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Abigail and Chad were rescued. Ben was taken into custody. Chad found Abigail's baby. Hope captured Dr. Malcolm and demanded answers. Hope's deal with Dr. Malcolm backfired -- and Ciara was in danger. Eduardo lied to John. Philip had big plans for Titan. Joey was in too deep with Ava. Steve and Kayla made love, and he asked her to marry him again.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on DAYS
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Ben takes off with Colin

Ben takes off with Colin

Monday, December 7, 2015

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Ciara confided in Chase about how distant her mother had been lately. Chase advised Ciara to try to be patient with Hope, adding that he couldn't talk to Hope himself because she still couldn't look at him without being reminded of his father. "I was actually planning on going out of town, anyway," Chase revealed, explaining that he had an aunt in Chicago who had offered to take him in.

Grasping Chase's hand, Ciara insisted that he couldn't leave because Salem was his home, and he already had everything he needed there. Chase argued that his presence in Salem just reminded its residents of something they would rather forget about, but Ciara disagreed, stressing that he was not his father. Ciara added that she wanted Chase to stay because she cared about him.

A few seconds passed before Ciara released Chase's hand and stood to greet Theo, who had just entered the pub. Theo informed Ciara that he had spent the day making a playlist for her because he had wanted to do something to make her feel better. Theo added that he had uploaded the playlist, which included songs from Ciara's favorite bands, to his personal cloud account and had sent her a link to it.

Touched, Ciara hugged Theo and thanked him. "Great gift, Theo," Chase said, forcing a smile. Chase abruptly excused himself, and after he left, Ciara explained to Theo that Aiden's death had been hard on Chase because, while Aiden had done some terrible things, he had still been Chase's only parental figure for most of Chase's life. Ciara asked Theo to make an effort to be nice to Chase, and Theo promised that he would. Meanwhile, Chase watched Ciara and Theo from outside the pub.

Later, as Ciara was listening to her playlist, Theo received a text message from someone -- "FREAK!!!!!!" Theo's smile faded as he stared at the message, prompting Ciara to wonder if something was wrong. Shaking his head, Theo tossed his cell phone aside and quickly changed the subject, asking if Ciara liked her playlist. Ciara enthusiastically confirmed that she did.

At Hope's house, Hope refused to apologize for what she had done to Malcolm earlier, insisting that her only regret was that Rafe had stopped her from pushing Malcolm further. Roman reminded Hope that her tactics had been illegal. "That bastard -- that son of a bitch -- was my only chance to find out who was behind Bo being held prisoner for over a year and literally tortured to death. He doesn't get any rights!" Hope countered.

Roman started to lecture Hope about the responsibility every cop had to follow the rules, but she interrupted and wondered how he could possibly care about such things when discussing Bo's captors, who had taken away the love of her life -- and the only brother Roman would ever have. Hope stressed that she only cared about one thing -- making sure Bo's captors paid for what they had done to him.

"By the book or not at all -- that's the way the system works, Hope," Roman maintained. With a shrug, Hope replied that Roman had left her with no other choice. "I quit," Hope added, offering her badge and gun to Roman. Roman refused to accept Hope's resignation at first, but when she made it clear that she had no intention of focusing on anything other than her vendetta against Bo's captors, he decided to temporarily suspend her, effective immediately. Roman took Hope's badge and three of her guns, but after he left, she retrieved and loaded a fourth gun that had been hidden in a storage bench in the living room.

At the Horton Town Square, Malcolm abruptly ended his phone conversation after spotting Rafe lurking nearby. Malcolm confronted Rafe, complaining that he didn't appreciate being shadowed like a criminal when he was actually an innocent victim of an off-the-rails detective. Rafe pointed out that it would be difficult for Malcolm to prove that, and Malcolm replied that he wasn't particularly interested in pressing charges, anyway; he just wanted to be left alone. Rafe said that sounded doable -- as long as Malcolm kept his nose clean in the future. "Otherwise, what happened to you today is gonna seem like a picnic," Rafe added before walking away.

Malcolm called his contact back and reminded the person that they'd had an agreement with each other. Malcolm conceded that he had failed to get Bo to talk about the secret serum that Victor had been developing, but he stressed that Bo had been an extraordinarily tough nut to crack, and he argued that he had still earned the money he had been promised because he had devoted a year of his life to interrogating Bo. Malcolm irritably gulped down some water as he listened to his contact's response. "Yes, I understand. Okay. I'll do it. Now I know where I stand," Malcolm replied before ending the call.

Later, while Malcolm was enjoying a glass of beer in his room at the Martin mansion, Hope emerged from the closet, sneaked up behind him, and pressed the barrel of her gun against the side of his neck. Sighing, Malcolm wondered if Hope was planning to arrest him. "Not today," Hope replied before zapping Malcolm with a Taser. "No more rules, doctor," Hope added after watching Malcolm collapse.

Ben stood outside the burning cabin and numbly listened to Abigail and Chad's panicked cries for help. "Perfect," Ben muttered before walking away with Colin. Meanwhile, Chad struggled to free himself from his bindings while simultaneously trying to stop Abigail from giving up hope. Chad soon managed to wriggle out of the rope that had been tied around his wrists, and although he was still tethered to Abigail's ankle, he was able to stretch just far enough to reach her purse, in which he found something he could use to pick the lock on her handcuffs.

Chad quickly carried Abigail out of the cabin and set her down on the snow-covered ground a safe distance away from it. A team of firefighters and paramedics soon arrived, and one of the paramedics administered oxygen to Abigail while assuring Chad that the cops would be arriving shortly. Abigail eventually pushed the paramedic away and stood, insisting that she had to find her baby right away. Chad grabbed Abigail and held her tightly, telling her that she needed to wait for the cops because they would have resources available to speed up the search. Chad reminded Abigail that, if nothing else, Ben loved Colin and wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

Ben sneaked into the midwife's office -- alone -- and started gathering bottles and baby formula from a cabinet, but he ducked behind a closet door when he heard J.J. and Lani talking in the hallway. J.J. and Lani entered the office and took a look around but weren't able to find anything that could lead them to Abigail and Ben's last known location. Just as he and Lani were about to leave, J.J. noticed a set of wet footprints on the floor that didn't belong to either of them. J.J. silently pointed them out to Lani, and they casually left the room, talking about how they were going to move on to other shops in the area.

Ben waited a few seconds then opened the office door -- and found Lani and J.J. standing in the hallway, blocking his path. Lani kept her gun pointed at Ben as J.J. demanded to know where Abigail was. Ignoring the question, Ben lunged at Lani, reaching for her gun while shoving her back against a bookshelf. J.J. punched Ben, who wasn't able to recover before Lani pointed her gun at the back of his head and warned him not to make another move.

Lani cuffed Ben and read him his rights, but he stared blankly at her when she asked him to confirm that he understood them. J.J. demanded to know where Abigail was, and when Ben remained silent, J.J. grabbed him and started to threaten him. Lani pulled J.J. away and stressed that she planned to take Ben back to Salem without a single scratch on his body. Lani reasoned that Ben obviously wasn't going to cooperate, and beating him up might make J.J. feel better but wouldn't solve anything.

