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Federal agents arrested Steve for espionage. Kate gave Stefan a list of Chad's business deals at Titan. Will hesitated to break up with Paul, but Paul realized that Will had remembered his love for Sonny. Marlena suffered septic shock. Abigail pushed Gabi to admit that Gabi was angry at her. Bonnie told Lucas he was the father of her child.
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PREEMPTION - DAYS did not air PREEMPTION - DAYS did not air

Monday, September 3, 2018

Days of our Lives did not air because of the Labor Day holiday.

There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 4, and picked up where the Friday, August 31, episode concluded.

Paul is injured in the fall and Kristen is nowhere to be found Paul is injured in the fall and Kristen is nowhere to be found

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

In the hospital lounge, Kayla talked to Jennifer on the phone and asked if Jennifer had seen Steve. Kayla explained that she had intended to tell Steve the truth about Stefan. Roman interrupted just as Kayla ended her call. When Kayla asked what was wrong, Roman informed Kayla that Steve had been arrested. Roman explained that the charge was espionage. Kayla shook her head in dismay. Kayla protested that Steve would never give information to anyone.

"Pretty much every classified document Steve has looked at since he got his eyesight back is compromised," Roman explained. Kayla yelled that Stefan had been stealing the information and selling it. Kayla blamed herself for being "an idiot." Confused, Roman noted that Stefan had sold the patent for the bionic eye and might not be to blame. Kayla admitted that, to help Steve, she had lied about the ownership of the patent.

"I sold my soul, and now I've turned him into some kind of traitor," Kayla said. Roman promised to help Kayla. Roman asked for the particulars of Kayla's deal with Stefan. Roman asked what Kayla had given Stefan in exchange for the technology. Kayla explained that she had given Stefan dirt on Kate so that Stefan could exact revenge on Kate.

"Stefan didn't just make Steve a spy. He made me a spy too," Kayla said sadly. When Roman asked if Kayla had done anything else, Kayla groaned. Kayla said she had given Stefan access to Abigail's medical file when Stefan had threatened to shut down Steve's eye. Furious, Kayla said she needed to clear Steve's name. Roman counseled Kayla not to talk to anyone but federal agents.

"I do not want you overplaying your hand," Roman said. Kayla worried aloud about Stefan's retaliation. In tears, Kayla said that Steve would be blind again once Stefan learned what she had done. Kayla was anxious to get to Steve, but Roman urged Kayla to keep her distance and focus on her work at the hospital. Kate protested. Roman promised to talk to Shane about a plan and get back to Kayla.

"I love you, and I will be there for you all the way, okay?" Roman said. Kayla nodded. Reluctantly, Kayla returned to work. Roman furrowed his brow.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate walked into the living room and pointed a gun at Stefan. Stefan joked that he was not as stupid as Ted, and Stefan did not believe Kate would kill him. With a grin, Stefan reminded Kate that he had gotten rid of Ted for her.

"I know you didn't do it for me," Kate said. Kate argued that Stefan had only helped her with Ted in order to strong-arm her for information on Chad. With a grin, Stefan told Kate that she had rotten taste in men. Kate asked Stefan if he had killed Ted. Stefan said no. Stefan said Ted had been "relocated permanently." Stefan teased Kate about her search for a new man. Stefan warned Kate to concentrate on locating the information Stefan wanted before she spent any more time on her love life.

Kate handed Stefan an envelope with information on all of Chad's prospective deals. Stefan asked about Abigail's relationship with Chad. With a shrug, Kate said Chad was not interested in saving his marriage unless he was sure that it could work with Abigail. Stefan crowed that Abigail would eventually fall in love with him and leave Chad behind. With a smirk, Kate told Stefan he should not get too attached to the baby.

Suspicious, Stefan asked Kate why he would not bond with his own child. Kate shrugged off the question. Kate changed the subject to Kristen and explained that she was back in town. As Kate turned to leave, she stopped and showed Stefan that her gun had been loaded. Kate warned Stefan that he did not know her at all.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will informed Sonny that Marlena was out of surgery and stable. With a grin, Will confided that before Marlena's surgery, he had told her that his memory had returned. Will's smile faltered as he added that he was not sure that Marlena had heard him. Sonny assured Will that Marlena would wake up. Will said that Marlena would be happy to learn that he had reunited with Sonny. Sonny promised Will that he would get to talk to Marlena again.

"What a day it's been," Will said. Sonny agreed and said he could not believe he had started the day believing that he had lost Will. Will worried aloud about telling Paul the truth. With a sigh, Will and Sonny sat on the couch. Will leaned against Sonny, and Sonny put his arms around Will. With a shake of his head, Will said it was upsetting to know that he and Sonny would have to hurt Paul. Sonny reminded Will that he had hurt Paul before. Will lamented that he had hurt Sonny, too, during their marriage.

