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Brady and Melanie were in harm's way at Kristen's villa. Brady shot and killed Clint. Kristen fell to her death during a struggle with Marlena. Theresa and Brady met their son. Kate and Adrienne had a catfight. Chad told Abigail that he still loved her. Victor moved forward with his plan to get back at Stefano.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 27, 2015 on DAYS
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Things take a turn at the DiMera compound

Things take a turn at the DiMera compound

Monday, April 27, 2015

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail overheard Kate talking to someone on the phone about issuing a press release to announce Kate's return to Mad World. After Kate ended the call, Abigail asked about the development and was surprised to learn that Lucas was no longer working there. Kate explained that Lucas had made a few moves Victor hadn't approved of, adding that Lucas would bounce back eventually, just like he always did.

Abigail observed that Kate seemed to have a similar talent for bouncing back from misfortune. Abigail admitted she still didn't understand what had happened at DiMera Enterprises, which had seemed to be doing well under Kate and Chad's combined leadership. Kate said that was precisely what had bothered Stefano. Without a hint of irony, Kate added that it was understandable that Stefano had ousted her but surprising that he could be just as cutthroat about ousting his own son. Kate mused that things could obviously get that way in the business world when power and wealth were at stake.

Abigail said it was good that Chad wasn't terribly upset about what had happened. Kate admitted she hadn't realized Abigail and Chad had gotten close again. Abigail clarified that she and Chad weren't exactly close -- they were just civil with each other. Kate nodded and said she wasn't surprised to learn that Chad was taking the whole thing in stride, since he was nothing like Stefano or E.J. "Now that Lexie's gone, I think he may be the only DiMera there's any hope for," Kate added before walking away.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad was on the phone with Stefano, telling him about what had happened to Wollensky. Chuckling, Stefano mused that he and Chad had poked a hornet's nest when they had leaked the information about Ben being one of Wollensky's known associates, and they were lucky they weren't the ones who had gotten stung in the process. Chad wasn't happy that Ben had managed to emerge from the investigation relatively unscathed. Stefano pointed out that he and Chad had at least planted some doubts in Abigail's head about Ben, but Chad fretted that the same doubts had been planted in her head about him, as well.

Chad explained that hearing about the circumstances surrounding Wollensky's death had reminded Abigail of how E.J. had once ordered a hit on Nick. Stefano was shocked that E.J. had been na´ve enough to let Abigail know about that. Chad reluctantly admitted it might be best to just let Abigail go. Stefano insisted Chad couldn't do that, prompting Chad to wonder why Stefano cared. Stefano laughed and conceded that it didn't make a difference to him one way or the other. Stefano added, however, that he wanted Chad to be happy, and if Abigail was the woman who could make Chad happy, Chad needed to give her some more time to fall for him again.

After Chad ended the call, Stefano pulled a manila envelope out of a desk drawer. "You can't let her go, Chad. Mm-mm. We need her too much," Stefano muttered with a sigh as he stared at the envelope, which had Abigail's name on it. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Chad received an unexpected visit from Abigail, who apologized for how their last conversation had gone and assured him he didn't have to try to convince her he was different than E.J. because she already knew that was true.

Chad thanked Abigail and told her she could leave, since she had said what she had wanted to say. Confused, Abigail admitted she had been under the impression that she and Chad had been starting to get along again. Abigail observed that, while it usually felt like Chad was trying to do everything in his power to get them together, it was suddenly starting to feel like he was instead just trying to get rid of her. Chad insisted that was the last thing he wanted to do, and he impulsively kissed her.

Clyde met with Ben in a secluded section of the town square and demanded to know everything about Ben's past, from the moment Ben had left Poplar Bluff to the moment he had arrived in Salem. After Ben revealed everything, Clyde summarized that it all sounded like small potatoes to him. Ben still regretted what he had done, but Clyde insisted Ben had been young and had done what had been necessary to survive. Clyde admitted he felt responsible, since Ben wouldn't have needed to do that stuff if he hadn't been on the run from Clyde. Ben stressed that he was responsible for his own actions.

Ben was glad he had told Clyde the truth, since he had never been able to tell Jordan, and keeping it all to himself had been killing him. Ben thought he would feel even better once he told Abigail, but Clyde insisted Ben could never do that. Ben didn't want to keep the information from Abigail any longer, especially since he was starting to think he might want to spend the rest of his life with her, but Clyde predicted that if Ben made the mistake of telling her the truth, he would immediately wish he hadn't -- and she would, too. Clyde reasoned that no one else needed to know about Ben's past because it was just that -- his past.

Will was at the Brady Pub, trying to dig up dirt on Paul, when he received a phone call from Zoe, who pressured him to get the article about Clyde finished as soon as possible. Will assured Zoe it was his top priority, and after ending the call, he went to Edge of the Square to see Ben. Will casually asked for Clyde's phone number, claiming he wanted to enlist Clyde's help with a surprise for Kate to celebrate the fact that she had just landed a big new job. As Will entered the number into his cell phone, he asked Ben a few basic questions about Clyde. After Will left, Ben contacted Clyde and told him about Will's visit.

Later, Clyde met with Will at the pub. Will revealed that he was writing an article about Clyde for Sonix. Clyde didn't think he would be an interesting subject for Will to write about, but Will assured him that people wanted to know more about the man who had singlehandedly funded the hospital's charity program for Salem's underprivileged citizens. Clyde said he had donated that money anonymously for a reason, and he sternly insisted he wouldn't feel comfortable being put in the spotlight. As Clyde started to leave, Will stressed that he wasn't asking for permission and that the article was going to be written with or without Clyde's cooperation.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Adrienne told Lucas she was sorry about his mother's betrayal. Lucas wasn't sorry, though, because Kate's actions had shown him that, while she loved him in her own twisted way, she would always love herself more. Lucas swore that, while he couldn't keep Kate out of Allie's life, and he probably couldn't keep her out of Will's life, either, she was finally out of his life for good.

Adrienne felt responsible for the rift between Lucas and Kate, but he insisted it was his own fault, noting that he had only dealt with Kate for as long as he had because all her other kids had been smart enough to get away from her first. Arianna started fussing while Lucas was vowing not to let Kate ruin yet another one of his romantic relationships, so he went to check on the child, admitting he was probably the one who had disturbed her sleep in the first place with his rants about Kate.

While Lucas was in Arianna's bedroom, Kate arrived to drop off a gift for the child. Adrienne opened the door, and Kate entered the apartment while reading the press release on her cell phone, assuming Will or Sonny had let her in. "You two-faced bitch," Adrienne snapped at Kate, who countered that she wasn't the one who was "whoring around" on her husband. Adrienne said she could live with what she had done, and she wondered if Kate could say the same. Kate acknowledged that she was never going to win any Mother of the Year awards, but she insisted Adrienne never would, either.