"She's gone," Ben muttered. When J.J. and Lani tried to get Ben to elaborate, he continued staring at them blankly, adding only that he hadn't done anything wrong. "This guy's totally whacko," J.J. concluded, and Lani agreed that something about Ben's behavior was definitely off. J.J. told Lani to go ahead and take Ben back to Salem, adding that he was going to stay behind and continue looking for Abigail. As J.J. spoke, sirens grew louder and louder in the background, until he finally asked if Lani knew what they were for. Lani had no idea but observed that it sounded like they were nearby. J.J. decided to check them out while Lani was dealing with Ben.

J.J. followed the sounds of the sirens and soon found Abigail and Chad, who filled him in on what had happened. Abigail started panicking when J.J. revealed that Ben had been alone at the time of his arrest. Chad went to tell the cops to start doing a sweep of the area, and J.J. stayed with Abigail, who began muttering, over and over again, that she needed to talk to Ben because she could get through to him and convince him to tell her where Colin was.

Lani led Ben into the Salem Police Station, where Rafe and Roman quickly began questioning him. Ben remained silent, and when Roman asked Lani if Ben had said anything during the ride back to Salem, she shook her head and quietly explained that she wasn't sure Ben was "all there." Meanwhile, Ben started muttering, still staring blankly at nothing in particular. "Sorry. I did bad. I'm gonna get whooped when my daddy finds out. I need my mom. I did -- I did bad," Ben said as he sank onto a nearby chair.

Lani started telling Rafe and Roman about what had happened during her and J.J.'s search of the midwife's office. Roman was initially upset about the fact that J.J. had accompanied Lani on the search, but she explained that J.J. had been determined to join her because he had been concerned about his sister -- and, in fact, she wouldn't have found or apprehended Ben without J.J.'s help. Roman conceded that it sounded like it was good that J.J. had gone with Lani, but he advised that she would probably want to leave that part out of her report.

Meanwhile, Rafe received a phone call from Chad, who quickly filled him in on everything before explaining that a Mammoth Falls lieutenant was refusing to let him and Abigail leave because they hadn't given their statements yet. While Rafe was dealing with that problem, Lani chastised herself for failing to figure out that Ben had left an innocent baby alone somewhere. Roman pointed out that Lani probably wouldn't have been able to get a straight answer from Ben, even if she had tried.

Rafe convinced the Mammoth Falls lieutenant to let Abigail and Chad go, and they hurried back to Salem to talk to Ben, leaving J.J. behind to continue searching for Colin. While waiting for Chad and Abigail to arrive, Rafe tried again to question Ben. "Daddy's gonna find out I did something bad. He's gonna yell. 'Ollie, you come over here!' He's gonna take off his belt. It's gonna burn. It's gonna hurt. It's never gonna stop. But mama's gonna come back soon. She's gotta come back soon," Ben muttered in response.

When Chad and Abigail arrived at the police station, Roman warned them that Ben hadn't been making much sense and might not be of any use to them. Chad wanted to be with Abigail when she talked to Ben so he could make sure nothing happened to her, but she declined the offer, pointing out that Chad's presence would just set Ben off. Roman assured Chad that a guard would be nearby to keep Abigail safe while she was with Ben. After Abigail went to talk to Ben, Roman filled Rafe in on what had happened with Hope earlier. Rafe abruptly excused himself, promising that he would be back in time to deal with Ben.

Ben stared at Abigail in disbelief. "I knew it would happen. Ghost. God sent you back here to haunt me forever. You're an avenging angel. Came back to punish me," Ben muttered, struggling to free himself from the chair he was cuffed to. Abigail assured Ben that wasn't true, and she gently begged him to tell her where Colin was.

Meanwhile, Colin -- lying on a bed, with pillows surrounding him on all sides -- fussed in an otherwise quiet, empty motel room.

Hope tortures Malcolm for information

Hope tortures Malcolm for information

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In the town square, Eduardo talked to Kate over yogurt about the music program he wanted to start in Paige's memory. Eduardo said he was obsessed with making things right with all of his children. With a raised eyebrow, Kate asked about Paige's siblings. Eduardo mentioned Rafe, and Kate smiled. Kate admitted that she had dated Rafe. As Eduardo grinned, Kate commented that Gabi was a wonderful woman.

Kate added that Gabi's daughter was Kate's granddaughter. When Kate asked Eduardo about Gabi and Rafe's mother, Eduardo said he was ashamed of his past behavior. Kate told Eduardo that there were plenty of people in Salem that could tell him about her shady past behavior. With a chuckle, Eduardo suggested that he and Kate stick with the present and future. After their snack, Kate and Eduardo walked through the park. Kate talked about the launch of Basic Black. As Kate shivered, Eduardo took off his leather jacket and put it around Kate's shoulders. Kate smiled.

In her apartment, Eve listened to one of her CDs and stared at a photo of Paige. With a determined nod, Eve turned off the music and called Eduardo. Eve told Eduardo that she would head the music program. Eve stressed that she was taking the offer for Paige and not to help Eduardo. Eduardo thanked her profusely and told her he would send over legal documents to make it official.

After Kate walked Eduardo back to his hotel room, Kate kissed Eduardo on the cheek. Kate told Eduardo that she hoped to see him again soon. After Kate walked away, Eduardo walked into his hotel room and found a woman, Miriam, waiting for him. "How did you find me?" Eduardo asked. Miriam said she had an assignment for him. Eduardo yelled that he was "out." "It is never over, and you are never out," Miriam purred.

At Hope's house, Rafe stopped by to chat but instead found Chase in the living room, rooting through boxes. Chase explained that he was looking for clues at to why his father had snapped. When Rafe asked why Chase was panicked, Chase admitted that he was scared that he would end up like Aiden. Rafe assured Chase that he would not turn into a different person. Smiling, Rafe said that things would get better with time.

As Rafe turned to leave, Chase asked him to stay. The two sat on the couch in awkward silence. Finally, Rafe spoke and said that Aiden had loved Chase. Chase talked about his mother's suicide. Chase noted that his father had been miserable until he had met Hope and Ciara. Confused, Chase said he did not know how to feel about his father.

"What are you supposed to do when your dad just abandons you?" Chase asked. Rafe confided that his father had abandoned him at a young age. Rafe told Chase that Aiden's actions did not dictate Chase's future. From the dining room, Ciara eavesdropped as Chase talked about being alone. Rafe put an arm around Chase and said he would be fine. Rafe added that Hope and Ciara both wanted Chase in their lives. When Chase and Rafe realized that Ciara was standing in the dining room, Rafe excused himself to return to the station.

Chase asked Ciara what she had heard. Ciara apologized to Chase for treating him poorly since Aiden's death. Chase said he understood. Cocking her head, Ciara asked Chase why he had run out of the pub when Theo had stopped by to talk. Chase said he had been overwhelmed. Ciara asked Chase to make a pact with her to get through their situation as a team. When Ciara asked if Chase was still thinking about moving to Chicago, Chase said he was not sure.

