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Nicole saved Victor's life. Nicole resembled a woman from Deimos' past. The ISA dropped the charges against Steve. Kayla and Steve learned that Joey had confided in Jade. Kayla ended things with Steve, but he vowed to get her back. Abigail planned a gruesome payback for Ben. Maggie told Summer that she had given her away at birth.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 4, 2016 on DAYS
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Deimos has a surprising encounter Deimos has a surprising encounter

Monday, April 4, 2016

by Mike

At the hospital, Maggie slowly began recalling everything that had happened earlier that night. "I should have listened to Victor. He wanted to take me to the Emergency Room. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! I was so stupid! I can't feel my legs, and I'm gonna be crippled!" Maggie sobbed as Summer tried to keep her calm.

Unable to locate Maggie's call button, Summer rushed off to find Fynn, who headed straight to Maggie's room to explain what had happened to her. Fynn tested the soles of Maggie's feet for sensitivity, and she tearfully admitted that she couldn't feel anything at all. Maggie wondered if she would ever walk again. Fynn assured Maggie that he would be able to provide her with some answers after her surgery. Frightened, Maggie begged Summer to track down Victor right away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos poured some Champagne into a glass and raised it in a salute to Victor, who was sprawled out on the couch, clutching his chest and wincing in pain. "Opa!" Deimos said to Victor before gulping down the drink and calmly walking out of the living room.

Deimos headed upstairs and joined Kate in one of the bedrooms. Kate questioned Deimos about the argument she had heard moments earlier, and he confirmed that he had just had a confrontation with Victor, who had done "his best imitation of Zeus" in a last-ditch effort to regain what Deimos had taken from him. "But not to worry -- I'm sure he's gone by now," Deimos added as he climbed into bed with Kate.

Back downstairs, Victor managed to retrieve his cell phone from his pocket but wasn't able to maintain his grip on it long enough to call for help. Meanwhile, Nicole arrived at the mansion and found the front door slightly ajar. Puzzled, Nicole called out a greeting as she stepped into the foyer. "I left my tablet here before --" Nicole loudly continued as she advanced to the living room, abruptly stopping when she spotted Victor.

Nicole rushed to Victor's side and dialed 9-1-1 then began loosening his tie as she shouted for help, hoping to get the attention of anyone who was home at that time. Upstairs, an oblivious Kate rolled around in bed with Deimos, unable to hear Nicole over the sultry piece of jazz music that Deimos had turned on -- at a high volume -- when he had first heard activity downstairs.

As an ambulance approached the property, Kate heard the sirens and realized that something was happening. Despite Deimos' protests, Kate got out of bed, put on a robe, and went to investigate. Kate didn't make it downstairs until after the paramedics wheeled Victor away on a stretcher, but Nicole was still in the living room, gathering her belongings.

As Nicole reached for Victor's cell phone, Kate approached and demanded to know what was going on. Meanwhile, Deimos arrived, wearing pants and an unbuttoned shirt. "Who the hell are you?" Nicole asked as Deimos stared at her in disbelief. Kate impatiently told Nicole to focus on explaining why an ambulance had been called to the mansion.

Nicole revealed that Victor had suffered a heart attack. "I guess you didn't hear me [call for help] because you were too busy with your friend Scratchy here," Nicole added, referring to the scar on Deimos' chest. Deimos slowly stepped forward, introducing himself as Victor's brother. Deimos asked for Nicole's full name, which she hesitantly provided. As Deimos repeated the name in confusion, Nicole uncomfortably excused herself.

Deimos stopped Nicole and wondered if her family had originated in Greece. "What is the matter with you? I just told you your brother had a heart attack, and all you care about is if my family is from Greece?" Nicole asked incredulously. Kate wanted to know if Victor was going to be all right, but Nicole irritably pointed out that she wasn't a doctor. Nicole added, however, that Victor's condition had seemed dire.

"Okay, you are creeping me out. Put your eyes back in your head," Nicole told Deimos before getting fed up and leaving. Shaking his head, Deimos wondered how long Kate and Nicole had known each other. "Too long," Kate replied. Changing the subject, Kate asked if Deimos had caused Victor's heart attack then gone upstairs to have sex with her, leaving his brother to die. "You make it sound so...gothic," Deimos mused.

Deimos started to walk out of the room, prompting Kate to wonder if he was headed to the hospital. "Why? I wouldn't be welcome there. And what am I gonna do, give blood? My brother and I are definitely not compatible," Deimos replied. Kate followed Deimos back to the bedroom, where he continued to ask questions about Nicole, wondering if she had always had a fiery temper. Kate was more interested in figuring out exactly what had happened during Deimos' earlier argument with Victor, assuming that the heart attack might have been drug-induced.

