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Daniel told Chloe that Nicole was his future. J.J. moved in on Kyle. Victor put the screws to Xander. Abigail learned Ben was her baby's daddy and agreed to marry him. Chad begged Abigail to choose him. Caroline fell ill. Will gave Derrick hope about Paul. Kate grew suspicious of Clyde. Aiden cut ties with Clyde and Ben. Brady ousted Theresa from the mansion.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 3, 2015 on DAYS
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Chloe gets into a fight with Nicole

Chloe gets into a fight with Nicole

Monday, August 3, 2015

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Eve fantasized about sneaking into the Horton house and plunging a knife into Jennifer's stomach, then muttering, "That's what you get for making me lose my daughter, bitch," and munching on a fresh doughnut while Jennifer took her final breaths. "God, if it were just that easy," Eve thought as she sipped her coffee.

Elsewhere, Maggie sadly informed Jennifer that the Horton Center's lease had expired, and a developer had plans to tear it down to make room for a new strip mall. "And the fact that this has been a shelter for abused teens [for] over twenty years doesn't mean anything?" Jennifer asked incredulously. Maggie confirmed that the developer didn't care about that. Maggie added that Victor had tried to find a new site for the Horton Center but had only been able to find a place that was on the outskirts of town. Jennifer fretted that the kids wouldn't use the shelter unless it was located somewhere central, and Maggie agreed.

Eve exited a nearby shop in time to hear Jennifer insist that she and Maggie couldn't let the developer get away with tearing down the Horton Center, especially since Alice had built, furnished, and decorated the place herself. Jennifer was shocked when Maggie revealed that Satterfield Corporation was behind the development. Maggie recalled that Jennifer had gone up against Riley Satterfield in the past.

"Yes, you bet I did; I got his Mayfield project shut down back when I was a reporter," Jennifer confirmed. Maggie started to warn that Jennifer might not want to go up against Riley again, but Jennifer interrupted. "If I did it once, I can do it again. So I'm gonna raise enough money to buy him out, and then I'm gonna start digging everything up that I can on that piece of slime," Jennifer vowed, unaware that Eve was listening with great interest.

Brady went to Eric's place for breakfast and quickly noticed a change in Eric's demeanor. Eric confirmed that he had made peace with his feelings for Nicole and was okay with her plan to marry Daniel. Brady admitted that he was impressed with the stance Eric had taken. Changing the subject, Eric wondered how things were going with Tate. Brady happily reported that he had found a new nanny for Tate, meaning Theresa no longer had a reason to stick around the Kiriakis mansion.

"She's out looking for an apartment right now. Well, she supposedly is out hunting for an apartment right now," Brady added. Eric observed that Brady seemed skeptical. "Eric, when it comes to Theresa...never trust her," Brady advised. Eric tried to defend Theresa, guessing it had to be hard for her to adjust to her new life as a mother. Brady countered that it was hard for him to look at Theresa every day, knowing she had ruined things between him and Melanie. Eric suggested Brady could use some distance. "Yeah. Preferably today," Brady agreed.

At the hospital, Theresa complained to Anne about how the nanny search had played out. While ranting, Theresa broke the heel of one of her shoes, and she tossed it at Anne in frustration when Anne suggested it might be time for Theresa to give up on trying to get Brady back. "Hey! Watch out, okay? Somebody could get hurt!" Anne protested.

"Yeah, well, I don't give a... You're right. Somebody could get hurt. Oh, my God! Anne, you are so amazing sometimes. You're just -- you're amazing!" Theresa exclaimed. Theresa shared her new scheme with Anne, who praised the idea and admitted that Theresa could be a bit of a genius at times. Anne left her office after stating that she might know someone who could help Theresa.

"Oh, God. Please, please make this work," Theresa prayed. A second later, Eve barged into the office and stated that she needed Theresa's help with something. "Perfect timing," Theresa happily muttered. Theresa filled Eve in on the details of her scheme, and Eve agreed to help out. Theresa promised to return the favor, but when Eve started to outline her own plan, Theresa quickly interrupted and warned that it wouldn't work.

Theresa explained that, while Jennifer had once been really careless with her bookkeeping, that had changed after Theresa had stolen money from the hospital while working as Jennifer's assistant. "Sorry. I think I taught her a lesson," Theresa said with a shrug. Eve groaned, realizing her idea to frame Jennifer for embezzlement wasn't going to pan out. Eve left after grudgingly confirming that she would still help Theresa out.

Anne soon returned and handed Theresa a DVD. "Everything's arranged," Anne assured an excited Theresa. "If this doesn't work, I don't know what will," Theresa muttered. When Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion later that day, he was surprised to find Theresa lounging on the couch in the living room, with her left foot propped up on a stack of pillows -- and in a cast that rose to her knee. "Brady, I'm really sorry. I know that you wanted me to move out, but, um, I think I'm gonna have to put that off for a while," Theresa said with a sigh.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer tried to have a civil phone conversation with Riley, but it quickly devolved into a shouting match, with Riley complaining about how Jennifer had cost him millions in the past, and Jennifer vowing to nail him to the wall again. Riley eventually hung up on Jennifer, and as she futilely shouted into her phone that he was a jerk, Eric approached and wondered what was wrong.

Eve passed through the area in time to hear Jennifer fill Eric in on what was happening. "When I talked to Aiden Jennings, he said there's nothing we can do about it. So I called Satterfield on the phone personally, and you know what he did? He hung up on me, and he called me a fool. And...I feel the same way about him," Jennifer complained.

Eric advised Jennifer to try to concentrate on something else for a while. Jennifer took Eric's advice and remembered she had some work to do at the hospital. Eric was headed there himself, so he offered to escort Jennifer. "I'm telling you right now, I am gonna stop that man if it is the last thing I do," Jennifer vowed as she and Eric walked away, unaware that Eve was watching them.

Paige ran into Kyle in the park and declined to hang out with him, admitting that she had actually decided that getting involved with him would be a bad idea. Paige added that, while she had enjoyed spending time with Kyle, what she was doing with him was kind of messed up. Confused, Kyle pointed out that he and Paige weren't really doing anything other than trying to see if they could be friends. Paige said it was hard to explain what she was talking about. Kyle guessed Paige was concerned about what he did for a living.

Paige pointed out that Kyle had never actually told her anything about that, but he suspected she still had a pretty good idea -- and didn't like it at all. Paige confirmed that, while she tried not to judge people, she didn't really know how to be okay with what Kyle did for a living. Reiterating that it would probably be best to stop seeing Kyle, Paige started to walk away, but he stopped her. Kyle admitted that he didn't like what he did for a living, either. Kyle added, however, that he had to survive somehow, and with the way his life had played out, that was basically his only viable option.

"Don't get me wrong; I know that there's many other ways to make a living. But, see, I'm thinking you grew up with a lot going for you. Me? My family was a mess. My father walked out on us when I was about four or five years old. My stepdad hated me. He kicked me out when I was sixteen," Kyle explained, adding that his mother had sided with his stepfather because she had wanted Kyle gone, too. "So, living on the streets, no more high school, no college -- what I do now, Paige, that's about the only thing I can do that brings in enough money. God knows I'm not proud. It's like I'm stuck, you know? In a life I don't like," Kyle concluded.

