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Joey headed to Los Angeles with Jade. Abigail's mental health worsened. Justin set a trap for Deimos. Summer enlisted Dario's help after accidentally killing a man from her past. Multiple residents of Salem began exhibiting signs of illness. Hope was horrified to discover Aiden standing in her living room.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 2, 2016 on DAYS
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Nicole gets an intriguing offer from Deimos Nicole gets an intriguing offer from Deimos

Monday, May 2, 2016

by Mike

Justin was surprised when an unfamiliar butler greeted him at the Kiriakis mansion and announced his presence to Deimos. After the new butler walked away, Justin wondered what had happened to the previous one, Henderson, who had served the family for decades. "Oh, yeah, right -- the one who was loyal to Victor, along with the rest of the staff. They all quit. Or maybe I fired them en masse. I don't know," Deimos answered.

Changing the subject, Deimos warned that he was only willing to give Justin ten minutes of his time -- and not even that if Justin just wanted to threaten legal action for what had happened to Maggie. Justin clarified that he wasn't visiting as the district attorney; he was visiting as a nephew who wished to make a deal with his uncle. Explaining that Victor was scheduled to be released from the hospital later that day, perhaps along with Maggie, Justin continued that he was hoping to get reassurance that Deimos would no longer be a threat to them, since Victor's heart couldn't handle any further stress. "I'm not a reassuring kind of guy," Deimos replied.

Undeterred, Justin pointed out that as the district attorney, he had a lot of leeway in determining which cases went to trial. "And knowing your history, I'd say that certain situations are bound to come up involving you -- tomorrow, next month, next year... You may need someone in a position to help," Justin continued. Chuckling, Deimos stressed that he had no intention of breaking the law at any point in the future. "And if I do, I'm sure I'll get away with it," Deimos added, prompting Justin to counter that Deimos had already spent thirty years of his life in prison because he hadn't had the right connections.

Deimos wondered what Justin stood to gain in the proposed deal. "Nothing. But Victor has to have something: first of all, an assurance from you that this is over -- no more pressure, no more attacks -- [and second], return some of what you took. Give him some dignity. Relieve the stress," Justin replied. Conceding that Deimos held all the cards and didn't have to accept the deal, Justin promised to give him twenty-four hours to make a decision. "And then? Who knows," Justin concluded with a shrug before showing himself out.

At the hospital, Maggie received a visit from Victor, who informed her that he was being released later that day. "So are you," Victor added, but Maggie expressed doubts, guessing that Fynn would have given her a heads-up if that were the case. Maggie assumed that Victor was going to be staying with Justin, but he clarified that he had found a wheelchair-accessible townhouse in the same complex in which John, Marlena, Brady, and Theresa resided. "Just something temporary, until we get the mansion back," Victor explained.

Maggie said she didn't want Victor to try to get the mansion -- or anything else -- back from Deimos because doing so could lead to more stress. Maggie added that between her assets and the funds Victor had hidden in bank accounts Deimos had never uncovered, they had more than enough money to survive, anyway. "I am not letting that bastard get away with what he did to us!" Victor insisted, prompting Maggie to wonder if her opinion mattered to him at all.

Summer, who had fallen asleep in a chair while spending time with Maggie the previous night, soon awoke and wondered what Victor and Maggie were arguing about. Before either of them could respond, Fynn entered the room and asked for some privacy so he could examine Maggie and determine if it would be okay to release her. Summer followed Victor into the hallway and informed him that she was willing and able to do whatever she could to help care for Maggie. "You mean you're unemployed. Well, we're not hiring. Keep moving," Victor dismissively replied.

Later, Fynn warned Victor that Maggie would need constant in-home care if she were to be released from the hospital. Victor assured Fynn that he had already started the process of hiring a private nurse. Maggie fretted that she and Victor could no longer afford such expenses, but he dismissed her concerns, so she dropped the subject and told Fynn that she really did feel like she was ready to be released, especially since the intricacies of living with a disability weren't exactly new to her. Conceding the point, Fynn agreed to approve Maggie's release.

Nicole burst into Brady and Theresa's townhouse just as Brady was telling Theresa that it might no longer be necessary for Nicole to try to dupe Deimos. Nicole could tell that she had walked in on something, but when Theresa started to share what Brady had just told her, he interrupted and insisted that it wasn't important.

Quickly changing the subject, Brady announced that he needed Nicole to go to New York to meet with an editor who was thinking about featuring their company's fall line in a future issue of her magazine. Nicole refused, insisting that she was swamped, and when Brady tried to press the issue, she guessed that he was trying to get her out of town so she would be far away from Deimos. As if on cue, Nicole received a phone call from Deimos, who wanted to meet with her as soon as possible. "I have an offer to make you -- one I think you'll want to hear," Deimos explained.

After Nicole ended the call, Brady continued fretting about the dangers of going after Deimos, and Nicole continued insisting that she could take care of herself. Theresa eventually got fed up and put a stop to the argument, agreeing with Nicole's assertion that Brady needed to back off. "Theresa, thank you for your help, but some guys are just dyed-in-wool control freaks. And I mean that in the nicest way possible," Nicole said before showing herself out.

Brady sarcastically thanked Theresa for her support, fearing that Nicole's involvement with Deimos would end up getting her killed eventually. Theresa complained that she was sick of Brady's constant need to rescue people, whether they wanted his help or not. "I mean, God, what the hell, Brady? Is your life so empty with just me and Tate in it?" Theresa wondered. Groaning, Brady braced himself for another discussion about Theresa's insecurities and jealousies. "Stop making this about me! It's not my problem; it's yours!" Theresa insisted.

Before the heated conversation could continue, Brady received a phone call from Victor, who needed a ride home from the hospital because Deimos had fired his driver and sold the limousine. Brady left after promising Theresa that they would pick things up where they had left off as soon as he returned. Theresa forced a smile but seemed skeptical.

Summer approached Maggie's hospital room just as Maggie was suggesting to Victor that it would be nice to ask Summer to move in with them. "That's the worst idea you've ever had," Victor insisted, adding that he didn't want Summer around because she was a flake. Maggie reminded Victor that Summer was her daughter. Maggie added that Summer could help her out with day-to-day activities when Victor wasn't around, giving them more time to get to know each other. Victor reluctantly conceded that he couldn't say no to Maggie. Summer soon entered the room and feigned surprise when Maggie offered her a place to stay.

