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Eric accepted the job at the Horton Center then kissed Jennifer. Chad struggled with his feelings for Abigail and Gabi. Claire told Theo it was time they made love. Steve and Kayla left town to look for Tripp. The Horton family welcomed Eli. Kate warned Eduardo to stay clear of Chloe and her agenda. Nicole, Eric, and Holly made their getaway to Canada.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 13, 2017 on DAYS
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Deimos tries to win Nicole back Deimos tries to win Nicole back

Monday, March 13, 2017

by Mike

While struggling through his daily ritual of penning a letter to Nicole, Eric received a phone call from Marlena, who was at the hospital and wanted him to meet her there right away. "I know it's hard -- I know you don't like the idea of being in Salem, of being around people -- but there's somebody here who could really use your help," she explained.

When Eric arrived at the hospital, Marlena greeted him with a hug then explained that she had been called in to do a psychiatric evaluation of a young man who had been in a car accident earlier that night. The young man had escaped with only an injured left arm and minor cuts and bruises on his face, but his car had struck another vehicle, and the driver of that vehicle was in critical condition and was undergoing surgery at that moment.

Eric eyed the young man, who was sitting on the other side of the waiting area in a daze, his arm in a sling. "He was drunk?" Eric guessed. Without bothering to wait for confirmation from Marlena, he added that he understood why she had asked for his help. He doubted, however, that she actually needed his help, since she was trained to handle such situations herself. "And I really don't want to be here right now, so...I'm sorry, but goodnight," he added before starting to walk away.

Marlena stopped Eric and told him, "I know you don't want to be here -- I know you don't want to be in town -- but honey, that man is going through something that nobody understands better than you do. I'm thinking you could help him. Would you, please?" He grumbled that he didn't appreciate being manipulated. She insisted that she wasn't manipulating him; she was simply making a request. "His name is Jason Cortman," she added. He shook his head and gave her a look that made her laugh -- a look that, according to her, he had been giving her since he was a child, every time she asked him to do something he didn't want to do.

Without saying another word to Marlena, Eric headed toward the nearest elevator, still determined to leave without talking to Jason. As he was waiting for the elevator doors to open, however, he changed his mind and reluctantly approached the young man, shooting his mother one last look in the process to make it clear that he still wasn't happy about what she had asked him to do. She watched as he knelt beside Jason and told him, "My name's Eric Brady. A little more than a year ago, I got drunk...I drove a car...and I killed my best friend."

Jason wondered how Eric was managing to live with the guilt of what he had done. "It's a struggle -- sometimes minute by minute. I'm sober now, [but] it took a while," Eric replied. Jason swore that he would never take another drink, but Eric warned that it might be hard to stick to that vow -- especially if the driver of the other vehicle didn't survive, which was a very real possibility.

Confirming that he understood that, Jason added that he was sorry that Eric's accident had ended in tragedy. Jason assumed that Eric, in an effort to give that tragedy meaning, had since begun volunteering his time at the hospital so he could counsel people who found themselves in similar situations. Before Eric could respond, Marlena interrupted to inform Jason that the driver of the other vehicle was going to be all right because, luckily, his injuries were not as severe as his doctors had originally feared. Eric put a comforting hand on Jason's shoulder as the young man breathed a sigh of relief and tearfully thanked Marlena for the good news.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Marlena stressed that she was proud of Eric for helping Jason. Eric dismissively replied that he had simply managed to find the right words to say to Jason, but Marlena insisted that the message hadn't been as important as the experience of the messenger. "You think I didn't have words -- good words -- for that young man? He wouldn't have heard me. Because he's broken, [and] his spirit is shattered. It takes someone who's been on the path that he's on now to reach him, and that was you," she continued.

Knowing where Marlena was going with her statement, Eric preemptively countered that no amount of good deeds would ever change what he had done. "Of course you can't change what happened, but that's not your goal. Your goal should be to share your struggle. There are so many broken people walking around in the world, and you have the ability to put the pieces back together for them," Marlena argued. Shrugging, she added, "Or you can turn your back on them. It's really up to you."

After leaving the Brady Pub, Eric contacted Jennifer and asked her to meet him in a secluded section of the town square. When she arrived, he informed her that he had decided to accept her job offer -- if it was still on the table, of course. Thrilled, she wrapped her arms tightly around him and assured him that he would never regret his decision.

Later, Jennifer shared the news with Marlena, who thanked her for offering Eric a counseling position at the Horton Center. "Means the world to me -- my son finally coming home," she tearfully added. Meanwhile, Eric returned to his place near Statesville and penned a new letter to Nicole, in which he explained, "[This is] not a decision I made lightly, and I may regret coming back to Salem -- especially if it upsets you, Nicole -- but my thinking is [that] if I can help people who truly need it, then I should try. I hope you'll understand." After finishing the letter, he stuffed it in an envelope that was addressed to Nicole then put it with the others.

Gabi ran into Chad in the town square and guessed, after spotting the gift bag in his hand, that he had bought something for Thomas. When he confirmed the suspicion, she explained that she had known because she was psychic. "And a belly dancer," he pointed out. He thanked her for what she had done to help him close his deal with Grigor. She said she had been happy to help, despite the awkwardness of performing a belly dance for someone she had never met before, because it had been an opportunity to get back at Deimos.

Changing the subject, Gabi wondered what Chad had bought for Thomas. He removed a tee-ball glove from the gift bag and handed it to her. He conceded that Thomas wasn't quite big enough for it yet; he explained, however, that he wanted to give the boy an early taste of the game of baseball. Nodding, she revealed that she had heard that he was going to be hosting a fundraiser at Club TBD to benefit Salem High's athletic department. He clarified that the fundraiser had been Abigail's idea -- one he had been unable to resist, especially since Salem High had a history of producing great athletes.

"Thanks. Yeah, I was a pretty good pitcher," Gabi agreed. "No, I -- I was really saying -- I was really saying me," Chad clarified. He conceded, however, that his pitching skills had been a bit rusty when he had first arrived at Salem High as a transfer student. They laughed as they recalled how she had given him pitching lessons to elevate him from benchwarmer status. He had been skeptical at first, doubting that a girl could teach a guy anything about sports, but she had surprised him -- as, he admitted, she often did.

After saying goodbye to Gabi, Chad ran into Jennifer, who revealed that she had witnessed their interaction. "I don't want to sound like the interfering mother-in-law, but I know that you two have a history, and it seems like maybe there's still some feelings there," she observed. To her surprise, he confirmed her suspicion, explaining that he and Gabi had gotten close again while trapped together during their recent kidnapping ordeal.

Chad assured Jennifer that his feelings for Gabi would fade eventually. She wondered if he had told Abigail everything he had just told her. He reported that Abigail knew about what had happened between him and Gabi in the meat locker but wasn't interested in discussing the matter further, having decided that all that mattered was that he was still committed to her.

Jennifer insisted that Chad needed to end his friendship with Gabi immediately. Scoffing, he assured her that he would never cheat on Abigail. "I don't know why it is [that] you always think the worst of me -- you always assume the worst of me," he added. Unconvinced, she warned that if he ended up breaking Abigail's heart, he would have to answer to her.