Kyle understood why Paige wanted to distance herself from him, but he admitted that he had actually been hoping she might be just the kind of positive influence he needed to get out of the business. Kyle promised he would never hurt Paige or ask her to do anything that would get her in trouble, and he stressed that he was totally clean himself. Kyle put his address in Paige's cell phone and offered to give her some time to think about what he had said. Kyle invited Paige to meet him at his place later if she wanted to get breakfast with him, assuring her that he would take the hint if she stood him up instead.

At the police station, J.J. wrapped up his training session with Roman and Watts. Roman added a phone number to J.J.'s cell phone, hidden under the name Uncle Steve, and explained that J.J. could send a text message to that number if he ever believed he was in imminent danger. Roman reminded J.J. to use the code phrase "happy birthday" if he ever needed an immediate extraction from a situation.

J.J. was eager to put Kyle behind bars right away, but Watts stressed that J.J.'s undercover operation was going to be a long-term thing -- and that Kyle's boss was the real target, not Kyle. Roman wondered why J.J. seemed particularly interested in seeing Kyle serve time. J.J. insisted Kyle was dangerous, and Roman agreed but maintained that J.J. needed to keep his eyes on the real prize.

Roman suggested that it might be best to shut down the operation if J.J. wasn't willing to work within the established parameters, but Watts protested that there was no need to pull the plug just because of a simple misunderstanding. "Here's how it goes, J.J. -- if we get Kyle to roll on his boss, it's not like he goes free or ever gets a chance to retaliate against you. He goes into witness protection and disappears," Watts explained. J.J. seemed satisfied at first but got antsy again when Watts advised him to sit tight and wait for Kyle to make the next move.

J.J. wanted to arrange a meeting with Kyle himself and go into it wearing a wire, but Watts and Roman both believed Kyle wouldn't stop checking J.J. for wires anytime soon. Roman added that J.J. still needed to go through additional training exercises first, including self-defense lessons. "Like I couldn't take that guy," J.J. dismissively muttered. Roman warned that J.J. needed to start taking the matter more seriously. J.J. grudgingly agreed to let Kyle set the pace, but after leaving the police station, he decided he had to do something.

While lounging in his apartment, Kyle bragged to a friend about how Paige had bought his sob story. Kyle ended the call when someone knocked on his door, but when he opened it, he was surprised to find J.J. standing in the hallway instead of Paige. "I decided I don't want to bus tables all summer. Are we gonna do business or what?" J.J. asked. Kyle stuffed something in a safe as he assured J.J. that they would do business again later. Kyle left the room after receiving a phone call, warning J.J. not to touch anything while he was gone.

J.J. quickly started looking around the apartment, and when he spotted a single key sitting on a counter, he impulsively grabbed it, thinking it might be a spare key to the apartment. As J.J. tucked the key in his pants pocket, Kyle returned and stressed that he and J.J. were going to have to set some ground rules because he didn't like it when people showed up at his apartment without an invitation. J.J. understood but countered that he didn't like being someone's part-time errand boy. Meanwhile, Kyle received another visitor -- Paige, who was shocked to see J.J. standing in Kyle's apartment.

Serena was surprised when Daniel visited her hotel room and thanked her for making his relationship with Nicole stronger than ever. Daniel explained that he knew exactly what had happened between Eric and Nicole in the crawlspace, and he also understood why it had happened -- and why they had believed it would be best to keep it from him. "Guess, uh, I should start calling you Saint Daniel," Serena muttered.

Daniel warned that, while he hadn't said anything to Nicole or Eric yet, he wouldn't hesitate to tell them about how Serena had recorded Eric's confession if the need ever arose. Daniel hoped, however, that the group could just find a way to stop all the fighting and move on, and he knew that if Nicole and Eric learned about what Serena had done, things would just get ugly again.

Daniel advised that it might be best for Serena to leave Salem and make a fresh start elsewhere, since she had lost Eric for good and didn't really have anything else keeping her in town. After Daniel left, Serena gave the matter some thought and eventually reached a decision. Tears streamed down Serena's face as she began writing a farewell letter for Eric, believing it was something she needed to do, even if he never bothered to read it.

Shortly after Nicole pulled some food out of the oven, someone knocked on her and Daniel's apartment door. Nicole was shocked when she opened the door and found Chloe standing in the hallway. Nicole greeted Chloe with a hug and admitted that Daniel hadn't told her Chloe would be visiting that day. Chloe clarified that Daniel had no idea she was in town. Nicole invited Chloe in and offered to send Parker's babysitter a text message, but Chloe declined, content with waiting until later to see Parker.

Chloe was happy to hear that Daniel was running errands because she wanted to have a long, private conversation with Nicole. After filling two glasses with water, Nicole took a seat next to Chloe in the kitchen and started talking about how she had gone to a lot of trouble to make mushroom-polenta diamonds because she wanted her first real picnic with Daniel and Parker to be special. Chloe mused that she had never seen Nicole look quite so domesticated before. "Nice ring, by the way," Chloe added.

When Nicole asked, Chloe confirmed that Daniel had told her about the engagement. "Nicole, I thought you were my friend. I mean, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you have no decency?" Chloe wondered, insisting Nicole should have delivered the news herself. Conceding that Chloe was right, Nicole admitted that she had kept quiet because she hadn't believed until the previous night that the engagement would stick. Nicole apologized and promised to do a better job of communicating with Chloe in the future, but Chloe refused to accept the apology -- or the situation in general.

Chloe explained that, while she hadn't exactly been thrilled when Daniel had tried to move on with Jennifer, she had since gotten over him. Chloe said she had even been pleased when Daniel had told her he had found someone new. "Until I heard it was you," Chloe added. Nicole defensively wondered if Chloe was trying to suggest that she wasn't good enough for Daniel. Chloe said that wasn't her call to make. "[What is my call] is anything that has to do with my son, and you're definitely not good enough for Parker," Chloe added.

Outraged, Nicole insisted that she and Parker had bonded. "Bonded? Nicole, I'm talking about a stable home life. Do you even know how to spell 'stable'?" Chloe wondered. Nicole countered that Chloe had no room to talk because she had once let Nancy hold Parker hostage in a foreign country. Nicole insisted that she loved Daniel and was going to build a terrific life with him. "Really? Isn't that what you said about Brady? Oh, and E.J. Oh, and Eric. And God knows how many --" Chloe began, but Nicole interrupted and protested that Chloe wasn't being fair.

Chloe countered that it wouldn't be fair to let an unstable woman play a part in raising Parker. "Face it, Nicole -- you always screw up. You always do. And when you do with Daniel, I don't want my son being in the middle of that mess," Chloe added. Nicole insisted she had changed. "Oh, please. Oh, God, don't give me that 'this time it's different' crap. Nicole, this comes from the heart, okay? I really want you to be happy; I do. But you're just one of these people who never seems to make it to the finish line, and I can't risk having my son around someone like that, okay? So, for once, please, stop lying to yourself, and stop being selfish. If you really love Daniel and Parker, then...walk away," Chloe implored Nicole.

Wiping a tear from her cheek, Nicole told Chloe to leave, insisting she had a picnic to get ready for and didn't need Chloe dredging up things from the past in an effort to make her feel bad about herself. Nicole started to carry the tray of food over to the nearby table, but she dropped it when Chloe grabbed her arm and stressed that they weren't done talking yet. Devastated, Nicole complained that she had worked really hard on the food Chloe had just ruined. "Believe me, I did everyone a favor; you're a terrible cook. And a terrible friend. Just like you're gonna be a terrible wife and a terrible stepmother," Chloe dismissively replied.

