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Lucas agreed to submit to a paternity test for Bonnie's baby. Paul learned his paralysis might be permanent. Sonny and Will ended their relationship so that Will could stand by Paul. Ben fixed Bo's bike. Hope arrested Ben. Belle gave Marlena's advance directive to terminate life support to the hospital. Kayla disconnected Marlena's life support.
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Paul makes a horrifying realization Paul makes a horrifying realization

Monday, September 10, 2018

by Mike

At Doug's Place, Chloe ended a phone call then sighed while explaining to Maggie that the Board of Health wanted to do another inspection, since a second person had been found locked in the club's freezer. Maggie agreed that was an inconvenience but added that it was a relief to know that Susan and Eve were both okay. Chloe hoped that Marlena and Paul were both going to be okay, too.

Changing the subject, Chloe admitted to being worried about Lucas. Maggie insisted that Lucas could handle "that pathetic grifter" Bonnie, but Chloe didn't share Maggie's confidence. "I know that [Lucas is] sober and a lot stronger [now than when Bonnie was last in town, but...she's desperate now, and when she's desperate], she's dangerous. Who knows what kind of stunt she's gonna try to pull with him -- [and with] him having this issue with addiction..." Chloe fretted. Maggie knew that Chloe meant well; Maggie gently argued, however, that Lucas needed his loved ones to have faith in him instead of constantly worrying about what might jeopardize his sobriety.

Chloe conceded that Maggie was right. "[It's just]...when Lucas was drinking, he got himself into so much trouble..." Chloe added, remembering Anjelica's death. "[I mean]...trouble in the general sense," Chloe claimed when Maggie began probing for more details. "[And] after I got back from Mexico, I could tell that he was holding back, and he admitted [it's] because he's afraid that he's gonna let me down," Chloe continued, prompting Maggie to wonder if Lucas was worried about falling off the wagon again. Shrugging, Chloe admitted, "He said that he needs to take it one day at a time...[but] I'd be lying if I said [that] didn't scare me just a little bit."

At the police station, Lucas scoffed at Bonnie's claim that they had conceived a child together. "Didn't anyone ever have 'the talk' with you? You have to have sex with someone to [make] a baby, [and] we never had sex!" he insisted. "Wrong," she countered, adding that he apparently didn't remember their sexual encounter because he had been drunk when it had occurred. "That's really convenient...for you," he skeptically noted.

"Well, there's probably a lot from that stretch [that] you may have forgotten, but you gave this girl one hell of a night to remember...not to mention the gift that keeps on giving -- all seven pounds and four ounces of her," Bonnie maintained. Fed up, Lucas started to leave. "Hold it right there," Bonnie demanded, blocking Lucas' path. "You don't remember waking up in the Salem Inn with a major hangover? In my room?" Bonnie asked. "I didn't wake up with you!" Lucas insisted. "That's true. You went to bed with me, but you woke up with another blondie -- Anjelica Deveraux. And she was dead. Right?" Bonnie continued.

Taken aback, Lucas curiously noted that none of that information had ever been made public. "[Yeah, well, I know about it] because Hattie Adams tucked Anjelica's cold corpse into my warm bed while you were passed out, right after you and I know, close as close can be," Bonnie explained with a shrug and a bit of flirtatiousness. As Bonnie continued describing the sexual encounter, Lucas started remembering it -- and cringed.

Lucas reluctantly conceded that Bonnie was telling the truth. "[And] as horrifying as this memory is -- and believe me, it's horrifying -- at least I didn't sleep with Anjelica Deveraux; at least she didn't die from overexertion," Lucas mused with a sigh of relief. "[But] just because two people had sex, [that] doesn't mean they created a baby! You're lying about this -- I know you are! There is no kid! You're full of it! You're full of a bunch of bull!" Lucas angrily added. Bonnie maintained that the baby existed. "[Then] where is our bundle of joy?" Lucas asked skeptically. Bonnie released a sigh of defeat, unable to answer the question.

"That's what I thought," Lucas said, standing to leave. "You're unbelievable," Lucas added with a sigh of disgust while exiting the conference room, ignoring Bonnie's protests. Just then, Sheila entered the police station, carrying a baby. "Finally! Where the hell have you been?" Bonnie demanded to know. "I drove slow -- precious cargo, hello! And I got thirsty," Sheila explained with a shrug while handing over the baby.

"Would you like to meet your daddy?" Bonnie asked the baby as Lucas watched in stunned silence.

At the Brady Pub, Roman served a plate of food to John, who had grudgingly agreed to take a break from the hospital. Roman assured John that Marlena and Paul were both going to be okay. Nodding, John started to contact Steve to see if there were any leads on Kristen's whereabouts. Roman stopped John and vaguely explained that Steve wasn't going to be able to pursue Kristen any longer.

Confused, John wondered what was going on. Roman didn't want to give John yet another thing to worry about, but when John refused to drop the matter, Roman reluctantly revealed what Kayla had unwittingly set in motion. "Damn DiMeras," John grumbled at the end of Roman's tale. John bitterly noted that Stefano would surely be proud to know that Kristen and Stefan were carrying on the long-standing DiMera tradition of wreaking havoc upon the people of Salem. Roman agreed but was quick to remind John that Stefano had always lost to the people of Salem in the end. Roman assured John that Kristen and Stefan were ultimately going to lose, too.

At the hospital, Will tried to dodge Paul's question, reasoning that there would be time to continue the conversation after Paul was released from the hospital. Paul objected, wanting to continue the conversation immediately. "You remember everything -- your entire past -- [now], so do we, we still have a future?" Paul asked Will worriedly. Sighing, Will reluctantly began, "Paul, I..."

Just then, Kayla entered the room and wondered how Paul was feeling. "[These] drugs are excellent," Paul raved, winking. "Thank you for taking care of me," Paul added. "Well, you need to thank the awning that broke your fall. Seriously, it saved your life. You crashed through a window that was three stories up," Kayla replied. "Only three stories? Felt like four," Paul joked. Chuckling, Kayla concluded that Paul was truly a lucky man.

"Speaking of lucky...Will got his memory back," Paul revealed with an awkward smile. Kayla was pleased to hear that -- and guessed that Will was particularly happy about the sudden development. Will squirmed and nodded but didn't say anything. "How does it feel?" Kayla asked expectantly. " feels kind of crazy...[and], you know, a little overwhelming at times," Will replied. "Well, I guess I can, um, stop feeling guilty now -- [you know], that I couldn't give you any more of the serum. Looks like, uh, one dose did the trick," Kayla mused. Again, Will squirmed and nodded but didn't say anything.

Forging ahead, Kayla wondered if Arianna understood that Will's memory had finally returned in full. "Yes, she does," Will confirmed, smiling. "I told her [earlier]...and, I mean, it's not like we weren't close before -- you know, I was always very fond of her, even before I had my memory back --, you know, remembering her as a tiny baby, and feeling, you know, [my] love for her when she was born, and... I don't know. [It's]'s different," Will added with a shrug as Paul listened with a hint of concern, as if reading between the lines. Kayla assured Will that made sense.

Kayla wanted to run some tests on Will at some point, just to make sure that everything was okay, but Will was more interested in having Kayla confirm that Paul was okay. Nodding, Kayla started performing a series of routine tests on Paul. "We still need to talk," Paul reminded Will after the first few tests, oblivious to the fact that Kayla was already in the process of conducting another one. "Yeah, um...I know," Will replied as Kayla watched Paul with obvious concern. "Paul, do you feel this?" Kayla interjected before tapping Paul's knees with a reflex hammer a few more times.

"Um...not really," Paul hesitantly admitted. "I, uh...I thought it was a good thing that I didn't have any pain in my legs, but...I don't feel my legs at all," Paul added with sudden alarm.