"Nothing's here. Nobody's here for me," Chase said. Ciara reminded Chase that she and Hope were there for Chase. Chase was still unsure. Ciara placed a hand on Chase's shoulder and assured him that he was important to her. Chase asked why. Ciara stressed that she meant what she'd said. When Ciara asked Chase to stay, he leaned in to kiss her. Ciara stopped him. Embarrassed, Chase ran upstairs.

At the police station, Abigail pleaded with Ben to tell her where he had left their son. Mentally unstable, Ben answered that he had left the baby with his mother. Horrified, Abigail's jaw fell open in shock. "Your mother is dead, Ben. Where is he? Where is our son? What did you do?"

Ben begged Abigail not to tell his father what he had done because he did not want to be beaten. Abigail gently talked to Ben and assured him that Clyde was in jail in Florida. As Ben stared at the wall, Abigail renewed her plea for help with finding Colin. Abigail asked if Colin was alive. Ben said Colin was alive and that he would not hurt his son. Nodding, Abigail asked where she could find Colin. Ben regressed again and muttered about Clyde returning home to beat him.

"Our son needs his mom. He needs his mom because you left him. You left him all alone. So right now, I need you to be a real father. I need you to help your son. Tell me where he is. Please, tell me," Abigail pleaded. Ben traced his finger across the table in silence. When Abigail asked again, Ben said he had placed pillows around Colin at the motel. When Abigail asked which motel, Ben talked about the motels in his childhood. Emotional, Ben started to yell about his sister abandoning him, and an officer rushed into the room to restrain an agitated Ben.

Abigail returned to the bullpen in the station to inform Roman, Lani, and Chad that Ben had left Colin in a motel. Roman grabbed the phone and started to make phone calls. Abigail wanted to push Ben to talk more. Chad took Abigail gently by the shoulders and told her he was proud. After a quick hug, Chad walked away.

Two officers escorted Ben down to holding after Roman ordered that Ben be placed on suicide watch. Fidgeting, Abigail asked Roman if someone could drive her back to Mammoth Falls to join in the search for her son. Roman explained that there were only four motels in Mammoth Falls and that she should wait at the precinct for her son. While Roman returned to work, Abigail paced nervously.

In the hotel room, baby Colin fidgeted on a bed, alone. Someone entered the room and stood over the baby.

At the police station, Abigail told Roman, Rafe, Justin, and Lani that Ben had admitted to the necktie killings. Abigail said she had talked to Ben extensively about what Ben had done. Upset, Abigail said she wanted to find her baby instead of talking about Ben. Quietly, Justin asked Abigail to explain why Ben had killed Serena. Abigail explained that Ben had killed Serena to set up Chad and keep him away from her. When Roman asked about Paige, Abigail said that Ben had killed her for the same reason.

When Roman asked about Will, Abigail said that Ben had admitted that Will had discovered that Ben had been the murderer. Rafe argued that Aiden had to have been using the murders as a cover to kill Hope. Confused, Abigail asked what had happened with Aiden. Roman changed the subject to Wendy. Abigail started to cry. Abigail told them what had happened with Wendy. Justin assured Abigail that nothing was Abigail's fault.

"Yes, it is. It is. I knew that he was sick. I knew that there was something that wasn't right about Ben. And I didn't do anything about it. So it is my fault. Because if I had, then all these people would still be alive," Abigail said. After Abigail finished her statement, Roman and Justin escorted her to the hospital. As Abigail fretted about her son, she looked up and saw her brother and a smiling Chad holding Colin. Abigail rushed over to her son, crying tears of joy.

In a dusty, dim industrial basement, Dr. Malcolm was tied to a chair. Malcolm pleaded with Hope to release him. After noting that she was no longer a detective, Hope explained that she did not have to go easy on Malcolm. Hope added that no one would hear Malcolm scream. As Malcolm quivered at the sight of Hope's Taser, Hope asked him to tell her everything he knew about Bo's kidnapping. Malcolm admitted that he had been hired to interrogate Bo. When Malcolm refused to say who his employer was, Hope used the Taser on him.

After draining the battery on her first Taser, Hope pulled out a knife and threatened to cut off Malcolm's thumb. Malcolm laughed. As Hope raised an eyebrow, Malcolm explained that Hope was nothing like the sweet woman he had researched. Hope said that she had lost the man that she loved because of Malcolm. When Malcolm countered that Bo had died of a brain tumor, Hope held the knife to Malcolm's throat. Malcolm said he had not expected Hope to care so much because she had moved on with another man.

"I was tricked into believing that Bo had abandoned me," Hope said. Malcolm countered, "Bo told me that his wife would never leave him, never give up on him. I kind of feel really sorry for him right now." Malcolm cackled as he talked about torturing Bo while Hope had moved on. As Hope's hand began to shake with fury, Malcolm pulled at the plastic handcuffs tying him to his chair. Malcolm asked what Bo had been like.

Distracted, Hope talked about the kind, loving man that Bo had been in life. Malcolm struggled to break free from his confinement. Hope talked about how much she loved Bo. As Hope sighed, Malcolm slipped a bloody hand free of the plastic handcuff. Malcolm began to work on freeing his other hand. Choking back her emotions and embracing her anger, Hope pulled her gun out of her holster and pointed it at Malcolm's head.

"Stop being so fixated on revenge. Nothing is going to bring your husband back," Malcolm said. "That's right! And nothing is going to bring you back once I pull this trigger," Hope responded. As Hope counted down as a warning to talk, Malcolm freed his other hand and jumped to his feet. Hope and Malcolm wrestled over control of the gun. Malcolm gained the upper hand and started to choke Hope.

Joey has been working with Steve's ex, Ava

Joey has been working with Steve's ex, Ava

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A determined Kayla showed up at Steve's hotel room and announced that she was going to flush out their stalker. Before Steve could protest, Kayla grabbed Steve's phone and sent the stalker a text message that read, "You have us where you want us. If you want to keep us together, show your face. The park off Horton Square in thirty minutes." Steve was impressed. Someone wearing all black, including black leather gloves, read the message.

Steve got a quick reply to the message, which read simply, "You're on." Steve worried that that it was a trick, but Kayla pointed out that if the stalker had wanted to hurt them, he or she would have done so already. Steve took a switchblade out of the nightstand and assured a hesitant Kayla that he would always have her back. Kayla reminded Steve that she'd said they worked better as a team.

Steve moved in for a kiss, but Kayla pulled away and said things were moving too quickly. When Steve kissed the back of her neck, Kayla was unable to resist and turned around to kiss him on the lips. She abruptly ended the kiss, reminded Steve that it was time to leave, and headed out the door.

A few minutes later, Steve and Kayla were waiting in the park outside Horton Square for their stalker to show up. Kayla asked if Steve were sure he wanted to work with John as a private investigator. Steve said that was what he knew how to do, plus it would keep him in Salem with his family. Kayla admitted that she was worried Steve wouldn't be happy with that job after working for the ISA. Joey showed up just then and announced, "Okay, I'm here." Kayla and Steve looked at their son with surprise.

