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Sonny signed divorce papers. Steve learned he had an autoimmune disease. Paul and Will investigated whether John was hurting Steve. Valerie stole Lani's medical file. Hope arrested Roman and Anna. Hattie attended Andre's funeral. John determined Hattie had sent Anna the threatening letter. Anna accused Hattie of murder. All video evidence of Andre's office at the time of his murder was missing.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 29, 2018 on DAYS
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Roman's lie is exposed!

Roman's lie is exposed!

Monday, January 29, 2018

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, John watched, clearly uncomfortable, as Steve sipped his drugged drink while reading the letter that Anna had received on the day of Andre's murder.

"Yeah, that's pretty inflammatory. It's clearly written to get Anna stirred up," Steve mused, setting the letter aside. John pointed out that the mere mention of Andre's name -- or Tony's, for that matter -- had usually been enough to get Anna stirred up. "And who knew that? Anyone who ever talked to her," Steve added. Nodding, John reported that Anna had even accosted Andre at Doug's Place once -- and many people had witnessed it.

Steve wondered if Anna's alibi -- which Roman had provided -- was legitimate. Shrugging, John mused that Roman was certainly capable of lying -- even to the police -- to protect a loved one. "You think he thinks she did it?" Steve asked. "I think he's afraid she might have," John answered. Steve finished his drink then pocketed the letter and promised to get it analyzed right away. Meanwhile, John received a text message from someone.

After reading the text message, John abruptly excused himself, vaguely explaining that he needed to take care of something. Nodding, Steve thanked John for his trust, acknowledging, "Anyone else might have dumped me [by now] -- I only had one good eye to begin with, and now that one's going bad, so..." Steve stressed that John was the best partner a guy could ever hope to have and that working with him was a pleasure.

After parting ways with Steve, John stopped in a secluded section of the town square and contacted someone. "We're gonna need another dose," John told the person while checking to make sure that no one was within earshot. "Well, he may be naive, but no, I don't think it's crossed his mind that he's being poisoned by his best friend," John continued, clearly annoyed with the person.

Meanwhile, Steve, suddenly feeling odd again, removed the letter from his pocket. "Can't read a damn word," he grumbled, taking off his glasses and throwing them to the ground in frustration.

At the park, Lani hesitantly informed Gabi, "I'm pregnant." Stunned, Gabi wondered if Lani and J.J. were both happy about that. "We are; it's just that when something comes as a surprise, it's a bit of an adjustment," Lani replied, fighting back tears. Gabi understood and was quick to share the story of her own unexpected pregnancy -- and the conflicting emotions she had experienced during it.

Gabi was confident that everything would work out for Lani and J.J. in the end, since, after all, their situation wasn't nearly as complicated as hers had been. Conceding the point, Lani claimed that she was only emotional because people were already gossiping about her pregnancy. "Eli knows about it, and he heard it from his mother, [who] probably heard it from my father, [and] I just wish people wouldn't feel so compelled to talk about what's happening to my body, you know? I should be the one who's telling people about it, right?" Lani reasoned. Gabi understood Lani's point of view but guessed that people were just excited for her -- and that she was perhaps being a bit too sensitive about the matter because moodiness was simply an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy. Lani played along, promising to start trying to cut people some slack.

Knowing that Lani and J.J. had only recently gotten back together, Gabi guessed that the baby had been conceived before Theo's shooting. "You must have been pregnant when you saw me [with] J.J. [on Christmas Eve]. It must have been horrible for you, knowing you were gonna have his baby! I'm so sorry!" Gabi fretted, prompting Lani to clarify that she hadn't known about the pregnancy back then. Lani added that she was glad that Gabi had been there for J.J. during his time of need. Lani confirmed, when asked, that Eli had returned the earring she had lost in his room on Christmas Eve. Gabi was relieved that the misunderstanding had been resolved without lasting consequences. Forcing a smile, Lani abruptly ended the conversation, explaining that she needed to head back to work. Gabi decided to accompany Lani to the police station to say hello to Eli.

At the police station, Hope received a visit from J.J., who was looking for Lani. Hope reported that Lani had stepped out earlier to get some air. "[She] seemed a little under the weather, [but] she said it was hormonal -- that she's pregnant," Hope continued, flashing a smile. J.J. was pleasantly surprised that Lani had finally volunteered that information to someone. Hope congratulated J.J. and assured him that he was going to be a great father.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Eli continued watching the surveillance footage from the security camera that was perched just outside Andre's office. "Why do you think Vivian was going in [there]? They didn't even get along," Eli asked Rafe, who stressed that Vivian had never really gotten along with anyone. "I can see why. Twenty seconds after she crashed the DiMera New Year's Eve party, I hated her," Eli admitted, complaining that Vivian had been rude and offensive to everyone that night. "Took you twenty seconds? That's actually very tolerant," Rafe joked. Eli conceded that, on the bright side, Vivian certainly knew how to liven up a party.

"We can't jump to conclusions just 'cause we have a psychopath -- who is known to bury people alive -- [on tape], entering the victim's office; [after all], that doesn't mean that she's the one who killed him," Rafe pointed out, turning his attention back to the surveillance footage. Eli wanted to know more about the interesting part of Vivian's past that had just been revealed, but Rafe didn't bother to elaborate, explaining only that it was a long story. Gabi soon showed up on the surveillance footage and knocked on Andre's office door. Shortly after Gabi was let into Andre's office, Vivian emerged from it. "[Vivian] does not look happy," Eli observed. "She never does," Rafe replied. Gabi left Andre's office a few minutes later -- and angrily punched a wall, leading Rafe and Eli to conclude that she had just learned that she was being kicked out of her own company.

Rafe grumbled that Gabi should have punched Andre instead. "Hell, I wanted to punch him," Eli admitted. Grinning, Rafe apologized for having objected to Eli and Gabi's relationship in the past. "It means a lot to me that you'd want to hurt someone who hurts her," Rafe stressed. Eli squirmed uncomfortably but claimed, when asked, that he was just getting upset all over again at the thought of someone hurting Gabi.

As the surveillance footage continued playing, Kate entered Andre's office -- and when she later emerged from it, he followed her out and grabbed her, clearly trying to get her to listen to something. She freed herself from his grip then left in a huff. "That wasn't long after Andre fired Gabi," Eli pointed out. Rafe guessed that Kate, as one of Gabi's biggest allies, had strongly disapproved of Andre's last-minute power play.

