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Sonny told Paul they could never be together. Paul hid a secret from Theresa. Eve saw J.J. with Paige and asked Theresa to help break them up. Rafe blasted Kate for meddling in Jordan's life. Theresa and Melanie met. Melanie's past caught up with her. Serena arrived in town to surprise Melanie.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 1, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, December 1, 2014

by Mike

Ben and Melanie stood frozen in shock until Abigail returned from taking out the trash, at which point Ben grabbed his fallen towel and quickly retreated to the bathroom. Melanie apologetically explained that she had wanted to surprise Abigail, who observed that it seemed like Melanie had managed to surprise Ben, as well.

Recalling that she had previously found herself in similar situations with Nathan and Dario, Melanie joked that Abigail needed to let Ben know that Melanie simply had a habit of walking in on and surprising naked men. Melanie dryly added that, while she had done the same thing to men in Europe, it was never really much of a surprise when that sort of thing happened there.

Melanie handed Ben's cell phone to Abigail, guessing that T probably hadn't imagined the women's surprise reunion playing out the way it had. Meanwhile, Ben emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed but still obviously embarrassed about what had just happened. After an awkward introduction to Melanie, Ben grabbed his phone and rushed off so the old friends could have some time to catch up with each other.

As Abigail closed the apartment door behind Ben, she joked that he was normally much more talkative. The women embraced as Abigail admitted that she had missed Melanie -- especially lately, since a lot had happened, and she felt like she hadn't had a real best friend since Melanie had left Salem two years earlier. Abigail was surprised to hear Melanie talk about Gabi sympathetically, but Melanie pointed out that she and Gabi had something in common -- Nick had tried to control both of them at one time or another. Abigail revealed that Nick had also tried to control her life after he had found out about her affair with E.J.

Changing the subject, Abigail asked for a list of the other people Melanie had managed to surprise since returning to Salem. Melanie revealed that she had already seen Maggie, Daniel, T, and Chad. "So, you went to see Chad...on purpose?" Abigail asked incredulously. Melanie laughed and explained that she had wanted to make a few things clear to Chad, since they were going to be living in Salem together again.

Abigail admitted that Chad had actually been pretty nice to her lately and had even gotten her rehired at the hospital. "Then you really need to watch your back, because I feel like the only time Chad is nice anymore is when he wants something," Melanie warned. Abigail mused that Melanie and Ben would likely get along with each other, since he was always suspicious of Chad, too. "Smart and hot. Well done!" Melanie approvingly replied, and she urged Abigail to listen to Ben. Abigail couldn't think of any way Chad could have possibly benefitted from getting her rehired at the hospital, but she promised to be careful around him.

Kate pulled away from Clyde's kiss and said that wasn't the reason she had shown up at his hotel room. Kate added that she wanted to make sure she and Clyde understood each other, prompting him to reply that he had understood her from the moment he had met her in Poplar Bluff months earlier. "Really? No mystery at all?" Kate wondered.

"I wouldn't say that. You've made this into a very mysterious dance. But eventually, the music's gotta stop...and you need to get off your feet," Clyde replied before kissing Kate again. Clyde removed Kate's coat and led her over to the bed, and they started having sex. Afterward, Clyde approvingly declared that it had been worth the wait. Kate laughed and mused that Jordan had been completely wrong when she had warned, just a few hours earlier, that Kate would eventually live to regret the decision to track Clyde down and get him to move to Salem.

At the DiMera mansion, Jordan assured Chad that, while she had harbored feelings for Rafe for a while after their breakup, there was no longer any doubt in her mind that her relationship with her former beau was over for good. Satisfied, Chad leaned in to kiss Jordan again, but his cell phone started ringing as they moved over to the couch. Chad grumbled that he needed to turn the phone off and throw it out the window, but he resisted the urge and instead checked to see who was calling him. "Damn it -- it's my father," Chad revealed with a sigh. Jordan encouraged Chad to answer the call, explaining that she needed to find and talk to her brother, anyway.

After Jordan left, Chad greeted Stefano, who said they needed to handle Chad's co-CEO. Chad irritably insisted that he knew what he was doing and that he didn't need another lecture about Kate, but Stefano ignored Chad's protests and wondered if he was aware that Kate was seeing a man named Clyde Weston. Chad confirmed that he knew all about Clyde.

"I doubt that very much. Anyway, I am still digging up information, see? He is a two-bit thug dressed up like a country bumpkin. [...] He shows up out of nowhere, all right, and is connected to your new girlfriend. [...] And his son is dating your ex, Abigail. [...] Have you thought this through, huh? What this could do to your plan? [...] If Jordan finds out that you are just using her, then --" Stefano started to say, but Chad interrupted and abruptly ended the call after assuring him that Jordan would never find out.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Jordan met with Ben, who was shocked to learn that Kate was the person who had helped Clyde find them months earlier. Ben argued that Clyde's arrival in Salem hadn't necessarily been a bad thing, since it had allowed Ben and Jordan to finally stop looking over their shoulders all the time. Jordan groaned and insisted that Ben had no idea what he was talking about, but he countered that Clyde was trying to change -- and had even started seeing Marlena.

"Oh, my God, that unbelievable bastard!" Jordan exclaimed with a sigh before rushing off. Jordan arrived at Clyde's hotel room a short time later, and she was shocked and disgusted when Kate greeted her -- wearing only a bathrobe.

As Marlena was strolling through the town square, she received a phone call from Will, whom she had tried to contact earlier. Will said he didn't have much time to talk but was returning Marlena's call because her voicemail message had sounded urgent. "I need you to make time -- and focus on what's important," Marlena firmly replied.

Concerned, Will noted that Marlena sounded upset, and he wondered if she was all right. Marlena assured Will that she was fine, but she added that, while she knew he was not only helping Sami with the kids in Los Angeles but was also working a full-time job, he still had other responsibilities that couldn't be ignored. Marlena wondered when Will had last talked to Sonny. "Is he okay?" Will worriedly asked.

"Well, if you even have to ask --" Marlena started to respond, but Will interrupted and insisted with a sigh that he and Sonny were fine, adding that they had simply been having trouble connecting with each other lately because they were both swamped with work and were living in different time zones. Changing the subject, Marlena reminded Will that he had made some promises to Gabi before taking Arianna to Los Angeles, and she wondered when he had last sent Gabi photographs of their daughter. Will typed on his laptop as he distractedly replied that his father had already agreed to take some pictures over to the prison.

Marlena pointed out that Will hadn't answered her actual question. "You don't know the pressure I'm under, Grandma. These people expect so much more from me than I ever thought," Will complained. Marlena reasoned that Will's pressures couldn't even begin to compare to the pressure of trying to get through a day in prison. Marlena added that, while no one begrudged Will the success he was enjoying, Gabi would only be able to remain sane in that place if she continued to receive regular updates about Arianna. Will conceded that Marlena was right, and he abruptly ended the call after promising to rectify the situation immediately.

At Club TBD, T informed Adrienne that she had just missed Sonny. Adrienne asked T if he knew whether Sonny had heard from Will that day. Lucas overheard and admitted that he would also like to know the answer to that question. T didn't think the answer was supposed to be a state secret, so he reported that, as of that morning, nothing had changed. "And Sonny's not too happy about it," T added before going to take care of a customer.

Adrienne sighed and complained to Lucas that it had been three days since Sonny and Will had last talked to each other. Lucas assured Adrienne that it was nothing personal, since he had also had trouble contacting Will recently, but she argued that, as parents, they were supposed to be the last names on the contact list. "Will isn't making time for his husband," Adrienne stressed, but Lucas countered that Will's husband had also been pretty busy lately. Adrienne maintained that things had gone south for the couple after Will had moved to Los Angeles, and she insisted that, while she adored Will, he had been dropping the ball lately.

Lucas conceded that Adrienne was right, and he admitted that he didn't think Will had been very fair with Sonny lately, either. Adrienne was pleased that she wasn't being dismissed as a nosy busybody for once, but Lucas argued that they couldn't get involved because their kids wouldn't want them to get in the middle of their marriage. "I agree, but no one wants to watch a train wreck in slow motion and do nothing to stop it, either. And yes, they're in love, but they're still kids -- married kids. Do you know what that's like? Do you know how many ways you can screw that up? 'Cause I do," Adrienne countered.

