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Chad told Abigail he loved her and Gabi but was committed to Abigail. Nicole and Holly moved into their new home. Nicole worried her neighbor would learn they were on the run. Deimos' plan to get revenge on Chad backfired. Steve and Kayla found Tripp. Jade took drastic steps to get Joey's attention. Adrienne's surgery began. Rafe and Sonny planned to take down Deimos. Brady realized he loved Nicole.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 20, 2017 on DAYS
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Monday, March 20, 2017

by Mike

As Ciara was trying to leave her apartment, she dropped the letter she had written to Theo. It fell to the floor with a light thud that startled Theo and Claire and interrupted their make-out session. They quickly separated from each other when they realized that they weren't alone.

As Theo scrambled to get his shirt back on, Claire began lashing out at Ciara, demanding to know why she was back at the apartment when she was supposed to be spending the night with her mother. Ciara started to stammer out an excuse then stopped herself, realizing that she didn't need one because the apartment wasn't just Theo and Claire's home; it was hers, too. Ciara wondered why Theo and Claire had chosen to have their make-out session in the living room, of all places. Claire defensively replied, "We thought we had the whole place to ourselves! Would you rather us do it in the back seat of a car?"

"I don't know -- how 'bout you guys don't do it at all?" Ciara suggested, stunned that she was actually being asked to weigh in on appropriate places for Claire and Theo to have sex. Claire countered, "It's not like we need your permission!" Feeling overwhelmed, Theo retreated to his bedroom and shut the door as Ciara and Claire continued arguing.

Claire told Ciara, "You know, I'm not surprised that you're totally freaked about me and Theo taking our relationship to the next level. Hell, you know, you're probably already plotting to break us up!" Ciara denied the accusation, but Claire wasn't convinced, knowing that Ciara still had feelings for Theo. Ciara was hurt that her secret, which she had shared with Claire as a friend, was being thrown back in her face and used against her. Claire unapologetically forged ahead, stressing that Ciara had lost Theo for good and needed to accept that fact. "[He's] mine now, and I'm gonna give him what he needs, whether you like it or not!" Claire insisted.

"[Now], if you don't mind, get the hell out of here!" Claire continued, shoving Ciara toward the front door. Ciara left the apartment and went to the town square, where she ran into Maggie, who could tell that something was wrong. Ciara declined to talk about what was bothering her, conceding that she didn't really have a right to be upset, but Maggie eventually convinced her to open up about what had happened.

After telling Maggie everything, Ciara concluded, "The thing is, I know Theo, and he would never even consider going all the way [with Claire] if he wasn't fully committed [to her]." Maggie didn't think there was anything Ciara could do if that was truly the case, but Ciara couldn't stand the thought of Theo sleeping with someone who didn't really love him. "She likes him, but who wouldn't? I mean, to her, it's just that he's hot, and he's not high maintenance, and that he lets her have her way all the time," Ciara explained to Maggie.

Ciara continued that Theo deserved to be with a girl who knew just how special he was and wouldn't treat him like a doormat while spending all her time thinking about herself. " you?" Maggie guessed. Ciara confirmed the suspicion but conceded with a sigh that Theo had moved on, and she was simply going to have to learn how to live with that fact -- literally, since Theo and Claire were her roommates.

Maggie argued that Ciara couldn't be certain of Claire's true feelings for Theo and therefore needed to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maggie added that Ciara needed to give Theo the letter so he could decide, with all the facts at his disposal, whether he wanted to be with her or Claire. Nodding, Ciara gave Maggie a hug and thanked her for the advice.

When Theo emerged from his bedroom, Claire informed him that they once again had the apartment to themselves. She was eager to pick up where she had left off with him, but he admitted that he was starting to have second thoughts. "[Maybe] we're not as ready to be together...that we thought we were," he suggested. She started to snap at him, wondering why he had suddenly changed his mind about having sex with her, but he quickly clarified that he hadn't changed his mind; he simply thought it would be best to wait until the time was right.

Claire calmed down and agreed that rushing to sleep with Theo had been a bad idea. "Our first time should be magical, like it is in the movies, and, you know, it definitely shouldn't happen here. Maybe we should go away somewhere, [like] the Green Mountain Lodge," she spontaneously suggested. He tried to object, but she cut him off, reasoning that booking a room at the Green Mountain Lodge was the opposite of rushing into sex because it required planning. "I am going to call right now and see how soon we can lock down a date. Oh, I can hardly wait!" she excitedly added as she reached for her cell phone.

Later, Ciara opened the front door of the apartment and poked her head inside. Seeing that the coast was clear, she entered the apartment and slipped her letter into Theo's backpack, which had been left near the entrance. After Ciara left, Claire -- who had emerged from her bedroom, unnoticed, in time to witness the drop-off -- retrieved the letter from Theo's backpack and began reading it. "Oh, my God! That backstabbing... God, I cannot believe [she'd] do this!" Claire loudly complained. She hid the letter behind her back when Theo joined her in the living room.

Eric pulled away from Jennifer and apologized for kissing her. "I'm not complaining," she pointed out. She triumphantly added that his kiss had just proven that he wanted to be with her -- and that meant that, deep down, he wanted to start living again, despite all his statements to the contrary. Predicting that he wouldn't be able to resist the urge forever, she promised that she would be waiting for him when he finally decided to give up the fight.

Later, Eric went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Maggie about his plan to return to Salem. She said that she had heard about what he had done for the governor's daughter. He stressed that he hadn't talked the young woman out of committing suicide with the intention of using that good deed as a way to get out of prison. "But how fortunate for you that it worked out that way," she mused with a hint of coldness.

Changing the subject, Maggie added that she had also heard about Eric's job at the Horton Center. He explained that he didn't want to start that job without first explaining his intentions to her. "Okay, I'm listening," she replied. He began, "What I didn't -- what I'm not gonna do is go back to where I was. I so want to make amends with you, and right now, I don't even know how I can do that; all I'm trying to do is cobble together some sort of life, with the purpose of trying to help others. [But] if my being back here is too much pain, or [if] just knowing that I'm nearby is --"

"Just stop, please. I've heard enough," Maggie interrupted. Eric assumed that he had upset Maggie, but she clarified, "If I'm upset, it's [only] because [you're talking] to me as if I don't know what an amends is." She reminded him that she was an alcoholic. She added that drunk driving was a crime that she had once committed herself, with the only difference being that the person she had struck with her car had survived the accident.

