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Deimos went after Nicole. In Greece, Hope and Andre tried to convince Chad to forget about the amulet. Eli and Valerie talked. Tripp helped Joey. Jade lied to Tripp about Ava's murder. Sonny, Paul, J.J., Lani, and Eli went after Deimos. Nicole blamed Eric for ruining her life. Chloe apologized to Brady. Brady asked Justin to make changes to his will.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 8, 2017 on DAYS
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Eric gets a lead on Nicole's whereabouts Eric gets a lead on Nicole's whereabouts

Monday, May 8, 2017

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Kate expressed sudden reservations about Chad's plan to try to obtain the amulet that Deimos had set his sights on. Chad teasingly guessed that Kate was starting to get freaked out about the item's supposedly cursed history. "[No], I'm worried that you, head of DiMera, are going to fly off to Greece to meet some middleman. You know, unless you're secretly Indiana Jones, it could be very dangerous," she clarified.

"That reminds me -- I gotta bring my whip," Chad joked. Unamused, Kate insisted that it would be best to send someone else to Greece to obtain the amulet. Chad said that wasn't possible because the middleman was set on meeting with him directly. Hesitantly, Chad added, "I want to get out of here for a little bit. I -- I need to get my mind off of stuff."

Kate said she understood but would feel a lot better about Chad's trip to Greece if he agreed to at least let a bodyguard tag along. He acquiesced then excused himself so he could head over to the police station to tell Abigail about his trip. "Which is ridiculous, by the way, that I need to go across town to let my wife know that I am planning to take a trip," he grumbled.

Kate started to say something, but Chad quickly stopped her. "Don't say it. Don't even say that it's for the best. [Abigail] leaving me is not for the best. It hurts like hell, and I hate it," he stressed.

At the police station, Abigail received a visit from Dario, who invited her to join him for dinner after her shift ended. She was reluctant to accept the offer at first, but when he stressed that he was thinking of it not as a date but instead as a way to celebrate a friend's first day at a new job, she admitted that the idea sounded appealing to her. They agreed to meet at the Horton Town Square later.

After Dario left, Chad arrived with Thomas and shared scant details with Abigail about what was happening, leading her to conclude that he didn't want to tell her where he was going because his trip involved some sort of illegal activity. She agreed to watch Thomas so the child wouldn't have to stay with the nanny until Chad returned to Salem. "Just be careful, please," she urged Chad before taking Thomas to the in-house daycare center.

When Chad returned home, Kate observed that he looked terrible. He admitted with a sigh that his conversation with Abigail hadn't gone very well, adding, "She assumes I'm up to no good -- which I am, so..."

Kate suggested that Abigail might have been willing to support what Chad was doing if he had explained to her that it was about getting back at Deimos. "[But] the truth is, [that] girl made the choice not to be part of this family [or] part of your life, [and] you still have Thomas to think about. This company used to be like the Rock of Gibraltar, and now we're on very shaky footing. If Thomas is going to have any legacy at all -- any legacy at all -- we have to make sure that his birthright is viable, [and] if that means bending the rules, then so be it," she added. Chad reluctantly conceded that she was right.

When Dario joined Abigail in the town square, he was surprised to see that she wasn't alone; however, he assured her that he didn't mind sharing her with Thomas. Over dinner, Dario and Abigail discussed how they were each trying to start over after major changes in their respective lives, such as the arrest of his father and the end of her marriage. After Dario finished his meal, he offered to hold Thomas so Abigail could finish hers in peace. Chad soon passed through the area with Kate and saw what was happening. She stopped him from interrupting the scene, and they retreated from the town square without being spotted.

After Abigail finished eating, she thanked Dario for treating her to the meal. She started to worry once again about the possibility of leading him on, but he reassured her that he knew they were just friends. Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Chad complained to Kate about what they had just witnessed, insisting that he didn't want Abigail -- and especially Thomas -- hanging out with Dario, of all people. Kate matter-of-factly pointed out that Chad no longer had a say in Abigail's life. After draining a glass of whiskey, Chad released a sigh of defeat and asked Kate, "It's over, isn't it?"

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos was on the phone with someone, discussing the amulet. He asked the person to keep an eye on it for the time being, explaining that he wouldn't be able to meet with the middleman during his impending trip to Greece because he had more important matters to attend to there first. He promised to arrange another meeting with the middleman when the time was right.

After Deimos ended the call, he realized that Maggie was standing in the living room doorway. "I didn't hear you come in," he said, trying to sound casual. She explained that she had been trying not to interrupt his phone call, which had sounded important. He claimed that it had been nothing more than a simple business call. "You're not all business these days, are you?" she mused, revealing that she knew all about what he had been up to in Canada. "Really?" he asked, still trying to hide his concern.

"All I can say is thank you," Maggie continued. Relieved, Deimos admitted with a chuckle that he had never expected to hear her say those words to him. She assured him that she had never expected to say them; however, she was grateful that he had tracked Nicole down and had gone to Canada with the intention of trying to convince her to return to Salem with Holly. He pretended to be disappointed that he hadn't arrived in time to stop Xander from kidnapping Nicole and Holly.

"I can't believe how much I hate that man," Maggie grumbled, upset about what Xander had done not only to Nicole and Holly but also to Brady. Deimos promised to do everything in his power to figure out where Xander was hiding. Maggie warned that even if Deimos did manage to rescue Nicole and Holly, Nicole might still want nothing to do with him. Deimos claimed that he understood that and cared only about helping Nicole and Holly safely return to Salem, where they belonged.

Jennifer kept Eric company in the town square while he was following leads on Xander's whereabouts. Eric eventually learned that an old friend, Bruno, had enjoyed a wild night out with Xander in Athens a few months earlier, during which they had visited various casinos and entertained various women. Jennifer was upset to hear that Xander had gone from terrorizing people in Salem to living the high life in Greece.

Jennifer wanted to accompany Eric to Athens, but he insisted that he didn't want her to get involved in a rescue mission that would likely be fraught with danger. "What about your safety?" she protested. "I'm expendable," he reasoned, pointing out that he didn't have children and grandchildren who needed him. He agreed to at least let her contact the authorities in Athens and inform them that a dangerous fugitive might be hiding somewhere near there with two hostages. "But you gotta give me a head start," he stressed, worried about what Xander might do to Nicole and Holly in the event of an ambush.

Jennifer wondered if Eric planned to let Nicole run off with Holly again if he managed to rescue them. "I don't know. I need to talk to Brady about that," he answered. She begged him to be careful. He assured her that he would be, and he promised that when he returned home safe and sound, they would finally have a real dinner date. He gave her a tender kiss before walking away.

When Eric arrived at the hospital a short time later, he was disturbed to learn that Brady's condition had deteriorated since their last conversation. Believing that he would be sent to prison if he managed to recover, Brady granted Eric access to his bank account and told him to use every last penny in it to ensure that Nicole would never have to return to Salem to face that same fate. Eric promised to continue trying to convince Chloe to drop the charges against Nicole, but Brady suspected that the matter was out of Chloe's hands at that point. "If Nicole loses Holly again, Eric, it's gonna kill her," Brady fretted.

After Eric left, Brady drifted off to sleep. Deimos soon arrived and began ranting about how Brady had betrayed him. "Nicole may be in love with you right now, but you can mark my words: she's gonna end up with me...because I put the perfect plan in place, and no one -- especially not you -- is going to interfere with that," Deimos vowed as Brady's slumber continued.