The surveillance footage showed that Andre had reentered his office after Kate had stormed off. A short time later, Anna had arrived, carrying the urn that had been used to kill Andre. Not particularly surprised that Roman had lied to protect Anna, Rafe and Eli called Hope into the conference room to show her the proof they had just discovered. The trio watched as the surveillance footage continued playing -- until Anna emerged from Andre's office, walked down the outside hallway, and rounded a corner, at which point the recording abruptly ended. "Looks like we need to talk to Stefan," Rafe concluded. "You think? We may not have everything, but we have Anna at the crime scene with the murder weapon," Hope pointed out. "Yep, Anna DiMera's been handed to us in a nice, neat little package," Rafe conceded. "Maybe too neat," Rafe continued.

J.J. ran into Lani and Gabi on his way out of the police station and was delighted to hear that Lani had told Gabi about the pregnancy. "[This makes] it seem real, and it's been a long time since I've loved reality," J.J. raved.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian joined Stefan in the living room and nervously wondered why the police had visited earlier. "Oh, they were just collecting for the Police Benevolent League," Stefan sarcastically replied. "Andre was murdered! Why the hell else do you think they were here?" Stefan continued. "Well, don't snap my head off! I'm under enough pressure!" Vivian fretted, sighing dramatically.

Vivian was horrified when she learned that the police had asked for access to DiMera Enterprises' surveillance footage -- and her son had actually agreed to accommodate the request. "Are you out of your mind? Why did you give them the footage? It's only going to implicate us! How could you be so stupid?" Vivian snapped, unaware that Kate had just entered the living room. Stefan calmly stopped Vivian, alerting her that they were no longer alone. "How long have you been standing there?" Vivian asked Kate nervously. "Long enough to hear you call sonny-boy stupid," Kate replied. Stefan offered Kate his condolences, and Vivian sarcastically followed suit, wondering if there was anything she could do to help. "Keep your big mouth shut," Kate spat before storming off.

"She's right -- you need to keep your big mouth shut, or you're gonna get us both in big trouble!" Stefan warned Vivian once the coast was clear. Scoffing, Vivian dismissively assured Stefan that she wasn't in the habit of making mistakes -- which was why she was still at large after years of mischief. Stefan argued that openly and loudly fretting about incriminating surveillance footage was a mistake, but Vivian insisted that Kate couldn't go to the police with any suspicions about her because everyone knew they hated each other. Stefan clarified that he was more concerned about Kate voicing suspicions about him.

Vivian irritably agreed that Stefan was right to be worried, since he had just provided the police with solid evidence that could be used against him in a court of law. Stefan dismissively reminded Vivian that they worked at DiMera Enterprises and therefore had perfectly innocent reasons for appearing on the surveillance footage. "Tell me, please -- what is our 'innocent' reason for being in [Andre's] office with his dead body?" Vivian countered. Stefan assured Vivian that the police would never find out about that, explaining, "I had the security cameras shut down before either of us did anything we need to worry about."

At the Brady Pub, Anna fretted to Roman that Tony was all alone in the evidence locker at the Salem Police Department. "God only knows what else is in there with him!" she continued, cringing. "But you know what gives me a small measure of comfort? That he was all nice and polished up when all of this happened. I mean, if he had to be a murder weapon, at least he looked his best," she conceded, managing a smile. "And you know what else? I'm thinking that it was divine retribution that even though he was dead, it was Tony that killed Andre," she reasoned. "That little cretin finally got what was coming to him!" she spat.

Roman stopped Anna, warning that she needed to keep such thoughts to herself because they could be misconstrued. Conceding the point, she thanked him for always looking out for her. She was concerned that he had gone too far when he had lied to the police to give her an alibi, but he dismissively insisted that she didn't need to worry about that, promising, "It's all gonna work out now, because John's on the case."

Anna was horrified that Roman had enlisted John's help, since Steve was John's partner and didn't exactly think highly of her. Roman assured Anna that Steve was a professional and wouldn't jump to conclusions about what had happened. Before Anna could respond, Kate entered the pub and began lashing out, upset that Anna wasn't behind bars yet. "Kate, I know you're upset..." Roman began. "Oh, no -- I'm beyond upset!" Kate clarified. "My husband was brutally murdered, Roman, [and] my last time with him was ruined by this lunatic, who came up and told him he was going to get what he deserved!" Kate continued.

Roman insisted that Anna had been with him at the time of Andre's murder, but Kate didn't believe him because, after all, the murder weapon linked Anna to the scene of the crime. "Now you're going to get exactly what you deserve," Kate warned Anna.

As Roman continued defending Anna, Hope entered the pub, with Rafe and Eli close behind. "Thought I'd find you two together. We need you to come down to the station with us," Hope informed Roman and Anna. Confused, Roman wondered what was going on. "Damn it, Roman! We have proof that you lied to us," Hope explained before instructing Rafe and Eli to arrest Roman and Anna.

Valerie investigates Lani's pregnancy

Valerie investigates Lani's pregnancy

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

In the square, Steve told Kayla that his new glasses had stopped working. When Steve explained how his symptoms had returned, Kayla insisted that Steve go to the hospital. Steve wanted to delay the tests, but Kayla refused to take no for an answer.

Jennifer visited Eric at his apartment. Eric finished dressing as Jennifer stammered out an apology for not calling before she stopped by. Jennifer informed Eric that Roman had been arrested for helping Anna with her alibi. Eric wanted to call Kayla, but Jennifer said she needed to keep the news quiet. Worried, Eric decided to go to the station, and Jennifer went with him.

Lani went to the hospital for a checkup with an overeager J.J. at her side. "This child is just as much mine as it is yours, right?" J.J. said with a grin. Dr. Henry Shah introduced himself to J.J., who had been unaware that Jennifer was dating him. J.J. told Henry that he looked forward to grilling his mother about her love life. As Henry walked away chuckling, Kayla rushed over with Steve. Steve explained his symptoms. Kayla handed Steve off to Henry for testing.

Kayla spotted Lani and apologized for arriving late for their appointment. With a grin, J.J. asked Kayla why she had not congratulated him on the baby. Lani hinted that J.J. did not need to be at the appointment, and Kayla agreed that the appointment was a basic checkup. Reluctantly, J.J. left. After the exam, Kayla asked Lani if the father was aware of the pregnancy. Lani said she had lied to the father and told him that J.J. was the father. Lani added that the father was a noble guy, and she did not want to ruin his life.

"A man like that would like to know if he had a child," Kayla counseled. Lani disagreed. Lani insisted that the lie would be better for everyone. "I know I'm doing the right thing. I know it," Lani said.