Nicole picked up one of the glasses of water and doused Chloe's face with the contents, ordering her to take back what she had just said. "You bitch!" Chloe shouted before lunging at Nicole.

Chloe and Nicole fight and talk

Chloe and Nicole fight and talk

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

While J.J. and Kyle talked business in Kyle's apartment, Paige knocked on the front door. Paige was startled to see J.J. When J.J. asked why Paige was there, Paige said that Kyle had invited her to breakfast. "Don't let me spoil your party," J.J. said jovially as he left. Upset, Paige told Kyle that she was not amused that he had coordinated a run-in with J.J. Kyle swore that he had not known that J.J. was going to stop by. Kyle pleaded with Paige to talk to him.

After agreeing to listen, Paige accompanied Kyle to Club TBD. Kyle promised Paige that he would keep J.J. away from her. With a shake of her head, Paige stressed that she did not have a problem seeing J.J. but that she had been surprised to see J.J. at Kyle's apartment. Kyle apologized.

"Even though you never want to tell me what it is you do, I'm not stupid. I totally get it. And whether it involves J.J. or not, I need you to know that I am not okay with it. In fact the more I think about it, the more I hate it," Paige said. Kyle said he was not comfortable with his job either. Kyle told Paige that he wanted to stop dealing drugs but that he did not know how to stop.

"Sometimes I think if I had met a girl like you way back when, I'd be a better guy today instead of a bum. But sitting here, telling you all this, Paige, it almost makes it seem like that could still happen," Kyle said. Kyle took Paige's hand, and she smiled shyly. Kyle admitted that he did not know how to do anything but deal drugs. Laughing, Kyle told Paige that he had once been fired from his job as a dishwasher. Paige suggested that Kyle look into sales, since he technically already worked in sales. With a shrug, Kyle noted that his product sold itself.

In the park, J.J. stared at the key he had swiped from Kyle's apartment. As Rory walked around the corner, he asked J.J. why he was staring at a key. With a shrug, J.J. said he had found the key and was thinking about doing something "stupid." Rory encouraged J.J. to have some fun, but J.J. noted that he had a job and needed to prepare for classes. Rory told J.J that he did not recognize J.J. anymore and that Bev had felt the same way. With a guilty shift of his eyes, J.J. asked when Rory had spoken to Bev.

Rory admitted that he had talked to Bev before she had left town. When J.J. asked what Bev and Rory had discussed, Rory noted that Bev had felt that J.J.'s motivation for everything was Paige. J.J. said he no longer wanted to discuss Paige. Rory suggested that he and J.J. go to the lake, but J.J. countered that he needed to go to work and think about his "next move." When J.J. arrived at Club TBD, he saw Paige and Kyle laughing and holding hands. Unnerved, J.J. left.

J.J. beelined to Kyle's apartment and used the stolen key to break in. After checking the safe and finding it locked, J.J. looked around the apartment. J.J. found a stash of burner phones, and he took photos of the serial numbers for the police. While J.J. was still photographing evidence, Kyle returned home with Paige. J.J. dove behind the couch.

In the park, Victor made arrangements on the phone, noting, "The best part is, the bastard won't even know what hit him." In Club TBD, Xander spoke to the woman he had met in the park. When Xander attempted to order her breakfast, the waiter informed Xander that his credit card was declined.

Xander met with Victor in the park to talk about why he had not left Salem. Victor said he would not help Xander with the pending criminal charges. Nodding, Xander swore he would clean up his mess. Xander said he would do anything to return to his job working for Victor. Victor advised Xander to check his accounts. When Xander checked his phone, he scowled. Victor informed Xander that there was no longer any money in any of Xander's accounts or with the fake charities that Xander had set up.

"I let you live. Did you think that there wouldn't be a price to pay? Or are you dissatisfied with my generosity?" Victor asked. "No, sir," Xander said, cowed. Victor advised him that he had a plan in mind for Xander to make up for what he had done.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa explained to Brady that she had broken her ankle while she'd been apartment hunting with Eve. Theresa apologized for the delay in moving out. Brady did not believe that Theresa had injured herself. Theresa offered proof of her injuries, but Brady reminded Theresa that she worked at a hospital and could manufacture the evidence. With a groan, Theresa protested her innocence and noted that as a mother, she had decided that she needed to stop lying and grow up. Theresa urged Brady to call her doctor to corroborate the story.

Brady's phone beeped, reminding him of an appointment at the hospital. With a sigh, Brady asked Theresa if she needed anything. Theresa shook her head no. Brady left, and Theresa smiled to herself. Theresa called Anne and told her that Brady had bought her story. Theresa promised Anne that she would pay Dr. Lee for his story backing up her injury claim. As Theresa hung up the phone, she stared at the bar cart nearby.

In the front hall, Brady grabbed his briefcase and headed to the front door. Brady stopped short and turned to look at the closed doors to the living room. Brady loudly closed the front door then he tiptoed over to the living room doors and threw them wide open. Brady saw Theresa sitting in the same spot on the couch as when he had left. Theresa inquired about his meeting, and Brady explained that he had placed the wrong meeting time in his calendar. With a smile, Theresa asked Brady if he could fix her a glass of water. Brady obliged.

Emma texted Theresa to inform her that it was time for Theresa's scheduled visit with Tate. As Theresa joked about learning to use the crutches, Brady offered to get Tate and carry him downstairs to Theresa. Theresa gratefully accepted the offer. When Brady returned with Tate, Theresa cooed over her son. As Theresa struggled to reach Tate's bottle on the coffee table, Brady warned her not to put any weight on her ankle, and he grabbed the bottle for her.

While feeding Tate, Brady and Theresa talked about their son. Brady proudly informed Theresa that Tate had sat up by himself. Brady showed her the photo, and he joked about how he was annoying everyone with all his photos of Tate. Brady needed to leave for his meeting, and he offered to take Tate, but Theresa declined, noting that Emma would be home shortly. With a grin, Theresa burped Tate and said goodbye to Brady.

After Brady left, Theresa cuddled her son and told him she loved him. "I love you even more because you're going to make all mommy's dreams come true," Theresa said. Theresa promised that she, Brady, and Tate would be a real family.

In the hospital, Eric and Marlena talked about his change of mood. Eric said he was happy. When Marlena asked about Serena, Eric shook his head no. Eric said he was at peace. Happy, Marlena hugged her son. Eric gave Marlena a framed photo of her, John, and Roman. Eric then commented about how much he appreciated that Marlena and Roman had worked to remain civil after their divorce. Eric called Marlena an inspiration to him.

While Marlena walked around the hospital, she ran into Brady. Brady asked Marlena to visit Tate. With a nod, Marlena promised to visit Tate as soon as Theresa had moved out of the mansion. Brady informed Marlena that Theresa had broken her ankle and would be at the mansion a little longer. With a shrug, Brady admitted that when discussing Tate, he and Theresa got along very well.

Chloe and Nicole's conversation in Daniel's apartment took a turn for the worse, and the two women shoved and pushed one another. Daniel returned home and broke up the fight. Daniel demanded to know what had happened. The two women talked over one another until Nicole announced, "If you say one more word, I will call off the wedding myself."