"What does that mean?" Paul asked Kayla nervously. "It might mean nothing. [It's] cause for concern, [but] let's not jump to any conclusions, all right? This loss of feeling in your legs could be temporary, due to swelling in your spinal column," Kayla gently explained to Paul. "Will, would you mind stepping out for --" Kayla began to add. "Yeah, actually, I do mind," Will protectively replied before Kayla could finish the request, not wanting Paul to be alone. "Hey, it's okay," Paul assured Will. "We should let Kayla do her job so, uh, we can figure out what's going on," Paul added.

Nodding, Will kissed Paul's forehead then started to leave. "Hey, I, uh, felt that," Paul told Will, managing a quick smile. "I'm coming right back," Will replied before exiting the room.

Meanwhile, outside Marlena's room, Belle sadly informed Eric, "I was going through Mom's paperwork, and I found [this] advance directive. [It] means that...that when a patient can't speak for themselves, this document becomes their voice, [and] what Mom is saying [through this document] is very clear -- she doesn't want her life prolonged by artificial means. [So] we need to go and tell her doctors to shut [the ventilator] off...right now."

Stunned, Eric insisted that there had to be a loophole hidden somewhere within the legal document. "It's properly executed, it's signed, it's notarized... I mean, I just don't see any basis with which we can challenge [its] validity," Belle argued. "You are speaking as a lawyer. [Start speaking] as a daughter, damn it!" Eric countered. "As a daughter, I wish it didn't exist!" Belle admitted before breaking down in Eric's arms.

Eric wondered why Marlena would have signed such a document in the first place. "I think she was thinking about us -- you know, not wanting her family to suffer [the sight of her] in that condition day after day," Belle guessed while wiping away tears. "Don't you think that we would suffer a hell of a lot more if she died?" Eric incredulously countered, adding that the ventilator at least offered a shred of hope that things would eventually get better. Belle admitted to agreeing with Eric. "Then why did you say anything?" Eric asked, suggesting that Belle should have just hidden the document. "Because it's not my decision!" Belle explained with a shrug.

Scoffing, Eric bitterly noted that Belle certainly seemed to be in favor of respecting the legal document. "What? Why on earth would you think that I'm for this?" Belle incredulously countered. "What, you think that I want my mom to die? [Well], you know what -- I love her as much as you do, [and] I need her as much as you do...and, yes, I don't live [near her like you do], but she's [still] my mom, [and] I'm comforted, every day, [with the knowledge that] she's always there! She's extremely precious to me!" Belle tearfully added. Nodding, Eric hugged Belle and apologized for having suggested otherwise.

"It's just...[this is] the first time that I've heard that Mom wouldn't want the doctors to do everything in their power to save her life. I mean, I don't even remember Mom [ever] bringing up this topic -- not even once!" Eric mused. "I pushed her to do it," Belle regretfully admitted. "[But] I didn't know that she [had] made the choice, [and] I didn't know that she [had gone] ahead with it... I never followed up! [And] I just wish I had!" Belle added.

"[Look], you're a man of faith, and you believe that God has a plan..." Belle acknowledged while grasping Eric's hands. "[But] this isn't about faith; it's about the law, and it's about respecting Mom's right to make this choice for herself. [And] maybe God will bring her back to us after this is done, but we have to make her wishes known [to her doctors]. You know, if [they had known] about this [earlier], they never would have put the ventilator in [to begin with...and] because she wasn't together with my dad at the time that she had [all this] drawn up, she made me [her] health proxy...[so] it's my job to go take this document to Kayla [right away]," Belle continued.

"Not until you tell your father," Eric insisted. "It won't change anything," Belle sadly countered. "[But] it's the right thing to do. John needs to know," Eric maintained. "I need to know what?" John curiously interjected.

Sonny met with Will in a secluded section of Horton Town Square. "I came as soon as I got your message. You sounded really upset. What's going on?" Sonny asked worriedly. "I, um...I just came from the hospital. I was with Paul when he woke up," Will began with a sigh. Nodding, Sonny wondered how Paul was doing. "Um...tired, a little groggy... Um, you know, I told him we should talk later, [after] he got a chance to rest, but he wanted me to stay, so...I told him that I got my memory back, and that I remembered our life together, and our love... He wanted to know what that meant for -- for him and me..." Will hesitantly continued.

"[And] I was gonna tell him the truth -- you know, that I'm leaving him for you -- but, um...then Kayla came in, and..." Will started to reveal. "And what? Please tell me Paul's gonna be okay," Sonny asked expectantly. "I can't," Will sadly admitted. Sighing, Sonny comforted Will with a hug. "Kayla was trying to be positive, but...I don't know, the look on her face..." Will mused with concern after filling Sonny in on what was wrong with Paul.

"But she said not to jump to conclusions, right? That the numbness could be temporary?" Sonny asked. "Yeah," Will confirmed. "Paul has to be okay. He's gonna be okay," Sonny optimistically assured Will.

Paul was alone in his hospital room, cursing at his legs and trying desperately to move them, when Roman arrived. "I told your old man I'd check up on you [while he's getting] the latest on Marlena," Roman explained while taking a seat at Paul's bedside. "[So] you feeling?" Roman asked.

"Playoffs in '08 -- I tried to score from second on a single to shallow left, [and] that, uh, beat me by a mile, so I had no choice [but to bowl over the catcher...and he] had easily a hundred pounds on me, so it was like slamming into a brick wall," Paul recalled, wincing at the memory. "This is much worse. But, hey, uh...what doesn't kill you, right?" Paul added, forcing a smile. "I'd give just about anything to feel that pain again," Paul admitted with a sigh.

Just then, Kayla entered the room. "Is Steve...?" Kayla started to ask. "Steve's fine, yeah. Shane's working with him on that case. Nothing new to report," Roman vaguely replied before changing the subject, asking Kayla if Paul was going to be okay. "I can't feel my legs, and they just did a bunch of tests to find out why," Paul unceremoniously informed Roman. "So, uh, Kayla...what's the prognosis?" Paul asked expectantly.

"I'm sorry, Paul...but I'm afraid it's not good news," Kayla regretfully admitted.

John fights Belle John fights Belle

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

In the park, Will talked to Sonny about Paul's condition. Will expressed hope that Paul would recover the feeling in his legs soon. With a nod, Sonny noted that he and Will needed to stand by Paul. Will agreed. Sonny said he did not want to pile onto Paul's troubles with a breakup. Will and Sonny agreed that they would not tell Paul about their rekindled love until after Paul's medical issues were behind him. Sonny asked Will to keep him updated.

"What happened to Paul is horrible, and we are going to be there for him 1,000 percent, but I want you to know that I love you so much," Will said. "I love you, too," Sonny whispered. With a sigh, Will left for the hospital.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Lucas demanded to see the baby that Bonnie had claimed was Lucas' offspring. Sheila walked in with the baby in her arms. Bonnie took the baby and asked her if she wanted to meet her daddy. "There is no way I am that baby's father," Lucas muttered. Bonnie told Lucas to take a paternity test but added that he needed to move quickly.

Bonnie told Lucas that their daughter would end up in foster care if he did not help Bonnie avoid prison. Lucas demanded proof that he was the father of Bonnie's baby. Through tears, Bonnie said she needed to look out for "baby Bonnie." Lucas rolled his eyes. Bonnie argued that if it was acceptable to name a son after its father, she should be able to name her daughter after her mother. Bonnie asked Sheila to change the baby. Reluctantly, Sheila took the baby outside.

