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Carrie bailed Anna and Marlena out of jail. Andre was Hattie's mystery man. Hattie planned Hope's escape from prison. Chad and Abigail had a date night. Nicole and Deimos were engaged. Chloe woke up from her coma. Chloe decided not to tell Nicole that Holly was her child. Nicole and Chloe walked in on Deimos planning a hit on Andre.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 9, 2017 on DAYS
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Hattie tries to protect Hope from more danger Hattie tries to protect Hope from more danger

Monday, January 9, 2017

by Mike

At the prison, Hattie tried to talk Hope out of rejoining the general population. Hope insisted that she couldn't just hide out in the infirmary when Hattie needed help stopping Coco and Sheila from taking control of their cellblock. Hattie pointed out that Hope was not yet fully healed, adding, "You know how long it took you to get dressed? What are you gonna do when [they] come after you, huh? You gonna fight 'em in slow motion?"

Hope changed the subject, asking Hattie for more details about Alfie. Hattie called Hope out on the avoidance tactic, guessing that she just didn't want to talk about what was going to happen to her when she rejoined the general population. Hope dismissed Hattie's concerns, promising that everything was going to be fine. Hattie was reluctant to waste more breath talking about Alfie, but she eventually revealed that he had once taken her to a sushi restaurant to impress her with his ability to speak Japanese. She also recalled that he had owned a gold Chanteuse Limited Edition pocket watch and had once said that, like her, it was one of a kind.

Later, Annabelle arrived with a list of inmates who were willing to support Hope and Hattie's efforts to neutralize Coco and Sheila. "They understand this needs to be taken care of without violence, though, right?" Hope asked. Groaning, Hattie insisted that although no one was expecting Hope to go after Coco and Sheila with a knife, a bit of muscle would be necessary to get the job done. "It's like an omelet. You want to eat an omelet, you gotta crack open a few eggs," Hattie reasoned. Hope maintained, to Hattie's dismay, that the matter needed to be settled without violence of any sort.

After leaving the infirmary, Hope found Sheila in the recreation room, playing with a deck of tarot cards. Hope took a seat at Sheila's table and revealed the Death card. Scoffing, Sheila wondered if that was supposed to be some sort of threat. "It was when you left it for me. But I'm hoping that we can figure out how to tone things down in here and find a way to make peace," Hope replied.

Turning her attention to the Hanged Man card that was face-up on the table, Hope wondered if Sheila knew what it was supposed to represent. "A hanged man in midair is facing a choice. At a crossroads. Whichever path he chooses leads to success or ruin," Sheila recalled. Hope thought that summed up her present situation with Sheila. She knew that Sheila and Coco were out for blood -- preferably hers -- but she argued that there were other ways they could settle their differences. Sheila seemed to be considering the idea -- until Coco stormed into the room and started fanning the flames again.

Later, Hattie and Annabelle warned Hope that Coco and Sheila had found out about their recruitment efforts and were threatening to kill her to get all the other inmates to fall back in line. Hattie and Annabelle wanted Hope to check herself back into the infirmary, but Hope refused to hide from Coco and Sheila, and she remained determined to deal with them without the use of violence. After Hope left the recreation room, Hattie formulated a plan to protect her, telling Annabelle, "I can't let that girl die."

Joey tried to convince Jade not to leave the hospital without her doctor's permission, but she didn't see the point of consenting to another examination, since it wouldn't change anything except the total of her bill. "Jade, they need to make sure you're okay! And that you can still, you know..." he tried to explain. "Still what? You seriously think I still want to have a baby? This was my baby!" she tearfully countered.

Joey argued that Jade needed to think ahead, but she insisted that she already had. "You didn't want this baby in the beginning. Why would you want me to have another one? Why -- why would any guy want to hook up with me now?" she wondered. Before Joey could respond, a nurse announced that the doctor was ready to see Jade. Joey offered to tag along, but Jade declined, declaring that she was back to being on her own again.

After Jade left with the nurse, Kayla joined Joey and tried to assure him that things would get better eventually. He remained convinced that he was receiving karmic payback for what he had done to Ava, but Kayla insisted that karma was a fictional concept people had created as a way of explaining the unexplainable. She encouraged him to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist she trusted, and he promised to do so, agreeing that he needed to talk to someone. "This thing with the baby has really changed me. I mean, I see things so much differently now -- especially how life is so -- it's just -- it can just disappear. It's good, and then -- and then it's gone. I need to find a way to make up for what I did. I have to!" he stressed.

Joey told Kayla that although Jade had been a bit nasty since the miscarriage, he didn't want to forget the good side of her, which had been on full display in the weeks leading up to the tragic turn of events. "I mean, I could tell she really loved that baby, and maybe she even loved me. And the last thing I want her to feel like is, now that there's no baby, we're just gonna abandon her, like her parents did," he continued. When Kayla agreed, he wondered if that meant Jade could continue living at the Johnson house. Chuckling, Kayla confirmed that she would go along with whatever made him happy. As he thanked her, she added, "[But] listen, I think all this uplifting and positive talk you've got going on here, you should share with her. That's what she needs most."

Later, Joey caught up with Jade in the town square and wondered if she had missed his earlier comment about wanting to walk her out of the hospital after her examination. She tearfully assured him that he was free to stop pretending that he cared about her. "Our baby's gone. We're not joined at the hip anymore. So [it's time to] say goodbye," she added before trying to walk away. He stopped her and stressed that he wasn't pretending. "[And] what if I don't want to say goodbye? Jade, I'm your friend. I'm still here for you," he continued.

