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Chloe told Theresa about Brady's relationship with Eve. Will learned that he was not the only person that Rolf had revived. Kate shot Vivian, but someone injected Vivian's corpse with an unknown drug. Stefan swore to avenge Vivian. Abigail remembered Andre's murder, and Gabby and Laura disappeared. Abigail confessed to Andre's murder. Brady proposed to Eve, but Victor stopped him. Chloe and Theresa enacted a plan to steal evidence on a hard drive from Mateo, but Xander interrupted Theresa's theft.
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Kate reads the Salem Spectator article that Vivian was shot and killed
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Abigail learns what is wrong with her

Abigail learns what is wrong with her

Monday, May 7, 2018

by Mike

In Mexico City, Chloe tried to avoid having to tell Theresa about Brady's relationship with Eve, preferring to instead focus on figuring out how to escape from Mateo's compound. Theresa maintained that it was impossible to escape from the place -- and that trying to do so would only make matters worse. "We're stuck here, [so]...please, just tell me about Brady and Eve," Theresa begged Chloe.

Chloe reluctantly complied, providing the key details from each stage of Brady and Eve's still-evolving relationship. Theresa was horrified to hear that it had gotten so serious that marriage had even been discussed at one point. "You know, I keep telling myself that I'm gonna find a way back to them -- that Tate's never, ever gonna call another woman 'Mama' -- [because that's] the only way I can sleep at night...[and, yeah, maybe] I was lying to myself, but...God, I mean, never -- [not even] in my worst nightmare -- did I ever imagine that that woman would be Eve," Theresa fretted.

Chloe stressed that Brady and Eve, who had gotten into yet another fight on the night that Miguel had kidnapped Chloe, might not even be together anymore. "So, you got me upset for nothing?" Theresa asked incredulously. Shrugging, Chloe assured Theresa, "I don't think you have anything to worry about. If we get out of here, and you tell Brady the truth about why you left, I think he's gonna forget all about Eve."

At Salem University Hospital, Brady waited anxiously as Eve struggled to decide if she was going to give him another chance. "[You know], I've been hurt a lot [in the past], and I promised myself that I wasn't gonna let anybody do that to me again... God, I can't believe I let this happen..." she began with a groan -- just as the machine that was monitoring his vital signs started beeping rapidly. He clutched his chest and winced in pain while gasping for breath. She rushed out of his room and frantically called for help as he passed out.

Later, Kayla found Eve at the nurses' station and reported that Brady was in stable condition once again. "My best guess is that he had a delayed reaction to whatever drug he was given...[but he's also] on a daily protocol of immunosuppressants for his heart transplant, and that can have adverse reactions to all kinds of other drugs," Kayla explained. Eve took that to mean that, either way, Brady would be okay as long as he wasn't exposed to the mystery drug again in the future. "I hope so...[but he] is a man who is walking around with a transplanted heart, [so] I can't give you any guarantees," Kayla admitted.

When Eve rejoined Brady in his room, he immediately tried to get their earlier conversation back on track, wondering if she had made a decision about their future yet. She informed him that she had been too busy thinking about their past while she had been waiting to hear if he was going to be okay. "[It was] like everything that we've been through just kind of flashed in front of me like some movie or something," she explained. "I thought I was the one who was supposed to have my life flash before me," he joked. "Well, be glad you didn't," she replied, making it clear that the memories hadn't all been good.

"But even when I don't want you in my head, you're there, so...guess that means you're [also] in my heart," Eve concluded with a sigh before grudgingly admitting to Brady that she loved him. "[But Kayla] said there's no guarantee that you're gonna be okay, so if you up and die on me, Brady Black, I swear to God, I will never forgive you," she warned him. He assured her that he planned to be around for a long time.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena told Kate that Chad was still with Abigail at the police station and was desperately trying to get through to her. Kate, who had been anxious to see Chad and Abigail but had been reluctant to leave Thomas' side, thanked Marlena for keeping her in the loop. Marlena gently pointed out that Abigail's well-being wasn't the only thing that Kate had to worry about at that time.

Kate admitted that it was simultaneously difficult and easy to believe Vivian's claims about Andre's true intentions. Marlena was quick to point out that Vivian might just be lying as a way of hurting Kate, but Kate countered, "We both know that Andre wasn't a saint, [and] we know it's not a stretch that he would double-cross me, [so] I believe he probably did everything that Vivian said [he did]."

Kate fretted about having to break the news to Chad, who was already dealing with a lot. "[At least] I finally got that question answered that's been haunting me ever since Andre died -- he never loved me," Kate concluded with a sigh. Kate struggled to understand why Andre's likely betrayal was so painful, since it wasn't like they had ever truly had a real relationship. Marlena guessed that it was particularly upsetting for Kate to know that Andre had been in cahoots with Vivian, of all people -- a woman who had a history of making Kate's life miserable. "I thought I had put that behind me," Kate admitted, chuckling mirthlessly.

Kate wondered if Andre had only started claiming to be in love with her because his partner in crime had told him that would be the perfect way to get her to let her guard down. "I'm gonna kill [Vivian]. I am gonna wring her scrawny neck!" Kate vowed through gritted teeth. "Not a good time to be talking about killing..." Marlena warned, adding that it would be best for Kate to instead channel that anger into something positive.

Kate played along, but after Marlena exited the mansion, Kate turned to Stefano's portrait and mused, "I wasn't in love with you when I married you, [but] then it just happened...and you walked all over my heart. I don't know why I thought it would be any different with your son. But you know what? I am officially over being in love...because being in hate is so much more satisfying."

"You remember Vivian, your baby mama? You just wait 'til I get my hands on her," Kate concluded -- just as Vivian entered the living room. "Talking to the walls again?" Vivian teasingly asked Kate. "I was just having a word with Stefano," Kate explained while turning to face Vivian. "And now I'm talking to you," Kate added, scowling at her archenemy.

At the police station, Chad hugged Abigail tightly as she babbled about the many odd things she had experienced during their time apart. When she finally calmed down, he gently explained what was wrong with her.

Abigail struggled to absorb Chad's revelation that she had developed dissociative identity disorder; however, she knew, deep down, that it made sense, since it explained why she had recently begun discovering herself in unfamiliar costumes after periods of seemingly deep sleep. She told him about one such experience, during which she had found herself in Hong Kong -- with Stefan, of all people.

Abigail was quick to assure Chad that nothing had happened with Stefan. "You know I would never cheat on you, [right]? You believe me, don't you?" Abigail asked when Chad didn't respond right away.

Chad, recalling Marlena's earlier advice about the importance of making Abigail feel safe, nodded and claimed that he was just upset because his brother had been the first to figure out that something was wrong -- and had decided to take advantage of the situation instead of trying to fix it. Satisfied, Abigail changed the subject, wondering if Chad knew what had caused her to develop dissociative identity disorder in the first place.

At the hospital, Kayla contacted Marlena and revealed what had happened earlier. Marlena was relieved that Kayla had been on duty at Brady's time of need. Kayla took the opportunity to ask Marlena about Abigail. Marlena, who had just arrived at the police station moments earlier, reported that Chad was still having a private conversation with Abigail.

