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Chad's alibi fell through. The police closed in on Chad. Aiden told Hope about his gambling debts. Ben had nightmares about his crimes. Marlena was not sure Chad had attacked her. Justin and Theresa helped Eve deal with Paige's death and funeral. Adrienne was tested for the breast cancer gene. Caroline's mental health was at risk.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 28, 2015 on DAYS
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Steve makes progress in his search for Bo

Steve makes progress in his search for Bo

Monday, September 28, 2015

by Mike

At the pier, Rafe chastised himself for failing to assign someone to keep an eye on the place, since the boats were an obvious method of escape for the DiMeras. While kicking a crate in anger, Rafe spotted a locket -- one that had Jennifer and J.J.'s photographs inside. Knowing it had to belong to Abigail, Rafe wondered when she had visited the pier -- and who she had been with at the time.

Roman went to the Horton house in search of J.J., upset because he hadn't checked in with Roman or Watts in over forty-eight hours. Jennifer defended J.J. -- who wasn't at home -- explaining that he was in a bad place at that time because two women, one of whom he had cared deeply for, had been murdered, and he feared he might also be in danger.

Roman stressed that the murders weren't connected to the drug investigation in any way, adding that the latest attack had left the police positive that Chad was the killer. Roman wouldn't tell Jennifer the identity of the third victim, but he assured her that the woman had survived the attack, which had taken place at the hospital. Roman also revealed that Chad was on the run.

Roman's report failed to calm Jennifer's nerves, and when she blurted out that J.J. needed to get out of Salem right away -- and stay gone -- Roman started to suspect there was something she wasn't telling him. Dodging the question, Jennifer reminded Roman that he was the one who had gotten J.J. involved in the drug investigation in the first place, despite her misgivings. Roman said that was why he was making it his business to confirm that J.J. was all right -- which he couldn't do until J.J. checked in with him. "He is never going to be all right. Nothing is ever going to be all right, ever again," Jennifer insisted.

His suspicions again aroused, Roman urged Jennifer to tell him the real reason she was scared. Before Jennifer could respond, J.J. entered the house and lashed out at Roman for visiting -- and consequently putting J.J.'s cover at risk. Noting that J.J. seemed just as freaked out as Jennifer did, Roman demanded to know what was going on. J.J. reported that Kyle was missing, and he pointed out that, since Kyle had been his only contact in the drug ring, he was no longer in a position to help Roman and Watts. "I want out of the entire operation," J.J. added. Roman remained suspicious but agreed to pass the news on to Watts.

After Roman left, Jennifer assured J.J. that she hadn't said anything to Roman about Clyde. Jennifer admitted, however, that she had wanted to. Jennifer tried to talk J.J. into confiding in Roman, but he insisted that doing so would be too dangerous. J.J. stressed that Clyde was crazy, and Jennifer conceded that she had gotten the same impression, revealing that Clyde had recently paid her a visit -- supposedly to discuss Abigail and Ben's wedding -- and had said some really strange things during their conversation. Jennifer added that, since then, Clyde had been running into her randomly and acting like they were best friends.

"He's so paranoid... Mom, he must have planted a bug in here or something," J.J. guessed as he began frantically searching the living room, eventually finding what he was looking for. J.J. started to panic, assuming that Clyde had heard everything that had just been said, but Jennifer suggested that Eve might have been the one who had planted the listening device, since that would explain how Eve had found out about J.J.'s undercover operation. "What you're saying makes a lot of sense, okay, but we need to assume that it was Weston, we need to assume that he knows I was working for the DEA, and we need to assume that he is coming after me. I will not see it coming, but he will find me, Mom! And you know he will not touch Abigail, but we need to make sure that nothing happens to you," J.J. quietly stressed.

Abigail took a bag of groceries to Chad's hideout, which, she informed Chad, belonged to Victor but hadn't been used in decades. Chad assured Abigail that he could survive on what she had provided him with, adding that his main concern was going to be finding a way to sneak back into Salem. Insisting that would be too risky, Abigail tried to convince Chad to lie low and let her work on establishing his alibi herself, but he reminded her that she was going to be leaving Salem with Ben the following morning. Abigail protested that she would have plenty of time to devote to the task before her departure, but Chad maintained that she needed to focus on her own happiness and stop worrying about him. Promising that he wouldn't do anything stupid, Chad thanked Abigail for her help and urged her to have a good life. After saying goodbye to Chad, Abigail reluctantly left the shed.

Later, while trying to remember details about the homeless guy he had encountered at the pier, Chad realized that the guy had been trying to steal his watch -- and, more importantly, that the guy had first asked for the time. Chad recalled that he had told the guy it was two thirty-five. Knowing the police had determined that Serena had died at two forty-five, Chad concluded that, at that time, he had been nowhere near the woods where she had been killed, since he would have needed to possess the speed of a cheetah in order to get there from the pier in just ten minutes. Relieved, Chad started looking for things to disguise himself with, hoping to track down the homeless guy and get him to confirm the story, thereby providing Chad with an alibi for the time of Serena's murder.

In Ben and Abigail's apartment, Ben gasped as he woke up after dreaming about how Serena had struggled while being strangled to death. Pacing the floor, Ben began to recall how Paige had struggled when she had been strangled to death. "I didn't mean to. I couldn't have. No. It was Chad," Ben muttered.

When Abigail returned home, she found Ben standing at the window, staring blankly at something. Abigail called out to Ben, but he didn't respond until she approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Ben admitted he had feared that Abigail wouldn't return home, and he apologized for what he had said to her at the hospital earlier. "It's like I just -- I lose all control sometimes," Ben added. Abigail reminded Ben that they had already talked about that and were not only fine but were also planning to leave Salem together the following day. Ben acknowledged that it was going to be hard for Abigail to leave her family, prompting her to point out that they were about to start a family of their own. Abigail stressed that nothing was more important to her than Ben and their baby.

Ben wondered where Abigail had been earlier. Abigail reminded Ben that she had gone to say goodbye to Jennifer. Admitting that it wouldn't be fair for him to drag Abigail away from her entire family, Ben announced that he had decided he didn't want to leave Salem, after all. Abigail hugged Ben and thanked him, stressing that his change of heart meant a lot to her. "Well, you ought to know by now that I would do anything for you," Ben replied. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the apartment door, and when Abigail opened it, she found Rafe standing in the hallway. Rafe asked to talk to Abigail privately, so Ben left, claiming he had some errands to run, anyway.

Ben lingered in the hallway, holding a finger over the peephole while pressing his ear against the door. When Rafe showed Abigail the locket, she told him she had gone to the pier to clear her head after getting into an argument with Ben earlier that night. Rafe asked if Abigail had seen Chad while there, and she replied that she had not. Rafe informed Abigail that the police were looking for Chad. Abigail confirmed that she had heard that already, and she added that there was no way Chad could have murdered Serena and Paige.