Later, as Summer was packing her things, Dario tried to convince her to swindle Victor and Maggie, suggesting that if she offered to help Maggie run Chez Rouge, she could probably get away with stealing some of the profits each month. Summer refused, stressing that getting to know her biological mother was more important to her than anything else. "This is my chance at a new life, and I will not be drawn back into the old one," Summer insisted. After Dario left, Summer received an unexpected visit from someone she clearly recognized. "Did you really think I wouldn't be able to track you down?" the man asked.

When Brady returned to his and Theresa's townhouse after dropping Victor and Maggie off at theirs, he asked Theresa to explain what she had meant about him being the one with the problem. "You're not gonna like what I have to say," Theresa warned. Brady urged Theresa to continue, assuring her that he was a big boy. "Okay, have a hero complex. Look, you're forever running off to save someone -- and not just anyone, either, okay? Women. You did it with Kristen, you did it with me, and then as soon as I got my life together, you were just itching to save someone else," Theresa pointed out.

Brady insisted that Theresa was being ridiculous, but she maintained that he had already latched on to his newest damsels in distress, Nicole and Summer. "It's a pattern, and I can see it, so whether you see it or not, that's fine, but it's clear as a bell to me, so just... Just think about it," Theresa added before retreating to another room.

At Victor and Maggie's townhouse, Maggie steered her motorized wheelchair over to a window and gazed out at the scenery. Victor soon entered the living room and wondered how Maggie was doing. "Couldn't be happier," Maggie replied, forcing a smile. Maggie abruptly excused herself, explaining that she wanted to check the closet space in the bedroom. After Maggie left, Victor received a phone call from Justin, who reported that their plan was in motion. Victor was confident that Deimos would take the bait that Justin had dangled in front of him, if only just to test Justin. "[But] the beauty of it is, he'll fall into one trap or the other [either way]," Victor added.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos offered Nicole a glass of Champagne, prompting her to wonder if they were celebrating something. Deimos confirmed that there would soon be cause for celebration, since he was sure Nicole was going to accept the offer he was about to extend to her.

Explaining that Titan had acquired Basic Black the previous day, Deimos said he had been going over the company's paperwork and had learned that Nicole had once helped Kate run it. Deimos continued that Kate was going to be acting as co-CEO of Titan, a job that would require her full attention. "Which is why I was thinking that perhaps you would like to become CEO of Basic Black," Deimos suggested.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kate asked as she entered the mansion and joined Deimos and Nicole in the living room.

Summer asks Brady for money Summer asks Brady for money

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A man named Clark visited Summer in her hotel room as she was attempting to pack up and move out. Clark asked "Cindi" if she had found a new mark. Summer winced. Defensive, Summer asked Clark not to call her Cindi any more. Clark joked that Summer was the perfect name for a manic depressive. As Clark laughed, Summer grew more fidgety. Clark warned Summer that she owed him money, and he was there to collect.

In their new condominium, Maggie wheeled around in her motorized wheelchair and talked to Victor about inviting Summer to live with them. When Victor sarcastically commented that they needed a grifter in their lives, Maggie countered that she did not talk about Victor's children like that. Victor said Maggie did not need to. Maggie nodded. Victor cautioned Maggie not to make decisions based on guilt. After a little banter, Victor agreed to let Maggie have her way.

Maggie asked about Victor's phone call with Justin. Victor acted innocent, but Maggie was suspicious that Victor was working with Justin to take down Deimos. Victor reasoned that he had let go of his feud in order to save his family. With a frown, Maggie told Victor that she did not believe him. Victor looked Maggie in the eye and promised her that he was not out for revenge.

When the doorbell rang, Victor answered it and found Julie and Caroline in the hallway. Julie cheerfully greeted the recuperating couple, but Victor and Maggie's grumpy response made it clear that there was tension in the room. Julie and Caroline looked at one another. Victor invited the women in to visit.

While Victor was in the kitchen making tea, Caroline and Julie asked what was going on. Maggie informed them that Victor had lost his home and business when Deimos had poisoned her and forced Victor to choose her or his possessions. Caroline was furious. In shock, Julie asked why they had not talked to the police.

With a broad smile, Caroline said that Victor would likely handle the matter himself. As Caroline noted that Victor would not stop until Maggie was avenged, Victor reentered the room. Maggie scowled at Victor. Victor told Caroline that she was wrong. Victor explained that he did not want to make things worse and that he was not out for revenge.

With a cry of disbelief, Caroline asked Maggie if she believed Victor. Maggie firmly said she did not. Victor was upset that Maggie had told Caroline and Julie about their problems, but Caroline defended Maggie and noted that Maggie had a right to be worried.

When Victor escorted Julie and Caroline out of the condo, Victor asked Caroline to take his hand. Victor asked Caroline if she had a vision about his future. Caroline admitted that she did not see anything.

Victor returned to his condo and apologized to Maggie for his sullen mood. Maggie said she was sorry as well. Victor and Maggie agreed not to be at odds with one another because it is what Deimos would have wanted. Changing the subject, Victor asked Maggie about her phone call. Maggie said she had left a voicemail for her daughter. With downcast eyes, Maggie said she was surprised that, as anxious as Summer had been to move in, she had not arrived at the condo yet.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos informed Kate that he intended to hire Nicole as the head of Basic Black. With a scoff in Nicole's direction, Kate said that Deimos had failed to consult her on that decision. Kate added that Nicole had her own company and would not be interested. With a nod, Deimos turned to Nicole and asked her if Titan could buy DJ Wear. Nicole smiled at Kate.

"DJ Wear is what I would call a bonus. I want both, but what I really want is you," Deimos said to Nicole. Nicole asked for details. Deimos told Nicole that she would run the Basic Black division under Deimos and Kate's supervision. Deimos wrote a number down and handed it to Nicole. With a momentary look of shock on her face, Nicole nodded and said she would consider Deimos' offer. After Nicole left, Kate asked Deimos why he had hired Nicole. Deimos chuckled and asked Kate if she was jealous.

