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Abigail sent Chad divorce papers. Deimos' plan was falling apart. Xander recaptured Nicole and Eric. Gabi and Chad reconnected in Greece. Gabi warned Chad about the amulet. Eli broke things off with Gabi. Abigail told Dario that she would marry him. Dario admitted to Kate that he had tricked Abigail. John returned home to be at Brady's side. Theo told Ciara the truth about Wyatt.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 15, 2017 on DAYS
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Chad receives upsetting news Chad receives upsetting news

Monday, May 15, 2017

by Mike

Jennifer went to the police station to ask Rafe some questions about Halo, having met a few teens at the Horton Center who had gotten hooked on the drug. He shared what he knew, and in exchange, she provided him with a lead: the dealer who was targeting teens was someone they referred to as Candyman.

Adrienne entered the Kiriakis mansion in time to hear Justin's end of a phone conversation about money Deimos had deposited into a Titan account. It wasn't the first mysterious deposit Deimos had made recently, and Justin was determined to figure out how the money was being obtained.

After ending the call, Justin greeted Adrienne and started asking about her trip to Arizona. She reported that she'd had a wonderful time with the boys. "Oddly enough, though, they kept saying how much they wanted us to get back together," she added. He was quick to stress that he'd had nothing to do with that, but she already knew he was innocent because the boys had admitted that they had conspired with each other to try to get their parents back together. He predicted that the boys would eventually accept that she had moved on with Lucas.

Changing the subject, Adrienne asked about Sonny, revealing that she had a gift to give to him from his brothers. Justin vaguely reported that Sonny was out of town on a business trip. Adrienne asked Justin to give the gift to Sonny then started to leave. Justin stopped her and stressed that although he hadn't exactly been happy about her decision to stay with Lucas, he was willing to accept it. "Just knowing that you're getting better -- that you're happy -- that's all I need," he added. She breathed a sigh of relief and thanked him for telling her that.

Later, Adrienne ran into Steve and Kayla in the Horton Town Square. When she started telling them that she'd had a nice conversation with Justin earlier, they shared a look with each other, prompting her to remind them that she had moved on with Lucas.

Changing the subject, Adrienne wondered how things were going with Tripp. Steve happily reported that it seemed like Tripp was finally starting to accept him. Delighted to hear that, Adrienne asked for Tripp's contact information so she could arrange a meeting with her new nephew.

Over cups of coffee in the park, Tripp and Jade continued discussing the possibility that Steve was covering for Ava's real killer -- Kayla. When Tripp asked if Jade had proof to back up the theory, she admitted that she didn't. "[I only have] a hunch. It's a strong hunch, though -- really strong," she stressed. She urged him to focus his hatred on Kayla, not Steve.

Still not convinced, Tripp noted that Kayla didn't seem like the type of person who could smother someone with a pillow. "That's because she's completely two-faced," Jade argued. Jade knew that Tripp had heard about how Ava had kidnapped Kayla, but she guessed that he had never heard certain details of the story, such as the part about Steve being forced to sleep with Ava in order to save Kayla -- or the part about Ava sending Kayla a recording of the sexual encounter and threatening to post it online for the whole world to see. "Which, of course, made Kayla over-the-top crazy, and the rest is history," Jade concluded with a shrug.

When Tripp again expressed skepticism, Jade added that other factors had contributed to Kayla's sudden violent outburst, such as a number of public fights between Kayla and Ava that had made it easy for people to conclude, when Ava had later suffered a near-fatal morphine overdose, that no one had wanted her dead more than Kayla had. Tripp argued that Kayla wouldn't have saved Ava's life if that had been the case. Jade suggested that Kayla might have had a last-minute change of heart after giving Ava the injection but had then turned murderous again when Ava had woken up in the hospital and told everyone that Kayla had tried to kill her.

Tripp started to point out that Ava sounded even worse than he had initially been led to believe, but Jade countered that no amount of bad behavior could be used as justification for murder. Still doubtful that Kayla was a cold-blooded killer, Tripp noted that he had gotten a really good vibe from her during their interactions. "Yeah, that's what she does! She's a total pro. She'll be your best friend...and then she'll turn around and stab you in the back," Jade insisted, adding that Kayla had recently done just that to her -- and had loved every minute of it.

Sick of the uncertainty, Tripp decided to confront Steve and demand the whole truth about Ava's death, but Jade argued that he couldn't do that because Steve would just lie again. Conceding the point, Tripp muttered, "Maybe I need to come at this from another angle."

Later, Tripp met with Adrienne, who greeted him warmly. Knowing that he was from Arizona, she revealed during small talk that she had just returned from a trip to Scottsdale, where three of her grown sons lived. "One thing you're gonna find about the Johnson family: we are very tight-knit," she added with a smile.

Tripp said he had gotten that impression from Steve, who was always talking about the importance of family. "He means every word," Adrienne stressed, adding that Steve's beliefs stemmed, in part, from the fact that he'd had a downright miserable childhood and wanted better for his family. Nodding, Tripp admitted that he had searched online for information about Steve and Adrienne's father but hadn't found much.

"He was me," Adrienne revealed, adding that she had acted in self-defense and had been very young at the time. "Look, the important thing that you need to know about what happened is that Steve took the blame for it because that's the kind of man he is, Tripp. When he loves someone, he does anything he can to protect them. Never forget that," she stressed.

At the Brady Pub, Justin ran into Chloe, who greeted him warmly and wondered how he was doing. He started to walk away without answering the question, claiming that he was late for a meeting, but he soon changed his mind and asked if she had bothered to visit Brady since the shooting.

After confirming that she had, Chloe questioned why Justin was acting like she was the person who had shot Brady. Justin reasoned that Chloe was responsible as the person who had set everything in motion months earlier with the custody battle. He hoped that she was pleased with the results.

Later, Tripp entered the pub while Steve and Kayla were resting after a long day of shopping. He told them he had decided, after a long talk with Adrienne, that it was time for them to start getting to know each other better.

