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Will had a memory of Sonny. Lani went into early labor and lost her baby. Ciara called Hope but refused to return home. Kayla told Stefan about Ted's connection to Kate. Will stole the serum from the hospital. Victor agreed to hire Chad as CEO of Titan. Leo rejected a settlement. Kate confessed to Chad about her plan. Gabi returned home.
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Lani went into early labor and lost her baby
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Will receives some bad news Will receives some bad news

Monday, June 18, 2018

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Lani tried to assure J.J. that nothing was wrong with the baby -- and that there was no reason to contact Eli. "I already have one overprotective person [with me], and I don't need [another]," she insisted.

J.J. wanted to at least take Lani to the hospital for a checkup. She was willing to go but refused to let him drive her there, pointing out that she wasn't his responsibility anymore. However, as she stood to walk to her car, she doubled over in pain. "Okay, you know what -- that settles it," he said while offering her a shoulder to lean on, no longer willing to even consider letting her out of his sight. She didn't bother to argue with him again.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Eli determined where Ciara's cell phone had been at the time its battery had died -- Woodbury Road, a remote location on the outskirts of Salem that would take approximately thirty minutes to reach in a speeding car. Hope insisted on heading out there right away, despite Eli's protests about devoting the police department's limited resources to a search for a person who technically wasn't missing yet.

At the cabin, Ben wondered why Ciara didn't want him to find a way to get her back to her family members and friends. "I don't want to talk about it -- especially not with you," she insisted. "Fine," he replied before starting to leave again. Sighing, she reluctantly called him back and agreed to confide in him. "You wanted to know why I crashed my bike -- why I was racing out of town like that -- [and] it's because..." she began.

Ben was sorry to hear that, shortly before the crash, Ciara had caught her boyfriend in a compromising position with someone who was very close to her. "They denied [that they'd had sex], but it's not like it even matters; the point many times can I be taken advantage of? How many times can I let myself get hurt like that? [And] all I know is that if they find me, it'll be nothing but endless explanations and excuses and pity for poor, pathetic Ciara, and...God, I hate that!" she grumbled. She didn't expect him to understand, but he assured her that he did -- because he had gone through something quite similar a few years earlier.

"My doctor said [that], in that moment, I lost my grip on reality," Ben explained. "If you ever had it," Ciara countered. "Either way...I wouldn't recommend going down that route," Ben concluded. Scoffing, Ciara assured Ben that, while she was angry, she had not yet reached the point where she was ready to start killing people as a way of dealing with that anger.

"So, what are you going to do, then?" Ben asked. "I have no idea," Ciara admitted. "[Well], I know I'm the last person to say I have all the answers, but I know you can't let this fester. The hurt, the anger -- it'll get to you if you let it. [I mean], it almost killed you [already]. You need to let [it] go before it does. I know Tripp and Claire [hurt you], but you can't obsess over it," Ben advised.

"It's not just them; it's my whole life," Ciara vaguely clarified. "What do you mean?" Ben asked. "I don't know. All I know is...I want to break the cycle. I want a fresh start," Ciara replied, shrugging.

Ben admitted to Ciara that he wanted the same thing. She couldn't believe that he had actually expected to be able to make things right with his victims. "I had to try," he insisted, adding that, if nothing else, he was at least going to do what he could for her. "I'm gonna help you get well, [and] I'm not gonna tell anybody where you are, but if you decide you don't trust me, [and] you want to leave [and] take it upon yourself to try your own luck, I'm not gonna stop you," he assured her. "Believe me -- if I had anywhere else [to go], I would be there," she somewhat coldly replied.

"Good to know," Ben told Ciara before starting to rush off in search of pain medication, antibiotics, food, water, and a cell phone charger. She insisted that a cell phone charger wouldn't be necessary because she had no intention of changing her mind about staying off the grid. "Well, at the very least, we'll have to call a doctor [later]," he pointed out. "No doctors!" she demanded. "If that wound gets infected, I'm calling a doctor," he repeated with finality. "I saved your life, [so] now I'm responsible for you," he added. She grudgingly accepted his terms. "Hurry back," she urged him as he exited the cabin.

During a search of Woodbury Road, Hope, Rafe, and Eli discovered Ciara's motorcycle and helmet. Eli soon received a phone call from J.J., who was at the hospital with Lani. As Eli worriedly rushed back toward Salem to be with Lani, Rafe tried to keep Hope from panicking about what might have happened to Ciara. "I knew I never should have let her ride this bike," Hope grumbled, fighting back tears.

Rafe eventually noticed what looked like the print of a man's oil-soaked boot. "Someone found her," Hope nervously concluded, unsure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

At the hospital, Kayla received a phone call from Stefan. "I don't want you calling me," she quietly protested, even though she was in the privacy of her office. "I saw Kate having a meeting with a man in her hotel room at Salem Inn, and I heard her say that they can't be seen together," she reluctantly revealed. "I don't know who he was. I just know that Kate was definitely trying to hide something," she added.

Just then, Will knocked on Kayla's office door, which was slightly ajar. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked nervously as she turned off and put away her cell phone. "I just got here," he replied. "[But] I heard you [say] Kate was hiding something?" he curiously continued. "I did? Oh, oh, of course -- yes, I, um -- it was just matter," she hesitantly claimed, adding that she hated hospital politics.

"So, what can I help you with?" Kayla asked Will, eager to change the subject. "Well, um...the serum didn't work -- [I mean], I still feel exactly the same -- [so] I want to try again," he explained. "I'm tired of living in this darkness, you know? I want to remember who I was and who I am. I want to remember the people who love me and the people who I loved. I want my past back. [And] when Marlena administered the [drug] the first time, I was so sure it was gonna work. I felt it. I was right there. So, I think maybe just one more dose -- you know, if we try that again..." he excitedly continued.

Kayla apologetically informed Will that she couldn't help him. "But you have [another] vial of the serum, right?" he asked, confused. "I do, but...I can't give it to you. [See], the hospital [somehow] found out that we recreated the serum, and [the hospital's legal team has] demanded that we stop treatment [because it's] an unnecessary risk, [and] if anything were to go wrong, the hospital would be liable," she explained. "Okay, well, what if I sign a document or something that says I won't sue? Or what if I appear in front of the board? Or what if I administer it myself?" he offered, desperate to find a loophole. "I'm sorry," she repeated.

"I know how much you want this..." Kayla began to add. "I don't 'want' this; I need this," Will clarified. "Please. You must know what it's like to risk everything to get back something that you lost. I mean, what would you do to help Steve see again?" Will continued. "I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do," Kayla quietly maintained while staring guiltily at a framed photograph of Steve.

Meanwhile, Eli joined J.J. in Lani's room. Lani worriedly explained to Eli that she was in early labor and had been given drugs to hopefully stop her contractions. Kayla soon arrived to check on Lani -- and quickly determined that the drugs weren't working. "I don't want to take a chance with your condition, [so] it's time for us [to] deliver this baby," Kayla gently told Lani. "[But] she's only six months along!" Eli incredulously protested.