"Of course you're right. Just because I don't want you to hire a neurotic, unstable woman who screws up everything she puts her hands on. No, I must be jealous. I mean, it couldn't possibly be because I know Nicole and I know how epic her failures have been," Kate said. Deimos reminded Kate that she had gone into business with Nicole recently. With a shrug, Kate countered that the experiment had not lasted long.

Deimos explained that it was a good idea to put Nicole under Kate's supervision because it allowed them to keep an eye on Nicole. With a raised eyebrow, Kate asked if that was Deimos' only motive. Deimos said that Nicole had been repeatedly running into him, and he wanted to know why. When Deimos asked Kate if she was sure she was not jealous, Kate said she was disappointed in Deimos. Deimos kissed Kate, but she pulled away. Kate said she did not want Deimos to use sex to end their argument. With a chuckle, Deimos said Kate would do the same thing in his place. With a nod, Kate kissed Deimos.

After having sex upstairs, Deimos joked to Kate that he liked their version of anger management. Kate advised Deimos not to make her angry. With a grin, Deimos said he was happy to take his chances. As Deimos kissed Kate, his phone rang. Deimos told Kate he needed to run a quick errand and would be back soon.

In the town square, Brady chased after Theresa as she pushed Tate in the stroller. Brady was upset that Theresa had walked out on their conversation. Theresa argued that she felt like she was the lowest priority on Brady's list of women. Brady told Theresa that she was overreacting. Shaking his head, Brady argued that if Maggie had found a long lost son instead of a daughter, Theresa would not feel neglected. Brady said that no matter who he helped, he always went home to Theresa.

"I don't trust Summer but that's not unwarranted," Theresa said as she fought tears. Brady asked Theresa if they could forget everyone and enjoy the day together. Theresa said she did not want to lose any more time with Brady. As Brady and Theresa kissed, Nicole ran across the square and asked Brady for his help. The three walked over to Edge of the Square, and Nicole filled them in about Deimos' offer.

Theresa did not want Kate for a boss. Nicole reasoned that while she ran Basic Black, Theresa could run DJ Wear however she wanted. With a scowl, Theresa countered that she was already running DJ Wear how she wanted. Brady interrupted to accuse Nicole of using the buyout as a way in with Deimos. Brady stressed that it was a bad idea. Shaking his head, Brady said he feared that Deimos was testing Nicole and that she might end up like Maggie -- or worse.

Nicole showed Brady and Theresa the offer for their company, and she told them they would be fools not to consider it. Brady casually flipped the paper back at Nicole. From the corner of the bar, Deimos entered and eavesdropped on Nicole talking with Brady and Theresa. Nicole argued that Deimos could double their budgets and help establish DJ Wear in the industry. Nervous, Theresa said she was worried about working with Deimos and Kate because they were "snakes." Deimos rolled his eyes.

Nicole cautioned Theresa not to take the matter personally but instead to look at it as a business decision. Brady agreed with Theresa. Shaking her head, Nicole said that Brady and Theresa were short-sighted. Theresa offered to buy out Nicole's part of DJ Wear. Nicole agreed. After Deimos got up and left, Brady warned Nicole not to get too involved with a "psychopath." Nicole rose to leave, and Brady chased after her. Brady pleaded with Nicole not to put herself in danger to help Victor.

Brady told Nicole that Victor had another plan to destroy Deimos and that he believed that Nicole was only a diversion. Brady begged Nicole to walk away. Annoyed, Nicole said that she was better than "just a diversion." As Nicole walked out, Brady turned and saw Theresa staring at him. Theresa advised Brady to let Nicole go.

While alone in the mansion, Kate rummaged through the desk drawers in the living room and found a photo of Helena. As Kate stared at the photo, Deimos returned home. Kate asked about the photo. Deimos told Kate that the photo was of a woman he had once loved. Deimos told Kate that it would have been better if she had not seen the picture then he walked out. In the town square, Nicole called Victor and told him that she was still in on Victor's plan.

As Summer paced nervously in the park, she left a voicemail for Dario, pleading with him to call her back. Scared, Summer looked at the contacts in her phone and stared at Brady's name. Summer called Brady and begged him to help her with a problem. At the club, Theresa rolled her eyes as she listened to Brady's side of the conversation. Brady asked Theresa to trust him. Brady promised to test Summer. After Brady left, Theresa called John's phone and left a voicemail asking him to call her back about Brady.

When Brady met up with Summer in the park, Summer told Brady about Clark. Summer asked for money. When Brady asked why, Summer said she did not want to say. Brady firmly said he could not help Summer until she told him everything. Summer admitted that Clark had been a mark, and she had conned and robbed him. Summer said she had told Maggie but that she had been afraid to disappoint Brady. With a nod, Brady asked for details about the scheme. Summer said that the man had threatened to send her to jail. When Brady asked how much Summer needed, Summer told him she needed $50,000.

When Nicole returned to the Kiriakis mansion, she found a grumpy Kate sitting in the living room. Kate told Nicole that she knew why Deimos was interested in her. With a nod, Nicole admitted that she knew she looked like a woman that Deimos cared about. Nicole warned Kate that her sway with Deimos was tenuous. Kate bristled at the accusation.

Nicole told Kate that Deimos was obsessed with Helena. When Nicole reiterated that Kate was in a difficult position, Kate informed Nicole that Deimos had made the offer because he did not trust Nicole and wanted to keep an eye on her. Nicole said that unlike years before when she had stolen Victor away from Kate, Nicole had no intention of repeating history. A cheerful Deimos walked in and greeted Nicole. Nicole turned to meet Deimos and accepted his offer. With a grin, Deimos led Nicole into his study to work through the details of the deal.

Ciara tells Hope she is moving out Ciara tells Hope she is moving out

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chad called the clinic to ask about Abigail. A male doctor informed Chad that it would take time for Abigail to heal, and he noted that the length of Abigail's recovery was up to her. Down the hall, Abigail talked to Dr. Robinson in her room. Dr. Robinson asked about Abigail's first impressions of Ben, but Abigail growled that she did not remember when she had first met Ben. The doctor urged Abigail to make an effort in their sessions so that she could heal.

Talk turned to the night that Ben had attacked her at the DiMera mansion. Abigail said that no one had heard her. Sniffling back tears, Abigail told the doctor that she had tricked Ben into going upstairs then had tied him up and set fire to him. The doctor asked Abigail if she had fantasized about setting Ben on fire. Ignoring the question, Abigail said she refused to believe the Ben was in prison. Dr. Robinson assured Abigail that she was safe, but Abigail argued that people had said that before.