Lucas wondered if Adrienne would have listened if someone had tried to give her some advice when she had been in Will and Sonny's situation. "Maybe...if the right person said something in just the right way," Adrienne pointedly replied. Lucas sighed and noted that Adrienne was being painfully obvious, but she unapologetically admitted that she had no shame, especially when she knew her tactics had a chance of working on someone.

Lucas tried to contact Will, but the call went to voicemail. Adrienne was disappointed when Lucas hung up without leaving a message, but he knowingly reasoned that his son wouldn't have listened to the message if he had recorded one, anyway. "I'll just keep calling until he picks up," Lucas added.

Will had just finished sending a short, hasty email to Gabi -- with the last two weeks' worth of pictures of Arianna attached -- when he received another phone call from Lucas. Will considered ignoring the call again, but he eventually decided to answer it instead. Will claimed that he was in a meeting, and he wondered if Lucas was calling because of some sort of emergency.

"What's going on with you, Will? [...] You told me the same thing when you stood me and the kids up at the Santa Monica pier. [...] Look, I know you're busy, and not returning your dad's call -- well, that's one thing. I -- I can -- I get that. But come on, man -- you haven't talked to your husband in, like, three days," Lucas objected. Will sighed and conceded that his father was right, and he abruptly ended the call after promising to contact Sonny right away.

Lucas and Adrienne left the club and went to the town square, where they continued to talk about Will and Sonny's marriage. Adrienne admitted that marriage was a two-way street and that Sonny was partially responsible for any problems the couple might be having, since he was the person who had encouraged Will to go to Los Angeles in the first place. Lucas suggested that Adrienne might need to give her son the same kind of gentle reminder he had just given his, and she agreed with a laugh.

Marlena ran into Chad outside the Brady Pub, so she seized the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes. Marlena reported that Johnny missed his uncle, and Chad smiled and replied that he was going to try to find some time to visit the kids soon. Marlena said she had heard that Chad had just been named co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises, and she wondered how he was doing. Chad started to respond that he was learning the ropes, but Marlena interrupted and clarified that she wanted to know how he was doing personally.

Chad claimed that he was fine, but Marlena wasn't the least bit convinced. Chad quickly and uncomfortably excused himself after promising to call Sami and the kids soon.

At the hospital, Anne informed Theresa that Paul wasn't in physical therapy at that moment, nor was he scheduled for any exams that day. The information solidified Theresa's belief that Paul had left his room to look for her, but Anne was skeptical because he had a reputation for being more than just a baseball player. Determined to prove that she and Paul had made a real connection earlier, Theresa dragged Anne off in search of him.

Meanwhile, in one of the break rooms, Sonny pulled away from Paul's kiss and wondered what the baseball player was doing in Salem. Paul explained that he was in town for surgery, and Sonny instantly understood that Paul's shoulder had been operated on. "It finally had to be done. Why are we talking?" Paul asked before kissing Sonny again.

As Sonny responded to the kiss, Anne and Theresa started knocking on the door, wondering why it was locked. Anne started rummaging through her purse, looking for her master key, as Paul whispered that Sonny needed to hide because they couldn't be seen together. Sonny refused to do so, and he pulled out his cell phone and donned earbuds as Paul rushed into the medical supply closet.

When Anne and Theresa barged into the room, Sonny pretended that he hadn't heard them knocking because he had been listening to music. Sonny innocently added that he didn't know why the door had been locked, since he had simply kicked it shut when he had entered with a load of supplies earlier. Sonny wondered if Anne and Theresa were looking for someone. Theresa stammered as she confirmed that she was looking for a very good friend, and she and Anne rushed off to continue their search.

"You can come out of the closet now. Oh, that's right -- you'll never come out of the closet," Sonny mused as Paul emerged from the medical supply closet. Sonny guessed that Paul was the very good friend Theresa had just finished gushing about. Paul objected that he didn't want to have such a discussion at that time, and he excused himself so he could head back to his room.

"Yeah, go back to your room. You don't want to be seen with me. People might think you caught the gay," Sonny bitterly replied. Paul protested that Sonny knew it wasn't like that, and he asked Sonny to visit him later so they could spend some more time together without being interrupted. "Paul, wait. There's something you should know --" Sonny started to explain, but Paul was already gone.

Paul found Theresa waiting in his room, so he claimed that he had left to stretch his legs and look for her. "Well, here I am. What do you want to do about it?" Theresa flirtatiously asked as she closed the blinds. Paul claimed that he couldn't pick up where he and Theresa had left off earlier, since he needed to return a call from his agent, and the conversation could potentially go on for hours. Theresa guessed that Paul was negotiating a big deal in which a lot of money would be at stake, but she quickly stressed that money wasn't everything. "I mean, what's the point of all that money if there's no one to share it with, right?" Theresa added before kissing Paul.

After leaving Paul's room, Theresa tracked Anne down and bragged that Paul really had been looking for her earlier. As the women gushed about Paul, Abigail entered the break room and groaned, wondering what the "witches" were brewing. The three women traded insults for a few minutes before Abigail walked away.

At Club TBD, T informed Sonny that he had just missed Lucas and Adrienne. Meanwhile, Melanie arrived and surprised Sonny, who was thrilled to see her. However, as they started catching up with each other, Sonny found himself distracted with thoughts of his earlier encounter with Paul. After Melanie left, Sonny grabbed his cell phone and stared sadly at a picture of Will and Arianna.

Later, Chad entered the club and overheard Ben and T talking about how Melanie had seen Ben naked earlier. "Ugh -- that would be a surprise. Melanie must wonder why, after what Abigail's used to, she'd settle for a smaller, more economy package," Chad joked. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, someone received a text message from an unidentified source, wondering if Melanie had been found yet.

At the hospital, Adrienne was stunned when she spotted Paul flirting with a nurse. Meanwhile, in the town square, Sonny found himself thinking about having sex with Paul. "That was a lifetime ago," Sonny reminded himself as he shook his head in an attempt to forget about the memory -- just as his cell phone started ringing. Sonny smiled and excitedly answered the call when he saw that it was from Will.

"What are you doing? Do you have a Facebook page that counts down how many days since I last called you?" Will demanded to know, and he proceeded to recap the morning of questioning phone calls he had just had to deal with. Will reminded his husband that the full draft of his screenplay was due in just four days. Meanwhile, Will received a phone call from someone at the studio, and he apologetically excused himself -- after begging Sonny to let everyone know they had indeed spoken that day. "Right. You really 'spoke,'" Sonny disappointedly muttered after Will ended the call.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An angry Jordan marched over to Clyde's hotel and banged on the front door of his room. Jordan was shocked when Kate opened the door, clad only in a bathrobe. Jordan was disgusted. Kate walked into the bathroom and left Jordan and Clyde to talk. Clyde growled that he did not want Jordan to disrespect his guest.

With a groan, Jordan corrected Clyde and called Kate a whore. Clyde was angry. Jordan warned Clyde that sleeping with Kate was a mistake because it would not change who he was and because it showed that Kate was a desperate woman. Clyde grabbed Jordan's neck.

"You watch your words. You don't have a gun to protect yourself this time," Clyde growled as Kate eavesdropped from the bathroom. Clyde admitted that Kate had tipped him off that Jordan was in Salem. With a sneer, Jordan said that she knew about Kate, and she knew about Clyde's sessions with Marlena. Clyde argued that he was working to be a better man. Jordan demanded that Clyde stay out of her life.

"I'm not going to let you ruin me again," Jordan said before storming off. Kate crept out of the bathroom. Clyde handed Kate a drink, and he apologized for Jordan. Kate commended Clyde on his restraint with his stepdaughter. When Kate mentioned the room service in the corner, Clyde took Kate in his arms and began to kiss her passionately.

