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Chad almost made love to Abigail. Gabi broke up with J.J. Hope was stabbed in prison. Stefano was spotted in Prague. Nancy tampered with Holly's DNA sample to keep Nicole from claiming Holly as her own. Nicole said goodbye to Holly. Joey and Jade lost their baby. Kate tricked Eduardo. Valerie set Theo straight for spying on her. Chad told Gabi that he still cared for her.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 2, 2017 on DAYS
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Hope is in danger Hope is in danger

Monday, January 2, 2017

Due to the extended New Year holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, and picked up where the Friday, December 30, 2016 episode concluded.

Shane shares news about Stefano's return

Shane shares news about Stefano's return

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rafe visited Hope in jail to wish her a happy New Year. Giggling, Hope thanked Rafe for spending his evening with her. Rafe told Hope the news about Stefano. Hope found it hard to believe that she had not killed Stefano. Rafe said the DNA test had proven that the body had not been Stefano's. Fighting back tears, Hope said she was relieved to learn that she might not be a murderer.

Rafe vowed not to sleep until he freed Hope from jail. Hope thanked Rafe for not giving up hope for her release. As Hope reached into her pocket for a tissue, she accidentally pulled out the death tarot card. Rate asked about the card. Hope claimed that the card was Hattie's, but Rafe did not believe her. Worried, Rafe asked Hope if she was in danger. Hope asked Rafe to concentrate on finding Stefano instead. Rafe promised to free Hope and get her home safely. With a grin, Rafe said that once Hope was freed, he would never let her out of his sight again. The lovers wished one another a happy New Year, and they kissed.

Down the hallway, an annoyed Sheila told Coco that Hope was having a romantic evening with her boyfriend. Sheila lamented that killing Chillie had not isolated Hope. Coco argued that the other inmates had sided with Hope because she had protected the new inmate. Sheila suggested that they go after Hope. As Hope sat in her cell, praying out loud for her release, Sheila and Coco barged in and attacked her. Hope screamed.

At the Brady Pub after the New Year's Eve festivities, Steve and Kayla cleaned up with Joey and Jade. Kayla and Steve thanked Jade for pitching in to help. Steve poured a round of drinks for a toast. "May the best part of last year be the worst part of the new year," Steve announced.

Jade wanted to keep cleaning, but Joey insisted that Jade go home to sleep. Smiling, Jade said that she did not want the night to end because it had been the best New Year's Eve of her life. Joey promised Jade that she would be better off without her father in her life. Jade smiled again and asked if they could stay at the pub longer. When Joey insisted they leave, Steve joked that Joey had turned into a rule follower. Jade offered to sit down and fold napkins. Reluctantly, Joey agreed to the compromise.

While sitting at the table, Jade had a small cramp. Jade shook it off and returned to folding. Across the room, Joey asked Kayla if it was okay for Jade to stay up late. Kayla assured Joey that Jade was fine. Joey thanked his parents for their help and for welcoming Jade to the family. With a nod, Steve reassured Joey that Jade was a part of the family. Laughing, Joey asked Steve and Kayla if it was okay to panic about impending fatherhood. Steve told Joey that he and Kayla would be there for him.

Steve walked over behind the bar and turned on the radio. As Kayla started to laugh, Steve ran over and pulled her into his arms to dance. Kayla warned Steve that he was delaying the cleanup, but Steve kissed her. When Kayla asked about the new year, Steve said that he planned to marry Kayla and that he believed Adrienne would "kick cancer's butt." Steve also promised that Joey and Jade would have a great baby and that Hope would return home.

Seeing Steve and Kayla dance, Jade took Joey by the hand and pulled him into her arms to dance. Steve looked over at Joey and Jade snuggling and said that he believed they would make it as a couple. Jade doubled over in pain. Joey panicked and called out to Kayla. Kayla helped Jade into a chair and examined her. Concerned, Kayla suggested they go to the hospital. Jade told Joey that the pain felt different from when she had been dehydrated. Joey promised Jade that everything would be fine.

In Club TBD, Gabi saw Lani show J.J. of photo of their night together in Miami. Gabi was furious. J.J. exclaimed that he had been too drunk to remember who he had slept with, but Gabi did not believe him. Lani jumped in and noted that it was convenient that J.J. had forgotten that he had slept with her. Gabi told J.J. she did not believe him about anything. "You make me sick," Gabi yelled as she stormed out.

J.J. chased Gabi to the town square, with Lani following close behind them. J.J. asked Lani to leave, but she refused. Lani explained that she had run into J.J. in a bar in Miami when he'd been drunk. Lani added that she had stayed with J.J. to comfort him, since he had been broken up over Abigail's death.