"When you wanted to come back, I wouldn't forgive you. I've given myself hell for that," Sonny said ruefully. Will suggested that he and Sonny discuss where things had gone wrong in their marriage before they talked to Paul. Will's memory of the timeline was fuzzy, so Sonny reminded Will that it had started when Will had sold his short story. Sonny explained that after the short story, Will had moved on to the magazine article with Paul. Will said that after his affair with Paul, he and Sonny had fought.

"It was just when I realized that I didn't want to be with anybody but you [that I died]," Will said. With a sigh, Will said he had been strangled before he had been able to work things out with Sonny. Will gushed that he could hardly believe he and Sonny had an opportunity at a second chance.

"Things weren't perfect obviously. But for a long time, they were pretty damn good," Will said. "They were. And they will be again," Sonny said. Will noted that Paul was the most decent person he had ever met, and he did not want to hurt Paul. With a nod, Will said he would find Paul immediately and tell him the truth.

At the Salem Inn, Sami pushed her chest against the barrel of Kristen's gun and taunted her. As she cocked the gun, Kristen asked Sami if she had any last words. Paul intervened and fought with Kristen over the gun. As Paul and Kristen wrestled for the weapon, they twisted into the window and fell out of it.

"That's three stories down," Brady fretted. Brady, Sami, and Eve rushed down to the street. Brady checked on Paul to see if he was alive. Sami noticed that Kristen's body was not on the street. Frustrated, Sami threw her hands up in disgust. Brady detected a pulse on Paul. Eve called 9-1-1 while Brady tended to Paul. Sami complained that Kristen had escaped.

"She got away again! Who is she, Wonder Woman?" Sami groused. Sami vowed to track down Kristen. Brady urged Sami to be careful. With a nod, Sami told Eve to call the police. Sami said she was thankful that Paul had saved her life. With a nod, Sami ran off.

After an employee of the Salem Inn called the police station about a disturbance, Hope and Rafe rushed out of the police station. As Hope and Rafe ran through the square, they spotted Sami. Rafe stopped Sami and arrested her. Sami protested and explained that she was chasing Kristen. Rafe said he did not want to hear from the woman that had hit him over the head.

"I saw Kristen," Sami said. Rafe paused. Sami told Rafe and Hope what had happened at the Salem Inn. Hope offered to go the inn, and she instructed Rafe to book Sami. Sami ranted, but Rafe grabbed Sami by the arm and escorted her to the police station. When Rafe placed Sami into an interrogation room, Sami complained that she could not reach out to anyone for an update on Paul. Rafe promised to tell her any news he heard.

"This isn't about justice. It's about you finding out from Kristen about E.J.," Rafe said. Sami complained that Rafe had wasted time interrogating her instead of looking for Kristen. Rafe joked that he had gotten one menace off of the street. Taken aback, Sami asked Rafe if he equated her to Kristen. Rafe apologized. Sami apologized for hitting Rafe. With a sigh, Sami said that Kristen had told her that E.J. was alive.

"You may not think he is dead, but you just haven't accepted it," Rafe said. Rafe counseled Sami to stop chasing ghosts. Sami reminded Rafe that E.J. was a DiMera, and that Will's death had been faked. Rafe countered that Marlena was fighting for her life, and Sami had been running around town instead of worrying about her mother. Sami claimed that she would never willingly shoot her mother and that she barely remembered firing the weapon.

Outside the Salem Inn, Brady quietly talked to Paul and pleaded with him to stay alive. "I like my little brother, and I want him to stick around," Brady whispered. Hope arrived on the scene before the ambulance. Eve noted that Kristen had apparently survived the fall. In the distance, an ambulance siren wailed.

After the EMTs had taken Paul off, Eve told Hope what had happened in the inn. Hope asked about the gun. With a shrug, Eve said Kristen likely still had the gun with her.

At the hospital, Kayla examined Paul when he arrived. Brady explained that Paul had fallen three floors but that an awning had broken Paul's fall. After a quick examination, Kayla noted that she would learn more after they sent Paul into surgery. Brady pleaded with Kayla to help Paul because Paul had risked his life to save Brady, Eve, and Sami's lives.

After the orderlies wheeled Paul into surgery, Eve arrived and hugged Brady. Eve asked about John. With a shake of his head, Brady said he had not told John yet. Eve calmed Brady. "I can't believe Paul did this to my family in one day," Brady said. Paul's phone range. It was Will. Reluctantly, Brady answered the call and told Will that Paul was in trouble.