At the police station, Valerie stopped by to talk to Eli about Lani's pregnancy. Eli said Lani had promised him that J.J. was the father. Eli said he believed Lani, but Valerie was unsure. "I would hate for you to be kept in the dark about a child that is yours," Valerie said. "Kind of like you did with my dad?" Eli asked. Valerie admitted that her decision to keep Eli from his father had been the greatest regret of her life. "I trust Lani, and if Lani said it wasn't mine, then it isn't," Eli said.

As Valerie sarcastically promised to forget all the warning signs and be happy for Lani and J.J., Jennifer walked in and overheard. Beaming, Jennifer said she was excited to be a grandmother with Valerie. Eric interrupted to ask Eli about Roman. Eli advised Eric to go home because he would not be able to talk to Roman for several hours.

In his room at the Martin house, Will read an inscription in a book from Sonny. As Will stared at the note, Sonny knocked on the door. Will invited Sonny into his room. "Right after you moved out of my place, you moved straight to Paul's," Sonny said. Will explained he had moved into the Martin house because the room was a good deal. Sonny reminded Will that he could have stayed at the mansion for free, but Will said he could not stay with his ex. Sonny suggested Will move in with Lucas. Shaking his head, Will said he did not want to live in a house with reminders of his past.

"I want to be the man that I am right now. I don't want to put my life on hold, hoping that maybe I will remember something that I might not. Ever. And that's why I'm here. That's why I'm on my own. It's time for me to move on," Will said. Sonny noticed the Tokyo Fab CD, and he asked Will if Paul had given it to him. Will said the CD had been in his box of stuff from Sami. Sonny picked up the book, noting that he had given it to Will the night he had proposed. Will said he liked the inscription.

"I still feel the same way about you, Will. Every word," Sonny said. "I know. That's why I had to move out. It's not fair to you to give you hope for a future when I don't feel that way," Will said. When Sonny asked Will if hope was a bad thing, Will handed Sonny an envelope. Inside were divorce papers.

"If we're making a break, it should be a clean one," Will said. Sonny angrily pointed out that Will appeared to have no problem moving on with his life. "I'm sorry I can't be the man that you loved," Will said. Sonny argued that Will would remember their love one day and regret giving that up. With a sigh, Sonny walked out.

In the park, John talked to someone on the phone about acquiring additional poison for his "best friend." Paul rounded the corner and stopped in his tracks when he heard his father on the phone. As John ended the call, Paul greeted John. Paul asked John what he'd been talking about on the phone. John said he'd been on a work call to Steve. John told Paul not to worry.

As Paul tied his shoe, he saw John slip the empty vial into his pocket. "What's that?" Paul asked. John pulled the vial out of his pocket and said, "Homeopathic eye drops." John lied and said he had allergies. With a suspicious look, Paul walked away.

At the pub, Sonny said hello to J.J. Sonny showed J.J. his divorce papers. "Hard to make it work when only one person remembers how amazing we were," Sonny muttered. Sonny explained that Will wanted to be free. J.J. counseled Sonny to wait for things to get better. Off-handedly, J.J. mentioned Lani's pregnancy. Sonny was surprised by the news but quickly congratulated J.J. Smiling, J.J. said that his life had changed from a mess to a blessing quickly and that it could for Sonny as well.

At the Martin house, Paul stopped by Will's room to offer his tool box, but Will noticed that Paul appeared to be preoccupied. Will invited Paul in to talk. Over beers, Paul confessed that he was worried that John had done something terrible. Paul explained that he had overheard John confess that he had poisoned Steve. Will suggested that John had been talking in code for a case. Paul said no. Paul added that John had lied to him, and he knew something was wrong. When Will asked Paul if he had any other proof, Paul said that Steve had been ill recently. Paul added that John had hidden a vial of liquid in his pocket.

"What if he is really doing something to hurt Steve?" Paul wondered aloud. Paul said John had behaved so normally with Steve that it terrified him to think that John was lying so boldly. Worried, Will called Marlena to warn her.

In the park, John met with a contact who handed John a fresh vial of liquid. "You're not having second thoughts, are you?" the contact asked. The contact ordered John to get the job done. With a tortured look on his face, John stared at the vial.

At the hospital, Valerie walked into Lani's exam room as Lani was preparing to leave. Valerie told Lani that Eli had confessed about his night of passion with Lani. Lani stressed that the baby was not Eli's because she was over two months along. "That would be most convenient," Valerie said. "And also the truth," Lani responded. Lani asked Valerie to accept the truth. As Valerie nodded yes, Lani hugged her goodbye. At the nurses' station, Valerie took Lani's medical file. Valerie ducked into an empty room and reviewed the chart with a groan.

Down the hallway, a grim-faced Steve told Kayla that he needed to talk to her privately. Concerned, Kayla asked Steve if he had bad news. Steve confirmed that things were bad.

After leaving the police station, Eric and Jennifer went to the square for coffee. Eric was disappointed that his father had broken the law. Jennifer advised Eric to remember that Roman loved Anna. When Eric disagreed, Jennifer reminded Eric that he had saved Hope when she had been on the run. Eric smiled.

Eric thanked Jennifer for tipping him off about his father's arrest. After a moment of silence, Eric asked Jennifer if he could take her to dinner. Before Jennifer could respond, Henry interrupted to ask Jennifer to dinner. Jennifer agreed. Turning back to Eric, Jennifer promised to check in with him later.

At the pub, Lani met up with J.J. "You and this baby are the most important things in my life," J.J. said. Lani said the checkup had gone well. As J.J. hugged Lani tightly, she grimaced. At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny stared at his divorce papers. Pen in hand, Sonny hovered above the signature line.

Steve reveals a grim diagnosis to Kayla

Steve reveals a grim diagnosis to Kayla

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

by Mike

Ciara and Claire were in the middle of an argument when Tripp returned home from work. "So, this is what happens whenever I go to work -- you two become bratty little preschoolers?" Tripp asked incredulously as the girls continued the argument, which had apparently begun when Ciara had butted in on Claire's videoconference with Theo.

"Oh, my God -- enough already!" Tripp eventually shouted. "Look, I just worked a double shift. I am tired, I am starving, I smell like a BLT, and I don't feel like being a referee in my own house. All I want to do is take a shower, eat my crappy leftovers, and go to bed! Is that really too much to ask?" he continued. "Stop right now, and do not start again until my door is closed and there is a pillow over my head, okay?" he demanded. "You know, you guys really suck -- you know that?" he added with a growl of frustration before retreating to his bedroom.