"Comforting? Is that what you call sleeping with someone else's boyfriend?" Gabi hissed. Lani argued that she had not planned on sleeping with J.J., and he had not acted like someone with a girlfriend. Annoyed, Lani asked Gabi where she had been the night that J.J. had needed someone to comfort him in Miami. Lani said she had not intended to hook up with her ex-partner.

J.J. apologized for not remembering his and Lani's night together. With a nod, Lani walked away. J.J. told Gabi that she was the greatest thing in his life, and he was sorry that he had screwed up their relationship. When J.J. said he would never hurt Gabi, she reminded him that he had just hurt her by revealing that he had slept with someone they both knew. Gabi told J.J. he had broken her heart.

J.J. begged Gabi to tell him what he needed to do to win her back. Shaking her head, Gabi said that J.J. had trust issues. Gabi argued that if J.J. had trusted her, he would have taken her with him to Miami because she had also mourned for Abigail and had needed J.J. to comfort her.

"Instead of calling me, you got drunk, and you chose Lani," Gabi said. "It was the worst mistake I've ever made," J.J. said. Gabi said that she wanted to be with someone that was open and honest with her, and she could not have those things with J.J. because there was no trust between them. J.J. asked Gabi if she had that with Chad. Gabi stressed that J.J. had ruined their relationship, and it had nothing to do with Chad.

After Gabi left, J.J. walked to the park and sat on the bench. Lani spotted him and asked what had happened. J.J. said that his relationship with Gabi was over. J.J. said he understood why Lani had been upset with him when she had returned to town, and he apologized for not remembering that he had spent the night with her. With a shrug, Lani said she had been hurt because she had believed that their night together had meant something. Lani suggested that they forget that they had slept together.

"You want me to forget something that I never even remembered in the first place?" J.J. joked. Lani smiled. Lani asked J.J. if they could start over as friends. J.J. held out his hand, and Lani shook it.

In the town square, Gabi was walking alone when Rafe crossed her path. Seeing his sister's face, Rafe asked what was wrong. Gabi told Rafe that she had dumped J.J. With a shrug, Gabi said she could not trust J.J., and she had feelings for Chad. As Rafe opened his mouth to talk, Gabi said that Dario had already lectured her. Rafe asked Gabi if Chad had feelings for her. With a rueful chuckle, Gabi said that she'd thought Chad had, but that had been before Chad had learned that Abigail was alive.

Rafe's eyes bugged out in surprise. Rafe asked Gabi if Chad was back together with Abigail. With a shrug, Gabi noted that Chad and Abigail were still married and had a child together. Overwhelmed, Gabi broke down in tears in her brother's arms.

In the DiMera living room, Abigail and Chad kissed. From upstairs, Thomas started to cry. Abigail offered to check on their son, explaining that she wanted Thomas to know that she was not going to leave again. Chad said he hoped Abigail was telling the truth. With a nod, Chad said he was going to bed.

Abigail went to Thomas' room to soothe him. Glowing, Abigail told Thomas that she had kissed Chad and that she was hopeful. Abigail wondered aloud if Chad's announcement about going to bed was an invitation to join him. After Thomas fell back asleep, Abigail changed into a negligee and opened the door to Chad's bedroom. Still awake, Chad rolled over and looked at her.

"I don't sleep very well anymore. Not since...not since you left," Chad said. Abigail apologized for hurting Chad, and he asked her not to say anything else. Chad asked about Thomas, and Abigail said Thomas had fallen right back asleep. Abigail said it was a relief that things between her and Thomas had not changed. Abigail touched Chad's arm, and she said she wanted things between her and Chad to return to the way they had been before. Chad pulled his arm away.

When Chad asked Abigail why she was in his room, she noted that his door had been open a crack. Chad explained that he kept the door open because of Thomas. Abigail apologized if Chad felt pressured, and Chad confirmed that he did feel pressure from Abigail to reconcile. Chad said their kiss had been a mistake. Chad explained that although Abigail's feelings had not changed, he had moved on after her "death."

Chad said the he was tired of everyone keeping secrets that affected his life so drastically. When Abigail started to apologize again, Chad interrupted to explain that he meant his father. Chad announced that Stefano might be alive. Abigail was stunned and sat on the bed next to Chad as he explained what he had learned about Stefano. When Abigail asked Chad if he was going to pursue Stefano, Chad said he did not want to chase after his father.

"I'm done with all the manipulations and sticking up for people who feel the need not to be honest with me. People who think it's okay to let me think that they're dead without any concern of how it's going to make me feel," Chad said as he looked at Abigail. Abigail argued that Stefano's fake death was different because he had done it to hurt people. Shaking his head, Chad countered that Abigail had hurt people even if she had not intended to hurt anyone.

"Thomas might never remember you walking out on him, but I will. I will always remember that. I will always remember what it felt like to hear that my wife was dead," Chad growled. Abigail argued that she had been in pain and had not left Chad on a lark. Chad reminded Abigail that she had chosen to leave, but he had had the woman he loved ripped away from him. Abigail apologized again. Chad said he wished he could take Abigail in his arms, but he was conflicted.

