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Justin ousted Deimos from the family business and mansion. Nicole and Holly willed Brady to live. Rafe arrested Nicole, and Chloe took Holly. Adrienne and Lucas made love. Abigail had second thoughts about marrying Dario. Chad and Gabi told each other how they felt. Jade secretly taped Claire and Theo making love. Rafe and Hope learned the Kiriakis jet had gone down.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 29, 2017 on DAYS
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Preempted for NBC Sports coverage of the French Open Preempted for NBC Sports coverage of the French Open

Monday, May 29, 2017

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, May 31, and picked up where the Friday, May 26 episode concluded.

Nicole sneaks in to see Brady

Nicole sneaks in to see Brady

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

At the police station, Abe was shocked to see Deimos released from custody. When Abe warned Deimos not to leave town, Deimos said everyone he cared about was in Salem. Deimos added that he was not concerned about pending charges. Abe said that everyone would celebrate when Deimos was convicted. With a smile, Deimos said he had no plans to roll over.

As Deimos strolled through the square, Chloe stopped dead in her tracks. Deimos complimented Chloe. Chloe argued that Deimos would go to prison for kidnapping, but Deimos confidently said there was no proof that he had done anything illegal. Chloe blamed Deimos for losing Holly and for Brady's failing health.

"Prison would be too good for you. You deserve to go to hell," Chloe said. Deimos countered that he had pursued Xander to save Nicole and Holly at Chloe's request. Chloe said she had been mistaken to ask for Deimos' help out of desperation. Chloe swore to do everything she could to send Deimos to prison.

When Deimos arrived home at the Kiriakis mansion, a furious Maggie lit into him for lying to her about saving Nicole. Maggie blamed Deimos for paralyzing her, for kicking Victor out of his house, and for setting in motion a series of events that had ended in Brady's impending death. Deimos argued that there was no evidence that he had done anything wrong. Her eyes flashing with anger, Maggie yelled that there was never any hard evidence against Deimos.

"You aren't worthy to kiss the bottom of Brady's shoe," Maggie whispered. Deimos told Maggie she was wrong about him. Maggie said that the circumstances showed that Deimos had spared Xander and likely had used him to kidnap Nicole. "You want to own her because you don't love her. You want to possess her because you don't have a clue what love is all about," Maggie yelled.

Maggie said she had believed that everyone had good in them until she had met Deimos. Maggie noted that all the Kiriakis men were different from one another, but unlike Deimos, they were men. Smirking, Deimos offered to fix Maggie a drink. As Maggie stewed and gave Deimos the stink-eye, Deimos told Maggie that she was a judgmental Horton. Deimos growled that it was unfair of Maggie to say that Victor was the better man when he had sent Deimos to prison for a crime he'd known Deimos had not committed. Deimos added that he had forgiven Victor.

Groaning, Maggie reminded Deimos that he had forgiven Victor after he had stolen Victor's business, house, and son. Maggie yelled that Deimos had driven his family away. As Deimos scowled, Maggie said that Deimos had forgiven Victor because he had needed him to make Titan work. Maggie said she would tell Victor what Deimos had done and urge him to remove Deimos from Titan.

At the Salem Inn, a disguised Nicole and Eric rushed into a hotel room with Holly. Eric cautioned Nicole to be careful if she went to see Brady. On Eric's request, Jennifer arrived, annoying Nicole. Nicole explained they had returned to town so that she could see Brady. Jennifer said that the hospital was swarming with people. Shaking her head, Nicole said that Brady had bonded with Holly, and she wanted to see if Holly would give Brady a reason to leave. Jennifer quietly noted that Brady was unconscious. Eric added that he had to help Nicole see Brady.

With a sigh, Jennifer asked Eric what he wanted. Eric asked Jennifer for advice about sneaking into the hospital. Nicole interrupted to chide Eric for dragging Jennifer into their predicament, especially after her history with Jennifer. With a nod, Jennifer said she and Nicole had already put their past problems behind them. Jennifer offered to clear a path to Brady's room because she loved Brady and understood as a mother what Nicole was feeling.