After having sex, Kate and Clyde ate food in bed. Kate apologized for causing a fight between Jordan and Clyde. Clyde shrugged and said that his relationship with Jordan had always been difficult. When Kate asked about Clyde's thoughts on buying a place in Salem, Clyde said that he had a better idea on how to spend his money.

At Club TBD, after learning that Ben had been naked when he'd met Melanie, Chad made a joke about Ben's genitals being smaller than his. Ben puffed up his chest in anger, but Victor intervened and warned Ben not to take the bait. Victor asked to talk to Chad privately. The two sat at a nearby table. Victor noted that he had considered Chad to have been a decent man, but he worried that the time Chad had spent with Stefano had changed Chad for the worse.

"You've probably made your father proud," Victor said. When Victor mentioned that Will and Sonny had been disappointed that Chad had not been at their wedding, Chad said that he considered Will and Sonny to be his best friends. Victor said that he was concerned that Chad had not informed Sonny about his new position at DiMera Enterprises. Chad argued that Victor knew why Chad had not told Sonny about the job, and Chad accused Victor of using the secret to perpetuate the long-standing feud between the DiMeras and Kiriakises.

Victor countered that Chad was stirring up tensions between the families. Victor suggested that Chad and Sonny sever their business ties. Chad interrupted and asked Victor to stay out of his relationship with Sonny. At the bar, Ben stared daggers at Chad across the room. T apologized for mentioning Melanie in front of Chad. T warned Ben not to lose his temper.

In the town square, Sonny argued on the phone with his contractor, Keith, about the lack of progress at the new club. Frustrated, Sonny hung up his phone and wondered aloud why Paul had reentered his life while he was stressed about work and having problems with Will. Sonny thought about when Paul had kissed him at the hospital. Angry, Sonny grumbled about Paul's decision to have surgery in Salem. Sonny thought about a moment in the past when he had slept with Paul, and Paul had told him that he had loved him.

At the hospital nurses' station, Abigail noticed Adrienne staring at Paul across the waiting area. Abigail asked her if she knew Paul. With a sigh, Adrienne lied and said that Paul looked familiar but that she did not know him. Abigail asked Adrienne about Justin, and Adrienne admitted that though she missed her husband, she was proud of his work. When Adrienne asked Abigail about her return to the hospital, Abigail explained that Chad had pushed for the board to rehire her at the hospital. After Abigail left, Adrienne stared at the door to Paul's hospital room.

Sonny returned to Club TBD and asked T why Ben seemed upset. T apologized and said that he had mentioned Ben's naked encounter with Melanie, and it had caused some tension between Chad and Ben. T added that Victor had broken up the argument and had talked to Chad. When T mentioned that Victor had left in a bad mood, without his coffee, Sonny sighed. T asked Sonny if Sonny could do the hospital run. Sonny said no and gruffly asked T to send Ben. Nearby, Adrienne overheard Sonny.

When Sonny and Adrienne talked at the bar, Adrienne asked Sonny how he was doing. With a scowl, Sonny said that he had spoken to Will and that Will had yelled at him for telling everyone that Will had not called him. Adrienne apologized. Sonny sighed and said he understood why Adrienne was worried. With a twinkle in her eye, Adrienne asked Sonny if he had any other news. Sonny shrugged.

Adrienne explained that she had seen a familiar face at the hospital. Sonny asked who, and Adrienne responded that based on Sonny's stern reaction to T's question about the hospital coffee run, she believed that Sonny knew who she was talking about. Sonny asked Adrienne to tell him who she had seen. Adrienne admitted that she had seen Paul.

At the hospital, Abigail visited Paul in his room with a box of baseballs for Paul to sign for the pediatrics wing. Paul signed a ball for Abigail. When Paul asked her to smile, she nervously grinned and thanked him. Abigail wished Paul well on his time in Salem. Paul nodded. After Abigail left, Paul thought about a moment in the past when Sonny had told Paul that he loved him while they'd been in bed together.

In the hospital hallway, Abigail lamented that the baseball was signed to her rather than Ben. Nearby, Ben restocked the coffee cart near the nurses' station. While staring at Ben, nurse Karin bumped into Abigail. When Karin commented that Ben was hotter than Paul, Abigail beamed. Abigail said that Ben was her boyfriend. When Karin joked that Ben was Abigail's boyfriend only in her dreams, Abigail walked over to Ben and kissed him. Abigail turned around and grinned at Karin. Ben told Abigail about the incident with Chad at the club, and Abigail cautioned him to ignore Chad because she was happy with Ben.

Jordan returned to the hospital and ran into Chad in the physical therapy room. When Chad asked Jordan how her visit with Ben had gone, Jordan said that after she had talked to Ben, she had talked to Clyde. After learning about Kate's tryst with Clyde, Chad laughed. Jordan worried aloud about Clyde and noted that eventually Clyde would expose to everyone who he was as a person. Chad assured Jordan that she could count on him.

In Daniel's apartment, Maggie dropped off flowers and a basket of goodies to welcome Melanie home. Daniel and Maggie talked about how excited they were to have Melanie back in Salem. Concerned, Maggie said that she was worried about Melanie's sudden decision to move home. Daniel agreed that Melanie was hiding something from them. Maggie suggested that they stop wondering why Melanie had returned unexpectedly, but Daniel disagreed. Daniel noted that the first person that Melanie had talked to when she had returned to Salem had been Chad.

"If she suddenly bolted from here after they broke up, don't you think there is a chance that she bolted Europe to come home for the same reason?" Daniel asked. "You think she is running away from another man?" Maggie countered. Daniel nodded. Maggie said that Melanie had told her that she had not dated since she had left Salem. Daniel reminded Maggie that Melanie liked to keep some things secret.

In a dimly lit office, a mysterious French man looked at a surveillance photo of Melanie. The man's phone buzzed with a text message that read, "Have you found her yet?" The Frenchman texted back that he hoped to have information on Melanie soon. A woman entered the office, and the Frenchman told the woman that Melanie was using her phone and was in Salem. The woman said she would take over.

Melanie sat in the park on a bench and stared at the stacks of cash in her purse. As Melanie grabbed her phone from inside her purse, Brady squeezed her shoulder and surprised her. Melanie was startled but excitedly jumped into Brady's arms and hugged him. Brady and Melanie chatted about her time in Europe. Melanie explained that she had returned home because she'd missed her family. When Brady asked if there was a reason that Melanie had returned to town so suddenly, Melanie said that in addition to her work visa ending, she had wanted to surprise everyone.

When Brady noted that Melanie was jumpy, Melanie denied the accusation and blamed jet lag. Melanie changed the subject to Brady. Brady was reluctant to talk about his problems. Brady assured Melanie that he was sober. When Melanie asked about Theresa, Brady changed the subject. Melanie told Brady that she was proud of him and that she would be there for him if he needed her.

With a smile, Melanie asked Brady to join her at a homecoming celebration. Brady offered Melanie his arm and escorted her out of the park. As they walked away, Melanie looked nervously over her shoulder.

At Daniel's apartment, Victor, Daniel, and Maggie waited for Melanie. When Melanie returned home with Brady, Victor and Melanie happily embraced. Melanie told everyone that she had missed them all. Melanie added that she'd hated not seeing Parker growing up. Melanie and Maggie embraced. Melanie sat around with her family and told stories. When Victor mentioned a woman that had nearly gotten her hooks into Brady, Brady asked Victor to join him for lunch to discuss urgent business.

Melanie pouted jokingly then hugged Brady and Victor goodbye. While Maggie looked at takeout menus, Daniel asked Melanie about her homecoming. Melanie mentioned that she had talked to Chad, Abigail, and Brady. When Daniel asked her if everything was okay, Melanie said she was fine. Daniel asked Melanie to explain why she had returned home suddenly. Withering under Daniel and Maggie's stare, Melanie cracked and said she could not lie.

Melanie said that she had lost the locket that Daniel had given her. When Maggie offered to call Henderson to search the mansion, Melanie said that she wanted to retrace her steps. Melanie grabbed her coat and ran out the door.