"No, it just happened. The heart wants what the heart wants, Kate. And in Victor's case, it obviously wanted to put him out of his misery," Deimos reasoned with a shrug. Kate pointed out that Deimos had caused Victor's misery, but Deimos argued that Victor had asked for it. "Do you care if he dies?" Kate wondered. Deimos unapologetically admitted that he wouldn't shed a single tear if that happened.

"You are one cold bastard," Kate observed. Deimos conceded that the description was apt but suggested that it was actually one of the qualities that had attracted Kate to him in the first place. "And may I say, back atcha, sweetheart. I love it when those eyes turn to ice, almost as much as I love making them glow with pleasure," Deimos added.

Deimos leaned in to kiss Kate, but she pushed him away. Chuckling, Deimos wondered if he had crossed some sort of line. "Are we not allowed to admit why we're attracted to each other? That fine streak of cruelty?" Deimos continued, but Kate just stared at him in unamused silence. "Guess not," Deimos concluded with a shrug before turning his attention to his glass of Champagne.

"So, what was this nonsense with Nicole?" Kate wondered. Deimos vaguely replied that Nicole had reminded him of someone then added that it wasn't important. Deimos reached for Kate's hand as he tried to convince her to get into bed with him so they could pick up where they had left off earlier. Kate remained stationary, recalling the lessons of bedroom etiquette she had taught Deimos a few weeks earlier. "Here's another lesson: no means no," Kate firmly stated as she shoved Deimos' hand away.

As Kate started to get dressed, Deimos offered to take her out for breakfast the following morning. "No, thanks. I have things to think about," Kate replied. Deimos dismissively predicted that Kate was going to sleep like a baby that night because nothing fazed her. Kate grabbed her purse and walked away without saying another word to Deimos, who watched as she headed downstairs.

When Kate opened the front door to leave, she found Caroline standing outside, preparing to knock. Caroline barged into the mansion and started calling out for Victor. Kate revealed that Victor had suffered a heart attack earlier and was in the hospital, but she found it interesting that the news didn't seem to surprise Caroline. "Well, he was in terrible pain. He was right there," Caroline explained, gesturing to the couch as she recalled the vision she had experienced earlier that night.

Caroline suddenly tensed and began looking around the room. "He's here, isn't he?" Caroline guessed. Confused, Kate wondered who Caroline was talking about. "Deimos -- the devil," Caroline spat. Caroline insisted that Deimos was responsible for what had happened to Victor. As Kate feigned ignorance, Caroline called up the stairs to Deimos, shouting, "You won't get away with this! I won't let you hurt him anymore. I'll drive you out of Salem if that's the last thing I do!" Deimos listened from the bedroom, calmly sipping Champagne. "Dream on, bitch," he quietly muttered.

At the hospital, Brady was in a break room with Summer and Nicole, waiting for an update on Victor's condition. Nicole, who had contacted Brady from Victor's cell phone earlier to let him know what had happened, was stunned to hear about Maggie's injury. "It's been a hell of a night," Nicole mused.

Brady noted that if Nicole hadn't gone to the Kiriakis mansion in search of her tablet computer, Victor probably would have died, since he had suffered a heart attack on the servants' night off. "Kate and that other guy sure didn't give a damn," Nicole muttered. Confused, Brady wondered what Nicole was talking about. Nicole explained that Kate had been at the mansion with some guy named Damian. Brady corrected Nicole and agreed with her assessment that Deimos was a real piece of work. "You don't see eyes like that every day. Cold. Pure evil," Nicole mused.

Elsewhere, Theresa distracted Maggie with a heart-to-heart talk, stressing that she loved Maggie and thought of Maggie as her role model. Brady and Summer soon arrived, and when Maggie asked if Brady had found Victor yet, Brady hesitantly informed her that Victor had suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital. Devastated, Maggie broke down as Brady tried to comfort her. Meanwhile, with Fynn's approval, Caroline entered Victor's room and took a seat next to his bed. "Don't you dare die on me, you son of a bitch, you. Don't you dare," Caroline tearfully warned Victor as he slept.

Alone at the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos retrieved a black-and-white photograph from his wallet and stared at it. Aside from the dark hair, the woman in the photograph looked exactly like Nicole.

Steve considers pleading guilty Steve considers pleading guilty

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

At the hospital, Justin told Fynn that he had called for a specialist to examine Maggie. Justin added that he had talked to Maggie's daughters to update them on Maggie's condition. With a nod, Fynn promised to keep Justin informed about Maggie.

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe informed John about Victor's heart attack and Maggie's injuries. John was upset. As Roman rushed off to deal with work, someone called John with good news.

