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Eric and Brady fought. Bonnie was unmasked as an impostor and escaped. Justin and Kayla convinced the prison to release Adrienne. Rolf told Hope and Sami that he had injected Will's body with a serum. Rolf committed suicide. Sami flew to Memphis to find Rolf's employer.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 23, 2017 on DAYS
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Hope demands answers from Rolf Hope demands answers from Rolf

Monday, October 23, 2017

by Mike

Jennifer knelt beside Eric in the trashed farmhouse and wondered what had happened to it.

"She did," Eric numbly replied, holding up a photograph of Nicole. "I lost everything that matters to me," he added with a heavy sigh.

Jennifer cleaned and bandaged Eric's wound while sharing the details of her earlier conversation with Nicole. He was surprised to learn that Nicole was planning to leave Salem that day -- and, in fact, was probably already gone. He didn't want to talk to Jennifer about his feelings for another woman, believing that would be insensitive, but she assured him that she could handle hearing whatever he had to say about Nicole.

Eric told Jennifer about the two wildly different conversations he'd had with Nicole that day. "I just can't shake the feeling that Brady had something to do with her change of heart," Eric admitted. Jennifer guessed that Brady probably hadn't been happy to hear that Nicole wanted to be with another man, especially since that man was his brother. However, Jennifer couldn't think of anything Brady could have said or done to force Nicole's last-minute change of heart. "[When] I talked to Nicole, [I got the impression that] this was her decision," Jennifer apologetically informed Eric.

Eric grudgingly conceded that Jennifer was probably right. "It's just that all my dreams came true...and they morphed into a nightmare in the same day," he tearfully mused. She insisted that it would be best for him to distance himself from the painful memories the farmhouse held. He wasn't sure if he was ready to return to Salem yet, but she convinced him to give it a shot, pointing out that his loved ones -- and the Horton Center -- needed him just as much as he needed them at that time. "[At least it'll] get me out of having to clean up this mess," he joked, managing a weak chuckle.

After Jennifer helped Eric pack, he followed her out of the farmhouse, purposely leaving behind every photograph of Nicole.

At the Brady Pub, Steve reluctantly agreed to give Kayla twenty minutes to help him figure out what was going on with Adrienne. "But after that, I'm gonna do [things] my way," he warned, determined to stop Adrienne from marrying Victor, one way or another.

Kayla suggested that Adrienne might be exhibiting some sort of posttraumatic stress-induced reaction to her battle with breast cancer -- and might be trying to distance herself from everyone who had gone through that experience with her. "[But] that still doesn't explain why she's rushing into marriage with Victor Kiriakis, of all people -- especially right now, when Sonny's going through all of his trouble," Steve argued.

Steve and Kayla agreed that they had to be missing something. They decided that Adrienne definitely wasn't marrying Victor for love, since she had never even liked him. They also decided that Adrienne wasn't marrying for money, since she had never really had a desire to be rich -- and, in any case, greed could explain why she had chosen Justin over Lucas but couldn't really explain why she had chosen Victor over Justin, who had a sizable bank account himself. "[So] what would she get out of marrying Victor Kiriakis...other than hurting Maggie?" Kayla mused.

"You know what? Maggie might be the key," Steve realized, recalling that Justin had recently mentioned that Adrienne and Maggie hadn't been getting along lately. Kayla could envision Maggie being upset with Adrienne out of loyalty to Lucas but found it hard to believe that Adrienne would want to punish Maggie for taking his side. Steve agreed that Adrienne wasn't a vindictive person.

"But you know what? The other day, Jennifer told me that Adrienne, all of a sudden, was absolutely useless at the Spectator -- that it was like she was a totally different person," Kayla recalled.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie tiredly informed Maggie, "You have to face facts! You and Victor are over! I am marrying the man of my dreams, and this time, you're not gonna screw it up!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Maggie wondered. Backpedaling, Bonnie stammered that she hadn't meant to suggest that Maggie had a history of screwing things up for her; she had simply been alluding to Salem's history of failed wedding attempts. Maggie didn't buy that explanation, so Bonnie added with a shrug, "Listen, you got me so upset, I don't even know what I'm saying -- except this: get out!"

Maggie refused to leave, even after Bonnie threatened to call security. Justin soon arrived and advised that Adrienne needed to talk to a professional to figure out why she hadn't been acting like herself lately, but Bonnie dismissively insisted that she was fine. Eager to continue the wedding ceremony, Bonnie decided to let Maggie and Justin watch the rest of it, reasoning that it wasn't her job to try to stop them from torturing themselves.

Sheila nervously flipped through her cue cards as Bonnie impatiently ordered her to skip to the part with the vows. "Don't worry about it, Sheila. Victor isn't marrying Adrienne," Maggie insisted. "Yes, he is!" Bonnie countered. "Come on, honey -- tell 'em. Tell 'em how much you want to marry me," Bonnie urged Victor.

"The hell I do," Victor replied after Justin gave him a nod. Shocked, Bonnie glared at Victor as he continued, "Let me get something straight -- I don't want you, I don't love you, and I certainly don't want to marry you. I don't even want to be in the same room with you!" Bonnie warned Victor that he was making a very big mistake. Ignoring the threat, Victor dismissed Sheila, assuring her that her services as an officiant were no longer needed. Victor added that Sheila could still make herself useful, though, since Adrienne's things needed to be removed from his bedroom. "Don't you move a muscle, Sheila!" Bonnie shouted.

"Didn't you hear the man, Adrienne? The wedding is off! He doesn't want any part of you!" Maggie repeated for Victor. Bonnie bragged that if she couldn't have Victor, she was going to see to it that Maggie couldn't have him, either. Bonnie proceeded to reveal Victor's secret, expecting it to shock his loved ones. "Actually, Brady and I [already] knew," Justin admitted.

"I knew, too," Maggie added. "Not as long as Brady and Justin, but Victor recently told me everything -- and I mean everything, including [that] you're blackmailing him into marrying you," she continued.

That shocked Brady, so Maggie explained to him, "See, we're all gathered here today because Adrienne told Victor that if he didn't divorce me and marry her, she was gonna make sure he went to prison. [So] he just pretended to go along with it. And then he came straight to Justin and me and told us the truth, so everything that we've done since then has been an act."

"And [Adrienne] went for it -- hook, line, and sinker," Maggie concluded as Bonnie glared at her. Confused, Bonnie pointed out that Maggie had signed divorce documents earlier. "They're fake," Maggie explained. "No divorce goes through that quickly. I would think you'd know that, given the number of times you and I have gone through it," Justin added.

