend is J.J. Deveraux?" Eve asked.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In the DiMera garden, Abigail stood on a ladder to take measurements in a tree, and E.J. rounded the corner and called out to her. Startled, Abigail fell off the ladder and into E.J.'s arms. Abigail and E.J. stared at one another, and E.J. quickly set Abigail on the ground. Abigail backed away and commented, "I can't be here."

Abigail rushed into the house with E.J. in pursuit. As Abigail entered the living room, she stopped at the sight of Will, Sonny, and Arianna. Upset, Abigail walked out of the house. Worried, Will chased after her and stopped her on the porch. When Will asked Abigail why she was stressed, Abigail explained that Sami had made her the maid of honor.

"It's just so wrong," Abigail muttered. When Will disagreed, Abigail said, "You don't know." Concerned, Will soothed Abigail and assured her that everything would be fine. Will offered his assistance in planning the wedding, and Abigail reluctantly agreed. After Abigail left for home, Will rejoined Sonny, E.J., and Arianna in the living room.

Will noted that Abigail was stressed, which was odd because Abigail was very organized and calm under pressure. Will added that Abigail had said she did not feel like a friend or worthy to be Sami's maid of honor. E.J. nodded. Will said that he had calmed Abigail down. E.J. thanked Will for his help.

Changing the subject, E.J. asked if Will would be his best man at the wedding. When Will asked about Chad, E.J. explained that although he had asked Chad and Chad could not attend the wedding, E.J. truly wanted Will to be his best man. Will gladly accepted the offer.

"I think for the first time Samantha and me may have a gunfire-free wedding," E.J. said brightly. When Will asked E.J. if he was nervous, E.J. responded that he was only nervous that he would not remember every detail of his wedding to Sami.

"Eight years, William. I've been in love with you mother eight wonderful years. And you know over that time there have been people that have had their doubts and maybe some of them still do," E.J. said. Will said that he had no doubts and that he would be honored to be E.J.'s best man.

In the park by the bench, Kate and Sami met to talk. Kate was worried that Sami would tip off E.J. and Abigail to the plan, but Sami assured Kate that she had kept the secret hidden. Smirking, Sami informed Kate that she had coerced Abigail into planning the wedding and acting as Sami's maid of honor. Kate chuckled and told Sami that she was pleased to see that Sami had grown smarter about exacting revenge. When Sami asked Kate if Stefano was aware that Victor had fired Kate, Kate nodded and assured Sami that she had not told Stefano but that he was aware that Victor had fired her for spilling company secrets to Sami.

Sami urged Kate to play it cool with Stefano so that he would not return to town. With a smile, Kate said that she had informed Stefano that she would not return to the DiMera mansion until Sami was gone. Sami rolled her eyes and then asked Kate to hold off on her plans to destroy Jordan. Kate countered that she was not attacking Jordan and had actually encouraged Jordan to fight for Rafe.

Suspicious, Sami wondered aloud why Kate was encouraging Jordan to fight for Rafe. With a shrug, Kate explained that she wanted to be out of the line of fire when Rafe pushed Jordan away for his own reasons. Confused, Sami said that she liked Jordan and that she was pleased that Rafe was in love.

"Maybe not," Kate said as she thought about her steamy night with Rafe. Kate asked Sami if she was interested in Rafe, since Sami was dumping E.J. Sami denied the accusation. Sami stressed that she would marry E.J. to get what she needed and then throw him away. Kate worried aloud that Sami was still in love with E.J. Shaking her head no, Sami denied the charge. Sami stressed that her partnership with Kate was a one-time thing in order to set them both up for life. Kate and Sami shook hands and agreed not to meet again until after the wedding.

Sami returned to the DiMera mansion and was excited to see Will and Arianna waiting for her. Sami cooed over her granddaughter. Will pleaded with Sami to ease up on Abigail, but Sami said that Abigail was fine.

In Paige's apartment, Eve was surprised to hear that J.J.'s last name was Deveraux. When Eve asked Paige if J.J. was Jack and Jennifer's son, an excited Paige asked her mother if she was friends with Jennifer. Eve said that she had been friendly with Jennifer and that they had attended the same high school. Paige asked Eve if she knew that Jack had died, and Eve nodded solemnly.

"Do you not like the Deverauxs?" Paige asked. Eve said that she had wanted to contact Jennifer, since she was back in Salem, and that dinner was as good a time as any. When Eve asked Paige how Jennifer was doing since Jack's death, Paige said that Jennifer appeared to be fine. Paige showed Jack's book to Eve, and Eve admitted that she was aware of the book.

Stunned, Paige excitedly said that she needed to text J.J., but Eve asked her not to say anything. Eve noted that Jack had been charming, witty, and a good father but that Jack had also had a dark side. Eve expressed her concern that J.J. might take after his father. Upset, Paige asked her mother not to hold Jack's past against his son. Eve agreed and noted that she was excited to surprise Jennifer at dinner.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer asked J.J. about Paige's mom. J.J. thought about his brief meeting with Eve, and he was at a loss for words to explain the meeting to Jennifer. Jennifer told J.J. that he was right to be nervous around his girlfriend's mother and that he should not worry. Jennifer promised that she and Abigail would make the dinner a success. Grateful, J.J. thanked Jennifer for helping him while she was going through her issues with Daniel.

Abigail returned home and explained that she had to skip dinner in order to head to the square to buy a dress. Seeing the look of confusion on her mother and brother's faces, Abigail informed them that she was planning Sami's wedding and acting as the maid of honor. When Jennifer asked about Sami's sisters, Abigail explained that Sami's sisters were not available and not interested in attending a DiMera wedding. Abigail added that Marlena did not plan to attend the ceremony either.

When Jennifer asked Abigail if she was sure that she wanted to help Sami, Abigail said, "I owe her." Jennifer was confused, and Abigail lied that she owed Sami because she had promised Sami that she would help plan the wedding. Jennifer went to the kitchen to attend to dinner, and J.J. fumed that E.J. would stand by and watch Abigail take part in the wedding. Shocked, Abigail asked J.J. how he had found out.

J.J. noted that it was obvious that Abigail was upset about Chad. Relieved that her secret was safe, Abigail nodded in agreement. Abigail assured her brother that she was over Chad and that the most recent guy she had dated was out of the picture. J.J. growled that the next guy that hurt Abigail would answer to him.

After J.J. went upstairs to change clothes, Jennifer returned to the living room and told Abigail how proud she was that Abigail was keeping her promise to Sami. As Jennifer raved about Abigail's selflessness, a guilt-ridden Abigail said that she was anything but selfless.

