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Abigail took a plea bargain. Kate harbored a secret about Vivian's death. Will discovered hidden entries in Rolf's diary. Leo sued Sonny for sexual harassment. Brady felt torn between Eve and Theresa. John and Paul went to Mexico City to save Chloe. Tripp's night of romance with Ciara went awry.
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Kate harbored a secret about Vivian's death
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Theresa begs for Brady's forgiveness Theresa begs for Brady's forgiveness

Monday, May 21, 2018

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan explained to Abigail that he had the power to send her husband to prison -- probably for a very long time. "And nothing would make me happier," he stressed with a smile.

Disgusted, Chad declared that it was truly cowardly of Stefan to try to use blackmail to silence Abigail. Stefan maintained that what had happened with Gabby had been consensual -- and that no one would ever be able to invalidate the love they'd had for each other. Chad and Stefan continued arguing for a few minutes longer, but Abigail eventually interrupted, declaring with finality that no charges were going to be filed on either side because she just wanted to put the past in the past and move on with her life. Glaring at Stefan, Abigail stressed, "[But I still] think that you're a monster, [and] I don't forgive you."

"We're done," Abigail concluded. Nodding, Stefan walked away while pointedly musing that pragmatism had been one of Gabby's most attractive qualities.

Once the coast was clear, Abigail asked Chad to help her understand why he had never bothered to tell her that she had slept with his brother. "Marlena thought that too much information could overload you, and I didn't want that, so I was waiting for the right time," Chad explained, offering an apologetic shrug. "So, when is [the] right time to tell somebody that they violated their wedding vows?" Abigail asked curiously.

Chad tried to remind Abigail that she hadn't been in her right mind then, but she didn't find that particularly comforting. "Every time you look at me [or] touch me, you're gonna see [me] in bed with [your brother]," Abigail fretted. Chad assured Abigail that they would face their latest challenge the same way they had faced all the others -- together. "[It'll just] make us stronger," Chad concluded before giving Abigail a kiss.

Abigail hated knowing that Chad was being forced out of his family's home, but he dismissed her concern, reasoning, "Home is where the heart is, [and] you're my heart." Stefan returned as Chad and Abigail were preparing to exit the mansion. "[You know, I had] hoped you'd burn in hell, but this -- ghosts and silence, alone and unloved -- is exactly what you deserve," Abigail told Stefan before leaving with Chad.

In Mexico City, Chloe discovered Theresa's note. Seconds later, Chloe received a visit from Mateo, who guessed, when asked, that the note was Theresa's way of apologizing for not being able to say goodbye to Chloe. Mateo claimed that Theresa had been caught snooping and had consequently been killed. "[That's] how you treat your lovers?" Chloe asked incredulously. "Only the ones who betray me," Mateo replied with a shrug. Horrified, Chloe promised to never get on Mateo's bad side. "Oh, but I want so much more [than your cooperation], Chloe; I want your love," Mateo reiterated. "Don't take too long [to give it to me]," Mateo warned.

Later, alone again, Chloe fought back tears while writing a letter: "Dear Lucas, I don't know why I'm bothering to write -- I'll never be able to send this -- but I feel your love, and I know that you would never give up on us, so I go to sleep every night, and I wake up every morning, praying that, by some miracle, you will find me and rescue me from this hell."

At Doug's Place, Lucas met with Paul, who had found a partial fingerprint on the business card Miguel had given to Chloe -- a discovery that had led to the identification of Miguel as the loyal henchman of a Mexican drug lord who just happened to be obsessed with operas. "So, what's he gonna do, produce an opera on the drug trade?" Lucas asked incredulously. "I hate to say this, but I think his promise of creating an opera around Chloe [is] just a ploy," Paul replied. Lucas wanted to go to Mexico City to rescue Chloe immediately, but Paul eventually managed to convince Lucas to wait until backup was secured and a solid plan of attack was in place.

While passing through a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Eric and Jennifer heard Eve yelling at Xander, who had her cornered and was flirtatiously trying to convince her to join him for drinks so he could tell her some interesting information about her sister. Eric quickly intervened, grabbing Xander and dragging him away.

Jennifer stayed with Eve, who was shaken but otherwise okay. Jennifer found it disturbing to know that Xander was out of prison. Eve was equally disturbed -- and knew that Brady would be, too.

Eager to change the subject, Jennifer asked about Brady's recent health scare. "He's fine [now]. Actually, he's great," Eve happily reported. "By the looks of it, so are you," Jennifer curiously observed.

Jennifer was surprised to hear that Brady and Eve were engaged. Eve sensed that Jennifer had good news to share, too. Nodding, Jennifer confirmed that things were going well with Eric. "Gosh, you know, not long ago, Nicole was shredding both Eric and Brady's hearts, and now look at those guys!" Eve mused. "Guess maybe they found the right women," Jennifer concluded. "Eh, no one's ever said that about me, I'm sure," Eve replied with a chuckle. Eve admitted to feeling like a bad sister, but Jennifer dismissively insisted that Eve hadn't stolen Brady from Theresa and therefore had no reason to feel guilty about being with him.

Meanwhile, Eric dragged Xander toward the police station, knowing that Hope wouldn't want a fugitive hiding out in Salem, of all places. Chuckling, Xander tauntingly guessed that Eric hadn't read any Greek newspapers lately. Eric found it hard to believe that Victor, who was known for holding grudges, had helped Brady's shooter get released from prison, but Xander insisted it was true. "[Why would Victor] want to do you any favors?" Eric asked. "Maybe I repented, redeemed myself, [became] a new man," Xander suggested. "Or not. Either way, I'm free, [and] I'll be staying in Salem," Xander continued. "The hell you will!" Eric countered.

"Aw. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?" Xander argued. "Even you," Xander added, having sensed earlier that Eric was back with Jennifer again. "Gotta say, I always pegged you ending up with Nicole. I know she was with Brady at the time, but the way you two steamed up my Greek villa before the Justice League swooped in to --" Xander continued. Interrupting, Eric ordered Xander to stop talking about Nicole. Xander took Eric's outburst as an indication that Nicole had finally grown tired of pitting the two brothers against each other. "Leave it the hell alone! She's gone, and she's not coming back!" Eric snapped, glaring at Xander.

"Temper, Father. Whatever happened to, uh, turning the other cheek?" Xander asked. "Eh, it's all right -- I don't really believe in that, either...[which is why] it's just as well Nicole made herself scarce. I still owe her for what she did to me, and you know I'm all about the payback," Xander added, flashing a wicked grin. Eric warned Xander to leave Nicole alone. Xander reasoned that if Nicole wasn't in Salem, their paths probably wouldn't cross anytime soon. "But who knows -- we could still bump into each other [in the future]. If we do, should I send your love?" Xander wondered, delighting in pushing Eric's buttons. Annoyed, Eric advised Xander to leave Salem.

"You're a pariah here," Eric pointed out. "Aw. But I'm so good at it!" Xander countered. Eric took comfort in knowing that Brady, upon learning of Xander's return to Salem, would surely convince Victor to drive Xander away again, but Xander cryptically warned that Brady was going to have bigger problems to deal with in the immediate future.