Bonnie was disappointed that Victor's loved ones weren't upset with him for plotting Deimos' murder. Maggie clarified that she didn't condone Victor's actions. "But he's my husband, and I love him, [so] I'm gonna stand by him," Maggie continued, joining arms with Victor. Bonnie warned that she wasn't going to keep Victor's secret any longer, but he dismissively predicted that no one would believe her claims.

"They'll believe Xander," Bonnie countered. "Ah, well, there's the rub," Victor replied, adding that the divorce documents and the wedding ceremony had both been stall tactics to give him time to neutralize Xander.

Bonnie assumed that Victor had ordered someone to kill Xander, but Victor clarified, "Oh, no, no -- he's alive and well. His sentence was miraculously commuted, though, and he's free as a bird -- vanished in a puff of smoke, just like your leverage." Victor encouraged Adrienne to shout her claims to the world, knowing that without proof to back them up, she would ultimately be dismissed as a woman scorned.

Bonnie angrily complained that Victor, Maggie, and Justin had ganged up on her. "I was thisclose to getting everything I ever wanted! It can't end like this, damn it!" Bonnie continued. Justin tried again to convince Adrienne that she needed professional help, but Bonnie tiredly countered that she just needed him to get out of her sight. Undeterred, Justin maintained, "You are not the Adrienne that I know and love."

"You got that right," Steve agreed as he entered the mansion with Kayla. Bonnie greeted Steve as Patch, prompting him to point out that, until recently, Adrienne had never called him by that nickname. "And that's just one in a long list of things that don't add up about you, but now Kayla and I have figured out why that is," Steve continued.

"This woman is not my sister," Steve declared. Confused, Justin wondered how Steve could say such a thing when Adrienne was clearly standing right in front of him. "That's not Adrienne Johnson. Her name is Bonnie Lockhart," Steve clarified, stunning Maggie and drawing a nod of defeat from Bonnie.

At the Salem Inn, Rolf stared at Hope in shock. "What's the matter? Were you expecting someone else?" Hope asked. "I wasn't expecting the woman who shot the great Stefano DiMera in cold blood, I'll tell you that," Rolf replied. "Just imagine what I'm gonna do to you if you don't tell me the truth about Will Horton," Hope threateningly countered.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre assured Sami that Rolf was in Hope's capable hands. "If you think Rolf is gonna talk to a cop -- any cop -- you are as crazy as he is!" Sami insisted. Andre pointed out that Hope had a long history with Rolf, but Sami maintained, "[Rolf] doesn't brush his teeth without Stefano telling him it's okay, and if Stefano really gave him the orders to revive Will, then there is no way he's gonna tell anyone anything unless he feels it's absolutely necessary -- and there is no way a cop can make him feel like it's absolutely necessary!"

Andre admitted that he had shared Sami's opinion on the matter and had therefore been determined to confront Rolf himself -- until someone had convinced him that it would be best to let the authorities handle the matter. "What moron would say that?" Sami asked incredulously. "Me," Kate reluctantly admitted, adding that she truly believed it would be best for Sami to let Hope handle Rolf. "You're too close to the situation," Kate reasoned.

"Kate, 'the situation' is Will!" Sami pointed out before demanding to know where Hope and Rolf were meeting at that moment.

Rolf feigned ignorance when Hope began questioning him about the conversation he'd had with Clyde in prison. Undeterred, Hope continued, "I know that normal human emotion is a stretch for you, but could you at least try to think about what Will's family must be going through right now? Rolf, tell me something -- anything -- that I can tell his family. Tell me something!"

"I have nothing to say to you, Officer Brady," Rolf maintained. "It's Commissioner Brady now," Hope clarified. "Congratulations," Rolf replied, forcing a smile.

Realizing that Rolf wanted to do things the hard way, Hope started to suggest that a few hours in a holding cell at the police station might make him more talkative. Sami burst into the hotel room at that moment, seized Hope's holstered gun, and aimed it at Rolf. "Stay back, Hope. This bastard is not going anywhere until he tells us what's going on," Sami insisted.

As Andre poured himself a drink, Kate insisted that he shouldn't have told Sami where to find Hope and Rolf. "She's only going to make things worse," Kate predicted. "I think I would have done anything just to shut her up," Andre admitted, adding that Sami, as Will's mother, had every right to be involved in the matter. Kate hoped that Sami wouldn't end up being the very thing that convinced Rolf not to reveal what he knew about Will. "That's a possibility," Andre warned, knowing that Sami could be her own worst enemy at times. "Don't be so hard on her. She's been through hell," Kate pointed out.

Andre admitted that it was unsettling for him to see Kate and Sami getting along so well. "Older, wiser," Kate explained with a shrug. "Yeah, but I've grown accustomed to seeing the two of you at each other's throats," Andre countered. Kate considered making a confession to Andre but warned that there would be dire consequences if he ever repeated it to anyone. "Mum's the word," Andre promised.

"I really, really miss Sami being around," Kate admitted, prompting Andre to teasingly observe that she was mellowing in her old age. Hoping to keep Kate from worrying about what was happening with Rolf, Andre asked to hear more stories about Will. Tears rolled down Kate's cheeks as she talked about Will. "I miss him every minute of every hour of every day, Andre, and I'm really afraid...because I'm getting my hopes up, and that terrifies me, because what if they're dashed, you know? I...I don't think I could go through that pain of losing him again," Kate fretted. Andre wrapped an arm around Kate and assured her, "You're going to be fine. I'll see to that."

"I must say, this has become quite the welcome-home party," Rolf joked as Sami kept Hope's gun aimed at him. Hope tried to intervene, but Sami refused to hand over the weapon. "This is my son we are talking about! You weren't getting anywhere with him, or you wouldn't be trying to take him to headquarters. He needs a different approach," Sami reasoned before slamming the butt of the gun against Rolf's forehead, sending him to the floor.

"Now, how 'bout you start talking?" Sami suggested, keeping the gun aimed at Rolf as he leaned against the side of the bed and pressed a hand against the open wound on his forehead. Hope retrieved her cell phone and started dialing a number, prompting Sami to warn Rolf, "Hear that? She's gonna call for backup -- and you had better talk before I hear sirens, or they're gonna walk in and find your dead body."

"Clyde said that you told him that Will was still alive -- and that you knew it to be true because you had revived him. How is that possible? He showed up at the hospital D.O.A.! I was in the morgue with his dead body! When did this intervention happen? Or is this just some scam that you and Stefano are pulling? Say something!" Sami continued.

"All right, I'll say something -- after all you have been through in your life, you should know...things are not always as they appear," Rolf cryptically replied. Sami wondered if that was Rolf's way of confirming that Will was still alive. "It's my way of saying that cheating death is a specialty of mine. If anyone could have pulled off something so audacious, so is I," Rolf pointed out.