Abigail asked Dario to join her in a secluded section of the town square, and when he arrived, she broke down in his arms and admitted that she had just filed for divorce. After explaining her reasons, Abigail started to question whether it had been appropriate to confide in Dario, given his unresolved feelings for her. He assured her yet again that he knew she only thought of him as a friend.

When Jennifer passed through the area a short time later, Dario rushed off so she could talk to Abigail privately. Abigail didn't want to reveal why she was upset, but Jennifer demanded an explanation, sick of being in the dark about what was going on in her daughter's life. After admitting that she had filed for divorce, Abigail proceeded to shoot down every attempt Jennifer made to change her mind.

Later, Jennifer met with Adrienne to discuss the story they were planning to write about Halo. Adrienne could tell that Jennifer was upset about something, so Jennifer hesitantly revealed that Abigail had filed for divorce. "I know that I have had my problems with Chad, but I really think he's a good guy, and now I feel like he is part of our family. Abigail is making a huge mistake," Jennifer insisted.

Chloe entered Club TBD and told Dario that she needed a drink right away. He served her the special drink of the day and added more alcohol to it when he realized why she was upset. He poured a glass of the same concoction for himself, prompting her to wonder why he was upset. He vaguely explained that, as a constant worrier, he was upset about life in general.

After several rounds of drinks, Chloe excused herself, admitting that she missed Parker and wanted to call him before he went to bed. She promised to take a taxi home. After she left, Dario gulped down another drink, staring sadly at a picture of Abigail on his cell phone.

A man joined Chad at a outdoor café in Athens and apologized for his tardiness, explaining that he had been involved in an accident earlier -- and when he had tried to mediate the ensuing argument between his taxi driver and the driver of the other vehicle, he had ended up as the one with the black eye. Blaming the incident on the cursed amulet, the man quickly handed it over then rushed off with his payment.

Chad stuffed the amulet in his jacket pocket, quietly assuring himself that it couldn't possibly be cursed. Meanwhile, Hope approached and wondered if he would be willing to give her a ride back to Salem on his private jet. He reluctantly agreed. She followed him back to his hotel room and helped herself to a drink while he was packing his things. When he nervously observed that it seemed like she was trying to keep an eye on him, she confirmed the suspicion, reminding him that she had made a promise to do so.

Chad soon received a text message from his lawyer, revealing that Abigail had filed for divorce. When Hope advised Chad to contact Abigail right away, he refused, certain that his call would be ignored. He was reluctant to discuss the matter with one of Abigail's family members, but Hope made it clear that she considered Chad a member of the family, too.

Hope suggested that Abigail might have filed for divorce simply to see how Chad would react. Shaking his head, Chad sadly guessed that Abigail was ready to move on -- with Dario. Hope insisted that Abigail wasn't the kind of person who would only file for divorce so she could be free to see someone else. Chad wasn't convinced but numbly admitted that it didn't matter why Abigail was moving on.

Hope excused herself so Chad could have some privacy, promising to meet him at the airport later. After she left, the amulet fell out of his jacket pocket as he broke down while thinking about happier times with Abigail.

Eric and Nicole plan an escape

Eric and Nicole plan an escape

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dario called Abigail and asked her to meet him in the park off the square. When Abigail met up with a fidgety Dario, she pushed him to tell her what was wrong. Dario said that the government had ordered his deportation. Dario explained that the only way he could remain in the US was to marry a citizen. Confused, Abigail asked how Dario was eligible for deportation. Dario explained that, unlike his siblings, he had been born in Mexico when his mother had been visiting family. Adrianna had failed to file the proper paperwork, leaving Dario exposed.

Dario noted that the government had taken a closer look at GDR Corporation after Eduardo's arrest, and they had discovered that Dario was not a US citizen. With a hopeful look, Dario asked Abigail if she would marry him. Abigail reminded Dario that she was in the middle of a divorce and could not help him. Abigail added that she was concerned about Dario's feelings for her. Dario promised that their relationship would be platonic, even though they would need to live together.

Shaking her head no, Abigail said that she did not think the arrangement would be good for Thomas. Abigail added that Chad would not approve. Teasing Abigail, Dario asked why she needed approval from Chad to live her life. When Abigail gave Dario the stink eye, Dario backed off and said he would find another way to stay in the country. Dario thanked Abigail for considering the request. After Abigail left, Dario muttered to himself, "It was worth a shot."

When Abigail returned to work at the police station, she thought about all the times she had spent with Dario and how he had repeatedly helped her. Lastly, Abigail thought about when she had fallen into Dario's arms at the club. "He's done so much for me. But married? Could I?" Abigail asked herself.

On the Titan plane on an airfield in Greece, J.J. and Eli called their contacts, but neither man had any luck with the local police. Eli complained that Xander or Deimos had paid off local law enforcement. Eli added that they would need to hope that Sonny's family friend, Judge Costas, would be able to help them extradite Deimos and Xander. A little woozy, Lani got up to get some water from the galley of the plane. Lani hurriedly returned to note that Gabi was gone.

In a small square in Greece, Chad sat on a bench and talked to his pilot on the phone. The pilot reported that there was a problem with the engine of his plane. Frustrated, Chad hung up the phone and pulled the cursed amulet out of his jacket pocket. Chad considered the artifact then returned it to his pocket.

At the nearby Athena Café, Paul reported to Sonny that they had been tailed. Right on cue, Gabi sidled up to the table. Sonny was furious that Gabi had risked her life when Deimos was somewhere in town. Sonny reminded Gabi that Arianna had already lost one parent. Unfazed, Gabi firmly said that she was a survivor and that she would be fine. Gabi refused to leave. As Sonny groaned, Chad wandered into the café. Sonny told Chad why they were in Greece.