"Oh, if you really mean that, then you just guaranteed that I will never, ever shut up," Chloe shouted. As Nicole paced, Daniel asked Chloe if she had driven down from Chicago just to pick a fight with Nicole. Nicole interjected to comment that Chloe had told her that she believed Nicole would ruin Daniel and Parker's lives. Chloe agreed. As Nicole grew heated, Daniel asked her to take a walk so that he could talk privately with Chloe. Reluctantly, Nicole left.

Daniel reminded Chloe that when he had told her about the engagement on the phone, she had been fine with the news. With a shrug, Chloe noted that she had to have been in shock. Chloe stressed that she did not believe that Nicole would be a good stepmother to Parker. Chloe apologized for fighting with Nicole, and she noted that Nicole had pushed her buttons. With a shoulder shrug, Daniel reminded Chloe that Chloe was a noted button-pusher too.

Chloe explained that she wanted to be a good mother to Parker. Daniel countered that Chloe had not seen Nicole with Parker. Daniel said that Nicole was great with Parker. With a grin, Daniel asked Chloe if she believed he would spend his life with someone that was not good with his son. Shrugging, Chloe said she did not understand how Daniel could be so sure that Nicole was the right person.

"Nicole always says, 'this is it, this time it's gonna work,' and it never does," Chloe said. "So how do you know that she's changed? How do you know that she hasn't just reinvented herself again?" Chloe asked. Daniel said that Nicole had changed. Daniel confided that he had felt the same way about Chloe's boyfriend Brice, but he had seen how good Brice was with Parker just as Nicole was with Parker.

"I wouldn't marry her if she didn't love our son. I wish you had faith that I would do right by Parker no matter what. Now and in the future. And accept that my future is with Nicole," Daniel said. Daniel asked Chloe to trust him. As Chloe stared at Daniel, contemplating what he had said, Parker returned home with the nanny. Chloe cheerfully informed Parker that she was staying in Salem for a few days.

While Nicole walked through the town square, she ran into Eric, who asked why she looked upset. Nicole explained that Chloe had returned to Salem to tell her that she was not a good parent for Parker. As Nicole remarked that she had always wanted to be a mother, Eric nodded quietly. Nicole looked at Eric and her mouth gaped open. Nicole apologized for complaining to Eric about her problems.

Eric told Nicole that he had talked to Brady about what had happened in the crawlspace. When Nicole raised an eyebrow, Eric added that Brady had sworn to keep the information to himself. Nicole told Eric that she had confessed to Daniel about what had happened. "I told him everything," Nicole said. Nicole explained that she had not wanted to repeat her past mistakes.

"It hit me that I would rather lose Daniel than try to keep him that way," Nicole said. Eric wondered whether he should expect a punch from Daniel. Laughing, Nicole said that Daniel understood that Nicole and Eric had been fighting for their lives when they had kissed. Nicole said that Daniel had forgiven her. Eric said that Chloe would not be able to change Daniel's mind about Nicole.

When Nicole returned home, she found Chloe alone in the apartment. Chloe told Nicole that Daniel had taken Parker out so they could chat alone. Chloe mentioned that she had failed to listen to Nicole's side of things, and she asked Nicole to tell her why she believed things would work with Daniel. Nodding, Nicole said that as Parker's mom, Chloe had a right to ask that question of her. Nicole said she had been defensive because Chloe had seen Nicole's past mistakes.

"You're the mother to one of the greatest kids on the planet, and you just want to protect him. I get that. Because that's important to me now. I want to protect him too. I swear on my love for Daniel, who, by the way, has made me happier than I ever dreamed possible, that I will work with you to make Parker's childhood the best any kid ever had," Nicole said. Nicole promised to be a good stepmom. Nicole asked Chloe to forgive her for her behavior in the past. Nicole told Chloe that she wanted to be friends again because she missed her.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Chloe said she missed Nicole as well. Chloe apologized for being hard on Nicole. Nicole shook her head, and she hugged Chloe. The two women agreed that they were happy to have the other as a friend. Chloe wished Nicole and Daniel happiness together. "I really think you will," Chloe said. "Me too," Nicole said.

In the town square, Daniel and Parker said hello to Eric. Eric said hello and started to make an excuse to leave, but Daniel asked Eric to stay and talk. As Parker sat down at a nearby table to play a game, Daniel noted that Parker loved the game that Nicole had purchased for him. Eric said he had talked to Nicole, and she had told him that she had told Daniel everything.

"I get it, and it's behind us," Daniel said. "Nicole loves you. Only you," Eric said. Daniel said that he wanted Eric to continue to be a part of their lives.

Stefano threatens Chad

Stefano threatens Chad

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In the park, Victor talked to Xander about Xander's mistakes. Victor explained that he wanted his "pound of flesh." As Xander pleaded with Victor to let him make it up to him, Victor said he wanted Xander to prove his worth. One of Victor's henchmen threw a uniform onto the ground at Xander's feet.

As Theresa fussed over Tate on the couch, she realized that Tate's diaper needed to be changed. Encumbered by her cast, Theresa called out to Emma for help. When there was no response, Theresa yelled out to Emma to "do her job." As Theresa's voice echoed through the house, Maggie and Brady returned home, scowls on their faces. Theresa explained that she was in pain because of her ankle and it had put her in a bad mood. Tate started to cry, and Maggie gave Theresa the stink eye as she swooped up Tate and took him upstairs to Emma.

Theresa complained to Brady that Maggie was not sympathetic to her broken ankle. When Maggie returned to the living room, she said that she was going to take Tate into the garden after Emma was done changing his diaper. With a grumble, Theresa grabbed at her crutches and noted that she wished she could go into the garden. Brady attempted to help Theresa to her feet, but she declined the offer and hobbled on her crutches into the kitchen.

Maggie warned Brady to look at the doctor's report to make sure that Theresa was not scheming. Before Brady could respond, Victor arrived home and said that he had a solution to their problem. The three walked into the foyer, and Victor opened the front door to admit Xander into the house. Victor explained that he had hired Xander as a landscaper. Brady objected, so Victor ushered Brady and Maggie into the living room to talk while Xander waited in the foyer.

Victor informed Maggie and Brady that his intention was to keep tabs on Xander until Hope and Roman could build a case against Xander and have him arrested. Victor explained that he had made sure that Xander's financial ruin was complete so that Xander would be indebted to Victor for assuming his debt. Maggie argued that Daniel would not be comfortable with Xander lurking about the mansion during Daniel and Nicole's engagement party at the mansion. Frustrated, Brady said he did not want Xander near his son. Victor countered that the safest place to put Xander was under their watchful eyes.

In the foyer, Theresa hobbled around the corner from the kitchen and was surprised to see Xander. Xander grinned at Theresa. Theresa mocked Xander's uniform, and she cackled when she realized that Victor had hired Xander as a gardener. Brady walked into the foyer and warned Xander to stay away from Brady, Tate, and the inside of the mansion. Victor told Xander to meet with the caretaker, who would show him his living quarters outside of the house.

Once Xander was gone, Theresa demanded to know what was going on. Brady escorted Theresa into the living room as Victor assured Maggie that his plan would work. In the living room, Theresa said she was terrified that Xander would be so close to their son. Sniffling, Theresa hugged Brady and told him that she trusted Brady's judgment. Outside, a man assigned Xander a job shoveling horse manure.

