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Maggie moved back in with Victor. Tripp and Ciara kissed. Ciara entered the Bella contest. Abigail sought answers for her lost time, but at Stefan's suggestion, Gabby took over Abigail's body. Chad found Andre's phone in Stefan's desk and called the police. Eli reconsidered his decision to lie about Lani's baby. Eve dumped Brady, and he hatched a plan to win her back.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 12, 2018 on DAYS
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Eve ends things with Brady

Eve ends things with Brady

Monday, March 12, 2018

by Mike

At Doug's Place, Victor asked Maggie for a cup of coffee. "Caffeine will keep you up all night," she pointed out. "Good, because I don't plan on going home until my wife [is ready to come] with me," he countered. She reiterated that she wasn't going anywhere with him until he complied with her terms. "I already did," he revealed.

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady wondered if Eve's unexpected change of heart was supposed to be some sort of joke. "This whole wedding is a joke, you lying son of a bitch!" she spat, adding that there was no way that she would ever marry him. Confused, he wondered what he had done to upset her. "You humiliated me! Used me! So, you can take this ring and all these wedding vows, and you can go straight to hell!" she snapped. He was still confused -- until she spelled out exactly what he was missing.

At that same time, Victor was explaining to Maggie, "You wanted me to tell Eve the truth, so I did -- and I figured you wouldn't believe me, so I taped the whole bloody thing." He produced his cell phone and proceeded to play the recorded phone conversation in its entirety for his skeptical wife. After the recording ended, she admitted that she was surprised that her stubborn husband had actually listened to her for once. "What choice did I have? I wasn't going to lose you again," he explained with a shrug, adding that she was the most important thing in his life.

Justin, Sonny, and Paul tried to excuse themselves after Eve finished telling Brady about what had happened, but she encouraged them to stick around to see the end of the show. "It's none of our business," Sonny argued. "Actually, Sonny, it is, see, because according to Victor, he promised [that if Brady managed] to steal [Basic Black] from me, then the CEO spot would be his," Eve revealed. Stunned, Sonny turned to Brady and demanded to know if that was true. Ignoring Sonny, Brady begged Eve to give him a chance to explain his side of the story.

Sighing, Eve dismissed Justin, Sonny, and Paul, hoping that they had at least enjoyed the show they had gotten, even if it wasn't the show they had expected to get. The three men stepped into the foyer and began discussing what had just happened. "I don't know why [this even surprises] me. No matter what I do to try to fix Titan and this family, some people never change," Sonny grumbled as Justin's cell phone began ringing.

"Another broken wedding," Paul told Sonny after Justin stepped aside to take the call. "Except this one broke before it even started," Sonny replied, sighing. Sonny preemptively warned Paul to refrain from trying to defend Brady, but Paul ignored the warning, observing that Brady had looked pretty gutted when Eve had rejected him. "I think he really cares about her," Paul concluded.

"If you love someone, you don't do that to them," Sonny dismissively insisted. Scoffing, Paul countered, "You know, I used to think that if you loved someone, you would never hurt them, and you could get through anything together...[but] now I think that some things are so broken, they can never be fixed." Paul exited the mansion without waiting for a response.

Justin soon returned and wondered how Sonny was doing. "I'm just pissed off -- at Brady and Uncle Vic," Sonny admitted. Sonny was particularly upset that Victor, who had sworn on more than one occasion that his nephew was his top choice for the CEO position at Titan, had been willing to hand over control of the company to someone else as a bargaining chip. Nodding, Justin knowingly explained, "Victor will always revert to form when he wants something." Sonny curiously wondered why Victor had decided to sabotage his own plan just as the endgame had finally been starting. "Someone must have forced his hand," Justin guessed.

Changing the subject, Sonny asked his father if there was anything he could do to help Gabi. "Not unless you can prove that she didn't kill Andre," Justin replied. Sonny had no way of doing that but was quick to stress that he believed that Gabi was telling the truth about being framed. Justin admitted that he believed Gabi's story, too.

Sighing, Sonny started to excuse himself, eager to head over to Will's place to see how he was doing with their daughter. "Sounds like [Will and Arianna are] starting to bond," Justin observed. "Yeah. I mean, he's great with her. And I think Ari is Will's best shot at regaining his memory," Sonny replied. Sonny added, however, that even though Arianna was comfortable with Will, it would probably be best for her to sleep in her own bed that night.

"You're a good dad, Sonny," Justin stressed with a nod of approval. "Well, you know, I learned from the best," Sonny replied. Chuckling, Justin mused that it wasn't easy to be a member of the Kiriakis family. "Especially if you want to keep a shred of decency," Sonny agreed. Nodding again, Justin told Sonny, "I'm proud of you for doing a damn good job of doing just that. Unfortunately, your uncle lost his decency a long time ago."

Meanwhile, behind the living room's closed doors, Eve reluctantly agreed to hear Brady out. He admitted that he had been playing her -- at least at first. "Oh, right -- [so] you're gonna tell me now that, uh...that you had a change of heart, and you actually did fall in love with me [at some point]?" she guessed, clearly skeptical. "Yes, I did," he confirmed. "Then why didn't you tell me the truth? Why didn't you tell me the truth? Why did I have to hear it from that old man?" she angrily demanded to know before stepping over to the bar to pour herself a glass of whiskey.

"Want one? Or was your drinking all an act, too?" Eve asked Brady, who declined the offer. "Great. More for me," she mused before taking her first big gulp of the drink. "So, what was the plan, hmm? How were you gonna [take Basic Black from me]? I mean, you'd accomplished your first couple missions. 'Get Eve into bed.' Check! 'Agree to get her to marry you.' Check! What was next -- murder?" she wondered.

"No! Of course not! Come on!" Brady protested indignantly. "Oh, really? Well, I don't know -- maybe you thought it was fitting, since, you know, I inherited the company from Deimos when he died," Eve reasoned with a shrug. He tried to assure her that he would never hurt her, but she scoffed and countered that he had actually done just that.

"I knew that you were playing me -- right from the beginning, [I knew] -- but I wanted...I wanted, so much, to believe [that this] was real," Eve told Brady, who insisted that what they had was real. "[At some point, things] changed for me; I found myself wanting to be around you, [and] I realized that I was happier when I was around you, and then I started to see you for who you really are," he began to explain. "A mark?" she interjected. "No -- a beautiful, and a strong, fascinating woman," he clarified, adding that her interactions with his son had sealed the deal for him. "When I said I loved you, I meant it," he stressed.

Eve remained skeptical, guessing that Brady wouldn't have tried to rush into a marriage with her if he had truly had a change of heart. "Listen, I thought about abandoning the plan [and] telling you the truth, but --" he began to explain. Interrupting, she concluded that he had been too weak to stand up to his grandfather. "[Look], I was [just so] angry at [him] for passing me over, [and] I thought I could do it all -- I thought I could prove myself to him and be with you. [I thought that] if we were a team, [you'd agree to] bring Basic Black [back] to Titan, and I could bring you into this family as my wife -- [which was] what I wanted to do," he clarified.

