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Kate learned that Clyde was Jordan and Ben's father. Eve and Jennifer's past ruined J.J. and Paige's graduation day. Sami and E.J. were married. Rafe arrested E.J. on a tip shortly after the wedding. E.J. was clueless about Sami's betrayal. Hope suspected that someone had set up E.J. Jennifer and Daniel's attempts to reach out to each other failed.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 30, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, July 30, 2014

by Mike

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Marlena feared that Eric's name might never be cleared without Nicole's help, and she wondered if he would be able to live with that. Eric maintained that he wasn't going to try to force Nicole to do something she didn't want to do.

Eric abruptly changed the subject, wondering if, like him, Marlena had also not been invited to Sami and E.J.'s wedding. Marlena revealed that she had received a last-minute invitation -- from E.J., not Sami -- but had declined it. Marlena reminded Eric that it was pointless to try to tell Sami what to do, and he pointedly replied that Nicole was the same way.

At the Horton house, J.J. was shocked to learn that Eve wanted a cut of the proceeds from Jack's book. Jennifer -- who had already filled Abigail in earlier that day -- assured J.J. that she was going to make sure that Jack's desire for all the proceeds to go to veterans' organizations was honored. Jennifer warned that she didn't trust Eve and that J.J. should never make the mistake of trusting the woman, either.

J.J. feared that Jennifer's advice extended to Paige, as well, but Jennifer assured him that her issues with Eve had nothing to do with his girlfriend. Jennifer didn't want anything to ruin J.J.'s graduation day, so he agreed to let her handle the legal matter on her own, reasoning that he wouldn't know what to do about it, anyway.

At the Brady Pub, Aiden interrupted before Chase could answer Hope's question about the boy's mother. Aiden wondered what was going on, and Chase responded somewhat evasively. Chase had been scheduled to meet with a friend fifteen minutes earlier so they could go to judo class together, so Aiden sent the boy off after admonishing him for keeping the friend's mother waiting.

After Chase left, Hope curiously observed that Aiden's tone had suggested that he had been upset about something other than his son's tardiness. Hope couldn't think of anything else that Chase could have done to earn Aiden's disapproval, since she had simply been asking the boy about his mother when Aiden had returned earlier. Aiden took a deep breath and explained that, while he knew that Hope was just trying to be nice, he would prefer for her to avoid talking to Chase about the boy's mother -- even if Chase started the dialogue himself -- because it was a topic that was too painful for either of them to discuss.

Hope understood but gently pointed out that it was sometimes best for a person to talk about the things that were upsetting them. "Not in this case," Aiden insisted. Meanwhile, Aiden received a phone call, and after ending it, he explained to Hope that Jennifer wanted his legal advice because Justin was out of town. Hope encouraged Aiden to handle the matter right away, promising to meet with him again later to continue planning the gala.

At Club TBD, Paige was upset to learn that Eve planned to claim half of the proceeds from Jack's book. Paige thought Eve had hatched the scheme to be mean and spiteful, but Eve denied the accusation. "Jack Deveraux gave me his word, and then he just suddenly forgot about it. We have that money coming to us, sweetheart. [...] You know how bad it's been since your dad walked out on us and left us high and dry. The worst part is...I haven't been able to give to my beautiful daughter everything that she has needed [and] deserved. But now I can. I can, and I will," Eve assured Paige.

Paige received a text message from J.J., so she abruptly excused herself, claiming that she had to pick up her cap and gown before the graduation ceremony. After Paige left, Eve placed a phone call to Theresa's apartment, but she once again remained silent when Theresa answered the call. "Well, Miss Jeannie, at least I know you're home," Eve muttered after Theresa irritably ended the call.

Later, while Theresa was trying to research John's net worth online, she received a visit from Eve. Theresa greeted Eve with obvious contempt, and Eve replied that it was nice to see Theresa, too. Eve invited herself into the apartment as Theresa demanded to know the reason for the visit. "Oh, well, I'm just doing what I was asked to do. When Daddy found out I was coming back to Salem, he begged me to check in on his law-breaking, drug-dependent, overdosing little bundle of joy, and it seems to me like the only thing that's changed around here is, like, uh, your address," Eve replied.

"Well, where are you coming from, Eve? Hmm? A fellowship at Princeton? Or did some guy dump you...again? Because I know for a fact that men go through you like traffic through a tunnel. It was the topic of conversation at the Donovan homestead growing up. When it comes to screwing up, you're the gold standard. I'll never top you," Theresa countered. Eve laughed and advised Theresa to refrain from selling herself short.

Eve inspected Theresa's face and observed that it looked like Theresa was aging -- perhaps as a product of drug use, or perhaps just because she wasn't using the right moisturizer. Theresa dismissively replied that she wouldn't mind if she and Eve never saw each other again, since it wasn't like they had ever bonded, anyway. Eve said that was because she hadn't wanted her daughter -- who had recently been accepted to Stanford -- to be around a bad influence. "Oh, God. Hmm. A bad influence? Well, it's a little too late to be worrying about that," Theresa mused with a laugh.

Eve feared that meant that Paige had been in contact with Theresa. Theresa clarified that Paige had no idea who she was, but she knew exactly who Paige was. Theresa added that, based on what she had seen, she was the least of Paige's problems. Theresa wondered if Eve had heard about Paige's new boyfriend yet. Eve impatiently wondered how Theresa knew J.J., a high school boy. "I'll tell you exactly how I know him -- because before he was climbing all over Paige, he was climbing all over me," Theresa matter-of-factly replied.

Eve demanded to know what Theresa was talking about. "Okay, J.J.? Paige's new beau? I knew him way before she did, and trust me, he's only interested in two things -- getting high and getting lucky. Oh, uh, sorry -- did I -- did I tell you that he was here the night that I overdosed? Yeah, that's who precious Paige has been hooking up with. Well, looks like she's going the way all the Donovan girls end up going," Theresa mused with a shrug. "Like hell she will," Eve muttered.

Paige met J.J. in a secluded section of the town square, and they quickly agreed that it was clear that their mothers hated each other's guts. J.J. mused that he couldn't see how Eve had a right to claim any of the proceeds from Jack's book, since Jack had clearly stated where he had wanted the money to go. "Then open your eyes, because your dad married her," Paige countered.

J.J. wondered if Paige was aware of the fact that Eve wasn't trying to take money from the Deveraux family -- she was trying to take it from veterans' organizations. Paige countered that Eve wasn't taking money from anyone -- she was simply asking for what Jack had agreed to give her. "You don't know what my dad agreed to, 'cause he's dead!" J.J. snapped.

Paige sighed and told J.J. that they needed to stop talking about the matter right away, before it destroyed their relationship. J.J. agreed and suggested that it would be best for him and Paige to stay out of the fight for the proceeds from Jack's book, since it wasn't their fight, anyway. After sealing the plan with a kiss, Paige admitted that her mother had been pushing her to talk about J.J.

Paige explained that Eve wasn't entirely comfortable with Paige dating J.J. because Eve didn't know enough about him yet. "That's 'cause you're still keeping her in the dark. But it's gonna be okay, 'cause I'm different from what I once was, and now I'll actually have the chance to show her that, so...nothing is gonna come between us -- nothing," J.J. confidently assured Paige.

At the Horton house, Jennifer gave Aiden a brief summary of her history with Eve. Jennifer insisted that Eve's claim to half of the proceeds from Jack's book was completely bogus, and she begged Aiden to assure her that Eve wouldn't be able to get away with it. Aiden inspected the annulment agreement and concluded that it seemed like Eve had a legitimate claim to a portion of the proceeds.

Jennifer protested that Jack had signed the agreement years earlier and had not had any intentions of writing a book at that time. Aiden said that didn't change the fact that Jack had made Eve a promise in a legally binding contract. Jennifer argued that Jack would have promised Eve anything in order to get out of his marriage to her. "She was holding that over his head? Could be construed as extortion, I guess," Aiden cautiously mused.

Aiden didn't want to get Jennifer's hopes up, but he promised to contact Eve's lawyer and discuss the matter with him. Aiden optimistically suggested that there might be a simple solution to the legal dispute, but Jennifer warned that nothing was ever simple when Eve was involved. Later, after Aiden left, Jennifer received a visit from Hope, who was concerned about Jennifer's earlier phone call to Aiden.

Hope was shocked to learn that Eve was back in town -- for good, apparently -- and she asked if that was why Jennifer had needed legal advice. Jennifer confirmed the suspicion, and Hope wondered what Eve had done to Jennifer. Jennifer vaguely replied that she wasn't just concerned about herself.