Anxiously pacing in the town square, Clyde called Martin and asked for an update on the paternity test. Martin informed Clyde that Kayla had not dropped off the materials for the test yet. Clyde reminded Martin of the consequences to his family if Martin failed to assist Clyde with the paternity test results. Ben approached Clyde as he threatened Martin on the phone, but Ben did not appear to have heard what Clyde had said.

Clyde hung up the phone and smiled at his son. Ben informed Clyde that he had proposed to Abigail. Elated, Clyde hugged his son. Ben noted that Abigail had not said yes yet. When Clyde wondered aloud if Chad was a problem, Ben noted that Abigail had made a mistake with Chad but that she had not chosen Chad. Clyde said he believed that Abigail would say yes. Clyde suggested that Ben check his phone app to see if Abigail was still at home. Ben checked his phone and confirmed that Abigail was at the hospital.

At the DiMera mansion, a giddy Chad informed Stefano that he had closed a $100 million deal. With a chuckle, Stefano asked Chad if his confidence stemmed from his conversation with Abigail and not from a business deal. Chad cautioned Stefano that the conversation with Abigail had not gone as well as Stefano thought. Stefano pushed for details. Chad admitted that there was no change in his relationship with Abigail yet. Chad asked Stefano not to pretend that Stefano cared about Abigail for any reason other than the land in Ireland.

With a smirk, Chad added that if Abigail chose to be with him, he planned to talk to her about the land -- and Stefano might not like what Chad intended to say. Stefano asked Chad to clarify. Chad informed Stefano that he would tell Abigail that Stefano knew about the land, and Chad would apologize to Abigail for keeping the truth from her about it. Chad added that he would tell Abigail that the land belonged to her and that the DiMeras would have no claim to the land, and he would beg Abigail for her forgiveness.

"Because I am not E.J. If I love someone, I cannot keep secrets from them. I won't because that is not love. So if she chooses to come back to me, we will have an open and completely honest relationship," Chad said. Stefano laughed. "You really think that husbands and wives have honest relationships? Grow up, Chad. Grow up," Stefano said. Chad refused to take after his father or brother.

Stefano warned Chad not to tell Abigail about the land or else Stefano would tell Abigail about "Rovello." Chad objected. Stefano warned that though Rovello was a youthful indiscretion, Abigail had a right to hear about it. Furious, Chad stressed that he would tell Abigail about Ireland. Stefano warned Chad that he would lose Abigail if he told her about Ireland.

Alone in his office, Stefano talked to someone on the phone. Stefano growled, "No one understands the importance of acquiring that land in Ireland more than I do. You see? It will be mine, one way or the other. Mine."

In her apartment, Abigail stared at the engagement ring on the desk as she worked on her computer. Abigail was thinking about the proposal when Kayla called her on the phone. Abigail apologized for missing her appointment, and she told Kayla that she had not changed her mind about the procedure. Abigail thought about Chad's profession of love to her. Abigail said she would meet Kayla at the hospital. After hanging up the phone, Abigail looked at the engagement ring and cried.

At Kyle's apartment, J.J. dove behind the couch when Kyle and Paige returned to the apartment. Paige said she had heard a noise in the apartment, but Kyle insisted that the noise was likely his neighbor. As Paige and Kyle sat on the couch, Paige pulled out her tablet computer and showed Kyle a vocational education program on a website. Kyle said he wanted to change and that he believed Paige could help him do that.

"If you think it's possible, then I do too," Kyle said. Kyle told Paige that she was perfect, and he kissed her. Paige pulled away. When Kyle apologized and told Paige that he had been overcome by her beauty, Paige kissed Kyle and pushed him back onto the sofa. J.J. listened as Paige and Kyle made out on the couch. Paige pulled away again. Paige handed Kyle information on the vocational education, and she hurriedly left.

After Paige left, Kyle opened his desk drawer and exclaimed, "What the hell?" J.J.'s eyes grew wide in panic, but Kyle only commented about a scratch on the face of his watch. Kyle answered his phone and talked to a friend. "She left here, thinking what I wanted her to think," Kyle said with a chuckle. Kyle left to meet his friend, and J.J. scrambled out from his hiding place and left the apartment.

As J.J. walked through the town square, he spotted Paige. J.J. called Paige an idiot for dating Kyle. Paige returned the insult, and she said that she knew why J.J. was at Kyle's apartment. Shaking his head, J.J. said he could not believe that Paige was dating Kyle. Paige reminded J.J. that he had no say in who she dated. With a shrug, J.J. said, "People don't change. Look at me." As J.J. walked away, Paige noted that J.J.'s comment sounded like he had heard her conversation with Kyle in his apartment.

While Kayla finished up a phone call in her office, Abigail arrived. After taking a vial of Abigail's blood, Kayla told Abigail that she would rush the sample through the lab and have an answer shortly. Kayla promised Abigail that her privacy would be assured because Chad's name would not be on any of the DNA paperwork or samples. After Kayla left, Abigail thought about what Chad had said to her.

Kayla marched Abigail's blood sample down to Martin in the lab, and he promised to call her with the results. After Kayla left, Martin texted Clyde to inform him that he had received the blood samples for the paternity test. A hospital employee entered the lab and ordered Martin to meet with Mr. Burns about a donor for the department. Martin refused, citing the need to finish the test he was running. The woman countered that Mr. Burns was on his way out of the hospital and needed to speak to Martin urgently. Martin relented, and he followed the woman upstairs.

The other lab technician returned from lunch early to find that Martin was not there. The woman saw the unfinished test and decided to finish the work for him as a favor. Once the results were ready, Kayla was informed. Abigail waited anxiously in Kayla's office while Kayla retrieved the results.

Martin returned from his meeting and was surprised to find Kayla's blood test was gone from his desk. The female lab technician informed Martin that she had finished his blood test for him. Worried, Martin asked for the results. The woman apologized and noted that Kayla had already picked up the results.

At Club TBD, Ben held a jovial conversation with someone on the phone. Chad entered the club and overheard Ben. With a sigh, Chad approached Ben and asked to talk about Abigail. Over at the hospital, Kayla handed the paternity test results to Abigail.

Aiden blindsides Clyde and Ben

Aiden blindsides Clyde and Ben

Thursday, August 6, 2015

by Mike

Hope went to Will and Sonny's apartment, ostensibly to drop off a gift for Arianna. However, after confirming that Will was the only one around, Hope began questioning him about Abigail's pregnancy, wondering why Abigail hadn't shared the news with anyone else yet. Will suggested that Abigail simply needed some time to process things on her own first.

Upon request, Aiden went to see Rafe at Edge of the Square, which had not yet opened for the day. Rafe returned a ticket Aiden had given him for a movie that would be playing in the park that night, explaining that he wouldn't be able to join Aiden, Hope, Ciara, and Chase there because he hadn't been able to find anyone to cover for him at the club.

Assuming Rafe was really just trying to avoid feeling like a third wheel, Aiden encouraged him to find a date for the event. Rafe declined, thinking about Hope while stating that the women he typically met at the club weren't exactly his type. Aiden contacted Hope after leaving the club, and she went there to talk to Rafe herself. Rafe apologized for backing out and halfheartedly assured Hope that they would get together some other time instead.