Joey suggested that it was time for him and Jade to start thinking about getting back into college. She insisted that she couldn't afford that, prompting him to assure her that he would help cover her costs. He guessed that his parents would probably be willing to help, too, but she predicted that they would eventually push her out of his life because they knew she wasn't good enough for him. "That's not true!" he protested. Unconvinced, she maintained that they needed to make a clean break from each other. She started to excuse herself so she could head back to the Johnson house to pack her things, but he stopped her, wondering what other options she had for shelter. "I'll figure it out. I always do," she tearfully replied before walking away. "Yeah, that could work," he skeptically muttered as he chased after her.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre checked the time on a gold pocket watch. He then turned his attention to the nearby chess table, picking up the black king and inspecting it while musing, "How could you be so cold? I came back to help you -- at tremendous risk -- because I loved you, and because I thought you loved me. But you let me go to prison for your murder, and you let me grieve for you!" Struggling to understand Stefano's motivation for doing such a thing, Andre eventually concluded that it had all been part of the latest in a long line of games. "Well, I'm finished playing by your rules, Father," he muttered as he slammed a hand down on the table, scattering the chess pieces.

After checking into their hotel in Prague, Steve, Marlena, Rafe, and Paul split up to begin searching for Stefano. Later, Rafe rejoined Steve at the hotel and recapped the conversation he'd just had with the undercover ISA operative who had spotted someone matching Stefano's description at a recent meeting of arms dealers. The operative had not been able to get a good look at the man, whom others at the meeting had respectfully referred to as "Mr. D," because the lighting had been purposely kept low at his end of the table, and he had worn a hat he had kept pulled down low on his forehead, but he had looked enough like Stefano for her to alert Shane. She had promised to try to arrange a meeting with the man but had warned Rafe not to get his hopes up. Steve assured Rafe that operatives were trained to be pessimistic.

Meanwhile, at a nearby café, Marlena and Paul showed their waiter an image of the man they believed to be Stefano. The waiter recalled that the man had been in the café before, but he guessed that a week or two had passed since the man's most recent visit. After the waiter went to get coffee for Marlena and Paul, they spoke in hushed voices about what he had told them, unaware that someone was photographing them from afar.

Later, while Marlena and Paul were studying their respective menus, a man walked into the café. Marlena, who was facing the man, hid behind her menu and quietly described him to Paul, who discreetly glanced over his shoulder to take a look as the man claimed a nearby table. "I thought Stefano was in a wheelchair?" Paul whispered. "Yeah, he was," Marlena replied. Paul wondered if extensive physical therapy could have restored Stefano's mobility. Shrugging, Marlena jokingly offered another theory, suggesting that Stefano might have discovered the Fountain of Youth. "But if that's not Stefano, he sure is a ringer," she added.

Paul stood to try to get a picture of the man with his cell phone, planning to pretend that he was searching for a signal, but a shot rang out just then, scaring the man off. Marlena sent Paul after the man then rushed off in search of the shooter. She caught up with the person in a nearby alley and was shocked to find that it was someone she knew -- Anna.

Anna tells Marlena about Tony

Anna tells Marlena about Tony

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail informed Chad that Jennifer wanted to babysit Thomas overnight. Grinning, Chad asked Abigail if that was a plan for an evening together. Chuckling, Abigail said it was her mother's plan. Abigail said she was excited to go out on a date with Chad. After Abigail left to take Thomas to Jennifer's house, Andre stopped by the mansion.

Andre told Chad that Marlena, Steve, and Rafe had left for Europe to search for Stefano. Andre asked Chad if he had heard from their father, but Chad said no. With a nod, Andre told Chad about Kate's financial investigation into the company. Andre added that in addition to stealing from the company, if Stefano were alive, that meant he had allowed Andre to rot in prison for Stefano's "murder." Chad shrugged.

"Do you understand what kind of betrayal that is?" Andre asked. Andre asked Chad to show a united front. Chad told Andre that he had no time to talk. Smiling large, Andre asked Chad if he was going on a date with Abigail. Chad warned that Abigail was not Andre's concern. Andre said that when he had learned Abigail was alive, he had protected her out of his own self-interest, but he had grown to admire her fighting spirit over time. Andre told Chad that he was a lucky man because he had a second chance with his wife. "Don't waste it," Andre said.

"You are the last person I would ever turn to for relationship advice," Chad said. After Chad walked out, Andre grinned. "You think you know everything, little brother. Just you wait. Just you wait," Andre said with a chuckle.

At the Horton house, Jennifer told Abigail that she was happy to give her a night alone with Chad. Smiling, Abigail said she was going out to dinner with Chad and would take things slowly with him. Abigail lamented that her relationship with Chad had always been riddled with problems. Jennifer advised Abigail to concentrate on dinner and have a nice time.

At the prison, Hattie warned Hope that her life was in danger. Hattie advised Hope to hide out in the infirmary. Shaking her head no, Hope said that there was no guarantee that Rafe would find Stefano anytime soon. Hope changed the subject to Hattie's ex-boyfriend, Alfie. Hope told Hattie that Alfie's pocket watch was a rare piece crafted in Geneva. Growing teary-eyed, Hattie said she hoped to return to life outside of prison. When Hattie mentioned Alfie's accent, Hope asked for details. Hattie could only say that the accent was from a foreign country.

A guard, Ortiz, warned Hope to return to the infirmary because it would be difficult to protect her. Hope asked to borrow Ortiz' cell phone. Reluctantly, Ortiz handed Hope the phone and encouraged her to work on a transfer. Hope swore that she would not abandon the other women in the prison. Ortiz left. Hope called a jeweler named Herr Graufman in Geneva to ask for information about Alfie's pocket watch. Graufman rattled off a list of buyers, including Andre DiMera. Hope gasped. As Hope hung up the call, someone placed a rag across Hope's face, rendering her unconscious.

Hattie carried Hope's unconscious body to the Dumpster and dropped her inside. Hattie muttered to herself that she would figure out how to smuggle Hope out of the prison. Chet, a prison employee from the kitchen, asked Hattie if she was talking to herself again. Hattie patted the Dumpster and said it was ready to go out. A groan emanated from the Dumpster.

