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Daniel told Kristen that she had to pay for her crimes. Jordan told Rafe they were through. Eric told Nicole he hated her, and she was the reason he could not return to the priesthood. E.J. thought he still had a chance with Sami until Kate stepped in. Paige decided not to attend Stanford. Eve and Jennifer had their day in court.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 4, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, August 4, 2014

by Mike

A woman boarded a plane and took a seat next to Eric, who was reading his Bible. The woman gently touched Eric's shoulder and asked him to hand her the menu so she could order a martini, since she was a nervous flier and it was going to be a long trip to Rome. After initially mistaking the woman for Nicole, Eric realized his mistake and introduced himself to the woman, who revealed that her name was Kristen.

The woman excused herself, and a few moments later, Nicole claimed the woman's seat. After confirming that he wasn't seeing things again, Eric protested that Nicole was supposed to be on a different flight. Nicole explained that her original flight had been canceled. Eric was skeptical, but Nicole used her cell phone to prove that there were no other available flights that would get her to Rome in time for her appointment with the cardinal the following day.

Eric irritably informed Nicole that she was in someone else's seat, but she clarified that she had asked the woman to trade with her. Eric insisted that Nicole needed to reverse the trade, but she pointed out that he was going to have to deal with her eventually. Nicole understood Eric's reluctance to hang out with her but reasoned that they could think of the flight as work, since they needed to go over what they were going to say the following day. Eric guessed that Nicole was suggesting that they needed to fabricate some lies that would make him look better to the cardinal, but she insisted that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Nicole pointed out that she was doing everything in her power to make amends for what she had done to Eric, and she wondered if he was really too disgusted with her to handle sitting next to her on a plane. "Yes. I don't feel comfortable being in the same room with you, okay? I'm sorry, but that's just how I feel. Kristen may have been the one who raped me, but what you did -- it may be even worse. You betrayed me," Eric replied.

Nicole understood that Eric was angry and that he hated her, but she insisted that he had no right to compare her and her actions to Kristen and Kristen's actions. Nicole observed that, while she simply wanted to help Eric -- who needed her help if he wanted to be a priest again -- it seemed like he was doing everything he could possibly do to convince her not to help him. Nicole wondered what was going on inside Eric's head, but she moved to a different seat without waiting for a response. After Nicole left, Eric quietly wondered the same thing.

At a St. Louis hotel, one of Kristen's goons searched for her in a storage closet, unaware that Daniel was holding her in an adjacent closet, the entrance to which he had partially hidden behind a shelving unit stacked with pillows and boxes. After the man left, Daniel removed Kristen's gag, warning that if she tried to call for help, he would make her regret it.

Kristen observed that Daniel had a ferocious temper and that it seemed like his breakup with Jennifer had changed him. Kristen guessed that Daniel had acted like a jerk and caused the demise of his relationship with Jennifer, since she couldn't imagine how Jennifer could have screwed things up. Daniel countered that screwing things up was Kristen's specialty and that she had outdone herself with her latest plan to get Brady back.

Kristen assured Daniel that he had no idea what her true intentions were. "You care about Brady? Then you need to get something through your thick head -- what you're doing is not protecting him. It's just the opposite. I'm the one that can save him [...] because I was there when the pain started," Kristen insisted. Kristen reasoned that things would have gone differently if the video of her and Eric had never surfaced.

"Brady and I would have been happily married now. He never would have fallen off the wagon. He never would have married that disgusting excuse for a woman, Theresa. And he never would have attacked his father. None of this had to happen," Kristen argued. Daniel agreed but reminded Kristen that she was the person who had caused all of it to happen. Kristen maintained that she was the person who could end it all, too.

"I know him better than anybody. We're connected...still. If I could just see him -- if I could just be with him, just for a minute -- I would know what I needed to do to help him," Kristen insisted. Daniel doubted that seeing Kristen again would be healing for Brady -- unless it helped for Brady to see her behind bars, since Daniel planned to take her back to Salem and make her pay for drugging and raping Eric.

"Daniel, I don't do jail," Kristen matter-of-factly stated. Kristen mused that it was strange that Daniel seemed eager to hang crimes around her neck, since Nicole was just as guilty of playing God with Eric's life. Kristen guessed that Daniel probably hated himself for being stupid enough to believe Nicole's lies, and she noted that it seemed like they all had a lot to answer for.

Daniel tightly tied Kristen to a shelving unit so he could leave the storage closet and find a way to call for help. Kristen warned that her goons would find Daniel and stop him, and she offered to guarantee his safety if he returned to Salem without her. Impressed, Daniel admitted that he loved Kristen's craziness and her belief that she was the one who was in charge of the situation. Kristen insisted that she was in charge and that Daniel was never going to succeed in sending her to prison, but he promised to prove her wrong.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa was in the living room, staring at the fireplace tools and thinking about what she had done to John, when Brady approached her from behind and told her it wasn't a good idea for her to be visiting him. Theresa handed Brady a file and explained that she had just wanted to deliver annulment papers to him.

Theresa explained that she had found the appropriate documents online. Theresa added that Brady simply had to sign the declaration and that they wouldn't even have to return to Las Vegas to finalize the annulment. Theresa assured Brady that the documents were legitimate, and she encouraged him to get a lawyer to verify her claim. Brady remained silent as he inspected the documents, prompting Theresa to wonder if something was wrong.

Theresa reminded Brady that he had previously stated that he wanted an annulment. Brady nodded and explained that he was just surprised. Theresa guessed that Brady had expected her to ask for money, but he denied the suspicion. Theresa wondered if Brady was surprised that she had started the proceedings herself. Theresa claimed that she had taken the initiative because she had known that Brady had been focused on other things lately.

Brady thanked Theresa for her thoughtfulness but denied that suspicion, too. "I meant I was surprised at how -- how quickly a big mistake can be erased. It's just -- it'd be funny if everything in life could be remedied with a declaration," Brady mused. Theresa seemed a bit hurt, but before she could respond, an oblivious Brady received a phone call and excused himself so he could answer it.

When Brady returned, Theresa was once again staring at the fireplace tools, thinking about what she had done to John. Brady had a sudden epiphany and admitted that he couldn't believe that it hadn't occurred to him sooner. Brady guessed that Theresa was thinking about the fact that she could be sent to prison for what had happened on the night of the attack. Theresa stammered that she didn't know what Brady was talking about.

Brady explained that if the police ever figured out that Theresa had lied to protect him, she could be charged with perjury and sent back to Los Angeles to face prison time. Relieved, Theresa assured Brady that she hadn't lied. Theresa firmly told Brady to accept the fact that what had happened hadn't been his fault. Brady agreed to stop mentioning the possibility that Theresa had lied to protect him.

Theresa hoped that she and Brady could eventually be friends again. Brady apologetically admitted that he didn't think he would ever be able to look at Theresa without thinking about what he had done to John, since Brady's involvement with Theresa had contributed to the events of that particular night, even if she hadn't been responsible for what had happened.

Brady wished Theresa the best, musing that the residents of Salem were generally rough on her and never seemed to give her the credit she deserved. Theresa fought back tears as she left the mansion. Meanwhile, back inside, Brady stared at an image of John on his cell phone, and he urged John to recover so their nightmare could finally end.

At the hospital, Jordan refused to believe Sami's claim that Rafe and Kate were still having sex with each other. Sami insisted that it was true, explaining that recently at the DiMera mansion, she had overheard Kate and Rafe talking about their affair. Sami elaborated that, while Rafe had been reluctant to keep the affair a secret, Kate had feared that the truth would crush Jordan. "Well, you know the drill, [Abigail]," Sami concluded.

Stunned, Jordan abruptly excused herself. "What is wrong with you? Why would you spread a vicious thing like that? I know that you're hurt, Sami, but it's turned you into a monster," Abigail observed after Jordan left. Abigail pointed out that Jordan had never done anything to Sami, who replied that she might have kept quiet if Jordan had minded her own business instead of defending Abigail.

Abigail mused that Sami might have just destroyed Jordan and Rafe's relationship, but Sami countered that cheaters destroyed relationships. Sami happily pointed out that Abigail, who had apparently missed the course on morality, suddenly had plenty of time to go back to school and take it.

"You want blood, Sami? You've gotten it, okay? But, at some point, all of this ranting and punishing you're doing -- you start to seem like a flat-out bitch," Abigail snapped. "Well, it's better than a lying slut. Wow. I just think about how Great-grandpa Horton would be so proud of you, don't you?" Sami mused before walking away.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe remained determined to tell Jordan the truth about his recent one-night stand with Kate. "If I sit on this and try to pretend it didn't happen, it's the exact same thing that that slime did to Sami," Rafe pointed out. Kate assured Rafe that he was nothing like E.J., and she argued that the two cases of infidelity weren't similar, either, because no one else knew about her and Rafe's one-night stand.