At St. Luke's, Daniel was reluctant to leave Nicole alone with Bishop White, but she assured Daniel that she knew what she had to do. Nicole pointedly asked Daniel to allow her to be the one to tell Eric that she had decided to talk to the bishop. After Daniel left, Nicole told Bishop White about the documents she had found in Chyka's cabin safe, as well as her subsequent decision to shred them.

Bishop White wondered why Nicole had changed her mind about cooperating with the church's investigation. Nicole dodged the question, arguing that her reasons weren't important. Nicole assured Bishop White that she had a very good memory and could supply him with even more details about the contents of the documents if necessary. Nicole wondered if her information would be enough to clear Eric's name.

Bishop White assured Nicole that her statement would be carefully considered, but he added that the investigative process was intentionally very slow. Confused, Nicole wondered what else Bishop White needed to know in order to clear Eric's name. Bishop White wondered why Nicole hadn't presented him with the evidence right away instead of destroying it. "I...did it for love," Nicole admitted.

Bishop White started to argue that Nicole's actions had contradicted that claim, but she interrupted, knowing what he was going to say. "That's how you see it. But did I really do anything wrong, or did I just get caught? Who's to say what's best for Eric?" Nicole countered. Bishop White reasoned that Eric was the one who should have made that decision.

Nicole stood to leave as she dismissively stated that she and Bishop White clearly had differing opinions about the matter. Bishop White told Nicole that he would include her in his prayers. "Hmm. Do I get to pick what you pray for?" Nicole asked. Nicole exited the bishop's office without waiting for a response.

Eric visited Daniel at the hospital to thank him for talking to the bishop earlier. Eric offered to take Daniel and Jennifer out to dinner the next time their individual schedules lined up properly, but Daniel declined the offer, reluctantly explaining that he and Jennifer were taking a break. Daniel admitted that he loved Jennifer but was having trouble accepting the fact that she had been convinced that he would have allowed Nicole to keep lying to Eric about the shredded documents forever. Daniel hoped that Eric would be able to understand his position. " don't have to convince me that love is not always enough," Eric replied.

Eric made it clear that he disagreed with Jennifer's assessment of the situation. Daniel appreciated Eric's faith in him but stressed that he didn't want Eric to take sides. "I just told you what I believe. The truth has to count for something, doesn't it?" Eric reasoned. Daniel was inclined to add an exception to Eric's statement, but after pausing to consider it for a moment, he conceded that Eric was right.

Later, while Daniel and Parker were enjoying cups of frozen yogurt in the town square, Aiden approached and asked to talk to Daniel for a moment. Daniel and Aiden moved a few feet away from Parker so they could talk privately. Aiden explained that he had heard that Daniel and Jennifer were taking a break, and he wondered if there was a chance that they might be able to work everything out eventually. Daniel admitted that he wasn't sure.

Aiden started to ask if the split had been hard on Parker, but he quickly realized that he had probably overstepped. Daniel assured Aiden that it wasn't a problem, and he admitted that he wasn't sure how Parker felt about the matter. Daniel knew that Parker was crazy about Jennifer, and he hoped that the boy would be able to adjust and move on if necessary. "Yeah. And sometimes that's what's best, right? I mean, the last thing you want is your kid carrying around memories of things that you did -- I mean, things that...upset them, you know?" Aiden reasoned with a sigh.

Daniel wondered if Aiden was all right. Aiden nodded and claimed that he had simply been thinking about how difficult the situation likely was for Parker and Daniel. Daniel recalled that Aiden also had a son. Aiden nodded and abruptly changed the subject, observing that it looked like Parker was about to make a mess with his cup of frozen yogurt. Daniel rushed over to help Parker, and Aiden watched them pensively.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole ran into Eric. Nicole revealed that she had talked to the bishop earlier and had told him the whole story -- the true story. Eric remained silent, so Nicole impatiently prompted him for a response. Eric thanked Nicole for cooperating with the church's investigation, acknowledging that she could have chosen not to.

Nicole hoped her statement would help, but Eric reasoned that the matter was out of their hands. Eric hoped that Nicole felt good about what she had done for him. Eric started to walk away, prompting Nicole to wonder if that was really all he was going to say to her. Eric replied that he couldn't think of anything else that he and Nicole needed to say to each other. Nicole sadly watched as Eric entered the pub.

At a diner in Missouri, the man sitting across from Kate identified Jordan as "[his] Tammy Sue." The man wondered if the photograph of Tammy Sue was recent, and Kate confirmed that it was. The man said he had been worried about Tammy Sue, who had been a sweet little girl but had eventually grown up. The man explained that Tammy Sue had taken off approximately eight years earlier.

Kate assumed that Tammy Sue had left to attend an out-of-state college, but the man claimed that there had been no real reason for the sudden departure. The man explained that he had searched for Tammy Sue for a while but had eventually given up, since it was very difficult to find a person who didn't want to be found. The man -- who finally introduced himself as Clyde -- wondered if Kate could tell him if his "little girl" was happy.

Kate replied that, while she didn't know Tammy Sue very well, it seemed like the woman was doing well. Clyde curiously observed that Kate always uttered Tammy Sue's name in a way that suggested that Kate wasn't accustomed to saying the name. Kate explained that she knew Tammy Sue as Jordan Ridgeway. Clyde wasn't surprised that Tammy Sue had changed her name to something fancier, since she had never liked her original name because it had sounded too countrified.

Kate showed Clyde the photograph of Ben, and he identified the young man as Ollie. "I didn't want to say anything before. You see, Tammy Sue was of age when she took off, but Ollie, my boy -- he was a minor, and I don't think he went with her of his own free will. That makes it kidnapping," Clyde explained. Clyde claimed that his friends had advised him to report the matter to the police, but he hadn't wanted to get Tammy Sue in trouble.

"If she took off with him, it's because she thought I did them wrong. Leaving them be was just my way of making it up to them," Clyde explained. Clyde guessed that Kate knew where Tammy Sue and Ollie were, and she confirmed his suspicion, wondering if he had ever heard of a place called Salem. Clyde mused that Salem seemed to be in a really nice part of the country, and he hoped that Tammy Sue and Ollie were making good lives for themselves there.

Kate wondered if Clyde was going to try to contact or visit Tammy Sue and Ollie, since he had finally learned their whereabouts. Clyde reasoned that if his kids wanted to see him, they knew where to find him. Clyde wondered if Tammy Sue and Ollie had gotten jobs or made friends in Salem, and Kate confirmed that they had done both, although she didn't give details. Clyde innocently reiterated that he hoped his kids were happy.

Clyde realized that Kate had gone to great lengths to find him, since there was a long drive between the nearest airport and the diner, and he wondered why she had been that determined to ask him about his kids. Kate explained that a friend had needed a physical therapist, so she had arranged for Jordan to move from Birmingham to Salem to treat him. Kate added that she had grown concerned when Jordan had been evasive about her past, so she had started looking for more information about Jordan. Clyde assured Kate that Tammy Sue would never hurt a fly.

Kate said she was relieved to hear that, and Clyde guessed that she would soon be heading back to Salem, since she had found the answers she had been looking for. Kate agreed to let Clyde keep the photographs of Tammy Sue and Ollie, and she also handed Clyde her business card so that he could call if he thought of anything else that might be important, although he assured her that she had already received the whole story.

Clyde asked Kate to refrain from mentioning their meeting to Tammy Sue and Ollie, claiming that he didn't want to upset them. After Clyde left, Kate quietly wondered if Jordan was hiding anything else.

In the park, Ben offered to reveal the truth about his and Jordan's mysterious past to Rafe so that she wouldn't have to, but she declined the offer. "I'm the one who took charge back then. I made this happen, so this is on me," Jordan reasoned. Ben countered that Jordan had only made the decision for them to take off without looking back because they had needed to get away from "that son of a bitch."

"What I did wasn't just for you; it was for me, too. I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take him anymore. Getting out was the only option, and there was no way I was gonna leave you behind. It had to be the two of us or nothing," Jordan clarified. Jordan worried about how she was going to tell Rafe the whole story. Ben predicted that if Jordan told Rafe the whole story, Rafe would probably want to go after -- and possibly even arrest -- the man they had been talking about.

Jordan reminded Ben that Rafe couldn't arrest the man, since there was no proof of what he had done. "Maybe...but I'm a witness. I heard him threaten you. He said if you tried to run away, he'd kill you," Ben replied. Jordan reasoned that she could just tell Rafe that there would be repercussions for her if he decided to go after the man, since she had stolen money from him in order to start a new life with Ben.

"Jordan, after what he put us through, he owed us that money. And he can't go to the police and talk about the money -- he'd have to explain where he got it. But that wouldn't stop him from killing to get it back," Ben pointed out. Ben wondered if Jordan believed that there was a chance that the man might have given up on trying to find them. Jordan reminded Ben that the man had tracked them to Houston and that they had barely managed to escape, but Ben pointed out that it had been nearly two years since that incident had occurred.