Chet reached for the Dumpster, but Hattie stopped him. Hattie said she felt a connection to Chet, and she needed his help to smuggle someone out of the prison. Batting her eyes, Hattie promised to return the favor. With a sigh, Chet said, "The things we do for love." Chet pushed the Dumpster outside the prison with Hope still inside.

In the yard, Coco and Sheila wondered aloud why the prison alarm was sounding. Hattie stood nearby, smiling to herself.

At the Horton house, Jennifer showed family photos to Thomas and told him about the people in them. Jennifer talked about Tom, Alice, Hope, and Jack. With a sigh, Jennifer said she regretted that she had doubted Chad's fitness for Abigail the way everyone had doubted Jack's fitness for Jennifer years earlier. Jennifer noted that Tom had taught her that love mattered the most.

At Club TBD, Abigail and Chad awkwardly chatted as they stared at the dinner menu. Chad wanted to call Jennifer about Thomas, and Abigail smiled. Chad admitted he had turned into an overprotective dad. When Abigail noted that Chad's reaction was normal for a single parent, Chad countered that Gabi was a single mom and not so overprotective. Chad apologized. Abigail said she did not resent that Chad had mentioned a friend who had helped him through a difficult time. Abigail told Chad not to walk on eggshells with her.

As Abigail and Chad smiled and looked into one another's eyes, Chad suggested they order wine. After drinks, Abigail and Chad ordered food. While Abigail slurped down oysters, Chad laughed. Abigail explained that oysters had been her favorite food as a kid, but she had not had any since she had eaten a bad batch years earlier. Abigail said that recently, she had decided to stop avoiding the things she loved in life simply because something bad might happen if she embraced them.

Abigail told Chad that she had done everything because she loved Chad and Thomas. Chad said that he loved Abigail, but he needed her to be herself. While Chad poured more wine, Abigail said she would never take anything for granted again. When a favorite song started playing, Chad asked Abigail to dance. Abigail and Chad danced slowly together, wrapped in one another's arms. Chad leaned his forehead against Abigail's.

After dinner, Abigail and Chad returned home, and he escorted her to her room. Abigail thanked Chad for the wonderful evening. Chad smiled and left. After changing into her nightgown, Abigail walked down the hall to Chad's room. While Abigail stood in the hallway, staring at the door, Chad sat on his bed, staring at the wall.

In Europe, Rafe told Steve that the prison infirmary had released Hope into the prison's general population. Rafe stressed that they needed to find Stefano as soon as possible. Steve cautioned Rafe to focus on the search for Stefano and not think about Hope.

Marlena chased after the gunman that had narrowly missed shooting Stefano in the café. When Marlena caught up with the shooter in the alley, she realized it was Anna. Anna said that she had heard that Stefano was alive, and she wanted to kill him. Marlena told Anna that she had almost killed John's son Paul. Marlena added that Anna had put Stefano on guard. Shaking with fury, Anna said that Stefano had stranded her on an island. However, she had reunited with Tony, and they had a plan to get revenge against Stefano.

"No, no, Tony is dead, and I cannot handle another DiMera returning from the grave," Marlena groaned. Anna pulled an urn out of her purse. With a sigh, Marlena urged Anna to stop and think about what she was doing. Anna stressed that she was grieving and sick of Stefano ruining lives. Anna refused to back down from avenging Tony. As Marlena sighed, Anna put the urn back in her purse and pulled the gun back out. Anna warned that she would shoot Marlena if she got in Anna's way.

Hands shaking, Anna leveled the gun at Marlena. Marlena pleaded with Anna to think through what would happen if Anna shot her. Anna shrugged. Marlena reached out and took the gun away from Anna gently. When Anna said she just wanted to find Stefano, Marlena reminded her that they might have lost their only chance to catch Stefano. When Marlena refused to return Anna's gun, Anna called out to an officer nearby. Anna complained that Marlena had taken her gun away.

While Marlena stood there, rolling her eyes and holding the gun casually, the officer noted that he was investigating a shooting at the Café Dvorak. Marlena said that Anna was the shooter. Cocking his head in confusion, the officer noted that Marlena was holding the gun. Marlena said she had taken the gun from Anna. The officer reached out and took the gun. Paul ran into the alley to ask what had happened, and the officer informed him that he needed to arrest Anna and Marlena.

From the police station in Stare Mesto, Paul called Steve and asked him to meet there. While Paul was on the phone, Anna demanded that the officer return her husband's ashes. Paul warned Anna not to make any demands, and the officer agreed that Anna was making things worse. When Steve and Rafe arrived, Steve groaned at the sight of Anna. Paul explained what had happened at the café.

While the officer processed Anna and Marlena for arrest, Paul chastised himself for losing Stefano. Steve cautioned Paul not to beat himself up. Steve said there was a reason that Stefano had popped up out of hiding. Steve's phone rang with a call from his ISA contact informing him about a meeting with Stefano.

A misunderstanding leaves Hope in more danger

A misunderstanding leaves Hope in more danger

> A misunderstanding leaves Hope in more danger

A misunderstanding leaves Hope in more danger

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

by Mike

Deimos took Nicole to Club TBD to celebrate the happiest day of his life -- the day she had finally declared her love for him. She was grateful for the distraction, having spent most of the day worrying about Holly. After finishing a round of drinks with Deimos, she went to powder her nose, promising to dance with him when she returned.

Once the coast was clear, Deimos contacted Brady and asked him to task one of Titan's employees with the responsibility of keeping an eye on Craig, Parker, and Holly at all times. "It's the only way that we're gonna figure out when and how to get a sample of Holly's DNA. I don't care if I have to drag her out of Craig's arms, do you understand me? We need to get proof that baby is Nicole's!" he stressed.

Nicole returned shortly after Deimos ended the call. "This is the perfect night," she said as she began to dance with him. "I think you're perfect," he replied. She insisted that she wasn't, and she pointed out that he wasn't, either. "And maybe that's what makes us perfect together," she mused. He told her he really liked the sound of that. He added that he was going to do everything in his power to fulfill her every desire and make up for all the heartache she had endured in the past. "You know, a while ago, I would have jumped up and down to hear a rich guy say that to me. [But that was] before I realized all I ever wanted was a kid of my own. And that's never gonna happen," she admitted. He protested that when two people were as perfect for each other as they were, anything was possible.