Daniel and Maggie were suspicious. Daniel told Maggie that he had spoken to Carly via email and that Carly was puzzled as to why Melanie had left for Salem so suddenly. Maggie said she hoped Melanie was just homesick. Daniel's phone rang. The woman that was working with the mysterious Frenchman called to ask if Melanie was at the apartment.

At the Brady Pub, Brady yelled at Victor for mentioning his private life in front of other people. Brady said that Victor had embarrassed him in front of Melanie and that he did not want everyone to know about the pregnancy scare. Victor argued that he wanted everyone to know that Theresa was a bad person. Brady asked Victor to stop talking about Theresa. Brady stressed that he did not want Victor to talk to Melanie about Theresa. Changing the subject, Victor asked Brady why Melanie had returned home suddenly.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie sat on the couch and pulled her locket out of her coat pocket. After placing the necklace around her neck, Melanie pulled her tablet out of her purse and starting typing. Melanie mumbled that there was no news and that she did not need to worry.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

J.J. called Paige and asked if she could take a break from studying to meet him at the park. Paige agreed to meet J.J. and assured him that she wouldn't tell anyone that they were seeing each other. As Paige was leaving the apartment, Eve returned home to retrieve her forgotten cell phone. Paige lied that she was going to the library to study as well as dropping off some class notes for Daphne. A dubious Eve suspected that Paige was sneaking off to see J.J. Paige insisted that she was giving J.J. some space, just as Eve had advised. After Paige left, Eve muttered, "That boy better keep up his end of the bargain and stay the hell away from my daughter."

As J.J. was heading out of the Horton house, Jennifer stopped him and asked if they could talk. J.J. asked if they could do it later, since he was on his way out. Jennifer assumed that he was going to meet Paige, but J.J. maintained that he didn't think things were going to work out between them. Jennifer questioned what was going on with J.J., and he explained that he sometimes didn't understand why he made the choices he did. Jennifer asserted that J.J. was just young and trying to figure things out, and she urged him not to let what his father had done get between J.J. and Paige.

Jennifer said that she had asked Marlena for a referral for someone J.J. could talk to about what had happened between his dad and his Aunt Kayla. J.J. didn't think he needed professional help, but Jennifer thought it was important for him to resolve things. Although he admitted that talking to someone -- anyone -- about it would be difficult, J.J. agreed to give it a try. Claiming that he was going for a walk to clear his head, J.J. left.

Eve was heading into Horton Square a little later when she got a call from Kimberly, her stepmother. Kim informed Eve that her father was in the hospital for some test. A worried Eve promised to call the following day to check in on her dad.

J.J. was already in the park when Paige arrived. J.J. declared that he loved Paige and wanted to be with her, but no one could know they were together -- not their friends or either of their moms. Paige didn't understand why. J.J. explained that his mom wanted him to see a therapist, who would probably insist that J.J. wasn't in a good frame of mind to be in a relationship. J.J. added that if Paige's mom found out they were back together, she would likely say or do just about anything to keep them apart.

Brady dropped by Eric's to see the apartment and to fill Eric in on Theresa's pregnancy scare. After he'd related the tale, Brady emphasized that it had seemed as if Theresa had truly believed she was pregnant. He asked Eric to be there for Theresa, since she didn't seem to have many friends. Eric agreed to do what he could.

At Club TBD, Adrienne informed Sonny that she'd seen Paul Narita at the hospital -- and she guessed that Sonny had seen him, too. She expressed concern for Sonny and Will's marriage, since Will was in L.A. and Paul had shown up in Salem. Sonny insisted that Paul was only there for shoulder surgery and that Paul's arrival in town had nothing to do with Sonny. Adrienne urged Sonny to make sure Paul understood exactly where he and Sonny stood.

In the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie told herself, "Nobody knows it was me. I was all worried about nothing."

At the hospital, Theresa kissed Paul on the forehead and left his room.

Melanie arrived at the nurses' station, looking for Maxine, but a nurse said that Maxine wasn't there. As Melanie was turning away from the nurses' station, she ran right into Theresa, knocking Theresa's papers and other things to the floor. When Theresa muttered, "Idiot," Melanie calmly called her out on it. As Melanie helped gather Theresa's things, she spied a keychain for a band she also liked, called Grouplove. Theresa's hostility melted away as the women bonded over their mutual love for the band.

Theresa was envious when she learned that Melanie had seen the band in Europe and curious about why Melanie would return to Salem when she could still be overseas. Explaining that she hoped to get her job as a nurse back, Melanie urged Theresa to give University Hospital more of a chance. Theresa admitted that she was learning to enjoy the perks of the job. Melanie said she didn't remember there being a lot of perks to working there. Theresa explained that she'd been getting close to one of the patients, but she couldn't reveal any more because of the confidentiality agreement.

Melanie spotted Theresa's purse and complimented it. As Theresa was explaining that it had been a gift, Melanie got a text message and had to leave. Theresa didn't realize until the elevator doors were closing behind Melanie that the two of them had never exchanged names. "I hope that girl gets the job here. It'd be nice to have a friendly face," Theresa said to herself.

When Brady went to Club TBD, Adrienne called him over to ask how he was, noting that even though they lived in the same house, they rarely saw each other. Adrienne acknowledged that Victor had told her what had happened with Theresa and Brady. Brady insisted that he was fine; he just wanted to move on. "Thank God you can. I mean, imagine if Theresa had been pregnant. You'd have been sucked into her miserable life forever," Adrienne said.

Just then, Theresa arrived and overheard. The pain evident in her voice, Theresa asked quietly, "Seriously?" Adrienne mumbled a hasty apology and excuse before hurrying out. Brady apologized sincerely to Theresa and reassured her that Victor had promised not to talk about what had happened anymore.

"It's a little late for that, Brady... What happened, it was really personal, and now everyone knows. So if they didn't think the worst of me before, they definitely do now," Theresa noted, blinking back tears. Theresa declared that she'd been lucky to meet a man who was perfect for her just when she'd needed him most.

Later, Theresa overheard Brady telling someone on the phone that he was meeting an old friend, who'd just returned to town, for lunch the next day. Theresa walked over and noted, "An old friend, huh? Well, I guess I'm not the only one who's moving on." Pointing out that it was none of Theresa's business, Brady maintained that the woman really was just a friend. "I'm sure. I hope she's just perfect and perky and sweet...and boring as hell," Theresa said as she walked out.

Sonny knocked on the side door of Paul's room. When Paul saw who was there, his face lit up as he rushed to try to kiss Sonny -- but Sonny stopped him. "That can't happen again," Sonny said. Paul admitted that he'd been overly bold, but he pointed out that he hadn't seen or heard from Sonny in nearly three years. Sonny noted that Paul had chosen to pretend to be someone he wasn't, and Sonny hadn't been able to handle Paul acting in public as if he hadn't even known Sonny.

Paul insisted that he had wanted them to be like other couples, but it would have ruined his career -- and they would still be together if Sonny hadn't forced him to choose. Holding up his left hand to show Paul his wedding band, Sonny declared that it had worked out for the best. Disappointed, Paul flopped back down on his bed. Sonny said that he had met the person he was supposed to be with for the rest of his life.

"It's funny, because you used to think that person was me," Paul tearfully reminded Sonny. He refused to buy that what Sonny had with the new guy was better than what Paul and Sonny had shared. Sonny asserted that when he and his husband had gotten married, they had been surrounded by friends and family, including his husband's conservative, traditional great-grandmother, who had given a wonderful speech about how lucky Will and Sonny were to live in a time when they could be themselves and love each other without shame.

"With you, I could never have that. Paul, I am happier than I thought I could ever be -- and I hope someday you can be happy, too," Sonny said. Paul insisted that he was happy because he had adoring fans everywhere he went, and he had made the all-star team. "What about the things that money can't buy?" Sonny asked, pointing out that Paul was always with different women, whose hearts he always broke.

"Is that what you always dreamed of? Living a lie? You made your choice," Sonny noted. "You made yours," Paul countered. When Sonny said that he had to leave, Paul asked, "Does your husband -- does he know about me?" Sonny reminded Paul, "I swore I would never share your secret, and I never will." As Sonny headed out, Paul reassured him, "It wasn't that I didn't love you." Sonny declared that had been the worst part.