Xander walked away without bothering to elaborate -- and soon crossed paths with Paul. "Before you throw me in a headlock...I'm a free man," Xander preemptively explained. "Yeah, well, no one wants you here," Paul countered, adding that it would be best for Xander to leave Salem again -- immediately. "And miss all the fun?" Xander asked tauntingly. "And what could be more fun than watching all the people in this crappy little town freak out and wonder what I'm gonna do next?" Xander added with a mischievous grin before continuing on his way.

Meanwhile, Eric rejoined Jennifer and told her about his conversation with Xander. Eve, in turn, told Eric about her conversation with Eve. Eric hoped that Brady and Eve would be happy together.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady lashed out at Theresa then ordered her to leave Salem again immediately -- and never return.

Brady was stunned when Theresa tearfully revealed that she had only left in the first place because that had been the only way to protect him -- and their son -- from a psychopath. "The only psychopath that you protected us from by leaving is you!" he angrily countered. Undeterred, she continued her story. "Why didn't you come to me [for help]?" he eventually asked, struggling to make sense of what she was telling him.

"[Because I knew] you couldn't protect me, okay? No one could protect me -- not my father, not the ISA, not even Victor," Theresa replied. "Wait, hold on -- your father knew? Victor knew?" he asked incredulously. "Don't be angry with him," she advised, explaining that she had begged his grandfather to keep her secret. She assured him that the nightmare was finally over for good -- and they were finally free to be a family again.

"Just like that?" Brady asked Theresa, scoffing. "A lot's happened since you've been gone," he continued. Nodding, she replied, "I know all about you and Eve...but you're not together anymore, so..."

"Who told you that?" Brady asked curiously. "It doesn't matter how I found out about you and Eve..." Theresa evasively replied, not wanting Brady to know that Chloe was Mateo's new prisoner. "Victor told you," Brady concluded. "Listen, there's more to the story..." Brady tried to explain. Interrupting, Theresa insisted, "I know everything that I need to know." Theresa kissed Brady before he could say anything else.

As Brady responded to the kiss, Eve entered the mansion and watched in shock.

Will finds a new clue in Dr. Rolf's diary Will finds a new clue in Dr. Rolf's diary

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Will sat in his room and leafed through Rolf's journal. Will wondered aloud why there were so many blank pages in the book. As Will reached for his glass of water, he accidentally spilled some on the journal. "What the hell?" Will exclaimed as the water revealed hidden writing on the empty journal pages. When Paul arrived, Will eagerly showed him the newly revealed writing in the journal.

"We could save more lives with this," Will said. Will was anxious to piece together the work with Paul, but Paul said he could not help. Paul explained that he needed to leave for Mexico to look for Chloe. After Paul updated Will on the situation with Lucas, Will said he was worried about Paul's safety. When Will insisted that Paul involve the ISA, Paul refused. Paul said the mission had a better chance of success if it were just Paul and John. As Will's voice continued to rise, Paul asked if he was okay.

"I don't know what I would do if I lost you," Will admitted. Paul told Will that he needed to help Lucas. Will was still worried, but Paul assured Will that he would be back quickly and unscathed. "You make me feel like no one else does, so maybe that is why I'm being overprotective or clingy because I really don't want to lose you," Will said. "You won't," Paul whispered as he kissed Will softly. After Paul left, Will continued to review the journal. Will spilled more water on a new page and gasped as he read the revealed contents.

In the loft, Kayla helped Tripp cook dinner for Ciara. "I'm thinking that you're thinking there might be a little romance," Kayla said. Blushing, Tripp thanked Kayla for caring about him. "This truly is a pleasure for me," Kayla said. Tripp joked about how quiet the loft was with Claire out of town, and he added that he was looking forward to spending time alone with Ciara.

"I just want you to be careful with Ciara," Kayla said delicately. Tripp asked Kayla what she meant. Kayla avoided the question, but Tripp pushed the issue. Tripp assured Kayla that he would not push Ciara to do anything she was not ready to do. Kayla started to say something about Ciara, but her phone beeped and stopped her. After Tripp promised he would not hurt Ciara, Kayla nodded. Kayla told Tripp that she had left him a pie then she left for the hospital.

At Doug's Place, Ciara and Julie talked about her evening with Tripp. "This isn't just a meal. This is a date?" Julie asked. Smiling, Ciara said she and Tripp had been dating. Julie noted that Claire was out of town. With a raised eyebrow, Julie asked Ciara if she was thinking about having sex with Tripp. Ciara was embarrassed, but Julie encouraged her to talk. Julie asked Ciara if she had been with anyone since her rape. Julie admitted that she had been raped many years before. Ciara reached out and held Julie's hand.

"I went on. I've had a wonderful life with a wonderful man. I recovered. Just as you say that you have. But it is important for you to know that that act of violence doesn't control you, and it doesn't have to be part of your consciousness, but it is because it happened to you," Julie said. Julie encouraged Ciara to consider what she was and was not ready to do with Tripp. Ciara assured Julie that if she and Tripp decided to take the next step, she was sure that she would be fine. "With all my heart, I hope that is true," Julie said.

After changing into her new dress, Ciara returned home to the loft. Candles were flickering all around the apartment. Tripp admitted that Kayla had helped him. The couple toasted over a glass of sparkling water. Tripp asked Ciara if she missed Claire. Chuckling, Ciara said she did miss all the annoying things that Claire did in the loft. Ciara added that distance was good for her and Claire. Tripp wondered aloud if Bella would change Ciara, but she promised she would not change.

"I like the way that you are," Tripp whispered. As the two leaned in for a kiss, the oven buzzer rang. Over dinner, Tripp told Ciara that he was having a wonderful time with her. After eating, Tripp asked her if she wanted to play video games. Ciara said, "I have a better idea." Ciara kissed Tripp. As the kissing grew heated, Ciara heard her voice in her head, yelling at Chase to stop. Ciara pulled away. "I have a lot to do with Bella tomorrow, but thanks for tonight," Ciara said haltingly. Ciara said goodnight and rushed into her room. Confused, Tripp said, "Goodnight."

At Doug's Place, Doug asked Julie why she looked preoccupied. "Larry Atwood," Julie said quietly. Julie explained that Ciara was dating Tripp, and she was concerned that Ciara intended to sleep with Tripp. "I wanted to be sure she was ready for this, and as I was talking about those things..." Julie said. "It reminded you of what that scum, Atwood did," Doug interjected. Julie said that rape was not something a person ever truly "got over," and she was worried that Ciara did not understand that.

"I was cared for by the most wonderful, tender, loving man in the world. You know a lot of guys would have just hightailed it out of there," Julie said. "No way I could have even considered leaving your side," Doug countered. Julie said she hoped Tripp was as patient and loving with Ciara as Doug had been with her.

At the police station, Lani's phone beeped with a reminder for Lamaze class. Eli said he had set up the appointment because the classes were hard to get into. Lani asked Eli why he had assumed that she would want to attend classes with him. Eli pointed out that Lani had agreed to let him be a part of the baby's life. Shaking her head, Lani said she did not want Eli to be her coach because Eli stressed her out. Eli asked why. With a smile, Lani called Eli high-strung. Eli jokingly encouraged Lani to ask Valerie or Julie to act as her coach.