At the police station, Rafe called the hospital. Sami overheard Rafe confirm that Paul was in surgery and Marlena was in the ICU. Rafe added that Marlena had made it through surgery. Sami grew tearful. With a sniffle, Sami wondered aloud if Marlena knew that Sami loved her. Rafe assured Sami that Marlena knew. In tears, Sami rested her head on Rafe's shoulder. Hope returned to the station and saw Sami crying on Rafe's shoulder.

At the DiMera mansion, someone banged on the front door. Annoyed, Stefan went to check on the commotion. As Stefan opened the door, a disheveled woman panted. "I'm Kristen. Your sister. Please, I need your help," Kristen said breathlessly.

Kristen asks Stefan for help Kristen asks Stefan for help

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

by Mike

Outside the Salem Inn, Eli and Lani discussed Kristen and Paul's accident -- and eventually shared a playful moment that ended awkwardly.

Later, Eli entered the police station -- alone -- and greeted Julie, who had just finished giving a statement about what had happened at Doug's Place earlier. Julie seized the opportunity to interrogate Eli, wondering why he had been avoiding her lately. He claimed that he had simply been busy, but she suspected that he was really just sick of being asked if he was all right. "I don't mean to make a fuss, [but] I just can't help myself -- I worry," she explained with a shrug. "I'm hanging in there," he assured her, adding that he had actually been leaning on someone else recently -- someone he hadn't expected to be able to lean on.

Julie was relieved to hear that Eli was talking about Lani, not Gabi. Julie thought it made perfect sense for Eli and Lani to help each other through a shared loss. "[Yeah, it was great...until] I kissed her. And ever since then, things have just been really weird between us," Eli revealed with a sigh. Julie advised Eli to talk to Lani about why the kiss had happened in the first place. Eli didn't think it would be wise to admit to having feelings for Lani, but Julie reasoned that honesty was always the best policy. "Whatever you decide...I just want you to be happy," Julie stressed. "As long as it's not with Gabi," Eli knowingly added.

At the hospital, Valerie greeted Lani, who was looking for Brady. "When you see my son again, please remind him [that] I'm expecting him tomorrow night for dinner," Valerie requested.

"[In fact], why don't you join us? I mean, if you're not busy," Valerie added. "I'm not busy tomorrow..." Lani hesitantly admitted. "But I don't think that would be such a good idea. [Lately], Eli and I have been spending a lot of time together -- maybe too much -- [but] we're not a couple, [and] I don't want [either of] us to end up confusing [shared grief] with something more [and] end up hurt any more than we have already been," Lani continued.

Valerie appreciated Lani's concern for Eli's feelings but suggested that Lani might be overthinking the situation. "If you and Eli are developing feelings for each other, why not see where it takes you?" Valerie suggested.

Meanwhile, Marlena awoke, groggy and disoriented, and listened as John recapped everything that had happened that day. Brady soon arrived and said a few words of encouragement to Marlena then asked for a minute alone with John. Outside Marlena's room, Brady regretfully filled John in on what had just happened at the Salem Inn. John was horrified but confidently assured Brady that Paul, like Marlena, was going to be just fine.

At the Horton house, Abigail wrapped up a phone conversation with Jennifer then informed J.J. that Marlena was out of surgery but was still in critical condition. Abigail added that Jennifer was going to be spending the night at the hospital with Eric. Changing the subject, Abigail told J.J., "Thanks for keeping me company tonight -- [for] agreeing to hang out and have a little movie marathon [with me]. It's been lonely around here lately -- especially tonight, [since] Thomas is asleep, [and] Doug and Julie are out, and..." J.J. tried to assure Abigail that Chad was probably lonely, too, but Abigail doubted that Gabi was giving Chad many opportunities to feel lonely.

J.J. was surprised to learn that Abigail had recently grown suspicious of Gabi's true motives. "If it wasn't for [Gabi], I'm not sure I'd even be here," J.J. reminded Abigail, finding it hard to think of Gabi as anything other than a good friend. "[But] you might be onto something," J.J. reluctantly admitted after recalling a recent conversation with Gabi that had gotten a bit intense. "[But] this is Gabi we're talking about. Do you really think that she would actively try to hurt you?" J.J. asked incredulously. "I don't know -- maybe we should ask Melanie," Abigail countered with a shrug. "That was a long time ago," J.J. argued, still not convinced.