Rafe hoped Abigail wasn't trying to protect Chad, since that would make her an accomplice. Laughing, Abigail told Rafe that, while she wasn't trying to help Chad leave the country, that did sound like the sort of thing Stefano would do, so Rafe might want to talk to him instead. Abigail added that she was in love with Ben -- and was going to be having a baby with him. Nodding, Rafe left after urging Abigail to let him know if Chad tried to contact her -- and to also, in that case, try to convince Chad to turn himself in. In the hallway, Ben hid around a corner until the coast was clear.

When Ben reentered the apartment, he wondered what Rafe had wanted. Abigail said Rafe had just wanted to ask her some questions about Chad. Ben noted that it seemed like something was bothering Abigail, prompting her to reply that she was simply tired -- and might be getting sick. Abigail headed toward the bathroom in a bit of a daze, telling Ben she was going to get ready for bed. Once he was alone, Ben retrieved his tablet computer and stared at an article about Chad's disappearance. "You son of a bitch. You're gonna pay for what you made me do," Ben muttered.

At the Martin mansion, Aiden reluctantly admitted that he was drowning in debt as a result of some risky investments he had made after Meredith's death. Aiden added that he had exacerbated the problem when he had chosen to seek the help of some shady lenders. Stunned, Hope tearfully wondered why Aiden hadn't trusted her enough to tell her the truth sooner. Aiden explained that he had kept the information from Hope because he hadn't wanted her to think of him as a failure. Aiden expected Hope to say she no longer wanted him in her life, but she assured him that wasn't the case.

When Hope asked for a total, Aiden said he owed one hundred thousand dollars. Hope seemed suspicious about the tidy sum, but Aiden assured her he could cover the rest of the debt himself. Hope wanted to know who Aiden's loan shark was, but he was only willing to say that it was someone she wouldn't be able to intimidate -- someone who had, in fact, recently made some threatening remarks about Chase. Concerned, Hope quickly made arrangements for the needed funds to be available the following morning, writing Aiden a check as soon as she received confirmation that her request had been processed.

When Aiden delivered the check to the guy who had been hounding him, he was shocked to learn that his debt had already been paid in full. The guy walked away after telling Aiden he didn't know who had provided the money. Aiden met up with Hope in the town square and assured her that the matter had been handled. Aiden started to thank Hope for her help, but she interrupted and asked him to promise that he wasn't keeping anything else from her. Aiden complied, but Hope seemed skeptical.

After Hope went to get some sugar for her coffee, Aiden removed her check from his jacket pocket, wondering what he was going to do with the money. Meanwhile, Aiden received a text message from Stefano -- "We have new business to discuss. Contact me."

Steve visited the monastery to which Claudia's phone number had led him, but it turned out to be empty. Discovering shackles in one of the rooms, Steve realized that the place had been turned into a prison at some point. When he noticed a hole in the wall, Steve leaned in for a closer look, using his switchblade to pry some pills out of it. Cupping them in his hand, Steve contacted someone and asked how long it would take them to run a DNA test.

In an undisclosed location, two men parked a gurney in the center of a room, right below a crackling light fixture. One of the men welcomed Bo, who was strapped to the gurney, to his new home, and the other man mused that Bo would soon find himself wishing for death. "This guy's gonna learn what pain really means," the man added, and he and his partner laughed as they exited the room, leaving Bo struggling in his bindings.

Marlena doubts Chad's guilt

Marlena doubts Chad's guilt

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In her living room, an overwhelmed Eve sat on the couch and stared at the wall. Theresa helped finalize funeral arrangements. As Theresa gently urged Eve to pick out a dress for Paige's burial, Eve remained motionless on the couch. Theresa picked up a black dress and noted that she remembered when Eve had purchased the dress for Paige. Eve blinked and reached out for the dress. Clutching the dress to her chest, Eve started to sob.

After wiping away her tears, Eve expressed anger over Eduardo's plans to attend Paige's funeral. Eve noted that after Eduardo had left them, Paige had been the one to keep Eve from falling apart. Theresa told Eve to remember the good memories of her daughter, and Eve lashed out at her sister. Reigning in her emotions, Eve apologized. Eve thanked Theresa for her support and hugged her tightly. With a sigh, Eve asked to be alone. After Theresa left, Eve handed the black dress to a courier for the funeral home when he stopped by then she broke down on the floor in tears.

On the porch of the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole pounded on the front door as Kate arrived. Kate and Nicole bickered. Brady interrupted as he returned home, and Nicole told him that Kate was Theresa's silent partner. With a nod, Brady said he was fine with Kate as a partner, and he urged the women to get along. While Brady tended to his son upstairs, Nicole and Kate went into the living room to chat privately.

Nicole threatened to remove Kate with a lawsuit. With a self-satisfied smirk, Kate noted that a lawsuit would bankrupt the company and ruin everything for both of them. Theresa arrived, and she was shocked to see Kate in the living room. Nicole lit into Theresa for partnering with Kate. When Nicole asked why Theresa had been out of touch, Theresa calmly explained that she had been comforting Eve and preparing for Paige's funeral. Nicole apologized.

The three women agreed to get along for the sake of their new company. As they sat down to talk business, Nicole and Kate quickly overpowered Theresa in the conversation. Theresa wanted to talk about a new line of clothing, but Nicole and Kate insisted on talking about the budget. As Nicole and Kate's discussion grew more heated, Brady returned downstairs. Brady noted that he had heard every word upstairs when he had been in his son's room, and he ordered them to keep the noise down.

After Brady returned upstairs, the discussion turned to clothing designs. Theresa eagerly offered some ideas, but Nicole and Kate asked Theresa to fetch some coffee from the kitchen. Theresa reluctantly agreed. From the staircase, Brady overheard the conversation, and he watched Theresa make faces as she trudged into the kitchen.

In the living room, Nicole pitched Eric as a fashion photographer. Kate did not believe that Eric had enough experience to turn in the type of photography they needed to reboot the company. When Kate pleaded her case, Nicole reluctantly agreed with Kate's rationalization for another photographer. Nicole pitched a few designers. As Theresa returned with the coffee, Nicole informed Kate that she would make the calls to the designers. Theresa vehemently objected.

Nicole reminded Theresa that they needed to make sure that their first campaign was successful, and she suggested that Theresa should wait on the sidelines. After Nicole left, Kate told Theresa that no one successful started at the top. Kate assured Theresa that it would be a good opportunity for Theresa to study the work of others and learn from them. "This is the education of a lifetime!" Kate crowed. After Kate left, Theresa threw a tantrum and complained to Brady. Brady cautioned Theresa to remember that success did not happen overnight. Theresa groaned.

