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Sonny told Paul about Leo's death. Gabi drove a wedge between Abigail and Chad. Stefan blackmailed Kayla for medical files on Abigail. Eve pushed Brady to forgive Victor. Ciara invited Ben to move in, and against Tripp's wishes, Claire agreed. Kate offered to pay off Ted, but she pulled a gun on him instead.
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Will and Sonny scramble to meet Ted's demand Will and Sonny scramble to meet Ted's demand

Monday, August 13, 2018

by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla received a visit from Abigail, who warned that Stefan wasn't happy about being barred from attending doctor's appointments and might therefore start fishing for information about the pregnancy.

Kayla's odd reaction led Abigail to conclude that Stefan had already started asking questions. Forcing a smile, Kayla assured Abigail that wasn't the case. "I was just thinking [about] how difficult this must be for both you and Chad," Kayla added to explain the odd reaction Abigail had noticed. Nodding, Abigail admitted with a sigh that Chad had actually bailed the previous night -- perhaps for good.

Kayla urged Abigail to remain optimistic. "I had to learn to love Tripp. It wasn't easy, and it took a while, but I did it -- and I hated his mother," Kayla pointed out, adding that Chad probably just needed time to adjust.

Steve arrived as Abigail was leaving. She gave him a hug and said that she was glad that the bionic eye technology had worked for him.

While exiting the hospital, Abigail ran into Stefan. "Why am I not surprised?" she grumbled, assuming that he was following her. He scoffed and innocently claimed that his visit to the hospital had nothing to do with her pregnancy, adding that he was actually just in the process of finalizing a rather large donation. She sarcastically wished him luck with his painfully obvious attempt to buy respect. He dismissively insisted that having her respect -- and, eventually, the respect of their child, of course -- was all that mattered to him. He suspected that his brother would try to make that an uphill battle, though.

"Not likely, considering [Chad] just moved out last night," Abigail revealed. "Doesn't surprise me that he'd cut and run," Stefan replied with a shrug. Abigail slapped Stefan and clarified that Chad simply needed time to adjust. Stefan -- who chose to believe that Abigail's feisty side was proof that Gabby wasn't completely gone -- wondered how much time Chad was going to need. "None of your business," Abigail snapped before storming off.

Meanwhile, Steve reminded Kayla that they had never gotten around to having their planned conversation the previous night. "I waited for you for a long time at the pub," he continued. "Well, I told you that I had an emergency with a patient," she replied, adding with a laugh that she was surprised that he still wasn't used to the downside of being married to a doctor. "[Well], you usually text or call me [in such situations]. Why didn't you [this time]?" he asked curiously. "I didn't have time [because] the situation was too critical," she claimed with a shrug, adding that a patient had spiked a life-threatening fever and had needed to be closely monitored the entire night.

Kayla squirmed while recalling the real reason for the change of plans -- Stefan's unexpected revelation. "[Remember], I didn't [really] sell the company that owns the bionic [eye] technology. The engineers still report to me. [And] Steve's [bionic] eye is remotely monitored so the firmware can be updated periodically. And, of course, there's an app for that," Stefan had told Kayla while launching the app on his cell phone. "[If] I click this button, it's night-night for your husband," Stefan had added in an effort to convince Kayla to agree to share confidential information about Abigail's pregnancy. Kayla doubted Stefan's claim but couldn't be sure that it wasn't true.

While Kayla was deep in thought, Steve continued talking, wondering what her part of their planned conversation would have entailed. Realizing that she had just been asked a question, she claimed that she had simply wanted to discuss the possibility of finally remodeling the kitchen -- but had since decided on her own that it wouldn't be worth the cost. She then tried to chase him off, stressing that she had a lot of work to do that day.

Steve refused to leave -- and accused Kayla of lying. "I overheard you telling Jennifer that you were hiding something from me [and that] you were afraid of what might happen [if I ever found out]. So, I said something to John, and he said that he thought I should just flat out ask you [about it, so that's what my end of our planned conversation would have entailed]," Steve explained as Kayla started squirming again.

Kayla claimed that Jennifer had revealed something in confidence -- something that likely would have infuriated Steve. "Oh -- this is about Stefan," Steve assumed. "I'm gonna find that little creep [and] make him stay away from [Abigail]," Steve vowed before starting to leave Kayla's office -- just as Stefan approached it. "Well, look who it is..." Steve mused, glaring at Stefan.

Kayla irritably demanded to know what Stefan wanted. "Just to let you know that I just made a large donation to the neonatal unit. I want [that] department to be state of the art when Abigail gives birth to my child," Stefan replied. "Or are you trying to get information about Abigail from Kayla?" Steve countered. "Steve, Abigail is my patient, [so] just let me handle [this], okay?" Kayla urged Steve.

Nodding, Steve exited Kayla's office and shut the door. Once the coast was clear, Stefan ordered Kayla to reveal why Abigail had visited the hospital earlier.

At the Salem Inn, Ted slept soundly next to Kate, who was also asleep -- and was dreaming about Andre. "Sorry to disturb the love nest. You replaced me with him? [I mean], I suppose he's handsome enough, soon after my untimely demise! Whatever happened to widow's weeds?" Andre grumbled as Kate tried to dismiss him as nothing more than the unpleasant result of having consumed too much alcohol the previous night.

"What was I supposed to do -- mourn you? You conspired against me with Vivian and Stefan!" Kate reminded Andre. "Oh. Yes, well, I suppose I deserve that...but what about Chad? Doesn't he deserve your loyalty? [I mean], why are you lying to him?" Andre countered. Groaning, Kate mused, "If you are the manifestation of my guilty conscience, then I am in worse shape than I thought!"

Andre guessed that Kate wasn't feeling particularly guilty about playing a role in the disintegration of Chad's marriage, since Gabi had always been Kate's preferred mate for Chad, anyway. Kate argued that Gabi deserved revenge, prompting Andre to wonder if Kate had ever heard that two wrongs didn't make a right. "Yes, I have, and I have never agreed with [that]," Kate replied. "Well, whatever, but take it from me -- there's always room to change your ways. And if you love Chad the way you say you do, then for once in your life, do the right thing," Andre countered. "Oh, my God, I feel like I'm trapped here with the Ghost of Christmas Past," Kate grumbled.

Just then, Ted woke up and groggily wondered who Kate was talking to, causing Andre to disappear. Kate looked around the hotel room in confusion then concluded that the whole conversation had been a dream. Kate claimed, when asked, that the details of the dream were already getting foggy. Ted distracted Kate with sex then rushed off to the bathroom to take a shower, suddenly worried about being late for work.

At the Martin mansion, Will contacted Sonny while Paul was taking a shower. "Sorry that I hung up on you last night. Chad walked in when I was talking to you," Sonny explained to Will. "Have you thought about how to get the money?" Will asked. "That's all I've been thinking about!" Sonny replied. Just then, Paul emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel. "Gotta go," Will told Sonny before hanging up.

"Were you talking to Sonny?" Paul asked curiously. "Why do you assume I was talking to Sonny?" Will evasively replied. "Because the two of you share a daughter? One who is going through a hard time?" Paul pointed out, finding Will's response a bit odd. "Yeah, but it wasn't... I'm telling you... I mean, I wasn't talking to Sonny. Um...I -- I was talking to the source for my story. I was worried that, uh, he was talking to another reporter, and I was...gonna get scooped," Will claimed. "Well, you should have just said that [to begin with]," Paul teasingly told Will. "Well, I know, I can't talk about the story," Will explained with a shrug.