J.J. and Abigail eventually decided to table the debate in favor of watching another movie. However, when Julie returned home sooner than expected, J.J. decided to call it a night. After J.J. left, Julie probed for details about Abigail's earlier conversation with J.J., having gathered that it had somehow involved Gabi. Abigail vaguely admitted to being concerned that Gabi hadn't exactly been sincere lately. "Well, you know, darling, when in doubt, it's best to trust your instincts...or, in this case, you can trust mine -- you cannot be too careful around that one," Julie advised. "I think you're probably right, [but] I just gotta be sure," Abigail replied.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chad helped Gabi start a class project for Arianna. While working, Chad regretfully told Gabi about all the chaos that Kristen had caused that day. Gabi, in turn, happily told Chad that, according to Arianna, Will's memory had finally returned in full during John and Marlena's wedding ceremony. Chad was pleased to hear that at least one good thing had happened that day.

Gabi eventually started casually probing for the latest details about Chad and Abigail's separation. Chad remained hopeful that things would get easier eventually, but Gabi argued that things would only get harder once Abigail and Stefan's child was born -- and that it might therefore be best for Chad to just divorce Abigail right away instead of prolonging the inevitable. Chad saw Gabi's point but wasn't ready to give up yet.

After Chad went to get a snack, Gabi grumbled, "The point of switching the damn paternity test was to destroy Abigail's marriage, but Chad -- he just will not let go!" Gabi resolved to give Chad a harder push.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan helped Kristen into the living room, where she promptly fell asleep on the couch. He immediately woke her up and demanded to know what had happened to her. She groggily explained that she had been pushed out a window. He assumed that she was confused, but she clarified that she was talking about another near-death experience involving a fall from a window.

"I'm getting better at sticking the landing," Kristen joked before telling Stefan about the events that had led to her latest fall. He tried to find out how she had managed to cause a shooting without actually pulling the trigger, but she declined to share the details, reasoning that they needed to save some things for later conversations. "I'm beginning to understand why someone would push you out of a window," he mused. "Like you're any more popular in this town," she countered. "Why do you think I showed up here? I needed an ally -- a DiMera. [And] I adore my little brother, but...unlike you, he's actually burdened by his principles," she continued.

Sighing irritably, Stefan picked up the house phone and started to contact the police. Kristen quickly seized the device and insisted that Stefan couldn't turn on the only family member who was still willing to give him the time of day. Stefan happily countered that he was actually about to start a family of his own -- with Abigail. Undeterred, Kristen reminded Stefan that she could tell him more about their father -- who had always valued family loyalty above all else. Just then, the doorbell rang. Kristen guessed that the police were waiting outside. Shrugging, Stefan tauntingly mused that Kristen was about to find out just how much he valued family loyalty.

At the hospital, Valerie went to check on Marlena -- who started to say something then lost consciousness.

Marlena suffers a serious setback Marlena suffers a serious setback

Thursday, September 6, 2018

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan hid Kristen in the secret tunnels then allowed Eli and Lani to search the entire property.

After completing the initial search, Eli and Lani requested access to the secret tunnels. Somewhat surprised, Stefan claimed that the secret tunnels had been closed off after Vivian, Kate, and Marlena had nearly died while trapped within them. Eli and Lani wanted to see proof of that, but Stefan refused to continue cooperating, arguing that the detectives had already been given more than enough leniency to conduct a warrantless search.

After Eli and Lani left, Stefan went to see Kristen, who was resting in one of the many rooms within the secret tunnels. "You know, you could have brought me an aspirin -- or something stronger, with a lime wedge in it, maybe," Kristen grumbled, seeing that Stefan was empty-handed. "I'm sorry -- I was too busy trying to keep you from being arrested," Stefan countered. "[And] I appreciate that -- I really do -- [but] it smells like rats and feet [down here], and I'm really hungry, and there's nothing to drink, and I would really give my right arm for a shower right now," Kristen complained. Unmoved, Stefan refused to let Kristen back in the mansion itself.

"You're gonna keep me down here in Daddy's dungeon?" Kristen asked incredulously, shuddering. "Would you rather be in prison?" Stefan countered. "No, I'd rather be in Brady Black's bed...[but I'd] settle for a bed aboveground right now," Kristen replied. Not wanting to get caught harboring a fugitive, Stefan maintained that Kristen needed to stay in the secret tunnels for the time being -- and find a new hiding place as soon as possible. "[But] you're all that I have!" Kristen protested. "And you're all that I have, too...but I have a chance for more, and I won't let you or anyone else put that in jeopardy," Stefan explained with a shrug.

At the police station, Eli interrupted Lani, who was in the process of obtaining a warrant to search the DiMera mansion's secret tunnels, and admitted to her, "I've thought about this a lot, and I just need to be honest with you. I feel like it's the right thing to do. [And] you don't have to say anything -- [in fact], I'd actually prefer if you didn't -- but I just thought you should know that I really care about you." He walked away before she could respond.