Meanwhile, Kate received a text message from Sami -- "Jordan knows everything. You're welcome" -- and abruptly excused herself so she could spend some time with Allie, who was with Kayla in the back of the pub. Kate left but found a hiding spot where she could watch the imminent confrontation. When Jordan arrived a short time later, she greeted Rafe a bit coldly.

Rafe guessed that Jordan was upset about what had happened with her stepfather at the hospital earlier. "Did you do it? Did you have sex with Kate again, after we were together?" Jordan demanded to know. Rafe wanted to continue the conversation elsewhere, but Jordan pressed him for an answer, so he finally confirmed that he had cheated on her.

Rafe wanted to take Jordan somewhere private so he could explain everything. "You think I want details? You say you love me, and you sleep with someone else. What else matters?" Jordan wondered. Rafe assured Jordan that he loved her, but she scoffed and admitted that she couldn't believe she had fallen for that line. "I trusted you, Rafe. Did you not get what a big deal that was for me?" Jordan asked.

Rafe floundered as he tried to think of a way to explain his actions to Jordan. Meanwhile, Kate interrupted and apologetically stated that the entire thing had been her fault. "It all happened when Gabi went to prison. He was going through hell, he was pushing people away. I found him drinking, and I wanted to help. I wanted to help, and I ended up taking advantage. I was the aggressor, okay? He loves you. He's never stopped," Kate insisted, ignoring Rafe and Jordan's repeated attempts to get her to stop talking.

Jordan rushed out of the pub in tears, and Rafe chased after her. "Well, I tried," Kate innocently muttered to herself after Rafe and Jordan left. Rafe followed Jordan to a secluded section of the town square. Rafe admitted that what Kate had said earlier had been true, but he stressed that he wasn't going to let her blame herself for what had happened between them.

Jordan bitterly observed that it was sweet that Kate was covering for Rafe. Rafe argued that the matter was just about him and Jordan. "No, it's not -- not anymore. So if you care about me, then just do me a favor and leave me alone," Jordan tearfully replied before walking away.

At Club TBD, J.J. recorded a voicemail message for Paige, letting her know that he had enjoyed spending time with her at the lake and couldn't wait to see her again. Afterward, J.J. approached the bar to pay for his order, and he thanked Ben for supporting Abigail in her time of need. Ben said doing so had been an easy decision to make.

J.J. started to leave, but Ben stopped him and said they needed to clear something up. Ben admitted that he had lied to J.J. and Paige -- something he had hated doing -- and he proceeded to tell J.J. the truth. J.J. understood that Ben had done what had been necessary in order to protect Jordan, but he wondered if Ben had also lied to Abigail. Ben confirmed that he'd had to lie to everyone in order to remain hidden.

Ben promised that he and Jordan weren't going to run again, adding that they would find another way to deal with Clyde. J.J. was glad to hear that, and he assured Ben that things between them were cool -- as long as Ben didn't hurt Abigail. J.J. also offered to help Ben in any way he could. Meanwhile, Abigail arrived and interrupted the conversation. J.J. informed Abigail that Ben had just told him everything.

Abigail misunderstood and confirmed that she had just turned in her letter of resignation. Shocked, J.J. wondered why Abigail had resigned. Abigail took J.J. to an empty table so she could explain everything to him. While talking to J.J., Abigail kept an eye on her cell phone, and he eventually wondered what was going on.

Abigail explained that she was waiting to hear from Jordan, who was dealing with a crisis. J.J. thought Abigail needed to focus on herself, but she assured him that she was going to be fine. Abigail acknowledged that the world didn't revolve around her, and she refused to hide under a rock instead of living her life. J.J. observed that Abigail was really strong and never played the victim, and he said he was proud of her.

After J.J. left, Ben approached Abigail, who was looking at job listings on her tablet computer. Abigail feared that it would be difficult to find a new job without a reference from her old job. Ben suggested that Sonny might have room for another employee, and Abigail said she might have to check into that. Ben smoothly told Abigail they would each need to ask for different shifts because he wouldn't be able to get anything done if he had to work with her every day. Ben kissed Abigail, who agreed that if they worked together, they'd both get fired really quickly.

Ben went to the bar to retrieve a gift bag, and when he returned, Abigail was staring at her cell phone again, still waiting for a response from Jordan. Abigail started to tell Ben about what had happened, but he interrupted and excitedly asked to go first. Ben presented Abigail with the handcrafted gift he had made for her. Abigail loved the gift and was impressed that Ben had made it himself.

Ben explained that he had learned woodworking in Poplar Bluffs and that Jordan had made him keep perfecting the craft after they had fled. Ben said Jordan had really looked out for him and had never let him slack off. Abigail suggested that Ben might be able to return the favor. Abigail told Ben about what had happened earlier, but she kept the details vague, simply explaining that Jordan could probably use his support. Ben thanked Abigail for the information and excused himself so he could try to contact Jordan.

J.J. went to the hospital to look for his mother, but he encountered Sami instead. J.J. insisted that Sami was out of control. Amused, Sami wondered if J.J. had been sent to fight his sister's battles, and he clarified that Abigail hadn't sent him. Sami guessed that J.J. wanted to tell her that she was being mean to his poor, sweet, innocent sister.

Sami advised J.J. to save his breath, since she wasn't going to back off of Abigail anytime soon. J.J. wondered if Sami cared at all about the people who might get caught in the crossfire. "I have pretty good aim. Ask around," Sami suggested. J.J. asked if Sami knew how Will felt about what she was doing to Abigail.

Sami said Abigail's behavior had probably shocked Will, but J.J. guessed that Will would eventually get over that shock and move on to being embarrassed and ashamed that Sami had gone to such great lengths to get back at Abigail. "And you don't think he'll have any sympathy for what his mother is going through? You know, the truth is, you're probably right. But let me ask you something -- are you, as her brother, kind of embarrassed that your sister slept with my fiancÚ? Are you ashamed?" Sami wondered.

J.J. refused to judge his sister, and he advised Sami to go after E.J. instead. J.J. admitted that he'd like to punch E.J. in the face, and Sami smiled as she replied that she would pay money to see that happen. Sami encouraged J.J. -- who seemed to be under the impression that E.J. had pushed Abigail into the affair -- to ask Abigail for the whole story, including the part about how Abigail had ended up with E.J. in the DiMera Enterprises locker room. J.J. said he didn't want to hear that garbage, but Sami believed it would put things in a different perspective.

J.J. accused Sami of being a hypocrite, observing that she was acting like a saint who had never broken a rule in her life. "I never got off as lightly as you did. Dealing drugs? And you vandalized stores? And all you had to do was some light trash patrol, and your record was cleared? No wonder you think that Abby should skate. My God, the two of you are just pampered little brats. You live your whole life getting away with whatever you want. Well, guess what -- you tell your mom and all of the Hortons that that's not how I roll. I'm going to see to it that Abby pays for what she did. She deserves it -- everything I've done. She deserves what I'm going to do, too," Sami countered.

J.J. warned that Sami would be really sorry if she ever messed with Abigail again. "I'm shaking in my stilettos. Boy, please. Just getting started," Sami muttered as she watched J.J. leave. Meanwhile, Sami received a text message from Kate, who praised Sami's timing and acknowledged that she owed Sami a favor for exposing Rafe's secret. "And I will collect, Kate," Sami promised, grinning as she walked away.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Eric dreamed that he woke up in a bed in Rome beside Nicole. When Nicole said it was his last chance to sleep with her without breaking any vows, Eric kissed her passionately. Eric awoke from his dream, sweating. There was a knock at the door, and Eric was surprised to find Nicole in a slinky dress. When Nicole asked if she looked good enough for the cardinal, Eric stared, dumbfounded. Eric awoke from this dream within a dream when there was a knock at the door.

Eric cautiously opened the door and found a priest. The priest asked Eric if he needed anything, and he informed Eric that Nicole was resting in the nuns' guesthouse. After the priest left, Eric dressed in a suit. When Eric looked in the mirror, he imagined that he was wearing his priest's collar. Eric blinked and saw he was wearing a civilian suit. Eric daydreamed that Nicole attempted to help him with his tie. Snapping out of his fantasy, Eric growled that he needed to stop imagining Nicole. Eric prayed not to hate or lust after Nicole anymore.