"[Well, at least you've] proven yourself to Victor. And you know what? I should...I should actually thank that man, because he has shown me who you truly are -- [a] selfish, deceitful piece of garbage!" Eve spat, hurting Brady. He tried to convince her to give him a second chance, arguing that it would be a waste to throw away what they had found in each other, but she insisted that she couldn't move forward with him after what he had done to her. "So, why don't you [just] crawl back in the bottle [and] leave me alone," she concluded, adding that he was fired. "It doesn't have to be this way!" he protested. "Well, that's the way it is. That's the way it's always been with me -- people lie, people disappoint... I've always had to take care of myself," she numbly replied, shrugging as she refilled her glass.

Brady continued begging for a chance to fix things, but Eve maintained that it was too late for him to try to do that. "You know, what breaks my heart -- [makes me] really sad -- is that I know that there is a human being in there somewhere," she quietly mused, adding that she had been quite skeptical when her sister had first started talking about the great new guy in her life -- until she had met him herself and had realized that he really was one of the good guys. "I am still that man," he insisted. "No, you're not. What kind of 'man' does this to a woman -- [especially] a woman that he claims to love?" she countered.

Brady again tried to assure Eve that he truly loved her, but she mused that if that was really the case, it only made the whole situation even worse. "Somehow, I thought I was saving you from Victor, but you're on your own [now], because today I realized [that] the most important thing is saving myself -- from a person like you," she concluded.

At Doug's Place, Maggie wondered why Victor had sent Brady after Eve in the first place. "I'm not sure that I can explain," Victor replied with a shrug. "Then let me try. [I think it's because] you can't help yourself, and you're never gonna change," Maggie guessed before walking away from Victor once again.

Justin soon entered the club and approached Victor. "You never learn, do you? You always talk about how important your family is, [and how] you want us all to be united, and yet all you do is rip us apart," Justin mused with obvious disapproval. Victor dismissively insisted that Brady was better off without the "duplicitous witch" he had been about to marry, adding that the whole relationship had been based on lies, anyway. "Yes -- lies that you pushed him into! And maybe [he] would have found a way to tell Eve the truth and make things right, but you didn't give him a chance; [instead], you sold him out -- on his own wedding day!" Justin countered.

"[Victor only did that] because I asked him to," Maggie clarified, having emerged from the back office in time to hear most of the confrontation. "I had to tell Eve the truth [because that] was the only way I could save my marriage," Victor elaborated. "Well, you destroyed Brady in the process," Justin countered. "I'm sorry that happened," Maggie stressed, prompting Justin to wonder if Victor was sorry, too. "You know what happens to Brady when his life falls apart -- everything falls apart!" Justin pointed out before walking away in disgust.

Maggie acknowledged that Justin was probably right about the strong possibility that Brady would soon fall off the wagon again. "We need to do everything we can for [Brady]," Maggie stressed. "Does that mean you're coming home with me?" Victor asked hopefully. Sighing, Maggie wondered if Victor was going to think twice in the future before reverting to his old ways. "I promise," he assured her.

"I don't believe you...but I miss my husband, and I want to come home," Maggie admitted, reaching for Victor's hand.

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady stared at the decanter of whiskey Eve had left sitting out in the living room. Before he could decide his next move, he heard a few thuds in the foyer. Confused, he went to find out what was going on -- and was stunned to see that Eve was wheeling a suitcase down the stairs. "You're leaving?" he asked incredulously. "I will send for the rest of my things [later]," she replied.

Brady tried to convince Eve to stay, insisting that he needed her -- and his son needed her, too. "You should have thought about that before you decided to destroy my life," she countered, adding that, on the bright side, he was finally the destroyer for once instead of the one who was getting destroyed. She started to exit the mansion, but he blocked her path and refused to let her leave.

John went to the Martin mansion to get a stuffed animal Arianna had left in Will's room. Will joked, while fetching the stuffed animal, that most kids weren't lucky enough to have a government agent to rely on to rush to the rescue every time they left a beloved toy behind somewhere. Will added that he appreciated his grandparents' willingness to watch their great-grandchild that night. "[I] feel bad for Ari -- no little girl should have to go through something like this -- but I am glad that she has a, uh, big family to look after her," Will continued. Will hoped that Gabi's legal problems would soon be resolved. Nodding, John assured Will that they probably would be.

Changing the subject, John added that he was glad that he seemed to be back on good terms with his grandson. "Oh, you mean after you held me at gunpoint and tied me up in [a] mausoleum?" Will guessed. Cringing at the memory, John apologized for his actions. Will was quick to acknowledge that John had never meant to hurt him -- or Steve, for that matter. "But that's exactly what I did, isn't it?" John concluded with a sigh of regret.

Will, who had heard about Steve's vision problems from Marlena, reminded John that there was always hope. "[I mean], I'm standing here in front of you, so that means anything is possible," Will stressed. Will added that, at worst, Steve would go blind -- and being blind was better than being dead. "You saved his life. And I think I'd trust you with mine," Will assured John, who managed a slight smile in response.

Kayla reluctantly revealed, while passing through Horton Town Square with Steve, that she had spoken to an occupational therapist earlier that day about simple arrangements that could be made around the house to help someone who was starting to lose their eyesight. "I am not giving up on a cure; I just want you to be safe. arguments, all right?" she added. "Okay," he replied, surprising her.

"[Look], I know I can't be in denial about this, baby. As a matter of fact, I, um...I've been doing some research on my own about how to make the house more safe for me. Got a handyman comin' in [soon]," Steve informed Kayla, who was pleased to hear that. "I may be losing my eyesight, but if that's all I lose, I'm still a lucky man, because I've got you -- and maybe even some [more] adventures ahead of us. Only, this time, you may have to lead the way," he continued, prompting her to assure him that she could definitely do that. "And even [if I eventually] can't look at you anymore, I'll still see you; I'll always see you," he added.

After sharing a kiss, Steve and Kayla continued on their way -- but Steve soon tripped over a chair he hadn't been able to see in his reduced field of vision. John arrived while Kayla was trying to get Steve back on his feet again. "Don't you touch him!" Kayla spat when John rushed over to help out. Steve tried to stop Kayla from lashing out, but John regretfully acknowledged that she had every right to be upset with him.

After John walked away, Steve urged Kayla to let go of her anger. "I can't do that," she insisted before asking him to drop the subject. "You can tell me how you're feeling," he assured her, adding that they couldn't just shut down and stop communicating with each other. "You want to know how I'm feeling? I'm mad! I'm mad as hell that you are losing your sight! I am mad that after everything that we went through with Joey and Tripp, [we don't get even] one minute of happiness! And I'm mad because -- because life isn't fair!" she replied, fighting back tears.

"You are such a good and decent man -- [the man] I love -- [and] you don't deserve this!" Kayla concluded, shaking her head in defeat. Steve hugged her and promised that everything was going to be okay.

At the Martin mansion, Will received an unexpected visit from Paul, who wanted to know if he needed any help with Arianna. Will clarified that Arianna was going to be staying with John and Marlena for the rest of the night. "I thought, you know, she'd be better off there," Will explained. Nodding, Paul said he had heard about what had happened. "I can't imagine how afraid [Gabi] is right now, [but] I'm just, you know, trying to make it okay for Ari," Will continued. Changing the subject, Will wondered how Paul was doing. "It was a long night," Paul replied with a sigh. "Want to talk about it?" Will asked, adding that he had beer in the minibar. Paul accepted the offer.