"I know what Holly means to you, and I know the risk that you are taking to see Brady," Jennifer said. Eric confirmed that he had a plane on standby for their escape. When Jennifer said she would escort them through the hospital, a worried Eric asked Jennifer to stay away. Shrugging, Jennifer reminded Eric that her grandmother had helped Roman break out of jail once. Through tears, Nicole thanked Jennifer for her help.

In his hospital room, Brady lay unconscious. Outside his room, John and Marlena fretted when they spotted Brady's DNR posted on the door. Marlena noted that the hospital could not post a DNR without Brady's request. John growled at Valerie, but Marlena calmed John down. Valerie explained that Brady had ordered the paperwork after he had learned that his heart was failing. Marlena added that Brady knew what he wanted. With a sigh, John called Justin and ordered him to meet at the hospital.

With John emotional, Marlena urged him to sit with her in the waiting room so that he did not upset Brady. John refused to believe that Brady had given up. Desperate for hope, John asked Valerie about another donor heart. Valerie said the likelihood of a donor heart was small. Frustrated, John joined Marlena in the waiting room to meet with Justin. Justin explained that he had talked extensively to Brady about his wishes. Justin added that as a father of four sons, he had taken the situation seriously.

"Signing that was an act of love. He loved you very much," Justin said. "Loves. He loves us very much. Present tense," John amended. Justin added that Brady was an amazing man and that John should be proud of Brady. With a nod, John said he wanted to see Brady alone.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin was dismayed to find Deimos drinking in the living room. Deimos asked about Brady. Justin advised Deimos not to pretend to care. With a smile, Justin announced that Victor had presided over a board meeting to remove Deimos from Titan. Justin said that the vote had been unanimous. Angry, Deimos said he would not leave quietly. Justin reminded Deimos that he had placed the house in the name of the company and that Deimos needed to leave the property. Grinning, Justin informed Deimos that Sonny was the head of Titan.

"I realize that it may be humiliating to pack up with the servants watching, so if you want us to send you your things, we're more than happy to. Or you could just throw it off the pier and hope that it miraculously resurfaces like Xander," Justin joked. Deimos swore he would fight and win.

In Brady's hospital room, Chloe visited Brady as he lay unconscious. Chloe thanked Brady for forgiving her the last time they had spoken. John entered the room and ordered Chloe to leave. John blamed Chloe for Brady's situation. Chloe attempted to defend herself, but John was not interested. Marlena walked in and agreed with John. With a mumbled apology, Chloe rushed out of the room. John stood beside Brady's bed and wondered aloud why Brady had given up so soon.

In the hallway, Jennifer helped Eric, Nicole, and Holly sneak into the hospital. Jennifer ran interference at the nurses' station to clear a path. As Eric and Nicole crept over to Brady's doorway, Holly cried out. Nicole rushed off to the bathroom to calm Holly down. When Jennifer returned, she spotted Eric hiding behind a newspaper in the corner. Jennifer saw Marlena and John exiting Brady's room. With a determined grimace, Jennifer marched over to Marlena and asked about Brady's status. Marlena said they were going to the chapel. Once Marlena and John were gone, Jennifer rushed over to Eric to tell him that they had a few minutes with Brady. Eric explained that Nicole was dealing with Holly in the bathroom.

Eric went alone to visit Brady while Jennifer waited for Nicole. At Brady's side, Eric begged Brady to pull through. Eric added that Nicole needed Brady. Outside the room, Nicole returned with Holly, and Jennifer offered to keep watch while Nicole was inside. Nicole thanked Jennifer for her help. Jennifer squeezed Nicole's hand and gently pushed her into Brady's room. While Nicole was inside, Jennifer stopped Valerie from entering Brady's room.

