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Eve told Jennifer about why Nicole had left Salem. Eric proposed to Jennifer, and she accepted, even though she did not tell Eric the truth about Nicole. Brady and Eric made peace. Marlena worried that she had not heard from Sami. Ciara and Ben continued to bond. Gabi confessed to Kate that she had changed the paternity test results. Chad struggled to accept that Abigail was carrying Stefan's baby. Brady confronted Victor about the drugs.
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Jennifer confronts Victor and Eve Jennifer confronts Victor and Eve

Monday, July 30, 2018

by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Hope and Rafe discussed what had happened earlier. "Sworn to protect and serve...and I just stood by [and] watched Eve attack Ben," Hope mused with a shake of the head. Rafe thought it was perfectly understandable that Hope had hesitated, but she disagreed. "I let my emotions get the best of me, and there is no place for that in this job," she acknowledged.

Despite feeling guilty about the incident, Hope remained convinced that Ben was a threat. She feared, in fact, that getting assaulted might have been just the push he had needed to trigger his next act of violence.

Needing peace of mind, Hope dialed Ciara's cell phone number. "You can take that if it's important," Ben told Ciara, who insisted it wasn't. Ciara sent the call to voicemail then quickly composed a text message for Hope: "I'm fine. Please stop worrying!" Hope showed Rafe the text message and concluded with a sigh that Ciara was getting sick of having an overprotective mother. Hope considered getting Abigail to talk to Ciara about how dangerous Ben was, but Rafe doubted that would make a difference. Hope grudgingly agreed that Ciara would probably continue to defend Ben until presented with definitive proof that he was up to his old tricks again.

Ciara wondered how Ben had managed to find her. "Well, at the cabin, you mentioned the loft [apartments] on Fifth Street -- on the south side by the square. Remember? [And] it took me a while, but I found your name on the mailbox, [along with] Tripp and Claire's, [and] now I'm here," he explained with a shrug. "This isn't, like, a stalker thing, I -- I promise. I just want to talk," he quickly added.

Nodding, Ciara hesitantly stepped aside to let Ben in -- and soon noticed the scratches on his face. "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed," he claimed. "Well, I'm glad you found a place to stay," she replied.

Changing the subject, Ben explained to Ciara that he had stopped by simply to let her know that he had already started filling out job applications and was hopeful that he would soon be able to start paying her back for his legal fees. "Because people are super excited to hire a serial killer," she sarcastically replied. Chuckling, he optimistically reasoned, "Hey, somebody must be willing to give me a second chance in this town, [like] you did." Just then, a frying pan hit the side of his face, knocking him to the floor. Ciara stared in shock at his motionless body.

"Why [did] you do that?" Ciara asked Claire, who had stepped into the kitchen seconds earlier to get something to eat. "Uh, I'm trying to save you," Claire replied, as if the answer should have been obvious. "[He's] here to finish you off," Claire continued while dialing Hope's cell phone number. "You can't call anyone, Claire! Ben wasn't trying to hurt me!" Ciara insisted while kneeling to check on Ben. "Help me get him to the couch," Ciara requested. Claire refused, coldly stating, "As far as I'm concerned, he can stay [right there on the floor] -- or better yet, [he] can go to jail!"

"You are the one who could go to jail! You just assaulted him!" Ciara countered. Sighing, Claire reluctantly helped Ciara move Ben to the couch -- but didn't bother to set her end of his body down gently.

"You know, you could show a little compassion," Ciara told Claire while placing a pillow under Ben's head. Claire disgustedly argued that Ben was already getting more than enough compassion from Ciara. "What are you gonna do next -- [give him matches to] set the couch on fire?" Claire asked incredulously as Ben regained consciousness. "Great, he's awake -- now we can throw him out on his ass," Claire added.

"Get him some ice," Ciara requested. Claire, who felt dirty for having helped Ben earlier, again refused to be nice to a serial killer, of all people. "You could totally press charges for assault, you know," Ciara helpfully informed Ben before shooting Claire a mischievous grin. Sighing again, Claire reluctantly began making an ice pack for Ben, who declined to go to the hospital. "No health insurance. Don't think anybody [would] want to treat me, anyway," Ben groggily explained. "Well, at least he's not stupid..." Claire interjected. Annoyed, Ciara admonished Claire, who unapologetically reasoned that being rude to Ben might make him leave.

Ben stood and started to walk toward the apartment door, agreeing that it would probably be best for him to leave. He soon stumbled and collapsed onto a nearby chair.

Unmoved, Claire maintained that Ben needed to leave immediately. "He is a murderer!" Claire reminded Ciara while grudgingly handing over the ice pack. "And assaulter!" Ciara hesitantly countered, having needed a moment to think of the appropriate retort. "You know, you really should [press charges]," Ciara advised Ben. "No charges," Ben insisted.

"I get why you hit me," Ben assured Claire. "Good -- then you also get why you're not allowed on my chair," Claire countered. "It's my chair, too," Ciara pointed out. "Okay, well, I am not waiting around for him to strangle me to death," Claire replied, ignoring Ben's attempt to defuse the situation. "I would hide the neckties if I were you!" Claire advised Ciara while rushing out of the apartment.

Ignoring the warning, Ciara kept the ice pack pressed against Ben's new wound and fretted that he might have a concussion. "You're very sweet," he declared with a slight chuckle. "You still think I might have set that fire at the cabin, [yet] you're helping me," he continued. "Innocent until proven guilty, right?" she replied with a shrug. He stared at her in awe, stunned to have someone on his side for a change.

Eli followed Lani into the police station and wondered if she was truly ready to return to work. "That overprotective thing you do hasn't changed," she pointedly observed. "Okay. Sorry," he replied, getting the hint. "Don't be. It's really sweet," she assured him. Smiling, he admitted that it felt kind of strange to be in such a good place with her after everything that had happened.

"When I found out that you were pregnant, all I felt was anger [toward myself for being] so irresponsible. I mean, I didn't ask you if I should use protection, nor did I ask if you were taking care of it, [because] I was too upset about what I thought had happened between J.J. and Gabi, and I'd had too much to drink...and all I wanted to do was make love to you," Eli continued.

"You've never referred to it [that way] before," Lani noted, surprised. "Well, I guess I started to think of it as making love [once] we had a baby together," Eli explained with a shrug.

Hope and Rafe soon arrived and put Eli and Lani to work, wanting help to build a solid case against Ben. Eli claimed a conference room and started reading the case file. When Lani joined Eli a short time later, she realized that he was crying. "You all right?" she asked. "Yeah," he claimed. "No," he quickly clarified. "It just sneaks up on you," he quietly added. "Yeah, it does," she agreed before giving him a hug.

Meanwhile, Claire rushed into the police station and told Hope, "There's something that you should know -- your daughter just invited a serial killer into our home."