"You will make it. You got it. You have the ambition. You have the determination. You have the drive. You have it all, everything you need. And I know Tate is going to be very proud of his mom one day," Brady said. Buoyed by Brady's words, Theresa gently kissed Brady. Brady delicately pushed Theresa away, and he told her that he was disappointed in her reaction to what he had said.

In Marlena's penthouse, she and Eric talked about Chad. Marlena said she was concerned that she had not seen that Chad had been setting her up. When Marlena wondered aloud whether she had not seen anything because Chad had been innocent, Eric shook his head. Marlena changed the subject to Eric. Eric admitted that he felt beaten up and confused. With a smile, Marlena reminded Eric that he had friends and family to support him.

Citing exhaustion, Marlena said she wanted to take a nap. Eric rose to leave, and he opened the front door a crack. As Eric mentioned Marlena's doubts about Chad, Abe arrived in the hallway and heard Eric's comment. Eric turned to leave and greeted Abe. Abe promised he would only visit for a moment, so Eric left.

Abe asked Marlena why she doubted that Chad had attacked her. Marlena clarified that she thought it was strange for a murderer to ask a psychiatrist for help. Abe suggested that Chad had been laying the groundwork for reasonable doubt in a court case. Shaking her head, Marlena noted that it was not logical for a killer to attend multiple appointments with her and then attempt to kill her. Abe blamed Marlena for breaching her ethics in treating Chad, but Marlena countered that Chad had been a person of interest and not a suspect. Abe warned Marlena to call the police if Chad contacted her.

At Club TBD, Will ate breakfast with Lucas. Will confirmed that Sonny had not reached out to him. When Lucas offered to travel to France and talk to Sonny, Will shook his head no. Will said that he had made too many mistakes and needed to give Sonny time. Will asked about Lucas' relationship with Adrienne. When Lucas changed the subject, Will asked Lucas if things were that bad. Lucas admitted that Adrienne had decided to give Justin another chance.

At the hospital, a nervous Adrienne paced, waiting for her test results. When Adrienne confided to Kayla that she felt alone, Kayla reminded Adrienne that the test for the breast cancer gene was a good first step. Kayla noted that if Adrienne tested positive for the gene, it would give her time to weight her options.

At the police station, Justin confided to Abe that he was frustrated with the police work on the strangler case. Abe urged Justin to do whatever it took to arrest the murderer. As Abe walked into his office, the new officer, Lonnie, introduced herself to Abe. Abe asked if they had met before, but a beaming Lonnie said they had not.

In the main room, Justin reviewed photos of Paige from the crime scene. Eve entered the station, and a startled Justin apologized for the photos. Eve demanded justice. Visibly shaken, Eve swore to have justice even if she had to find the killer on her own.

Justin escorted Eve to the town square, and he promised her that he would get justice. Justin confided that his family had worked for justice outside the system before but that it had never been a good thing. Justin urged Eve to be patient. With a sigh, Eve said that she had been blowing off steam and would let the police do their job. Eve thanked Justin for always making her feel better. With a shrug, Justin offered to escort Eve to the funeral. Eve accepted.

Nearby, Adrienne spotted Justin and Eve from across the square. Adrienne looked stricken as she saw Justin comfort Eve. Lucas saw Adrienne's face, and he followed her into the park. When Lucas caught up with Adrienne at the bench, Adrienne babbled that she had to have misread the situation between Justin and Eve. Adrienne stressed that Justin was comforting a grieving mother. Concerned, Lucas asked Adrienne if something else was bothering her.

Adrienne confided in Lucas about the test she had taken for the gene that indicated the high probability of developing breast cancer. Seeing how anxious Adrienne was for her test results, Lucas distracted her with a boat ride. Afterward, they laughed as they walked through the town square. Adrienne thanked Lucas for helping her. Adrienne hugged her ex-lover as Justin watched from nearby.

After Lucas left, Justin approached Adrienne. Adrienne assured Justin that Lucas was only a friend. As Justin furrowed his brow, Adrienne asked Justin to let go of his jealousy. Justin nodded.

Adrienne's phone rang. Kayla called to tell Adrienne that she was still waiting on the test results. Kayla told Adrienne that the test was likely nothing to worry about. After Adrienne hung up the phone, she told Justin that the call had been a friend. Adrienne did not mention the test she had taken.

Caroline's condition worsens considerably

Caroline's condition worsens considerably

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Caroline entered the Martin house, and once again, she heard a music box playing "Für Elise" and saw Shawn's reflection in the foyer mirror. Angrily calling Shawn a "banshee," Caroline told him that it wasn't her time because her family needed her. She easily recalled the names and problems of her children and grandchildren. "It's not my time, you understand? You get out of here!" Caroline shouted at the mirror.

Julie walked in just then and gently touched Caroline on the shoulders, and Caroline's aural and visual hallucinations vanished. Staring at the mirror in confusion, Caroline mumbled, "I'm not done yet." A concerned Julie called Kayla.

At the hospital, Victor demanded to know where Caroline was. Kayla explained that they had sent Caroline home because there was nothing more they could do for her. Kayla admitted that she hadn't been able to lie to her mother, although Caroline's condition was getting worse. Victor assured Kayla that she was a good daughter and had handled the situation well -- and he was sure that Caroline would get better. Kayla impatiently cautioned Victor that there was nothing new in the field of degenerative neurological disorders.

Kayla got Julie's call just then. After filling Kayla in that they were at the Martin mansion, Julie reported that Caroline had called her but had seemed surprised when Julie had shown up. Kayla could hear her mother in the background, yelling at Shawn. Kayla promised that she would be there right away, and Victor said he would go, too.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Hope started making plans for Hope's wedding. Hope remarked that she thought having her wedding during the bicentennial celebration would help to make Aiden feel more like a part of the family and the community. Hope admitted that, even though Rafe was the lead detective on the serial murder case, she had still been working long hours -- and until Rafe was convinced Chad had done it, she was keeping an open mind about who'd committed the murders.

Hope asserted that Rafe was a great detective had to be because he had a lot to prove -- especially to Justin. Hope declared that Rafe would soon solve the case, and then everyone would know, as she did, what a fantastic cop he was. Maggie and Hope began discussing the costumes for the celebration. Since Maggie didn't think most people would enjoy the nineteenth-century dress, she suggested they go with a 1960s theme, when the mansion had last been in use. Hope got excited when Maggie did a web search for clothing from that era.