At the Martin mansion, Paul opened Will's door and greeted Sonny. "[Will] just left," Paul explained. "Actually, I need to talk to you about something, too," Sonny replied, stepping into Will's room.

Paul informed Sonny that Rolf's serum hadn't restored Will's memory. "Will must be so disappointed," Sonny guessed with a heavy sigh. "I can see that you are, too," Paul observed. Sonny assumed that Paul, on the other hand, was relieved, but Paul insisted that wasn't the case. "I believe in what [Will and I] have. If we belong together, then his getting his memory back -- it's not gonna change [that]," Paul reasoned.

Sonny conceded that Paul had a point. "For what it's worth, I want you to be happy, [too], Sonny," Paul stressed. "It's worth a lot," Sonny admitted before changing the subject, asking Paul to do a background check on Leo. "If it's too weird, I can find someone else..." Sonny began to offer. "I'm on it," Paul assured Sonny. "No matter what we all shared in the past, [Will and I are always] in your corner," Paul added.

Will soon returned and filled Paul and Sonny in on what had happened at the hospital. "I guess it's time for me to face the reality that I may never get my memory back," Will admitted with a sigh of defeat. Sonny turned away, scowling jealously as Paul comforted Will with a hug. Paul offered to take the day off, but Will insisted that wasn't necessary. Sonny listened uncomfortably as Paul gave Will a goodbye kiss.

After Paul left, Sonny asked for Will's help. "I'm sure you've seen that I've been getting crushed in the press with this sexual harassment story, [and] I'm tired of keeping quiet, [so] I'm ready to go public with my side, [and that's why] I want you to interview me for the Spectator," Sonny explained. "Did you talk to your dad about that?" Will asked. "No, 'cause it's not his decision to make," Sonny replied. "Which means you know he'd probably tell you not to do it," Will guessed, knowing that the interview could backfire. Sonny wasn't worried because Will was someone he knew he could trust -- and he had nothing to hide, anyway.

Paul went to the Horton Town Square to meet up with John, who was with Marlena. "How's Will?" Marlena asked hopefully. "Nothing's happened...[and] apparently the hospital board [isn't] allowing Kayla to release any more of the serum [to Will]," Paul apologetically reported. Sighing, Marlena wondered how Will was handling the blow. "[He's] being strong about it, but I know how disappointed he is," Paul replied.

Meanwhile, back at the Martin mansion, Will took notes as Sonny explained everything that Leo had done to set up the sexual harassment lawsuit. "I can't believe someone could be so calculating," Will mused at the end of Sonny's tale, adding that it seemed like Leo was really good at manipulating people. "Maybe...or maybe I just wanted to believe [that someone cared about me] so badly that I became vulnerable," Sonny replied.

"Because of me," Will regretfully concluded. Sonny insisted that Will wasn't to blame for what had happened. "Well, I mean, I think it's fair to say I'm a big part of the reason why you were vulnerable. I mean, I suddenly came back into your life, and then I left, and...I mean, I started a relationship with your fiancÚ, of all people," Will argued.

"Yeah, but you didn't remember what we had. I mean, you don't remember that we were married; you don't even remember that we were..." Sonny began to counter. "In love?" Will concluded. "[Look], it's not your fault, okay?" Sonny maintained. "[Well], I'm still sorry you have to go through all this," Will replied.

Sonny was quick to acknowledge that a lot of people -- including Will -- were in his corner. "So, I'm gonna be okay," Sonny assured Will. "You sure?" Will asked. "I'm good. Thanks," Sonny replied -- prompting Will to suddenly remember a previous time when Sonny had said those exact words. "What happened? You had a strange look on your face [just now]," Sonny observed.

"Um -- I don't... Did -- did I? Sorry, I don't... I, uh... It was nothing," Will stammered, confused. "I was just...thinking [that]...God, you've been through so much. You really have. You lost your husband -- twice. Sorry. I really -- I want things to work out for you," Will continued. "Thank you. Feels good to have you on my side," Sonny replied before seizing a hug from Will.

After Sonny left, Will remembered more of the previous conversation -- which had begun with a hug. "I'm good. Thanks, though. Just keep me in the loop with what you decide to tell your parents," Sonny had told Will during a conversation at Common Grounds, back when Will had just started accepting that he was gay. "That was a memory! Oh, my God -- that was a real memory!" Will excitedly realized.

Lani has emergency surgery Lani has emergency surgery

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

At Doug's Place, Doug told Julie that Hope would call with news about Ciara. Abe arrived with Valerie for dinner. Valerie asked Julie if she could hold a baby shower at the club. After checking the schedule, Julie noted that she did not have any openings soon. Valerie cheerfully reminded Julie that Lani was not due for three months. Valerie picked a date and promised to get back to Julie with the details.

"Planning this shower is just what we need right now," Doug said. "And our families doing this together means a lot to me," Abe added. Abe apologized to Doug for his behavior after Theo's shooting. With a shake of his head, Doug told Abe not to worry. Julie noted that even the best of friends had trouble, and she was excited to be a family with the new baby.

At the hospital, Lani pleaded with Kayla not to force her to have her baby. Lani refused to sign the consent forms for a C-section. J.J. and Eli asked Lani to reconsider, but Lani refused to accept that her baby was ready for delivery. Kayla informed Lani that she risked the life of her child if she did not go through with the operation.

"You're one of the strongest and brightest persons I've ever seen, but Lani, you're not Superwoman," J.J. said. Eli concurred. Reluctantly, Lani agreed to sign the forms. In tears, Lani gripped her stomach while Kayla rushed off to prepare for surgery. Eli coached Lani through her pain, and J.J. slipped out of the room. J.J. called Abe to tell him about Lani's surgery.

After preparing Lani for surgery, Kayla looked at the baby on an ultrasound. Kayla assured Lani that the baby's heartbeat was strong. J.J. crept back into the room and watched Kayla with Lani. Kayla took Eli aside and informed him that he would not be able to be in the delivery room. Smiling, Kayla added, "I'm sure you will be changing diapers like a pro."

J.J. told Lani that he had called her father and that he was on his way. Touched, Lani thanked J.J. for his help in getting her to the hospital. As Kayla wheeled Lani out of the room, Abe and Valerie arrived at the hospital. Abe encouraged Lani not to worry.

"I missed my chance to spoil you, but I'm going to make up for it with this baby," Abe said. Lani lamented that she had not purchased everything she needed for the baby yet. "I just hope this child makes you as proud as you make me," Abe whispered. Lani told her father that she loved him as Kayla wheeled her down the hallway.

Valerie calmed Eli. Noticing her son's nerves, Valerie offered to scrub in and watch the birth. Eli gratefully accepted the offer. After Valerie left, Abe and Eli stood wordlessly next to one another. With an awkward glance, J.J. left the hospital. Abe told Eli that he trusted Eli would not abandon his child. Eli firmly stated that he would be a part of his child's life, unlike his own father.