Later, after showering and changing into loungewear, Tripp emerged from his bedroom -- and found, to his surprise, that the living room had been cleaned, a fresh meal was waiting for him on the coffee table, and his roommates were actually managing to peacefully coexist for a change. "Okay, what is going on? Did aliens abduct you and replace you with civilized humans?" he asked cautiously.

Ciara and Claire apologetically conceded that Tripp deserved more respect than they had been giving him lately. "It's just the three of us now, so we should all try and be one big, semi-happy family," Ciara acknowledged. "Yeah, and maybe this can be, like, a fresh start for all of us," Claire agreed. Tripp was skeptical at first, but Ciara and Claire assured him that they were being sincere.

After Tripp finished eating, Ciara and Claire joined him for a round of video games. Claire, who was losing, eventually admitted defeat and excused herself, explaining that she wanted to finish working on a new song. As Claire retreated to Theo's old bedroom, which she had decided to move into, Ciara watched Tripp, who was watching Claire.

"You still have it bad for her, don't you?" Ciara asked Tripp as soon as the coast was clear. "That obvious, huh?" he replied. "Painfully," she confirmed. He suggested another round of video games as a much-needed distraction, knowing that she was dealing with her own case of unrequited love. "You're on," she agreed, flashing him a smile.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady entered his bedroom and found his grandfather waiting for him there. "You scared the hell out of me! What are you doing in here?" Brady demanded to know. "Getting your attention," Victor replied. "We need to talk [about] the harlot that you're sharing your bed with," Victor continued, worried about the strength of Brady's plan to marry Eve then file for divorce and take Basic Black from her in the settlement.

Brady assured Victor that the plan would work. Brady was quick to add, however, that Victor's "favorite nephew" had almost ruined everything. "Sonny had the brilliant idea to warn Eve that I was using her," Brady complained. "[Now] I have to build up her trust in me [all over again]," Brady continued. Victor didn't show Brady much sympathy, certain that the original plan had always been doomed to failure, anyway. "Seduction is not gonna get her to the altar. You're gonna have to change your strategy -- romance her, get her to fall in love with you," Victor advised.

Victor was concerned that Brady might inadvertently fall in love with Eve during the course of the con. Brady dismissively insisted that there was nothing to worry about because love wasn't an option for him anymore. "'Til next week, when it is," Victor skeptically countered. "You have a tendency to fall for anybody with a pulse and heels," Victor added.

Annoyed, Brady abruptly changed the subject, informing Victor, "[Sonny thinks] that you will probably never trust me again -- ever -- to be CEO." When Brady demanded to know if that was true, Victor scoffed and noncommittally replied that Brady's future at Titan would be decided based on the outcome of his plan to reclaim Basic Black -- and the state of his sobriety at the time of his final evaluation. "Why does that matter?" Brady demanded to know. "You're not worth anything to me if you're not sober," Victor explained.

Groaning, Brady complained, "I'm really beginning to wonder if you'll ever [actually] replace Sonny. I mean, you've always just thought of him as the -- as the chosen one in the family. I'm sick of it! Where does it leave me?" Victor vaguely maintained that Brady would be "justly rewarded" if he did what he was being asked to do.

Meanwhile, Eve joined Sonny in the living room and teasingly wondered if he needed help with the big words in the Titan contract he was struggling to read. "Actually, [these are] divorce papers from Will," Sonny clarified. Eve assumed that meant that Sonny and Will's marriage was truly over for good, but Sonny clarified that he had no intention of signing the document; in fact, he planned to get his father to contest the divorce.

"Aren't you fighting a losing battle?" Eve asked, pointing out that Will no longer wanted to be married to Sonny. "If I can just get him to remember what we had together --" Sonny began to reason. Interrupting, Eve stressed, "But he doesn't remember!" Eve reminded Sonny that Will had officially been diagnosed with amnesia -- something that might never go away -- but Sonny snapped, "Screw the official diagnosis!"

"You shouldn't be giving advice on marriage when all it is to you is a fad -- something that you get bored with," Sonny continued. Sonny was surprised when Eve's silence confirmed his somewhat flippant assumption that she didn't even remember how many times she had been married. "See, what Will and I have, it actually means something, and the promise we made to each other was sacred, so do me a favor -- don't teach people about love when you're incapable of feeling it yourself!" Sonny spat.

Eve defensively insisted that, while her most recent marriage had admittedly been a farce, some of her other marriages had, in fact, been real. "[Frankie Brady and I] were very much in love. We were crazy about each other. And we met each other probably about the same age [that] you and Will met. And I thought I would actually spend the rest of my life with him," Eve continued.

"What happened?" Sonny wondered. "Life happened," Eve replied with a shrug. "You know, sometimes you can fight [and] fight [and] fight for love, but it just fades away. So I get where you're coming from with your relationship with Will -- I know that you really, really want to hold on -- but sometimes you just have to be practical," Eve advised.

Sonny wondered if Eve's relationship with Brady was just about practicality. Eve admitted that it was purely physical but was quick to stress that she was at a point in her life where she didn't want anything more than that. "[But] I have felt love...and I hope that someday I'll have a real marriage again," Eve continued. "Then why are you wasting your time with Brady? You know he's just using you," Sonny warned.

"Maybe I'm using him! You ever think about that?" Eve countered. Scoffing, Sonny sarcastically conceded, "Great attitude! Maybe I will start taking your relationship advice!" Offended, Eve insisted that she had only been trying to help. "But you just drag your divorce out for years. It's only gonna cause more heartache and pain for everybody else involved, [but] go right ahead," she added before walking away.

Annoyed, Sonny went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water, and when he returned to the living room a short time later, he found his uncle sitting in a chair, reading the divorce papers. "Why haven't you signed these? You need a pen?" Victor asked. "I'm gonna ask my dad to fight it. I'm not giving up that easily," Sonny explained, seizing the document.

Victor thought it was pointless to make Justin fight the divorce, but Sonny insisted, "I gave up on [my] marriage once before, and I woke up every single morning, regretting it! I am not gonna make the same mistake [again]!" Nodding, Victor acknowledged that Sonny was still in love with Will. "[But if] Will doesn't share your desire to stay together, why would you want to humiliate yourself by forcing the issue?" Victor wondered. Sonny reasoned that Will simply needed more time to figure things out. "Oh, Sonny. He's had all the time he needs, and he's decided he's done with you. Let him go," Victor advised.