Paul remained worried that Will might be getting involved in something that could potentially be dangerous, but Will dismissed the concern. "I like that you're worried about me, but I can take care of myself," Will assured Paul. "You know, I can take care of you, too, actually," Will flirtatiously added before giving Paul a kiss and removing the towel.

Later, while Will and Paul were both getting dressed, Paul offered to walk Will to work. "That's okay. I'm -- you know, I'm meeting my source," Will claimed. Will gave Paul a goodbye kiss then rushed off. Seconds later, Paul noticed Will's briefcase. "Oh, he's not gonna get much work done without this," Paul muttered, picking up the briefcase and heading toward the door with it. "Unless he's not really meeting a source..." Paul suddenly realized, pausing. "I can't go through that bag," Paul insisted, eyeing the briefcase curiously. "I mean, unless...well, if Will's [in] over his head, somebody's gotta look out for him, you know?" Paul reasoned, opening the briefcase.

Paul started removing items from Will's briefcase and soon noticed an envelope sticking out of a notebook. Remembering that an identical envelope had recently been slipped under Will's door -- and that Will had claimed that it had contained information from an anonymous source -- Paul opened the envelope and removed a folded piece of paper from it. He unfolded the piece of paper and stared at the message in shock.

It was the anonymous note that read: "Does Paul know that you and Sonny are lying to him?"

Will went to the Kiriakis mansion to continue talking to Sonny about Ted's demand for hush money. "When Chad heard me talking [to you on the phone about needing money], I told him that we were raising money for a new business venture, [and] he feels guilty that he has my position over at Titan, so he said he'd help...[but] I don't feel comfortable asking him for that kind of money, especially now that he's the face of Titan," Sonny told Will. "[So] I was hoping you could talk to John Black, [since] he's with your grandmother [and] has a lot of money he could loan [us]," Sonny added. "Are you kidding me? He's also Paul's dad!" Will incredulously countered.

"[Then] what about Sami? Doesn't she have some DiMera money?" Sonny suggested. "I mean, yeah, [but she'd just] create more problems than [she'd] solve," Will predicted. "Right. Yes, she would," Sonny conceded.

"[So]...who do we know that has millions of dollars [and would be willing to] hand it over without asking any questions?" Sonny wondered. After giving the matter some thought, Will got an idea -- one that Sonny didn't like. As Will tried to think of another solution, Sonny received a text message from Ted: "Ticktock, boys. Time to come up with the cash." With no better options available, Sonny decided to go with Will's plan.

Abigail arrived as Will was leaving the mansion. "He comes over most mornings to see Ari," Sonny explained to Abigail. Nodding, Abigail changed the subject, eager to know if Chad was still around. Sonny pointed Abigail in Chad's direction -- and also mentioned that Gabi was the one who had advised Chad to spend the night at the mansion. Upstairs, Abigail found Chad with Gabi and Arianna, in the midst of a playful moment.

Alone in the living room, Sonny waited nervously for an update from Will. Paul soon stormed into the mansion and angrily asked Sonny, "You want to tell me what the hell's going on between you and Will?"

At the Salem Inn, Kate tried to get some more sleep -- but soon had another dream about Andre. "Think about [Chad's] happiness and what's best for him, because you're gonna be held accountable one day...and take it from me -- it's in your best interest to do the right thing," he advised. "Beat it, Clarence. Earn your wings yourself," she dismissively replied.

Meanwhile, someone knocked on the hotel room door. Kate woke up and went to greet the visitor. "This is a surprise!" Kate said as Will entered the room. "Honey, it's not a great time right now," Kate began to protest. "Okay, [but] I need to borrow some money -- [actually], a lot of money," Will apologetically explained. "Are you in trouble?" Kate asked worriedly. "Yes," Will admitted.

Just then, Ted emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel. Will and Ted stared at each other in disbelief.

Will tells Kate about Ted's blackmail Will tells Kate about Ted's blackmail

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In Chad's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Chad, Gabi, and Arianna laughed together on his bed. Abigail walked in. Awkwardly, Gabi suggested to Arianna that they go downstairs. Arianna told Abigail that Gabi had been in prison. Abigail looked guiltily at Gabi. Abigail told Arianna that Gabi was home for good. With a nod, Gabi ushered Arianna out of the room.

Abigail closed the door and asked Chad what she had walked in on. Chad shifted uncomfortably. Abigail asked Chad if he was starting a new family with Gabi like when he had believed Abigail had been dead. Abigail argued that it was not an absurd notion, since it had happened before. Chad told Abigail how Gabi had talked to Arianna and that Gabi had stayed for the night at Arianna's insistence. Chad swore that Gabi had acted as a friend, but Abigail accused Gabi of pushing for more.

"You're asking me to defend my actions while you are carrying another man's child," Chad said with tears in his eyes. Abigail apologized. When Abigail said that she and Thomas missed Chad, he bristled. Chad warned Abigail not to use their son to manipulate him. Abigail apologized. Abigail said she wanted to talk to Chad because she was also hurting.

"The best thing is for us to try and work through things together. You're not ready for that, and that's okay. I'll wait for you. I love you, and I know you love me, and that is all that matters. And I believe in our love, and I believe you do, too," Abigail said. In the doorway, Gabi cracked open the door to listen in on Chad's conversation with Abigail. As Abigail and Chad leaned toward one another, Gabi opened the door and announced that Arianna had requested Chad's blueberry pancakes.

After Chad left, Abigail closed the door so that she could talk to Gabi privately. Gabi apologized if Abigail had been uncomfortable with what she had walked in on. Gabi argued that she had suggested that Chad stay at the mansion so that he had Sonny's moral support. Abigail raised a suspicious eyebrow. Gabi said she wanted what was best for Chad and Abigail, and she said that she believed they belonged together.

"You really sure you believe that?" Abigail asked. Gabi reacted as if offended. Abigail said she believed Gabi resented her for sending her to prison. Gabi admitted she was angry, but only at Stefan. Gabi added that she understood that Abigail had been sick and did not blame her. Gabi said Arianna knew that Gabi had not abandoned her and that Abigail belonged with Chad. As Gabi hugged Abigail, Gabi flashed a wicked grin to herself.

In the Kiriakis living room, Paul demanded that Sonny tell him what he was up to with Will. Sonny played dumb. Paul pulled out one of Ted's threatening notes, and Paul accused Sonny and Will of lying to him. Paul explained he had found the note in Will's bag. Sonny argued that Paul had been snooping. Shaking his head no, Paul yelled that Sonny had hooked up with Will behind his back. Sonny explained that Paul misunderstood the situation. Sonny stressed that Will had not cheated on Paul.

"If the two of you are not having an affair, what are you lying about?" Paul asked. Paul pleaded with Sonny to confide in him. Sonny told Paul what had happened with Leo. Sonny stressed that he had not believed anyone would believe Leo's death had been an accident and that it would have ruined Sonny's family. When Paul asked for details about the aftermath, Sonny explained that he had convinced Will to help him with the body. Paul reached out and held Sonny's hand to comfort him.

Gabi walked into the room, and she stopped at the sight of Paul and Sonny holding hands. Gabi muttered that she needed Arianna's doll, which she grabbed, and she hurriedly left the room. Sonny confided to Paul that he was worried that Arianna would lose her fathers to prison after Arianna had lost her mother to prison.

Paul and Sonny returned to talking about Will and how upset Will had been recently. Paul asked Sonny why they had not told him the truth. Sonny said he and Will had not wanted to get Paul involved. Sonny added that he had not wanted to involve Will, either.

"Now that I know what happened to Leo, I need you to tell me everything. Starting with who sent you that letter," Paul said. Sonny told Paul about Ted's threats and that Will was asking Kate for money to pay Ted off.