As Abe went to get coffee, Julie rushed in to support Eli. Doug arrived as Julie asked Eli about his living plans with Lani. With a shrug, Eli said that Lani had put off the discussion.

In surgery, Valerie complained about the cold. Kayla told Valerie that feeling cold was normal. Valerie arrived, and Lani exclaimed, "The more the merrier." Valerie informed Lani that the neonatologist was on the way. Kayla told Lani that they would make sure that the baby had skin-to-skin contact with her, to improve the child's chances at survival. Kayla informed Lani that her son, Joey, had been early like Lani's baby.

"I feel funny," Lani said. The nurse noted that Lani's blood pressure was dropping. Lani fell asleep and dreamed of walking through a hallway toward a bright light. Kayla's voice pleaded with Lani, "Stay with us." Lani dreamed that when Kayla had told Lani that she was pregnant, the baby had been J.J.'s child. Lani then imagined going through her pregnancy with J.J. at her side. In her dream, Lani and J.J. ran into Jennifer and Eric in the square. Jennifer happily told J.J. that she had bought the baby the same train that J.J. had bought for Thomas. J.J. told Jennifer that he was engaged to Lani.

In the hospital room, Kayla continued with the C-section, and she urged Lani to fight so that she could meet her baby. Valerie noted that Lani was losing a lot of blood. In her dream, Lani imagined a baby shower with J.J. Eli arrived at the shower and took Lani aside. Eli informed Lani that Gabi had learned about the affair, and he warned her to look out for Gabi. J.J. rushed over and told Lani that Gabi had called him. J.J. asked Lani if she had slept with Eli. Lani assured J.J. that he was the baby's father. Lani and Eli hurriedly told J.J. what had happened on Christmas Eve. J.J. forgave Lani.

While Lani dreamed of going into labor at her baby shower, in real life, Kayla hurried to remove the baby from Lani. In Lani's dream, she walked into a bright light as her heartbeat stopped. In the delivery room, Valerie leaped into action to restart Lani's heart.

J.J. walked to the pub. When Jennifer invited J.J. to join her, Eric, Chloe, and Lucas, J.J. told Jennifer that Lani was in early labor. After J.J. picked up food, Jennifer, Eric, Chloe, and Lucas accompanied him back to the hospital. When the group arrived, they offered Eli support. Eli asked for space.

"This family takes care of their own, whether they like it or not. Take it from me -- you'll grow to like it," Lucas said. Jennifer chimed in that they would return when Eli and Lani were ready. Lucas left the food behind, and they turned to leave. Eli called out and asked everyone to stay.

"I overreacted. Stay. You're right. I do want my child to be raised in a family like this," Eli said. Jennifer noticed J.J. in the corner. J.J. told his mother that he did not want to make Eli uncomfortable. Jennifer suggested that Lani would want J.J. to stay. Eli walked over and thanked J.J. for watching over Lani.

"You got her to sign the consent forms. You called her dad. You did everything that I should have done," Eli said. Eli asked J.J. to be a part of the baby's life.

Julie asked Eric to lead the group in a prayer. Eric was quick to note that he was no longer a priest, but Julie responded that Eric still knew a number or prayers. With a nod, Eric asked everyone to get in a circle and join hands. As Eric said a prayer, down the hall, Kayla and Valerie fought to save Lani and her baby in the operating room. Valerie did chest compressions to restart Lani's heart. At the conclusion of Eric's prayer, Kayla appeared. Kayla informed the group that they had almost lost Lani, but she had pulled through. Worried, Eli asked Kayla about the baby.

"We did everything we could, but the baby didn't make it. It was a little boy. I'm so sorry," Kayla said. "No. You said there was a 90% chance," Eli mumbled. Abe patted Eli on the back, and he asked Kayla if Lani knew about the baby. With a shake of her head, Kayla said that Lani was still unconscious.

In recovery, Valerie pushed aside Lani's hair as she slept. Valerie whispered, "You're all right now." Lani dreamed that J.J. told her that the baby had struggled. Panicked, Lani asked J.J. if her baby was okay. A nurse carried in a healthy baby boy. Elated, Lani held her baby. In the real world, Valerie held Lani's hand and kissed her forehead. Valerie looked over at a sheet of paper with the footprints of her grandson on it. In tears, Valerie left Lani alone to sleep.

Will confides in Marlena about a new memory Will confides in Marlena about a new memory

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

by Mike

Ciara was asleep when Ben returned to the cabin. After quietly setting aside two overstuffed bags of supplies and two jugs of water, he walked over to the bed to cover her with a blanket -- and inadvertently woke her in the process. Disoriented, she instinctively grabbed the knife and pointed it at him, demanding to know what he was doing. He quickly backed away, keeping his hands open and raised, and waited for her to get her bearings.

"I had to walk, like, ten miles to the nearest store, and when I got there, they were closed, [so] I hid out 'til they reopened," Ben told Ciara to explain why he had been gone for such a long time. "[I got] some acetaminophen for your leg; some bandages; food, of course; some gas for the generator; and, uh, a portable phone charger, just in case you decide you want to call home," he continued while unpacking the bags. She was reluctant to charge her cell phone, knowing that it could be traced once it was turned back on -- if anyone was even bothering to look for her. "Well, look, you have the charger. Use it, don't use it -- it's up to you," he assured her.

Ben made some pancakes for Ciara and convinced her to try them. She was surprised to discover that they were actually really good. He explained, when asked, that he had taught himself how to cook at the age of six, just so his mother would have one less thing to worry about every day. "My sister always said [my pancakes] were the best," he recalled with a smile.

Ciara told Ben that doughnuts had always been the popular thing in her family. "My great-grandmother had this amazing recipe, [and] when I was little, sometimes she would let me help her out," Ciara revealed between bites. "You mean she let you make a giant mess, [and then she] pretended it was all good?" Ben guessed. "Exactly," Ciara confirmed with a grin.

Changing the subject, Ben guessed that Hope was probably getting really worried about Ciara, who had been gone for more than 24 hours. "If my mom had it her way, she'd have you thrown right back into that mental hospital. I thought you'd be glad she's suffering," Ciara mused, clearly confused. "[Wait], is that why you brought me here -- [to] get revenge on my mom and all the other people in Salem that hate you?" Ciara asked. "Back in the day, that's exactly what I would have done...[and] I would have enjoyed it, [too] -- making people suffer," Ben admitted. "But that's not me anymore," Ben added.

Ciara couldn't decide if Ben was being sincere or if he was just trying to lull her into a false sense of security so it would be easier for him to eventually make her his next victim. "[If] you still think I'd hurt you [after everything I've done to help you, then] I don't think there's much more I can say to convince you [otherwise]...but I get it -- that feeling of just wanting to trust somebody so bad, and then you finally take the risk on them, and they just..." he mused before letting his voice trail off. "What?" she asked curiously. "Nothing. Never mind. It's dumb," he replied, sighing. "You can tell me," she assured him.