Melanie stopped in front of the Brady Pub to use her phone, but she got nervous when she thought she heard someone. "Calm down, Melanie. Nobody's looking for you," she tried to convince herself before continuing on her way.

In Horton Square, Nicole realized that she had misplaced her digital recorder. Since she didn't want to risk returning to Daniel's and possibly running into Melanie again, Nicole continued digging through her purse for it -- but turned up a photo of her and Eric instead. Nicole ripped the picture into shreds before heading for Daniel's.

As Daniel and Maggie were visiting at his apartment, Daniel got a phone call on his landline from a mysterious woman who was trying to locate Melanie. Claiming that she wanted to surprise Melanie, the woman wouldn't give Daniel her name or any other information, so Daniel refused to divulge anything about Melanie, including that she had returned to Salem. After a puzzled Daniel hung up, he related the call to Maggie, describing the woman as having "an intensity in her voice."

When there was a knock at the door, Daniel answered it and found Nicole in the hallway. Before she realized that Maggie was there, Nicole said that she thought her digital recorder might have fallen out of her purse while she'd been taking a shower. "Is there something wrong with your own shower?" Maggie asked, to Nicole's utter chagrin.

After Maggie left, Nicole apologized profusely to Daniel for blurting out that she'd taken a shower there. Daniel promised to make sure Maggie didn't get the wrong idea about them. He revealed that he'd told Eric that Nicole and Daniel were friends again, but Eric had wanted to know if there were more going on. Daniel said that he'd told Eric the truth, that despite their mutual attraction, Nicole and Daniel were just friends.

Melanie arrived just then, and she was a bit taken aback that Nicole was there. "At least you have clothes on this time," Melanie remarked. Nicole left after getting her recorder back from Daniel. Daniel chided his daughter for being rude to his friend. Melanie promised to be nicer to Nicole in the future. Daniel filled Melanie in about the mysterious phone call from the woman who hadn't wanted to leave a message and whose phone number had been blocked.

"She wanted to know if you were here. She was pretty intense about it," Daniel said, pointing out that Melanie's friend already knew Melanie was there. Melanie was relieved when Daniel said that he hadn't told the woman that Melanie was there. Trying to hide her jumpiness, Melanie casually asked her dad to tell anyone they didn't know that she wasn't there. Daniel demanded to know what was going on.

Melanie explained that she'd dated a guy in Europe until she'd found out his ex-girlfriend was "crazy." "She's been harassing me a little bit, but it's not a big deal," Melanie insisted. Daniel was skeptical, but before he could grill Melanie further, he got a page that he was needed in the emergency room. Melanie locked the door after her dad left then she opened her bag and pulled out several huge stacks of cash. She nervously looked out the window, fretting, "God, what if it was them? What am I gonna do?"

Meanwhile, in the Frenchman's office, the mysterious woman told the Frenchman, "By tomorrow, we should know if she's here in Salem with her father -- and once we find that conniving little schemer, we'll end this, once and for all."

Maggie went to the Horton house and excitedly informed Jennifer that Melanie had moved back to Salem. Jennifer was very happy for her aunt, and she guessed that Daniel had to be thrilled to have his daughter home. "I know you and Daniel have ended things for good. I'd just hate it if it cause any awkwardness between us," Maggie said a bit hesitantly. Jennifer reassured Maggie that would never happen. She added that it had been good to get away, but she knew things would get easier because she and Daniel both needed to move on with their lives.

After Eve had been shopping in Horton Square, she ran into Eric. They concurred that the holidays were their favorite time of year, and they consoled one another about the losses of their careers. Just as Eric and Eve decided to get a drink, Nicole showed up. Eric introduced the women. Shaking Nicole's hand, Eve declared sincerely that she was a big fan of Nicole's news program. Eve told Eric that they could get the drink later then she left.

Nicole related her conversation with Daniel, noting that Eric had wanted to know if she and Daniel were more than friends. She assured Eric that was all there was to her relationship with Daniel, but Eric maintained that he shouldn't have asked because it was none of his business. "You're right; it's not," Nicole acknowledged then she left rather abruptly.

In the park, Paige was telling J.J. that she knew he was right about her mom not wanting them to be together. J.J. urged Paige to let her mom think that she was still giving him space, but Paige said that she hated lying to her mom. "So do I. I wish that we didn't have to sneak around to see each other, but it'll be worth it. You're so worth it," J.J. declared, kissing Paige. They agreed to meet there again the next day after Paige's last class.

After Paige and J.J. went their separate ways, Eve emerged from behind a bush. "You little liar. Well, J.J., looks like you've given me no choice," Eve muttered.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Hope and Aiden were setting things up for the church's annual holiday food bank, with the reluctant help of Chase and the boy's friend, Owen. After Aiden took the boys to get more canned goods -- with Chase complaining along the way that Ciara had managed to get out of helping because she was busy with the school play -- Theresa approached Hope and observed that it seemed like Bo was nothing more than a distant memory. Before Hope could respond, Theresa clarified that she had been joking, and she started complaining about how men always seemed to think women would just sit around waiting for them forever.

Hope interrupted and changed the subject, suggesting that Theresa could help out with the food bank, since it was a great way to get in the Christmas spirit -- and it would give them a chance to catch up with each other. Theresa insisted that she was already full of Christmas spirit, and she added that she couldn't really handle a round of detective-style questioning from Hope about what had happened with Brady, anyway. Theresa guessed that her aunt believed that her pregnancy claim had been a lie. Hope replied that she didn't know what had happened but was willing to listen if Theresa wanted to talk about it.

Theresa claimed that she was relieved that the home pregnancy test had been wrong, since she wasn't ready to settle down and have kids yet, and she especially didn't want to have one with a jerk like Brady. Hope protested that Brady was a really good friend of hers, and she added that it was okay for Theresa to be upset about what had happened. Theresa snapped that she was only upset about the fact that no one in her family believed she had been telling the truth about the pregnancy test, but Hope warned against mistaking concern for disbelief.

Theresa softened and admitted that she had felt humiliated when she had learned that she had been wrong about being pregnant, since the home pregnancy test kit had boasted a ninety-nine percent accuracy rating. As Theresa started to reiterate that she was glad the whole thing was over, Aiden returned with a box of fresh fruit and canned goods, explaining that Chase and Owen were busy picking up the oranges they had dropped near the fountain. Theresa grabbed an apple and excused herself, jokingly telling Hope and Aiden to think of her as their first customer.

After Theresa left, Aiden wondered if she had given Hope any trouble. Hope clarified that Theresa had actually tried to be nice -- in her own special way, at least. Later, Hope suggested singing Christmas carols while working, but Chase complained that Aiden couldn't sing -- and that singing Christmas carols wouldn't make what they were doing any less boring, anyway. Aiden started to admonish Chase for having a bad attitude about helping others, but the boy interrupted with a sigh of exasperation. "I know, I know -- you didn't have enough to eat [when you were my age], so you got people's stale cornflakes at places like this," Chase tiredly recalled.

After Chase and Owen went to get more canned goods, Hope asked Aiden about what his son had just revealed. Aiden downplayed the matter, joking that it was just one of many trivial things Hope didn't know about him, such as the fact that he could juggle six plates at once if the wind was right, or the fact that he had placed second in his fifth-grade spelling bee. Hope started to say that she would really like to one day hear about how Aiden had risen from humble beginnings to be a hotshot lawyer who made millions, but he quickly changed the subject, pointing out that people were starting to arrive to collect their boxes of food.

Later, Hope started to wonder why the boys had not yet returned, so she went to look for them, leaving Aiden behind. After Hope left, a woman walked up to Aiden and asked if he had any cranberry sauce. Aiden started to fulfill the woman's request, but her eyes narrowed when she realized that she knew him. "You don't know me, but I know what you did. You did a bad, bad thing!" the woman cryptically added.