"Ask Adrienne to ask the D.A. to drop the charges against me so I don't lose our baby Bon Bon," Bonnie pleaded. Lucas paced nervously and complained that the situation was a nightmare. Lucas reminded Bonnie that he had not agreed to help her. Bonnie promised to get Lucas a DNA test in exchange for his help. Frustrated, Lucas yelled at Bonnie that she was on her own.

"We created a life, and we have to take responsibility for that life! Lucas, that child is yours. She is a part of you, and she needs you. My God! If you won't do it for me, do it for your daughter," Bonnie argued. Bonnie promised Lucas that he was the father. Lucas looked at Bonnie with skepticism. Bonnie warned Lucas that he would regret not helping his child's mother. With a sigh, Lucas walked out.

In the bullpen of the police station, Lucas ran into Sheila, who was rocking baby Bonnie in her arms. Sheila asked Lucas if he wanted to hold baby Bonnie. Without a word, Lucas walked out. Sheila joked to baby Bonnie that she had "lucked out with these two as your parents." Sheila returned to the interrogation room with the baby. Sheila noted that she had calmed the baby but refused to change the diaper.

"You owe me big time. Calling me out of the blue, asking me to pick up your baby. A baby I didn't ever know existed," Sheila said. "Sorry. Your birth announcement must have gotten lost in the mail," Bonnie joked. Sheila noted that Lucas had not received an announcement, either. Bonnie assured Sheila that Lucas would step up and help her because he was a decent person.

In the hospital, Kayla explained to Paul and Roman that Paul's spinal cord had sustained an injury in his fall from the building. "Are you saying I'm paralyzed?" Paul asked. Kayla explained that she could not predict if Paul would recover fully, but she said she was hopeful. Kayla told Paul that she would set him up with physical therapy and give him every opportunity to recover the feeling below his hips. After Kayla left, Roman cautioned Paul to stay positive. Paul groaned.

"This is just the beginning of a new chapter. Is it gonna be tough? Damn right it is going to be tough. The lucky thing is you got a partner in this who will be there for you all the way," Roman said. Paul confided to Roman that he did not think Will would want to spend his life with a man in a wheelchair. Roman urged Paul to remain positive.

As Roman added that Will was committed to Paul, no matter what, Will returned to the room and overheard. Roman noticed Will and said that he had been talking about Will. Will feigned ignorance of the conversation. Paul told Roman he was fine if Roman wanted to spread the word about his condition to everyone. With a wave, Roman left.

Alarmed, Will asked about Paul's condition. Paul explained that the doctors had determined that Paul might never walk again. Will told Paul that he would help Paul with whatever Paul needed. With a shake of his head, Paul admitted that he was scared.

"What if I'm paralyzed for life?" Paul asked. Will reminded Paul that his friends and family were there for him. "You don't have to be afraid," Will said. "How could I be, with you by my side?" Paul asked. Will promised to be with Paul through his recovery. Will leaned forward and kissed Paul on the forehead.

In Kayla's office, Jennifer asked if Kayla had spoken to Steve about her involvement with Stefan. Kayla said she had not been able to tell Steve the truth before he had left town. Kayla did not mention that Steve had been arrested. Kayla changed the subject to Jennifer. With a sigh, Jennifer told Kayla that Eric had called Kristen evil for keeping two people apart.

"I realize that is exactly what I am doing to Eric by not telling him about Nicole. I am as bad as Kristen," Jennifer claimed. Kayla disagreed. Kayla pointed out that Jennifer was a loving person, unlike Kristen. Kayla confessed that she had changed her mind about Jennifer keeping her secret, and Kayla said she believed telling the truth would ease Jennifer's conscience. Jennifer admitted that she was afraid, but Kayla assured Jennifer that Eric wanted to marry Jennifer. Kayla argued that Eric would not drop Jennifer and run after Nicole.

"I am not 'the one.' I am the one he settled for. And after what I've done, I don't deserve him," Jennifer said. Kayla told Jennifer that she intended to tell Steve about Stefan's blackmail. Jennifer noted that Kayla's situation was different. With a shake of her head, Kayla advised Jennifer to tell the truth because, no matter the outcome, Jennifer would know that she had done the right thing.

Down the hallway by the nurses' station, Eric urged Belle to tell John about Marlena's medical directive. John approached and asked Eric what he needed to know about. Belle handed John the medical directive.

"They may be her wishes but they sure as hell aren't mine," John grumbled. John added that Marlena had never mentioned the advance directive. Belle said she had urged Marlena to do the paperwork, but she had not known that Marlena had finalized the papers. John noted that Belle was listed as Marlena's health proxy on the form. Eric promised that Belle would not do anything without talking to John first. Belle interrupted to remind Eric that she did not have a choice because the legal form was binding.

John ordered Belle to ignore Marlena's medical directive. Belle was taken aback. John argued that Marlena would recover and needed time to do so. With tears in his eyes, John said he refused to give up on Marlena. Furious, John asked Eric to back him up. Belle started to cry. Eric said he did not agree with John.

"I'm not asking you to betray your mother's wishes," John said. "That's exactly what you're asking me to do. She signed [that directive] of her own free will," Belle countered. John reasoned aloud that Marlena had not understood the document that she had signed. Belle reminded John that Marlena was intelligent and experienced enough to understand a medical directive. Belle said she empathized with John but that he did not have legal standing to stop her. Belle reminded John that he was not married to Marlena.

"I need a couple hours. You can give me that. right?" John asked. "Sorry, dad. I can't," Belle whispered. Belle explained that under the law, she needed to take the directive to Kayla. John whispered that he loved Belle. "But I have never been more disappointed in you in my entire life," John added.

"As her husband, oh, I'm so sorry, counselor, as a guy who was two seconds away from marrying her before a bullet slammed into her chest, if there is even a glimmer of hope that she is going to come back to us, I'm going to hold onto that. I just wish that her daughter could find it in her heart to do the same. If you really loved your mother, you will forget that you ever saw this document!" John said. John stormed off as Belle broke down in tears. Eric hugged Belle and whispered that John was scared.

"She made you her proxy for a reason. She knows you are going to find the right answer," Eric counseled. With a nod, Belle picked up the directive and walked away. Eric sat down and put his head in his hands. Jennifer joined Eric. With a frown, Jennifer told Eric that she needed to tell him something important.

Down the hallway, John joined a sleeping Paul in his room. John whispered that he had talked to Kayla about Paul's legs. In tears, John said he would never give up on his family. John swore that Paul would walk again and that Marlena would wake up.

In her office, Kayla called Roman and left a voicemail asking about Steve's status. Belle walked in, wiping away tears. Kayla asked what was wrong. Belle said she needed to talk to Kayla about Marlena. In her hands, Belle clutched the medical directive.

In the park, Roman ran into Sonny. Sonny explained that he was waiting to hear from Will with an update about Paul. Roman informed Sonny that Paul would likely never walk again. Sonny gasped. Roman reminded Sonny that Paul was surrounded by people who loved him.

"I'm glad Will came by the hospital. Paul is going to need him now more than ever," Roman said. Sonny asked if there was any hope that Paul would walk again. With a shrug, Roman said there was a possibility that Paul would walk again but that regardless, Paul had a long recovery ahead of him. Sonny nodded. Sonny asked about Marlena. Roman said there was no news yet, but he would let Sonny know if the situation changed.

As Sonny sat on the bench, thinking, Will joined him. Will said he had news about Paul. Sonny explained that he had heard the news from Roman. Fighting tears, Will said that Paul had confessed his fears about never walking again. Will added that he still wanted to be with Sonny.

"This doesn't have to be the end for us," Will said. "Yes, it does," Sonny countered.