"I was just thinking about when me and my sister were little kids," Ben began. "We found this little stray kitten, and we took care of it for months -- we played with it, we fed it... We loved this cat. And then, one day, it went missing. [And] my dad said that we probably left the door open, and it ran away, but...Jordan and I knew we didn't. [And] then he says, 'You better go check the road!' And there it was -- dead, hit by a car. [And] he sees my sister and I crying -- two little kids, devastated -- and he starts laughing. He thought it was funny," he continued, shaking his head as he recalled the traumatic experience.

"Maybe that's why I am the way I am; maybe that's why I got pleasure out of people's pain," Ben mused. "[Because] I'll tell you one thing -- my dad may have been a sadistic jerk, but that man had power. He could make me feel exactly how he wanted me to feel, and he knew there was nothing I could do about it. [And] after that happened over and over again, I just decided that was it -- I didn't want to be a victim anymore. I wanted that power for myself," he continued, sighing as he fought back tears. "I didn't know any other way. I'm sorry. I am sorry," he stressed.

"[Anyway], I didn't tell you that story to make you feel bad for me," Ben told Ciara after regaining his composure. "I just wish someone could understand what made me this way. When a kid grows up just feeling worthless and powerless all the time, it..." he started to add before letting his voice trail off again. "Ciara, I have no desire to hurt you; I have no desire to hurt anyone. I'm not that monster anymore -- I swear to God," he concluded. "I'm not [a] monster, either," she replied. "I mean, I hate knowing that my mom is worried about me. I -- I'm just not ready to go back yet. Just thinking about seeing Claire and Tripp together..." she continued.

Nodding, Ben informed Ciara that, in addition to the other supplies he had picked up earlier, he had also gotten a burner phone for himself. "You can use it to call your mom [instead]. It can't be traced," he suggested.

At the police station, Rafe overheard Hope lashing out at Tripp in one of the conference rooms. Rafe intervened, and Hope quickly calmed down and apologized, admitting that Tripp didn't deserve to be blamed for whatever had happened to Ciara. Hope informed Tripp that Ciara had apparently been in an accident -- and that a man had apparently found her. Tripp assumed that was a good thing, but Hope allowed for the possibility that it wasn't.

After Tripp left, Hope noted that the FBI would want to get involved if Ciara really had been kidnapped. Rafe offered to contact the FBI, but Hope thought it might be better for Eli, who had more recent experience with the organization, to do that. Rafe reluctantly revealed that Eli wasn't going to be able to help out that day. Hope felt terrible for Eli and Lani, knowing what it was like to lose a child. "What if I lose [Ciara], too?" Hope fretted.

John and Marlena went to see Claire, who was starting to get really worried about Ciara. John soon made up an excuse to leave, sensing that Claire needed some time alone with Marlena.

"This is all my fault," Claire admitted to Marlena once the coast was clear. "I swear, if something happens to [Ciara], I don't know what I'm gonna do," Claire added, sighing.

Marlena wondered if Claire had gone after Tripp as a way of hurting Ciara. Claire allowed for the possibility that, on a subconscious level, that might have been a motivating factor. "You're the psychiatrist. What do you think?" Claire asked. Marlena agreed that it was certainly possible, especially since subconscious actions were often difficult to decipher. "But that's in the past. Now we've gotta focus on the future. [When Ciara comes home], you've gotta figure out a way to end this damaging competition between the two of you -- once and for all," Marlena stressed. "What if I don't get that chance? What if she never comes back?" Claire fretted.

At the Martin mansion, Paul finished reading the first draft of Will's article about Leo's sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny. "[This is] fantastic! [I mean], Sonny wanted you to get the truth out about what happened between him and Leo, and you did that perfectly -- [and] in such a powerful way!" Paul raved. "[And], Will, I am telling you, you captured Sonny perfectly -- [which is] really impressive for someone who doesn't [really] know Sonny...or [even] remember him at all," Paul continued, prompting Will to think about the memory that had resurfaced the previous night.

"You okay?" Paul asked curiously, noticing an odd expression on Will's face. "Yeah. Yeah, know, I just want to do a good job for Sonny," Will replied. "And I know the article needs to be objective, but if I can somehow show how outrageous these claims are, then, you know, the public reaction might put so much pressure on Leo that he has to drop the whole lawsuit," Will continued.

Paul vowed to keep digging into Leo's past in the meantime. "I have this feeling that this isn't the first time he's done something like this," Paul mused. "Oh, no. You know, it's crazy how some people are so desperate to -- to leave their past behind, you know, when I would do just about anything to get mine back...up to and including injecting myself with a formula made by a mad scientist," Will replied.

"Yeah. Well, I know that you're bummed that the serum didn't bring back your memories. Is that why you couldn't sleep last night?" Paul asked, pointing out that Will had tossed and turned the whole night. "I guess I just got a lot on my mind," Will replied with a sigh. "I mean, Gabi's still in prison, and Ari's having a really hard time, and if this, you know, lawsuit thing goes south for Sonny..." Will continued.

"Then Titan's gonna lose a lot of money," Paul acknowledged. "But, no matter what, Sonny will always be there for Ari, and we'll be there to support him and help in any way we possibly can," Paul continued. Nodding, Will thanked Paul for the reassurances. "You are so loyal and caring, and I'm so lucky to have you in my life," Will added before kissing Paul, who blindly set aside Will's tablet computer while responding to the kiss.

Claire was alone when Tripp returned home to get more missing-person fliers. He told her about what he had learned at the police station. They decided to go to the crash site and post some fliers there.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe tried to assure Hope that everything was going to be okay. Hope's cell phone soon rang. "No I.D.," Hope curiously noted before taking the call. "Mom? It''s me," Ciara began.

Chad went to the Kiriakis mansion to check on Sonny, who appreciated the gesture of friendship and confirmed, when asked, that the sexual harassment lawsuit was still a big problem. Eager to talk about something else, Sonny thanked Chad for having managed to convince Ben to leave Salem. "[Well, I tried, but] who knows with that psychopath. [I mean], maybe I should have done more," Chad admitted with a shrug.

Chad pointed out that Stefano would have made Ben disappear -- permanently. "Yeah, but you're not Stefano, and that's a good thing," Sonny insisted. "Is it?" Chad asked skeptically.

"Maybe if I were more like my father, then we wouldn't be going through all this -- [and] I'm not just talking about Ben; I'm talking about everything. I'm talking about Stefan, I'm talking about the company... I mean, my wife wouldn't be a thousand miles away, getting psychiatric help; she'd be here, with me and our son, like she's supposed to be... [And] Gabi's still in prison, Theo was shot, Andre's dead... I mean, everybody that I love has been affected [by my decision to be a better man than my father was], and I'm that pisses me off. And I'm not gonna let that son of a bitch [Stefan] get away with it," Chad continued.

"What are you gonna do?" Sonny asked curiously. "I don't know. What would my father be willing to do?" Chad replied, shrugging again.