When Sonny reiterated his demand for Gabi to return to the plane, Chad supported Gabi. Frustrated, Sonny agreed to let Gabi stay. Paul called Eli to tell him that Steve's contact had learned that Deimos was staying at a nearby hotel under the name Constantine. When Eli asked about Gabi, Paul informed him that Gabi was at the café. Eli sighed with relief then asked Paul to give Gabi hell for him. Before hanging up, Paul casually mentioned that Chad was there, too, stunning Eli into silence.

When Paul returned to the group in the café, Chad explained that he was in town on business. Sonny said he would not interfere with Chad if his business harmed Deimos economically. With a grin, Sonny said their legal and financial attacks would destroy Deimos. Paul left to check out the lead about Deimos' hotel while Sonny headed out to talk to Judge Costas. On his way out, Sonny begged Gabi to stay put in the café.

Chad told Gabi that Abigail had filed for divorce. Stunned, Gabi argued that Abigail was emotionally confused. Gabi wondered aloud if there was a reason or a person that had convinced Abigail to file for divorce. Chad thought about when he had seen Abigail and Dario talking closely at Club TBD. Shaking his head, Chad said he did not want to talk about his divorce because Abigail was determined to start over. Softly, Gabi added that they should start over, as well, since their relationship was also done. As Chad warily looked at Gabi, she announced that she needed to call Eli.

On the plane, Eli was unhappy to see that Gabi was calling him on the phone. Gabi apologized for sneaking away from the plane. Gabi said she was with Chad and that he was having a difficult time because Abigail had filed for divorce. A worried look fluttered across Eli's face. Eli asked Gabi to be careful. After hanging up the phone, Eli told J.J. and Lani the news about the divorce.

While Eli ducked into the front of the plane, Lani told J.J. that she believed Gabi and Chad would get back together. J.J. disagreed. When Lani asked J.J. why he was upset about the possibility that Chad would take up with Gabi, J.J. said he was worried Abigail would realize her mistake too late. With a nod, Lani stressed that Abigail was an adult and could make her own choices. Lani urged J.J. to respect his sister's decision. J.J. agreed. With a smile, J.J. kissed Lani. Eli returned from the cockpit and stopped at the site of the couple smooching. Eli announced that Judge Costas had approved their jurisdiction to arrest and remove Xander from Greece.

In his hotel room in Greece, Deimos talked to Xander about their arrangement. Xander explained that he had Nicole and Holly in a secure location but that Eric had shown up unexpectedly to save Nicole and the baby. Deimos stewed over the news. Xander said he had not murdered Eric because he did not know if Deimos would arrive with the police. Narrowing his eyes, Xander warned Deimos that he did not want to give Deimos the opportunity to sell him out. Xander demanded assurances for his safety.

When Deimos asked what Xander wanted, Xander asked for a helicopter, a pilot, twenty million dollars in cash, and two female escorts. With a sigh, Deimos considered the list. Xander cautioned that he would tell Nicole about Deimos' plan if Deimos did not meet his demands. Deimos agreed to obtain the items.

Back at the Athena Café, Chad and Gabi talked over coffee. Chad talked about Dario, but he swore he did not hate him. Chad explained that he did not blame Dario for ruining his marriage. Curious, Gabi asked Chad if he blamed her. Avoiding the question, Chad invited Gabi to join him for some sightseeing.

On a roof across the street from Deimos' hotel, Sonny met up with Paul, who watched through binoculars as Deimos paced in his room. Sonny informed Paul that Judge Costas had been excited to help Sonny extradite Deimos and Xander from the country. Paul and Sonny watched Deimos talk on the phone, unable to hear what he was saying.

In the hotel room, Deimos talked to his contact about the amulet he had intended to purchase. Deimos was furious to learn that Chad had purchased the amulet before Deimos had been able to secure it. After hearing the bad news, Deimos called his contact that was working to fulfill the wishes on Xander's list of demands. The contact had not secured all the items, and Deimos screamed at him to work faster. Deimos called Xander and assured him that he would have all the items Xander had requested soon.

In Xander's house, Eric and Nicole talked in the bedroom about a plan to escape. Eric filed down a pencil against the headboard to make a shiv. With weapon in hand, Eric and Nicole crept out of their bedroom into the living room. Nicole was surprised to find that there were no guards in the house. As Nicole peeked out the front window, she saw one of Xander's mercenaries on the porch. Eric set their plan in motion.

Nicole called out for help. When the mercenary guard rushed into the house, he found Nicole standing over Eric's limp body. Nicole said that Eric had been convulsing and was not responding. The guard shrugged it off, but Nicole argued that Xander had waited years to confront Eric and would be irate if his victim died before he could enact his revenge on him. Reluctantly, the guard told Nicole to stand back, and he leaned over Eric. Eric tackled the guard. Wrestling around the room, Eric stabbed the guard with the pencil.

The guard stumbled toward the open front door, and he whistled for backup. Eric yelled at Nicole to run for it. Hesitantly, Nicole left Eric behind and ran away out the back door. Eric jumped on the guard and knocked him out.

Nicole makes a difficult decision

Nicole makes a difficult decision

> Nicole makes a difficult decision

Nicole makes a difficult decision

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

by Mike

Tripp was in the Horton Town Square, watching one of the DVDs Ava had recorded for him, when Jade took a seat at his table and teased him about the number of times he had replayed them. "Hey, it's the only way I can get to know my mom, thanks to Kayla," he bitterly reminded her.

Tripp told Jade about the conversation he'd had with Adrienne, which had been enough to finally convince him that Steve really was covering for Ava's real killer. Tripp was determined to get justice for Ava, but Jade doubted that it would be possible to link Kayla to Ava's death, especially since Steve was on record as Ava's killer and even had a government agency backing up his story. "Then I'll find another way," Tripp vowed.

After saying goodbye to Jade, Tripp contacted Steve and asked if he was busy. Steve said he was about to start working on a case but would be happy to have some company. Tripp agreed to meet Steve at the Salem Inn. Steve, who was at the Brady Pub with Joey and had been trying to convince him not to give Kayla too much grief for setting him up on a blind date with a colleague's daughter, rushed off after telling him to try to have fun.