Ben optimistically suggested to Jordan that their trail might have gone cold, but she was doubtful. "He hasn't given up, and he never will. He is just biding his time until he gets another lead," Jordan guessed. Ben reminded Jordan that Rafe was a cop and a former FBI agent, and he reasoned that Rafe might be able to help them if necessary, but Jordan was doubtful.

"You have never really seen what this man is really capable of, and I just pray to God that you never do," Jordan added.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady talked to an employee on the phone and was surprised when he learned that he had texted the employee about work and had no recollection of it. After hanging up the phone, Brady wondered aloud why there was no phone application that prevented a person from texting when they were drunk. Brady answered a knock at the door and was dismayed to find Daniel on the front porch.

When Daniel asked if Brady was avoiding him, Brady admitted that he was pushing Daniel away because Daniel did not like Theresa. Daniel explained that Theresa was a sociopath and had no interest in anyone's feelings but her own. Brady growled that he did not want Daniel's pity or condescension. Brady added that he could make his own decisions. With a shrug, Daniel pointed out that Brady's decisions had left him with a hangover. Brady ordered Daniel to leave.

At Sonny and Will's apartment, Rafe stopped by to visit Arianna. While Sonny showered, Will and Rafe reminisced about when they had lived together. Will said that he understood that Rafe had moved on to Jordan and that he was happy that Sami appeared to be happy with E.J. Rafe commented that Sami was not a good judge of what constituted happiness. When Sonny returned to the living room, Will went into the bedroom to take a shower. Sonny told Rafe that E.J. had supported him and Will during their wedding and that Sonny wanted to return the favor.

Lucas walked with Allie and Ciara through the town square. They spotted Sami across the way and walked over to say hello. Ciara asked Sami if she could be in the wedding, and as Sami stumbled on a way to turn down Ciara's request, Lucas intervened and suggested that Ciara and Allie go to their favorite store. After Ciara and Allie ran off, Lucas informed Sami that Allie had asked Lucas to talk to Sami about going to the wedding.

Sami was pleasantly surprised when Lucas said that he was interested in attending the wedding. Lucas said that he wanted to be happy for Sami, and he asked if she was happy. Avoiding the question, Sami smiled and told Lucas that she was excited that he would be attending the wedding. When Lucas asked Sami to promise him that there would be no surprises at the wedding, she refused with a smile. Lucas wished her luck and said, "All I want is your happiness." "You are in for a hell of a show," Sami countered.

At the Horton house, Jennifer stared at the annulment papers and swore that she would stop Eve. Jennifer crumpled up the papers, shoved them in a desk drawer, and then paused when she spotted a framed photo of Daniel in the drawer. Jennifer stared at the photo then placed it on top of the desk.

After changing clothes, Jennifer walked down the stairs and heard a noise outside her front door. Curious, Jennifer opened the door and found Daniel holding a large, wrapped gift. Daniel reluctantly carried the package in the house, and he informed Jennifer that it was a vintage guitar for J.J.'s graduation. Thrilled, Jennifer hugged Daniel. When Jennifer asked Daniel to join them at J.J.'s graduation, Daniel declined. Daniel said that he did not want to give J.J. the wrong idea because Daniel did not believe that he and Jennifer could return to their romantic relationship.

As the hope died in Jennifer's eyes, Daniel remarked that it had been a bad idea to leave the present at the house. Daniel stressed that he was not ready to talk to Jennifer and that he needed to think about what he wanted in his life. Daniel added that he could not attend J.J.'s graduation because he had to report to the hospital for surgery. Daniel admitted that he missed Jennifer but that he did not think it was possible for them to be together.

After Daniel left, a man stopped by the house. The man served her a subpoena. Jennifer stared with her mouth open, and the man explained that Eve was suing Jennifer.

In Theresa's apartment, Theresa informed Eve about her history with J.J. When Theresa remarked that Jennifer was "a bitch," Eve proposed that she and Theresa team up. Eve chuckled and said that she was having fun annoying Jennifer. Noting that she had business to take care of, Theresa retreated to her bedroom. While Eve wandered the living room, there was a knock at the front door. Eve opened the door and found Brady. Eve introduced herself, but before Brady could return the gesture, his phone beeped with a text message from Theresa.

"Don't come," Brady said as he read the text aloud. When Brady called out to Theresa, she rushed into the living room and gruffly announced to Eve that Brady was her boyfriend. Theresa then grunted that Eve was her older sister. Theresa shoved Eve out of the apartment and sighed once her sister was gone. When Brady commented that Eve looked like she wanted something from Theresa, Theresa countered that Eve wanted something from everyone.

Theresa told Brady about her history with her sister and how her parents had compared Theresa's bad behavior to Eve's bad behavior. Upset, Theresa guzzled a glass of wine and offered half to Brady. With a nod, Brady took the glass and sipped it. Theresa warned Brady to steer clear of Eve. With a sigh, Theresa added that Eve had a way of hurting people.

As Daniel walked through the town square, he ran into Eve. Eve told Daniel that she was excited to move ahead with the surgery to remove the nodules from her vocal cords. As Eve smiled, Daniel said that he was pleased to hear that Eve was happy to be back in Salem.

In the DiMera garden, Abigail reviewed the site of the wedding with Harold to go over last-minute details. As Harold commented on how beautiful Abigail looked, E.J. entered the garden. Harold returned to the house, and E.J. agreed with Harold's comment about Abigail's beauty. Annoyed, Abigail warned E.J. not to flirt with her. When E.J. asked about their friendship, Abigail growled that after the wedding, she never wanted to see E.J. again.

Ben arrived at the wedding and said hello. E.J. warmly greeted Ben then returned to the house. Ben told Abigail that she looked lovely. After a flash of a smile, Abigail noted that after the wedding, she would have to change and rush to her brother's graduation.

Inside the DiMera living room, E.J. checked in with a contact about the status of the shareholders. The contact confirmed that the shareholders had not changed their minds. After hanging up the phone, E.J. stared at the painting of his father, and he wondered aloud what Stefano was planning.

Abigail and Ben walked into the living room as Abe and Theo arrived at the house. Abigail introduced Ben to Theo and Abe. When Harold walked into the living room, he announced that Sami had returned home and was upstairs. Abigail ran upstairs to tend to Sami. Theo turned to Ben and asked if he was Abigail's boyfriend.

Upstairs, Sami stared at herself in her wedding gown in the mirror and ordered herself not to cry. Sami thought of E.J.'s proposal, the many times she had made love with E.J., and when she had seen the photo of E.J. kissing Abigail. As Sami's face faltered, Abigail called out to Sami, surprising her. Sami murmured that she had been lost in thought. Abigail noticed a slip of paper with Sami's vows written on it. Sami explained that she had written the vows before her engagement party, and she was not sure that she would read them at the ceremony.

Sami urged Abigail to read the vows. After reading the vows, Abigail said they were beautiful. Abigail encouraged Sami to read the vows at the wedding because the words were from Sami's heart and how she felt. "It's the most amazing thing when you know you are with your soul mate," Sami said. Abigail nodded. When Abigail asked about the poem Sami had asked her to read at the wedding, Sami noted that Abe had the poem downstairs.

"When you say those words on the happiest day of my life, it is going to be something that I will remember forever," Sami said about the poem. Sami and Abigail headed downstairs.

In the backyard, E.J. thanked Will for taking part in the ceremony. The wedding started, and Sydney dropped rose petals along the aisle as she walked. Abigail hustled down the aisle then Sami followed. Will read a passage from the Bible. While E.J. focused on Will, Sami stared daggers into his back. Abe handed the poem to Abigail to read.

"Love is giving, not taking. Mending, not breaking. Trusting, believing, never deceiving. Patiently bearing and faithfully sharing. Each joy, every sorrow, today and tomorrow," Abigail read aloud. When Abe asked if anyone objected to the marriage, no one said a word. As this was a first for a Sami Brady wedding, everyone shifted their eyes around the garden, waiting for something to happen.

Abe moved on to the vows. E.J. happily promised to be faithful to Sami. When Abe asked Sami to repeat her vows, she stared, silently. Sami imagined Abigail and E.J. making out at the wedding, leaving her alone in her wedding gown to watch. Upset, Sami could not manage to repeat her vows to Abe.