In her house, Jennifer stared at her engagement ring as someone knocked on the front door. It was Eve. Eve congratulated Jennifer on her engagement and handed her a gift. Jennifer rolled her eyes. As Eve grinned, Jennifer asked Eve why she was so happy. Eve remarked that she was happy Jennifer had decided to keep her secret from Brady. Jennifer growled that Eve did not deserve a good man like Brady. Eve smirked at Jennifer. Eve argued that Jennifer would not tell Brady the truth because Eric would dump Jennifer for Nicole. With a grin, Eve told Jennifer that Nicole would always be Eric's true love.

Jennifer complained that Eve had ruined Brady's chances at custody of Tate. Eve was optimistic. Eve said she was convinced that Theresa would do the right thing and share custody with Brady.

"She is so selfish and vindictive. Tate is all she has left. Do you really believe she is going to share him?" Jennifer asked. Eve turned the conversation back to the secret. Eve told Jennifer that she was a mirror image of Eve. Jennifer disagreed. Eve argued that Jennifer wanted to be happy no matter the cost, just like Eve. Eve told Jennifer to keep her mouth shut so that they both could keep the men they loved.

In the square, Brady and Eric chatted over coffee at the café. Brady and Eric talked about their upcoming weddings. Brady joked that he had planned a circus theme with Eve. Eric was optimistic that Jennifer and Eve would learn to get along, but Brady was unsure. Eric told Brady that he was happy for his brother and was pleased that they were back in one another's lives. Smiling, Brady suggested that they have a triple wedding with John and Marlena. Eric looked dubious at the suggestion.

Marlena interrupted to say hello. Brady and Eric smiled at one another. Marlena sat down with Eric and Brady and reviewed wedding details. When Eric asked about Sami, Marlena admitted that Sami had declined to attend the wedding because of what had happened with Rafe. Eric muttered that it did not sound like Sami to shy away from a confrontation.

Curious, Marlena asked Eric and Brady if they knew anything about Sami's behavior. Both Eric and Brady shook their heads no. Eric offered to call Sami, and Marlena eagerly took Eric up on his offer. With a sigh, Eric excused himself to meet up with Jennifer.

Once alone with Brady, Marlena asked him about Tate. Brady admitted he was struggling. Marlena offered to help Brady. With a nod, Brady asked Marlena to focus on John and her wedding. Brady said he would not be able to move on with his life without Eve at his side. Brady complained about Victor's part in the custody case and that Eve had urged him to forgive Victor. Marlena asked Brady if he could forgive Victor. Brady shook his head no. Brady said Victor had cost him his son. Eve approached the table and warned Brady that he needed to forgive Victor, or else their relationship was over.

At the Horton house, Jennifer opened the present that Eve had left her for her engagement. It was a book titled, How a Bad Girl Keeps a Good Man. Jennifer sneered. Eric knocked on the front door. With a pained sigh, Jennifer told Eric that they needed to talk.

In Kate's room, Will was shocked to find a half-naked Ted exiting Kate's bathroom. Will argued that Kate was sleeping with the man that had represented Leo in his case against Sonny. Kate offered to meet Will downstairs, but Will waved her off. Will asked Kate if she had been involved in the court case. Ted warned Kate not to say anything. Kate swore she had not been a part of Leo's lawsuit and had only met Ted after the case had been dismissed.

Shaking his head, Will said he did not understand why Kate could date someone that had represented both Leo and Ben. Kate argued that everyone had a right to counsel. Will countered that Ted had blackmailed him and Sonny. Shaking her head in disbelief, Kate asked Will to explain. Will told Kate that Ted was the reason he was there to ask Kate for help. Kate asked why Ted had blackmailed Will.

"For starters, he murdered my client," Ted said. Ted said he had evidence to implicate Sonny and Will in the murder. Will swore that Leo had attacked him, and Sonny had killed Leo by accident. Furious, Kate asked Will why he had not told the police. Will noted that the situation had looked suspicious. Kate assured Will that she believed him. Kate turned to face Ted and asked him to drop his threats.

"Sorry, Kate. No can do," Ted said dismissively. Kate noted that it was an order, not a request. Ted refused. Will chimed in that Ted had demanded money and had taken pleasure in threatening Will and Sonny with notes. Will argued that Kate did not know who she had been dating. Kate sighed. Will told Ted that what he had done was disgusting.

"I have some serious questions about your intentions with my grandmother," Will said. Will threatened Ted to stay away from Kate. Will growled that what had happened with Leo had been an accident, but he would do whatever it took to get rid of Ted. Kate intervened and urged Will to leave. Kate stressed that she would handle Ted. Reluctantly, Will left.

"I love it when you handle me," Ted said smoothly to Kate. "Save it. I will be cutting no deals with you," Kate growled.

Kate gives Ted an ultimatum Kate gives Ted an ultimatum

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Brady said goodbye to Marlena then started questioning Eve.

"It sounded to me like [what you said earlier] was an ultimatum -- [that if I didn't] forgive Victor, [then] we're through," Brady curiously noted. Eve conceded that the statement might have been a bit too strongly worded. "[It was] just a little advice [that] a smart guy like you [should] heed. [I mean], I love you, and I just want you to be happy, and all this anger that you're carrying around --" Eve began to add. "More like rage," Brady interjected.

Eve argued that Brady couldn't hold a grudge forever. "I'm a Kiriakis. That's what we do," Brady countered, waving a hand dismissively. "[And besides, why are you] so obsessed with [convincing me to forgive] a man that you can't stand?" Brady added, clearly confused. Eve maintained that it was for Brady's own good, adding that life was too short for grudges against loved ones -- and that Victor certainly wasn't getting any younger. "I'm not ready to let it go -- not yet," Brady insisted. "I think I hear baby steps [in there]," Eve teasingly replied before changing the subject, asking if Brady was hungry. Brady gave Eve a nod, grateful for the change of topic.

At Doug's Place, Julie and Doug led Victor and Maggie to a table that, according to Doug, was the best one in the whole club. "It's a little drafty," Victor grumbled. "It's called 'air conditioning,'" Maggie countered. Ignoring the exchange, Julie offered to fetch drinks for Victor and Maggie -- on the house. "Is there some reason you're chirpier than usual?" Victor asked. Julie and Doug excitedly revealed that Jennifer and Eric had recently gotten engaged. "That's wonderful!" Maggie exclaimed. "Those two deserve each other," Victor dryly declared. "It's like a fairytale!" Julie agreed, oblivious. "More like a horror story," Victor argued, annoying Maggie in the process.

"Did you have to be so rude?" Maggie asked Victor after Julie and Doug walked away. "Just saying what nobody else has the guts to say. Eric and Jennifer are two self-righteous prigs. And I don't know how you can feel any differently [about Eric] after what he did to Daniel," Victor replied. "I will never forget that, but I forgave Eric -- and, more importantly, I think he's gonna make Jennifer very happy," Maggie explained with a shrug.

"That little snoop is the reason Brady hates me," Victor grumbled. Maggie started to counter that Brady only hated Victor because Victor had sabotaged the custody hearing -- at Eve's request, although Brady didn't know that -- but Victor quickly interrupted, irritably warning Maggie not to say anything like that ever again. "Am I living in an alternative universe?" Maggie wondered, failing to understand why Victor would want to protect Eve, of all people. "I need her. [See], if she wants to put a 'Mrs.' on it, she's gonna have to get her rear in gear and start convincing Brady to forgive me," Victor explained with a shrug. "Or else?" Maggie guessed.