"Do it," Abigail said challengingly. Hesitantly, Chad pulled Abigail closer to him and kissed her. As the moment grew heated, Chad pulled off his shirt and rolled over on top of Abigail. Chad groaned and pulled away, saying that he could not sleep with Abigail. Abigail assured Chad that she did not want to make him do anything he was not ready to do with her. Chad looked at Abigail as she quietly said that 2017 would be a good year for them. Abigail kissed Chad then left. "He loves me," Abigail whispered to herself as she returned to her room.

At the hospital, Jade groaned in pain in a hospital bed as Joey sat by her side and held her hand. Kayla walked in as Jade cried out. Kayla urged Jade to breathe through the pain, but Jade gasped that she was bleeding. Kayla ordered Joey to leave the room. As Joey watched from the doorway, Kayla comforted a crying Jade.

Joey paced the hallway until Kayla exited Jade's room. Steve put his arm around Joey's shoulders. With a sigh, Kayla said there was nothing that could have stopped Jade's miscarriage. After a moment, Joey asked about Jade. With a nod, Kayla encouraged Joey to go visit Jade. Joey went into Jade's room and held her as she cried. From the doorway, Steve and Kayla hugged and wiped away tears. "Our baby is gone. She's gone," Jade sobbed.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos angrily informed Brady that he had just overheard Nicole's half of a phone conversation with Nancy, and it was obvious, based on what he'd heard, that Nancy was purposely shutting Nicole out of Holly's life. "This has gone on long enough!" Deimos grumbled. Nodding in agreement, Brady abruptly excused himself, explaining that he was going to pay his ex-mother-in-law a visit.

Later, Nicole joined Deimos in the living room and admitted that she was disappointed that Nancy had declined her offer to watch Holly for a while. "It's happening again," she continued, fighting back tears as she explained that she was jealous of Nancy for being able to spend time with Holly. Deimos argued that it was only natural for Nicole to feel attached to Holly, whom she had helped deliver and had even named. "But it's not my job to care for her anymore! She's not even mine!" she countered. He watched helplessly as she headed outside to get some air. Sighing, he muttered, "Whatever you're up to, Brady, it damn well better work."

At the Salem Inn, Brady told Nancy that he had just finished visiting Chloe, whose condition was, unfortunately, still the same. Forcing a smile, Nancy insisted that Chloe would eventually recover. Brady wondered if there was anything he could do for Nancy. She admitted that she would love the opportunity to shower and change her clothes. Encouraging her to do so, he planted a chair in front of Holly's crib and promised to watch the child in the meantime. Once the coast was clear, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a baggie that contained a cotton swab.

When Nancy emerged from the bathroom a short time later, she found Brady standing near the bed, closing the zipper on one of his jacket pockets. After a brief exchange, he started to excuse himself, but she stopped him and asked if he would mind fetching a hair dryer for her before leaving. Once the coast was clear, she mused, "So... Holly, he said he was gonna sit right beside you. But, uh, why, then, was he so nervous and so jumpy?"

With her suspicions aroused, Nancy searched Brady's jacket pockets and soon found the baggie. Realizing what he was up to, she removed the cotton swab and replaced it with a fresh one from the bathroom. As she was putting the baggie back where she had found it, he returned and knocked on her door. She let him in and thanked him for the help then excused herself so she could dry her hair before Holly woke up. He grabbed his jacket and left the hotel room again. After checking his pocket for the baggie, he walked away, unaware that anything was amiss.

At the police station, Shane informed Marlena, Shawn, and Paul that Stefano had been spotted again. "It seems our old friend is definitely alive and kicking," he continued. Marlena and Shawn expressed skepticism, but Shane assured them that a very reliable undercover ISA operative had identified Stefano as one of her fellow attendees at a recent meeting of black market arms dealers in Prague. "I can't believe this. Not again," Marlena muttered. Curious, Paul wondered just how many times Stefano had pulled such a trick in the past. "You know how they say cats have nine lives? Well, they definitely envy this guy," Shawn replied.

Getting things back on track, Shane reported that he was going to fly to London later that night so he could meet with other ISA operatives the following morning to discuss the latest development in the case. He added that he was planning to send Steve and Rafe to Prague to pursue Stefano. Paul offered to tag along as backup, but Shane thought it would be best to let John be the one who decided whether to sign off on that idea. Shawn wanted to go, too, but Shane insisted that it would be best for him to stay in Salem and look after Ciara so Hope would have one less thing to worry about. Shawn grudgingly agreed that Shane was right.