Maggie continued, "There isn't a day [that] goes by that I don't miss Daniel. I hate it that he's gone. But it doesn't cause me pain to see you. I have no desire for you to throw your life away because my son lost his. What would be the point of that? If nothing else, you owe it to Daniel -- and to yourself -- not to waste this second chance you've been given. And if everything you do from this day forward makes the world a better place, then that's all the apology that I'll ever need from you." With tears streaming down his face, Eric nodded and accepted a hug from Maggie.

At the Hernandez house, Gabi begged Dario to fix the lights in her bathroom so she could finish getting ready for the fundraiser. He refused, explaining that he didn't want to get his suit dirty. She teasingly guessed that he didn't want Abigail to see dust on his suit and realize that he wasn't perfect. He denied the suspicion and dismissively encouraged her to fix the lights herself as proof of her independence.

Gabi watched as Dario took a sip of coffee, struggling to keep the cup steady the whole time. She guessed that he was nervous about seeing Abigail at the fundraiser, but he insisted that he was only nervous because it was a big night for Club TBD, and he wanted everything to go smoothly. He quickly turned the tables on her, concluding that she was only concerned about doing her makeup in perfect lighting because she wanted to look her best for Chad. She denied the accusation, claiming that she was only concerned about impressing one person -- her date, Eli.

Dario guessed that Abigail had arranged the date to keep Gabi away from Chad. Gabi insisted that she was already over Chad, but Dario didn't believe that for a second. Gabi quickly changed the subject, wondering what Dario was planning to tell Abigail to explain why he was at the fundraiser without a date. "I'll figure something out," he replied with a shrug.

Sighing, Dario added that he needed to move on, anyway. "How can you move on from something that never was?" Gabi asked. He tried to counter that he could say the same thing about her relationship with Chad, but she insisted that it had been real, and it would have worked out if Abigail hadn't returned from the dead. She conceded, however, that she needed to move on, too.

Later, Gabi rejoined Dario in the kitchen, ready for the fundraiser, and thanked him for fixing the lights in her bathroom. He acknowledged that he never should have refused to help her in the first place. He added that he had wanted to do something to put a smile on her face because he hated seeing her sad. She observed that she clearly wasn't the only person who was sad.

"I bet if we put our heads together, we could both be happy," Dario mused. Gabi was shocked when Dario began to outline a plan for them to break up Chad and Abigail. Gabi insisted that Dario was too good for that sort of manipulation, and she added that she didn't want to be with Chad if Abigail was the woman he really wanted to be with. Gabi doubted that Chad would ever willingly choose her over Abigail, but Dario found comfort in the fact that Gabi wasn't certain that Chad would never willingly choose her over Abigail.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail wondered if Chad was nervous about the fundraiser. He confirmed that he was nervous -- but not about the fundraiser. "I gotta talk to you about something, and I know you don't wanna talk about it, but I gotta -- we gotta talk about it," he insisted. He continued that although he had originally claimed that he couldn't remember everything that had happened with Gabi in the meat locker, the truth was that he remembered exactly how he had felt during that life-or-death moment. "I knew [then] that Gabi and I were still in love with each other," he admitted.

Abigail tearfully concluded that Chad was about to leave her for Gabi, but he clarified that he simply wanted to get everything out in the open so he could move forward -- with Abigail, not Gabi. Abigail was shocked to hear that Chad planned to cut Gabi out of his life for good later that night. "[But] if you really love -- love her --" she began to protest while choking back tears. "I love you, okay? And I know that with enough time and distance, my love for her will fade, but Abby, my love for you is forever," he stressed.

Chad stressed that he had only fallen in love with Gabi because he had believed, back then, that Abigail had been gone for good. He assured Abigail that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her because he loved her and thought of her not just as a wife, partner, and lover, but also as a best friend. Forcing a smile, she conceded that he should feel free to share his deepest, darkest secrets with his best friend, of all people. She added that although it hurt to hear that he was in love with Gabi, it wasn't exactly surprising news; in fact, she had probably always known that in the back of her mind, but she hadn't wanted to believe it.

Abigail agreed that it was best for Chad to cut Gabi out of his life right away -- if, of course, that was really what he wanted to do. She admitted that she was going to miss having Gabi in her life. He insisted that she didn't have to avoid Gabi, but she argued that it would be hard for him to stay away from Gabi unless she stayed away from Gabi, too.

After Chad went to get the car out of the garage, Jennifer arrived and quickly realized that something was bothering Abigail. After hearing what had happened, Jennifer reasoned that it was good that Chad was being honest with Abigail about his feelings. Abigail acknowledged that she couldn't really be upset with Chad for having fallen in love with another woman because she had set that in motion when she had faked her death. She tearfully admitted, however, that it had still hurt to hear Chad's confession, and she was worried that he might not be able to get over his feelings for Gabi.

When Chad returned a short time later, Abigail excused herself so she could fix her makeup. Chad guessed, after Abigail left the room, that she had told Jennifer about their earlier conversation. Jennifer confirmed the suspicion and stressed that Abigail really loved him. He assured her that he loved Abigail, too, and he was determined to do everything in his power to make her happy.

Later, at Club TBD, Dario told Abigail that he and his girlfriend had broken up earlier. She was sorry to hear that; she suggested, however, that since he didn't have a date, he could dance with her so they could get the guests loosened up a bit. He insisted that he couldn't do that. Meanwhile, Chad approached Gabi and asked to talk to her privately. She followed him outside, where he admitted that he was in love with her.

Deimos enacts his revenge

Deimos enacts his revenge

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In a cabin in Canada, Brady informed Nicole that Holly was resting comfortably in the crib after he had administered ear drops. Nicole was thankful to have made it safely to Canada with Holly. Brady assured Nicole that their location was untraceable. Nicole hinted that she would be lonely at the cabin with Holly, and Brady offered to stay. Shaking off the thought, Nicole said that she would not let Brady stay away from Tate any longer. With a nod, Brady said he would return to the cabin soon.

There was a knock at the door. Startled, Brady cautiously opened the door and found their neighbor, Hillary, standing on the porch. Brady introduced himself and Nicole as Fred and Bridget Smith. Inquisitive, Hillary asked questions about Brady and Nicole, and she said she wanted to hear about their love story. Smiling lovingly at his "wife," Brady said that he had always been smitten with Nicole through their various marriages. Smiling back, Nicole said that she and Brady had discovered that they were best friends and that Brady was her hero.