Although it took some effort, Nicole eventually managed to convince Xander to let her out of the cage for a while so she could hold Holly. "Xander? Have you heard any more news about Brady?" Nicole asked sweetly while feeding the child. "No, I haven't. Wonder if that's because I don't give a flying expletive whether he lives or dies?" Xander spat in response.

Xander mused that Nicole had been a lot more fun before she had gotten involved with "that particular pile of wet ramen," adding that although Eric hadn't exactly been much to write home about himself, he had at least been better than Brady. Nicole reminded Xander that Eric had killed Daniel. "And you still haven't forgiven him, have you?" Xander guessed. "No," Nicole confirmed.

Xander thought that was a bit harsh of Nicole, since Daniel's death had occurred due to an accident on an icy road. Nicole pointed out that a bottle of booze had also played a part in the tragic event. Xander admitted that although he had always known Eric to be a bit of a tortured soul, he had never expected the ex-priest to get so heavily involved with alcohol. "Something must have been really bothering him to send him down that road. Hmm. I wonder. Do you think maybe he was jealous of you and Daniel?" Xander mused.

Nicole tried to remain calm, pointing out that Eric and Daniel had been good friends, but when Xander continued pressing the matter -- and badmouthed Daniel in the process, declaring that he had been nearly as dull as Brady was -- she started to snap at him. When she quickly stopped herself, knowing that she couldn't risk angering him, he flashed a smile of satisfaction.

Nicole warned that if Xander wanted her to be nice to him, it would be best for them to change the subject. She wondered if he was planning on holding her captive forever. "We'll see," he replied with a shrug, adding that he had been biding his time since his brush with death, waiting for an opportunity to get revenge against those who had wronged him.

Nicole guessed that people were probably already looking for her. Xander dismissively countered, "That's exactly what I'm counting on. And when the time comes, I'll be ready [for them]." Nicole doubted that Xander understood just how bad things were going to get for him once Victor tracked him down. She pointed out that Xander had not only shot one of Victor's loved ones but had also clearly been crashing in one of Victor's villas as an uninvited guest. Xander angrily clarified that the villa -- and the entire island it sat upon -- belonged to him, claiming that he had bought it with money he had kept hidden in offshore accounts.

Still trying to figure out what Xander's endgame was, Nicole pointed out that if he really planned to hold her captive forever, he would eventually have to explain to Holly why he kept her mother locked in a cage all the time. "Aw. Don't think of it as a cage; think of it as a training crate. I can't very well give the family dog free rein until she's learned her place in my home. Prove to me that you're loyal and obedient, and maybe I'll let you out," Xander replied. He added, "As for Holly, I don't really like kids, so I'll leave her upbringing up to you."

Later, Xander locked Nicole in the cage again then carried Holly away. Once the coast was clear, Nicole vowed that she was going to find a way to escape and return to Brady. Meanwhile, Eric boarded a private jet and, after another conversation with Bruno, instructed the pilot to head to a small island near Piraeus.

Kayla cuts off Jade

Kayla cuts off Jade

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

At the pub, Joey attempted to close for the night but a difficult, drunk, muscular customer named Cory refused to pay his bill. Cory said someone had told him that he did not need to pay his bill. As Cory loomed large over Joey, he yelled that the drinks were on the house. Cory turned to leave, and Joey attempted to stop him. As Cory growled, Tripp walked in and asked if there was a problem. Cory warned Tripp to mind his business.

"That waiter happens to be my little brother, so if you've got a problem with him, you've got a problem with me," Tripp said. Cory swung his arm at Tripp, and Tripp easily avoided the punch. Tripp pinned Cory's arm behind his back and pushed him onto a table. As Joey announced the total on Cory's bill, Tripp fished out Cory's wallet and threw it at Joey. Joey took out the money owed and returned the wallet. With a smile, Tripp threw Cory out the front door.

Laughing, Joey asked Tripp how he had learned to subdue an attacker. Tripp said he had experience in his past, and he had learned that specific move from Roman. Joey asked Tripp to teach him. Laughing, Tripp and Joey wrestled to subdue each other. Steve walked in and smiled at the sight of his two sons. Joey and Tripp eagerly told Steve what had happened with the customer, and they reenacted the confrontation. Steve reminded his sons that fighting was not always the answer.

"I'm never gonna stop standing up for the underdog, and I'm thinking I might have got that from you," Tripp said as he smiled at Steve. "Maybe you did. That's definitely something that runs in our family," Steve said. While Joey locked up the pub, Steve thanked Tripp for helping Joey deal with the ornery customer. Steve said he hoped he could return the favor and help Tripp some day. With a wave goodbye, Steve left. Joey noted that Tripp was warming up to their father. Tripp said he understood Steve better and why Steve had done some of the things he had done in his life.

Kayla was working in her office at the hospital when Jade stopped by for a visit. Jade said she needed a car. Kayla countered that she and Steve were cutting Jade off, and it was Jade's fault. When Jade asked why, Kayla explained that she had spoken with Jade's mother. Kayla yelled that Jade's mother had informed her that she had reached out to Jade with an offer to pay her tuition and buy her a car. Furious, Kayla said that Jade had lied about her situation. Jade said she had not wanted to take money from her family.

"You traded on our empathy. You used us, Jade," Kayla barked. Kayla added that she would not serve as Jade's doctor anymore. After handing the contact information for Jade's new doctor to her, Kayla asked Jade to leave. Setting her jaw, Jade asked Kayla if she had told Joey about cutting her off. "I'm not sure he'd think it's such a good idea to cross me," Jade said menacingly.

Kayla asked Jade if she was threatening to exposed Joey's secret. Jade said she loved Joey and would never hurt him. When Kayla growled that Joey would never return to Jade, Jade argued that Joey loved her, even if he did not realize it. Jade said she had lied for love and that Kayla should understand that motivation. Kayla warned Jade not to compare her relationship with Joey to Kayla's relationship with Steve.

"What you have with Joey is not love. It's obsession," Kayla said. Jade asked for another chance. Kayla refused. Jade said that Kayla could not stop her from talking to whomever she wanted and that she would win Joey back. Shaking her head in disbelief, Kayla told Jade to accept that Joey did not want her and move on.

In the town square, Abigail talked to Hope about Chad's trip to Greece. When Hope probed for details, Abigail pleaded ignorance of Chad's activities. Hope noted that Abigail appeared to be worried about Chad. Shaking her head no, Abigail said that Chad was his own person and that she had no influence on what Chad did with his life. Abigail hurriedly hugged Hope and walked away.

At the police station, Rafe talked to Snake in the interrogation room. Eli escorted in a man named Pez and announced that Pez was also a Halo dealer. Rafe said that the district attorney promised to offer a deal to one of the two men. When Snake grumbled, Eli urged Snake to cooperate. Snake admitted that he had obtained his Halo from Chicago, but he refused to name names. Eli escorted Snake down to booking to review photos. Alone with Pez, Rafe worked on breaking him. Pez said that he obtained his Halo from a local lab, not Chicago.

A bedraggled Lani had just finished vomiting when J.J. entered her hospital room. Lani said she was fine, and she thanked J.J. for helping her escape from Snake. J.J. asked Lani not to shut him out again. Abigail stopped by to see Lani. With a faint smile, Lani said she was tired and needed rest. J.J. kissed Lani goodbye, and Abigail followed him out of the room. Once alone, Lani gripped her stomach and frowned in pain.