"This is just awful. [Abigail] was doing so well..." Kayla mused with a sigh. "And then Vivian and Stefan came to town," Marlena concluded. Marlena curiously noted that Stefan had much more in common with Stefano than Chad ever had, despite the fact that Chad was the one who had actually gotten to spend some time with Stefano. "Well, Chad didn't have Vivian for a mother," Kayla pointed out.

Chuckling, Marlena admitted to Kayla, "You know, a part of me can't help but think [that] Stefan has brought his father's curse back on us..."

Meanwhile, Stefan received a visit from Steve, who warned Stefan to stay away from Abigail -- and roughed him up a bit for good measure. "You are just like your father. You pretend to be this charming guy who loves his family with all his heart, [but you] just happen to brainwash people on the side," Steve mused with obvious disgust.

Stefan insisted that Abigail hadn't been brainwashed -- and that she had actually fallen in love with him with no outside influence. "[See], Gabby is the side of Abigail that [other] people -- like her mother, and Chad, and you -- refuse to acknowledge; she's the person Abigail would be if she could," Stefan reasoned, adding that Abigail had suffered multiple mental breakdowns simply because she was tied to the wrong man. "I'm the [only] one [who can calm] her fears...because with me, she can be who she really is," Stefan bragged.

Steve insisted that Stefan was Abigail's tormentor, not her savior. "[And] if no one else [is gonna save her from you], I will," Steve warned Stefan as Kayla entered the room.

Ignoring Steve, Stefan demanded to know when Kayla was going to release him. "[You'll be released] when I say so...and then you're going straight to hell by way of police custody. You raped our niece, you bastard!" Kayla spat. Stefan maintained that what had happened with Abigail had been consensual, but Kayla countered that a person needed to be in his or her right mind in order to give true consent.

Stefan dismissively informed Kayla that her opinion didn't matter to him. Stefan added that Abigail was in love with him, and he was in love with her, too.

"Then your idea of love is as sick and twisted as you are," Kayla concluded, sharing Steve's disgust. Steve roughed Stefan up a bit more while ordering him, "When you get out of this hospital room, you're gonna tell Abigail you're done with her, and then you're gonna stay away from her so she never has to see your face again, you hear me? It's over." Steve gave Stefan one last shove then followed Kayla out of the room.

"We'll see about that, now, won't we?" Stefan muttered, chuckling to himself.

Abigail remembers Andre's Murder

Abigail remembers Andre's Murder

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Paul stopped by Will's apartment. Dressed in only a towel and a smile, Will greeted Paul. Will offered to get dressed, but Paul told Will, "That's probably not going to be necessary." Paul kissed Will and pushed him toward the bed. After they made love, Will marveled over Paul's tale about rescuing Kate, Marlena, and Vivian from the underground DiMera tunnels. Paul asked Will about the research on his story. Will said Clyde had confirmed the existence of the drug but had informed him that if the formula existed, it would be in Rolf's journal. Paul offered to help Will track down Rolf's research.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo's phone buzzed with a text from Vivian summoning him to the DiMera mansion. Sonny entered the living room and thanked Leo for all his hard work. Startled, Leo dropped his phone on the desk and smiled widely at Sonny. Leo noted that he had to handle some work. As Leo started to leave, Sonny pointed out that Leo had left his phone on the desk. Sonny picked up the phone and asked, "What the hell is this?"

Leo stammered in fear that Sonny had seen the text from Vivian. Sonny asked if the screensaver was one of Leo's paintings. Relieved, Leo nodded vigorously. Leo invited Sonny over to his apartment to view his paintings, but Sonny said it would be inappropriate. Sonny asked Leo to join him for lunch instead, which was more professional.

In the DiMera living room, Kate confronted Vivian about her part in taking over the company with Andre. Vivian claimed that she had been oxygen deprived in the tunnels and had ranted wildly. Kate vowed to tell the board about Vivian's confession. Vivian shrugged off Kate's charge. Changing tactics, Kate asked about Vivian's friend Leo. Vivian played dumb. When Kate pushed the issue, Vivian laughed and said she had briefly talked to Leo, but he had turned her down. Kate asked why Vivian had paid Leo money. With a shrug, Vivian said Leo was her masseuse.

"I haven't seen or heard from him since!" Vivian said. "Hey, boss. Just got your text," Leo said blithely as he walked into the mansion. Kate rolled her eyes. Covering, Vivian said she had called Leo about a massage. Kate noted that between corporate espionage and her schemes with Leo, she would ruin Vivian. Vivian promised she would tell Kate everything. Leo started to leave, but Kate stopped him.

Vivian explained that she had offered an olive branch to Victor, and he had turned her down. "So, Sonny was the attack point?" Kate asked. Vivian told Kate about her plan to get Leo to sleep with Sonny as an employee of Titan. Leo admitted that Sonny had called off their relationship once he'd learned Leo was an employee. Kate dismissed Leo, and he hurriedly scurried out. Kate told Vivian that her plan had been interesting, but she would not let Vivian take down Titan.

With a smile, Vivian asked, "What if I cut you in?" Vivian suggested that she and Kate could be allies and ruin Victor together. With a smirk, Kate noted that the offer was appealing. Vivian held out her hand. "Partners?" Vivian asked.

At the hospital, Hope warned Stefan that he was not off the hook for Andre's murder. Hope asked Stefan why he had confessed the murder to Marlena. When Stefan asked about Abigail instead, Hope grew angry. Hope barked at Stefan to stay away from Abigail and not to leave town. After Hope left, Stefan muttered, "I won't leave town. At least not without Gabby."

In the interrogation room at the police station, Chad told Abigail that Marlena believed Abigail's condition was related to Andre's murder. Abigail admitted that her headaches had started after the murder. "I can't believe that I was really so fragile that his murder would push me over the edge like that," Abigail said. Chad's eyes shifted away. Abigail asked Chad what was wrong. Chad suggested that they not talk about everything in one day. Abigail insisted on answers. Marlena interrupted. When Marlena saw that Abigail was still in control, she beamed.

"Dissociative identity disorder, it sounds like we've got a long road ahead," Abigail said. Marlena promised that Abigail would not be alone in therapy. Chad stepped outside with Marlena to talk. Chad updated Marlena on what he had discussed with Abigail. Marlena warned Chad that Abigail needed to confront what had happened the night of Andre's murder. With a nod, Chad said he would do whatever Marlena told him to do. "I have an idea," Marlena said with a grin.

When Hope returned to the police station, Marlena talked about her idea to have Chad help Abigail retrace her steps. Marlena said she hoped that Abigail could remember what had happened the night of the murder. Hope was worried that Marlena was not with Abigail, but Marlena assured Hope that Chad was the right person to help Abigail remember.