Dr. Robinson told Abigail that she understood Abigail's fear, but prison was more secure than the mental hospital from which Ben had escaped. Shaking her head, Abigail said she still saw Ben. As Abigail stared out the window into the hallway, Dr. Robinson assured Abigail that Ben was not there. Abigail said she had imagined Ben, and then Ben had actually appeared. Struggling with her emotions, Abigail said that Ben had been in her room the previous night. With tears in her eyes, Abigail said she had screamed, and no one had heard her.

"I hear you, Abigail," Dr. Robinson said. Abigail told Dr. Robinson that Ben had choked her with a red necktie. Breaking down into tears, Abigail began to rub her neck. Dr. Robinson squatted next to Abigail and gently stroked her shoulder and held her hand. A nurse entered, and Dr. Robinson ordered medication for Abigail. Dr. Robinson told Abigail that they would work through Abigail's fears together.

At the hospital, Steve confronted Kayla about failing to tell him that the police had arrested Joey. Fynn intervened and warned Steve to lower his voice. Kayla asked Fynn to leave her alone with Steve. Reluctantly, Fynn walked away, and Kayla escorted Steve out of the hospital.

In the square, Steve and Kayla argued about Joey's arrest. When Kayla told Steve the details, Steve yelled that he had a right to know when his son was arrested. Steve intended to talk to the judge, but Kayla stopped him. Steve told Kayla that he could accept losing her love, but he loved Joey and wanted to be a good father. "Loving him and doing what is right for him are two different things," Kayla said. "And what's right is for me to stay away? I can't believe it's come to this," Steve said in disgust.

While walking trough the town square, Rafe told Hope about his past as a shoplifter when he had been a kid. Rafe had worked in a storeroom for six months as punishment. With a shrug, Rafe said that his mother had said that if he was old enough to get into trouble, he was old enough to get out of trouble. Rafe suggested that Hope take the same approach with Ciara.

While Hope and Rafe ate at the café, Doug and Julie walked over and said hello. Doug and Julie told Hope and Rafe about the Irish dancers that had booked every room at their bed and breakfast. After Rafe left to attend to work, Julie asked Hope about Ciara. Hope confided that she felt like she had repeatedly failed her daughter. Doug reminded Hope that she had been a rebellious teenager.

When Hope mentioned that Rafe had suggested that Hope let Ciara make her own mistakes, Doug disagreed. Doug reasoned that parents should set limits. With a smile, Julie reminded Hope that she had been a rebellious teenager and that Tom Horton had been firm with her. Julie said she was thankful that Tom had been so stern with her.

Ciara babysat Thomas at the DiMera mansion, and she ducked calls from Hope. Ciara told Thomas that his mother would be home soon. While Ciara read to Thomas, Chad watched from the doorway. Chad told Ciara that he was glad she was there to help his son. Ciara stressed that Abigail would be home soon. With a nod, Chad agreed. Chad told Ciara that he would not employ her as a babysitter if she did not finish high school. Ciara promised to finish school. With a smile, Chad told Ciara that he had confidence in her.

Ciara left the mansion with Thomas to take a walk in the park. While Ciara sat on the bench there, Claire walked over and said hello. Ciara asked if Claire wanted to get an apartment with her. Grinning, Claire said she would like that, but they did not have any money. Ciara announced that she planned to work as a full-time nanny at the DiMera mansion and that Claire could earn money with her singing. When Claire raised an eyebrow, Ciara said she was desperate to get away from her mother. Claire said she felt the same way about her mother.

As Claire and Ciara talked about their arrest, Joey and Jade interrupted to say that they were not sorry for spray-painting the car. Everyone talked about how angry their parents were, and Joey expressed relief that his mother had not told his father about the arrest. Claire grumbled that separated parents were the worst at communicating with one another. Nodding, Joey said he intended to leave town with Jade. Jade made an offhanded comment about moving on from the "Ava thing," causing Ciara to ask Joey if he had played any part in Ava's death.

"Ava just, she made our lives hell for a while. And my parents are splitting up. I just can't take it anymore," Joey said. Ciara and Claire hugged Joey and asked him and Jade to keep in touch. After Joey and Jade walked away, Ciara noted that Joey had looked scared. Ciara added that she was impressed that Joey was leaving town.

As Jade and Joey walked through the town square, a frustrated Joey asked Jade not to talk about Ava. Jade apologized and said that she had thought Joey would have told his friends. Joey stressed that regardless of the evidence, he did not want anyone to know what he had done. Joey reminded Jade that he had told her about Ava in confidence. When Joey told Jade not to mention Ava again, Jade bristled at the order. Haughty, Jade said no one in Los Angeles cared about what happened in Salem. Joey looked across the square at his mother. Jade told Joey to text her after he talked to Kayla.

Hesitant, Joey approached Kayla and asked her if she was upset. Kayla lied and said she had been thinking about work. Joey apologized for his arrest. Kayla took her son's hand, and she promised they would get through everything together. "You've always been so good to me. You're always there. I'll never forget that. I love you, mom," Joey said. Kayla hugged Joey tightly.

When Kayla returned to the hospital, Fynn asked her about her conversation with Steve. Kayla shrugged. Fynn invited Kayla to dinner to talk, but Kayla asked for a rain check.

In his hotel room, Steve was brooding at a desk when Joey knocked on his door. Steve told Joey that he understood that Joey was going through a rough time. Fighting tears, Joey said that when he thought about when he had killed Ava, the memory seemed like someone else was smothering her. Steve asked Joey to let him help carry the burden. Steve urged Joey to seek therapy. Wiping away tears, Joey said he should have told the truth because living with the guilt was killing him.

"The only thing I know to do is to keep moving. That's the only way I can think of to stay sane," Joey said. Suspicious, Steve asked Joey what he meant. Joey said he did not know what he meant. When Steve poked for answers, Joey asked for aspirin. While Steve was in the bathroom, Joey grabbed Steve's jacket and shoved it in his backpack. Steve returned with the aspirin and asked about Jade. Joey said he did not think things would work out with Jade. Joey thanked Steve again for helping him, and he told his father that he loved him. After a hug, Joey left.