Adrienne argued that Kate had no right to judge her -- or anyone else, for that matter. Kate believed being Lucas' mother gave her that right, especially since she had repeatedly watched him choose to get involved with women who were disastrously wrong for him. "We've all seen this lame story play out before. Justin cheated on you, so you cheat on Justin, and then he comes home, and he bats his big, brown eyes at you, and you both agree to forgive and forget. And then everyone rejoices because there's a reunion of the two people who are meant to be with each other, and meanwhile, my son has a broken heart because a middle-aged hausfrau decided to have a quick roll in the hay," Kate summarized.

Adrienne insisted she would never hurt Lucas. "You already have! To boost your ego, to get revenge on Justin. And my son just happened to be there, right? I mean, it really could have been with anyone -- the pool boy, the bartender at the Cheatin' Heart," Kate countered, prompting Adrienne to slap her. Kate slugged Adrienne in retaliation, and they continued fighting until Lucas emerged from Arianna's bedroom and intervened. Kate was quick to point out that Adrienne had started the fight, but Lucas didn't care -- he just wanted Kate to leave. Kate tried to protest, but he forced her out the door and slammed it in her face.

Adrienne admitted she had started the fight. Lucas insisted Adrienne had nothing to apologize for because all she had ever done was make him happy. Lucas knew Adrienne was still married and might ultimately choose to stay with Justin, just as Kate had predicted, but he stressed that he would respect whatever decision Adrienne made. Touched, Adrienne wondered how a mother like Kate had ever managed to end up with a son like Lucas. Meanwhile, Kate went to Edge of the Square for a martini. Ben admitted his relationship with Clyde was better than it had ever been before, and Kate sadly urged him to do whatever it took to keep it that way.

At the DiMera compound in Italy, Mandrake knocked Brady out and dragged Melanie off to the secret room. When Brady regained consciousness, he was in a dungeon with Kristen. Brady demanded to know what Kristen had done with his baby. Kristen assured Brady that her son was perfectly fine and was going to live a long and happy life -- which was more than she could say about Brady and his two female friends.

Brady could only think of one female friend Kristen could be referring to, so she clarified that, in addition to Melanie, she also had plans for Theresa, who was being taken to the compound because Christopher needed some of her bone marrow. Kristen started to leave, but Brady stopped her and insisted things between them could be different. Brady admitted his relationships with Theresa and Melanie had been desperate attempts to get over Kristen, and he assured her that neither woman had managed to take her place in his heart.

Brady said he found it impossible to hate Kristen, even after her latest stunt. Brady suggested Kristen could raise the baby with him instead of taking on the responsibility alone, since he still needed and loved her. Brady urged Kristen to just let Theresa and Melanie return to Salem after harvesting Theresa's bone marrow, reasoning that they would pose no threat because he and Kristen would have plenty of time to disappear with Christopher before Theresa and Melanie landed in Salem and told everyone about what had happened. Brady assured Kristen that, along with Christopher, they could be the family they had always dreamed of being.

Kristen wondered if Brady knew how much she wanted that. Brady guessed Kristen wanted it just as much as he did. After promising Kristen they could be together forever, Brady started kissing her, and she played along for a few seconds before pushing him away and informing him she hadn't bought a single word of his act. Kristen reminded Brady that she could tell when he was lying because she knew him better than he knew himself, and she said she had also been able to tell his heart hadn't been in the kiss. Brady insisted he was being truthful, but Kristen told him to stop trying to sell the ruse.

"What that kiss did for me, Brady -- I'm free of you, because I never have felt that I could hurt you -- ever -- but then you went and you took my love and you tried to use it against me. And that, my friend, was a very bad idea," Kristen said before storming out of the dungeon, leaving Brady with an armed guard. Later, Mandrake dragged Melanie into the dungeon and tied her and Brady to chairs opposite each other. Once Brady and Melanie were alone, they started struggling to free themselves while he told her about what had happened with Kristen earlier.

Theresa was very impressed when she followed Clint into the DiMera compound. Clint poured drinks as Theresa admired the view, and he spiked hers before grabbing a gun from a drawer at the bar and tucking it in his waistband. Before Clint could convince Theresa to consume the spiked drink, she spotted a pacifier on the floor near the couch. "That belongs to Christopher," Kristen revealed as she entered the room.

Theresa backed away from Kristen and took cover behind Clint, insisting he needed to call the cops right away because Kristen was crazy. Clint ignored the request, and Theresa quickly realized he and Kristen knew each other. Theresa screamed as she struggled to get away from Clint, and Melanie and Brady heard her from the dungeon -- and also heard the gunshot that rang out a few seconds later.

Kristen says goodbye to Brady

Kristen says goodbye to Brady

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail argued with Chad in the library. "I'm not trying to get rid of you. That's the last thing that I want," Chad yelped. Chad grabbed Abigail and kissed her. Caught up in the moment, Abigail half-heartedly resisted Chad. When Abigail pulled away, Chad walked to the door and locked it. Abigail cried out that she was involved with Ben. Chad asked Abigail why she was at the mansion if she did not want anything from him. Stammering, Abigail claimed that she had stopped by to apologize. Chad dismissed Abigail's excuse.

Chad admitted that he had been fighting his feelings for Abigail since returning to Salem. Chad reminded Abigail that she did not know Ben's real name. Through tears, Abigail asked Chad to unlock the door. Chad said he would unlock the door, but he needed to say something first. Chad explained that he had returned to Salem with plans to hurt Abigail by using Jordan. Chad added that because he loved Abigail, he could no longer lie about his feelings.

"I will do anything to be with you again," Chad said. Stricken by Chad's words, Abigail wondered aloud whether Chad had caused the people in Florida to pursue Ben for questioning. Chad denied that he had played a part in the Florida investigation. When Abigail asked Chad why he had helped Ben, Chad explained that he had known that Abigail was happy with Ben and had wanted to be the bigger man.

Chad said he could no longer play the better man because he wanted to be with Abigail. Chad unlocked the door, and Abigail ran out of the house. After Abigail left, Chad sat alone in the dark and remembered seeing Abigail for the first time after he had returned to Salem.

At Victor's club, Kate thanked Ben for fixing her a drink before the club opened. Ben smiled. When Kate mentioned that she had talked to Abigail about Chad, Ben laughed and said he was not threatened. Kate sipped her drink in silence while Ben talked about how he was sure that Abigail's relationship with Chad was over.

At the Brady Pub, Will informed Clyde that he planned to write a story about him with or without Clyde's cooperation. Clyde warned Will to back off. Will said he had not been interested in writing the story, but his interest was now piqued. Will added that he had faced E.J. and Victor and that he was not intimidated by Clyde.

Changing tactics, Clyde said that he was disappointed that Will would not respect his right to privacy, especially after Will's life had been splashed across the news. Will stressed that he was objective and would write a fair article. "You will do what you have to do, and so will I," Clyde growled.

Clyde left the pub and went to Victor's club to meet with Kate. Kate informed Clyde that he had just missed Ben, who had headed home. Shaking his head, Clyde said he was there to talk to Kate about Will. When Clyde told Kate about his meeting with Will, Kate shrugged and commented that a story would be a good idea. Clyde argued that Sonix only printed hatchet jobs and that he was not interested in that. Kate promised to talk to Will on Clyde's behalf.