At the police station, Rafe met with Agent Hodges from the State Department of Revenue. Agent Hodges informed Rafe that someone had anonymously left a file at the department, compiling a case for tax evasion against E.J. DiMera. With a grin, Agent Hodges asked Rafe if he wanted to be the one to handcuff E.J.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Roman and Marlena were playing cards at Club TBD and trying not to think about their daughter's wedding to E.J. Marlena noted that it had struck her as odd that Sami had not tried very hard to convince her parents, or Eric or Caroline, to be at the wedding. As Marlena and Roman were commiserating about what a horrible day it was, Giselle arrived, carrying a dress bag, and reminded Roman that they had a date to discuss their plans for the gala. Giselle asked if Marlena would be attending and who her date would be.

Admitting that she was going alone, Marlena remarked pointedly, "I thought of blackmailing someone to go with me, but that just seems so tacky." Giselle said with feigned disappointment that there wasn't a seat for an "odd" woman at their table. Roman pulled Marlena aside and told her that Will had promised to keep them in the loop about the wedding. "Everything's gonna be fine. Sami's tough, just like her mom," Roman reassured Marlena. Somewhat soothed, Marlena headed out so that Roman could return to Giselle.

"Exes can be so tedious, can't they? But you're so sweet with her, even when she acts all clingy. And speaking of clingy, wait till you see the dress I found," Giselle purred.

Aiden joined Hope at the Brady Pub to review the plans for the St. Luke's benefit gala. Hope found a document labeled "Deveraux/Donovan annulment agreement" inside the enormous binder that Aiden handed to her. Aiden quickly took that document and stashed it in his briefcase. Hope remarked lightly that Aiden knew a great deal of personal stuff about her family, but she knew very little about his. Aiden changed the subject back to the silent auction, so Hope reluctantly gave up questioning him about his life.

Aiden produced the checklist that he and Hope had made when they'd first started working together and proudly pointed out how much they'd accomplished. Just as Hope and Aiden were celebrating with a high-five, Father Louis entered and asked if the duo had found an emcee for the benefit. "We can't have a gala without one," Father Louis pointed out. Aiden let out a dejected sigh. After Father Louis had gone, Hope and Aiden tried to figure out how to solve the problem.

As Marlena arrived, she overheard Aiden complaining, "I didn't know we needed to have a charismatic, charming celebrity who would work for free!" Marlena offered to call Patti Stanger. To Hope and Aiden's surprise, Marlena whipped out her phone and dialed Ms. Stanger's office. The receptionist put "Mar" straight through, and after sharing a giggle over a private joke with Patti, Marlena got right to the point.

Once she'd cautioned Patti that there would be children present because it was a charity event for a Catholic school, Marlena thanked Patti and hung up. A very grateful Aiden embraced Marlena and jokingly asked if she would marry him. Marlena said that she wished all problems were as easy to solve.

As Kate walked through Horton Square, she got a call from Clyde, the father of Tammy Sue, better known to Kate as Jordan Ridgeway. Clyde admitted that he hadn't been able to stop thinking and worrying about his kids, Tammy Sue and Ollie. "Clyde, are you changing your mind about coming to Salem?" Kate asked. Clyde assured Kate that if he did go to Salem, he wanted it to be a surprise because he wanted to see the looks on his kids' faces -- but he needed to handle things his own way. He promised to let Kate know what he decided.

Kate said that she hoped everything worked out for Clyde. After he hung up, Clyde declared, "Oh, it will, thanks to you." He studied a document about Kate, titled "Background Screening Report."

At the police station, Agent Hodges presented Rafe with a large sheaf of evidence against E.J. DiMera for state income tax evasion and offered Rafe the opportunity to do the honors of arresting E.J. right away. Rafe remarked with amusement that the timing coincided with E.J. marriage to Rafe's ex-wife. He picked up the phone and requested an immediate arrest warrant for E.J.

After Hodges stepped into the hallway to take a phone call, Jordan entered and told Rafe that they needed to talk. Rafe informed her that even though his shift was supposed to end soon, he was working on a high-priority case and couldn't get away. Rafe reassured Jordan that whatever she told him about her past would not change their future. Jordan kissed him goodbye and left.

When Hodges returned, Rafe revealed that there was a holdup with the warrant. "I hope DiMera's not one step ahead of us," Rafe fretted.

At Sami and E.J.'s wedding in the DiMera gardens, when it was Sami's turn to say, "I do," she suddenly began to visualize E.J. and Abigail kissing at the altar while Sami stood by, watching helplessly. At first Sami glared at a puzzled E.J., but then she started to hyperventilate, her eyelids fluttered -- and E.J. caught her as she fainted. One of the kids anxiously cried out, "Mommy!" Will quickly grabbed a chair, which E.J. lowered Sami onto, and Lucas and Sonny ushered the children inside. Abigail delivered a glass of water to the bride as soon as Sami began to regain consciousness.

E.J. gently admonished Sami for not taking better care of herself. Sami protested weakly that she'd only been trying to make their day special. "Did you faint, or did you fake it so you wouldn't have to marry this clown?" a suspicious Lucas demanded. Sami assured her ex that she hadn't faked anything; the importance and meaning of the moment had just suddenly hit her. Once Sami had convinced E.J. that she was all right, the kids returned, and the ceremony resumed.

When Abe repeated the question portion of Sami's vows, Sami happily declared, "I do." Abe handed Sami her handwritten vows, and Sami read to E.J. that he was her love and her life. Her eyes brimming with tears, Sami continued that she appreciated E.J.'s patience with her, his faith in how special their love was, and his steadfast commitment to her and the preciousness of what they shared. "I am the luckiest woman on the planet to have your love. I don't deserve what you've done for me, and I promise to commit the entirety of my body, my heart, and my soul to give you all you truly deserve," Sami concluded earnestly.

Gulping, E.J. confessed that his bride's vows had left him nearly speechless. He expressed his gratitude to have Samantha as his partner and his appreciation of her fearlessness in all aspects of her life. "I regret that days that I haven't matched your courage, but I know that this is the beginning of our 'happily ever after,' and I strive to be your equal, to give as good as I get, all the rest of the days of our lives," E.J. declared.

Abe explained that the wedding rings were symbols of Sami and E.J.'s commitment and fidelity to one another. As Will handed Sami's ring to E.J., Sami turned to take E.J.'s ring from Abigail -- but Abigail dropped it as she took Sami's bouquet. Sami calmly assured Abigail that it was all right. Sami slipped E.J.'s ring on his finger and stated, "With this ring, I thee wed." E.J. repeated the words as he placed Sami's ring on her finger. "And now by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. E.J., you may kiss your bride," Abe said. As E.J. planted a passionate kiss on Sami, there was a smattering of applause, although neither Lucas nor Abigail looked particularly joyful.

Sami turned to Abigail and said that she hoped the day had special meaning for Abigail, as well. "It does, Sami, because you two belong together," Abigail managed. Sami enthused, "I hope someday I can repay you for what you've done, for all you've done." She encouraged her groom to give Abigail a hug to thank her, so E.J. and Abigail embraced awkwardly.

Sonny remarked to Ben that Abigail looked very beautiful, and a grinning Ben nodded his agreement. Will urged Sonny to take some photographs, so Sonny headed toward the wedding party with his camera. After everyone posed for some pictures, Lucas told Sami, "I was beginning to think you weren't going to go through with it." Sami declared that nothing would have stopped her from marrying E.J. Lucas pointed out dubiously that Sami had never been "the fainting type." Sami protested, "I was overcome."

Abe interrupted so that he and Lucas could take the kids to the arcade, as promised. Sami graciously thanked Abe for performing the ceremony. Before Lucas headed out, E.J. thanked him for attending. "Nothing like having the ex-husband here to round out the guest list, huh?" Lucas quipped. Abe lined the kids up, and they all shouted, "Congratulations!" Laughing, E.J. promised to save some cake for them. As the others left, Abigail informed Sami and E.J. that she was leaving to attend her brother's graduation. Sami encouraged Abigail to stay and promised that the reception would be a memorable one.

When E.J. and Sami began their first dance, Abigail plopped into a chair and glowered in their direction. Will asked Abigail to dance and thanked her for helping his mom out. Before Will and Abigail could hit the floor, Sami interrupted so that she could dance with her son. Sami somewhat aggressively encouraged Abigail to dance with E.J., since it was tradition for the groom and maid of honor to dance together.

As Will and Sami swayed to the music, he remarked that she seemed "a little wired." Sami assured him that she was all right after her fainting spell; she was just excited because she was getting everything she wanted. After E.J. danced with Abigail for a moment, he suggested that Ben cut in. E.J. took Will's place dancing with Sami, so Sonny seized the opportunity to dance with his husband. "I don't care what anyone says; I think straight people have every right to get married," Sonny deadpanned.