"You know my history," Rolf continued. Nodding, Sami summarized that Stefano and Rolf had terrorized Salem for far too long. "Yeah...the good old days," Rolf wistfully agreed. "Stefano was a creative genius, and I -- I was the one who turned his visions into reality. I would do anything for him," Rolf continued. Sami concluded that Stefano, who had been fond of Will but had hated her and most of the other Bradys, had ordered Rolf to save Will's life but make everyone believe that he was dead. "[Stefano] was living in Salem then, [so] he could have been keeping tabs on [Will], and I'm sure he still had you on call," Sami continued.

"That is correct...but Stefano had nothing to do with Will's resurrection," Rolf clarified. "There was a resurrection? You did do something to Will?" Sami asked excitedly as Hope demanded to know who had ordered Rolf to revive Will.

Steve destroys Bonnie's scheme

Steve destroys Bonnie's scheme

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

At the Salem Inn, Sami held Dr. Rolf at gunpoint while Hope pleaded with her to lower the weapon. Sami threatened to shoot Rolf if he did not tell her everything he knew about Will. Rolf admitted that he had seen Sami at the morgue, and as proof, he recited Sami's last words to Will's body. Rolf explained that he had entered the room, disguised as the medical examiner. With her eyes lighting up with recognition, Sami admitted that Rolf had quoted her accurately. Rolf said he had been touched by what Sami had said about her granddaughter, Arianna. With a shrug, Rolf said he had done what he'd been paid to do.

Rolf informed Hope and Sami that he had injected Will with a serum and told him, "Rise and shine." Anxious, Sami asked Rolf if her son was alive. When Rolf stayed silent, Sami leveled the gun at him once more. Hope attempted to reason with Sami, and the two argued. With the women distracted, Rolf pulled a poison pill from in between his teeth and bit down on it. As Rolf started to convulse and foam at the mouth, Hope rushed over to examine him.

Hope noted that she smelled almonds, and she believed that Rolf had taken a cyanide pill to remain loyal to Stefano rather than tell Sami the truth. Rolf was dead. Frustrated, Hope announced that she needed to call the police station and report the crime scene. Panicked, Sami started to look around the room. Hope stopped her and arrested her.

At the police station, Sami pleaded with Hope to go easy on her. Hope reminded Sami that she had threatened an unarmed man and broken the law. With a sneer, Sami called Hope a hypocrite, since Hope had shot Stefano. Hope ignored Sami and said that she would not cut Sami slack because she did not want Sami to further interfere with the investigation. Sami demanded her phone call.

Adrienne waited impatiently by the phone in prison while another prisoner finished up her call. Shifting her eyes about the room, Adrienne kept a lookout for a guard so that she would not be caught using Hattie's calling card. As the other inmate hung up the phone, a second inmate cut in front of Adrienne. Adrienne protested, but the inmate remarked that she knew Adrienne did not have phone privileges. When the inmate threatened to tell a guard what Adrienne was doing, Adrienne backed off. When it was Adrienne's turn to use the phone, a guard walked into the room. Adrienne casually pretended to do calisthenics until the guard walked away.

At the cemetery, Sonny stood over Will's grave and talked to him. Sonny vowed to find Will if he was alive. A drunken Lucas wandered into the clearing. Lucas ordered Sonny to "get away from my boy." Sonny protested that he loved Will and that Lucas knew that he frequently visited the grave. Lucas yelled at Sonny for letting Paul dig up Will's grave, but Sonny explained that he had not known Paul's plan. Sonny added that he had told Paul that it was wrong to disturb Will's grave.

Sonny asked Lucas if he believed that there was a possibility that Will was alive. Lucas shook his head no. Lucas warned Sonny, "Hope can turn on you." Lucas advised Sonny not to listen to Ben or Clyde's stories. Sonny pressed Lucas to consider that it might be possible. As Lucas vigorously shook his head no, Sonny urged Lucas to think about Dr. Rolf's involvement. Lucas' phone rang. After fumbling with it, Lucas answered the call. A desperate Adrienne was on the line, begging for help.

Drunk and angry, Lucas said he had no interest in helping Adrienne after she had broken his heart. Lucas refused to help. Sonny fought Lucas for the phone, ultimately grabbing it away. A relieved Adrienne cried out with joy when she heard Sonny's voice. Before Adrienne could explain what had happened to her, the line went dead. Worried, Sonny attempted to call Adrienne back.

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor growled that Adrienne's "reign of terror was over." Justin urged Adrienne to get help. As an emotional Bonnie looked around the room at the accusing faces of Justin, Maggie, Victor, and Brady, she looked over at Sheila, who remained quiet. Steve arrived with Kayla. Steve informed everyone that the woman before them was not Adrienne, but instead, Bonnie Lockhart. Maggie gasped in shock. Justin yelled at Bonnie to tell the truth. With a devilish grin, Bonnie confirmed Steve's accusation was true.

"Took you long enough," Bonnie said with disdain. Bonnie said she was not sorry for what she had done. Bonnie turned to Maggie and, narrowing her eyes, said that Maggie had deserved to be hurt after she had stolen Mickey from her. Steve recounted all the suspicious pieces of evidence that had helped him realize Bonnie's true identity. With a grin, Steve noted that Bonnie's focus on Victor had been the last straw.

While a tearful Bonnie yelled at Maggie for stealing away the only man she had ever loved, Sheila slipped out of the house. Bonnie said she had suffered for years in jail and had spent all those years, dwelling on the happiness she had had with Mickey. Bonnie complained that when Maggie had returned to Salem and reunited with Mickey, Maggie had ruined her life. Maggie stressed that she had not wanted to hurt Bonnie, but it was clear that Bonnie was "a deeply disturbed woman."

Steve demanded to know where Bonnie had hidden his sister. Worried, Justin leaned in toward Bonnie and demanded that she return Adrienne. Bonnie stressed that the whole thing had been Anjelica's idea and plan. Bonnie added that Anjelica had drugged Adrienne and carried her off with Hattie. With a shrug, Bonnie said she had never touched Adrienne. As Justin glowered at Bonnie, she noted that she could not tell them where to find Adrienne because it was her only leverage.

Reasoning through the possibilities, Steve talked about how Hattie had hidden Marlena at Bayview. Bonnie remained silent. Steve then noted that the police had searched Bayview then and had not uncovered any other prisoners. Angry, Maggie asked Bonnie why she was not still in prison, serving out her term. With a raised eyebrow, Steve asked Bonnie if Adrienne was hidden in Statesville prison. Justin stepped forward and advised Bonnie to cooperate in exchange for his help with the police. Bonnie admitted that Adrienne had taken her place in prison.