After Hope confirmed that Trask was not dismissing any other possible crimes, Stefan walked in and asked to see Abigail. Hope reminded Stefan that she had warned him to steer clear of Abigail. Hope added that Abigail was gone. While Hope stepped outside to take a call, Stefan asked Marlena if Abigail was in control. Marlena confirmed that Abigail was in control, but she would not say anything else about Abigail's condition.

"Is she gone for good?" Stefan asked. Marlena said that, eventually, Gabby would be fully integrated. Stefan asked hopefully if Gabby could be the dominant personality. Marlena stressed that that was not how integration worked, and she urged him to give up on his fantasy of a life with Gabby. After Marlena walked out into the bullpen to talk to Hope, Stefan stayed behind to stare at Gabby's wig that was in an evidence bag on the table. Stefan overheard Marlena tell Hope that she hoped Abigail was strong enough to handle the memories of what had happened the night of Andre's murder. With a nod, Stefan grabbed the wig and left the precinct.

In the park, Chad told Abigail that he could not tell her anything about the night of the murder because he did not want to influence her memories. Chad asked Abigail if she remembered talking to Gabi in the park the night of the murder. With a nod, Abigail said he had talked to Gabi, who had been agitated. Abigail reminded Chad that Gabi had sworn to kill Andre. Abigail added she had then gone home. Chad asked Abigail if she was sure. Abigail shook her head. With a furrowed brow, Abigail thought and remembered that she had gone to see Andre.

Chad asked Abigail what else she remembered. Abigail remembered going to DiMera Enterprises and hearing Andre talking to himself about Gabi Chic. Shaking off the memory, Abigail turned to Chad and said, "Andre betrayed us." Chad and Abigail went over to DiMera Enterprises and stood outside Andre's office. Abigail thought about when Andre had confessed his betrayal to Tony's urn. Abigail said she had asked Andre about the betrayal, and Andre had admitted it. Andre had attempted to convince Abigail that she had misunderstood what he had said to Tony, but Abigail had refused to accept Andre's explanation. Abigail had yelled at Andre to tell the truth.

"Yes. It's true. I pulled all the strings," Andre had said. In the present, Abigail stared at Andre's desk. "How could you?" Abigail whispered as Chad stood by her side. Chad asked what Andre had done next. Abigail thought about that night again. Andre had asked Abigail to think about why he had betrayed them after he had been ousted from the company for being "mentally unfit." Andre had told Abigail that she should understand what it was like to be unfairly stigmatized. With a frown, Andre had argued that he had had more of a right to run the company than Chad.

"[Chad] has done nothing to deserve it," Andre had complained. Andre had added that he was the oldest son and had a right to run the company. Andre had reminded Abigail that Chad had repeatedly defied Stefano, and Andre had consistently been loyal to Stefano's wishes. "I deserve a chance," Andre had said. Abigail had argued that Andre should have talked to Chad instead of betraying him. Andre had said that Chad did not understand Stefano's vision.

"Keeping DiMera clean is not always to our advantage," Andre had said. Andre had explained that Vivian had reached out to him after Hattie had committed Andre. Andre said his agreement with Vivian had been to run the company as partners, with Stefan as a figurehead. Andre had stressed that what he had done was best for the company.

"I went out on a limb for you when nobody else had!" Abigail had yelled. Abigail had screamed that she would tell Chad and Kate everything. Abigail had turned to leave, but Andre had grabbed her arm to stop her. Abigail had struggled to break free of Andre's grasp, but he had gripped tighter. Andre had begged Abigail not to tell Kate because he had not been able to bear the thought of hurting his wife. Abigail had refused to lie. When Abigail had said she'd been compelled to tell the truth, Andre had yelled, "I'm not going to allow you to destroy my life!" As Andre had struggled with Abigail, she had grabbed the lid to the nearby urn and hit Andre over the head.

"No. No, no, no," Abigail muttered worriedly to herself as she realized what had happened to Andre. Abigail sat on the floor of the office and stared at the spot where Andre's body had been. Chad hugged her. "It's okay," he whispered. Abigail remembered pleading with Andre to forgive her. "I love you," Abigail had whispered when Andre had slipped away. Crying out, Abigail had screamed Andre's name. "I did it. I killed Andre!" Abigail screamed. Chad held Abigail tightly.

In the town square, Will and Paul talked over coffee about Leo. Will said he had seen Leo talking to Vivian, but he had not interfered. Paul explained the Leo had said that Vivian had approached him, but Leo had turned her down. Paul pointed out that Kate did not believe Leo, but Paul was not so sure. As Paul mentioned that he had a weird vibe about Leo, an angry Sonny interrupted and told Paul to back off.

"Leo told me that Kate hired you to investigate his connection to Vivian," Sonny said. Paul said he had been hired to do a job, and it was not personal. Sonny vouched for Leo as a person. As an example, Sonny told Paul and Will about how Leo had helped him calm Arianna. Will noted that Paul had just done his job. "Trust me. Leo would never do anything with Vivian Alamain," Sonny said. Paul apologized for upsetting Sonny. Leo walked up and asked Sonny if he was ready to eat. With a nod, Sonny left with Leo.

Paul and Will agreed that neither wanted to see Sonny get hurt. In the park, Leo asked Sonny if he was okay after seeing his two exes together. Sonny said he had been okay with Will and Paul's relationship when he had been moving on with Leo. "You still can," Leo said. Leo kissed Sonny.

Vivian makes a desperate move

Vivian makes a desperate move

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

by Mike

At the police station, Rafe joined Hope in one of the conference rooms and demanded to know why Abigail had been released.

Hope patiently explained that Abigail, in Marlena's professional opinion, needed to relive the night of Andre's murder in its entirety in order to finally face what had really happened that night -- and a return to the scene of the crime was typically the best way to jump-start that process, at least in Marlena's experience. Hope added that a patrol officer had been tasked with keeping an eye on Abigail, just in case.

Rafe didn't find that particularly reassuring. "Look, I don't mean to sound uncaring about Abigail's 'delicate psyche,' but my sister is in prison right now, recovering from life-threatening injuries, because your cousin lied [and] set her up for murder, [and now] you're telling me that this woman is out on the streets, walking free! I mean, are you insane?" Rafe asked Hope incredulously.

"Are you insinuating that I'm going easy on my family?" Hope defensively countered. "Well, it wouldn't be the first time..." Rafe replied with a shrug. Scoffing, Hope insisted that if Abigail ended up being Andre's true murderer, the truth would not just be swept under the rug. "We are both on the same side here," Hope stressed. "Certainly doesn't feel that way..." Rafe grumbled.

Rafe started to storm out of the police station, but Hope stopped him, pointing out that he still hadn't signed the annulment papers. He made it clear that he still had no intention of ever signing them. "We just spent the last fifteen minutes fighting!" she reminded him. "[Which just] says that we're [both] passionate about what we want, [not] that we hate each other. In fact, I still love you, despite the way you're acting," he countered. "Acting?" she incredulously repeated. "Yeah. And I'm pretty sure you [still] love me, too, so I'm not giving up on us -- not ever," he warned before walking away.