Down the hallway, Marlena and John sat in the lounge and talked. John apologized for losing his temper. Smiling, Marlena said she understood. Marlena reminded John that he could always count on her. Pulling John closer, Marlena talked about the ways that Brady was like his father. John lamented that Brady had been through too much in his life. "How does a parent just quit on their child?" John wondered aloud.

In Brady's room, Eric saw Nicole with Holly, and he slipped out of the room to give her privacy with Brady. While in the hallway, Chloe ran into Eric. Stunned, Chloe asked Eric why he was there. Inside Brady's room, Nicole held Brady's hand and pleaded with him not to leave her and Holly.

Nicole says goodbye to Brady

Nicole says goodbye to Brady

> Nicole says goodbye to Brady

Nicole says goodbye to Brady

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

by Mike

Kayla and Steve ran into Adrienne at the Brady Pub and quickly deduced that something was bothering her.

"When Jennifer and I bought the Spectator, we took out a loan," Adrienne reluctantly admitted, adding that the bank had since sold the loan to a company -- Snowglobe Inc. -- and the owner of that company, Sebastian Howard, was demanding repayment in the form of the newspaper itself. Oddly, no one seemed to know anything about the man or the company, making negotiations practically impossible.

After promising to look into the matter, Steve stepped aside to take a phone call. Once the coast was clear, Kayla wondered what was really bothering Adrienne. Sighing, Adrienne admitted that she was struggling with fears about being intimate with Lucas for the first time since her surgery, adding, "I swear, I keep thinking to myself, 'I don't think I'm ever gonna be able to have sex again.'"

Kayla assured Adrienne that such concerns were completely natural; she added, however, that Lucas didn't strike her as the kind of guy who viewed women as nothing more than sex objects. Advising Adrienne to stop putting pressure on herself, Kayla added, "Take a leap of faith. He's gonna catch you -- guaranteed."

A short time later, Adrienne received a phone call from Lucas, who informed her that he had canceled some business meetings so he could spend the rest of the day with her. After choking out a request for him to meet her at the Salem Inn, Adrienne ended the call and told Kayla that although she was still a bit nervous, she had a feeling that she was ready to take the leap.

Lucas arrived at the Salem Inn with bags of groceries, having decided that it was a nice day for a picnic in the park, but Adrienne hesitantly insisted that she didn't want to leave her hotel room for the rest of the day. He didn't understand what she was saying at first, and when she made it more clear with a passionate kiss, he pulled away and reiterated that he was willing to wait if she needed more time. She assured him that she was ready.

Steve rejoined Kayla and admitted that he hadn't been able to find out anything about Sebastian Howard yet -- and, in fact, he was convinced that the name was an alias. Musing that it seemed like the man was going after Adrienne and Jennifer for personal reasons, Steve wondered aloud, "Now, who would have a grudge like that?" Kayla didn't have any guesses, but she was confident that Steve would eventually solve the mystery.

At the hospital, Jennifer and Eric scrambled to think of ways to distract Valerie and Chloe, respectively, so Nicole could have some time alone with Brady. Meanwhile, Nicole struggled to say goodbye to Brady, admitting that she wasn't ready yet -- and she probably never would be. As she was begging him not to leave her, his heart rate began to decrease. Seconds later, the sound of a flatline alarm filled the room.

Nicole sobbed as she placed Holly on Brady's chest. Valerie, Jennifer, Eric, Chloe, John, and Marlena soon arrived, having each heard the alarm. John begged Valerie to help Brady, but she sadly informed him that there was nothing more she could do. A short time later, the heart rate monitor suddenly detected new activity. Everyone watched in stunned silence as Brady's heart rate slowly rose to an acceptable level again.

After privately examining Brady, Valerie rejoined his loved ones outside his room and reported that although she couldn't explain what had just happened, the bottom line was that his heart rate was once again steady, his breathing was shallow but regular, and his oxygen level was good. Nicole reasoned, "Daniel's heart responded to his little girl, who was also a miracle. Holly saved Brady's life."