As Lani writhed in pain on her bed, Eli walked into the room. Worried, Eli said he wanted to call a nurse. Lani grabbed Eli's hand and begged him not to tell anyone that she was struggling. Eli urged Lani to be honest with her nurses, but she refused. Lani demanded to know why Eli was at the hospital. With a nod, Eli said he had questioned Snake and Pez, and he asked Lani what she remembered about her meetings with Snake. Lani said she wanted to be a part of the investigation because it made her look weak not to return to work.

Eli stressed that Lani had acted heroically and should not be ashamed. Eli urged Lani to talk to her partner. Shaking her head no, Lani said that J.J. would force her to take a leave of absence. When Eli noted that J.J. cared for Lani, an exhausted Lani said she did not believe that J.J. saw the relationship going anywhere. Eli offered to listen if Lani wanted to vent. Lani declined the offer and asked Eli to forget what she had said about J.J. Eli promised not to tell anyone that she had a human side. Crying out, Lani writhed in pain again. Lani ordered Eli to leave, but Eli offered to stay with Lani during her detox.

As Kayla worked at her desk, Steve walked in with a bouquet of flowers. Kayla asked Steve why he was in a good mood. Steve told Kayla about Joey and Tripp's fight with the customer. Smiling, Steve said he was hopeful that things would work out with Tripp. Kayla said she was worried they had a problem, and she told Steve about her conversation with Jade. Kayla apologized for jeopardizing their family. Steve told Kayla not to worry.

J.J. and Abigail walked to the park and talked about events in their lives. J.J. was proud of Abigail's successful bid at independence, and Abigail asked J.J. about his relationship with Lani. J.J. said he liked Lani, but he did not know where the relationship was headed.

At the DiMera mansion, Harold startled Chad as Chad stared at a photo of the amulet he wanted to purchase in Greece. Harold informed Chad that the DiMera head of security was in the hospital and that the remaining security team did not want to go to Greece because they believed the amulet was cursed. Chad laughed. Chad decided to go to Greece alone. On his way out of the living room, Harold placed a box on Chad's desk. Confused, Chad asked what was in the package. Harold said the box contained the figurine that Chad had ordered for Abigail.

Suspicious after her chat with Abigail, Hope went to the DiMera mansion to see Chad. Hope asked Chad how he was doing, and she asked him about his trip. Concerned, Chad asked Hope if Abigail had spoken to her about his trip. With a shrug, Hope said Abigail had mentioned a trip to Greece. Hope asked Chad why he was defensive. Chad said his trip was normal business. Nodding, Hope warned Chad to be careful.

"You and Abigail may not be together right now, but you are still family," Hope said. Hope asked Chad to think about who he wanted to be. Chad hugged Hope goodbye. Resigned, Hope told Chad to call her if he needed help with anything. After Hope left, Chad called Abigail and ordered her to meet with him. Chad met up with Abigail in the square, and he told her he did not appreciate her talking to the cops about him.

Exasperated, Abigail reminded Chad that she had talked to a family member about her worries. Abigail stressed that she had not told Hope that Chad had done anything illegal. Chad asked Abigail why she cared if he went to jail. Sighing loudly, Abigail reminded Chad that she loved him and would always love him. Chad retorted that Abigail did not love him enough to work on their marriage.

"Sometimes it's not enough. And it took me a really long time to realize that we just don't belong together," Abigail said. "Okay, well then, you have no right to question my choices," Chad countered. With a nod, Abigail told Chad to do whatever he needed to do. Chad started to leave then stopped. Chad told Abigail about the porcelain figurine he had purchased for her. Fighting tears, Chad said he had knocked the figure off the table and shattered it.

"No matter how broken something appears to be, you can always put it back together again. Everything can be fixed," Chad said. "Not everything," Abigail said. Shaking his head in defeat, Chad walked away. When Chad returned home, he started to throw away the pieces of the figurine but stopped himself.

Hope dropped off dinner at Rafe's desk at the police station. When Rafe asked Hope to join him, she said she could not stay long because she needed to catch a flight to Greece. Stunned, Rafe asked Hope why she was going to Greece. Hope explained that she was worried about Chad and wanted to make sure he avoided trouble.

In the park, Jade met up with Tripp and complained about how Kayla had treated her. Jade said that after she had protected the family, they owed her. Suspicious, Tripp asked Jade if she had kept a secret about Ava. Jade shifted her eyes away. Tripp asked Jade for the truth. When Jade said she had nothing to say, Tripp offered to explain his theory out loud. Tripp said he believed that Steve was covering for Kayla.

"Are you asking me if Kayla killed Ava?" Jade asked. "Did she? Is that what happened, Jade?" Tripp asked. "Yes," Jade said firmly.

Sonny and Paul realize what Deimos is up to

Sonny and Paul realize what Deimos is up to

> Sonny and Paul realize what Deimos is up to

Sonny and Paul realize what Deimos is up to

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

by Mike

Valerie joined Abe in the Horton Town Square and sadly reported, when asked about Brady's condition, that it had not improved. Abe could tell that Brady's setback had taken a toll on Valerie, who looked quite tired. Although he couldn't do anything to help Brady, Abe cryptically informed Valerie that he had arranged something that might help her.

Eli entered Club TBD with Gabi and wondered why it was closed to the public in the middle of the day. "Not that I mind being alone with you," he added, giving her a hug. Laughing, she revealed that she had a surprise for him. When he probed for details, she acted coy, prompting him to resort to one of his dirty FBI tactics -- kissing -- in an effort to convince her to talk.

As Eli waited for a response from Gabi, Abe and Valerie entered the club. "This isn't a surprise; it's a setup," Eli realized. Valerie assured Eli that she had no idea what was going on. Gabi and Abe confirmed that they had conspired to get Eli and Valerie in the same room together in the hope of instigating a reconciliation.

"This is none of your business," Eli insisted. Gabi conceded the point; she stressed, however, that because she was a mother herself, she found it difficult to sit back and watch as distance grew between a parent and child who clearly loved each other very much. "Can't you at least talk to each other?" Abe added.

Valerie was willing to do that but knew it wasn't her call to make. Sighing, Eli reluctantly agreed to the idea, even though he was certain that conversing with his mother wouldn't change anything. Gabi helpfully suggested that it might be best for Valerie and Eli to talk about something other than David. "What good would that do?" Eli asked. Abe pointed out that even if the topic of conversation was trivial, Eli and Valerie would at least be spending time together -- and, in doing so, they might start to bridge the distance between them. Eli remained skeptical but agreed to eat breakfast with Valerie, since Gabi had gone to the trouble of cooking for them.

After Abe and Gabi left, Valerie and Eli began helping themselves to the food that had been provided for them. Eli took a bit of everything, but Valerie was only interested in the fresh strawberries, leading him to conclude that she was worried about one of her patients, since their health had always affected her appetite. He admitted that as a kid, he had been proud of her for caring that much about her patients, and he had often told his friends that she was the best doctor in the world. "You used to brag about me?" she asked. He clarified, "I wasn't bragging; I believed it. Still do."

Valerie admitted with a sigh that she had failed Eli in many ways. "I didn't have to be a surgeon. I could have chosen a specialty with less demands on my time and temperament," she continued. Eli insisted that she hadn't failed him; in fact, she had done everything in her power to give him a good childhood -- everything except letting his biological father be a part of his life.