"Despite the way I'm acting!" Hope muttered to herself, shaking her head in disbelief.

At Statesville, Gabi received a visit from Eli, who was quick to explain that he would have checked on her sooner if he hadn't been busy with an undercover assignment at the time of her attack. "You shouldn't have [checked on me] at all. You're the last person I want to see," she spat. He tried to change her mind, making it clear that he still cared about her and wanted to be there for her in her time of need. Unmoved, she ordered him to leave then turned away from him to further illustrate that the conversation was over. He sighed and reluctantly exited the infirmary, clearly hurt.

Later, Gabi received a visit from Rafe, who filled her in on everything he had learned since their last conversation. Gabi was furious with Abigail -- a woman who was supposedly not in her right mind but had clearly been sane enough to deliberately frame her best friend for a murder she had committed. "You need to go -- right now -- [and] get a confession out of that bitch! [I mean, what happens to me] if she never remembers [what she did] -- [or] just keeps lying [about it]?" Gabi asked Rafe worriedly, starting to panic. Rafe calmly advised that Gabi needed to have faith that everything would work out in the end.

At the Brady Pub, J.J. approached Lani, who quickly tried to hide the book she had been reading. "You don't have to hide [that] from me, Lani. It's not like I don't know you're pregnant by now. Hell, I picked out a few names in [that book] myself," he reminded her before changing the subject, wondering how her most recent doctor's appointment had gone. "Good," she quietly assured him.

"J.J., I miss you...and I really wish that..." Lani hesitantly began to add. "That I was the father of your baby?" J.J. guessed. "Well, I'm not," he concluded, shrugging dismissively. "Anyway, here's an idea -- Eli Junior. And if it's a girl, Eliza has a ring to it," he suggested before continuing on his way to the bar. Hurt, she abruptly exited the pub, running into his mother on the way out but choosing not to say anything to her.

Jennifer joined J.J. at the bar and hugged him tightly. Concerned, J.J. wondered if Jennifer was okay. "I just talked to Marlena about Abigail..." Jennifer began to explain. "Yeah, don't let me [be] alone in a room with Stefan. I will break whatever Chad didn't," J.J. interjected, eager to make Stefan pay for brainwashing Abigail. Jennifer clarified that Stefan actually hadn't brainwashed Abigail. "Your sister is sick again...and it's worse than it's ever been," Jennifer sadly elaborated. Fighting back tears, Jennifer worried about what might happen if Abigail proved to be too fragile to handle knowing the truth about what had happened to Andre.

Lani ran into Eli in the Horton Town Square and did some impromptu window-shopping with him, knowing that there were many crucial items that still needed to be purchased before their child was born. Things got a bit awkward when a saleswoman asked if they planned to let their child sleep in their bed. After leaving the store, they acknowledged that they had more to discuss than just crib and stroller preferences.

Eli could tell that Lani was upset about something, and he guessed that it had nothing to do with how unprepared they still were. Sighing, she sadly told him about what had happened at the pub earlier. "I thought it would get easier with time, but..." she mused before letting her voice trail off. Nodding, he admitted that he knew exactly how she felt. They decided to cheer themselves up with ice cream.

At DiMera Enterprises, Chad tried to assure Abigail that killing Andre had been an act of self-defense. She didn't find that particularly comforting, believing that she could have surely found other ways out of the situation.

When Chad pressed Abigail to remember what had happened next, Dr. Laura suddenly emerged and explained, "Abigail can't help you [anymore]. She doesn't know what came next [because] that's when she split -- that's when I came into being...and Gabby, as well." Chad couldn't resist seizing the opportunity to brag that Abigail had survived learning the truth about Andre's murder, but Dr. Laura skeptically countered, "That still remains to be seen, doesn't it?" Dr. Laura promised to cooperate, however, conceding that Chad and Marlena's "bright idea" was already in motion at that point and therefore needed to be seen through to the bitter end.

"Abigail couldn't face what she had done; she was desperately trying to get away from the horror...and from the man whose dying words were 'I love you.' [So, she] stumbled out of Andre's office...and ended up here," Dr. Laura explained while leading Chad to Gabi's old office.

"The guilt, the shame, and the anguish was all closing in on her. She couldn't comprehend the horror of what she had done. And then she looked up...and she saw Gabi," Dr. Laura continued, gesturing toward a Gabi Chic poster -- one that prominently featured the image of the company's namesake. "[And] it was in that moment that it all came together for her," Dr. Laura concluded, recalling how Abigail had begun repeatedly assuring herself that she couldn't possibly have taken someone's life -- but her best friend, who had killed before and had just threatened to kill again, certainly could have committed the crime.

"[But Abigail] needed a little help [in order to truly become Gabby], and that's where I came in," Dr. Laura revealed, explaining that she was the one who had developed a look for the other alter with the help of items she had found in Gabi's office, including Gabi's actual identification badge.

Dr. Laura added, while leading Chad through the halls again, that Gabby had emerged for the first time just as Vivian and Stefan had discovered Andre's body. Gabby had waited for Vivian and Stefan to leave and had then reentered Andre's office, removed every fingerprint from Tony's urn, and seized the urn's lid so she'd have a way of framing someone for the murder if necessary. "And as soon as Gabby left the building, I took over again. I went back to the mansion, and I stashed the wig and the clothes in the tunnels, and then I sent Abigail up the stairs to climb in bed with you, neither one of you the wiser," Dr. Laura concluded with a shrug.

After leaving DiMera Enterprises, Chad and Dr. Laura ran into Stefan in a secluded section of the town square. Stefan, still carrying Gabby's wig, reasoned that if Dr. Laura still existed, Gabby probably still existed, too. Dr. Laura confirmed that was true. "Scares the hell out of you, doesn't it, Chad? [Because] you know Gabby loves me, and that gives her the strength to fight to be with me, which means you could [still] lose Abigail forever," Stefan tauntingly mused. Chad lunged toward Stefan in anger, but Dr. Laura kept the brothers separated from each other. "That's ridiculous," Chad dismissively insisted. "'s not," Dr. Laura clarified.

Dr. Laura insisted that Chad and Stefan needed to let Abigail and Gabby engage in one last fight for ultimate control, explaining that only one personality could survive -- and that any interference could cause irreparable damage. Chad and Stefan took turns appealing to Abigail and Gabby, respectively. When Gabby eventually emerged, Chad released a sigh of defeat, remembering Dr. Laura's warning about interfering with the process.

Chad was shocked when Gabby informed Stefan, "I am only here to say goodbye." Stefan tried to protest, but Gabby explained, "I'm already slipping away. I feel like I'm slipping away. And I don't know if this is what it feels like to die, but dying is a part of living. I had a real life because of you. I was real because we were real." Stefan continued protesting, but Gabby said goodbye to "Sam" and shut him up with one last kiss.

Chad caught Abigail as she passed out. "Is it over?" Abigail asked Chad groggily when she recovered seconds later. As Chad gave Abigail a nod of confirmation, Stefan walked away with the wig, sadly agreeing, "It's over."

