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Steve proved his love of family to Joey. Steve got a lead on Bo. Marlena mistook Chad for the necktie killer. Ben pressured Abigail to leave Salem with him. Ben was revealed as the necktie killer. Eduardo, Eve's ex, had ties to Paige, Rafe, and Gabi. Aiden had money troubles. Bo's attempt to escape failed. Andre DiMera was back.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 21, 2015 on DAYS
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Steve heads off in search of Bo

Steve heads off in search of Bo

Monday, September 21, 2015

by Mike

In Eve's apartment, Theresa carried a box of Paige's things into the living room and placed it with all the other boxes. Eve -- who was sitting on the couch, tearfully thumbing through one of Paige's old diaries -- looked up when Theresa quietly called her name. "That's the rest of Paige's things. Except for three dresses I left on her bed. You can choose which one you want to...for her to wear...for the funeral," Theresa said.

Knowing how Eve felt about the Hortons, Theresa assured her that the Horton Center would not be receiving Paige's things; instead, they were being donated to a women's shelter that Paige had done some volunteer work for. Eve was happy to hear that, knowing Paige would have approved. Theresa stressed that Paige had been a great kid, prompting Eve to muse that, thankfully, there had been very little of her in Paige.

Theresa protested that Paige couldn't have gotten that good and smart out of nowhere, but Eve believed that was exactly what had happened. Eve thanked Theresa for being there for her, and Theresa hugged Eve as she tearfully pointed out that no thanks was necessary because they were, after all, family. Someone knocked on the apartment door, and when Theresa opened it, she found a man standing outside.

Assuming the man was from the women's shelter, Theresa started telling him about the one box he wasn't supposed to take, but he didn't understand what she was talking about. Eve reacted when she heard the man speak, rising to her feet and staring at him in disbelief. "How the hell did you find us?" Eve demanded to know. Confused, Theresa started to explain that she had given the women's shelter Eve's address. Meanwhile, the man observed that there had obviously been some sort of misunderstanding. "Isn't there always when it comes to you?" Eve countered before telling Theresa to say hello to Paige's father, Eduardo.

Theresa introduced herself as Eve's sister, and when Eduardo recalled that her name was Jeannie, she clarified that she was no longer using that name. Eve said Theresa could go ahead and leave, and while Theresa was reluctant to do so, Eve insisted she would be fine alone with Eduardo. "I've been waiting ten years for this moment," Eve quietly added. Theresa nodded and left after stressing that Eve could call her anytime, for anything.

Eve wondered why, after ignoring court-ordered visitation demands for years, Eduardo had finally decided to show his face again. Eduardo said he had never planned to stay away forever, adding that he had always assumed there would be time to eventually reunite with Paige. "Eddie, come on. There was always, always time -- time that you blew off. There were years that your daughter needed you; that I needed you. How dare you show your face here now?" Eve countered. "Well, maybe now you need me more than you ever did," Eduardo replied.

Shaking her head, Eve mused that Eduardo was still quite good at knowing just what to say, adding that she knew, however, that she couldn't believe any of it. Eve encouraged Eduardo to go ahead and take his best shot at her, prompting him to wonder if she wanted a fight. "I want you gone," Eve stressed. Eduardo said he had journeyed to Salem to bury his daughter. Eve countered that Eduardo had already done that a decade earlier. "I never wanted a family," Eduardo admitted. Eve challenged Eduardo to look her in the eyes and repeat that statement, and he complied, albeit with slight hesitation.

"That girl -- our girl -- she was an angel. You think I couldn't see that? Who wouldn't love that child?" Eduardo asked. Eve quickly pointed to Eduardo as one such person, but he objected that he simply hadn't been worthy of Paige. "Not then; probably not now. But I can't let them put her in the ground without... Eve, I just... I want to know her!" Eduardo added after some impatient prompting from Eve.

Snapping that it was too late for that, Eve picked up one of the boxes -- the one Theresa had singled out earlier. "Right here -- that's every picture, every birthday, every lost tooth, every science fair, every diary with a little gold lock that held every secret to a little girl's heart, every triumph, every humiliation, every sadness, everything that you missed because you didn't have it in you to show up. Well, guess what, Eddie -- I wasn't worthy, either. Yeah. But I thank God that I had the sense to stick around and try, because every day -- every single day -- that little girl of mine made my life worth living. But you know what? Wow, you're here now, so here -- you catch up," Eve tearfully stated, shoving the box into Eduardo's arms as a tear ran down his cheek.

Eduardo started going through the items in the box, and when he stumbled upon a picture from Paige's childhood that reminded him of the day it had been taken, he choked up as he asked if he could keep it. Eve said Eduardo could take the whole box because she couldn't stand to look at the stuff any longer. Eduardo promised to keep the items safe for Eve in case she ever changed her mind, adding that he would be grateful to have them in his possession, at least for a little while. "You run on home, Eddie -- wherever that is -- and dig in," Eve replied, opening the apartment door.

After placing all the items back in the box, Eduardo offered to do whatever he could to help Eve, who scoffed and informed him that she had gotten good at handling things on her own and had grown up a lot since his departure. Eduardo didn't doubt that but still wanted to help Eve, since she was facing an extreme situation.

Eve told Eduardo about how Paige had gotten into Stanford but had deferred after meeting a boy in Salem. Retrieving a stack of letters from a desk drawer, Eve explained that the college had been asking, on practically a weekly basis, for Paige's arrival date. When Eve hesitated while trying to explain why she hadn't answered any of the letters, Eduardo guessed that, like him, she had always assumed there would be more time. "There should have been. So...yeah. Yeah, yeah. You can, can call -- call them...and tell them that...she'll never -- she'll never -- never arrive! She's never gonna arrive! She's never going to arrive, Eddie!" Eve shouted, punching her fists against Eduardo's chest to punctuate her words. Eve broke down in Eduardo's arms as she continued repeating the painful fact.

At the hospital, Joey followed Kayla to the nurses' station, where she stopped and asked him to give her a minute to check her messages. Joey offered to head home so Kayla could get back to work, but she wasn't ready to let him off the hook that easily. Kayla, who had just finished picking Joey up from school because he had been suspended after getting into a fight, wondered why he had taken a swing at a boy who was supposed to be one of his friends.

Joey admitted that he, too, had been under the impression that the kid could be considered a friend. Joey wasn't willing to say much about what had caused the incident, stating only that it was hard to explain and that things had just escalated. Kayla wondered if Joey was trying to get his father's attention. Joey scoffed and rolled his eyes as he shook his head dismissively, prompting Kayla to admit that she couldn't figure out what it was about her question that he had found humorous. "No, it's just that you and Dad, you're on, like, your own planets half the time," Joey replied.

Kayla didn't know what that meant, but Joey told her to forget about it and go back to work. Kayla stressed that, while she was indeed busy, she was never too busy for Joey. Kayla added that Joey was old enough to understand that she had other obligations, such as caring for Caroline, looking after the pub, and working to earn the money needed to support herself and him. Kayla added, however, that if Joey ever needed anything, all he had to do was ask her for it. Joey insisted that he was good. Kayla disagreed, but before she could say anything else, she received a text message about an emergency.