Satisfied, Hope changed the subject, eager to talk to Rafe about Clyde. Rafe insisted there was nothing to talk about. Rafe added that he and Hope needed to stop working together because their continued partnership could get her in trouble, since he was no longer a cop. Hope believed that was precisely why continuing to work with Rafe was a great idea -- because he could get away with things she couldn't. Hope also believed Roman would reinstate Rafe eventually. Refusing to be swayed, Rafe reminded Hope that Victor had warned her to stay away from Clyde. "I'm a cop. I don't just walk away," Hope declared. Rafe shrugged and walked away himself.

At Club TBD, Chad suggested that, under different circumstances, he and Ben could have actually been friends, since they had a lot of friends in common. Ben argued that those mutual friends were a forgiving crew and had each known Chad before his DiMera days. Chad conceded that he had acted like a jerk -- to everyone, but especially to Ben -- when he had returned to town the previous fall. Ben wondered if Chad was trying to claim he had changed since then. Ignoring the question, Chad acknowledged that Ben had been really good to Abigail and genuinely loved her.

"Does that mean I get your approval, Chad? Tell me -- why the hell do you think I need it?" Ben asked. Chad admitted he hadn't expected his conversation with Ben to be an easy one. "I guess I'm just... You know, I'm trying --" Chad started to add. "What, you're trying to convince yourself that you're not a complete piece of...? Look, I spent time with you at the picnic for Abigail's sake -- and Theo's. I played basketball with you guys because I enjoy knocking you on your rich ass. But I don't have to stand here and listen to some phony mea culpa," Ben insisted. Chad snickered and joked that Ben had learned a few new words in college.

"Mm. Yeah, there he is. You know, I was wondering when the real Chad DiMera would show up -- the one that hates me every bit as much as I hate him," Ben replied. Chad countered that he needed to quit making the mistake of trying to treat Ben as a functioning adult during their conversations. Chad predicted that everyone -- including Abigail -- would eventually see through Ben's innocent-country-boy act and realize who Ben really was.

"She already [knows]. I'm the guy she goes to bed with...each and every night. See, here's the thing -- at the end of the day, she chose me. She moved in with me. We go to bed together each and every night; we wake up in each other's arms each and every morning. We are in love, and it makes us both very happy. So no matter what you think or what you want to believe, at the end of the day, she moved in with me," Ben replied.

"She only moved in with you because I --" Chad blurted out before stopping himself. Ben urged Chad to continue, but Chad simply conceded that Ben was right -- Abigail had chosen him. Chad added, however, that Abigail wouldn't approve of the way Ben had just talked about her. Ben insisted he hadn't said anything wrong, adding that he wasn't the one who had treated Abigail and Jordan like dirt. "You are scum, and the one thing I am never gonna do is blow it with Abigail the way you did," Ben vowed before walking away.

At the hospital, Martin received a phone call from Clyde, who warned that Martin had precisely two minutes to fix the problem with the paternity test results. After Clyde hung up, Martin contacted Kayla and apologetically informed her that the paternity test would need to be performed again because the first test had been contaminated. Kayla wasn't happy to hear that, but she stopped Abigail from looking at the results of the first test and proceeded to shred the unopened document. Meanwhile, Martin called Clyde back and assured him that the matter had been resolved.

While waiting for the test results with Kayla, Abigail tearfully revealed that Ben had proposed to her the previous night. Kayla argued that Ben's proposal proved just how much he loved Abigail, since he didn't know about Abigail's pregnancy yet and had therefore proposed simply because he had wanted to do so. When Kayla asked Abigail to tell her what Ben had said during his proposal, Abigail instead repeated words Chad had told her during their conversation in Will and Sonny's apartment. Before Abigail could say anything else, Kayla received another phone call from Martin, informing her that the new test had just been completed.

On her way back from the lab, Kayla bumped into Chad and dropped the test results. Chad knelt to pick up the envelope for Kayla, and she took it from him and started to walk away. Chad stopped Kayla and tried to talk to her about a board meeting he had been asked to attend later that day, but she interrupted and told him she couldn't answer his questions because she wasn't going to be attending that particular meeting, since there was nothing on the agenda that pertained to her department. Kayla rushed off, leaving Chad looking somewhat confused.

Kayla returned to her office and handed Abigail the test results. Abigail took a deep breath and nervously opened the envelope. "It's negative. That means that the baby is Ben's," Abigail muttered. Kayla was pleased that Abigail had gotten the desired result, and she promised not to say anything to Jennifer, J.J., or Ben about the pregnancy so Abigail could deliver the news to each of them in her own way. After leaving Kayla's office, Abigail thought about Chad's recent declaration of love and told herself that her relationship with him was over for good. Abigail retreated to her own office and started sobbing, unaware that Chad had followed her there.

A shirtless Paul opened the door to his hotel room and was surprised to see Kate standing in the hallway instead of a bellhop. Kate barged in and started talking to Paul about some revised Mad World contracts she needed him to sign, ignoring his uncomfortable protests that it wasn't a good time. Meanwhile, Derrick emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel. "Well, hello. As I've often said, what's more fun than breakfast in bed?" Kate cheerfully mused. Paul sarcastically replied that he was thrilled that Kate had just learned something about his personal life. Kate warned Paul that in Salem, nothing stayed a secret for long.

Paul refused to share Derrick's name with Kate, which seemed to hurt Derrick a bit. Derrick gathered his clothes and headed back to the bathroom. Paul put on a shirt as he complained that Kate should have called before visiting. Kate unapologetically replied that the revised contracts needed to be signed right away because they covered the renaming of the company's new cologne. "You know, you seem so serious. If only you knew how many times I have been in this exact same situation. And, you know, there's a really big life lesson here -- never assume it's room service, because you never know who's behind that door," Kate advised Paul with a smile.

Unamused, Paul quickly signed the contracts and told Kate to leave. "You know, you are really gonna have to stop with this puritan attitude. Seriously! Your image is very, very important to the product. Do you really think men are gonna be buying Narita cologne because they want to stay celibate?" Kate asked. Paul clarified that he was simply trying to maintain privacy, and he asked Kate to respect his and keep what she had just learned about his personal life to herself. Kate laughed hysterically as she exited the hotel room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny tried to assure Justin that what had happened at Edge of the Square the previous night hadn't been a big deal. Justin doubted that Victor would agree. Sonny tried to argue that Victor never needed to know about the incident, but Justin pointed out that it had happened in Victor's own nightclub -- and to a member of his own family -- so he was definitely going to find out about it eventually. Justin said he was surprised that Paul had been present during the incident.

"Really? [Surprised] that we were in the same room? Isn't that why you talked Paul into coming here in the first place -- so he could break up my marriage?" Sonny asked. Justin apologized for what he had done, and after Sonny confirmed that Paul was giving him and Will space to work things out, Justin added that he hoped Sonny and Will would be able to succeed where he and Adrienne had failed. Sonny acknowledged that being married was a lot more complicated than it looked from the outside. Sonny added that he respected what Justin and Adrienne had decided to do, even though it did make him sad to see their marriage end.

Justin appreciated Sonny's support, especially in light of what he had tried to do to Sonny and Will's marriage. Justin explained that he had simply believed that what Will had done to Sonny had been immature -- and that Paul, on the other hand, had seemed to have his act together, making him a more ideal candidate for Sonny. Sonny assured Justin that they could put that behind them and move on, just as he and Paul had. "He knows that I'm committed to Will, and, uh...he's moved on," Sonny added. Justin wondered if Sonny was okay with that. "Of course I am. Of course. I mean, why wouldn't I be?" Sonny replied before excusing himself.