At the Salem Inn, Brady vaguely informed Maggie that he had reasons to suspect that his grandfather was the one who had sabotaged the custody hearing. "And where there's smoke, there's usually Victor..." she mused.

Meanwhile, Eric arrived to talk to Brady. "Am I interrupting?" Eric asked apologetically. "[Actually], I was just leaving. I need to have a little talk with my husband about smoke and fire," Maggie replied before rushing off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eve urged Victor to kick Jennifer out. "[But] there's so much to talk about!" Jennifer protested. "I know what you did, and you are not going to get away with it," Jennifer added, glaring at Victor. Eve jumped to Victor's defense as Jennifer began throwing out accusations. "You're gonna put him in the hospital! He has a heart condition!" Eve pointed out.

"Then maybe you can tell me what's going on here, because I would love to know how you fit into this little scenario," Jennifer countered, eyeing Eve suspiciously. Already sick of hearing Jennifer and Eve squabble, Victor tiredly interrupted, admitting, "You're damn right we planted those drugs -- and if we had to do it again, we'd do it exactly the same way."

Taken aback, Eve advised Victor to stop talking. Victor dismissed Eve's concern. "What's Jennifer going to do -- go to the police? [Arturo] is long gone, [so] good luck proving anything. [And] Jennifer, you know, better than anyone, what Theresa's capable of, [so] if you're going to accuse me of anything, it's of doing everything in my power to make sure that Tate has the best father a little boy could have -- [and] of that, I plead guilty. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do," Victor added before walking away. Alone with Jennifer, Eve tried to do damage control, providing context that Victor had left out. Jennifer wasn't moved.

Meanwhile, Brady and Eric discussed Marlena's recent request. Eric allowed for the possibility that Brady wasn't truly open to the idea of reconciliation and had only agreed to grant the request as a one-time kindness out of respect for Marlena. However, Eric still wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to Brady for everything that had happened with Nicole. Brady insisted that wasn't necessary, but Eric disagreed.

"You were in a committed relationship, and I should have respected that. [I mean], you're my brother, and I ripped your heart to pieces, and I told myself there was nothing I could do to help that, but [that] was wrong, [and] I'm ashamed of myself," Eric admitted. "I can't undo the past, [but] this is a start...[but] only if you're able to put everything about Nicole behind us. You think you could ever do that?" Eric asked hopefully.

Touched, Brady nodded and responded with vague apologies for past cruelties. Eric didn't spend much time wondering exactly what Brady was talking about, since working things out was the main concern.

Victor arranged to meet Maggie at Doug's Place. When she arrived, he gave her a long-stemmed red rose and apologetically admitted that he had lied to her earlier. Without revealing why he had suddenly decided to confess, he told her all about the plan to sabotage the custody hearing. She was disappointed but not surprised. "How many times have we been here, hmm? How many times have you promised me we would never have this conversation again? When are you ever gonna learn your lesson?" she asked him. "Don't answer me, because I already know the answer," she added before walking away, leaving the rose behind.

Eric hugged Brady then started to leave the Salem Inn, thrilled that everything had been hashed out. Knowing that wasn't entirely true, Brady considered telling Eric why Nicole had really left town.

Meanwhile, Jennifer started to leave the Kiriakis mansion, planning to tell Brady the whole truth about the sabotage of the custody hearing. "If you tell Brady the truth, then I'll tell Eric the truth," Eve warned. Confused, Jennifer wondered what Eve was talking about. "Just the truth that you're so big on knowing about," Eve replied with a shrug.

"What do you think would happen if Eric really knew the reason why Nicole left? If he did, that would change everything...for him and for you," Eve cryptically added.

Eve threatens Jennifer Eve threatens Jennifer

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ciara and Ben talked in the loft as he iced the lump on his head. Ciara explained that she needed to face her demons. Ciara urged Ben to do the same, but Ben said he did not think anyone in Salem would be able to forgive him. Ben said he planned to leave town as soon as the police allowed it. Ciara suggested that Ben could use the time to prove his innocence. Ben thanked Ciara for her help with his lawyer.

"What if the cops and the lawyer don't prove I'm innocent? Will you ever believe that I didn't set that fire?" Ben asked. As Ciara opened her mouth to answer, Hope kicked in the front door. With her gun drawn, Hope ordered Ben to leave her daughter alone. Ciara yelled at her mother to put her gun away. Rafe calmly told Hope to holster her weapon. Hope asked Ben to step away from Ciara. Angry, Ciara asked why Hope was there. Hope explained that Claire had told her Ben was in the loft.

"Did she tell you she assaulted him? She hit him on the head with a frying pan. I thought he might have a concussion, so I told him to stay," Ciara explained. Hope tested Ben for a concussion, and he passed. Hope wanted Ben to leave, but Ciara insisted that Ben should see a doctor. Rafe asked Ciara why Ben was there. Ciara explained that Ben was there to thank her for the lawyer and to make a promise to repay her.

"Message sent," Rafe said. Rafe grabbed Ben's arm to steer him toward the door. Ciara stopped Ben to ask him where he had slept the night before. Ben admitted that he had slept on a bench in the park. Hope interrupted to note that there were plenty of beds at Statesville Prison. Ciara was upset, but Ben assured Ciara that he would be fine. Rafe walked Ben out.

Alone with her mother, Ciara asked Hope to trust her. Ciara said she was not crazy. Hope sternly reminded Ciara that Ciara had a big heart and that it was dangerous. Ciara stressed that Ben would not return to the loft. Hope made Ciara promise that she would not let Ben return.

In the park, Rafe gave Ben information for a homeless shelter. Rafe warned Ben to stay off the streets and away from everyone in his past. Ben told Rafe that he did not need to worry. With a growl, Rafe said he did not believe Ben was cured, and he warned Ben to stay away from Ciara or he'd face Rafe.

In the square, Marlena and John talked about Brady and Eric's past loves. John was glad that Kristen was no longer in Brady or Eric's lives. With a groan, Marlena said she wished they had found Kristen's body. John furrowed his brow. John urged Marlena not to worry about Kristen. John changed the subject to their upcoming wedding. John assured Marlena that everything would be perfect.

Marlena reviewed the RSVP list for the wedding. With a frown, Marlena noted that she had not heard back from Sami. John suggested that Sami was reluctant to return to town after the events of her last visit to Salem. With a sigh, Marlena said she wanted the whole family to be with them on their wedding day. John urged Marlena to call Sami and tell her that. With a grin, Marlena grabbed her phone. When there was no answer, John told Marlena to leave a voicemail. As Marlena noted that the wedding would not be the same without Sami there, John smiled at Marlena.

At the hospital, Steve asked Kayla about his discharge papers. Kayla urged Steve to have patience. Kayla asked about Tripp, and a happy Steve mentioned that Ciara appeared to be distancing herself from Ben. With a nod, Kayla noted that Tripp and Ciara would be fine. As Kayla and Steve kissed, Adrienne walked in. Adrienne joked about the couple kissing, and Steve chuckled. Steve told his sister that she had never looked better to him.