Watching Ben and Abigail dance, Sami observed to E.J. that Abigail seemed very happy with her date and that Ben gazed at Abigail as if she were perfect. E.J. apologized that Sami hadn't gotten the grand wedding of her dreams. "Who says I didn't?" While Sami and E.J. were discussing their happy future, Rafe and Agent Hodges arrived. E.J. greeted Rafe with as much enthusiasm as he could muster and asked, "Who's your handsome date?"

As Hodges flashed his badge, Rafe explained that the agent was there from the state tax bureau -- and E.J. was under arrest. Rafe handcuffed E.J., while Hodges explained that DiMera had not paid state taxes for the previous four years. Outraged, Sami pummeled Rafe with her bouquet until Hodges wrested it away from her. Sami accused Rafe of being petty and vindictive to arrest E.J. on their wedding day. As Rafe led a surprisingly calm E.J. away, Sami stopped them so she could kiss her groom goodbye. Sami yanked her mangled bouquet back from Agent Hodges.

Ben remarked to Abigail that after what he'd just witnessed, he would not want Sami mad at him. Sonny offered to call his dad for Sami, but she pointed out that E.J. was a lawyer and would know what do to. As Sami hurried out to follow E.J. to the station, she stopped to thank Abigail again. As she handed Abigail her bouquet, Sami noted, "I guess there's no point in throwing this, anyway, and you're the only person to catch it -- and, well, I guess that means you're next." Abigail looked sick as she gazed down at the flowers.

Will remarked that Sami and E.J. hadn't deserved for E.J. to be arrested on their wedding day. Abigail said that perhaps E.J. deserved to pay for everything he'd done, since being a DiMera meant that he was probably guilty. Sonny gently pointed out that it wasn't the time or place to discuss such things. Abigail quickly apologized. She suddenly realized that she was supposed to be at J.J.'s graduation, so Ben offered to drive her. Will suggested to Sonny that they take Arianna and go home.

When Ben dropped Abigail off at her front door, she proposed that they finish their dance another time. Ben promised to hold her to it. He kissed Abigail goodbye and declared that she was the most beautiful maid of honor he'd ever seen.

Summoned by a text message from his mother, Lucas joined Kate in Horton Square and demanded to know what was so urgent. "I tracked down Jordan's father," Kate announced. Lucas reminded her that he believed Jordan's past should be private. Kate maintained that Rafe deserved to know what things the woman with whom he was involved was hiding. "That young man, Ben, who works at Sonny's club? That's [Jordan's] brother," Kate explained. Lucas wondered why Jordan would keep something like that a secret.

Lucas said that Ben seemed cool and had even helped with the kids at Sami and E.J.'s wedding. When Kate heard that Lucas had been at the wedding, she wanted to know if there had been any surprises. "Like what?" Lucas asked. "Gee, I don't know -- locusts, sexually explicit videos, semi-automatic weapons..." Kate suggested. Lucas said that the wedding had gone off without a hitch except for Sami fainting. "Everyone seemed pretty happy. It wasn't like a Salem wedding at all," Lucas marveled.

A few minutes later, Lucas looked at his phone informed Kate that E.J. had been arrested at the wedding for state tax evasion. He left to take the kids somewhere before the news went public. "Nicely done, Sami," a pleased Kate said to herself.

As Jordan strolled through the square a bit later, Kate greeted her and observed that Jordan seemed to be in a better place than the last time Kate had seen her. Jordan cheerfully declared that Kate could put aside her concerns about Rafe.

Back in Missouri, Jeremiah joined Clyde, who asked if Jeremiah had any more on Kate Roberts than the report in front of them. "I thought that was a lot, myself," Jeremiah remarked. Clyde concurred. "After we finish our latest transaction here, I'm going on a little trip. Got some unfinished business -- in Salem," Clyde declared.

Hodges and Rafe took E.J. to a holding cell and locked him inside. E.J. complained about the "penny-ante" charges against him, but Hodges informed him that the crimes were punishable by fines, interest, and up to ten years in the state penitentiary. E.J. maintained that his arrest was merely a minor inconvenience. Sami arrived and furiously spat at Rafe, "Did you really have to do everything you possibly could to ruin this day for me, you son of a bitch?"

Rafe asserted that he didn't care about Sami, E.J., or their wedding day -- and although he was glad that the kids hadn't seen their dad hauled away in handcuffs, he knew it was just a matter of time before they saw E.J. for the man he really was. "Let me be clear about something: I know you both better than else anyone does, and E.J. is a better man than you will ever hope to be!" Sami blustered. Rafe pointed out that E.J. hadn't paid his taxes. Sami insisted that E.J. made her happy and always put her first.

"You think you ruined my wedding. Well, you didn't. E.J. gave me exactly what he promised me: my dream wedding, because today I married the man of my dreams," Sami maintained. After Rafe and Hodges walked away, E.J. declared, "He didn't do this on his own. Detective Hernandez, he had help. I can't believe I didn't see this coming! All the signs point to one person -- and I know exactly who that person is."

Thursday, July 3, 2014

by Mike

When Abigail arrived at the Horton Town Square, J.J.'s graduation ceremony had already concluded, and he was posing for pictures with his proud mother and his diploma. Maggie, who was manning the camera, was quick to blame Sami for Abigail's tardiness, guessing that Sami had insisted on making sure that her big day took precedence over anyone else's big day, but Abigail clarified that she had been delayed because E.J. had been arrested. "Well, we wouldn't want Sami to have a dull wedding," Maggie dryly stated.

Abigail apologized to J.J. for being late, and she gushed that she was really proud of him. J.J. joked that simply graduating had been quite an accomplishment for him, and he added that Paige, on the other hand, had graduated with "eleven gazillion" honors. Maggie assumed that Paige was the brilliant girlfriend J.J. had often talked about. J.J. confirmed the suspicion and pointed Maggie in Paige's direction.

Paige was standing on the other side of the town square, talking to Marybeth. Maggie was surprised to see that Eve Donovan was standing next to the young women. As J.J. absorbed the news that Eve was a Donovan, she approached, with Paige in tow, and offered Maggie an exaggeratedly sweet greeting. Maggie wondered how long Eve planned to stay in Salem, and Eve excitedly replied that she was back for good.

Elsewhere, Rory -- who was expecting a payout from his mother and brother, who had each bet him that he wouldn't actually graduate -- tried to suggest to Bev that they could use the money to party, but she barely heard him because she was too busy watching J.J. and Paige interact with each other. Rory joked that Bev had just graduated and therefore needed to get over her high school sweetheart, but she wasn't amused.

After J.J. introduced Paige to Maggie, Eve wondered if the Horton clan was planning to have a big family celebration in honor of J.J.'s graduation. J.J. confirmed the suspicion but explained that the party was being postponed until Doug and Julie returned from their latest cruise. Realizing that the group was free for the evening, Eve offered to treat them to a celebratory dinner at Maggie's restaurant, "the Moulin Rouge."

Maggie corrected Eve's mistake, and Eve took it in stride and wondered if the group wanted to make a reservation for later that night. J.J. eagerly accepted the invitation, but Jennifer declined. Confused, J.J. reminded Jennifer that they didn't have any other plans for the evening. Abigail smacked J.J.'s arm in an effort to get him to drop the subject. Maggie could tell that something was going on, so she asked for an explanation.

J.J. vaguely explained that Jennifer and Eve had an issue, and he urged them to set that aside for one night so they could celebrate his and Paige's respective accomplishments. "You know, Jen, I think your son is actually right. I mean, I'm willing to set aside issues for one night, and I know you're not the type of person who wants to spoil everybody's fun, right? Just because you gave me no choice but to sue you," Eve said.

The news shocked the rest of the group. Jennifer confirmed that, while she hadn't wanted to mention it and ruin J.J.'s big day, she had been served legal papers right before she had left for the graduation ceremony. Eve claimed that she had tried to be civil but had been forced to take legal action because Jennifer had "lawyered up." Jennifer countered that Eve was the one who had "lawyered up" first. Jennifer added that she had simply asked her attorney to start a dialogue with Eve's attorney, and that had somehow led to a process server showing up on the Horton house doorstep.

Paige started to apologize to J.J., assuring him that she hadn't known about what her mother had been up to, but Eve insisted that an apology wasn't necessary because she had done nothing wrong. Eve added that the matter wasn't personal and that she was simply protecting her and Paige's interests. Jennifer countered that she was protecting Jack's wishes, and she vowed that she wasn't going to let Eve have a say in the matter.

Eve didn't seem terribly concerned, but she abruptly informed Paige that it was time to go, observing that Jennifer clearly didn't know how to agree to disagree. J.J. promised Paige that he would send her a text message later. Once Paige and Eve were a safe distance away from the group -- but within earshot of Bev and Rory -- Paige wondered why Eve hadn't told her about the lawsuit earlier.