Joey claimed that he was there because he'd gotten a text message from one of his parents, telling him to meet them there. Suspicious, Kayla and Steve somewhat angrily informed their son that neither of them had sent the text. Joey received a text message that said, "Take the blame!! They'll love you for it!" Joey lied that the message had been from Ciara. Steve demanded to see the phone, but Joey refused to hand it over.

Under questioning from his parents, Joey admitted that he'd sent the text messages to them. Joey apologized about locking his parents in the supply closet, explaining that as soon as he'd realized the heat had been off, he'd made sure an orderly would find them right away. "None of this is okay. You drugged yourself?" an incredulous Kayla demanded. Joey explained that he'd only dosed himself with enough to make himself pass out. "Why would you do something like this?" Kayla demanded.

Joey sheepishly explained that he'd known both of his parents would show up at the hospital, and although he'd also known that they might argue, at least they would both have been there. "So the texts, the hotel room, all of it was just to get me and your mom back together, right?" Steve asked skeptically. "Did it work?" Joey asked. "Yeah, it kinda did," Steve admitted -- much to Kayla's chagrin.

Back at Steve's hotel room, Steve asked Kayla, "So we're not together?" Kayla asserted that Steve needed to learn when not to tell a kid everything. "We don't want to encourage him to pull this kind of stunt again," Kayla added. "Joe didn't do this," Steve asserted, explaining, "When he got that text, I watched his face. When I mentioned the hotel, he had no idea what I was talking about... Joe's involved, but he definitely had help."

Joey was still in the park when Ava Vitali, Steve's ex-fiancée, showed up, clad all in black and wearing sunglasses, even though it was night. "You were right. They weren't mad; they were happy. Your plan's totally working. Dad even said that he and Mom were pretty much together," Joey told Ava. Removing her sunglasses, Ava said, "Perfect."

At the townhouse, John informed Marlena that he'd gotten in touch with all of his ISA contacts, but they'd all told him that Sami's trail had gone cold. Marlena was worried for Sami's safety, but John pointed out that if the ISA couldn't find Sami, neither could the DiMeras. John got a call with information about his Winterthorne contact, who had just returned to the Salem Inn. As John left, Marlena reminded him, "I thought you'd given up on all this." John noted that since the guy was there in town and might have information that would lead John to his parents, it would be foolish not to pursue it.

Belle was shopping in Horton Square when Andre approached her. Andre asked if Sami had been in touch with Belle, but Belle said she hadn't spoken to her sister in a while. Feigning sympathy, Andre remarked, "That's a shame. So she hasn't told you what she's done." Belle maintained that she didn't know what Andre was talking about. Andre asked Belle to deliver a message to Sami: "Return the money, and we'll look the other way." He warned Belle that things would get ugly if Sami didn't comply.

A skeptical Belle accused Andre of making things up. As Andre was reiterating his threat about Sami to Belle, Marlena arrived and interrupted the conversation. Andre amiably claimed that he and Belle had just been catching up. "Stay away from my daughter," Marlena ordered. Andre teased her about her abilities to do anything to stop him, but Marlena warned him, "Nobody in this town would convict me of anything that I did to you." As Andre left, he cautioned the women, "Don't forget: Sami is over her head -- and anyone who protects her is in the same boat."

Marlena assured Belle that Andre had merely been "posturing." Belle demanded to know what Sami had done. Marlena maintained that Belle didn't need to know about it and should stay out of it. Marlena was headed home and asked Belle to join her. Belle said she had an errand to run before she could return to the townhouse.

As soon as Marlena had departed, Belle called Sami and left an annoyed message for her sister: "I just had a freaky, scary run-in with Andre. You have really put me in the middle of a huge mess with the DiMeras. I don't want to hold their money for you anymore; it's too dangerous -- and I hate lying to Mom and Dad. Would you please call me back?"

Belle was walking through the square later when she got a text message from Sami, who told Belle, "Sorry about Andre. He won't hurt U. And I'll make it up 2 U. As I told U, I kept enough $$ for the kids and 2 make sure I can find who I'm looking 4. When that happens, we'll all get the happily ever after we want. [Yours] comes 2day!!!! The rest of the $$ is in that account ant it's [yours]. Use it 2 build something wonderful!!!!" Sami signed it with a smiley face and hugs and kisses. "Use it to build something wonderful?" Belle murmured with a small chuckle.

At the DiMera mansion, a furious Stefano cursed Sami and threw a phone across the room. Chad arrived just then and rather breathlessly filled Stefano in: "Father, I found Abby. Ben had her hostage. She had the baby. He's the Necktie Killer. He completely lost it! He's in jail now." Uninterested, Stefano growled, "Your birthright is gone." After Stefano got Chad caught up, Chad asserted that Sami had only done what E.J. had set her up to do. Stefano demanded to know if Chad was going to help fix things. "Um, no. I'm not all that motivated," Chad replied with a shrug.

As Andre entered the room, Chad was pointing out that Stefano was hardly destitute because they still had the company, the stocks, and the legitimate businesses. "Maybe it's for the best. Maybe we can live like normal people," Chad added wryly. Chad kissed Stefano on the cheek, clapped Andre on the shoulders, and headed out for the hospital. Andre smugly assured Stefano that he was getting closer to finding Stefano's money.

Andre explained that the key to finding Sami was her little sister, Belle Black. Andre explained, "[Belle is] back in town, newly single, in need of a young man's...comfort. Perhaps young Chad? If she opens up to him, then we can find exactly where Samantha and the money are hiding."

In Eduardo's hotel room, Miriam told Eduardo that he would never be out. Miriam said all the information that Eduardo would need was in the tablet computer she placed on the desk. Eduardo tried to refuse to accept the job, but Miriam maintained that Eduardo couldn't leave because it was who he was. Eduardo said he only wanted to live the rest of his life in peace. Ignoring him, Miriam opened the tablet and told Eduardo that the password was the one he knew.

After Miriam left, Eduardo sat at the desk, writing in a black notebook. When there was a knock at the door, Eduardo stashed the notebook and the tablet in the desk drawer before answering the door. He found John standing in the hallway. John introduced himself and explained to a suspicious Eduardo that he was there because they had both gone to Winterthorne Academy, and John wanted to ask Eduardo some questions.

As Eduardo let John in, John admitted that he had a lot of gaps in his memory from the time he'd been at Winterthorne, but he guessed that he and Eduardo had attended the academy at about the same time, and John was hoping to find some information about his parents. John produced a picture of himself taken when he'd been about 13 and asked if Eduardo recognized it. With a bit of reluctance, Eduardo said he did.

As Eduardo poured drinks for himself and John, Eduardo and admitted that he couldn't remember much from his time at the academy because he hadn't had many friends and had kept mostly to himself. "Winterthorne Academy and me were a bad fit. Wish I could be of more help," Eduardo said. John thanked Eduardo. The men shook hands, and John left.