When Kayla and Victor arrived at the Martin house, Caroline was sitting in the foyer with her back to the mirror. She didn't recognize either Victor or Kayla. Pointing over her shoulder at the mirror, Caroline said, "I'm trying to get rid of the old man... That's Shawn, my old man. He's gone over to the other side. He's trying to drag me with him!" Kayla knelt in front of her mother and asked if Caroline knew her. Caroline said she recognized Kayla but didn't know from where. Crying and trying not to completely break down, Kayla explained, "I'm your daughter, Kayla."

Caroline repeated that she wasn't going anywhere because her family needed her. Victor introduced himself to Caroline, and she seemed to recognize him. Taking her hands and helping her out of the chair, Victor reassured her that she wasn't going anywhere.

Hope and Maggie had fun looking at photos of wedding gowns from the '60s. Hope dreamily noted that she could visualize Aiden in a "Rat Pack" tuxedo. While the women were discussing where people would find appropriate costumes, Dr. Pedro Salinas arrived to see Victor. As Maggie shook the doctor's hand, she asked if Victor was expecting him. "He flew me in from Peru. He said it was an emergency," Salinas explained.

Although Hope was puzzled, Maggie immediately called Victor and informed him that Dr. Salinas had arrived. Relieved, Victor instructed Maggie to get Salinas settled and have the doctor join them at the hospital later, because he was about to take Caroline there. When Victor learned that Hope was with Maggie, he told his wife, "Bring her along. Caroline needs all the people she loves near her now."

Hope and Maggie got off the elevator at the hospital just as Julie, Victor, and Kayla arrived with Caroline. As Kayla took Caroline to get her settled in a room, Maggie and Hope realized that Caroline hadn't known who they were. Julie described how she'd found Caroline arguing with Shawn as if he'd been in the room. Victor explained that Dr. Salinas had been doing some cutting-edge research about Caroline's condition and had developed an experimental protocol that had been somewhat successful. Victor was hopeful that the doctor's research could cure Caroline.

Hope and Maggie were worried about Caroline undergoing an unproven, experimental treatment. Victor pointed out that Caroline's condition was deteriorating rapidly, so they needed to begin treatment right away. Julie agreed. As the others were discussing the treatment, Kayla returned and overheard. "You want to try an experimental treatment on my mother? Over my dead body!" Kayla warned.

Stefano was in his wheelchair in the DiMera study, taking a hit off his oxygen mask, when Aiden entered. Aiden asked why Stefano had summoned him. When André entered and referred to the proceedings as a "business meeting," Aiden objected that he didn't have any business with André, whose identity Aiden still didn't know. André maintained that while Stefano was recovering, he would be handling Stefano's affairs.

Aiden wanted to know why the DiMeras had bought his debts. André explained that they had wanted to lessen Aiden's "burden." André rattled off the colorful names of the men to whom Aiden had been indebted. "We own you, Mister Jennings... And you will do exactly as you're told for as long as we need you," André said. Aiden handed over the cashier's check for one hundred thousand dollars that he'd gotten from Hope, but André pointed out that the sum would barely cover the interest on what Aiden owed.

André wondered what would happen when Hope learned how much Aiden was really in debt for. Promising to repay the rest of the money, Aiden suggested that he could represent Chad as a way to work toward that. "My brother is off-limits to you," André declared, adding, "We'll let you know when you can be of service to us." He escorted Aiden through the door and shut it. André asserted to Stefano that they could use Aiden to their advantage, but they needed to take care of their own family first.

Stefano said he needed to rest, so André offered to have Harold get Stefano's room ready. Stefano declared that he was glad to have André home. André noted that people would soon find out that he was alive. "But not yet," Stefano said. "No, not if we can help it," André agreed.

Aiden headed to the police station, where he found Chase and Ciara playing a game of Monopoly at Hope's desk. Ciara informed Aiden that Hope wasn't there but would return soon. Chase asked his dad to join them, but Aiden declined until he saw Ciara taking pity on Chase and returning some of the rent he'd paid for a property she owned. Aiden agreed to play as long as they could start the game over. "Fine. I'll just beat you both," Ciara promised. Aiden seemed to enjoy the closeness that had developed between the kids, who had started calling one another "brah" and "sis."

While the trio played the game, André's words echoed in Aiden's head. Ciara and Chase cleaned Aiden out when he landed on their properties, but they sneakily put money back in Aiden's pile when he wasn't looking. While Aiden was away from the desk, the kids started talking about Paige's murder. Aiden asked them to stop, but the kids were worried because there was "a serial killer on the loose" who might kill someone else. Aiden reassured the kids that the police would catch the killer, and Hope and Aiden would keep them safe. "Nothing is going to happen to any of us, okay?" Aiden vowed, enveloping both kids in a big hug.

Rafe was reviewing the evidence board at the police station when a uniformed Lani arrived to drop off some witness interviews from Paige Larson's murder. Lani had just returned from searching for the murder suspect with many of the other cops. Rafe asked Lani to take a look at the evidence board, something she'd admittedly never seen except in the police academy. He encouraged her to look really closely at it, since she could provide a fresh perspective.

After examining the evidence for a bit, Lani noted that both crime scenes seemed staged, as if the killer had wanted everyone to think that he or she had been repeating a pattern. Since Lani had read the evidence so well, Rafe asked if she wanted to become a detective. Lani said she couldn't take the detective exam but intended to do so as soon as she was allowed. While Rafe left to interview a witness, he encouraged Lani to study the board some more and see if anything else occurred to her.

Rafe met Marlena in Horton Square. She thanked him for saving her life, but Rafe regretted that he hadn't been able to catch Marlena's attacker. Rafe asked about the profile that Marlena had put together on the killer. She admitted that she no longer thought Chad had attacked her because it didn't make any sense to her that he would do so after going to her for help. Rafe suspected that Chad had been trying to create an alibi by undergoing hypnotherapy to regain his memories, but Marlena noted that Chad had known it could have taken weeks to recover those memories.

Rafe theorized that Chad couldn't remember the murders because he'd snapped. "Not with that crime scene. The person who committed those murders did not do it in a dissociative state," Marlena asserted. Rafe asked what Chad had recalled under hypnosis. Marlena explained that Chad had remembered fighting with someone around the time of the murder the night Serena had been killed.

Lani was gone when Rafe returned to the conference room later. Pacing in front of the evidence board, Rafe wondered aloud, "If not Chad, then who else? Who would want to hurt these women? Who would want to frame Chad?"

In the fishing shack, Chad used a lantern to dig through some bins of old clothes and cold-weather gear. He donned a flannel shirt and topped it with a fishing vest, a beaten-up coat, a knit scarf, and a well-worn fishing hat. After making sure the coast was clear, Chad left. Keeping his head down so the hat obscured his face, Chad headed for the docks to look for the homeless man he'd fought with. Chad encountered a nervous woman and helped allay her fears by giving his scarf to her.