Paul soon excused himself so he could contact John, who was still in Louisiana. Shawn followed Paul out of the room, planning to call Ciara and give her an update. Shane also started to leave, but Marlena stopped him and asked for his permission to join Steve and Rafe in Prague, pointing out that she knew Stefano better than anyone else did. Shane conceded the point but insisted that the mission was far too dangerous for an untrained civilian. He eventually realized, however, that he wasn't going to be able to talk her out of the idea. "I hope I don't regret this," he muttered as she flashed him a triumphant smile.

Rafe went to the prison's infirmary to see Hope after learning that she had been attacked. She assured him that she was going to be fine. "Only 'cause some bitch with a shiv missed your vitals!" he countered. Knowing that she might not be as lucky the next time someone decided to attack her, he fretted that he had to get her released from prison as soon as possible. He wanted the names of her attackers, but she claimed that she hadn't gotten a good look at them. Unconvinced, he forced her to admit that Coco and Sheila were the culprits. She made him promise not to alert the warden, insisting that she needed to handle the matter herself.

Rafe soon received a phone call from Shane, who filled him in on the latest development in the ISA's investigation into Stefano's apparent return from the dead. After saying goodbye to Shane, Rafe contacted Justin, who said there still wasn't enough evidence to get Hope's case reopened. Frustrated, Rafe vowed to find Stefano, drag him back to Salem, and throw him in front of a judge so there would be no room left for argument about Hope's innocence.

Hope warned Rafe not to get his hopes up, pointing out that it wasn't like Stefano to make a careless mistake after having orchestrated such an elaborate plan. Rafe suggested that the passage of time might have made Stefano overconfident, but Hope doubted that was the case. After learning that Steve, Marlena, and Paul would be accompanying Rafe to Prague, Hope fretted, "I don't have a good feeling about this. What if it's a setup? What if he turns the tables on all of you?" Rafe dismissively insisted that Stefano was the one who needed to be worried.

Rafe excused himself, and when he returned, Hattie was with Hope. Hattie assured Rafe that she would look after Hope while he was gone. Curious about Rafe's earlier disappearance, Hope asked Hattie for a minute alone with him. Once the coast was clear, Hope forced Rafe to admit that he had asked the warden to extend her stay in the infirmary for a few weeks to keep her out of harm's way until his return from Prague. She thanked him for the kind gesture, assuring him that she didn't mind the help. After he left the room, she broke down, fearing for his safety.

Sonny went to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Deimos about the microchip he had watched Dario remove from one of the knockoff handbags on Christmas Eve. Deimos curiously wondered what was on the microchip. "If we play our cards right, we could use the Hernandez family business to benefit our own," he mused. He told Sonny that it was okay for Paul to continue investigating the matter.

"He clearly has your back," Deimos added, and Sonny agreed with a smile. Deimos revealed that Victor had told him that Sonny and Paul had once been a couple. "You know, Sonny, you and I, we don't know each other very well yet. But my brother tells me that you're the best of us, and I'm beginning to see that he has a point. You deserve to be happy. And don't let anything or anyone stand in your way of that," he advised.

Later, Nicole returned from her walk and rejoined Deimos in the living room. She informed him that she had realized, during her walk, that she was lucky to have him in her life. "No, I'm the lucky one," he insisted before giving her a kiss. He assured her that he loved her and would always be there for her. She started to respond, but he stopped her, stressing that she was under no obligation to say that she loved him, too. "Maybe that's why I want to. I love you. I love you," she replied before kissing him again.

In a secluded section of the town square, Marlena and Paul discussed their plan to go to Prague to find Stefano. John wasn't happy about the idea but had given them his blessing, knowing it was the best chance they'd ever get to free Hope from prison. Paul started to excuse himself, explaining that he had something to take care of before the trip to Prague. "Why do I get the feeling it's not about packing a suitcase?" Marlena mused. She wondered if he would like to talk to her about what was going on. He wasn't sure that would be appropriate. "Why not?" she asked. "Because Will was your grandson, and on New Year's Eve, I kissed his husband," he replied.

Marlena confirmed that, in that case, it was going to be a painful conversation for her. "I know. And that's why I wasn't sure if I should talk to you. Look, Sonny and I both have a problem with being together now that Will's gone. I, uh -- I mean, we just feel like it's -- it's too easy," Paul explained. Marlena stressed that Will wouldn't want Sonny to spend the rest of his life alone. "But would Will want Sonny to spend his life with me?" Paul wondered. Marlena noted that what had happened between Paul and Will had been a mistake. She added, however, that it didn't change the fact that Paul was a good man who had very genuine feelings for Sonny. "I guess I'm saying that...the two of you will probably end up together. So, if that's the way it's meant to be, don't let anything stop you," she advised.