Eve delivered some business documents to Brady's bedroom then started to leave, but he stopped her and seductively encouraged her to stay. Eve declined, explaining, "I've just been doing some thinking, and...this -- it's just -- it's not working for me anymore, so whatever 'this' is, it's -- it's,'s over, okay?" Brady told Eve that the original terms of their relationship weren't working for him anymore, either -- because he was actually falling in love with her. "Hell, I'd even take you out on a date. I think it'd be fun. I think we'd enjoy it. What do you say?" Brady asked.

Meanwhile, Sonny, alone again in the living room, picked up a pen, took a deep breath, and hesitantly signed the divorce papers. Then he tossed the pen aside with a heavy sigh and slumped back in his chair.

At the Martin mansion, Paul begged Will not to tell Marlena that something might be going on with John. Ignoring Paul's protests, Will contacted Marlena and asked her to head over to his place at her earliest convenience -- alone. After Will ended the call, Paul started lashing out, annoyed that he had put his trust in the wrong person. "Look, I get that you're looking out for your dad, but if John is capable of hurting his best friend, then he's probably also capable of hurting his wife, [and] if something happened to Marlena and I didn't say anything, I could not live with that!" Will explained.

Paul doubted that Marlena was in danger. "Whatever my dad was talking about on that call had to do with Steve," Paul stressed. "Before I confront [my dad], I need to know the facts," Paul continued, adding that there could, after all, be a perfectly reasonable explanation for what he had overheard. "What possible explanation could there be for him to poison his best friend?" Will asked incredulously. Shrugging, Paul theorized that John's training as a DiMera soldier might be resurfacing. "So, you're admitting that his mental state could be...precarious," Will summarized. "That's why I have to handle this very carefully," Paul insisted.

While dining with John at the Brady Pub, Marlena reported that she had reached out to Kate earlier. "She's obviously in shock. She developed some real feelings for [Andre], you know? I can't say that I was a big fan of his, but I do have to admit...he came a long way -- became a fairly decent person," Marlena continued. "Just more proof that people can change; they can surprise you," she concluded.

"Not always in a good way..." John muttered. Marlena, sensing that something was bothering John, urged him to elaborate. "I got this problem I need to solve, and I don't know how," John began to explain. "What I'm gonna share with you has to stay right here between us," he stressed. "I don't even know how to say this..." he continued, sighing heavily.

Before John could continue, Marlena received a phone call from Carrie, who reported that Roman and Anna had both been arrested earlier. After a brief conversation, Marlena ended the call and relayed the information to John, who revealed that there was a chance that Anna was being framed. Marlena assumed that was what John had been about to tell her earlier, and he decided to play along. "If you tell me [more] about it, maybe I can help," Marlena offered. "You know, I wish I could, Doc, but the more I think about it, it's probably better if I just keep it between Steve and me; it's, uh...safer that way," John replied before encouraging Marlena to visit Will.

At the hospital, Kayla led Steve to her office, where he revealed, "They ran some tests, and [Shah] said it was some kind of autoimmune disease, [and] whatever's going on with me, he's never seen a case like it before. He said he could try to control my symptoms...[but it's] a chronic illness -- there's no cure." Nodding, Kayla clarified that, while autoimmune diseases were indeed incurable, there were ways to keep certain types under control. "Well, he doesn't know exactly what type of disease I have, so he wants me to see a specialist -- an immunologist," Steve continued. "[And] he said that, uh, it was strange how this has gotten worse in just a few days. He couldn't explain it. But they took some blood, so, uh, we should get some answers from that soon," Steve concluded, forcing a smile.

After Kayla made an appointment with the region's best immunologist, Steve mused that, on the bright side, being sick was a reminder to appreciate each day. "And I'm lucky because I get to spend all my days with you," Steve stressed. Concerned that Steve was getting too fatalistic, Kayla pointed out that they didn't even have a real diagnosis yet. Steve conceded the point and apologized for getting ahead of himself. "It's just a lot to think about," Steve explained with a sigh, adding that he didn't want to be a burden to anyone. Kayla insisted that was one thing Steve would never be.

Paul, who was still with Will when Marlena arrived at the Martin mansion, hid in a corner of the room and listened to their conversation with obvious concern, certain that John's secret was about to be exposed. "What did you want to talk about? It sounded like it was important," Marlena noted. "Um, it is. I -- I wanted to tell you...that...I...gave Sonny, um, divorce papers," Will hesitantly revealed, stunning Paul.

Marlena guessed that it hadn't been easy for Will to do that. "No, it wasn't. You know, it was my choice to end things, but I never wanted to hurt Sonny," Will confirmed. Nodding, Marlena assured Will that she believed he had done the right thing. She tried to get him to invite her into his room so they could continue talking, but he claimed that he was still unpacking -- and, in any case, he was actually starting to feel kind of tired. "I'm so sorry -- I should have called and told you that before you rushed all the way over here," he acknowledged. "Well, I did race right over here, you know," she teasingly agreed. Chuckling, he promised to make it up to her later.

"Okay. Well, I hope you get some rest, and I hope you enjoy your new place," Marlena told Will. "You do know that I have concerns --" she began to add. Interrupting, he concluded, "That I'm moving in to, uh, be close to Paul? I know. But I -- I want to let you know, I really did hear you when -- when we talked about that, and I know that it's a mistake to pursue someone who...who's still heartbroken over someone else."

After Marlena left, Will groaned and asked Paul, "Is it possible to, uh, pretend like you didn't hear that?" Paul couldn't resist teasingly expressing doubts when Will reiterated that the room was simply the best deal in town. Paul was quick to change the subject, though, thanking Will for keeping John's secret to himself for the time being.

"I will quickly move on this. Like I said, I [just] need a little time to figure out what's going on..." Paul continued. "I think you mean 'we' need a little time," Will clarified, determined to help Paul with the investigation. Paul tried to protest, but Will insisted, "This stuff concerns me, too, because of Marlena, [so] like it or not, you and I are gonna be a team."

Steve and Kayla entered the pub and greeted John, who revealed that Roman and Anna had been arrested earlier. "I knew she was gonna drag him into her mess," Kayla grumbled. John wondered if Steve had found out anything about the anonymous letter yet. Sighing, Steve handed the letter over and apologetically explained that, due to unforeseen circumstances, he was going to have to bow out of the investigation.