In the town square, John invited Hope and Ciara to breakfast at the pub. When both women declined, John said goodbye and walked off. Paranoid, Ciara wondered aloud if Marlena had talked to John about Ciara's conversations about the rape. Hope assured Ciara that whatever Ciara had said to Marlena would remain confidential. Relieved, Ciara nodded.

When Hope pushed Ciara to open up to her, Ciara admitted that she was worried that she would run into Chase. Hope took Ciara's phone and programmed a speed dial to call the desk sergeant at the police station. With a lopsided smile, Ciara took her phone back.

Chase broke into the Horton house. As Chase passed the living room, he thought about the night he had raped Ciara on the couch. Shaking his head, Chase went upstairs. On the front porch, Rafe stopped by and noticed that the door was ajar. As Chase walked down the staircase with a duffel bag, Rafe pulled out his gun and ordered Chase to halt. With a sigh, Chase stopped. Rafe asked Chase what he had stolen.

When Chase noted that the bag was filled with his stuff, Rafe asked Chase if he had said the same thing when he had robbed the woman in the square. Rafe added that the sketch artist working the robbery had drawn a picture that looked like Chase. With a nod, Chase pulled the money he had stolen out of his pocket and handed it to Rafe. Chase apologized for stealing. Rafe arrested Chase for robbery, assault, and breaking and entering. When Chase objected that he lived in the house, Rafe corrected him and noted that the locks had been changed.

At their home, Steve and Kayla cleaned up after their evening together. Kayla was upset. Steve told Kayla that their night together had meant everything to him. Kayla suggested that she, Steve, and Joey should skip town and start over somewhere else. When Steve asked why, Kayla said she had thought about how Steve's incarceration would affect Joey negatively. Steve quietly told Kayla that she could not leave her home, her family, and her job at the hospital. When Kayla insisted, Steve assured Kayla that he would make things right.

Steve told Kayla that he would be fine in prison. Kayla was incensed that Steve had resigned himself to being convicted. Steve pointed out that Belle could argue self-defense but that she would lose the case. With a frown, Steve stressed that Joey and Kayla would be better off without him. Worried, Kayla asked Steve if he was going to plead guilty. Steve said the only way to protect Joey was to end the investigation as soon as possible. Belle arrived to pick up Steve. Kayla begged Belle to talk some sense into Steve then she left for work.

At the Brady Pub, Joey talked to Jade about Steve's trial. Joey confided that he was worried that if he attended the trial, he would confess to murder. Jade urged Joey to go to the trial, and she promised to make sure that Joey did not do anything stupid. Taking Joey's hand, Jade said she believed that Steve would win his case.

While Hope was at the police station, Marlena's office called Hope to inform her that Ciara had not shown up for her appointment. Worried, Hope called Ciara. In the park, Ciara told Theo that she had cancelled her appointment with Marlena because she had not wanted to talk. When Theo noted that she wanted to talk to him, Ciara smiled. Ciara said that Theo was easy to talk to.

Ciara confided that she was frustrated that everyone had told her how to deal with her situation. Ciara's phone beeped. Ciara texted her mother to assure her that she was fine and had decided not to go to the appointment. Citing her unease at going to the Horton house alone, Ciara asked Theo if he would walk with her to the house to retrieve her books for school.

When Theo and Ciara arrived at the Horton house, they found the front door ajar. Theo went into the house first to investigate. When Ciara followed, she saw Chase's discarded shirt on the staircase. Ciara thought about the rape. Upset, Ciara started to shake. Theo asked what was wrong, and Ciara sputtered out that the shirt on the staircase was the same one that Chase had worn when he had raped her.

Ciara was terrified that Chase was in the house. Theo told Ciara to wait outside while he searched the rooms. As Theo walked up the stairs, Ciara called out to him when Rafe texted her. The text said that Rafe had found Chase at the house and had arrested him. Upset, Ciara grabbed the shirt and attempted to tear it apart. Crying, Ciara ran out of the house.

At the police station, Hope was stunned to see Rafe escort Chase into the bullpen in handcuffs. Rafe explained that he had found Chase inside the Horton house. Hope confronted Chase. When Chase noted that he had made sure that Hope and Ciara had left, Hope asked Chase if he had been spying on the house. Chase stressed that he had only watched the house to make sure that he did not run into anyone.

"What if Ciara had come home? Do you know what happens to her every time she sees you? Do you know what you've done to her?" Hope yelled as she shook Chase by the shoulders. Rafe gently pried Hope away from Chase. As Hope turned to face Rafe, she spotted her daughter standing in the doorway, staring daggers at Chase. Chase saw Ciara. Furious, Ciara told Chase that he had not broken her.