Later, as Deimos was strolling through the town square with Nicole, he spontaneously decided to dance with her again, refusing to let the absence of music deter him. "I could dance in your arms like this forever," she told him as they swayed back and forth. "Then marry me," he suggested. Taken aback, she pulled away from him and wondered if she had misheard what he had just said. He assured her that she hadn't.

Beginning his pitch, Deimos reminded Nicole, "You said it yourself -- we're perfect for each other, right? And we both have been spending our whole lives waiting for happiness, stuck in some place [where we believed it was] unattainable for us. Now, I know -- I know at first I saw you as a reminder of the last time that I knew happiness, but it didn't take long for me to finally see you for who you are: the most beautiful woman I've ever known, inside or out, or ever could hope to know. And I've been patient, Nicole, you have to admit -- a hell of a lot more patient than I ever thought possible. But that's because I was waiting for you to love me back."

As the pitch continued, Deimos mentioned that he wanted to build a family with Nicole. "You know that's impossible," she tearfully reminded him. He dismissively insisted that he hated that word. "I want to give you the world. And that's not hyperbole; it's not a metaphor. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy, Nicole. All you have to do is say that you'll marry me," he added. After giving the proposal a bit of thought, she happily agreed, assuring him that she wanted nothing more than to build a life with him because she knew that he loved her just as much as she loved him.

Deimos was thrilled that Nicole had agreed to marry him, but he soon realized the downside of an unplanned proposal: no engagement ring to seal the deal. She tried to assure him that she didn't care about things like that, but he insisted that the moment had to be perfect because they were going to be talking about it for the rest of their lives. Luckily, the town square housed a store that sold antique jewelry. It was closed for the night, but he promised that wouldn't be an issue -- and he made her promise that when he managed to secure a ring for her before the stroke of midnight, she would start trying to believe he could make the impossible possible.

Deimos rushed off, and when he returned a few minutes later, he wasn't alone. Guessing that he had shamelessly disturbed the store owner's sleep in his effort to make good on his promise, Nicole started to apologize to the woman, but her concerns were quickly dismissed. The store owner explained that she was happy to help because Deimos was a very good customer, and he added that he had been happy to make it worthwhile for her to take the time to do a quick favor for him.

The store owner presented Nicole with more than a dozen rings to choose from, and Deimos told her to feel free to take the one she liked most. She was instantly drawn to the ring that featured the largest diamond, but after taking a closer look at it, she returned it and instead chose the ring that featured the smallest diamond. Chuckling, he assured her that money was no object, and he encouraged her to go with her gut, stressing that he wanted her to have the engagement ring she liked most because he intended to make sure it would be the last one she'd ever own.

After taking another look at the collection of rings, Nicole chose a wide band that was made up of interconnected circles, each covered with small diamonds. The store owner confirmed that it could be resized if necessary. Satisfied, Deimos assured the woman that a check would be delivered to her the following morning to cover the cost of the ring. She nodded and walked away after wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness. Deimos got down on one knee and began a more official proposal as he slipped the ring on Nicole's finger. She again agreed to marry him, and they each promised to do their best to fulfill the other person's every desire.

While stuck at a police station in Prague, Marlena and Anna received an unexpected visit from a familiar couple -- Carrie and Austin. "We always seem to bump into you in the nicest places," Carrie sarcastically told Anna before greeting Marlena with a warm hug. Carrie explained that Rafe had contacted her in the hope that she might be able to help Marlena and Anna get out of the predicament they had found themselves in. Marlena wondered who was watching Carrie and Austin's child in the meantime. "We have a very reliable nanny," Austin assured her.

Anna thanked Carrie and Austin for rushing to the rescue. "What choice did we have, Mom?" Carrie asked with a hint of anger. Taken aback, Anna wondered what that was supposed to mean. "That you're in a Czech jail -- again!" Carrie replied. Anna insisted that she'd had to make Stefano pay for what he had done to Tony. Sighing, Carrie explained that she had already heard the whole story from Rafe.

Carrie soon excused herself so she could meet with the local magistrate and try to convince him to release Anna and Marlena. "If I succeed, you have to promise that you're gonna stop shooting at people!" Carrie told Anna. "Well, what will I do with my empty life?" Anna fretted. Austin suggested that she could try visiting her grandson, Noah, from time to time, and Carrie agreed, bitterly musing that if Anna ever bothered to do that, she might just discover that the boy was actually a really great kid.

Later, Carrie returned and announced that Anna and Marlena were both free to go. "What did you say to the magistrate?" Anna wondered. "That you had escaped from a mental institution, and I'm taking you back there," Carrie replied. Anna insisted that wasn't true, and Carrie sarcastically agreed that Anna had always been quite devoted to the truth. Turning her attention to Marlena, Carrie added that she had managed to convince the magistrate that she had been nothing more than an innocent bystander.

Anxious to get out of the police station, Anna wondered when she could leave. "Soon. And you are gonna love Switzerland," Carrie replied. Confused, Anna insisted that she wasn't going to be visiting Switzerland anytime soon. "Oh, yes, you are. I had you released into my custody," Carrie explained. "Isn't [that] wonderful?" Austin dryly added, forcing a smile. Before Anna could respond, Carrie turned her attention to Marlena again, saying goodbye to her with another warm embrace.

After Marlena left the police station, Anna insisted that she wasn't going anywhere without Tony. Carrie patiently reminded Anna that Tony was dead, prompting Anna to clarify that she had been talking about his ashes. Carrie was surprised to learn that Anna was still carrying Tony's ashes around in her purse. "Why wouldn't I? He's the love of my life!" Anna pointed out. "But he's -- he's in a jar now!" Austin countered. Anna dismissively insisted that such details weren't important; in fact, the only thing that mattered was that keeping Tony's remains close at all times provided her with a sense of comfort.