At Club TBD, Abigail filled Dario in on her plans for the following night's fundraiser. When she wondered how he was feeling about showing his girlfriend his new dance moves, he feigned reluctance, prompting her to suggest another dance lesson. He accepted the offer and happily allowed her to walk him through a tango. She spent most of the dance thinking about Chad, but when the lesson ended, she locked eyes with Dario and stammered as she praised him as a quick learner.

After Abigail left, Gabi arrived, poured herself a glass of wine, and took a seat next to Dario. When she curiously noted that he was being unusually quiet, he shrugged and explained that he simply didn't have much to say. Unconvinced, she guessed, "You bumped into Abigail today, didn't you?" He sighed and admitted that he probably shouldn't have agreed to let her host a fundraiser at the club.

"Spending time with her --" Dario began to add. "Makes things worse. I know. I know," Gabi interrupted. He added that he was starting to feel guilty about having claimed to be a horrible dancer in order to score a few dances with Abigail. He fretted that if Abigail figured out that he had lied about his dance skills, he would probably have to move to some faraway place like Cleveland.

Nodding in agreement, Gabi wondered why Dario had done such a "stupid" thing in the first place. "I mean, [Abigail's] never gonna share the same feelings for you," she continued. Annoyed, he countered, "And you'd know all about that." She conceded the point, shrugging as she added that when someone was emotionally unavailable, there was nothing that could be done to change that.

Dario asked Gabi to dance with him at the fundraiser and help him make a show of messing up the steps in front of Abigail so he could continue his ruse. "You're pathetic," she replied, shaking her head in disbelief. She agreed to help him but warned, "When you do something with someone in secret, a bond gets created that neither one of you will ever forget." She guessed that he remembered every detail of the dance he had shared with Abigail. He confirmed the suspicion but admitted with a sigh that Abigail had probably just been going through the motions, with Chad on her mind the whole time.

Nicole tried to kick Deimos out when he discovered her hideout, but he refused to leave. Furious that Brady hadn't bothered to contact him to let him know where Nicole was, Deimos jealously demanded to know what was going on between Brady and Nicole. They both insisted that they were just friends. Deimos begged Nicole to let him take her and Holly someplace safe, but she insisted that she would never go anywhere with him again.

Undeterred, Deimos reminded Nicole that she was in a lot of trouble and needed help. "That is why Brady is here," she replied. Deimos angrily wondered why Nicole was choosing Brady over him. "You're not even part of the equation!" she stressed. Deimos demanded to know if Nicole was in love with Brady. "Oh, for God's sake! I trust him. I totally trust him. That's something that I don't have with you. And if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place! And I am never gonna let you hurt me again, so get out!" she spat.

Ignoring the request, Deimos asked Brady to give him a moment alone with Nicole. Brady was reluctant to do so, but Nicole knew that Deimos wouldn't give up until she gave him a chance to plead his case, so she granted the request, assuring Brady that she would be fine on her own. Brady made it clear that he didn't intend to stray far from the hotel room.

After Brady stepped into the hallway, Deimos stressed that he had never meant to hurt Nicole. "But you did," she countered. "And now you've lost faith in me," he guessed. He admitted that made sense for the time being; he predicted, however, that she would eventually realize that he wasn't a threat to her -- and, in fact, he loved her just as much as she loved Holly.

Nicole conceded that Deimos probably did love her, at least in his own unique way. "But I still can't let you anywhere near my daughter," she maintained. She admitted that she had let him get close to her and had even allowed herself to fall in love with him, but she added that it had been selfish of her to do that -- and, in return, he had nearly ruined everything for her. "Now, eyes wide open, I don't love you anymore," she stressed.

Deimos insisted that Nicole was making a mistake -- one that was much bigger than she realized. "That sounds like a threat," she observed. Groaning, he complained that he was getting sick of having all his words twisted. "You obviously don't know what's good for you -- or, more importantly, who's on your side," he added.

"Oh, yes, I do -- and he's standing on the other side of that door," Nicole countered. As if on cue, Brady returned and announced, "Time's up." Deimos began lashing out at Brady, blaming him for the stance Nicole had taken. Nicole tiredly interrupted Deimos' rant, wondering if Brady was ready to leave yet. Brady confirmed that he was. As Nicole and Brady were preparing to leave with Holly, Deimos pointed out, "You know what, Nicole? If you're leaving without me -- if you're truly not in love with me anymore -- then I have absolutely no reason to protect you any further."

Nicole countered, "See, that -- that right there -- that is why I don't love you, I can't love you, and I can't let you anywhere near me or my daughter. I mean, if something doesn't go your way, you go for the jugular, and I'm not gonna stand by and watch it anymore!" As Nicole started to leave with Holly again, Deimos began to issue another warning. Brady called Deimos' bluff, daring him to go ahead and contact the police if he was truly planning to do so. Nicole added, "[That won't] change anything. I'm still not gonna love you, [and] I'm still not gonna come back to you. I'm still just gonna hate you. You are not a man; you're a monster."

After Nicole and Brady left, Deimos trashed the hotel room in anger.

Deimos plots revenge

Deimos plots revenge

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail told Chad that she was not comfortable with Chad's foray into dealing in stolen antiquities. Chad explained that the business was necessary to harm Deimos. Chad promised that he would sell the business once Deimos was no longer an obstacle.

Sonny stopped by and accused Chad of stealing the Kiriakis antiquities business. As Chad played dumb, Sonny smiled and thanked him. Sonny explained that Chad's decision had blockaded Deimos from reentering Titan into illegal business interests. Sonny complained that Victor was not able to stop Deimos and that he needed to do it himself. With a grin, Sonny said that the loss of the antiquities business could signal Deimos' downfall.

Abigail said she was anxious for the war between the families to end, and Chad agreed. After Abigail left to check on Thomas, Sonny apologized for the kidnapping. Chad said he knew that Sonny had not been a part of the decision, and he added that he had not known that Andre had planned to kidnap Sonny. The two men hugged and reaffirmed that they were still best friends. Chad and Sonny agreed that they needed to oust the older generations' machismo from their businesses for their children's sake.

After chatting with Chad, Sonny left to meet up with Paul in the park. Sonny asked Paul to shadow Deimos and find dirt on him, since the antiquities business could no longer be used as leverage against Deimos. When Paul asked what the plan was to warn Chad of any threat against him by Deimos, Sonny asked Paul to let it unfold. Shocked, Paul asked Sonny if he was willing to risk Deimos hurting Chad. Sonny said he did not want Chad to get hurt, but he needed to catch Deimos doing something in order to oust him.

Taken aback, Paul argued that Sonny was not acting like himself. Paul accused Sonny of risking Chad's life for business. Sonny countered that he needed to prevent Deimos from hurting any more people. Sonny asked Paul to trust him. With a sigh, Paul reminded Sonny that Deimos was unpredictable and dangerous.