Adrienne read her article about Steve's surgery aloud to him and Kayla. Steve insisted that Adrienne mention Kayla, but Kayla downplayed her part in the medical breakthrough. With a smile, Kayla excused herself to return to work. Adrienne sat down next to Steve and asked him about a missing person: Bonnie Lockhart. Adrienne said she did not think she would feel safe until Bonnie was back in prison. Steve promised to do what he could for his baby sister.

When Kayla returned to Steve's room later, he was alone. Kayla gifted Steve a cup of clam chowder from the pub. Steve waggled his eyebrow when he noted that he was anxious to go home. As Kayla sat next to Steve, he told Kayla that Adrienne wanted a quote in her article about how Kayla, the love of Steve's life, had helped him recover his eyesight. Tight-lipped, Kayla smiled and hugged her husband.

In Eve's apartment, Eric thanked Brady for accepting his apology for his affair with Nicole. Brady thought about when he had told Eve how he had broken up Nicole and Eric. As Eric turned to leave, Brady stopped him. Brady told Eric that he had wanted revenge after he had learned about the affair.

"What you don't know is that I made damn sure of it," Brady said. Eric said that Brady was not responsible for Nicole's exit. Eric added that it was for the best that Nicole had left because she had not loved him enough to stay.

"No. That is not true," Brady said with a sigh. Eric disagreed. Eric said that he and Jennifer were a better match than any woman he had dated in his life. Eric explained that he and Jennifer were in love and wanted the same things in life.

"I really appreciate you wanting to make things right, but I think things worked out for the best," Eric said. Eric remarked that he did not think they should dwell on the past because they had made peace. "You didn't do anything wrong. That was me," Eric said. Eric thanked Brady for his forgiveness. With a smile, Eric said he hoped he and Brady could go for a run together one morning. Eric cheerily told Brady he would call him. After Eric left, Brady shook his head in dismay.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eve told Jennifer that Eric did not know the whole story about why Nicole had left town. Confused, Jennifer asked Eve what she meant. Eve teased that the truth would change everything for Jennifer. Eve explained that Brady had blackmailed Nicole to leave town even though Nicole was still in love with Eric. Eve explained that Nicole had murdered Deimos after he had drugged Nicole.

"It was a mistake," Eve said. Eve explained that Brady had kept the secret to protect Nicole but had lost his temper when Nicole had decided to leave town with Eric. Jennifer shook her head in disbelief as Eve told her about the recording.

"She never stopped loving Eric. My guess? She never will," Eve said. Jennifer asked Eve how she knew about the blackmail. Eve explained that she had pushed Brady to confess how he had known about the amulet. Eve added that Brady had not wanted to hurt Nicole further, but Eve had not been so sure that the amulet would not affect the custody case. Eve said that she had asked Victor for help, and Victor had decided to plant drugs.

"Eve, if you hadn't interfered, Brady would have custody of his son right now. It is because of you that he doesn't have his son," Jennifer said. Jennifer argued that Eve needed to tell Brady the truth or else she would. Eve begged Jennifer not to tell Brady. Jennifer countered that what Eve had done was not honorable. Jennifer added that telling the truth was the right thing to do. With a frown, Eve said that if she lost Brady, Jennifer would lose Eric.

"Are you blackmailing me?" Jennifer asked Eve. Eve diplomatically argued that she was stating facts. Eve asked Jennifer to think about what would happen if Eric knew the truth. Jennifer shook her head dismissively. Eve suggested that Eric would leave Jennifer and look for Nicole if he knew that Nicole had been forced to leave town.

"You're obviously not his great love. You're his consolation prize," Eve said snidely. Eve asked Jennifer to remember that she would destroy both their relationships if she told Eric about Nicole.

After leaving the mansion, Jennifer walked past the pub and ran into Kayla. Jennifer congratulated Kayla on the success of the surgery. Kayla asked Jennifer about J.J. With a pained smile, Jennifer said she believed J.J. would be reinstated. Worried, Kayla asked Jennifer if she was okay. Jennifer said she was worried about Abigail. Kayla wished Abigail well then left.

When Eve returned home, she found Brady sitting quietly in a chair. Brady asked Eve what was wrong. Eve told Brady that she had run into Ben.

"All that pain and rage kept flooding back. One look at him, and I wanted to kill him," Eve whispered. Eve explained that she had attacked Ben, but Rafe had stopped her from killing Ben. Brady hugged Eve. When Eve asked Brady about his day, Brady joked that he had not talked to anyone he wanted to murder.

"At least not lately. I talked to Eric," Brady said. Eve asked what had happened. Brady said he and Eric had cleared the air. Curious, Eve asked Brady whether he had told Eric the truth about Nicole. Brady said the truth would have done more harm than good. When Eve agreed quickly, a suspicious Brady asked why. Eve said she was relieved because the truth would hurt a lot of people. Brady nodded his head yes.

"As much as I want to clear my conscience, I think it's best for everyone if he never knows," Brady said.

"Dear God. What am I going to do?" Jennifer asked herself as she paced outside the pub. "For what?" Eric asked as he walked up behind Jennifer.

Stefan pressures Kate to betray Chad Stefan pressures Kate to betray Chad

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Eve squirmed guiltily as Brady talked to Tate on the phone.

After Brady ended the call, Eve comforted him with a hug, knowing that he missed his son. She wished she could do something to make the situation better for him.

"Eh, the damage is [already] done," Brady acknowledged with a sigh. "There's nothing anybody can do [now]...except maybe Jennifer. [She] did some digging, and get this -- she seems to think Victor might be responsible for hiring someone to plant those drugs in J.J.'s apartment to frame Theresa," Brady continued. Scoffing, Eve dismissively declared that Jennifer was a busybody who had a habit of concocting outlandish conspiracy theories. Eve added that even if Jennifer was right for once, knowing the identity of the saboteur wouldn't change the judge's ruling. "Maybe not, but [there will still be] hell to pay," Brady countered.

Eve watched helplessly as Brady started to contact Jennifer to ask for an update. Just then, someone knocked on the hotel room door. When Brady opened it, Stefan barged in and demanded to know why Basic Black's planned partnership with DiMera Enterprises hadn't been finalized yet. "You've had enough time to make a decision," Stefan impatiently noted.

Grateful for the interruption, Eve produced a contract and assured Stefan that the partnership could be finalized immediately. Eve was quick to add, however, that a few changes had been made to the contract. "You're very adept at looking after your own interests," Stefan grumbled while looking over the changes. "That's one thing you're gonna learn about this woman -- [she's] always got a trick up her sleeve," Brady replied, eyeing Eve with obvious admiration. Eve squirmed and forced a smile as Stefan began signing the contract in the appropriate places. Afterward, Eve and Brady also signed it.