Joey encouraged Kayla to take care of the matter, adding that he was going to try to catch Steve before Steve left town. Kayla warned Joey not to be disappointed if Steve ignored his phone calls. "You're so sure about him," Joey observed with a sigh. Kayla confirmed that she was, adding that, while she was sorry that Steve had never been around for Joey -- or her, for that matter -- she could guarantee that Steve would always put himself ahead of his family.

At the Martin mansion, Caroline started hearing Beethoven's "Für Elise" playing while Maggie and Julie were checking out some of the renovations in another room. Startled, Caroline stared off in the direction she thought the music was originating from, and as it continued, Maggie and Julie returned and asked if she was all right. Caroline confirmed that she was, and she sent Maggie and Julie upstairs to check the paint job in another room.

Once she was alone again, Caroline followed the music to the room that contained the mirror she had seen Shawn's face in during one of her previous visits. Again, Shawn's face appeared to Caroline in the mirror. Knowing her health was deteriorating, Caroline wondered if Shawn was appearing to her in an effort to prepare her for death. Caroline admitted that, a few days earlier, she had secretly spent twenty minutes with Kayla before finally remembering Kayla's name. As Caroline started to add that she was scared, Maggie and Julie called out to her from another room. Shawn's face disappeared from the mirror as Caroline tried to regain her composure.

Maggie -- who had already been harboring concerns about Caroline and had just finished telling Julie it might have been a mistake to ask Caroline to help with the bicentennial celebration so soon after suffering a stroke -- suggested taking Caroline to the hospital for a quick checkup, just to be safe. The idea seemed to frighten Caroline, but she didn't object.

Later, in Kayla's office, Kayla finished checking Caroline's blood pressure and announced that, all things considered, Caroline's vitals were good. Caroline admitted that she had been seeing ghostly images of Shawn lately -- for the first time ever -- and feared that might mean she was about to die. Kayla confirmed that things were progressing but optimistically added that Caroline was a fighter.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Steve told Victor about his plan to head to Mexico in search of Bo. Steve had been retracing Bo's steps, dating back to a year before his departure from Salem, and had found a gap in the timeline, right after Bo had taken Caroline to California for treatment. Steve had hoped Victor might be able to explain the gap, but Victor insisted it was nothing, and he instructed Steve to leave it alone. Steve wasn't willing to do that, and after spending a few minutes going back and forth with Victor on the matter, he got fed up and pulled up an image on his tablet computer that had been taken from a surveillance camera at a bar in Cancun.

"Good God," Victor muttered as he stared at the image. "I thought that'd get your attention," Steve replied. Victor demanded to know how Steve had acquired the image -- and how he was sure it was real. Steve explained that, after learning that Bo had gone to Cancun, he had started contacting old friends who lived there, and he had eventually found someone who had remembered seeing Bo at that particular bar. Steve added that he had gotten the owner of the bar to dig through the surveillance footage, and the image Victor was looking at was from the last time Bo had been inside the bar. Steve said the ISA had no record of Bo's movements afterward. Steve added that he couldn't even be sure the ISA had been following Bo up until that point, since the files had been sealed, and they weren't even willing to release them to John.

Realizing the ISA believed that Bo had turned, Victor insisted that was ridiculous. "Is it? You're looking at this picture. Now, who do you think Bo is talking to there?" Steve asked. "Some local. I mean, it couldn't possibly be who...who I thought it was," Victor replied, losing some of his confidence along the way. Steve zoomed in on the woman and showed the image to Victor again.

"It's impossible. Britta Englund is dead," Victor insisted as he stared at the screen in disbelief, looking at a blonde woman who was sporting a dagger tattoo on her right arm. Steve agreed, guessing that someone had lured Bo to Cancun under the mistaken belief that Bo didn't know Britta was dead. Observing that Bo seemed to be playing along in the image, Steve wondered what Bo had expected to gain from the meeting. Steve added that Bo had completely disappeared afterward.

Fearing that someone had captured Bo, Victor wondered how he had failed to realize that sooner. Steve insisted that no one else -- not even Hope -- could have pieced everything together because that would have required knowing about old contacts Steve and Bo had gained way back in the Merchant Marine days. Steve added that Victor could still help Bo, and he once again urged Victor to tell him about the gap in Bo's timeline.

Victor admitted that Bo had been trying to save Caroline's life at that time, adding that she didn't really have Alzheimer's, after all -- she had a rare neurological disease that had similar symptoms but was completely different. Victor explained that Bo had gone off in search of a cure and had found a doctor in Peru -- Dr. Salinas -- who'd had some success with experimental trials involving native plants. Victor added that Salinas had not yet completed the project but had been receiving funding from him along the way, something Caroline and the rest of her family had never been made aware of because he didn't want to give her or them false hope.

Victor offered his private jet to Steve, asking only for it to be returned in one piece -- preferably with Bo aboard. As Steve exited the mansion, he gave a quick greeting to Maggie, who had just returned home. When Maggie learned that Steve was convinced that Bo was in trouble -- and that Victor was starting to believe Steve was right -- she stressed that Victor couldn't share his suspicion with the rest of the family because they were quite possibly about to have another major thing to deal with, since she and Julie had taken Caroline back to the hospital earlier.

Maggie doubted that Caroline would be able to live on her own any longer, let alone continue to manage the pub, and she feared that the Bradys might have to place Caroline in a facility that was equipped to care for Alzheimer's patients. Victor clarified that Caroline didn't have Alzheimer's -- she just thought she did. "Nobody wanted to tell her that she had another disease that was more aggressive and had no cure. Treatment would have been the same. It was Kayla's idea to just let her think --" Victor added before his voice trailed off. Victor told Maggie about Salinas, explaining that he hadn't told her about the search for a cure sooner because he hadn't seen the point in talking about something before it actually existed. Maggie sadly mused that Caroline might not be able to wait any longer for the cure to be developed.

In an undisclosed location, Bo was doing push-ups when he heard someone approaching his cell, prompting him to stop what he was doing and pretend to be passed out. A man entered the room, carrying a plate of food, and dismissively greeted Bo. When Bo didn't respond, the man kicked him then rolled him onto his back. Bo still showed no signs of consciousness. After checking Bo's pulse, the man mused that Bo probably wouldn't last much longer, and he left after adding that it seemed pointless to even bother continuing to provide Bo with food. Once the coast was clear, Bo ate the food then removed a ring from one of his fingers and began using it to loosen a metal plate that had been bolted to the wall. The chain around Bo's ankle was attached to the plate, and Bo seemed to be getting close to prying it off the wall.

At Club TBD, Aiden practiced forging Stefano's signature for a few minutes before changing his mind and ripping up the blank check. Meanwhile, one of the employees informed Aiden that his credit card had just been declined. Embarrassed, Aiden started to hand the man another card but decided to pay for his cup of coffee with cash instead.