"And the Angel Gabriel said to Mary, do not be afraid because nothing is impossible with God," Eric said. Eric noted that he would receive his news that day. When Eric turned around, he found Nicole standing in his room.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny asked Victor to talk to Will's editor about killing Will's assignment to write a story about Sami. Victor declined. Victor noted that the editor had creative autonomy and that he could not interfere with the cover story. Suspicious, Sonny noted that he had not mentioned that it was a cover story. Sonny asked Victor if the cover story had been Victor's idea. Victor admitted that he had suggested a cover story. Victor asked Sonny why he wanted to stand in the way of Will's opportunity.

Sonny said that Will had originally taken the assignment to protect the narrative, but that Will had since decided that he should write a piece that would teach his mother a lesson. Sonny agreed that Sami needed to be taught a lesson but that it would hurt Will's relationship with his mother because she would see the article as a betrayal. Victor warned Sonny not to interfere with Will's professional life anymore.

At Will's request, E.J. met with Will at his apartment. Will asked E.J. what had gone wrong in E.J.'s relationship with Sami. E.J. admitted that he had strayed from Sami but that he truly loved her. Nodding, Will agreed and noted that if E.J. had not loved Sami, he would never have given her his company proxies. E.J. said that he admired how Sami had maneuvered herself to keep E.J. in prison while she and Kate took over the company.

E.J. said he feared that Sami's actions were not what was best for the children, and he asked Will to intervene. E.J. said he was concerned. E.J. explained that Stefano would lose his patience eventually and that E.J. needed to protect his family from Stefano. Will was surprised to hear that E.J. believed he still had a family with Sami, but E.J. stressed that they were a family because he and Sami shared children. E.J. said that he planned to remain married to Sami and did not want to give up on her. With a sad smile, E.J. thanked Will for listening to him.

In Club TBD, Rafe asked Ben about Jordan. Ben said that Jordan had been upset but had not told him what was wrong. When Ben asked Rafe what was wrong, Rafe said it was not his place to tell Ben what had happened. Worried, Ben asked Rafe if he had been freaked out by Jordan's tale about Ben's past, but Rafe shook his head and said they had not discussed Ben's secret. Confused, Ben wondered aloud if Jordan had been upset by her confrontation with Sami. When Rafe asked what Ben meant, Ben explained that Sami had said something hurtful to Jordan. Rafe muttered under his breath about Sami, and then he left to find her.

On a run through town, Jordan stopped in the town square and thought about her conversation with Rafe about his affair with Kate. As Jordan looked across the square, she saw Clyde, and she ran away. Clyde saw Abigail sitting at a table in the square. Before Clyde could approach Abigail, Adrienne sat down at Abigail's table.

"You're not okay, and I for one cannot imagine how Sami can live with herself," Adrienne said. "I have to take responsibility for my actions. I did violate the conditions of my employment," Abigail said. When Adrienne joked that everyone had violated conditions of their employment, Abigail noted that she had slept with E.J., her employer. Nearby, Clyde eavesdropped on the conversation. When Adrienne asked what Abigail wanted to do, Abigail said she did not know but that she would move forward with her life.

In the DiMera mansion, Sami talked to a happy member of the board on the phone. Kate walked into the living room and listened to the tail end of Sami's phone conversation with Mr. Chin. After Sami hung up, she told Kate that the board was pleased about Sami and Kate's plans to unload more subsidiaries. Sami handed Kate a folder.

Kate warned Sami not to sell Stefano's jet. Kate advised that the steps they had taken to unload assets from DiMera Enterprises had created record profits that Stefano could see, but that selling Stefano's jet would insult Stefano on a personal level. Kate added that Sami should concentrate on hurting E.J. rather than Stefano. When Kate turned the subject to Jordan, Sami smiled and said, "You're welcome."

Kate told Sami that when Jordan had confronted Rafe, Kate had stepped in and defended Rafe. With a sly smile, Kate explained that she had informed Jordan that Rafe had been drunk and that Kate had taken advantage of him. When Sami suggested that Rafe would be single but that Kate would not have a shot with him, Kate bristled. Sami said that Rafe had connected with Kate originally to get back at Sami for choosing E.J. and that Rafe had moved on from Kate.

"I was the love of his life, I broke his heart, so he found comfort with you, and then when you ended things with him, he found comfort in mousy little Jordan," Sami said. Kate asked Sami if she was implying that Rafe was still in love with Sami. When Sami said it was possible, Kate called her delusional. Laughing, Kate said that Rafe would not return to Sami. After Kate left the living room, Sami muttered, "Don't be so sure."

After showering and changing after her run, Jordan thought about when she had told Rafe that she had felt ready to trust him. Upset, Jordan wondered aloud if Rafe had ever loved her. Jordan went to the hospital to work, and Rafe found her in her rehabilitation room. Jordan said she was working, but Rafe begged her not to throw away their relationship. Jordan noted that she had been ready to share her secrets but that Rafe had lied to her about his feelings for Kate.

Rafe stopped Jordan from leaving the room. Rafe explained that he had been drunk and had not thought about what he'd been doing. Jordan pointed out that when Rafe had been hurting, he had gone to Kate instead of talking to her. Rafe explained that he had not wanted to let Jordan down the same way he had disappointed Gabi. Through tears, Jordan begged Rafe not to say that his night with Kate had not meant anything because it had meant a lot to her.

Rafe explained that he had wanted to tell Jordan what had happened with Kate. Upset, Jordan said she did not trust Rafe. Jordan added that Sami was right and that Rafe was grateful for his rehabilitation but was willing to throw her aside when Rafe had fully recovered from his injury. Upset, Jordan ran out of the room.

In the park, Ben met with Abigail to tell her about some job openings he had received from a job recruiter friend who was a customer at the club. Abigail excitedly looked through the printout of job listings. When Abigail noticed an opening for PR at a start-up, Abigail grew elated. Ben gave Abigail a pep talk, and she thanked him. As Abigail and Ben kissed, Clyde interrupted and said hello.

As Sami worked in the DiMera living room, Adrienne stopped by the mansion to confront her. Adrienne started to say that she could not stand by and watch Sami hurt Abigail, but Sami interrupted and said that she had every right to make Abigail pay for destroying Sami's family and betraying her trust. Sami told Adrienne to inform Abigail that she was just getting warmed up.

Adrienne reminded Sami that she had drugged Austin, slept with him, and lied about Will's paternity. Sami countered that she had been a child when she had done those things. When Adrienne asked Sami what her excuse was for her behavior in the subsequent two decades, Sami stared daggers. Adrienne noted that E.J. had played a part in the affair, and Sami agreed. Adrienne argued that Sami had upset Sonny and Will with her vengeance.

"I know what you are saying, Adrienne. That's always what you do, right? You say a whole bunch of things to people who really don't want to hear it," Sami said. Sami asked Adrienne to give her one minute to talk, and in return, she would listen to whatever Adrienne wanted to say. Adrienne agreed. Sami asked Adrienne about her close relationship with Kayla, and Sami explained that she had believed that she was embarking on a similar friendship with Abigail.

"I thought she was my friend. I mean, it was just starting out, but I thought we were really getting close. So much so that when she thought she was pregnant with my husband's child, who do you think was there for her? Who held her hand through that? Me." Sami said. Sami went to the desk and picked up an envelope. As Adrienne listened quietly, Sami explained that when Adrienne and Justin had been separated while he had worked for E.J., Justin and Kayla had been close. Sami slid the envelope across the table to Adrienne.

Adrienne shook her head in disbelief. Sami shrugged and said she had found the envelope in Stefano's safe when she had been cleaning. Sami admitted that she had wanted to burn the photos. As Adrienne exclaimed that Sami was lying, Sami took the envelope over to the desk. Adrienne chased her, grabbed the envelope, and looked at the pictures. Relieved, Adrienne noted that the photos were Sami's wedding pictures.

"They are, but for a few seconds, you believed. You were me. For just a moment, you were heartbroken, furious, and you wanted to hurt them the way that they had hurt you. You were willing to do anything to make the pain go away. So now you have had a little taste of what it is like for me, except in my case, it is never going to go away. So I am hoping that you can understand why I am doing what I am doing. But if you can't, then I suggest you keep your head down and stay the hell out of my way," Sami said.

"How could you do something so hateful?" Adrienne asked with a gasp. Sami explained that she had wanted Adrienne to look at her situation with compassion. Shaking her head, Adrienne said it had been a mistake to talk to Sami.

Kate met with E.J. at Club TBD to inform him that she and Sami had decided to unload the Houston refinery from the DiMera Enterprises assets. Upset, E.J. pleaded with Kate that he needed the funds from the refinery, but Kate informed him that the board had approved the plan and that it was already in motion. Before E.J. could say more, Kate said that E.J. did not need the money from the refinery because he had nothing in his life.