"You will not take one more minute from me. I'm not afraid of you. You will never break me," Ciara growled. As Ciara turned her back on Chase, Rafe led Chase down to holding. Hope asked Ciara about her missed appointment with Marlena. Ciara apologized and promised to go to therapy. Ciara said she wanted to handle her recovery in her own way. Nodding, Hope hugged her daughter tightly and told her that she loved her.

In the town square, Joey introduced Kayla to Jade. When Joey mentioned that he would see Kayla in court, Kayla asked Joey not to go. Kayla said that Joey would upset his father if he was in court. Interrupting, Jade said she would make sure that Joey did not blurt out the truth. Shocked, Kayla's eyes widened. Jade added that it would be more suspicious if Joey was not in court. Upset, Kayla pulled Joey aside and asked him if he had told Jade the truth.

Joey said he had needed to confide in a friend. Kayla was livid. Kayla and Joey argued, and Joey promised that Jade would keep his secret. Kayla ordered Joey to stay away from the courthouse. Still fuming, Kayla marched off. Jade walked over to Joey and placed a comforting arm on him. Jade apologized for spilling the beans to Kayla. Joey shrugged. Jade offered to go to court on Joey's behalf, but he insisted on attending the trial despite Kayla's demand.

In the conference room at the police station, Steve and Belle met with Justin and Roman. After chitchatting about Victor, Justin asked Belle about her self-defense claim. Justin offered a plea deal for voluntary manslaughter in exchange for a penalty of ten years in prison. Steve deferred to Belle, and she turned down the offer. As Steve and Belle turned to leave, John arrived and asked to speak to them about Steve's case. John announced that he was waiting for someone. Frustrated, Justin said he was late for court and that John could introduce any new evidence there. As Kayla walked in and asked why they were not in court, the director of the ISA, Pamela Van Damm, walked into the room behind her.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe had coffee with Hope and talked about Chase. Hope was grateful that Rafe had arrested Chase. Frustrated, Hope wondered aloud what had happened to the boy she had known. Rafe assured Hope that Ciara was the same tough, stubborn girl she had always been. "She's tough, courageous. Runs in the family," Rafe said with a smile. Talk turned to Rafe's mother, and Rafe admitted that he was happy his mother was safe and in town. Rafe added that things were tense in his family.

In the park, Ciara and Theo sat on the bench and talked. Ciara thanked Theo for helping her at the house. With a smile, Theo noted that he had learned a lot in therapy. Ciara nodded in understanding. Ciara told Theo that she had confronted Chase at the police station. Ciara swore that she would not let Chase ruin anything in her life. Ciara thanked Theo for staying at her side, and Theo promised he would always be there for her.

The charges against Steve are dropped The charges against Steve are dropped

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Brady returned home to clean up before heading back to the hospital. Theresa greeted Brady with a long hug. After a moment, Brady updated Theresa on Victor and Maggie's conditions. Worried about Brady, Theresa guided him to the couch and asked him about his medication. Brady muttered that he would take his medication after his shower. When Theresa protested that Brady had not taken his pills on time, Brady held Theresa's hand over his heart to prove that the heart was beating slowly and steadily.

Sated, Theresa curled up against Brady and sighed contentedly. There was a loud thump on the front door. With a raised eyebrow, Brady walked over, opened it, and found Philip on the doorstep. Philip asked for an update on Victor. Theresa told Philip to go to the hospital, but Philip countered that Victor did not want to see him. Brady said that Victor was still unconscious.

While Theresa left to check on Tate in the bedroom, Brady told Philip that Deimos and Kate had been having sex upstairs while Victor had been having a heart attack in the living room downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion. Shaking his head, Philip wondered aloud why Deimos had been in the mansion. Philip asked Brady to keep him updated on Victor's condition. With a nod, Brady asked Philip to reconcile with Victor if Victor recovered. Philip promised to think about Brady's request.

After Philip left, Theresa returned to the living room to ask about Brady's conversation with Philip. Brady confided that something had happened between Victor and Philip, and Philip had refused to discuss it. Theresa suggested that Philip should talk to Victor when he woke up. With a nod, Brady said he had told Philip the same thing. Brady added that he had a terrible feeling that things were going to get worse.

In the Kiriakis living room, Deimos researched Nicole on the Internet and marveled at how Nicole looked exactly like his lost love. When Deimos read that Nicole had been married to Victor, he shook his head in disbelief.

In Maggie's room at the hospital, Nicole stopped by with flowers. Near tears, Maggie thanked Nicole for saving Victor's life. Nicole downplayed her part in the rescue, but she said she had worried about Victor because she knew how much he had meant to Daniel. When Nicole asked about Maggie's injury, Maggie explained that she had suffered an "incomplete injury." Maggie noted that the surgery carried a chance of restoring her legs. Crying, Maggie said she was more worried about Victor than the surgery. Maggie begged Nicole to help her see Victor. As Nicole shrugged an apologetic no, Maggie asked Nicole to send her love to Victor instead.