Meanwhile, at the police station, J.J. and Jennifer waited for an update from Chad. Jennifer tried to talk to J.J. about what had happened at the pub earlier, knowing that it had probably been painful for him, but he dismissively insisted that he was simply going to have to get used to seeing his ex from time to time, since that was one of the downsides of having a love life while residing in a relatively small town. Jennifer didn't want J.J. to downplay his heartache, but he maintained, "Mom, I'm fine! It's just...[look], right now, all I can think about is Abigail."

As if on cue, Hope joined the conversation, worriedly informing Jennifer and J.J. that the wig was missing.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate admitted that it would be nice to finally turn the tables on Victor. "[But] as tempting as [your] offer is, I'd rather crash on a deserted island and nearly die -- again -- than work with you," Kate told Vivian. "Would that be a grudge?" Vivian curiously mused. "Come on -- I'm offering you an opportunity!" Vivian added. "[Only] to save your skin," Kate countered.

Kate again declined the offer, having no desire to forge a partnership in which she would always be looking over her shoulder to make sure that her archenemy wasn't about to stab her in the back. "Come on -- we're both ruthless, ambitious women! We can get past [our mutual] loathing for the [sake of the] greater good...can't we?" Vivian reasoned, forcing a smile.

"Not a chance in hell," Kate insisted. "How many times have you ruined my life? Because that's what you do; that's your greater good. You ruin lives, and you don't care about the collateral damage. You've never been happy, and you've never been loved, and you can't stand [to see] anyone else standing in the sun, so you try to drag us all down with you," Kate continued.

Vivian warned that Kate would eventually begin to regret having turned down such a generous offer. Scoffing, Kate confidently countered, "No, I won't. [And don't even try] to threaten [or] blackmail me, because you don't have anything on me...but you? I can take you down so many ways -- and you know what that means? I win! [This] nightmare of having you in my life is over! It's done! The. End."

"The way I see it, you either go down in flames and shame [when I expose your secrets]...or you hand over the reins of the company to me [and] go quietly. [If] you want to protect your precious son [from this fallout], you walk out that door, and you never come back -- ever! Those are your [only] options, [so] choose wisely," Kate advised Vivian, who argued that there was one other option available.

Kate sighed impatiently as Vivian turned away, asking for a moment. Vivian stepped over to her nearby purse -- and when she turned back around seconds later, she was holding a gun.

"You're joking, right? In broad daylight, in the middle of my living room?" Kate asked, chuckling incredulously. "Who's gonna stop me? The servants are off tonight. There's not a soul around. And you know how good I am at getting away with murder..." Vivian countered with a shrug. "[See], I was going to use this on Andre, but [then] that lunatic bashed his head in, [which] saved me a lot of trouble. And it's kind of poetic that I kill you with a bullet meant for Andre, reuniting you with your husband, who screwed you over..." Vivian continued, flashing a wicked grin.

"You really are insane," Kate declared, starting to get a bit nervous. "I [prefer to] think of it as [having] nothing to lose," Vivian clarified.

Kate warned that Marlena, who knew about Vivian's partnership with Andre, would surely put two and two together if Kate suddenly wound up dead. Ignoring the point, Vivian protested, "You know those things you said about me [earlier]? Well, I deserve to be happy! I deserve to be loved! God knows I've tried! And I've -- I've made some mistakes, and I regret those...but I don't regret this!"

Vivian aimed the gun at Kate, who quickly lunged forward and started struggling with her for control of it.

Will receives an unexpected visitor

Will receives an unexpected visitor

Thursday, May 10, 2018

by Mike

Stefan entered the DiMera mansion with the wig -- just as a shot rang out.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe apologized to Hope, acknowledging that he had crossed a line during their earlier conversation. "[I just really] want to get my sister out of that damn hellhole...but I also feel for what [your cousin] is going through -- you know that, right?" he asked. "Of course," she replied, forcing a smile.

"And, of course, we all want to nail Stefan for his part in this nightmare -- and, at the very least, I am hoping that we can [now] get him on evidence tampering," Hope added, showing Rafe the empty evidence bag that had once contained the wig. Hope soon received a phone call from the patrol officer who had been keeping an eye on Abigail.

"Stefan was just spotted, carrying the wig," Hope told Rafe after ending the call. "Oh. 'Cause that's not weird..." Rafe interjected. "And my guess is [that] he's headed to the mansion, [so] head over there and question him, would you?" Hope continued. Nodding, Rafe promised to keep Hope posted.

Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Stefan burst into the living room and found Kate standing next to Vivian's motionless body, holding a gun. Stunned, Stefan rushed to Vivian's side to check her pulse and assess the damage. "You shot her?" Stefan asked Kate incredulously while reaching for a nearby afghan to press against the wound on the right side of Vivian's abdomen. "It wasn't my fault! We were arguing, and --" Kate began, clearly shaken. Interrupting, Stefan irritably demanded, "Just call an ambulance!" As Kate complied, Stefan assured Vivian that help was on the way, worriedly adding, "I can't lose you, too, damn it!"

Shortly after Rafe left the police station, Chad arrived with Abigail, who had insisted, after learning that Gabi had already been sent to Statesville as Andre's supposed killer, that things needed to be made right -- immediately. Chad didn't want Abigail to give a confession without a lawyer present, but she refused to waste time waiting for one.

When Rafe arrived at the DiMera mansion, EMTs were already in the process of getting Vivian ready to be transported to the hospital. Stefan angrily informed Rafe that Kate had shot Vivian. "Stefan, I need to talk to you [about] the wig --" Rafe began. Interrupting, Stefan dismissively insisted, "I don't give a damn about that wig [right now]! I'm going to the hospital!"

Kate also wanted to go to the hospital, but Rafe convinced her to give a statement first.

Still visibly shaken, Kate stammered, "Vivian and I were, uh, arguing, and, um...I don't know, she pulled a gun... [We were] arguing about...everything we've been arguing about since she came back to town...I mean, it's the same things that we've been arguing about...forever... I am so sick of it, Rafe; I -- I just can't stand to talk about it anymore... [I mean], do you have any idea of the things that she has done to me? I mean, do you know what it was like, being locked up in that tiny, filthy, oxygen-deprived room with her? I mean, I was trapped there with her, thinking the last hours of my life were gonna be spent...being verbally abused by her... [I mean], it was pretty much torture, you know? Marlena can tell you some of the vile things [Vivian] had to say to us when she thought we were all dying. She and her son -- they've done a lot of unforgivable things to a lot of people... [Anyway], we were struggling over the gun... I mean, she really wanted to shoot me, you know? So, I grabbed the gun, [and] it went off, and I shot her...but I didn't mean to, Rafe! I really didn't!"

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Abigail finished confessing to Hope about what had really happened on the night of Andre's murder. Chad was quick to stress that Abigail had killed Andre in an act of self-defense and had only covered up the crime as a result of mental illness, but Hope couldn't promise that no charges would be filed, since that wasn't her call to make.