Belle makes a difficult decision Belle makes a difficult decision

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

by Mike

At Doug's Place, Lucas filled Chloe in on what had happened at the police station. Chloe thought that Bonnie was likely fabricating a sexual encounter with the knowledge that it would be hard for Lucas to refute anything that had conveniently occurred back when he had been prone to alcohol-induced blackouts, but he regretfully admitted that hearing about the incident had helped him remember it -- quite vividly, in fact.

"Okay, well, maybe you did sleep with her, but that doesn't mean she got pregnant," Chloe pointed out. "I saw the kid!" Lucas reminded Chloe. "Doesn't mean it's hers," Chloe countered. "I mean, for starters, isn't Bonnie a little too old to be having kids?" Chloe continued. "I don't know -- maybe she's on the cusp," Lucas replied with a shrug. "On the cusp of lying her ass off!" Chloe maintained.

Lucas found it hard to believe that Bonnie would steal a baby, but Chloe wasn't willing to put anything past the woman who had stolen Adrienne's life the previous year. "[And even if] the baby is hers, [that] doesn't mean it's yours," Chloe added. Despite having felt an unexplainable connection to the baby, Lucas shared Chloe's skepticism -- and resolved to have a paternity test done as soon as possible.

At the hospital, John joined Roman in Marlena's room. Roman reassured John, when asked, that Shane was working hard to clear Steve's name. Roman maintained that John just needed to worry about Marlena and Paul for the time being. Nodding, John admitted with a sigh that even though Paul was typically strong and brave, it was going to be really hard to stay strong and brave in the face of such a grim prognosis.

John added, with equal regret, that Marlena's specialist wasn't offering much hope, either. "Then we'll look for somebody else," Roman reasoned with a shrug. "No point. [It's already] too late. Thanks to [Belle], Doc has just run out of time," John numbly replied. Roman was saddened to hear that Marlena's ventilator was going to have to be shut off. "But if this [is] the choice that Marlena made..." Roman began to add. "Who knows what she was thinking when she made that choice, though? Not in a million years could she ever have predicted [this kind of situation, where] that ventilator could save her life!" John countered, expecting Roman to agree.

"[I think] it is very important that we respect Marlena's wishes," Roman maintained. Scoffing, John countered, "We? What's this 'we' crap? I don't even know why [I asked your opinion] in the first place! It's none of your damn business! I mean, it's your daughter that put Doc in this bed to begin with, and...what, now you want to finish her off?"

Roman tried to defend Sami, who felt horrible about what had happened, but John continued blaming Sami -- not just for Marlena's fate but also for Paul's. Undeterred, Roman argued that Paul, like Marlena, had made a choice, and John needed to learn to accept that instead of blaming other people for the consequences of those choices.

"You say that again. Go ahead -- I dare you," John replied through gritted teeth while glaring at Roman. Backpedaling, Roman apologized for upsetting John and agreed that Marlena had probably had other scenarios in mind as times in which it would be best to refuse the life-preserving service of a ventilator. "I'm with you on this," Roman concluded.

Nodding, John thanked Roman for the sudden change of heart and tearfully admitted that it would be nice if Belle could have a similar epiphany. "You know, Kristen wanting to kill Doc -- I get that. But [Doc's] own daughter?" John mused incredulously. Roman optimistically pointed out that there was still time for Belle to have a change of heart, but John suspected that Belle was already in the process of instructing Kayla to turn off the ventilator. "[And] as much as I love my daughter, if that happens, I will never forgive her," John vowed.

Meanwhile, in Kayla's office, Belle explained, while handing over the necessary paperwork, that Marlena never should have been placed on a ventilator. "[But] she's already on [one]," Kayla pointed out with a shrug while returning the paperwork to Belle. "[And that] was a mistake...and we need to correct it -- right now," Belle tearfully insisted.

Kayla wondered if Belle had ever talked to Marlena about such things. "I encouraged her to get her paperwork in order [at one point], but she never told me that she actually [had]," Belle replied. Belle felt guilty for having put the idea in Marlena's head. "I thought I was, you know, being practical and mature -- the wise daughter [who happens to be a lawyer, advising her mother to] get all of her affairs in order," Belle explained with a shake of the head. "[And] now I hate [this] thing! I hate it! With everything in me!" Belle tearfully added, tossing aside the legal document.

Kayla wondered how the rest of Marlena's immediate family felt about the matter. "[Dad's] furious -- at me, [at] the situation... [He's] adamantly opposed to [this]. Eric's a wreck, but he said it's my decision [to make]. And Sami doesn't know yet...thank God," Belle reported. Kayla admitted that John's position was understandable. As the hospital's chief of staff, Kayla had an obligation to take the legal document to the board right away; however, as someone who considered Marlena a dear friend, Kayla was willing to forget it existed. "You choose," Kayla said while passing the paperwork back to Belle.

"Do it," Belle instructed Kayla, returning the legal document. "Are you sure?" Kayla asked. "I've never been less sure about anything in my life...but it's the right thing to do," Belle tearfully insisted.

At the Salem Inn, Brady wrapped up a phone conversation with John then sadly informed Eve that Paul's fall had resulted in below-the-waist paralysis that might be permanent. "I don't know how he's gonna get through this -- I really don't. Especially with what's going on with his personal life..." Brady mused with a sigh. Confused, Eve wondered if something was going on with Will. "Yeah, you could say that. Will, uh...Will got his memory back," Brady bitterly revealed. "Well, that's a good thing, right?" Eve asked, still confused. "Not for Paul, because Sonny and Will have decided that they're going to be together again [now]," Brady clarified.

"[Paul] just found out he's gonna spend his life in a chair, and those two jerks are gonna break his frickin' heart!" Brady grumbled while punching a desk in frustration. "Well, they can't tell him now -- I mean, that would just be cruel, right?" Eve pointed out. Brady wasn't willing to bet that Will and Sonny would realize that. Sighing, Eve complained that it wasn't right for Paul -- and Marlena, of course -- to be suffering while Kristen was healthy and free to cause even more harm at any moment. "She needs to be caught before she does any more damage! I mean, she destroys everything that she touches!" Eve added. "Except us," Brady stressed.

At the park, Sonny told Will, "You can't leave Paul at a time like this. I don't want you to...and if I'm being honest, I don't think you want to, either." Sighing, Will sadly admitted that Sonny was right. "Paul risked his life to save my mom. I mean, really, how can I abandon him now?" Will mused. "You can't. You will not be able to live with yourself if you do that," Sonny acknowledged.

"Will, you know I love you. I love you more than anyone I have ever loved. [But] Paul needs you right now -- more than I do," Sonny added while lovingly caressing Will's cheeks. Will wiped away tears while admitting again that Sonny was right. "[Paul's] so vulnerable [right now...and] when I told him I got my memory back, and, uh, that I remembered my feelings for you, I could see it in his eyes -- he was so afraid that he was gonna lose me," Will recalled. Sonny noted that Paul had always been concerned about that possibility. Nodding, Will continued, "But despite that fear, [he] always said that he wanted what was best for me. And that's what [he] deserves [from me] matter what it costs us." Will and Sonny agreed that Paul had always been good to them and that it was time for them to repay him. Sonny added that Paul deserved the best -- Will.

"Okay, so...Paul knows I remember my feelings for you...[but when] he asked what that meant for us, [we] got interrupted, and [then] all these things happened, so the next time he asks, I'll say...that...[those] feelings -- [those] memories -- don't change anything...and that he and I are still together, and there's nothing to worry about," Will decided. "And the next time I see him, I'm gonna let him know that I care about him, and that we're always gonna be friends, and if he needs anything, I'll be there for him," Sonny added. "So...I guess this is goodbye," Will sadly concluded, fighting back tears. Sonny, also trying to stay composed, nodded in response.