After showering at his apartment, Ben walked into the living room as someone knocked on his front door. Ben opened the door and found an emotional Abigail. Abigail grabbed Ben and kissed him passionately. The two fumbled to the bed and began to make love. Abigail told Ben that she loved him. As Ben returned the sentiment, his faced changed into Chad's. Shaken, Abigail pulled Ben close to her. Ben kissed her neck as a teary-eyed Abigail looked into the distance, confused.

In a plane, Marlena composed an email to Will, telling him that she was flying to see Paul and John. While Marlena stared out the window, she received a response from Will. Will wrote that he was glad Marlena was on his side.

At Club TBD, a messenger dropped off a letter for Sonny from Victor with Paul's address. Sonny took the letter home and dropped it on the table. With a sigh, Sonny called the airlines and asked about flights. When Will arrived home, he heard the tail end of Sonny's phone conversation. Sonny said he wanted to hop a flight and "work things out." Will saw Paul's address on the desk, and he jumped to conclusions. As Sonny hung up the phone, Will accused Sonny of leaving him and upgrading to Paul.

"Why me when you can have the one that got away?" Will screeched. Sonny attempted to calm Will, but Will refused to listen. Will told Sonny that he had overheard Sonny's conversation with Victor at the club, and he knew that Victor had pushed Sonny to leave Will for Paul.

"I can't believe that I sent my grandmother to try and convince Paul not to come back here!" Will said. Upset, Sonny asked Will to repeat what he had said. Will continued to rant, stating that Sonny had clearly moved on with his life.

In a park in San Francisco, Paul asked John why he had not left for Salem. Paul's grandfather said that John was as stubborn as his son. "Nothing is more important than family," John said. While Paul's grandfather went for a walk, John and Paul talked about what Paul had said. John apologized for placing Paul on a pedestal then knocking Paul down. Paul shrugged and said John was not the only one.

John countered that before Paul had been blasted for his skills on the field then the public had turned to blasting him for his personal life. Paul said he was okay with the hate mail because it was not the only result of coming out. Paul told John the story of a teenager he had met that had told Paul that he had heard about the article, had read it, and had been inspired to come out to his own family. With a smile, Paul said that moments like that made the hate mail bearable.

John expressed a desire to get to know Paul. Paul said he had never had a father and did not want one. Unfazed, John stressed that regardless of how Paul felt, Paul had a father. John promised to do whatever it would take to make things right with Paul. Paul's grandfather returned and asked John to join him for a walk without Paul. While Paul waited in the clearing of the park by himself, someone approached him. "What are you doing here?" Paul asked.

In the Dimera castle living room, Theresa was shocked to see Kristen. When Theresa realized that Clint worked for Kristen, Theresa grew frantic to escape. Clint grabbed Theresa's arm, and she screamed. Theresa reached for Clint's gun, and they struggled for control of it.

In the basement, Melanie and Brady struggled to untie the ropes that bound them together. They heard Theresa scream from upstairs and then heard a gun go off. Melanie started to babble in a rising panic, and Brady urged her to remain calm and think. Brady coached Melanie to help him loosen the ropes. Melanie blamed herself for their predicament, but Brady thanked her for pushing the investigation because he had learned about his son. As Melanie grumbled that Kristen would not hesitate to hurt her or Melanie, Brady added that he was not safe, either, after he had attempted to con Kristen in to taking him back.

Upstairs in the living room, Clint wrested the gun from Theresa's grasp after it fired into the wall. Chuckling, Kristen told Theresa that no one cared about her, especially Brady. When Theresa commented that Kristen was lashing out over Brady, Kristen corrected her and said it was about all the horrible things Theresa had done. Kristen assured Theresa that her fate was sealed. With a grin, Kristen said that justice would be swift and painless. Theresa struggled to get free of Clint, but Kristen injected Theresa with a sedative in her neck.

"I think I love you more than I thought I could ever love anybody," Brady said to Melanie. "I feel the same," Melanie said. As the ropes loosened on their wrists, Client arrived with an unconscious Theresa in his arms and Dr. Mandrake at his side. Clint untied Brady and took him upstairs to the nursery. With Dr. Mandrake in the hallway, Melanie quietly attempted to wake Theresa. Groggy, Theresa woke up but was confused. Theresa passed out again. Hearing the voices in the room, Dr. Mandrake returned and administered a second injection for Theresa. Dr. Mandrake untied Theresa and carried her away.

In the nursery, Brady sat tied to the rocking chair and listened to the sound of his son cooing in the crib. Kristen informed Brady that she would let him say goodbye to his son, Christopher, even though Brady had betrayed her. Kristen picked up the baby and held him so Brady could see his son's face. Kristen promised that Christopher would never want for love in his life. Brady grew teary-eyed at the sight of his son. Kristen told Brady that she forgave him, but she understood that Brady could never love her. Kristen placed the child in the crib.

"I'm always gonna love you, Brady," Kristen breathed as she curled up on Brady's lap and hugged him goodbye. Kristen said that Brady would be able to spend eternity with Melanie. With a sad smile, Kristen said that she could have made Brady happy. Kristen kissed Brady, and she said they were not meant to be together. Brady pleaded with Kristen to find the part of her that he had fallen in love with when she had arrived in Salem.

"Don't raise this baby with blood on your hands. Don't do it," Brady said. Kristen called out for Clint, who returned to untie Brady and lead him back to the basement. Kristen informed Brady that she was moving on with her life. After Brady and Clint were gone, Kristen informed Dr. Mandrake that she was ready to leave with her son for the new safe house. Kristen asked Dr. Mandrake to make sure that Clint waited until after she left to deal with Brady and Melanie because she did not want to hear Brady die.

In the dungeon, Clint shoved Brady in with Melanie, and he raised his gun and leveled it at Brady. In the nursery, Dr. Mandrake deposited Theresa on the floor of the nursery before leaving to finalize Kristen's evacuation plans. Christopher began to cry, and a groggy Theresa woke up. Confused, Theresa looked over at the crib. Downstairs, Kristen opened the front door of the castle to find Marlena standing outside.

Theresa meets her son; Kristen & Marlena brawl

Theresa meets her son; Kristen & Marlena brawl

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rafe was having coffee and reading the paper in Horton Square when Ciara rushed up to him, followed shortly by Hope. Rafe greeted Ciara warmly and reiterated his promise to help her with her fastball over the summer. Ciara announced that she was going to be an umpire instead of a player. Rafe admitted that he'd never seen a female baseball umpire, and Hope realized that Ciara mostly wanted to umpire so she could be in charge. Laughing, Hope asked if her daughter had checked with the league.