Victor tried to change the subject, but Maggie refused to play along, insisting that Brady deserved to know the truth about Eve before the wedding. "Brady is not going to know the truth -- not now, not later, not ever," Victor insisted with finality -- just as Brady and Eve entered the club. "Or maybe he will," Maggie defiantly countered before calling Brady and Eve over. "What are you up to?" Victor quietly asked Maggie, getting nervous.

Maggie started to say something to Brady about Victor's recent actions. Interrupting, Brady tiredly revealed that Eve had been focused on the same subject all morning. Brady guessed that Maggie and Eve had been conspiring with each other to orchestrate a reconciliation between him and his grandfather.

Maggie started to clarify that Brady didn't know the whole story. He jumped to his own conclusions about the meaning of her statement, assuming that she was about to remind him that his grandfather's heart had been in the right place. He reluctantly conceded that he, too, had a tendency to take things too far in the name of love. He allowed for the possibility that he might one day be able to forgive his grandfather; he was quick to stress, however, that he wasn't ready to do so just yet. "See there? Some hope," Victor said to Maggie with a pointed look.

After Brady and Eve walked away, Victor thanked Maggie for having chosen to keep his secret. Maggie still thought it would be best for Victor to tell Brady the truth, but she admitted that she didn't have the heart to do so herself -- at least not when the possibility of reconciliation seemed to be back on the table.

Wanting something in return, Maggie called Julie and Doug over. "My husband has something he'd like to say," Maggie explained to Julie and Doug before looking at Victor expectantly. "I hope Eric and Jennifer go into this with their eyes wide open. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce -- not great odds," Victor warned Julie and Doug. "That's not what I meant," Maggie said, glaring at Victor. "Fine. I hope they're very happy together," Victor reluctantly added, forcing a smile. Satisfied, Maggie let Julie and Doug leave.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Eve thanked Brady for having at least made an effort with Victor. "Well, I'm not exactly a saint [myself], am I? [I mean], at least my grandfather admitted what he did -- and [even] apologized. I mean, hell, maybe that's what I should do with Eric," Brady reasoned. "Why, so you can clear your conscience?" Eve countered.

Eve urged Brady to think of the potential consequences of such a revelation. Realizing that Eve was right, Brady agreed that it would be best to just put the matter to rest -- for good. "And I know a great way to start that process -- I need to get that tape of Nicole's confession out of Victor's safe," Brady added, stunning Eve.

At the Horton house, Jennifer started telling Eric about Eve's earlier visit. When Jennifer revealed that Eve had mentioned Nicole, Eric interrupted to reiterate that Jennifer had no reason to worry about Nicole. Before Jennifer could continue, Julie and Doug entered the house, armed with Champagne and cake for an impromptu celebration of Jennifer and Eric's engagement.

Julie and Doug stayed just long enough for a single serving of Champagne and cake, needing to get back to the club as soon as possible. Before leaving with Doug, Julie encouraged Jennifer to fight for the bridal bouquet at John and Marlena's fast-approaching wedding. Julie reasoned that Eve didn't need to get married anytime soon, anyway. "[I mean], I really don't think that Brady should rush into marriage to [that] woman; after all, her sister broke his heart, and I'm sure he is still on the rebound from Nicole," Julie added before quickly apologizing. "It's fine," Jennifer insisted, forcing a smile. "Jennifer knows that I'm completely over Nicole," Eric added.

As Eric walked Doug to the front door, Julie quietly told Jennifer, "Doug was [clearly] upset with me for mentioning Nicole, but I'm glad I brought her up, [because now I know] that Eric has put her in the past, where she belongs. And you -- I haven't seen you this happy since Jack! Oh, darling, you deserve a good man, because you are the kindest, most selfless, most loving soul I know." Jennifer tried to protest, but Julie forged ahead, advising, "Don't you let anything spoil [your happiness]." As Julie rushed off to find Doug, Jennifer considered the advice -- and soon tossed Eve's gift in the nearest trash can, having decided that Julie was right.

At the Salem Inn, Kate lashed out at Ted, who refused to apologize for blackmailing Will and Sonny. "It's just business," Ted explained with a shrug, adding that Kate hadn't seemed to care about making innocent people pay for crimes back when they had been framing Sonny for sexual harassment. Kate reminded Ted that Will was a family member and was therefore off-limits. "If I asked you to give up this scheme for me, would you do it?" Kate wondered. "I don't think [that's] fair to ask," Ted evasively replied. Chuckling mirthlessly, Kate mused, "Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm here again!"

"Kate, I care for you..." Ted began. "Oh, you 'care' for me. Andre 'cared' for me, too, you know -- until he was consumed by power and money," Kate countered. "[So] I gave him a choice -- it or me," Kate continued. "Are you proposing the same ultimatum to me?" Ted asked incredulously. "This morning -- in this room, in that bed -- you said that you would stand by me, look out for that's what I'm asking you to do. Will you? [I mean], what do you care about more -- me or the money? [Are you going to] stop the blackmail or not?" Kate demanded to know, ignoring Ted's repeated attempts to flirt his way out of the problem.

"No, I'm not," Ted eventually admitted to Kate. "You really are a son of a bitch, aren't you?" she spat, shaking her head in disbelief. "You are like every bastard I've ever been with!" she continued while throwing his clothes at him. "Does that mean you're not gonna [give me] the money?" he asked as she ordered him to leave. "I don't have that kind of money," she informed him with a shrug.

"I'm pretty sure you got a hefty inheritance from that dead husband of yours..." Ted began to argue. "Actually, because of Andre's dirty dealings, the DiMera board has frozen all of his assets, and I'm not even a hundred percent sure when -- or if -- I'm ever gonna get that money...but even if I did, I wouldn't give you one red cent!" Kate countered.

Shrugging, Ted warned that Will would go to prison if Kate didn't cooperate. Kate fumed as Ted calmly exited the hotel room.

Will went to the Kiriakis mansion to update Sonny -- and was stunned to find Paul there. "I know everything," Paul told Will, holding up the anonymous note. "How did you get that?" Will wondered. "Well, it's an old P.I. trick -- see, I unzipped your bag [and then] looked around until I found it," Paul explained with a shrug. "You went through my stuff?" Will asked incredulously. "Yeah, I don't think that's the big issue at the moment," Paul replied.

"Man, I wish... It would have been nice to hear [all of this] from you," Paul admitted to Will. "Paul, I was -- I -- I've been trying to protect you," Will explained. "I get that, [but] I had a right to know," Paul argued. "And now you do -- which makes you an accessory after the fact," Will countered, sighing. "'re...going to turn us in?" Will hesitantly added. "Of course I'm not gonna turn you in. I'm gonna help," Paul replied.

Will didn't want Paul to get even deeper into the mess, but Paul insisted it was too late for Will to worry about that. "I'm so sorry -- [I mean], for getting you into this, [and] for lying to you..." Will began, sighing again. "When I read this...I mean, you can only imagine where my head went. [I thought that] you and Sonny [were] back together [and were] sneaking around behind my back..." Paul hesitantly admitted. "God, no, Paul -- never! I love you," Will quickly stressed. "And I should have trusted that," Paul replied as Sonny listened uncomfortably. Changing the subject, Paul wondered how Will's meeting with Kate had gone. "It's, um...complicated," Will began.