With business out of the way, Stefan softened a bit, realizing that the finalization of the partnership had likely been delayed because a more important matter had kept Brady and Eve preoccupied lately. "I heard about you losing custody of your son. I'm very sorry," Stefan told Brady, who curiously observed that Stefan almost sounded sincere. "That's because I am. I can relate...[because] I'm about to be a father myself," Stefan explained. Brady and Eve were both stunned to learn that Abigail was pregnant with Stefan's child. "Jennifer's head must have exploded with that news," Eve guessed, grinning.

Forging ahead, Stefan continued, "[Anyway, this has] given Chad even more reason to hate me and to step up his plans to take back DiMera, which is why I need [it] -- and Basic Black -- to be on solid footing...and since the two of you already know the inner workings of Titan, I was hoping to gain some insight [from you about] its vulnerabilities." Brady and Eve both agreed without hesitation, surprising Stefan. Brady explained to Stefan, "Turns out that my grandfather may be partly responsible for me losing custody of my son, [and] if that's the case, I'm willing to take him down -- and anybody else who helped him." Eve squirmed and nodded.

After Stefan left, Eve suggested that it might be better for Brady to just forgive and forget, since it wasn't healthy to carry around a lot of anger -- especially toward a loved one. Brady agreed that it wasn't healthy to carry around a lot of anger toward anyone -- unless that anger was justifiable. "That's why I need to call Jennifer [and] find out --" Brady began to add.

Eve quickly interrupted, flirtatiously suggesting that Brady could probably find better ways to spend the rest of the day. He grinned and happily followed her toward their bed.

Outside the Brady Pub, Jennifer vaguely explained to a curious Eric that she had just learned a pretty big secret -- one that, if exposed, could hurt a lot of people -- and she was trying to decide what to do about it. Somewhat confused, he pointed out that, as a reporter, exposing the truth was her specialty. "Yeah, but sometimes it's more important to protect people, you know?" she countered with a shrug.

Eric reminded Jennifer that honesty was almost always the best policy. She forced a smile and promised to give his advice some thought. Before parting ways, they agreed to have dinner together later that day.

Gabi found J.J. in the middle of Horton Town Square, desperately searching his pockets. "Looking for these?" she asked breathlessly, dangling his keys in the air. "You dropped them, like, a mile ago. You, uh -- you trying to set a new speed record? 'Cause I was running [to catch up to you] after a while," she continued while handing over the keys to her fellow jogger. He apologetically explained that he had been trying to work off some stress. Nodding, she acknowledged that he did have a lot to deal with at that moment -- and not just because he had recently been suspended from his job.

J.J. was horrified to learn that Abigail was pregnant with Stefan's child. "I'm sorry. I assumed that you knew," Gabi said with a shrug. J.J. expressed concern for the unborn child, who would forever be stuck in the middle of Stefan and Chad's never-ending feud. J.J. also feared that the unexpected development might tear Abigail and Chad apart for good.

"If only the baby could've been Chad's..." J.J. mused with a shake of the head. "Almost was," Gabi cryptically replied. Confused, J.J. wondered what Gabi was talking about. "I had a bright idea to tell Abigail [to] claim the baby was Chad's," Gabi clarified. "Like Lani did to me?" J.J. asked incredulously.

"Don't worry. Abigail's a way better person than I am. She went with the truth," Gabi assured J.J., who was glad to hear that because lying about the paternity wouldn't have been fair to Chad or the unborn child. "True...[but now Abigail's] gotta live with the consequences -- for everyone," Gabi pointed out. Just then, J.J.'s cell phone rang. "It's my boss," J.J. nervously noted before stepping aside to take the call.

A short time later, J.J. rejoined Gabi and happily revealed that he had just been reinstated. She congratulated him with a hug and mused that it was nice to know that someone had a reason to celebrate. He gave her a sympathetic look and assured her that her daughter would forgive her sooner or later. "You're probably right. [In fact], I do have a feeling that things are starting to go my way already," she replied with a sly grin.

Stefan cornered Kate in a more secluded section of the town square. "Time's up. You get what I need, or I will blow you out of the water," he warned her before walking away.

Meanwhile, Chad reluctantly accepted a call from Abigail, who was getting worried because she hadn't seen him since the previous day -- when she had told him about her pregnancy. He claimed that he had spent the whole night working and was still busy at that moment. She wondered if he would be returning home sometime that day. "Victor, uh, just walked into my office. I gotta -- I gotta jump into a meeting," he replied before hanging up.

"This doesn't look like your office," Kate observed, joining Chad outside Doug's Place. She was stunned when he revealed exactly why he was lying to his wife.

Chad followed Kate into the club and ordered a stiff drink. "I don't know what to do. I know it's selfish, but if I -- if I stay [with Abigail], then I'm, uh -- I'm stuck with this constant reminder of what happened," he explained with a sigh, adding that he was worried that his wife might have decided to keep the baby because she had feelings for his brother -- feelings that she wasn't even ready to acknowledge yet, let alone discuss with other people.

"I'm gonna destroy Stefan. He needs to pay for what he's done. [And] I have a long-term strategy for how I'm gonna [take him down]. I'd like your feedback," Chad told Kate while removing a laptop from his briefcase. She tried to stop him from showing her such sensitive material, arguing that it would be wrong of him to do so because she was not yet -- and probably never would be -- a member of Titan. He dismissed the concern and insisted on sharing his plan with her. "So, you're negotiating with [the same shipping company] that DiMera's trying to acquire," she mused while reading a document on his laptop. She warned that his plan was shrewd but also risky.

"I'm gonna have to get my hands dirty [if I want to come out on top]," Chad told Kate with a shrug. "I know the feeling..." she replied as he stepped aside to take a phone call, leaving the laptop behind. As soon as the coast was clear, she retrieved a flash drive from her purse and copied the sensitive material onto it. He returned shortly after she removed the flash drive from the laptop.

Chad thanked Kate for her earlier feedback. He added that he valued her loyalty and was determined to make her a member of Titan because he needed someone there who would always have his back. She squirmed and quickly changed the subject, wondering if he was planning to talk to his wife again anytime soon. "What would I say? I don't even know how I feel about everything yet," he replied.

"Maybe you should tell her what you do know, which is that you love her," Kate suggested. "Is that enough?" Chad asked doubtfully.

Meanwhile, at the Horton house, Abigail started cleaning the living room, desperate for a distraction. She soon stepped on one of her son's favorite toys, which she hadn't noticed. She began sobbing after realizing that she had broken it. She was still crying when her mother entered the house a few minutes later and joined her in the living room.