After Abigail left, Paige arrived at the house with her mother. Paige ran inside to warn J.J. that their mothers had attended high school together, but before Paige could say a word, Eve rang the doorbell. Jennifer opened the door, and her mouth fell open as she saw Eve standing on her front porch.

In the town square, Abigail stopped to check her phone when E.J. casually walked up beside her and whispered that she should follow him. E.J. walked to the park, and Abigail followed. Alone, E.J. hissed, "What happened at the house earlier can never happen again. Do you understand that?"

In the square, Rafe talked on the phone to his F.B.I. friend, Matt, about obtaining information regarding Gabi's prison. When Rafe hung up the phone, he turned and saw Jordan walking toward him. Jordan asked to talk. Rafe agreed and escorted her to the clearing in the park. When Rafe asked Jordan if she was aware of what had happened with Gabi, Jordan responded that Gabi had been cornered in a bad situation.

Rafe explained that Gabi's problem was that she had refused to tell Rafe what was happening, and he had failed to push his sister to open up. Rafe said that he had failed his sisters and that he did not want to fail Jordan.

"I don't need you to protect me," Jordan said defensively. Rafe reminded Jordan that she refused to acknowledge to anyone that Ben was her brother, which was abnormal behavior. Rafe pushed Jordan to tell him her secret, but Jordan refused, stating that it was better if Rafe remained in the dark. Annoyed, Rafe vehemently disagreed and argued that if he did not know what to look for, he might miss the warning signs to protect her. Rafe added that his sisters had believed that they were helping him when they had kept their secrets, and it had not worked.

With a sigh, Rafe explained that he had seen how on edge Jordan was, as if she was waiting for something bad to happen. Jordan assured Rafe that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her and that she did not want to mess up their relationship. As Jordan struggled with the decision to tell Rafe the truth, Kate appeared in opening of a nearby hedge and eavesdropped on the conversation.

"I can't," Jordan said. "Then neither can I," Rafe responded.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

At the Kiriakis mansion, an edgy Brady toyed with a vial of cocaine and eyed the array of bottles on the bar. He read a text message from Theresa that said, "Meet you later. We'll have some fun! XO." Brady stalked determinedly over to the bar but stopped short of pouring a drink when he heard the front door open. Maggie walked in a moment later and informed Brady that his grandfather was out of town. Brady explained that he was there to see Maggie. He acknowledged that he might need some help because he'd been using again -- only a little, but he was very scared.

Maggie asked if Brady had mostly been using when he'd been drinking. Brady admitted that he had, although drinking had never been a problem for him before. Maggie suggested that drinking made Brady crave cocaine, so if he feared that he was out of control, then he probably was -- but there was a solution. She informed Brady that there was a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at the hospital later. She reminded him that he didn't have to do anything but listen, but she implored him to at least take the first step. Brady hedged that he had a date, so Maggie asked what he wanted to do.

As Anne joined Theresa in a booth at the Brady Pub, she chided Theresa for not taking her job seriously enough -- and for not being "proactive" enough regarding Jennifer and Daniel. Theresa protested that she had tried everything she'd been able to think of -- but it suddenly dawned on her that there might be something else she could try. With a mischievous glint in her eye, Theresa said, "J.J.'s new girlfriend. [...] Have I mentioned that she's my niece?"

Theresa explained that it had been years since she'd seen her niece, and she hadn't known that the girl was moving to Salem, but apparently her niece was a "sweet, innocent thing." Cackling, Anne asked, "And you're sure you're related?" Ignoring the comment, Theresa said that there had to be a way to use her niece to drive a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer, although she hadn't figured out exactly how yet. She cautioned Anne, "I have to be careful, okay, because her mom, my half-sister Eve? She is a total bitch."

Anne gleefully asked for more information about Eve. "In a nutshell? I'm the good sister," Theresa summarized. Anne laughed so hard that she nearly choked. Theresa changed the subject to her relationship with Brady, which she thought was going well except that she sensed there was some resistance on his end. She explained that despite the fun they always had together, he seemed to think she was a bad influence.

Theresa spotted John picking up a to-go order at the bar and announced that there was someone in her corner, although he didn't know it yet. Anne didn't understand how John could help Theresa, since Brady and his dad didn't get along. Theresa explained that John hadn't been able to deal with Brady being with John's ex, even decades later, and as a result, John always got under Brady's skin. Theresa headed to the bar to "have some fun" with John.

Theresa greeted John, who looked around the bar for Brady. Theresa explained that Brady would be there soon, and the two of them would have a great evening. John acknowledged that he couldn't dictate whom Brady spent time with, but Brady had a substance-abuse problem, and Theresa was enabling him. Theresa insisted she didn't have a problem.

"Maybe you can party and have a good time and just take it or leave it, but my son, he can't handle it. And if you keep encouraging this reckless behavior, he's going to die -- which is why I've got to ask you: leave him alone. Please, Theresa, please just let him go," John implored. Theresa maintained that Brady wasn't going to die, insisting, "Actually, he's finally started to live." "Not as long as he's with you," John said sadly before grabbing his takeout order and walking out.

Theresa was obviously agitated but tried to hide it as she returned to Anne's booth. Anne started to leave when she learned that Brady was supposed to meet Theresa there, but Theresa wanted to send him a text message first to find out if he were on his way.

When Brady got Theresa's text message, he was at the NA meeting, which was just getting underway. Ignoring the message, he put his phone back in his pocket.

Abe visited Marlena in her office at the hospital. She was quite surprised when he informed her that he would be officiating at E.J. and Sami's wedding -- the next day. Suppressing her dismay, Marlena admitted she was grateful that Abe would be there for Sami and the children.

In Horton Square, Ben ran into Al, another employee at Club TBD, who informed Ben that he'd just seen Abigail heading out of the square. After Al had gone, Ben left a message for Jordan, letting her know that he was worried about her.

In the park outside the gates, E.J. warned Abigail that she had to stop freaking out whenever they crossed paths or people would start to get suspicious -- and if Sami found out about their affair, it would destroy his life as well as Abigail's. E.J. asserted that they really had no other choice but to move on with their lives. Abigail snapped that she had been trying to do just that until Sami had roped her into planning the wedding and being her maid of honor.

"You know, I've...made a lot of mistakes in my life, but at the very least, now I can confidently move forward knowing that this -- this is the worst mistake I will ever make," Abigail declared. E.J. wondered if Abigail felt that way because of the new "chap" she was seeing. Abigail expressed her gratitude that she had finally met a man who wasn't trying to manipulate her, who was honest and straightforward, but who would surely disappear if he found out about her affair with E.J. "I mean, why would he want to be with a home-wrecking slut like me?" Abigail added disparagingly.