"Two words, Mom: Title Nine. They can't turn me down because I'm a girl," Ciara replied confidently. She explained that she'd gotten the advice from a lawyer, whom Ciara had paid a dollar. After Ciara left with her ride, Hope guessed that Aiden had advised Ciara. Rafe asked if Hope had anything new to tell him about Clyde Weston. Hope kept mum, reminding Rafe that she couldn't tell him much. As Rafe left, he urged Hope to call him if she needed him.

Hope met with Roman and Abe at Club TBD and admitted that although she suspected Clyde Weston of wrongdoing, she didn't have enough evidence for a warrant or surveillance. Roman and Hope explained to Abe that it was possible Weston had been responsible for the death of an inmate during a prison transfer in Florida. Hope quickly fell silent when Aiden arrived, but he had already overheard plenty.

After Aiden and Abe made plans to get their sons together, Abe and Roman headed out, and Aiden confronted Hope. "Do you remember a word we said the other day?" Aiden demanded. He reminded her that he'd told her to forget about the privileged conversation she'd recently overheard between him and his client. Hope countered that Aiden shared her suspicions that Weston had been involved in the murder in Florida. Aiden admonished Hope for using information that she'd only gotten because of their personal relationship.

Aiden reminded Hope that any evidence she got as a result of the privileged information would be inadmissible -- and if necessary, he would personally testify that it was fruit of the poisonous tree. Aiden asserted that it was his duty to protect his client, but Hope countered that her job was different. "I love you...and we are partners outside of work, but not at work, okay? I'm not Bo," Aiden reminded her. He quickly apologized, but Hope admitted that he was right.

"We have different jobs, you and I, and it was disrespectful of me to forget that," Hope said. Aiden and Hope acknowledged a shared passion for their respective careers. Hope promised to cancel the request she'd made in Florida. As the mood lightened, the pair remembered that they were supposed to be on a date, and they kissed.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny was incredulous when he learned that Will had sent Marlena to convince Paul not to return to Salem. Sonny explained that he wasn't going to see Paul. Will insisted that he'd overheard Sonny on the phone, making plans to go to Italy -- and Will knew that was where Paul and Sonny had once gone for romantic getaways. Sonny angrily grabbed the note from Victor with Paul's San Francisco address on it and showed it to Will. Taken aback, Will said he'd heard Victor saying Paul's contact information was on his desk.

"That's where Marlena got that address -- in Italy. That's where she's going," Will said. Sonny replied that Marlena wouldn't find Paul or John in Italy. He explained that he'd been leaving a message for his father, and that was what Will had overheard. Will admitted that he'd made a mistake, which he would try to make up to Marlena, but he was glad that he'd overheard Sonny saying the two of them could work things out. Sonny explained that he'd been talking about his parents, but he couldn't say more because it wasn't up to him to tell.

Will pressed Sonny for more information. "My dad had an affair in Dubai!" Sonny snapped. When Will asked if Sonny's mom knew, Sonny replied, "Yeah. It came up when she was telling him about her affair -- with your dad." Sonny added that he would have told Will sooner, but he'd thought Lucas should tell Will. After the shock wore off, Will acknowledged that he'd acted desperate because he was terrified of losing Sonny.

"You deserve so much better than me," Will said, taking Sonny's hands. He added that he wouldn't be able to bear it if he'd lost everything that he and Sonny had built together by acting like an idiot. Sonny said he'd fallen in love with the person Will had been, noting that they had both changed since they'd gotten together. Will asked Sonny to tell him what to do. Sonny implored Will, "Stop doing. Stop holding on so tight. Stop trying to control how I feel and who I see. Trust that I mean what I say. Let me breathe. Can you do that?" Will agreed that he would try.

Sonny got a text message from his mom, asking him to pick Arianna up. Will wanted to stay behind so he could email his grandmother and because he thought he should wait to talk to his dad before he saw Adrienne. After Sonny headed out, Will opened his computer and found a message from Zoe that read, "Per your request, we may have found something on Paul Narita. VERY CONFIDENTIAL. Do you want it?" Will replied, "Yes, give me everything that you have."

In San Francisco, Paul's father, Hiro, offered to show John the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. After John and Hiro had gone, Justin arrived to see Paul. Paul admitted that he recognized Justin from family pictures he'd seen when Sonny and Paul had been together. Justin explained that he was on his way back to Salem from Dubai and Hong Kong but had wanted to stop over and see Paul. Justin continued that he'd learned a lot about his son's life from reading the article about Paul, and Justin understood why Sonny had proposed to Paul.

Paul said he'd Salem because he hadn't wanted to make things more difficult for Sonny and Will. Justin didn't necessarily agree that Paul's presence would make things more difficult -- but he stressed that Paul would have to decide whether or not to return to Salem. Justin clarified that he would respect Sonny's decision if he chose to stay with Will, but Justin also knew that Paul still loved Sonny. "Maybe you shouldn't go back to Salem, because you could get your heart broken all over again if Sonny chooses Will," Justin added.

Paul inferred that Justin didn't want Sonny to end up with Will, but Justin asserted that he merely wanted Sonny to follow his heart. John and Hiro returned just then, and Justin and John were admittedly surprised to see one another. Paul made the introductions for Justin: "This is my grandfather, Hiro, and you obviously already know my father." Justin was completely floored when he heard the whole story.

Paul and Justin explained that they had been discussing whether Paul should return to Salem. Justin asserted that he only wanted what was best for his son, and John maintained that he wanted Will and Sonny to decide what they wanted. "You know, Sonny could decide he doesn't want either one of us -- but you don't want me around, just in case, getting in the way," Paul concluded. John pointed out that Will and Sonny were married and trying to raise a child.

Paul revealed that even after Will had figured out that Paul was John's son, Will had continued blackmailing Paul's mother to get Paul and Tori to leave town. "The only reason you ever found out you were my father is Sonny," Paul asserted. That information stunned John. "I just want to get to know you, Paul... Selfishly, yeah, I would love it if you would come back to Salem. We both know that's a loaded situation; it's risky in a lot of ways, and only you can decide where you belong -- and why," John said. Justin and John left to give Paul some time to think. Hiro asked his grandson if he were all right, but Paul wasn't sure.

As Kristen opened the front door to leave, she gasped in shock because Marlena was standing on the doorstep. "Where are they?" Marlena demanded. "What the hell? You followed them here, didn't you?" Kristen asked, puzzled and angry. When Marlena referenced John and Paul being there, Kristen countered, "Are we looking for George and Ringo, too?" Kristen tried to throw Marlena out, but Marlena refused to leave, questioning what Kristen had meant when she'd said "them." Kristen lied that she'd been talking about her staff, but Marlena didn't buy it for a second.

Kristen asserted that she didn't owe Marlena an explanation. As the women argued, the nurse entered the front door. "Signorina, I wait by the car for the baby and the doctor, but --" Kristen cut the woman off, shoving her back out the door and shouting, "Basta! Basta! Basta! Basta!" Marlena's eyes lit up, her suspicions that Kristen had been hiding something confirmed. "There's a baby?" Marlena asked.