While everyone was celebrating, Rafe arrived to take Nicole and Eric to the police station for questioning. Nicole stressed that Eric had done nothing wrong, adding, "In fact, you could say he did your job -- he brought me back here." Nicole begged for a few more minutes with Brady so she could make sure he was truly okay. Already feeling terrible about the duty he was being forced to perform, Rafe agreed to grant Nicole's request; he knew, however, that Commissioner Raines wouldn't be happy unless someone showed up at the police station for questioning right away, so he asked Eric to go in her place.

Jennifer insisted on accompanying Eric to the police station. Before leaving, Eric confronted Chloe, who unapologetically confirmed his suspicion that she was the one who had tipped off the police about Nicole's return to Salem. Chloe claimed that she was simply looking out for Holly's best interests, but Eric disagreed. "If you love [Holly] as much as you say you do, let her be with her mother," Eric advised Chloe.

Later, at the police station, Raines questioned Eric then turned him loose, conceding that he hadn't committed any crimes. Back at the hospital, Marlena and John were thrilled when Rafe shared the good news with them after a brief phone conversation with Raines. Meanwhile, Valerie contacted Kayla to let her know about Brady's inexplicable recovery.

Chloe paced around the nurses' station while waiting for Nicole to emerge from Brady's room with Holly. Meanwhile, inside the room, Nicole assured Brady that everything was going to be okay. "I don't know how long I'll be in prison, but we're gonna be together [again eventually], and that's a promise. Our day will come, Brady," she stressed, placing a hand on his chest.

As Nicole was saying goodbye to Brady, explaining that she had been summoned to the police station for questioning, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her.

Marlena urges Chloe to do the right thing

Marlena urges Chloe to do the right thing

Thursday, June 1, 2017

by Mike

At the hospital, Valerie found John and Marlena in one of the break rooms and happily informed them that Brady's cardiac function had markedly improved for reasons she couldn't even begin to pinpoint. "I guess sometimes we have to acknowledge that there is more than science at play," Marlena concluded. "Like faith -- and love," John added.

Meanwhile, Brady enjoyed a brief reunion with Nicole and Holly before suddenly remembering that the police were looking for them. Nicole assured Brady that there was nothing to worry about, claiming that the charges against her had been dropped. Quickly changing the subject, Nicole added that Eric was fine. Relieved, Brady told Nicole that he still wanted to form a family with her and their kids.

Valerie soon arrived to check on Brady again. Nicole said a tearful goodbye to Brady then stepped out of the room with Holly so Valerie could do another examination. After asking about Brady, Rafe reluctantly cuffed Nicole and placed her under arrest for child abduction and the transporting of a minor over state lines.

Meanwhile, Marlena pulled Chloe into a break room and stressed that although Brady was doing better, he wasn't out of the woods yet, and being around Nicole and Holly could prove instrumental to his continued recovery. Chloe fidgeted uncomfortably as Marlena urged her, "Fix this. Fix it. Change the custody agreement. Tell the courts that Nicole had permission to take that baby. Make these charges go away. And do it now."

Later, at the police station, Rafe questioned Nicole about what had happened in Greece. When Rafe optimistically suggested that the district attorney might give Nicole a break if she offered information that led to solid charges against Deimos, she realized that Deimos had managed to get away with his crimes yet again. Sighing, she sadly concluded, "He's gonna be free, and I'm gonna go to jail [and] lose Holly forever."

As if on cue, Chloe joined Rafe and Nicole in the conference room. Rafe excused himself so Nicole and Chloe could talk privately. Nicole held Holly protectively as Chloe observed that the child had changed quite a bit since they had last shared a room together. "I thought I'd never see her again," Chloe added. "Now you know how I feel," Nicole bitterly countered, backing away as Chloe reached out to touch Holly's hand.