After Paul finished telling Will about what had happened at the Kiriakis mansion, Will observed that Paul seemed a bit shaken. "Yeah, well, it wasn't fun to watch," Paul admitted. "'Cause you feel for your brother," Will guessed. "And because it reminded me a lot of my wedding to Sonny," Paul clarified, adding that Sonny had actually been present for the disaster. "No wonder it reminded you of your wedding," Will mused.

Will wondered if Paul and Sonny had talked afterward. "Yeah. We just...we both realized that it was -- it's really over for good now," Paul replied with a sigh. "He asked about you -- well, me and you," Paul quickly added. Intrigued, Will wondered what Paul had told Sonny. "Um...I said that...that, uh, we've gotten closer," Paul admitted. Grinning, Will took a seat next to Paul on the bed and asked, "Have we?"

"Uh...yeah. Yeah, I think we have," Paul admitted with an awkward chuckle. "I think so, too," Will agreed. They locked eyes with each other then shared a kiss.

As things started escalating, someone knocked on Will's door. "You don't have to get that, do you?" Paul asked Will breathlessly. "No, I don't, but whoever it is, I need to get rid of them," Will replied before going to deal with the visitor -- Sonny, who was disappointed to see that Paul and Will were only half dressed. "Where the hell's my daughter?" Sonny demanded to know, barging into the room. Will explained, while putting his shirt back on, that John and Marlena were watching Arianna. "You should have told me," Sonny complained. "I thought maybe you'd need a hand [with her], but it looks like you have that covered," Sonny bitterly added.

Paul started to say something while putting his own shirt back on, but Sonny forged ahead, telling Will and Paul, "I get it -- you didn't want a little girl spoiling your alone time." Will tried to protest, but Sonny insisted that no explanation was necessary because Paul had already confirmed that things were getting more serious. "This is none of my business, because we're just do whatever the hell you want, both of you!" Sonny spat before storming off.

"Well, that was kind of a buzzkill," Will noted, chuckling awkwardly. Nodding, Paul suggested that it would probably be best to just call it a night. Will agreed but was quick to ask if Paul would like to do something with him the following day. "Okay, yeah -- that sounds...that sounds fun," Paul replied with a smile before exiting Will's room.

Sonny went to the Brady Pub for a drink. When the bartender flirtatiously offered to buy Sonny's next drink, Sonny accepted the offer after realizing the implication.

Ciara and Tripp finally kiss

Ciara and Tripp finally kiss

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jennifer and Eric ate dinner together at the Brady Pub. Eric had to cut the dinner short in order to meet up with Claire to take her headshots. Still annoyed about Claire's part in ruining Hope's wedding, Jennifer groaned. Eric explained that Claire was taking part in a contest. Jennifer apologized for blaming Claire, and she added that Rafe and Sami were to blame. With a smile, Eric said he was sorry he had fought with Jennifer over Sami. Eric added that he would always defend his sister, even though she could be destructive.

"You were right about Rafe, too. He's a grown man. They're both responsible for this," Jennifer chimed in. Jennifer and Eric both expressed hope that Hope's time with Shawn and Belle would help her figure things out. With a sad smile, Jennifer asked, "Can you come back and meet me after your shoot so you can cheer me up again?" "Sounds like a plan," Eric said. When the two kissed goodbye, Maggie interrupted.

Maggie said she was pleased to see Jennifer and Eric happy together. Maggie asked if Jennifer could return Maggie's house keys to Julie. With elation, Jennifer asked Maggie if she was reconciling with Victor. Maggie confirmed that she was returning home.

At the loft, Ciara returned home as Claire collected her belongings for her photo shoot. Ciara asked about the contest. Claire chuckled that she had the competition wrapped up because Eve had practically begged her to enter the contest. With a sneer, Claire asked Ciara if her makeup had covered the black eye that Ciara had given her. Claire left. "But you never know what could happen," Ciara said to herself.

When Tripp returned home, Ciara mentioned that Claire was at a photo shoot. Ciara pulled out her phone and took a selfie. Confused, Tripp noted that Ciara hated selfies. Ciara lied and said she wanted to update her social media accounts. Tripp agreed to take a couple photos of Ciara for her. After a few pictures, Ciara looked at the photos. Tripp complimented Ciara's "cute chin." Tripp and Ciara flirted as he took more pictures. As Tripp showed her the next batch of pictures, she leaned in close. Ciara and Tripp looked into one another's eyes, and they kissed.

"How come you kissed me? I thought you were still hung up on Claire?" Ciara asked. Tripp said he did not want to be hung up on Claire any more than Ciara wanted to be stuck on Theo. Ciara said she was glad that Tripp had kissed her, but she was worried about Ciara's reaction. Tripp reminded Ciara that Claire loved Theo and did not care about him.

In the park, Claire met up with Eric for her photo shoot. While Eric checked the lighting, Claire asked Eric if Sami would kill her for telling Hope about the affair. Eric told Claire not to worry about Sami. Eric asked Claire why she had chosen to tell the secret at the wedding. Defensive, Claire accused Eric of impugning her motives, like Marlena had. Eric started to take pictures. Still stewing, Claire explained that she had told the truth because she'd known it would be revealed eventually. Claire added that Hope had told her that she was glad that Claire had told her the truth.

"Grandma Hope is a very kind woman," Eric said. Throwing up her hands, Claire said she did not understand why everyone was mad at her. Claire complained that Ciara had declared war. Claire vowed to fight back. After a few more photos, Claire asked Eric if he was mad at her for telling Hope about the affair.

"Well, that wasn't your secret to tell. You know that as well as I do. It was between Rafe and Hope. You shot your mouth off, and now you've started a war with Ciara," Eric said. Claire claimed that Ciara had started the war because of Theo. Eric encouraged Claire to take the high road and reach out to Ciara.

In the town square, Steve and Kayla talked about their run-in with John. Kayla said she felt bad for what she had said to John. With a shake of his head, Steve told Kayla that whatever she had said was not nearly as harsh as the things that John had said to himself. Steve assured Kayla that everyone would be fine. As Steve and Kayla smiled at one another, Adrienne walked over.

"Bonnie! I didn't know they let you out!" Steve joked. In tears, Adrienne hugged her brother. Steve asked Adrienne not to cry. Wiping away her tears, Adrienne promised to keep her emotions in check. Adrienne said her visit with Alexander had been good but difficult because of Anjelica's death. Adrienne said she was happy to be home. Justin and Kayla went inside to pick up desserts. With an opportunity to talk privately, Adrienne asked Steve to tell her how he was actually doing. Adrienne cautioned Steve to not be too stoic and to stop joking.

"You've always been my big, brave, hero brother. No one should have to be that all the time. I know it's hard for you, and I know you hate asking for help...You allowing me to help you actually helps me," Adrienne said. Steve promised to work on his demeanor. Adrienne said that she knew from her mastectomy that "losing a part of your body, even if it's for a good reason, is still a loss." With a point at his patch, Steve said he had been there before. Adrienne said it was a privilege for her to stand by his side, but she wanted him to stop with the Bonnie jokes. The siblings laughed.

By the café, Kayla and Justin talked quietly about Steve's health. Kayla said she felt helpless. Kayla asked Justin if he could help arrange for Steve to see Joey outside of prison before his eyesight failed. Justin said it would be difficult to arrange, but he would look into it for her.