Chad soon changed the subject, wanting to instead focus on Sonny's problems for a while. Sonny admitted that, although Will and Paul were both trying to discredit Leo, Titan was going to remain in crisis mode until the sexual harassment lawsuit went away. Chad advised Sonny to get a strong leader in place at Titan as soon as possible to prevent someone like Stefan from swooping in and seizing control of the company.

Sonny couldn't think of anyone to assume the role of CEO, since Justin was too busy fighting the lawsuit to take on that kind of responsibility, and neither Brady nor Philip was interested in the position. "What about somebody outside the family?" Chad asked. "The only way that would work is if we found someone who understands who we are [and] what we want..." Sonny began. "What about me?" Chad suggested.

At the Martin mansion, Will and Paul showered and dressed -- just in time for a visit from Marlena, who wanted to see how Will was handling the fact that Rolf's serum hadn't worked. "I take it there's been no change? You [still] haven't had any memories?" Marlena asked. "Um...well, you know, I haven't had any coffee yet, so I don't know what day of the week it is, let alone what memories I may or may not have," Will evasively joked.

"Still nothing," Paul translated for Marlena before rushing off to the Brady Pub to meet up with John. "Is what Paul said true? You haven't had any memories?" Marlena asked Will once the coast was clear. "Well, um...actually, I may have remembered something...about Sonny," Will admitted before proceeding to tell Marlena about what had happened the previous night.

"It felt like a real memory from my past -- from back when I was first starting to fall in love with Sonny," Will concluded. Nodding, Marlena guessed that Will hadn't told Paul about the memory. "No, not yet," Will admitted with a sigh of guilt. "But, I mean, they're just two, you know, really...fuzzy, brief memories," Will added. "But...I -- I really think they were real...[which means] maybe the serum is working," Will excitedly concluded.

Will still wanted to take another dose of the serum, but Marlena confirmed Kayla's claim that the hospital board wasn't going to allow that. "In fact, they're forcing [her] to destroy the other vial [that has already been created]," Marlena reported. "That's insane! Why can't they give it to me?" Will asked incredulously. "Grandma, now that I've gotten a glimpse of my past, I have to see all of it -- [and] I'm not gonna stop until I do," Will added.

Marlena understood Will's frustration but insisted that he needed to be patient and give the initial dose of the serum more time to work its magic. "I's not gonna be easy, but I -- I will try," Will eventually told Marlena.

At the Brady Pub, John and Paul compared notes on Leo's past. Paul confirmed, when asked, that Rolf's serum still hadn't had any sort of effect on Will. "To be honest...I'm relieved. [I mean], I know Will loves me, but if he remembers how he felt about Sonny, that could change everything," Paul admitted to John before rushing off.

Back at the Martin mansion, Marlena said goodbye to Will. As soon as the coast was clear, Will dialed the hospital's phone number and asked the operator for Kayla's extension. The operator revealed that Kayla was going to be out of the office for a while. Will declined to leave a message for Kayla.

When Paul returned to Will's room a short time later, Will was gone. A note had been left on the desk: "Not sure when I'll be home. Catch you later."

At the hospital, Will emerged from Kayla's office and casually boarded an elevator, holding the second vial of serum in his closed right hand.

Chad pitches a radical idea to Victor Chad pitches a radical idea to Victor

Thursday, June 21, 2018

by Mike

Hope was relieved to hear from Ciara -- but also devastated to learn that Ciara had no intention of returning home anytime soon. "[And] don't bother trying to trace this phone, [because] it's a burner," Ciara advised Hope.

Hope desperately tried to change Ciara's mind. "[At least] tell me where you are [so I can see for myself] that you're fine -- that you're all right," Hope begged. "But I'm not, Mom! God, I'm not all right -- not since what happened with Chase," Ciara replied. "I don't know what to do, and I don't know what I want, [so] I just need some time to figure it [all] out," Ciara continued, fighting back tears.

Hope, also on the verge of tears, looked to Rafe for help. Rafe took Hope's cell phone and began talking to Ciara, who remained determined to stay hidden for the time being.

"Is there someone there with you right now?" Rafe eventually asked Ciara, hearing movements in the background. "We found a man's boot print near where you crashed. [Is that man] holding you hostage?" Hope worriedly added after reclaiming her cell phone. "No, Mom, it's not like that at all. He, uh -- he didn't hurt me; he helped me. [In fact], he may have saved my life," Ciara clarified. "[Anyway], look, I'm sorry, Mom, [but] I just -- I need some time. [But] you don't have to be worried about me, okay? I promise. Just know that I'm okay, and...and that I love you," Ciara added before ending the call.

"Ciara!" Hope repeatedly shouted in vain, not yet ready for the conversation to end. "She hung up," Hope eventually told Rafe before breaking down.

Rafe tried to get Hope to focus on the positive aspects of the phone conversation, which had confirmed that Ciara was alive and well, but Hope remained concerned. "We've gotta find [Ciara]! She's vulnerable, she's hurt, she's with a man she doesn't know... What if she thinks she can trust him, [and he's actually] a bad guy? What...if... What if?" Hope fretted.

Meanwhile, Ben, who had been going in and out of the cabin the whole time that Ciara had been talking to her mother, reentered it again and saw that she had ended the call and was resting. He removed his dirty shirt then realized, while putting on a clean one, that she was actually awake. "I didn't mean to, like, make you feel uncomfortable or..." he apologetically began, taking a seat at her bedside. "You didn't," she assured him.

"I was trying to get all the soot off the cabin. There's so much of it from back when I..." Ben started to explain to Ciara before letting his voice trail off. "Set it on fire?" she concluded for him. "Yeah," he confirmed with a sigh.

"[Anyway], I thought maybe I could try to clean it off a little bit, but all that happened [was that I] got covered in dirt. No matter how much I scrub, the walls are still burned. I don't know why I thought I could clean it off," Ben admitted with a chuckle of embarrassment. "I do," Ciara replied. "Every morning, you wake up, and you think of all the ways you could have changed things -- 'if only I had done this, or if only I had done that, it wouldn't have happened' -- [but] the truth is, no matter how much you wish that you could change what happened, you can't, [so] the best thing you can do is just accept it and try to find a way to move on," Ciara continued, shrugging.

Ciara hesitantly reached for Ben's face, intending to wipe away some of the soot, but he turned away from her and walked over to a side table at the other end of the cabin, where he began filling two mugs with water. When he turned to face her again, he saw that she was asleep. "You're safe here, Ciara. No one will hurt you here," he quietly promised, taking a seat at her bedside again.

Justin met with Leo's attorney, Ted, at Doug's Place, armed with a settlement offer. "I'll take it to my client, but I'm pretty certain it will be rejected," Ted predicted. Confused, Justin insisted that the offer was actually quite fair. "There's an ample quantity of words, Mr. Kiriakis, but the dollar amount is a lot less than what we're looking for," Ted replied. Justin scoffed and concluded that, in other words, Leo and Ted were planning a shakedown. Ted preferred to think of it as a heroic attempt to send a very clear message to all the Sonnys of the world. "My son is innocent!" Justin angrily stressed. "[Then] why is he so willing to settle?" Ted countered.