At the Salem Inn, Kate, Justin, and Lucas surprised Adrienne with a spa day in her hotel room. Justin and Lucas showed Adrienne an array of new dresses for her to try on. Touched, Adrienne thanked Kate, Justin, and Lucas for coordinating their surprise for her. Adrienne giggled and said that she had never had a massage "house call" before. Justin reminded Adrienne of a massage in Dubai for Valentine's Day one year, and they reminisced about the experience. From the doorway, Lucas stewed. When Justin reminded Adrienne about their romantic dinner after the massage back in Dubai, Lucas jumped in and said he would be back later with a romantic dinner. The group left Adrienne alone with her masseuse.

When the massage ended, Adrienne slipped on her robe as Justin returned to the room. Justin apologized and explained that he had left his phone behind. Justin grabbed the phone and reviewed the messages. With a chuckle, Justin announced that the client had canceled his deposition. Justin started to leave, but Adrienne asked him to stay and talk. Adrienne thanked Justin for managing to get all their sons to call her on the phone.

Grinning, Justin said that he and Adrienne had raised some great kids. Adrienne agreed. Adrienne asked about family gossip. With a shrug, Justin said there was not much to tell. Adrienne asked about Sonny specifically, and Justin assured Adrienne that Sonny was fine. Justin told Adrienne not to worry.

At the Kiriakis mansion, an annoyed Deimos returned home after his argument with Nicole. Deimos complained to Victor that Brady had driven a wedge between him and Nicole. With a grunt, Victor changed the subject to their antiquities business.

Deimos admitted that he did not understand why their connection, Grigor, had backed out of their business arrangement. Victor broke the news that Grigor had switched his allegiance to Chad. Victor admonished Deimos for escalating a war by kidnapping Chad and Gabi. Deimos vowed to learn Chad's weaknesses and attack them.

In the DiMera living room, Kate arrived to tell Chad that she was proud that he had outmaneuvered Deimos on the antiquities trade. Abigail looked uneasily at Chad as he smiled. Chad left to make a phone call, and Kate turned her gaze to Abigail. Kate advised Abigail to remember that Chad, Kate, and Gabi understood that business was not always aboveboard. Abigail reminded Kate that Chad wanted to legitimize DiMera Enterprises.

Kate argued that DiMera Enterprises was not successful enough yet to get rid of a lucrative side business like the antiquities dealing. When Chad returned, Abigail explained what she and Kate had been discussing. Kate said she wished Chad well in cleaning up the company after the business was running in the black. Chad agreed, and he said he wanted to hold on to the antiquities business for a little longer.

After Kate left, Abigail and Chad talked about the threat of Deimos. Chad promised to beef up security, and he advised Abigail not to leave the house with Thomas for a few days. Chad vowed to not let up until there was nothing left of the Kiriakis fortune or of Deimos.

In the park, Nicole and Brady sat on a bench with Holly. Brady wanted to get money for Nicole to run away, but Nicole was reluctant for Brady to be an accomplice to her crime. Brady said that, as Nicole's friend, he could not leave her alone. When Nicole mentioned Deimos' accusation that Brady was in love with her, she scoffed and noted that Deimos had their history confused. Brady reiterated that he was Nicole's friend and that, as her friend, he was compelled to help her. Nicole hugged Brady and told him that he was the only person in the world that she fully trusted.

After assuring Nicole that he would return, Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion to say goodbye to Tate and to gather supplies. Brady found Victor sitting in the living room, alone. Victor warned Brady that Deimos was pissed off. With a shrug, Brady said that someone needed to be on Nicole's side. Victor warned Brady that he could get caught by the cops. Brady reminded Victor that Nicole was the victim.

Disagreeing, Victor pointed out that the court had ordered that Chloe should have custody of Holly. Victor again warned Brady to stay out of Nicole's way and let her run alone. Concerned, Victor asked Brady if he had fallen in love with Nicole again. Groaning, Brady wondered aloud why everyone kept asking him that question. Victor argued that Brady's feelings were written across his face. Victor advised Brady to spend time getting over Theresa before he dated again. With a nod, Brady ordered Victor to "get Deimos back in the cage."

After saying goodbye to Tate, Brady returned to the living room to say goodbye to Victor. Brady promised he would return within a week. Overhearing as she walked in, Maggie asked about Brady's plans. Brady lied and said he was going on a business trip. With a smile, Brady asked Maggie to give Tate extra attention for him while he was gone. With tears in her eyes, Maggie agreed, but then she said how much she missed Holly. Maggie said she was upset that there was no news about her granddaughter. Maggie added that she hoped Nicole would return Holly soon.

Brady said goodbye and left. Maggie turned to Victor and asked him what was going on. Victor refused to say. Maggie pushed for details, but Victor said nothing. With a sigh, Maggie expressed a theory that Brady was helping Nicole. When Victor shrugged, Maggie said she was relieved that Nicole trusted Brady. As Victor stared blankly at Maggie, she hoped aloud that Brady would convince Nicole to return baby Holly.

Down on the docks, Deimos stared at a picture of Nicole on his phone. Timon joined Deimos, and Deimos glowered at his henchman. Timon argued that it had not been his fault that Chad and Gabi had escaped custody. Deimos asked Timon if he had learned any useful information when he had listened to Chad and Gabi talk in the freezer. Timon informed Deimos that Chad had admitted to Gabi that he loved both her and Abigail. Smiling, Deimos thanked Timon for the useful information.

After picking up dinner for Adrienne, Lucas met up with Justin in the town square. Justin explained that he had asked to meet in the square because Adrienne had felt well enough to exchange her new dresses for a smaller size. Curious, Lucas asked Justin how he had known that Adrienne's dresses had not fit her. Justin explained that he had forgotten his phone and had returned to Adrienne's hotel room. Bristling, Lucas reminded Justin that they had agreed not to jockey for Adrienne's attention. Justin swore that he had left his phone behind by accident.

When Adrienne joined Justin and Lucas, they flattered her with compliments. Adrienne blushed happily until her phone rang. With a deep breath, Adrienne answered her phone. The doctor informed Adrienne that her tumor had shrunk but that she still needed to have a mastectomy.

In the park, Nicole talked to Holly about her fondness for Brady. Smiling, Nicole said she hoped to have a house someday with Brady living next door. Nicole told Holly that Brady had always been there for her when she'd needed him. Nicole thought about various times that Brady had helped her through the years and how close they had been. With a sad smile, Nicole told Holly that although things had been romantic with Brady, their timing had never been right. Nicole added that her mistakes had also been a factor in keeping her and Brady apart.

Nicole beamed as she talked about how Daniel had changed her life. Cooing over Holly, Nicole told her that they were together because Brady had forced Chloe to tell her the truth about Holly. A hand settled on Nicole's shoulder, startling her. Nicole spun around and found Brady. After calming from the scare, Nicole told Brady that she had been telling Holly how grateful she was that Brady had helped her save Holly after her birth and had forced Chloe into telling the truth.