When Justin and Kayla returned to the table with dessert, they sat down with Steve and Adrienne and reminisced about old times. Steve reached for his fork and knocked it onto the ground. Steve explained that he had no depth perception. Steve assured Kayla he was fine. Adrienne changed the subject to Brady's aborted wedding. Justin said it had appeared to him that Brady and Eve genuinely cared about one another.

Justin turned the conversation to his job, and he confided that Gabi's bail had been revoked. After Adrienne promised that their conversation was off the record, Justin explained that the judge had revoked bail because Gabi had been caught disposing of incriminating evidence. After Justin explained what had happened, Steve interjected, "She's being set up." Kayla said she did not believe that Gabi would have killed Andre. Steve told Justin he was always there to lend an ear if Justin needed to talk.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady begged Eve not to move out of the house. Brady blocked Eve's exit. When she yelled that he could not stop her, Brady grabbed her and kissed her. Eve shoved Brady away. When Brady told Eve he loved her, she slapped him. Eve screamed at Brady to never say that to her again. Furious, Eve threw her house keys at Brady and walked out.

Eve went to the pub and was annoyed to find Jennifer there. As Eve turned to leave, Jennifer called out to her to wait. Eve noted that she wanted to drink in peace. Jennifer asked Eve not to tempt Brady with alcohol. "If I wanted to ruin Brady's life, I wouldn't do it with alcohol, I can tell you that much, because it would take too long. I would take my hands, and I would wrap them around his neck and squeeze the life right out of him," Eve barked. Jennifer asked Eve if she and Brady had broken up.

"I'm glad that Brady came to his senses," Jennifer said. "You know what? I'm the one that came to my senses? Can you believe that? Of course, you can't because you think I'm the root of all evil, but Brady is the one that pulled one over on me this time. What a hoot, huh?" Eve said. Jennifer asked Eve to talk to her. Reluctantly, Eve sat down with Jennifer for a drink. Eve told Jennifer that Brady had plied her with alcohol and then proposed to her in the morning after they had sobered up.

With a grumble, Eve said Brady had only wanted to marry her for Basic Black. Eve noted that it was Jennifer's cue to be a bitch. With a sigh, Jennifer said that Brady would not have wanted to marry her for the company if Eve had not married Deimos for the same reason. Eve called Jennifer mean-spirited. Jennifer stopped Eve from leaving. "That's not what I was going to say. What I was going to say is I don't care what is going on at Titan Industries. Brady has no right to play with your heart. And for that, I am so sorry," Jennifer said softly.

Jennifer added that Brady had suffered a lot of heartbreak. Shaking her head, Eve said that unlike Brady's other loves, Eve had not done anything to hurt him. Jennifer asked Eve why she had believed that Brady had loved her. With a shrug, Eve said that Brady was a good liar. "No, he isn't. He is a lousy liar," Jennifer stressed. Jennifer suggested that Victor did not know the full story and that it might be possible that Victor had been unaware that Brady had fallen in love with Eve.

"What if he was being honest?" Jennifer asked. Eve was taken aback. Jennifer encouraged Eve to think about it. With a nod, Eve said only "a Pollyanna like you could ever think there is any hope for me and Brady." Jennifer told Eve to take care of herself then left. Alone, Eve wiped away tears and asked for another drink.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie returned home and found Brady drinking. "What the hell are you doing?" Maggie cried out. Victor followed Maggie into the living room. Brady raised his glass and toasted to Victor stabbing him in the back. Victor growled that he had left Brady a message to warn him. Maggie asked Brady to be angry with her because she had forced Victor's hand. Shaking her head, Maggie reminded Brady that he was aware of her feelings about telling Eve the truth.

"Maggie, I didn't pour that drink because of some stupid job that I lost. And I didn't tell Eve that I don't love her because I do. I do," Brady said sadly. Victor grumbled that he had been afraid that Brady would fall for Eve. Defensive, Brady warned Victor not to say anything bad about Eve because Brady would punch him. Maggie asked about Brady's feelings. Brady said he had fallen for Eve after he had watched her with his son.

"Don't worry about it. She doesn't believe a word I have to say now," Brady said. Maggie asked Brady if the situation could be fixed. Victor yelled that Brady was better off without Eve. Brady said he would be better off if he had never known Victor. Brady said he had agreed to go after Eve because he had been desperate to prove Victor wrong. With a sigh, Brady said that Eve had shown him that Victor would never respect him because he enjoyed pitting Brady against Sonny too much.

"A good businessman doesn't let his feelings get in the way of his goals. If I had known you were in over your head with Eve, I would had stopped this thing a long time ago," Victor said. Maggie warned Victor to keep quiet. Maggie encouraged Brady to go after Eve because she thought it was evidence that the Brady she remembered was back. "I hope that man is back. To stay," Maggie said softly. Maggie urged Brady not to drink and to instead fight for Eve.

"It's never too late to fight, right?" Maggie asked Victor. "Not for you and me," Victor agreed. Maggie told Brady to fight. Brady nodded.

Claire returned home to the loft. Claire appeared to have taken Eric's advice and started to make a truce with Ciara. Before Claire could make her pitch, Ciara announced that she had entered the Bella magazine contest.

Abigail decides to seek medical help

Abigail decides to seek medical help

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Eli ran into J.J., who seized the opportunity to find out how Gabi was doing. "She's hurting...but I guess that goes without saying," Eli reported, adding with a sigh that Gabi wouldn't be in a holding cell at that moment if he hadn't chosen to ignore one of her recent attempts to contact him. J.J. pointed out that there was no way that Eli, who had been busy with other things then, could have known that Gabi had been calling to ask for help with an urgent matter. "You're [still] a good guy, Eli, [and] Gabi's lucky to have you by her side," J.J. added before excusing himself.

Shortly after J.J. walked away, Kayla passed through the area and stopped to talk to Eli, who answered her questions about Gabi's setback then started fishing for details about Lani's recent health scare. Kayla dodged Eli's inquiries, citing doctor-patient confidentiality, but she seemed to make the connection that he was concerned about Lani's health not because he was her partner at work but instead because he was the true father of her baby. Eli noticed that Kayla suddenly seemed distracted, but she claimed that she was just realizing that she was late for a meeting. Nodding, Eli thanked Kayla for her time and apologized for overstepping.

At the police station, Lani joined Gabi in one of the conference rooms and began trying to question her. Gabi refused to say anything without her lawyer present. Lani had expected that response but explained, "Trask wanted me to give it a shot. She thought, because we're friends, [that] you might be willing to open up with me."

Scoffing, Gabi made it clear that she no longer considered Lani a friend. "I'm starting to think that you get some sick thrill out of sleeping with my boyfriends," Gabi added. Lani insisted that wasn't the case -- and that she was deeply sorry for what had happened. Unmoved, Gabi demanded to know if Eli was the father of Lani's baby. "Do you really think that I would lie to J.J. about something like [that]?" Lani asked indignantly, prompting Gabi to point out that Lani clearly wasn't above lying to J.J. about certain things. "[He] deserves better than you," Gabi declared, adding that she was only keeping the secret to herself because it wasn't hers to tell.

Eli soon interrupted and wondered if everything was okay. "Yeah. Lani and I were just coming to an understanding," Gabi replied while turning her back to Lani, who took the hint and exited the room. Alone with Gabi, Eli produced a picture that her daughter had recently drawn for her. Gabi was relieved to hear that her daughter was under the impression that she was away on a business trip.