When John returned to the townhouse, a livid Marlena told him about Andre practically threatening Belle in the square. John asserted that it was a good thing, pointing out, "If Andre was an actual threat, he wouldn't be so up front about it. He knows that if he lays a hand on any of my family members, he's going to be locked up."

John continued that Andre would never find Sami because E.J. had likely found a way to tell her how and where to hide -- so they had to assume that Sami was safe. Marlena asked how John's meeting had gone. John told Marlena what Eduardo had said about Winterthorne, adding, "It was such a horrible experience that he's all but forgotten it -- except he still wears the school ring." John suspected that Eduardo had been lying about how much he knew.

While having a drink and listening to some music, Eduardo took the tablet back out of the desk drawer. He entered a password and looked at the information he'd been given -- a dossier on John Black, with aliases, past occupations, his blood type, relationships, and names of his children.

At the warehouse, as Dr. Malcolm was choking Hope, he offered to trade her the information she wanted -- the name of the person who had tortured Bo -- for the money he was owed. Hope demanded to know why she should trust Malcolm. As Hope eyed the gun nearby, Malcolm pointed out that if Hope killed him, everything he knew would die with him. Asserting that a name wasn't enough, Hope demanded solid evidence that the name Malcolm was producing was really of the person who'd tortured Bo.

Malcolm promised that he could deliver that proof. "Five hundred thousand dollars, that's my price," Malcolm stated, and he was a bit surprised when Hope agreed immediately. She added that they would make the exchange that night. Malcolm guaranteed that Hope would be able to get revenge.

Hope arrived back at her house and paused on the front porch to try to cover the bruises on her face with some powder. She pulled her hair forward for even more concealment then headed inside. While Hope was looking wistfully at a photo of the whole family, Ciara descended the stairs. Hope embraced her daughter and apologized if she'd worried Ciara. Hope zoned out for a moment and worried Ciara.

Ciara observed that her mom's clothes were "all messed up." Hope claimed that she hadn't been paying much attention to her appearance -- or anything else. With a hug, Hope apologized for snapping at Ciara earlier and promised that she wasn't going anywhere. "I'm glad you're home," Ciara said.

Once she was alone, Hope called her banker. Next she phoned Dr. Malcolm and informed him that a bank officer was delivering the cash personally in a couple of hours, and Hope would deliver it as long as Malcolm had the proof she needed. Malcolm instructed her to arrive at their meeting alone.

When there was a knock at Hope's door a little later, she hurried to open it, but instead of her banker, Rafe was on the porch. Surprised to see Hope at home, Rafe questioned her about where she'd been. Hope stated, "I just needed some room." Rafe was incredulous that Hope hadn't told him, her partner, that she'd intended to quit the force. Hope bristled when Rafe demanded to know why. Hope asserted that Rafe would do the same thing she was doing in the same situation. "Yeah, but I would hope that someone who cared about me would try and calm me down," Rafe countered.

Rafe asserted that he would be worried about Hope even if Bo hadn't asked him to look after her. Hope snapped that Bo shouldn't have done that. "Yeah, well, he knew I loved you and I would've done it anyway!" a frustrated Rafe said without thinking. Her back to Rafe, Hope froze momentarily while Rafe looked as if he wished he could take back his words. After a long moment, Hope noted quietly that it had been a long day and evening. She added that she needed to rest and asked Rafe to leave. Without another word, Rafe turned and left.

At the hospital, Jennifer and Abigail were sitting in a waiting area, doting on Abigail's tiny newborn, when a nurse arrived to take the baby to be examined. Abigail reluctantly handed the little one over. After the nurse carried the infant away, Abigail busied herself with filling out hospital paperwork and the baby's birth certificate. Abigail confessed that she wasn't sure what time her son had been born or even what day it had been. To calm her daughter, Jennifer asked if Abigail had thought of a name yet.

Abigail explained that Ben had wanted to name the boy Colin, but Abigail asserted that her son deserved a new name and a new start. Jennifer asked if Abigail had thought of any boys' names while she'd been pregnant. Abigail said she'd known all along what she would name her child if she'd given birth to a boy: Thomas Jack Deveraux, after her great-grandfather and father. Touched, Jennifer's eyes welled up with happy tears.

Jennifer and Abigail were in the nursery with baby Thomas Jack when Chad arrived to have a peek at the little one. He stood at the foot of the incubator but hovered several inches away, as if he were afraid he would break the baby just by being there. Jennifer surprised Chad when she suddenly hugged him. "Thank you so much. You saved my daughter and my grandson," Jennifer said tearfully. Jennifer left to email the family to tell them about "this precious baby."

Abigail told Chad that the doctors said the baby was healthy and that his jaundice should go away quickly. Chad wondered why the baby was in the incubator, and Abigail said it was just to monitor him. Abigail noted that the baby had experienced a rough start entering the world. "He's a tough little boy... He's got you for a mom. It's all uphill from here," Chad teased Abigail. Abigail asked if it would be all right for little Thomas to call Chad "Uncle Chad." Laughing with surprise, Chad agreed.

Abigail revealed that her son's name was Thomas Jack Deveraux, although she wondered if she should give him Ben's last name. Chad assured her that it was all right not to do so. Abigail worried that Ben could make a claim for custody. Chad reassured her, "No, Ben's not going to say anything... I talked to Roman on the way over here. Ben's completely shut down. He's on suicide watch," Chad said.

Noting that it was sad, Abigail wondered what had happened to Ben. "Nothing you could have stopped. Don't hold onto it. Ben's out of your life for good," Chad assured her. "I'm glad you're here, Chad, and I'm also really glad you never gave up on me," Abigail said. Gently caressing a fussy baby Thomas, Chad stated earnestly, "You know I love you, Abby. That never stopped, and it never will."

Steve and Kayla make some big decisions

Steve and Kayla make some big decisions

Thursday, December 10, 2015

by Mike

At the park, Anne approached a shivering Theresa, who immediately started complaining about Anne's tardiness. "Congratulations, Theresa -- you passed the test," Anne replied, explaining that she had asked Theresa to meet her in the park at night -- and had shown up late -- because she had wanted to see if Theresa would blow her off or take the meeting seriously. "[You're] here -- grumpy, but here -- so you passed," Anne added.

Although somewhat annoyed, Theresa admitted that she understood why Anne had felt the need to test her, since she hadn't exactly been the greatest friend lately. Anne explained that she had done some soul-searching and had decided that she missed having Theresa as a friend, despite the fact that Theresa only seemed to care about one thing -- marrying Brady. Taking back her earlier refusal, Anne agreed to let Theresa stay with her for a while, and she reluctantly added that "the kid" was also welcome at her place. Theresa appreciated the offer but excitedly explained that Brady had already rented her a townhouse -- and would be staying there with her.

Anne warned that, while things seemed to be going Theresa's way at the moment, it would be wise for her to keep her guard up because when things seemed too good to be true, they usually were. Theresa wondered why Anne couldn't just be happy for her, since things were finally going her way. Anne stressed that she was happy for Theresa, but she added that the sudden turn of events had also left her a bit bewildered because Theresa had "never given a rat's ass" about anyone other than herself before. Theresa explained that being a mother had changed her, in more ways than one.