E.J. gently pointed out it would do no good to tell anyone the truth. He reiterated that she had to keep it together until the wedding was over. Abigail wasn't sure she could maintain her composure if she had to spend much more time around Sami. "Abigail, please, after everything we've been through, can you just do this for us? Do it for me?" E.J. pleaded insistently.

Just then, Ben showed up. Sensing the tension between Abigail and E.J., Ben apologized for interrupting and started to leave. E.J. assured him that no apology was necessary and introduced himself to Ben. E.J. explained that Abigail had been helping to plan his wedding, in which she was also the maid of honor, so he had been trying to convince her that she needed an escort to the ceremony. Abigail cut E.J. off when he suggested that Ben accompany her to the wedding. Conceding defeat, E.J. noted somewhat pointedly to Abigail, "I hope you understand how important this is to Samantha."

After E.J. had gone, Abigail tried to reassure Ben that he didn't have to go with her. Ben said that he would love to accompany Abigail -- plus he did not trust E.J. one bit. Abigail admitted that she didn't trust E.J., either, but she knew him and what he and his family were capable of because she had dated E.J.'s brother. She asked why Ben didn't trust E.J. Ben admitted that it was just a gut feeling. "Where I come from, when you meet a guy, you get to be a very good judge of character, real quick," Ben clarified.

Abigail wanted to know where Ben was from. Ben hedged that he was from a very small town where everyone knew who the good guys were, as well as the not-so-good guys. Ben added that he thought E.J. fell into the latter category -- and strongly suspected that Abigail did, too. Abigail scoffed that she had no intention of ever having anything to do with E.J. once the wedding was over. Ben reassured Abigail that he'd meant it when he'd agreed to take her to the wedding. After he kissed her goodbye, she left to buy a dress for the ceremony.

E.J. was strolling through Horton Square later when he ran into Marlena. She informed him that she'd learned from Abe that the wedding was the next day. E.J. apologized that Marlena had found out that way; he'd hoped that Sami would have informed her. E.J. acknowledged that although Sami was too stubborn to admit it, it would mean a lot to her to have her mother there. He added that it might even be a step toward mending fences between the two women. Marlena demanded irritably, "Why is it my job to mend the fences between Sami and me?"

E.J. asserted that it would mean a lot to Sami and the children -- and even to him -- if Marlena would attend the wedding. He added that he'd hoped things between the two of them had thawed a little after everything he'd done for the family recently. Marlena assured E.J. that she appreciated everything he'd done, but it would be hypocritical of her to attend the wedding. "You've never brought out the best in each other, never have -- and it's my belief that you never will," Marlena stated simply.

Jennifer was utterly dumbfounded when Eve showed up at the Horton house for J.J.'s graduation dinner. Meanwhile, in the living room, Paige was warning J.J. that their moms had gone to high school together. "Long time no see!" Eve exclaimed merrily, throwing her arms around Jennifer. As Jennifer began to explain apologetically that it was a bad time because her son's girlfriend's mother would be arriving at any moment, Paige and J.J. walked in. "Oh, but this is my mother," Paige said. Jennifer's jaw dropped in disbelief.

Jennifer and Eve marveled at the crazy coincidence that their children were dating. To escape the obvious awkwardness of the moment, J.J. and Paige headed into the living room to get some lemonade. Eve said that although Paige had been talking about J.J. for weeks, Eve had just learned his last name that evening. Jennifer's face and voice betrayed her skepticism. Eve's cheerful attitude faded as she remarked, "Wow, Jen, it's just like old times. It's almost like you don't believe me."

When Jennifer excused herself to check on dinner, Eve joined J.J. and Paige in the living room. Eve told J.J. that Paige had wanted to send J.J. a text message about Eve's return to town, but Eve added, "I thought...your mom should hear about me, well, from me." Paige wanted to know why, but Eve declared lightly that they would talk about it later. Wandering around the living room, Eve remarked that everything was exactly the same as it had been the last time she'd been there -- as was Jennifer.

Just then, Jennifer arrived outside the living room with a platter of appetizers, but she headed back into the kitchen before anyone saw her when she overheard Eve talking about Tom and Alice. Eve declared that the Hortons' support during Jennifer's childhood had given her many advantages. An empty-handed Jennifer returned and announced that dinner wasn't going to happen. She explained that something was wrong with the oven, and the roast still needed hours to finish cooking. Jennifer offered to treat the kids to dinner out while she and Eve stayed there to catch up and keep an eye on the roast. Although they were clearly a little taken aback, J.J. and Paige accepted Jennifer's offer and headed out.

At Club TBD, J.J. remarked that he'd gotten the impression that their moms hadn't exactly been best friends in high school. Paige admitted her mom hadn't really wanted to talk about her history with Jennifer -- but Paige had also gotten the feeling that the women might have been the opposite of friends. J.J. wondered if the animosity had something to do with his dad, since nearly everyone liked his mom. Paige said that it had seemed as if her mom had felt pretty bad about J.J.'s dad's death.

J.J. asked if Paige's mom had ever talked about when she'd lived in Salem before. Paige admitted that her mom had never discussed it, plus the one guy Eve had ever talked about didn't even live in Salem anymore. When J.J. learned that the guy's name was Frankie, he quickly put the pieces together and concluded that Eve was the rival about whom Jennifer had spoken earlier. After J.J. summarized what his mom had said about the rival who had continually gotten between her and Frankie Brady in high school, he declared, "I have this awful feeling that our mothers hate each other."

As soon as the kids had gone, Eve tried to probe for details about the hard time that J.J. had gone through. Jennifer proposed that they get right to the point and clear the air about Frankie. Bristling a little, Eve pointed out that things hadn't really worked out between her and Frankie. Jennifer explained that she'd wanted to tell Eve something that she might not have known about Frankie. Eve guessed, "He came out of Africa, all the way out of Africa, to be with his one true love -- you?"

Jennifer admitted that she and Frankie had tried to make a go of it, but she suspected that Eve had already been aware of that. "It was ancient history. I mean, I drove Frankie off all by myself," Eve assured Jennifer, but then Eve accused Jennifer of throwing Frankie over for Jack. Fed up, Jennifer urged Eve to admit that she was still angry with Jennifer about Frankie. Eve burst out laughing. She reiterated that Frankie was ancient history, as was her rivalry with Jennifer.