Sighing, Carrie left the room, and when she returned a short time later, she had the urn with her. Austin scowled as he watched Anna thank Carrie with a hug, declaring that she was the best daughter ever. Carrie caught the look and pulled Austin aside, guessing that he hated the idea of Anna living with them. "What I hate is the way she treats you," Austin clarified. "I don't know what else to do. We have to keep an eye on her," Carrie pointed out. He conceded that she was right. When they tried to turn their attention back to Anna, ready to take her home with them, they realized that she had ducked out of the police station during their conversation.

After doing reconnaissance on the spot where the meeting with Stefano was supposed to take place the following day, Steve, Rafe, and Paul returned to the hotel to strategize. Steve soon received a phone call from Kayla, who informed him that Hope had escaped from prison. Upon hearing the news, Rafe took Steve's cell phone and asked Kayla for more details. She explained that Lieutenant Raines had shown up at the Brady Pub with a search warrant earlier that night and had hurled accusations at her, Shawn, and Ciara, suggesting that they were working together to help Hope evade the police.

Rafe asked to talk to Shawn. After Kayla handed Shawn her cell phone, Rafe began to chastise him for having failed, during his earlier visit with Hope, to spot the warning signs that she was planning to take drastic measures to protect herself from Coco and Sheila. Shawn insisted that everything had seemed fine during his visit with Hope, and he defensively pointed out that Rafe wasn't going to solve anything with misdirected anger. Ciara took the phone from Shawn and calmed Rafe down, stressing that Shawn wasn't to blame for what had happened. She urged Rafe to stay focused on the search for Stefano, knowing that was still the best way to help Hope.

Later, Marlena rejoined Steve, Rafe, and Paul at the hotel. Steve and Paul told her about Hope's escape from prison as well as their earlier reconnaissance mission. She warned them that one of Stefano's goons might have spotted them. Steve dismissed the concern, assuring her that Stefano didn't have the money to pay for goons at that moment because he had spent it all on the weapons he was trying to sell for a profit. "One problem with trying to pass yourself off as dead is [that] you can't wire home for cash. So Stefano's definitely gonna be at that meeting. He's got no choice," Steve continued. He stressed that they couldn't let Stefano get away again.

Meanwhile, Rafe contacted Raines and tried to convince him to show Hope some leniency. Raines insisted that Hope wasn't going to receive special treatment while he was in charge of the search for her. "When we find Hope -- and we will find her -- you better pray that she doesn't put up a fight, because I am authorized to use force," Raines added before hanging up.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla tried to talk Shawn out of going to look for Hope on his own. "You don't even know where she is," Kayla pointed out. "Well, I know where the prison is, and I know how long she's been gone," Shawn countered. He assured her that he could find Hope with just those two pieces of information. Kayla turned to Ciara for help convincing Shawn to stay out of the matter, but Ciara sided with Shawn and followed him out of the pub, determined to help him search for Hope.

Somewhere outside the prison walls, Chet checked for prying eyes then opened the Dumpster to free Hope. When he peered inside, she emerged from the shadows and punched him, assuming he was someone Coco and Sheila had sent to kill her. She climbed out of the Dumpster and picked up a large rock, planning to use it to defend herself. He tried to clear up the misunderstanding, but before he could do so, she collapsed from the effort of trying to swing her heavy makeshift weapon at him. She hit her head on another rock during her fall and passed out. When he knelt to check on her, he discovered that she was bleeding profusely, having ripped out her stitches while trying to fight him. He tried to stop the bleeding with a handkerchief, but when he realized that it wasn't helping, he got spooked and ran off.

Later, someone found Hope and carried her off.

Deimos and Nicole announce their engagement

Deimos and Nicole announce their engagement

Thursday, January 12, 2017

by Mike

At the police station, Lieutenant Raines assigned J.J. the task of figuring out who was slipping shipments past customs each week at the docks -- and what was really in those shipments. J.J. was surprised to see that Eduardo was at the top of Raines's list of suspects. Without revealing why he was reluctant to investigate Eduardo, J.J. admitted that he had been hoping to help with the search for Hope. Raines insisted that the shipping investigation was where J.J. was most needed. With no real alternative, J.J. accepted the assignment. Raines stressed that the matter needed to be kept confidential.

At Club TBD, Eduardo informed Dario that the microchips and the external hard drive were missing -- and that Kate was the most likely suspect. Dario complained that Eduardo never should have gotten involved with Kate in the first place. "She's as much a DiMera as Chad or Andre, and we stole their most valuable technology!" Dario pointed out, unaware that Gabi had just entered the club.

Dario tried to tell Gabi to forget what she had just heard, but she refused, reminding him that she cared about Chad and Kate. Dario snapped that Gabi needed to start showing loyalty to her real family instead of the DiMeras. Eduardo quickly intervened, asking Dario to leave. Dario insisted that Eduardo needed to talk some sense into Gabi before she made the situation worse than it already was. Dario then stormed off, vowing to clean up the mess on his own.

Eduardo tried to explain to Gabi that he and Dario were working on something that could change all their lives. "By stealing from Chad? By stealing from your girlfriend? Because that's what you're doing. I mean, you told me you wanted to create something that we'd be proud of, something that people would respect. I don't care how huge this would be for us. I'm not proud of this; I'm ashamed!" she countered.

Eduardo stressed that he hadn't planned to do another shady business deal, but an opportunity that had been too good to ignore had simply fallen into his lap. Gabi maintained that stealing other people's property was a crime, not a business tactic. "Then every corporation in the world should be arrested," he countered. She tried to argue that at least one person was attempting to do things differently, but he insisted that Chad was no better than any other businessman, reminding her of the time the DiMera family had taken advantage of an opportunity to steal the Kiriakis family's shipping business.