"I just found out I have a serious illness -- incurable," Steve continued. Stunned, John probed for more details. "They don't know [what's wrong yet] -- just that I've got some kind of autoimmune disease. [The doctor's] running a bunch of blood tests, so maybe something will show up," Steve elaborated. John apologized and wished he could do something to help out. "You're a good friend. That's enough," Steve insisted, hugging John.

After Steve and Kayla left the pub, John stepped outside, dropped the unused vial of poison to the ground, and angrily stomped on it.

Carrie arrives to defend her parents

Carrie arrives to defend her parents

Thursday, February 1, 2018

by Mike

At the police station, Carrie interrupted Hope and Rafe, who had been kissing in celebration of the finished wedding invitations they had just received. "Hope you haven't mailed them yet, because there's not gonna be any wedding," Carrie warned the happy couple. "[See], I intend to sue you both for false arrest, and you're gonna go broke defending yourselves, and there won't be a red cent left for any wedding," she continued.

Hope insisted that Anna and Roman's arrests had been warranted because they had both lied during questioning, thereby obstructing justice. Scoffing, Carrie countered that Hope could have chosen a different way to handle the situation, just as Roman had chosen to protect Hope and Rafe when Hope had shot Stefano and Rafe had helped cover up the crime. "My father did everything he could for you, and this is how you repay him?" Carrie asked incredulously. Hope conceded that Roman had always been there for her; she added, however, that he had been well aware, as a former commissioner, that perjuring himself to protect someone was a bad idea.

Carrie reasoned that her father had simply recognized the obvious: that someone was trying to frame her mother for murder. Overwhelmed, Carrie suddenly broke down, fretting that she couldn't stand the thought of losing even one of her parents as a result of the ordeal, let alone both of them. Hope sympathetically assured Carrie that the goal was not to prosecute Anna and Roman but instead to uncover the truth about Andre's murder. Nodding, Carrie regained her composure and demanded to see her parents right away. Later, alone in a conference room with Anna and Roman, Carrie insisted that they needed to tell her everything that was pertinent.

At the Martin mansion, Will and Paul continued discussing John's secret -- until someone knocked on Will's door, interrupting the conversation. "What are you doing here?" John asked Paul when Will opened the door. Will coolly welcomed John, who explained, while entering Will's room, "Sorry if I'm interrupting here...[but], um, Paul wasn't in his room, so I was just gonna ask if you knew where he was."

"Well, uh, you found him," Will replied with a chuckle. "And you're not interrupting. We were just, uh -- we were just hanging out," Paul added. Nodding, John changed the subject, explaining that he needed help with a new case. Confused -- and somewhat suspicious -- Paul pointed out that Steve was supposed to be helping John with the new case. "He's not up to it right now," John clarified. "Is it the flu?" Paul asked casually. "No, it's -- it's a little more serious than that; [in fact], I'm pretty worried about him right now," John elaborated, sighing. Still curious, Paul glanced at Will, who helpfully asked if Steve had a diagnosis yet. "No, not yet," John answered.

Paul agreed to help John, who soon headed back down to the lobby to wait for his son. "Sure seems upset about Steve," Paul mused once the coast was clear. "I mean, [my dad] just can't be the one who's doing this to him!" Paul insisted. Will stressed that he wanted to believe that, too. "But we need to find out the truth, one way or another," Will insisted. Nodding, Paul began to share a spontaneous plan with Will.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate, dressed in black, recalled an argument she'd had with Andre the previous spring, during which she had doused him with a martini after he had said something insulting to her. He had pulled her into a kiss in response to her retaliation, prompting her to slap him. Sitting at the table where that argument had begun, she sipped a martini in her late husband's honor then sighed and mused, "Well, Andre, you were a bastard...but you were my bastard."

Will approached while Kate was taking another sip of her drink. "A little early in the day, isn't it?" he asked. "Want to join me?" she replied. He declined, vaguely explaining, "I got somewhere I need to be." Before leaving, he wondered if there was someone else she could talk to, since she was clearly having a rough morning. Chuckling, she assured him that she wasn't actually drowning her sorrows, even though it probably looked like she was. "This martini is kind of a tribute to Andre. It was his favorite -- very dry, with a twist. Just like him," she clarified.

Will took a seat at Kate's table, deciding that he could spare a few minutes to talk to her. He asked to hear something about her late husband, reminding her that he couldn't remember any of his past experiences with the man. "He was maddening, always had a flair for the theatrical, [and] really knew how to push my buttons...but if he loved you, he would fight for you," she informed her grandson.

Will mused that it sounded like Andre had been a complicated man. "I like to think of him as 'complex,'" Kate agreed. "But the thing is, I didn't, uh...I didn't appreciate that in him until it was too late," Kate continued, wiping away some tears. Nodding, Will assured Kate that Andre had probably known that she had loved him. "I hope so," Kate replied with a sigh.

Changing the subject, Kate reminded Will that he was needed elsewhere, adding that she was, too. "I lost track of time, [and] I have a funeral to go to, so..." she elaborated. She thanked him for taking the time to talk to her, and they exited the town square together, with most of the martini left unconsumed on the table.

At the Brady Pub, John and Paul ate breakfast while discussing the anonymous letter. As Paul started inspecting the letter with a magnifying glass, Will quietly entered the pub and made eye contact with him. Paul, who had made a point of hanging his coat -- and, more importantly, his father's coat -- on a rack near the entrance earlier, kept his father focused on the inspection while Will rummaged through the pockets of John's coat.

John was surprised when Paul found a watermark on the paper. Paul opened his tablet computer, entered a description of the watermark in a search engine, and turned the device toward his father to show him the results of the search. "Oh, my God... It doesn't even seem possible..." John muttered. "You know, this is a long shot, but I think I know who may have written that letter," John continued. Meanwhile, Will finished searching John's coat and quietly exited the pub. "Who wrote it?" Paul asked. "I think I need to make a call before I say anything," John replied before heading off to a quiet corner of the pub with his cell phone in hand.

While John was distracted, Paul rushed outside to talk to Will, who hadn't been able to find a vial in any of the pockets of John's coat. "Good. Maybe I was wrong," Paul concluded, but Will wasn't convinced yet. "Steve is getting sicker and sicker, man, and we can't wait around for proof [of what's going on]," Will insisted. Paul begged for more time, but Will refused to comply. "Sorry. I'm going to the cops," Will warned before walking away.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail had another dream about Andre, during which he tried to identify his killer, just as he had in her previous dream. "It...was..." Andre began in the dream.