Later, Paul met with Sonny at the Brady Pub to tell him about the trip to Prague. Sonny expressed skepticism about Stefano's supposed return from the dead, but Paul pointed out that Stefano reportedly had a knack for pulling such stunts. "Well, there's that, yeah," Sonny conceded. Paul explained that he was planning to fly to Prague later that night but didn't want to leave without first talking to Sonny about what had happened on New Year's Eve. "People kiss on New Year's Eve. Every year. It doesn't have to mean anything," Sonny insisted with a shrug. "Well, it meant something. We both know that," Paul replied. Sonny admitted that he didn't regret the kiss. He suggested, however, that it would be best to table the conversation about it until after Paul returned from Prague. Paul agreed then made it clear that he didn't regret the kiss, either.

At the hospital, Steve joined Kayla in her office and handed her a cup of coffee. She reported that Joey had spent the whole night at Jade's bedside. "He just got used to the idea of having a baby. Now there's no baby," Steve mused with a heavy sigh. "Whether we wanted this for him or not, it was still his child -- our grandchild," Kayla noted.

Joey soon joined his parents and sadly informed them that Jade had finally managed to fall asleep after her cramps had started to subside. Kayla wanted to take Joey to the Brady Pub for some breakfast, but he wasn't willing to risk the chance that Jade would wake up before they returned. He wondered if Jade was going to be okay. "Physically, yes, absolutely. And emotionally, I think it's just -- it's just gonna take her a little time," Kayla replied. He wanted to know why Jade had lost the baby, so Kayla explained, "Sometimes, there are chromosomal abnormalities that don't let the fetus grow. And sometimes, a mother's body will see the fertilized egg as a germ, and it just -- it just rejects it. But you know what, sweetie? First-time pregnancies have miscarriages. It's very common."

Despite the potential scientific explanations for the miscarriage, Joey blamed himself, insisting that he should have treated Jade better when he had first found out about the pregnancy. He tearfully admitted that seeing the ultrasound had made everything real. "Next thing I know, I'm thinking about what it's gonna feel like to hold it for the first time. 'It' -- I never even got a chance to find out if it was a boy or a girl," he sobbed.

"God took my baby away because I killed Ava and got away with it," Joey concluded. Steve and Kayla tried to assure him that wasn't true, but he wasn't convinced. "Jade's in the same room Ava was in. You don't think that means something?" he argued. Steve said that was just a coincidence, and Kayla agreed. "If you two are trying to make me feel better, it's not gonna work. I can't forgive myself!" Joey insisted.

Steve tried to justify what Joey had done to Ava, but Joey insisted that he was never going to be able to see his crime the way Steve wanted him to. "What am I supposed to do -- go to college, get married, have a couple kids, [and] forget that I murdered someone?" he asked between sobs. Sighing, Steve wondered what Joey wanted to do about the situation. "What I should -- what I should have done back then: confess to murdering Ava," Joey replied. Steve and Kayla tried to talk Joey out of that idea, but he tearfully maintained, "Nothing can fix me. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I'll always carry this burden. I can't keep pretending I'm okay, because I'm not, and every good thing I have -- anything beautiful -- will die, because that's my punishment! That's what I deserve!"

While Kayla was comforting Joey with a hug, Steve received a phone call from Shane about the trip to Prague. Steve didn't want to join the mission because he was determined to never abandon his family again. Kayla and Joey both assured Steve that it was okay for him to go to Prague to help Hope, who was also family. Steve agreed to join the mission after Joey promised not to do anything stupid while Steve was gone.

Nicole is forced to say goodbye to Holly

Nicole is forced to say goodbye to Holly

Thursday, January 5, 2017

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Claire and Theo were huddled around a tablet computer, sharing a pair of earbuds. Groaning, Claire yanked her earbud out of her ear and complained that she was sick of listening to all the boring details of Valerie's day-to-day life. Theo, who had seemed completely engrossed in the task and had already filled several sheets of paper with notes, removed his own earbud and reminded Claire that spying on Valerie had been her idea. "Yes, yes, I know. 'Cause I wanted to help you. But...God, it's just a total snore!" she maintained, adding that the recordings of Valerie's conversations would make a perfect sleep aid.

"Look, I know you're a very detail-oriented kind of guy, but this much detail -- it can drive a regular person crazy!" Claire continued. "Regular?" Theo repeated. Claire quickly backpedaled, stressing that she hadn't meant to imply that Theo wasn't normal. She added that no one in the world was truly normal, anyway, and she proceeded to list random quirks that each of their friends possessed in an effort to prove her point. She apologized for her insensitive comment and begged for forgiveness, making it clear that she adored him just the way he was. He let her squirm for a bit but seemed to be suppressing a smile the whole time.

When Theo and Claire started listening to the recordings again, they discovered something that both thought sounded incriminating: a conversation between Valerie and an unknown man, during which she had cooed, "Oh, sweetie, there's no one more important to me than you are. You're my favorite guy -- always and forever." Theo thought the man had to be Valerie's boyfriend, reasoning that no mother would ever talk to a son like that. Claire warned that Theo would probably need more than that to convince Abe that Valerie was bad news. They decided to switch to the live feed of the listening device to find out what Valerie was up to at that exact moment.