Marlena pointed out that Kristen couldn't have children, but the reminder of her greatest regret only angered Kristen further. "What baby?" Marlena demanded. Kristen maintained that she was paying for the medical care of a little girl in the village, and Kristen and the doctor were taking the girl to get treatment. "Oh! Will you stop to rescue a puppy on the way?" Marlena asked snidely before firmly stating that she didn't believe a word Kristen had said.

In the dungeon, Clint was just about to shoot a bound Brady in the head while Melanie watched when Clint got a text message from Dr. Mandrake, instructing him not to shoot the captives yet. Seemingly ignoring the order, Clint leveled his gun at Brady again. Melanie pleaded with Clint not to hurt Brady -- or else. Clint lowered his weapon and confronted Melanie, turning his back on Brady, who managed to free himself from the rope. He lunged at Clint, knocking the pistol from Clint's hand, and while the men struggled, Melanie tried to reach the gun with her foot.

Clint broke free from Brady, grabbed the gun, and used it to pistol-whip Brady, knocking him unconscious. Melanie tried to warn Clint that Brady's family would retaliate if Clint harmed Brady, but an unconcerned Clint countered that his boss was a DiMera. Melanie cautioned Clint that Kristen would not protect him, but he threatened to gag Melanie if she didn't shut up. While Clint kicked and taunted an unconscious Brady, Melanie furtively attempted to untie her bindings.

Melanie worked her hands free just as Clint began to take aim at Brady again. She jumped up and shoved Clint into the wall with a loud thud.

Upstairs, Marlena and Kristen heard the noise. Marlena announced her intention to find out what Kristen was up to. As Marlena headed in the direction of the sound, Kristen pulled out a gun. Marlena froze and turned when she heard the pistol cock.

Kristen excitedly theorized that fate had delivered Marlena to the villa so their endless dance could finally end. Kristen declared that she was going to win. "You took John from me. You turned Brady against me. You've left me alone and broken so many times, but not today!" Kristen asserted. Marlena countered, "You are the wrecking ball here! You almost destroyed my sons and my marriage, and you have no right to call yourself a victim." Kristen contended that she was no one's victim.

Waving her gun in Marlena's face, Kristen continued, "Everybody's going to get exactly what they deserve. Yeah, maybe there's going to be a sacrifice. Part of me is going to die with him, but, then again, part of him is going to live on forever." Kristen ordered Marlena to move to the window so she didn't get blood all over the rug. A reluctant Marlena began backing slowly toward the window, cautioning Kristen that she wouldn't get away with it. Ignoring Marlena's words, Kristen taunted her, "You're just a few feet away from being shark bait in the bay."

Clint backhanded Melanie with his gun-wielding hand, and the gun went flying across the room. Melanie kneed him in the groin, but the bigger, stronger Clint quickly overpowered her and wrapped his hands around her neck. While Melanie was fighting to breathe and to get free from Clint, Brady regained consciousness. When Brady saw Clint choking Melanie, he jumped up and pulled Clint off of her. The men engaged in a savage fistfight, and Clint dove for the gun.

Brady grabbed Clint, and the men wrestled for the weapon until it fired, the sound muffled by their bodies, and finally Clint slumped to the floor. Melanie checked Clint for a pulse, and when she found none, she pronounced him dead. Brady gathered her in his arms, and they clung to each other for a moment on the stone floor. Melanie turned her attentions to Brady and determined that he had no injuries that would require stitches. They heard women's voices shouting upstairs, so Brady and Melanie hurried out of the dungeon.

A drugged Theresa awakened on the floor of the nursery when baby Christopher began to cry. Theresa crawled over to the crib, pulled herself up, and looked at the infant, confusion registering on her face as she gently stroked the baby's cheek. When Theresa recalled how she'd gotten there, she tried to flee, but Mandrake stopped her at the door. He marveled that Theresa was on her feet, since he'd given her a huge dose of sedatives. Struggling to get free of his grasp, Theresa asked who Mandrake was. Mandrake said he was a friend -- but their relationship had reached the end of the road.

Mandrake deposited Theresa's limp form into the rocking chair, and she watched groggily as he retrieved a filled syringe from a table. "Not again!" Theresa cried, attempting to get up. Mandrake explained as gently as possible that he was a doctor, but Theresa asked again who he was. "I'm Doctor Mandrake. I'm here to help," Mandrake said. Theresa panicked when she heard his name and tried to flee, but Mandrake had closed the secret entrance with the armoire.

While Theresa struggled with Mandrake, trying to keep him from injecting her, all of the events from the night he had kidnapped and drugged her flooded back. "I told you I was pregnant!" Theresa cried. "Of course. That's why I was there," Mandrake replied calmly. Theresa seemed to be putting the pieces together, so Mandrake let her stumble over to the crib and look at her son. "Sing him a lullaby, Theresa. It's naptime," Mandrake said.

Mandrake tried again to inject Theresa, insisting that he had to do it to help the baby. Theresa fought back, weakly at first, but as her eyes fell on the crib, she shoved Mandrake aside with a herculean effort and stabbed him with the syringe. The doctor collapsed. Sobbing, Theresa stepped around Mandrake and hurried over to the crib. A moment later, Melanie ran into the room. "That's your son," Melanie told Theresa.

As Marlena reached the window, she turned to look at the water below. Interrupting Kristen's mocking tirade, Marlena lunged at her foe, and the women struggled for control of the gun. It went off, but the bullet missed both of them, and the gun fell to the floor. Just then, Brady burst into the room. He shouted Kristen's name just as Marlena got the upper hand with Kristen. "Let go of me!" Marlena yelled, shoving Kristen -- and Kristen fell through the window.

Things get worse for the people in Italy

Things get worse for the people in Italy

Thursday, April 30, 2015

by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer contacted Daniel to postpone their meeting, explaining that she was headed out of town because Laura was having minor surgery done and would need a hand the following morning. Jennifer said she still wanted to talk to Daniel about something when she returned home, and she confirmed his suspicion that it was about Eve, although she added that she was hoping she was just overthinking things.

At the Salem Inn, J.J. contacted Jennifer after reading a text message she had sent to let him know she would be going out of town. Jennifer assured J.J. that the trip wasn't a big deal and that she would be back the following night. Although he had been planning to break the news to Jennifer in a text message, J.J. went ahead and admitted that he was going to be spending the night with Paige in a hotel room.

Jennifer wondered if Eve knew that. J.J. wasn't sure but pointed out that Paige lived on campus and therefore didn't need to explain to Eve why she wouldn't be returning home that night. J.J. was glad he could be honest with Jennifer about his whereabouts. Jennifer was pleased for J.J. because she thought he deserved to be happy with Paige. J.J. said he owed that happiness to Jennifer and would never be able to thank her enough for what she had done for him and Paige.

Paige emerged from the bathroom in time to hear J.J.'s comment, so she questioned him about it after he ended the call. J.J. explained that Jennifer had refused to let him give up on Paige, even when things had looked hopeless and he'd had absolutely no right to think Paige would ever agree to take him back. Paige noted that she might need to thank Jennifer, too. J.J. assured Paige that they were never going to go back to that place of hopelessness, and he was never going to let her go.