Valerie understood why Eli was upset about that; however, she sincerely believed that if David had been given the chance to do so, he would have turned his back on Eli sooner or later, just as he had turned his back on everyone else in his life at one point or another. "I couldn't -- I wouldn't -- stand for him to do something like that to you, my baby, so I made a decision," she continued.

"Where do we go from here? Can we work through this...or is what I did just too hard for you to forgive?" Valerie asked, fighting back tears. Eli admitted that he wasn't ready to answer that question yet. "Mom, I'm not trying to punish you. I just -- I thought you were pretty much perfect," he added, his voice wavering as he spoke. "Oh! Well, now you know I'm not; I'm just a mom," she replied with a shrug, managing a weak chuckle.

Valerie thanked Eli for his honesty then watched sadly as he left the club without saying another word to her. Gabi spotted him passing through the town square and braced herself for a confrontation, but he chose to kiss her instead. "What was that for?" she asked after he pulled away. "For caring enough about me to risk making me really mad at you," he answered.

Abe was at the hospital, checking on Brady, when Valerie approached him. "Are you speaking to me?" he asked. "Of course I am," she replied with a smile. After reporting that Eli was still upset with her for lying to him, Valerie happily added that, on the bright side, she was no longer concerned that he had stopped loving her. "[And that's] thanks to you and Gabi," she told Abe before giving him a kiss.

Elsewhere, Sonny and Paul greeted Marlena, who was disappointed to learn that Paul had not been able to convince the ISA to help him track down John. "I'm so fed up with that agency!" Marlena grumbled. Knowing that the ISA's executive director was in Chicago at that time, she decided to go there and convince the woman to cooperate. "Brady needs his father," she insisted.

Later, Marlena ran into Valerie, who apologetically reported that because Brady's condition wasn't improving, she had placed him back on the list of patients in need of a donor heart, just in case. Marlena started to fret about how devastated John would be if anything happened to his son while he was out of town, but Valerie wasn't ready to give up hope yet, stressing that she was still doing everything in her power to save Brady's life.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos received a phone call from Xander, who was getting sick of babysitting Nicole and Holly. Deimos explained that he couldn't begin staging the rescue operation yet because Sonny was watching his every move. "You say you're so smart, and you can't even find a way to ditch Sonny?" Xander asked incredulously.

Xander wondered why Deimos wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nicole, of all people. "She never shuts up, and all she ever talks about is Brady!" Xander complained. Deimos dismissively insisted that he was going to make Nicole forget all about Brady. "Good luck with that. All I know is I've had enough of her to last me a lifetime. Get here!" Xander demanded before ending the call.

"Do not touch her! Do you hear me?" Deimos shouted, unaware that Xander had hung up on him. Meanwhile, Maggie entered the living room. "Sounds like your phone call didn't go very well. Was it about Nicole and Holly?" she asked. He claimed that his phone call had been about a business matter -- one that might require him to go out of town for a few days.

Later, Sonny arrived to give Maggie an update on Brady's condition. Deimos soon joined the conversation and claimed that he was sorry to hear that Brady wasn't getting better. After Maggie went to break the news to Victor, Sonny asked if Deimos had gotten any leads on Xander's whereabouts yet. "I do have other responsibilities, Sonny. I'm not a full-time detective like your boyfriend," Deimos dismissively replied.

Sonny suspiciously agreed that it seemed like Paul was doing more to save the woman Deimos claimed to love than Deimos was doing. Sonny couldn't think of anything else that might be taking up Deimos' time, since Deimos was costing Titan money and didn't seem all that concerned about Brady. "You know what? You are really testing my patience," Deimos grumbled.

Later, Paul arrived and found Sonny alone in the living room. While they were talking, Maggie joined them and reported that she had filled Victor in on what was happening with Brady. She said she was glad that Deimos was going out of town for a few days, since running Titan in his absence would be a good distraction for Victor.

Intrigued, Sonny casually probed for more details. Maggie explained that Deimos had told her earlier that he would likely have to leave town soon to deal with a business crisis. She admitted that although Deimos had wanted the trip to be a secret so Victor wouldn't have yet another thing to worry about while Brady was in the hospital, she had decided to tell Victor because he needed something else to worry about.

After Maggie headed back upstairs to rejoin Victor, Sonny suspiciously informed Paul that Deimos hadn't mentioned anything about a business trip during their earlier conversation. Sonny started to call someone to see if Deimos had requested the use of the Titan jet, but Paul argued that it would be best to let Steve investigate the matter because he would be able to get information without tipping off Deimos in the process.

To kill time while waiting for Paul to talk to Steve, Sonny went to the town square to buy a birthday gift for Arianna to take to a party she was planning to attend later that day. Afterward, Sonny rejoined Paul, who reported that Steve had tailed Deimos to a chartered jet at an airfield an hour away from Salem -- and that the filed flight plan indicated that Deimos was heading to Athens. "Greece. Remember the intercepted emails? This is all starting to come together," Sonny mused.

Sonny and Paul soon ran into Gabi, who was talking to Eli about his earlier conversation with his mother. After Gabi went to take the gift to Arianna, who was already at the nearby party, Sonny and Paul quickly shared what they had learned with Eli, who insisted that he'd need more than that to convince the FBI to get involved. "Come on, man -- connect the dots," Sonny tiredly countered, certain that Deimos and Xander were working together.

Gabi soon returned and guessed that Deimos was the subject of the conversation. Sonny confirmed the suspicion, but Eli stopped him from saying anything else, stressing that if he was going to get the FBI involved, the details would need to be kept confidential. Gabi assured the men that she understood and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the investigation because she wanted to see Deimos behind bars just as much as they did.

Xander let Nicole out of the cage so she could take a shower and change her clothes. When she rejoined him afterward, she noticed that the cage was gone. "What are you up to now?" she asked. "You're welcome," he replied. She warned that if he was planning on keeping her child away from her, it would be in his best interest to put her back in the cage immediately.

Reporting that Holly was asleep, Xander added that there was no need for Nicole to worry about feeding and changing the child because a nanny was being paid to handle those tasks. "I am her mother! She needs me!" Nicole protested. Xander angrily warned Nicole to shut up then quickly calmed down and suggested that it might be nice for them to take a walk along the beach together later.

"Why are you being so bipolar?" Nicole asked. Xander complained that he was trying to fulfill Nicole's wishes but wasn't getting any gratitude in return. She explained that she was skeptical of his true motives because he never did anything nice for anyone without a hidden agenda. Scoffing, he dryly suggested, "Maybe I'm hoping you'll fall madly in love with your captor."

Nicole insisted that was never going to happen. "Fine, have it your way. But you're still stuck here, so I suggest you find a way to get along with me," Xander countered. Conceding the point, she challenged him to a game of poker, promising that if he won, she would stop getting in his face all the time. She added, however, that if she won, he would have to let her see her child whenever she wanted to. "I'll get the cards," he replied.

Once the coast was clear, Nicole checked the exits and realized that guards were posted at each one. When Xander returned a short time later, the poker game began -- and he ultimately lost it. "Story of my bloody life," he grumbled. She conceded that he had every right to be upset about his status as the outcast of the Kiriakis family, especially since Victor had forgiven Deimos for plenty of terrible things.