Later, Jade arrived and saw that Joey was on a date with someone. Jade took a seat at the bar and waited until Joey's date stepped into the bathroom, leaving him alone at their table. Jade marched over to Joey and observed that it hadn't taken him long to get back into the dating game. Joey reminded Jade that although he had just recently severed ties with her, their time as a couple had actually ended long before then. "I've moved on. I think you should do the same," he advised her.

Jade went back to the bar and listened as Joey and his date, Alyssa, arranged to see each other again sometime, having realized that they actually had a lot in common with each other. When Jade heard Joey say that Kayla was the one who had set him up with Alyssa, she grumbled, "That witch will do anything to keep Joey away from me!"

After Joey and Alyssa parted ways, Jade approached Alyssa and introduced herself as Joey's ex-girlfriend. Jade warned Alyssa that Joey was a total player. Alyssa was skeptical at first, but Jade managed to sell the story, claiming that Joey had tricked her into believing he was in love with her just so he could get her into bed -- and had then dumped her when she had wound up pregnant, causing her to lose the baby. "Look, just take it from me and skip the second date. You'll be glad you did," Jade advised. "Definitely," Alyssa replied before walking away.

Tripp followed Steve into a room at the Salem Inn and excitedly asked, "So, what's the story? Are we here to, you know, make a big drug bust? Break up a jewelry heist?" Steve said he wouldn't have invited Tripp to tag along if he were working on any sort of case that could prove dangerous. Tripp insisted that he could handle himself in dangerous situations. "Maybe you could, but, uh, I couldn't handle it if anything happened to you," Steve stressed.

Getting back to Tripp's question, Steve explained that although he would love for his son to keep believing he was "a badass crime buster," the truth was that many of his cases involved things like custody disputes or cheating spouses. Standing in front of the room's only window, Steve directed Tripp's attention to a building across the street. A single room in that building was lit, and that room was the focus of Steve's investigation that night. A woman believed that her husband was using that room for trysts with a coworker, and it was up to Steve to either prove or disprove her theory.

Even though the case was going to be less exciting than Tripp had hoped, he was still eager to see his father in action. Tripp warned Steve to temper his expectations, though, pointing out that although they were starting to get along with each other better, their situation was still quite complicated. Nodding, Steve assured Tripp, "I understand. We'll take it slow."

When Steve encouraged Tripp to raid the minibar, explaining that any charges could be written off as business expenses, Tripp surveyed the options and wondered if Steve wanted anything. Steve asked for a can of root beer. Surprised, Tripp revealed that he liked root beer, too. Tripp removed two cans of root beer from the minibar, and Steve proposed a toast to one more thing they had in common with each other.

Steve soon changed the subject, wondering if Tripp had made any plans for the future yet. Tripp happily vowed that his days of busing tables were over for good. Steve didn't blame Tripp for wanting to abandon that kind of work, but he hoped that Tripp was planning to do something with his life instead of just living off the Vitali fortune forever. Tripp assured Steve that he wasn't opposed to the idea of holding down a job of some sort because he was used to working at that point -- and he would have to, anyway, since he was getting his inheritance in stipends instead of one lump sum. "I just wish I had some idea what I really wanted to do," Tripp added.

Steve reminded Tripp of Kayla's recent observation that he could be well suited for a career in medicine. Tripp somewhat nervously pointed out that medical school was a big commitment. Nodding in agreement, Steve spontaneously suggested that it might be helpful for Tripp to shadow Kayla for a bit to get a better sense of what that kind of career path would entail. "Not a bad idea," Tripp muttered thoughtfully.

Steve was pleasantly surprised that Tripp seemed willing to take his advice, since he was used to having Joey and Stephanie roll their eyes at him every time he tried to make a suggestion. "They don't know what they have," Tripp guessed, knowing that it was natural for most kids to take their parents for granted. Tripp explained that he, on the other hand, was happy to finally have someone who cared about him enough to offer advice.

Steve admitted that he hadn't always been the greatest father; in fact, he had missed most of Stephanie and Joey's childhoods. He added that although he had been separated from Stephanie due to circumstances that had been out of his control, he had willingly walked out of Joey's life because he had been under the impression that leaving would be the only way to protect Joey from harm. "You do that a lot -- go to the extremes to protect the people you love," Tripp observed. Nodding, Steve stressed that there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect his family.

Tripp quickly changed the subject, having just noticed activity in the building across the street. A man and woman soon began kissing in the building's only lit room. Having confirmed that the client's husband was indeed having an affair, Steve grabbed a camera and began snapping pictures to prove what was happening. "Geez. You'd think they'd close the blinds," Tripp mused as he watched the couple with great interest, using Steve's monocular to get a closer look. "Is what they're doing even legal in this state?" Tripp soon added, prompting Steve to take the monocular away, protectively insisting that Tripp wasn't old enough to see such things yet.

Later, as Steve was packing up his supplies, Tripp wondered if he was ever tempted to lie to spare a client's feelings. Shaking his head, Steve explained that his job was to simply investigate and report his findings; he admitted, however, that he certainly didn't enjoy breaking bad news to clients, even if it was better in the long run for them to know the truth.

"I bet it was tough on Kayla when she found out about you and my mom hooking up last year," Tripp mused. Taken aback, Steve wondered where Tripp had heard that tidbit of information. Tripp claimed that it had been mentioned in the police report about Ava's death. Steve was surprised to hear that but seemed to accept the answer as an honest one.

Steve hesitantly began to explain what had happened. Realizing that Ava really had blackmailed Steve into sleeping with her, just as Jade had claimed, Tripp muttered, "That's so sick and twisted." Tripp guessed that Kayla had been really upset when she had found out. "She was devastated," Steve confirmed.