Picking up a photo of Jack, Eve expressed her sympathy about his death. Laughing again, Eve recalled how Jennifer had forgiven Jack countless times -- until he had married Eve. Jennifer scowled at the memory of Eve taunting her about the wedding night. Shaking it off, Jennifer asserted that they had both moved on, and they should let go of any lingering hard feelings about their past for the sake of J.J. and Paige.

Eve agreed but confessed, "I don't think you're going to be able to be as supportive of my daughter after I tell you everything I need to tell you." Jennifer was incredulous that Eve was still upset about what had happened with Frankie all those years earlier. Eve declared, "This isn't about what happened with Frankie. This is about Jack. This is all about Jack, and you -- and, well, me."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

by Mike

As Kate strolled through the town square, she received a phone call from her private investigator, Ortiz, who informed her that he might have finally found a solid lead on Jordan. Kate irritably pointed out that Ortiz had made similar claims in the past, but he said that he was confident that his latest lead would pan out.

Ortiz -- who was in a diner somewhere in the Ozarks -- explained that, after an extensive search of the region, he had finally found some people who had recognized Ben when he had shown them a photograph of the young man. Meanwhile, Ortiz's contact entered the diner, so Ortiz abruptly ended his conversation with Kate, promising to call her again after the meeting.

Elsewhere, upon request, Rafe delivered a case file to Abe. Abe revealed that he had been asked to officiate E.J. and Sami's wedding, and Rafe mused that it hadn't been that long since Abe had done the same for him and Sami at their vow renewal ceremony. Abe said that he was sorry things hadn't worked out for Rafe and Sami, but he added that Rafe and Jordan made a nice-looking couple.

Abe gauged Rafe's reaction to the observation and guessed that Rafe's relationship with Jordan had hit a rough patch. Rafe vaguely explained that the situation was complicated. Abe hoped that the matter had nothing to do with Sami and E.J.'s impending wedding. Rafe admitted that he believed that marrying E.J. would be the biggest mistake of Sami's life, but he stressed that he felt that way because he didn't want to see her or her kids get hurt, not because he still had feelings for her.

Abe laughed as he recalled the look that had crossed Rafe's face when Rafe had first seen Jordan in the dress she had worn to Will and Sonny's wedding. Abe mused that it had been the look of a man in love, and he hoped that everything would work out for Rafe and Jordan.

In the park, Jordan told Ben about her earlier conversation with Rafe. Jordan sadly acknowledged that she couldn't even blame Rafe for feeling like he would have to end their relationship if she couldn't open up to him about her past, and Ben agreed. "But you can blame me. I ruined your shot at happiness, Jordan. I'm so sorry," Ben regretfully stated.

Ben reasoned that if he hadn't followed Jordan to Salem, Rafe never would have figured out that she had a secret. Jordan clarified that Rafe had practically always known that there were things about her past that she wasn't comfortable sharing with him. Ben argued that knowing that Jordan didn't like talking about her past and knowing that she had a brother she didn't want anyone else to find out about were two entirely different matters.

Jordan didn't think the difference mattered, since she would have been hiding things from Rafe either way, and relationships required honesty in order to work. Jordan couldn't believe that she had been foolish enough to think that it would ever be possible for her to have a regular life, but Ben argued that such a life was possible -- if she simply told Rafe the truth.

Jordan protested that telling Rafe the truth would put him in a terrible position. Ben reasoned that Jordan had only done what she had done to protect him, but she clarified that she had done it to protect herself, too. Ben argued that Jordan hadn't had any other options available to her at the time in question, but she maintained that telling Rafe the truth would be too dangerous -- for all three of them.

Ben pointed out that Jordan would lose Rafe if she didn't tell him the truth. Ben knew that Jordan loved Rafe and that being with Rafe had made her happier than she had ever been before, but she argued that her love for Rafe was what was preventing her from dragging him into her mess. Jordan maintained that she had to protect Ben and Rafe, but Ben protested that he didn't want her to worry about him. Ignoring the request, Jordan shrugged and reasoned that it might be time for her to accept that her relationship with Rafe simply wasn't meant to be. Ben watched in silence as Jordan sadly walked away.

Later, as Ben was mulling over his earlier conversation with Jordan, Rafe jogged through the area. Ben stopped Rafe and reported that he had just talked to an upset Jordan. Ben said that Jordan loved Rafe, and Rafe stressed that he felt the same way about her. Ben wondered why Rafe couldn't just trust Jordan. Rafe started to counter that Jordan apparently didn't trust him enough to level with him, but Ben clarified that Jordan was simply trying to protect her little brother -- and Rafe, too.

Rafe said that he needed the truth, not protection. Ben understood but insisted that Jordan was simply trying to do the right thing. Ben recalled that Jordan had always been willing to sacrifice her own happiness to help him, and he said that he couldn't stand to see her once again putting herself last when she had finally found some happiness of her own. "Look, Rafe, if you love her as much as you say you do, can you maybe just try being a little more patient and understanding? Isn't she worth that much?" Ben asked before walking away.

As Jordan strolled through the town square, she recalled bittersweet memories of the romantic date she and Rafe had shared there a few months earlier. Meanwhile, Kate approached and wondered if Jordan had taken her earlier advice about talking to Rafe. Jordan irritably replied that talking to Rafe had only made things worse. Kate urged Jordan not to give up, insisting that Rafe needed Jordan's help. Meanwhile, Jordan received a phone call, and she abruptly excused herself.

Later, at Rafe's request, Jordan met with him in a secluded section of the town square. Rafe admitted that he missed Jordan more than he could stand, and she returned the sentiment. Rafe said he didn't want to end his relationship with Jordan, but he added that he hoped she understood why he needed to exercise caution. Jordan nodded as Rafe said that he loved her and would find a way to work things out with her.

John entered the Kiriakis mansion as Maggie was leaving a voicemail message for Brady. John inferred that Brady had gone to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, so he asked Maggie about it after she ended the call. Maggie was surprised to see John, who explained that he had been looking for Victor but had already learned from Henderson that Victor was out of town.

John apologized for eavesdropping but enthusiastically added that if Brady had really gone to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, that was wonderful news. Maggie reminded John that she couldn't discuss the topic with him. John understood but hoped that if his suspicion was true, it was a sign that things were finally starting to turn around for Brady.