With a big grin, Nicole grabbed her phone and suggested that Maggie record a video for Victor so that she could deliver a message in her own words. After recording a message, Nicole promised Maggie that she would show Victor the video if she could gain access to his room. Maggie smiled. Fighting her emotions, Nicole offered to sit with Maggie until the orderlies retrieved her for the surgery. Maggie said she was fine.

Not fooled, Nicole smiled and said, "Yeah. Right." Maggie sniffled and said she had sent everyone away because she did not want anyone hovering. With a nod, Nicole said she would talk to Maggie later. As Nicole turned to leave, she stopped. Nicole reached into her wallet and pulled out a photo of Daniel. With tears in her eyes, Nicole gave the photo of Daniel to Maggie. Maggie asked Nicole if she was ready to give up the photo. With a chuckle, Nicole said that after the surgery, she expected Maggie to walk to her apartment and return the photo.

As Nicole walked down the hall, she ran into Summer. Nicole asked Summer not to upset Maggie. Annoyed, Summer said that Maggie was her mother and that she wanted to see her before the surgery. Summer marched into Maggie's room to visit her. Maggie told Summer that there was a small chance that she could regain the use of her legs. Nodding, Summer asked about Victor. Maggie said Victor's condition had not changed.

"Remember I told you when I was growing up, my parents, they were really religious? They went to church on Sunday, Wednesday night meetings. I even had perfect attendance at Sunday school for like twelve years. I thought it was boring. It went right over my head. But since this happened to you, I have been praying harder than I have my whole life, and if you can walk again, maybe I will start being a believer," Summer said as she choked back tears.

Summer put her hand on Maggie's arm and apologized for upsetting her. "I could feel that you really care about me, and I don't deserve it," Maggie said. Summer assured Maggie that their separation had not been Maggie's fault. When the nurse arrived for Maggie, Summer told Maggie that she would be waiting for her after the surgery.

Down the hallway, Nicole gained access to Victor's room and said, "Come on, you old bastard. Don't give up now." Still unconscious, Victor lay in bed as Nicole told him that she had a message for him from Maggie. Nicole played the video.

"Hi, sweetheart. It's me. Don't leave me now, all right? It took us so long to find each other and to realize that we loved each other, so please don't let that end. You're not just the love of my life, you're the fun in my life. So I'll make a deal with you. You fight your way back, and I'll beat whatever is wrong with my legs. I want to dance with you again. I want to feel my arms around you. And I want you to make me laugh again. So, please get well, Victor. I love you so much," Maggie said in the video. With a nod, Nicole said she had kept her promise. Nicole rose to leave. Groggy, Victor quietly called out, "Maggie." Victor's eyes fluttered open.

Nicole rushed to Victor's side. Victor asked about Maggie. With a smile, Nicole told Victor that the doctors believed they could repair the damage to Maggie's spine and that there was a good chance that she would walk again. Relieved, Victor cursed Deimos' name. Scowling, Nicole said she had met Deimos. Victor thanked Nicole for saving his life. "That can't be right," Victor joked.

Nicole told Victor that she had been creeped out by Deimos. Victor warned Nicole to steer clear of Deimos because Deimos would chase her, since he had seen her. When Nicole asked why, Victor asked Nicole to trust him and stay away from Deimos. "He's evil. And this is me talking," Victor whispered. Outside the hospital room, Deimos looked through the window at Nicole as she sat at Victor's bedside.

At the police station, Belle, Steve, Roman, Justin, Kayla, and John crowded around a conference table as Pamela, the director of the ISA, informed them that there would be no trial. Pamela confirmed that the judge had cleared Steve's trial from the docket under the authority of the state attorney general. Pamela explained that Steve had been working undercover for the ISA to take out Ava. As Justin's mouth fell open in objection, Pamela added that Steve had been given immunity for Ava's death.

In disbelief, Justin argued that assassination did not sound legal. Pamela countered that the operation was classified and that she could not explain to Justin the reasons for the mission. Still suspicious, Justin asked Pamela why the ISA had not stepped forward sooner to clear Steve. Pamela explained that the ISA had hoped that the matter would not go to trial but that once the trial had been scheduled, the ISA had had to step in and blow their cover. Annoyed, Justin left to speak to the judge.