Steve, Kayla, and Justin rushed out to find Adrienne. Victor narrowed his eyes and told Bonnie that she was headed back to prison. As Brady stepped toward Bonnie to grab her, Bonnie shoved Maggie aside and ran out the front door. Brady checked on Maggie, and once she confirmed she was okay, Brady ran after Bonnie.

In the town square, Gabi presented Eli with a box of cookies that she had baked with Arianna. Gabi suggested that Eli could use the cookies to make friends on his first day at the police department. Eli politely asked Gabi not to meddle in his work relationships. With a shrug, Gabi said she wanted to help Eli get along with her stubborn brother. As Eli started to tell Gabi that he liked spending time with her, Sheila interrupted and pulled Eli aside to talk to him.

Sheila said she was desperate for Eli's help. When Sheila reminded Eli that he owed her, Eli said he could not help Sheila run from her legal woes because he had accepted a job with the Salem police. Frustrated, Sheila warned Gabi that Eli would stab her in the back. Sheila ran off. When Gabi pushed Eli to talk about Sheila, he refused.

After fleeing Brady, Bonnie ran to the park. Sonny called Bonnie's phone, and she ignored the call. Bonnie made a panicked call to a cab company for a pickup. Sheila entered the clearing and overheard Bonnie arrange for a ride out of town. Sheila warned Bonnie to cancel her cab.

Over at the police station, Sami called Lucas' phone, and Sonny answered. Sami told Sonny to get over to the police station. When Sonny arrived with Lucas in tow, Sami told them that she had new information that showed Will might be alive.

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor apologized to Maggie for everything. Maggie admitted that she was upset that Victor had arranged for the murder of Deimos, because she had believed that the old Victor had disappeared before they had married. With a sigh, Maggie added that she knew that Deimos had been a horrible person and had needed to be stopped. Maggie asked about Xander. Victor assured Maggie that he was fine. With a raised eyebrow, Maggie accused Victor of bribing a judge to arrange for Xander's early release from prison. Victor chuckled and said that Maggie was right.

With a gasp, Maggie remembered Lucas. Thrilled, Maggie said that Lucas would be very happy to know that Adrienne had not dumped him but that Bonnie had been the cause for his heartbreak. Maggie wanted to call Lucas, but Victor cautioned against it. Victor advised Maggie to tread lightly because Lucas was careening on the edge. Maggie said she could not stand by while Lucas was hurting. Brady returned and noted that he had lost Bonnie's trail.

At the prison, a guard grabbed Adrienne when he caught her talking on the phone. The guard reminded Adrienne that she did not have phone privileges, and he grabbed the phone card from Adrienne's hand. The guard asked if she had stolen Hattie's calling card. Nervous, Adrienne said that Hattie had given it to her. The guard told Adrienne that he was sending her to solitary. Adrienne screamed and backed away. As Adrienne cried out for mercy, Justin ran into the room and ordered the guard to back off. Justin announced that he was Adrienne's lawyer and that the guard should speak to the warden.

While the guard went to see the warden, a tearful Adrienne jumped into Justin's arms and broke down crying. Through tears, a breathless Adrienne stuttered out that Bonnie had stolen her life. Justin hugged Adrienne and attempted to calm her down. Justin assured Adrienne that Steve was with the warden, arranging for Adrienne's release. Overwhelmed with relief, Adrienne kissed Justin.

Eli opens up to Gabi about Sheila

Eli opens up to Gabi about Sheila

> Eli opens up to Gabi about Sheila

Eli opens up to Gabi about Sheila

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

by Mike

At Statesville, Steve and Kayla informed the warden that the inmate everyone believed to be Bonnie Lockhart was really Adrienne Johnson.

The warden refused to believe such an outlandish story without proof. Steve and Kayla thought that would be easy enough to provide, since seeing Adrienne and Bonnie side by side would be enough proof for even the most skeptical person in the world, but they soon received a text message from Maggie, alerting them that Bonnie had managed to escape. "Huh. Isn't that convenient?" the warden mused.

Steve pointed out that a fingerprint comparison would also prove that the story was true, but the warden countered that police stations, not correctional facilities, dealt with fingerprints. The warden reluctantly summoned Hattie to his office after Steve revealed that she had been involved in the switch, but even after she explained how she had pulled it off, the warden remained skeptical -- especially since Anjelica, the mastermind of the scheme, couldn't be questioned because she was dead. Increasingly impatient, Steve told the warden, "Maybe you [just] don't want to believe [this] because it makes it look like you fell down on the job!"

Kayla quickly intervened, admitting that she'd have just as much trouble believing the story if she were in the warden's shoes. "[But] if I could just get some swabs from [your infirmary], I could take a DNA sample from Steve and Adrienne, and not only would it prove that they are related, [it would also] prove that [your inmate] is not Bonnie Lockhart," Kayla suggested. Because Statesville didn't have a lab of its own for such things, Kayla added that she would cover the cost of the DNA test and would have it performed at a facility of Statesville's trusted doctor's choosing so she couldn't be suspected of using her connections at Salem University Hospital to influence the results. "And I will authorize clearance for you and [that doctor] to review Adrienne's medical records," Kayla continued, making the warden aware of Adrienne's recent battle with breast cancer.

The warden decided to allow the DNA test to be performed; he warned, however, that even if Steve and Kayla's story checked out, they weren't going to get Adrienne back until he got Bonnie back.

Meanwhile, a guard burst into the visitor's lounge and interrupted Adrienne's reunion with Justin, intent on putting her back in solitary confinement. "You do that, and I'll [ensure that you] lose your job, [and] I'll sue you and this entire institution!" Justin warned the guard, who rushed off to complain to a supervisor.

Adrienne told Justin about her previous stints in solitary confinement. "At least I [couldn't] get my butt kicked [in there], right?" she conceded, managing a weak chuckle.

Adrienne also told Justin about the two phone calls she had eventually managed to make. Justin informed Adrienne that Lucas had probably been drunk when she had contacted him. "After all those years of sobriety... Damn that Bonnie Lockhart for doing this to him!" Adrienne spat. "Actually, it's -- it's more than that. I mean, Lucas' drinking isn't just about you," Justin hesitantly began to clarify.

Adrienne was shocked to hear about what had happened at the double wedding. "I need to see my son! He needs me! Lucas needs me, too! I can't believe I haven't been there for them, Justin, all this time!" Adrienne fretted. Justin assured Adrienne that she would see Sonny and Lucas soon enough. "[But] since we're stuck here waiting [for now], there's something that I'd like to [know] -- namely, what that kiss was about," Justin continued.