Meanwhile, the boys were taking a break in a secluded section of the town square. Owen was looking forward to going to the skating rink later, but Chase complained that he wouldn't be able to go because his father would make him work the food bank until the very end. Confused about what Chase had said earlier, Owen mused that he had always assumed, based on the size of the house Chase and Aiden lived in, that they were rich. "Our money was [my] mom's. We got it when she died. My dad -- he had nothing," Chase explained, unaware that Hope was standing behind him and Owen.

After Owen rushed off to join his mother, Chase begged Hope not to tell Aiden about what she had overheard. "He doesn't like people to know, mom -- she would make him feel bad. [...] She'd say that he didn't have a dime to his name when she married him," Chase explained.

Rafe was shocked when he tracked Jordan down in the hospital's physical therapy room and overheard her and Chad talking about Kate's sexual relationship with Clyde. Chad complained that Rafe was intruding on a private conversation, but Rafe explained that he was there to see Jordan because he needed her to sign an affidavit about an assault victim who happened to be one of her patients. After exchanging a few insults with Rafe, Chad excused himself so he could head to a board meeting.

Rafe pressed Jordan for more details about what he had just overheard, so she revealed that Kate was the person who had drawn Clyde to Salem months earlier. "Kate made it her mission to destroy my life. And I tried to tell you that that's what she wanted, but you always had an excuse for her. You always defended her. And now that bastard is back in my life -- back in my brother's life -- after we ran from him for years, so whatever damage he causes going forward, that is all on Kate," Jordan added before abruptly excusing herself.

At the Brady Pub, Kate and Clyde continued the conversation they had started the previous night about what he planned to do with his funds. Clyde explained that, while his businesses were doing really well, he didn't need a mansion the size of Memphis to prove that to himself or anyone else. Clyde said he was instead considering the possibility of using a portion of his profits to make Salem a better place for everyone to live. Kate knowingly guessed that Clyde wanted to build good will in the community to make it easier to expand his business in the future. Clyde feigned innocence, but Kate assured him that she had used similar tricks in the past.

Kate abruptly excused herself after receiving a text message from someone, but she assured Clyde that nothing was wrong. Kate headed back to the DiMera mansion, where Rafe was waiting for her in the study. Kate complained that Rafe's earlier text message had been rude and demanding, but he countered that he had every right to demand answers from her, considering what she had done to Jordan. Rafe wondered why Kate had gone to such lengths to find out about Jordan's past. "To protect you[...], because I was the one who brought her to Salem in the first place," Kate explained.

After Kate elaborated, Rafe guessed that she had only hired Jordan Ridgeway because she had been under the mistaken impression that it had been a guy's name. Kate admitted that she had made the wrong assumption, but she insisted that Jordan's mysterious past had been the issue, not her gender. Kate added that she hadn't shared her concerns with Rafe in the beginning because she hadn't had any proof to offer him, and she hadn't wanted him to suspect that she was only going after Jordan because she wanted him back. Kate reminded Rafe that she was, after all, the one who had ended their relationship in the first place.

Rafe chastised Kate for her actions, informing her that Clyde had made Jordan and Ben's lives miserable. Rafe guessed that Kate had known that all along and had really just led Clyde to Salem because she had wanted to make Jordan's life miserable, too. Kate pointed out that Jordan had been spending a lot of time with Chad lately and didn't look particularly miserable.

"I guess all that money you spent to protect me didn't go to waste, 'cause at least now you're getting laid by Clyde," Rafe bitterly countered. Kate was hurt but maintained her composure as she dismissively stated that she had work to do. Rafe took the hint and left, promising to stay away and adding that he was sorry he hadn't done that months earlier. Once she was alone, Kate sighed heavily and wiped a tear from her cheek.

Abigail met Ben at his apartment so they could go jogging together, but he thought of a different workout while watching her stretch. After having sex, the couple got dressed and headed to their respective jobs. Abigail ran into Chad at the hospital, and he told her that he had just gotten out of a board meeting in which Seth Burns had spoken glowingly about her idea to deliver subsidized medical services to the community. Abigail was pleased to hear that but clarified that it was actually Jordan's brainchild. Surprised, Chad gushed that Jordan was apparently too modest to ever take credit for such things.

Ben emerged from the elevator in time to see Chad and Abigail sharing a laugh. Ben carried his load of Club TBD supplies over to a nearby coffee station and ignored Chad's thinly veiled attempts to antagonize him. After Chad left, Abigail started to tell Ben about what she and Chad had been talking about, but Ben interrupted and assured her that she didn't have to explain herself to him. Ben apologetically excused himself so he could finish making his deliveries, but before leaving, he suggestively hinted that he and Abigail could go jogging again later that day.

As Abigail watched Ben walk away, Jordan approached and observed that he seemed to be in a good mood. "Yeah, he is, but you're not. What's wrong?" Abigail wondered. Jordan claimed that she had simply been thinking about a patient. Hoping to cheer her friend up, Abigail revealed that the idea for a community outreach program had been well received during Chad's earlier board meeting. Abigail wondered why Jordan hadn't claimed the idea as her own, and Jordan replied that she simply hadn't wanted anyone to think she was trying to influence the board. "Oh. Well, I mean, you are influencing one board member, though," Abigail pointed out.

"And you don't like that one bit, do you?" Jordan guessed. Abigail admitted that it was none of her business. Jordan pointed out that Chad had helped her brother and Abigail in many ways since returning to Salem, and she mused that she didn't know what else he could possibly do to prove that he had changed. "Listen, just think what you want, okay, Abigail? But you don't have to worry about me. [And] you're wrong," Jordan insisted before walking away.

Clyde entered Club TBD and greeted Ben, who returned the greeting a bit coldly. Clyde wasn't surprised, guessing that Jordan had already told her brother all about how Kate had tracked him down in Poplar Bluff and led him to their location. "Yeah. So maybe now you can tell me something -- if you're really trying so hard to be a better person, why'd you lie to us?" Ben wondered.

Clyde replied that losing his kids had been like losing his life, and he had been extremely grateful when Kate had tracked him down and told him where Jordan and Ben were living. Clyde added that he had kept Kate's secret because he hadn't wanted to say or do anything to ruin his reunion with his kids. Clyde apologized for keeping the truth from Ben but insisted that it would be wrong for Ben to hold a grudge against Kate, since she had meant well. Ben wanted to know why his father was defending Kate, so Clyde admitted that he was developing a sweet spot for her. "You know, she's not from Poplar Bluff. If I were you, I'd watch my back," Ben warned.

Jennifer ran into Paige at Club TBD, and when she noticed that Paige was carrying two cups of coffee, she optimistically wondered if one was for J.J. Paige shook her head and vaguely claimed that she and J.J. still had some things to work through. Jennifer said that, while she had promised her son that she wouldn't interfere, she at least wanted Paige to know that what Jack had done years earlier had nothing to do with who J.J. was. Paige confirmed that she understood that. Relieved, Jennifer advised that if Paige were still trying to decide whether to continue seeing J.J., it might help to focus on his choices and how much he truly cared about Paige.

J.J. was waiting for Paige in the park when Eve unexpectedly showed up and greeted him. J.J. wondered what Eve was doing there, and she innocently replied that she was simply in the middle of a walk -- one in which she had been thinking about what her future might look like without singing as an option, as well as how she might atone for the horrible mistake she had made with J.J. when she had been in a vulnerable state. "You and me both," J.J. sadly muttered as he turned away from Eve and quickly sent Paige a warning message.

Eve wondered what J.J. was doing, so he discreetly pocketed his cell phone before turning to face her again. "I -- I -- I'm trying to think of a -- of a polite way to say this, but, uh, I wish that I never had to see you again. Uh, what happened between you and me is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life, and I have made some big ones," J.J. replied. Eve admitted that she hadn't been sleeping very well since that particular night, either, and she reminded J.J. that he needed to stay away from Paige to ensure that their secret remained a secret forever. "How many times are we gonna talk about this?" J.J. wondered before abruptly walking away.