During the Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Brady listened and nodded as the moderator talked about removing negative influences that could pose a threat to recovery. Afterward, the moderator ran into Brady in the hospital waiting area and said that he was glad that Brady had attended and participated in the meeting. The moderator hoped to see Brady again, but Brady admitted that he wasn't sure if the meetings were still right for him, since they no longer inspired him like they once had. The moderator wondered if he could convince Brady to give the meetings another chance. Brady knew that was what he needed to do, so he hesitantly agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Theresa complained that Brady hadn't answered her phone call or responded to her text message, and she wondered where he was. Anne suggested that Brady might have found something -- or someone -- better to do, but Theresa insisted that Brady was devoted to her. "I wouldn't be surprised if I got an engagement ring pretty soon," Theresa confidently added.

Anne doubted that Brady would ever marry Theresa, but Theresa argued that Anne didn't know anything about marriage, anyway. Anne countered that she had received the same number of marriage proposals that Theresa had received -- zero. Anne added that Brady was a trust fund baby who didn't have free access to his millions, and she predicted that Victor and John would never let Theresa touch that money, even if Theresa did manage to get Brady to marry her. "Old men have to die sometime," Theresa dismissively reasoned.

Anne conceded the point but argued that Theresa's biggest obstacle wasn't Victor or John -- it was Brady. Anne reasoned that Theresa was the kind of girl Brady enjoyed partying with but would never actually marry. The comment stung Theresa, but Anne clarified that she hadn't meant it as an insult. "Look, you have a little bit of a reputation, Theresa. Come on -- after everything Brady's been through with his crazy ex, you think he's gonna run off and marry Salem's next most infamous liar?" Anne pointedly asked.

Theresa fought back tears as she cursed Daniel and Jennifer, reasoning that it was their fault that everyone in Salem thought of her that way. Anne agreed that Jennifer and Daniel always ruined everything for everyone, but she also matter-of-factly added that what everyone in Salem believed about Theresa was true. Theresa sipped her martini to try to hide her pain as Anne, seemingly oblivious, suggested that it might be time for Theresa to cut her losses. "You got a spiffy new purse from Brady, you had a whole lot of fun, but it's not like you're in love with the guy," Anne reasoned.

Theresa scoffed and agreed, her voice still filled with emotion that Anne failed to detect. "Uh...Brady is a -- a pretty big catch, would be a shame to throw that fish back into the sea before I, you know, squeeze a little more out of him," Theresa quickly added. Later, after Anne left, Theresa entertained herself with a game of darts while she sipped another martini and waited for Brady to arrive.

Meanwhile, John entered the pub, and Theresa guessed that he was pleased to see that Brady still hadn't joined her. Theresa assumed that John had returned to gloat, but he clarified that he had simply left his credit card behind earlier. Theresa insisted that Brady hadn't stood her up, reasoning that he had probably never received her text message in the first place. "Actually, he's trying to get his life together," John clarified.

John started to leave, but Theresa stopped him, guessing that he meant that Brady had gone to a meeting. Theresa accused John of sending Brady to a meeting in an effort to end Brady's relationship with her. "You know how I feel about your relationship with my son. And if you're not happy that he's finally getting some help, then I've been right about you. You're selfish, you're destructive, and I just thank God that it won't be long before Brady is sober enough to see you for who you are," John replied, unaware that Brady had entered the pub in time to hear at least some of the comments.

Theresa rushed to Brady's side as he defended her and accused John of once again trying to run his life. As John tried to deny the accusation, Theresa explained that he had told her that Brady had gone to a meeting and that he didn't feel like she had Brady's best interests at heart. Theresa innocently assured Brady that if he wanted to start going to meetings again, he had her full support.

Brady couldn't believe that Maggie had told John such private information. John clarified that he had simply overheard Maggie leaving Brady a voicemail message. Brady told John to inform Maggie that the meeting had been a complete waste of time because meetings simply didn't work for him. John tried to protest, but Brady ignored his father and exited the pub with Theresa, who turned to give John a mischievous grin before leaving.

Brady and Theresa went to her apartment, and Brady soon passed out on her bed while drowning his sorrows and complaining that he hated his father, who was the reason his life had fallen apart. "Wow. You have a fight with your dad, a couple drinks -- you're completely wasted. Oh, my God. He's the key. This could almost be too easy," Theresa mischievously mused as she watched Brady sleep.

At Club TBD, Maggie asked Ben for two bags of the Esmeralda Special coffee that Victor preferred. As Ben went to the back of the club to retrieve the coffee, Kate arrived and greeted Maggie, who wondered how Kate was doing. Kate said that she was doing well, and she guessed that the news would shock Maggie, who was probably celebrating Kate's recent termination with an exotic brew of coffee. Maggie denied the suspicion but admitted that she wasn't exactly distraught.

Kate predicted that Victor would beg her to return as soon as he realized that E.J. and Sami had set her up, and she asked Maggie to advise Victor to save his breath. Maggie guessed that Kate no longer needed a job at Victor's company because Kate was "getting back into bed with the dashing Stefano DiMera," and Kate wondered if that would be a relief to Maggie, who would never again have to worry about Kate's intimate relationship with Victor if Kate reattached herself to Stefano. Maggie insisted that she had never been worried about that.

After Maggie left, Kate received a phone call from Ortiz, who advised her to book a flight to Poplar Bluff, Missouri -- the gateway to the Ozarks -- immediately. As Kate ended the call, Ben served her a cup of coffee and wondered if he could get anything else for her. Kate shook her head and assured Ben that he had already been quite helpful.

Elsewhere, Paige pointed out to J.J. that anything that might have happened between their mothers years earlier was probably ancient history. J.J. allowed for that possibility but countered that Paige hadn't heard how his mother had talked about "this girl" who had tried to steal Jennifer's boyfriend. "'This girl' is my mom. You're making her sound like a total bitch. She's a good mom, and she doesn't deserve to be talked about that way," Paige protested.

J.J. apologetically tried to clarify his earlier comment, but Paige interrupted and continued to defend her mother. Paige argued that, since J.J. had only heard one side of the story thus far, it was unfair for him to automatically assume that her mother had been the one who had done underhanded things to his mother. "So, what are you saying -- that my mom was lying?" J.J. wondered.

"Wow! Is this Salem High's superlative couple...fighting? Man, nobody's ever gonna believe it. I gotta get this on tape," Rory interjected, pointing his cell phone's camera at J.J. and Paige as he and Bev approached their table. J.J. told Rory to put away the cell phone, and as Rory protested that he had been planning to use the footage to make a musical montage called "J.J. and Paige's Greatest Hits," Bev whispered in Paige's ear that she had known all along that Paige and J.J.'s relationship wouldn't last.