Anne wondered why Theresa was sure that things with Brady were going to work out differently than they had in the past. Theresa conceded that she couldn't be totally sure, but she added that Brady had taken her side over Victor's, and that was huge. "Look, all I know is that you can't just sit around, waiting for life to change, you know? You have to be willing to change yourself," Theresa concluded. Anne hesitantly asked Theresa to tell her how she could do that, and, after thinking for a moment, Theresa led Anne to the town square so they could discuss the matter over cups of coffee.

While staring at some expensive items in a store window, Theresa recalled how she had once believed that having the money to afford such things would make her happy. "Mm-hmm. And now you've learned that happiness is about the simple things -- you know, like a townhouse paid for by your baby daddy," Anne sarcastically guessed. Chuckling, Theresa clarified that her happiness stemmed from things that mattered more than money, like her son, and changing Brady's mind about her, and being a successful fashion designer -- something she had always wanted to do but had only recently gotten brave enough to try.

Getting to the point -- at Anne's impatient urging -- Theresa suggested that, since Anne was always talking about how she hated her job, it might be a good idea for her to quit that job -- and instead work as Theresa's assistant at Basic Black. Anne scoffed at what seemed, to her, like a demotion, but Theresa pointed out that she was offering Anne a chance at life in a glamorous, ever-changing world that would present many opportunities for her to travel, attend swanky parties, and meet handsome men who knew how to have a good time. Admitting that the offer sounded a bit tempting, Anne accepted -- on the condition that her salary would be decent.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady said goodbye to Henderson then went to the living room to say goodbye to Victor and Maggie. Maggie wasn't there, but Victor was -- and he was talking to someone about plans for Titan's future. "So, he's my replacement," Brady guessed, greeting Philip a bit tersely. Victor confirmed the suspicion and mused that it would be nice to have one of his sons sleeping under his roof that night. Ignoring the remark, Brady asked about Maggie, and Victor explained that she had already gone to bed. Nodding, Brady said goodbye to Victor and wished Philip luck, adding that he was going to need it.

After Brady left, Victor filled Philip in on Theresa -- "a vicious, money-grubbing slut" who had used Tate to ensconce herself in the mansion so she could work her wiles on Brady -- and Brady's decision to choose her over Victor and Titan. Shocked to hear just how "clueless" Brady had been lately, Philip caught up with him outside and offered to buy him a cup of coffee at the pub so they could discuss a few things.

Caroline was pleased to see Philip, who offered his condolences and apologized for being unable to make it back to Salem in time for Bo's funeral. After Caroline went to get Brady and Philip some coffee -- and, at her insistence, pie -- Philip stressed that he didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with Brady. Brady made it clear that he didn't begrudge Philip for taking his place at Titan -- nor Victor for wanting to keep things in the family. Having walked in on Victor and Philip's earlier conversation in time to hear Philip criticize the way Titan had been run lately, Brady added that he had worked hard to legitimize the company and sever its illegal connections.

Philip said he understood that had been more important than profits to Brady, who protested that the profits had been decent. Philip disagreed, arguing that Brady hadn't been aggressive enough -- particularly in Titan's pharmaceutical division, where the stock price had stayed flat for the past three years. Guessing he knew where Philip was headed, Brady insisted that he would have eventually found a way to market the drug that had been used on Caroline. Philip complained that, in doing so, Brady would have followed the rules instead of fast-tracking the drug onto the market.

"The FDA gets very testy if you don't [follow the rules]," Brady pointed out, adding that there could be side effects to the drug that no one had discovered yet. Philip excitedly reminded Brady that there was a known side effect -- the ability to see the future. "Who doesn't want that?" Philip reasoned. Brady argued that Caroline's so-called visions might be nothing more than hallucinations -- and that marketing them as anything more significant could land Titan in the middle of a very serious lawsuit -- but Philip countered that in business, as in life, one couldn't be afraid to take risks.

Philip suggested that Brady had chosen the wrong time to bail from Titan, predicting that the drug was going to be a gold mine. Philip insisted that he could simply find a way to spin the visions so he could get the drug on the market right away, but Brady countered that the FDA wasn't an agency Philip could schmooze in order to get a drug fast-tracked. Brady was confident that the drug wouldn't be approved anytime soon -- if ever -- but Philip wasn't concerned. Brady wondered if Philip had discussed his grand plan with Victor, who had previously told Brady to keep the drug under wraps. Philip dismissively told Brady to move on and leave Victor to him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie offered Victor a cup of herbal tea to help him sleep, and he grudgingly accepted it. Maggie could tell that something was on Victor's mind, so he explained that Caroline's latest vision had been about his death. Victor declined to give Maggie details but assured her that he was taking precautions -- such as drinking herbal tea. Victor preferred to think of Caroline's vision as a good thing, reasoning that knowing something bad was supposed to happen would make it much easier to prevent that thing from happening, but Maggie argued that Caroline wasn't infallible -- and had, in fact, failed to foresee certain things, like Bo's cancer.

Victor countered that Caroline might have foreseen Bo's cancer and simply failed to correctly interpret that particular vision. Victor added that Caroline's visions needed to be studied and nurtured. Maggie wanted to know how Victor planned to nurture Caroline's visions, but he again declined to offer details. Setting aside his cup of herbal tea, Victor abruptly excused himself, explaining that he was going to head over to the pub to check on Caroline. Maggie sighed and shook her head as she watched Victor exit the living room.

When Philip returned home, Maggie asked him not to disappoint Victor, who had already had to deal with the loss of Bo and -- in a less literal sense -- Brady. Philip promised that he wouldn't, adding that he and his father were in complete agreement about what was important. Maggie was glad Philip was back in Salem but admitted that she wished Victor hadn't forced Brady to leave Titan.

Philip clarified that Brady hadn't been forced to do anything; he had made a choice -- and a bad one, at that. Philip added, however, that he was fine with that, since Victor needed someone who was willing to put the family before everything else. "I'm going to make Titan more powerful and more profitable than it's ever been," Philip declared before exiting the room, leaving Maggie looking a bit concerned.

Theresa finished giving Anne a tour of the townhouse just as Brady returned home. Theresa promised to call Anne the following day to give her more information about her new job. After Anne left, Theresa told Brady about offering Anne a job at Basic Black. Brady seemed preoccupied, so Theresa worriedly wondered if he was having second thoughts about moving in with her. Brady assured Theresa that he wasn't, and he proceeded to fill her in on what had happened with Philip. Theresa asked if Brady had any regrets about his decision to leave Titan. Brady claimed that he didn't, but as he hugged Theresa, his face told a different story.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Joey wondered why Ava was invested in getting Steve and Kayla back together. Ava reminded Joey that she had already told him that his parents were old friends of hers -- or had been, at least, until she had done something that had ended up hurting them. Ava said she had promised herself that if she ever got the chance, she would do whatever it took to make Steve and Kayla happy again.