Chad wanted to take Abigail home. Hope, not entirely convinced that releasing Abigail was a good idea, decided to get Marlena to weigh in. While Hope was on the phone with Marlena, Rafe called to tell Hope about what had happened at the DiMera mansion. Meanwhile, Abigail questioned Chad about the true nature of Gabby and Stefan's relationship, sensing that it had been a romantic one.

Chad dodged Abigail's questions then went to talk to Hope. Chad was relieved to hear that Marlena believed it would be detrimental to force Abigail to spend the night in a holding cell. "[So], I am releasing [Abigail] into your custody, [but]...this is [still] far from over," Hope warned Chad, who assured her that he understood -- and that he had actually decided to book a hotel room so his wife wouldn't have to go anywhere near his brother that night. "[I'm just] gonna head home [and] get Thomas, and then --" Chad continued. Interrupting, Hope clarified, "Thomas -- he's not at the mansion; he's at Jennifer's. Something happened..."

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Stefan waited anxiously for an update on Vivian's condition. When Kate arrived, Stefan angrily ordered her to leave. "I want to know if [Vivian's] okay," Kate protested. "You shot her! Don't act like you care!" Stefan countered. Scoffing, Kate pointed out that it wasn't exactly difficult to make the argument that Stefan didn't care about Vivian, either. "You hardly knew her! She didn't raise you! [And don't forget that] you threw [her] in that rathole -- [where, by the way, she admitted that] she had teamed up with Andre [to] try to take over DiMera [by] using you [as] a puppet!" Kate continued.

Stefan dismissively insisted that the only thing that mattered to him at that moment was the fact that his mother was fighting for her life. "[Because] she pulled a gun on me!" Kate interjected. Ignoring the point, Stefan continued, "And when she can speak, she will tell the police exactly what you did to her -- and that's in addition to what I'm gonna do to you!"

Hope arrived at the DiMera mansion shortly after Rafe finished collecting the last piece of evidence pertaining to the shooting. "Any news on Vivian?" Hope asked. "Nothing yet," Rafe replied.

"Well, I have some news, and you are going to want to hear it..." Hope began. Rafe was delighted to hear that Abigail had confessed to Andre's murder. "This is huge!" Rafe excitedly declared, hugging Hope. "It's good news...for Gabi..." Hope quietly agreed. Rafe soon calmed down, realizing that it was insensitive to celebrate in front of Hope. Rafe wondered how Abigail was doing. "She's fragile. [And] what's gonna happen from here is anyone's guess; I mean, will she get her life back, [or will she have to face] life in prison, [or will she have to face] her worst possible nightmare -- being sent back to the mental institution?" Hope fretted.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Kayla gently informed Stefan, "We did everything we could, but [your mother] didn't make it. [I'm afraid that] by the time she got here, it was just too late; [she'd already] lost too much blood." Stunned, Stefan walked toward the morgue in a daze, wanting to say goodbye to Vivian. Kate, who had been listening nearby, followed Stefan, finding it hard to believe that Vivian was really dead.

Stefan soon arrived at the morgue, unaware that Kate was close behind. Clutching Vivian's right hand, Stefan mused, "When I told you I was leaving this town for good, you tried to stop me; you told me you'd only just found me, and you weren't prepared to lose me. We didn't have enough time, did we, Mother? So many people despise you -- and me -- but I'm proud to be your son, and I promise you, I will avenge you. Kate DiMera will pay for what she did." Kate, lurking near the entrance to the morgue, heard Stefan's vow.

At the Martin mansion, Will and Paul headed toward their neighboring rooms while discussing the meal they had just shared. "Feels good to, uh, be able to pick up the tab for once," Will admitted while fishing his keys out of his pants pocket. Smiling, Paul gave Will a kiss. "What was that for?" Will asked after Paul pulled away. "Just because," Paul replied with a shrug.

When Will opened the door to his room, he was stunned to discover that someone was sitting in his desk chair, napping. "What are you doing here?" Will asked as Roger stood to greet him with a hug. "Is it Susan? Is everything okay?" Will continued. "Oh, no -- she's the same," Roger reported with a sigh. "I see her [at the psych ward] every day, [but]...I'm not really the one she wants to see," Roger added.

"But...she does understand why [E.J. can't visit her], right? I mean, she knows that he's dead, and that she had me kidnapped and erased my memories to be, like, a replacement son, and then she pretended to be my mom for two years, and then the whole thing kind of, like, blew up in her face?" Will asked, clearly frustrated. "Honestly, I don't know what she knows," Roger admitted with a shrug. Will was sorry to hear that Susan hadn't really said much since his last encounter with her -- and that, according to her doctors, she was still in a deep depression.

Will released a heavy sigh then changed the subject, pointing out that Roger still hadn't provided a reason for his unexpected visit. "Well, I got your message -- you know, about that newspaper article you're writing? You want to learn more about that miracle drug that crackpot doctor gave to you that snatched you from the jaws of death? [Anyway], I thought my Susie might [know something about it], so I asked her," Roger began. Groaning, Will complained, "Roger, I didn't want you to do that! That's why I asked specifically if you knew anything!"

"Well, I didn't, so I asked the one person I thought had the best shot of helping you make some headway," Roger apologetically explained, shrugging again. "And...?" Will asked, trying to be patient with Roger. "Well, when I mentioned Rolf -- well, 'Wilhelm,' as she called him -- well, she got mighty upset," Roger reported. "Yeah? No kidding!" Will countered, having decided not to talk to Susan about the matter due to fear of that exact reaction. "Well, I had no idea she'd get that agitated just hearing the guy's name!" Roger stressed. "She started yelling and crying, and then she just shut down and flat-out refused to talk," Roger continued.

"Well...I mean, thank you for -- for trying...but, Roger, I -- I wish you [hadn't done] that, you know? [I mean], dragging her into this again -- it can't be good for her; it can't be good for any of us," Will insisted, still trying to be patient with Roger. Paul protectively started to suggest that it might be best for Roger to leave. Roger quickly interrupted, telling Paul that Will hadn't heard the whole story yet. "[See], when I got home that day, I had this itching feeling that there was something more that I could do, so I started poking through Susan's stuff that was packed up in boxes...[and], along with the Elvis records and movies and posters, I found this," Roger continued, producing a leather-bound notebook. Will opened it, flipped through the first few pages, and excitedly realized, "This is Rolf's diary!"

Will wondered if Roger had read the diary. "Well, I started to, but the personal stuff was too much for me. Dr. Dementia was head over heels for my buttercup. [I mean], he goes on and on about it in there -- how she felt the same way about him, how they were destined to be together..." Roger explained. Will helpfully reminded Roger that Rolf had been delusional and had surely had a completely one-sided obsession with Susan. Forcing a smile, Roger continued, "Well, anyway, I thought you should have the diary, so I jumped into my pink Caddy, and I drove [here] to give it to you in person."