Xander listened with interest as Nicole filled him in on some of the things that Deimos had done. Nicole offered to try to help Xander get back in his family's good graces, telling him, "I know your pain is what makes you do the things you do, [because] I'm the same way." Xander seemed to think that Nicole was being sincere at first, but he soon changed his mind and snapped at her, guessing that she was trying to play him again.

After Xander stormed off, Nicole scattered the playing cards across the room in frustration, upset that he was keeping her from seeing Holly. Determined to escape, she tried to sweet-talk a guard into stepping into her room to help her retrieve something from a shelf she couldn't reach, but he refused to fall for her trick. Undeterred, she began plotting new schemes.

Later, Nicole tried to talk to the guard again, hoping she could manipulate him with a cold glass of lemonade, since it was quite hot outside. She dropped the glass in shock when she saw that the guard she had talked to earlier was gone -- and Eric was standing in his place.

Chad gets a couple surprises in Greece

Chad gets a couple surprises in Greece

Thursday, May 11, 2017

by Mike

Theo entered the Brady Pub in time to catch Wyatt taking money out of Ciara's purse. As Theo began to confront Wyatt, Ciara, who had stepped aside to take a phone call, returned and explained that she had agreed to loan Wyatt the money. Theo wanted to know why, so Ciara sent Wyatt off to run some errands so she could talk to Theo privately.

"Giving Wyatt money is not okay, Ciara!" Theo insisted, adding that Wyatt was clearly using Ciara. Ciara disagreed, assuring Theo that Wyatt was a great guy who really cared about her. Theo countered that Wyatt only cared about Ciara's money. Ciara warned Theo to stop saying such things about her boyfriend.

"Your what?" Theo asked incredulously. Confused, Ciara admitted that she had assumed Theo would be happy for her. "Happy? That you're hitting the ATM for your 'boyfriend'?" Theo countered, shaking his head in disbelief. Hurt, Ciara walked away, declaring Theo's comment a really low blow.

Claire entered the Kiriakis mansion while Victor was on the phone with one of the hospital's nurses, demanding answers about Brady's condition. Upset that the person only knew that Brady's health was still deteriorating, Victor snapped, "Tell Dr. Evans to call me. I want to know what the hell is going on!"

"Sounds like you're not in a great mood," Claire observed after Victor ended the call. She started to apologize for neglecting to call ahead of time to let him know that she would be visiting, but he dismissed the concern and wondered why she seemed upset. She gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she explained that she needed help and couldn't think of anyone else to turn to -- including her parents, who didn't understand her the way he did. "I need money to launch my music career. The music executive that I met with, he said that, um, I'm talented, but I need to up my game. That means voice lessons, trainers, coaches..." she continued.

Victor wondered how much money Claire needed. Admitting that she wasn't sure, Claire asked if Victor really needed an exact amount. "I'm not in the habit of writing blank checks," Victor replied with a chuckle. Protesting that Victor happily handed money over to Ciara all the time with no questions asked, Claire concluded that he clearly favored Ciara over her.

Victor insisted that wasn't true. "Anytime you've ever come to me for money -- pocket change -- I've always given it to you. But a huge lump sum? That would be irresponsible of me. I don't give money to any of my heirs until they're old enough to handle it responsibly," he continued, adding, when asked, that the target age was twenty-one. He reminded Claire that the money he had given to Ciara was locked away in a trust fund for the time being and had only been handed over early because Ciara had been on her own until recently. He promised that access to a similar trust fund would be granted to Claire when the time was right.

"A lot of good it'll do if I can't use it now," Claire grumbled. Victor predicted that she wouldn't always feel that way. Changing the subject, he insisted that she needed to get over her feelings of jealousy before things got out of hand. Scoffing, she protested that she wasn't jealous of Ciara. Unconvinced, he forged ahead, stressing that there was no reason for her to be jealous of anyone, given how smart, beautiful, and talented she was. He added that he actually saw a lot of himself in her. "Doesn't mean that I love Ciara any less, but you have a directness -- a drive -- that will take you far, whereas Ciara..." he continued.

Claire bitterly concluded, "Oh, she doesn't need an edge, 'cause she's already perfect, you know? On top of being drop-dead gorgeous and a total brain trust, she's, like, this really amazing person who cares about everyone, and other people, they see how amazing she is, and they can't stop being in total awe of her. You know, people think I'm fun to hang out with and everything, but, no, I'll never live up to Saint Ciara!"

As if on cue, Ciara entered the mansion and joined Victor and Claire in the living room. Ciara apologized for interrupting and offered to wait in the foyer until Victor and Claire were finished with their conversation, but Claire insisted, "Oh, no, no, no. Don't bother. Don't bother. Go ahead. I'm sure that what you have to say is way more important."

Victor admonished Claire as Ciara hesitantly forged ahead, confused about what she had just walked in on. "I've been following the investments that my trust fund covers, and I found this amazing opportunity: [a] water-filtering process that doesn't exist in the poorer regions of Central and South America. [If] we can find a way to market it globally, then we'll have a huge return on the investment, and millions of people will have clean drinking water," Ciara explained. Claire laughed quietly as Ciara asked Victor to consider talking to his financial team about altering her trust fund so she could invest in the project.

"Oh, God! Do you see what I mean?" Claire grumbled before storming out of the mansion, slamming the door behind her. When Victor filled in the blanks for Ciara, she insisted, "Claire can't be jealous of me! If anything, I'm jealous of her!" Victor groaned as Ciara continued, "I mean, not [only] is she just totally stunning, but she's [also] one of the funniest and most talented girls I know. And she's with Theo -- the greatest guy in the world -- [and he's] totally in love with her!"

Victor tiredly insisted that both Ciara and Claire were extraordinary. "Now, look, can't we just forget about this insanity? Jealousy is a complete and utter waste of time!" he added. Ciara thought it was easy for him to say such a thing because he was, after all, Victor Kiriakis, but he clarified, "No, it's easy to say because I'm old." He stressed that he had learned years earlier that it was pointless and destructive for people to covet things they didn't have. She thought there were probably some exceptions to that rule, but he matter-of-factly assured her that there wasn't even a single one.

Victor was pleased when Ciara thanked him for the reminder instead of continuing to argue with him about the matter, since that suggested to him that she, unlike Claire, was open to the idea of taking his advice into consideration. Ciara admitted that finally having an awesome boyfriend of her own made it easier to resist the urge to be jealous of other couples. When Victor probed for details, Ciara revealed her boyfriend's first name but refused to share his last name, knowing that if she did, Victor would have Wyatt investigated. "And that would be a bad thing?" Victor assumed.

Chuckling, Ciara assured Victor that she would arrange a meeting as soon as she felt confident that Wyatt could handle it without getting too intimidated. "A little bit of intimidation is a good thing," Victor argued, but Ciara maintained that she wanted to be certain that her relationship with Wyatt was on solid ground first -- like Claire's relationship with Theo was.

Claire ran into Theo in the Horton Town Square and told him that she was having the worst day ever. "You and me both," he replied, prompting her to wonder what was bothering him. He explained that he was bummed about Ciara and Wyatt being a couple because he was certain that Wyatt was using Ciara for her money, even though Ciara had insisted that wasn't the case.