"You mean you wish, Bev. Paige and I weren't fighting. We were just...having a debate," J.J. clarified. Rory expressed skepticism before changing the subject, musing that he had expected J.J. to be celebrating the completion of Salem "Hellhole" High at a party somewhere. J.J. could tell that Rory was high, so he somewhat mockingly observed that it sounded like Rory had already started partying earlier.

Rory confirmed that he and Bev had just left a nearby house party, and Bev added that they had been on their way to another one when they had spotted J.J. and Paige arguing through the club window. Rory urged J.J. to ditch "Miss Glee Club" and party with Rory and Bev instead, promising that they would be much more fun than Paige. J.J. declined the offer, and an annoyed Bev quickly dragged Rory out of the club, declaring that they were going to have some real fun elsewhere.

J.J. sincerely thanked Paige for saving him from the kind of scene Rory and Bev represented. J.J. stressed that he didn't want to badmouth Rory, and he vaguely acknowledged that Rory and Bev had been good friends until Bev had started pulling stunts, but he added that he was over that scene and would much rather be with Paige.

J.J. suggested that he and Paige could call a truce, and he assured her that he hadn't meant to sound like he had been blaming everything on her mother. Paige returned the sentiment and admitted that she couldn't believe that she and J.J. had been arguing about a possible feud between their mothers that had taken place decades earlier. J.J. agreed with Paige and optimistically mused that their mothers might be sipping cocktails and laughing about old times at that exact moment.

At the Horton house, Eve said that she had been sorry to hear about Jack's tragic death, and she mused that it had to be comforting for Jennifer and his children to know that he lived on in his work and in his words. Eve added that Jack's memoir about his time in Afghanistan had been riveting and heartbreaking. Jennifer skeptically wondered if Eve was saying that she had read Jack's memoir.

"I do read. Well, not much. But, I mean, who could resist a bestseller written by my ex-husband? Although, you know what, Jen? I was just a tad bit disappointed that my name wasn't mentioned -- not even once," Eve admitted. Jennifer didn't think it was odd that Eve's name hadn't been mentioned in Jack's memoir, since Jack and Eve's marriage had been a total sham and had meant nothing to him. "Not quite," Eve cryptically replied.

Jennifer pointed out that she knew what had really happened because she had been around at that particular time. Jennifer recapped that Jack had needed money to save the Salem Spectator, so he had married Eve to enable her to inherit the ten million dollars Nick Corelli had left her in his will. Eve helpfully added that Jack had only been free to marry her because Jennifer had left him to give her relationship with Frankie another chance.

Eve recapped that she had graciously let Jack out of their marriage when he and Jennifer had once again decided to get back together. Eve continued that she had later given up all of her worldly possessions in favor of a life with Frankie in Africa, so she had never bothered to fight to get back the money Jack had received from her. Jennifer pointed out that Jack had received that money as part of the settlement he and Eve had agreed upon -- and he had invested it in the newspaper, so it was gone, anyway.

Eve guessed that Jack had never shown their annulment agreement to Jennifer. "I might not have any claim over his newspaper income, but he did agree know, um...sign over his rights to half of his earnings of long-form projects, including books. And I'm sure Jack 'Mr. A.D.D.' Deveraux never thought he would sit down and pound out a memoir, but he did -- can you believe it? And now, I am -- I'm here. I'm here to collect what is due me," Eve explained.

Eve retrieved a copy of the annulment agreement from her purse and showed it to Jennifer. As Jennifer inspected the document, Eve mused that she might have believed in Jack more than he had believed in himself, since she had always been convinced that he had possessed the ability to write something brilliant and profitable. Eve casually added that she had heard that a film studio was negotiating for the rights to turn Jack's memoir into a film.

Jennifer clarified that Jack's memoir had been a labor of love and that the proceeds weren't going to her or their children -- they were going to veterans' organizations, per his wishes. Jennifer hoped that not even Eve could be hardhearted enough to take money away from hardworking men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect their nation. "Don't get me wrong -- I love vets. I mean, who doesn't love a man in uniform, right? And I -- I donate to them all the time. Jen, you can do whatever you want with your half. But my half? It's mine," Eve matter-of-factly replied.

Jennifer started to protest, but Eve reasoned that Jack's wishes had been clearly outlined in the annulment agreement. Eve pointed to the place where her attorney's phone number had been printed, and she encouraged Jennifer to contact him if she had any questions. "I'm going to, because this is not what Jack would have wanted. And I am telling you right now, he never even gave you a thought all those years. And I -- I -- I can't even think that -- that you deserve -- are you kidding me? You are still the same person that you always were -- you are a conniving witch who thinks you are entitled to something for nothing!" Jennifer snapped.

Eve countered that Jennifer was the one who had always been handed everything on a silver platter -- including Frankie and Jack. "Everything came easy for you, Jennifer -- everything! Member of Salem's first family, keeper of Alice Horton's famous doughnut recipe. I never even knew who my father was, growing up. I lost every bit of innocence you still have by the time I was fourteen years old," Eve added.

Jennifer acknowledged that Eve's childhood had been rough, but she insisted that Eve needed to stop blaming her for that, since everyone made choices. Eve stressed that she had chosen to fight and that she had never stopped doing so. Eve added that she had hoped that, as a member of the so-called "generous Horton clan," Jennifer would have had enough compassion to give Eve the one thing she deserved, but she stressed that she would be willing to fight for that, too, if necessary. Jennifer promised that she would also fight -- and win -- because Jack would not have wanted Eve to see a dime of the money from his memoir.

Eve vowed that she would get the money because she needed it for her daughter's future as well as her own, but Jennifer maintained that the annulment agreement wasn't legitimate because Jack had never mentioned it to her and never would have agreed to such a thing, anyway. Eve shrugged and matter-of-factly reminded Jennifer that Jack had always been a bit shady.

"No! That's you! And I am telling you right now, you are not gonna get away with this!" Jennifer shouted. J.J. and Paige arrived in time to hear Jennifer lash out at Eve, and they wondered what was going on. Eve abruptly excused herself, taking Paige with her. After Eve and Paige left, J.J. tried to get Jennifer to tell him what had happened. Jennifer evasively responded that it had been nothing, but J.J. wasn't convinced. J.J. feared that the argument had been about him, but Jennifer assured him that it had been about something else.

Jennifer admitted that she and Eve had a complicated relationship, and J.J. guessed that Eve was the rival Jennifer had mentioned while flipping through her yearbook earlier. J.J. incredulously wondered if Jennifer and Eve were still fighting about something that had happened during their high school years. Jennifer vaguely clarified that the argument had been about money, but she evasively added that she wasn't ready to elaborate yet. Jennifer promised that she would tell J.J. and Abigail everything the following morning, after she'd had some time to process everything.