Chad asked the woman about the homeless man in the green Army jacket, but she clearly didn't want to help. Laughing, she wrapped the scarf around her face and ran off. A little later, Chad spotted the homeless guy behind a barrel. Before the man could flee, Chad stopped him. Taking off his hat, Chad asked, "Do you remember me?" The man was anxious to get somewhere, so Chad gave him some cash to take a cab. The man admitted that he remembered Chad, who had been "wasted" the night they'd met.

The homeless man said he'd asked Chad for the time, and Chad had freaked out; the man had only reached for Chad's watch to see what time it had been. "It was two thirty-five in the morning," the man recalled. Taking a large bill out of his wallet, Chad offered to pay the man if he went with Chad to the police station and told the cops what he remembered about that night.

Although the homeless guy eagerly snatched the money and stuffed it in his pocket, he refused to go with Chad as soon as he heard the police were involved. Chad swore that the man wasn't in trouble and nothing would happen to the man. The man shouted, "You're damn right it won't, because I'm not going! No cops!"

Chad takes a risk to clear his name

Chad takes a risk to clear his name

Thursday, October 1, 2015

by Mike

In Ben and Abigail's apartment, Ben was trying to put together a baby swing, but the act of tying one of the straps caused him to recall Serena's strangulation. Abigail emerged from the bathroom in time to catch Ben tossing the baby swing across the room. When Abigail wondered what was wrong, Ben claimed he was just frustrated because he couldn't figure out how to put the baby swing together, and he didn't have much time left before he had to be at Edge of the Square for his shift. Abigail assured Ben that it would be months before they would need the baby swing, and she reminded him that it was also bad luck to fill the apartment with baby items during the early stages of the pregnancy. Ben said he had assumed it would be okay to begin doing so because Abigail had recently started showing, but she told him it was still too soon.

After Ben promised to stop sweating the small stuff, Abigail headed off to meet up with her mother. Ben went to the refrigerator to grab something, and he paused when he saw the sonogram photograph that had been stuck to the door with a magnet. "I'm sorry. And it won't happen again. But I had to keep you safe...from Chad DiMera," Ben muttered, stroking the image with his thumb.

At the Horton house, Jennifer was on the phone with Laura, talking to her about Paige's impending funeral as well as Abigail's impending wedding. "I can't wait for you to meet Ben. Abigail did well; he's a keeper," Jennifer said with a smile. Later, Jennifer helped Abigail try on wedding dresses while talking about how happy she was that Abigail and Ben had decided to stay in Salem. Abigail cited the house Clyde had given her and Ben as one of their reasons for changing their minds about moving.

Gauging Jennifer's reaction, Abigail guessed Jennifer wasn't happy about Clyde's gift. Confirming the suspicion, Jennifer admitted she was worried that there might be strings attached to the gift. Jennifer also pointed out that taking care of a house was expensive. Abigail assured Jennifer that she and Ben would sell the house if it turned out to be too much of a burden.

Anne went to the Kiriakis mansion to invite Theresa to go clubbing with her, since they hadn't seen each other in weeks. Theresa declined the invitation, pointing out that she had a child to take care of. "You have a nanny! I mean, that's the whole point of living here in the house of judgment and slut-shaming, right?" Anne countered.

Theresa protested that she wasn't a slut, nor was she being judged while living at the mansion. "Right. They love you, and everything's swell, and you've really just been truly too busy [to hang out with me]," Anne sarcastically replied. Theresa reminded Anne that she had recently purchased a company, but Anne countered that Theresa wasn't exactly Versace yet, so there was still time for some partying.

Theresa still refused to join Anne, prompting Anne to wonder why Theresa was shutting her out. Theresa denied doing that, explaining that she simply needed to make some changes in her life. "Look, Anne, I love Brady so much, and I'm never gonna get him to fall back in love with me unless I can prove that I'm not a constant train wreck like I was," Theresa added.

"When you worked for me. When you hung out with me. So... So you're ditching me. Is that it? Oh. My. God. You're like a pod. You're like a Theresa pod. Where is Fun Theresa, huh? What have you done with my friend?" Anne demanded to know. Theresa replied that she had grown up -- and perhaps Anne needed to do the same. Theresa added that she simply didn't want to keep self-destructing. "And that means you can't hang out with me?" Anne asked. Theresa pointed out that she had never exactly been the best version of herself around Anne -- and Anne had never exactly been shy about encouraging Theresa's bad behavior.

Anne protested that she wasn't Theresa's mother; she was Theresa's friend. Theresa agreed and admitted that she was grateful to Anne for giving her a job when no one else had been willing to. "Why does this sound like a goodbye note?" Anne wondered. Theresa said it was a goodbye to who she had been before, adding that she could no longer go out, get drunk, and get into trouble all the time.

"Okay. If you want to grovel to people who don't give a damn about you, you go right ahead; be my guest. They don't care about you, and they never will. I have always had your back, girl -- and, yes, especially when you were a mess. So go ahead; good luck with the new you, okay? 'Cause this time, when you trip and fall, nobody will be there to pick you up," Anne replied, her voice wavering a bit as she spoke. Anne stormed off without waiting for a response from Theresa, who seemed to feel a bit bad about hurting Anne's feelings but didn't try to stop her from leaving.

Abigail wasn't satisfied with any of the wedding dresses, so she decided to enlist Theresa's help. Jennifer wasn't happy about the idea at first, but she agreed to go along with it for Abigail's sake, joking that she would just have to hide the silver before Theresa arrived. Abigail pointed out that Jennifer might want to hide the vodka, too, but Jennifer countered that she would just drink that herself.

When Theresa arrived at the Horton house, Jennifer offered her condolences to Theresa, adding that the Deveraux family planned to attend Paige's funeral the following day -- and, hopefully, Eve wouldn't mind that. "I don't think she'll even notice," Theresa replied, adding that Eve had been like a zombie lately, unable to even look at a picture of Paige. Changing the subject, Theresa started to talk to Abigail about wedding dress ideas. Theresa was surprised that Jennifer had agreed to go along with the idea of Theresa creating Abigail's wedding dress, but Jennifer explained that she simply wanted Abigail to be happy.

After Jennifer left, Theresa and Abigail continued talking about wedding dress designs, but Theresa couldn't resist pausing every few minutes to ask Abigail questions about her pregnancy. Theresa explained that she hadn't been able to carry her child to term herself, thanks to Kristen, so she had missed out on the experience and had no idea what it was like to, for instance, slowly start to feel her stomach expanding as the baby grew inside her. Later, at the Horton Town Square, Theresa sketched a wedding dress for Abigail -- and another one for her own wedding with Brady.