When J.J. returned to the Horton house, Jennifer casually mentioned that she had seen Paige earlier but hadn't gotten to say much before Eve had summoned the girl home with an urgent text message. After Jennifer excused herself to answer a call from the hospital, J.J. phoned Paige, managing to catch her before she made it back to Eve's apartment. J.J. told Paige about what had happened in the park, and he warned that Eve might have somehow figured out that they were secretly seeing each other. J.J. urged Paige not to freak out, and she promised to call him as soon as she found out why Eve had mysteriously summoned her home.

After ending her call, Jennifer returned to the living room and found J.J. sitting at the desk with his head buried in his arms. Concerned, Jennifer wondered if J.J. was all right, and he jumped out of his chair as he claimed that he was simply worried about finals. Jennifer knowingly guessed that J.J. was also worried about his relationship with Paige, and she wondered if something was going on with Paige that he hadn't shared yet. "I just, um -- I just really want things to work out for me and Paige, but I -- I just don't know if -- if they will," J.J. worriedly replied.

Jennifer understood and stressed that she wanted things to work out for J.J. and Paige, too. Jennifer added that it was sometimes best to take a step back from a situation and focus on the things that could be controlled. Guessing that he knew where Jennifer was headed, J.J. assured her that he was still willing to see a therapist. Satisfied, Jennifer excused herself after urging J.J. to just give things some time to get better. "I hear ya, Mom, but what if Paige and I don't have time?" J.J. muttered after Jennifer left.

When Theresa arrived at Eve's apartment, Eve was packing suitcases. Theresa wondered why Eve had sent her an urgent text message earlier. Eve explained that Shane was going to be spending a few days in the hospital. Theresa feared that she had stressed Shane out and had caused him to have a heart attack, but Eve assured her that he was simply being admitted to the hospital so some routine tests could be performed to determine why he had been having stomach problems lately. "But I want you to keep that part to yourself for a while, okay? [...] As sorry as I am that Daddy is sick, his timing couldn't be more perfect, actually," Eve mischievously added.

When Paige arrived a short time later, Theresa was helping Eve pack, and they both looked sad. Eve gravely informed Paige that they needed to go to Los Angeles and see Shane right away, since he was in the hospital, and it was not yet clear what was wrong with him. Theresa added that she was going to follow them to California as soon as possible. Eve pointed out that Paige had just finished her final exam of the semester earlier that day and only had papers left to submit, all of which could be sent to professors from anywhere in the world. Eve added that she had already purchased tickets and that their plane would be departing soon.

At the first opportunity, Paige sneaked out of the apartment and contacted J.J. to let him know what was going on. Eve soon tracked Paige down in the hallway, but Paige innocently claimed that she had simply been making arrangements with each of her professors. Eve insisted that could be done later, and she beckoned for her daughter to head back into the apartment and finish packing.

J.J. rushed off to see Paige, but when he got to Eve's apartment, Theresa answered the door and gleefully revealed that he had just missed them. Theresa added that she had no idea when Paige and Eve would return to Salem, and she happily slammed the door in a disappointed J.J.'s face.

Friday, December 5, 2014

In Horton Square, a woman named Lia said accusingly to Aiden, "You did a bad, bad thing!" Aiden tried to convince the woman that she had him confused with someone else, but she persisted, becoming even more vehement in her accusations that he'd done something bad. Abe rushed over and admonished Lia that she couldn't speak to people that way. Lia continued to ramble about Aiden, telling Abe, "I know what he did...I saw him do it." Abe called Officer Jenkins over. He instructed the cop to take Lia to sit down and to find Detective Brady. Abe explained to Aiden, who seemed a bit rattled, that Lia was a fixture in Salem but was harmless.

In the park outside Horton Square, Chase pleaded with Hope not to tell his dad what she'd overheard Chase say. Hope tried to soothe a worried Chase, reassuring the boy that his father wouldn't be upset. Chase explained that his dad had just given him a big lecture. Before Chase could clarify, Jenkins arrived and informed Hope, "Commander Carver needs you to come back to the square. Lia's off her meds again." Chase obediently followed Hope back into the square.

When Hope and Chase returned, Abe was quietly reminding Lia about an earlier talk they'd had about how she shouldn't yell at people. Hope explained to Aiden that Lia sometimes stopped taking her medication, but they would get her evaluated. Aiden chided Chase for running off with Owen when he was supposed to be helping with the food drive. When Aiden learned that Owen had left with his mom, he asked Chase, "That's not the whole story, is it?"

Hope joined Abe while Aiden talked to his son. Chase apologized for going off with Owen, but Chase spotted his ride home and left before Aiden could lecture the boy. Meanwhile, Abe advised Hope that Social Services was going to pick Lia up from the police station. He noted that after the encounter, Aiden had "looked like he'd seen a ghost." After Abe had gone, Aiden told Hope that the two of them could leave because the next group of volunteers had arrived. Hope noted that she wasn't on duty for a few more hours.

Soon, Hope and Aiden were checking into a room at the Salem Inn. They joked that they would have to start renting the room long-term if they continued meeting there. "By the way, don't worry about that thing with Chase. I mean, obviously, he's not telling me something. I'll get him to come clean," Aiden said. Hope encouraged Aiden not to be too hard on Chase, who already felt bad enough. "He may have said some things you asked him not to talk about, but he really regrets it," Hope said when Aiden pushed for more information.

Hope explained that Chase had told her that his mom had been the wealthy one, and Aiden hadn't always been well off. She admitted that she'd been a little surprised -- but she assured Aiden that it didn't matter to her. "Why wouldn't you think I was to the manner born, hmm? I mean, look how I live, right? The house, the car, the suits, top-of-the-line everything. Seems obvious," Aiden acknowledged.

Aiden explained that he had been extremely poor growing up, and he'd never made much money as a lawyer because he'd worked as a public defender and an assistant district attorney, and he'd never cared much about money. He continued that he and Chase had survived on his wife's inheritance, and he often worried how Meredith's death had affected Chase, so Aiden often spent too much on his son, as Meredith had, to keep the boy's life as close to the way it had been as possible. Hope assured Aiden that she understood.

After Hope and Aiden made love and they lay in each other's arms, thoughts of what Lia had said to Aiden intruded on his thoughts. He tried to snap himself out of it by kissing Hope.

At Stefano's hideaway, Stefano's lady friend delivered his tablet to him and told him, "These just came in." As she left, Stefano viewed images of Kate with Clyde in Horton Town Square and other places around Salem.

In the DiMera study, Kate was admiring an arrangement of magnolias she'd received from Clyde and marveling that he'd been able to find the flowers in December. Chad entered and needled Kate about her relationship with "country Clyde." Kate asserted that it was really none of Chad's business. He reminded her that they were co-CEOs and he had to look out for the company -- and he was concerned that Clyde was after something and using Kate to get it. Chad wanted to know if Kate trusted her "new feller," but Kate asserted that she didn't trust any man -- especially not Chad or Stefano.

Chad asked if that included Rafe, but Kate refused to discuss Rafe with Chad. After she handed Chad some papers to sign, he asked why Rafe had been there earlier. An irked Kate explained that Rafe had questioned her about Chad's girlfriend -- with whom Rafe had seemed intent on reconciling, since there was clearly a spark between the two of them. Trying to hide that Kate's words had gotten to him, Chad signed the papers and left.

While Kate was looking over the documents, Stefano called. Kate irritably urged Stefano to get to the point, since the tax authorities had probably tapped the phone line. Stefano asked if Kate wanted his advice about the telecom company she was trying to buy in Malaysia. Kate pointed out that she would simply do the opposite of whatever he advised. Stefano inquired about how Kate liked sharing CEO duties with Chad. Kate contended that Chad's inexperience would likely cost the company a lot of money.

Stefano maintained that Chad was a fast learner -- unlike Kate, who hadn't learned anything. Stefano explained derisively, "I thought that you couldn't stoop any lower than Rafael Hernandez... But this latest paramour -- I don't believe it. Seriously? A hillbilly from Arkansas?" Trying not to let him get to her, Kate corrected Stefano that her friend was from Missouri, but when Stefano asked if the man were teaching her to square dance, Kate curtly ended the call.