Valerie spotted Jennifer in the town square and seized the opportunity to praise Jack's book, which she had recently read. Jennifer appreciated hearing the kind things Valerie had to say about the talent for writing that Jack had possessed. Jennifer invited Valerie to join her for coffee, and the conversation soon turned to Valerie's past relationship with David, which had been forged at a time when interracial dating had still been quite controversial. "It's hard to believe now that people could be so ignorant and small-minded," Jennifer mused. "It is. But, thank God, times have changed," Valerie replied.

Valerie eventually excused herself so she could get back to the hospital. Before leaving, she asked for Jennifer's contact information so they could get together again sometime. While rummaging through her purse in search of her cell phone, Valerie found something she didn't recognize. Jennifer took one look at it and realized that it was a listening device. Valerie suspected that she knew who had planted it in her purse.

At the pub, Theo listened as Valerie spoke directly to him through the listening device, stating, "Theo, I know you're there. I know you planted this thing in my purse, so I know you're listening. We need to talk. Meet me at the pub." He rushed Claire off, assuring her that he could handle Valerie on his own. When Valerie arrived a short time later, she handed him the listening device and demanded to know why he had planted it in her purse. Eyeing her suspiciously, he calmly replied, "All right, let's talk -- about everything."

Kate entered Club TBD while on the phone with Andre. "I despise you for putting me in this situation. Eduardo is the best man who has come into my life for a long time, and I swear to God, if doing your bidding costs me this relationship..." she warned before hanging up. After failing to locate Eduardo at the front of the club, she ran into him on her way to the back office. She claimed that she had been searching for him because he was late for their lunch date, but he protested that, according to his watch, he was right on time.

Eduardo showed Kate to a table and started to tell her about the meal he had asked his chef to prepare for them, but he soon received a phone call from someone -- and, one second later, her cell phone started ringing, too. Seeing that her call was from Andre, Kate began to say that she was going to ignore it, but Eduardo spoke up at the same time, apologetically explaining that he had to answer his call.

After Eduardo walked away, Kate sneaked into the back office, where Myron was working on transferring the information that was stored on the microchips to an external hard drive. "Almost there, boss," he announced without bothering to look away from his computer. As she slowly approached the desk to get a better look at what he was working on, he caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye. He reached for a nearby folder and used it to cover the external hard drive as he demanded to know who she was. She introduced herself while keeping her eyes fixed on the desk.

Meanwhile, Eduardo arrived and wondered what Kate was doing in the office. She innocently explained that she had simply been searching for him. Myron rushed off to give Eduardo and Kate some privacy. Eduardo skeptically wondered why Kate hadn't noticed that he had gone outside to answer his phone call. She claimed that her eyes had been fixed on her cell phone at that time because she had been composing a text message to send to her assistant, letting the woman know that she didn't want to be disturbed again. She hoped that he would be willing to do the same thing. "That is, if you really meant it when you said you wanted to stay on my good side," she added flirtatiously. Nodding, he removed his cell phone from his jacket pocket and tossed it on the desk before escorting her back to their table.

Later, as Eduardo was finishing his meal with Kate, he reminded her of their first meeting, which had also taken place at Club TBD. He admitted that he had believed, back then, that he would never stand a chance with her. "I have tremendous respect for the women to whom I was married -- Eve, Adriana -- but this is different. You have such power, Kate. You're incredibly compelling in your beauty, but...I mean, you're just so flipping brilliant, too, you know? In business, you're -- I've never seen anybody better. You can hold your own with anyone," he explained. She wondered if he found those aspects of her personality threatening. Shaking his head, he stressed that he actually found them inspiring. "You make me want to be successful on a level I never imagined possible. And I will be. I'm gonna make you as proud to be seen with me as I am to be seen with you," he vowed.

Before Kate could respond, she received a text message from someone. After glancing at her cell phone, she thanked Eduardo for the meal and abruptly excused herself. Confused, he pointed out that she had told her assistant to hold her calls. "I... It's not business; it's Adrienne. She needs my help, so..." she explained, prompting him to note that another one of her inspiring qualities was her kindheartedness, which she usually hid from most people. He rushed off to the kitchen, insisting that she couldn't leave without a few desserts. Sighing, she took another look at the text message, which had actually been from Andre. He wanted to know if she had acquired the microchips yet, but she didn't bother to send a response.