At Edge of the Square, Ben wiped down the bar then started wringing the towel, prompting him to recall Paige's strangulation. Meanwhile, Eve took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of bourbon. After Ben served Eve her drink, Anne arrived and ordered a dirty martini with three olives. Anne started ranting to Eve about Theresa, but Eve interrupted and said she didn't care about Anne's problems because she was about to bury her only child the following day. Feeling a bit guilty, Anne apologized and offered Eve her condolences, admitting that she had forgotten about what had happened. As Eve started to leave, Anne added that Theresa hadn't even bothered to mention Paige's death during their earlier conversation.

Eve returned to her apartment and soon received a visit from someone. Assuming it was Eduardo, Eve told him to go away, but when the visitor kept knocking, she reluctantly rose from her couch and went to answer the door. Jennifer was standing on the other side, and when Eve demanded to know what Jennifer wanted, Jennifer replied that she had simply wanted to check on Eve. "I'm not on parole," Eve muttered. Jennifer said Eve shouldn't be alone, either. "Funny story -- that's exactly what I am -- alone -- and from now on, I will be," Eve countered. Jennifer protested that there were people who had loved Paige and were willing to be there for Eve.

Jennifer added, however, that no one had loved Paige more than Eve. "Except when she turned to you," Eve countered. Jennifer insisted she had never been a substitute for Eve. "You didn't try to replace her selfish, twisted mother?" Eve asked. Jennifer started to assure Eve that, while she had cared about Paige very much, she had never tried to take Eve's place in Paige's heart.

"Just lie to me, Jennifer. Lie to me, please. She died hating me. The only thing worse is if she died thinking that she didn't have anybody that she could count on. So yeah, please lie to me. Tell me she turned to you. Tell me that she would have forgiven me," Eve tearfully requested. Jennifer stressed that she was confident that Paige would have indeed forgiven Eve eventually.

Eve offered Jennifer a glass of wine, but Jennifer declined. "What, is there limits to this little pity visit here, or do you think I've had enough for the both of us?" Eve wondered, wiping a tear from her cheek. Jennifer wondered if Eve had talked to Shane and Kimberly lately. "I don't need a keeper, okay? I don't need a keeper! I need my daughter, is what I need! It's just not fair!" Eve shouted. Jennifer agreed, prompting Eve to sarcastically note that Jennifer could certainly relate.

"You have your daughter, you have your son, you have a grandbaby on the way. Half the people in this town are related to you, and they adore you. You have lost absolutely nothing," Eve argued, but Jennifer insisted that wasn't true, adding that, while it wasn't the same as losing a child, she had lost Jack, who had died saving Abigail.

Eve maintained that she was alone in a way that Jennifer would never understand. Jennifer put a hand on Eve's arm and gently replied that she was there for Eve. Eve seemed touched for a moment but soon yanked her arm away from Jennifer. "Yeah, you are. You are here. You have done your good-Samaritan deed for the day, sweet Jenny. I will be glad to tell everyone that you are a charitable, gracious woman," Eve replied, walking toward the door to show Jennifer out.

Jennifer stressed that she wanted to help Eve. "You can't. Nothing can. Nobody can. You can't help this," Eve insisted. Nodding, Jennifer left, promising that she, J.J., and Abigail would be at Paige's funeral the following day. "Yip-pee. Can't wait," Eve muttered after closing the door behind Jennifer. Catching a glimpse of Paige's funeral announcement, Eve angrily tossed her glass of wine across the room as she began sobbing.

At Edge of the Square, Will took a seat at the bar and asked Ben how Abigail was doing. Ben served Will a drink as he reported that Abigail was doing well. Ben asked if Will had heard from Sonny lately, and Will replied that Sonny called from time to time to check on Arianna and was also happy that Gabi was out of prison. Will admitted that he wasn't sure Sonny would ever return home -- at least not specifically to see Will. When Will added that he had tried to get Sonny to talk to Chad because that was someone Sonny usually listened to, Ben pointed out that Chad was on the run. "And I hope they catch the bastard," Ben added.

"If he's guilty," Will countered. Ben pointed out that Will already knew exactly what Chad was capable of, but Will insisted that, while Chad had made some mistakes in the past, none of those things compared to the act of committing multiple murders. Will conceded, however, that Abigail was much better off with Ben -- and he had told her that himself before. Ben appreciated that, and he asked Will to be his best man at the wedding, explaining that he didn't want to ask Clyde because he wanted to enlist the help of someone who was friends with both him and Abigail. Surprised, Will happily accepted the invitation.

When Abigail arrived, she was pleased to learn that Will had agreed to be Ben's best man. After Will excused himself, Abigail told Ben about her earlier meeting with Theresa. Ben was surprised that Abigail had enlisted Theresa's help, but he stressed that he simply wanted Abigail to be happy. As Ben hugged Abigail, she assured him that she was happy. Meanwhile, Ben recalled Serena and Paige's respective murders. Abigail started to protest that Ben was squeezing her a bit too tightly, so he loosened his grip and apologized. "I guess I just -- I never want to let you go. And I never will," Ben assured Abigail.

At the pier, the homeless guy agreed to help Chad -- in exchange for one hundred thousand dollars. Chad tried to negotiate that down to fifty thousand dollars, but the man refused to budge. Chad sneaked into the DiMera mansion through a secret entrance and began pulling stacks of cash out of the safe in the study. Andre entered the room and startled Chad, making a joke about Chad's disguise. Chad demanded to know who Andre was. "I'm your brother," Andre replied. "Okay, look, why don't you just tell 'our' father that I had to borrow some money. Thanks," Chad skeptically replied.

"Hot date?" Andre guessed. Meanwhile, Stefano entered the room, and Chad explained why he was in need of cash. "You expect to take a vagrant you've paid to the police, and then have them believe that he's your alibi?" Andre asked incredulously. Chad insisted that the police wouldn't know that the guy had been paid to cooperate, but Andre countered that Justin would find out one way or another and would then destroy Chad's witness in court. Chad said it would never get that far; he just needed the police to stop focusing on him so they could find the real killer. "You think that the Salem P.D. is gonna give up on a DiMera and go after an unknown suspect? What, are you new in town, or are you just hopelessly stupid?" Andre wondered.

Andre asked if Chad had any idea who could be framing him for murder. "My money is on the hillbilly, Clyde Weston," Chad replied, explaining that Clyde could want to get him out of the way because he was in love with Abigail, and she was in love with him, too -- but was carrying Clyde's son's baby. Stefano gave Chad permission to take the money, and Andre provided Chad with a burner phone, just in case he ever needed to get in touch with them, or vice versa.