"I just think that there's a better way, okay? And I -- I want a better life for you than this. Don't you want that?" Gabi wondered. Eduardo confirmed that he did, and he promised that his business would one day be completely legitimate. She expressed skepticism, but he assured her that he would keep his promise because he wanted her to be proud of him -- and proud of the Hernandez family name, as well. "[But] I want to give Arianna what I could never give you [when you were] growing up. This is just the first difficult step in building something truly great," he continued.

After Eduardo left, Gabi received a phone call from J.J., who insisted on seeing her right away. "It's about your family," he explained. A short time later, at the Brady Pub, he assured her that he wasn't trying to win her back, since she had already made her feelings about that idea quite clear to him. "I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but your father and Dario are about to find themselves in a lot of trouble," he quietly revealed.

Gabi tried to get J.J. to elaborate, but he insisted that he couldn't. He advised her to distance herself from Eduardo and Dario for the time being so they wouldn't end up taking her down with them, stressing, "Even if you don't want to be with me, I still care about you, [and] I don't want to see you get hurt." She expressed appreciation for his concern but claimed that she had no idea what he was talking about. "I think you do. I think you know something about your father's business -- and if you do, you need to tell me everything right now, before this blows up in a big way," he warned her.

Dario contacted Andre and demanded to see him right away. A short time later, in a secluded section of the town square, Dario drew a gun on Andre and threatened to pull the trigger unless Andre and Kate returned what they had stolen. Andre wondered if Dario was referring to something that had belonged to the DiMera family first. "Stop stalling! Where is it?" Dario snapped, cocking the gun and pressing it against Andre's chest. "I have no idea," Andre calmly replied. Dario didn't like that answer, but Andre insisted it was the only one Dario was going to get.

Meanwhile, one of Andre's goons revealed himself and aimed a gun of his own at Dario, ordering him to lower his weapon immediately. As Dario reluctantly complied, Andre told him, "I am bored with your questions, Mr. Hernandez, and I'm bored of you. But there is a lesson here for all of us: next time you and your father decide to start wading into deep water, perhaps you should see what is lurking beneath the surface." Andre then chuckled and walked away, his goon close behind him.

A short time later, Andre ran into Kate in the town square. "I did not expect you to work quite so quickly!" he admitted with a grin of approval. Confused, she wondered what he was talking about. He told her about the encounter he'd just had with Dario. She clarified that she wasn't the one who had stolen the microchips and the external hard drive from Eduardo and Dario. "I couldn't do it. I couldn't betray Eduardo," she explained. She quickly guessed that she knew who the real culprit was, and after giving the matter a few seconds of thought, he agreed that she was probably right. "That snake has just been waiting to screw us all," she spat.

While Victor and Maggie were playing Scrabble in the newly furnished living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos and Nicole interrupted to announce that they had gotten engaged earlier that night. "So, you're going to be a Kiriakis -- again," Victor mused as Maggie congratulated Nicole with a hug. Smiling, Nicole replied, "Yes. [But] this time, I'm marrying the right one."

After admiring the engagement ring, Maggie observed that it had been a long time since she had last seen such a big smile on Nicole's face. Nicole was eager to share her news with the staff, and Maggie happily agreed to tag along. After Nicole and Maggie left the living room, Deimos noted that Victor hadn't said much about the engagement. "Well, I was taught that if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut," Victor explained. "Really? And when was the last time you followed that advice?" Deimos wondered.

Deimos assumed that Victor didn't approve of the engagement. Without confirming or denying the suspicion, Victor asked, "You sure you're not rushing into this? Hasn't been that long since Nicole lost Daniel." Deimos stressed that he was well aware of that fact and would never try to take Daniel's place in Nicole's heart. "In fact, I'm working really hard to ensure that she still has reminders of him in her life," he added. Victor skeptically warned that Deimos was ultimately still a Kiriakis -- and therefore might not always feel so secure about living in the shadow of a dead man.

Deimos dismissively advised Victor to stop being so dramatic. Pointing out that Parker still meant a great deal to Nicole, Victor predicted that if Chloe ever emerged from her coma, she would have no qualms about making Nicole choose between Parker and Deimos. "Well, then, she's gonna be in for the fight of her life, because Nicole is gonna be my wife, and I refuse to let anyone deprive her of what she deserves," Deimos replied.

At the hospital, Nancy found Brady in Chloe's room, firmly insisting that Chloe needed to wake up right away so she could fix the mess she had caused. Nancy wondered why Brady was yelling at Chloe. "I think you know why," he replied. Nancy ordered him to leave Chloe's room immediately. She followed him out to the nurses' station, where he clarified that he hadn't been yelling at Chloe; he had simply been trying to encourage her to wake up. Nancy maintained that he had sounded upset. "Why would I be upset?" he asked. Nancy claimed that she had no idea. "But as of now, you're off the visitation list," she added.

When Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was in the midst of giving Nicole her blessing to marry Deimos. After Brady made his presence known, Maggie rushed off to the kitchen so he could talk to Nicole privately. He congratulated Nicole with a hug, but she sensed that he wasn't as thrilled about her engagement as she was. "It's just sudden. [But] if you're happy, I'm happy," he claimed.

Deimos soon joined Brady and Nicole in the foyer. Brady looked away when Deimos leaned in to give Nicole a kiss. Catching the reaction, Deimos apologized to Brady for the spontaneous display of affection, explaining that he sometimes found it impossible to resist the urge. Brady forced a smile and dismissed the concern, claiming that it was always nice to see a happy couple together.

Deimos was eager to find more people to share the good news with, but Nicole admitted that there was one person she would like to tell on her own. "You're talking about Chloe," Deimos guessed. Nicole confirmed the suspicion. Conceding that Chloe might not even hear the announcement, Nicole explained that she nevertheless wanted to at least try to make Chloe understand that the engagement truly was a good thing.