At the DiMera mansion, Hope stopped by to talk to Ciara, but she found only Chad in the mansion. Hope asked about Abigail. Chad said that Abigail was getting help. When Chad mentioned his appreciation for Ciara, Hope confided that she had feared that Ciara would lose her job. When Chad asked why, Hope asked if he had heard about Ciara's arrest. Chad admitted that Ciara had confided in him. Surprised, Hope asked Chad if Ciara had confided in him about anything else. Chad said Ciara did not talk about personal issues, but if she had, he would not betray her confidence. Hope said she understood.

Ciara returned to the mansion. Hope asked Ciara if they could talk. Frustrated, Ciara said she did not want to live with Hope anymore. As Hope and Ciara bickered, Chad interrupted to offer Ciara the guesthouse to live in if she worked full-time as the nanny. Hope started to say no, but she stopped herself. Hope gave her blessing.

Overjoyed, Ciara asked Chad if Claire could live in the guesthouse as well. Chad said yes, but Hope reminded Ciara that Shawn and Belle had to agree to the move. Elated, Ciara ran outside to call Claire. Once alone, Hope told Chad she was not happy about the arrangement. Hope added that she was comforted by the fact that she knew Ciara would be safe on the property. When Chad joked about the safety of the DiMera mansion, Hope said she knew Chad was not his father because Abigail would never have fallen in love with him if he were.

Hope returned to the police station. Rafe asked Hope if she had talked to Ciara. With a sigh, Hope said she had taken Rafe's advice and taken a step back from mothering Ciara.

After checking on Thomas, Ciara walked into the DiMera living room and found Theo. When Ciara told Theo that Abe would be furious with him, Theo said he did not care. Theo refused to be apart from Ciara. With a grin, Theo told Ciara that he loved her. Theo and Ciara kissed.

In the park, Joey pulled on Steve's jacket and waited on his bike for Jade. Laughing, Jade joined Joey on the bike, and they set off for Los Angeles.

Chad went to the clinic to check on Abigail. Dr. Robinson informed Chad that she had prescribed antipsychotics for Abigail. Confused, Chad asked why. Dr. Robinson said that Abigail was still seeing Ben even though he was not there. As Chad nodded, Dr. Robinson escorted him into Abigail's room. With tears of joy in her eyes, Abigail lit up when she saw Chad. Chad rushed to her side, and the lovers kissed. After the doctor left, Chad said he hoped that Abigail would be home soon. Abigail's smile faded as she saw Ben through the window in the hallway.

"What if he doesn't let me come home?" Abigail asked. "Who? Who's not gonna let you come home?" Chad asked. "Ben," Abigail said as she pointed at an empty chair in the hallway. Chad's face fell in dismay.

Summer finds herself in trouble again Summer finds herself in trouble again

Thursday, May 5, 2016

by Mike

Summer returned to her hotel room with Brady, who gave Clark fifty thousand dollars and warned that if he ever bothered Summer again, he would be facing criminal charges for blackmail. "The D.A. and I -- we're, um...we're very close," Brady explained.

After Clark left, Summer hugged Brady and thanked him for his help. Brady pulled away and started to excuse himself, but Summer stopped him, insisting that she didn't want him to leave angry. Brady admitted that he didn't know how he felt about what he had just learned. Brady wondered if Daniel had known about Summer being a con artist. "He knew everything about me," Summer confirmed.

Summer apologized for keeping the truth from Brady for such a long time, explaining that she had simply been worried about how he would take the news. Summer stressed that she wasn't proud of her past but had done what she'd had to do to survive. Summer hoped that Brady, like Maggie, would one day be able to understand that. Summer reached out to touch Brady again, but he recoiled and showed himself out.

When Brady returned home, Theresa was on the phone with someone, stressing that her partnership with Nicole was quite solid. After ending the call, Theresa tried to hand the phone over to Brady so she could start responding to emails, but he said he had something important that he wanted to discuss with her first. "You'll be delighted to know that you were right about Summer," Brady revealed.

Theresa was upset to learn that Brady had handed over fifty thousand dollars to a con artist without first consulting with her. Brady explained that he hadn't consulted with Theresa because he had known how she would react. Theresa declared that Summer deserved to be in jail, but Brady countered that Theresa would be in jail herself if people hadn't agreed to give her a second chance. "Oh, wow, she really has you under her spell, doesn't she?" Theresa observed. "There's no spell," Brady insisted before storming off to get some air. Theresa hastily informed the babysitter that she was going out for a while then chased after Brady.

John and Paul joined Marlena at the town square and apologized for their tardiness, explaining that they had lost track of time while making plans to see baseball games at each of Paul's favorite ballparks. Marlena forced a smile but seemed distracted, so John wondered if something was wrong. Marlena reported that she had talked to Eric earlier that day, adding that he was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at the prison and was also working as the chaplain's assistant. John guessed that Eric still didn't want any visitors, and Marlena confirmed the suspicion but optimistically added that she was hoping that would soon change.

Paul went to get a refill while Marlena was explaining that Eric had asked about Sami. Marlena wanted to put Eric in touch with Sami but didn't know how to do that because Sami was still refusing to share her whereabouts with her family, despite the fact that Stefano was no longer a threat. "Why [is it that] my children can't seem to find some real peace in their lives?" Marlena wondered. John advised that sometimes, especially with grown kids, being loving and supportive was all a parent could do.

As Paul exited a nearby restaurant, his right hand started to shake uncontrollably, spilling the contents of the coffee cup he was carrying. After looking around to see if anyone had noticed, Paul set aside the coffee cup, grabbed a cloth napkin, and started to wipe the coffee off his hand and shirt. Paul's hand was still shaking when he finished the task, and his efforts to steady it failed, so he headed back inside the restaurant instead of rejoining John and Marlena.

John assured Marlena that Eric and Sami were, despite their respective problems, really good people at heart. John predicted that Sami and Eric would eventually get back on track, just as Belle had. Realizing that John hadn't heard the news yet, Marlena revealed that Belle had recently given Shawn signed divorce papers and had moved on with Philip. "You know Belle -- she likes to be in love," Marlena concluded with a shrug. John wasn't completely surprised but admitted that he had been pulling for Belle and Shawn to work things out.