Before Adrienne could say much about the kiss, Steve and Kayla entered the visitor's lounge and greeted her. Adrienne hugged her brother and sister-in-law and stressed that she had sorely missed them both -- and her nephew, who had shown courage and strength during his stint as Orpheus' captive that she had tried to channel to help her cope with her own ordeal.

Unable to hide how the innocent comment had affected them, Steve and Kayla filled Adrienne in on what had happened to Joey while she had been stuck in Statesville. Overwhelmed, Adrienne broke down, feeling like she had let a lot of people down in their respective times of need. Kayla assured Adrienne that everyone would understand that circumstances beyond her control had prevented her from being there for them.

"I just need to be able to make up for lost time now [and] be there for people even more than ever [before]," Adrienne decided after regaining her composure. Steve and Kayla apologetically revealed that Adrienne might have to wait a bit longer before starting to make good on that promise. Adrienne was disappointed to hear that but insisted that she could handle the delay, reasoning, "I've waited this long, haven't I?"

After getting DNA samples from Steve and Adrienne, Kayla rushed off to deliver them to Statesville's doctor, with Steve in tow. Alone with Justin again, Adrienne started to revisit his earlier question, but he quickly stopped her, stressing that he understood that the kiss had been nothing more than a heat-of-the-moment thing. "I'm not deluding myself; I know that soon, you and Lucas..." Justin added before letting his voice trail off.

Steve and Kayla soon returned and reported that the DNA samples were en route to a lab. Justin was disturbed to learn that it could take anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours to receive the results of the DNA test, since that was plenty of time for any number of Statesville inmates to start hearing rumors that Adrienne wasn't Bonnie and therefore didn't know how to protect herself in such a dangerous environment. "Don't worry -- I've made sure you have your own private bodyguard," Steve assured Adrienne.

Right on cue, Hattie entered the visitor's lounge and promised Adrienne, "Nobody's gonna mess with you -- not while Hattie Adams is on the job."

At the Horton Town Square, Eli admitted to Gabi that he had once had a pretty tight relationship with Sheila. "Was she your girlfriend?" Gabi asked. "She was a lot more than that," Eli replied.

Gabi was confused, so Eli elaborated that Sheila, whom he had grown up with in Baltimore, had once been like a sister to him. "My mom worked pretty long hours, and I sort of got caught up in the [latchkey kid] gang after school and in the summertime," Eli explained, adding that the lack of adult supervision had been fun -- at least at first, when he had been satisfied with innocent childhood activities like hanging out at the pool with Sheila and her brother, Russell. "[But] things changed when we got older, as they usually do," Eli continued, admitting that they had eventually started getting into trouble with the local cops for stupid things like shoplifting and vandalism -- things they had really just been doing as a way of showing off to each other and proving who had the most guts.

Eli recalled that when his mother had found out about his petty crimes, she had ordered him to stay away from Sheila and Russell -- and he had obeyed her. "Then, a couple months later, she got transferred to another hospital. You know, I still think that she put in on that [job] just to get me away from those two," Eli continued, adding that when he had tried to track Sheila and Russell down to say goodbye to them, he had learned that they had graduated from petty crimes to more serious ones, like dealing drugs. "Were they eventually arrested?" Gabi asked. " me," Eli replied.

Gabi tried to reassure Eli that he had simply been doing his job, but he regretfully clarified that there was more to the story. "When I [joined] the FBI, I got assigned to a case involving this drug kingpin out of Chicago. The Bureau was trying to crack down hard on this guy, [so] I figured I'd go undercover and infiltrate the worker bees," Eli explained, adding that he had soon learned that Sheila and Russell had left Baltimore shortly after he had -- and had since worked their way up to one of the highest ranks of the Chicago drug ring. "[So] you used your friendship with Sheila and Russell to infiltrate the crew and break up the drug ring," Gabi guessed.

"They trusted me, and I threw them under the bus to advance my own career. I got a promotion, and they were sent to prison," Eli confirmed with a sigh, adding that his recent termination had probably been karmic payback for what he had done to his friends. Gabi pointed out that Sheila and Russell's criminal activity probably would have caught up with them sooner or later, anyway. Eli didn't find that particularly comforting, recalling that he had once promised Sheila and Russell that he would always have their backs, no matter what. "[Well, at least] Sheila is free now, and she can move on with her life -- and so can her brother," Gabi optimistically concluded.

"No, he can't...[because] a member of an opposing gang attacked him in prison, [and] he died," Eli sadly clarified, fighting back tears.

Eli soon regained his composure and apologized for unloading on Gabi, who had her own problems to deal with at that time. She assured him that she had needed a distraction just as much as he had needed to finally share his secret with someone. She acknowledged that he had made a mistake but insisted that he had never meant to hurt anyone and therefore wasn't suffering karmic payback for his actions.

Unconvinced, Eli admitted that Sheila had given him a chance to make things right earlier, and he had once again chosen his career over their friendship. Gabi assured Eli that he would eventually get another chance to make things right -- and that knowing his secret didn't change her belief that he was a great guy who had a great heart.

Elsewhere, Sheila warned that Bonnie wasn't going anywhere without first making good on her end of their deal. Bonnie insisted that she was in no position to pay anyone off because she had fled the Kiriakis mansion earlier with nothing more than the clothes on her back. "I mean, come on, don't you have a friend somewhere who can help you?" Bonnie asked Sheila incredulously. "I thought I did, but I was wrong," Sheila sadly replied.

"I thought we were friends," Sheila added. "We are, [but] I'm talking about someone who's liquid enough to float you a loan [so you can leave Salem]," Bonnie replied. Sheila pointed out that Bonnie had gone to prison to protect a daughter who should at least be grateful enough to loan her some money, but Mimi had been ignoring Bonnie's calls, so that wasn't an option.

Eyeing Bonnie's brooch, Sheila guessed that it had to be worth a decent amount of money. "This is all I have left of my Mickey!" Bonnie protested, protectively placing a hand over the item. "I may not have gotten my revenge on Maggie, but at least I got back the one thing that Mickey gave me," Bonnie continued, fighting back tears. "And now you're gonna give it to me," Sheila coldly demanded.

"Haven't you ever lost someone and wished that you had just one special thing to remember them by?" Bonnie asked as she reluctantly handed over the brooch. Sheila stared at the item for a moment then tossed it back to Bonnie with a heavy sigh and assured her, "We're good."