At the hospital, John entered Marlena's room and quickly realized that something was wrong. Valerie chased John back out of the room without providing many answers.

Meanwhile, in one of the waiting rooms, Will received a phone call from Sonny, who wanted to know how Paul was doing. "[He's not awake yet, and] we're still waiting to hear the extent of his injuries," Will reported. Sonny offered to head over to the hospital to keep Will company, but after everything that had happened that day, Will thought it would probably be best for Sonny to stay at the Kiriakis mansion with Arianna. "I'll call you as soon as I hear any news," Will promised. "Okay. I love you," Sonny declared. "I love you, too, Sonny," Will replied -- just as Brady arrived. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Brady asked incredulously as Will ended the call.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way..." Will began to explain. "How long has [this] been going on?" Brady impatiently demanded to know. "Um...well, I mean, nothing has been going on...yet," Will clarified before continuing to explain what had happened earlier that day. Brady was happy to hear that Will's memory had finally returned in full. "[But I guess this means] that you've decided to, uh, throw Paul aside like a piece of trash, then, huh?" Brady asked, glaring at Will. Sighing, Will assured Brady, "You gotta know, I feel horrible about this, because I love Paul, and I care so much about him, and I'll always be grateful for the time we spent together."

"[But do you really think it's] better that I just lie to him? [I mean, I don't] want to hurt Paul, [but] I gotta be honest with him now, because I am in love with Sonny," Will concluded.

"[So], how do you see this conversation going? [You think] you're gonna sit by [Paul's] bedside and let him down easy, and he's gonna be okay with it and say 'Hey, no hard feelings'? I got news for you, Will -- it's not gonna go that way! There's only so much a man can take! Sonny used [Paul] when [we all] thought that you were dead, [and] the minute [Sonny] realized that you were alive, [Paul got dumped, and now] you're doing the same damn thing! You know what Paul is? Paul's a placeholder!" Brady angrily countered.

Will insisted that wasn't true, adding, "I loved [Paul, but] how was I supposed to know -- I didn't know that my memory would come back!"

Scoffing, Brady spat, "Be careful about using the word 'love,' [because] I don't think you know [what it means]! To me, it doesn't seem like you give a damn about Paul! You and Sonny seem to want what you want, and you don't care about anybody else! Well, I care about my brother, because he's in a bed, and he's fighting for his life, and he can't fight for himself, so I'm gonna fight, and I'm not gonna let you and Sonny treat him this way!" Confused, Will again wondered if Brady thought it would be better to lie to Paul.

"I think that you need to think about how you're gonna handle this before you run [off] and tell Paul that you're [dumping] him," Brady replied. "I have thought about it," Will insisted. "You've had your memory back...what, a day? You consider that a long, hard thought process?" Brady incredulously countered.

"I know how I feel, [and] I know what I want," Will explained with an apologetic shrug. "It's not all about what you want! I know you know what you want! Here's what I want -- [for you] to take some time [to] think about how amazing Paul is, [and] how protective he was when you first came [back to town and] couldn't remember anybody, [and] how many times he's had his heart crushed, [and] what he's just been through, [and then] consider not crushing his heart one more time!" Brady replied before storming off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny told Chad that, according to Will, Paul hadn't regained consciousness yet. Nodding, Chad revealed that Gabi had mentioned earlier that Will's memory had finally returned in full. "Yeah. Suddenly, he's...he's the old Will again," Sonny confirmed with a smile.

"And when he got his memory back, he also got the feelings back, [so] not only does he remember being in love with me, [he also] realizes that he still is," Sonny added. Chad was thrilled for Sonny but couldn't help noting that the timing was pretty bad. "You can say that again. [I mean], I don't know what to feel right now, because I am so happy for me and Will, but then I am [also] terrified for Paul," Sonny admitted with a sigh.

"Are you worried that what's going on with Paul is gonna change things for you and Will?" Chad asked. Shrugging, Sonny replied, "I don't know. [I mean, it feels] wrong to even think about talking about that, [but]...of course I'm worried. I mean, Will and I just found our way back to each other. [And] we both feel guilty, [because we've] put Paul through so much [already, and he didn't] deserve any of it. [And] every time I have a chance at happiness in my life, I feel like terrible things happen to the people I love. [But] whatever happens between Will and me, I'm just happy that Ari has her daddy back." Chad agreed that was the most important thing.

Changing the subject, Sonny wondered if Chad believed that a reconciliation with Abigail was in the cards. Chad admitted with a sigh that Gabi thought things were just going to get worse as time went on -- which made sense, since the baby hadn't even been born yet and was already a constant reminder of a particularly awful night. "[Well], whatever you decide to do in the end, I'm not gonna judge you...but I will judge you if you give up [without a fight]," Sonny told Chad. "[I mean, just] look at me and Will -- I never stopped loving him, and now we have a second chance at spending the rest of our lives together," Sonny added with a smile.