At Edge of the Square, Eve got upset when a guitarist started tuning his instrument, playing a chord that reminded her of J.J. When Rafe asked if there was a problem, Eve started ranting about the guitarist, insisting he had no business disturbing paying customers with his music. Eve soon moved on to criticizing the bartender for allowing her to finish more than half her cocktail before offering her a refill, and when the guy apologized and called her "ma'am," she took offense and demanded to talk to his manager.

Eve was embarrassed to learn that Rafe was the manager. Eve apologized for criticizing Rafe's fine establishment, assuring him that she actually loved it -- aside from the guitarist and the "ma'am" thing. Rafe said the guy who had made Eve hate a defenseless stringed instrument was a moron. Rafe excused himself so he could tell the guitarist to stop playing, and before he walked away, he told the bartender that Eve's drinks were on the house for the night. When the bartender asked Eve what she wanted next, she was happy to hear him address her as "miss" instead of "ma'am."

Later, while Eve was passing through the town square, she overheard Daphne talking to someone on the phone. Eve was shocked when Daphne said she had the dorm to herself for the night because Paige was at the Salem Inn with J.J. Daphne started to get worried when she ended the call and realized Eve had been standing nearby, but Eve claimed she wasn't upset because Paige was old enough to make her own choices. After Daphne left, Eve placed a phone call to Cole. "We need to talk first thing tomorrow. We need to move this thing along. It's time to take J.J. Deveraux out -- for good," Eve said.

At the Brady Pub, Serena thought about how Xander had convinced her, over the course of a few weeks, to get involved in his scheme to smuggle diamonds out of Africa. "Should have seen you coming, boy. But then again, you were always good at looking like anyone but who you really were," Serena muttered. Serena regretted her decision to help Xander but tried to take comfort in the fact that the matter would soon be behind her.

Nicole was in her office at the television station, muttering to herself about how Daniel had acted like a jerk earlier, when she received an unexpected visit from Xander, who had known where to find her because she had given him her business card during their first meeting. Fearing his obvious interest in Nicole had complicated her relationship with Daniel, Xander offered to do whatever he could to smooth things over between them.

Nicole appreciated the offer but said she had no need for Xander's help. Xander hoped things would work out for Nicole and Daniel, since Daniel was very special to Victor. "Special? Ha. Victor thinks he walks on water," Nicole clarified. Xander conceded that Daniel might indeed be a saint, but he added that Daniel wasn't the only person who was special. Xander stressed that Nicole deserved good things, and he hoped she would get them.

After Xander left, Nicole received another unexpected visitor -- Daniel, who presented her with a bouquet of flowers and apologized for their earlier fight. Daniel explained that Jennifer had canceled their meeting, and he wondered if Nicole would like to go out somewhere with him. Nicole made a comment about how she was Daniel's second choice, but when he started to stammer out a response, she clarified that she had been joking.

Serena contacted Xander to arrange a meeting with him. Xander was at Club TBD, but he told Serena he was about to head back to his hotel room to take a shower. Xander invited Serena to join him there, pointing out that she had already seen everything he had to offer, anyway. Serena wasn't amused, so Xander told her he might instead meet her in a secluded section of the town square a bit later. Serena warned Xander that she wasn't playing. "No, honey, you're not. You don't have any cards, so stop pretending like you do. You're not in charge. Later. Maybe," Xander countered before ending the call.

At the DiMera compound in Italy, Mandrake regained consciousness as Melanie and Theresa were trying to leave the secret room with Christopher. Mandrake grabbed Melanie's ankle, but Theresa kicked him in the back of the head, knocking him out again. Elsewhere, Brady rushed outside to check on Kristen. "It can't be," Marlena muttered as she stared out the broken window, thinking about her decades-long rivalry with Kristen.

Marlena was surprised when Melanie and Theresa entered the living room, but Brady returned before she could question them. "It's a one-hundred-foot drop onto the bay. With the cliffs and the current, there's no way that Kristen survived," Brady announced. Brady went to take care of Mandrake, and Melanie and Theresa explained to Marlena that the baby was Theresa and Brady's son.

When Brady entered the secret room, Mandrake was already gone. Brady found a briefcase filled with files describing exactly how Mandrake had managed to steal Theresa's embryo and implant it in Kristen's uterus. Brady thought about his history with Kristen as he stared at a framed photograph of her holding Christopher. Brady removed the picture from its frame and tucked it in his jacket pocket before leaving with the briefcase.

Melanie overheard the carabinieri -- the Italian police -- shouting outside, and Marlena assumed one of the servants had contacted them. Five cops soon burst through the front door and started looking around. "Everyone must remain here, and you touch nothing, understand? Signorina DiMera is now to be presumed dead under very suspicious circumstances, so no one may leave until we have the answers," one of the men announced.

Theresa was quick to share every detail of the strange story with one of the cops, while another questioned Marlena about where she had been standing when Kristen had fallen out the window. Melanie discreetly grabbed Marlena's cell phone, which had fallen to the floor during the struggle with Kristen, and contacted Daniel to let him know she was fine. Melanie explained that she was with Marlena, Brady, Theresa, Mandrake, and a few other people in Italy, and she stressed that she hadn't done anything wrong, regardless of what the carabinieri might try to claim later. Melanie quickly ended the call, leaving Daniel with more questions than answers.

Daniel told Nicole about what Melanie had said, and when Nicole reacted to the name Mandrake, Daniel got upset and demanded to know what she was hiding from him. Nicole explained that Melanie had asked for help investigating Mandrake, who had turned out to be a sketchy fertility doctor. Nicole added that she had never mentioned anything about the matter because Melanie had decided to abandon the investigation.

Daniel started yelling at Nicole, insisting he should have been privy to that information from the start. "Maybe I didn't make you privy to the information because -- for, like, the millionth time -- we weren't speaking to each other because you were furious at me for no good reason -- kind of like you are right now," Nicole pointed out. Daniel said he had every right to be furious, especially since Nicole acted like he was committing some sort of crime every time he dared to keep even the tiniest piece of information from her about Jennifer. Fed up, Nicole tossed the flowers in the trashcan and walked out, refusing to waste time fighting with Daniel again.

Later, Nicole went to Edge of the Square, unaware that Daniel had gotten the same idea. Nicole walked out in anger after she overheard Daniel badmouthing her while recording a voicemail message for Brady. After Daniel ended the call, he asked if Rafe still had contacts in the FBI.

Xander was reading a newspaper at Club TBD when he received a phone call from Serena, who was at their meeting place and wanted to know why he wasn't. Xander claimed that a situation had cropped up, and he told Serena he was rescheduling their meeting for the following day. Serena guessed Xander would cancel that meeting, too.

"Stop messing with me! I will not let you destroy my life, Xander. You know damn well that we both have plenty on each other that goes way back to Africa, so trust me, if you try to ruin me, I swear to God, I will take you down with me," Serena warned before ending the call and walking away, unaware that Nicole had been standing within earshot.