Touched, Bonnie thanked Sheila, who advised her to refrain from biting off more than she could chew in the future. "Never could resist a challenge," Bonnie admitted with a shrug. Nodding, Sheila wondered where Bonnie was planning to go next. "I have no idea...[but], you know, you're right about my daughter, Mimi -- she owes me, [and] sooner or later, she's gonna have to take my call," Bonnie replied.

After sharing a hug, Bonnie and Sheila parted ways. Bonnie rushed off to a waiting taxi, vowing, "Don't worry, Salem -- I'll be back."

Meanwhile, Eli and Gabi ran into Sheila outside the Brady Pub. After Gabi stepped aside, Eli offered Sheila an apology and revealed that he had changed his mind about helping her, adding, "I may not be able to be there for Russell anymore, but I can still be there for you, [and] I want to."

At the Salem Inn, Hope filled J.J. and Lani in on what had happened with Rolf then rushed off to talk to another cop, leaving the couple free to search Rolf's hotel room for clues. Lani was shocked that Sami had threatened to kill Rolf, but J.J. understood how Sami had been driven to that point. "It's hard not to go to that place when someone threatens the people you love," J.J. mused.

Lani emptied Rolf's medical bag then curiously noted that something was still rattling inside it. She soon found a false bottom -- and a tablet computer hidden underneath.

J.J.'s failed attempts to unlock the password-protected device with commonly used passwords eventually triggered more advanced security measures, preventing it from accepting further guesses. However, Rolf's covered body had not yet been removed from the hotel room, so J.J. decided to try copying Rolf's fingerprints onto pieces of tape and pressing them against the device's fingerprint scanner to bypass the password prompt.

The idea worked, but J.J. and Lani didn't understand most of what was stored on the device -- complex formulas and algorithms that Hope, who had just returned, didn't expect to shed light on the mystery surrounding Will's death and supposed resurrection, in any case. However, Hope soon found Rolf's offshore bank records on the device, indicating that someone had been depositing large payments into his account on a monthly basis.

"If we follow the money, I think we'll be one step closer to finding out who he was working for," J.J. optimistically predicted. "And if Will really is alive," Hope agreed.

Eric confronts Brady

Eric confronts Brady

Thursday, October 26, 2017

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Eric thanked Roman for having given him a place to stay the previous night. "You showed up so late, we didn't really get a chance to talk," Roman pointed out, eyeing Eric's injured hand.

Eric reluctantly shared the details of the two wildly different conversations he'd had with Nicole at the farmhouse the previous day. "Brady said something -- or did something -- [that] forced her to change her mind [about being with me, and] I sure as hell am gonna find out what it [was]," Eric vowed.

Roman soon received a phone call from Marlena. After a brief conversation, Roman ended the call and informed Eric that Sami had been arrested earlier. Eric wasn't surprised to hear that Sami had pulled a gun on Rolf, since her philosophy had always been that the quickest way to get to the truth was to shake it out of a person. Eric and Roman both admitted that, given the circumstances, they couldn't really blame Sami for resorting to such tactics to figure out the truth about Will's death and supposed resurrection; they hoped, however, that she would stop short of blowing up the whole town in her quest for answers.

Roman grew concerned when Eric abruptly excused himself, explaining only that he needed answers. "From Brady? Hey, just don't..." Roman managed to say before Eric exited the pub. "Lose your temper," Roman concluded with a sigh after Eric slammed the door shut.

Chloe entered the Kiriakis mansion just as Brady was about to pour himself a shot of whiskey, forcing him to reach for a nearby coffeepot instead. "What brings you by?" he asked casually. "This," she replied, handing over a check to cover a small portion of the loan he had recently given her. He tried to assure her that she didn't have to pay it off anytime soon, but she insisted that she wanted to honor her obligations.

Changing the subject, Chloe admitted that she also wanted to talk to Brady about Nicole and Eric. Brady confirmed that losing Nicole to Eric had been painful; he bragged, however, that he was taking comfort in the fact that his ex-girlfriend and his brother were never going to get to live happily ever after together. Chloe warned Brady not to let his anger turn him into a different person. "It's a little late for that," Brady replied with a mirthless chuckle. Chloe caught Brady eyeing the bar and warned him not to go there, but he dismissively assured her that the thought had never even crossed his mind because his son needed him to stay sober.

As soon as Chloe exited the mansion, Brady rushed back over to the bar and poured himself a shot of whiskey. He raised the glass to his lips and inhaled deeply but ultimately decided to pour the whiskey back in its decanter. As he stepped away from the bar, another visitor entered the mansion.

"My brother. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Brady asked bitterly. Eric returned Brady's glare and demanded to know what Brady had done to Nicole. "It's what you did that put us here," Brady insisted.

Brady wondered how Eric could possibly justify having slept with his brother's girlfriend. "I didn't do [that] to hurt you. Neither of us did. [We just] didn't want to live in a lie," Eric explained.

"You sanctimonious son of a bitch. You sleep with my woman, and you want to be congratulated on your...what, your integrity?" Brady spat, shaking his head in disbelief. Brady angrily stressed that he had made plans for the future with Nicole -- plans that Eric had destroyed in one night. "Well, now she's gone! We both lose! [And] you made that happen!" Eric angrily countered.

Scoffing, Brady cryptically hinted, "If you only knew the truth [about] what she's capable of, you'd be thanking me." Eric insisted that Nicole was capable of great love -- and that was all he needed to know about her. Brady was quick to add that Nicole was also capable of sleeping with anyone she happened to have feelings for at any given moment. "You're better off without her," Brady assured Eric.

Eric remained convinced that Brady had somehow forced Nicole to break things off with him, but Brady denied the accusation. "She left [you] because she wanted to, Eric -- just like [she's left] every other stupid man who's [ever been] willing to fall for her. She left because that's who she is. Your little Nicole is a selfish, lying slut," Brady spat, prompting Eric to punch him.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate tried to check on Lucas, planning to claim that she was really only calling to find out if Sami had learned anything from Rolf about Will, but her call went to voicemail. Shortly after Kate finished recording a message, Jennifer entered the mansion and asked to talk to her about her plans to increase DiMera Enterprises' profits. "It's for the Spectator," Jennifer explained with a sly smile, revealing that her cell phone was already recording the conversation. Kate said she wanted to keep her strategies confidential. "Is that because you don't have a strategy?" Jennifer guessed.

"Or maybe because you're afraid the board will bounce you in favor of Andre?" Jennifer continued. Scoffing, Kate insisted that she didn't think of Andre as a threat, adding that they had resolved their issues. Jennifer continued pressing for real answers, claiming that she had heard that DiMera Enterprises' board members were dissatisfied with the company's leadership. "I can't believe that you're really being this insensitive. You know what's going on in my family right now, with Lucas and his drinking, and Will, and still you ambush me with all of this?" Kate complained. Jennifer insisted that she was simply doing her job.