"Hey, it's just a toy," Jennifer pointed out, somewhat confused. "I'm pregnant, Mom...and the baby's Stefan's," Abigail blurted out in response. Abigail proceeded to tell Jennifer the whole story. Jennifer was relieved to hear that Abigail had rejected Gabi's advice, but Abigail was no longer convinced that passing the baby off as Chad's had been a bad idea. "Is telling the truth really worth losing the man that you love?" Abigail wondered. Just then, Jennifer received a text message from Eric. "Oh, I forgot -- I have a date with Eric tonight," Jennifer explained. Jennifer offered to cancel the date, but Abigail insisted that wasn't necessary.

After leaving Doug's Place, Kate reluctantly summoned Stefan to a secluded section of the town square via text message. "I hope you have something useful for me regarding Chad," Stefan said in lieu of a greeting. "Choke on it," Kate spat while handing over the flash drive. As Stefan walked away from Kate, Gabi watched nearby, showing great interest in the interaction.

Shortly after Jennifer left the Horton house, Chad entered it and joined Abigail in the living room. She looked at him hopefully, unsure if it was safe to take his unexpected return as a good sign.

Jennifer went to Doug's Place to meet Eric -- and decided, as she entered the club, that she needed to tell him the truth, even if that meant she would ultimately end up losing him for good.

Eric asks Jennifer to marry him Eric asks Jennifer to marry him

Thursday, August 2, 2018

by Mike

At Doug's Place, Jennifer hesitantly informed Eric that they needed to talk about something important -- something that involved Nicole.

Taken aback, Eric quickly concluded that Jennifer had lingering concerns about his feelings for his ex. "Jennifer, ever since we first kissed on New Year's Eve, I've thought of you -- and only you," he stressed.

"[And] if you're still having doubts, [then I guess] I haven't done a very good job of showing how much I love you, or how much I believe in us...[but] I want to change that, [which is] why I bought you this," he added, producing a jewelry box. "Ever since I came back to Salem, you've been my friend [and] confidante. [And] you've helped [me] rebuild my life, [even] when I didn't feel like I really deserved one. [And] I want to tell the whole world how much I love you...and how much light you've brought into my life," he continued. He opened the box to reveal a diamond ring then got down on bended knee and proposed to her. She stared at him in disbelief.

"This is where you're supposed to say yes," Eric eventually reminded Jennifer. Confused, she asked him to return to his chair so they could talk about his sudden proposal. He insisted, as he granted her request, that his proposal hadn't really been sudden at all. "I've been thinking about this for a long time -- ever since I said to you that I loved you, [and you said it] back. It just felt so right. You make me happy, and I'm pretty sure I do the same thing for you...[but] maybe you just need some space to kind of think things through, [so] when you're ready, you come and find me," he added while handing her the jewelry box. He gave her a kiss then left the club.

Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Eve continued trying to convince Brady not to contact Jennifer. "Why can't you just let this go, Brady?" Eve asked with more than a hint of irritation.

Confused, Brady wondered why Eve seemed so upset about the matter. "Okay, you know what? Keep obsessing. Keep digging. I don't care," Eve dismissively replied. Sighing, Brady changed the subject, offering to take Eve out for dinner. " long as you agree to no more conspiracy talk -- no Jennifer, no Victor..." Eve sweetly demanded. "No problem," Brady replied. Satisfied, Eve gave Brady a kiss.

After leaving the Salem Inn, Brady and Eve headed off to Doug's Place. As the couple approached the club's entrance, Brady's cell phone rang. "It's Theresa. She promised me I could say goodnight to Tate," Brady explained. "It's okay. I will grab us a table," Eve replied. Meanwhile, inside the club, Jennifer remained frozen in place, staring at the engagement ring in shock. Eve entered the club and quickly spotted Jennifer.

Eve stormed over to Jennifer's table and started lashing out -- then noticed the engagement ring. "Did Eric propose?" Eve asked, stunned. "Then where the hell is he? And why are you sitting alone here, with the ring still in the box?" Eve continued, not bothering to wait for confirmation of the proposal. "Let me guess -- you didn't say yes. And why the hell not, Jennifer? He's a decent, hot guy who obviously loves you. I mean, you should have said yes before the words even came out of his mouth!" Eve insisted, taking a seat at Jennifer's table. Jennifer quietly explained that it was hard to think about marriage while keeping a major secret from Eric.

"Well, then, you're a bigger idiot than I thought you were," Eve declared, not bothering to whisper. "Do you really think that Eric is still gonna want to marry you once he finds out [the truth about Nicole]?" Eve continued. Eve added that Eric and Brady's recently repaired relationship would be destroyed once again if the truth ever emerged. Eve wondered if Jennifer really wanted to be responsible for that.

Jennifer quietly agreed that Eve was probably right -- about everything. "[But] I don't want a relationship built on lies," Jennifer added with a shrug. "You'd rather sit here -- alone -- for the rest of your life?" Eve incredulously countered, still not bothering to whisper. "Take a good look at [that] ring [and] realize that guys like Brady and Eric don't come along every day, okay?" Eve advised Jennifer. "[And then], if you [still] want to ruin your life, you go right ahead, but don't you dare mess with mine!" Eve added before storming back out of the club. Jennifer, still feeling conflicted, eyed the ring while thinking about Eve's comments.

Meanwhile, Eve steered Brady back toward the Salem Inn, claiming that Doug's Place was unusually busy that evening. At the hotel, the couple ordered room service. Eve then stepped into another room to change into loungewear. While Eve was busy, Brady dialed Jennifer's cell phone number and left a voicemail message: "I was wondering if you had any more updates on the investigation into my grandfather -- [and] if he had a partner."

At the Brady Pub, Steve and Kayla delighted in contacting various family members via videoconference to reveal that the bionic eye procedure had worked. "Kimberly looked so great, didn't she? [And] the news of her numbers is so encouraging!" Kayla mused after ending a videoconference with the members of the Brady family who were living in Los Angeles. "Everyone and everything looks good to me [right now]," Steve replied.

Outside, Stefan peered through the pub's windows while passing by it. Seeing that the Johnsons were in the midst of a celebration, Stefan spontaneously decided to have some fun with Kayla.

Stefan entered the pub, approached Steve and Kayla's table, and congratulated them. "Seems as though there's nothing Dr. Johnson can't -- [or] wouldn't -- do [for you]," Stefan told Steve as Kayla squirmed. Annoyed, Steve impatiently demanded to know what Stefan wanted. "Let's not keep him in the dark, Kayla," Stefan said. Alarmed, Kayla started to object. Stefan interrupted, explaining to Steve, "It's about your niece."

Kayla breathed a sigh of relief. "[Abigail] and I are having a baby," Stefan continued. "This some kind of sick joke?" Steve asked incredulously. "I'm afraid it's true," Kayla quietly stated. "[And] what a blessing it is -- for me," Stefan happily declared. "I mean, ever since Gabby's been gone, it's been difficult, but now I'll always have a piece of her right here with me!" Stefan added, flashing a wide grin.