Chloe said she was sorry for what Nicole was going through. "I don't know how we got here," Chloe added with a shrug. "We got here because you took her from me [and] had a judge rule me an unfit mother," Nicole replied. Chloe conceded that things had gotten out of hand; she insisted, however, that it hadn't been necessary for Nicole to kidnap Holly in response. Nicole countered that any other mother would have done the same thing.

"It's time," Chloe said, reaching for Holly again. Nicole was reluctant to hand Holly over, but Chloe insisted that Nicole needed to do the right thing for Holly's sake. Scoffing, Nicole assured Holly, "Mama loves you. [And] I want you to always remember that, 'cause I'm gonna do everything in my power, sweetheart, to come home to you. We're gonna be together [again], I promise." Nicole sobbed as she watched Chloe rush off with Holly.

Later, Rafe returned to check on Nicole, who had stopped crying at that point but broke down again -- this time in his arms -- when he regretfully announced that it was time for her to be moved to a holding cell.

Dario joined Abigail and Thomas in the Horton Town Square and revealed that he had bought a few things for their new home. Abigail was surprised at first, but when Dario reasoned that they were going to have to live together if they wanted everyone to believe that they were a happily married couple, she conceded that he was right.

Dario led Abigail and Thomas to a room at the Martin mansion, explaining, "Only a couple truly in love would live in such a small space, [so] it works in our favor." Dario soon excused himself so he could check on Club TBD, leaving Abigail to get the room ready for Immigration's surprise inspections. Once the coast was clear, Abigail contacted Justin and told him, "I need some information about a former Titan employee -- Dario Hernandez."

Dario went to the police station to fill Rafe in on what was happening. Stunned, Rafe reminded Dario that it was illegal to fake a marriage in an effort to avoid deportation. Dario claimed that he had no other options available. "If this goes wrong, a lot of people could get hurt," Rafe warned. Dario dismissively insisted that everything was going to be fine.

When Dario rejoined Abigail at the Martin mansion, she revealed that she'd had a nightmare while he had been gone. "I think that something is wrong with Chad," she continued.

While J.J. and Lani were scouring the island for rocks they could use to create an SOS message that was big enough to be seen from a plane, Chad and Gabi fashioned a makeshift fishing net and built a fire. Later, while Gabi was looking for a knife so she could skin and gut the fish Chad had managed to catch, she found the amulet. Furious, she threw it at him then stormed off as he frantically tried to figure out where it had landed.

After calming down, Gabi rejoined Chad and noticed that he had managed to locate the amulet. She insisted that he was putting everyone at risk with his decision to keep the amulet, but he maintained that he didn't believe in curses. "You know what I believe in, Gabi? I believe in choices, okay? Abigail, she chose to end our marriage. You chose to follow me to Athens. Eli chose to break up with you. Things happen -- good and bad," he reasoned with a shrug.

Chad admitted that the amulet wasn't the only thing he had lied about recently, adding, "I've been saying one thing, and I've been feeling another." Confused, Gabi wondered what he was talking about. "I told you -- I believe in choices. So right now, I'm gonna make a choice," he replied before kissing her.

Elsewhere, J.J. told Lani that she had spent the previous night tossing and turning in her sleep. "Yeah, because every noise [out here makes me wonder what's about to] kill me or eat me," she explained. Chuckling, he assured her that there was nothing to worry about. "If you say so," she skeptically replied. She admitted that she also found it difficult to sleep next to him instead of sleeping with him.

J.J. got a sudden burst of inspiration and rushed off, leaving Lani alone on the beach. She pulled her knees to her chest, shut her eyes, and tried to ignore the nearby sounds of wildlife. When he finally returned, she mistook him for a threat and threw him to the ground with a quick defensive maneuver. After she calmed down, he revealed that he had gone to get some items from the jet so they could have an impromptu picnic.

Later, Lani reminded J.J. that he had previously stated that he didn't want to be with her until the time was right. "Look where we are. It doesn't get any more right than this," she pointed out. She started to add that she trusted him and didn't care about the mistakes he had made in the past, but he stopped her with a passionate kiss.