"The happiest moment of my life was because of you. And there's a reason you got Daniel's heart. God or fate or something knew how much his daughter and I would need you," Nicole said as she placed her hand over Brady's heart. Brady placed his hand on Nicole's.

Eli gets to know his new family

Eli gets to know his new family

> Eli gets to know his new family

Eli gets to know his new family

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

by Mike

Ciara entered her apartment and found Claire sitting next to Theo on the couch, sharing a pair of earbuds with him. Theo pulled his earbud out of his ear so he could greet Ciara, prompting Claire to complain that he had just missed the hook of the song she had been introducing him to.

When Ciara explained that she was home early because one of her professors had canceled his classes for the day due to illness, Claire guessed that the man was nursing a hangover, since the word on campus was that he was "a total alky." Theo admonished Claire for repeating gossip. "It's not gossip if it's true," Claire countered.

Ciara changed the subject, hesitantly reminding Claire that they needed to talk about something. Claire started to insist that the conversation would have to be postponed again because she was busy listening to music with Theo, but he told her to make chatting with Ciara the priority, explaining that he needed to go to the library to study for a quiz, anyway. He gave Claire a quick kiss on the cheek then rushed off.

Annoyed, Claire asked Ciara, "This really couldn't wait?" Ciara confirmed that it couldn't, adding that she needed to get something off her chest right away. "What did I do now?" Claire wondered. Ciara clarified that what she needed to say was about her, not Claire. "You're not gonna like this," Ciara warned before revealing that she still had feelings for Theo.

"I knew it! You know, I knew you wanted Theo back!" Claire snapped. Ciara insisted that wasn't the case. Already regretting her decision to confess her secret to Claire, Ciara explained that although she enjoyed living at the apartment, she was finding it hard to be around Claire and Theo all the time because they were always in couple mode. "[I just] wish that you'd be a little bit more sensitive when I'm around," Ciara continued.

"Are you kidding me? Seriously, what do you want us to do -- sit on opposite ends of the couch? No! He's my boyfriend!" Claire protested. Ciara argued that it wasn't necessary for Claire to constantly flaunt that fact. "In my own house?" Claire countered incredulously. However, she quickly calmed down and promised with a sigh that she would try to tone things down a notch.

Ciara thanked Claire, who conceded that she couldn't really be upset with Ciara for having lingering feelings for Theo because no one had any control over that sort of thing. Claire added that things would get better once Ciara found a boyfriend of her own. Ciara didn't think that would happen anytime soon, since online dating hadn't worked out very well for her yet. Suspecting that a more enticing profile page might yield better results, Claire volunteered to help with the update. Ciara accepted the offer and stressed that she would never do anything to get between Claire and Theo. "You'd better not," Claire replied through gritted teeth as she hugged Ciara.

At the Brady Pub, Valerie confided in Marlena about what had happened with Eli. Valerie explained that she had lied to Eli about his father's true identity because that had seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Marlena assured Valerie that Eli would probably realize that eventually. Valerie expressed doubts, fearing that she might have already lost Eli for good.

Later, after Valerie left, Claire stormed into the pub and took a seat at Marlena's table. "What's wrong?" Marlena asked. "Everything! Everything is wrong! I could just -- ugh!" Claire replied. Claire proceeded to tell Marlena about what had happened with Ciara earlier, shouting the whole time. When Marlena calmly objected to Claire's tone of voice, Claire apologetically explained that she felt very insulted and angry. "I don't think [Ciara] was insulting you; I think she was telling you how she felt. And I imagine that must have been pretty difficult for her," Marlena reasoned.

Reluctantly conceding the point, Claire explained, "It just felt like she was putting me on notice or something because she wants him back." After getting Claire to admit that Ciara had never actually expressed a desire to win Theo back, Marlena gently suggested that Claire might be borrowing trouble that didn't really exist. "[But] Ciara and Theo, they've been friends forever, and it's just very hard to compete with that," Claire fretted.

Insisting that there was no need to turn the matter into a competition, Marlena advised Claire to simply be herself and maintain an honest relationship with Theo at all times. "And...think about his needs," she added. Claire took a second to think about the idea then rushed off, raving that Marlena always gave the best advice. Marlena watched with a mixture of confusion and concern as Claire exited the pub.

When Claire returned to her apartment, she found Theo sitting alone on the couch, doing homework. She wondered how his quiz had gone. He guessed that he had done well enough to remain in the top quarter of his class. "Sounds good to me. Is Ciara here?" she asked. He replied that they had the apartment to themselves for the time being. He tried to find out what Ciara and Claire had talked about earlier, but Claire dismissed the conversation as nothing more than "stupid, boring girl stuff."

Changing the subject, Claire continued that the conversation she'd just had with Marlena, on the other hand, had been quite interesting. "I was just telling her how good things are going between us. I mean, you think things are going good, don't you?" she asked Theo, who confirmed that he did. "Cool, cool. You know, I mean, I just wanted to make sure, 'cause...I know that I can be...a little bit self-involved sometimes. And my grandma said that if I want this relationship to work, then I should not forget your needs," she explained.

Confused, Theo wondered what Claire was talking about. "Well, I think you know what I mean. I mean, you're a guy, and guys have needs. I think that it's time we take our relationship to the next level," she replied. Still confused, Theo stammered as he asked Claire to clarify what that would entail. She joined him on the couch and put a hand on his knee as she elaborated, "I think...that it's time that we sleep together."

At the police station, Abe joined J.J. in one of the conference rooms and wondered if it was a bad time. J.J. shook his head, reporting that he had been planning to take a break soon, anyway. "Is there a problem?" J.J. asked. "Yeah, there is: you and my daughter," Abe replied, revealing that he knew that J.J. and Lani were dating. "I told her what I'm going to tell you: I don't approve," Abe continued.

"I see. And that's because...?" J.J. asked. Abe explained that he liked J.J. but didn't think J.J. was right for Lani. "To put it bluntly, I think she needs someone more mature," Abe continued. J.J. assumed that meant that Abe wanted to see Lani with someone who was closer to her own age, but Abe clarified that he meant exactly what he had said -- that he wanted to see Lani with someone who was more mature. J.J. said he respected Abe's opinion but wasn't going to stop dating Lani. "I know that I could be great for your daughter. I think I already am. Abe, I'm going to prove it to you. Just...give me some time," J.J. added.

When Lucas dropped Arianna off at the Hernandez house, Gabi thanked him and hinted that she might ask him to babysit again the following week, if he was going to be available then. He confirmed that he would be. "You have plans or something?" he asked. She clarified that she simply didn't feel comfortable leaving Arianna at the Kiriakis mansion anymore, given everything that had been going on lately. She added that she was probably going to ask Sonny to start spending his time with Arianna someplace else, like the Hernandez house, just to be safe.

"Where's Chad?" Arianna asked. Gabi gently reminded Arianna that Chad had his own family and needed to devote most of his time to them. She predicted, however, that she and Arianna would probably see Chad again soon enough. "Somebody's got a crush," Lucas observed. "What?" Gabi nervously replied. "You're too young to be interested in older guys," Lucas continued, playfully punching Arianna's arm.