"You're not giving me much choice," E.J. whispered after Kate left. As Kate left Club TBD, Jordan confronted her. Kate said that she had been telling the truth when she had said that the affair with Rafe had been her fault. Angry, Jordan argued that Kate had never told the truth in her life. "That must be deeply upsetting to you Jordan. Or whatever the hell your name really is," Kate said.

When Victor walked into his living room, he was surprised to find E.J. waiting for him. E.J. said that he had reconsidered Victor's offer. E.J. admitted that he understood Victor's offer had not been serious, but he had information that would help make Victor's new companies profitable.

Will had recorded his conversation with E.J., and he listened to the conversation as he worked on his article in his apartment. When Sonny returned home, Will told him about the conversation with E.J. Will admitted that the conversation had made him question whether to write the article. Will wondered aloud if Sami needed to hear a voice of reason instead. Will worried about declining his first assignment, but Sonny assured Will that everything would be fine.

Adrienne called Will to inform him that Sami was on a mission to punish Abigail. When Will asked what had happened, Adrienne informed Will that Sami had used her position on the board to extort Kayla to force Abigail to resign from her position at the hospital. Adrienne then told Will that Sami had lied about Justin having an affair with Kayla to prove a point. Will apologized for his mother's behavior.

"Your mother is a one-woman destruction machine, and she is hellbent on destroying Abigail and anyone who dares defend her, and honestly, she just needs to be stopped," Adrienne said. Will agreed. When Sonny returned to the living room from the baby's room, Will said that he was definitely going to write the article.

As Sami was leaving for work, Henderson informed her that Rafe was waiting for her in the living room. "I knew he would come," Sami said with a big smile.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

by Mike

Outside Club TBD, Jordan wondered if ruining her relationship with Rafe -- something that had meant a great deal to her -- had made Kate happy.

"You know, I don't know if you read the papers, but I just became a CEO of DiMera Enterprises -- which is a multinational corporation, in case you don't know. And I am devoted to my family. I have a very challenging and satisfying life. And you think I would waste even one precious moment of it trying to hurt someone as insignificant as you?" Kate innocently asked.

Jordan said that was exactly what she believed. Jordan asserted that every single word that escaped Kate's lips was a lie, and she admitted that she couldn't understand how Kate had managed to gain Rafe's trust in the first place. Kate said the truth was that she believed, based on the fact that Jordan seemed to blame Rafe for the one-night stand instead of Kate, that Jordan had entertained the possibility that he had actively sought out Kate.

"You see, I don't -- I don't hate you, Jordan. I just feel sorry for you. And I think, perhaps, you keep reinventing yourself because somehow, deep down, you feel like you're not woman enough to satisfy a man -- I mean, especially Rafe," Kate theorized. The observation infuriated Jordan, but she resisted the urge to slap Kate. Kate encouraged Jordan to embrace the urge if it would make her feel better, so Jordan took the advice and slapped Kate. Kate said she was glad that Jordan was capable of expressing emotion. Jordan replied that she still harbored plenty of anger and that the slap had just been the tip of the iceberg.

Kate encouraged Jordan to vent, guessing that it had to feel horrible to keep secrets from everyone all the time. "You know what's ironic? I'm not the one who's going to break up this thing you have with Rafe. You're going to do that all on your own, and you know why? Because this thing you're hiding is so significant that you know that you're not good enough for him," Kate theorized. Jordan remained silent, so Kate walked away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, E.J. informed Victor that, because Kate and Sami had been eager to get revenge, they had failed to ascertain the true value of the companies they had sold to Victor. E.J. added that, while he didn't have the money to buy the companies back -- and he knew Victor wouldn't sell them back to him, anyway -- he did have inside information to offer that would make the companies more valuable than Victor had originally expected them to be.

E.J. was willing to hand over the information but wanted information from Victor in return. E.J. recalled that, a few years earlier, Victor had lost enthusiasm for a particular business, and he had helped Victor get rid of it. "The way I remember it, I let you take over my territory. And I have a vague recollection [that], when you became a family man and mayor of our fair town, you similarly lost enthusiasm for that particular business," Victor clarified.

E.J. said times had changed. E.J. explained that he knew how to make the business successful again, but he added that, in order to do so, he would need the contact information for two of the men Victor had once employed there. "No more Mr. Nice Guy, eh?" Victor mused. Victor assumed that E.J. was trying to get back at Sami, but E.J. insisted that his motives were none of Victor's business.

Victor admitted that he might be willing to make the deal, and he encouraged E.J. to continue. E.J. explained that Sami and Kate were unaware that the companies they had sold to Victor were in possession of two rather lucrative patents. Victor expressed skepticism, so E.J. offered to forward Victor a document that proved the value of the patents -- as soon as Victor provided him with the requested contact information.

E.J. added that he also wanted ten percent of the additional gross profit Victor would earn as a result of the information. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you've agreed to get your hands dirty again, hmm?" Victor mused. E.J. doubted that Victor's hands had ever really been clean, but Victor pointed out that he had passed Maggie's inspection.

E.J. reasoned that it was fortunate that Victor had successful, legitimate endeavors that had afforded him the luxury of doing away with the less tidy areas of his business. Victor guessed that E.J. was displeased that his luck had expired the day he had married Sami, but E.J. wasn't interested in talking about her.

Victor agreed to make the deal with E.J., so E.J. promised to forward Victor the information about the patents upon receipt of the contact information, which Victor was going to have to do some digging to locate. Before E.J. left, Victor added that, while they had always been on opposite sides of everything, Will and Sonny's marriage technically made E.J. a part of the Kiriakis family.

Victor explained that, because of that fact, he felt compelled to warn E.J. about the men E.J. wanted to get involved with. E.J. said he could handle himself, but Victor countered that E.J. had thought the same thing about Sami and Kate. "Just a word of caution -- you may think you've lost everything, but you've got a great deal more to lose," Victor warned.

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe confirmed Sami's suspicion that he had personal reasons for his visit instead of professional ones. Rafe started to say something else, but Sami stopped him and said she wanted to speak first. Sami admitted that it had been wrong of her to break Rafe's heart. Sami offered Rafe the chance to gloat because he had been right about E.J. all along, but Rafe declined.

Sami poured a cup of tea for Rafe as she reminisced about how they had met and how he had protected her and her unborn child during that particular period of her life. "I don't even think I'd be here today if it weren't for you. I don't know that Sydney would be in my life if it weren't for you. [...] I just want you to know that I'll never be able to repay you for what you've done," Sami admitted. Rafe replied that he didn't want anything from Sami.

Sami continued that she and Rafe had raised -- and lost -- Grace together. Sami acknowledged that E.J.'s betrayal was nothing compared to that loss, which was the most difficult thing she had ever had to survive. Sami said she probably would have fallen apart after Grace's death if Rafe hadn't been there to help her pick up the pieces. Sami added that Rafe had been a good stepfather, friend, and protector for her children.

Sami acknowledged that she had ruined her relationship with Rafe. Sami added that it was obvious that she had hurt Rafe, since his devastation and desperation had led him to hook up with Kate afterward. Sami reasoned that Rafe's relationship with Jordan was about gratitude, since the physical therapist had helped him recover after being attacked.

"Now I'm free, and [I've] seen the light about E.J., so I could totally understand why you would think that we could -- but you have to understand that I'm just not there yet, you know? I mean, I -- I have so many unresolved issues and feelings, and -- and I'm not done dealing with E.J. -- I mean, I have a lot of stuff that I -- well, that is why you're -- that's why you're here, right? I mean, it's about us," Sami concluded.

Rafe wondered if Sami had lost her mind, adding that, as usual, she was seeing only what she wanted to see. Sami reminded Rafe that he had once said she was the love of his life, and she wondered if those had been empty words. Rafe said a lifetime had passed since then and that he had walked away from Sami with his eyes wide open. Sami countered that, while Rafe was welcome to tell himself that he had walked away from her, it was obvious that she had hurt him and that he had been pathetically lonely, because that was the only possible justification for his decision to hook up with Kate.

"After you, the ex-wife of a mobster seemed easy and uncomplicated," Rafe reasoned with a shrug. Sami wondered when Rafe had started liking things that were easy and uncomplicated. Sami recalled that Rafe had liked her intensity and passion and had once said that being with her had made him feel more alive than he had ever been before, but he claimed that he couldn't remember saying such things.

Sami guessed that Rafe was just trying to hurt her, but he claimed that he was simply trying to keep things real. Sami said that if Rafe really wanted things that were easy and uncomplicated, he had hit paydirt with Jordan. Sami wondered if Rafe could honestly say that his relationship with Jordan was even remotely close to being as passionate as his relationship with Sami had been.