Everyone left the conference room except for John, Pamela, Kayla, and Steve. Confused, Steve asked them to explain what had happened. As Pamela shrugged, Steve thanked her for helping him. "Once an agent, always an agent," Pamela said. As John clapped Steve on the shoulder, Justin returned with Roman and Belle. Justin announced that the judge had confirmed that the charges had been dropped. Roman told Steve he was free to go.

Steve thanked Belle for her help, and everyone left the room except for Steve and Kayla. As Steve hugged Kayla, she pulled away. Kayla said they would talk at home. Kayla walked out into the bullpen of the police station, and Joey rushed over to hug her. Joey said he had heard that Steve had been set free. Steve chimed in to say that the specifics did not matter and that he wanted to head home. Roman joined them and whispered that Steve had been lucky.

Steve and Kayla thanked Roman for whatever part he had played in the day's events. "Don't make me regret it," Roman said. Jade yelled out a congratulations to Steve, causing him to raise his eyebrow in confusion. Kayla told Steve that she would fill him in on the way home.

After the family returned home, Steve, Kayla, Joey, and Jade sat down to eat sandwiches in the living room. Jade was excited to celebrate. Steve asked Joey to join him for a walk, but Joey shook his head no. Joey explained that he had told Jade the truth about what had happened with Ava. Jade added, "That he smothered that woman with a pillow." Kayla threw her hands up in frustration as Steve's mouth dropped open.

"Are you kidding me? What the hell, Joe?" Steve yelled. Steve ordered Jade not to tell anyone. Jade said that she would not rat on her friend. Jade added that she was impressed that Steve had been willing to go to such lengths to protect his son. "I'd kill to have a dad like you," Jade said. "I can't believe she said that," Kayla muttered under her breath.

"I have a feeling Jade says pretty much anything she wants to," Steve growled. Joey said he was proud of Steve. With a nod, Steve said the case was closed, and they should move on. Kayla begged Joey to go to counseling to discuss his feelings. As his parents looked over at Jade, Joey suggested that they leave his parents alone to talk. After swiping a couple sandwiches for the road, Jade left with Joey.

Kayla was angry that Joey had confided in Jade, but Steve told Kayla not to worry. When Steve noted that the issue could have been worse, Kayla reminded Steve that their son had committed murder. "Nothing ever seems to stick to you, does it?" Kayla asked. Concerned, Steve asked Kayla if she believed that she would be better off without him. Kayla admitted that a part of her felt that way.

"I will love you till I die. It's just that trouble doesn't just follow you; you court it. And why should you? You always seem to beat it. And that's exciting to you! But the people around you always get caught in the crossfire, and now it's our son, and he is going to have to live with murder on his conscious for the rest of his life. And he wouldn't have even known Ava Vitalli if you hadn't come back," Kayla said. Steve said he felt the guilt of his part in Ava's torture. Kayla blamed Steve for creating danger in their lives. Kayla added that she did not know if she could live with the chaos that surrounded Steve.

"I have a son to protect. That has to be my first priority. Even if that means protecting him from you," Kayla said. Emotional, Steve pleaded that everything he had done had been to protect Joey. Steve reiterated that he had been willing to go to prison to protect Joey. Kayla stared at the floor. Steve asked Kayla what was next, and she handed her engagement ring back to Steve. With a sigh, Kayla said she loved Steve but that she needed to determine whether she was ready to share a life with him.

In the park, Joey and Jade sat on the bench and talked. When Joey said he wished that no one had covered up the murder, Jade asked why. Joey said, "Getting away with killing somebody doesn't make you hate yourself any less." Jade said that Ava had gotten what she had deserved. "It was either her or your family. You didn't have a choice," Jade said. Then, Jade kissed Joey.

Abigail sees Ben again Abigail sees Ben again

Thursday, April 7, 2016

by Mike

At the Johnson house, Kayla received a visit from Roman, who was surprised to hear that she had just called off her engagement to Steve. Roman understood Kayla's reasoning but warned that he knew, from firsthand experience, just how hard it was to go through life alone. Kayla protested that she wasn't going to take Steve back out of desperation.

Roman clarified that he wasn't advising Kayla to do that. "[But] ending this is not the only answer," Roman continued. Roman pointed out that Steve loved his family and would gladly die for them, prompting Kayla to counter that she might be trying to stop him from doing just that. Kayla reminded Roman that she had picked out the pallbearers for Steve's funeral more than once. Kayla didn't know how much longer Steve's luck could last, but she did know that she didn't want to be watching from a front-row seat when it finally ran out.

Roman soon got called back to the police station, and although he encouraged Kayla to take the rest of the day off, she insisted that she was also going to get back to work because she needed to stay busy. Kayla stumbled on her way to the front door but managed to steady herself with Roman's help. When Roman expressed concern, Kayla insisted that she was fine, adding that she probably just needed to eat something because it had been a while since her last meal.