"Well, obviously, there are a lot of things that we haven't talked about and told each other, so let's go home, and let's have a nice, long chat, shall we?" Eve pointedly replied. After Eve and Paige left, Bev stopped Marybeth and asked her to explain what the exchange had been about.

In Paige's cousin's apartment, Paige once again wondered why Eve hadn't told her about the lawsuit earlier, but Eve was more interested in talking about J.J.'s character. Eve revealed that Theresa had told her all about J.J.'s misdeeds. Confused, Paige wondered why Theresa knew about J.J.'s past. Eve delicately explained that Theresa had once been involved with J.J. -- in every sense of the word.

Eve gauged Paige's reaction to the news and observed that it had apparently affected her more than any of J.J.'s criminal activity had. Paige said that J.J. had told her that he had been involved with "some girl" before he had met her. Eve reminded Paige that Theresa was a woman -- and not just any woman, but one who was very troubled and had a history of choosing men who were even worse than her.

Paige reasoned that whatever had happened between J.J. and Theresa was in the past, and she insisted that he had changed. "And the check's in the mail? Honey, people don't change -- they just get older. I've had to learn that the hard way, and you will, too, someday. [...] You're just too trusting. I mean, you always have been. But that's why I'm here -- that's why I'm back. I'm gonna make sure that we do what's best for you, okay?" Eve promised.

Paige didn't want to continue the discussion, so Eve agreed to give her some time to process everything she had learned that day. Meanwhile, Eve received a phone call from her lawyer, and she excused herself so she could answer it. Eve assured Paige that everything was going to be okay. "Maybe for you," Paige skeptically muttered after Eve left.

At the Horton house, while J.J. was changing his clothes in his bedroom, Jennifer, Maggie, and Abigail were in the foyer, discussing what had happened earlier. Abigail mused that, while Paige was a sweetheart, Eve was a "stone-cold bitch," but Maggie disagreed, stating that Eve had once been exactly that but had since morphed into something much worse.

Abigail couldn't believe that Eve had blindsided Paige with the news of the lawsuit without giving any consideration to Paige's feelings. Jennifer felt sorry for Paige but was more concerned about J.J. Jennifer asked Abigail and Maggie to help her make sure that she handled the situation the right way -- for J.J.'s sake. Jennifer asked Maggie not to tell anyone -- not even Victor or Daniel -- about the lawsuit for at least a couple of days, reasoning that she didn't want the whole town to know about the matter right away because there was still a chance that Aiden might be able to resolve it quietly. Maggie reluctantly agreed to honor Jennifer's request.

Abigail offered to drive Maggie back to the Kiriakis mansion, and after they left, J.J. emerged from his bedroom and joined Jennifer in the living room. Jennifer started to apologize for what had happened earlier, but J.J. insisted that he didn't want her to worry about how the matter was affecting him. Changing the subject, J.J. wondered if Eve was related to Theresa. Jennifer regretfully confirmed the suspicion, adding that Theresa was also related to Paige.

"This is a great day. I mean, that -- that is some great news!" J.J. sarcastically declared. Jennifer apologetically acknowledged that the day was supposed to be all about J.J., and she excused herself so she could make him something to eat, since he was no longer in the mood to go out for dinner. J.J. wondered if Jennifer hated Eve, but she dodged the question, stating that the only thing that mattered was that she loved J.J.

After Jennifer left the room, J.J. placed a phone call to Paige and told her that he had forgotten to mention earlier that she had looked great at the graduation ceremony. Paige returned the sentiment, and she and J.J. agreed that they needed to see each other right away. Paige didn't know how to make that happen, but J.J. coyly stated that he had an idea.

Upon request, Marlena met with Roman at Club TBD, where he informed her that E.J. had been arrested -- and that the arrest had unfortunately occurred shortly after E.J. and Sami had tied the knot. Roman thought Marlena seemed oddly relieved that E.J. had only been accused of state tax evasion, and he wondered if she had expected Sami to somehow be implicated.

Marlena denied the suspicion, claiming that she was simply worried about Sami and the kids. Marlena feared that skipping the wedding might have been a mistake, but Roman reasoned that there was still time for them to offer Sami their support. "Wow. I mean, a marriage starts out this way...God knows where it goes from here," Roman worriedly mused.

In Rafe's office at the police station, Hope expressed reservations about the information that had led to E.J.'s arrest, noting that the timing seemed a bit too convenient. Rafe sensed that Hope was directing her suspicion toward him, and he wondered if she believed that he had engineered the arrest as a way of trying to prevent Sami from marrying E.J. Hope assured Rafe that she hadn't been accusing him of anything.

Rafe mused that he would have succeeded in preventing Sami from marrying E.J. if the process of obtaining a warrant hadn't been delayed. Rafe suggested that there might have been another reason for someone to orchestrate the arrest, explaining that the annual DiMera Enterprises board meeting was scheduled to take place the following day. Intrigued, Hope agreed that one of the board members might be planning to stage a coup.

"Hey, I wonder who's on that board -- Lex Luthor? The Joker? Hannibal Lecter?" Rafe jokingly mused. Hope told Rafe they couldn't be certain of anything until the anonymous tipster made the next move. As if on cue, Hope received a phone call, and after ending it, she informed Rafe that another anonymous tip had just been received. "That move's being made as we speak," Hope guessed. Hope went to obtain another warrant, but Rafe decided to stay behind and rattle E.J.'s cage a bit instead.

In a holding cell, E.J. guessed that his father had engineered his arrest to prevent him from being able to attend the impending board meeting -- likely as a way of paying him back for the power play he had set in motion the previous year. Sami told E.J. that Kate had probably been in on the plan from the beginning, since the women hated each other. Sami insisted that she and E.J. couldn't let Stefano and Kate win.

E.J. told Sami that his lawyer had assured him that he would be released in time for the board meeting. Sami feared that Stefano might find a way to prevent that from happening, but E.J. stressed that he didn't want her to worry about that. E.J. promised Sami that he wasn't going to let Stefano tear them apart. E.J. urged Sami to trust him, and she claimed that she did, adding that she finally knew what kind of man he truly was.

Changing the subject, E.J. told Sami that she looked beautiful. Sami admitted that she hadn't been sure if E.J. had noticed her wedding dress, and he replied that he had only noticed her. Sami smiled and thanked E.J. for always making her feel like she was the only woman for him. Sami reluctantly excused herself so she could check on the kids, and her smile faded as soon as she turned away from E.J.

Later, E.J. received a visit from Rafe, who teasingly wondered how E.J. was enjoying his honeymoon. E.J. said Rafe had looked pathetic when he had barged in and ruined Sami's wedding, but Rafe unapologetically reasoned that he had simply been doing his job. "You mean somebody else was doing your job for you, Detective Hernandez. Just who was it who tipped you off?" E.J. asked.

Rafe confirmed that an anonymous tip had led to E.J.'s arrest, and he mused that it seemed like someone else had been determined to ruin E.J.'s big day, too. E.J. insisted that his and Sami's big day hadn't been ruined, since they had gotten married before Rafe had arrived to arrest E.J. Rafe clarified that he hadn't been talking about the wedding -- he had been talking about the DiMera Enterprises shareholders' meeting. E.J. promised that he would be out on bail in time for the meeting, but Rafe expressed skepticism. After Rafe left, E.J. curiously pondered the exchange.

Sami was talking to someone on the phone when she approached the back entrance of the DiMera mansion. "So the Salem P.D. got the tip? Great. Well, I'd better go in and get everything ready for 'em," Sami said before ending the call. Sami quickly changed into a more casual outfit before rushing into the living room and closing all of its doors to ensure total privacy.

As Sami donned a pair of rubber gloves, she approached Stefano's portrait and muttered that he had taught her well. Sami moved the portrait away from the wall as she silently recalled how she had acquired the combination to the safe it concealed. After the staged food fight with Kate a few days earlier, Sami and E.J. had been sitting in the living room, talking about their wedding rings -- family heirlooms that E.J.'s grandparents had once worn. Sami had innocently asked to see the rings, and when E.J. had gone to the safe to retrieve them, she had discreetly recorded his actions with her cell phone.

As Sami opened the safe, she muttered that she couldn't believe that E.J. had been trusting enough to use their kids' birthdays as the combination. Sami removed a stack of passports and an envelope filled with cash from the safe. A few more envelopes were tucked away in the safe, so Sami decided to inspect them, too. The first envelope contained the evidence E.J.'s cleaner had removed from the area surrounding the river after Sami and Kate had helped Gabi dispose of Nick's body, the second envelope contained Percy's incriminating photographs of the river incident, and the third envelope contained the evidence Bernardi had stolen from the police station that tied Will to E.J.'s shooting.