Gabi remained skeptical about the true paternity of Lani's baby but agreed to trust Eli's instinct that Lani was telling the truth about J.J. being the baby's father. Gabi admitted that, while it had been painful to hear that Eli had slept with Lani, she was still glad that he had decided to be honest with her, because she would much rather know the truth than be kept in the dark, like J.J.

While sharing a meal at the Brady Pub, Abe and Valerie chatted about various things, including Hope and Rafe's disastrous wedding ceremony. When Abe casually mentioned that Lani had been kept overnight at the hospital for observation, Valerie blurted out, "Does Eli know?" Confused, Abe wondered why that mattered. "Because, um...because they work together, and I'm sure -- I'm certain -- that Eli would cover her shifts...if it came to that," Valerie hesitantly replied. Abe agreed but insisted that wouldn't be necessary because Lani had been given a clean bill of health -- and was, in fact, already back at work.

J.J. soon arrived and agreed to join Abe and Valerie, the latter of whom was quick to probe for details about Lani's recent health scare. J.J. reported that Lani simply needed to avoid stress for the remainder of the pregnancy -- which was why he had made a decision about their impending wedding. "Oh, I'm so relieved to hear that!" Valerie blurted out, guessing that J.J. had decided to postpone the wedding until after the baby was born. Chuckling, J.J. clarified, "No, what I'm [trying to say] is that I'm hiring a wedding planner." Abe thought that was a great idea, but Valerie disagreed, arguing that Lani probably wouldn't want a stranger to plan everything.

"I don't mean to overstep, but I really think that you guys should just wait until after the baby gets here," Valerie maintained. J.J. insisted that he wanted to get married before the baby was born. Abe confirmed that he was fully supportive of that plan, but Valerie continued trying to change J.J.'s mind. "I just get the sense that you guys are rushing into things, and there's a lot at stake here," Valerie reasoned.

Unconvinced, J.J. observed that it seemed like Valerie didn't want him to marry Lani -- ever. Valerie protested that she simply wanted what was best for everyone -- especially the baby, whose well-being should be J.J. and Lani's top priority. "If Lani's already having pregnancy issues, [then] why would you even [think of jeopardizing] that [by] planning a wedding?" Valerie asked incredulously -- just as Lani entered the pub.

J.J., unaware of his fiancée's presence, patiently reiterated that Kayla had already assured him that there was nothing to worry about. "And, with all due respect, [the] wedding plans [are] between me and Lani, and how [they'll] affect the baby -- I'm sorry, but that's really none of your business," J.J. added. "No, you're wrong, damn it! It is my business!" Valerie countered.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail had another disturbing dream about Andre, who was still alive in this one -- and implied that she had reached the wrong conclusion about what he had been trying to tell her in the others. "You have to learn how to pay attention!" he insisted before pointedly adding that he loved the dress she was wearing -- a dress that was from Gabi Chic. She admitted that she didn't remember acquiring it -- and that wasn't the only memory she'd lost recently. "Maybe because you don't want to remember," he suggested. He advised her to ask her cherished stuffed elephant for help -- since, unlike her, elephants never forgot anything.

Chad woke Abigail and told her that she had been having another nightmare. She was relieved -- until she saw that he was holding her stuffed elephant. He reminded her that their son had played with it while hanging out with them in their bedroom the previous night. She forced a smile and claimed that she remembered that.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Vivian greeted Stefan, who was reading Kimberly's book again. "Still pining over your favorite homicidal lunatic?" Vivian guessed. Unamused, Stefan explained that he was simply trying to learn as much as he possibly could about Abigail's condition -- which had recently gotten more complicated.

"[Now] she thinks she's her crazy grandmother?" Vivian asked incredulously after Stefan filled her in on his recent encounter with Dr. Laura. "No, no, no -- Dr. Laura's [not] an introject," Stefan clarified, but that only made Vivian even more confused. "Introject alters [like Gabby] actually believe that they're the person that they're based on. Dr. Laura knows that she's an alter, [and] she controls all the [other] personalities in order to protect Abigail," Stefan patiently explained. "Ugh. I feel a migraine coming on," Vivian grumbled.

Stefan feared that Dr. Laura was right about the damage he had caused when he had tried to get Gabby to realize that she wasn't a real person. "Why fret over a fender bender when the entire car is totaled?" Vivian dismissively argued. Stefan claimed, when asked, that he still didn't know if Abigail was truly guilty of murder. "Oh, please! How else would Gabby end up with a part of the murder weapon?" Vivian countered.

"Because [Stefan] planted it on her," Chad insisted, assuming that Vivian was talking about Gabi. Stefan declared Chad delusional then tried to walk away. Chad grabbed Stefan's arm and angrily ordered him to finally admit that he had killed their brother. "Or I'll beat a confession out of you," Chad warned, glaring at Stefan. As Vivian tried to intervene, Abigail entered the living room and demanded to know what was going on.

Chad reluctantly released Stefan at Abigail's request. When Stefan tried to thank Abigail for the help, she made it clear that she was only trying to protect her husband from assault charges. Chad started to threaten his brother again, but Abigail convinced him to drop the matter, pointing out that he was going to be late for a meeting at DiMera Enterprises if he didn't leave soon.

Stefan announced, while pointedly donning his reading glasses, that he was going to be working from home all day. Abigail took note of the eyewear then followed Chad out of the mansion, looking confused.

Alone with Stefan again, Vivian warned that his feelings were clouding his judgment. "You have to stay away from this Gabby alter! Your obsession with her could be the death of you!" Vivian fretted, adding that Stefan didn't stand a chance with Abigail, anyway. Stefan wasn't convinced that was entirely accurate, believing that Gabby had been at least partially responsible for Abigail's decision to stop Chad from throwing punches earlier.

"Oh, so now you're gaga over an alter?" Vivian asked incredulously. Vivian tried to remind Stefan that Gabby wasn't real, but he admitted with a sigh, "She is to me."

"Stefan, don't you see you're playing with fire? Alter Gabby could turn [on you] in an instant! Look what she tried to do to me when I caught her coming out of the wall!" Vivian blurted out. When Stefan probed for more details, Vivian reluctantly admitted that Abigail had been using the mansion's secret tunnels lately. Vivian tried to stop Stefan from investigating, but he ignored her warnings.

At the hospital, Kayla received a visit from Abigail, who wanted to know how Steve was doing. Kayla appreciated Abigail's concern for Steve but soon began sensing that there might be another reason for her visit. Abigail confirmed, while fighting back tears, that Kayla was right. "I think there's something wrong with me," Abigail admitted before proceeding to list her symptoms, the most alarming of which was her inability to remember certain parts of her days. Abigail feared that she might have a brain tumor or a case of early-onset Alzheimer's, but Kayla assured her that there was no reason to jump to the worst-case scenarios just yet.

After Kayla went to schedule some tests, Abigail suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head. When the pain subsided, Dr. Laura insisted, while snatching a hair tie and a pair of reading glasses from Kayla's desk, "Sorry, Abigail, but the only doctor you'll need is me. The last thing I need is for you to figure out what's really going on." Kayla soon returned -- and found that Abigail was no longer in her office.

At DiMera Enterprises, Chad entered Stefan's office and began snooping around, hoping to find something incriminating. Chad soon discovered that one of Stefan's desk drawers was locked. Intrigued, Chad used a letter opener to pick the lock -- and found a cell phone among the items in the drawer. "I got you now, you son of a bitch," Chad muttered after picking up the cell phone with a tissue and realizing that it was Andre's.