"I guess you'll do," Lani said. Lani gripped her stomach. When Eli asked if she was okay, Lani said, "I think I'm bleeding." Lani and Eli rushed over to the hospital, where Kayla examined her. Kayla said that Lani and the baby looked healthy. Kayla urged Lani to take things easy and allow her body to heal. Kayla added that if things did not improve by the due date, she would need a C-section.

After dressing, Lani asked Eli if he was disappointed that they would not be able to take Lamaze classes because of her medical issues. "I'm cheating you out of the full birthing experience," Lani said sadly. Eli said he would be by Lani's side no matter how the baby was born.

In the Kiriakis living room, Eve walked in as Theresa was kissing Brady. When Eve asked what was going on, Brady pulled away. "Hey, sis," Theresa said quietly. Eve stammered in shock. Theresa explained that she had returned home to Brady and Tate. Furious, Eve said she would not let Theresa return after taking a wrecking ball to the family. Theresa asked Eve to let her explain.

"There is no reason other than you being downright cruel like always," Eve yelled. Theresa countered that she had a good reason. Eve said she was not interested in any of Theresa's lies. Brady interrupted and asked Eve to listen to Theresa's explanation. Theresa told Eve the whole tale. Suspicious, Eve asked Theresa how she had escaped. Theresa said Xander had helped her.

"That must have been what Xander meant. I had the misfortune of running into him earlier, and he did mention that Theresa owed him big time," Eve said. Eve pointed out that it was strange that the jealous Mateo had let her go. Frustrated, Theresa yelled that Mateo had a new woman to focus on, but she stopped short of confessing that the woman was Chloe. Theresa asked Eve if she would have done the same thing if she had been in Theresa's situation.

"I am sorry about everything you've been through, but it doesn't change the fact that a lot has happened since you've been gone, Theresa," Eve said. Theresa said she knew about Eve's "little dalliance" with Brady. Eve showed Theresa her engagement ring. Theresa started to breathe rapidly, panicked. Theresa asked why Brady had proposed after they had already broken up twice.

"I'm back. And that changes everything," Theresa said hesitantly. Brady and Eve turned away from Theresa. Noting the awkwardness, Theresa asked Eve to do the right thing and break off the engagement. Brady told Theresa that she could not expect everything to go back to the way it had been before. Theresa disagreed. Brady argued that a lot had happened while Theresa had been gone, and Eve had been at his side through the hard times.

"But I'm back now, and I'm not going anywhere. You understand that, right?" Theresa asked Eve.

"But that doesn't change the fact that I'm in love with Brady," Eve said. "Or that I'm in love with Eve," Brady added. Brady said a part of him still loved Theresa, but she had broken his heart. Brady said he understood what Theresa had done, but her actions had sent him down a dark path. "Things have changed," Brady told Theresa. Theresa begged for Brady to reconsider.

"I made the ultimate sacrifice. Are you telling me that I did all of that for nothing? Are you telling me that you are willing to throw all that away for my sister?" Theresa asked through tears. Brady said he needed time. With a nod, Theresa went upstairs to check on Tate.

Alone with Brady, Eve said, "It's a lot to take in." Brady nodded in agreement. Eve asked Brady if he was going to reunite with Theresa. Brady told Eve that he loved her. Shaking her head, Eve asked Brady to tell her when he had reached a decision. Eve added that she would hold off on moving back into the mansion. "I will see you later. Or maybe I won't," Eve said. As Eve grabbed her suitcase and left, Brady called out to her, but Eve did not stop.

Kate learns her fate Kate learns her fate

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan bitterly smashed a framed wedding photograph that Chad and Abigail had left behind when they had hastily retreated from the property the previous night.

Stefan picked up the shattered remains and added them to a pile of luggage in the foyer -- just as the doorbell rang. "Going on a trip?" Rafe asked curiously when Stefan opened the front door. Stefan, clearly not in the mood to talk to Rafe, tiredly explained that Harold had packed some things for Chad and Abigail, who were in the process of moving out. "Huh. Well, well...looks like you got everything you came for -- [the] company, the family fortune, [this] big mansion all to yourself..." Rafe mused. "You'll be happy to know, detective, that I've lost everything that meant anything to me," Stefan replied, sighing.

Rafe pointed out that, on the bright side, Stefan was still a free man -- for the time being, at least. "You here to arrest me?" Stefan guessed. "Not yet," Rafe replied, acknowledging that Abigail needed to formally press charges first. Stefan confidently predicted that would never happen. "You pressuring her?" Rafe concluded. "Don't have to. Part of her still loves me," Stefan bragged.

"Boy, I've met some heartless S.O.B.s in my day, but you take the cake," Rafe mused with a shake of the head. "I wish I didn't have a heart. [Then my losses] wouldn't hurt so damn much," Stefan countered, sighing again. Stefan impatiently demanded to know the reason for Rafe's unexpected -- and unwanted -- visit. "You don't have anything on me, and you know it," Stefan insisted.

"I actually came here because I have some problems with the [vagueness of the] statement that you gave when your mother died," Rafe clarified. Stefan irritably argued that vagueness was to be expected from a witness who had only been present for the aftermath of an incident. "[Well], unless you've got something concrete to [add]..." Rafe continued. "Kate gets away with killing my mother?" Stefan concluded.

Stefan thought it was suspicious that Kate hadn't done anything to help Vivian after the gun had gone off, but Rafe was quick to counter that Kate might have simply gone into shock then. "Since when is Kate DiMera so fragile?" Stefan asked skeptically. "Guess justice doesn't matter to the Salem [P.D.] when it comes to [protecting] ex-lovers..." Stefan added. Rafe found it ironic that Stefan, who had committed numerous crimes in recent weeks and apparently wasn't going to have to answer for any of them, was giving a lecture on the importance of justice. Rafe left after vowing that Stefan would pay for framing Gabi, one way or another.

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer and Abigail ate breakfast while waiting for Chad, who was supposed to be meeting them there so they could all go to the courthouse together. Jennifer tried to assure Abigail that the arraignment would be nothing more than a formality, but Abigail warned that it wasn't exactly going to go the way Jennifer had assumed it would. Jennifer was horrified to hear that Abigail was planning to plead guilty to Andre's murder. "How am I supposed to heal if I don't take responsibility for what I did?" Abigail reasoned. Jennifer desperately tried to change Abigail's mind, but Abigail remained convinced that pleading guilty was the right thing to do.

"Where is Chad right now?" Jennifer grumbled, wanting backup. "I don't know. He said he had something he needed to take care of," Abigail explained with a shrug.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Chad met with Trask to discuss Abigail's case -- apparently against the advice of Abigail's lawyer.

"Bad timing on the move; [I mean], without a fixed address, [Abigail's] more of a flight risk. [So], this leaves me no choice [but] to request that bail be denied and that your wife [be] remanded to Statesville to await trial -- starting today," Trask warned. Chad argued that Abigail needed to be in a hospital, not a prison. Scoffing, Trask mocked Abigail's diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, dismissing it as nothing more than a convenient excuse for Abigail's crimes. "[It's time to] face reality, Mr. DiMera. Abigail is never going to get well. So, instead of fighting for her freedom, [you should] grab your son and get as far away as possible. The woman you loved is gone, [and] she's never coming back," Trask advised. Chad wondered if that was how Trask would treat a loved one. "Sometimes we have to make hard choices," Trask reasoned with a shrug.