Chuckling, Hilliary pointed out that Nicole was blushing. After explaining that he traveled a lot as a chemical engineer, Brady said he would be leaving town soon. As Hillary turned to leave, she remarked on meeting Nicole's baby in the future. Alarmed, Nicole asked how Hillary knew about her daughter. Hillary pointed to the crib then smiled and left to retrieve a batch of banana bread.

Once alone, Brady told Nicole that Hillary seemed to be a much nicer person than Tiffany. Brady said he wanted Nicole to have friends she could count on. As Nicole nodded, Brady raised an eyebrow and warned Nicole to hide her cash regardless. Nicole and Brady went to hug, but it was awkward. Nicole hesitantly kissed him on his neck. With a smile and a wave, Brady left.

When Hillary returned with the banana bread, Nicole raved about how good it tasted. Hillary chatted about the town and neighbors, and she said she was anxious to introduce Nicole to the area. Hillary commented on how obvious it was that "Bridget and Fred" loved one another, and she said she would be surprised if Fred did not return home soon. Holly started to fuss in her crib, and Hillary said goodbye and left. Nicole felt Holly's forehead and remarked that Holly's fever was down and that her color was better. With a sigh, Nicole told Holly that she was hopeful for the future.

Outside on the porch, Hillary took a phone call from a police chief. Hillary said that the last case she had worked on had been draining and that she intended to take a long vacation from work. Hillary stressed that she planned to stay at her cabin and not return to work at the police station anytime soon.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Rigo handed Deimos a report on Nicole. The last sighting of Nicole had been when she had left the Brookville clinic with Holly. There was no more information on Nicole's whereabouts after that. Deimos said that he would follow up on Nicole because he had a new assignment for Rigo. Deimos said that he wanted Rigo to enact revenge on Chad for stealing from him.

In the town square, Chloe and Eduardo sat in the café and talked about Holly's kidnapping. Eduardo confirmed that when he had arrived at the Brookville clinic, Nicole had already left with Holly. When Chloe heard that Dr. Lee had treated Holly's ear infection, Chloe was worried but relieved that Holly was likely not seriously ill. Eduardo promised to find Holly. From across the way, Deimos smugly asked Chloe if she had lost something. Eduardo lied and said he was looking for a pair of earrings. With a smirk, Deimos commented that he doubted Eduardo had found the earrings at the Brookville clinic.

Scoffing, Eduardo said he had no intention of offering any information that would help Deimos find Nicole. Deimos pushed Eduardo's buttons about his past, causing Eduardo to puff up and stand close to Deimos' face. With a chuckle, Deimos yelled over at Chloe that he would find Nicole and convince her to run away with him. Deimos assured Chloe that she would never see Holly again.

After Deimos left, Chloe glumly picked at her food. Chloe admitted that she had no allies in Salem. With a sigh, Chloe said she felt alone and missed her daughter. Eduardo promised Chloe that he had her back because he knew what it felt like to be separated from a child. Eduardo said that Hernandez men "don't quit 'til we get what we want."

With a twinkle in her eye, Chloe offered to pay Eduardo back for his help by helping him make Kate jealous. Interested, Eduardo leaned closer. Chloe noted that she knew how to push Kate's buttons. Chloe leaned over and kissed Eduardo. When the two pulled apart, Eduardo stressed that he was in love with Kate. Chloe laughed. Chloe said she had no interest in a romantic relationship. Smiling, Chloe said she intended to drive Kate right into Eduardo's arms.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady talked to his jet pilot on the phone and thanked him for the quick and discreet trip home. Brady asked the pilot to remain on standby for more trips for "Freddie Smith." As Brady hung up the phone, Deimos returned home. Scowling, Deimos asked Brady where Nicole was hiding. Brady played dumb and walked away.

At Club TBD, a flustered Abigail complained to Dario that the microphone for the fundraiser was not working. Dario toggled the on switch on the microphone. After a surly comment, Dario asked Abigail if she was upset that Chad was talking to Gabi. Abigail shook her head no. Changing the subject, Abigail asked Dario if his anger was about the tension between the families. Abigail stressed that Chad was a good man and that Dario should give him a chance. With a nod, Dario said he hoped Abigail was right. He added that he would hurt anyone that hurt his sister.

Outside the club, Chad told Gabi that he loved her. With tears of joy in her eyes, Gabi said that she loved Chad too. Chad interrupted Gabi to say that he could not be around Gabi anymore because he needed to get her out of his system. Struggling not to cry, Gabi agreed to let go of any hope for a relationship with Chad and move on. Gabi argued that it was not possible to choose who one loved, but she wished Chad happiness and peace of mind.

Gabi agreed to honor Chad's request not to see one another anymore. With a nod, Chad said he hoped that they could be friends again in the future. Gabi agreed that she would like the same thing. Eli exited the club in search of Gabi. Gabi introduced Eli to Chad then they returned inside. After a deep breath, Chad entered the club too.

Eli chatted with Gabi, but she was preoccupied. Citing a need for another drink, Gabi ducked out of the main room and into the office. Once alone, Gabi broke down and cried. Abigail entered the room behind her. Abigail admitted to Gabi that Chad had told her about his feelings for Gabi. Fighting tears, Abigail added that she was sorry that Gabi had been hurt. Gabi said that she had promised Chad to stay out of his life and Abigail's. With a sad smile, Abigail said she hoped to reconnect with Gabi in the future. With a nod, Gabi said she would like the same thing.

When Gabi returned to the party, she talked to Eli about the fundraiser and the foundation. Eli asked about Gabi's history. Gabi noted that she was an image consultant, and the fact that she was an ex convict made building her business difficult. With a shrug, Eli said he did not judge Gabi for her past. Eli assured Gabi that what she did with her life was the important part. Relieved, Gabi said that she was a single mom and doing well. With a flirtatious grin, Eli said he was lucky to get to know Gabi.

While Abigail stood by the stage, Dario walked over and apologized to her for being rude earlier. Dario said he was grumpy after his date had dumped him. With a grin, he asked her to dance. Caught off guard, Abigail accepted. As Dario and Abigail started to slow dance, Chad asked to cut in. With a stiff smile, Dario relinquished Abigail's hand to Chad and walked away.

Across the club, an uncomfortable Gabi asked Eli to get her a glass of ginger ale, since she was feeling ill. While Eli was over at the bar, Dario approached Gabi. Gabi told Dario about her conversations with Chad and Abigail. Worried, Dario urged Gabi to leave the party. When Eli returned to Gabi's side, she apologized and noted that she was not feeling well. Gabi said goodnight, and she encouraged Eli to stay and enjoy the party.