Dr. Laura entered the DiMera mansion and found Stefan standing alone in the living room, holding Gabby's wig. "I found your little, uh, 'changing room' in the tunnels," Stefan explained to Dr. Laura. She was upset with him for snooping, but he argued that he could go wherever he wanted to go in his own house. "I want to speak with Gabby -- now," he demanded, handing over the wig so she could accommodate him.

Stefan encourages Gabby not to give up

Stefan encourages Gabby not to give up

Thursday, March 15, 2018

by Mike

At DiMera Enterprises, Kate caught Chad snooping in Stefan's office. "What are you doing in here?" she asked. "Bringing my brother's murderer to justice," he replied, revealing what he had just discovered.

Kate wanted to alert the police right away, but Chad didn't like that idea. "[Stefan's] gotten away with too damn much, and I want to look him in the eyes," he explained. "[And]...what, tell him that you won and he lost? [And then] maybe get into a brawl with him?" she guessed. She argued that he would be playing right into his brother's hand if he did that. He insisted that he wanted a front-row seat for his brother's downfall, but she maintained that there were better ways for him to play his cards. "Perhaps it would be more effective if [Stefan] never saw you coming," she suggested.

At the Brady Pub, Lani jumped into the conversation Valerie was having with J.J., hoping to stop it before it got any worse. Abe agreed with J.J.'s observation that Valerie seemed oddly determined to make sure that J.J. and Lani's wedding was postponed until after the baby was born. J.J. was inclined to believe that Valerie was simply convinced that Lani could do better, but Valerie had previously assured him that wasn't the case. "So...what am I missing?" J.J. wondered. Valerie maintained that J.J. had her full support -- and that she wanted only the best for everyone involved.

"It's just, know, this -- this really, makes me think about my own son," Valerie continued, fighting back tears. Confused, Abe wondered what Eli had to do with J.J. and Lani's baby. "Everything," Valerie insisted, adding that she couldn't help seeing a bit of herself in any young, unwed woman who was dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. "[It makes me] think about just how selfish I was, depriving a father of getting to know and love a child he would have been so happy to know...[and it also makes me] think about how different things might have been if I had just had the courage to tell the truth," Valerie explained.

"You made the decision that you felt was best, Valerie -- for the baby and everyone involved. I respect that," Lani countered. Before Valerie could respond, Abe abruptly changed the subject, suddenly remembering that he had something to show off: a fancy silver rattle he had purchased for his first -- but hopefully not last -- grandchild. While J.J. and Lani were admiring the gift, Abe went to get a round of coffee for everyone.

Lani, wanting a moment alone with Valerie, asked J.J. to order a cup of tea. Once the coast was clear, Lani quietly ordered Valerie to stop interfering -- before J.J. realized that something was wrong. "Something is wrong! Something is very wrong! That is my grandchild that you're carrying, yet all I'm hearing is, 'This is none of your business,'" Valerie complained, adding that she didn't appreciate being kept in the dark about things like overnight hospital stays. "I am sorry that you're worried and that you feel left out, but Eli agreed to let J.J. raise this baby as his own, so you need to find some way to accept that and stay the hell out of this," Lani insisted before stepping outside to answer a phone call from Chad, who wanted to see her -- and only her -- right away.

"Nicely played," Kate told Chad after he ended the call. "Not as nice as a haymaker right to [Stefan's] dome [would have felt]," he replied. He grudgingly agreed, however, that she was right about needing to get the police involved -- and that the end result was all that truly mattered. "And hopefully, with the real killer caught, Abby can finally find some peace," he added.

Kate was surprised to hear that Abigail had been unwell lately. "I just want this done with, 'cause I'm just -- I'm terrified that she's gonna get sick again, and I can't have that," Chad admitted with a sigh.

Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Abe and J.J. continued chatting -- mainly about Valerie, who, like Lani, had rushed off a few minutes earlier. Both men seemed to accept that Valerie was oddly invested in Lani's pregnancy simply because it was a painful reminder of the lasting consequences of the choices she had made during her own pregnancy.

At the police station, Eli received a visit from Julie, who had just heard that his girlfriend had been caught trying to get rid of evidence. She wanted all the details, but he reminded her that he couldn't discuss ongoing cases with civilians. "I'm so, so sorry. [I mean], I cannot imagine how much you must be hurting, how devastating this must be for you..." she mused with a sigh. He was pleasantly surprised that she was being so sympathetic -- until he realized that she was only concerned because she believed that he was, at that very moment, struggling to process the fact that he was in love with a two-time murderer.

Eli maintained that Gabi was innocent, but Julie wasn't convinced because all the evidence pointed to Gabi -- who, after all, had killed before. "You love this, don't you?" Eli observed with a hint of disgust. "Of course, I don't. I love you. That's why I'm here!" Julie insisted. Eli countered that, in that case, Julie needed to stand behind Gabi, just as he was, because his girlfriend was being framed -- and he wasn't going to rest until he proved that. Eli added that if Julie couldn't find a way to do that, they had nothing more to say to each other, and she could show herself out.

"That woman --" Julie began to protest. Interrupting, Eli tiredly concluded, "'Killed Nick Fallon.' Let it go! He was the monster, not her!" Julie insisted that Nick, while certainly imperfect, had not been a monster -- and had not deserved to die because of his imperfections. Eli wondered if Julie had ever even bothered to notice that Gabi was a great mother -- and, furthermore, was a person who would do anything for her loved ones. "Which, oddly enough, reminds me a lot of you," Eli continued, stunning Julie, who refused to believe that she had anything in common with Gabi Hernandez, of all people.

"You both love hard, and you don't back down," Eli argued. Sighing, Eli added, "Look, I love you both...but if you can't find it in your big heart to show Gabi at least some kindness...then you and I are done."

Julie insisted that Eli couldn't possibly mean what he was saying, but he maintained that he was prepared to sever ties with her if necessary. "I just want what's best for you!" Julie stressed. "That's Gabi," Eli countered, adding that, if anything, his fear was that he wasn't good enough for her. "You're slaying dragons for her. You're my flesh and blood. You're more than good enough," Julie assured Eli.

Julie -- filled with regrets about David, and determined not to miss out on any more of Eli's life -- reluctantly promised, "[I'll] swear to be a better person where Gabi is concerned -- [and] see her as the woman you love [instead of] the woman that sets my teeth on edge -- [if] you promise me you'll never cut me out of your life." Eli agreed then accepted a hug from Julie, who soon excused herself.

Later, Eli received a visit from Valerie, who told him about what had happened at the pub. "Are you really sure you don't want to be a part of your child's life?" she asked, still struggling to process the news that he had made his final decision about letting another man raise his child. Sighing, he admitted that, in light of the conversation he'd just had with his grandmother about regrets, he was beginning to have second thoughts.

At DiMera Enterprises, Chad and Kate told Lani that they had entered Stefan's office to leave some paperwork on his desk -- and had found Andre's cell phone sitting there, in plain sight. With Hope out of town, Lani started to alert Trask instead. Chad and Kate protested that Trask, who had a known grudge against Gabi and had recently been seen having drinks with Stefan, had a clear conflict of interest and didn't need to know about the new development just yet. Lani was reluctant to break protocol but realized that Chad and Kate had a point.