Fed up, Chad cut to the chase, telling Trask, "So...what, you're just gonna let Gabi sit in prison while you try to take a mentally ill woman into court and prove that she committed premeditated murder? What if you blow it? You'll never be elected again. So, here's my plan -- Abigail is gonna plead guilty to a lesser charge, [and since she acted in] self-defense, you'll recommend that she get psychiatric treatment."

"So, you get everything you want," Trask concluded. "[And] you don't commit political suicide. It's a win-win," Chad countered.

Trask complained that Abigail couldn't be allowed to get away with having provided false testimony that had sent an innocent woman to prison. Chad was quick to argue that Trask didn't seem to have any qualms about letting Stefan get away with having raped Abigail, but Trask pointed out that Abigail had chosen not to press charges against Stefan -- in order to protect Chad. "I would gladly take her place," Chad stressed. "I can't put you away; you're all your little boy has," Trask replied, suddenly softening a bit. "No, he [also] has an amazing mother," Chad clarified. "Who flew off to Hong Kong and forgot all about him," Trask countered.

Again fed up, Chad told Trask, "You know what, the hell with it -- if you're not gonna have any compassion [for Abigail], then...screw it, you may as well [accept my offer] to save your own ass, 'cause if you botch this [case] again and Abigail walks, your career is over. So, here's what's gonna happen -- Abigail is gonna plead guilty to a lesser charge, Gabi's gonna go home to her daughter, and you'll become a hero."

Trask gave the matter some thought then agreed to Chad's terms. "You better hope your wife doesn't turn on you someday," Trask warned Chad, who insisted that would never happen. Nodding skeptically, Trask told Chad, "I have to hand it to you -- you [just] fought damn hard for a woman who slept with your brother behind your back. Ain't love grand?" Trask guessed that Abigail didn't even know what Chad was doing to effect a swift and mutually favorable outcome in the impending arraignment. Chad's silence confirmed Trask's suspicion. "You can't protect her if she doesn't want to be protected," Trask pointed out. "But you'll eventually figure that out," Trask predicted.

Meanwhile, back at the pub, Jennifer insisted that Abigail needed to stop feeling guilty for things that had been out of her control -- such as the rape. "You didn't consent to Stefan any more than I consented to Lawrence Alamain. [See], he tried to tell me that I led him on, but in the end, I said no," Jennifer stressed. "But I never did. [And] afterward, [I even] taunted Chad about it," Abigail countered. "Because you weren't in your right mind!" Jennifer reasoned. "So, when do I get better? Does that ever happen? And if it does, how does Chad love me in the same way [now that] he knows that I slept with his brother?" Abigail fretted.

Jennifer reminded Abigail that Laura had struggled with mental illness in the past but hadn't had a relapse in years. Abigail argued that her mental illness was different than her grandmother's because the alternate personalities were still a part of her and could reemerge at any time. Jennifer doubted that would happen, but Abigail wasn't convinced -- and maintained that prison might therefore be the best place for her.

Leo met with Kate in a secluded section of Horton Town Square and reported that her plan had worked like a charm. "[As soon as] I told Sonny I was quitting, he turned into a totally different guy," Leo continued. "Does that mean what I think it means?" Kate asked. "Right there in the executive suite," Leo confirmed, adding that there was documentation of the sexual encounter. "Very good. So, we'll let the lawyers take it from here," Kate replied.

"I did what you asked. Now show me the money," Leo impatiently demanded, annoyed that Kate seemed to be looking forward to Sonny's impending downfall. "There's going to be a slight delay in that bonus. [See], I'm no longer at DiMera, so there are cash-flow issues," Kate revealed. "You didn't mention anything about [that] when you were blackmailing me into setting Sonny up!" Leo protested. Kate assured Leo that he would get his payment as soon as she secured a job at Titan. "That could take forever! I quit my job!" Leo fretted. "Won't be long," Kate dismissively replied. "Unless shooting Vivian comes back to bite you..." Leo countered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny joined Adrienne in the living room and cheerfully greeted her. "Somebody's in a good mood," Adrienne observed. Nodding, Sonny explained, "Leo and I are going to start dating." Adrienne was concerned -- until Sonny clarified that Leo had decided to quit working at Titan. "I thought he really wanted that job," Adrienne noted with a hint of surprise. "Turns out he wants me more," Sonny replied, beaming.

"You know, Leo is the first really good thing that's happened to me since Will asked for a divorce," Sonny mused. "[Now] I can actually start moving on with my life," Sonny excitedly added.

Adrienne warned that Sonny might be getting a bit ahead of himself. "You've been through a lot lately, [so] maybe it's just a little too soon to be involved in [another] relationship, especially if it's [a] complicated [one]," Adrienne reasoned. "It's not complicated anymore," Sonny dismissively countered. "[And] do you know how hard it is for me to see Will and Paul together? [Look], Mom, I just don't want to be alone [anymore], okay?" Sonny continued. Adrienne understood and wanted Sonny to be happy but was quick to point out that Leo might not be the key to that happiness -- and that Sonny might be trying to force something that wasn't really there.

"If I had it my way, I would still be with Will. And I think the thing that upsets me the most is [that] I honestly believe [that] if he could remember what we had, he would want to be with me, too," Sonny admitted with a sigh -- unaware that Will had just entered the mansion and had heard everything. Adrienne, also unaware of Will's presence, gave Sonny a hug. Will waited a moment then cleared his throat to announce his presence. "How -- how, uh -- how long have you been standing there?" Sonny stammered. "Oh, not long. Henderson just let me in -- just now," Will claimed before quickly changing the subject, explaining that he needed to talk to Adrienne.

As Sonny was leaving, Adrienne told him to let her know if he ended up needing help with his search for a new assistant. "It didn't work out with Leo?" Will asked curiously. "He resigned so that we could keep seeing each other," Sonny explained. "Oh. Wow. Cool. I'm, uh -- I'm happy for you," Will replied. "You still seem a little suspicious of him, though," Sonny observed.

"Why don't you and Paul go on a double date with us sometime?" Sonny spontaneously suggested. "[I mean], we share Ari, and we're gonna be in each other's lives, so maybe we should just try to put the past behind us and, you know, be friends," Sonny continued. Taken aback, Will hesitantly revealed that Paul was out of the country for the time being. When Sonny probed for more details, Will replied, "Um...I think all I can say is that I wish he had, you know, a less dangerous job..." Will promised to discuss Sonny's idea with Paul as soon as possible. "Perfect! 'Cause Leo, he's a good person, and you'll see that once you get to know him," Sonny replied.

After Sonny left, Will excitedly told Adrienne about Rolf's hidden diary entries. Will hoped the newly discovered entries would somehow help him remember his past. "That would be wonderful!" Adrienne declared. "I mean, if you could remember loving...the people who love would be wonderful," Adrienne continued, chuckling awkwardly. Knowing what Adrienne had really meant, Will gently reminded her, "I am with Paul now, though, and we're very happy together." Nodding, Adrienne assured Will that she understood and that it was great to hear that he was happy. "But...?" Will asked expectantly. "But, Will, I remember the life you had with Sonny...and if you could remember that, I know you would feel very differently," Adrienne concluded.