Will gave Sonny a passionate kiss. Sonny responded to the kiss, and when Will finally pulled away, the two men realized that they were no longer alone. "Um...we -- we should get to the hospital," Eve awkwardly suggested while trying to drag Brady away. "You go ahead. I'll catch up," Brady replied while glaring at Will and Sonny. "Be cool," Eve quietly advised Brady before walking away.

Will started to say something, but Brady quickly interrupted. "[Will], save it! You make me sick! I can't believe you're doing this! [And] Sonny -- I mean, do you understand that Paul will probably never walk again? Have you heard? He's paralyzed from the waist down -- which you two apparently are not," Brady spat.

"Okay, easy!" Will defensively countered. "We both feel horrible about --" Will started to add. Interrupting again, Brady continued, "I don't think you're too broken up about what's going on. I mean, first I hear you profess your love to Sonny while your boyfriend's clinging to life down the hallway in the hospital, and now you're out here in the middle of the park, just making out like it's no big deal!" Sonny insisted that Brady had misinterpreted the situation, but Brady refused to believe that -- and continued lashing out.

Fed up, Will impatiently shouted, "All right, enough, okay? Enough!" Having gotten Brady's attention, Will continued, in a tone that was only slightly calmer, "I know you're upset, [but] we all are; we all love your brother, okay? And, yes, [Sonny and I are] not perfect, but I got my memory back, and I remember that you're not perfect, either, so if you want to come after me [and] Sonny, you can 'save it,' because [we care] about Paul just as much as [you do]!" Brady interrupted yet again, maintaining that Will and Sonny clearly didn't care about the fact that their reunion was going to destroy Paul.

"That's what I'm trying to tell you! We're not going to [reunite]!" Will tried to explain, but Brady forged ahead, repeating with disgust that Will and Sonny had just been caught in the middle of an intense kiss. "Damn it, Brady, we're saying goodbye!" Will clarified, shouting again to shut Brady up. Realizing that Will was serious, Brady softened a bit and looked to Sonny for confirmation. "Will needs to be with Paul," Sonny acknowledged. "And it's not out of pity; I really do care about your brother," Will stressed. "We're gonna make sure that Paul never finds out that we were planning on getting back together," Sonny concluded.

Sighing, Brady apologized for having lashed out at Will and Sonny. "With everything that's been going on with Paul and Marlena, I've been on edge, and I, uh...I really took it out on you," Brady explained before slinking off.

Alone together again, Will and Sonny continued their farewell conversation. "I know that we can't be together, but I love you," Sonny stressed, lovingly caressing Will's cheeks again. "You're the love of my life, okay? And I may never be able to say that in front of the entire world -- I may never be able to put a ring back on [your] finger -- but I give you my heart. You have it," Sonny continued, locking eyes with Will. "Forever," Will quietly acknowledged. "Forever," Sonny agreed. Nodding, Will placed a hand on Sonny's chest then turned and walked away. Sonny fought back tears as Will disappeared from view.

At the hospital, Jennifer prepared to tell Eric the truth about Nicole. "I know that you're [already] going through so much right now, and I don't want this to feel like a pile-on, [but] I just keep looking for the right time to tell you something, [and] I'm realizing there just isn't a 'right time,' so the time has to be now," Jennifer hesitantly began. "I'm sorry, [but] I just can't focus on anything right now but my family, [so] if this can wait..." Eric replied.

"Go be with your mom. It can wait," Jennifer assured Eric as Eve approached. Nodding, Eric gave Jennifer a quick kiss on the cheek then rushed off.

Once the coast was clear, Eve worriedly guessed that Jennifer had been about to tell Eric the truth about Nicole. Jennifer admitted that Eve was right. Eve begged Jennifer to reconsider, but Jennifer refused, believing that Eric deserved to know the truth. "As soon as this crisis is over, I'm going to Eric, and I am telling him everything, and no one is gonna stop me," Jennifer vowed before walking away, ignoring Eve's protests.

Eric joined John in Marlena's room and wondered if Marlena's condition had improved at all. John sadly admitted that it hadn't. John hoped that Eric had managed to talk some sense into Belle. Eric maintained that Marlena had entrusted Belle to make decisions when Marlena wasn't able to do so, and it was therefore up to Belle to decide what to do about the ventilator. Annoyed, John stood to lash out at Eric for being unwilling to fight Belle on the matter. Just then, Belle entered the room and sadly informed John and Eric that Kayla was probably already in the process of carrying out Marlena's wishes.

John laughed bitterly. "My son may never walk again because of some lunatic, but you -- you're totally sane, and you're choosing to kill your own mother! I love you, baby girl, but right now, I'm ashamed to call you my daughter, [and] I won't let you do this," John told Belle. "There's nothing you can do to stop it," Belle insisted. "Yeah, well, we're gonna see about that, won't we?" John countered, already dialing a phone number.

Meanwhile, Kayla received a visit from Roman. "Any news?" Kayla asked hopefully. "Still waiting on [another] call from Shane, [but I did hear from him earlier], and he is very confident that he can convince the Feds that Steve didn't do anything intentionally to jeopardize national security," Roman reported. Kayla was relieved to hear that but remained desperate to talk to Steve personally.

"I'm sure you'll be able to talk to him soon," Roman assured Kayla. "But in the meantime, there's a situation with Marlena..." Roman began to add. Nodding, Kayla informed Roman that Belle had already dropped off the paperwork. "John is very concerned that if the hospital administration gets wind of this, that's as good as signing Marlena's death warrant, [so] I was just hoping that maybe [you could somehow] buy a little time here," Roman asked hopefully. "I wish I could," Kayla replied with an apologetic shrug. Roman was disappointed but understood. Sighing, Roman gave Kayla a hug then left the office.

Kayla took a deep breath then contacted Seth Burns. "Yes, of course. I will, uh -- I'll get the document to you right away, Seth, um...and I will begin the steps of taking Marlena Evans off the ventilator," Kayla promised.

John enlists Justin's help John enlists Justin's help

Thursday, September 13, 2018

by Mike

At the police station, Shawn pressed Hope for an update on the investigation into the cause of the cabin fire. She tried to dodge his questions, not wanting to admit that she had hit a dead end, but he refused to drop the subject. "You gotta tell me something! My daughter and my sister are living with a serial killer!" he stressed. "You think you need to remind me of that? [It's] been eating me alive!" she countered.

Hope informed Shawn that most of the police department's resources were being devoted to the search for Kristen, and the investigation into the cause of the cabin fire was therefore on hold for the time being. "I want Kristen to be found [just as much as everyone else does, but] what am I supposed to do until then -- [just] sit back [and] relax [and] wait 'til I get the phone call that Ben snapped and my daughter's dead?" Shawn asked incredulously. "Enough!" Hope snapped before quickly calming down and apologizing to Shawn. "I'm doing everything I can. [I mean], I have gone over [that case] at least a million times," Hope added with a sigh.

"There isn't a shred [of evidence] that links [Ben] to that cabin fire?" Shawn asked. "Not yet...[but] don't worry, [because] one way or another, [I'm] going to get that maniac out of our lives and off the streets," Hope replied.

At the Horton Town Square, Tripp took a quick break from work to contact Ciara -- who was alone at their apartment, doing homework -- to see if she wanted to hang out after his shift ended. She happily agreed.

After saying goodbye to Tripp, Ciara ended the phone call then turned and found Ben standing behind her, idly wrapping both ends of a handkerchief around his hands and pulling the center section taut. She jumped, prompting him to apologize for having startled her. "It's okay," she shakily replied, staring at the handkerchief. "What's that for?" she asked with a hint of concern. "I have a surprise for you," he vaguely explained while advancing toward her. She backed away, confusing him. "What's wrong?" he asked before following her gaze to the handkerchief. "Oh, my God," he muttered, sighing as he realized how his actions looked from her end.