After Nicole left, Brady told Deimos about what had happened at the hospital. Brady warned that Nancy was obviously determined to do everything in her power to keep Chloe's secret from being exposed. "[Then] we're just gonna have to move her out of the way," Deimos cryptically replied. Before Brady could probe for more details, Deimos excused himself so he could answer a phone call.

A short time later, Maggie returned to the foyer and noticed that Brady was leaning against a table, clutching his chest. Concerned, she wondered if he was all right. He claimed that he was, adding that the cold air was just bothering his lungs a bit. Satisfied with that answer, she changed the subject, wondering if he was truly okay with the idea of Nicole marrying Deimos. "I think I'm being protective of Daniel, that's [all]," he explained. She assured him that Daniel would have wanted Nicole to move on and find happiness again. She added that she believed that Deimos had changed and would treat Nicole right. "We'll see," Brady replied.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Deimos shared another piece of good news with Victor, revealing that he had stumbled upon something that could be very lucrative for Titan -- and could cause irreparable damage to their competitors. Victor was pleased to hear that Deimos had managed to acquire the technology the Hernandez family had been using the Kiriakis shipping business to smuggle into the country. "I should warn you, though -- Eduardo Hernandez spent years as an assassin. If he finds out you stole from him, he will come after you," Victor predicted. Deimos dismissed the concern, assuring Victor that he wasn't planning to broadcast his involvement to the world.

Later, while Deimos was alone in the living room, Andre stormed in and wondered, "Did you really think you were going to get away with it?" Insisting that he had no idea what that was supposed to mean, Deimos impatiently asked Andre to get to the point, explaining that he was eager to begin celebrating his recent engagement. "Ah. Congratulations on your engagement -- and stealing my property," Andre replied. Revealing that the items Deimos had stolen from the Hernandez family had originally belonged to the DiMera family, Andre warned, "The entire future of my company and my family rests on that technology, so how far do you think I'd go in getting it back?"

Eduardo met with Kate in a secluded section of the town square and wondered if she had convinced herself that he would never figure out the truth or if she simply hadn't cared either way. "I know what you're thinking," she began. "I'm thinking that you need to admit what you did," he replied. She insisted that she had nothing to admit to him. Unconvinced, he accused her of having stolen something that belonged to him. She pointed out that the property he was talking about had originally belonged to the DiMera family. She maintained, however, that she wasn't the one who had stolen it.

"Then who was it who did it, Kate?" Eduardo demanded to know. Kate insisted that it wasn't her place to reveal that information, prompting him to call her cowardly. "How dare you? How dare you say that to me? I was trying to protect you! But, you know, I am done with this; I am done with it, and I am done with you!" she spat before storming off.

As Brady was passing through the town square, he wondered why the news of Nicole's engagement to Deimos was bothering him. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nicole shared the news with Chloe, explaining, "I know it's a lot to ask for you to be happy for me and Deimos. You don't trust him, and you have your reasons. But he loves me, Chloe, and I love him. And I just hope that that's enough." Nicole begged Chloe to wake up, but Chloe remained unresponsive. Sighing, Nicole gave Chloe a kiss on the forehead then left the room. A few seconds later, Chloe opened her eyes.

Chloe wakes up

Chloe wakes up

Friday, January 13, 2017

At the Brady Pub, J.J. pleaded with Gabi to tell him everything she knew about Eduardo and Dario's smuggling business. Gabi argued that J.J. should spend more time investigating crimes rather than investigating her father. Suspicious, J.J. asked Gabi if she was asking him to look the other way. A frustrated Gabi countered that there was no reason to look the other way because her father was not doing anything illegal.

J.J. explained that his boss had assigned him the case, and he had not been able to decline taking it despite the conflict of interest. Gabi shrugged. J.J. said he would pursue the evidence and get to the bottom of whatever was going on. Shaking her head, Gabi said she needed to pick up Arianna, and she left.

In the Kiriakis living room, Andre ordered Deimos to return his stolen technology. Deimos ordered Andre to leave. When Andre refused, Deimos growled in his face. Sonny rushed into the room and separated the two men. When Sonny asked what was going on, Andre explained that Deimos had stolen his cutting-edge intellectual property. Andre said that because Deimos had not handed over the technology, "all bets [were] off." Sonny asked Andre to leave.

In the foyer, Gabi arrived with Arianna. Hearing the argument in the living room, Gabi went upstairs. In the living room, Andre grinned at Deimos and asked if he wanted to call the police. Confused, Sonny asked Andre what he was implying. Andre chuckled. Deimos told Andre to leave, and Andre countered that the Kiriakis family would be easy to fracture. After dropping Arianna off upstairs, Gabi returned downstairs in time to overhear Sonny threaten to squash Andre like a bug.

In the park, Dario ran into Abigail, and they talked about her return to the "living." Abigail told Dario about her date with Chad and her hope for the future. After joking about it, Abigail apologized for blackmailing Dario. Dario asked Abigail to keep quiet about the microchips. Before Abigail could respond, Chad rounded the corner and asked what was going on. Dario said he was telling Abigail how happy he was to hear that Abigail and Chad had reunited. Still angry that Dario had lied about Abigail, Chad muttered at Dario.

Abigail pulled Chad aside and explained to him that Dario had been the one to encourage her to reveal herself to Chad. Chad's phone rang. Gabi called Chad, asking him for help to protect Sonny. Chad said he would be right over. After hanging up the phone, an anxious Dario asked about Gabi. Chad said Gabi was fine and that Andre needed help.

After Chad left, Dario thanked Abigail for standing up for him with Chad. Abigail said that the theft was not Chad's business, and she did not want to alienate Dario as a friend. Smiling, Dario joked that he would put Abigail on his waitlist to be friends. Abigail laughed and slapped Dario's arm. Abigail thanked Dario for helping her through her panic attack, and he shrugged nonchalantly.