As Chad took the stage to give his speech, Rigo approached Abigail and introduced himself as a reporter from the Spectator. Rigo asked Abigail if he could ask her a few questions outside the club, where it was quieter. Glancing over at Chad, Abigail agreed and followed Rigo out the front door. Chad started his speech, and with a goofy grin asked everyone to give Abigail a hand. When Abigail did not materialize, Chad looked around the room, confused.

Worried, Dario went outside to look for Abigail. As Dario rounded the corner, he kicked something on the ground. On closer inspection, Dario realized he had stepped on Abigail's wallet and purse. Dario stared around frantically, looking for Abigail.

In the park, Gabi rubbed her temples and breathed deeply. As Gabi paced, she saw Rigo enter the clearing. Rigo grabbed her.

Deimos sets his plan for revenge in motion

Deimos sets his plan for revenge in motion

> Deimos sets his plan for revenge in motion

Deimos sets his plan for revenge in motion

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

by Mike

Abe spotted J.J. and Lani in the town square, leaning in to kiss each other. He cleared his throat to stop the couple then asked J.J. to give him a minute alone with Lani.

After J.J. left, Lani admonished Abe for intentionally making the encounter awkward. She insisted that he was going to have to get used to the idea of J.J. being her boyfriend because J.J. wasn't going anywhere. "He makes me happy, [and] that should be good enough for you," she added. He conceded that, at the very least, he was grateful to J.J. for being one of the reasons she had decided to stay in Salem.

Seizing the opportunity to change the subject, Lani guessed that Abe was pleased that Valerie had decided to stay in Salem, too. "Actually, that's what I want to talk to you about," Abe replied. He quickly filled her in on what was going on between Valerie and Eli. He continued, "I was hoping that maybe you could talk to Eli. I mean, your mother didn't tell you about me, and...well, I know that you were as angry as Eli at first. I didn't think you'd ever get over it, but somehow, you found a way to forgive her." She didn't think she would be able to convince Eli to forgive Valerie, but she agreed to try.

J.J. soon returned with two cups of coffee. "I should have brought three. I'm sorry. Thought you'd be gone by now," J.J. told Abe. Taking the hint, Abe quickly excused himself. Lani waited until Abe was gone then smacked J.J.'s arm. "I know he was tough on you, but you didn't have to make it worse," she insisted. He conceded the point but made it clear that he had simply been sticking up for himself -- and for her, as well.

Changing the subject, J.J. asked Lani, "What did [Abe] want, anyway?" She told him about her father's request. J.J. knew where Eli could be found, having heard that Abigail had encouraged Gabi to take him to the fundraiser at Club TBD as her date. Lani wondered how J.J. felt about that. "Whatever," he replied with a shrug. He wondered if she would like to go to the fundraiser as his date. She happily accepted the offer.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos was on the phone with one of his goons, getting an update on the search for Brady and Nicole. He was furious to learn that the goon had lost them. "You're lucky I have somewhere else to focus my anger tonight!" he grumbled before ending the call.

Sonny entered the mansion in time to overhear Deimos' end of another phone conversation during which Deimos congratulated a different goon for having managed to actually complete a given task. "I can't wait to see Chad's face. He thought he could win a war against me? Well, he's about to see how personal it can get," Deimos continued.

"What did you do to Chad?" Sonny demanded to know after Deimos ended the call. Deimos claimed that he had no idea what Sonny was talking about -- and, in any case, he would never confide in Sonny about anything that was even remotely shady because Sonny would probably run straight to J.J. with the information. Deimos added that Sonny shouldn't care about Chad, anyway, because Chad was a DiMera and therefore an enemy.

Sonny argued that Chad was not only his friend but also his cousin's husband. Deimos countered, "I don't give a damn if he's engaged to your favorite dog! You're a Kiriakis! The DiMeras are out to destroy us. It's time for you to man up and choose sides. There's only one family that's gonna survive this, and I'm gonna make damn sure that we're the ones with the future." Sonny insisted that he was the future of the Kiriakis family. Deimos dismissively encouraged Sonny to keep telling himself that.

Sonny stepped into the foyer and contacted Paul to let him know what was going on. Paul wanted to get the police involved, but Sonny refused. "We are sticking to the plan. You need to go to TBD [and] get close to Chad so you can protect him. But we need Deimos to make a move so we can catch him in the act, and then we're gonna put him away for good," Sonny insisted.

At Club TBD, Chad awkwardly cut his speech short so he could search for Abigail and convince her to say a few words about the fundraiser. Dario soon returned and informed Chad that he had found Abigail's purse outside, with its contents scattered all over the ground, as if it had been dropped during some sort of struggle. Realizing that Deimos might have done something to Abigail, Chad quickly resumed and wrapped up his speech, making up an excuse to explain her sudden disappearance so no one would know that she was missing.

Shortly after Chad ended his speech, he received a text message: "We have your wife. Come to the docks. Warehouse 8. Come alone, or she's a dead woman." The message had been sent from Abigail's cell phone and included a picture in which she was tied to a chair. Chad rushed off to the docks without telling anyone where he was going. As he neared the warehouse, someone approached him from behind and knocked him out.

When Chad regained consciousness, he found himself handcuffed to a chair in the center of the warehouse, with Abigail and Gabi on opposite ends of it. Each woman was tied to her own chair and hooked to an I.V. A distorted voice soon began communicating with Chad through a portable speaker, delighting in his misery. Chad correctly assumed that the distorted voice belonged to Deimos.

"The DiMeras have so many enemies. Why narrow it down to just one?" Deimos argued, keeping his voice distorted. Chad begged the speaker to let Abigail and Gabi go and kill him instead. "Killing your enemy is too easy, too quick. Better to watch him suffer. Better to make his life a living hell. And after tonight, that's exactly what yours is going to be," Deimos replied.

When J.J. and Lani arrived at Club TBD, Eli was on the way to his car. He told them that the party was winding down. J.J. asked about Gabi and expressed concern when Eli revealed that she was sick. Lani seemed a bit annoyed but didn't say anything. J.J. quickly excused himself so he could say hello to Chad. He assumed that Lani would be joining him inside after her conversation with Eli, but she clarified that she was going to head home at that point and get some rest. He nodded and gave her a quick kiss before entering the club.