While passing through the town square, Sonny spotted Leo, who forced a smile and accepted a kiss from him. Sonny sensed that something was bothering Leo, but Leo insisted that wasn't the case. Sonny was relieved to know that Leo wasn't having second thoughts about leaving Titan. Sonny promised to help Leo find a new job then awkwardly added, "I am gonna need something on paper, though -- like a letter of resignation. You know, just to keep everything on the up and up." Leo promised to get that to Sonny later that day. "Why don't you come by the house and drop it off later tonight? Stay for dinner, maybe stay the night..." Sonny suggested.

Kate went to DiMera Enterprises to clean out her office -- and soon found herself drawn to Andre's old office. She was stunned to see that he was sitting behind his desk. "You're dead!" she protested. "I'm not [really] here; I'm just a figment of your guilty conscience," he clarified. She demanded to know why he had betrayed her. "We're two of a kind, darling. Power -- that's all that matters [to both of us]," he reasoned with a shrug.

Kate disagreed, insisting that she had truly loved Andre and therefore wouldn't have betrayed him for any reason. "And I loved you...but let's not pretend that you have more scruples than I do -- not after what you did to Vivian," he countered. She insisted that the shooting had been an act of self-defense, but he expressed skepticism. "Obviously, I can't say anything to anyone, [so] you can be dead honest [with me]," he pointed out.

Kate's cell phone rang before Andre managed to get a response out of her. "I thought you should know that the D.A. probably isn't gonna bring charges against you. [See], she's got bigger fish to fry, and there isn't sufficient evidence to challenge your statement, so I'm ninety-nine percent sure that [the shooting's] gonna be ruled an accident," Rafe informed Kate when she answered his call.

Stefan went to the police station to talk to Trask, who apologetically informed him, "I don't have enough to go after Kate." After Trask walked away, Stefan quietly vowed that he was going to avenge his mother's death, one way or another. Meanwhile, Kate recalled the shooting -- which had not been an act of self-defense. "Don't worry about me, Andre -- I don't have a guilty conscience," Kate mused, smiling.

Vivian awoke in an unfamiliar place and found herself lying on a gurney. Someone soon joined her. "Oh, my God -- you," she muttered, horrified.

Will ran into Leo while passing through the town square and decided to seize the opportunity to talk to him about the proposed double date. Leo insisted that wasn't going to happen. "You're a reporter, right? How would you like an exclusive on the story of the year?" Leo asked Will. Meanwhile, Sonny returned to the Kiriakis mansion to pick up something he had left behind earlier. "I just signed for this [for you]," Adrienne revealed.

Sonny took the registered letter from Adrienne and opened it, assuming it was Leo's letter of resignation. "It's from a lawyer. Leo's suing me for sexual harassment!" Sonny informed Adrienne, stunned.

Sonny realizes that he has been played Sonny realizes that he has been played

Thursday, May 24, 2018

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin crossed paths with Xander, who was en route to the pool. "Why do I get the feeling you're not happy to see me?" Xander mused. "'re not completely obtuse?" Justin guessed. Scoffing, Xander warned Justin, "Better get used to having me around, 'cause I'm not going anywhere for a long, long time."

At the police station, Hope received a visit from Eric, who was irate. Hope, having already heard Jennifer's account of what had happened the previous night, informed Eric that nothing could be done to send Xander back to prison because someone -- presumably Victor -- had arranged for the Greek authorities to have the final say on how Xander's known crimes were handled. "[Then] I'm afraid I might kill him with my own bare hands!" Eric snapped. Hope reminded Eric that it wasn't wise to entertain the idea of murder in front of anyone, let alone the police commissioner. "It wouldn't be 'murder'; [it would be] pest control," Eric argued.

Jennifer soon arrived, looking dazed. "Trask agreed to a plea bargain [during Abigail's arraignment]," Jennifer revealed, clearly stunned. "[But the judge is] still deciding whether to accept the terms or not, [and] I couldn't [bear to] stay there for the decision. I just don't feel like I can do this anymore," Jennifer concluded before breaking down.

Hope and Eric took turns comforting Jennifer, who remained on edge until Abigail finally arrived with Chad and announced that the judge had accepted the plea bargain. Jennifer and Eric were both relieved to hear that Abigail had dodged a prison sentence and was instead going to be sent to a residential facility for court-mandated therapy sessions. Hope was just as relieved but couldn't help wondering why Trask had decided to go easy on Abigail. "[I mean, Trask's] definitely not known for her compassion," Hope pointed out. "Fear of blowback from throwing the wrong person in prison the first time?" Chad suggested, shrugging.

Abigail pulled Chad into one of the conference rooms and informed him that he wasn't fooling her with his innocent act. "You knew that I was gonna plead guilty no matter what, but you didn't tell Trask that; [instead], you convinced her to give me that deal, [and] you made [that] decision on your own, without even telling me," Abigail guessed. "Yep," Chad confirmed, adding that he wasn't going to apologize for having taken the necessary measures to protect his family. Sighing, Abigail hugged Chad and somewhat grudgingly admitted that she could understand why he had done that -- and why he hadn't talked to her about it beforehand.

Chad didn't like the idea of Abigail being sent away for treatment she could just as easily receive in Salem, but she reminded him that they wouldn't be separated forever -- and that the outcome of the arraignment could have easily been much worse. Nodding, he conceded the point and optimistically predicted that the time would probably pass quickly enough.

At the Horton Town Square, Leo told Will, "I'm suing your ex, Sonny Kiriakis, [for sexual harassment]. So, do you want the exclusive or not?" Stunned, Will told Leo, "What I want, actually, is to punch you in the face."

Leo reminded Will that journalists were supposed to be objective. "I am objective. I've been objective this whole time. You, Leo, are an opportunistic, greedy little --" Will began to counter as Kate approached. Interrupting, Kate wondered why Will seemed upset -- then feigned shock when Will repeated what Leo had just revealed. "Sonny Kiriakis is one of the true honorable people that I know. I'm not gonna let you get away with this," Will warned Leo, who grumbled that expecting unbiased journalism from the Spectator -- the newspaper that Sonny's mother owned -- had obviously been foolish.

"You don't want unbiased journalism; you want money. And you're disgusting," Will spat. "Guess I'll just find a more open-minded reporter..." Leo mused before stepping aside to start making phone calls.

Still fuming, Will asked Kate, "What kind of scum would do something like that to someone like Sonny?" Kate shrugged as Will continued, "[And now] look at him [over there] -- trying to sell to the highest bidder!"

At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne informed Justin, who had just entered the living room, that Leo was suing Sonny for sexual harassment. "It's gotta be a mistake!" Sonny insisted while Justin was scanning the legal document that had been delivered to the mansion earlier. "Sonny, this is not a mistake; this is an official notice of a lawsuit...and it looks legit," Justin concluded with a sigh.