"This isn't, um... I wasn't... I was gonna blindfold you and take you somewhere, but I am suddenly realizing what a bad idea that was," Ben explained to Ciara while loosening his grip on the handkerchief. "It's okay," she assured him, relaxing at once. "No, it's not okay. I'm really sorry," he stressed. "No, I'm sorry. I overreacted. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings," she replied. "Not possible," he assured her.

"Now that we got that straightened out...can I take you to your surprise now? It won't take long," Ben asked Ciara, eager to change the subject. "I would love to, really, but...Tripp is on his way home soon, and we made plans," she replied. "No worries. It can wait," he assured her. After she turned her attention back to her homework, he tucked the handkerchief in his back pocket and silently chastised himself for his earlier blunder.

Meanwhile, back at the town square, Claire spotted Tripp and called out to him for help. "Sorry your ankle's still bothering you," he said while leading her over to a chair at an empty table.

"How about your grandmother? How is she doing?" Tripp added. "Um...well, my dad is coming here in a bit, and we're gonna go to the hospital to check on her," Claire reported. "Well, tell her I'm pulling for her," Tripp requested. "I will," Claire promised, nodding. As Tripp started walking away, Claire asked hopefully, "Would you actually mind just hanging out with me until my dad gets here?"

"Actually, my shift just ended, and Ciara and I were gonna hang out..." Tripp began to explain. "Oh. Okay. All right, that's fine -- go have fun," Claire encouraged Tripp, forcing a smile. Confused, Tripp asked Claire if something was wrong. "Ever since Kristen grabbed me, I just...I get a little freaked out when I'm outside alone -- like I'm a sitting target, you know? But it's fine -- it's fine, and it's stupid, and my dad will be here soon, so..." Claire replied with a shrug. Tripp quickly backpedaled, assuring Claire, "You know, I could probably hang out for a little while..." Claire grinned mischievously as Tripp began composing a text message for Ciara.

"Turns out I have some time, after all," Ciara told Ben after learning that Tripp was going to be a bit late. "Yeah? Then let's go! [And] I promise -- no blindfold," Ben excitedly replied while leading Claire out of the apartment.

Tripp propped Claire's leg up on a chair and placed an ice pack on it. "You know, it's too bad that you gave up on medicine, 'cause you do have great bedside manner," Claire raved. "Yeah, well, I got an 'A' in Ice Pack 101," Tripp joked while settling into a chair at the other side of the table. "[Speaking of ice], have you ever noticed that Ben always refills the ice trays? Like, I think he's a better roommate than I am! [Plus], he's so quiet [that] most of the time, I forget he's even there...I mean, except, of course, for when he wanders around in nothing but a towel. I cannot say that I don't enjoy that view. I mean, not that I'm into him, mind you -- [the bad-boy thing's] more Ciara's taste," Claire continued, purposely ignoring Tripp's obvious discomfort. "Not that that matters, [since] she's with you," Claire acknowledged with a reassuring smile.

" don't think that she has feelings for Ben, do you?" Claire asked innocently. "She told me she doesn't, so..." Tripp replied with a shrug. "Oh. Well, great -- that settles that," Claire sarcastically replied.

"[But] if you ever need to talk to anyone, I am here for you," Claire sweetly reminded Tripp as Shawn approached. Claire thanked Tripp for the company then explained to Shawn, "I've felt a little jumpy since the wedding."

Tripp said goodbye to Claire and Shawn then walked away. "Nice guy," Shawn observed while settling into the chair that Tripp had just vacated. "The best," Claire agreed with a wide grin. "Are you crushing on Ciara's boyfriend?" Shawn asked incredulously. "Did you seriously just say 'crushing on'?" Claire evasively countered. "Do not change the subject, young lady," Shawn warned. "No, I am not 'crushing on' Tripp!" Claire defensively insisted. "[He's] with Ciara now, and I completely respect that," Claire innocently added. Shawn was relieved to hear that, having grown tired of the drama that often got between Claire and Ciara.

Ben led Ciara to a garage near the apartment. Ciara was stunned to see Bo's motorcycle parked there -- and in pristine condition. "But...I totaled this! How did you...?" Ciara asked, confused. "When I moved in, I started working on it," Ben explained with a shrug. Ciara realized that was what Ben had really been doing every time he had announced that he was going to take a walk to clear his head. "But still...I mean, every bike shop in town that I took it to said the only thing I could do was give it a proper burial," she informed him, still in disbelief. "Yeah, well, I'm not good at very much, but I've always been a decent mechanic," he replied, shrugging again.

"Dude, are you kidding me? You're, like, a miracle worker!" Ciara raved, beaming at Ben. "[But] why would you go through all this trouble?" she wondered.

"You've done so much for me -- I mean, defending me, believing in me... Not to mention letting me stay at your loft [apartment] rent-free. [And] I was trying to think of a way to repay your kindness, [and] I remembered [you telling me] how much this bike meant to you, [so I figured this was] the least I could do," Ben explained to Ciara. She was quick to insist that he didn't owe her anything, but she appreciated the gesture nevertheless.

"[This bike] was my dad's most prized possession, and when he left it to me, it was I still had a part of him," Ciara told Ben. "So, thank you, 'cause now I feel like I have that part of him back," Ciara added before giving Ben a hug. "[This is], like, the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me!" she raved while pulling away from him. Chuckling, he noted that she had some grease on her chin. She allowed him to wipe it off for her.

After checking the time, Ciara started to note that Tripp would probably be arriving at the apartment soon. Ben wondered if Ciara wanted to take the motorcycle for a quick test drive before heading back to the apartment, just to make sure that everything was working properly. Ciara happily agreed to do that -- and to let Ben tag along. Ben accepted a helmet then hopped on the back of the motorcycle and wrapped both arms around Ciara's waist.

Meanwhile, Tripp entered the apartment and excitedly called out to Ciara, wanting to show her the chocolate cake he had convinced a coworker to make for them. He was disappointed to discover that she was gone.

At the hospital, Belle listened as John wrapped up a phone conversation with Justin. "Justin won't be able to fight [this]," Belle warned after John ended the call. "Well, [that's] not gonna stop him from trying. He's willing to do whatever it takes to save your mother...unlike you," John countered. "Do you know how hurtful [it is for you to act] like I'm some callous or heartless person [who doesn't care that her mother is about to die]?" Belle tearfully asked John. "Isabella, I don't give a damn right now if I'm hurting your feelings. I love you with all of my heart, but right now, all I'm interested in is saving your mother's life," John dismissively replied.

Eric, who had been listening nearby, tried to point out that Marlena surely wouldn't want the family to be at odds at such a terrible time, but John wasn't moved. "I want you to go," John ordered Belle. "Dad --" Belle started to protest, fighting back fresh tears. "Please, now -- just go," John firmly repeated. Eric diplomatically promised to let Belle know if anything changed. Belle sighed and walked away with a shake of the head.

Justin soon arrived and began studying Marlena's paperwork to see if there were any loopholes that could be exploited. Meanwhile, Eric received a phone call from Roman, who regretfully reported that Kayla had made the hospital board aware of the situation. Sighing, John worriedly relayed the information to Justin, who wasn't optimistic about being able to stop Marlena's ventilator from being shut off at some point, since the paperwork seemed to be in order. Justin offered to at least try to delay the process for as long as possible. John gratefully accepted the compromise. Nodding, Justin rushed off to plead John's case to the hospital board.