At the Horton house, Abigail caught Gabi sneaking upstairs. Stunned, Abigail demanded to know what Gabi was doing. "I knocked, but nobody answered," Gabi claimed. "I was driving past your house, and I saw the car in the driveway, [and] you've been on my mind lately -- [I mean], I've been missing you -- [so] I walked in, and I noticed the lights were off, [and] I figured you were upstairs, getting ready for bed, and I just wanted to talk, [so I was heading up to look for you]," Gabi continued. Unconvinced, Abigail challenged Gabi to admit what was really going on.

"Why are you being so hostile? [I mean], you're grilling me like I broke into your house," Gabi evasively replied. " kinda did," Abigail pointed out. "The door was unlocked," Gabi countered. "I don't understand this attitude. I know we've been through a lot, but I thought things were getting better," Gabi added. "You know, I did, too," Abigail agreed.

"But the more that I think about it, the more something doesn't really feel right, because you're saying all the right things, and you're telling me that you're my best friend, and you claim to want Chad and me to be together, but then every time we're on the verge of making that happen, you manage to interrupt, [and] I think you're doing it on purpose because you are still angry at me for what I did to you after Andre died. [And] why wouldn't you be bitter? Why wouldn't you blame me? I did terrible things to you after my personalities split. I cost you your freedom, I cost you your daughter, and I almost cost you your life. You have every right to hate me," Abigail continued. Scowling, Gabi admitted that Abigail was right.

"I don't [just] blame Stefan for everything that's happened to me; I blame you, too, and I always will!" Gabi spat. "Yeah, I'm angry. You have absolutely no idea how angry I am. [But] I've had to keep it bottled up because that's what [we're all] supposed to do -- [just] turn the other cheek, because it's not your fault, [since] you're ill. That's what everybody says, right? Everybody says that it's not your fault that I went to prison, [or] that I almost died, [or] that I almost lost my child, [or that] I was beaten so badly [that I] probably will never, ever have children again. And here you are, pregnant with Stefan's baby, and Chad, of course, still loves you [and wants] to find some way to accept that you're carrying his brother's child, 'cause that's what we're supposed to do -- we're supposed to help poor, sweet Abigail, because nothing's ever her fault, [since] she's mentally ill. [So] how could I blame you, right? And yet...I do," Gabi continued.

Abigail assumed that Gabi wanted revenge, but Gabi claimed that wasn't true. "I [really] came here to talk to you, [and] I did not intend for all of this to come out. [And] I feel really bad about having these feelings. [And] as angry as I am, I would never willfully try to hurt you. [And maybe, subconsciously, I have been interrupting you and Chad] because you were so happy and I was not, but I really do think that you and Chad deserve to be together [and] happy, [and] I'm working on my anger, [and] I think that maybe we could get past this and have a fresh new start," Gabi added.

Abigail was glad to have everything out in the open. "You know, everything you said about me ruining your life is true, [because] Gabby's a part of me, and I do need to take responsibility for her actions, so it is my fault that you went to prison, [and] it is my fault that you might not be able to have children [now], and I am sorry," Abigail added.

Just then, Abigail received a phone call. "It's Chad, isn't it?" Gabi guessed. "I'm gonna go," Gabi added. Abigail apologized again then started talking to Chad, trusting Gabi to show herself out. Gabi lingered in the foyer and listened to Abigail's end of the phone conversation. "A picnic? Really? Yeah, that would be amazing!" Abigail excitedly told Chad. Fuming at the realization that Chad was trying to reconcile with Abigail, Gabi quietly removed a dark-haired wig from her purse and sneaked upstairs with it. Oblivious, Abigail continued a nice conversation with Chad.

Sonny went to the hospital to see Will, who reported that nothing had changed since their earlier conversation. "I told you I'd call you if I had any news," Will added. "I know, but I'm not just worried about Paul; I'm worried about you, [too]," Sonny stressed. Will appreciated the concern but insisted that Sonny didn't need to feel obligated to stay. "You shouldn't be alone right now. [And] I can't pretend to know what you're going through right now, but we're together now, [and] I will always be here for you. I'm not going anywhere," Sonny replied.