Aiden went to the police station to see Hope, and they got into a friendly argument about their conflicting sides of the murder investigation. "May the best man win," Hope concluded, prompting Aiden to wrap his arms around her and reply that he already had. Meanwhile, Rafe -- who had excused himself from the police station earlier after enduring a conversation with Hope about her wedding plans -- ran into Eduardo at the town square. "What the hell are you doing here?" Rafe demanded to know.

After boarding Victor's jet, Steve was forced to wait for some fog to clear from the runway. Meanwhile, Steve heard a noise in another part of the jet. Pulling a switchblade out of his back pocket, Steve crept toward a storage compartment and opened the door, pointing the blade at the intruder's throat -- only to discover that it was Joey.

Eve learns that Eddie has another family

Eve learns that Eddie has another family

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kayla paced the floor of her office at the hospital as she left a voicemail for Joey on his phone. Kayla begged Joey to call her and tell her that he was okay. After leaving the message, Kayla sat at her desk and stared at her wedding photo. Kayla thought about past romantic moments with Steve. With a sigh, Kayla set the picture aside and left her office. Kayla walked through the town square and thought about the day that Joey had been born.

On the Kiriakis jet, Steve was startled to find that Joey had stowed away. Joey confronted Steve about abandoning his family again. Steve promised that he had returned to Salem because he wanted to be a good father and husband. Steve explained that he believed Bo was in trouble. When Joey demanded to accompany Steve on his search for Bo, Steve refused, citing the danger of the situation. Joey countered that he had followed Steve without Steve realizing it.

When Steve again refused to take Joey with him, a hurt Joey asked why Steve did not want him around. Steve explained that his adventure was not a fool's errand. For proof, Steve noted that Victor had given Steve his jet to follow up on a lead. Joey asked if Steve had left Africa because of him, but Steve swore that nothing was more important to him than family. Steve said he could not tell Joey the real reason he had abandoned his family in Africa.

Steve said that his mother, Jo, had placed him in an orphanage in order to protect him from his father, Duke. With a sigh, Steve admitted that he was worried that he was like his father. Joey said he did not need Steve. Steve told an abbreviated story of how he had met Kayla and how she had changed and saved his life. Steve stressed that he would always need Kayla and his children.

After playing the harmonica and softening Joey's attitude a bit with some small talk, Steve said that he wanted to get to know Joey. As Joey nodded, Steve added that he needed to send Joey back to Kayla. Steve called Kayla and told her about his stowaway. Steve added that after he found Bo, he would never go out on another mission again. "I'll be home for good," Steve said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady and Theresa talked about Paige. As a mother, Theresa said she had an idea of what kind of pain Eve was experiencing. Theresa said that she felt guilty for making snarky comments to Paige, but Brady assured Theresa that Paige had not held that against her. Theresa admitted that she had been jealous of Paige, and that was why she had been snippy with her through the years.

When Nicole arrived, Brady and Nicole talked about various strategies to restructure Basic Black. Theresa appeared to be stumped by all the technical terms. When Nicole asked Theresa for her input, Theresa sided with Brady. With a raised eyebrow, Nicole asked Theresa if she understood what they were talking about. Theresa argued that her strategy to save Basic Black was to refocus the company on product, like a little black dress. Theresa's phone buzzed, and Theresa excused herself to take the call.

Upstairs, Tate started to cry. Nicole and Brady congratulated themselves on creating a plan to win John's approval for the purchase of Basic Black. Brady headed upstairs to check on his son. Nicole pretended to leave the house, but she lingered in the foyer in order to listen to Theresa's phone call. Theresa told her partner on the phone that the proposal looked good and that she would discuss the particulars with her at a meeting. Nicole returned to the living room and asked for a glass of water. While Theresa went to the kitchen, Nicole picked up Theresa's cell phone and looked at the last call in the log. Seeing Kate's name, Nicole said, "Oh, hell to the no!"

After Nicole left, Theresa sat on the couch and sketched some new designs. Brady returned to the living room and looked at Theresa's drawing. Brady admitted that he had underestimated Theresa. "I recognize true talent when I see it," Brady said.

Walking through the town square, Rafe was upset to run into his father, Eddie. It had been decades since they had seen one another, and Rafe was angry. Eddie said he was not looking for forgiveness. When Eddie asked for updates about Rafe and Gabi, Rafe refused to answer. Eddie stressed that he cared about his children, even if his actions did not support that. Rafe warned Eddie to stay away from Gabi. Eddie asked for ten minutes to talk, and Rafe reluctantly agreed.

At Club TBD, Eve drank alone at a table. Nearby Kate argued with Victor on the phone. When Kate mumbled about being a bitch, Eve piped up, "Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get by." Kate walked over to Eve and offered her condolences on the loss of Eve's daughter. When Kate mentioned that she understood how it felt to lose a child, Eve invited Kate to join her. Kate told Eve about how she had believed for twenty years that her children Austin and Billie had died.

When Eve sighed, Kate apologized for comparing her situation to the loss of Eve's only child. Eve expressed regret for her failings as a parent. Kate argued that Eve's rough childhood had made it difficult for Eve to know how to parent a child. Eve was taken aback that Kate knew such personal details about her life. With a guilty shrug, Kate explained that Victor had told her about Eve's teen years. Eve was upset, but Kate explained that Victor had trusted her with Eve's story because Kate had also worked as a prostitute in her younger years.

Eve admitted that she had worked as a prostitute for the attention rather than for survival. Kate nodded. Eve and Kate agreed that men were a waste of time, and they toasted to ridding themselves of the male gender. When Eve lamented that she had no friends or family, Kate disagreed. Kate noted that there were people in the community that loved Paige and were angry about her murder.

"Do you think she was punished for something I did?" Eve asked through tears. Kate reassured Eve that the only person to blame for Paige's death was the person that had murdered her. Eve and Kate toasted to making the murderer pay.

At the bar, Rafe and Eddie sat in the corner. While Eddie sipped a beer, Rafe stood next to Eddie's stool and glowered at his father. Eddie explained that he was in town for personal reasons. Incensed that Eddie had not visited Salem to see Rafe or Gabi, Rafe asked Eddie to leave town. Eddie said he had wanted to reach out to Rafe and Gabi, but he had been worried about upsetting his children. Rafe blamed Eddie for Arianna and Gabi's lost childhoods and for leading lives that had led to prison. Rafe noted that he had struggled as a teenager to earn enough money to support the family.

When Eddie said that he was proud of Rafe, Rafe groaned in disgust. Eddie asked Rafe if he had told Dario or Gabi that he had reached out to them after Arianna's death. Rafe said he had not told his siblings because he did not want Eddie in their lives. Eddie asked Rafe to tell his siblings that their father loved them. Upset, Rafe turned to leave and ran into a barstool, startling Kate and Eve across the bar. Rafe yelled at Eddie to leave then he stormed out. Eve looked across the bar at Eddie and frowned. Eve marched over to the bar and told Eddie that it was typical of him to arrive in town and immediately anger a police officer.