"This isn't good," Paul declared at the end of Will's recap. "I don't know -- [I mean], Kate's a hard-ass, right? [And] I'm telling you, she was furious. She told me she would handle it," Will replied. "What the hell does that mean?" Sonny asked worriedly. Shrugging, Will admitted, "I'm not sure if Kate is gonna get Ted to drop this whole thing, or if she's gonna pay him off, or if she's gonna throw him out a window." Paul offered to investigate Ted in the meantime. "As much as I love the idea of being proactive, I -- honestly, I don't think we should do anything until we hear from Kate," Will reasoned. Sonny agreed with Will, but Paul wasn't convinced.

"You guys have me now, and I'm here, ready and willing to do whatever I can to help," Paul stressed. "I know. And I'm -- I'm lucky you're even talking to me. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Paul, for getting you into this nightmare," Will replied. "We will get through this together. I love you, remember?" Paul assured Will. "Yeah, even though I gave you every reason to doubt me. Paul, you're amazing," Will raved. "I just feel bad that I was so wrong about you and Sonny. But I'm glad I was," Paul admitted before giving Will a hug. Sonny watched uncomfortably, completely ignored. "Let's go home," Will told Paul, somewhat suggestively, as the embrace ended.

Sonny watched sadly as Will and Paul exited the living room together. Paul paused in the foyer to apologize again to Will, feeling guilty for having been jealous and suspicious. "I thought I was over my insecurity about Sonny, and, um...I mean, I shouldn't have snooped through your bag," Paul told Will. "You had every right to. I've been lying to you. I'm sorry [about that]. And, you know, in my past life, I wasn't know, faithful, so... [But] I promise you, there is nothing going on between me and Sonny -- zero -- except for me just trying to protect him. That's all. You are the one and only man that I love," Will assured Paul.

Will gave Paul a kiss then again suggested, "Let's go home." Sonny watched sadly from the living room, having heard everything, as Will and Paul exited the mansion together.

Ben receives an unexpected invitation Ben receives an unexpected invitation

Thursday, August 16, 2018

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi eavesdropped from the foyer as Chad and Abigail had another tense conversation.

Gabi waited for the right opportunity then burst into the living room to tell Chad something about Arianna. "Sorry -- I didn't realize you were still here," Gabi told Abigail before starting to leave. "What were you gonna say?" Abigail wondered. "Uh, well...Ari's done with her last pancake, and she's requested that Chad jump on the trampoline with her. Apparently, he can do a backflip," Gabi explained. "I promised I'd show her," Chad confirmed. Nodding, Abigail urged Chad to be careful. "I won't [break anything -- except maybe] the trampoline...or my ego," Chad joked while exiting the living room.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize the two of you were in here. [I mean], I never would have interrupted..." Gabi told Abigail again. "It's fine. [And] I'm really glad things are going well with your daughter," Abigail replied. "What about us? Are we okay?" Gabi wondered. "Yeah. I'm just -- I'm hormonal and emotional, but I do know that you're a good friend," Abigail confirmed. Gabi was relieved to hear that. "I swear, I -- I want you and Chad to work things out...and as long as he's staying here, I'm gonna do my best to make sure that he [eventually] moves back home with you," Gabi promised.

After Abigail left the mansion, Chad rejoined Gabi in the living room and reported, "The guy that I had watching Ben Weston just checked in. [Ben] left the homeless shelter [this morning], so he's leaving town for good. [I mean], no one else is gonna take him in..." Gabi was pleased to hear that there would soon be one less thing to worry about each day.

Changing the subject, Gabi thanked Chad for being willing to spend time with Arianna. "[But] I think we upset [Abigail -- I mean, even] more than she already was. [See, after you left, she] told me that she thought that maybe you were more interested in spending time with Ari [than] with Thomas," Gabi claimed. "That's not fair! She knows how I feel about our son!" Chad protested.

"Sorry. I should have never told you anything," Gabi innocently acknowledged. "No, it's not your fault. I'm glad you did," Chad replied.

"[But], I mean, [Abigail's jealous of] her own goddaughter and her own husband [spending time together]? I don't understand that! I mean, she knows how much I miss Thomas! I mean, I miss him like crazy! That's the worst part of all this for me! How does she not know that?" Chad added, incredulous. Gabi assured Chad that it had probably just been Abigail's hormones talking.

"Eh, I know she's going, you know, through her own hell, [but]'re just gonna get mad at me, [but] honestly, I don't know how I'm gonna get past all of this," Chad admitted with a sigh. Gabi predicted that Chad simply needed time apart from Abigail to process everything. Gabi added that Abigail needed to respect Chad's need for distance. "She doesn't [seem to] realize that she's putting a lot of pressure on you -- [or] that every time you guys get together, it just makes you more upset, [which isn't] good for anybody. I think you should definitely be staying in neutral corners [for now]," Gabi continued.

"Trust me, you're doing the right thing," Gabi assured Chad. Smiling, Chad thanked Gabi for being such a good friend.

At the Brady Pub, John and Steve complained to each other about the fitting they had just endured. "You sure you don't want to go back? I really think you should have gotten that hot-pink cummerbund," Steve joked. "Yeah, right -- like that would have been [a good look]. Back in the '80s, maybe..." John replied. "What's wrong with the '80s? As I recall, that was when you and the lovely Marlena made your first trip down the aisle," Steve countered. "Yeah, just like you and Kayla," John confirmed. "[Which is why] I loved the '80s," Steve wistfully mused.

Chuckling, John changed the subject, wondering if Steve had gotten around to questioning Kayla yet. "I did," Steve confirmed. "And she had an innocent explanation [for what you overheard], didn't she?" John guessed. "She did. I'm just not sure I believe it," Steve replied with a sigh. John conceded, after hearing all the facts, that Steve was right to doubt Kayla's story.

"I'm worried, man. I think something's wrong -- really wrong," Steve admitted. John suggested that Kayla might be trying to protect Steve from something. "The last time I lied to Doc, it was all about trying to protect [you -- and not wanting] to get her involved," John added, inadvertently leading Steve to conclude that Kayla was probably in danger. John tried to backpedal, but Steve insisted, "You're right -- she could be [in danger]...which is all the more reason I have to find out what the hell is going on!" Steve resolved to question Kayla again. "[And] if that doesn't work...I'll do whatever I have to [do] to get the truth," Steve vowed.

At the hospital, Kayla received a visit from Stefan, who again demanded information about Abigail's most recent doctor's appointment. "[Actually], let's make this simple -- just give me Abigail's complete medical records," Stefan added. Stunned, Kayla refused, insisting that would be a huge breach of ethics. "Let me remind you that I can make Steve blind at any time. [I mean], one flick of the switch, and your husband's shopping for [a second patch again]. Hope he's not driving [right now]..." Stefan told Kayla. "Nice to see that you've inherited [Stefano's] taste for the gothic," Kayla grumbled while reluctantly handing over a copy of Abigail's medical file.

"Satisfied?" Kayla asked irritably. "For now. [But] I'll be back," Stefan replied before exiting Kayla's office.

After leaving the hospital, Stefan headed to the park to find a quiet place to read Abigail's medical file -- which included a sonogram picture from the first ultrasound. As Stefan was admiring it, someone approached from behind. Stefan quickly shut the front flap of the medical file then turned to face the person -- Abigail. "What are you looking at? [And] why'd you close the folder so fast?" she asked. "It's a prototype we're working on [at DiMera]. The last thing I need is for you to share it with the CEO of Titan," he innocently claimed. "You don't need to worry about that," she replied, leading him to conclude that she was still estranged from her husband.