Meanwhile, Valerie emerged from Marlena's room and approached John. "We believe [Marlena went into] septic shock. It follows sometimes after surgery. It can start at the incision site, and then [it] spreads to other organs, like the lungs," Valerie began to explain. John assumed that was why Marlena had stopped breathing earlier. Nodding, Valerie continued, "[Marlena's] on a ventilator [now, and] we have her on a high dose of antibiotics, along with other I.V. meds, hoping to get the infection under control. [And] we have an infectious disease specialist coming in from Chicago [who will] be here first thing in the morning."

John wanted to hear that Marlena was going to be okay, but Valerie wasn't able to promise that. As Valerie walked away, Brady, who had heard everything, approached to comfort John with a hug and say that everything was going to be all right. John pushed Brady away, not wanting to hear hollow words of encouragement from anyone. John then softened and agreed that Marlena -- and Paul -- would surely pull through.

Paul wakes up Paul wakes up

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bonnie paced in the interrogation room as she waited for the person she had called for help. An officer walked in with Maggie. Bonnie was annoyed to see Maggie was her visitor. Bonnie teased Maggie and said that Maggie was upset that Bonnie had nearly stolen Victor away. With a groan, Maggie countered that she and Victor had laughed about Bonnie and that Bonnie had been no threat to their marriage. Maggie said she wanted to talk about Lucas.

"All I did to Lucas was exactly what Anjelica told me to do," Bonnie said. Bonnie claimed that she felt bad about what had happened to Lucas because he was a kind person. Bonnie argued that Lucas had been collateral damage. "I swear I am not that woman anymore!" Bonnie claimed. Bonnie asked Maggie to send Lucas to see her so that she could apologize face to face.

In the Kiriakis living room, Adrienne woke up Sonny, who had been asleep on the couch. Sonny explained that he had been at the hospital but had returned home late. Sonny's phone beeped with a message from Will that Paul was out of surgery. With a raised eyebrow, Adrienne asked Sonny about his text message to Will stating that Sonny loved him. Sonny told Adrienne that the situation with Will had changed and that Will had decided he wanted to be with Sonny.

"It's all happening, it's just that the timing..." Sonny said with a shrug. Adrienne nodded as Sonny talked about the fact that Paul was an incredible person. Adrienne said she understood how Sonny felt because she had experienced the same problem with her decision to reconcile with Justin and leave Lucas. With a groan, Adrienne said she was anxious for Bonnie to be locked up again so that she could relax and put that part of her life behind her. Sonny lamented that he had not noticed sooner that Bonnie had been impersonating his mother. Adrienne encouraged Sonny to return to the hospital.

"[Will] wants to do this on his own. As hard as this is going to be, Will needs to find the words. He has got to let Paul down gently," Sonny said. Adrienne cautioned Sonny not to worry too much. With a grin, Adrienne told Sonny that she was happy for him and Will. Adrienne said she needed to get in to work to report on Kristen's escape. Sonny noted that it was good that at least one crazy person was caught. Adrienne said she was happy that Bonnie had been captured, but she was still uncomfortable.

At the hospital, Lucas and Chloe stopped by to check on Will. Lucas assured Will that Paul would pull through because he was surrounded by people who loved him, like Will. Chloe's phone rang, and she stepped away. Will asked Lucas about Chloe. Lucas noted that things were nice with Chloe, but he declined to say more. Lucas changed the subject to Marlena and Paul. Lucas complained that Sami had gone too far this time, but Will reminded Lucas that Kristen was to blame for everything. Will urged Lucas to remember the good things about life with Sami.

"Like when I was younger and we used to play airplane. Or that one time when you, mom, and I went camping, and there was maybe a snake, maybe, allegedly, got into your tent?" Will said. "Wait. You remember?" Lucas asked. Will nodded yes. Ecstatic, Lucas gave his son a bear hug. Will said all his memories had flooded back, including how he felt about Lucas. Lucas asked Will who he had talked to about the memories. When Will mentioned Sonny, Lucas asked if he had remembered his feelings about Sonny. Will admitted that he and Sonny wanted to be together.

"I didn't get a chance to tell Paul, and now he is in a hospital bed. How do I say thanks for saving my mom's life and by the way, I'm leaving you? Brady thinks I'm a monster, and he is right," Will said. Will wondered aloud if he was obligated to stay with Paul. Lucas disagreed. Lucas said he would not have wanted Adrienne to pick him out of obligation.

"I wouldn't have wanted her to be with me if her heart wasn't in it. It wouldn't have worked," Lucas said. Lucas cautioned Will to be honest with Paul. Will agreed. Lucas added that if Will followed his heart, it would not let him down. With a smile, Lucas said it was hard. Lucas reasoned aloud that if he had listened to his heart, he would have realized sooner that Bonnie had been impersonating Adrienne.