"If our relationship was so damn great, how come you were so ready to flush it down the toilet every time E.J. would so much as walk by?" Rafe wondered. Sami asserted that Rafe's question proved that he had unresolved feelings for her. Rafe countered that insulting Kate and Jordan proved that Sami believed she was still in the center of Rafe's universe. "Well, guess what -- it only shows that you're in the center of your own," Rafe concluded.

Sami irritably admitted that she should have known better than to try to get Rafe to be honest about his feelings, and she demanded to know the reason for his visit. Rafe wondered how Sami had learned about his one-night stand with Kate. Sami explained that she had overheard Rafe and Kate talking about it during one of his recent visits to the mansion. Rafe bitterly guessed that Sami had felt duty-bound to share the information with Jordan.

Sami claimed that she had only revealed Rafe's secret because Jordan had gotten in her face for no reason. "Oh, come on -- you always give people a reason to get in your face," Rafe skeptically countered. Sami feigned amusement and added that Jordan had been entitled to know the truth about Rafe. Unconvinced, Rafe theorized that Sami wanted him back but had known that she would need to get Jordan out of the way first.

Sami scoffed and claimed that she had been trying to let Rafe down gently. Sami and Rafe proceeded to argue about the matter for a few moments before she suggested that it would be best for him to leave. Rafe said that, despite his reservations, he had sincerely hoped that E.J. would make Sami happy, since she deserved that. Rafe added that it was kind of sad that Sami didn't want the same thing for him. Sami clarified that she did want Rafe to be happy -- she just didn't think Jordan would make him happy, and she knew that Kate wouldn't.

"I made you happy. I know I did," Sami added after Rafe left. Sami spotted a framed photograph of her and E.J. that was perched on a nearby stand, and she irritably grabbed it as she wondered why it was still on display. "I made you happy, too," Sami quietly stated before slamming the item facedown on the coffee table. A short time later, Sami heard Kate enter the mansion, so she rushed to hide the picture.

Kate said she had seen Rafe speeding away earlier, and she wondered what had happened. Sami explained that Rafe was upset that she had told Jordan about his one-night stand with Kate. Sami dismissively added that Rafe would get over the matter eventually. After Kate left to answer a business call, Sami irritably shoved the photograph aside before reconsidering and picking it up.

"Abby Deveraux? Really? I mean, how could you do this to us? We were good together. We were so good together, weren't we?" Sami quietly mused as she stared at the picture. Meanwhile, Kate returned to the living room and wondered what Sami was doing. Sami claimed that she had simply been thinking about replacing the photograph with one of her and the kids, but Kate wasn't convinced. "Please -- please don't tell me that you're having second thoughts about E.J.," Kate said, unaware that E.J. had just entered the mansion and was eavesdropping from the foyer.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Clyde apologized for interrupting and asked Ben to introduce him to Abigail. Ben stood and ordered Clyde to leave, but Abigail stepped between them and introduced herself to Clyde.

Abigail said Ben had told her that his father was in town. Clyde admitted that he was surprised that Ben had shared the good news with someone. Ben snapped that it wasn't good news, and Clyde suggested that they might be able to fix that. Clyde explained to Abigail that he had made some mistakes in the past and that he had moved to Salem because he wanted to make up for those mistakes.

Clyde recalled that he had heard that Abigail worked with Jordan at the hospital. Abigail started to clarify that she no longer worked there, but Ben interrupted and suggested that it was time for them to leave. Clyde reasoned that, since he was the one who had intruded, he was the one who needed to leave. "He's got his mama's temper," Clyde matter-of-factly informed Abigail.

Clyde said he had enjoyed meeting Abigail and hoped to see her again soon. Clyde suggested that he could take Ben and Abigail out somewhere for a nice meal in the near future. Ben irritably pointed out that Clyde was supposed to be leaving, so Clyde took the hint and politely excused himself. After Clyde left, Ben sighed and apologized for what had happened. Confused, Abigail observed that it seemed like Clyde was trying.

"You don't know him at all, Abigail, okay? So do not try and defend him to me," Ben snapped before quickly apologizing. Ben wished that his father would just leave Salem, since neither he nor Jordan wanted the man around. Ben told Abigail that his father's earlier comments had been made solely for her benefit. Ben added that he had learned the hard way that he couldn't believe anything that his father said.

Ben sighed and admitted that he had never wanted Abigail to know anything about his father, let alone meet the man. Abigail guessed that it had to be awful for Ben to feel that way about his own father, and she added that she believed his claim that he had good reasons for feeling that way. Meanwhile, Ben received a text message from Jordan, who wanted to meet with him. Abigail remained silent as Ben mused that he hoped Jordan was finally going to tell him what was wrong.

Ben thanked Abigail for her support, and she pointed out that it was the least she could do, since he hadn't walked away when he had learned about her fling with E.J. Ben mused that it seemed like his and Abigail's respective worlds had been going crazy since the moment they had met each other. Ben wished he and Abigail could have some non-crazy time together, and she assured him that they would get to that point eventually.

"I hope so, 'cause when I'm with you, and it's not crazy, it's about as good as it gets," Ben said before kissing Abigail. Meanwhile, Jordan arrived, and Abigail made it clear that she hadn't said anything about what they had found out, since she had figured that Jordan would probably want to be the one to tell Ben the news. After Abigail left, Ben wondered what she had been talking about.

After making Ben promise that he wouldn't lose his temper after learning what had happened, Jordan painfully admitted that she hadn't told Rafe about her past because Sami had revealed that Rafe had recently cheated on Jordan with Kate. Elsewhere, Abigail ran into Rafe, who wondered if she had seen Jordan recently. Abigail claimed that she hadn't, but when Rafe figured out that she was lying, she reluctantly admitted that she had just left Jordan with Ben.

Abigail advised Rafe to give Jordan and Ben some time alone, predicting that Ben could probably do more to help Jordan at that particular moment than Rafe could. "Oh, yeah? Well, no offense, but I don't really care what you think, 'cause, you see, too many people have been trying to come between me and Jordan, and I've had it," Rafe snapped before heading off to find Jordan and Ben.

Abigail chased after Rafe, and when they arrived at the secluded section of the town square, Jordan was crying on Ben's shoulder. "You son of a bitch," Ben snapped before punching Rafe. Ben continued to pummel Rafe as Jordan and Abigail tried to intervene.

Outside the Brady Pub, Jeremiah met with Clyde and gave him a wad of cash. Clyde wondered how Jesse was doing, and Jeremiah shook his head sadly. "After the explosion, Jesse had third-degree burns over half his body. That's what the doctor told Beth Ann," Jeremiah replied. Clyde asked if Jesse and Beth Ann were still together, and Jeremiah nodded in response.

Clyde wanted to know how many kids the couple had, so Jeremiah explained that they had three kids, with another on the way. Clyde handed a portion of the money back to Jeremiah and instructed him to deliver it to Beth Ann. Changing the subject, Clyde wondered how Jeremiah's trip from Poplar Bluff to Salem had been. Jeremiah said it hadn't been that bad. "Good. You may have to get used to it," Clyde replied.

In Rome, Nicole assured Eric that, after that day, he would be reinstated as a priest and would consequently be rid of her for good. Eric didn't think it was wise to speculate about how things would play out. Nicole observed that it looked like Eric hadn't gotten any sleep at all. Eric blamed jet lag, but Nicole wasn't convinced, noting that he had been tense since learning about his case being sent to the Vatican.

Eric recoiled in protest when Nicole sympathetically touched his arm. Nicole said she had just been trying to comfort Eric, and she assured him that she would never make that mistake again. Eric snapped that he didn't need Nicole's comfort. Eric wondered if Nicole knew how long it had been since he had last felt like he was in control of his own life. Nicole guessed that, in addition to Kristen, Eric also blamed her for that.

Meanwhile, the cardinal arrived and apologized for his tardiness. The cardinal said he thought he had heard raised voices as he had approached the room, and he wondered if everything was all right. Eric replied that the cardinal had misunderstood and that everything was fine. The cardinal proceeded to discuss the case with Eric and Nicole, eventually wondering why Nicole had destroyed evidence she had gone to great lengths to find.

Nicole acknowledged that what she had done had been wrong, and she assured the cardinal that she would do things differently if given the opportunity again. The cardinal sighed and admitted that things would be easier if the church had concrete evidence beyond the word of someone who had deliberately misled the church and Eric in not only the matter at hand but others, as well.

Fearing that the cardinal was about to deliver bad news, Nicole begged him to punish her, not Eric. Eric tried to silence Nicole, insisting that she had no right to speak to the cardinal that way. The cardinal observed that Nicole was simply saying what was in her heart, but Eric ignored the comment and accused Nicole of trying to control everything, as usual. Eric insisted that the matter was out of Nicole's hands and that it would be best for her to remain quiet.