At the hospital, Kayla received a visit from Jennifer, who quickly deduced that Kayla had lost something. Nodding, Kayla confirmed that she had somehow misplaced her reading glasses -- which surely had to be in her office somewhere, since, unlike Abigail, reading glasses couldn't just get up and walk away. "Have you seen her? I am ready to run her tests," Kayla casually added, assuming that Jennifer was also looking for Abigail.

Jennifer, who was actually just visiting to find out how Steve was doing, worriedly asked Kayla, "What? What do you mean? What tests?" Sighing, Kayla apologetically refused to elaborate, citing doctor-patient confidentiality and noting that she had apparently already said too much. "Kayla, please -- mother to mother, just tell me something," Jennifer begged, but Kayla maintained that her hands were unfortunately tied.

Kayla soon stepped into the hallway to take a phone call, leaving Jennifer alone in the office -- with Abigail's medical file still in plain sight on the desk. Kayla didn't realize her mistake until she returned and saw that Jennifer was reading the file. "My daughter's been having headaches and nightmares, and she loses track of time?" Jennifer asked incredulously as Kayla yanked the file out of her hands.

"Do you think that she has a brain tumor?" Jennifer asked worriedly, concerned because Kayla had ordered an MRI for Abigail. Sighing, Kayla repeated what she had told Abigail earlier -- that there was no reason to jump to any of the worst-case scenarios just yet. "[And] you're not gonna get another word out of me...but I would like to know where Abigail is," Kayla added, hoping that Jennifer would be able to track Abigail down.

At the DiMera mansion, Dr. Laura refused to let Stefan talk to Gabby. Undeterred, Stefan warned that he'd tell the police everything if his wish wasn't granted immediately. "That would make an already complicated situation messier," Dr. Laura pointed out. "Well, I like messy," Stefan countered with a shrug. Dr. Laura, not yet ready to give in to Stefan's demand, revealed that Gabby was getting more difficult to control because of his decision to inform her that she wasn't a real person. "Maybe that's a good thing," Stefan argued. "There is nothing good about an alter that grows too powerful," Dr. Laura insisted.

"Then let me [try to] undo some of the damage," Stefan begged Dr. Laura, who curiously observed that he seemed to be displaying genuine concern. "You have real feelings for her, don't you?" Dr. Laura concluded. Stefan dodged the question, but Dr. Laura forged ahead, insisting that he would never be able to have Gabby or Abigail. Stefan maintained that he was simply trying to help. Dr. Laura warned that Gabby might not be very happy to see Stefan after what he had done to her during their previous encounter, but he was willing to take that chance. He reiterated that if his wish wasn't granted, he'd reveal everything he knew.

Deciding that Stefan wasn't bluffing, Dr. Laura grudgingly instructed him to follow her upstairs so they could proceed in a more private location. Minutes later, in the safety of Stefan's bedroom, Gabby emerged -- and immediately began lashing out at him for blowing up her world during their previous encounter. "I never meant to hurt you or humiliate you; I just wanted you to see the truth," Stefan explained.

"Oh, don't worry -- Dr. Laura has already unloaded a whole dictionary of truth on me," Gabby countered, bitterly summarizing that she wasn't a real person; she was simply an alter who had been created as nothing more than a means to an end. Stefan reasoned that, on the bright side, Gabby could at least find comfort in the knowledge that she was only based on a murderer and wasn't really one herself. "Woo. Hoo," Gabby sarcastically replied. Gabby grudgingly added, however, that Stefan did have a tiny bit of her gratitude because he had framed someone else for murder in order to protect her.

Stefan tried to assure Gabby that, in her own way, she was real, but she insisted that wasn't true. "I'm [just] some coping mechanism for Abigail," Gabby grumbled.

Sighing, Gabby continued, "I don't feel like a coping mechanism; I...I feel like me! I -- you know, I want things, [and] I know things, and I want to do things! But Dr. Laura wants to keep me buckled up in the back seat. [Well], she can shove it, 'cause Gabby's out, she's proud, and there's no way in hell [she's] gonna go back to Abigail's dark, dank, miserable little attic!" Gabby grudgingly added that, for better or worse, Stefan was responsible for her epiphany. "So, thank you...I think," Gabby concluded. "You're welcome...I think," Stefan replied.

Gabby quickly changed the subject, wondering if Stefan wanted to give her a goodbye kiss before she disappeared for good. Confused, he wondered what she was talking about. She explained that, since she had no intention of allowing herself to be bottled back up inside her host ever again, she needed to start a new life far away from Salem -- and, more importantly, far away from everyone who might try to suppress her.

"You can't run from Dr. Laura -- or from Abigail," Stefan pointed out, adding that even if Gabby did manage to remain in control of Abigail's body, Abigail's loved ones would never just accept that she had disappeared without any explanation -- and there was no explanation that would ever satisfy them. "You'll never be free. You'll always be on the run. Is that what you want?" Stefan asked.

"What's it to you, hmm? Why do you care if I go or stay?" Gabby curiously countered. Stefan told Gabby that he simply didn't want to be left behind to clean up her mess, especially after he had taken risks to protect her. "You sure that's the only reason?" Gabby asked skeptically. Before Stefan could respond, Abigail's cell phone began ringing. Groaning, Gabby sent the call to voicemail then complained to Stefan, "[Abigail's mom is] so annoying. She's always making doughnuts and wringing her hands..." Stefan warned Gabby that blowing off her host's loved ones wasn't exactly the best way to ensure her survival.

Realizing that Stefan was right, Gabby reluctantly played the voicemail message that Jennifer had just left for Abigail: "Hi, sweetie. I'm with Kayla at the hospital, and I'm concerned. You left before she could run the tests. Please call me as soon as you get this. We're so worried." Stunned, Gabby fearfully concluded that Abigail was trying to get rid of her. "What do I do?" Gabby asked Stefan. "Stay and fight," he advised.

Meanwhile, Lani followed Chad into the DiMera mansion. He led her to his brother's bedroom and knocked on the door. When he didn't get a response, he suggested, "Since we're here, may as well have a look-see..." She was quick to point out that she didn't have a search warrant, but he countered that he was technically still the owner of the mansion, at least on paper, and could therefore grant permission for her to search the room.

"Tear this room apart," Chad encouraged Lani while turning the doorknob.

Brady gives Eve an ultimatum

Brady gives Eve an ultimatum

Friday, March 16, 2018

At the loft, Claire teased Ciara about her amateur photos. Ciara said that Tripp had done wonders with her photos and had captured her essence. With a triumphant smile, Ciara told Claire that she would be submitting the photos to the Bella contest. "You lied to me," Tripp said after Claire left. Ciara turned around and saw Tripp frowning at her. Tripp was upset that Ciara had used him to hurt Claire. Ciara said she had liked how Tripp had made her feel during the photo shoot. Ciara offered to drop out of the contest because Tripp was "way more important than a contest."

Eve knocked on the loft door in search of Claire. Eve explained that Claire had left a message that her entry in the contest was ready. With a shrug, Ciara said she did not know where to find Claire. Eve noticed the pile of photos of Ciara on the desk. Eve suggested that Ciara should enter the contest. Ciara confirmed that she had considered it.