Claire wondered why Theo couldn't just be happy for Ciara and Wyatt, who were clearly into each other. "I mean, I was at first, and --" Theo began. "And now you're practically obsessed, [which] is only making my bad day, like, a thousand times worse!" Claire concluded. When he pointed out that the conversation wasn't about her, she countered, "Right, right -- sorry. It's about Ciara, as always!"

Claire complained that she was sick of hearing about Ciara all the time, leading Theo to conclude that she would rather have every conversation revolve around her. She protested that he was being really mean, but he clarified that he was simply trying to understand what her problem was. She wondered how he would feel if she acted insanely jealous of another guy's girlfriend all the time. He insisted that he wasn't jealous; however, when she challenged him to provide an alternative explanation for his concern about Ciara's relationship with Wyatt, he stammered that he didn't know how to explain it. He then rushed off in frustration.

Theo found Wyatt at the Brady Pub and apologized to him for what had happened earlier. "Don't sweat it," Wyatt said. "I'm not sweating," Theo replied. Forging ahead, Theo stressed that he didn't like the idea of Wyatt borrowing money from Ciara. Wyatt argued that it was common for couples to share money with each other, and he added that it wasn't like Ciara was strapped for cash, anyway. Theo was surprised that Wyatt knew how much money Ciara had, since that wasn't one of the things he had shared with Wyatt when coaching him on Ciara's interests and history. "How'd you find that out, Wyatt?" Theo demanded to know.

Before Wyatt could respond, Ciara entered the pub and wondered if another fight was in progress. Theo remained silent as Wyatt assured Ciara that everything had been settled. Happy to hear that, Ciara changed the subject, wondering if Wyatt had gotten his laptop back from the repair shop yet. He told her it was still being worked on. Guessing that he was nervous about not being able to finish his schoolwork in time due to the setback, she assured him that, as she had previously promised, she would do one of his assignments herself so he could focus on the other one. "Babe, you are the best," he raved.

After Ciara went to claim a booth, Theo quietly told Wyatt, "I don't like this." Recalling that Theo had previously said he simply wanted to see Ciara happy, Wyatt stressed that she had said herself that she was happier with him than she had ever been before. Theo remained convinced that Ciara was being taken advantage of, but Wyatt maintained that she had freely offered her money and her schoolwork services. Still concerned, Theo insisted, "This has to stop, all right? We have to call the whole thing off -- right now!"

While Chad was at an outdoor café in Athens, waiting impatiently for a call from the middleman about the amulet, Hope casually approached and took a seat at his table. Stunned, he insisted that she shouldn't have followed him to Athens. "Who said I was following you? Maybe I'm on vacation; maybe I'm sightseeing," she innocently replied.

Unconvinced, Chad told Hope to stay out of his business. Hope explained that she was worried about Chad -- and that Abigail was, too. Scoffing, Chad doubted that Abigail was losing any sleep over him or his business activities. "This trip is a very bad idea!" Hope warned Chad. "I couldn't agree with you more," Andre said as he approached Chad and Hope's table.

Andre pulled a nearby chair over to the table and settled onto it as he admitted that he was surprised -- but not pleasantly surprised -- to see Hope. "Aren't you supposed to be in South America, discovering yourself?" Chad asked Andre. "Oh, I did. It was wonderful. But there's only so much adventure a man can experience before boredom begins to set it," Andre replied.

Chad pointed out that Greece wasn't exactly on the flight path from Machu Picchu to Salem. Conceding the point, Andre explained that when he had learned that Chad was in Greece, he had been unable to resist the urge to book a flight there. "So thoughtful," Chad sarcastically muttered. "Ah, well, at least one of us is taking time to think," Andre countered, adding that Chad was jumping headfirst into something without any idea of what the consequences might be. Chad dismissively insisted that Andre didn't know what he was talking about, but Andre clarified that he did, thanks to Chad's chatty butler, Harold.

Andre told Chad that it might be best for them to continue the conversation in private, since Hope was once again an officer of the law, despite her attempt to murder Stefano. Hope reasoned that if neither Chad nor Andre was hiding anything, there was no harm in letting her remain a part of the conversation. Andre assured Hope that he had absolutely nothing to hide. Hope admitted that she believed Andre. "You're gonna believe him but not me?" Chad asked incredulously. "For once, yes," Hope replied with a shrug.

Andre suspected that, like him, Hope was only in Greece to prevent Chad from making a terrible mistake, so he proposed a short-term truce with her, and she agreed to the idea. Chad protested that he didn't need help from either of them, but Andre insisted that wasn't true. "When Harold informed me of your abrupt decision to come here -- and the reason why none of the staff were willing to accompany you -- I decided it was necessary for me to come here, as your big brother, to alert you of the danger involved [in your] mission," Andre continued.

Confused, Hope admitted that she didn't know all the details of Chad's mission. Chad insisted that it was none of Hope's business, but Andre maintained, "Chad, you're playing with danger! Just let this transaction go [and] come back with us to Salem -- before something horrible happens." Still confused, Hope again prompted Andre for more details -- details that Andre, despite Chad's protests, was happy to provide.

As Andre was getting Hope up to speed, Chad repeatedly dismissed the reports that the amulet was cursed. Hope wondered if there was evidence to support the possibility of a curse. Andre confirmed, "When this amulet was uncovered years ago, Stefano wanted to acquire it. He sent this man to England to bring it back, [but the] man became paralyzed because of a boating accident. Now he's spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. And because of that alone, Stefano canceled the transaction." The story was news to Chad, who started to question its validity.

Ignoring the questions, Andre urged Hope to arrest Chad for conspiring to buy stolen property. Chad dismissively insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong, but Andre pointed out that Chad would no longer be able to feign innocence once the amulet was in his possession. Hope confirmed that Andre was right about that. "Check and mate, little brother," Andre concluded with a smile of satisfaction.

Chad coolly maintained that he had done nothing to warrant an arrest, and he added that Hope didn't have jurisdiction in Greece, anyway. Andre argued that Hope could at least haul Chad down to the local police station for questioning. "Did you bring handcuffs?" Andre asked Hope. Ignoring the question, Hope conceded that, as Chad had said, she couldn't do anything to him until he officially broke the law.

Chad triumphantly encouraged Hope and Andre to cut their losses and catch the next flight back to Salem, but they both insisted that they were going to stick around and keep an eye on Chad. When Andre asked Hope to cuff Chad to the table as an alternative to officially arresting him, she suspiciously wondered if the request was an attempt to get her to do something that would get her thrown off the police force again. "If committing murder didn't put you out of commission, nothing else will," Andre dryly replied.

Spotting an opportunity, Chad discreetly pinched a nearby woman's leg while Andre and Hope were arguing with each other. The woman angrily smacked Andre with her purse and began cursing him in Greek, assuming that he was the culprit. When Hope tried to intervene, the woman mistook her for Andre's wife. "Bite your tongue," Hope told the woman as Andre stifled a snicker. Hope tried to figure out what was wrong, but the woman simply smacked Andre a few more times then stormed off.

Hope and Andre soon realized that Chad was gone, leading them to conclude that he had done something to offend the woman so she would keep them distracted for a few minutes. Andre complained that Hope should have arrested Chad when she'd had the chance, but she maintained that she was in Greece not as a cop but instead as someone who, like Andre, was genuinely concerned about Chad. Suspecting that there was more to the story, Andre asked if Hope was trying to make amends for what she had done to Stefano. Hope confirmed the suspicion, admitting that she had promised herself that she would always keep an eye on Chad and do everything in her power to stop him from giving in to the dark side he had inherited from Stefano. Andre worriedly predicted that Chad might be giving in to his dark side at that very moment.