"My son...take your own advice," the cardinal suggested. The cardinal explained that, after weighing all the information and praying for guidance, he had made a decision. The cardinal asked to talk to Eric privately, so Nicole reluctantly left the room and went to the garden, where she mused that she couldn't pray about the result because she didn't know what to pray for it to be.

Meanwhile, the cardinal said he believed what many other people clearly believed -- that Eric was innocent. "I will make arrangements for you to return to the priesthood immediately. That is what you want, isn't it?" the cardinal asked Eric.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

by Mike

In a secluded section of the town square, Jordan and Abigail managed to separate Ben and Rafe. Ben wondered why the women were defending Rafe. Ben insisted that he wasn't going to let anyone treat his sister the way Rafe had treated her. Ben wanted to continue the fight, but Jordan said he had already done enough damage.

Jordan knelt beside Rafe and wondered why he hadn't defended himself. Rafe admitted that he had deserved the beating, knowing that he would have reacted the same way if someone had hurt his sister the way he had hurt Ben's sister. Ben wanted Rafe to leave Jordan alone, but Rafe said he couldn't do that because he still loved her. Rafe hoped Jordan would eventually be able to forgive him.

The idea enraged Ben, but Abigail kept him from attacking Rafe again. Despite Ben's objections, Jordan decided to take Rafe somewhere to get his injuries cleaned up. Abigail promised to stay with Ben and do her best to calm him down. After Jordan and Rafe left, Ben explained to Abigail that, in order to take care of Ben, Jordan had sacrificed her chance to have a normal life. Ben said Jordan had never allowed herself to get close to anyone because she had wanted to make sure that no one would ever be able to figure out the truth about their identities.

Abigail guessed that Jordan's life had probably been pretty lonely, and Ben confirmed that it had been -- until Rafe had entered the picture. Ben said it had been extremely difficult for Jordan to allow herself to trust Rafe, and he criticized Rafe for betraying that trust. "And what's wrong with [Kate]? She knows the guy's got somebody else, and she sleeps with him, anyway? I mean, what kind of a person does something like that?" Ben wondered.

"Me. That's exactly what I did to Sami," Abigail pointed out. Ben started to apologize, but Abigail stopped him and acknowledged that he was right -- what she and Kate had done had been not only wrong but also hateful. Ben argued that, unlike Kate, Abigail was trying to own her mistake. Ben couldn't believe that Kate had acted better than him and Abigail when she had encountered them at the club the previous day.

Ben said Kate had no right to judge Abigail, and he grasped Abigail's hand as he added that he didn't want her to think, even for a second, that she was anything like Kate. Abigail pulled away from Ben, prompting him to wonder if something was wrong. "Can I be honest with you? [...] When you were, um -- when you were beating up Rafe, you were so angry. You scared me," Abigail admitted.

Ben apologized and explained that he had grown up around men who had treated women badly. Abigail wondered if that was why Ben couldn't stand his father. "I loved that he told you I inherited my mother's temper. My mother was afraid of her own shadow because she never knew what was gonna set him off. The dinner could be too hot or too cold, the house could be too clean or too neat. And I tried to step in, but I was a little kid. And Jordan tried, too. That's when he started hitting her," Ben explained. Abigail found it hard to believe that the man she had met earlier was capable of such things.

"That is what drives me nuts, because he's so good at hiding his temper around other people. I swore to myself I would never be like him, but I guess he and I aren't so different, after all," Ben regretfully admitted. Abigail pointed out that, while Ben had gone too far earlier, he had been trying to protect his sister from getting hurt. Abigail argued that Ben was the opposite of Clyde, who seemed to enjoy hurting women.

Ben thanked Abigail and apologized for inserting more craziness into their lives. Ben assured Abigail that he would try not to do that again, and she said she was glad to hear that, since she suddenly had a lot of free time on her hands and was eager to fill it with non-crazy time with him.

At the Brady Pub, Jordan nursed Rafe's wounds. Rafe explained that he had slept with Kate because he had been disgusted with himself at that particular time for failing his sisters, and he had felt like Jordan deserved someone better than him. Jordan incredulously wondered if Rafe had slept with Kate to prove himself right. Rafe conceded that his explanation didn't make sense.

Rafe added that the only thing he was certain of was the fact that falling in love with Jordan had been the best thing that had happened to him in a long time. Jordan said that, as Rafe had probably already guessed, she found it difficult to trust men, and he was the first man she had ever truly loved. Rafe said he loved Jordan, too, and he acknowledged that risking what they'd had, which had been really important to him, had been idiotic.

"You think you've risked what we had by falling into bed with Kate? Rafe, you destroyed it," Jordan tearfully clarified. Jordan couldn't believe that, despite the fact that she had known all along that Kate had wanted her out of Rafe's life so he would be available to return to Kate, she had still allowed the news about their one-night stand to blindside her. Jordan guessed that Sami had revealed the news at Kate's request.

Rafe insisted that Kate hadn't wanted anyone to know about their fling, but Jordan insisted that he was being na´ve. Jordan explained that Sami -- whom she barely knew -- had been staring daggers at her lately for no apparent reason. "Kate must have turned her against me. Kate planned everything. She was out to destroy us, Rafe -- and she did," Jordan concluded.

Rafe refused to believe that, insisting that he was responsible for what had happened, not Kate. Jordan mused that Rafe might truly belong with Kate, whom he always seemed eager to defend. Rafe insisted that a relationship with Kate would never work because he was in love with Jordan, and he wished he could get Jordan to believe that. "You want to know what I believe? I believe that I should have left this town when I had the chance...and never looked back," Jordan tearfully replied. Jordan started to exit the pub, and when Rafe tried to stop her, she pushed him away.

At Club TBD, Paige reminded Eve about Kevin, a guy who had worked at the diner they had frequented on the Dixie Highway in Miami. Paige explained that Kevin had moved to Salem but was no longer using that name. Paige said the guy, whose new name was Ben, had initially acted like he had never met her before but had recently admitted to J.J. that he had lied. Paige didn't understand why Ben had done that.

"Because that's what men do -- they lie. And don't you ever forget it," Eve advised her daughter. Paige feared that Eve was about to start criticizing J.J. again. Eve promised not to do that, but she quickly added that she wouldn't be surprised to learn that J.J. had picked up a trick or two from Jack, who had been a born con man. Eve explained that Jack had once swindled millions of dollars away from her.

Paige said she had been under the impression that Eve had willingly given up all her worldly possessions. "Well, I did...but it didn't hurt to have a nest egg -- you know, just in case -- and J.J.'s dad managed to steal it right out from under me, sweetheart. And that's why we deserve the royalty money from that book -- 'cause Jack owes me," Eve explained.

Paige insisted that J.J. would never trick her the way Jack had apparently tricked Eve. Eve hoped that was true, since she didn't want to see Paige get her heart broken. Paige observed that Eve seemed to be in a bad mood, so Eve reluctantly revealed that she had learned earlier that a judge was ready to make a ruling on the summary judgment Aiden had filed on Jennifer's behalf. Eve dismissed Aiden's motion as a desperate ploy that was doomed to failure, and she confidently assured Paige that the case would move forward as planned.

Later, at the courthouse, Aiden outlined his argument for the judge. "In summation, Your Honor, Eve Larson's annulment agreement with Jack Deveraux contains several areas where the wording is vague, if not contradictory. Also -- and more significantly -- Jack Deveraux's signature appears in two entirely different manners, which -- and I trust you will concur -- render the document null and void. Therefore, I am asking the court to dismiss the suit with prejudice toward the plaintiff," Aiden explained, ignoring Eve's lawyer's attempts to interrupt and voice objections.

The judge also had no interest in hearing the objections, since she had already made a decision. "I've decided that I will not grant the summary judgment. I will allow this case to go to trial. However, I must warn the plaintiff that I came very close to granting the judgment, because I find this case to be quite weak. As I stated earlier, I do agree with Mr. Jennings' arguments, but I'm not sure this document will hold up in court. And Ms. Larson? You and your lawyer have your work cut out for you," the judge stated before dismissing everyone.

Jennifer thanked Aiden for trying to get the case dismissed, and he excused himself so he could talk to Eve's lawyer for a moment. Meanwhile, Eve approached Jennifer and started to say something, but Jennifer interrupted and said she was no longer interested in settling with Eve. Jennifer pointed out that Eve had already been offered a fair settlement and had blown that opportunity.

"Okay, fine. But don't say I didn't warn you. [...] When J.J. finds out that you're, you know, willing to drag this out -- no matter what it does to Paige -- he is gonna hate you. And [from] everything that Theresa tells me, it won't be the first time. So good luck with that, Little Miss Perfect," Eve said before walking away.