Tripp interrupted to point out his favorite photo. With a smile, Eve leafed through the pictures. Tripp commented that Ciara should enter. Eve thanked Ciara for her entry, and she asked Ciara to remind Claire to enter the contest soon.

After Eve left, Ciara noted that Tripp did not look happy about her decision. Tripp said that he'd meant what he had said. Thrilled, Ciara asked Tripp what had changed his mind. Tripp said he realized that Ciara truly wanted to enter the contest and for the right reasons. Smiling, Tripp said he believed Ciara had a good chance of winning. Ciara asked Tripp if he believed her chances were as good as Claire's, then she retracted her question. Tripp told Ciara that he would not answer that question, but he believed Ciara had a good chance to win.

As Brady stared at his phone in the Kiriakis living room, Claire walked in with her application for Bella. Brady stared at the application and thought about when Eve had fired him. Curious, Claire asked Brady if he was okay. Brady explained that his role at the company had changed, and he would be able to focus exclusively on the contest. As Brady reviewed the packet, he asked about the photographer. Claire cautiously noted that Eric had taken the photos. Nervous, Claire said she knew Eric had taken the photos of Nicole. Claire immediately apologized.

Brady noted that he was over Nicole. Claire talked eagerly about Eve and how happy she was with Brady. Brady thanked Claire for the insight. When Brady offered to deliver the packet to Eve, Claire wondered aloud whether it would be better if she hand-delivered it herself. Brady assured Claire that he would deliver it to Eve personally. After Claire left, Brady told Maggie that he had a plan to talk to Eve. Maggie encouraged Brady to compliment Eve rather than make any grand pleas for reconciliation.

At the loft, Tripp asked Ciara about the prize for winning the contest, and Ciara shrugged. Ciara asked Tripp if he would like to be her photographer at the magazine if she won. Tripp said he would settle for being Ciara's groupie. Tripp added that he had a confession to make. "I think you're beautiful," Tripp said.

With a wave, Tripp left. Ciara thought about when she and Tripp had flirted after their first motorcycle ride. As a dreamy smile spread across Ciara's face, Claire returned home. "May the best woman win," Claire said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie asked Brady if he had taken her advice about staying sober. Brady noted that he was drinking club soda. Maggie offered to take Brady with her to an A.A. meeting, but Brady declined. Brady said he was motivated to stay sober so that he could fight for Eve. "I violated her trust, and I know how that feels because it has been done to me before," Brady said.

Brady confided that he had not been able to contact Eve on the phone. Maggie encouraged Brady to keep reaching out to Eve. Maggie said she was happy she had taken a stand against Victor, but she regretted that it had hurt Brady.

At the Brady Pub, Eric waited on Eve. Eve started to leave when she realized who was taking her order, but Eric told her he harbored no hard feelings. Eric recommended the clam chowder. Suspicious, Eve asked Eric if Jennifer had told him about her breakup. Eric nodded. Eve said she regretted ever getting involved with Brady.

After she ate, Eve asked Eric to join her to talk. As Eric sat down, Eve apologized for lashing out at him and Jennifer. Eric apologized that his brother had hurt Eve. Eric suggested that Brady might not have realized that he had loved Eve because Brady had been blinded by his hurt after Eric's affair with Nicole. "I'm not going to rely on men anymore. I'm going to run my company. I'm going to focus on that, and I'm not going to let Brady anywhere near me ever again," Eve said.

At the hospital, the concerned Jennifer and Kayla wondered aloud where Abigail had wandered off. Jennifer frantically called Abigail's cell phone, with no answer. Abigail appeared to return, but it was Gabby impersonating Abigail. A relieved Jennifer hugged her daughter. Kayla asked why Abigail had left. Gabby thought about her conversation with Stefan when he had encouraged her to pretend to be Abigail to calm Jennifer and Kayla's suspicions. As Gabby stared at the women, Jennifer repeated Kayla's question.

Gabby said she had been overwhelmed and had been forced to leave on an errand. Jennifer said she had looked at Abigail's file, and she apologized for invading her daughter's privacy. Gabby asked about the tests. As Kayla started to discuss the tests, Gabby interrupted to ask if there would be any tests for mental health. Kayla said there was no reason to suspect that Abigail's mental health was a factor in her symptoms. Gabby told Jennifer that she was glad Jennifer was there to support her.

While the hospital was running tests on Gabby, Kayla noticed that she had forgotten to get Abigail's insurance information. Jennifer opened Abigail's purse to locate the information and pulled out a pair of glasses. Confused, Kayla noted that those were her glasses. When Gabby returned to the office, Jennifer asked about the glasses. Gabby shrugged it off. "Do you not remember taking them?" Jennifer asked.

Gabby stammered out an explanation that she had been preoccupied when she'd left and had to have accidentally scooped the glasses into her purse with everything else. Kayla encouraged Abigail not to worry about the error. Gabby asked if Kayla could keep the tests a secret from Chad. Kayla agreed. After Gabby left, Jennifer had a suspicious look on her face.

At the DiMera mansion, Lani and Chad knocked on Stefan's door. When there was no answer, Chad attempted to open the door. It was locked. Chad rattled the door handle. A breathless Stefan answered the door and explained that he had been in the bathroom. Lani asked to search Stefan's room, but he refused without a warrant. Stefan told Chad and Lani to meet him downstairs. After closing the door in Chad's face, Stefan locked it again. Stefan hid the items that Gabby had left behind.

Downstairs, Lani lamented to Chad that she had not secured a search warrant before heading over. Stefan joined them. Lani explained that Andre's phone had been found in Stefan's desk. Chad raised a finger, claiming responsibility for the find. Lani asked Stefan why Andre's phone had been in his desk. Stefan argued that the police did not know where Andre had left his phone before his death or when Andre had lost it. Stefan added that security had returned it to him.

"You knew the police were looking for that phone, and you just put it in your drawer?" Lani asked. Stefan nodded yes. Stefan said security had given him the phone the day before, and he had not had time to pass it along. When Lani asked for details, Stefan lied and said security had found the phone in the kitchen. Stefan encouraged Lani to question security to check on his story. Chad asked Stefan if that was the same security that had turned off the cameras the night of the murder.

Chad walked Lani to the door, and she promised to tell him what the lab technicians found on the phone. Chad returned to the living room, where Stefan warned that Chad would regret attempting to frame him for Andre's murder. Cryptically, Stefan said there were many family secrets that the family would not want exposed. Stefan cautioned Chad not to push his luck. Chad asked Stefan what else he was hiding.

In the park, Eve made arrangements over the phone to remove Brady's items from his Basic Black office. Eve thought about past happy memories of her time with Brady. As Eve turned to leave the park, she ran into Brady. "We're going to run this contest together, or we're not going to run it at all," Brady said.

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer and Eric talked about Eve and Brady. Jennifer noted that Eve and Brady both appeared to be upset about the breakup. "Just like when we were apart?" Eric asked. Jennifer smiled sadly. Jennifer suggested they go home. Jennifer added that she would need to keep her phone close in case Abigail called.

In the DiMera living room, Gabby returned home as Stefan and Chad argued. Gabby cautioned the men to keep their voices down so as not to wake Thomas. Gabby said she had been at the hospital for a checkup. As Gabby hugged Chad, she looked over her shoulder at Stefan and pointedly said, "Everything's fine." "Good. Because I need to go out of town on business, and I need you to go with me," Stefan said to Gabby.

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