Jennifer asked J.J. to promise that he wouldn't talk to Paige until the following day, since she didn't want him to hear about what was going on from anyone else. J.J. wasn't thrilled about the request but agreed to honor it. J.J. feared that Jennifer was going to hold Paige's parentage against her, but Jennifer assured him that she wouldn't do that and that she still liked Paige.

As Eve and Paige strolled through the town square with cups of frozen yogurt, Paige wondered if Eve was ever going to get around to explaining what had happened between her and Jennifer earlier. Eve admitted that she and Jennifer had never really gotten along with each other. Paige said that she and J.J. had already guessed that, and she added that his theory was that Jennifer and Eve had been interested in the same guy in high school.

Eve confirmed the suspicion but also admitted that she had once been married to J.J.'s father. Shocked, Paige wondered why Eve had neglected to mention that earlier. Eve conceded that she hadn't handled the situation very well. Paige wondered how long Eve and Jack's marriage had lasted. Eve stressed that it hadn't lasted very long because she and Jack had both realized that it had been a mistake, and she added that they had been able to get the marriage annulled because they had never actually consummated it.

As Paige cringed, Eve added that Jennifer was still resentful -- perhaps more than ever before, since she had just learned that Jack had left Eve and Paige a wonderful gift that was going to change their lives forever. Paige tried to probe for more details, but Eve didn't want to elaborate until the following morning. Eve asked Paige to promise that she wouldn't talk to J.J. until the following day, predicting that the version of events he heard from his mother would make Eve look like the villain. Eve wanted Paige to hear her side of the story first, so Paige reluctantly agreed to honor the request.

Eve promised that she would still give J.J. a chance, but she added that she was going to want to know more about the legal troubles Paige had alluded to earlier, since she wanted to know if he was good enough for Paige. "You deserve the best, and so do I. That's why I've gotta make sure that this thing with J.J.'s dad comes through for us. Oh, my gosh, girl, it's gonna change our lives for the better -- it will. And you know what? I know just what I have to do to make it happen," Eve cryptically added.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rafe beamed when he woke up and found Jordan in bed next to him. Although she was smiling, too, Jordan reminded Rafe that they hadn't resolved anything the night before. Rafe revealed that he'd learned from Ben that Jordan had been keeping everything a secret because she'd been protecting both men. Jordan insisted that she'd only done what any sister would have done for her kid brother. Rafe asserted his belief that she had obviously sacrificed a lot, especially since she'd told him she'd never been in love before him.

Jordan was glad that no guy had ever been able to get through to her before, or she and Rafe might never have found one another. Rafe apologized for getting mad at Jordan for keeping secrets when she'd only been trying to protect him. Jordan seemed prepared to tell Rafe everything, but he got a phone call, after which he reluctantly announced that he had to leave.

As Sami walked through Horton Square, she spoke to Kate on the phone. Sami was displeased when she learned that Kate had gone out of town at such a crucial point in their plan, but Kate reassured her that everything was fine and that Stefano would not be a problem. Spotting Abigail and Ben across the square, Sami referred to her maid-of-honor as a "two-faced little whore." Kate warned Sami not to tip off Abigail or E.J. before the wedding.

Just when Abigail and Ben got settled on a bench, Sami excitedly rushed over to give Abigail a hug. Sami was very enthusiastic that Ben was going to accompany Abigail to the wedding. Sami referenced the last guy Abigail had "hooked up with" then she immediately apologized and covered as if she'd been referring to Chad. After chattering on about Chad, the wedding, and the importance of moving on, Sami seemed satisfied that she'd made Abigail very uncomfortable, so she said goodbye and hurried off to continue getting ready for the wedding.

After Sami left, Abigail complained to Ben about Sami blabbing, but he reassured Abigail that it was no big deal. Jordan called Ben and asked him to meet her, so he made an excuse to Abigail, who headed off to finish some last-minute wedding details. Ben agreed to meet Jordan in the park.

In the park a few minutes later, Ben remarked that Jordan looked happy. "Whatever you said to Rafe really worked," Jordan admitted. After assuring Ben that she could trust Rafe, Jordan cautioned her brother, "I'm going to tell Rafe the truth -- about everything."

Sami headed to the police station to see her dad, but Roman wasn't in his office, so Sami sat behind his desk to leave him a note about the wedding. As she wrote it, her mind drifted to the picture of E.J. kissing Abigail, and Sami repeated a phrase in her note. Aggravated, she scribbled it out furiously, balled up the paper, and hurled it and the pen across the room -- nearly hitting Rafe as he walked through the door.

Rafe asked if Sami were all right. She insisted that she was, but he wondered what she was doing there when she was supposed to be getting married. Rafe suspected that something had hurt and angered Sami. Calmly denying it, Sami urged Rafe not to read anything into her frustration with the pen not working. Rafe guessed that Sami was upset because her parents weren't going to her wedding because of whom she was marrying. Sami just looked at Rafe silently, and he asked why she wasn't protesting or defending E.J.

Sami said that it would be a waste of time to argue, since Rafe had already made up his mind about E.J. Rafe countered that Sami had obviously made up her mind about E.J., as well. "Yeah, I have. I know exactly what kind of man E.J. is, and I know exactly what I'm getting into, marrying him, and someday you will, too," Sami declared confidently as she headed out.

At a diner in the Ozarks, the waitress tried to talk Kate into trying the grits and red-eye gravy special, but a curt Kate said that she only wanted coffee. "This had better be worth it, Jordan," Kate muttered to herself as the waitress walked away. When Ortiz showed up -- late -- to join Kate, he warned her that there could be a problem with what he'd told her he'd found on Jordan. Kate expressed her extreme annoyance with Ortiz for not delivering on what he'd promised.

Ortiz explained that after all the roadblocks he'd run against in trying to find out anything about Jordan, he'd shown Ben's picture around and had met someone who recognized Ben. The guy hadn't shown up after he'd agreed to meet Ortiz -- but someone else had. The man had asked a lot of questions about whom Ortiz was working for and why he was showing the photos around. Ortiz reassured Kate that he had insisted that he was the one who wanted to know, but the man hadn't bought it and had walked away.

Before Kate could launch into much of a tirade against Ortiz, a man with long hair and a beard walked in and asked if Kate were the one who'd hired Ortiz. Kate admitted that she was. The waitress addressed the bearded man as "Jeremiah," who declined her offer to get him something. Jeremiah encouraged Ortiz to leave, so Ortiz complied, and Jeremiah sat across from Kate. "You're a brave lady... Being nosy in these parts can spell trouble," Jeremiah remarked. Unfazed, Kate said that she didn't want trouble, only information -- and she could pay for it.