When Eduardo returned from the kitchen with a bag of desserts for Kate, she was nowhere to be found. She soon emerged from the back of the club and told him that she had been in the bathroom. She thanked him for the desserts then rushed off after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. The abrupt goodbye seemed to confuse him a bit, but he didn't give it much thought -- until he entered the back office to retrieve his cell phone and noticed that the microchips and the external hard drive were missing. He punched the desk in frustration, immediately deducing that she had taken the items.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady assured Deimos that they would soon know the truth about Holly's parentage. Brady soon had to pause the conversation to say goodbye to Emma and Tate, who were headed out for a walk in the park. Deimos waited until Emma and Tate were gone then asked Brady why Eve was no longer acting as Tate's nanny. Brady explained that Eve had gone back to New York because Deimos had treated her like a servant.

Deimos defensively insisted that couldn't be the real reason for Eve's sudden departure. "There was another reason: she teaches in New York. But that's beside the point. The point is, you need to learn how to play well with others," Brady countered. Conceding that Brady was right, Deimos admitted that he was still adjusting to the idea of getting along with people after all the years he had spent in prison. He insisted, however, that he was working hard to make improvements. He credited Nicole for the progress he had already made, and he assured Brady that he knew how lucky he was to have her in his life.

Later, Brady received the expedited DNA test results and was disappointed to learn that the test had been inconclusive because the sample had somehow been compromised. Frustrated, Deimos stormed out of the mansion, insisting that he was going to get the proof he needed, one way or another.

At the hospital, Nancy begged Chloe to wake up and tell her what to do, tearfully fretting, "This secret we're keeping is horrible. Nicole keeps pressuring me about this amazing connection that she and Holly share, and why wouldn't she? It's her own flesh and blood. It's taking all the willpower I have not to tell her the truth." As Nancy was drying her eyes, Nicole arrived and wondered if she could hold Holly for a few minutes. Nancy hesitantly granted the request then watched nervously as Nicole interacted with Holly.

When Nicole promised to visit Holly every day, Nancy blurted out that the child would soon be sent to Chicago to live with Craig and Parker. Nancy claimed that she needed to be able to devote her full attention to Chloe, prompting Nicole to point out that she had offered, more than once, to help Nancy take care of Holly. Nancy argued that it would be best for Holly to be with family. Nicole tried to change Nancy's mind, but Nancy eventually stopped her, snapping, "Nicole, there's no chance in hell you're getting your hands on this baby!"

Hurt, Nicole wondered why Nancy was being rude to her. Nancy apologized, claiming that she felt powerless to help Chloe and had simply taken her frustration out on Nicole. "But don't you understand? Chloe doesn't want the baby anywhere near Deimos, and I cannot go against her wishes," Nancy added. Sighing, Nicole conceded the point and agreed to stop trying to change Nancy's mind. Nicole started to add that she could still visit Holly from time to time because Chicago wasn't that far away, but Nancy insisted that Nicole would have to call before every visit.

Nancy reluctantly handed Holly over to Nicole when a nurse interrupted to announce that there was some paperwork that needed to be signed. When Nancy returned to Chloe's room a short time later, Nicole was in the process of saying a tearful goodbye to Holly. No longer able to take the feelings of guilt, Nancy started to tell Nicole the truth, but Deimos soon interrupted. Remembering why she was keeping Chloe's secret, Nancy stormed out of the room with Holly. Disappointed, Nicole broke down in Deimos' arms, fretting that she might never see Holly again.

Chad wants closure with Gabi

Chad wants closure with Gabi

Friday, January 6, 2017

At the police station, Gabi walked into the bullpen and overheard Abe congratulating J.J. on his promotion and commendation for his work on a kidnapping case. The child and her mother thanked J.J. for his help. The little girl, Heather, called J.J. her superhero. J.J. told Heather that she reminded him of his friend Arianna. As Abe walked with the woman and her daughter out of the precinct, Gabi approached J.J. Gabi said she was impressed with J.J.'s heroics, and she wondered aloud why she had not heard about them. J.J. curtly reminded Gabi that she was not his girlfriend, and there was no reason to update her about his life.

J.J. walked into the interrogation room, and Gabi followed him. Gabi congratulated J.J. on his promotion, and she apologized for her bluntness when she had broken things off with him. J.J. asked Gabi why she was at the station. Gabi said she was looking for Rafe. J.J. noted that Rafe had left town, so Gabi hesitantly thanked J.J. and left.

Lani stopped by the station, looking for Abe, and she asked about the kidnapping. J.J. told her about the commendations, and Lani congratulated J.J. Lani asked J.J. to go out for a drink. The two former partners went to Club TBD, and J.J. nursed a drink and apologized to Lani for what had happened in Miami. Lani assured J.J. that she was not mad. With a grin, Lani raised a toast to J.J., and he toasted to their friendship.