"Get out of my house," Kate demanded. "Technically, this is not your house," Jennifer countered. Chad and Abigail, who had been eavesdropping in the foyer, took that as their cue to intervene. "Little early for a brawl, isn't it, ladies?" Chad jokingly pointed out. "Mom, did you want to maybe go get some coffee [with me]?" Abigail added. Jennifer grudgingly agreed after Abigail shot her a pointed look.

"I know she's your mother-in-law, but sometimes she can really be a witch," Kate told Chad after Jennifer and Abigail exited the mansion. Chad carefully agreed that Jennifer seemed to be in overdrive mode that day for some reason. "[But] you're usually a pro at spinning things like that into your favor. You use it to your advantage. Why not this time?" Chad asked curiously.

Sighing, Kate reluctantly informed Chad that every deal she had tried to finalize recently had failed. "Every time I [try to acquire a company to boost DiMera], it gets bought out from under me. It's like someone is one step ahead," Kate explained, adding that the explanation was always that DiMera Enterprises had simply been outbid. "They refuse to give a name, and they're not required to, so [there's] no paper trail, [but] it's happened so many times, there's no way it's a coincidence," Kate continued. Chad pointed out that Andre was the most obvious suspect, but Kate wanted to believe that Andre wouldn't do such a thing to her.

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail carefully suggested that Jennifer had been a bit too focused on her job lately and needed to start having more of a personal life to balance things out. Abigail pointed out that Eric was going to need someone to help him get over Nicole, but Jennifer had concerns about getting back into a relationship with Eric because they had both been in a really dark place when they had gotten together before. Abigail didn't think that Jennifer and Eric would fall back into destructive habits if they renewed their relationship, since they were both stronger and wiser than they had been back then. "Don't be afraid," Abigail advised Jennifer.

After Abigail left, Jennifer started thinking about Eric. Chloe soon approached and asked about Lucas. "Our intervention failed, and this whole situation with Will is just gonna make everything so much worse," Jennifer reported with a sigh. Chloe wondered if Jennifer believed that Will was still alive. "I doubt it...but I can't help but keep praying that it's true," Jennifer admitted.

Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Kate asked Chad not to share the details of their conversation with Abigail so they wouldn't have to worry about her blabbing to Jennifer or Andre. "I would do anything for DiMera," Chad assured Kate. "Well, that's good to hear," Kate interjected. "But I will not ever lie to my wife," Chad continued.

Abigail, who had returned home in time to hear the second part of Chad's statement, asked to talk to him privately. After Kate left, Abigail admitted that it was nice to know that Chad planned to always be honest with her. She suggested, however, that he might not always be able to stick to that plan, especially where DiMera Enterprises was concerned. He clarified that the part of the conversation she had missed had involved him stressing that he would never lie to her for any reason -- not even for the supposed good of DiMera Enterprises. He offered to share the rest of the conversation with her, but she insisted that she didn't need to hear it because she trusted him to let her know everything she absolutely needed to know.

Meanwhile, in the foyer, Kate contacted someone and began to explain, "I'm going to need your help. It's about DiMera." The doorbell rang before she could say anything else, so she abruptly ended the call then opened the door and greeted Roman, who filled her in on what had happened with Sami and Rolf.

"So we're really no closer to finding out the truth about Will -- whether he's out there," Kate summarized with a sigh. "No, we're not," Roman apologetically confirmed. "I really, really want him to be out there. I really want to see my grandson again," she admitted. He hugged her and assured her, "We all do."

At the police station, Rafe joined Hope in one of the conference rooms and demanded to know why she had arrested Sami the previous night. When Hope began to explain what had happened, Rafe interrupted to criticize her for allowing Sami to seize her gun in the first place. Hope defensively explained that her holster had been open at the time of Sami's arrival because she had been about to take Rolf into custody.

Even after hearing the whole story, Rafe still insisted that Hope should have let Sami off with a warning because of everything she was going through at that time. "You are such a hypocrite!" Hope observed, shaking her head in disbelief. "You were all over me about J.J., don't you remember? You said I went too easy on him when he pulled his weapon and threatened Ben. Sami just did the same thing!" Hope continued. Rafe thought that was an unfair comparison because J.J. was a trained detective who should have known better, and Sami was a grieving, confused mother.

Hope guessed that Rafe was only defending Sami because he had once been married to her, but he insisted that wasn't true. "Don't you understand? Sami's son may or may not be alive!" Rafe pointed out. "What if it were Zack?" Rafe continued. Stunned, Hope quietly replied, "Really? You went there?" Rafe explained with a sigh that he was just trying to help Hope put herself in Sami's shoes.

"I'm sorry, okay? The Zack thing... I went too far," Rafe conceded. "Yeah. And Sami went too far, [so] I arrested her [before she could screw anything else up]," Hope countered, adding that Rafe needed to respect her decision, even if he didn't agree with it. Rafe softened and called for a truce, knowing that Marlena would hire a lawyer to get Sami released soon enough, anyway.

Later, Hope received a phone call from J.J. "They figured out where the payments to Rolf were coming from," Hope excitedly informed Rafe after ending the call.

Brady stews over his feud with Eric

Brady stews over his feud with Eric

Friday, October 27, 2017

An anxious Justin knocked on the door of Lucas' apartment. Lucas was slow to open the door, and he was still very drunk. Justin pushed past Lucas and walked into the apartment. When Justin announced that he was there to inform Lucas that the woman that had dumped Lucas was not the real Adrienne, a furious Lucas yelled that the woman that had dumped him was the real Adrienne. Justin made a second attempt to tell Lucas about Bonnie, but Lucas was not listening.

"I didn't confuse her with another woman until after it was over," Lucas mumbled about sleeping with his ex after their breakup. Unsure what Lucas was talking about, Justin sighed. The prison called Justin's phone to confirm the DNA results were ready, so a frustrated Justin left. Lucas crouched in front of his collection of liquor bottles and muttered that he could not talk about Adrienne because his focus was on his son, Will.

At the police station, Marlena bailed Sami out of jail, but Sami refused to leave the precinct. Marlena argued that Sami had crossed the line in holding Dr. Rolf at gunpoint, but Sami disagreed. When Hope walked into the room, Sami demanded answers. Hope was reluctant to give Sami any information about their lead. Hope asked Sami to trust her. Sami asked Hope to put herself in Sami's situation if someone had told her that Zack was alive. Hope's face fell.