When Rafe found Jordan in the physical therapy room at the hospital, she crossly warned him that she didn't have the time or patience to deal with him. Rafe revealed that he had just talked to Kate, and he knew everything that Kate had done. "To try to bring me down, ruin my reputation, not to mention my sanity," Jordan concluded, adding that she would not let Kate ruin her life. "What about Clyde?" Rafe asked. Jordan asserted that she didn't care about Clyde or Kate, who deserved each other.

Rafe pointed out that, in the not-too-distant past, Jordan had been ready to leave town so she wouldn't have to face Clyde. Jordan declared that she refused to run anymore. She added that she had finally found happiness, and people respected her work. "For the first time in my life, I fell --" Jordan began but stopped herself before she finished the sentence. "In love? You were going to say 'in love' -- with me," Rafe concluded. Jordan snapped that Rafe shouldn't assume that was what she'd intended to say -- or that she was still in love with him.

Rafe observed that it appeared as if Jordan had let Kate ruin her life. "What? Because you and I broke up? Get over yourself!" Jordan retorted. Rafe wondered why Jordan was being so defensive. Jordan said that the only reason she would ever regret her decision to dump Rafe was if Kate had forced him to sleep with her, and they knew that wasn't the case. Rafe insisted that sleeping with Kate had been a huge mistake that he wished he could take back -- because he still loved Jordan. "Stop saying that! Unless you came here to hurt me, do not say that!" Jordan ordered Rafe.

Jordan insisted that she was staying in Salem because she was building a life for herself, and she had made friends -- and she had a chance to move on. "With Chad DiMera?" Rafe asked, his incredulity and distaste apparent. Jordan stridently pointed out that her life was no longer Rafe's concern. Rafe argued that it was his concern because he cared about her and always would.

Just then, Chad walked in. As Rafe left, he cautioned Chad, "I just wanted to let Jordan know that she still has a friend in me, and I make a point of always looking out for my friends." Clearly upset, Jordan shucked her white coat and told Chad that she wanted to leave. After they left the hospital, Chad assured Jordan that if she were too upset about Rafe, they could postpone going out to dinner. "Do I look like I want to I want to waste any time talking about Rafe or put anything off?" Jordan asked, kissing Chad.

Alone at the bar in the Brady Pub, Rafe finished draining a beer. Abe walked in as Rafe rose to leave and noted that he'd never seen Rafe drinking so early in the day. Rafe pointed out that he was off-duty, but Abe wanted to know what was going on. "I had something great, something perfect, and as usual, I managed to lose it. No, strike that. I destroyed it," Rafe said miserably.

When Nicole ran into Brady in front of the Brady Pub, he informed her that Melanie was back in town. Melanie filled Brady in on her first encounter with Melanie at Daniel's apartment, ranting about how hostile and snide Melanie had been when she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion about why Nicole had been showering there. Brady suspected that Nicole was really more upset about what Melanie had assumed about Daniel and Nicole. Nicole testily corrected Melanie's -- and seemingly Brady's -- assumption, insisting that she and Daniel were just friends.

Marlena showed up and somewhat snidely observed that Nicole seemed "a little tense." Laughing it off, Nicole maintained that she was far from tense. As Nicole hurried off, Marlena noted that Nicole hadn't been happy to see her. Brady pointed out that Nicole thought Marlena hated her. "I don't hate her; I just hate what she did to my son," Marlena said.

Brady countered that no one, including Nicole, was "cool with" what Nicole had done to Eric -- but Brady was trying to see past her mistakes. Acknowledging that everyone made mistakes, Marlena pointed out, "When Nicole makes mistakes, it takes on the proportion of a world war." Brady announced that he had to leave to meet Melanie for lunch -- and that Melanie had moved back to Salem. Marlena was thrilled for Melanie's family.

The mysterious couple trying to track down Melanie met up in the park. The Frenchman reported to the dark-haired woman that Melanie was hiding out at her father's apartment. "Now that we know where she is, it's time to drop the hammer," the woman declared.

At Daniel's apartment, an edgy Melanie zipped her bag shut, concealing the huge stacks of cash she was carrying, just as Daniel walked into the room and suggested that they stop by the Brady Pub on their way to the hospital. Melanie claimed that she was still jetlagged and wanted to rest until she had lunch with Brady later. Although Daniel was skeptical, he informed his daughter that Maggie was going to Chicago to pick up Parker from Chloe for a short visit. Melanie was thrilled, but Daniel needed to know, before Parker arrived, if there were something she wasn't telling him.

Melanie admitted that she had lied to Daniel in the past, but she had changed her ways. Feigning sleepiness, Melanie curled up on the couch to nap, so Daniel left to let her rest. As soon as the door closed behind him, Melanie popped back up. As she locked the door, she muttered, "I hate lying to you, Dad... This is just not something I can tell you about." Melanie took a sheaf of folded, stapled papers out of her purse and looked them over.

Later, Melanie nearly jumped out of her skin when someone knocked on the door -- but when she answered it, she was relieved and thrilled that it was Serena, her friend from Europe. The women embraced, and Melanie promised to show her friend around Salem. Serena explained that she was on her way to University Hospital, but first she'd wanted to say hi to Melanie. Serena suddenly realized that she'd set her watch to the wrong time zone, which meant that she was late, so she rushed back out again.

Melanie carefully locked the door after Serena left and took a deep breath. "You're fine. You're safe. You did it. You got away with it," Melanie told herself. When Brady arrived to pick Melanie up for lunch a little later, she grabbed her things and hurried out the door with him -- but she accidentally left the papers on the table.

When Daniel arrived at the hospital, he informed Maxine that Melanie had wanted to stop by and say hello until the jetlag had gotten to her. Maxine was eager to see "that little dickens." Nicole arrived after getting a text message from Daniel. He explained that he wanted her advice about something, so the two of them headed out.

Serena arrived a little later to meet with Maxine. They discussed how Serena was there on a research grant. "If anybody gives you trouble, you come see me. I know how to sidestep certain people, bump others out of the way, and just roll right over the rest," Maxine said wryly. Serena spotted Marlena getting on the elevator and asked Maxine, "Is that Doctor Marlena Evans?" Maxine confirmed that it was and asked if Serena knew Dr. Evans. Serena replied, "From a long time ago. Oh, my God, she hasn't aged a day."

Over coffee at Club TBD, Daniel asked, since Nicole was a reporter, if she knew how to find out where a call from a blocked number had originated. Nicole correctly deduced that Daniel's question had something to do with Melanie. Daniel admitted that Melanie -- who'd been "a little off" since she'd returned -- had gotten a blocked call the previous night while she'd been out. Nicole said that the only way to trace the call was with a court order. Daniel admitted that Melanie hadn't really said anything about the call, and he hadn't pressed because he was trying to give her space.

Nicole encouraged Daniel to demand the truth -- or to be hard on Melanie, the way he was with Nicole. Nicole explained that in being hard on her, Daniel had helped her be a better, stronger person. "What if Melanie does need your help, and she doesn't get it because you're too afraid of hurting her or alienating her by pushing her to be truthful with you or facing head-on whatever it is she is struggling with?" Nicole pointed out. Daniel said that Nicole had been the right person to talk to.

Daniel returned to the apartment and found it empty, but he spotted Melanie's documents on the table. He was dismayed when he unfolded them and saw what they contained.

As Brady and Melanie strolled through Horton Square, Melanie marveled at the new stores that had opened since she'd left. Brady noticed that Melanie was clutching her bag very tightly and pointed out that she was no longer in "the land of pickpockets." Chuckling, Melanie acknowledged that old habits died hard. Brady had to run a quick errand before lunch but asked Melanie to wait there for him. After Brady left, Melanie spotted the woman and the Frenchman approaching from across the square. A panicked Melanie fled, and they followed.

When Brady returned, he looked around for Melanie. A concerned Nicole saw him and informed him, "I just saw her run off that way like a bat out of hell. She had two people chasing after her."

Melanie ran to the park, looking over her shoulder and holding onto her bag as if for dear life. The Frenchman cut her off from the front, but when Melanie turned to run the other way, the woman appeared. "Did you really think we wouldn't find you? Game over," the woman said.

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