Ava declined to give Joey more details, and she assured him -- as she placed a hand on his knee -- that she would understand if he wasn't happy with that and wanted to sever ties with her. Joey told Ava he wasn't going to back out of their plan, and she said she was happy to hear that because she really wanted to fix the mistake she had made. Placing his hand on top of Ava's, Joey stressed that the important thing was that she was trying to make up for what she had done in the past. Ava wasn't sure Steve and Kayla would be as forgiving, and she said that was why she hadn't let them know yet that she was back in town.

Joey wondered when Ava planned to reveal herself to Steve and Kayla. Ava said she might do that once Steve, Kayla, and Joey were officially a family again, and she added that, in the meantime, she planned to kick things into a higher gear. Joey gamely asked Ava to tell him what to do next. Caressing Joey's cheek, Ava replied that it was time for her to take control of their plan on her own.

Hurt that Ava was ditching him, Joey protested that he had done exactly as she had asked. Ava assured Joey that he had done a great job, and she explained that she simply needed to be the one to tell Steve and Kayla about her part in the scheme. Ava warned that if Joey revealed the truth himself, he could potentially ruin all the progress they had already made.

Joey wasn't sure he could promise anything, since his father probably wasn't going to stop questioning him about the plan anytime soon, but Ava insisted that he was smart enough to handle such questions with ease. After giving Joey a kiss on the cheek, Ava suggested that it would be best for him to leave before someone saw them together. Ava smiled mischievously as she watched Joey hesitantly walk away.

At the Salem Inn, Steve and Kayla agreed that someone was definitely helping Joey with his plan to get them back together. Steve kissed Kayla's neck as he wondered if she wanted to tell Joey the plan wasn't going to work or stop fighting temptation. Kayla started kissing Steve but soon pushed him away, admitting that she wasn't sure she was making the smart move. "You ever get tired of being so smart all the time?" Steve wondered. Ignoring the question, Kayla suggested that it might not be the best day for her to make big decisions, prompting Steve to wonder why the decision in question had to be a big one.

Steve advised Kayla to just follow her heart, and when he kissed her again, she didn't pull away. Later, after making love, Steve opened up to Kayla about what life had been like for him during their separation. Steve said he had spent every day thinking about how he was going to get Kayla back but had never been sure he would be able to accomplish that goal because she had always been her own person. Steve admitted that he had never felt deserving of Kayla and had never really had any confidence until she had started believing in him.

Steve declared that Kayla was the best thing that had ever happened to him -- and that he had repeatedly thrown away what he'd had with her because he was an idiot. Chuckling, Kayla agreed. Steve said he could see that Kayla still believed in him, prompting her to wonder if he thought he knew her better than she knew herself. Steve allowed for the possibility, and Kayla admitted that he might be right. As Kayla rested her head on Steve's chest, he recalled how Bo had urged him to get his family back -- and never let them go again. "I want us to be a family again. I want us to live together," Steve whispered as he stroked Kayla's hair.

Kayla left the bed and grabbed a tissue, prompting Steve to apologetically wonder if he was moving too quickly for her. Kayla remained silent, so Steve acknowledged that he had never asked how life had been for her during their separation. Kayla admitted that it had been miserable at first, but, over time, she had gotten better at being alone -- and had even started to enjoy her newfound independence. Kayla added that she hadn't spent the whole time pining over Steve -- in fact, she had even dated someone named Bob, but he had been pretty quiet, and the relationship hadn't really gone anywhere. "So much for online dating," Kayla mused.

Kayla said she found it hard to believe that Steve hadn't been involved with at least one woman during their separation. Steve confirmed that he had indeed been involved with one woman during that time. "I thought so," Kayla quietly replied, lowering her head. Steve forced Kayla to look at him as he added that the woman's name was Kayla Johnson. Steve wondered what he would have to do to get Kayla to believe that she was the only woman for him. Kayla admitted that she wanted to believe that, and she added that she had been lying earlier, when she had claimed that she hadn't been pining for Steve during their separation.

Kayla said Steve was -- and always had been -- the only man for her. "You happy now?" Kayla asked. Chuckling, Steve kissed Kayla to confirm that he was. Kayla pulled away from Steve and went to grab something from her purse. "[This] might be a complete and total leap of faith, but...if you're still interested, welcome home," Kayla said, offering her house key to Steve, who happily accepted it.

"I don't want to push my luck, but, uh...maybe we can take this a step further," Steve suggested before kneeling in front of Kayla and taking her hand. "Kayla Caroline Brady Johnson, will you marry me...again?" Steve asked.

Chad tries to comfort a devastated Abigail

Chad tries to comfort a devastated Abigail

Friday, December 11, 2015

In Steve's hotel room, Kayla and Steve were dressed only in hotel-issue robes. Kayla remained silent after Steve proposed, so he offered proposals in Italian, French, and Spanish. Still Kayla didn't speak, although she smiled. Steve lamented not doing something more romantic for his proposal, but he reassured Kayla that he intended to stay in Salem with his family. "I love you with everything that I am -- but what am I? I'm not whole without you," Steve said softly. Kayla admitted that Steve's proposal had touched her, but it was too soon. She explained that she wanted all their steps forward to be confident, without rushing.

Encouraged that Kayla hadn't said no, Steve declared that he was in a "deep sea of love." Giggling, Kayla said, "You are relentless!" While Steve and Kayla were kissing, Joey banged on the door. While Kayla tightened the sash of her robe, Steve answered the door. Joey was pleased but a little uncomfortable when he saw his parents' state of undress. Putting his arm around Kayla, Steve declared that he was checking out of the hotel that night to move back in with Kayla and Joey.

Kayla said Joey's actions had touched her, but it also frightened her to see how far he would go. "No more games," Kayla warned her son. As she headed into the bathroom to change, she suggested the guys work on what they were going to make her for breakfast the next morning. Once Steve and Joey were alone, Steve wanted to know with whom Joey had been working. Playing dumb, Joey wondered why his dad would think Joey hadn't done everything on his own. "Who would I know who's crazy enough to mess around with an ISA agent? And the chief of staff of Salem's top hospital?" Joey pointed out.

Steve was skeptical but dropped it -- although he confronted Joey about "messing around with drugs." "That was not only irresponsible; that could have been deadly!" Steve asserted. Joey maintained that he'd only taken enough to knock himself out, but Steve demanded to know where Joey had gotten the drugs and the dosage information. Joey apologized for not thinking things through but insisted that he'd only wanted his parents back together.

"No more games, and definitely no more drugs of any kind," Joey promised. "Good. And you're grounded... For a month," Steve decreed. When Kayla returned, Steve cautioned Joey that since he'd wanted his parents back together so badly, he would have to endure watching them smooch all the time. Joey fidgeted but smiled as his parents kissed.

Later, as Kayla was leaving, Steve suggested they go away for a romantic weekend. Kayla teased that if she went away with Steve, he would try to use his charms to get her to accept his proposal -- but if she did, he would stop being adorable and romantic. After kissing Steve seductively, Kayla left. "I'll see you -- at home," she said from the hallway. Steve watched her go then pulled out his harmonica. He played a bluesy tune and sang loudly, "I'm comin' home, Sweetness!"