"Chad is gonna come around," Abigail insisted. "And maybe it's not what you want to hear, but everybody who loves me -- who really loves me -- is rooting for us. Even Gabi is helping us get back together," Abigail continued. "Why would she do that?" Stefan asked curiously. "Because she's a great friend," Abigail explained with a shrug. "Who doesn't, uh, hold a grudge, apparently. Must say, I'm surprised. I mean, to me, she seems like the kind of woman who'd want revenge," Stefan mused. Abigail insisted that Stefan obviously didn't know Gabi very well. Nodding, Stefan changed the subject, wondering what Gabi could possibly do to help Abigail.

"Well, right now, she's staying at the Kiriakis mansion [to reconnect] with her daughter..." Abigail started to explain before pausing. Chuckling, Stefan delighted in guessing that Chad had ended up at the Kiriakis mansion, too. "It is not like that," Abigail insisted. "Whatever you say..." Stefan skeptically replied before walking away.

After parting ways with John, Steve went to the hospital to see Kayla. "I'm so glad to see you!" she declared, hugging him. Confused, he wondered if she was upset about something. She claimed that she was still worried about the patient she had told him about earlier -- the one who had been battling a life-threatening fever. "Sweetness...if you're the one who's in trouble, you would tell me, wouldn't you?" he asked. "Why would you think I'm in trouble?" she evasively replied. "[Because] I don't think you gave me the whole story [earlier]," he explained. "Well, no, I didn't -- [because] I can't betray Jen's confidence," she maintained, shrugging.

"I have a staff meeting in the lounge [soon], so I'll see you tonight," Kayla added before rushing off, leaving Steve alone in her office. "You're a lousy liar, Sweetness," he muttered, sighing. "[And] you shouldn't have left your phone behind..." he added, noticing the device on her desk. "[I mean, I already] know the code -- 07-25-88. I did love the '80s..." he continued, unlocking the device. A quick search revealed something alarming.

"What the hell is this about?" Steve wondered -- just as Kayla returned.

At the police station, Abe found Hope and Rafe in one of the conference rooms -- making out. "I guess this means that the two of you are back together," Abe mused. "We are, yes -- [I mean], I think we are -- [but] this is the last time, um, we display public affection, um, here at work," Hope replied, embarrassed. "That's a, um, promise," Rafe added. "Well, I'm willing to look the other way today...and I'm happy for you both," Abe stressed.

Changing the subject, Abe wondered why Hope had decided to stop investigating the cabin fire. "It looked like we were never gonna get enough evidence [against Ben] for an indictment...[so] I made it very clear to him yesterday [that if he left town for good, I'd close the case]," Hope explained. "[Yeah, well, I've] been keeping tabs on him -- informally, of course -- [and] he was [still] here in town last night, [staying] at a homeless shelter," Abe countered. Hope was outraged, but Abe conceded that Ben might have been planning to leave town after getting some sleep. "If Weston has gone back on our deal...God help him," Hope told Rafe after Abe left.

Rafe contacted the homeless shelter and learned that Ben had checked out earlier that day. Hope wondered if that meant that Ben would soon be leaving town. "[I mean, he has] nowhere else to go [here]..." Rafe pointed out.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire finished a work shift then joined a customer -- Marlena -- for a quick chat. "I hope you don't mind, but John shared part of your conversation from the other day," Marlena began. Claire insisted that everything was fine, adding that Marlena had more important things to focus on at that time, anyway -- like the wedding. "I'm a great multitasker," Marlena assured Claire, refusing to drop the subject.

"Okay, well, if you really want to know...[things at the apartment are tense because] Ciara is totally hung up on Ben Weston -- not that she'll ever admit that," Claire started to explain. Marlena was skeptical, but Claire insisted that Ciara was attracted to Ben. "Why else would she be pushing Tripp away? I mean, she has got this perfect guy literally throwing himself at her, and she won't give him the time of day because she would rather hang out with a serial killer! How messed up is that?" Claire continued. Marlena initially assumed that Claire was worried about Ciara, but as Claire continued talking, Marlena realized that Tripp was the bigger concern.

"Ciara treats [Tripp] like trash, and he still follows her around like a puppy...and he doesn't even look at me anymore..." Claire grumbled. "[And] I guess I shouldn't let it hurt my feelings -- [I mean], I know that I should have the self-respect to just back off and start dating again -- but...I don't know, it doesn't work like that. I can't just snap my fingers and [be] over Tripp," Claire continued, releasing a heavy sigh of defeat.

Marlena guessed that living -- and working -- with Tripp was making matters even worse for Claire. Nodding, Claire mused, "You know, maybe I should just be glad that Ben keeps showing up at our doorstep -- you know, 'cause if he kills us all, then I won't have to worry about [this anymore]." Unamused, Marlena told Claire not to joke about such things. "I'm not joking! I am really scared of this guy...[and] so is everyone [else] except Ciara, [who] refuses to accept what is obvious to everyone else -- that Ben set the fire [that] made her almost toast...literally," Claire replied. "Honey, I'm not somebody who believes that," Marlena revealed, stunning Claire.

"Part of being a therapist is really believing that people can change -- [that] they can be rehabilitated. [And] Ben is working so hard to do that. He has acknowledged what he's done, he's making amends... I just think we have to give him credit for that," Marlena explained with a shrug. Claire smiled as Marlena's comments sunk in. "You know, if Ben is such a great guy, then maybe Ciara should just be with him. [I mean], that would be perfect, [because] then Tripp would be free for me, right? I mean, if he can stand the sight of me anymore..." Claire cheerfully mused before rushing off, ignoring Marlena's repeated attempts to argue the point.

John soon joined Marlena. A short time later, Abe approached. "I'm so glad I ran into you two," Abe began. "You know, being mayor does have its perks...[so] I was able to pull a few strings, and I cleared the town square for your ceremony," Abe continued, pleasing John and Marlena. Changing the subject, Abe guessed that John and Marlena were looking forward to having all their kids back in town at the same time again for the wedding.

"Well, except for Sami," Marlena clarified. "She's not coming? Why not?" Abe asked. "Wish we knew," Marlena replied, shrugging.

Tripp returned home after a grueling work shift and wondered if Ciara wanted to unwind with him at the lake. "Actually, do you mind if we wait a little while?" Ciara hesitantly replied. "What for?" Tripp wondered -- just as Ben emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel. "What the hell is this?" Tripp asked Ciara incredulously. "[Ben's] been staying at a homeless shelter, but they're overcrowded right now, so they kicked him out this morning, and I thought the least I could do is let him clean up here," Ciara explained with a shrug. "Yeah, well, you look pretty clean to me, so why don't you just get dressed and get the hell out of here," Tripp impatiently ordered Ben.

"Look, man, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to overstep. I'm gonna get going," Ben agreed, turning to retreat to the bathroom to get dressed. Ciara stopped Ben then informed Tripp, "[I promised Ben] he could grab something to eat before he goes." Scoffing, Tripp reached for a box of cereal that had been left out on the kitchen counter. "There you go," Tripp said, thrusting the box at Ben. "Think I could get some almond milk, or...?" Ben asked dryly. "We're not seriously shoving food in his hands as he walks out the door, right?" Ciara added. "Oh, I'm sorry -- what should we do? [Maybe] all sit around the counter and talk about our day?" Tripp countered.

Ciara wondered why Tripp was being so harsh. "[Maybe because] every time I turn around, there's a serial killer in my living room!" Tripp replied. "Stop calling him that! And it's our living room, Tripp! You don't get the only say!" Ciara countered. "I'm gonna go get dressed," Ben awkwardly interjected before retreating to the bathroom.