Lani told Eli that she hadn't been surprised to hear about his connection to David because she had seen him standing at David's casket after the funeral, having what had seemed like an intense moment. Annoyed that Lani had witnessed such a private thing, Eli hoped that wasn't what she wanted to talk to him about. She apologized for offending him then clarified that she actually wanted to talk to him about his mother.

Lani told Eli, "Like you, my mom lied to me about who my father was for most of my life, so I get what you're going through. You know, I felt like my whole life was a lie, but...after I got over being so angry about it, I started to understand that she was just doing the best she could under really tough circumstances. And, yeah, I still wish I could have grown up with my dad in my life, but at least now --"

"Are you done with your speech?" Eli impatiently interrupted. Lani protested that she hadn't been making a speech; she had been explaining how she felt. "No, you were trying to tell me how to feel. So why don't you stop meddling in my life and mind your own damn business?" he countered. She insisted that she was simply trying to be a friend. He disagreed, guessing that she was really just trying to score points with her father. "I just thought we had something in common," she maintained.

"Don't you get it? You didn't know your father growing up, but then you met him. You got to build a relationship with him. He's in your life. My dad is dead, and I will never know him! And I won't ever forgive my mom for that," Eli countered. Lani warned that Eli would end up alone in that case. "Is that what you want? Because I'm starting to think it's what you deserve," she added before walking away.

Inside the club, J.J. ran into Paul, who filled him in on what was happening, despite Sonny's desire to keep the police out of the matter. Dario soon joined the conversation. Having failed to get in touch with Gabi, Dario revealed that he was fairly certain that something had happened to her -- and Abigail and Chad, too. J.J. wanted to put out an APB, but Dario and Paul thought it would be best to keep things quiet for the time being so Deimos wouldn't get spooked. J.J. went with Dario to the back office to check the club's surveillance footage, hoping it would reveal something that would lead them to Chad, Abigail, and Gabi.

Meanwhile, Paul received a phone call from Sonny, who was upset because Deimos had disappeared from the Kiriakis mansion. Paul informed Sonny that Chad, Abigail, and Gabi were also missing. Sonny was certain that Deimos was responsible. "We have to give up the plan, Sonny. I know how much you want to bring down Deimos, but it's not about that anymore. We have to find Chad, Abigail, and Gabi before it's too late," Paul stressed.

A short time later, J.J., Dario, and Paul huddled around a laptop and began reviewing the surveillance footage. They quickly found footage of Abigail leaving the club with a guy J.J. recognized as a known criminal. There was also footage of that same guy following Gabi out of the club at a later time. As they watched footage of Chad rushing out of the club after reading a text message, they realized that Deimos had contacted him -- and that their rescue operation hinged on figuring out what had been written in the text message.

Deimos continued taunting Chad from an alley near the docks, musing, "It must be a helpless feeling to see the two women you love in such peril [and know that] there's absolutely nothing you can do to help them." He expected Chad to deny being in love with both Abigail and Gabi, but Chad didn't bother to do that. Still hiding behind voice distortion, Deimos chastised Chad for stringing Abigail and Gabi along. "Tonight, I'm going to relieve [you] of the burden of [your] indecision," Deimos promised Chad.

Deimos continued, "I'm sure [you've] been wondering what, exactly, is in those I.V.s attached to your two lovely ladies' arms. It's a substance called tetrodo -- ah, never mind; I won't bore you with the scientific name. All you need to know is that it's a poison -- a fast-acting poison." Deimos explained that the poison would soon be administered to both Abigail and Gabi simultaneously, and Chad would be left to choose which woman to save with the one vial of antidote he would be given. As Chad, Abigail, and Gabi screamed protests at their kidnapper, Deimos stressed that the poison would quickly cause the other woman's lungs to stop functioning.

"Just think, [Chad] -- you'll no longer be torn between Abigail and Gabi. On the other hand, for the rest of your miserable life, you'll have to live with the knowledge that you killed a woman you loved and left her child motherless," Deimos concluded. Still fairly certain that he knew who the kidnapper was, Chad urged Deimos to kill him instead. "If you don't, Deimos, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life hunting you down, you son of a bitch!" Chad warned. Chuckling, Deimos said he would take his chances because sticking with his original plan would leave him with more time to savor his victory.

Deimos' goon removed the plug on each I.V. then left the warehouse after placing a vial of antidote on the floor. Deimos taunted Chad as the poison was being depleted from each I.V. bag, repeatedly saying, "Drip... Drip... Drip..." After Abigail and Gabi had each received a full dose of the poison, Chad's handcuffs automatically opened, freeing him from his chair. Deimos began a thirty-second countdown as Chad grabbed the vial and struggled to decide what to do next. Abigail and Gabi each began coughing as they frantically tugged at their respective bindings.

Chad didn't make a decision until ten seconds had already passed. After telling Gabi to keep trying to free herself, he rushed to Abigail's side and carefully began to pour the antidote into her mouth.

Chad is forced to make an agonizing choice between Abigail and Gabi

Chad is forced to make an agonizing choice between Abigail and Gabi

Thursday, March 23, 2017

by Mike

Steve and Kayla stopped at a diner somewhere in Arizona to inquire about Tripp. While waiting to talk to the owner, Steve admitted to Kayla that he was worried about the situation between Joey and Jade. "That poor girl is so needy, I'm afraid she'll do anything to rope him back into her life," Steve continued. Kayla assured Steve that Joey was sharp and would be able to handle the situation.

When the owner emerged from the back of the diner a short time later and learned that Steve and Kayla were looking for Tripp, he told them, "That son of a bitch? Believe me, he doesn't work here anymore." He claimed that Tripp had been providing friends with free food and was also responsible for the black eye he was sporting. "I was gonna call the cops, but, uh, hell, too much trouble, you know? Just glad he's outta here," he added before excusing himself so he could check on a customer.

Steve was disappointed to hear that Tripp had been causing trouble. Kayla assured him that they would figure out what was going on and handle the situation accordingly. Smiling, he declared that he could face anything as long as she was at his side. Meanwhile, the owner began shouting at a young man who had entered the diner through the back door. Sensing trouble, customers quickly began vacating the premises.

The owner warned that he would call the cops if the young man didn't leave immediately. The young man refused to leave without the last week of pay he was owed as well as the tips he had earned. The young man added, "How 'bout we do call the cops? Celia and I will give our statements on what you did to her." The owner told the young man to leave Celia out of the conversation, but the young man continued, "Groping her every chance you got? Knowing she needed the job and wouldn't say anything? [And] don't think I don't know what you were gonna do whenever I pulled you off her."