"Abigail," Chad said, gently shaking his wife. She awoke with a start and hugged him tightly, slowly regaining her composure. Then she told him about her dream. He theorized that she was having nightmares about Andre's death because she was having trouble accepting the fact that someone she'd loved was gone. "At least we think we know who killed him," he added.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Vivian, dressed in black, stood in front of Stefano's portrait and mused, "Oh, Stefano. I always think of you when I'm going to a funeral. How many have you had? Eh, knowing your penchant for drama, you'll probably show up at this one." Stefan arrived in time to hear part of his mother's comment. "If the old man does show up, you better watch your back," Stefan warned Vivian. "From everything I've heard about him, he wouldn't be too happy about you encouraging fratricide," Stefan continued.

When Vivian feigned ignorance, Stefan reminded her that she had asked him to kill Andre. "Well, of course I asked you to kill your brother! You have no idea how expensive it is to job it out!" Vivian reasoned, waving a hand dismissively. Stefan pointed out that keeping Andre alive wouldn't have cost anything at all, but Vivian insisted that Andre's death had been necessary because he had been a liability.

"Stefano would have understood that," Vivian added. Stefan expressed skepticism, pointing out that most people seemed to remember Stefano as a man who had valued nothing more than family. "Well, he liked to play paterfamilias. [Yes], he was beneficent -- especially when his children were squarely under his thumb -- but he would have been ruthless with Andre [because] Andre had a...well, a fatal flaw," Vivian explained. Choosing to call Andre's fatal flaw "Adult Onset Sentiment," Vivian continued, "It was eating at him like a cancer. I'm just so glad that Stefano didn't have to see what happened to him. He was becoming...nice." Vivian insisted that, for that reason alone, Andre had simply "had to go."

"I mean, I saw him wanting to come clean! If he had done that, we would have lost everything [and] ended up in jail, but [now] he's dead...and we are safe," Vivian cheerfully concluded. Stefan reminded Vivian that there was still a chance that John, who was investigating DiMera Enterprises' recent sabotage, would eventually uncover their secrets. Conceding the point, Vivian grumbled, "John Black is nothing if not tenacious."

"Stefano would have been able to handle that. Blackmailing, kidnapping, brainwashing -- these were a few of his favorite things," Vivian wistfully continued. Stefan helpfully added murder to the list, prompting Vivian to quip, "The thought's never far from my mind." Changing the subject, Stefan warned Vivian that Chad was still a concern, too, confidently adding, "In spite of what he says, he's still trying to take over DiMera."

"Can you blame me?" Chad asked, joining Stefan and Vivian in the living room. Stefan and Chad started arguing with each other about DiMera Enterprises, each man convinced that he was more suited to run the company than the other. Abigail soon interrupted, reminding the brothers that they had more important things to focus on that day. Conceding the point, Chad bowed out of the argument and headed outside with Abigail.

Stefan and Vivian followed Chad and Abigail to the DiMera mausoleum, where Kate was waiting beside Andre's casket. "Ah, the grieving widow!" Vivian said, smirking at Kate. "Black? I'm...speechless," Vivian continued, studying Kate's attire. Chad openly disapproved of the dig, prompting Stefan to promise to keep Vivian under control. "Stefan!" Vivian protested as her son pushed her to the back of the mausoleum.

At the police station, Hope admitted to Rafe that, on a personal level if not a professional one, she was glad that Carrie had managed to convince a judge to grant bail for Anna and Roman. "As long as they don't skip town..." Rafe grumbled. Hope shot Rafe a look of disapproval, prompting him to remind her that they were talking about a desperate couple who had already broken the law once. Hope defended Roman, reasoning that he had simply been trying to protect a loved one. Hope added that Rafe was just as protective. "I know I can trust you with anything -- especially my heart," Hope continued as Rafe squirmed uncomfortably.

At the Brady Pub, John ended a phone call then rejoined Paul, who sighed and hesitantly admitted, "We have to talk." Before Paul could continue, Roman and Anna entered the pub. Anna, feeling grimy, rushed upstairs to take a shower, but Roman stayed behind to talk to John. "I could still be charged with obstruction, and she could still be charged with murder, so I am really hoping you've got something for me," Roman said. "Actually, I do. I know who wrote that letter," John replied.

After showering and changing into fresh clothes, Anna rejoined Roman, who happily informed her, "I was right to give that letter to John. He figured out who put [it] in your purse, and now this whole thing is starting to make sense." Meanwhile, John passed through the town square with Paul, who again began to hesitantly warn his father about what Will was likely doing at that exact moment.

At the police station, Hope received a visit from Will, who asked, "We're related, right?" Nodding, Hope confirmed that Will was her cousin. "Why?" Hope asked. "Well, I know you're the police commissioner, but I need to trust that you're gonna do the right thing with what I'm about to tell you," Will explained. Hope observed that it sounded like Will wanted to talk about a pretty serious matter. "Someone's life could be at stake," Will confirmed. Sighing, Will hesitantly continued, "It's about John Black..."

Meanwhile, Rafe joined Carrie in one of the conference rooms and congratulated her on managing to get her parents out on bail. Carrie, not particularly interested in talking to Rafe about that particular matter, quickly changed the subject, warning him, "I know that you cheated on Hope."

At the DiMera mausoleum, Stefan watched with a hint of envy as Chad comforted Abigail, who had just finished saying a few words about Andre. "I don't know who killed him, but they need to pay for this," Abigail insisted after regaining her composure. Meanwhile, the door to the mausoleum opened. "Don't look now, but I think we have company," Vivian warned. Everyone turned to face the entrance, anxious to see who had just arrived.

Hattie surprises the residents of Salem

Hattie surprises the residents of Salem

Friday, February 2, 2018

At the pub, Roman informed Anna that the threatening letter sent to her had originated at Statesville Prison. Roman explained that Hattie Adams had hated Andre. When Anna asked why Hattie would want to hurt her, Roman explained that Hattie had been obsessed with him. "This kook thinks I'm her competition?" Anna marveled. With a shrug, Roman suggested that Hattie had sent the letter in order to rile up Anna enough to kill Andre.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Carrie confronted Rafe about his affair with Sami. Rafe was annoyed that Sami had not kept their secret. With a shrug, Carrie reminded Rafe that Sami was not good at keeping secrets. Rafe asked Carrie if Sami held a grudge for Rafe's prior relationship with Carrie. Carrie winced and nodded yes. Rafe explained that he had slept with Sami after he and Hope had broken up.