Steve doubted that Abigail and Chad would ever let Stefan get anywhere near the child -- if Abigail even decided to go through with the pregnancy -- but Stefan wasn't concerned. "[I realize] it's complicated, [but] what the hell isn't in this town?" Stefan reasoned with a shrug. "[Just] look at the situation with your eyesight -- [I mean], in the beginning, it looked impossible, but it all worked out...right, Kayla?" Stefan continued, giving Kayla a pointed look. "Yeah," Kayla quietly agreed. "See? Miracles really do happen. Just have to know the right people," Stefan concluded with a smirk before walking away. Kayla stopped Steve from chasing after Stefan.

Kayla waited until Stefan was gone then took Steve to the Horton Town Square for some fresh air. "Are you mad at me for not telling you about Abigail's pregnancy? [I just] didn't want to spoil all your good news," Kayla explained. "I'm mad at myself -- [because] I should have protected [Abigail] from that guy," Steve clarified. "I was hoping this family would never have to deal with Stefan DiMera again," Steve added with a sigh.

Back at the pub, Eric told Roman about what had happened earlier. "I just thought we were on the same page, [but] maybe I just misread the situation," Eric mused with a shrug -- just as Jennifer arrived.

"No, you didn't," Jennifer assured Eric as Roman retreated to the kitchen. "You had a very fancy dinner [planned] for us, and we really never got to share it [because you rushed off]," Jennifer reminded Eric while unpacking food from a takeout bag. "And no offense to your dad, 'cause you know how much I love [the pub's food], but a celebration deserves a little something fancier," she continued. "What's the occasion?" he asked, confused. "I'm gonna be marrying the most amazing man in the world," she explained with a wide grin. He was stunned -- but also elated. She released a squeal of joy as he pulled her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

At the Horton house, Abigail cautiously asked if Chad was back for good. Shrugging, he admitted to her that he really wasn't okay with the situation they were in -- at all. He wondered why she wanted to have a child that would be a constant reminder of what had happened between his brother and one of her alters. She reminded him that her alters were a part of her -- and that the unborn child was, too. "[I know that's] really difficult for you to accept and understand, but I can't just not take responsibility for her actions -- I can't just say that this baby is hers and not mine -- because that's like I'm trying to erase a part of me, [and] I can't do that," she added.

Chad didn't like looking at the situation from that perspective, but Abigail insisted that she had to in order to maintain her sanity. "[I've] made up my mind -- I am keeping this baby," she concluded with finality.

Chad remained argumentative, reminding Abigail, "If we do this, that man is gonna be in our lives forever." Abigail assured Chad that wouldn't be a problem. "I do not have feelings for Stefan. I hate him. I don't want anything to do with him. [And] I think that we can figure out a way to deal with [him]; I just need to know that you're with me [and] that you understand," Abigail continued. "I don't... I can't..." Chad began.

"I'll try," Chad eventually concluded, acknowledging that Abigail deserved a husband who took marriage vows seriously. "Maybe we should go to therapy," Abigail suggested. "Okay. Yeah. Whatever," Chad replied.

Gabi cornered Kate in a secluded section of the town square and started asking questions about Kate's earlier meeting with Stefan. Kate was evasive at first, but Gabi refused to drop the subject.

"[Look], I care about you...[and] I also hate [that] son of a bitch [Stefan]. Maybe I can help you," Gabi told Kate, who appreciated the offer but declined to accept it. Undeterred, Gabi continued pressing the matter until Kate finally admitted that Stefan was blackmailing her. "You know, that man poisons everyone who happens to cross his path," Gabi grumbled with a shake of the head. Confused, Kate pointed out that Gabi worked for Stefan. "Not by choice. I mean, it's the only way that I can get Gabi Chic back. [Stefan] helped set me up for Andre's murder, okay? Because of him, I almost died," Gabi replied. "So, you hate him as much as I do?" Kate asked.

Gabi nodded then changed the subject, wondering what Stefan had on Kate. "Something that I would prefer not to become public," Kate vaguely replied. "And he's threatened to reveal that if you don't help him [take down] Chad," Gabi guessed. Kate admitted with a sigh that Chad was one of the last people in the world she would ever want to hurt -- but she couldn't tell him what was going on because he already had enough on his plate.

"You do know about the pregnancy, right?" Kate added. "I was there when Abigail learned [who the father was]," Gabi confirmed. "I know [Chad] loves Abigail, but if it were me, I would cut my losses," Kate mused with a shrug. Kate was surprised when Gabi agreed that losing Chad was the punishment Abigail deserved for past offenses. "You're her best friend. I thought you'd be defending her," Kate curiously noted. "I was [her] best friend," Gabi clarified. Intrigued, Kate guessed that Gabi wanted revenge against Abigail. "And I'm gonna get it. In fact, I already have a plan that is set in motion," Gabi revealed. Kate encouraged Gabi to elaborate.

"Fine. I am tired of keeping this to myself, [anyway]. I changed the results of that paternity test. Abigail's baby really is Chad's," Gabi admitted. "[See], I was sitting in Kayla's office when the results came in, [and] I wasn't in a good place [because] I had just been told that, um, the injuries I received [in prison] weren't going to allow me to carry a child to term, [and] all I kept thinking about was how it was Stefan and Abigail's fault. [So], I opened up the results, and I saw that Chad was the father, and I just couldn't take it anymore. She was about to receive this amazing gift, [and my only child] doesn't even want to look at me! [Abigail] commits murder, she cheats, she lies, and she always lands on her two feet, but I don't. And I didn't want that to happen again, [so] I took away her happy ending. [Then] I 'accidentally' told Stefan [so he'd stop the abortion]," Gabi continued.

Kate pointed out that Gabi's scheme had hurt Chad. Gabi denied wanting Chad back and unapologetically added that he was simply collateral damage. "[Besides], he's not innocent here, Kate -- he's enabled Abigail for years," Gabi pointed out. Unconvinced, Kate began to dial Chad's cell phone number, believing that he deserved to know the truth. "If you tell [Chad] what I did, I'm gonna tell [him] that you're working with Stefan," Gabi warned. "Oh, my God -- so now you're gonna blackmail me, [too]?" Kate asked incredulously. "[Then] why did you tell me [in the first place]?" Kate added. "I needed to tell somebody," Gabi replied, shrugging.

Kate refused to help Gabi hurt Chad. "You're already hurting him," Gabi pointed out. "And you want Abigail to pay, don't you? [I mean], she killed your husband. [Plus], you never thought that Abigail was right for Chad, [anyway]," Gabi added. Kate maintained that Gabi's scheme was cruel and could result in the destruction of a family. Shrugging, Gabi argued that if a family got destroyed, it would be because of Abigail's infidelity. Kate warned that Chad might decide to support Abigail, but Gabi was confident that Chad wouldn't be able to do that forever. "[This will] eat at him, little by little, [and] one day, he's just gonna have to leave," Gabi predicted.