"If I want to have Ben over, that's my choice," Ciara continued. "So...what, every time the shelter's a little crowded, [that] guy's gonna show up and stroll around practically naked?" Tripp asked incredulously. "How else is he supposed to take a shower?" Ciara reasoned. "Maybe get a job of his own and find a place of his own -- preferably far away from here?" Tripp suggested, shrugging. "But it's not like it's that easy, Tripp! It's not like he can just go and fill out an application!" Ciara pointed out. "Oh, well, geez, I wonder why!" Tripp sarcastically replied.

"He's trying to make up for what he's done! But he can't when people like you and my mom won't even give him a second chance! You know what -- I bet she was the one who got him kicked out of the shelter in the first place! She is completely crazed, trying to drive him out of town!" Ciara grumbled. "Yeah, well, it sounds like she's got the right idea," Tripp muttered.

Sighing, Ciara maintained that Ben was no longer a threat to anyone. "[If anything], my mom should be thanking him [for saving my life], and now that we know that the fire wasn't actually his fault --" Ciara began to add. "Excuse me -- since when do we know that?" Tripp asked, confused. "Ben told us, remember?" Ciara replied with a smile. "[But] everyone in this town is [still] determined to see the worst in him, no matter what the evidence says!" Ciara continued, clearly frustrated. "Yes, and you're determined to see the best in him!" Tripp countered. "Why is that?" Tripp asked Ciara.

Ben returned, fully dressed, before Ciara could respond. "You guys can quit fighting now. I'm leaving," Ben announced. "Where are you gonna go?" Ciara asked. "I'll figure it out. Don't worry about it," Ben replied, shrugging.

"You can stay here!" Ciara blurted out as Ben started to leave, stunning Tripp. "You did not just ask him to move in with us," Tripp muttered with a shake of the head. "Only 'til he finds another place," Ciara stressed. "Ciara, thank you, but --" Ben began to say. "Shut up!" Tripp demanded. Annoyed, Ciara reminded Tripp that it wasn't okay to talk to people that way. "Fine. Yeah. I'll talk to [Ben] like a person," Tripp assured Ciara before approaching Ben with a forced smile. "I'm not okay with you staying here -- and I know Claire won't be, either," Tripp told Ben with mock respect -- just as Claire entered the apartment.

"Oh, Claire, you're just in time! You can tell us yourself -- how would you feel if Ben Weston moved in with us?" Tripp asked Claire expectantly. Confused, Claire listened as Tripp and Ciara took turns lobbying for support. Ben, clearly amused, settled on a stool at the kitchen counter and began munching cereal like it was the popcorn that typically accompanied a good movie. Tripp and Ciara impatiently ordered Claire to pick a side.

"My vote is...yes, Ben can stay with us," Claire declared -- stunning Tripp, pleasing Ciara, and further amusing Ben.

Kate threatens Ted Kate threatens Ted

Friday, August 17, 2018

Sonny poured a drink in the Kiriakis living room as he thought about the night he had killed Leo. Sonny shook off the memory as Adrienne entered the room. Concerned, Adrienne asked Sonny if he was thinking about Leo. Sonny asked Adrienne why she would say that. Adrienne noted that Leo had ruined Sonny's life and could return at any time. Adrienne compared Sonny's situation to her situation with Bonnie. Sonny assured his mother that Steve would find Bonnie.

Adrienne started to talk about Steve's celebration dinner, but Sonny was clearly distracted. Adrienne asked Sonny why he was preoccupied with his phone. Sonny explained that he was waiting for news from Will, whom he had been spending time with recently for Arianna's sake. Adrienne grinned at Sonny. Suspicious, Sonny asked Adrienne what she was thinking. Adrienne said she was hopeful that Will and Sonny would get back together.

"Every time we are together, I am fighting these old feelings. And then I'm trying not to let him see that I actually still love him," Sonny said. Sonny said the serum had been working, but it had not changed Will's heart back to him. Sonny lamented that the hospital would not let Will have any more serum. With a shrug, Sonny said he had no chance with Will if Will did not regain his memory.

Sonny admitted that he had shared moments with Will recently, but Will had made it clear that he loved Paul. Adrienne said she did not want to undermine Will's relationship with Paul, but she did not want Sonny to give up hope. Sonny disagreed. Sonny said he did not want to make Will's life more complicated than he already had made it.

"What do you mean by that?" Adrienne asked. Sonny stammered that he did not want to burden Will with his feelings. Sonny added that Will and Paul deserved a chance to make their relationship work. Adrienne asked Sonny what he deserved from life. Sonny said he wanted to explore hobbies and live life. Adrienne warned Sonny that he needed to tell Will how he felt in case Will felt the same way.

In Kayla's office, she was surprised to find Steve looking at her phone. Kayla commented on her right to privacy. With a nod, Steve asked Kayla why she had a photo of Ted on her phone. Steve also asked Kayla why she had been spying on Kate. Kayla noted that she had deleted those photos. With a scowl, Steve explained that he had found the deleted photos on the phone because he had been suspicious that Kayla had been hiding something from him. Kayla asked Steve to drop his suspicions.

Steve begged Kayla to tell him her secret. Kayla stressed that she had nothing to hide, but Steve said he could tell when Kayla lied. Steve's phone rang with a call about a case. Steve told Kayla that he wanted to finish the conversation later.

"I love you, Sweetness. I just want you to be okay," Steve said. After a brief kiss, Steve left. Kayla sat down at her desk to go through her phone and delete incriminating photos. Marlena walked in, and Kayla explained what she was doing. With a nod, Marlena noted that it appeared Kayla had not told Steve about Stefan yet. Kayla explained that Stefan had told her that he had remote access to Steve's eye and could shut it down whenever he wanted.

"Steve could be blind. Forever. I can't let that happen," Kayla said. Kayla said she would need to follow Stefan's orders until she could devise a way out of the situation. Marlena suggested that Steve would discover the truth. Kayla admitted that Steve was suspicious already

"He knows I'm lying. How am I going to keep him from learning the truth?" Kayla asked. With a shake of her head, Kayla said she wanted to change the subject to Marlena's wedding. Marlena said she was thankful for the distraction from her wedding because she was anxious for it to be perfect. Kayla joked that Marlena did not need any more perfection because she was already marrying John. Marlena smiled. Marlena softened and asked how she could help Kayla.

"You can't help me. Nobody can help me. If I tell Steve that Stefan blackmailed me, he will go after Stefan. And Stefan will destroy the eye. And Steve will be blind forever," Kayla said. Marlena reminded Kayla that Steve loved and trusted Kayla. Marlena assured Kayla that Steve would understand. With a shake of her head, Kayla said that Marlena underestimated Steve's hatred for Stefan. Kayla worried aloud that the secret would ruin her marriage.

Outside the Brady Pub, Adrienne was walking down the sidewalk when her phone rang. Steve called Adrienne from the Salem Police Station to tell her that he had returned from Chicago. "I can't wait for you to see the souvenir I picked up for you," Steve said as he looked at a very annoyed Bonnie.

At the police station, Ted called Kate on her cell phone. Ted told Kate that he would meet up with her in her room to pick up the money. Ted threatened to tell the police about Will and Sonny's part in Leo's death. As Ted ended the call, Hope walked into the interrogation room. Ted asked Hope to drop her case against Ben. Hope explained that she had dropped the case already. Ted was angry that Hope had spoken to Ben without counsel, but Hope assured Ted that the conversation had been friendly.

"I offered to close the arson investigation if [Ben] agreed to leave town," Hope said. Ted countered that he had spoken to Ben that morning. Ted said Ben had informed him that he was looking for a shelter in Salem. Hope's smile fell away. Hope stressed that she and Ben had made an agreement.