"It's a mistake I hope will go away," Rafe said. Rafe asked Carrie if she was going to keep the secret. Carrie agreed. Carrie said she did not believe Sami would want to hurt Rafe either. Rafe admitted that Ciara knew the truth too. Shocked, Carrie asked if Ciara had told her mother. Rafe said Ciara had decided to keep the secret to protect Hope. Rafe added that Ciara had been unpredictable since returning to town. Carrie counseled Rafe to tell Hope the truth before anyone else could.

A worried Will went to Hope's office to talk to her about John Black. Will explained that John had been acting suspiciously. Hope was confident John had not done anything wrong, but Will stressed that Hope needed to hear him out. As Hope lifted her hand to her face, Will noticed the ring on her finger. Will remembered the ring from Sami's hotel room. Will asked Hope if the ring had ever belonged to Sami. Smiling, Hope said Rafe would never give her anything that had belonged to an ex.

Will remarked that he had found the ring in Sami's hotel room, and she had said it had belonged to E.J. With a shrug, Hope said Sami had to have a similar ring. Roman rushed in with Anna. Will wanted to tell Hope about John, but Roman insisted that he needed to talk to Hope urgently.

After Will left, Hope yelled at Roman for busting into her office, unannounced. Roman asked Hope about Hattie. Hope offered Roman a recent letter from her friend at Statesville. Roman explained that Hattie had sent a threatening letter to Anna.

In the park, Paul started to tell John about Will, but Marlena interrupted. Paul backed down. John informed Marlena that they had a lead on Anna's letter. John explained that Anna's letter had originated in Statesville Prison. As John and Marlena left to track down Hattie, Will walked into the square. Anxious, Paul asked Will what he had done. Will said he had not been able to tell Hope about John due to an interruption.

When Paul asked about the interruption, Will noted that Hope's engagement ring had looked like his mother's ring. Will continued that Roman had interrupted his conversation with Hope. With a nod, Paul said he had attempted to confront John but had also been interrupted. Will said he was worried about Steve. "My dad is a good man. I know he is!" Paul said. Paul reminded Will that everyone in Salem was a stranger to Will, and he asked Will to trust him. Will said that Paul and Marlena were the only two people that he trusted in Salem.

Will asked for details about John's phone conversation. When Paul explained that John had said he was waiting to hear back, Will suggested that John might have been suggesting that he needed more liquid. Will suggested that they follow John, but Paul said it would be difficult to tail an experienced ISA agent. Smiling, Paul said Will was sounding like his old reporter self. Will and Paul shook hands and agreed to enact their plan to follow John.

At Andre's funeral in the family mausoleum, Abigail swore that the murderer would pay for killing Andre. Chad put Andre's pocket watch on top of the coffin. While Stefan, Vivian, and Kate stood nearby, Hattie walked into the crypt to "pay my respects." Vivian quipped that Marlena had been self-medicating. Concerned, Kate noted that Marlena did not "seem like" herself. Hattie said she had never been better, but she did not explain that she was not Marlena. As Abigail read a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about reincarnation, Vivian groaned.

"If he tried to crawl out of there, someone is bound to put a wooden stake in his heart," Hattie joked. Annoyed, the group asked "Marlena" to leave. Stefan grabbed Hattie's arm, but she pulled away and insisted she would not leave until the coffin was buried.

As Chad started to escort Hattie out, she pointed out the pocket watch and grumbled about how Andre had used it to seduce her. Kate shouted out, "She is not Marlena, and she is not here to pay her respects!" "Damn right! I'm Hattie Adams, and I'm here to dance on his grave," Hattie shouted triumphantly.

"I thought you were still in prison," Kate said coldly. Chad said he intended to call the police, but Hattie argued that she had a right to see Andre buried. Stefan asked Hattie if she had killed Andre. With a laugh, Hattie said no. When Chad and Stefan reached out to escort Hattie out, she shoved them aside. Stefan fell onto the casket, knocking it over. Andre's body fell out on top of Vivian.

Chad and Stefan dragged Hattie down to the police station, and they handed her over to Rafe. Rafe texted Hope to let her know about Hattie. When Hope arrived in the bullpen, with Roman and Anna hot on her heels, Hattie struggled to escape the grasp of Stefan and Chad. Roman grabbed Anna to hold her back from attacking Hattie. Hattie called Anna a "tired skank hooking up with my Roman." Rafe asked Stefan to talk privately, and they slipped out of the room.

Hope took Hattie aside and asked her why she was out of prison. Narrowing her eyes, Hope said she knew that Hattie was not out on probation. Hattie said she was out on work release. Hope sighed in frustration. Hattie asked Hope if she could sneak back into prison on her own.

Carrie and Roman calmed Anna in the corner as she eyeballed Hattie across the room. Hattie saw Anna and yelled out that Anna was a murderer. Hattie claimed that she had only written a letter. Furious, Anna yelled that Hattie had killed Andre to frame her. As the argument grew more heated, Hope held back Hattie, and Carrie and Roman held back Anna.

In Hope's office, Rafe asked Stefan about the missing footage from the DiMera Enterprises security cameras. Stefan said he had planned to upgrade the security systems. Stefan said that the old system had been shut down while the new ones had been tested.

With a nod, Rafe suggested that the coincidence that the cameras were offline at the time of the murder was convenient. "Maybe something happened in that office that you didn't want anyone to see," Rafe said. Stefan said that the security test was an unfortunate coincidence. Stefan urged Rafe to investigate their camera system.

Outside the pub, Marlena admitted to John that knowing Hattie was out of prison had made her feel vulnerable. John promised he would never let Hattie hurt Marlena again. After a moment, Marlena asked about Steve. John shrugged. As Marlena stepped aside to take a phone call, John muttered, "Sorry, Doc but it's my job to make sure no one figures out what happened."

At the mausoleum, Vivian complained about how it had felt to have Andre's body on top of her. Kate yelled at Vivian to stop talking about the body. Abigail wanted to finish the service. Kate asked Vivian to leave, but she insisted on staying. Abigail asked Vivian to say something nice about Andre. Drumming her fingers on the casket, Vivian mumbled to herself, "Something nice. Something nice." After a moment of thinking, Vivian said Andre had been an excellent liar and would be missed.

After Vivian marched out, Abigail said it was sad to think that only she and Kate saw that Andre had had a good heart. Kate said she did not believe even Andre believed he'd had a good heart. "Our marriage began as a business arrangement, and it was just becoming real. We didn't have enough time, Andre," Kate said through tears. Kate placed a flower on the coffin and left. Alone with Andre, Abigail whispered, "Goodbye. Thank you."

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