Relieved, Gabi explained that Arianna had gotten attached to Chad when they had stayed with him while the town had been under siege a few months earlier. Nodding, Lucas mused, "I like Chad. He was always good to Will. He's a stand-up guy. Although we all had our doubts when Abigail told us she was marrying a DiMera at first, but I guess so far, so good, right?" Gabi agreed then quickly changed the subject, telling Arianna that it was time to get ready for preschool.

Julie, Doug, Hope, and Jennifer gathered in the town square with baked goods to welcome Eli to the family. While they were waiting for him to arrive, Julie began questioning her decision to bake a double-chocolate cake for the occasion, fearing that he might be allergic to chocolate or might prefer a gluten-free diet. She was relieved and delighted when he approached her from behind and assured her that it was his favorite kind of cake.

Eli took a seat next to Julie and began to get acquainted with his new family, telling them about his job as an FBI agent. Hope revealed that she was a detective, and her boyfriend, Rafe Hernandez, had once worked for the FBI himself. Eli struggled to understand how everyone in the Horton family was related to each other -- particularly Hope, who was somehow Julie's sister and daughter. Hope laughed as she clarified the matter for Eli, who admitted, "I could use a cheat sheet for this family tree." Hope and Jennifer assured him that there were times when they felt the same way.

Later, Julie took Eli over to Tom and Alice's memorial plaque and proudly told him about them. Eli admitted that he already felt a real connection to his new family, despite having been really nervous about meeting them. Julie breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Eli tightly, making it clear that she was very glad to hear that.

Meanwhile, Valerie approached and observed that it seemed like Eli was getting to know the Hortons. "We have a lot to catch up on," Julie pointedly replied. Nodding in agreement, Eli explained that "Grandma" had been kind enough to throw a party for him to welcome him to the family. "It's invite-only," he added. As Eli and Julie began walking back to their table, Valerie called out, "Eli, I want to work things out. I'm staying here in Salem." He took a quick look over his shoulder at his mother but otherwise ignored her.

Later, after Lucas and Ciara joined the party, Jennifer pulled Julie and Eli aside and told them about a conversation she'd had with Valerie a few weeks earlier, during which Valerie had vaguely expressed feelings of guilt about a secret she had been keeping. "I don't want to be presumptuous, and I don't want to come between you and your mom in this personal matter, but I really felt like she was just wanting to protect you," Jennifer continued. Scoffing, Julie argued that Valerie had only been trying to protect herself. Doug overheard and tried to keep Julie calm, but she forged ahead, insisting, "She never gave David a chance at all!"

Doug, Julie, Jennifer, and Eli continued the conversation as they rejoined the others. Opinions on the matter seemed mixed, leaving Eli worried that his presence might cause tension in the family. Everyone assured him that there was no reason to be concerned about that. Lucas revealed that he could relate to what Eli was going through because he had once been in a similar situation himself. "But you had a chance to know your father. Eli will never have a chance to know David!" Julie pointed out. "Not necessarily," Hope countered. At her suggestion, the group began sharing family stories, starting off with ones about David.

Abe found Valerie crying in a secluded section of the town square and guessed that she hadn't managed to patch things up with Eli yet. "Oh, Abe, I just... You know, I'm really glad Eli is getting to know his family. It's just that he and I used to be so close," she explained. "And you liked having him all to yourself," he concluded.

Valerie fretted that she didn't like feeling jealous of Eli's relationship with the Hortons. Abe assured her that she was a wonderful person who had simply done what she had thought was right. "Not according to Julie," she pointed out. "Julie wasn't there," he countered. She managed a smile and gave him a hug, admitting that she wasn't sure what she would do without him. He promised that he wasn't going anywhere.

At Club TBD, Abigail helped Chad prepare his speech for the fundraiser. Later, as he was delivering it to the guests, he found himself thinking about the pitching lessons Gabi had given him in high school. After the speech, he rejoined Abigail, but his mind was still focused on the pitching lessons with Gabi. When he realized that he had forgotten to credit Abigail for helping him with his speech, he started to rush off to catch a reporter from the Spectator so the article that was going to appear in the newspaper would accurately reflect her contributions, but he spilled a drink on himself in the process. He was annoyed with himself at first, but Abigail assured him that it wasn't a big deal because she had taken the liberty of leaving an extra suit in the back office of the club for just such emergencies.

As Chad was changing into his spare suit in the back office, Gabi arrived and caught him in just a pair of boxer briefs. He tried to hurriedly get his pants back on, but he tripped and fell in the process. As Gabi was trying to help Chad get back on his feet, Abigail watched from the doorway.

Chad tells Kate about his feelings for Gabi

Chad tells Kate about his feelings for Gabi

Thursday, March 16, 2017

by Mike

Steve joined Kayla and Joey in Jade's room at the hospital and informed them that he had just received new information about Tripp. "Good news or bad?" Kayla asked. "No news would be good for me," Joey added.

Confused, Jade wondered what she had missed. The Johnsons tried to change the subject, but Jade remained curious about what she had heard. Joey hesitantly agreed to fill Jade in on what was going on. He stressed, however, that she needed to keep the news to herself. "Yeah, we'd really like to keep it within our family," Kayla added.

"I thought I was family. I mean, that's how you made me feel," Jade countered. Without responding to the comment, Kayla turned to Joey and encouraged him to tell Jade everything. Jade was shocked to learn that Joey might have a half-brother in Arizona; no one mentioned, however, that Tripp was Steve and Ava's son. Joey promised to keep Jade apprised of any new developments in the search for Tripp.

Later, Joey spent some time alone with Jade, who recalled that she had said something to him while medicated that they hadn't talked about yet. "Forget it. It's no big deal," he assured her. She insisted, "I don't want to forget it. I meant it -- I still do. I [still] love you, more than you will ever know."

Joey tried to say something, but Jade forged ahead, stressing, "You're the most important person in my life. I've never had a friend like you. And I know that we were more than that, but it's your friendship that's so precious to me. And then there's your smile -- it makes my heart skip a beat. When I see you smile, I know everything's gonna be okay; I know I'm gonna be okay. I mean, I know [that's] corny, but it's true." She continued that she knew it was hard for guys to open up about their feelings, and she also knew how much they hated having girls chase after them. She assured him, "I don't want to be that clingy girl that makes you want to run the other direction. I just want to make you happy."

Sighing, Joey gently informed Jade that he only liked her as a friend. She reminded him that he had once claimed to be in love with her. He explained that he had believed that to be true at the time. She nodded and conceded, "Well, at least you were honest. I mean, it hurts -- it hurts a lot -- but that's one of the things I love about you: you always tell me the truth. You're not a phony or a player."

Chuckling, Jade teasingly added, "You are kind of commitment-phobic, though." Joey laughed and asked her if they could still be friends. She nodded and extended a hand for him to shake to seal the deal. Satisfied, he excused himself so he could get a snack from one of the vending machines. She started sobbing after he left the room.