Later, Tripp joined Jade in a secluded section of the town square and told her that he had spent some time with Steve that night. "He actually gave me an idea on how to get close to Kayla, which could help when it comes to ruining her life," Tripp revealed. "She deserves to pay," Jade insisted.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Steve alerted Kayla that Tripp might soon ask about the possibility of shadowing her for a few days. Kayla said she would love that. As Steve stepped aside to take a phone call, Joey approached Kayla, who was eager to find out how his date with Alyssa had gone. Joey admitted with a sigh that although he had actually enjoyed himself, he had been preoccupied with concerns the whole time, knowing that he would always have to keep a major secret from any girl he got involved with. "Don't get mad, least with Jade, I could be completely honest, and she still loved me," Joey added.

Elsewhere, Marlena sadly informed Brady that she still hadn't managed to track down John. Kayla soon interrupted to share the results of Brady's latest round of tests -- results that, unfortunately, weren't promising. Kayla reported that Brady's body still wasn't responding to immunosuppressants, and it wasn't likely that another viable heart donor would be found anytime soon. Kayla promised, however, that she and Valerie were going to continue to do everything in their power to save Brady's life. Brady assured Kayla that he wasn't ready to admit defeat yet, but he seemed aware that his situation was quite grim.

After Kayla left, Brady apologetically admitted to Marlena that he had sent Eric to Greece in search of Nicole and Holly. As Marlena started to dial Eric's number to find out how the search was going, John burst into the room and greeted her and Brady. Thrilled but also shocked, Marlena noted that, according to the ISA, John was supposed to be on an important assignment that couldn't be interrupted for any reason whatsoever. "Well, it turns out that someone gave [the ISA's executive director] an earful, and she got a sudden pang of conscience," John explained, giving Marlena a knowing look. She flashed a sheepish grin in return. He added that he had called in a few favors in order to get the assignment put on hold for a while.

Eric awoke in Xander's villa, tied to a bedpost. Xander was furious that Eric had helped Nicole escape from the villa, but he was certain that his men would eventually capture her -- since, after all, she would never leave the island without her precious child, who was still in the care of a nanny. Laughing, Eric informed Xander that Nicole wasn't the only person who had escaped from the villa.

Nicole boarded the waiting jet and found the pilot, who reunited her with Holly. When Nicole revealed that Eric was still back at the villa, the pilot explained that he had been given permission to leave without Eric if necessary. Nicole said she was fine with that plan. The pilot started preparing to fly the jet to Salem, but Nicole insisted that she couldn't go back there. Nodding, the pilot promised to find a suitable alternative destination.

Nicole placed a phone call to Salem University Hospital and posed as Belle in order to convince a nurse to patch her through to Brady's room. Brady was delighted to hear from Nicole, but when he asked to talk to Eric, the call got disconnected before she could explain what had happened to his brother. Meanwhile, the pilot announced that he was ready for takeoff.

Realizing that she couldn't leave Brady's brother behind, Nicole left the jet and flagged down a nearby police officer. After hearing Nicole's story, the police officer agreed to help her rescue Eric. When they arrived at the villa, she urged the police officer to arrest Xander, but the police officer ignored her. Xander gleefully informed Nicole that the police officer was actually on his payroll.

The police officer left after receiving a reward from Xander, who was shocked that Nicole had risked her freedom to rescue Eric, of all people. Xander locked Nicole in the same room Eric was being held in. As Nicole freed Eric from his bindings, he demanded to know why she had returned for him. She explained that she had done it for Brady's sake.

Meanwhile, back in Salem, John took a seat at Brady's bedside and rested his head on his sleeping son's chest, promising not to leave again until the doctors declared that everything was going to be okay.

Abigail makes a big decision

Abigail makes a big decision

Thursday, May 18, 2017

by Mike

Rafe ran into Lucas and Adrienne in the Horton Town Square and was delighted to see that they were with Arianna, who was on her way to school. When Lucas asked for an update on the investigation into the Countess Wilhelmina hack, Rafe promised that although no real progress had been made yet, the guilty party would eventually be caught and punished.

Chloe soon approached and asked Rafe if Nicole and Holly had been located yet. Rafe reported that the Salem Police Department was working with Interpol to track them down but hadn't managed to do so yet. After Rafe walked away, Chloe grumbled, "I don't know why I thought he'd be able to help me. He's probably against me, like everyone else in this town."

"It's your own fault," Lucas insisted, adding that although he wasn't exactly Nicole's biggest fan, not even he could deny that she had proven herself to be a good mother who was certainly fit to raise her own daughter. "This is all about you, like it always is. And because of you, Nicole was taken by that psycho, Xander, and Brady was shot. So if Brady dies, that's gonna be your fault, too," Lucas concluded.

Chloe refused to take responsibility for Nicole and Brady's "stupid" decisions, insisting that everything would have been fine if they had respected the court's ruling and allowed her to raise her child in peace. "[Holly's] not your child!" Lucas reiterated. Adrienne quickly intervened, reminding Lucas and Chloe that they were in a public place. Chloe stormed off after warning Adrienne that Lucas would turn on her one day, too.

Abigail entered Club TBD and informed Dario that she might be willing to marry him so he could avoid deportation -- if none of his other options panned out. Thrilled, he started to thank her, but she quickly interrupted, reminding him that she hadn't agreed to anything yet. Meanwhile, his cell phone began ringing. He seemed delighted to hear from the caller at first but grew panicky as the conversation continued.

After Dario ended the call, Abigail demanded to know what was wrong. He reluctantly revealed that during his time in Argentina, he had made a few enemies as a result of a shady business deal. "I didn't know it at the time, but they had ties to El Fideo," he continued, unknowingly referring to the man who had forced Theresa out of Salem the previous winter -- the man she knew as Mateo.