Marlena warned that Claire didn't know about the divorce yet, explaining that Belle had decided not to tell her right away so her prom wouldn't be ruined -- a plan that had been made without realizing that a trip to jail would end up ruining the event, anyway. John stood to leave, intent on having a talk with Claire, but Marlena advised that it would be best to let Belle and Shawn handle that. "And what are the grandparents gonna do? Absolutely nothing?" John asked incredulously. Marlena reminded John that sometimes, especially with grown kids, being loving and supportive was all they could do.

When Paul finally returned -- without a cup of coffee -- Marlena wondered if he had changed his mind about getting a refill. Forcing a smile, Paul claimed that the line had been too long. Marlena seemed skeptical, but before she could respond, John spotted and called out to Brady, who stopped to have a brief conversation with his family but claimed that he was too busy to stick around and catch up with them.

Theresa went to the Salem Inn to let Summer know that trying to tear Brady away from his family was a waste of time. Summer insisted that she only thought of Brady as a friend, but Theresa wasn't convinced. "These little games you play? I'm the one who invented them. And if I hear that you got one more nickel out of Brady, I am going to go straight to the cops, so do yourself a favor: don't screw with me," Theresa warned.

Theresa returned home and soon received a phone call from John, who had just gotten the voicemail message she had left earlier. Theresa asked to talk to John in person, stressing that it was important. "And please, John, if you see Brady, don't tell him that I asked you to meet with me," Theresa added before hanging up.

When John told Marlena and Paul about the odd conversation he'd just had with Theresa, Marlena wondered what was going on between Theresa and Brady. Shrugging, John admitted that he had no idea. John guessed, however, that Brady hadn't really been preoccupied with work issues earlier. Marlena suggested that Brady and Theresa might have had a fight, but she also allowed for the possibility that Theresa might be making the planned meeting with John sound more serious than it actually was.

Realizing that Paul hadn't said anything recently, John apologetically guessed that the conversation was probably boring him to tears. Paul assured John that he wasn't bored, and Marlena agreed that something else was clearly to blame for Paul's silence, observing that he hadn't been the same since his return from the nearby restaurant.

Paul admitted that he hadn't been feeling well lately. John wasn't surprised to hear that, given what Paul had suffered at the hands of Yo Ling. Despite knowing how Paul felt about psychoanalysis, Marlena invited him to let her know if he ever needed someone to talk to about his recent ordeal. "I'll think about it," Paul replied before abruptly excusing himself.

Paul stumbled as he stood to leave, knocking over John's coffee cup in the process. John grabbed Paul's wrist to keep him steady, observing with concern that he was white as a sheet and was sweating profusely. John told Marlena that he was going to take Paul to the hospital, and she promised to meet them there after paying their bill. Paul didn't bother to object as John led him out of the town square.

Adriana was putting away some groceries when she received an unexpected visit from Eduardo, who was carrying a bag containing his own stock of groceries. Eduardo wondered if Adriana would let him stick around and cook for her, just as he first had years earlier, when they'd still been getting to know each other. Eduardo recalled that he had nearly asked Adriana to marry him on that particular day but had decided not to because he had been worried about getting rejected. "And that would have been a very big problem for you, right? Since you needed a wife and a family to provide you with a cover," Adriana mused.

Eduardo conceded the point but stressed that Adriana had always been the only woman he had been interested in building a life with, adding that falling in love with her had actually been quite painful because he had always known that he would have to walk away eventually. "So...can I come in?" Eduardo asked. Sighing, Adriana guessed that Eduardo had known all along that she wouldn't be able to send him away if he offered to cook for her.

Later, while Eduardo was reminiscing with Adriana and reminding her how to properly slice an onion, they locked eyes with each other and drew closer together. Before anything could happen, Gabi arrived to check on Arianna, having just finished a photo shoot. Adriana somewhat nervously blurted out that Arianna was still napping. Gabi gave Adriana a suspicious look but didn't say anything.

Eduardo invited Gabi to join him and Adriana for huaraches, but she declined, explaining that she had already arranged to have lunch with J.J. Eduardo suggested that Gabi could invite J.J. over to the house for lunch, and Adriana agreed, assuring Gabi that she wouldn't mind having an extra mouth to feed. Meanwhile, Arianna called out for Gabi over the baby monitor. Gabi started to excuse herself, but Eduardo wanted to check on Arianna himself, so Gabi granted him permission to do so.

After Eduardo left, Gabi started to question Adriana about what she had just walked in on, but before Adriana could respond, Rafe and Dario arrived, expecting to be fed. As Adriana watched Rafe and Gabi fight over a plate of fresh huaraches, Adriana sighed with content, wondering how long it had been since the whole family had last gathered to eat a meal together. "What do you mean, 'the whole family'?" Dario suspiciously demanded to know. Before Adriana could respond, Eduardo returned with Arianna. Dario shook his head but remained silent.

Later, as everyone was enjoying the meal, J.J. raved that it was the best Mexican food he had ever eaten. When Arianna's namesake was mentioned, Eduardo mused that she would probably be quite pleased to see the whole family sharing a meal together again. "You think so? You think that would fill your dead daughter's heart with joy?" Dario bitterly countered, but Gabi quickly shushed him.

Changing the subject, Eduardo focused his attention on J.J., asking about his family's cooking traditions, his own cooking skills, his relationship with Gabi, and his job as a police officer. "Oh, boy. You've gotta be sweating now, J.J. -- getting the third degree from a fine, upstanding citizen like Eduardo," Dario sarcastically mused when he could no longer stand listening to the conversation.

Adriana, Gabi, and Rafe each voiced objections, but Dario ignored them, complaining that Eduardo had no right to be sitting at the head of the table, playing the role of patriarch. "Do you know anything about this man?" Dario asked J.J., who admitted that he didn't but quickly added that he was going to leave so the Hernandez clan could talk privately. J.J. started to show himself out after thanking Adriana for the meal, but Dario stopped him. "If you're hoping for a future with Gabi, you should get used to scenes like this," Dario warned, prompting a fed-up Gabi to insist that she, too, was leaving.

Gabi picked up Arianna and followed J.J. out the door. Sighing, Rafe wondered if Dario was happy that he had just ruined the lunch. "You want to stuff your face with huaraches and sit across from a murderer, pretending everything's okay? Go right ahead. Me? I don't have the stomach for it," Dario replied before storming off, ignoring Adriana's attempt to stop him.