Meanwhile, in a hotel room, Chad questioned the middleman, Kristos, to see if he was trying to start a bidding war between a DiMera and a Kiriakis. "Not to worry. You are here, Deimos is not, and I cannot wait for him; I have to get rid of this amulet and its curse as soon as possible," Kristos stressed. Chad couldn't believe that Kristos was just as concerned about the supposed curse as everyone else seemed to be, but Kristos, whose right arm was in a sling, insisted that the curse was the only explanation for his broken arm. Kristos added that someone else would be delivering the amulet to Chad because he never wanted to see it again.

Later, Andre and Hope found Chad alone in the hotel room. After admonishing Chad for the stunt he had pulled earlier, Andre worriedly wondered if the amulet was somewhere in the room at that time, fretting that if it was, things could get bad at any moment. Chad claimed that the middleman had never arrived to complete the sale. "Probably 'cause he's dead," Andre guessed. Forging ahead, Chad said that he had taken that as a sign that Andre and Hope had been right about the importance of taking the curse seriously. "So you're letting it go? Just like that?" Hope asked. "I have enough drama in my life right now. I don't need any more," Chad replied.

Nicole had a lot of questions for Eric, but he insisted that there was no time to answer them. "I know you hate me, but right now, I need to get you out of here, because Brady asked me to, and I'm not going anywhere without you," Eric quickly added. Disturbed to hear that Brady was in bad shape, Nicole grudgingly conceded that she would have to accept Eric's help, even though she didn't want to go anywhere with him, of all people.

Eric helped Nicole search the villa for Holly. They eventually spotted her in a nanny's arms on the patio. Eric stepped outside and began a conversation with the nanny in Greek. When the nanny complained that the baby wouldn't stop crying, Eric offered to take over so the nanny could get some rest. The nanny handed Holly over to Eric then thanked him and rushed off.

After taking Holly from Eric, Nicole wondered where he had learned to speak Greek. "Everyone who graduates seminary has to speak a little Greek and Latin," he explained. She insisted that although she was grateful for his seminary lessons, she didn't want any more help from him, given what he had done to her child's father.

As Eric was trying to change Nicole's mind, Xander stumbled out to the patio. Eric kept his back to Xander, who assumed he was a guard. Xander barked orders, and Eric obediently responded, taking Holly from Nicole and carrying the child back into the villa.

Eric had been instructed to return Holly to the nanny, but he instead took the child to the private jet and asked the pilot to watch her. The pilot, a father of three, said that wouldn't be a problem. Eric explained that he was heading back to the villa to get Nicole. He stressed that if she made her way to the jet before he did, the pilot could leave without him -- and if twenty-four hours passed without any word from him or her, the pilot could leave without either of them to ensure that, at the very least, Holly would be safe.

Xander prepared a couple martinis as he began telling Nicole about how he had gone to a real poker game after storming off on her earlier -- and had won big there, proving that losing to her had been a fluke. He started to rant about her talent for tricking men, believing that she might have rigged the game, but he soon switched gears, admitting that he found her fighting spirit incredibly attractive. He tried to convince her to give him a chance to make her happy, and although she resisted at first, she changed gears when she noticed that his keys were hanging out of his pants pocket.

Nicole helped Xander into a chair and started to rub his shoulders. Having already consumed quite a bit of alcohol during the poker game, he soon drifted off to sleep. When she tried to grab his keys, he woke up and angrily concluded that she had been playing him again. She claimed that she had simply been trying to move his keys so he wouldn't wake up later and decide to take his car for a spin.

Xander skeptically challenged Nicole to give him a kiss as a way of proving that she was being sincere. As Xander pulled Nicole toward him, Eric burst back into the villa and delivered a swift punch, knocking Xander out.

Eric fights with Xander

Eric fights with Xander

Friday, May 12, 2017

In Greece, Nicole eased a drunk Xander into a chair. Nicole gently massaged Xander's shoulders until he appeared to fall asleep. As Nicole delicately reached into Xander's pocket to take his car keys, Xander grabbed Nicole's wrist and screamed at her. Furious, Xander pushed Nicole against the wall. Before Xander could kiss Nicole, Eric burst through the door and knocked Xander unconscious.

Eric was checking on Nicole when Xander stirred awake. Both Eric and Nicole fought against Xander. Eric managed to get Xander in a chokehold, but one of Xander's mercenaries ran into the house and hit Eric over the head. As the mercenary held Eric tightly in a chokehold, Xander remarked that Eric still had a savior complex.

"You're no longer the hero. Now you tell me, Nicole, who's the real monster here? Me? Or this man who destroyed your entire life?" Xander asked. Eric yelled that both he and Xander were monsters. Xander punched Eric until he crumpled to the ground. After locking Nicole and Eric away, Xander wondered aloud what Deimos would want him to do with Eric. Xander ordered one of his mercenaries to keep an eye on their captives.

In their locked bedroom, Eric stirred awake to the sounds of Nicole attempting to open the locked door. Seeing Eric stir, Nicole asked about Holly. Eric reassured Nicole that Holly was with his pilot, Roy. When Nicole panicked, Eric said that Roy would not leave the country for 24 hours. Nicole yelled that Eric was a monster, and she slapped him.

After collecting herself, Nicole asked Eric why he had followed her to Greece. As Eric stammered, Nicole said that Eric had been selfish. Emotional, Nicole cried out that Eric was a murderer and that his actions would not change that. With a sigh, Nicole told Eric that she had gotten involved with Xander originally because she had attempted to protect Eric from Serena. Nicole reminded Eric that he had refused to trust or believe her about Serena.

"How did you thank me? You destroyed my life because of what you did the night Daniel died. I talked to you before you got behind the wheel. I called you a cab," Nicole said. As Eric started to say he was sorry, Nicole cut him off. Nicole said that Holly was all she had left and that she needed Eric to make sure that Holly returned to Salem safely. When Eric stated that his plan was to save Holly and Nicole, Nicole ordered Eric not play her savior.

"You killed Daniel. Because if Daniel were still alive, Chloe wouldn't have kept her pregnancy a secret. And there wouldn't have been a custody case, and I wouldn't have gone on the run with Holly, and Brady wouldn't be fighting for his life right now. The whole nightmare of my existence can be traced back to New Year's and to you," Nicole yelled. "I know," Eric said quietly. Nicole broke down in tears. Eric said he was sorry again, and Nicole erupted. Nicole bellowed that she would never forgive Eric.

Nicole said that after Daniel had died, she had not thought she could be happy again, but she had found happiness with Brady. Nicole added that the pilot would take Holly away, and she might never see her daughter again. Wiping away her tears, Nicole screamed that if Holly disappeared, Eric would have taken everything away from her. Nicole added that she would not forgive Eric "in this lifetime or any other." Nicole crumpled on the floor and cried.

"I did the worst thing imaginable, and I'm not asking for absolution. I came here to take you and your baby home. Daniel's baby. And you can go on hating me forever," Eric said. Weeping, Nicole looked up at Eric.