Hope said she understood how Sami felt, but she was worried that Sami would get hurt. Sami refused to back down. Sami swore not to give up, with or without Hope's help. Reluctantly, Hope handed Sami a piece of paper with information about the money transfers to Dr. Rolf. Sami snatched the paper from Hope's hand and ran out of the station. Marlena told Hope that she would keep Sami out of trouble and stay with her. As Hope nodded, Marlena chased after her daughter.

In the Kiriakis living room, Eric asked Brady if he had threatened Nicole. Brady scoffed. Brady said he had done nothing and that Nicole had left Eric just as she had walked out on every other man in her life. When Brady called Nicole a "lying, selfish slut," Eric punched Brady. The two men punched one another and tossed each other around the room, smashing breakables. After Eric fell to the floor, Brady grabbed a crystal decanter and raised it as if to smash it against Eric's skull. Victor cried out to stop as he walked in.

With a growl, Victor reminded the men that his living room was not a fight club. Eric warned Brady that "this is not over" before stumbling out of the house, bloodied. Victor surmised that the fight was over Nicole. Brady explained that he had been right about Nicole and Eric and that they had slept together. Victor was not surprised. When Brady said he had forced Nicole to leave town, Victor asked how Brady had managed that. Brady explained that he had threatened to turn Nicole in to the police for the murder of Deimos if she had not broken Eric's heart and left.

Victor asked Brady if he felt guilt over what he had done. Shaking his head no, Brady confirmed that he felt empty because it felt like he had let Nicole get away with something. Victor suggested that Brady turn his evidence over to the police anyway. With a sigh, Brady said he did not want to hurt Holly. Victor grunted with dismay. As the two men stared in silence at the ground, Victor announced that he wanted to bury Deimos. Victor asked Brady for help.

At the Horton Center, a bloodied and teary-eyed Eric sat at his desk, in the dark. Eric carefully pulled the bloody bandage off of his cut hand. Jennifer walked in. Eyeing the situation, Jennifer rushed over to Eric and examined his wounds. Eric admitted that he had not learned what Brady had said or done to Nicole, but it was evident that Brady was hiding something. Jennifer told Eric that she had talked to Nicole before she'd left Salem, and Nicole had appeared to be scared. Eric agreed that Nicole was not easily scared. Jennifer wondered aloud what possible threat could have scared Nicole enough to leave Eric and Salem. At a loss, Eric shook his head.

Eric said the reason why Nicole had left town did not matter to him because Nicole had not reached out to him. Eric explained that Nicole had not trusted him enough to tell him the truth, but she had chosen to leave him behind. Changing the subject, Eric thanked Jennifer for listening to him and patching up his hand. "What are friends for?" Jennifer asked sheepishly. Eric said he needed time to recover from his heartache, and he planned to throw himself into his work at the Horton Center. Eric added that he would pray for his brother to emerge from the "dark place" he was living in.

At the cemetery, Victor stared at a headstone on Deimos' grave. A surly Brady stood nearby, clearly annoyed. Brady asked Victor why he had not buried Deimos in the family mausoleum. With a grunt, Victor said that Deimos had not deserved the honor. Turning to Brady, Victor said that his problems with Deimos had been over a woman. Victor reminded Brady that he could have killed Eric if Victor had not intervened. With a raised eyebrow, Victor asked Brady if, after years of protests about turning into Victor, Brady had changed his mind. As Brady stared at the grave, Victor spit on it. The two men turned to leave, but a woman covered in a black veil blocked their exit. The woman raised the veil to reveal that she was Eve.

At the prison, Sonny visited Adrienne and assured her that they were working to get her released that day. When Sonny blamed himself for not realizing that Bonnie was not his mother, Adrienne counseled Sonny not to blame anyone but Bonnie. Sonny told Adrienne the full story about Ben's interruption of his wedding, his confession, and everything Sonny had since learned about Will. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sonny admitted that he imagined a future with Paul but that he could not help but think about having a second chance at a life with Will.

Smiling, Sonny said that he and Paul had been one another's first loves. Adrienne noted that one never forgot their first love then she nervously shifted her eyes away from her son. Adrienne asked about Paul. Sonny said that Paul was in the square, investigating any leads on where to find Will. Sonny said he was anxious to move on with his life. Adrienne reached across the table and stroked her son's hand. "What if you get that miracle?" Adrienne asked.

Adrienne said she knew what it was like to love two men and that it was hard to make a decision. With a groan, Adrienne said she felt horrible about all the damage that Bonnie had caused to her loved ones. Sonny noted that Adrienne had clearly chosen Lucas before, so his father should be fine. Adrienne nervously said that she was not sure anymore. Adrienne explained that when Justin had found her, she had kissed him. Before Adrienne could say any more, Justin arrived with the release paperwork. Adrienne thanked Justin, and she hugged him and Sonny.

After Sonny left to find Paul, Adrienne asked about Lucas. Justin admitted that things had not gone well with Lucas because Lucas had been too drunk to focus on the news about Bonnie. With a sigh, Adrienne said she was anxious to go home and take a bath, change clothes, and find Lucas. Justin urged Adrienne to be prepared for Lucas' terrible state.

In the square, Paul worked on his computer and thought about his last conversation with Sonny about Will. As Paul shook off the memory, John joined him at his table. Paul updated John that he had been retracing Dr. Rolf's steps when he had left Salem after visiting Will in the morgue. Paul lamented that the police had not shared any information from Dr. Rolf's tablet. When John asked Paul if he was okay, Paul said he refused to run away because Sonny was worth the fight. Paul admitted that it was tough to compete with a memory.

With a sad smile, Paul noted that Sonny had been patient with him when he had lived two lives as a baseball player in the closet. Paul said he and Sonny had lived with the ghost of a person then as well. Paul swore that he would be patient for Sonny just as Sonny had been patient for him. Frustrated with their online search, Paul and John decided to talk to the police for more information. As the men rose from their table, Sonny walked up. John started to excuse himself to give the lovers privacy, but Marlena and Sami walked up as well.

Sami informed the group that she had obtained an address based on the payments that had been made to Dr. Rolf. Marlena announced that they had fueled the jet and were headed to the airport. John, Paul, and Sonny eagerly agreed to join them on their investigatory trip to Tennessee. When John asked about Lucas, Sami suggested that Lucas was too much of a mess to join them. Sami promised to tell Lucas whatever they learned.

When the jet arrived in Memphis, the group went to the address that Sami had obtained. The address was a cabin filled with Halloween decorations. Sami, Marlena, John, Paul, and Sonny looked around the creepy living room. As Sami wondered aloud who lived in the house, a figure appeared in the front doorway. Back home in Salem, Lucas asked Hope where everyone had gone.

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