J.J. visited Paige at her cousin's apartment. J.J. said he had heard about the judge's imminent ruling and wanted Paige to know that, while he supported his mother, he still felt bad about what was happening. J.J. said he understood that Eve was counting on the proceeds from Jack's book for a lot of reasons, the most important of which was the fact that Paige needed that money to go to Stanford. J.J. added that, while he would really miss Paige if she left Salem, he cared more about her happiness than anything else, so he wanted her to be able to go to Stanford if that was what she wanted to do.

Paige thanked J.J. but added that if he wanted to make her happy, he only had to promise one thing -- that he would never lie to her about anything. J.J. had no problem making that promise, although he was a bit concerned about what had prompted the request. Paige assured J.J. that she didn't doubt anything he had already told her -- she just wanted to make sure they continued to be honest with each other about everything.

Meanwhile, J.J. received a reminder on his cell phone about signing up for college classes, so he reluctantly excused himself so he could take care of the task. Later, Eve returned home and told Paige about what the judge had said earlier. Eve urged Paige not to worry about the possibility that they might lose the lawsuit.

"How can I not worry, Mom? I know how much you're counting on that money. But...I think I have a way to help," Paige started to explain. Eve interrupted and guessed that Paige had convinced J.J. to make Jennifer hand over the money. "Oh, Paige, this is so fantastic! You know what? I never would have thought to involve you like this, but since it was your idea, it just -- oh, this is great! This is so great!" Eve exclaimed as she excitedly hugged Paige.

At the Horton house, Jennifer told J.J. about what the judge had said earlier. Jennifer said she was sorry that the situation had put J.J. in an awkward position. Jennifer predicted that things might get easier once Paige moved to Stanford. Confused, J.J. wondered what Jennifer meant. "Honey, I just think that, in many ways, the distance will do you both some good," Jennifer explained.

Jennifer reasoned that, while she was fond of Paige, J.J. was just eighteen years old and would meet plenty of other girls in his lifetime. "No, Mom! There's not gonna be anyone else but Paige, all right? Not ever. I'm in love with her," J.J. declared.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami reasoned that she had pushed E.J. away, but Kate warned her not to go there. Ignoring the advice, Sami pointed out that she had refused to sleep with E.J. and had stubbornly fought with him for months. Sami wondered if she had inadvertently sent E.J. right into Abigail's arms.

"What if I made this huge mistake, and now I'm about to make another one -- a bigger mistake -- by letting him go?" Sami mused as E.J. continued to eavesdrop from the foyer. E.J. smiled as Sami reminded Kate that he had sacrificed everything to fix the Bernardi situation and had also supported them after the river incident. Sami argued that E.J. was a good father -- not just to their kids but also to Will and Allie.

"Are you telling me that if E.J. walked through that door right now, that you would forgive him?" Kate incredulously asked. Sami shrugged and admitted that she might, although she wasn't sure about that. Before E.J. could make his move, his cell phone started vibrating, so he crept outside to answer it. "Has the shipment arrived yet? Excellent. No, no, no -- don't distribute it yet. No, I need to talk to one of Kiriakis' old contacts first," E.J. told the caller.

Meanwhile, back inside, Sami continued to second-guess her choices. "Listen to me -- people who forget the past -- who don't learn from the past -- are doomed to repeat their mistakes. E.J. made a fool of you with Abigail, and now you're saying that it's your fault? If you're that pathetic, then you deserve a man like him," Kate argued.

Kate added that, while she didn't like Sami -- and she never would -- she did have a grudging respect for Sami, who -- like Kate -- was a strong, independent businesswoman who would never let a man walk all over her. Sami said that might have been the problem -- she had walked all over E.J. instead, eventually pushing him to his breaking point. Sami wistfully recalled that she and E.J. had once been happy together.

"You were happy? With a man who kidnapped your baby and let you believe she was dead? Or did you drive him to do that, too? But go ahead -- forgive him one more time. It'll be interesting to see what new way he finds to break your heart," Kate mused. A short time later, E.J. entered the living room, and Kate suspiciously observed that he seemed quite cheerful for a man who had just lost everything. E.J. said things were looking up. E.J. asked for a moment alone with Sami, and she didn't object, so Kate left the room.

E.J. took a seat next to Sami and gently grasped her hand as he started to say something to her. "Don't touch me!" Sami snapped as she stood and distanced herself from E.J. Sami picked up the framed photograph of her and E.J. -- the one that had triggered her earlier mixed emotions -- and hurled it at E.J., who ducked to avoid it as Sami warned him to stay away from her.

"Let me make it very clear -- I don't want you to touch me ever again, and if you try, I will go straight to the police station and file that restraining order. I haven't done it yet because I didn't want it in the news to get the board suspicious," Sami explained. E.J. doubted that Sami would be able to keep the board members in the dark for much longer, since she had been spreading the news of his fling with Abigail all over town.

"Yes, I have been -- to a few select people [who], I'm sure, will not say anything because they want to protect little Abby's reputation. [...] You are the one who saw to it that your board lives all over the world. You and Stefano wanted to be able to do whatever you want here in Salem. Well, it's gonna help me and Kate, because by the time they hear about this, they're gonna be so happy with the money that Kate and I have made them, they won't care," Sami predicted.

Meanwhile, Kate returned and announced that the children had returned home and that Sydney was asking for Sami. After Sami left, E.J. demanded to know what Kate had said to her. Kate feigned ignorance, so E.J. explained that he knew that Sami had been about to forgive him earlier, since he had overheard their conversation. Kate assured E.J. that Sami would never, ever forgive him.

E.J. protested that he had just heard Sami say that if he walked through the door, she might forgive him. "Yes, but you didn't, and that's what's so sad. Losing your timing -- at this point in your career? And now you've lost Sami -- forever. [...] So why don't you act like a man for once and just leave? Leave with a little dignity," Kate suggested. E.J. left after vowing to eventually make Kate very, very sorry.

Later, Sami returned and told Kate about her earlier conversation with E.J. Kate was glad to hear that Sami had regained her senses, since they were going to have to stay strong in order to get what they wanted. Sami wondered where her and Kate's revenge scheme would leave them in the end. "Oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of deliriously happy-meets-filthy rich. You're gonna like it there -- I promise," Kate assured Sami.

E.J. met with his new associate outside Club TBD to discuss his plans to increase their profits. E.J. explained that he planned to attach a fifteen-percent increase to the cost of all their products. The man skeptically wondered how that was going to fly. "It'll fly just fine. Trust me -- we're the only game in town," E.J. replied.

In Rome, Eric told the cardinal that, while he wanted to be a priest again more than anything else in the world, he had learned in seminary that being a priest wasn't a job, it was a calling from God. Eric said he had felt that calling quite strongly on the day he had received the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Eric explained that, while he had witnessed horrors in Africa that had made him question his faith in God, he had also eventually witnessed a priest perform an incredible act of selflessness and bravery there, and that was what had ultimately led to his renewed faith in God -- faith that had never again wavered -- and his decision to enter the priesthood.

Eric didn't want to say anything else, but the cardinal urged him to continue. "It's about Nicole. [...] I hate her. I know I should forgive her -- I just can't find a way in my heart. And the same time, I -- I want her. I'm consumed by how much I want her. When you told me I could be a priest again, my heart should [have] filled with joy. [...] But how can I devote myself to my vocation when I have nothing but feelings for Nicole? This hatred, this lust -- I asked to be released from these feelings. I prayed for a sign that would show me what I need to do," Eric painfully revealed.

"My may not have realized it, but I think you've already been given that sign," the cardinal suggested. Later, the cardinal concluded his conversation with Eric. The cardinal said he believed that Eric had made the right decision, and he promised to pray for Eric, who nodded and left the room.

Outside, Nicole paced the garden as she anxiously waited for news about Eric's fate. "I was an idiot to try to compete with you. I told myself that I could make Eric happier than if he were a priest, but it's obvious that he loves his vocation with all his heart and soul. And I should've never kept him from it, because it was what he was meant to do...and what he was meant to be," Nicole admitted as she stood in front of a statue of Jesus.

Later, Eric went to the garden and informed Nicole that his name had been cleared and that he was headed back to Salem -- but not back to the priesthood.

Friday, August 8, 2014

In the garden at the cardinal's residence, Eric told Nicole that he had chosen not to return to the priesthood. "My vocation is gone. It's over," Eric said. Eric explained that he could not return to the priesthood because he would be a hypocrite. Through tears, Eric said he blamed Nicole and that he hated her.