J.J. and Lani continued kissing as they sprawled out on the beach together, but she pulled away from him with a cry of pain when she hit her head on something that was buried in the sand. A bit of digging revealed a skull. She thought it was the remains of some sort of animal, but he clarified that it was a human skull. Horrified, she dropped the skull and backed away from it, wondering how it had ended up on the beach.

"[What I'm wondering is] where the rest of the body is," J.J. replied.

Victor confronts Deimos

Victor confronts Deimos

Friday, June 2, 2017

Claire was staring at her social media profile on her computer when Jade walked into the loft. Annoyed, Claire demanded to know why Jade was there. Jade explained that she was picking up one last box. With a groan, Claire reminded Jade that she had been picking up "one last box" for weeks already. Changing the subject, Jade commented on the low number of followers on Claire's social media profile. Jade reiterated her suggestion that Claire should make a sex tape.

Claire flatly refused. Claire said that she was private and that she did not want to taint her relationship with Theo. With a shrug, Jade went upstairs. When Theo arrived home, he apologized to Claire for not telling her about Wyatt sooner. Claire said they were fine. Smiling, Theo announced that he had rented their room at the Salem Inn so they could spend the evening together. Thrilled Claire leaped into Theo's arms and kissed him. Theo promised to meet Claire at the hotel room after his interview at the yogurt shop in the square.

After Theo left, Claire placed her hotel room key card on the kitchen counter then went into her room to pack for the evening. Jade crept downstairs and took the key card. Jade went over to the Salem Inn and let herself into Theo and Claire's room. After placing a camera in a pot of flowers, Jade fantasized about how happy Claire and Theo would be when the tape successfully helped Claire's career. In the daydream, Claire told Jade she was her new best friend. Grinning to herself, Jade left.

When Claire arrived at the hotel room, she knocked on the door. Theo answered and asked her why she had not let herself in. Claire explained that she had misplaced her key. Claire asked about Theo's job interview, and he told her that it had gone poorly. Theo fretted that he would not have a summer job. Talk turned to Claire's career, and Theo assured her that she would have more followers on social media soon. Claire kissed Theo, and the two stumbled over to the bed.

At the police station, Hope and Rafe reviewed arrest reports for Halo use and distribution. Rafe suggested that J.J. and Lani could turn the investigation to local high schools when they returned to town. Rafe's phone rang. Lucas was calling Rafe to ask about Gabi, who had not returned home when scheduled. Worried, Rafe and Hope headed over to Victor's house to ask him about the flight plan for the Titan jet.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor summoned Deimos to yell at him. Victor said that Brady was better, but Deimos was to blame because he had introduced Xander to the equation. Deimos argued that there was no proof he had used Xander. When Deimos played the victim, Victor lost his patience. Victor countered that Hope had told him about the evidence she had and that Hope would not have lied to him.

Narrowing his eyes, Victor reminded Deimos that he had warned Deimos that Brady was off-limits, and Deimos had betrayed him. Deimos added that he would be on a beach with Nicole if not for Brady and Eric's interference. Victor scoffed at the idea. Victor reminded Deimos that Nicole hated him. With a look of disgust, Victor said that Deimos had hurt the people Victor loved and respected, and Victor could not in good conscience continue their fraternal truce. Victor yelled that Deimos had abused his power.

Furious, Deimos argued that Brady had turned Nicole against him. Victor disagreed. Victor added that Sonny had been right about Deimos from the start, and he was eager to reward Sonny with the position of CEO at Titan. Deimos laughed. As Deimos warned that Sonny would fail as CEO, Hope and Rafe marched into the house.

Deimos grumbled about harassment, and Hope quickly shut him down by noting that she was there to ask about the Titan jet. After a quick call to his contact, Victor confirmed that the Titan jet had disappeared off the radar shortly after takeoff. Victor eyed Deimos warily. Deimos firmly said he had nothing to do with the plane's disappearance. An agitated Rafe got in Deimos' face and demanded answers. Hope pulled Rafe off of Deimos.