Kate guessed that Chad would be crushed if that happened. "But at least [he would] be safe, 'cause Abigail -- she's just gonna continue to hurt him, like she always does," Gabi argued. Gabi added that if the child's true paternity was ever revealed, it would destroy Stefan, which would be the perfect revenge; however, if the truth never emerged, Abigail would one day lose Chad -- another great revenge -- and Chad would still have Thomas.

"Oh, my God. [This is] so wrong," Kate mused with a shake of the head. "There is a lot of wrong in this world, Kate...but I've learned that you have to look out for yourself, [and] I learned that from you," Gabi replied with a shrug. "So, what do you say? If you protect my secret, I'll protect yours, [and then we'll] take down Stefan DiMera [together]," Gabi added. Kate had no desire to hurt Chad or Abigail but did want to hurt Stefan. "You'll help me neutralize [him]?" Kate asked. "And run him straight to the ground. That son of a bitch won't stand a chance against us," Gabi replied with a wicked laugh.

"You have a deal," Kate declared, shaking Gabi's hand.

Sonny and Will learn who is behind the threats Sonny and Will learn who is behind the threats

Friday, August 3, 2018

John delivered breakfast in bed to Marlena at the penthouse. John explained that he wanted to do something nice for Marlena, who had been busy with work and planning the wedding. Marlena's tablet beeped. With a grin, Marlena said everyone had officially RSVP'd for the wedding.

"Except for Sami?" John asked. Marlena frowned. John argued that there could be many reasons that Sami had not checked in. Smiling, Marlena commented that Sami did tend to put herself first. Marlena wished aloud that Sami would reach out soon. As a distraction, John fed Marlena a strawberry, and they kissed.

In his room, Will texted with Sonny about the threatening letters. Will noted that whoever had sent the letters wanted something from them. Paul returned to Will's, and Will hurriedly put his phone on the bedside table. Paul handed Will coffee and scones. After Will told Paul he loved him, he bit into a scone and said he loved the scones, too.

Paul reminded Will that he had turned down the scones the day before and opted to work instead. Will kissed Paul. With a sigh of frustration, Paul said he had seen Will at the pub with Sonny, even though Will had claimed to be home all day. Stammering, Will explained that Sonny had wanted to talk to him about Arianna.

"I figured. I'm sorry I even asked," Paul said sheepishly. Will asked Paul if he had been jealous. Paul admitted he had been. Will assured Paul there was no need to be jealous of Sonny because Will did not want to be with anyone but Paul. "I know that. And I know you'd never lie to me," Paul said.

After Paul and Will dressed, John arrived at Will's place. John asked Will if he had heard from Sami. Will shook his head no. John explained that Sami had not RSVP'd for the wedding yet. Will assured John that Sami would not miss Marlena and John's big day. Will noted that he needed to work, and he left.

John asked Paul if he would do a reading at the wedding. Touched, Paul thanked John for making him a part of the ceremony. Paul confided that he wanted a relationship with Will like John had with Marlena. Nodding, John asked Paul for advice about wedding vows because Paul had written such beautiful ones before.

"You mean the vows that I wrote to Sonny. For our wedding that he called off," Paul commented. John apologized for saying something insensitive. Paul assured John it was fine. With a grin, Paul added, "My vows were great." John told Paul that he was glad that Paul had moved past his heartache over Sonny. Paul said he could not be happier with Will.

In the square, Adrienne commented on Sonny's texting as they chatted over breakfast. Sonny apologized. Suspicious, Adrienne asked Sonny what he was hiding. Sonny avoided the question, but Adrienne persisted. Sonny said that he was concerned about Arianna's relationship with Gabi. Adrienne asked Sonny what else was bothering him. Adrienne asked about Leo. Defensive, Sonny changed the subject back to breakfast.

"Tell me what's really bothering you, honey," Adrienne said. Sonny told his mother that he needed to fight his own battles. Adrienne asked about Titan. Sonny said he was unhappy with Chad's decisions because he believed that Chad had a personal agenda that could damage the company. Adrienne suggested that Sonny should focus on positive things. Adrienne added that Sonny would be CEO again. With a grumble, Sonny said that as a retiree, Victor had too much control over the company.

Adrienne's phone rang with a call from work. As Adrienne stepped away to take the call, Sonny found a new threatening note with his bill for breakfast. It read: "Did you and Will really think this was over?" Sonny stiffened as Adrienne returned to the table. Adrienne joked that the bill had to have been steep, and she reached for it.

"I said no!" Sonny yelled as he stopped Adrienne from touching the note. Will interrupted and asked Sonny to talk. Aggravated, Adrienne urged Will to get Sonny to talk to him about why Sonny was so upset. Before she left for work, Adrienne assured Sonny that everything would work out. Once alone, Sonny showed Will the new threatening note. Will groaned.

"Whoever it is, do you think they're still around here?" Will wondered aloud. Sonny looked around the square then suggested that they should talk to the waitress. When the waitress claimed she did not know who had slipped the note in with the check, Will suggested that they talk to the police. Sonny was adamantly against the idea. Will reminded Sonny that the death had been an accident, but Sonny countered that the cover-up undercut the truth about Leo's death. Sonny apologized for roping Will into his troubles. Will stressed that Sonny would have done the same for him.

"I would. I still don't want you to get into trouble for something I did," Sonny said. "That is so sweet. So protective of each other," Leo said as he approached the two men. "What the hell do you want?" Sonny barked. "Did you and Will think that this was really over?" Leo asked. Will gripped the note and shared a knowing look with Sonny.

In the Kiriakis living room, Eve complained to Victor about her run-in with Jennifer. Victor asked Eve if she had solved their problem. With a shrug, Eve explained that she had threatened to tell Eric about Nicole if Jennifer told Brady about the drugs. Victor yelled at Eve for telling Jennifer that Brady had obstructed justice and covered up a murder. Eve countered that the alternative was that Jennifer would tell Brady everything.

"I am well aware that Jennifer likes to wrap herself in the truth, and I know just a little bit more purer than the rest of us. But here is the thing: finally, someone who can stand all that purity has captured her heart. And I'm betting alone with the truth isn't nearly as appealing as someone putting a ring on it," Eve said. Victor was unsure.

"Unlike us, that Horton woman has a conscience. What makes you think she won't go to Brady and tell him the truth? Even if it means she loses Eric?" Victor asked. When Eve explained that Eric had proposed to Jennifer, Victor grinned. Eve added that Jennifer had not accepted the proposal yet. Victor groaned.

Brady called Eve and asked to meet for breakfast at the pub. After ending the call, Eve confirmed that Brady had not talked to Jennifer yet. Victor reminded Eve that it had not been long since Jennifer had learned the truth.