At the Brady Pub, Steve explained to Kayla that he had done an extensive background check on Tripp. "Kid's got a record. I mean, it's nothing major; just, uh, some shoplifting, a couple of assault charges -- probably from fights gone bad," he continued. He wondered if she was still sure that she was okay with the idea of letting Tripp into their lives. "Steve, if Tripp is your son --" she began. "Then he's Ava's son, too," he concluded for her. "I repeat: if he is your son, and he wants to be part of this family, he will be -- and I will be the first to welcome him," she assured him.

Later, Steve and Kayla returned to the hospital and informed Joey that they were on their way to the airport to begin their search for Tripp. Steve wondered how Joey felt about the matter. "If I'm honest, I'm a little freaked -- especially because I'm the reason this guy's mom isn't around anymore," Joey admitted. Kayla advised Joey not to go there yet, since there was still a chance that Tripp wasn't really who they thought he was. "[And] if he is, we're gonna deal with this together," Steve added.

Before Steve and Kayla left, Joey informed them that he had made it clear to Jade that he just wanted to be her friend. "She was a little bummed at first, but, you know, I think she's okay," Joey reported. Steve and Kayla were glad to hear that. After saying goodbye to his parents, Joey returned to Jade's room and asked her again if things were okay between them. She maintained that everything was fine. However, after he went to get her some pudding from the cafeteria, she vowed, "We will be together, Joey."

Rafe barged into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion while Deimos was in the process of instructing one of his goons to continue searching for Brady and Nicole. Deimos was annoyed but agreed to talk to Rafe. After the goon left the room, Rafe began asking questions about Deimos' involvement in the trafficking of stolen antiquities. Deimos feigned innocence and told Rafe to feel free to search the Titan warehouses at the docks to see for himself that no stolen antiquities were being stored there. "But your time might be better served if you skip Titan's warehouses and go directly to DiMera Enterprises'," Deimos added.

Rafe guessed that Deimos was still trying to get back at Chad for the Orwell debacle. Deimos claimed that he had no idea what Rafe was talking about. Rafe skeptically guessed that Deimos didn't know anything about Chad and Gabi's kidnapping, either. Deimos wished Rafe luck in solving that case. Rafe promised that it would be solved eventually -- and that he would be keeping an eye on Deimos in the meantime.

After Rafe left, Deimos' goon returned and wondered if everything was okay. "Rafe Hernandez needs a lesson in letting things go," Deimos grumbled. "You want me to take him out?" the goon asked.

Commissioner Raines interrupted Hope's attempt to show Eli around the police station, ordering her to get back to work right away. After Raines stormed off, Hope told Eli, "Commissioner's a real sweetheart. He loves me...not." She explained that one of Raines's first acts as the Salem Police Department's new commissioner had been to chain her to a desk and bury her under a mountain of paperwork. Confused, Eli wondered why Raines wanted a veteran detective on desk duty instead of fieldwork. "What'd you do, forget to show your badge while apprehending a perp?" he asked. "No. I went to prison for killing a man...who turned out not to be dead," she clarified. He said he had heard about that case but hadn't realized her connection to it. "It's a long story -- too long for today," she replied.

Changing the subject, Hope introduced Eli to Rafe, who had just entered the police station. Rafe and Eli briefly discussed a mutual friend they knew from the FBI. When Eli revealed that he was thinking of applying for a transfer to the FBI's office in Salem, Rafe encouraged the idea, noting, "There's been lots of activity going on around here. We could definitely use some good guys."

After Eli left, Rafe told Hope about his earlier conversation with Deimos. Rafe admitted that he wasn't surprised that the search of the Titan warehouses at the docks had been a bust, given how willing Deimos had been to allow it without a search warrant. Rafe soon checked the time and happily announced that his shift was over. Hope started to say goodbye to Rafe, but he protested, pointing out that her shift was over, too. She explained that she wanted to stick around for a while longer to make a bigger dent in the mountain of paperwork Raines had saddled her with.

Later, a cop approached Hope and wondered if she knew where Rafe was. She explained that he had already left for the day. The cop reported that the security alarm had gone off at the Hernandez house and hadn't been disabled yet. Hope tried to contact Rafe, guessing that he had set the alarm off and had simply forgotten to reset it, but when her call went to voicemail, she rushed off to investigate.

When Hope arrived at the Hernandez house, the kitchen door was ajar, and the kitchen itself was in disarray. Concerned, she drew her gun and cautiously began searching the house. She found Rafe in the bathroom, indulging in a bubble bath. "What took you so long?" he asked. Realizing that she had been set up, Hope shook her head and warned Rafe that he was in a lot of trouble. "Oh, I'm sorry, detective. You want to cuff me? I promise you, I will not resist arrest...unless you want me to," he replied, showing her his wrists.

After getting Rafe out of the bathtub, Hope took him to his bedroom and produced a pair of handcuffs. Surprised, he stammered, "I was kidding about the whole cuff thing." She playfully wondered where his sense of adventure was. He laughed as she cuffed his left wrist to a post of the headboard, admitting that he liked the new side of her that he was seeing. She seductively whispered, "You know what I'm doing, right? I'm teaching you a lesson -- never to scare me like that again." She then excused herself, explaining that she was going out for a while. He tried to protest as she left the bedroom, but she ignored him.

At Club TBD, Abigail made her presence known to Chad and Gabi, who stammered as they tried to explain why she had found them in a compromising position. They knew how the scene looked but assured her that nothing had happened between them before she had arrived. Nodding, Abigail left the back office with Gabi, who had gone to the club to talk to Abigail about the swag bags for the fundraiser.

After Chad finished getting dressed, he went to the town square in search of Abigail and Gabi. Deimos happened to pass through the town square at the same time, and he watched from afar as Chad uncomfortably approached Abigail and Gabi, the latter of whom quickly excused herself. Satisfied, Deimos returned to the Kiriakis mansion and gave his goon another assignment.

After sharing a meal with Chad, Abigail excused herself so she could get back to Club TBD and help Gabi with the swag bags. Kate waited until Abigail was gone then approached Chad and observed, "Well, well, well, the Abigail and Chad of old -- blissfully in love." Chad wondered if that bothered Kate. "I think you should ask yourself that," she replied.

Chad reported that he and Abigail were quite happy together. "Does that mean you're no longer torn between two lovers?" Kate asked. Chad tried to get Kate to drop the matter, but she forged ahead, insisting that, as always, she was only looking out for him. "It's not that [Abigail's] wrong for you; it's that Gabi's so right for you," she stressed. "You don't think I know [that]?" he replied. He insisted, however, that he was committed to Abigail because he had a son -- a family -- with her.

Kate wondered who Chad was really trying to convince with his statement. She guessed that he sincerely wanted to stay committed to Abigail because he was a good man who was loyal and kind. "But what kind of relationship [can you possibly have with her] when you're secretly pining away for another woman?" she asked. Conceding the point, he spontaneously decided that he needed to tell Abigail the truth about his feelings for Gabi. "I know it's not gonna be easy for [her] to hear, but I'll be -- I'll be clear that I have no intention of ever acting on [those] feelings," he added.