At the police station, Rafe joined Sami in one of the conference rooms. Sami, who had just returned from a bail hearing, complained to Rafe that the judge had been an idiot who had deemed her a flight risk and had therefore refused to grant her bail request. Rafe reminded Sami that, as a DiMera with practically unlimited resources, she kind of was a flight risk.

Scoffing, Sami dismissively insisted that she wouldn't be leaving Salem anytime soon. "Kristen's most likely still here [somewhere], and she's the only one who knows where E.J. is! [And I'm not just] gonna make [her] tell me where he is; [I'm also gonna make her] pay for what she's done [to my family]! Paul is in the hospital now, [and] my mother is still in critical condition..." Sami continued before suddenly stopping.

Gauging Rafe's facial expression, Sami worriedly guessed that something had happened. Nodding, Rafe regretfully informed Sami that her mother had suffered a serious setback and was on a ventilator. "From what I understand, the doctors aren't hopeful," Rafe added. Stunned, Sami tearfully told Rafe, "This is all my fault!" Rafe tried to assure Sami that wasn't true, but she continued blaming herself -- and soon broke down in his arms.

Sami was still crying on Rafe's shoulder when Hope entered the conference room and slammed the door shut. "You changed your clothes," Hope observed as Sami and Rafe separated. "Yeah, I had a bail hearing this morning, [so] Rafe brought me some of my clothes to change into," Sami explained. "That was real thoughtful of you," Hope told Rafe with a hint of annoyance.

Changing the subject, Hope apologized to Sami for what had happened to Marlena, having gotten an update from John earlier. "If there's anything I can do..." Hope began. "You could find Kristen! [I mean], how long is [that] gonna take? She's the woman who is responsible for what happened to my mother!" Sami replied. "Well, technically, um...the only person responsible at the moment..." Hope countered.

"How dare you?" Sami asked incredulously, glaring at Hope. Rafe quickly intervened, asking Hope for another minute alone with Sami. "Take all the time you need," Hope coldly encouraged Rafe before leaving.

Later, after Eric arrived to see Sami, Rafe left the conference room and rejoined Hope. Sighing, Rafe sympathetically noted that Sami was really dealing with a lot at that moment. "Poor Sami," Hope sarcastically replied, surprising Rafe. "Are you angry with me because I feel bad [for Sami]?" Rafe asked incredulously. "You would feel bad for Sami no matter what," Hope argued. "[But] I'm not angry; just making an observation," Hope added.

Rafe didn't think it was unreasonable to expect Hope to show Sami a bit of compassion. "I don't have time to discuss this right now," Hope evasively insisted. "We've got two psychopaths on the loose, [so] I'm heading back out into the field, [and] Ben Weston -- I'm gonna get [him], come hell or high water, you mark my words...and you know what? It's gonna be by the end of the day," Hope added before turning to leave.

Rafe offered to tag along, but Hope refused, bitterly pointing out that Sami might need Rafe again soon. Rafe scoffed as Hope stormed out of the police station.

Meanwhile, Eric regretfully informed Sami that Marlena was about to be taken off the ventilator -- and would probably die as a result. Sami was furious to learn that Belle was spearheading the new course of action. "All Belle wants is for us to carry out Mom's wishes," Eric explained. "I can pretty much guarantee that Mom's number-one wish is not to end up dead!" Sami countered. Sami told Eric to go back to the hospital right away and put an end to Belle's insanity. "[And give Belle a message from me] -- if Mom gets taken off the ventilator [and] ends up dead, it's on [her]; she will have murdered her own mother!" Sami angrily added.

Belle spotted her husband and her daughter in the town square and rushed toward them, relieved to see a pair of friendly faces. She tearfully filled them in on what they had missed at the hospital.

"My dad is so mad, [and] I don't think that he's gonna forgive me [for this]," Belle sadly admitted at the end of the tale. "I don't blame him! [Do you really] have to be 'ethical' all the time, Mom? [I mean], you couldn't just pretend like you had never seen [that document]?" Claire asked incredulously. Belle apologetically insisted that Marlena would want the document to be honored. Nodding, Shawn urged Claire to show Belle some support. Sighing, Claire softened and apologized for the earlier outburst. Belle noted, in an effort to make Claire feel better, that John might ultimately succeed in stopping Marlena's ventilator from being shut off, anyway.

At the hospital, Justin rejoined John and apologetically reported, "The board was very sympathetic to your cause, but they decided to abide by Marlena's wishes...[and] they want to remove the ventilator today." Eric returned while John was desperately begging Justin to think of a way to stop that from happening. Justin explained to a curious Eric that the hospital board was rushing the process to avoid accusations of favoritism.

Sighing, Eric stepped aside to start calling family members. At the police station, Rafe relayed the information to Sami. Meanwhile, at the town square, Shawn filled Belle and Claire in.

Ciara returned home with Ben and apologized to Tripp for the wait. "Ben fixed my dad's bike! Isn't that amazing?" Ciara added. "Totally," Tripp dryly replied. Ben rushed off to the bathroom to get cleaned up, knowing that Ciara and Tripp had made plans earlier and probably wanted some privacy. Once the coast was clear, Tripp asked Ciara, "You took Ben on a ride on your bike? [And] he...what, had his arms around you [the whole time]?"

"Tripp Dalton, are you jealous?" Ciara teasingly replied. Tripp started to deny the accusation then backpedaled and admitted that it was fair of Ciara to describe the reaction as a display of jealousy. Tripp insisted that Ben clearly had feelings for Ciara, but Ciara dismissed the concern and assured Tripp that even if that was true, it didn't matter. Ciara gave Tripp a kiss and stressed that she was happier than she had ever been -- with him. Ben soon returned and interrupted the kiss to announce that he was going to head out for a while to give the happy couple even more privacy. Ciara said that wasn't necessary, but Ben insisted.

Ben opened the apartment door and found Hope standing outside. "Just the man I was looking for," Hope said to Ben. "New evidence came to light," Hope vaguely added.

"Ben Weston, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Ciara Brady," Hope concluded, stunning Ben and Ciara -- and amusing Tripp.

Kayla terminates Marlena's life support Kayla terminates Marlena's life support

Friday, September 14, 2018

At the loft, Hope arrested Ben, based on new evidence. Ciara looked on in horror, but Tripp made a small smile. Ciara noted that there was no evidence, but Hope said she had new evidence. Ben grumbled as Hope handcuffed him and led him away. Ciara complained to Tripp about Ben's arrest.

"Ben put my dad's bike back together. He stopped me from feeling like I ruined something that my dad loved," Ciara said. Tripp reminded Ciara that Ben had murdered three people. Ciara swore that Ben had changed. With a sigh, Tripp said that he knew that Ciara was loyal to Ben, but the facts pointed to Ben's guilt.

"You have to see that your mother is not out to get Ben, right?" Tripp asked. Ciara said the circumstances were suspicious because the forensics unit had not found the new evidence, but her mother had found it. Ciara said she wanted to go to the station to make sure that Hope treated Ben fairly.

"This is not your fault and not your problem. If Ben did start the fire, then he deserves what he gets," Tripp said. Ciara nodded yes.

In the police interrogation room, Sami demanded that Rafe release her so that she could plead for her mother's life at the hospital. Rafe refused. Rafe added that Sami could not stop the enforcement of Marlena's medical directive.

"If my mom dies and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to her, I will never forgive myself. Please, if you ever loved me, you will get me the hell out of here," Sami begged. Reluctantly, Rafe agreed to escort Sami to the hospital in handcuffs. Sami eagerly agreed to Rafe's terms.

When Hope arrived at the police station to drop off Ben, she took Rafe aside to inform him that she had found an additional can of accelerant at the site of the fire. Hope stated that the can had a partial print that belonged to Ben. Sami looked at Ben and grumbled that she was not surprised.