"My son is a cop?" Eddie marveled. In shock, Eve's jaw dropped open. "How many kids did you have, Eddie? You had another family before Paige, and you never even bothered to tell me about it?" Eve yelled. "You abandoned them too?" Eve added. Eve growled that Paige had been the only good thing that Eddie had created in his life. Wiping away tears, Eve added that Rafe had never gotten to know his sister. Furious, Eve told Eddie to go to hell, and she stomped out of the bar. Across the room, Kate raised an eyebrow as she looked at Eddie.

As Eddie rose to leave, Nicole entered the bar and called out to Kate. Nicole confronted Kate about her role as Theresa's silent partner in the purchase of Basic Black.

At the police station, Rafe stared at the wall of evidence for the murder investigation. When Eve walked in, Rafe preemptively assured her that he was doing everything he could to find the murderer. Eve noted that the case was personal for Rafe. As Rafe cocked his head in confusion, Eve explained that Paige had been Rafe's sister.

The killer attacks Marlena

The killer attacks Marlena

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Justin and Adrienne entered Club TBD together and got a table. Adrienne said she didn't want to throw blame around; she thought they should focus on trying to make things work between them. Smiling, Justin noted, "We have nowhere to go but up." Adrienne shared pictures on her phone that Sonny had sent from Le Marais.

After a brief discussion of their son's departure for Paris, Adrienne proposed that she and Justin cease talking like parents and treat their outing like a date. Adrienne asked Justin about his new job. Justin declared that he really liked the job because it gave him more of a sense of purpose, and he looked forward to putting Chad DiMera behind bars for double murder. "I am going to be the first D.A. to nail a DiMera and make it stick," Justin vowed.

A bit taken aback, Adrienne remarked that it appeared as if Justin were using his new position to reignite the Kiriakis-DiMera family feud. Justin insisted that he wanted to do something notable on his own merit and outside the Kiriakis family name. Adrienne asserted that despite his claims that he wanted to do something that didn't involve being a Kiriakis, Justin had never sounded more like Victor.

Across the club, a livid Nicole confronted Kate about Kate's financial backing of Theresa to buy Basic Black. Kate suggested that, since it was practically a done deal already, she and Nicole should sit down and find a way to work things out. Nicole declared that she had absolutely no intention of working with Kate. Kate acknowledged that the two of them would never like each other, but they weren't talking about becoming best friends; it was about business -- and getting rich together.

Kate extended a hand for Nicole to shake. Pursing her lips with disgust, Nicole slapped Kate's hand away. Calling Kate the "undisputed queen of blackmailing, forgery, double-dealing, and God knows what else," Nicole recounted some of Kate's more heinous crimes and misdeeds -- which Nicole's paled in comparison to. Kate simply sat there and listened calmly instead of defending herself or offering Nicole a snappy retort. Kate coolly stated that she had just been letting Nicole vent.

Nicole warned Kate, "I was trying to make it crystal clear to you that you will have no part of this deal -- no way, no how. And if you doubt me, if you continue to be snide and dismissive and grandiose, you'll come to regret it -- deeply." Nicole left. Outside, she tried to reach Theresa by phone but got no answer.

Justin and Adrienne continued their conversation on their way to the park. Adrienne apologized for dredging up the past, but Justin admitted that her concern had been justified. "But Adrienne, I want this to work, too," he assured her. Just then, Justin got a phone call summoning him to the police station. Justin suggested to Adrienne that she accompany him to the station then they could return to the mansion together, since they still had the whole night ahead of them. Adrienne declined, explaining that she wanted to take things slowly. Justin understood, so she kissed him on the cheek and headed for home.

Later, Justin ambled through Horton Square and stopped to smell some blossoms on the flower cart. He pondered his wedding ring-less left hand and stared pensively into space. Meanwhile, Adrienne wandered into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, lost in thought, and gazed at a framed photo of Justin on the bookshelf.

At the police station, Eve acknowledged that however crazy it sounded to Rafe, Paige had been Eddie's daughter and therefore Rafe's half sister. Eve continued that Eddie had been using the last name Larson when she'd known him, which puzzled Rafe. He asked if Paige had ever known her father. Eve said Paige had adored her father because he had been very loving and attentive, but after Eddie had left, Paige had worried that he'd left because of something she'd done. Paige had eventually accepted that it hadn't been her fault.

Rafe said Gabi hadn't really known Eddie because she'd been so young when he'd taken off. Eve urged Rafe to try not to be bitter, since Eddie clearly wasn't worth it. She added that Eddie intended to leave town right after Paige's funeral. "That's not soon enough for me," Rafe grumbled. Staring wistfully at a picture of Paige, Rafe lamented having to get to know the sister he'd never known about by investigating her murder.

Eve admitted that knowing she'd given birth to such a gentle soul had made her feel as if perhaps she wasn't a bad person, after all, until she'd realized that Paige's goodness hadn't reflected on Eve at all. Rafe suggested that, after the investigation was over, he and Eve could get together to talk about Paige. Eve eagerly agreed that it sounded nice.

Rafe stressed that he had already been fully committed to finding who had killed Paige even before he'd learned she was his sister. Eve embraced Rafe and started to head out, but he stopped her to ask how old Paige had been when Eddie had left. "She was still all legs and pigtails. She was just ten," Eve replied, fighting back tears.

Eddie spotted Gabi having ice cream with Arianna across Horton Square. He ducked behind a streetlight pole so he could surreptitiously take some pictures of them with his phone. As Eddie was trying to casually walk away, Gabi accidentally knocked Arianna's stuffed pink bunny off the table. Penned in by the table and the stroller, Gabi spied the man across the way and called out to him to ask if he would retrieve the toy for her.

As Eddie picked up the bunny, he commented that the little girl was beautiful. Gabi asked if he had any kids or grandkids. Eddie hedged that he didn't have the "magic touch" with kids that Gabi clearly had. Just then, Rafe walked by. When he saw Eddie with Gabi, Rafe noted that it was getting chilly out, so Gabi should probably take Arianna home. Gabi agreeably gathered up her daughter and left. "So, tell me: which family are you here to reconcile with? Multiple-choice question," Rafe demanded of Eddie.

Rafe angrily accused Eddie of abandoning not one but two families. Eddie admitted that he'd screwed up, but he was sincere about his grief over his daughter and about wanting to reconnect with Rafe. Rafe asserted that only people who cared -- and didn't walk out -- were allowed to grieve. He warned Eddie that reconnecting with him or with Gabi would never happen. Eddie remarked that his grandbaby was very beautiful -- but he would be leaving town soon. "In the meantime, stay the hell away from me and my family," Rafe spat as he walked away.

Kate was sitting alone in Club TBD when Eddie walked in and headed for the bar. He did a double take when he saw her gazing at him with interest from across the room. After Eddie got his beer, he raised his glass to Kate, and she did the same with her martini glass.