Sonny, still in disbelief, argued that someone had obviously intercepted Leo's letter of resignation and had replaced it with the lawsuit notification as a way of messing with both of them for some unknown reason. "Sonny...he signed it," Justin gently pointed out. Sonny's silence confirmed Adrienne's suspicion that the signature on the document looked authentic.

"There has to be an explanation," Sonny maintained. "[Yeah -- the explanation is that] the little creep was setting you up," Adrienne guessed.

Sonny couldn't believe that Leo would ever do such a thing. "Maybe you didn't know him as well as you thought you did," Adrienne suggested.

Sonny, still desperately trying to make sense of what was happening, soon received a phone call from Will. "I'm at the square with your 'friend' Leo, and I have something to tell you," Will began when Sonny answered the call. "I know what's going on. I'll be right there. Don't let him go anywhere," Sonny replied before hanging up. Justin warned Sonny not to go near Leo, but Sonny ignored the advice and stormed off.

Tripp was in the process of getting ready for work when Ciara sneaked into their apartment. "You sure left early this morning," he noted, startling her. "I went to the gym. [And now] I gotta go grab a shower..." she replied while trying to retreat to her bedroom. "Before you do that, um...we need to talk [about what happened] last night," he insisted.

Ciara feigned ignorance, but Tripp remained certain that something was going on. "You kissed me, and then...just like that, everything changed -- and not in a good way. And then you ran to your room, and you've been avoiding me ever since. [So], what happened? [I mean], I'm not mad or anything, I promise; I just -- I just want to make sure that you're okay," he told her. She stuck to her previous night's story about a sudden case of exhaustion. "There must have been something else," he argued, still skeptical.

"Ciara, please -- you know you can talk to me," Tripp stressed. "There's nothing to talk about," Ciara maintained.

"Are you sure that I didn't do anything wrong?" Tripp asked. "No, you were great; we are great," Ciara replied before rushing into her bedroom and shutting the door.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin started examining the lawsuit notification more closely. "[Leo's] being represented by a law firm I've never even heard of," Justin mused. "Let me guess -- Shyster, Shyster, and Dummkopf, right?" Adrienne replied. Unamused, Justin warned Adrienne that the matter was actually quite serious. "Leo is suing for a hell of a lot of money," Justin continued.

"Oh, please! The guy is a con artist -- a sneaky, money-grubbing con artist! I mean, [Sonny] would never use his position at Titan for sex! I mean, come on -- he doesn't have to! He's handsome, he's smart, he's funny..." Adrienne argued. "Just ask his mother," Justin interjected as Adrienne continued ranting. "He's being set up! [This Leo] kid is after money! Or publicity. Or both! You know, there [was] a kid in my third-grade class -- Leo Hogan. I didn't trust him, either. In fact, 'Leo' -- it's a sneaky name. When you think about it, it's a really sneaky name!" Adrienne insisted.

Justin patiently advised Adrienne to calm down. "How bad is it?" she asked after taking a deep breath. "It's not good. The complaint claims that [there is] concrete evidence -- [things like] texts [and] videos," he replied.

Adrienne maintained that such things could only exist if Leo had been manipulating Sonny from the very beginning for the sole purpose of one day filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. "Sexual harassment? Sonny? Well, it's good to know it's not just for heteros anymore. I believe in equal rights," Xander joked, joining Adrienne and Justin in the living room.

"This is a private conversation, Xander, so maybe you could just go to...I don't know, hell?" Justin irritably suggested. Ignoring the request, Xander mused, "Sounds like Sonny Boy screwed up yet again. Can't say I'm surprised; anyone could see that he wasn't up to running Titan. Uncle Victor should have given that job to a real man."

"I'm gonna kill him. You're gonna have to defend me, because I'm gonna kill him," Adrienne quietly warned Justin. Meanwhile, Xander forged ahead, bragging, "No one else in this family can do that job like I can. [I mean], God knows you're not up to the task, [Justin]; Deimos is dead; Brady's trying to work out which tramp he wants to marry; and Sonny can't keep it in his pants."

Fed up, Justin again advised Xander to butt out of the conversation. "And if you ever talk about my son that way again, I will come at you with a tire iron and make sure you never say anything to anyone ever again!" Justin angrily added. Xander walked away after sarcastically wishing Justin luck with the lawsuit -- and with Victor, who would surely not be happy about it.

"I did not need him this morning!" Justin complained. Adrienne nodded in agreement and helpfully offered to fetch a tire iron.

Sonny found Will in the town square and insisted, "This is a mistake. This is a huge misunderstanding." Unconvinced, Will warned Sonny, "[Leo's] gloating. He's loving this. You need to fight back -- and if you need any help at all, all you gotta do is ask." Sonny thanked Will for the offer then rushed off to confront Leo, muttering, "It just doesn't make sense..."

"It makes perfect sense...once you accept [that] there are some horrible people in this world," Will told Kate, who had been listening the whole time but hadn't said a word. "What is wrong with [Leo]? What kind of person does something so low? And do you know what this does to people who actually are sexually harassed? It just makes it easier to smear and doubt the real victims!" Will continued.

Kate tiredly called out for a waiter. Confused, Will reminded Kate that it was a bit early for martinis. "Well, Will, you're being so tedious! You're awfully self-righteous this morning!" Kate complained -- just as Tripp arrived to take her order. "Actually, you are right -- it is too early for a drink," Kate told Will before rushing off, leaving him even more confused.

Tripp apologetically hinted that Kate had probably left because she didn't really like him that much -- and the feeling was mutual. Nodding, Will made it clear that Tripp didn't need to apologize for that. "[I mean, she's] my grandmother, [and] she's been good to me, but I've learned that, um, there are people in this town that hate her guts -- for good reason," Will acknowledged.

Tripp recognized Will as Ciara's cousin, and Will, in turn, recognized Tripp as someone who lived with Ciara. "Roommates, or couple, or...?" Will asked curiously. "For a while, I thought we were becoming [a couple], but now I'm just not so sure," Tripp replied, shrugging. Will observed that it sounded like Tripp really cared about Ciara. "And, um, know, seems like a...nice person," Will continued. "Seems like? I thought you were her cousin," Tripp asked, confused. "Uh...I am, but I have...kind of, like, a severe...memory...problem..." Will awkwardly explained.

Nodding, Tripp apologized for bothering Will then started to walk away. Will insisted that Tripp wasn't being a bother. "But if you can't remember knowing Ciara, you can't really help me figure out what happened last night," Tripp pointed out. Will wondered if Tripp had tried talking to Ciara about the matter. Tripp reported that Ciara was being evasive.

"[Well, you know, if you] think there's something going on with her, you're probably right, so...maybe try talking to her again," Will advised Tripp.

Meanwhile, Sonny demanded an explanation from Leo. "You only have yourself to blame. I kept saying that we couldn't [be with each other] because we were working together, but you kept pushing," Leo replied, shrugging.

"That's a freaking lie! The only pushing I did was pushing you away! You were the one coming on to me -- and I already told my family [and] friends [that]," Sonny countered. Leo wasn't worried about having to deal with Sonny's family members and friends, who weren't exactly unbiased sources of information. "[Besides], they don't know what really happened -- [that] you forced me to have sex with you on your desk last night," Leo continued. "I did not 'force' you to have sex with me!" Sonny insisted, adding that Leo had no longer been an employee of Titan by then, anyway.