As the cops continued to search the DiMera compound, Brady emerged from the secret passage and turned over the briefcase, explaining that it contained proof of what Mandrake and Kristen had done to Theresa. Melanie insisted that what had happened to Kristen had been self-defense, and when a cop interrupted to announce that he had found a body in the basement, she said that had been self-defense, too. "Okay, okay. Two people are dead, but everyone still alive is completely innocent? No! No, not possibile! A person like Kristen DiMera does not disappear in Italy without a price. Someone must pay," the lead cop declared.

The man assured the group that they would each get a chance to talk to an attorney before making their formal statements. Marlena asked Brady if the Kiriakises had an attorney in Italy who could be contacted. Brady nodded and told the lead cop he wanted to make a quick phone call to arrange for an attorney to meet them at the compound. Brady stressed that he and the others would give the cops their full cooperation because they had nothing to hide. The lead cop warned that Brady and Marlena, in particular, would have a lot of questions to answer and could expect to remain in Italy for a long time.

Stefano received a phone call while staying at an undisclosed location. "Are you sure?" Stefano asked, his voice wavering as he spoke. "No, no, no. Do nothing for now. I will call," Stefano added before ending the call. As he thought about past conversations with Kristen, Stefano took a drink and started sobbing.

The group in Italy heads for home

The group in Italy heads for home

Friday, May 1, 2015

Caroline sat in a corner booth at the Brady Pub, reading the newspaper to catch up on the news she'd missed while she'd been out of town. On the top of her stack, the headline of the Spectator screamed, "'Journalist' Will Horton Takes One For The Team -- Gets The Goods On Star Player."

A little later, Caroline showed up at Will and Sonny's apartment to see Will. She demanded to know what was going on, and Will admitted that he had screwed up badly. After telling his great-grandmother the whole story, Will said that he had betrayed Sonny and everyone who cared about them. Caroline reminded Will that she knew firsthand that a marriage could survive infidelity, as long as that was what Will and Sonny both wanted.

When Caroline heard that Sonny and Will were considering couples counseling, she encouraged Will to go. She cautioned that it would take both Will and Sonny to make their marriage work. Will remarked with a laugh that the Kiriakis family kept offering their opinions about it. Caroline urged Will to ignore the Kiriakises and concentrate on Sonny. "I'm trying to. It needs to be just the two of us, with no outside interference," Will said.

Nicole sat in her office at Titan TV, reflecting on the conversation she'd overheard the previous night in which Serena had threatened to take Xander down. Nicole called Eric and asked if he could stop by her office so she could talk to him about something important. Eric agreed. After Nicole hung up, she said to herself, "I might've made a huge mistake."

When Eric arrived, he said he'd run across something that morning that he thought Nicole might like, so he had it for her -- but he wouldn't show it to her until she told him why she'd sounded so upset on the phone. "I wanted you to come over here because... Well, we're friends, right?" Nicole asked. Eric assured her they were, and he was glad she'd felt comfortable calling him. He added, "I want you to feel like you can tell me anything."

Eric questioned Nicole about what was bothering her. Hedging, Nicole admitted that she was so distracted that she wouldn't be able to think straight until Eric showed her what he'd found. Eric reached into his bag and produced an old photo that he'd taken of Nicole on the beach years earlier. Nicole was touched. Encouraging Nicole to talk about what had upset her, Eric asked if she and Daniel were having problems.

Nicole maintained that she and Daniel had hit a rough patch because they were always keeping things from each other, such as the information she'd kept from Daniel about Melanie. "Sometimes, there's a really good reason to keep what you know to yourself, don't you think?" Nicole asked Eric. "Maybe," Eric conceded. He declared that it would be great if Nicole and Daniel could be as happy as Eric was with Serena. Eric enthused that Serena was part of the reason he and Nicole could be friends again, because being with Serena had helped him let go of a lot of his anger.

Eric got a phone call and had to leave. Afterwards, Nicole wondered what Serena and Xander were up to. Nicole suspected it wasn't anything good, but she worried that even if she found out what it was, Eric might not listen to her if she tried to tell him. "And is it any of your damn business?" Nicole asked herself. Needing some air, Nicole grabbed her purse and headed out.

When Serena went to Xander's hotel room, he answered the door, wearing only a towel, although he admitted he'd guessed she would drop by. Serena charged into the room and reproached Xander for standing her up the night before. Xander taunted her, encroaching on her personal space until she was up against an armoire. "Back off!" Serena ordered. Xander purred that he preferred the fiery Serena he'd just drawn out.

Serena angrily declared that she didn't like being kept in the dark. The double entendre clear, Xander countered that he remembered well how Serena had always liked to keep the lights on. Serena asserted that Xander was the biggest mistake she'd ever made, but she couldn't forget about their past until their business was completed. Xander reminded her that he had to get the diamonds inventoried and validated.

When Xander hinted that he might stay in Salem, Serena wondered if he were doing it to punish her. Xander asserted that the world didn't revolve around Serena. On her way out the door, Serena cautioned Xander, "I got myself a little insurance policy, so if anything happens to Eric or me, the whole world will know it was your doing." Xander countered pointedly, "Well, then, we'd better just hope nothing happens, right?"

In the hallway, a nervous Serena told herself, "I have got to get away from him -- somewhere far, far away. With Eric." She headed for Club TBD and, as she sat at her computer, she recalled that Eric had said he would leave town with her when she finished her project. As Serena read her email, she found an offer for a job in Honolulu. She dialed the phone number and declared that she was very interested in the job.

Nicole arrived and listened in while Serena spoke on the phone. Nicole slipped into the chair opposite Serena, and the moment Serena hung up, Nicole offered, "So, you're moving on. I'll throw you a going-away party. How soon do you leave?" Nicole added that Eric would be sorry to see Serena go. Serena declared that Eric would be going with her. "The hell he will!" Nicole retorted. Serena suspected that Nicole was still hung up on Eric, but Nicole declared, "This isn't about me or Eric. This is about you and what you're doing -- and we both know what that is."

Chad entered the study at the DiMera mansion, and his eyes widened because his father was there, waiting for him. Chad warned Stefano that he could be arrested, but Stefano maintained that he needed to tell Chad in person that Kristen was dead. Stunned, Chad sank onto the couch next to his father and asked what had happened.

After Stefano filled Chad in on the details, the men reminisced about Kristen. "We only have each other now, which is why I must find a way to come back," Stefano declared determinedly. He emphasized that it was important for Chad to listen only to what Stefano, not others, said about Kristen -- and Chad had to keep what had happened to her a secret until Stefano learned everything.