"You name your price, and you tell me what you know about her," Kate proposed, handing Jeremiah a photo of Jordan. Kate guessed from the man's expression that he recognized Jordan, but he got up and left without another word, despite Kate's loud protests. A little later, a frustrated Kate was trying to get a cell signal so she could book a flight home. Just then, a man with short silver hair and a matching beard approached Kate. "Would you show me that picture, ma'am?" the man requested. Kate produced the photo of Jordan, and the man sank down into the chair across from her. "It has been a long time," the man said.

In Bishop White's office, the bishop advised Eric that he and two experts had reviewed the evidence Eric had submitted. The bishop continued that Dr. Jonas and some others would be giving their statements soon, but Nicole Walker had refused to cooperate. Eric said that he had already been aware of that, but he thanked the bishop for his time and effort. Bishop White suggested that Eric try talking to Nicole. "I'm afraid talking to her is what's caused her to decide not to help," Eric said. He added that he had put his future in God's hands.

At Club TBD, Marlena expressed her gratitude to Daniel for talking to the bishop on Eric's behalf. Indicating Nicole, who was sitting at the bar, Marlena warned Daniel that Nicole had flatly refused to help Eric after run-ins with Sami and Marlena.

After Marlena left, Daniel approached Nicole as nonthreateningly as possible, but Nicole snapped that she would never help Eric. "You selfish bitch!" Daniel hissed. Bristling, Nicole argued that even though they needed her help, Marlena, Sami, and even Eric had all treated her badly. Daniel reminded Nicole of everything she'd done so far to clear Eric's name, but Eric would never be able to get his life back if she didn't step up and verify the evidence. Nicole continued complaining about how Eric had treated her like trash.

"This is not about you! This is about Eric, his future, his whole life... Now you're going to refuse to help because people said stuff about you that hurt your poor little feelings?" Daniel asked incredulously. Nicole ordered him not to judge her. Daniel maintained that he wasn't judging, but Nicole was just being cruel. "You know, it must be so easy for you. You haven't lost anything. You still have wonderful Jennifer and cute little Parker and a fantastic career, and me? I've got nothing," Nicole pointed out. After encouraging Daniel to get back to his "perfect little life," Nicole headed for the ladies' room.

While Hope and Aiden waited at the Brady Pub to meet Giselle, Ciara played with Chase at a table nearby. Hope was thrilled to learn that the kids had become friends. When Giselle arrived, she greeted Aiden and Hope warmly but seemed disappointed that Roman hadn't arrived yet. Hope assured Giselle that Roman was on his way. Giselle opened her tablet to show the others the art she intended to donate for the benefit -- five paintings and three sculptures. Hope and Aiden marveled at Giselle's generosity.

When Roman arrived, Giselle got up in the middle of what Aiden was saying to greet Roman with a kiss and embrace. Hope gave Roman a playful thumbs-up. Giselle led Roman away to speak with him privately. Hope whispered to Aiden that she hoped Roman would forgive her someday.

Marlena walked in while Giselle was showing Roman pictures of the dress she intended to wear to the gala. Giselle's flirting with Roman caused Marlena to roll her eyes. When Eric arrived and greeted his mom, Roman noticed his ex-wife at the bar and said hello. Roman introduced Eric to Giselle, who expressed her excitement at the possibility of Eric's reinstatement as a priest. Although she was cordial to Marlena, Giselle nestled closer to Roman.

The waitress informed Hope that the coffeemaker was on the fritz, so Hope volunteered to pick up some coffees for her and Aiden at Club TBD. Eric told Aiden how pleased Father Louis was with all the work Aiden had done for the school. Aiden admitted that he hadn't been to mass in a while, but he had been determined that Chase attend St. Luke's because his late wife had really wanted their son to have a Catholic education. "Then your wife would be pleased," Eric said.

Marlena pulled Roman aside, leaving Giselle scowling. Aiden noticed what was going on and asked Eric to step in, so Eric grabbed his mom and asked if they could go for a walk and talk privately. Roman returned to a pleased Giselle.

Hope arrived at the club and greeted Daniel. She acknowledged sympathetically that she'd learned about the problems Jennifer and Daniel were having because of what had happened with Eric. Nicole returned from the restroom and overheard Daniel telling Hope, "I love Jennifer, and I miss her so much sometimes... But this thing with Nicole, finding out how Jen sees me as someone who doesn't have the -- it's just a lot to wrap my head around. There's really not much to say. We're just -- we're not together anymore."

After Hope left, Nicole admitted to Daniel that she'd overheard his conversation with Hope. "I'm sorry. It seems like everything I've done lately has wound up hurting someone new, and now you?" Nicole said, adding that she felt terrible that he and Jennifer had broken up. Ignoring Nicole's apology, Daniel announced that he was leaving to see the bishop.

Marlena and Eric sat on a bench outside Horton Square. She insisted that Roman had been relieved when she'd pulled him away from Giselle, but Eric playfully accused his mom of being jealous. Eric and Marlena were laughing together when Nicole happened upon them. Nicole hung back so they didn't see her and so she could eavesdrop. Giggling but refusing to admit that she was jealous, Marlena remarked, "It's so good to see you like this." Marlena confessed that she felt responsible for Nicole's refusal to help Eric. Marlena thought Eric should talk to Nicole, but he said that he couldn't ask for Nicole's help. "Either she's going to step up or she's not," Eric pointed out.

When Hope returned to the pub, Aiden filled her in on what had happened in her absence. Aiden headed over to where Giselle and Roman were to check on them, and Giselle expressed her pleasure with how everything was progressing. As Aiden walked Roman and Giselle out, Ciara asked Hope for permission to get some cookies for her and Chase. Ciara headed into the kitchen.

Chase remarked to Hope, "Ciara's always saying how good her grandma's cookies are. I bet they're not as good as the ones my mom used to make." Hope guessed that Chase missed his mom a lot. "Yeah, I do," Chase admitted sadly. Just as Aiden returned, Hope asked Chase to tell her what his mom had been like.

Bishop White was very grateful when Daniel arrived at the church. The bishop noted that Daniel had not been present when the evidence had been discovered. Daniel confirmed that he couldn't talk about what had happened firsthand. The bishop said that there was still more evidence to consider. As the men shook hands, the bishop thanked Daniel for his help. Daniel opened the door to leave and found Nicole waiting in the hallway outside.

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