Ben ran into Marlena in the park outside Horton Square and thanked her for helping his father become a "kinder, gentler Clyde." Although Marlena reminded Ben that she couldn't discuss her patients, she was glad that Ben and Clyde were getting along better. A beaming Ben talked about how much enjoyment he was getting out of helping Abigail plan their wedding. Marlena seemed thrilled for the happy couple. When she had to leave for the hospital, Ben offered to accompany her so he could surprise Abigail.

Chad entered Stefano's hospital room and found the room dark and the empty bed made. He flipped on the light and stared at the bed until Abigail entered and reassured Chad that Stefano had just been taken down for testing. Abigail asked if Chad's hypnosis session with Marlena had helped him remember the events of the nights Serena and Paige had been killed. Chad explained that hypnotherapy was a process that could take more than one session, but he had another scheduled soon. He added that he'd also been investigating whether he could have been drugged.

Chad seemed a little discouraged, so Abigail urged him not to give up because they would find the answers. She stated firmly that she knew he had not killed anyone, and everyone else would see the truth as soon as he could unlock his memories of those nights. A grateful Chad reached out a hand to stroke Abigail's face. At that moment, a nurse entered the room -- just as Ben passed by in the passageway outside and spotted Chad and Abigail together. Chad and Abigail immediately jumped up.

Ben demanded to know what was going on. Abigail explained that she'd just been reassuring Chad about his father, but Ben reminded her that she'd promised to stay away from Chad. Abigail pleaded with Ben to listen to her, but he refused. "Why should I? I can't take your word for anything anymore... And you expect me to make you my wife, when you lie so easily? Why would I do that? What kind of fool do you take me for?" a furious Ben bellowed.

While Abigail tried to stop Ben from storming out, Chad defended Abigail and urged Ben not to punish her for having a heart. Abigail held Ben and reminded him that she loved him, but he refused her suggestion that they go somewhere to talk privately. He stalked out, and Chad started to go after him, but Abigail said that would just make things worse. Disheartened, Chad announced that he was going to see Marlena. Abigail walked Chad to the elevator, and as he boarded a car, he told her that Ben had been right: Abigail would be better off if she stayed away from Chad.

Marlena was dictating case notes into a small voice recorder when Chad entered her office. He asked Marlena to put him under again, because he'd realized that what was happening was affecting other people too. Marlena thought Chad was much too agitated, and she wouldn't attempt hypnosis unless he could put whatever had upset him aside and calm down. Chad nodded his agreement.

Marlena darkened her office and talked Chad through the relaxation steps until his breathing slowed. She instructed him to think back to when he'd argued with Paige Larson in the square. "Was that the last time you saw Paige that day?" Marlena asked. Chad admitted he didn't know because his memories of the day ended there. Marlena directed Chad to think about the evening he'd spent with Serena and what had happened after she'd slapped him. "Tell me what you see now," Marlena requested.

Chad began to see hazy images of himself, fighting with someone. "Someone's here. Hey! Get off of me!" Chad shouted in Marlena's office. As he became more agitated, Marlena reassured him that he was safe, and no one could hurt him. Panting, Chad said he couldn't tell what was happening. A few minutes later, Marlena had ended the hypnosis, to Chad's frustration. He angrily insisted that he'd been very close to learning something important.

Marlena calmly stated that they should pause and regroup before they continued -- but she reassured Chad that they had opened the door, so the information would begin to flow as soon as his mind was ready. "Thank you for seeing me today, and for your help," Chad said abruptly before striding out.

Abigail sat on a bench in the park and began to weep miserably. Suddenly, she gasped and put a hand on her belly. Making herself stop crying, Abigail brushed the hair out of her face and rose from the bench with determination. She headed to the apartment and called out for Ben, but he appeared not to be home, as there were no lights on and the place was quiet.

Chad headed for the waterfront and stood on the dock with his eyes closed, inhaling the damp air. He took out his phone to call Abigail but changed his mind. As he was about to leave, he suddenly began to remember the fight in more detail: a man, whose appearance had given the impression of homelessness, had approached Chad from behind, and the two men had fought. Reeling, Chad headed for the exit.

Later, Eve wandered down to the pier and stared numbly out over the water. A sound behind her caused her to turn with a start, but she soon tilted her head back to look at the sky.

Marlena was working alone in her office, the lights still dimmed after her session with Chad. When Marlena went out for a moment to refresh her cup of tea, a gloved figure silently crept into her office.

Rafe returned to the police station and resumed reviewing whiteboard that was covered with photographs, evidence, and theories about the murders. He phoned Marlena, who'd just returned to her office, and asked if she'd done the profile on the killer. Marlena admitted that she hadn't started on it yet, but she intended to get it to Rafe soon. As she hung up, the figure crept up behind her, wrapping a red necktie between two gloved hands.

Rafe stared at the whiteboard for a long time, his eyes roaming over the evidence, until something about a red necktie, written next to the photograph of a deceased Paige, suddenly caught his attention. He raced for the door and headed out.

While Marlena was sitting in her desk chair, her back to the door, the figure quickly wrapped the tie around her neck and pulled it taught. Strangling, Marlena fought for breath and struggled hard to get free, noisily kicking items off of her desk as the killer dragged her around the room by the necktie. As the killer tightened the tie, Marlena fought desperately to pull it away from her throat.

Just then, Chad returned to the hospital and got on the elevator to head for Marlena's office.

Marlena identifies her attacker

Marlena identifies her attacker

Thursday, September 24, 2015

by Mike

At the hospital, Marlena tried desperately to fend off her attacker, even attempting to stab the person with a letter opener she had managed to grab, but she passed out before she could break free. Chad burst into Marlena's office after hearing sounds of a struggle from the hallway, and the attacker -- dressed in black and wearing a hood -- shoved past him and rushed off.

Marlena regained consciousness as Chad was removing the tie from her neck. "You," Marlena whispered, gasping as she eyed the tie Chad was holding. Chad tried to assure Marlena that someone else had attacked her, but she passed out again after telling him not to touch her. Chad gently shook Marlena in an effort to revive her, but when that didn't work, he stumbled out of the room, knowing how the scene would look to an outsider.

Rafe soon arrived, eager to talk to Marlena about the murders, and when he saw that she was passed out on the floor, he rushed to her side and called for assistance after confirming that she was still alive. Later, while Marlena was resting in a hospital room, Daniel assured John that, although she would probably have a sore throat and a headache when she woke up, she would otherwise be fine. "I'm gonna kill the son of a bitch," John muttered. "Oh, I'll help you," Daniel replied. Daniel couldn't believe the attacker had been bold enough to strike at the hospital. "That's clearly crazy," Daniel told Rafe, who revealed that the person had left behind a necktie.

John noticed that Marlena seemed to be waking up, so Daniel ran a few quick tests, shining a light in her eyes while also asking her to identify the president and tell him her age. "Nice try," Marlena said in response to the latter question, glaring at Daniel. "She's back," Daniel concluded, breathing a sigh of relief along with John. Marlena informed John that she had seen her attacker. "It was Chad," Marlena added. John stormed out of the room, determined to kill Chad, but Rafe chased after him and, with great effort, eventually managed to talk him out of doing that. John insisted, however, on helping Rafe apprehend Chad.