Ava sat in front of a mirror and removed some makeup from a small case. After applying makeup to make herself appear pale, as if she had dark circles under her eyes and sunken cheeks, Ava rehearsed offering reassurances that she was fine. Coughing, she said, "I just need to rest." Ava smiled slyly at herself in the mirror. She taped a picture of Steve and Kayla to the mirror and said, "I can do this. I know I can."

As Chad walked through Horton Square, he spotted a weak Abigail trying somewhat unsuccessfully to push herself out of a chair. He rushed over to help and encouraged her to go to the hospital. Abigail insisted that she had to go to Ben's to retrieve her and her son's things so her nightmare would finally be over. Instead of Ben's apartment, Chad escorted her to the Brady Pub. Abigail resisted going in, but Chad was insistent. When Chad and Abigail went inside, a waitress immediately delivered two milkshakes to their table.

Chad explained that a few sips of the pub's milkshakes would give Abigail the strength and courage to handle anything. Abigail indulged Chad, stuck her straw in the shake, and sipped -- although she added that all the milkshakes in the world couldn't fix how she felt. When Chad suggested Abigail talk about it, she flashed back to Ben attacking her at the apartment and, later, setting the bed on fire with her and Chad in it. She admitted that it had been a terrible feeling when she'd realized that Ben had lost his mind and had actually killed people -- and she could have been next.

Abigail blamed herself for not seeing it sooner that something was off with Ben. "I hate myself for bringing my son into the world that way, Chad," she added tearfully. Chad offered to retrieve Abigail's things from the apartment, but Abigail maintained that she had to do it because she needed closure. Chad asserted, "Closure is overrated." He wondered why Abigail wanted to return to that apartment, where Ben had tormented her, when Ben was out of her life -- and there was nothing she couldn't replace.

Abigail maintained that she never wanted to forget it all, because she'd also gotten something good from the experience when Chad had saved her. Abigail explained that while she'd been fighting for her life and her son's life, she'd imagined Chad rescuing them, to keep herself calm. Abigail continued that, deep down, she'd known she hadn't really been in love with Ben, because she'd never stopped loving Chad. She added that she'd felt heartbroken because she hadn't been able to be with Chad

"I always knew that you were the one I was supposed to be with, not him," Abigail said. She resumed blaming herself for missing the signs about Ben when she had lived with him and had seen him every day. Chad firmly reassured Abigail that it wasn't her fault, but she quietly pointed out through incredulous tears, "I was living with a murderer!" As Abigail became more upset, she tugged uncomfortably at the neck of the baggy sweater she was wearing, the obvious panic rising. Fighting to remain calm, Abigail got up and rushed out, maintaining that she needed some air.

Chad hurried after Abigail. He caught up with her in the park outside Horton Square and begged her to talk to him. Abigail pointed out that she felt as if she had failed Chad and a lot of other people because she hadn't been able to see that she'd been engaged to a murderer. "Maybe I could have stopped it somehow," Abigail added ruefully. As she became increasingly distressed, Chad reiterated that none of it was Abigail's fault. "Ben snapped. He lost his mind," Chad added.

Chad contended that even though Ben had been jealous about Abigail and Chad, Ben had been mentally ill long before then, and something else would eventually have set him off. Chad added gently, "He's gone. He's out of your life. Stop torturing yourself about what happened. Look forward. Focus on what you have right now. You have your beautiful son. You have your life back. And, if you want, you have me." He wrapped his arms around Abigail, who began to cry, and deep, gasping sobs racked her body.

Chad promised that he would never let anyone hurt Abigail again. He repeated that he had never stopped loving her and never would. Chad reminded Abigail that he would be happy to retrieve her things from the apartment. Abigail declared resolutely that she could do it herself, thanks to Chad. Chad extended his hand and offered to take Abigail to the apartment. Abigail clasped Chad's hand, but she declined.

"I feel like I can do this on my own. I feel like I could do anything, and I really miss that feeling -- and I really want it back," Abigail declared, adding with quiet confidence, "I'm not a weak person, Chad. He didn't beat me. No one can." Chad joked, "It was that milkshake, wasn't it?" Abigail laughed as Chad embraced her. "Chad, I need you to know that I never stopped loving you, either," Abigail stated, squeezing Chad's hand before walking away.

Dr. Malcolm was about to rush out the front door of Doug and Julie's bed and breakfast when a man blocked his way. Asserting that he had a pressing engagement, Malcolm tried to step around the man, but the man declared firmly, "You're wanted."

At the Brady house, Hope closed the lid on an aluminum briefcase filled with $500,000 worth of cash, while her banker remarked that it was an unusual transaction. Hope instructed the banker to keep his mouth shut. Hope escorted the man to the door, but when she opened it, she found Rafe about to knock. Cutting through the tension and the space between Rafe and Hope, the banker left. Hope attempted to close the door on Rafe, but he pushed past her, declaring, "You may have said all you need to say, but I haven't."

Rafe told Hope that he was worried about her -- but not just because Bo had asked him to look after her. As Rafe rambled on about losing one's perspective in difficult times, Hope slammed the door and ordered him to stop psychoanalyzing her. Rafe maintained that he was only trying to protect Hope, as partners should -- but they were also friends. He asked what Hope was doing, since it clearly wasn't work-related, but she snapped that she didn't owe him any explanations. Conceding defeat, Rafe offered to "help" Hope with the briefcase -- but when he picked it up, the cash tumbled out.

Rafe stared at Hope in disbelief. As Hope stuffed the money back into the case, she angrily asserted that what he'd done hadn't been an accident. She ordered Rafe to get out of her house and leave her alone. Rafe apologized for saying that he loved Hope, because although he'd meant it, he had also just been trying to get through to her. While Rafe assured Hope that he was there for her as a friend, she looked at him as if his words were working. Rafe declared that Hope needed him because her life was spiraling out of control.

Hope resented Rafe's accusation, and that turned into an argument between them over her recent actions. Hope tried to throw Rafe out, but he demanded, "What about your daughter, hmm? Do you care about what happens to her?" He explained that he was there partly because Ciara had called him. Rafe pointed out that Ciara really needed Hope, but Hope was only interested in revenge. An emotional Hope insisted that she loved Ciara with all her heart.

"Everything I do is for my daughter... You don't think she wants justice for her father?" Hope demanded. Tuning out Rafe's concerns and ordering him not to follow her, Hope grabbed the briefcase and left. With a resigned sigh, Rafe followed.

A little later, a frustrated Rafe entered the police station and slammed a file folder down on his desk. Lani asked what Rafe had been doing. "I was following someone, and she gave me the slip," Rafe said. Lani asked whom, and Rafe replied, "My ex-partner."

When Hope arrived at the warehouse, it appeared deserted, but a television had been placed on a table. Hope called Malcolm's name, but he didn't appear. Instead, the TV switched on, and an image of Ciara, bound to a chair, appeared on the screen. "Hello? Is someone there?" Ciara called as she struggled against the zip ties. "Oh, my God, no! Not Ciara!" a horrified Hope exclaimed.

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