Abigail recognized El Fideo only as the name of a Mexican drug lord. Dario explained that he had cost El Fideo a lot of money but had managed to flee to the United States before the drug lord could exact revenge. "Now he's heard I'm being -- I might be -- deported back to Mexico," Dario continued, quickly adding that he wasn't sharing the story with Abigail in an effort to pressure her into marrying him.

Realizing that an order of deportation could be delivered to Dario at any time, Abigail excused herself so she could do some thinking. As she was passing through the town square a short time later, she ran into Lucas and Adrienne, who were still with Arianna. "Hey, Ari. Where's your mommy?" Abigail asked casually. "In Greece," Arianna answered.

After checking his watch, Lucas rushed off with Arianna so she wouldn't be late for school. Adrienne could tell that Abigail had been upset to learn that Gabi was in Greece, so Abigail explained that Chad was there, too -- but he had claimed that he was on a business trip. "I mean, I knew that they were gonna get together, [but] it hurts -- gosh, it really hurts -- to know that I was right," Abigail admitted, fighting back tears.

Chloe entered Club TBD and told Dario about her earlier encounter with Lucas. Dario offered to make a Bloody Mary for Chloe, but she asked for a double espresso instead, admitting that she was still recovering from the drinks he had served her during their previous conversation. When she complained that it seemed like everyone hated her, he assured her that he didn't.

Chloe admitted with a sigh that she missed Parker, prompting Dario to wonder why she was letting the boy stay with his grandparents. Chloe explained that although she would love to have Parker with her in Salem, she didn't even have a job at that time, and he needed stability in his life. Dario spontaneously offered Chloe a job as the club's regular singer. She was surprised but happily accepted the position.

After Chloe left, Rafe entered the club and casually asked Dario, "How's business?" Dario provided a fairly neutral answer, leading his brother to conclude that he was being modest, since the club was obviously doing well enough for him to afford three new warehouses at the docks. "You checking up on me?" Dario asked defensively. Rafe pointed out that the purchases were matters of public knowledge.

Rafe hoped that Dario's recent purchases represented a sincere effort to make GDR Corp a legitimate business. "You got a chance to change your life right now," Rafe stressed. Chuckling, Dario suggested, "Maybe you should share that information [with] Immigration -- before they deport me." Stunned to learn that Dario was facing deportation, Rafe offered to make a few phone calls and get the matter settled. "You couldn't save Pop. Why should I think you can save me?" Dario asked bitterly, adding that he would fix the problem himself.

Later, Abigail returned and found Dario deep in thought at the bar. After getting his attention, she revealed, "I am willing to give it a try...for's go get married."

After dropping Arianna off at her school, Lucas joined Adrienne at the Salem Inn. She was a bit nervous because he had mentioned earlier that he wanted to talk to her about something, but he assured her that it was nothing to worry about. He hesitantly continued, "I just wanted to say that, um, I know you're still healing, and, uh, I don't want to pressure you at all, but I was, uh, kind of wondering when we..."

Knowing where Lucas was heading, Adrienne admitted, "I was wondering when you would ask me that." He stressed that he didn't want to put any pressure on her whatsoever; however, he also didn't want her to think that he no longer wanted to be with her, because the truth was that the courage, strength, and grace she had shown since her cancer diagnosis had simply made her even more attractive to him than before.

Touched, Adrienne wondered what she had done to deserve Lucas. He dismissively insisted that he was the lucky one. She assured him that she missed being with him, too. "I'm just...I'm just...I'm just not used to this new body. I just -- I...I want to feel like a woman again," she tearfully continued, adding that although she loved hearing him tell her that she was still beautiful -- and she even believed that he meant the words -- she didn't believe them herself yet. He said he understood and promised to wait until she was ready for him to prove how much he still loved her.

While Eli was asking Gabi how she felt about Abigail's decision to file for divorce, J.J. and Lani rejoined them on the jet and reported that they had just heard from Sonny. J.J. informed Gabi that Sonny had booked her a seat on a commercial flight back to Salem. Outraged, Gabi insisted that she wasn't going anywhere until Deimos was apprehended.

Gabi stormed off, explaining that she was going to find someone who actually wanted her around. "Nice job. You just sent her running straight into Chad's arms," Eli told J.J., who thought that was for the best, since that at least meant that Gabi wouldn't be around to butt in when Sonny and Paul called to say that it was time to make a move against Deimos. Eli pointed out that Gabi might not be any safer with Chad.

After J.J. stepped outside to try to contact Sonny again, Eli observed that Lani was being oddly quiet about the situation with Gabi. Lani disapprovingly concluded that Eli and J.J. were both trying to control Gabi. Insisting that wasn't true, Eli asked if wanting to protect Gabi from harm was really such a bad thing.

Ignoring the question, Lani wondered why Eli hadn't chased after Gabi. Eli reasoned that if Gabi wanted to be with Chad, no one would ever be able to change her mind. Lani told Eli to fight for Gabi if he was serious about her. Eli thought Lani just wanted to keep Gabi away from J.J., but Lani insisted that although that would be a nice bonus, she simply recognized that Gabi was the kind of woman who could actually put up with Eli.

"You know, sometimes you're not so bad," Eli told Lani before excusing himself. Lani wondered if Eli was going to look for Gabi. Eli confirmed that he was considering the idea, but he added that he was also leaving the jet because he needed to check in with the local authorities.

When J.J. returned a short time later, Lani somewhat pointedly informed him that Eli was looking for Gabi. J.J. assured Lani that he was okay with that, adding that his concern for Gabi had nothing to do with unresolved feelings for her. Lani seemed pleased to hear that.

Changing the subject, J.J. grumbled that he hated being stuck on a jet when he was in a beautiful country with a beautiful woman. Lani pointed out that a bit of imagination could turn the jet into a more romantic setting. Soon, with the help of his cell phone and her laptop, they were dancing to Greek music against an ever-changing backdrop of Greek landscapes.