While passing through a secluded section of the town square, Jennifer ran into a winded Clyde, who was dressed in black. Clyde explained that he had taken up power walking in an effort to shed a few pounds before the wedding. "Probably thought I was, uh, running from the police or something, huh?" Clyde guessed as he struggled to catch his breath.

Jennifer denied the suspicion and tried to excuse herself, but Clyde stopped her, pushing for just a minute of her time so he could discuss wedding venues with her. Jennifer thought it would be best to let Abigail and Ben decide where they wanted to get married, but Clyde argued that kids couldn't be counted on to always make the best decisions. Jennifer advised that Clyde needed to learn how to trust Ben and Abigail, but Clyde maintained that his involvement in the planning of the wedding could save the couple a lot of money.

"I just think you need to stop going on and on about this wedding, 'cause you might not even be there," Jennifer blurted out. When Clyde questioned the meaning of the statement, Jennifer suggested that Ben and Abigail might end up eloping, especially if Clyde kept trying to butt in. Clyde started to insist that wasn't going to happen, but he soon stopped himself and grinned, guessing Jennifer had just been pulling his leg. Nervously playing along with Clyde's theory, Jennifer reasoned that, while she understood his excitement, their job as parents was simply to act as supporters of the happily engaged couple.

Jennifer warned that, while Abigail had a really sweet side, she also had a real spine, and she wouldn't appreciate it if someone else tried to take control of her wedding. Clyde observed that Jennifer seemed to have a real spine herself. Jennifer replied that she was what some might call a protective mother. Acknowledging that it would obviously be best for him to watch his step around Jennifer, Clyde added that, while he perhaps had a tendency to get carried away sometimes, that was only because he had a lot to make up for with Ben.

"You know, things just have a way of unraveling, and I seem to be the only one who can make things right," Clyde mused. Jennifer argued that Clyde just thought he was the only one who could make things right, and he conceded the point. "But a lot of the time, I am right," Clyde added, leaning in a bit closer to Jennifer. Grasping Jennifer's hand, Clyde concluded that she was a remarkable woman, and he looked forward to developing a closer relationship with her once their kids were married to each other. After Clyde walked away, Jennifer wiped her hand on her shirt in disgust.

When Ben entered his and Abigail's apartment, Abigail was standing at the desk, holding the small wooden box Ben had crafted for her the previous year. "You look surprised to see me. I do live here, you know," Ben reminded Abigail, who replied that she had been a million miles away when he had walked in. "You spend a lot of time there," Ben muttered. Abigail showed Ben the box, explaining that she had just been thinking about how much she appreciated the fact that he had made it for her. Ben admitted that he was glad Abigail liked the box, despite the fact that it wasn't expensive or fancy. Abigail clarified that she loved it -- and Ben.

"You're still here. Did you forget the part where I broke off our engagement?" Ben wondered. Abigail said she had returned to the apartment to try to make Ben realize that he was overreacting to what he believed he had witnessed between her and Chad earlier. "I kind of love how it's always my fault," Ben muttered. Abigail assured Ben that she didn't think that, adding that he had simply seen exactly what he had been looking for. Ben reminded Abigail that he had seen Chad touching her. Ben complained that Chad was always hitting on Abigail -- and she never bothered to stop him from doing so.

Abigail argued that marrying Ben was a good way of sending a clear signal to Chad, showing him exactly who she really wanted to be with. Abigail assured Ben that Chad wasn't a threat, tearfully adding that she wanted to marry Ben and raise their child together. "And Chad can't keep that from happening. But you could," Abigail concluded. Ben told Abigail they could still have a future together -- a future he wanted more than anything else in the world -- if she agreed to leave Salem with him -- for good.

Abigail wondered if Ben believed that would magically make his jealousy disappear. Ben argued that it would prove that Abigail loved him and was willing to put him and their baby ahead of Chad. Abigail insisted she had already done that, and Ben just wasn't willing to accept that fact. Abigail added, however, that she would indeed move away with Ben if that was what he wanted. Abigail wanted some time to say goodbye to her family, though, so Ben agreed to wait until the following day to leave. As Ben hugged Abigail, she silently sobbed.

Abigail went to the Horton house to say goodbye to Jennifer, startling her in the process. Jennifer joked that she hadn't expected to see Abigail because she had already gotten used to the idea of Abigail abandoning her. Abigail hesitantly told Jennifer about her plan to leave town with Ben the following day, assuring her that it had been a mutual decision. "Right, which explains why you're so upbeat and happy about [it]," Jennifer sarcastically observed.

Abigail insisted that moving away with Ben was indeed what she wanted, adding that they simply needed some time to themselves before the baby arrived. Jennifer understood and even conceded that leaving Salem might be the best move for Abigail and Ben. After Abigail left, Jennifer stared at the bullet Clyde had sent J.J., muttering that, while she might not get to cry at Abigail's wedding or press her bouquet and put it in a book, she could at least rest assured that Abigail would be safe from Clyde.

Clyde went to Ben and Abigail's apartment to tell Ben about his earlier encounter with Jennifer, but when he spotted the suitcase Ben had been in the process of packing, he got upset about the couple's plan to leave Salem. Clyde tried to change Ben's mind, insisting that Ben couldn't leave because of Chad, especially since Chad would just follow him, anyway. "Then I'll kill him," Ben matter-of-factly replied. Taken aback, Clyde clarified that he hadn't meant that Chad would physically follow Ben and Abigail out of town; he had meant that the idea of Chad would haunt Ben, tainting every moment he spent with Abigail.

Clyde advised Ben to stay in Salem and watch Chad go down in flames. Ben argued that Chad wasn't going to get arrested just because Clyde wanted that to happen, but Clyde countered that the police were after Chad at that exact moment because something else had apparently occurred that night. Ben reminded himself that Abigail had agreed to go away with him, meaning she had chosen a future with him over a future with Chad. "Well, that's a smart choice, since a future with him means about an hour a week in the conjugal trailer in the prison yard," Clyde joked, prompting Ben to shout that it wasn't a joking matter.

Clyde apologized for being a jerk but added that the point was that Ben had won. "You're right. The only place Abigail and I are going is our beautiful new Salem," Ben agreed, taking back the house keys he had tried to return to Clyde earlier.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad hastily grabbed a few things from the safe in the study, accidentally knocking over a vase in his rush to leave before the cops showed up. Chad sent Abigail a text message and asked her to meet him at the pier, and when she showed up, he told her about what had happened earlier. "I'm here for three reasons, okay? To tell you I didn't do it, to say goodbye to you, and to tell you I love you," Chad added. Abigail refused to let Chad run, vowing to turn him in herself if he tried to do that. "I've got you in a corner. I'm calling the shots. You can thank me later," Abigail added.