In the Salem town square, Paul and Sonny told Justin that Deimos was on his way to Greece to find Nicole and Holly. Sonny worried aloud that Deimos would disappear with Nicole and the baby. Justin asked Sonny not to go after Deimos because it was too dangerous. Sonny countered that it was his duty to stop Deimos because Deimos had become an embarrassment to the family. When Paul mentioned that Sonny carried a gun, Justin's eyebrows rose. Sonny explained that he had a permit, and he had started carrying the gun after Deimos had started to lose control.

In the park, Gabi talked on the phone with Rafe about Eduardo's sentence. Gabi was devastated to learn that the court had sentenced Eduardo to two years in prison.

Brady awoke in his hospital bed and found Chloe staring at him. Chloe said she was sorry that she had yelled at Brady. Brady whispered that Holly belonged with Nicole, and as a mother, Chloe should understand what that felt like. Brady asked Chloe if she had any compassion for Nicole, who could not have any more children. Crying, Chloe said that Holly was a part of her, and she wanted to make sure Holly was okay. Chloe said Nicole was wrong for kidnapping Holly, but she regretted that her lawsuit for custody of Holly had started the chain of events leading to Brady's health problems.

"I'm not going anywhere. Holly's gonna be safe," Brady said. Chloe took Brady's hand, and he promised not to give up if Chloe did not give up. Brady assured Chloe that someone was working on his behalf to make sure that Holly was safe. Chloe thanked Brady. With a nod, Brady noted that Nicole could not return home while there were outstanding charges against her for kidnapping.

Brady said that Chloe's fear had been that Nicole would return to Deimos, but Nicole had moved on. When Chloe shifted her eyes away, Brady asked why Chloe was determined to raise Holly. Chloe said she felt like Holly was her baby because she had carried Holly. Brady interrupted to remind Chloe that she had carried Holly because of Nicole. "The future is in your hands. Please don't make those children lose anything else. And don't let Nicole lose anything either," Brady said softly.

J.J. and Lani walked into the police station, surprising Eli. Lani was adamant that she wanted to see Snake punished for his crimes. As J.J. noted that it was a relief that Lani had flushed the Halo from her system, Eli noticed that Lani's hand was trembling. Lani shook her head no at Eli while J.J.'s back was turned.

Eli announced that Deimos was likely in pursuit of Nicole and Holly. When J.J. asked why Eli was not chasing after Deimos, Eli explained that there was nothing he could do to stop Deimos. J.J. refused to let Deimos escape. As J.J. ranted, his phone beeped with a message. J.J. announced that Eric had flown to Greece to find Xander. Eli noted, "All roads are leading to Greece."

J.J. called Sonny and told him that they had a lead on Xander in Greece. Sonny asked J.J. to meet him at the Titan jet. After hanging up the phone, Eli noted that the FBI had jurisdiction because of the kidnapping. Lani added that the Salem police had outstanding warrants for Xander, and J.J. chimed in with his hope that they would be able to arrest Deimos. Shaking his head, J.J. said he was disappointed that they had the right to arrest Nicole but not Deimos.

In the town square, Justin wished Sonny good luck as Gabi walked over to their group. After Justin left, Gabi told Sonny that Eduardo had been sentenced to two years in prison. Scowling, Gabi lamented that Deimos would not be punished for his crimes, but her father would. Sonny told Gabi that he and Paul had been building a case against Deimos.

Sonny explained that he planned to follow Deimos to Greece and stop him from absconding with Nicole and Holly. Gabi asked to join Sonny in Greece, but Sonny did not want Gabi to get hurt. Gabi growled that she did not feel safe, and she said she needed to see Deimos suffer for his crimes. When Sonny said no, Gabi relented. Gabi asked Sonny to be careful because Arianna needed Sonny to return home. Sonny swore that he would not stop until Deimos was behind bars. With a nod, Gabi said she felt the same way.

After Sonny left, Eli called Gabi as she walked into the park. Eli told Gabi that he was going out of town for work and would miss her. Annoyed, Gabi said she was unhappy that Sonny was going to Greece without her. Eli countered that they were taking Sonny's plane, so he did not have a choice. Gabi hung up the call, and she thought about when she had been locked up in the freezer with Chad. Gabi called Lucas and asked him if he wanted to spend some time with Arianna.

Justin visited Brady in his hospital room to inform him that a group was headed to Greece. Brady told Justin not to worry about Sonny because he was a strong individual. Justin assured Brady that he would run Titan with Sonny when he was better. With a sigh, Brady said he needed to be realistic. Brady asked Justin to update his will. Brady said he wanted a do not resuscitate (DNR) order, as well. Justin pulled out a DNR form from his briefcase, and Brady signed the form. Brady said he would not give up.

In the town square, Sonny assured Paul that things would be fine in Greece. Paul said he would support Sonny no matter what. With a smile, Paul put his arm around Sonny, and they headed for the airport.

At the pub, Chloe talked to Ciara, who was tending bar. Tapping a cardboard box on the counter, Ciara said she was packing up some items for Caroline, and Chloe wished her well. While Ciara went to check on Chloe's food, Chloe looked at Caroline's rosary that was next to the box. Chloe held the rosary and prayed for Holly's safe return. Chloe also asked for Brady to get better.

Across the room, Theo ordered Wyatt to end his relationship with Ciara. Wyatt said he was happy with Ciara, but Theo said the relationship was a lie. Theo argued that Ciara was helping Wyatt cheat on his English paper. Unfazed, Wyatt countered that he could tell Ciara that Theo had set them up to date. Cowed, Theo quietly said he would not let Wyatt use his friend. Wyatt reasoned aloud that spilling their secret would destroy Ciara's relationship with both men.

Wyatt said that it did not matter how his relationship had started with Ciara if they were happy together. Disagreeing, Theo said it mattered that Wyatt was lying to Ciara. Theo yelled out, "This has to stop!" Ciara walked over and asked what Theo was talking about. Theo said he did not approve of Ciara writing Wyatt's paper. With a sigh, Ciara said she was helping Wyatt express his ideas, not writing his paper. Ciara added that Wyatt was going to help her with math the next semester.

After leaving the pub, Theo and Wyatt continued their argument at the loft. Wyatt urged Theo to calm down, further angering Theo. With a sigh, Wyatt said that Theo had done a good thing setting Ciara up with him. Chuckling, Wyatt said he was not using Ciara, because he was a better student. Theo accused Wyatt of being shallow, and Wyatt teased Theo about his theories. Frustrated, Theo said he would not help Wyatt anymore.

Theo threatened to tell Ciara. Wyatt argued that Ciara would forgive the man she loved but would not forgive her best friend for betraying her. Theo scowled then walked into his room. Wyatt waited on the couch for Ciara to return home. When Ciara arrived, she and Wyatt kissed on the couch. Theo walked into the living room, and he rolled his eyes when he saw Ciara and Wyatt.

At the police station, Eli talked to Lani while J.J. was making preparations for their trip to Greece. Lani asked Eli not to tell J.J. about her problems recovering from the Halo overdose. Eli said he was worried, but he agreed to keep Lani's secret. Lani added that Eli could not stop her from traveling to Greece, and Eli said he would not stand in her way.

After boarding the jet, Eli informed J.J. and Lani that Justin had given Sonny contact information about a judge Justin knew in Greece that could assist them with jurisdiction. A flight attendant offered beverages. When the group turned to look at the woman, they saw Gabi dressed in an attendant's uniform.

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New mom Kelly Kruger shares experience with postpartum guilt
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