Later, Kate delivered Paul's contracts to Justin and delighted in telling him about what she had walked in on earlier. "So much for your plans to use [Paul] to break up Sonny and Will," Kate cheerfully mused. Justin insisted he was pleased that Sonny and Will were trying to work things out. Kate seemed skeptical but didn't say anything else about the matter, instead changing the subject and telling Justin she appreciated the concern he had recently shown about her relationship with Clyde. Justin wondered if Kate had told Clyde about that particular conversation. Kate said she hadn't -- because she hadn't seen Clyde since then.

"Wouldn't it be nice if that became a trend?" Justin mused. Kate sarcastically urged Justin to tell her how he really felt. "All right, I'll tell you. I'm just surprised a smart, savvy woman like you hasn't dug deeper into just who this guy is," Justin replied. Kate shrugged and suggested that she could simply be respecting Clyde's privacy, since she had heard that was one of the keys to a healthy relationship.

"Hmm. Funny. When I think of you and Clyde, 'healthy' is the last word that comes to mind," Justin replied. Kate assured Justin that she could handle herself, reminding him that she had, after all, been married to Stefano and Victor, although the latter marriage hadn't been completely legal. "Just because you're used to swimming in the deep end doesn't make it any less dangerous," Justin warned.

Derrick arranged to meet with Will in a secluded section of the town square so he could tell Will about what had happened with Paul. Will was thrilled to hear that Derrick and Paul had slept together, and when he learned that Kate had found out about it, he mused that the unexpected twist could prove to be helpful. Will wondered if Derrick thought his relationship with Paul could turn into something serious. Derrick admitted he wasn't sure, since he had never done the long-term thing before, but he added that the night he had shared with Paul had been great. Will wished Derrick luck, and Derrick left after noting that he would have Will to thank if things worked out.

Paul went to Will and Sonny's apartment to tell the couple about what had happened with Derrick so they wouldn't hear about it from Kate first. Only Sonny was around, and Paul observed that Sonny didn't seem terribly surprised that Paul and Derrick had hooked up. Sonny confirmed that he wasn't, since he had gotten the impression that Paul and Derrick had hit it off the previous night. Sonny wondered why Paul had wanted to be the one to tell him and Will about what had happened. "Well, I mean, I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. I didn't want you to think that it was serious," Paul explained.

Sonny argued that Paul couldn't be sure yet that his relationship with Derrick wouldn't eventually turn into something serious. "Maybe. I don't know. I mean, Derrick's a nice guy, but... I mean, he's not --" Paul started to say, prompting Sonny to object that if Paul was about to say Derrick wasn't good-looking, that would be an outright lie. Paul said that wasn't the problem. Sonny urged Paul to give Derrick a shot and see where things went with him. "No, see, he's not... [Never mind.] It's not Derrick; it's me," Paul replied.

When Sonny asked Paul to elaborate, Paul hesitantly explained that he simply wasn't ready for a relationship yet. Sonny pointed out that Paul hadn't felt that way a few months earlier. "Yeah, that was different; that was you," Paul replied with a sigh. Paul reiterated that he didn't expect his relationship with Derrick to go anywhere, and he had only visited Will and Sonny's apartment because he had wanted to let the couple know that. Meanwhile, Will returned home and greeted Paul with a smile, wondering why he was visiting. Sonny promised to fill Will in later, and Paul abruptly excused himself. "Damn you, Kate. He didn't have to know," Paul muttered outside.

After getting confirmation about something during a phone call, Aiden arranged a meeting with Clyde and Ben in the park, and when they arrived, he dropped them as clients. "Seems you're being a bit rash here, counselor. If you're saying we don't cut it as clients, I think you're using a double standard. I've come to find out you've represented a whole boatload of scum in your past," Clyde pointed out. Aiden guessed Clyde was referring to his pro bono work, and he said that was another matter entirely. "Let me be blunt here -- there are a lot of attorneys who would be happy to represent you both. I'm just not one of them," Aiden added before walking away.

Abigail makes a decision about the proposal

Abigail makes a decision about the proposal

Friday, August 7, 2015

While Nicole worked in the kitchen of her apartment, Brady and Eric knocked on the front door. Nicole admitted them. When Nicole mentioned that Victor had called but had not left a message, Brady said his news was related to Victor's call. As clueless as Nicole, Eric asked Brady why he had wanted to talk to them. With a sigh, Brady informed them that Victor had stripped Xander of his assets and had hired him as the gardener at the Kiriakis mansion to keep an eye on him.

With a raised eyebrow, Nicole told Brady that when she had investigated Xander, she had learned that Victor had helped extricate Xander from a criminal charge in Scotland. Nicole added that she had been on her way to tell Daniel about the connection to Victor, but that had been the night that Xander had attacked her. Shaking his head, Brady said he believed Victor wanted to punish Xander, not help him.

"What if he's giving that psychopath a chance to prove himself?" Nicole asked. Brady disagreed. Eric said that he liked the punishment because it was the best thing for Nicole. Eric noted that Victor would have eyes on Xander, which would keep him safely from Nicole. As Brady turned to leave, Nicole asked Eric to stay and talk. Nicole asked Eric not to worry about her welfare. Eric said he was at peace with Nicole's engagement but that he still loved her.

When Eric suggested that they warn Serena about Xander's new employment, Nicole argued that Eric did not owe any allegiance to Serena. Nicole added that Serena had stayed in town to reconcile with Eric. Nodding his head, Eric said he would ask someone else to tell Serena the news.

In the town square, a confused Serena saw Xander carrying manure. When Serena asked him what had happened, he gruffly noted that his situation had changed. Serena told Xander that she was leaving town. With a shrug, Xander reminded Serena that she had said that before. Serena told Xander that he deserved whatever punishment he received for what he had done to Eric.

Xander returned to the Kiriakis mansion. The caretaker ordered Xander to pick up mulch. As Xander walked through the park to the mulch site, he passed through a clearing where Nicole was setting up a picnic for Daniel and Parker.

In the Kiriakis living room, Theresa told Caroline that Victor had punished Xander by ordering him to live in the gardener's cottage and work as a landscaper. Neither Caroline nor Theresa was pleased with the news. Suspicious, Caroline asked Theresa what she was hiding. Theresa admitted that the good thing was that Brady was more protective of her and Tate while Xander was around. Caroline reminded Theresa that Brady was in love with Melanie, so Theresa changed the subject to Tate. Caroline checked on Tate in the corner while Anne marched into the living room toward Theresa.

"I just talked to Dr. Lee, he's totally on board. He's gonna keep Brady from thinking you're lying," Anne said as Caroline raised her eyebrows questioningly. Following Theresa's eyes, Anne turned her head and saw Caroline in the corner. Anne attempted to backpedal and say that she meant the term "lying" as a slang term like "lying down on the job." Caroline complained of a headache, and she left.