"Do you have a letter of resignation?" Leo coolly countered. Scoffing, Sonny declared that Leo was a manipulative little sociopath -- a label that Leo objected to, preferring to think of himself as a victim. "I never really knew you, did I? [Well], guess what -- you don't know me, either. I'm a Kiriakis -- and you won't get away with this," Sonny vowed before walking away from Leo in disgust.

Hope went to Ciara's apartment to share the good news about Abigail's plea bargain and the bad news about Xander's return to Salem, but Ciara wasn't really in the mood to talk about either matter. Concerned, Hope pushed until Ciara reluctantly revealed what had happened with Tripp. Ciara blamed Julie for causing memories of Chase to resurface, but Hope gently suggested that Ciara might have a deeper issue to face.

Ciara refused to talk to Tripp about the rape, not wanting him to ever see her as a victim. Hope was certain that knowing about the rape wouldn't change Tripp's opinion of Ciara. Hope suggested, however, that if Ciara wasn't willing to talk to Tripp, talking to a professional again might be the next best option. Ciara didn't like that idea, either. Ciara somewhat irritably concluded that if Hope and Julie really wanted to press the matter, it would probably be best to just cut to the chase -- literally -- and arrange another confrontation with Chase, but Hope made it clear that there was no reason for Ciara to ever have to go through anything like that again.

Softening, Ciara apologized for snapping at Hope, who felt guilty for having put Chase in Ciara's orbit. "I knew him before you did," Ciara pointed out, refusing to let Hope blame herself. Hope advised Ciara that talking about things was always the best way to deal with them. Ciara understood that but made it clear that she didn't really feel like talking about the rape anymore -- at least for the time being.

Kate went to Doug's Place for the martini she had been craving earlier. "You are right, Will -- there are horrible people in this world...which is why it's every woman for herself," she mused while sipping her drink.

Chad and Abigail soon entered the club. Chad was eager to tell Kate about Abigail's plea bargain, but Abigail feared that Kate might not be ready to move past everything that had happened recently. Kate did seem a bit uncomfortable around Abigail and even admitted, "[When I look] at your sweet face, it's hard not to see Gabby, knocking me over the head..."

"[But] it's fine. [I mean], who am I to judge [you] after what I did to Vivian..." Kate conceded, shrugging. Confused, Chad wondered what Kate was talking about. "[Just that] I didn't mean to kill Vivian, the same way that Abigail didn't mean to kill Andre," Kate innocently clarified, happily adding that Abigail wasn't the only one who had been let off the hook that day.

Jennifer and Eric were at the Brady Pub, celebrating Abigail's plea bargain, when Xander arrived. Jennifer made it clear that Xander wasn't welcome at the pub. "So feisty -- just like Nicole. Maybe that's what Eric sees in you. Tell me, how does it feel to be the boyfriend's second choice?" Xander asked Jennifer. Annoyed, Eric ordered Xander to leave. "Don't want to give you another shot at me. I might [still] need painkillers from earlier," Xander conceded. "Which I hear [Jennifer] might be able to help me score," Xander added. "This won't be the last you see of me," Xander promised before exiting the pub.

Tripp tried to call Ciara during one of his breaks. She was alone in their apartment then, sobbing. She sighed and sent his call to voicemail.

Sonny returned to the Kiriakis mansion and angrily informed Adrienne, "The lawsuit is not a joke, and it's not a mistake; it's actually happening!"

"Leo wasn't attracted to me; he was attracted to my money! And I am just disgusted with myself right now! How could I be so stupid? And so blind?" Sonny continued, sighing. Adrienne tried to assure Sonny that what was happening wasn't his fault, but he disagreed. "I was so determined to get over Will that I just fell for a con man that I met online! This is on me! I did this to myself!" Sonny insisted.

Meanwhile, Kate met with Leo in a secluded section of the town square. "You were right," he admitted, prompting her to muse that it was nice to hear that he was finally starting to see things her way. "It did not feel good doing this to a guy like Sonny...but I'm glad I stuck it out. There's a bidding war for the rights to my story," he continued. "And you should receive a large settlement from Titan," she pointed out.

Leo was quick to remind Kate that, on top of all of that, he was also still due a sizable payment from her. "[Then] I'll be set for life," he concluded, grinning.

John and Paul try to rescue Chloe John and Paul try to rescue Chloe

Friday, May 25, 2018

by Mike

At Statesville, Gabi awaited a visit from Will, who had said he was going to keep her company while the outcome of her case was being decided.

Gabi's visitor turned out to be Lucas, not Will. "Sonny had a fire [to] put out at Titan, so Will's watching Arianna right now," Lucas explained.

Gabi appreciated Lucas' willingness to fill in as her distraction but was quick to stress that he didn't have to stay if he had other things to do that day. He admitted that spending time with her wasn't an entirely selfless act. "[See], you're on my amends list," he continued. She knew what he meant but assured him that she understood that when he had been hurtful to her in the past, it had been his pain talking, not him. He jokingly clarified that it hadn't just been pain talking; it had been booze talking, too. He added that she wasn't the only one who could use a distraction at that moment, anyway.

Gabi was stunned to hear that Chloe had been kidnapped -- and that John and Paul were planning to carry out a covert rescue operation sometime that day. "I was gonna go with them, [but] they convinced me that I would just be in the way," Lucas explained with a sigh. Gabi hoped that John and Paul's plan would go off without a hitch and that Lucas and Chloe would soon be reunited.

Lucas helped Gabi take a walk around the infirmary so she could stretch her legs. When he asked about her injuries, she told him about the inmate who had attacked her -- Raines's girlfriend, Diane.

After the walk, Lucas helped Gabi get settled on her bed again. She grew concerned when she realized that it was getting kind of late. He assured her that there was probably nothing to worry about, arguing that it would surely be impossible for the judge to find any reason to uphold her conviction after everything that had happened recently.

Lucas started to stress that Abigail felt horrible, but Gabi quickly interrupted, politely informing Lucas that Abigail was still a touchy subject. "Let's talk about Ari [instead]," Gabi suggested. Nodding, Lucas happily reported, "She's doing great -- she really is. She's all smiles all the time. [But], I mean, we haven't told her about you yet [because] we want to wait until it's official."

Lucas soon received a phone call from Justin. After a brief conversation, Lucas ended the call and informed Gabi that her conviction was being overturned and her release was being processed -- all at that very minute. Lucas congratulated Gabi then started to rush off, eager to share the good news with Will and Arianna. Gabi hoped that Lucas would get more good news soon -- about Chloe.

"Thank you, God, [for] answering my prayers," Gabi said after Lucas left. "I wouldn't be counting my blessings just yet, honey," Diane warned, joining Gabi in the infirmary.

At the Salem Inn, Eve entered her room and found a bouquet of flowers waiting for her on the desk. She was delighted -- until she read the attached card:

"Congratulations on your engagement. Welcome to the family. John and Marlena."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa, who had just returned from a walk with Tate, suddenly started feeling guilty about Chloe's predicament. "Oh, God, forgive me for what I've done," Theresa begged, fighting back tears. "What, exactly, does God have to forgive you for?" Maggie asked curiously, joining Theresa and Tate in the foyer. "Abandoning my family," Theresa nervously replied. "Although I didn't have a choice," Theresa quickly added.