"Then why even bring it up?" Kate asked. She argued that gratuitous honesty was very hurtful and never accomplished anything. Chad insisted that he hated knowing that he was keeping things from Abigail, prompting Kate to counter that he'd probably hate knowing he had plunged a knife into Abigail's heart even more. Confused, Chad wondered why Kate was suddenly concerned about Abigail. Kate clarified that she was concerned about Chad and knew that he wasn't ready to lose Abigail yet. "Do you really think you're going to be able to shut off your feelings for Gabi just because [you've admitted them] to your wife?" she asked.

"I don't have a choice!" Chad replied. Kate disagreed, arguing that Chad could instead wait for those feelings to fade naturally. She reminded him, however, that Gabi was always going to be in his orbit due to her friendship with Abigail. "You have to ask yourself [if you're] going to be able to resist the temptation if Gabi is constantly around," she reasoned. He thought about the matter for a moment then mused, "Maybe it's not as much about resisting the temptation [as] removing it -- for good."

Kate doubted that Chad would be able to cut Gabi out of his life entirely -- especially since they were bound to run into each other all the time in a town the size of Salem. He insisted that he would do whatever it took to save his marriage. She warned that he might not have a marriage to save if he followed through with his plan to tell Abigail about his feelings for Gabi. "That's why I have to [tell her] soon -- 'cause the longer I wait, the harder it's gonna be to hear," he reasoned. He decided, despite Kate's objections, that he was going to tell Abigail the truth later that night -- then promise her that he would never see Gabi again.

Eli entered Club TBD while Gabi was trying to reassure Abigail that nothing had happened with Chad in the back office. Abigail dismissively insisted that she wanted to forget about the matter and move on. Turning her attention to Eli, Abigail introduced herself and explained that she was Jennifer's daughter and therefore his second cousin. She then introduced him to Gabi. When he wondered what they were doing at the club, Abigail explained that her husband was hosting a fundraiser there, and Gabi had sponsored swag bags for the event to promote her new company, Gabi Chic.

While Eli was chatting with Abigail and Gabi, he mentioned that he was considering relocating to Salem because there was an open position at the town's FBI office. He realized, when Gabi revealed that her brother had once worked for the FBI, that she was talking about Rafe. She guessed that Eli, as an FBI agent, probably had plenty of great stories to share. He joked that she didn't have the proper security clearance to hear any of them.

Realizing that Gabi and Eli seemed to be getting along, Abigail spontaneously invited Eli to attend the fundraiser -- as Gabi's date. "I never said I needed a date," Gabi protested. "[And] I never said I wanted to go [to the fundraiser]," Eli added. Undeterred, Abigail argued that Gabi did have an extra ticket to the event, and Eli did need someone to help him get acquainted with the rest of the citizens of Salem. She added that Gabi wasn't seeing anyone at the moment, and she quickly established that Eli wasn't, either. Tired of the sales pitch, they stopped her and agreed to go along with the idea.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos' goon delivered a briefcase to him. After dismissing the goon, Deimos opened the briefcase. As he stared at its contents, he muttered, "Tonight's the night for revenge, Chad. If all goes according to plan, you will not know what hit you."

Eduardo chases down Nicole

Eduardo chases down Nicole

Friday, March 17, 2017

At Eric's cabin, Roman told Eric that he was happy to see him. Roman asked Eric what had changed his mind about returning to Salem. Right on cue, Jennifer burst through the door and said hello. Jennifer apologized for interrupting, but Eric explained that his parents had convinced him to take the job at Horton Center. Beaming, Jennifer said that the center would be lucky to have Eric working there. Jennifer fished paperwork out of her purse, and she informed him that he needed to sign the papers to finalize the job.

Smiling, Eric said he needed to find an apartment in Salem. Roman announced that he had a Realtor for Eric, and he handed him a business card. While Eric ducked into the bedroom to call the Realtor, Roman thanked Jennifer for helping to convince Eric to return home. Eric returned to the living room and announced that he had secured a studio apartment. Roman congratulated Eric then left.

As Eric took the paperwork from Jennifer, he asked her if the paperwork noted that the job was on a trial basis. Jennifer nodded. Eric expressed his worry that he was setting his parents up for disappointment if the job did not work out. Jennifer promised Eric that he would have a way out if he felt trapped by the job. With a relieved sigh, Eric said, "You get it."

Eric asked if Maggie and Nicole knew that he was returning to Salem. Jennifer dropped her head, unable to look Eric in the eyes. Eric said that it was his fault that Nicole was on the run with her baby because he had taken Daniel away. Eric returned his attention to the paperwork and signed it. Afterward, Eric reached for his Bible on the desk. Underneath it was the picture of Jennifer that he had saved from the newspaper. Jennifer saw the picture. Eric hurriedly covered it.

Chuckling nervously, Jennifer said she had run across the picture on her last visit. Eric said he hoped Jennifer was not creeped out. Jennifer laughed. With his smile fading, Eric explained that in prison, it had helped him to see a friendly face. Jennifer said she was glad she had helped Eric. "Well, to be honest, I just wanted you to know that there wasn't a day that went by that I did not think about you," Eric said softly.

Eric stepped closer, and Jennifer asked Eric if he wanted to talk about where they stood with one another. Jennifer admitted that she had not believed that there was any hope for them after he had gone to prison. Eric agreed. When Jennifer asked what Eric saw in his future, he admitted he was not sure. Jennifer said she believed that she and Eric could help one another find happiness in their lives. Turning away, Eric said he did not feel like he deserved to be happy.

"Where there is life, there is hope," Jennifer exclaimed. Jennifer said they had bonded over their emotional pain before, but she had moved past her pain. Jennifer encouraged Eric to do the same. As Jennifer told Eric how much she believed in him, he took her face in his hands and kissed her.

At the loft, Claire returned home and found Theo alone in the living room. Claire thought about Ciara's confession that she had feelings for Theo. Shaking off the memory, Claire sat on Theo's lap and asked him to make love to her. Surprised, Theo stammered that he had not expected to take such a big step in their relationship so soon. Claire told Theo that she loved him, and he admitted that he loved her. When Claire asked Theo why they should wait, Ciara returned home and asked what they were waiting for.

Claire lied that they were talking about dinner. With a shrug, Ciara said she was staying at her mother's house and was not interested in staying for dinner. Claire smiled. After Ciara went into her room to pack for the night, an excited Claire jumped into Theo's arms and told him they had the place to themselves. Theo pulled away. Theo reminded Claire about Jade's pregnancy. Claire said that she had no interest in getting pregnant and that they would use protection. Smiling, Claire encouraged Theo to get what they needed from the store. With a nod, Theo left.

After Theo left, Ciara returned to the living room and asked Claire if she was okay after their previous conversation. Claire thanked Ciara for being honest with her about her feelings for Theo. With a sigh of relief, Ciara said she was glad she and Claire were still friends.