"You're Eric, you don't hate. Wait, this doesn't make any sense. You gave your job back, and now you don't want it, and yet you're still mad at me for taking it away from you?" Nicole asked. Eric said that he was a different person. Crying, Nicole asked when Eric had turned into a mean person that blamed her for everything. Nicole stressed that she had made a mistake but that she was not to blame for Eric losing his calling. When Eric told Nicole that she had changed him, Nicole countered that Eric's calling to the vocation had been weak.

"If your God made it so easy for you to lose your vocation then maybe you weren't supposed to have it," Nicole yelled through tears. Nicole reminded Eric that she had forgiven him for accusing her of rape. When Nicole asked Eric how she could be a more forgiving person than him, Eric exclaimed that it was shameful. Eric admitted that he struggled with his inability to let go of his rage and forgive Nicole. Eric said that if he could not be the man he was before and could not forgive Nicole, then he could not be a priest again.

"I have to live with everything I've lost and everything that I can't get rid of. I have to live with the hate and everything else that comes with it," Eric said. On the flight back from Rome, Nicole's seatmate lamented that they were leaving Rome. With an exhausted look on her face, Nicole said she would not miss Rome. In Eric's row, a woman sat next to him and noted that he looked familiar. When the woman asked if Eric was a priest, Eric said no.

In Paige and Eve's apartment, Paige offered to help with the money that Eve needed. When Eve asked what Paige meant, Paige explained that she had decided not to go to Stanford. Furious, Eve said no. Paige said that she would take a deferment and start at Stanford later when they had more money. When Eve resisted, Paige said that it would give them another year to spend time with one another. Shaking her head, Eve asked Paige if J.J. had suggested that she defer attending Stanford.

Paige swore that the idea was hers and that she had not talked to J.J. yet. Citing a doctor's appointment, Eve told Paige they would discuss the issue when she returned home. Eve told Paige that she did not want Paige to squander her potential. After Eve left, a tearful Paige sat at her computer.

At the Horton house, J.J. informed Jennifer that he was in love with Paige. Jennifer told him that she was happy for him. Jennifer promised that she would not stand in his way. J.J. thanked Jennifer for supporting him, and he lamented that his actions in the past might have lead to her breakup with Daniel. Jennifer said that J.J. had not soured her relationship with Daniel. Nodding, J.J. apologized for hurting his mother.

After Jennifer left, Eve stopped by the house and asked J.J. to talk to her about Paige. Eve asked J.J. to prove that he cared about Paige. When Eve told J.J. that Paige had decided to defer Stanford for a year, J.J. was surprised. Eve asked J.J. to talk to Paige and convince her to go to Stanford. When Eve warned J.J. that she did not want a reason not to get along with him, he asked her why she had felt the need to threaten him. Eve explained that she would not let anyone stand in her daughter's way.

Outside the pub, Eric apologized to Aiden for his behavior the first time they had met. Aiden told Brady that everyone made mistakes. Aiden thanked Brady for his apology then he went inside the pub. Aiden opened an envelope from Father Louis thanking him for his help at the gala. As Aiden daydreamed about almost kissing Hope, Jennifer joked that Aiden did not see her standing in front of him. Aiden snapped out of his daydream and said hello.

Jennifer and Aiden talked about Eve's lawsuit. Aiden advised that the process would be long and expensive, and he asked Jennifer if she was prepared to go to trial. Citing her belief that Eve would bank on Jennifer settling the case to protect her children, Jennifer firmly declined to settle the case. Aiden urged Jennifer to seek support from Daniel. Jennifer warned Aiden that her relationship with Daniel was over. Nodding, Aiden said he that he would be Jennifer's lawyer and friend.

J.J. texted Paige, and she rushed over to his house to talk. When Paige asked J.J. if Eve had visited him, he admitted that Eve had asked him to talk to Paige about Stanford. J.J. told Paige that he loved her and that he had been lucky to find her. When J.J. said that he did not want Paige to go to Stanford, her eyes widened. J.J. explained that he did not want Paige to leave but that she belonged at Stanford. Paige stressed that neither Eve nor J.J. could make her decision for her. Paige added that she had contacted admissions and told them she was deferring.

At Club TBD, Marlena asked Theresa if she knew why Brady was tortured by the memory of the night that John had been injured. Theresa shrugged and left. Theresa rushed to the hospital and talked to Anne about Abigail's sudden resignation. Anne vowed to learn why Abigail had resigned. When Theresa said she did not care about Abigail, Anne asked if Theresa was still worried about John Black's recovery. Theresa told Anne that she had ordered the annulment papers drawn up and had delivered them to Brady.

Confused, Anne asked Theresa why she had not asked for a settlement from Brady. Anne said that it was awful that Theresa had married Brady to keep him out of prison then Brady had not compensated Theresa for her help. Theresa said it was over, and she did not want to talk about her annulment.

Down the hallway, Marlena and Brady met with Kayla in her office. Kayla explained that she had consulted with experts regarding John's prognosis. Kayla informed them that the experts had suggested that John should be moved to a chronic care facility. Upset, Brady accused Kayla of giving up on John's recovery. Brady pleaded with Kayla not to move John to a long-term care facility. Smiling, Kayla said that she agreed and that she would make arrangements with the hospital to keep John there. Relieved, Brady left.

"This is just killing him. And you, too," Kayla said. Marlena told Kayla that she had complete faith in her and Daniel but that she needed a second opinion. Marlena asked Kayla if she could review John's medical files, and Kayla agreed. Marlena admitted that she had not resisted when John had filed for divorce and that she had lived with her decision. "But now I'm going to fight," Marlena said. Marlena reviewed John's case file and muttered that Kristen was to blame for everything because she had set the events with Brady in motion.

When Eve exited the elevator at the hospital, she stopped Brady as he walked by. Eve asked Brady about John's condition. When Brady sighed and said there was no change, Eve told Brady that she was a good listener. As Eve giggled and told Brady that she wanted to make new friends in Salem, Theresa seethed nearby as she eavesdropped.

Kristen struggled to free herself in the supply closet while Daniel slept nearby. When Daniel startled awake, Kristen asked him what he had been dreaming about. Daniel checked the cords tied around Kristen's wrists to make sure they were tight. Daniel explained that he had been dreaming about all the women in his life that had lied to him. When Kristen asked if that included Jennifer, Daniel said that Jennifer had never lied to him.

Kristen's goons talked in the hallway, and she called out to them. Daniel covered Kristen's mouth with his hand, and the men did not hear Kristen's voice. Once the men had gone and Daniel had removed his hand, Kristen warned Daniel that her men would find them. Kristen urged Daniel to leave the hotel without her so that he would not be caught. Daniel refused. When Daniel told Kristen that she would pay for what she had done, Kristen called him an amateur and warned that he would not escape.

Daniel gagged Kristen and guided her downstairs to a truck. Daniel tied her to the wall of the truck and warned her not to scream when he removed the gag. As Daniel removed the gag, Kristen scoffed at Daniel's plan. Daniel explained that the truck had a number of scheduled stops and that Kristen's henchmen would have difficulty tracking down which stop Daniel and Kristen would use to hop off of the truck. When Kristen warned Daniel that Stefano would find her, Daniel mocked her.

"You know what gets me about you and that lame-ass brother of yours? You're all sneers and intimidation until someone calls you on it and then you're all 'Oh, my daddy, he's gonna get you!' Well you know what? I'm sorry, cupcake. I'm not scared," Daniel said. Kristen warned Daniel that overconfidence was a sign of an amateur. Daniel countered that Kristen's smirk was the sign of a sociopathic bitch. Kristen laughed and wondered aloud what Jennifer had done to hurt Daniel. When Daniel mentioned Brady, Kristen lost her smile.

"You have no idea what I lost when I lost Brady," Kristen said. Daniel changed the subject and ordered Kristen to tell him what she had done to Eric. Kristen blamed Nicole for Eric's predicament. Shaking his head, Daniel countered that Kristen had hurt Nicole because she was evil but that Nicole had hurt Eric because she had loved him. Daniel ordered Kristen to admit that she had messed up Eric's life. Kristen screamed out that she admitted she had hurt Eric.

"I know that what I did to Eric was horrible. I've had to live with that," Kristen said. "He was kind to me. I feel very guilty about that," Kristen added. Kristen explained that she had lost Brady and had been humiliated and that she had decided to lash out at Marlena by hurting Eric. Kristen said that she had planned to show everyone the DVD at the school opening but that she had backed off when Brady had given her hope for a reconciliation.

"I didn't want to hurt Eric. And then I didn't have to hurt him, so I did everything I could to just repair the damage I had done. I just was trying so hard to make it go away so that Brady and I could be together and could just love one another," Kristen said. Kristen said that she loved Brady and that she believed he loved her still.

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