"[Sonny] would fight like hell if this was just about him and his reputation, but it's not; it's also about Titan, which is why Victor made [the decision to settle -- because] he always looks out for the best interests of the company [above all else]," Justin clarified. "[Then] tell your uncle that if he wants to settle this matter [quickly], he's gonna have to up the ante," Ted replied before starting to walk away.

"Who put you up to this?" Justin asked, stopping Ted. "You know exactly who engages my services -- my client, Leo Stark," Ted replied. "That's not what I asked," Justin countered.

"What I want to know is...who has an axe to grind against my family? Who wants to see Titan fail? Tell me about the woman who put you up to this," Justin continued, prompting Ted to feign ignorance. "Don't be coy, Ted. I know Vivian Alamain approached Leo," Justin pointed out. "And [Leo] turned her down," Ted replied. "Right. And he couldn't possibly be lying -- an honest fellow like Leo," Justin skeptically countered. "Isn't Vivian Alamain dead?" Ted asked. "She could have put this whole thing in motion before her untimely demise," Justin reasoned. "[If only we could] bring her back and ask her..." Ted sarcastically mused before leaving.

At the Salem Inn, Kayla, who was snooping through Kate's room, suddenly sensed someone's presence. Kayla turned around and found Kate standing in the doorway, watching curiously.

"Oh, don't stop on my account," Kate said, joining Kayla in the room. "Sorry. [I was just looking for a pen so we could] sign the, um -- the budget addendum that we had agreed upon at the last, uh, board meeting," Kayla stammered while producing a document. "[And] I could have waited in the hall, but, um, the door was wide open, and, I mean, obviously the housekeeper was [just] here, and, you know, I was just trying to be efficient, because the sooner [this is] signed, the sooner we all get paid," Kayla concluded before handing the document to Kate, who quickly signed and returned it. Kayla thanked Kate then started to rush off.

"Did you ever speak to Stefan about that bionic eye for Patch?" Kate asked, stopping Kayla. "Steve didn't want me to," Kayla replied. "Sometimes the men in our lives just don't know what's good for them," Kate mused with a sigh. Kayla seized the opportunity to casually probe for the identity of the man in Kate's life, but Kate responded with a long list of men, past and present, who had ignored her advice at one time or another and had later suffered the consequences of that mistake, including Stefano, Andre, and each of her sons. "Men are such proud creatures," Kate concluded with a shake of the head. Kayla agreed then left.

Seconds later, Ted knocked on Kate's door. "You know that we can't be seen together!" she irritably reminded him. "Who would see us?" he asked, confused. "I'll get into that later," she replied before changing the subject, demanding to know the reason for his unexpected visit. "I'm afraid we have a little bit of a mess on our hands," he admitted with a sigh.

"I just came from a meeting with Justin, [and] he suspects Leo has a benefactor," Ted revealed, horrifying Kate. "Relax, Kate -- he thinks it's Vivian," Ted clarified. "Oh, thank God for small favors," Kate declared, breathing a sigh of relief. Ted showed Kate the settlement offer and assured her that he had already taken the liberty of rejecting it.

"[The Kiriakis clan's] clearly running scared," Ted mused. "Well, of course they are; their stock went down another ten percent today, and that's only a drop in the bucket," Kate happily replied. "[I'm sure Victor wants] to sweep the whole matter under the rug and rebuild the company, but little does he know that I'm gonna drag it out until their shares hit rock bottom," Kate continued. "So you can buy them at bargain price and take over his company," Ted guessed. Kate confirmed the suspicion with a nod. "Why don't we celebrate a little early?" Ted suggested, leaning in to kiss Kate.

Kate pushed Ted away and slapped him. "What was that?" he asked, confused. "[You know], this is highly ironic -- [that] we're in the middle of a sexual harassment suit, and you force yourself on me," she snapped in response. "It was just a kiss!" he incredulously protested. "[And besides], you're my boss, not the other way around, [so] you have the power...and I'm pretty certain that is the dynamic you have with every man you've ever been with," he continued, adding, for the record, that he was fine with that. "[Yeah, well], I have no interest in fulfilling [your] tawdry little fantasy," she countered.

Undeterred, Ted continued trying to charm Kate, making it clear that he admired the fact that she was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted out of life. She wasn't impressed. "Let me make something very clear to you, Ted -- my attention is focused on one thing and one thing only, and that's acquiring Titan, because once I have that power [and] can use it to my advantage, I never have to fear any man again," she stressed. He assured her that she had nothing to fear from him, but she maintained that flattery would get him nowhere with her. "Fair enough. We'll keep it a professional relationship...for the time being," he replied before leaving.

Steve bumped into someone while passing through Horton Town Square -- and realized, while apologizing to the person, that it was Stefan. Steve couldn't resist the opportunity to lash out at Stefan on Abigail's behalf, but Stefan was quick to suggest that Steve might want to be a bit more respectful to the person who was in control of Visionary Bionics. "I would rather stay blind for the rest of my life than be indebted to you," Steve spat.

"Does your wife feel the same way?" Stefan asked. "My wife knows exactly the kind of pain you inflicted on her niece, and she would never ask for anything from a man like you," Steve insisted. "[Your wife may hate me, but] she certainly loves you -- I mean, I could be blind and see that -- [and] isn't it true that we tend to do things that we wouldn't ordinarily do for the people that we love?" Stefan countered. Steve impatiently urged Stefan to get to the point. "My point is that maybe you should swallow your pride and ask for what you need so you can look into Kayla's eyes again and see how lucky you are," Stefan concluded.

"I don't need you or anybody else to tell me that!" Steve snapped. "And I think Kayla would be fine with me speaking for both of us [and saying that] we don't want anything to do with you, or any help you have to offer, [because] you're scum!" Steve continued, shoving Stefan. Kayla soon arrived and wondered what was going on. "Kayla! Lovely to see you! [Steve] was just telling me [that you'd never want anything] to do with me, even if it meant he never got his sight back," Stefan explained, smirking at Kayla. "[Right], because we know that, in the end, [your] motives would be self-serving and most likely malicious," Kayla replied, glaring at Stefan.

Stefan soon walked away -- but didn't go very far. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla claimed a table. Steve soon heard Kayla's cell phone chiming. Kayla again glared at Stefan, who was standing in the doorway of a nearby store, delighting in sending her teasingly complimentary text messages about her earlier performance. "[Someone] must be pretty desperate to talk to you," Steve curiously observed. "It's Seth Burns," Kayla claimed, annoyed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor overheard Chad making a sales pitch to Sonny. Scoffing, Victor insisted that Titan would never appoint a DiMera, of all people, as its CEO. "I understand that you have your reservations, but if you just give me a minute to make my case --" Chad began. Interrupting, Victor dismissively declared that Chad had no case to make. "Your stock has [already] fallen fifty percent, [and] it's gonna continue to fall. You have a problem," Chad stressed, undeterred. "[Only] because Stark's lawsuit has taken up all the news cycles. We'll have a new story as soon as that little weasel accepts the settlement we've offered," Victor confidently countered.