Paul, still in protective mode, suggested that it might be best for Will to give the diary back to Roger without reading a single page of it. "[I mean, if it's] just full of demented ramblings, then maybe [it's] just gonna leave you frustrated and disturbed," Paul continued. Roger interjected, "Well, like I said, a lot of what's in here is nuttier than a pecan tree...but, Will, you're the reporter, and you've gotta separate fact from fiction."

"Sounds like a big job," Paul mused, still concerned. "Yeah -- my job! And I'm up to it," Will insisted, having already made up his mind.

Smiling, Roger hoped Will would find answers in the diary. Will thanked Roger for taking the time to deliver it to him in person. "I was just happy to have an excuse to come see you," Roger admitted. "I've been thinking about you a lot...and I wanted you to know I was sorry that things didn't work out between you and your hubby," Roger continued. Paul didn't say anything, but Will clarified, "I appreciate that, um...but, you know, I think it worked out for the best, uh...[because] Paul and I are together now."

Roger was pleased to hear that Will had found happiness with someone. "That's all Susie and I ever wanted -- for you to be happy. You're a good man, Will Horton," Roger stressed. "And you -- you're the lucky one," Roger told Paul, who chuckled and agreed. "Glad to see you're finally settling in here in Salem -- got a good job, got a good man... But, mostly, I'm glad that you can be who you really are," Roger concluded before giving Will one more hug. "Let me know if you find something," Roger told Will while walking away. Will promised to do that.

Paul watched with obvious apprehension as Will opened the diary again. Deciding not to voice any more concerns, Paul joined Will on the bed and followed along as he excitedly started reading the diary entries.

"This Rolf guy is a serious trip," Will mused while flipping a page. "And every other page is blank! Why? Like...why? What's up with that?" Will continued. Paul, equally perplexed, gave Will a shrug then read aloud, "Stefano trusts me -- and me alone -- to carry out his plans...and for good reason! What other person -- what other mind -- could even comprehend his ambitions, let alone bring them to fruition?"

Chuckling incredulously, Will noted that Rolf had clearly possessed a very healthy ego. Meanwhile, Paul squinted at one of the written phrases, trying to decipher Rolf's atrocious handwriting. "Processed granola?" Paul guessed, confused. "I think it says 'Princess Gina,'" Will clarified. Realizing that Will was right, Paul admitted that it was hard to believe that Rolf had once put a chip in Hope's brain. Will found it equally hard to believe that Rolf had once made a carbon copy of Marlena. Nodding, Paul concluded that it was easy to understand why people often referred to Rolf as an evil genius.

"Sounds like, you know, the only [person] he worshipped more than himself was this Stefano DiMera," Will mused after reading an entry in which Rolf referred to Stefano as a great man and a true visionary. "Not how most people would describe [Stefano DiMera], but okay..." Paul muttered.

Will and Paul continued reading the entry, in which Rolf had bragged: "For Stefano, I have done the impossible -- transformed faces, programmed minds, manipulated genes -- [but] this latest undertaking is by far my most audacious and most promising. I haven't perfected it yet, [but] I'm encouraged by my earlier success with John Black..." Paul guessed that Rolf was talking about the time John had been revived after what had originally been declared a fatal car accident.

Suddenly noticing Will's name in the entry, Paul found it impossible to continue resisting the urge to repeat his earlier concerns. Will couldn't hide the fact that he was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, but he insisted that he needed to continue reading the entry for the sake of others who might benefit from the miracle drug. "Like Roger said, you're a good man," Paul mused with obvious admiration. Will tried to continue reading the entry aloud but soon asked Paul to take over.

Rolf described Will's near-death experience and subsequent revival in great detail but didn't provide anything that could help someone else replicate the process. Sighing, Will admitted that Paul had been right -- reading the diary had been nothing more than a frustrating and disturbing experience. Paul urged Will not to give up just yet. On the last page of the diary, Will and Paul found more of Rolf's boastful ramblings:

"Now that Will Horton has been revived, he shall be just one among the ranks of my successes. Thanks to my brilliant research, who knows what other lucky soul in Salem might someday be brought back to life?"

Meanwhile, at the hospital, someone sneaked into the morgue and injected Vivian with an unidentified drug.

Theresa makes a plan with Chloe

Theresa makes a plan with Chloe

Friday, May 11, 2018

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor chuckled to himself as he read the Spectator. Maggie walked in and asked Victor about his good news. Victor quoted Shakespeare as he informed Maggie that Kate had killed Vivian. Maggie warned Victor not to be so gleeful over such a violent death. With a smirk, Victor told Maggie that she should be relieved that the woman that had buried her alive was no longer around to harm her again.

"Think of all the second chances we've been given. The last thing we need is for karma to come back and bite us," Maggie said. Smiling, Maggie said she was pleased that Eve had been by Brady's side in the hospital. With a scoff, Victor reminded Maggie that Eve had left Brady in the square instead of taking him to the hospital. Maggie defended Eve, arguing that she had been a good mother to Tate.

"But she's not his mother! Theresa is!" Victor bellowed. Curious, Maggie asked why Victor was defending Theresa. Victor shrugged off the question. Maggie asked Victor to reevaluate Brady's relationship with Eve and see that Eve truly loved Brady. Victor suggested a hypothetical in which Theresa returned to Salem. "It's a very likely scenario!" Victor said. Victor argued that Tate would be caught in the middle because neither woman would back down.

"If Theresa does suddenly come back to Salem, she would not be happy to see Brady in the arms of her sister. But luckily that is not going to happen," Maggie said. Victor reminded Maggie that she was not a fortune-teller. Maggie reasoned aloud that if Theresa truly love Tate and Brady, she would never have left or would have fought to return to them already.

Outside the Brady Pub, Lucas reread the note that Chloe had left him. Lucas saw the news about Vivian, and he rushed over to see his mother at the DiMera mansion. In the DiMera living room, Kate crossed the police tape and sat in a chair. Kate read the article in the newspaper about Vivian's death. Kate caught sight of the blood on the floor, and she closed her eyes. After taking a deep breath, Kate approached the blood stain. When Kate touched the carpet, she realized the carpet was still damp. Kate gasped in surprise. Lucas walked in and comforted a shaken Kate.

Kate said she did not want to talk about what had happened. Kate asked about Chloe. Lucas shook his head no. Kate said she was relieved that Chloe had cut off communication, causing Lucas to scowl. Kate argued that Lucas was wasting time and energy on a lost cause. Lucas grumbled in annoyance. Softening, Kate thanked Lucas for checking on her. With a nod, Lucas said he would always be there for his mother, but he would not take her advice about Chloe.

"I know the heart wants what the heart wants," Kate said. Lucas asked Kate if that meant she would give him her blessing if he got back together with Chloe. Kate nodded yes. Kate added that Lucas needed to remember that Chloe had given up on him twice already. "Maybe it is time for you to give up, as well," Kate advised.

After Kate went upstairs, Lucas sat in the living room, and he thought about Chloe. Lucas looked at her goodbye letter again. Lucas focused on the part where Chloe had urged him to move on and find "the love you truly deserve." Lucas walked over to the fireplace, and he crumpled up the letter. Lucas held a flame close, but he could not burn the letter. Lucas straightened out the crumpled paper. "I'm not ready to give up on you yet, Chloe," Lucas said.