The owner denied the young man's accusations and again ordered him to leave. Steve quickly intervened, insisting that if the young man was really owed money, it was only right for the owner to settle the debt. The owner shoved Steve and told him to butt out. Kayla winced as Steve punched the uninjured side of the owner's face and advised that he needed to learn how to control his temper. After recovering from the blow, the owner stormed off to call the cops and get them to arrest both the young man and Steve. "Do what you gotta do," Steve calmly replied.

Impressed, the young man said to Steve, "Wow! I didn't see that coming. Not that he didn't deserve it. So...who the hell are you?" Having correctly concluded that the young man was Tripp, Steve replied, "I think I might be your father." Stunned, Tripp admitted that he had been searching for his father. Steve invited Tripp to grab a seat so they could talk about the matter. Tripp didn't think it would be wise to stick around and wait for the cops to show up, but Steve told him not to worry about that.

After introductions were made, Tripp hesitantly asked Kayla, "So, are" She clarified that she wasn't his mother. Still struggling to process what was happening, he revealed that he had actually been on a quest to find his birth parents. "[We] know. You know, Kayla and I, we didn't just show up out of nowhere," Steve replied. Kayla explained to Tripp that Steve had only known about Tripp's existence for a little more than a year. Steve added that he had begun a search at that time but had ultimately been told that the child he'd been looking for had died in infancy -- and he had believed that until recently, when Raymond had contacted him and admitted that there had been a mistake.

Tripp mused with a chuckle of disbelief, "I -- I came here [to try] to get my last paycheck, and I found..." He wondered if Steve and Kayla were sure that he was Steve's child. Kayla admitted that a DNA test would be needed to confirm the suspicion. "So, if [you're] not my mom, then...who is, and where is she?" Tripp asked Kayla. Steve carefully supplied Tripp with a first name for his mother, avoiding speaking of Ava in the past tense. Steve explained that he had been with Ava years earlier, but they had never married, and their relationship had ended badly. "She never told me she was pregnant," Steve added. He admitted that he didn't know why Ava had chosen to keep that information from him, and he stressed that if she had told him the truth, he would have stepped up and done the right thing.

"Well, I can't blame you if you didn't even know, right?" Tripp reasoned with a shrug. He wondered why Ava had given him up for adoption. Steve explained that Ava's father had apparently forced her to do that. "Did she ever try to find me?" Tripp asked. Steve dodged the question, suggesting that it would be best to table the conversation until after the DNA test. Tripp agreed to wait but curiously observed, "I get the feeling you don't like talking about my mom. Why is that?" Steve promised that he would answer every question Tripp had if the DNA test confirmed his suspicion about the young man's true identity.

Sirens soon began blaring in the distance. Tripp told Steve and Kayla to follow him out the back entrance so they could escape via an alley, but they didn't think that was a good idea. "No, I'm serious, okay? I've got a record," Tripp admitted. Steve pulled out his credentials and assured Tripp that he would handle the matter. As Steve exited the diner, Tripp asked Kayla, "Is he some kind of cop?" Kayla clarified that Steve was a private investigator and had also worked for the ISA in the past. Again impressed, Tripp said, "Wow! And he's really my dad?" Kayla urged Tripp to return to Salem with her and Steve so they could get an answer to that question.

After Jade was released from the hospital, Joey took her back to their apartment and helped her get settled on the couch. She mused, "Must be weird. I mean, all of a sudden, you've got a brother you never knew existed. Especially since his mother was..." He insisted that he didn't want to talk about Ava. "I wish I'd never met her," he added with a sigh.

Jade wondered if Joey was still seeing a therapist. Nodding, he admitted that the therapy sessions were helping. "Pretty heavy load, though," he continued. He was a bit shocked when she casually noted that it was a good thing that his therapist had to stay silent about his crime because of doctor-patient confidentiality. She assured him that she would never say anything about it, either.

Later, while Joey was in his bedroom, Jade received a phone call from her mother, who felt guilty about what Jade had gone through in an effort to save Hal's life. "I don't care if you feel guilty, [and] I don't want your stupid money! Just leave me the hell alone," Jade snapped before ending the call. Seconds later, Joey returned with Jade's prescribed medications and started to tell her how and when she was supposed to take each one. When he asked about the phone call, she claimed that the caller had been a reporter who had been hoping to get a statement from her about what her father had done.

Jade insisted that she couldn't sell the story to a gossip site, even though she was so broke that she couldn't even afford to pay rent for the apartment. Joey told her not to worry about that, but she fretted, "I do worry! I have nothing. I'm alone." He protested that she wasn't alone because she had him and three other roommates -- and he was definitely going to take care of her, even if no one else was willing to. "You're the best, Joey," she raved as she hugged him tightly.

Later, Joey made Jade a sandwich so she could take some medication that she wasn't supposed to have on an empty stomach. As she was eating it, he reminded her that she was supposed to drink plenty of water, too. He went over the instructions for each medication again, but she didn't take the lesson very seriously. She predicted that she would forget to take her medication unless he constantly reminded her. "Jade, you have to do this on your own, okay? I'm not always gonna be around," he stressed. He confirmed, however, that he would do what he could to help her.

Jade wondered if she had been prescribed any pain medication. "Pain? You said you were fine at the hospital," Joey pointed out. She said she was simply asking because she was concerned that she might start feeling pain at some point during the healing process. He reluctantly produced a pain medication but stressed that she needed to be careful with it, not just because it was addictive but also because her liver wasn't working at full capacity anymore. She confirmed that she understood, but when he took her dishes to the kitchen, she quickly gulped down a handful of pain pills, quietly reasoning, "He only pays attention when I need him."

Chad gave Abigail half of the antidote then turned to Gabi, who had managed to loosen her bindings, and tugged on his right ear. She nodded to confirm that she understood the signal. Satisfied, he sealed the vial then tossed it to her. She freed her right hand just in time to catch it. She gulped down the remaining half of the antidote just as Deimos finished his countdown.

J.J., Dario, and Paul soon burst into the warehouse, having figured out where to go with the help of an app Paul had used to zoom in on the portion of the surveillance footage that had captured the screen of Chad's cell phone as he had read Deimos' text message earlier that night. The three men helped Chad free Abigail and Gabi and carry them out of the warehouse to wait for the ambulance that was fast approaching. Still connected to the portable speaker in the warehouse, Deimos listened with growing frustration as the whole scene played out.