Once Caroline had left, Theresa turned toward Anne and warned her not to make announcements like that in the mansion. Theresa pulled the crutches out from under her arms and complained about them. Annoyed, Anne asked Theresa if she wanted to hear what Dr. Lee had said. Theresa said yes but encouraged Anne to keep her voice down. Anne whispered that no one had talked to Dr. Lee yet. With a grin, Theresa confided that Xander was working as a gardener. Theresa said that she believed that Xander's proximity had caused Brady to think about how he would feel if something bad happened to her.

Anne warned Theresa that when Daniel learned about the broken ankle, he might interrogate Dr. Lee. When Anne mentioned that money would help silence Dr. Lee, Theresa complained that she would not have any money until she could convince Brady to make Theresa part of the family. Theresa asked Anne to talk to Dr. Lee. As Theresa hobbled over to the cart, without her crutches, to pour a drink, Brady walked into the living room.

With a snarl, Theresa yelled at Anne for moving her crutches. With a nod, Brady said he wanted to talk to Theresa about Xander after she was done arguing with Anne. Brady left to take a phone call, and Theresa muttered that she had been too careless. After Anne left, Theresa asked Brady what he wanted to talk about. "Well, I'll keep it very simple. Pack your bags and get your lying ass out of my house. Right now," Brady said.

Outside Club TBD, Kate and Marlena ran into one another. Kate congratulated Marlena on her reconciliation with John. Marlena nodded. Kate suggested that Marlena and John join her and Clyde for a double date. When Kate mentioned that Clyde was a patient of Marlena, Marlena's smile fell away. Kate mentioned that Clyde had said that Marlena had helped him change, and Kate asked if Marlena agreed with Clyde's assessment. Marlena noted that she could not discuss her patients.

"I know you can't divulge anything about your sessions with Clyde, but we're friends, and you probably know more about him than I do. And you're actually the only person in Salem, probably, who hasn't warned me to stay away from him," Kate said. Marlena said she could not say any more about Clyde. Kate asked if Marlena's concern for Kate as a friend would trump her professional relationship with Clyde. Marlena told Kate that if she had any concerns about Clyde, Kate should listen to her gut.

"So you do think he is dangerous?" Kate asked. "I didn't say that," Marlena countered. Marlena commented that she admired Kate's intuition about people. Marlena encouraged Kate to trust her intuition.

In the park, Ben wondered aloud why Aiden had dropped him and Clyde as clients. Clyde cautioned Ben not to worry. Clyde encouraged Ben to focus on Abigail. Ben pulled the ring out of his pocket and said that he wanted to hold on to the ring in case Abigail said yes. Curious, Ben asked Clyde why the engagement was important to Clyde. Clyde thought about the conversation he had overheard about Abigail inheriting a fortune from her friend in Ireland.

"'Cause I know this girl means the world to you. And I want whatever is gonna make my son happy," Clyde said. Ben commented that Abigail meant the world to him, and he was worried that Aiden's decision could affect Abigail's feelings. Clyde assured Ben that Abigail would not care what Aiden had done. Clyde urged Ben to talk to Abigail. With a nod, Ben left.

Clyde walked through the town square, talking on his phone to an employee. Clyde ordered the person to find out everything they could about Aiden Jennings. As Kate approached Clyde, she asked Clyde why he was investigating his lawyer. Clyde asked why Kate was eavesdropping. Shrugging, Kate said she'd overheard as she was passing. Clyde explained that he was looking for a more aggressive lawyer. When Kate asked what Clyde was looking for, Clyde took issue with the number of questions Kate was asking. As Clyde walked toward the café for their lunch, Kate's smile turned to a scowl.

In her office, Abigail sat at her desk and cried. Chad walked in and asked her what was wrong. As Abigail broke down, Chad gathered her in his arms and hugged her. Chad told Abigail that everything would be fine. Abigail told Chad that she was sorry. Confused, Chad asked Abigail to tell him why she was apologizing. Abigail told Chad that she believed that he loved her, but he was too late. Confused, Chad asked why Abigail believed it was too late for them to be together.

"I love Ben," Abigail said. "Maybe, but not like you love me. You know how things are between us," Chad said. When Abigail attempted to dismiss their connection as physical, Chad insisted that their connection was emotional as well. Chad argued that they would be married already if he had not made so many mistakes with her. "You will never have the same thing with Ben, and you know it," Chad said.

Abigail stressed that Ben had never loved anyone but her and that they "were supposed to be together." When Chad asked for an explanation, Abigail said that she and Chad could not have a relationship. Chad promised he would never hurt Abigail again, but Abigail countered that Chad could not make promises for his father. Chad asked Abigail to run away from Salem with him and start over. Staring into the distance, Abigail thought about Chad's offer.

"You're talking about walking away from your whole life, Chad," Abigail said. "I'm talking about walking away from nothing because that's what my life is without you in it," Chad countered. When Chad asked Abigail if she loved him as much as he loved her, Abigail stared into his eyes. Chad pulled Abigail close and kissed her.

Abigail pulled away and stressed that Chad needed to respect her decision. Chad said he would, but when he saw Abigail crying and the way she had looked at him, he did not believe that she wanted to be with Ben. Abigail said she cared about Chad but was committed to Ben. Abigail asked Chad to respect her decision. Chad noted that Abigail look miserable.

"Maybe things could have been different if," Abigail said before stopping herself. When Chad pressed for Abigail to finish her sentence, Abigail said that there could never be anything romantic between her and Chad again. Stunned, Chad nodded and sat down.

"If he ever hurts you, I'll break him in half," Chad said hollowly. "He would never hurt me. We both know that," Abigail said. Chad asked why Abigail was crying if she was happy with Ben. Abigail said she was crying because she was saying goodbye to her life with Chad. Abigail wished Chad happiness. Shaking his head, Chad left the office with tears welling in his eyes.

At the Brady Pub, Chad knocked back some whiskey. Marlena walked over to the table and asked Chad if he intended to get drunk so early in the day. Chad invited Marlena to sit with him and give him "more bad advice." Chad informed Marlena that he had told the woman that he loved how he felt, and she had believed him but rejected him.

Marlena told Chad she was sorry. With a nod, Chad noted that without Marlena's advice, he would never have learned that the woman he loved preferred another man. With a sigh, Chad said he knew that the woman loved him. Chad apologized for being rude to Marlena. "Now I guess I can go back to being the heartless son of a bitch that everybody thinks I am," Chad said.

At Club TBD, Abigail met with Ben. Ben apologized for leaving without waking Abigail, adding, "And I know you need your sleep now." Suspicious, Abigail asked what Ben meant. Ben said that Abigail had tossed and turned all night, and he thought she could use the rest. Abigail nodded. Ben apologized for proposing before bed and disrupting her sleep. Abigail said there was no need to apologize. As Ben took Abigail's hand, he asked if she had thought about the proposal. Abigail admitted that she had not thought of anything but his proposal.

Abigail listed a number of her flaws, and Ben asked if Abigail was saying that she did not want to marry him. Abigail corrected Ben and said that if Ben could put up with her, she would marry him. Ben said he would be thrilled to embrace all of Abigail's flaws. As Ben hugged Abigail, Chad walked into the club and narrowed his eyes at Ben.

In the park, Serena saw Caroline sitting on a bench and asked her for a favor. Still suffering from a headache, Caroline sighed. Serena asked Caroline to give Eric a letter for her. Caroline refused. As Caroline rose to leave, she groaned, grabbed her head, and collapsed to the ground. Serena rushed to Caroline's side and called for help.

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