Eduardo thanked Rafe for trying to keep things peaceful, knowing that Rafe also had reservations about him. Rafe nodded and excused himself, explaining that he needed to get back to work. Before leaving, Rafe whispered something in Adriana's ear.

As Eduardo started to help Adriana with the dishes, she wondered if he would be returning for more family meals. Eduardo pointed out that the first one had ended pretty badly, and he conceded that he was to blame for that. Eduardo agreed with Dario's earlier assertion that an absentee father really had no right to question his daughter's boyfriend. "Well, Gabi wasn't really angry. And if J.J. was scared off by a few questions from you, then maybe our daughter deserves someone better," Adriana reasoned.

"You just called Gabi our daughter," Eduardo noted with a grin. "Well, that's what she is. And little Arianna is our granddaughter," Adriana replied with a shrug. Eduardo thanked Adriana for acknowledging that then started to excuse himself, but he lingered in the doorway for a moment, wondering if he could ask about what Rafe had whispered in her ear earlier. "He said if I'm happy, he will try to be happy for me," Adriana revealed, prompting Eduardo to wonder if she was indeed happy. Adriana confirmed that seeing her whole family seated at the dinner table again had made her very happy.

Nodding, Eduardo admitted that the scene had made him happy, too. Eduardo tried to apologize for the way the lunch had ended, but Adriana assured him that she knew such things were bound to happen from time to time because they were a family of strong-willed people. Changing the subject, Eduardo wondered what Adriana was planning to do for dinner that night. "Don't push your luck!" Adriana warned with a laugh before motioning for Eduardo to leave. When Eduardo turned to take one last look at Adriana, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips then playfully shoved him out the door.

While eating frozen yogurt with J.J. in the town square, Gabi apologized for the earlier scene with her family. J.J. assured Gabi that it would take much more than that to scare him off.

Summer gathered her luggage and started to leave her hotel room, but when she opened the door, she found Clark standing in the hallway. "That was a nice little con we just played on Brady Black. I thought maybe you'd like your cut of the money," Clark said as he offered Summer a bulging envelope, which she took before stressing that the con had been a one-time thing. Chuckling, Clark guessed that Summer had made the rookie mistake of falling for the mark. Summer insisted that Brady wasn't a mark, and she ordered Clark to leave immediately. "Or what?" Clark asked.

Clark said he had been casing Salem and had learned that there was plenty of money to be gained from the "small-town yokels" who lived there. Clark assured Summer that he would even be willing to cut Dario in on the action, as long as she agreed to get him under control first, since he could be a hothead at times. Clark started to complain that Dario was the one who had convinced Summer to leave him in the first place, but Summer countered that she had made that up to him when she had helped him con Brady. Summer urged Clark to go back to Los Angeles and forget that he had ever known her, but he insisted that she was asking that impossible.

Clark closed the hotel room door and pushed Summer up against it as he added that no guy could ever forget about "Cindi" once he got to know her. Summer insisted that Cindi was dead, along with the rest of her past. "Well, I know a way to bring her back to life, remember?" Clark countered before kissing Summer, who shoved him away in disgust. Clark stumbled backward, tripped over Summer's luggage, and hit his head on the corner of the nearby dresser as he fell to the floor. Summer watched in horror as Clark began convulsing then suddenly stopped moving, his eyes still wide open as a trail of drool trickled out of his mouth.

Summer quickly contacted Dario, who soon arrived and confirmed, after checking Clark's pulse, that the man was dead. "What am I gonna do?" Summer worriedly asked.

Hope sees a familiar face Hope sees a familiar face

Friday, May 6, 2016

by Mike

Brady returned home with a box of chocolates, which he presented to Theresa as a way of making peace. "[Summer] got fifty thousand dollars, and all I get is a box of chocolates?" Theresa teasingly asked. Brady pointed out that Theresa liked chocolate, and she clarified that she loved it. Theresa added that she also loved Brady, and she didn't want to fight anymore, either.

Brady wondered if Theresa had gone looking for him earlier, since he had noticed that her car had been moved to a different parking space. Theresa claimed that she had gone out to get diapers. Brady pointed out that he could have gotten those himself if he had been told they were needed, prompting Theresa to remind him that they had been fighting at the time. "Oh. Are we done [now]?" Brady asked, and Theresa confirmed that they were.

Brady and Theresa started kissing as they moved to the couch, but they soon stopped themselves, realizing that it would be best to wait until Tate was asleep for the night. As a distraction, Brady and Theresa began discussing wedding details, and when the conversation turned to the wedding party, Brady admitted that he had been trying not to think about that particular part of the ceremony because, in a perfect world, he probably would have asked Daniel and Eric to participate.

Brady wondered if Theresa would be willing to include Belle. Theresa agreed, acknowledging that with Eve gone, she didn't exactly have many other options, anyway -- aside from Brady's favorite person, Anne. Knowing that Brady would want Victor and Maggie to attend the wedding, Theresa hoped he wasn't thinking of inviting Summer, as well. Brady feared that excluding Summer would hurt Maggie's feelings, but Theresa protested that her feelings were more important because it was her wedding they were talking about.

"This is so ridiculous! I mean, come on! If you had seen the way Summer was acting tonight --" Theresa blurted out, prompting Brady to conclude that she had lied about where she had gone earlier. Theresa reluctantly confirmed that she had confronted Summer because she had been angry with her for involving Brady in her drama. Theresa fretted that Summer could eventually try to milk another fifty thousand dollars -- or more -- out of Brady. "You think I'm that easy? Really?" Brady asked incredulously.

"You have been so far," Theresa matter-of-factly replied. Theresa maintained that Summer clearly wanted Brady, but he insisted that wasn't true. Brady reminded Theresa that they had previously agreed to stop fighting, prompting her to counter that he needed to stop making the conversation about her because Summer was the real problem. Brady somewhat sarcastically replied that he had been under the impression that he was the problem because of his so-called hero complex.