Seemingly satisfied, Roman changed the subject, encouraging Kayla to take some time to think things through before making a final decision about her relationship with Steve. Kayla was surprised to hear Roman defend Steve, but Roman admitted that, while he was well aware of Steve's faults, he was also well aware that Steve was one of a kind.

While Steve was drowning his sorrows at the Brady Pub, a woman approached and took a seat next to him at the bar. Steve quickly made it clear that he wasn't interested, but she clarified that she was Tina Bradley, a woman he had once risked his life to save. "Well, I do that a lot," Steve muttered. Tina felt fortunate that she had managed to cross paths with Steve again, just when she was in need of more help.

As Tina started to share her story, Steve found himself getting sucked in, but a voice in his head kept warning that if he agreed to help her, he would only be proving Kayla's point about his addiction to danger. Steve seemed eager to take Tina's case but ultimately advised that it would be best for her to talk to the police instead. Later, Steve tried to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Kayla, but she wasn't home at that time, so he left them on the coffee table, along with her engagement ring and a note: "I'm never giving up on us. You shouldn't, either." Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kayla collapsed while on her way to the nurses' station.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad received a phone call from J.J., who had just learned that an arrest had been made the previous night in the town of Calexico, California, which was right on the Mexican border. "[One of the local cops] contacted us because the [apprehended] guy's crazy eyes looked like the eyes in Ben's mug shot," J.J. explained.

Elsewhere, Abigail awoke with a start after a nightmare in which she had found herself in bed with Ben, being warned that she couldn't scream for help because she couldn't even be sure he was really there. Before managing to calm down, Abigail received a phone call from an unknown number, which she had to talk herself into answering. Abigail was relieved to hear Ciara's voice on the other end, and she quickly agreed when Ciara asked if she could visit the mansion sometime to talk about possibly taking on the responsibility of being Thomas' babysitter.

When Abigail joined Chad in the living room a short time later, he filled her in on what he had just learned from J.J. Abigail wanted to accompany Chad to the police station to wait for confirmation that Ben had been arrested, but Chad pointed out that doing so would require waking up Thomas to transfer him to a portable seat. Ciara and Theo arrived as Chad was on his way out the door, and Abigail happily invited them in, assuring them that their timing was perfect.

As Theo entered the living room, he observed that everything was still the same, aside from one major difference: Stefano was no longer around. Ciara apologetically admitted that she had failed to think about how hard it would be for Theo to set foot in the mansion again. "I didn't think about it, either; I just wanted to help you," Theo replied with a shrug.

Later, while talking to Ciara about the babysitting gig, Abigail gently revealed that she was aware of what Chase had done. Abigail also reported that Chase had visited the mansion the previous night in search of a place to stay but had been turned away. Ciara assured Abigail that she was okay, adding that she was determined not to let the ordeal change her. "That is the exact same promise I made to myself," Abigail said, forcing a smile.

After Abigail and Ciara finished their conversation, Theo wondered if Abigail wanted him and Ciara to stick around until Chad returned. Abigail hesitantly assured Theo that she would be fine on her own. However, as soon as Theo and Ciara left, Abigail approached one of the guards and invited him in for some lemonade. To Abigail's dismay, the guard declined, but she forced another smile when he asked if everything was okay.

After the guard walked away, Abigail turned and found Ben standing in the foyer, staring at her. Abigail tightly shut her eyes, insisting that Ben wasn't real, and when she opened them again, she was relieved to see that he was gone. Smiling, Abigail headed upstairs with Thomas, assuring him that everything was okay.

While passing through the town square with Theo, Ciara suddenly realized that between school, babysitting, and therapy sessions, she was going to be really busy for the next few months and probably wouldn't have time to catch all the looming must-see movies with Theo. Inferring a hint, Theo started to excuse himself, but Ciara quickly clarified that she wasn't saying that she wouldn't have time for him anymore; she was simply saying that she didn't want that time to be spent in movie theaters, where they wouldn't be able to talk to each other. Ciara casually gave Theo a kiss on the lips before saying goodbye. As Theo watched Ciara walk away, he wiped his lips but was unable to wipe the smile off his face.

When Abigail returned to the living room with Thomas, who had been moved to his portable seat, she noticed that she had missed a phone call from Chad. Abigail listened to Chad's voicemail message and was disappointed to learn that Ben wasn't the person who had been arrested in California. After ending the call, Abigail turned and again found Ben standing in the foyer, staring at her. Feeling more confident than before, Abigail repeated her ritual, expecting Ben to be gone at the end of it, but when she opened her eyes after assuring herself that he wasn't real, he was still standing in front of her.