Abigail took Chad to a shed Jack had hidden out in during his last return to Salem. Abigail assured Chad that no one else knew about the shed, making it the perfect place for him to hide while trying to figure out how to prove his innocence. Chad thanked Abigail for her help and asked her to promise she would never return to the shed. Abigail complied, revealing that she would be leaving Salem the following day, anyway. "So...this is goodbye," Abigail concluded before giving Chad a kiss on the cheek and leaving.

At the hospital, Marlena awoke from a nightmare, just in time to see a figure enter her room, dressed in black and wearing a hood. Panicking, Marlena repeatedly pressed her call button as the figure inched toward her, but when he stepped out of the shadows, she was relieved to see that it was just Daniel.

In Ben and Abigail's apartment, Ben emerged from the bathroom in time to catch the end of a news report. "The APB was issued late this evening. Salem police confirmed that Chad DiMera is wanted for the murders of Serena Mason and Paige Larson, and also for the attack on Dr. Marlena Evans this evening at University Hospital," the reporter announced. After turning off the television, Ben knelt at the foot of the bed and began pulling storage containers out from underneath it.

Ben retrieved a box from one of the containers and carried it over to the desk. After grabbing a garbage bag, Ben lifted the lid off the box and removed a stack of red neckties from it, along with a sealed plastic bag filled with flowers, which he sniffed before tossing aside. Ben also removed a pair of black gloves and a hood from the box. Ben stuffed all the items in the garbage bag and took it to the pier, where he added a heavy-looking pulley he had found there, presumably to weigh the bag down. After tying the bag shut, Ben tossed it in the water.

Andre reveals he is actually Stefano's son

Andre reveals he is actually Stefano's son

Friday, September 25, 2015

In the Kiriakis living room, Adrienne spoke on the phone with her mother. "Of course, I'll think about it... Don't I always do everything you ask of me? Mom, I love you," Adrienne said before hanging up.

At the police station, Aiden promised to notify Justin and the police as soon as Chad contacted him if the police agreed to let Aiden know if they located Chad. Rafe assured Aiden that nothing would happen to Chad as long as Chad turned himself in.

While Kayla waited in the Martin house, which was still undergoing renovations and draped with drop cloths, Hope informed Roman by phone that she was taking care of some personal business and had left Rafe in charge of the search for Chad. When Hope hung up, she thanked Kayla for agreeing to be her matron of honor. Kayla asked why Hope was taking a back seat in an important case. Hope explained that she wanted to remind Rafe's superiors that he was a fine cop.

Aiden called Hope and told her that he would meet her at the Martin house soon. Hope was beaming when she hung up. Kayla cautiously informed Hope that Steve had left town because he'd gotten a lead on Bo's whereabouts -- and Kayla thought Steve was onto something. Hope was skeptical, so Kayla explained that she'd changed her mind about Steve's theories after she'd heard him out. Kayla added that Steve had promised it would be his very last mission. An incredulous Hope reminded Kayla that Steve was the same man who'd deserted Joey and Kayla in Africa.

Hope admitted that she hoped Steve could find Bo, but it wouldn't change how Bo had chosen his mission over his family -- or that she'd fallen in love with a wonderful man. Kayla clarified that she had only thought Hope should know what Steve was doing; she didn't expect Hope to change her feelings about Aiden. Kayla got a text message and had to leave, but first she reassured Hope that she would make sure Hope's wedding was great.

Justin entered the conference room where Rafe was reviewing the evidence on the whiteboard and announced that Stefano was out of the hospital. Justin blamed Rafe for Chad's disappearance because he hadn't arrested Chad when Justin had ordered it, and Stefano probably had Chad in hiding somewhere. Rafe argued that there still wasn't enough evidence, but Justin pointed out that Marlena had named Chad as her attacker. Rafe countered that Marlena had been attacked from behind and had only seen Chad's face after the assault. Justin angrily commanded Rafe to find and arrest Chad.

Hope and Rafe talked by phone about Justin's theory that Stefano had gotten Chad out of the country. Hope didn't think Chad would have gone along with that plan because it could have made him appear guilty. She instructed Rafe to ask Roman for some more manpower to search for Chad. When Rafe hung up, a woman was waiting to speak to him. She introduced herself as Lani Price, whose name Rafe recognized as the transfer from Miami. Shaking her hand enthusiastically, Rafe introduced himself and welcomed Lani to Salem.

Lani explained that she wasn't supposed to start until the following day, but she'd wanted to go in early to check things out and meet Commissioner Brady. Rafe informed Lani that Roman was in a meeting. Lani gave her phone number to Rafe and informed him that she was staying at the Salem Inn.

Later, Lani sat in Horton Square, reading archived news articles about Abe on her tablet.

A uniformed cop entered the conference room and informed Rafe that they had just gotten a tip from a snitch, who'd seen a man matching Chad DiMera's description on the docks. As he hurried out, Rafe instructed the officer to order dispatch to send all available units to that location.

In the DiMera study, Stefano sent one of his henchmen off to find Chad, instructing the man to use the secret tunnels when he returned with Chad. Stefano said he had one other task for the lackey, but just then, André DiMera appeared in the doorway.

Lucas spotted Aiden across Horton Square and invited him to join Will and Lucas for a game of pickup basketball. Aiden declined, since he was meeting with Hope to make wedding plans, but he promised to play with the guys once his finger had healed. As Lucas left, Stefano's henchman approached Aiden and said that Mr. DiMera wanted to see Aiden.

André kissed a stunned Stefano on the forehead. André admitted that he knew he wasn't supposed to return to Salem, but he'd thought Stefano could use his help. "You thought wrong," Stefano said. "Come on, Father. Ever since we found out that I was your biological son, we knew this moment was going to happen! Someone needs to step in and try to salvage what's left of this venerable dynasty!" André declared. Stefano worried that André wasn't safe in Salem, but André was worried about Stefano's health.

André already knew many details about the murders and the suspicion on Chad. Stefano insisted that someone was trying to destroy Chad, who was innocent. André concluded that it was a good thing that he'd decided to return. "Does Chad know that I'm his long-lost brother?" André asked. "No, and he must not find out," Stefano said firmly.

Just then, the henchman arrived with Aiden, who eyed André warily. Stefano demanded to know where the check that Aiden had stolen was, but Aiden feigned ignorance. Stefano warned Aiden that he'd stopped payment on the check. While Stefano coughed and used an oxygen mask, Aiden reminded him that they'd had a deal. "Our deal is off!" Stefano declared, wheezing. Aiden asserted that he'd lived up to his end of the bargain, so Stefano needed to pay up.

When it appeared that Aiden was physically threatening Stefano, André stepped in between them. "You can collect your money in hell! And I'm also firing you as my son's attorney," Stefano growled. Aiden cautioned Stefano that it left him no choice but to tell Hope everything. André held the door open, indicating that Aiden should leave. Aiden threatened to go to the cops, as well, but Stefano wondered how Hope would feel when she learned that Aiden had bedded her to get money from Stefano. André shoved Aiden out the door and closed it.