"Guess you were saving all of this for a rainy day, E.J. Frankly, it's just too bad that you won't have them, because there is a big storm coming," Sami muttered as she closed the safe and put the portrait back in place. A few minutes later, all that was left of the three envelopes of incriminating evidence was a pile of ashes in the fireplace. As the smoke cleared out of the room, the doorbell rang, and Sami told Harold she'd answer it herself.

Sami rushed to the foyer, checking her watch and muttering that Hope was right on time -- but when she opened the front door, she was surprised to find Roman and Marlena standing outside instead. As the group entered the living room, Marlena explained that she and Roman had heard about what had happened after the wedding. "Oh, I see. You didn't want to miss an opportunity to say 'I told you so,'" Sami bitterly guessed.

Marlena clarified that she and Roman hadn't wanted to miss an opportunity to help. Marlena suggested that she and Roman could spend some time with the kids to give Sami a break, but Sami explained that Lucas had taken the kids to an arcade after the wedding, which had luckily spared them from the sight of E.J.'s arrest. Meanwhile, the doorbell rang again.

Sami innocently guessed that a cleaning crew had finally arrived to clean up the mess from the wedding, and she acted shocked when Harold entered the living room and announced that the police had arrived -- with a warrant. Hope followed Harold into the living room, with a uniformed police officer in tow, and Harold retreated to the foyer, closing the living room doors behind him. "How many times have I had to say that?" Harold mused with a weary sigh.

Hope was surprised to see Roman and Marlena, but she proceeded with her investigation, handing Sami the warrant as the police officer started to look around the room. Hope explained that another anonymous tip had been received. Sami complained that Hope had apparently never heard the phrase "piling it on" before, and she wondered if she was going to be arrested, too.

The police officer noticed the ashes in the fireplace, and Hope suspiciously wondered why Sami had started a fire on one of the hottest days of the year. Sami claimed that she had felt like having hotdogs. Hope advised that Sami didn't need to keep getting herself in deeper just because she had married E.J. Roman wondered if Sami needed a lawyer, but before Hope could respond, the police officer called her attention to something else.

Sami made a flimsy attempt to stop Hope, but Hope sidestepped her and approached the desk, where Sami had purposely left the passports and cash laying under a folder. "Planning a little trip?" Hope asked. Sami scoffed and innocently reminded Hope that people usually went on a honeymoon after getting married. "With all the kids? All using false names?" Hope wondered.

Sami claimed that she didn't know anything about the false passports. "I hear Morocco is absolutely lovely at this time of year. Yeah, there's great food, an international music festival, pristine beaches -- everything anyone would ever want. And guess what else? No pesky extradition treaty with the United States," Hope mused. Marlena didn't appreciate Hope's sarcasm, but Hope clarified that she wasn't being sarcastic.

Hope explained that the anonymous tip had been about a flight plan that had recently been filed for the DiMera jet -- which, according to the flight plan, was bound for Casablanca. Hope guessed that Sami and E.J. had been planning to escape to the DiMera compound there. Roman stepped in and advised Sami to stop talking. Hope informed Roman that she had a warrant to confiscate the false passports -- and the real ones, too.

Sami maintained her composure as she said that Hope could get the real passports -- and anything else Hope believed was needed -- from Harold. "But I can tell you one thing for sure -- E.J. is going to beat this, and once again, he will succeed in making the Salem P.D. look like a bunch of damn fools," Sami defiantly added before walking away.

Sami rushed to the police station and went to E.J.'s holding cell to tell him about what had happened earlier. Sami wondered why E.J. hadn't told her about the passports so that she could have hidden them before the police had arrived. E.J. said he hadn't told Sami about the passports because he wasn't the one who had left them laying out.

E.J. realized Rafe had acted smug earlier because he had known about the second anonymous tip. E.J. guessed that Stefano had sent someone to the DiMera mansion to plant the incriminating evidence while Sami had been visiting E.J. at the police station earlier -- all for the purpose of making E.J. look like a flight risk so he would be denied bail and would be forced to miss the board meeting.

Sami apologized for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and therefore being unable to foil Stefano's plan. "Hey, hey -- none of this is your fault. And if that bastard thinks he's gonna get away with this, he is mistaken," E.J. assured Sami. Sami wanted to believe that but feared that she and E.J. would be powerless to stop Stefano, who would probably gain complete control of DiMera Enterprises at the board meeting.

Sami blamed herself because she believed that Stefano had launched an attack against E.J. because he didn't approve of E.J.'s marriage to Sami. E.J. insisted that marrying Sami had been the best decision he had ever made, and he declared that she was his greatest asset. E.J. promised that, together, he and Sami would stop whatever Stefano was planning. "E.J., you just tell me what to do," Sami said with a mischievous grin.

Elsewhere, in Rafe's office, Hope and Rafe remained convinced that someone was setting up E.J. The detectives agreed that Stefano seemed to be the obvious culprit, especially since E.J. had staged a coup of his own the previous year. "Yeah, it's all obvious, and it all fits. I just have this feeling that, somehow, it doesn't add up," Hope mused.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Just as Theresa joined Anne in a booth at the Brady Pub, Theresa got a call from Eve, who wanted to get together so Eve could tell her half-sister something. Theresa snapped that she had other plans and hung up on Eve.

Eve recovered quickly because she spotted Daniel with his son across Horton Square. She gave him a friendly greeting and guessed, "This handsome devil must be Parker." Eve praised Daniel for being such a good single parent, but Daniel countered that he wasn't raising Parker alone. "I thought you said you were single," Eve said, confused. Daniel explained that he shared custody with his ex-wife.

Daniel started to head out so that he and Parker could meet Maggie at the zoo. Eve stopped him to ask if he'd like to talk about her upcoming surgery over drinks so they could get to know each other a little better. Daniel declined, explaining that he had just ended a relationship, plus he had learned the hard way not to get involved with patients. Eve tried to hide her disappointment.

Anne was surprised to learn that Theresa's sister was in town. Theresa was clearly displeased about that -- except that Eve had arrived with the intention of tormenting Jennifer. When Theresa complained about how Eve always went after other people's men -- like Brady -- Anne pointed out that it was a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Anne informed Theresa that she'd gotten a pair of tickets so they could watch the fireworks from a party boat on the lake -- but Theresa abruptly got up to help her grandmother, who was frantically searching for something around the bar.

Caroline explained that she'd misplaced her keys, which Theresa soon found on the other end of the bar. Caroline admitted to being very frustrated with her forgetfulness. Theresa reassured her grandmother that she would be there if Caroline ever needed anything. Anne gathered her things to leave and tried to get Theresa to go with her, but Theresa shook her head.

Caroline encouraged her granddaughter to keep her plans with Anne, but Theresa insisted that she'd rather spend time with Caroline. "Would you like to go with us for the fireworks tonight?" Caroline asked. Theresa said that she might invite Brady, as well. Caroline wondered why Theresa seemed so unhappy if things were as going well with Brady as she'd claimed.

Theresa informed her grandmother that Eve had moved back to Salem, and it was evident that there was no love lost between Caroline and Eve. Theresa asked hesitantly, "Grandma...who do you think is worse? Me or Eve?" Chuckling, Caroline proclaimed, "Sweetheart, you're not even close! I'm sorry, but you are just an also-ran. Eve gets the blue ribbon!" Embracing her grandmother gratefully, Theresa declared that was one of the sweetest things Caroline had ever said.

Adrienne arrived at Club TBD and half-jokingly promised T that when she saw Sonny at the picnic later, she would admonish her "slave-driver" son for making T and Ben work on a holiday. T said that he didn't think Sonny and Will were going to the picnic. Adrienne guessed that Will wanted to avoid the gossip about his mom and E.J.'s wedding. Ben's ears perked up when he heard Adrienne say that the Deverauxes, including Abigail, would be at the picnic.

After Adrienne left, T expressed his eagerness to close the place so he wouldn't be late to meet a new girl named Jody that he was dating. T carried a large box out of the storeroom and divulged that it contained buns, which he'd been using to train for the hot-dog-eating contest he did not intend to lose like he had the year before.

At their apartment, Will and Sonny discussed the events of Sami and E.J.'s wedding. "Looks like E.J. is going to be spending Independence Day in jail... [My mom] just wanted everything to be perfect yesterday. Now it's like she's getting punished for someone else's mistake," Will said. Adrienne arrived and sympathized with Will about what had happened at the wedding. Sonny was surprised to hear his mom being so supportive of Sami, but Adrienne pointed out that Will and Sami were family. "Now, what's this garbage I hear about you two not wanting to go to the picnic?" Adrienne demanded.