J.J. began kissing Lani but soon pulled away, prompting her to wonder what was wrong. Acknowledging that he had been sending her mixed signals lately, he explained that he was still trying to take things slowly with her because of what had happened in Miami. "I mean, who doesn't remember being with you?" he added, shaking his head in disbelief.

Touched, Lani started kissing J.J. again, but when she tried to pull his shirt off, he stopped her. "Really?" she asked incredulously, shocked that he had rejected her advances a second time. "You have no idea how badly I want to be with you, but...if we make love again, it has to be perfect," he explained. "If?" she repeated. "When," he clarified.

Chad joined Hope at an outdoor café and informed her that the DiMera jet was still undergoing repairs. Hope asked if Chad had talked to Abigail yet. Chad said there was nothing to talk to Abigail about because she had already made her decision. Chad added that Thomas was his sole priority. Hope wasn't convinced that Chad had truly abandoned his plan to obtain the amulet, but he insisted there was nothing for her to worry about.

Gabi soon arrived and joined the conversation. When Hope realized that Gabi wasn't the only other person from Salem who was in Greece at that time, she abruptly excused herself so she could check in with J.J., Lani, and Eli and see if they needed any help. Before leaving, Hope warned Chad, "You'd better be telling the truth about the amulet, or the curse is gonna be the least of your problems."

Once the coast was clear, Chad showed Gabi the amulet and filled her in on its history. She insisted that he needed to get rid of it right away. Groaning, he wondered if she really believed in such silly superstitions. She reasoned that it wasn't worth the risk. He assured her that there was nothing to worry about then stepped aside to answer a call from a potential buyer.

Alone with the amulet, Gabi started feeling uneasy. When Chad returned a short time later, he invited her to join him for a walk around Athens. She sprained her ankle during the walk, and when he carried her back to his hotel room, they found the place in disarray. A man soon emerged from the bathroom and began threatening them with a knife.

Dario and Abigail meet with Immigration

Dario and Abigail meet with Immigration

Friday, May 19, 2017

At the loft, Ciara, Wyatt, Claire, and Theo hung out and talked about their relief that school was over. Wyatt cheerfully reported that he'd received an A on his paper, and Theo muttered that Ciara had earned the A. Smiling, Wyatt said Ciara had helped then he kissed her.

Ciara and Claire rooted through the kitchen for food, and Theo confronted Wyatt in the living room. Theo said it was only a matter of time until Ciara learned that her boyfriend was a "mooching loser." When Theo threatened to expose their arrangement, Ciara asked what arrangement they were talking about. Wyatt jumped in and noted that Theo had scored free passes to the water park. While Ciara, Claire, and Theo were eager to find work for the summer, Wyatt said he preferred to take the summer off and have fun. Theo stewed as he stared at Wyatt.

The group decided to order takeout, but when Wyatt noted that he did not have any cash, Ciara said she would buy Wyatt's meal. Theo stared daggers at Wyatt then complained to Claire. Claire asked Theo why he could not just let Wyatt and Ciara be happy. While Wyatt played video games in the bedroom, Claire talked to Marlena on the phone about Brady. Claire told Ciara and Theo that Brady was fading fast. Ciara and Theo hugged Claire, and Ciara promised to accompany her to the hospital when she went to visit Brady. Theo abruptly announced he was going to take a shower.

Once Theo walked away, Claire said that she understood that Theo cared but had difficulty with emotions. Ciara agreed. Claire said she was lucky to have Theo. When Claire asked about Wyatt, Ciara grinned sheepishly and said that she was happy not to be a third wheel. Claire gently hinted at Ciara's past history with Chase. Ciara said that therapy had helped her move on, but the fact that Wyatt was so different from Chase helped her as well. Ciara said she was worried about the next step in her relationship with Wyatt. Smiling, Claire said she felt like she and Ciara were closer than they ever had been before.

When everyone returned to the living room, Ciara informed the group that Smith Island had been opened for the season. Wyatt suggested that he and Ciara go fishing up at the cabin. Theo suggested that they go as a group, but Wyatt said he wanted to spend some time alone with his girlfriend. Theo grew upset. Ciara stressed that she felt safe with Wyatt, and Wyatt warned Theo to mind his own business. Concerned, Ciara asked Wyatt and Claire to pick up their food while she talked to Theo.

Once alone, Ciara demanded that Theo tell her why he acted strangely around Wyatt. Theo angrily said that Wyatt was not right for Ciara, but Ciara said that Theo did not get to decide who she dated. Frustrated, Theo blurted out that Wyatt was conning Ciara and was not who she thought. Confused, Ciara asked for an explanation.

Theo told Ciara that he had convinced Wyatt to message her and he had set up Wyatt and Ciara because she had been miserable. As Wyatt and Claire returned home, Theo told Ciara that he had been all wrong about Wyatt. Theo announced that he had fed Wyatt information about Ciara.

In the town square, Kate snacked on her breakfast as an annoyed Andre marched up to her table in the café. Andre said he was furious that he had been forced to cut his vacation short to stop Chad from buying a cursed amulet. Andre warned that the amulet could have ruined their family. Kate rolled her eyes and said she did not believe in curses. With a sigh, Andre said it had been disorienting to be on the same side as Hope. Kate accused Hope of meddling, but Andre defended Hope. Andre said he believed that Hope had felt responsible for Chad and had acted out of concern for him. Andre said he was grateful for Hope's interest.

Talk turned to Chad's divorce, and Andre frowned at the subject. Kate argued that Chad needed a strong, independent woman like Gabi. Annoyed, Andre groaned. Kate asked Andre if he wanted to have their usual movie night. His scowl fading, Andre said he was happy to if he got to pick the movie. Kate suggested they watch Curse of the Mummy.

At Club TBD, Abigail agreed to marry Dario to prevent his deportation. Dario asked why Abigail had changed her mind. Abigail explained that if Dario had been returned to Mexico, he would be in danger from the people he had crossed in his past. Suspicious, Dario asked Abigail if that was the only reason she had changed her mind. Abigail added that Chad and Gabi were in Greece together, which meant that Chad was moving on with his life. Abigail said she wanted to move on with hers. With a nervous chuckle, Abigail added that she had no interest in a new romantic relationship, but she wanted to start her life.