When Maggie arrived at the hospital, she asked Lucas and Chloe about Marlena. Chloe said that Marlena was on a ventilator. With a sigh, Maggie informed Lucas that she had talked to Bonnie at the jail. Maggie told Lucas that Bonnie had requested Lucas visit her so that she could apologize. Lucas grumbled that he should talk to Bonnie. Chloe offered to go with Lucas, but he said he wanted to handle the situation on his own.

In Paul's hospital room, Brady and Belle watched over their sibling as he slept. Belle fought back tears and talked about how awful things were for John to have both Marlena and Paul in the hospital. Belle said she wanted to check on Marlena, but she knew that Marlena would want Belle and Brady to watch over Paul while John was with Marlena. While Brady left to run an errand, Belle looked over Marlena's insurance forms.

"Dad is really proud of you. Of course, he is all kinds of proud of you without you going out a third-story window. Like father, like son, I guess. You have such a good heart and so much courage. And if anyone should be lying in this bed, it should be Sami. You know this is all her fault. Mother is on a ventilator, clinging to life, because of my selfish, out-of-control sister," Belle said. When Belle returned to reviewing the insurance forms, she gasped. Will walked in, and Belle shoved the papers back in her briefcase. Will asked to sit with Paul. With a nod, Belle left to visit Marlena.

"You are one crazy, brave man. So generous. So kind. So loving. I hope you know how much you mean to me," Will said. Paul opened his eyes. With a groan, Paul joked that he felt like he had fallen out of a window. Will said that Sami was alive, thanks to Paul. Will reached for Paul's hand, and Paul closed his eyes again. After a moment, Paul reopened his eyes and said Brady had likely exaggerated Paul's bravery. Paul reminded Will that Sami was the mother of the man that he loved. Will started to leave, but Paul asked him to stay.

"It helps to have you here," Paul said quietly. Paul mumbled that his memories were hazy. Will asked Paul what he remembered. "I love you and that you had something very important you wanted to tell me. What is it?" Paul asked. Will teared up. Will reminded Paul that he was recovering from surgery, but Paul insisted that Will talk to him.

"It's good news actually. I got my memory back," Will said. "That's amazing. How did that happen?" Paul asked. Will explained that the wedding had jogged his memory. Paul asked if that was why Will had left the wedding. With a nod, Will said he had left because he had needed to process everything.

"There was no time to break the news," Will said. "People don't usually break good news," Paul said with suspicion. Paul asked Will if he remembered loving Sonny. Will said he did. Paul looked away. "What does that mean for us?" Paul asked quietly.

In Marlena's hospital room, John held his wife's hand as the ventilator kept her breathing. John encouraged Marlena to get better. Eric walked in with a breakfast burrito, but a frustrated John said the only thing he needed was for Marlena to open her eyes. John apologized to Eric for snapping at him.

"There hasn't been any change," John said. "Well, what matters now is that mom is still breathing," Eric said. John looked over at the machine and noted that it was breathing for Marlena. Eric urged John to focus on the fact that Marlena was alive.

"We need to let her know that we're here and we love her," Eric said. John quietly told Marlena that he was there and waiting for her to open her eyes. John wondered aloud if God was listening to his prayers. Eric promised that God was listening. With a nod, John said he needed faith more than ever. John reached out his hand to hold Eric's, and John asked Eric to help him reach God. Eric said a prayer.

When Brady arrived, he urged John to get cleaned up. John refused to leave Marlena's side. Eric reminded John that Marlena would not be alone. Reluctantly, John agreed to use the on-call room to shower and change. Brady escorted John out. Alone with his mother, Eric held Marlena's hand and begged her to wake up. Belle walked in. Eric told Belle there were no changes.

"I can't believe that she was awake and talking yesterday," Belle said. Belle asked about the specialist. With a nod, Eric said he would make a call. Once Eric had left the room, Belle sat next to Marlena's bed and sniffled. "There's so many things that I wish we would have talked about. I just hope there is still time," Belle said. Eric returned and announced that the specialist was delayed. With tears in her eyes, Belle showed Eric paperwork with Marlena's medical directives.

At the police station, Bonnie muttered, "Please, you have got to come through for me." Lucas arrived. Bonnie complimented Lucas and told him that he was still handsome. With a grumble, Lucas said he was sober, thanks to his friends. Bonnie asked Lucas if he could forgive her. Lucas said forgiving was part of his recovery. Lucas told Bonnie he forgave her.

"I'm so glad to hear you say that because I really need your help," Bonnie said. Lucas was flabbergasted. Bonnie protested that she was not as guilty as people believed. Lucas asked Bonnie if she had only apologized because she wanted help. Bonnie shook her head no. "Because I'm the mother of your child," Bonnie said. Lucas blinked in disbelief.

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