In the Kiriakis foyer, Gabi listened to Sonny, Deimos, and Andre yell at one another in the living room. Chad arrived. Chad asked Gabi to grab Arianna and leave the house then he rushed into the living room and asked to know what was happening. Chad urged Andre to leave with him. Deimos needled Andre as Andre was on the way out. Andre stopped, and he said, "Apparently less civility is in order."

At the Brady Pub, Abigail met with J.J. for coffee. Abigail asked J.J. why he was so quiet. J.J. explained that he had fought with Gabi. When Abigail blamed herself, J.J. said that Abigail was not the reason that his relationship with Gabi had failed. Abigail asked if Gabi had done anything illegal. Shaking his head no, J.J. explained that he had a conflict of interest due to a smuggling case involving Eduardo and Dario Hernandez. Abigail's terrible poker face betrayed her. J.J. asked Abigail if she knew something about his case. Abigail said no and changed the subject. J.J. continued to stare at Abigail, curious.

In the Kiriakis living room, Sonny, who was alone with Deimos, asked if Deimos had stolen the microchip technology from Andre. Deimos maintained that it was not exactly theft. Sonny asked Deimos not to leave him in the dark about issues with the company. Deimos agreed. Deimos explained that he had acquired the technology after following Sonny's lead down at the docks. When Sonny asked what was on the microchips, Deimos told him that the software on the microchips had the ability to hack any camera in the world.

"It's the ultimate big brother, which I'm guessing is why they called it Orwell," Deimos said. Sonny argued that the technology would be dangerous in the wrong hands. Deimos said that they needed to work out the bugs in the software, but the program would be the legacy of the Kiriakis family.

While Nicole had a coffee at the café in the town square, a woman walked by with a baby. Nicole chatted with the mother about her baby. After the mother left, Nicole thought about her first conversation with Chloe about being a surrogate. Nicole also thought about when the doctor had confirmed that the embryo implantation had failed.

In the park, Gabi told Dario that J.J. was investigating Dario and Eduardo. Gabi asked Dario to back away so that he did not end up in prison.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad asked why Andre had antagonized Deimos. Andre said that Deimos had stolen the technology from Eduardo before he could manage it. When Chad complained that Andre's prototype did not work, Andre protested that he had been close to perfecting the prototype. Chad warned Andre not to do anything rash. As Andre left, Abigail returned home. Chad hugged Abigail and sighed. Abigail asked why Gabi had called earlier.

Chad explained that Gabi had been at the Kiriakis mansion when Andre had been making a scene. With a grimace, Chad said Andre had accused Deimos of stealing from DiMera Enterprises. Chad complained that Andre was mishandling the situation. Abigail assured Chad that Sonny would be fine, and Chad agreed. While Abigail was in the kitchen, Chad texted Gabi "thank you."

In the Kiriakis living room, Deimos greeted Nicole as his "stunning bride-to-be." Smiling, Sonny asked about the engagement. Nicole showed Sonny the ring, and she asked what was going on. Deimos said they were talking about computer circuitry. As Deimos started to kiss Nicole, Sonny shifted awkwardly and left the room. Deimos promised Nicole that their life together would be good.

After Nicole left the living room, Sonny returned as Deimos' phone rang. When Deimos hung up the phone, he cursed. Sonny asked what was wrong. Deimos explained that one of their cargo ships had been sabotaged. Deimos blamed Andre. "That son of a bitch is sending a message, and he is not going to like the message I send in return!" Deimos yelled.

At the hospital, Nancy was surprised to find Chloe awake in her bed. Nancy rushed to Chloe's side. Chloe was slow to respond, but she asked about her baby. A doctor examined Chloe and announced that her health looked good despite the stroke. After the doctor left, Chloe asked about her baby again. Nancy explained that the baby was with Craig in Chicago. When Chloe asked why, Nancy said that Chloe needed to concentrate on getting well.

Chloe remembered that Nicole had delivered the baby. Nancy added that Chloe had suffered a stroke after the birth and had fallen into a coma. Frantic, Chloe asked about her children. Nancy showed Chloe a photo of Parker and baby Holly. Chloe lit up at the mention of Holly's name. Chloe remembered that she had asked Nicole to name the baby. When Nancy prompted Chloe to remember why, Chloe's eyes widened, and she noted that Nicole was the mother of the little girl. Nancy said she had not told anyone, but she was thrilled to end the lying.

"No!" Chloe exclaimed. When Nancy asked what was wrong, Chloe said she wanted more time. Shaking her head no, Nancy explained that they needed to tell the truth because Brady was suspicious about the baby's maternity. When Chloe asked how, Nancy said she believed Deimos had admitted his suspicions to Brady. Nancy added that she had caught Brady swabbing Holly's cheek for DNA but had successfully switched out the swab. Nancy begged Chloe to tell Nicole the truth before Deimos intervened and destroyed her friendship with Nicole.

Chloe was upset, and her blood pressure started to spike. A nurse rushed in and asked Nancy to leave so that Chloe could rest. Chloe asked Nancy to let her hold her baby one more time. "It's Nicole's baby, sweetheart" Nancy reminded Chloe. With a nod, Chloe said she wanted to hold the baby one more time before she told Nicole the truth. After Nancy left, Chloe struggled to remember Nicole's phone number. The nurse cautioned Chloe to calm down, but Chloe was agitated and unhooked herself from her monitors as soon as the nurse left to get a sedative.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole answered the front door and found Chloe on the front stoop. Nicole swept Chloe into her arms in a hug then helped her into the house. When Nicole saw Chloe's hospital bracelet, she asked why Chloe had left the hospital. Chloe said she needed to talk about something important. "I've been rehearsing this in my mind over and over again," Chloe said before she spotted the engagement ring on Nicole's finger. Nicole told Chloe about her engagement to Deimos. Overwhelmed, Chloe asked to sit down.

Nicole opened the living room doors to escort Chloe to a chair just as Deimos screamed into the phone that he would kill Andre with his bare hands. In the foyer, Nicole and Chloe stared in shock at the scene.

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