After Chad left, Justin arrived and asked to search the place. Andre wondered if Justin had a warrant. Justin replied that, while it was difficult to find a judge who wasn't in Stefano's pocket, he would eventually manage to do so if necessary. "And if I learn that you've aided and abetted a serial killer, keeping him on the streets, where he can kill again, I will make it my life's work to bury you, Stefano, and everyone in this family," Justin vowed. "As if we haven't heard that for years," Andre replied with a laugh. Justin countered that he was no longer in the dark about where the DiMeras buried their bodies because, while working with E.J. to oust Stefano from DiMera Enterprises, he had seen all the dark corners where the family swept its dirt, and he therefore knew exactly where to look. "You think we'd be stupid enough to leave things the way they were?" Andre asked.

Justin maintained that he knew enough about Stefano's thought process to pose a threat, and he promised to back off of Stefano in exchange for Chad. Stefano insisted that he didn't know where Chad was, and Andre dismissed Justin, warning him not to return without a warrant. On his way out of the study, Justin spotted a fishing lure on the floor, next to the couch. "That's a beauty. Have you been fishing lately?" Justin wondered. "The only one fishing here is you," Andre countered. Assuming that meant the lure didn't belong to Stefano or Andre, Justin offered to get rid of it for them, and he left after wrapping it in a handkerchief.

When Chad returned to the pier, the homeless guy was still there -- but he no longer recognized Chad, and he was babbling about the dangers of riding in blue cars. Chad tried to jog the guy's memory but slowly realized he was wasting his time. Chad sadly watched the guy walk away then returned to the shed, where he soon received a text message -- "Get out of cabin. Police know you are there." Unfortunately, the phone had been set to silent mode, and Chad wasn't looking at it when the message arrived.

At the police station, Justin placed a phone call to someone. "Sonny made this lure for Victor when he was ten years old, and the only place it could have come from is the old lake house. And there's only one way it ended up in Stefano's study. Chad DiMera is hiding on my property. Arrogant bastard. I already sent a unit; meet them there," Justin said before ending the call. Meanwhile, the cops barged into the shed, but it was empty.

At the pier, Chad sent a text message to Stefano and Andre -- "Thanks! Safe. Will be in touch."

Eve lashes out during Paige's funeral

Eve lashes out during Paige's funeral

Friday, October 2, 2015

In the town square, Rafe met with Gabi to talk. Gabi commented on Rafe's suit. Rafe explained that he was going to Paige's funeral. Confused, Gabi asked Rafe if he had been friends with Paige. Rafe changed the subject to Gabi's job search. Gabi was frustrated, but Rafe promised to provide her a reference.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady found Theresa crying in the front hall. Theresa said she wanted to be strong for her sister, but she was too emotional. Brady urged Theresa to take the morning off, but Theresa declined, noting that she needed a distraction. Brady saw the wedding dress designs in Theresa's hand, and he commented that there was no need for a wedding dress in the new Basic Black line.

Theresa explained that Abigail had asked Theresa to design her wedding dress. Upon seeing Brady's surprised expression, Theresa explained that the dress design was an olive branch of sorts. Brady said the designs looked really good. With a nervous fidget, Theresa asked Brady if he would escort her to the funeral. Theresa immediately apologized, but Brady interrupted her to agree to her offer.

At the Horton home, Jennifer watched from the doorway as J.J. played his guitar in the living room. Jennifer comforted her son. As J.J. stared silently at the floor, Jennifer quietly informed him that Abigail was too ill to attend the funeral. J.J. nodded. Jennifer told J.J. not to blame himself for Paige's murder. Frustrated, J.J. yelled that it was his fault because of his involvement with Clyde. Jennifer reiterated her theory that Eve had planted the bug, but J.J. shook his head. Scared, J.J. begged his mother to leave town, but she refused.

Daniel arrived at the house. J.J. thanked Daniel for escorting them to the funeral and for remaining his mother's friend. Daniel nodded, and he took Jennifer's hand.

At the police station, Eduardo asked Justin for information on his daughter's killer. Justin covered up the evidence board and asked Eduardo to back off of the case and Eve. Eduardo demanded justice. Justin promised that the police would arrest the killer.

At Eve's apartment, an overly emotional Eve fantasized about the big moments in her daughter's life that she would not get to experience. Eve imagined Paige's graduation from college, and Eduardo stopping by the apartment to give Paige her favorite flowers in congratulations. Standing in an empty apartment, Eve stared at the flowers that Daphne had sent over. Eve then imagined Paige on her wedding day and as a pregnant mother. In both scenarios, Eduardo was there with Eve and Paige.

Eduardo knocked on the front door of the apartment. Startled from her daydreams, Eve opened the door. Eduardo offered to escort Eve to the funeral. Eve reluctantly invited Eduardo into the apartment, and Eve lamented that she would never see Paige graduate, wed, or give birth to a child.

"I'm dead inside, Eddie. If it had only been me instead of her," Eve said. "You shouldn't say that," Eduardo countered. "You know what? You're right. It should have been you," Eve said. Angry, Eve blamed Eduardo for abandoning them. Eve argued that if Eduardo had not left, then they never would have returned to Salem.

After Eduardo left Eve's apartment, he walked through the town square and saw Gabi kissing Rafe goodbye. Eduardo approached Rafe and told him that he appreciated that Rafe and Gabi were close. Eduardo asked about Paige's funeral. When Rafe raised an eyebrow, Eduardo asked if Rafe had told Gabi that Paige was his half-sister. Rafe said he had not said anything because Gabi was still adjusting to life outside of prison. Rafe warned Eduardo not to say anything.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad met with Tony and Stefano to ask about his hideout. Andre informed Chad that Chad had dropped a fishing lure at the mansion that Justin had identified. Chad and Andre bickered. After the brothers quieted down, Chad informed Andre and Stefano that he had planned to make his move during Paige's funeral.

Tony asked about Chad's alibi. Chad informed Andre that his alibi was unstable. When Chad offered Stefano his money back, Stefano growled at Chad to keep the money. Andre asked why Chad did not want to ask them for help. Chad asked Stefano and Andre how they could prove that Clyde was to blame for the murders and framing.

When Andre asked Chad if he was sure, Chad said he did not know who else would want to frame him. With a shrug, Chad said Clyde's plan was a bust because Abigail and Ben were leaving town. Mulling over the situation, Andre said he had a suggestion.

At the funeral, Jennifer and Daniel offered their condolences to Theresa for her loss. Nervous, Theresa excused herself to talk to Daphne and Father Valerio. Rafe and Eduardo arrived at the funeral. Before entering, Eduardo asked Rafe about his search plans for Chad DiMera. When Eduardo asked if Chad was dumb enough to show up at the funeral, Rafe walked away. At the casket, Eve stared at the photo of Paige while Justin put his arm around her shoulders. Eduardo watched them from nearby.