"I'm real. Do you want to pinch me?" Ben asked as he approached Abigail, who shouted for help as she backed away in fear. Ben informed Abigail that no one was going to hear her, since one of the guards was taking a smoke break and the other had been knocked out. "So it's just the two of us, Abs. And the way I figure, we have maybe ten minutes together, so let's make the most of them," Ben suggested.

Abigail tried to run, but Ben grabbed her arm and insisted that he wasn't going to let her get away again, especially after all the trouble he had gone through to seize a few minutes alone with her. Abigail wondered what Ben wanted. "The same thing I always wanted, Abigail: for you and me to be together. We were in love. Don't you remember that? Don't you? We were about to be so happy, raising our baby together -- our baby. I just -- I don't get what happened, you know? Why didn't it work? Why wasn't I good enough for you? Why did you have to love him?" Ben demanded to know.

Abigail hesitantly admitted that she didn't understand, either. "Because the truth is that it's always been so much better with you," Abigail added before giving Ben a kiss.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Nicole ran into Deimos at the hospital and, after telling Deimos that she and Victor had once been married, she commented that Victor had never told her that he had another brother. Deimos explained that since he wasn't exactly Victor's favorite person, it made sense that Victor hadn't mentioned him. Nicole questioned why Deimos had been in Victor's home. Deimos said that Victor had given him the house to repay an old debt. He then asked Nicole out, saying that he would explain in more detail. Nicole declined. Deimos apologized and remarked that Nicole reminded him of someone that he had once known.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Summer struck up a conversation with Maggie to help take Maggie's mind off of her surgery. Summer mentioned that she'd once worked regular 9-to-5 jobs, but the lure of the con had been strong -- and she was good at pulling off con jobs. As they talked, Nicole passed by and stuck her head in the room. Seeing the two women together, Nicole left quietly. Maggie gently took a sobbing Summer's hand and assured Summer that she was not in a place to pass judgment on Summer. Maggie confessed that she had known Summer was alive, adding, "God forgive me, I gave you away." Maggie apologized, and the two women broke down in tears.

Deimos returned to the Kiriakis mansion and looked through a small wooden box filled with memories. He picked out an earring and looked at a handkerchief with what appeared to be a newly formed bloodstain on it.

Later at the Brady Pub, Nicole searched Deimos' name online and found out that Deimos had served time for murdering a woman named Helena Tasso -- a woman that looked eerily like Nicole.

Back at the hospital, Fynn delivered a box to Victor. Inside it, Victor found the earring and handkerchief along with a note from Deimos saying, "I can never forget, brother. Can you?"

At the Salem Police Station, Chad learned that the man who had been found near the Mexican border was not Ben. He called Abigail to tell her of the development.

At the DiMera mansion, Ben broke away from his kiss with Abigail and grabbed her ringing phone. Abigail assured him that the phone call was not important. As Ben become suspicious, Abigail said that she felt confused because her feelings of love for Ben had rushed back. Ben revealed that even after Abigail had betrayed him, he still continued to love her. Ben formed a fist and showed her that his knuckles had been tattooed with letters spelling out "Abby."

Ben started to become angry, saying that he would not be fooled by anyone ever again. Sensing she could be in danger, Abigail crafted a lie about having been drugged by Chad and prevented from seeing her family. She called Ben her only hope to save her. "I need you, Ben," she pleaded. She then became passionate and asked Ben to take her upstairs to make love to her. With his back turned to Abigail as he walked up the steps, Abigail's face washed with a look of loathing.

In the bedroom, Ben and Abigail kissed, but Ben backed off as he questioned what was happening. Abigail lured him back in by professing her love. As they moved to the bed, Abigail grabbed a pair of scissors from the bedside table and stabbed Ben in the arm. She then grabbed a vase and smashed it over Ben's head, rendering him unconscious.

Chad phoned Abigail again, and she took the call, forcing herself to sound calm. Chad informed Abigail that the potential suspect had turned out not to be Ben. "That's too bad," Abigail replied. Chad was planning to return home, but Abigail sent him off to run errands. Abigail tied Ben up so he couldn't get away then headed off to get a glass of water and a can of accelerant.

Abigail woke Ben by tossing the glass of water in his face. She then doused Ben with the accelerant. As Ben lashed out angrily, Abigail danced around gleefully. Abigail reminded Ben that not too long before, he'd done the same thing to her.

Back at the police station, Chad tried unsuccessfully to reach Abigail and the guard. J.J. called a nearby patrol car as Chad raced home. When Chad arrived home, he ran around the mansion, trying to get into the house. As he did, he found the guard unconscious.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Ben told Abigail that she didn't have it in her to kill him. She responded by striking a match.

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