"I just want you to stop defending her, Brady, okay? And I don't want that bitch at our wedding! I mean, does that make me evil?" Theresa wondered. Brady assured Theresa that she wasn't evil but added that Summer wasn't, either. "She's never gonna get out of our lives," Theresa complained, prompting Brady to suggest that if she wanted that to happen, it would be best to stop tracking Summer down for the sole purpose of picking a fight with her. Brady abruptly excused himself, explaining that he was going to find Summer and smooth things over with her. Frustrated, Theresa hurled a nearby paperweight at the townhouse door as Brady shut it.

At the Salem Inn, Summer told Dario about what had happened with Clark. "That must have been some push," Dario mused when Summer finished her story. Summer acknowledged that she should have contacted the police but added that she was reluctant to get them involved because if they checked Clark's rap sheet, they would quickly realize that he had worked with her and Dario in the past. "And then my brother will interrogate [us], and this won't end up much better for us than it did for [Clark]," Dario agreed. Summer concluded that she and Dario really only had one option available: they had to cover up Clark's death.

Dario told Summer to track down a laundry cart. After Summer left, Dario stripped the top sheet off the bed and wrapped it around Clark's body. When Summer returned a short time later, Dario asked her to help him move the body to the laundry cart so he could transport it to her car. Summer protested that she didn't have enough room in her trunk for the body of a grown man. "You killed him. Accident or not, he goes in your trunk," Dario insisted. Summer reluctantly handed over her car keys then started cleaning the hotel room as Dario wheeled the laundry cart into the hallway.

Unable to wash the bloodstain out of the carpet, Summer eventually gave up and covered it with a loose rug instead. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the hotel room door. Expecting Dario, Summer didn't bother to identify her visitor before opening the door, revealing the messy room to a confused Brady. Summer nervously claimed that the bedding was in disarray because she had taken a nap earlier, and when Brady observed that she seemed a bit jumpy, she vaguely reminded him that it had been a rough day.

Nodding, Brady apologized for Theresa's earlier visit. As Summer started to assure Brady that she was fine, Dario returned and announced, "All done." Brady wondered what Dario was talking about. Dario claimed that he had just finished putting Summer's luggage in her car so she could move to Victor and Maggie's townhouse. Brady pointed out that he could have helped with that, prompting Summer to wrap her arms around Dario while hinting that she had enlisted his help because they were seeing each other.

Suddenly realizing that there could be another reason for the state of the bed, Brady offered another apology and abruptly excused himself. Once the coast was clear, Summer breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she and Dario had just narrowly avoided disaster. "We're not done yet," Dario warned, adding that tracking down shovels was the next order of business.

Summer couldn't believe that Dario was actually asking her to spend the rest of the night helping him dig a grave. "How else do you expect to get rid of a dead body?" Dario wondered. Summer feared that Brady would get suspicious if she delayed her move to Victor and Maggie's townhouse much longer, prompting Dario to advise that it would be best for her to stop wasting time because he wasn't going to do all the dirty work himself.

Anne went to see Theresa after receiving an urgent text message from her. "You're lucky I wasn't busy," Anne told Theresa, who dismissively countered that Anne was never busy. As Anne started to protest, Theresa added that she appreciated Anne's willingness to help her.

After Theresa filled Anne in on the situation with Summer, Anne promised to slip arsenic into Summer's drink if Theresa seated them next to each other at the wedding reception. "I'm kidding," Anne stressed when Theresa gave her a look of surprise. Anne suggested an alternative: searching the Internet for dirt on Summer. "[It's] your second best friend, if you know how to use it," Anne explained.

Theresa and Anne were shocked when their search for information about Summer turned up nothing at all. "That's just impossible! I once searched 'I hate Jennifer Horton' [and] got sixteen thousand hits," Anne recalled. Anne soon realized, however, that Summer could have stolen someone's identity at some point, especially if there was something about her past that she didn't want anyone to know about.

Later, after Anne left, Brady returned home. "How's Summer? Or should I [call her] 'Cindi'?" Theresa asked with a triumphant grin. Brady was confused, so Theresa proudly elaborated that she had done some digging and had learned that Summer was an alias. Brady wasn't surprised to hear that, given Summer's former line of work. "Brady, would anything about Summer surprise you? Because [if] she had to change her name, she's running from something, so what else is she keeping from us?" Theresa wondered.

Hope returned home from work and discovered that Rafe had left notes scattered around her living room, directing her to his place for a romantic evening. When Hope arrived there a short time later, she discovered that Rafe had prepared a candlelit dinner for her. Rafe admitted that Adriana had helped him cook, and Gabi had helped him pick out the necklace he had left next to one of the notes in Hope's house.

While spending time with J.J. at the town square, Gabi received a text message from Eduardo, who wanted her to know that he hadn't been trying to scare J.J. off earlier. J.J. wondered if that meant he had finally earned Eduardo's approval. Gabi dismissively insisted that Eduardo had no reason to complain about her dating a cop, of all people, since he was an ex-assassin and she was an ex-convict. "And he's worried that you're not good enough for me?" Gabi concluded, shaking her head in disbelief. J.J. admitted that he sometimes feared the same thing. Gabi gave J.J. a kiss and stressed that he had nothing to worry about.

Gabi apologized again for the family drama she had dragged J.J. into earlier. J.J. assured Gabi that he understood why she was trying to give her father another chance. "I was really mad at my dad for a long time, but I would do anything to have him back," J.J. added. Nodding, Gabi stressed that although she would never forget about the mistakes Eduardo had made, she was willing to look past them, and she wished Dario would make an effort to do the same thing.

Later, Adriana greeted Gabi, Arianna, and J.J., and she soon started complaining to Gabi about Rafe's relationship with Hope, who had not one but two dead ex-husbands. Gabi informed Adriana that Hope was J.J.'s cousin. Gabi added that Hope was a really great person, and J.J. agreed. Adriana dropped the subject, and when she turned her attention to Arianna, she noted with alarm that the child felt really warm. Gabi tried not to get concerned at first, but she eventually decided to take Arianna to the hospital, just to be safe. A nurse decided to admit Arianna, revealing that other people had exhibited similar symptoms that day, including Paul.

As Hope and Rafe were climbing into bed together, Rafe received a text message from Gabi, letting him know that she would be returning home soon to get a toy for Arianna, who wasn't feeling well. Realizing that their romantic evening would have to be cut short, Rafe took Hope home and left after giving her a kiss. Later, after receiving a text message about Ciara's whereabouts, Hope was stunned to find Aiden standing in her living room.

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