"That was not an agreement. That was intimidation. And now I have all the rights to sue you and your department for harassment if you try to reopen that arson case," Ted said. Ted wished Hope a good day then left. Worried, Hope called around to shelters in town, but no one fitting Ben's description had checked in. "This is exactly what I feared," Hope said as she ran out of her office.

Will visited Kate in her hotel room and asked her about Ted. Kate explained that she had given Ted an ultimatum, but Ted had chosen money over their relationship. With a sigh, Kate said she did not think that she had any choice but to pay off Ted. Will asked Kate if she had the money. Kate said she expected money from Andre's inheritance. Will thanked Kate profusely and promised to pay her back.

"I want you to know that I was telling the truth about Leo. I promise you it was an accident," Will said. Kate said she believed Will had told the truth, but she would not blame Will if he had killed Leo on purpose. Kate told Will that he had done the right thing in talking to her about the situation with Ted.

"In this situation, I am the master," Kate said. "It's only money. I'll make more," Kate added. Will thanked Kate for standing by him. Kate thanked Will for showing her what kind of man Ted was before she got too involved. Kate lamented her terrible taste in men. Will told Kate that she was amazing and could find a better man than Ted.

"Honestly I just hope that one day he gets what is coming to him," Will said. Kate commented that Will had better taste in men than she did. With a nod, Will said that Paul knew the truth about Leo's death. Will confided that Paul had been suspicious that Will had resumed a romantic relationship with Sonny. Kate reasoned aloud that it was only natural for Will and Sonny to bond after spending so much time together.

"We've formed a tighter connection over this nightmare, protecting each other," Will said. Will stressed that he loved Paul, and that was the end of the issue. Kate chuckled. Kate promised to follow up with the bank and end the matter with Ted. Kate said she was blessed to have Will back in her life, and she would do anything to protect him.

"What happens if Ted doesn't back down even after you pay him?" Will asked. Kate told Will to let her worry about the matter. "Ted is never going to bother you again," Kate said. Will hugged Kate then left. Later, Ted showed up at the hotel room, looking for his payoff. Kate motioned over to a briefcase on the desk. Ted started to enter the room, but Kate stopped him.

"Not so fast. There are a few things we need to get straight first," Kate said. "Once I give you this money, you will have no contact with my grandson or Sonny. That means no texts, no threatening letters, no eye contact if you even happen to pass them on the street," Kate growled. Ted agreed. Kate added that she would not allow Ted to mess with her family. Ted told Kate that he admired her willingness to sacrifice her happiness for her family.

"Happiness is greatly overrated," Kate said. Ted asked about his box of stuff. Kate sneered that she had tossed the box in the Dumpster out back. With a smirk, Ted reached for the briefcase. Kate slapped her hand on the case. Kate asked Ted if he wanted to count the money. Ted shook his head and said that he trusted Kate. Kate reached into the briefcase and pulled out a gun.

"That was your first mistake," Kate said as she cocked the gun.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will told Sonny the good news about Kate's agreement to pay off Ted. Sonny was stunned. Relieved, Sonny promised to pay Kate back. Will offered to help, but Sonny insisted that Will's involvement was his fault. Will refused to back down. Chuckling, Sonny said Will had always been stubborn. Sonny told a story about a fight they'd had in a Chinese restaurant over a bill. Will said it sounded like Sonny could be stubborn, as well.

"You're right. I don't like to give up easily. Especially on things that really matter to me," Sonny said as he looked into Will's eyes. Will shifted his eyes away and noted that Kate should be meeting with Ted and that hopefully she would have good news soon. Sonny said he would never forget what had happened to Leo. Will reminded Sonny that Leo's death had been an accident. Will added that he would always be grateful that Sonny had protected him from Leo's attack. Sonny countered that he would always be grateful that Will had stuck by his side in the aftermath.

"I guess our partnership is over," Will said with a grin. As Will turned to leave, Sonny called out his name. "What if I don't want it to be over?" Sonny asked.

At the loft, Tripp asked the roommates to vote on whether to let Ben stay in the loft. To Tripp's surprise, Claire voted yes. Ciara thanked Claire for being reasonable. Shaking his head, Tripp asked Claire why she had agreed to let a serial killer live in their apartment. Claire thought about her conversation with Marlena about Ben's mental health. Claire had mentioned to Marlena that Ben would be a good match for Ciara if Ben had been cured. Claire smiled at Tripp and explained that Marlena had said that Ben was safe.

"If it helps, I promise you I will only stay here until I find another place," Ben said. Ciara agreed that the situation was temporary. Tripp refused to let Ben move in. Ciara reminded Tripp that he had said that a majority vote would settle the matter. Tripp argued that Claire and Ciara's parents would be furious. When Tripp asked Claire and Ciara if they felt safe with a maniac under the roof, Ben interrupted to remind Tripp that he had remembered the night of the fire. Ben said he knew he had not set the cabin aflame.

"The fact that you doubted it for a moment says everything I need to know," Tripp argued. Tripp asked Ciara to talk alone for a minute in the hallway. As Tripp started to leave with Ciara, he told Claire that he would be in the hallway if she needed him. Once Tripp and Ciara had exited, Claire told Ben the ground rules of the apartment. Ben thanked Claire for letting him stay. With a smile, Ben said he was surprised that Claire had voted yes when the lump on his head from her frying pan was still fresh.

"I was wondering if, you know, maybe there was something in it for you," Ben said with a grin. Claire said she wanted to repair her friendship with Ciara, and voting yes helped with that. With a smile, Ben said he knew that Claire had a crush on Tripp. Ben argued that it would be helpful to Claire if Ciara and Tripp broke up. Claire stressed that she had no interest in fighting with Ciara again.

"[Ciara] is with Tripp, and I have to respect that. The real question is, will you?" Claire asked. Ben said he did not know what Claire was talking about. Claire accused Ben of having feelings for Ciara, but Ben adamantly denied the charge.

"I'm just saying that if you did have feelings for her, then I think it might go both ways," Claire said. Claire added that Ciara had not admitted anything to her, but she knew Ciara well. Claire noted that Ciara did not go out of her way to help anyway or stick up for anyone the way she had defended Ben. Claire said it seemed like Ciara felt more than a friendship with Ben. Ben shook his head no.

"Maybe she doesn't realize it herself. But I see it. And so does Tripp" Claire said. Ben raised a quizzical eyebrow. Claire explained that Tripp's reaction was about Ciara's feelings for Ben. Ben reminded Claire that Tripp had said he was concerned about safety. Claire asked Ben what he would do if there was a chance that Ciara had feelings for him.

In the hallway outside the loft, Tripp said he understood that Ben had saved Ciara's life, but he was concerned about Ben living under the same roof. Ciara stressed that she believed that Ben was a changed man. Ciara said it was the right thing to do.

"For Ben. But what about for you and me? What does this mean for us?" Tripp asked. Ciara said she did not think Ben would affect their relationship. Tripp disagreed. Tripp said he was worried that Ciara wanted an excuse to put distance between her and Tripp. Ciara shook her head no. Tripp said he was willing to take things slowly in their relationship, but he was worried that Ciara had feelings for Ben. Ciara kissed Tripp.

When Ciara and Tripp walked back into the apartment, Ciara noticed Claire and Ben staring awkwardly at one another. Ciara asked what was going on. Claire explained that she and Ben had been getting to know one another. Claire asked about Tripp and Ciara's conversation. Tripp said he was not happy with the decision and that he would watch Ben closely, but he agreed to abide by the vote.

"If Ciara wants you to stay, then I guess you can live here. For now," Tripp said. "He can what? Live here?" Hope asked as she walked into the loft.

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