André offered to "take care of" Aiden for Stefano, but Stefano said Aiden was more useful to them alive. A little later, André delivered a cup of chamomile tea to Stefano. "I'd prefer a nice Brunello," Stefano asserted, to André's amusement. Stefano admitted that it was good to have André home again, though he was worried about André's safety. André was more interested in why Stefano had hired someone to seduce Hope and make her forget the love of her life. "All in good time, my son. All in good time," was all Stefano would say.

Aiden headed to Horton Square and spotted the mobster who'd broken his finger, talking to Chase. Chase explained that the babysitter was at the ice cream shop, getting him a smoothie. Aiden told Chase to join the babysitter and assured him that it was okay to have an ice cream cone. He asked Chase to wait so Aiden could give him a ride home. After Chase left, Aiden demanded to know what the thug had been doing with Chase. "Let me put it this way: you've got twenty-four hours to come up with what you owe my boss, or next time I bump into Chase, I'll be giving him a ride, and it won't be to your place," the goon threatened.

When Aiden arrived at the Martin house, he explained to Hope that he was late because he'd given Chase a ride home. Hope was eager to show off the house, but Aiden maintained that wherever she wanted to get married was fine with him. Surprised that her fiancé didn't want to look around, Hope asked if something were bothering Aiden. Aiden said Stefano had just fired him as Chad's lawyer, but Hope suspected that wasn't the real reason Aiden seemed so upset. "There is something wrong. It's not about Chad... You know how much I love you, and that's why this is so hard for me. I have a confession to make, and you're not going to like what I have to say," Aiden admitted shakily.

Adrienne went to the hospital and ran into Lucas, whose wrist was in a brace. Lucas sheepishly admitted that he'd injured it playing basketball. He asked how things were going with Adrienne and Justin, but she said she didn't feel comfortable talking about it with Lucas. "I don't think you should do this. I think you're making a huge mistake," Lucas warned Adrienne, but before he could explain, Kayla showed up. The women headed into Kayla's office.

Adrienne asked if Kayla knew how to get in touch with Steve, but Kayla said he was out of town. Adrienne explained that her mom had just had a biopsy of a spot the doctors had seen on her mammogram, and it had been malignant -- but they'd assured Jo they'd caught it in time. Relieved, Kayla promised to call Jo. Adrienne clarified that Jo had wanted her to get tested for the BRCA1 gene mutation.

Kayla reassured Adrienne that, even if Adrienne had the gene, it didn't mean she would get cancer. Adrienne was aware of that, but she wanted to find out anyway. Kayla said she would schedule the test. Adrienne changed her mind and asked Kayla not to say anything to Steve yet.

At Club TBD, Eddie thanked Eve for agreeing to meet him. Eddie tried to claim that he was hurting just as much as Eve was over Paige's death, but Eve bitterly suggested that Eddie had no such claims on the daughter he'd abandoned. "Here's something I bet you didn't know about your daughter: she hated your guts as much as I do," Eve spat. Changing the subject, Eddie promised to help plan and pay for Paige's funeral -- and not to bother Eve anymore when it was over.

Eve accused Eddie of putting on a show of caring and sensitivity to impress his other children -- whom Eddie had never bothered to mention, even while he'd been telling Eve that they were "soul mates." To let Eddie know what Paige had been like, Eve described how Paige had made breakfast in bed for Eve on the anniversary of the day Eddie had left, and how the two of them had celebrated that day together every year after that. "We had each other, and we didn't need you. We didn't need you in our lives anymore!" Eve declared.

Eddie said he wanted the high school chorus to sing at Paige's memorial service, since she had loved being in the choir. Eve's furious reaction surprised Eddie, so he backpedaled that it had been a bad idea. As Eve was shouting at Eddie, Justin showed up and asked Eve if everything were all right. Eddie tossed some money for the drinks on the table and left. Eve reluctantly admitted to Justin that Eddie was Paige's father, from whom she hadn't heard in years.

Justin offered to trump up some charges to scare Paige's father out of town if he were causing problems for Eve. Eve said she didn't think anything would help to make things more bearable for her; she just hoped Eddie would leave after the funeral, as he'd promised. Justin asked if there were anything he could do for Eve. "You're doing it just by being my friend," Eve said, standing to give Justin a grateful hug. Just then, Lucas walked in and spied the embrace.

Aboard the Kiriakis jet, Steve met with a blonde woman named Claudia to ask her what had happened to Bo Brady. Claudia was reluctant to talk, but Steve reassured her that no one would find out they had spoken. Claudia admitted that she'd been paid to meet with Bo and to lie that she had gotten the knife tattoo to honor her mother, Britta Englund. Claudia had told Bo that Britta was still alive and Claudia knew where she was. Steve promised to make it worth Claudia's while if she would tell him where she'd sent Bo.

Claudia coyly suggested that Steve could seduce her as payment, but he declined. Claudia revealed that she'd been instructed to give Bo a phone number for him to call and learn where Britta was. Claudia claimed she couldn't remember where she'd put the phone number, so Steve held up a rubber-banded roll of bills and offered her a thousand dollars to jog her memory. Claudia agreeably produced a phone number on a torn scrap of paper, and Steve handed over the cash. "I hope you find your friend. I mean it. You seem like a decent guy. I don't meet that many of them," Claudia said as she got off the plane.

Steve immediately called John and filled him in that Claudia had been hired to send Bo into a trap. Since they didn't have an address, Steve asked John to research to whom that number had been registered a year prior. John called back later and informed Steve that the phone number had been registered to a monastery in Yucatán, Mexico. "Why the hell would they lure Bo there? And who gave the order?" Steve wondered.

Next, Steve phoned Kayla to check in. He asked how Joey was, and Kayla said the teen had been much less angry since he'd returned. "What'd you say to him?" she asked. "I just told him all the reasons I have for loving you," Steve said. Kayla hoped Steve hadn't made any promises he couldn't keep. "I made my intentions very clear to our son, and I mean to live up to every word," Steve assured his ex. Steve added that he also intended to return home, even if he didn't find Bo -- although Steve believed he was on the right track.

In his cell, Bo did pushups until he couldn't do any more. He began using his bare fingers to unscrew the bolt that held a metal plate to the cell wall, which in turn held the end of the chain fastened around his ankle. Slowly but surely, he worked the bolt out of the wall. When it was loose enough, Bo grabbed the end of the chain, planted his feet against the wall, and pulled with all his might until he yanked the plate free.

The guard arrived a little later with a tray of food but found Bo's cell empty. Bo suddenly dropped down from above and put the guard in a chokehold until the man lost consciousness. Bo retrieved the keys from the guard's pocket and unlocked his leg chain, but before he could leave, another guard showed up. "Going somewhere?" the guard asked, aiming a gun at Bo.

Later, Bo was strapped to a hand truck, a leather "biter mask" face shield over the lower half of his face. While Bo panted fearfully, a guard slapped him on the shoulder and held out a knife. "Guess what! You and me are going on a little trip. But first, there's a little something we need to take care of," the guard said, holding the knife at Bo's throat.

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