After Ciara left the loft, she ran into Theo in the park. Theo accidentally dropped his bag from the pharmacy. When Ciara bent over to pick up the bag, Theo hurriedly snatched it away. Ciara asked if anything was wrong. Nervous, Theo changed the subject to Hope. Ciara said she hoped things would return to normal soon. With a nod, Theo said goodnight and rushed off. Ciara threw back her head in frustration and groaned.

Julie was passing by, and she called out to Ciara. Noting the look on Ciara's face, Julie asked what was wrong. Julie asked if Ciara was upset about her mystery boy. Ciara admitted that her crush was Theo and that she had told Claire about her feelings for him. Ciara said it was strange not to tell Theo she liked him when she had always told him everything. Julie encouraged Ciara to tell Theo the truth. With a shrug, Ciara said she was worried that she might lose her best friend.

Julie advised Ciara to tell Theo the truth because if he was her best friend, she would not lose him. Ciara confided that it was difficult to talk to Theo about feelings. With a shrug, Julie suggested that Ciara collect her thoughts and write a letter. With a grin, Ciara thanked Julie and ran off.

At the loft, Theo returned home and saw that Claire had decorated the living room with string lights. Theo placed the bag on the counter then walked past Claire to look at the lights. Claire said that they did not need to move forward if Theo was not comfortable. With a grin, Theo said he wanted to sleep with Claire if she was ready. Claire kissed Theo.

At the café in the square, Ciara wrote a letter to Theo, telling him that when he had proclaimed his love for her, she had not been emotionally ready to see that she wanted to be with him. Ciara wrote that she hoped that she and Theo would always be best friends. With a sigh, Ciara thought about when Theo had asked her to the prom and when he had sneaked out of his house to proclaim his love for her and kiss her. "So if Theo is just running errands, I can just drop this off at the loft," Ciara said.

When Ciara returned to the loft to leave the letter, she crept in and saw a box of condoms on the table by the door. Ciara looked over at the couch and saw Claire and Theo making out. Overwhelmed, Ciara turned away.

In the square, Chloe asked Eduardo if he had found Holly. Eduardo promised that he had people watching Deimos and that he would find the baby. When Chloe thanked Eduardo for his help, Eduardo assured Chloe that he not only wanted to hurt Deimos, but he believed that Nicole had been wrong to take Holly. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Chloe hugged Eduardo. As Eduardo caressed Chloe's back to soothe her, Kate walked around the corner and watched.

Kate joked that she hoped Eduardo was up to date on his inoculations. Rolling her eyes, Chloe pulled away from Eduardo and explained that he had been helping her track down her child. Kate scoffed at Chloe's choice of words about Holly. Kate warned Eduardo that he would regret getting involved in Chloe's life. Eduardo asked Chloe for a moment alone with Kate. Eduardo escorted Kate over to the corner of the square and asked her why she was attacking Chloe.

"She's always down and out, and it's always her fault," Kate said. Kate argued that Chloe had no right to Holly, but Eduardo, citing the court decision, disagreed. Kate argued that Nicole had not kidnapped Holly but instead "took her baby back." Eduardo asked Kate why she was so upset. Kate explained that the same thing had happened to her. Confused, Eduardo asked for details. Kate explained that a woman had stolen her embryo and implanted it like Chloe had done with Holly.

"There have been a whole string of men that felt like Chloe was just misunderstood. She needed them to fight for her. And so they did. And every single one of those men paid a very high price to be her white knight. She barely knows you, but she's enlisted you. And you know why? Because she had alienated every other man who knows her," Kate said. "Yeah, some people end up doing that don't they?" Eduardo countered.

With a groan, Kate said that Eduardo was not winning her back by comparing her to a woman that she despised. Eduardo stressed that he did not compare Kate to any woman. Eduardo added that he had promised Chloe he would help her. Shaking her head no, Kate said that helping Chloe find Holly was not the right thing to do. Eduardo asked Kate if she was jealous. Kate denied the charge. With a shrug, Eduardo said he wanted to know why Kate was so upset that he was helping Chloe. Kate shook her head and walked away.

Chloe walked over and asked Eduardo if he was still interested in helping her. With a sigh, Eduardo said he was still willing to help Chloe. With a look back in the direction that Kate had walked, Eduardo whispered that he had found an unexpected benefit to the investigation.

In the park, Nicole and Brady changed into different clothes and looked at their new IDs as Bridget and Freddie. Brady told Nicole that he was optimistic that they could escape to Canada by bus, posing as a couple. As Nicole gathered up Holly, she noticed that Holly was running a fever. Nicole wanted to go to the hospital, but Brady was nervous about getting caught. Unfazed, Nicole said she did not care what happened as long as a doctor checked on Holly. Brady said he knew someone that could help.

At the Brady Pub, Kate ordered a drink from Roman, who was tending bar. Roman asked Kate why she looked upset. Kate told Roman about Eduardo and his involvement with Chloe. With a rueful chuckle, Roman urged Kate to fix things with Eduardo if she wanted to be with him.

In Brookville, Brady and Nicole sneaked into Dr. Lee's office. When Dr. Lee walked in, he was shocked to find the couple there with Holly. Nicole exclaimed that Holly was sick, and she pleaded with Dr. Lee to look at the baby. Confused, Dr. Lee asked why they had visited him. Brady explained that he had hoped that Dr. Lee would be discreet. Shaking his head no, Dr. Lee said he had an obligation to report them, or else he would risk losing his license.

Brady reminded Dr. Lee that he had known Brady had been looking for Nicole. With a shrug, Dr. Lee said he had not said anything previously because he had hoped Brady would convince Nicole to return the baby. Dr. Lee announced that he had no choice. Dr. Lee reached for the phone, but Brady took it away. Brady told Dr. Lee to check on the baby first. Angry, Brady reminded Dr. Lee about his part in the pregnancy and noted that Dr. Lee owed it to Holly to help her fever.

Nicole pleaded with Dr. Lee not to turn her in. Brady argued that Dr. Lee owed Nicole. With a resigned sigh, Dr. Lee escorted them to an exam room. After checking on Holly, Dr. Lee handed Nicole pain meds and drops to treat Holly. Dr. Lee encouraged Nicole to stay until the fever abated. After Dr. Lee left, Nicole admitted she was terrified whenever children were sick. Brady reminded Nicole that sickness was normal. Nicole swore to protect Holly until the day she died.

Dr. Lee returned to his office and called Eduardo. Dr. Lee warned Eduardo to rush to the clinic as soon as possible. Hopeful about the lead, Chloe joined Eduardo on his trip to the clinic.

Once Holly's fever subsided, Brady encouraged Nicole to leave the clinic with him. Brady noted that Dr. Lee might have reported them to the authorities. Worried, Nicole picked up Holly's carrier, and they gathered their things. When Eduardo and Chloe arrived, Nicole and Brady were already gone. Dr. Lee did not tell Eduardo and Chloe that Brady had been with Nicole. Eduardo called the police to report that Nicole had been spotted with the baby.

In a nearby alley, Nicole thanked Brady for making her leave the clinic. Nicole asked Brady to return home, but Brady refused to leave her. "We're in this together," Brady said.

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