Abigail knocked on the study door just then, and Chad freaked out. He stepped into the hallway and rather rudely informed Abigail that he was too busy to talk to her. Chad stuck his head back in the room, but Stefano had completely vanished. As Chad let Abigail into the study, she tried to clear the air with Chad, but his eyes were wandering around the room. "Chad, can you please just look at me? I'm trying to tell you something," Abigail requested.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie asked Victor why he'd been screaming at people on the phone all night. Victor dodged the question. Daniel arrived and accused Victor of knowing where Brady and Melanie had gone and what they'd been up to. Daniel revealed that he'd asked Rafe to use his FBI contacts because Melanie had admitted that she'd lied to Daniel about where she'd gone -- instead of visiting Carly, Melanie was at a castle in Italy, possibly with Kristen DiMera.

Daniel suspected that Victor knew more than that. "Only that Kristen DiMera is dead," Victor said. He explained that Kristen had fallen or been pushed out a window into the bay, and her body hadn't been recovered. Victor said Melanie and Brady had both been there when it had happened, and Daniel added that Marlena Evans and Theresa Donovan had been present, as well.

In Italy, Melanie and Theresa returned from the police station and joined Marlena and Brady at the DiMera villa. While Melanie ran into Brady's arms, Theresa demanded to know where her son was. A man who said he was with the Italian government assured Theresa that her bambino was fine. He explained that his position was to act as an intermediary between the police and the government. The man continued that they had examined the physical evidence and compared it with the Americans' statements.

Melanie piped up that the deaths had both been in self-defense. The man concurred that the evidence supported that theory in the case of Clint, who had been shot with his own gun and who had an extensive criminal record. He added that they did not have the same kind of evidence for Kristen DiMera's death. "Does that mean you'll be charging me with murder?" Marlena asked. The man from the government said there was no evidence under Italian law that a crime had been committed by anyone.

Marlena presumed that they were all free to go, but Theresa was adamant that none of them could go anywhere until she got her baby back. The man said they had gotten the DNA test results back quickly, plus they had reviewed Dr. Mandrake's files. "We now have proof that a terrible wrong has been done to you," the man added. He requested that the Americans not speak to the public about what had happened. Brady said there were medical concerns about the baby. The man stated that two pediatricians had examined the infant and had agreed that he needed no immediate medical attention.

After Brady left with one of the police officers to sign some papers, another officer arrived with baby Christopher. A beaming Theresa took her son and cooed to him while Marlena and Melanie looked on. An anxious Theresa worried that she was holding the baby wrong, but Marlena reassured her that she would get the hang of it. Marlena took the baby from Theresa, who went to sit next to Melanie.

"This is the first time I've had the chance to say thank you. What you did, it was amazing," Theresa said, her gratitude sincere. She continued that if it weren't for Melanie, she might never have known her son. "Now the rest of my life is going to change -- forever -- thanks to you," Theresa said, squeezing Melanie's arm gratefully.

In the nursery, as Brady was returning the signed papers to the policeman, Victor called the cop's phone. When the officer handed his phone to Brady, Victor put the call on speaker so Daniel and Maggie could hear. "Is Melanie all right?" Maggie and Daniel asked simultaneously. Brady assured them that Melanie was fine and that they would be home soon. Brady confirmed that Marlena and Theresa were there, too, but since he was on the officer's phone, Brady didn't feel comfortable divulging any more details.

Brady asked his family to keep quiet about what had happened until he returned. Maggie wanted to talk to Melanie, but Brady said that wasn't possible because they were in separate rooms. Daniel and Maggie headed out together. Victor promised to ensure that the State Department handled the group's return and that the news was kept quiet until everyone was home. Brady said he had some good news that he would share when he got home. After Victor hung up, he muttered, "I know what your damn news is, and having a baby with Theresa Donovan is not good.

Later, Victor called Stefano. "Despite our past history, I'm terribly sorry for your loss," Victor stated. Stefano listened silently while Victor continued that he knew the pain of losing a child. "You know, of course, don't you, that my grandson did not do this to your daughter," Victor added, but still Stefano said nothing. At last, Victor ended the call. "Stefano doesn't grieve. He exacts revenge," Victor fretted. He made another call, and when Xander answered, Victor said, "I need you."

When Xander arrived at the mansion, Victor asked about the project. Xander said it was going well and nearing completion. Victor said, "I know you planned on leaving town when you concluded your business, but something has happened with Brady. It's too much to go into right now, but suffice it to say he could use a little extra help in Salem for a while -- and your skills could come in handy." Xander replied, "Then I will stay, Uncle Victor, for as long as you and Brady need me."

As Brady and the officer returned from the nursery, the man from the Italian government hung up from a phone call and announced that everyone could go home. He added, "We will provide papers for the bambino, as well as for our American friends who entered our country illegally." Melanie apologized for that. The man explained that the group had been booked on a commercial flight home because the Kiriakis jet was not functioning well.

Brady and Theresa had to sign papers for Christopher. On his way out, Brady embraced Melanie and thanked her. Marlena asked how Melanie was holding up. Melanie insisted she was fine, but she watched Brady leave with a look of wistful concern.

On board the plane, Marlena and Melanie sat together, while Brady and Theresa were seated together on the other side of the aisle with the baby. Melanie borrowed Marlena's phone to call Daniel and Maggie, who were at Daniel's apartment. Melanie apologized for scaring them and promised to explain everything when she got home.

Eric arrived at Daniel's after Maggie and Daniel had hung up with Melanie. Eric asked, "Do you know why they all traipsed off to Italy -- with Theresa, of all people?" Maggie assured Eric that everyone would be home very soon, and then they could explain what had happened. After Maggie breezed out, Daniel noted, "Well, my mom's not worried. There's nothing to worry about." Daniel invited Eric to join him for breakfast, but Eric said he wanted to talk to Daniel about Nicole.

Eric admitted that he was worried about Nicole and Daniel. Daniel confided that his and Nicole's problems at that moment were mostly his fault because he'd taken his frustrations about Melanie out on Nicole. "I need to stop, because the truth is I love her, and I really want it to work for us," Daniel declared.

Marlena told Melanie that she'd heard from Will and Eric, who didn't really understand why no one had told them what had happened. "Even if we were allowed to talk about this, it would be kind of hard to explain on the phone," Melanie noted, leaning around Marlena to peer at Brady and Theresa. "You know, they should be very grateful to you. It's because of you that that baby is getting to go home," Marlena asserted. Melanie pronounced what Kristen had done "beyond evil." Watching Brady and Theresa, Melanie admitted, "He's only a couple of feet away from me, but it feels like there are miles between us."

Absolutely smitten with her baby, Theresa cradled the infant in her arms and joked in a soft voice that he would never have to fly commercial after that. Theresa became anxious when the baby began to cry, and Brady urged her to relax. "One thing's for sure -- he is definitely not going to be called 'Christopher.' That is way too close to 'Kristen.' That's a name I never want to hear again," Theresa declared.

Fretting that her son would cry through the ten-hour flight, Theresa urged him to stop. Brady took the boy from Theresa, and the little one soon quieted down. In a soothing voice, Brady told his son that there were lots of people -- from both families -- who were very excited to meet him. "You're going to make the best father," an impressed Theresa said, as the baby seemed to fall contentedly asleep in his daddy's arms.

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