Sonny stormed into the Kiriakis mansion and slammed the front door shut. "Well, somebody's in a mood," Victor observed. Sonny joined Victor in the living room and stressed, "You need to put a leash on Deimos, and I mean now!" When Sonny revealed what Deimos had done, Victor wondered if there was any proof. "This isn't a court of law, Uncle Vic! He is hurting my family, so if you don't rein that son of a bitch in, I will!" Sonny snapped. Victor calmly maintained, as Sonny continued ranting, that without proof, there was no way to be certain that Deimos was responsible for the disappearances of Chad, Abigail, and Gabi.

Sonny argued, "Look, I know that you think people getting hurt is just part of the game. But we're talking about Gabi. She is the mother to my child. And Abigail is my cousin. I mean, doesn't my family merit protection?" Victor reasoned that if Deimos had launched an attack, protecting the Kiriakis family from huge financial losses had likely been his sole motivation.

"It's not about the money! I'm talking about lives!" Sonny countered. Victor conceded with a sigh that if Sonny's accusations were true, it was possible that Deimos had overstepped. "'s about the business, not about some personal vendetta," Victor maintained. He warned Sonny not to antagonize Deimos, who wasn't always predictable. Sonny promised that he wouldn't do anything stupid; he added, however, that he wasn't going to just sit back and watch as Deimos destroyed people's lives. Victor replied, "I understand. And just so you know, Sonny, I've always thought of you as the best of us. One day, you will lead the Kiriakis family."

"But not today," Sonny guessed. Victor insisted that Sonny simply wasn't ready yet. "What's it gonna take, Uncle Vic? Does someone have to die before you realize that you made a mistake?" Sonny asked.

At the hospital, Chad told Dario about what had happened. Dario admitted that if he had been in Chad's shoes, he probably would have split the antidote between Abigail and Gabi, too. He feared, however, that since neither woman had received a full dose of the antidote, they both might die. Elsewhere, Paul told J.J. that Deimos had probably been careful enough to ensure that there would never be any way to link him to the crimes he had committed that night. J.J. agreed but excused himself anyway, explaining that a police report needed to be filed regardless.

Deimos entered the Kiriakis mansion and went straight to the bar to pour himself a drink. Victor soon joined him in the living room and told him, "You know, if you're gonna move on your enemy, the least you could do is cover your damn tracks." Deimos dismissively insisted that there was no way to tie him to anything that had happened that night. He revealed what he had done to punish Chad -- and how Chad had managed to foil the plan. He admitted that Abigail and Gabi could both die, since neither woman had been given a full dose of the antidote.

"So, you [might have] managed two dead in one night. What happened to that leaf you were turning over?" Victor asked. "Stuff happens," Deimos replied with a shrug. Victor told Deimos to forget about his vendetta against the DiMeras. "It bothers Sonny," Victor explained. Deimos dismissively insisted that he didn't care about Sonny. "You will care!" Victor snapped, shooting Deimos a harsh glare.

Later, Sonny received a phone call from Paul, who told him about what had happened. Sonny started to rush off to the hospital, but as he was leaving the mansion, he ran into Deimos. "You son of a bitch!" Sonny spat. Deimos feigned innocence and started to walk away, dismissively insisting that he wasn't interested in talking to Sonny because he had better things to do with his time.

Blocking Deimos' path, Sonny angrily countered, "No, you know what? You're not walking away from this. You've gone way too far." Sonny looked Deimos straight in the eyes as he continued, "I promise you, you will not be leading this family. You don't think I can make [that] happen? Just watch me." Sonny shoved past Deimos as he exited the mansion.

At the hospital, Dario entered Abigail's room and took a seat at her bedside. Grasping her hand, he told her, "I wish you knew how much I care. You gotta get through this. You got to. 'Cause I...think I'm in love with you." She started to regain consciousness at that exact moment. She called out Chad's name then opened her eyes and realized with obvious surprise that Dario was the one who was at her side. Relieved that she was okay, Dario told her, "You don't know how happy you just made me."

Dario's comment confused Abigail, but as she was starting to question it, Chad entered the room. Dario quickly excused himself so Chad could be with Abigail. When Abigail realized that Gabi had not yet regained consciousness, she insisted that Chad needed to check on Gabi right away.

Chad approached Gabi's room in time to overhear Paul trying to convince Sonny not to blame himself for what had happened. Chad agreed with Paul, insisting that he was responsible for what had happened. After Sonny and Paul went to see Abigail, Chad entered Gabi's room and took a seat at her bedside. He kissed her hand and urged her to fight to stay alive. "I've gotta see [those] beautiful brown eyes again," he stressed.

In Abigail's room, Sonny promised to ensure that Deimos would never hurt anyone again. Abigail insisted that it would be best to just let the war end, but Sonny argued, "Depends on Deimos." Meanwhile, Dario entered Gabi's room and asked Chad, "Shouldn't you be with your wife?" Chad took the hint and left the room, but instead of rejoining Abigail, he took a seat in the waiting area. Deimos watched from a nearby hallway, delighting in Chad's pain.

Brady makes a realization

Brady makes a realization

Friday, March 24, 2017

At the Kiriakis mansion, an angry Sonny attempted to enlist Brady's help in taking down Deimos. Brady did not want to hear about what Deimos had done. Frustrated, Sonny accused Brady of being more interested in Nicole than in his family. Sonny argued that Brady was in love with Nicole. Tired of hearing that theory, Brady groaned. Sonny stormed out.

At the Horton Center, Eric took a phone call from a runaway. Eric pleaded with the runaway to meet with him at the center to talk. Jennifer eavesdropped from the doorway. When Eric finished his call, Jennifer told him that his compassion was exactly what Alice had wanted to see at the center. Jennifer talked about how she had lived on the street when she'd been sixteen and how she would have benefitted from having someone like Eric helping her.

Eric asked about Abigail, and Jennifer said that Abigail was recovering well after her poisoning. Jennifer said that there was no proof that Deimos had taken Abigail, Gabi, and Chad, but they were certain Deimos was to blame. Jennifer vowed to expose Deimos. When Jennifer started to lecture Eric about starting his life again, he grew frustrated with her and lashed out. Upset, Jennifer exited, brushing past Brady, who was on his way in.

After an awkward hello, Brady and Eric talked about how glad they were that they had written letters to one another while Eric had been in prison. Eric said he wanted to make amends. With a nod, Brady told Eric that Daniel would have wanted Eric to live his life. Eric shook his head, shaking off Brady's line of thought. Eric said he knew Nicole was in trouble. Brady admitted that he was helping Nicole, but he did not want to say anything more. Brady's phone rang. With a raised eyebrow, Eric asked Brady if that was Nicole calling.