When Paige met J.J. in the park outside Horton Square, presumably so they could talk about the lawsuit her mom had filed against his, Paige said that she wanted to know more about J.J.'s relationship with her Aunt Theresa. Paige revealed that she knew J.J. had been with Theresa when she'd overdosed. When J.J. referenced how Theresa had mentioned Paige by name, Paige flipped out because that meant J.J. was still talking to Theresa. J.J. assured her that he tried to avoid Theresa as much as possible. Paige deduced that J.J. did so because he had slept with Theresa.

J.J. swore that he'd never done anything more than make out with Theresa. "I know that Theresa's your mom's sister...but Paige, Theresa is not a good person," J.J. asserted. Paige admitted that although she'd known her aunt was living in Salem, her mom had warned her to stay away from Theresa. J.J. declared that what had happened with Theresa had made him wake up, and he'd vowed never to be that stupid again. Just as J.J. was asking Paige if she could find a way to accept his past, Eve arrived.

J.J. left after telling Paige that he hoped to see her at the picnic later. Eve expressed concern for her daughter, who admitted that her head was spinning from everything she had learned. Eve encouraged Paige, "It's okay... Go to the lake. Go be with J.J." Eve pointed out that they only had a couple of months to spend together before Paige headed off to Stanford. Paige was worried how her mom would feel if she spent a lot of the summer with J.J. Eve admitted that she needed to know more about "that boy," but she assured Paige that they could talk about it later. Eve cautioned Paige that Jennifer might not be as understanding as Eve was.

When Theresa got home later, Eve was waiting for her in the hallway. Theresa wasn't interested in hearing anything her sister had to say -- until Eve divulged that she was suing Jennifer Horton. Her mood brightening considerably, Theresa happily invited Eve in. Theresa was eager to hear all the details, but Eve couldn't tell her anything about the suit yet. Theresa warned Eve that Jennifer had lots of people in her corner, such as the Hortons and Dr. Jonas, Jennifer's boyfriend.

Taken aback, Eve said that she had already met Dr. Jonas because he was performing the surgery to remove the nodes on her vocal cords. She added that when she'd seen him in the square earlier, he'd mentioned that he'd just ended a relationship. Giggling, Theresa exclaimed, "Wait. He ended it? Oh, my God! Wow, Jennifer messed up again." The sisters clinked their wine glasses together, predicting a terrible year ahead for Jennifer Horton.

At the Horton house, Abigail guessed that her dad would not have been pleased that Eve was suing Jennifer. Jennifer was surprised to learn that J.J. had already left the house, but she assumed that her son was with Paige. When Jennifer acknowledged that J.J.'s relationship with Eve's daughter made things with the lawsuit more complicated, Abigail pointed out that while it was an annoyance, no one would go to jail over it. Jennifer asked how Sami was doing since E.J.'s arrest, but Abigail didn't know because she hadn't called Sami.

Jennifer was a little surprised, since Abigail had been Sami's maid of honor. Abigail's attitude caused Jennifer to ask what else had happened at the wedding to upset her. Jennifer guessed that it had been difficult for Abigail to be back in the DiMera mansion because of how much Chad had hurt her. Abigail asserted that the DiMeras got what they wanted by lying and cheating, and they hurt even the people they claimed to love. Abigail declared that she just wanted to move forward and focus on the people she cared about. She left so she could take care of something before meeting her mom at the lake.

A bit later, Abigail met Daniel at his apartment. He told her that he could only stay for a minute because he'd left Parker with Victor and Maggie. Abigail stated that she hoped the break Daniel and Jennifer were taking didn't last long. She informed Daniel that something had happened, although she couldn't say what, and she thought he was the only person who could help Jennifer. Daniel pointed out that Jennifer knew how to get in touch with him if she wanted to talk. "The way things are now, maybe she doesn't think that she can," Abigail noted, then added, "Look, she's at the lake right now -- and that's all I'm going to say." Abigail left without another word.

Daniel called Maggie and suggested they all meet near the petting zoo. After recalling happier times with Jennifer, as well as how he'd said they needed time apart, Daniel grabbed Parker's backpack and headed out.

Adrienne, Sonny, Will, and Arianna arrived at the lake and began putting tablecloths on a picnic table and spreading blankets on the ground. When Abe and Theo showed up a moment later, Adrienne explained that although Justin was in Dubai, he had emailed her the recipe for his "famous" pasta salad. Theo excitedly grabbed a package of hot dogs from Sonny, just as T and Ben arrived. T explained that "Stretch" -- his nickname for Theo -- had won the hot-dog-eating contest the previous year. T embarrassed Ben by telling Theo, "[Ben is] here because he heard Abigail is coming."

After Will put sunblock on Arianna, Adrienne took the baby from him and encouraged him to go play softball with the other guys. As the guys grabbed their bats and gloves and headed out, T asked Adrienne to tell Joanne where to find him when she got there. "I thought you said her name was Jody," Ben said questioningly.

Jennifer arrived and found Abe and Adrienne playing blissfully with Arianna. Abe tore himself away from the baby to tend to the fire, and Jennifer happily took Arianna from Adrienne. When Will returned to check on Arianna, Jennifer acknowledged that she'd heard about what had happened at the wedding.

Later, Will, Sonny, Ben, Theo, and T returned, dripping and shirtless, after deciding to play basketball in the water because it had been too hot to play softball. The guys congratulated each other on a great game, then Theo and Sonny left to buy ice cream for everyone. Ben headed toward the grill to get something more substantial to eat than ice cream. "If you see a great-looking girl on the way, tell Judy where I'm at," T called after Ben. "I thought you said her name was Joanne," Will remarked. T and Will headed back to the water.

When Ben got to the picnic area, he recognized Jennifer as Abigail's mom and introduced himself. Shaking his hand, Jennifer enthused that she was very happy to meet Ben because she'd heard so much about him from Abigail. "She told me how sweet you were the night that Nick was shot, and I really appreciate that... I really like it when my kids make friends with people who look out for them," Jennifer added, just as J.J. arrived.

Abe informed Sonny and T that they would have to take over grilling duties because he'd gotten called in to work. Will suggested that Abe leave Theo there, and they would all watch him, but Abe declined. As Will accompanied Abe to get Theo, Ben returned with a burger. T admitted that he would have to sit out the hot-dog-eating contest because he'd filled up on Adrienne's pasta salad. "Plus, you know, Jolene likes her men tight," T added. "I thought you said her name was Joanne," Ben pointed out, while T checked his phone for a text from his date.

When Abigail arrived, T claimed that Ben hadn't planned on attending until T had told him that she would be there. Before Jennifer and J.J. could talk about Paige, Abigail noticed that J.J. had arrived, and she joined her family.

The others laughed while they watched T playing with Arianna. "She's not a baby anymore; she's like a person! She's just short," T marveled. Paige showed up, and Jennifer greeted her warmly. Paige melted the moment she spotted Arianna. Adrienne declared that Arianna had survived a rather challenging first year beautifully.

Abigail and Ben sat on a blanket a bit away from the others. She thanked him for his patience during all the "drama" at the wedding. Ben admitted that it hadn't surprised him to learn that E.J. had been up to something illegal. "You never did trust him, did you? Even from the minute you met him," Abigail noted. "You shouldn't, either," Ben replied.

Abe called Jennifer to ask her to look around for the flag pin that Theo had lost. Abigail and Ben overheard, and when Jennifer hung up, Ben pointed her to where the guys had been playing softball earlier. After Ben and Abigail wandered off, Jennifer searched the area and found Theo's pin very quickly. Just then, Daniel arrived and wished Jennifer a happy Fourth of July. "I understand I have reason to be worried about you," Daniel said. "I see. So you couldn't stop yourself from riding to the rescue," Jennifer remarked lightly.

Daniel told Jennifer that he was there if she needed to talk. Jennifer reminded him that what she really wanted to talk about was the two of them, because she needed him in her life. Daniel got a text message from Maggie and informed Jennifer that he had to pick up Parker. After a moment's hesitation, Daniel left.

J.J. reassured Paige that his mom was "cool" with the two of them. Paige agreed that her mom was, too. Paige added that she was already over what had happened between J.J. and Theresa. J.J. and Paige promised not to let anything harm their relationship.

As the sun started to set, the group spread blankets around the picnic area and set out lawn chairs to watch the fireworks. "Jillian, she stood me up," T grumbled. Just then, a young woman arrived. "You made it!" T exclaimed excitedly. "I told you I would," the woman said, then she turned to the group and introduced herself as "Sara." Will and Ben cracked up. Adrienne predicted that it would be a great summer.

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