Theresa was eager to catch up with Maggie, but Maggie declined, claiming to have errands to run. "Was it just me, or was she not thrilled to see me?" Theresa asked Tate after Maggie exited the mansion.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Brady contacted Eve to see how she was doing. She was disappointed to hear that he hadn't made a decision about his future yet; she understood, however, that he needed more time to process everything he had learned the previous day. "Just know that...well, patience -- patience is not my strong suit, okay?" she warned before abruptly ending the call.

Theresa soon joined Brady in the living room. She was stunned and devastated to hear that he was actually considering staying with her sister. "I can't just turn off my feelings for [Eve] because you showed up. I told you that last night. [Maybe you weren't listening, but] I tried to make you understand --" he began to explain. Interrupting, she tearfully clarified, "I was listening; [I just] thought you were [only] saying [that] to spare [Eve's] feelings."

Before Brady could respond, Marlena entered the mansion. Marlena was surprised to see Theresa. "It's a long story," Brady vaguely explained. "Brady will fill you in on the details later," Theresa added.

Changing the subject, Theresa declared that it was good to see Marlena again. "How are you? How's John?" Theresa asked curiously. "Uh...well, that's why I came," Marlena began to explain, turning to Brady. "John and Paul are on a mission. [See], Chloe, uh, is in trouble, and Paul and John have gone to rescue her," Marlena continued, stunning Theresa. "I'm gonna go check on Tate," Theresa interjected before rushing off.

In Mexico City, Miguel caught Chloe writing a letter to Lucas. Miguel pocketed the letter and made it clear that Chloe was lucky that Mateo wasn't the one who had discovered it. Miguel advised Chloe to find a different hobby -- one that Mateo couldn't possibly view as an act of betrayal. Chloe begged for Miguel's cell phone, wanting to call Parker. Miguel, who had a daughter, sympathized with Chloe and reluctantly granted the request.

As Chloe took Miguel's cell phone, Mateo arrived and demanded to know what was going on. Miguel claimed that Chloe had stolen the device, but Mateo saw through the act -- and unceremoniously shot Miguel for lying.

"Oh, my God! He's dead! You murdered him!" Chloe told Mateo after checking Miguel's pulse. "That is what happens [to people who] break my trust," Mateo explained with a shrug.

Before Chloe could respond, Mateo received a phone call -- from Theresa, who quietly informed him that two detectives were en route to his compound to rescue his hostage. "Listen, I didn't send them, okay? I swear to God," she stressed. "And why would I believe that?" he asked. "Because I'm calling you right now to warn you. So, please, promise me that you won't come for me or hurt my family," she begged.

"[And] if they do come, please don't hurt them, okay?" Theresa added, not realizing that Mateo had already ended the call.

"I have a business matter to attend to," Mateo told Chloe while seizing Miguel's keys. "I'll send someone to clean up the mess...eventually," Mateo added before leaving.

Horrified, Chloe knelt beside Miguel's lifeless body and apologized to him. She reached into his pocket to reclaim her letter and discovered a knife beside it -- one that unfolded into something resembling a sword.

Back in Salem, Theresa eavesdropped from the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion as Brady confided in Marlena. "There's a big part of me that's always gonna love Theresa...but I also love Eve, [and] I made a promise [that] I would not hurt her again. [And] I'm sure Theresa thinks that I should just end it with Eve, [but]...Marlena, I'm not ready to do that," Brady admitted. Devastated, Theresa rushed out of the mansion.

Marlena understood Brady's dilemma, having been in a similar situation herself at one point. "I can't tell you what to do here -- I can't tell you how to sort this out -- but I can say...don't let guilt determine your decision," she advised. "Follow your heart, right?" he concluded. "[And] don't take too long [to decide]," she warned. Sighing, he agreed that things were only going to get messier as time went on.

At the Salem Inn, Eve received a visit from Maggie. "I wanted to check on you. I'm sure Theresa's return has turned your world upside down," Maggie began. "That is an understatement," Eve confirmed, chuckling mirthlessly.

"Eve...I know I've been hard on you in the past...but I've seen your relationship with Brady grow from something, um...toxic, if you something quite beautiful. And after everything the two of you have been through, I believe you belong together, [and I just] wanted you to know [that] you have an ally in me, [and that] I'm rooting for you and Brady, hoping that he'll make the right decision," Maggie continued. Touched, Eve hugged Maggie.

Eve appreciated Maggie's support but was surprised that Maggie wasn't choosing to side with Theresa. "She and I were close -- once," Maggie admitted. "But, to be honest, I think this whole fiasco with El Fideo is part of a pattern with her. She uses bad judgment. She gets involved with very dangerous men. And now, unfortunately, everyone around her has to suffer the consequences," Maggie continued.

Eve took that to mean that she was basically just the lesser of two evils, but Maggie insisted that wasn't the case. "I don't think either one of you ever intentionally hurt Brady -- or anyone else. [Theresa] made a mistake. [But], unfortunately, it wasn't her first, [and] I don't think it's gonna be her last. She's impulsive, [and] she's unpredictable, [and] that's not good for Brady -- especially now, when he's in his early stages of sobriety. [And] I know that, [like everyone else], you've had your own issues...[but] I do think that you and Brady are good for each other," Maggie stressed. Maggie urged Eve to fight for Brady.

After Maggie left, Eve received another visitor -- Theresa, who insisted that Eve needed to do the right thing and let Brady off the hook. "[He] is a wonderful man, and he is in agony because he doesn't want to break your heart. [And], I mean, come on -- do you really want to waste your time on a lost cause? You know damn well that Brady's gonna come back to me. [I mean], we have a child together!" Theresa reasoned.

Eve refused to buy Theresa's selfless act, which Theresa had played countless times in the past. "You have not changed a bit...except now, this time, instead of including some random person that I really don't care about, you're pulling [the] man that I love into one of your little schemes, so don't expect me to go silently into the night while the two of you run off into the sunset," Eve warned.

Undeterred, Theresa urged Eve to think about Tate. "Don't you think that [he] deserves to have a mom and dad living under the same roof? I mean, come on, Eve -- you remember [that], growing up, that [was] all you ever wanted," Theresa reasoned. Theresa felt confident that Eve would eventually realize that stepping aside was the right thing to do -- if only to put Tate's family back together.

Eve, who was on the verge of tears, started to respond -- just as yet another visitor arrived. "I didn't know you'd be here," Brady told Theresa when Eve opened the hotel room door. "[But] it's good that you are, because, both need to hear this. I -- I don't want to keep either of you in limbo any longer, so, uh...I've made my decision," Brady added, joining Theresa and Eve in the room.

Back in Mexico City, John and Paul sneaked into Mateo's compound and soon located Chloe's room, having forced helpful information out of a guard they had incapacitated earlier.

Chloe wasn't in the room, and there was fresh blood on one of the walls. As John and Paul were pondering the implications of the discovery, Mateo entered the room. "I've been expecting you," Mateo revealed.

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