Father Valerio started the service. While everyone listened to the priest's speech, Justin whispered to Rafe, "If you hadn't showed so much mercy to Chad DiMera, he'd be behind bars right now." Daniel comforted a quietly crying J.J. Jennifer looked over at Eve, who stared ahead with a blank expression on her face. After the service, Eve placed a bouquet of flowers on the coffin. Overcome, a crying Theresa reached out to her sister.

"Pull it together, Theresa," Eve growled curtly. Brady steered Theresa away from Eve, and he told Eve that it had been a beautiful service. Rafe approached Eve, and she thanked him for attending the funeral. Rafe swore to find whomever had killed her daughter. Nodding, Eve walked away with Justin at her heels. J.J. wanted to say something to Eve, but Daniel and Jennifer advised J.J. to stay away from her.Frustrated, J.J. left.

Daniel urged Jennifer to convince J.J. to talk to a therapist. Sniffling, Jennifer said that J.J. had attended one session and quit. Jennifer wanted to help her son, but she said she did not know what to do. As Jennifer cried, Daniel hugged her.

Across the clearing, Theresa sniffled. Brady offered to take Theresa home, but Theresa was unsure. Brady noted that Theresa was not helping Eve. Angry, Theresa firmly reminded Brady that Paige was her niece. Brady told Theresa that he disagreed with her dismissive treatment of Jennifer and J.J., but Theresa was angry that they had attended the service. Theresa said she was looking out for her sister.

Eve stared down at the casket in silence. Eduardo reached out to Eve, but she rebuffed him. After he left, Eve was alone. Tired, Eve broke down in tears. Eve heard Paige say, "Please, mom. Don't be angry for the rest of your life." Crying, Eve smiled as she stared at a vision of Paige standing in the clearing near the casket. Paige told her mother that she knew that Eve loved her, and Paige said she forgave Eve.

"I know the person that you hate the most is yourself. I need you need to forgive yourself, mom. Please, it's the only way that you'll ever be able to move on," Paige said. Paige opened her arms, but as Eve rushed over to hug her daughter, Paige disappeared. Eve sobbed and lay her head on her daughter's casket.

At the reception at the Edge nightclub, Eduardo stared at a photo of Paige. Rafe confronted Eduardo. Bristling, Eduardo reminded Rafe that he had a right to stay. Rafe suggested that Eduardo would help Eve more if he would leave Salem. Eduardo refused to leave Salem until his daughter's killer was caught. Rafe scoffed at the idea, but Eduardo explained that he had twenty years of experience in private security, including tracking people.

"Except for when you wanted to leave," Rafe quipped. Rafe informed Eduardo that he had been an FBI agent and had more experience than Eduardo knew about. Frustrated, Eduardo said he did not know much about Rafe or Gabi, but he wanted to learn about their lives. Rafe was not interested. Eduardo told Rafe that he did not understand what it was like to lose two daughters. Eduardo asked for a chance to get to know his last remaining daughter, and he asked Rafe to let Gabi make the decision.

Shaking his head, Rafe countered that his job was to look out for his sister. Eduardo spat back that Rafe's job was to look for Paige's killer. Eduardo asked Rafe to accept his offer for help, but Rafe refused. As Rafe walked away, Eduardo placed a phone call, asking for a favor.

Across the room, Daphne told J.J. that she was glad he was at the reception. Daphne said that although Paige had been mad at J.J., she had died loving him. With a nod, Daphne said she felt like Paige would have wanted her to tell J.J. that. His voice cracking, J.J. said he had been a selfish bastard not to have told Paige that he still loved her. Across the room, Theresa stared at J.J.

Theresa turned to Brady and informed him that she could not be nice to J.J. or Jennifer after how they had treated her family prior to Paige's death. Brady countered that they had attended the funeral to pay their respects to Paige. Gasping, Theresa asked about what J.J. had done to Paige. Brady countered that Eve had also hurt Paige. Brady advised Theresa to let go of her anger and grievances and to honor her niece.

Across the club, Jennifer worried aloud that she should leave the reception. Daniel told Jennifer that she was there for the right reasons. Shaking her head, Jennifer commented that Eve had been right when she had said that Jennifer did not understand what it was like to have lost a child. Daniel reminded Jennifer that she was there to support J.J. and Paige. Worried about Eve's reaction, J.J. decided to leave the reception. Jennifer and Daniel followed him to the door, but Eve stopped them.

"It wasn't enough that you showed up at Paige's funeral, but you torment me here?" Eve asked. Jennifer said she did not mean to hurt Eve. As Eve fumed, J.J. stepped in the middle and asked Eve to redirect her anger at him. As Eve started to lash out at J.J., Justin intervened and suggested that J.J. and Jennifer continue to head out the door. Eve stopped Daniel and thanked him for being a friend to Paige. Eve's face then contorted in disgust.

"Here you are, holding Jennifer's hand to escort her home. Of course comforting your needy ex takes precedence over celebrating my daughter's life. Damn you," Eve said. Furious, Eve yelled that she was angry at everyone, including herself. Eve complained that no one had done right by her daughter. Eve screamed at Jennifer, J.J., and Daniel to leave. As the threesome shuffled out of the club, Theresa gently guided her sister to the side. Eve screamed out that she needed to yell, and as she broke down in tears, Eduardo watched her from nearby.

"Eve, do you think this is how Paige would want to be remembered?" Theresa asked as she gently placed her arm around Eve. Eve shook her head no. Eve said she wanted to let go of her anger for her daughter's sake. Theresa reminded Eve that Paige was well loved, and the day was to celebrate how much everyone had loved Paige. Theresa told Eve that she loved her then Theresa hugged her sister tightly.

After Eve walked away, Brady approached Theresa and told her that he liked what she had said to Eve. "You always manage to surprise me, you know that?" Brady asked. Theresa smiled faintly. Across the room, Eve sat with Justin. Eve saw Eduardo standing nearby, and she asked him if he was leaving town. As a reporter and cameraman entered the building, Eduardo said he had to handle something first. Eduardo turned to the reporter and thanked her for stopping by.

Eduardo taped a plea to the public to hunt down his daughter's killer. Eduardo offered a reward for information to capture Paige's killer, Chad DiMera. As Eduardo held up a photo of Chad, Rafe shook his head.

At the Horton house, Jennifer apologized to J.J. for what had happened at the reception. Daniel told Jennifer that Eve's comments were not about her but instead about Eve's pain. J.J. disagreed. J.J. said that Paige was dead because of him. When Daniel asked J.J. what he was talking about, J.J. shook his head. Daniel offered Jennifer his support then he left.

Once alone, Jennifer counseled J.J. not to blame himself for Paige's death. J.J. asked Jennifer to leave town, but she shook her head no. As Jennifer headed into the kitchen to call Abigail, J.J. called someone and asked them to meet.

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