Stunned, Sonny protested that Victor couldn't settle because that would be like admitting guilt. "Your point?" Victor asked. "My point is that I'm not guilty!" Sonny stressed. "And this is not [just] about my reputation; it's about Titan's, too. If we settle this case, [everyone] is gonna think they can just come after us, and we're gonna give them a huge settlement," Sonny continued as Victor's cell phone chimed.

"It's your father," Victor told Sonny while reading a text message. "You got your wish," Victor added with a sigh. Sonny was relieved to hear that Leo had turned down the settlement offer, but Victor didn't share Sonny's excitement. "[Now] we're in for a fight...and whether we win or lose is gonna determine the outcome of Titan," Victor grumbled. "That's why you need to hire me," Chad, who had been listening quietly, told Victor.

"Look, Titan's fighting for survival. You've taken hits, [and now] it's time to strike back," Chad reasoned. "No question...but putting a DiMera in as CEO is like putting a fox in the henhouse. We'd be giving away all our trade secrets to the enemy," Victor dismissively replied. "Yeah, but you'll be getting your enemy's trade secrets in return," Chad countered, promising to tell Victor everything there was to know about DiMera Enterprises.

"So, I'm to believe you'd turn your back on your family, just like that?" Victor asked skeptically. "[Stefan's] not my family; he's my enemy," Chad stressed. "[And] after what happened with Deimos, [Victor], you, more than anybody, can understand that dynamic. Stefan made me turn my back on DiMera, and now it's my mission to destroy him and it -- [which is] something you've wanted to do for a very long time, [so] why don't you let me help you [do it]?" Chad continued. Victor wondered if Chad was truly ready to put a knife in a family member's back -- something even Victor had ultimately chosen not to do to Deimos.

Chad was quick to clarify that Stefan was the one who had started the war. "[But] I'm gonna finish it," Chad vowed. "So, you want to use Titan as a weapon," Victor summarized. "Forget it. Find someone else to play Cain and Abel with you," Victor added after thinking about the matter for a few seconds. Sonny started to protest, but Chad quickly interrupted, not yet ready to give up. "I assure you that [this] relationship [would] be mutually beneficial. [I mean], I'm not just some kid off the street; I was CEO of DiMera," Chad pointed out. "And it sank like a stone with you at the helm," Victor dismissively countered, still not convinced.

Chad explained to Victor that Stefan had orchestrated all of that. "That's business," Victor argued. "With all due respect, that is not business, no. Stefan's sabotage led to Andre's death. He framed our friend Gabi [and] put her in prison. And he raped my wife. This is not business; this is personal," Chad countered. "So, you bring your brother to his knees..." Victor began. "And we resurrect Titan," Chad added.

"Then what? Do you see yourself as CEO in perpetuity?" Victor wondered. "After I take down Stefan, I leave, [and] Sonny's in charge of Titan then," Chad promised. Sonny thought that offer proved just how serious Chad was about wanting revenge more than anything else. "[Look], I'm taking Stefan down, one way or another. Either Titan benefits from DiMera's fall or not -- it's up to you, Victor," Chad concluded with a shrug.

While passing through the town square, Justin spotted Steve and Kayla, who were both curious to know how the sexual harassment lawsuit was going. "We're fighting [the] ridiculous charges made by Stark, but his sleazy lawyer is refusing to cooperate. The guy's a real piece of work," Justin reported. "Sounds like someone I wouldn't want to face in court," Ted pointedly noted while strolling past Justin, Steve, and Kayla.

"That was the attorney?" Kayla asked curiously. "It was...but if you ask me, there's more to this than just a sexual harassment case. I think there's someone else who's pulling the strings," Justin replied.

After Justin left, Kayla stepped aside and contacted Stefan, keeping an eye on Steve the whole time. "Calling to apologize?" Stefan guessed. "No, I'm calling to give you what you want," Kayla quietly replied.

Justin went to the police station to see Rafe, who reported, when asked, that Ciara had finally been in contact with Hope but wasn't willing to return home yet. "Hope can't be too happy about that," Justin guessed before changing the subject. "I just heard from the warden. I have some news about Gabi," Justin began to inform Rafe.

Chad went to the Salem Inn to see Kate, who was stunned when he revealed that he had just been named Titan's newest CEO. Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny assured Victor that forming an alliance with Chad had been the right move to make. Victor remained skeptical but admitted with a sigh, "I'd sell my soul to the devil to save Titan -- and this family's legacy."

Kate confesses to Chad Kate confesses to Chad

Friday, June 22, 2018

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny told Maggie that Victor had hired Chad as the new CEO. Sonny said he believed Chad would be a good CEO for Titan. Maggie agreed. With a smile, Maggie added that Chad was still a DiMera. Sonny argued that the biggest priority was to stabilize the company, and he said he believed Chad could handle the stabilization.

"Well, one thing is for sure. There are no shortages of surprises in this house," Maggie said. "So, what's one more?" Gabi said from the doorway. Sonny jumped to his feet and hugged Gabi. Sonny told Gabi he was thrilled that she was home. Gabi informed Sonny that prison officials had determined that Wanda had killed Dianne, which had cleared Gabi's name. Maggie rushed upstairs to get Arianna for Gabi.

Sonny asked Gabi how she was "really doing." Gabi admitted that she was exhausted but still angry. Gabi said she could not forget that Stefan had framed her for Andre's murder. "I hate him. I hate Stefan with every fiber of my being," Gabi complained. Sonny advised Gabi that Chad felt the same way.

"For all the things that Stefan supposedly did to Abigail," Gabi said. Gabi argued that Abigail had put her in prison. Sonny reminded Gabi that Abigail had not been in her right mind, but Gabi shook her head dismissively. Maggie returned with Arianna. When Arianna saw her mother, she stared daggers.

"No, mommy. I hate you," Arianna said sullenly. Sonny scolded Arianna, but Gabi stopped him. Gabi kneeled beside her daughter and assured her that she would never leave her again. "Liar. I don't believe anything you say," Arianna said. Upset, Arianna ran upstairs. Maggie chased after Arianna while Gabi choked back tears.

"My little girl hates me," Gabi lamented. Sonny urged Gabi to go out to eat and let him talk to Arianna. As Gabi turned to leave, Sonny apologized. "It's not your fault. Or Will's," Gabi said. Under her breath, Gabi said to herself, "But it is someone's fault. And he is going to pay."

Chad went to Kate's apartment and informed her that he was the new CEO of Titan. In disbelief, Kate shouted, "You can't be serious. Victor would never let a DiMera head his company!" When Chad confirmed he was serious, Kate warned him not to take the job. Chad asked why.