Claire ran over to the hospital to tell Ciara that Valerie had found the bug that Claire and Theo had planted in Valerie's purse. Ciara blamed Claire for suggesting to Theo that he should plant a bug. Claire was annoyed. Unfazed, Ciara called Claire a "user" of people. Hurt, Claire asked Ciara to take back her nasty comment. Ciara refused to back down. Claire countered that Ciara was angry that Theo was with her instead of Ciara.

At the Brady Pub, Valerie asked Theo why he had bugged her purse. Theo said that Valerie had lied on multiple occasions, and both he and Claire had heard. Concerned, Valerie asked Theo if Claire had convinced him to bug her. Theo said he wanted to know what Valerie wanted. Valerie stressed that her life was not Theo's business. Theo argued that Valerie's life was his business as long as she was connected to his father.

Valerie asked Theo how he would feel if Abe had bugged him. Theo admitted that he would not like Abe to spy on him. Theo apologized for taking the matter too far, and he asked Valerie if she was going to tell Abe. Before Valerie could answer, Abe walked into the pub. While Abe was at the bar, Valerie told Theo that she would not tell Abe. Theo apologized and left.

When Abe sat at Valerie's table, she said she had talked to Theo and wanted to be friends with him. Abe chuckled and told Valerie that she had a way with teenagers. Abe told Valerie that he looked forward to meeting her son. With a nod, Valerie said she would like to introduce them.

In the town square, Chad pushed Thomas' stroller while a nervous Abigail walked beside him. Chad reassured Abigail not to worry about what people thought about her. Abigail smiled in relief. Chad hugged Abigail, and she sighed in contentment. Chad, Abigail, and Thomas sat in the café and worked to get Thomas to say "dada." Chad took out his phone to record the moment, and he cheered jubilantly when Thomas managed to say "dada." Abigail grew teary eyed.

Chad asked what was wrong. Abigail said she was sad that she had missed so many firsts in Thomas' life, and she was happy she had been there with Chad to hear Thomas' first word. Abigail marveled at how easily Thomas had accepted her. Chad said that Abigail was Thomas' mother, and it was a bond that could not be broken. Nearby, Ciara spotted Abigail and rushed over to hug her hello. Ciara told Abigail that she was excited to see her again.

Abigail thanked Ciara for helping while Abigail had been gone. Ciara smiled, and she said that Chad had been a wreck without Abigail. When Ciara hugged Abigail, Chad winked at Abigail. As Gabi walked through the square, she awkwardly said hello to Chad and Abigail. Chad asked Abigail if he could talk privately with Gabi. When Abigail stuttered a yes, Chad assured her that everything would be fine. Chad kissed Abigail's forehead, and he walked into the park with Gabi.

Across the square, Theo met up with Claire to talk about Valerie. Ciara butted into the conversation, annoying Claire. Theo told the women what had happened with Valerie. Theo assured Claire that they were in the clear. With a grunt, Ciara asked Theo if he was going to drop his investigation into Valerie. Claire stepped away to talk to her mother on the phone. Ciara told Theo that she believed that Valerie would keep quiet, and she urged Theo to stop investigating Valerie. Theo said he felt like Valerie was hiding a secret.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail put Thomas in his crib in the living room. Abigail told Thomas how happy she was to be home with him and Chad. Abigail assured Thomas that she would never leave him again. While Thomas slept, Abigail struggled to collapse the stroller as she silently cried. Andre entered, startling Abigail. Abigail told Andre that Chad was out and that he blamed her for disappearing, not Andre. Andre said he wanted to mend fences with his brother.

With a grunt, Abigail said Chad was even less pleased with her because Stefano had also faked his death. Shrugging, Andre said he understood why Chad was upset about Stefano. Andre suggested that Chad was more empathetic to Abigail than their father. As Abigail fidgeted, Andre asked what was bothering her. Abigail explained that Chad was angry and hurt. Abigail worried aloud that Chad would not be able to trust her again.

When Andre pushed Abigail to talk, Abigail said that she and Chad had shared a wonderful day together until they had run into Gabi. Abigail added that Chad had clammed up at the site of Gabi and then had asked to talk to Gabi privately for closure. Frustrated, Andre shook his head in disagreement. Andre said he believed Chad would choose Abigail.

In the park, Chad told Gabi that he cared about her feelings, but Gabi cautioned Chad to concentrate on his wife. Chad said that he'd meant what he had told Gabi about his feelings for her. As Gabi shook her head, Chad stressed that Gabi had woken him up from a waking sleep after his wife's "death." Gabi said that she had meant it when she had told Chad that she loved him, but the situation between them had changed. Chad agreed. They wished each other happiness, and Gabi attempted to return the necklace Chad had given her for Christmas. Smiling sadly, Chad asked Gabi to keep the necklace. After Chad let, Gabi cried.

When Chad returned home to the DiMera mansion, he told Abigail that he was willing to commit to rebuilding their family. Chad stressed that it would take time to trust Abigail again.

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