Brady awoke in his hospital bed and found Theresa at his side. Theresa promised to never leave him again. Brady woke from his dream with a start. Eve told Brady that he had been dreaming. "About my sister, apparently," Eve said with a smirk. Brady told Eve about his dream. "Is that what you want to happen? For that dream to come true? For her and you and Tate to become one big happy family again?" Eve asked.

Brady stressed that he wanted to be with Eve. Brady admitted that he had loved Theresa, but their relationship had not always been healthy. Shaking his head, Brady said he did not know why Theresa had gone out of her way to hurt him and their son. "She abandoned me right when I needed her the most," Brady said. "I did the same thing," Eve whispered.

Eve reminded Brady that she had walked out on him after learning about Victor's scheme to con her without listening to his side of the story. Brady assured Eve that she'd had every right to walk away because Victor had told her the truth. "What about now?" Eve asked. Eve pointed out that she had left Brady lying on the ground because she had not believed that he had been drugged.

"I did abandon you just like my sister did. And you didn't deserve it. You didn't deserve any of the things that we've done to you," Eve whispered. "I lied to you. You had every reason to be suspicious of me. But Theresa, on the other hand? I did nothing but give her complete honesty, give her all my love, but she dumped me, and she dumped my son, as well," Brady said. Shaking her head, Eve said she would never understand why Theresa had walked away. Brady noted he was grateful that Eve had forgiven him, even though he did not deserve it.

Eve said she had promised Tate that she would be there for him, and she would never break that promise. Brady asked Eve to move back into the mansion so that she could keep her promise to Tate. With a smile, Brady talked about spending a day with Tate, as Eve smiled. "That sounds like a perfect day to me," Eve said. "I love watching you with [Tate]. Nothing makes me happier. You have been a godsend to him," Brady said.

Eve looked away. Worried, Brady asked Eve if she had reconsidered giving him a second chance. Shaking her head, Eve told Brady that she loved him and wanted to spend her life with Brady and Tate. Eve added that they needed to consider the repercussions on Tate if their relationship ended as badly as his relationship with Theresa had ended.

"You're not your sister! And I'm not the same man I was, either. I'm better. I'm committed to my sobriety, and I'm committed to making you one happy lady," Brady said. Eve confessed she wanted to forget her doubts and believe Brady, but she was concerned that they would not work as a couple. Brady stressed that his top priority was to focus on his relationship with Eve. With a groan of discomfort, Brady reached over to his bedside table as Eve turned away from him, wrestling with her emotions.

"You remember the night of our last date when I told you that I was going to hold onto your engagement ring until the moment came that you would accept it?" Brady asked. Eve said she did. "I was kind of hoping that now would be that moment," Brady said. Eve turned around to see Brady holding out the engagement ring. Brady struggled to get out of bed. Worried, Eve rushed to Brady's side and attempted to keep him seated. Brady insisted on proposing properly on one knee because Eve "deserve[d] to be treated like a princess." Eve pushed Brady to lie back.

"If you will do me the honor of becoming my wife," Brady said. Eve smiled at Brady. Before Eve could answer, Victor walked in. "Before you answer that. There is something Brady needs to know," Victor said. Brady and Eve stared at Victor in stunned silence.

In Mexico, Chloe awoke in her room, and she whispered Theresa's name. Theresa was not there. Chloe saw a cart with food at the foot of her bed, and she grimaced. "Theresa, where are you?" Chloe wondered aloud. The doorknob rattled. Chloe grabbed a knife from the food tray and prepared to meet her visitor. Theresa walked in. "Thank God!" Chloe said in relief. Theresa jokingly asked Chloe if she planned to butter Mateo to death with the dull knife she was holding.

Theresa asked Chloe if she had met Mateo yet. Chloe shook her head no. Chloe said she had not been able to sleep because she had been thinking about her predicament. With a nod, Theresa said she had dreamed about Tate, Brady, and Eve as a family and had not been able to rest, either. Theresa said she was relieved to know that Brady and Eve were no longer together. As Theresa sat down to eat, Chloe wondered aloud how Theresa had an appetite. Theresa noted that there was an unlocked door downstairs, but there was no way to escape Mateo's wrath if they left the building.

"The only choice we have is to stay here and get enough evidence to take Mateo down. And now that you're here to help, we're going to do exactly that. Together," Theresa said. When Chloe asked how, Theresa explained that Mateo used a small hard drive to communicate information to his lieutenants. Theresa said they needed to retrieve the hard drive and get it to Shane. Chloe asked where to find the office. Theresa said it was a reinforced steel structure in the basement with only two keys. Theresa explained that they needed to steal a key then Chloe would have to distract Mateo while Theresa broke into the office.

"Simple, maybe, but it's extremely risky. Chloe, I hope I made it very clear: Mateo does not take betrayal lightly. If he has any idea what we're up to..." Theresa said. "He'll kill us," Chloe finished. Miguel walked in. "What are you two up to?" he asked suspiciously. Theresa said she was checking out the competition.

"Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be my old rival from Salem. You knew you couldn't keep Brady Black interested. What makes you think you can keep some sophisticated man like Mateo entertained for more than a Mexico City minute?" Theresa purred. Chloe told Theresa that she was "a gross little junkie." The insults increased until Theresa tackled Chloe onto the bed. Miguel dropped the dress he had been holding, and he pulled the two women apart.

"Stay away from each other," Miguel growled. While Miguel's back was turned to pick up the dress he had dropped, Theresa slyly showed Chloe the key she had stolen from Miguel's pocket. Miguel handed Chloe the dress and told her to wear it to meet "El Fideo." Theresa warned Chloe not to talk too much because Mateo liked smart women. Narrowing her eyes, Chloe quipped that Mateo would be pleased to talk to someone whose voice did not sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Theresa and Chloe got in one another's faces, yelling, and Miguel pulled them apart again. Miguel escorted Theresa out of the room. In the hallway, Theresa said she would find her own way back to her room. Miguel warned Theresa that she should stay in his good graces so that someone had an interest in keeping her alive. Theresa scurried away.

In her room, Chloe poured a glass of Champagne from the food cart. Chloe thought about her final night in Salem when she had celebrated with Lucas, Eve, and Brady. Chloe put the glass back down. Overwhelmed, Chloe dropped to the floor and cried. After calming down, Chloe examined the opera gown Miguel had left for her. A man walked in. "Good morning, Chloe. I am El Fideo," Mateo said.

While Mateo was distracted with Chloe, Theresa broke into the office downstairs and searched Mateo's desk. Theresa found a lockbox. "You're one step closer to getting home to Brady and to Tate," Theresa said to herself as she stared at the box. Theresa continued to search the room until she found another key to open the box. Once the box was open, Theresa found the hard drive. "This is what I need to have my freedom," Theresa whispered. "Buenos dias," said a man from the doorway behind Theresa. Theresa spun around in abject terror. It was Xander.

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