"Your bright new shining star of Titan may never sit behind the big oak desk," Deimos growled at Victor. With a sneer, Deimos walked out of the house. Victor lamented that he had ever helped Deimos after he had arrived in Salem. Victor said he was glad that Deimos was out of his business and his house.

In an alley off the town square, Deimos called someone on the phone. Deimos demanded that the person step up production and distribution of their product. Deimos said he wanted to see Halo everywhere. Nearby in the square, Hope calmed Rafe by assuring him that the Titan plane would be found. Hope urged Rafe to have faith.

On the deserted Greek island, Sonny sat by the campfire and stared at his Titan to do list on his phone. Paul updated Sonny on the clean water source he had found, but he realized that Sonny was not listening to him. When Paul urged Sonny to forget Deimos, Sonny argued that Deimos had hurt his family, and Sonny was frustrated that he was not back in Salem. Paul told Sonny that he had been impressed with Sonny when he had thrown caution to the wind and flown the jet to Prague to help capture Stefano. Shaking his head, Sonny said he was not the same guy as he'd been back then.

With a nod, Paul said he could accept it if the CEO job was what made Sonny happy, but he preferred to focus on surviving on the island. Paul left to go fishing. Alone, Sonny thought about the night he and Paul had spent together in Prague. Sonny smiled wistfully. When Paul returned with fish, Sonny apologized for his obsessive behavior. Paul advised Sonny to make the best of their situation on the island. With a smile, Sonny promised to be a better partner for Paul.

While Sonny went off to scavenge for some fruit, Paul stayed behind to clean the fish. As Paul worked, a bug landed on his neck and bit him. Paul swatted it dead and went back to work. Paul quickly fell ill. Sweaty and delirious, Paul wandered off when he thought he heard Sonny calling to him from a distance. When Sonny returned to the fire, Paul was gone.

Down the beach, Chad and Gabi kissed. After they pulled away from one another, they agreed that their behavior had been out of line. Chad and Gabi agreed that they could not run into each other's arms just because Abigail had filed for divorce. With a sigh, Gabi admitted that when she had kissed Chad, she had wanted to keep kissing him. Chad suggested that they should focus on a rescue. With a nod, Gabi agreed, and they promised one another that they were friends first.

While out scavenging food, Gabi fell out of a peach tree and re-sprained her ankle. Chad carried Gabi back to the beach. After a quick exam, Chad tore off his shirt and wrapped up Gabi's ankle. Eli walked into the clearing with the satellite phone. Eli announced that he had not been able to fix the phone. Upset, Gabi started to rant. Eli rolled his eyes at Gabi's negativity, and Chad worked to calm Gabi down. Chad asked Gabi to help him cook the fish he had caught.

While Chad walked off to find some more fruit for dinner, Eli stayed with Gabi. Eli remarked that it was clear how much Gabi and Chad loved one another. Gabi argued that she could not be with Chad. Curious, Gabi asked Eli if he wanted to push her and Chad together. Eli explained that he would fight for Gabi if he believed he had a shot with her, but it was evident when he saw Gabi with Chad that they should be together. Eli told Gabi that she was in denial.

With a sympathetic smile, Eli said he wanted Chad and Gabi to be happy. Eli suggested that Abigail wanted a fresh start without Chad. Suspicious, Gabi asked Eli why he was pushing her toward Chad. Eli said that he would always be Gabi's friend, and he wanted her to be happy. Gently putting his hand on hers, Eli told Gabi that she and Chad had done nothing wrong when they had fallen in love.

Overwhelmed, an emotional Gabi blurted out that she had attempted to stop loving Chad, but she had been unable to. Gabi admitted that Chad had always been the one. At that moment, Chad returned to the clearing. With an awkward excuse, Eli left Gabi and Chad alone on the beach. Chad rushed over to Gabi, scooped her up in his arms, and kissed her as they tumbled backward onto the sand.

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