Dario promised that he and Abigail would have separate rooms and that he would be a good stepfather to Thomas. When Abigail noted that Chad would remain in Thomas's life, Dario agreed. Abigail suggested that they tell their families the truth about their sham marriage, since the families likely would not believe they had fallen in love. Dario shrugged. Taking Abigail's hand in his, Dario told Abigail that she could back out of the wedding if she wanted, but Abigail said she was committed to helping Dario.

After a quick phone call, Dario told Abigail that his contact at Immigration had informed him that there was an opening for a meeting. Abigail was hesitant to meet with Immigration so soon, but Dario assured her by saying that they knew enough about one another as friends to make it work. Grinning, Dario pulled a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee. Before Dario could finish his proposal, Abigail urged Dario to get on his feet and get the meeting over with.

When Abigail and Dario arrived at the Immigration office, they met with Officer Gilman. Dario introduced Abigail as his fiancée. Officer Gilman remarked that Dario's sudden engagement was a red flag. Dario countered that he had been unaware until recently that his residency had been a problem, and he had been living his life and falling in love. When Officer Gilman asked about how the couple had met, Dario and Abigail talked about how he had met her in a moment of panic Abigail said that Dario had calmed her down and rescued her. Smiling, Dario said he had gotten to know Abigail since then and had fallen in love with her while they had taken dance lessons together.

"She fell in my arms, and I never wanted to let her go," Dario whispered as he stared into Abigail's eyes. Abigail explained that she was currently married and waiting to finalize her divorce. Abigail lied and said that she had entered into an affair with Dario while married. Concerned, Abigail asked Officer Gilman if he could keep the affair quiet because she did not want her son to be upset. Officer Gilman said his office was not in the gossip business.

Dario leaned over and kissed Abigail. "No one can fake how much I love this woman," Dario said as he grinned at Officer Gilman. After concluding their interview, Dario and Abigail walked to the square and talked about their meeting. Abigail was nervous and pessimistic about their chances. Frustrated, Abigail walked away. Kate overheard the tail end of the conversation, and she walked over and asked Dario about his immigration problem.

Dario updated Kate on what had happened with his residency, and Kate offered to get Dario a lawyer. Dario declined Kate's offer, noting that Abigail had agreed to marry him. Smirking, Kate argued that the arrangement was convenient for Dario if he was already in love with Abigail. Kate accused Dario of tricking Abigail into marrying him. With a sigh, Dario admitted that his lawyer had told him that the only thing he needed to do was refile his paperwork. Dario added that he had thought about green card love stories and had hoped that he and Abigail could spark their own true love story.

"So you lied to Abigail, manipulated her, took advantage of her good heart and her vulnerability, just to get what you want? I knew I liked you," Kate said with a grin. Kate promised not to tell anyone about Dario's confession to her. Over at Club TBD, Abigail sipped a glass of wine and thought about having sex with Chad.

In Greece, a man held Gabi and Chad at knifepoint in Chad's hotel room. The robber demanded that Chad give him the amulet. After playing dumb, Chad relented and handed the jewelry box to the robber. The robber grabbed the box and fled the scene. Frustrated, Chad cried out that he had just lost twenty million dollars. Gabi announced that Chad's amulet was safe in her purse. Gabi explained that she had looked at the amulet earlier at the café and had been forced to hide it in her purse when a cop had wandered by. Overjoyed, Chad and Gabi sat on his bed and hugged.

As Chad looked into Gabi's eyes, Eli walked through the open door. Taking in the scene, Eli asked what had happened. Chad explained that they had been robbed. Eli noted that Gabi still had her necklace and watch. Chad lied and said the robber was not very skilled at his craft. With a disbelieving nod, Eli said he would report the robbery to security.

Gabi asked Eli why he was there. Eli said he had wanted to ask Gabi to join him to eat. Gabi said she had twisted her ankle but that she was feeling better. Gabi urged Eli to meet her in the lobby while she wrapped up some business with Chad. Once Eli was gone, Chad worried aloud about involving hotel security. Chad asked Gabi to give him the amulet. Gabi was concerned about the curse after their run of bad luck, but Chad argued that they were both still alive and not to worry.

At the Athena Café in Greece, Eli apologized to Gabi for neglecting her while they'd been in Greece. Gabi said she understood that they were not there on vacation. Gabi defensively explained that she had been in Chad's hotel room because she had twisted her ankle. Shaking his head, Eli noted that he had witnessed a spark between Gabi and Chad. Eli said that Gabi was in love with Chad, and he did not believe that would change. With a sigh, Eli said he could not date Gabi anymore.

Eli said that once Abigail had announced her intention to divorce Chad, he'd known he was "fighting a losing battle." Eli said that when Abigail had given up, he'd known it was inevitable that Gabi would find her way back to Chad. As Gabi started to speak, Eli told her that he she had been up-front with him and that there were no hard feelings.

In his hotel room, Chad talked to Kate on the phone about the amulet. Chad told Kate that Deimos had sent a goon to retrieve the amulet, but the robber had been unsuccessful because Gabi had moved it. Pleased by the news, Kate suggested that Chad should spend time with Gabi if she was in Greece with him. Kate added that the divorce was best for everyone involved. Choking back emotion, Chad said that Gabi had moved on with Eli.

After Chad's phone call, Gabi returned to his hotel room and gave him the amulet. Frowning, Gabi told Chad that Eli had dumped her. Gabi muttered that the amulet was clearly cursed. Chad said that he had talked to security, but there had been no leads on the robber. Gabi asked Chad if the amulet was worth the trouble. Gabi wondered aloud if the bad luck was a warning to get rid of the amulet as soon as possible.

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