At the cabin in Canada, Hillary stopped by to ask Nicole if she needed any supplies from the store. Nicole politely declined the offer. When Hillary asked about "Freddie," Nicole said her husband was traveling. Nicole slipped up and said that Freddie was a mechanical engineer. Confused, Hillary pointed out that Freddie was a chemical engineer. Lying, Nicole explained that she was bored by Freddie's work and did not really know what he did for a living.

Outside, there was a noise. After assuring Nicole that everything was fine, Hillary pulled out a gun and explained that she was a cop. Nicole was visibly shaken. Hillary went outside to check on the noise. Panicked, Nicole called Brady on her cell phone. When Brady answered, Nicole told him that she was scared. Worried, Brady asked for details. Hillary knocked on the door. Nicole told Brady she would call him back then she hung up.

When Nicole opened her front door, Hillary apologized for scaring Nicole when she had pulled out her gun. Hillary assured Nicole that she had locked her gun up at home because she did not want Nicole to feel unsafe. With a smile, Hillary invited Nicole to join her for dinner. Nicole declined, noting that she needed to unpack from the move. With a nod, Hillary left.

At the Horton Center, Eric asked about Brady's phone call. Brady said that Nicole was upset, and he intended to be Nicole's friend. Eric said that Brady was in love with Nicole. Defensive, Brady stressed that he was just friends with Nicole. Brady said he understood why Nicole was upset about Holly because he would feel the same way if anyone had taken Tate. Eric told Brady that he did not need to justify helping Nicole, and he was glad that Brady was watching out for her. Relieved, Brady thanked Eric for reaching out to him. Brady said he was happy Eric was working at the center, and he hoped it would give Eric peace.

"You are and you always will be one of the best brothers a guy could ever have," Brady said. Brady hugged Eric goodbye. When Brady left, he picked up Tate and walked to the town square. Brady called Nicole's phone and left a voicemail. As Brady pushed a fussy Tate in his stroller, Jennifer walked over to say hello. Jennifer gushed over Tate. When Brady asked Jennifer about her visit to see Eric, Jennifer said she had just been tired after a long night.

Brady said he was aggravated that everyone in town assumed he was in love with Nicole. Surprised, Jennifer asked Brady if he was not. Brady groaned. Brady asked how everyone in Salem could know that he was in love with Nicole except for him. With a shrug, Jennifer wondered aloud if Brady was in denial. Jennifer switched the conversation to talk about her argument with Eric. Brady urged Jennifer not to give up.

After Jennifer left to find Eric, Nicole returned Brady's phone call. She told him about her run-in with Hillary. Brady begged Nicole not to run away. Looking across the room at a packed bag, Nicole promised not to leave.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you," Nicole said. "I do. You were just you," Brady said softly. After he hung up the phone, Brady told Tate that he hoped Nicole would keep her promise to stay at the cabin. Brady admitted that he would be lost if Nicole ran off with Holly and he never saw her again. With a sigh, Brady muttered, "Oh, Brady. You're in love with Nicole."

At the Horton Center, Eric composed another letter to Nicole, apologizing for what he had done. Jennifer burst into Eric's office to apologize for what she had said to Eric earlier. Eric hurriedly shoved the pad of paper into a desk drawer. Eric announced that he needed to leave to meet with the runaway. Elated by the news, Jennifer wished Eric luck. After Eric ran off, Jennifer glanced over at the desk drawer.

At the hospital, Adrienne talked to Dr. Ong about her surgery as Lucas, Justin, and Kate stood beside her. Adrienne thanked the doctor for her help. Looking around the room, Adrienne asked for a moment alone with Kate. Justin and Lucas kissed Adrienne then left. Once alone with Kate, Adrienne broke down in tears. Kate comforted her. Adrienne said that she wanted to appear calm, but she was screaming inside.

Choking back sobs, Adrienne said that she did not feel lucky. Adrienne cried out that she did not think she was a person that could wear "bags of liquid" on her chest. "Who will I be? What will I be? I don't want my body mutilated! I just want to be me. Intact. Still a woman. Is that too much to ask? It's too much, Kate. I can't! I can't! I'm so scared!" Adrienne cried out.

Kate took Adrienne in her arms and soothed her. Once Adrienne stopped crying, she told Kate that Kate was her lifeboat because Kate made her "feel safe in stormy seas." Kate smiled. Adrienne asked for Sonny, and Kate went to find him. Sonny entered Adrienne's room, and he kissed his mother for luck. Sonny promised to be there when Adrienne woke up after the procedure.

In the hallway, Sonny joined Lucas and Justin while they waited to hear about the surgery. While Lucas fetched coffee, Sonny informed Justin about what Deimos had done. Sonny told Justin that Gabi was still in critical condition. Shaking his head, Sonny admitted that he had known that Deimos had targeted Chad, but he had not been able to intervene in time.

Lucas returned, and Kate joined the group. Kate said that before the surgery, Adrienne had been struggling, but she was okay. Dr. Ong informed the group that Adrienne had finished her first surgery and was undergoing reconstructive surgery. Justin asked Kate what Adrienne had said to her before the surgery. With a sigh, Kate said that Adrienne had whispered, "Tell him I love him" before she had passed out. Adrienne had passed out before she had said anyone's name.

At the Brady Pub, Hope and Rafe talked about Gabi's condition. Across the room, Rafe spotted Deimos at a table. Furious, Rafe stomped over and confronted Deimos. Rafe grabbed Deimos by the shirt and pulled him close. Hope intervened to pull the two men apart. "You're gonna pay for what you did," Rafe growled. Deimos denied he had done anything. Hope ordered Deimos to leave and never return to the pub.

Rafe and Hope went to the police station to talk to Commissioner Raines about arresting Deimos. Without more evidence, Raines was not interested in going after Deimos. Frustrated, Rafe and Hope decided to start their own investigation to gather evidence. Rafe asked Sonny to meet him at the station. While Rafe asked Sonny to help him find information at Titan to implicate Deimos in the kidnapping, Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Deimos.

Hope asked Deimos if he planned to retaliate against Rafe for assaulting him in the pub. Deimos avoided answering the question. While Deimos took a phone call, Hope planted a bug in a flower vase. After Hope left, she listened as the bug transmitted audio of Deimos yelling at someone on his phone. Deimos ordered the person to keeping following Brady because he would lead them to Nicole and Holly.

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