"I wouldn't start celebrating just yet," Victor cautioned. Victor blamed Eve for everything because she had blown up Brady and Theresa's relationship. When Eve claimed that she made Brady happy, Victor argued that Nicole had made Brady happy once, too. Eve grumbled that Nicole had gotten what she'd deserved. Victor chuckled. Eve assured Victor that he didn't need to worry about Jennifer.

At the pub, Jennifer listened to a voicemail from Brady asking about whether Victor had a partner in his drug scheme. With a frown, Jennifer put down her phone. Eric returned to the table and told Jennifer that he admired her work as a reporter. When Eric complimented Jennifer for her integrity, Jennifer asked Eric not to make her out to be a saint.

"I just meant that I make mistakes all the time, and I'm really selfish, and when there is a choice between doing the right thing and doing what I want, I choose me every time," Jennifer said. Eric noted that Jennifer was human. Eric asked Jennifer about the secret she had previously mentioned. Jennifer's mouth fell open, dumbfounded. Anxious for a diversion, Jennifer cried out hello to Kayla and Steve as they entered the pub.

Jennifer rushed over to hug Steve and Kayla. Steve heaped praise on his wife for all she had done to fix his eyesight. Kayla switched the conversation to Jennifer's big news. As Steve raised an eyebrow, Kayla grabbed Jennifer's hand and showed off her engagement ring. Steve congratulated the happy couple. With a grin, Eric said he was the luckiest man in the world.

Eric, Jennifer, Kayla, and Steve sat down at a table to chat over coffee. When Steve asked about a wedding date, Jennifer noted that it was too soon to know. Jennifer added that they wanted to focus on John and Marlena's wedding first. Kayla joked that with Steve as John's best man, the bachelor party would be a doozy. Steve warned Eric to "be prepared."

Eric informed Steve that he and Brady had reconciled and would jointly be walking Marlena down the aisle. When Steve commented about the brotherly rift over Nicole, he quickly apologized to Jennifer. Jennifer assured everyone that she could hear Nicole's name. Jennifer added that everyone knew what had happened with Nicole. Guilty, Jennifer shifted her eyes away. Eric commented that forgiveness had helped him move on. Right on cue, Brady entered the pub.

"Brady!" Steve called out with glee. Brady was shocked to learn that Steve had regained his eyesight. Brady congratulated Steve. Steve countered that there were more congratulations in order. Jennifer waggled her ring. With a smile, Brady congratulated Jennifer and Eric on their engagement. Nervous, Brady asked Jennifer if they could talk. Jennifer suggested that they should talk privately, but Brady countered that everyone in the room knew Victor.

"I need to know if you have proof that he planted those drugs. I need to know if he cost me my son. I'm sorry, I need to know now," Brady said. Jennifer explained that she had talked to the social worker, who had positively identified Arturo as the man that had paid the social worker to plant the drugs. Angry, Brady wondered aloud what Victor had been thinking. Jennifer explained that she had confronted Victor.

"[Victor] thought he was helping you. He admitted to everything," Jennifer said. Furious, Brady said he would not let Victor interfere in his life anymore. As Brady marched out, Jennifer called out that there was more. Unfazed, Brady left. Eric asked Jennifer what else she had learned. Jennifer said she did not feel comfortable discussing the matter with anyone but Brady. Kayla chimed in that she did not understand why Victor had decided to plant drugs.

"He probably convinced himself he was helping Brady so he could cross as many lines as he wanted, lie through his teeth, and still feel good about himself. It is just the worst kind of manipulation," Steve said. Nervously, Kayla shifted her eyes away to hide her own guilt about conspiring with Stefan.

Kayla asked about J.J.'s job. With a relieved smile, Jennifer confirmed that J.J.'s suspension had been overturned. Steve suggested that they celebrate all their good news over a big breakfast. Eric declined, noting he should head over to tell Marlena the news of his engagement. Eric asked Jennifer to join him, but Jennifer declined and suggested that Eric should have a private moment with his mother.

"You're right. As usual," Eric said. "Those words right there are the key to a happy marriage," Steve joked. Eric kissed Jennifer goodbye and left. Steve's phone beeped. With a groan, Steve said he needed to run an errand for Adrienne. Once alone, Kayla asked Jennifer about her wedding plans. Jennifer gave a tight-lipped smile. Kayla peppered Jennifer with questions, but Jennifer avoided saying anything.

"This right here is not the face of a woman that is about to marry the man she is crazy about," Kayla said. Kayla asked Jennifer if she was upset about Abigail's pregnancy. Jennifer stared in silence. Kayla confided that Stefan had bragged to her and Steve about the baby. Shaking her head, Jennifer said she was worried about Abigail and Chad's relationship.

"I know that love makes you vulnerable, and sometimes, you are so desperate to protect it, to hold onto something you want so much, that you do things you wouldn't normally do," Jennifer said. "You aren't just talking about Abigail, are you?" Kayla asked. Jennifer admitted that she had a situation with Eric. Concerned, Kayla asked what was wrong. Jennifer said she loved Eric too much to hurt him. Kayla said she understood. Kayla encouraged Jennifer to talk to her. "I am keeping something huge from Eric," Jennifer admitted.

Outside the pub, Steve waited for his sister. When Adrienne arrived, Steve told her that he had a lead on Bonnie Lockhart.

At the hospital, Eric walked into Marlena's office. Noting the smile on Eric's face, Marlena asked if Eric and Brady had made peace with one another. "Your ploy worked," Eric said. Marlena protested that she only wanted to see two of her favorite people there with her on her wedding day. Eric explained that he had apologized to Brady, and Brady had accepted. Marlena was thrilled.

Marlena noted that she had not heard from Sami. With a shrug, Eric suggested that Sami would show up at the last moment and make a big entrance. Marlena nodded. With a grin, Eric said he had good news. Eric told Marlena that he was engaged to Jennifer. Elated, Marlena grabbed Eric and hugged him in celebration.

"Well, I pined over Nicole long enough. It's taken too long, and I get it. Jennifer and I were meant to be together," Eric said. Marlena smiled over her son's words. Eric reminded Marlena that he and Jennifer had seen each other in their worst moments and had grown to be great friends. Eric added that he knew Jennifer would never do anything to hurt him.

In the Kiriakis living room, Eve was gathering her stuff to leave when Brady barged in to confront Victor. Eve claimed she had questioned Victor about the drugs. Brady waved off Eve, and he explained that he had already spoken to Jennifer. Worried, Eve asked what Jennifer had said.

"Everything," Brady growled. Brady demanded that Victor tell the truth. Victor said he had not meant for Brady to lose his child. Brady lashed out at Victor.

"Jennifer told you what I did. Did she tell you anything else?" Victor asked. Taken aback, Brady asked what else he should know. Eve shifted her gaze over to Victor, worried.

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