"In one word: loyalty," Kate said. Chad laughed. Kate argued that Titan was the biggest competitor to DiMera Enterprises. With a shake of his head, Chad said his only desire was to defeat Stefan. Kate continued to argue against working for the enemy, but Chad was adamant that his plan was sound. Kate warned Chad that Leo's lawsuit against Titan could destroy the company.

"Sonny didn't do it. And believe me, I'm going to find a way to deal with this lying, deceitful little gold-digging Leo. And when I do, I'm going to destroy him and anyone else who is working for him," Chad said. "Leo is working for me. I orchestrated the lawsuit. The sexual harassment suit against Titan," Kate confessed. Chad was furious that Kate had humiliated Sonny.

"It was Vivian's idea," Kate blurted out. Kate explained Vivian's plan. With a smirk, Kate added that Vivian had asked her to partner up on the scheme, which had led to the argument before Vivian's death. Chad reminded Kate that Sonny had been a part of Kate's family. Furious, Chad said he was going to tell Sonny. Kate stopped Chad. Kate explained that her scheme was a means to return the company to Chad. Kate stressed that she was not Chad's enemy.

"This is your opportunity to decimate [Stefan]," Kate said. Chad refused to hurt Sonny's reputation. Kate warned Chad that if he told Sonny the truth, Sonny would be reinstated at Titan, and Chad would be unemployed. Chad reiterated that he would not betray his best friend. Kate pulled Stefano's ring out of her pocket.

"Stefan would do it. And so would Stefano. And never forget that you are your father's son," Kate said. Kate told Chad that the ring was his birthright because Stefano had chosen Chad to run the company. Kate urged Chad to "do what needs to be done." When Chad asked about Sonny, Kate said she would make the lawsuit go away if Chad used Titan to go after Stefan. "You need to take this ring, put it on your finger, and be the man you were meant to be," Kate said.

As Kate held out the ring and urged Chad to embrace his destiny, Chad's cell phone rang with a call from Sonny. Chad ignored the call. Chad took the ring and placed it on his finger. Kate smiled.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan told someone on the phone that he hoped he had enough information to bury Kate permanently. Brady and Eve overheard the end of Stefan's call as they walked into the living room. Eve noted that as Stefan's new business partners, they had a right to know what he had been talking about. Stefan said he did not believe Kate had killed Vivian in self-defense. Brady argued that he did not think murdering Kate would be good for business.

"I know that neither of you liked my mother, but I happened to love her very much, and Kate murdered her in cold blood, so there you have it," Stefan said. Eve and Brady told Stefan that they hoped he found justice. Stefan encouraged Eve and Brady to look at the paperwork for the Bella deal. When Eve and Brady read through the papers, they scowled. Eve noted that the terms were not what they had discussed. Eve refused to sell her company to DiMera Enterprises.

"I should have known you'd pull something like this," Brady growled. Stefan told Brady that working for Victor's enemy was the perfect way to get back at Victor. "These are my terms. Take it or leave it," Stefan said. Eve asked for a moment of privacy with Brady.

Once Stefan had left the room, Eve warned Brady that Stefan was underhanded. Brady countered that selling to Stefan was a good way to hurt Victor and build the company however they wanted. Brady added that they would be free of Theresa. After talking to Brady, Eve told Stefan that the deal was off. Stefan stressed that the deal was good. Eve argued that she had no intention of signing papers without consulting her attorney. Brady escorted Eve out of the mansion. Once alone, Stefan talked to his father's portrait.

"You'd be proud of me, father. I'm building a new power base here at DiMera so I can run the company exactly the way you'd want me to, but a strong foundation will be key because my brother Chad just doesn't share our vision. In fact, he is probably coming after me with everything he's got," Stefan said. "He's not the only one," Gabi said from the doorway. Stefan chuckled.

In his apartment, J.J. complained to Theresa about the mess she had left in the bathroom. When Theresa pointed out J.J.'s rotten mood, J.J. remained quiet. Theresa apologized for taking advantage of J.J.'s hospitality. When Theresa asked J.J. where he had spent the night, a solemn J.J. told Theresa that Lani had lost her baby. J.J. said he felt guilty, but Theresa reminded J.J. that he had not made Lani ill.

"I knew she was supposed to avoid stress, and I still laid this huge guilt trip on her. I basically told her that the baby would be a constant reminder of her lies. It's like I willed this to happen," J.J. said. Theresa argued that the situation was not J.J.'s fault. With a sigh, J.J. said he was worried about Lani's reaction to the news about her child. Theresa told J.J. that he had done all he could have done to help Lani, and Theresa believed that J.J. was a good man.

Theresa apologized to J.J. for her complaints about Brady while J.J. had been struggling with something so upsetting. With a shrug, J.J. said he understood why Theresa was preoccupied. J.J. told Theresa he was sorry that things had not worked out with Brady. "It's not over, and I've got a big surprise in store for Brady and Eve," Theresa said.

At Eve and Brady's apartment, Brady opened an envelope from the front desk. Brady announced that Theresa was suing him for full custody of Tate. Eve's mouth dropped open in shock.

At the hospital, a heartbroken Eli thanked Valerie for helping Lani. Eli told Valerie that having her support was a huge help. As he choked back tears, Eli worried aloud that no one had told Lani about the baby yet. Eli said he did not know what to do next. Valerie encouraged Eli to take things one step at a time. Valerie reminded Eli that Lani was surrounded by loved ones and would be fine. "I lost Gabi. I lost my dad. My baby. I lost everything," Eli said quietly.

In her hospital room, Lani stirred awake. Abe was at her side. "Thank God you've opened those beautiful eyes," Abe said. Worried, Lani asked Abe why he looked so sad. Abe told Lani she had almost died, and he was glad she was okay. "Last night? I was in labor. Where's the baby?" Lani asked in confusion.

"Dad, please. I need to see the baby. Dad, please!" Lani cried out. Abe kissed Lani's forehead and promised he would be right back. Abe went into the hallway and told Eli and Valerie that Lani was awake. Abe said that Lani had asked about the baby, but he had not known whether it was safe to tell her. Valerie offered to talk to Lani. Grateful, Abe accepted. Eli interrupted to say that he should be the one to tell Lani about their baby. Abe nodded.

"Lani allowed me to be a part of this baby's life. We're partners and a team. I made a promise to Lani that I would be there for her. She is going to need all of us, but at this moment, it has to be me," Eli said. Valerie hugged her son, and Abe patted Eli on the shoulder. With a sigh, Eli walked toward Lani's room.

"We lost our grandchild last night, and as much as my heart breaks over what we lost..." Valerie said. "It aches even more for our children," Abe finished. Abe looked over at Eli as he walked into Lani's room. Lani asked Eli about their baby.

"A boy. It was a boy," Eli said. "Was?" Lani asked. Lani broke down in tears as Eli told her that there had been complications during the delivery. "Our baby didn't make it. He's gone," Eli said. Eli hugged Lani as she sobbed. Lani demanded to see her son.

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