"What are you in for this time, sweetheart?" Ben teased Sami. Angry, Sami reached for Ben's throat, but Hope and Rafe intervened. Hope asked Rafe if he intended to take Sami somewhere. Rafe lied and said he planned to take Sami to her cell. With an eyebrow raised in suspicion, Hope offered to call for a guard. Rafe insisted he would take Sami.

Hope escorted Ben into the interrogation room and showed him the new evidence she had found at the scene of the crime. Ben swore he had not seen the container before. Hope called Ben a liar. "It's over, Ben," Hope said. Hope added that Marlena had found that Ben was sane and that the insanity defense would not help Ben "this time."

"Ciara says Marlena is in a coma. She's not going to be testifying to anything," Ben argued. Hope asked about Ben's other doctors. With a shake of his head, Ben said he would not confess to anything he had not done. Ben asked Hope why she had returned to the scene of the fire while Marlena was ill and Kristen was on the loose. Ben reasoned aloud that it was suspicious that Hope had found the time to return to the scene of the fire.

"You do know that everybody is going to find out that you planted that evidence?" Ben asked. Hope leaned forward and told Ben that she would start the booking process. Ben waited alone in the interrogation room, whistling. Ciara arrived and sneaked into the room to speak to Ben.

At the hospital by the nurses' station, John informed Eric that Justin was in court, asking for an injunction to stop the removal of Marlena's ventilator. John admitted that there was little hope that Justin would secure an injunction. With a sigh, John said he could not challenge Belle as Marlena's proxy because John had not formally remarried Marlena. John hugged his son and urged Eric to say goodbye to his mother. Hopeful, Eric said he believed that Marlena would beat the odds and survive after the ventilator was removed.

"If Justin doesn't get that injunction, I think we need to let everybody know who wants to see her again that now would be a good time," John said. Eric agreed. John called Carrie and told her the news. As John ended his call, Claire rushed into the hospital with Belle, and Claire hugged her grandfather. Belle reiterated that she did not want to remove the ventilator and that she only wanted to enforce Marlena's wishes. Belle told John that she loved him.

"I think we should probably take the time we have right now to say our goodbyes," John told Claire. Claire was unsure what to do. Belle guided Claire into Marlena's room and told her to talk to Marlena. Claire said that she usually was the one who did all the talking, and Marlena was the one that had given advice that Claire had ignored. Belle gently rubbed her daughter's back to calm her.

"You really made me want to be a better person. And I will try harder, I promise. I promise," Claire said through tears as she squeezed Marlena's hand. Claire hugged Belle then left so that Belle could talk to her mother privately. Belle apologized for living so far away from Marlena. "I love you so much, and I hate what you're making me do," Belle whispered.

Will arrived at the nurses' station, and John jumped up to greet him. John asked about Paul. With a nod, Will explained that they were waiting on test results. Will promised to update John when he had more news. Will told John that he had recovered his memory. Thrilled, John hugged Will and congratulated him on the good news. John asked if Sonny knew about Will's memory. With a nod, Will said that Sonny knew but that it did not change Will's situation with Paul.

"I'm gonna stay with Paul. And I'm gonna be there for him every step of the way, just like you will," Will said. John hugged Will in relief. Will walked toward Marlena's room, where Belle continued to whisper to her mother.

"I was your only child from the love of your life. And I knew my parents' love could conquer anything. Well, almost anything. I was the kid with the mom everybody wanted, who knew the answers to everything. What am I supposed to do without you? Somebody please tell me that!" Belle cried out. "Beats the hell out of me," Will said from the doorway. Belle told Will that it had meant a lot to Marlena that Will had returned to their lives. With a nod, Belle left Will alone with Marlena.

"I know mom's the reason you're in this bed. I remember a lot of things being her fault. I'm kind of afraid that I'm taking after her. It seems like I'm leaving chaos wherever I go. I'm in a pretty messed-up situation, and I would give anything to tell you about it. I love mom, but there is something I could never talk to her about, and you were always that person for me. You always told me to be myself. You said that would be good enough for anyone. I hope I'm doing the right thing now," Will said to Marlena.

Down the hallway, Eric and Brady talked in an empty hospital room about how Marlena had made them say what they were grateful for before every meal when they had been kids. Brady told Eric that he did the same thing with Tate.

"You know what I'm grateful for? That you and I made peace. That you and I were able to walk our mom down the aisle. She was so happy. Nothing can ever take that away from us. I'm happy to have my brother back again," Eric said. Brady agreed. After a hug, Brady and Eric walked down the hallway to say their goodbyes to Marlena. Brady apologized to Marlena for having been an obnoxious teenager.

"I don't know why I did it. I just did it. I recall my favorite line to you was 'You're not my real mom.'" I remember saying that to you. That was garbage. That was wrong. I know that now. You are the only mother that I have ever known, and you have always loved me as if I was your own. And I know a little about parenting now, and I want to thank you for being the best mother that a man could ever ask for. Thank you, and I love you," Brady said. With a sniffle, Brady rose to his feet and left the room so that Eric could talk to Marlena privately.

"I don't think I've ever told you, in fact I know I haven't told you, how much that I love you. How much that your love and support has meant to me or how much I admire your strength, your loyalty, and your friendship. You've seen me through some of the best times and some of the most challenging of times. You have never wavered on your commitment as my mom. It's because of your love. Your unique perspective. And just believing in myself when I so badly needed it," Eric said. With tears in his eyes, Eric clutched Marlena's hand and told her that he was blessed to be her son.

In the hallway outside Marlena's room, John told Brady that he believed Marlena would not have executed an advance directive if she and John had not divorced. "She thought she was just going to be a burden to you kids. Come on, couldn't she know she'd never be that?" John said. Brady told John he was sorry. With a shake of his head, John said he did not know how to live his life without Marlena. Brady hugged his father.

With a sigh, John said he needed to call Justin. John saw Belle across the room then he turned and walked away. Brady hugged Belle and assured her that she had done the right thing in following Marlena's wishes.

"The hell she did!" Sami said as she walked over with Rafe. "What is she doing here?" Belle demanded. Rafe explained that he had escorted Sami to the hospital so that Sami could say goodbye to Marlena. Belle and Sami blamed one another and started to yell. Eric joined the group and ordered everyone to act like human beings because that was what Marlena had taught them. With a nod, Sami went into Marlena's room.

"I'm so sorry. I've been shrieking about how this is Kristen's fault and how she did this to you, but she didn't. It was me. This is all my fault. How could someone like you end up with a daughter like me? I've never understood it. That's not true, either. I do understand it. From the moment I caught you and John together, I have spent my whole life trying not to be you, but even while I was doing that, I knew that you would always be there. You are like a fortress. No matter what horrible thing I threw at you, you wouldn't crumble. And now you're here because of me," Sami lamented.

"I know you, Mom. You are in there fighting. You are fighting so hard because you know how much we all need you. And you know that I have always needed you. And now, I hope, I pray every day, that I can be like you. That I can be strong for my kids. The way you always were for me. I hope you know how much I love you," Sami said. Sami sang a lullaby to her mother then broke down into tears.

In the hallway, Will comforted Sami after she had left Marlena's room. Will reminded Sami that they had gotten through Grace's death together. Sami's mouth dropped open. "Do you remember that?" Sami asked. Will told Sami that he had his memory back. Sami and Rafe smiled with joy. "I've had a strange life," Will joked. Sami said that Will's memory was proof that miracles happened. Sami said she hoped there would be one more miracle.

In Marlena's room, John sat by Marlena's side. John told Marlena that he remembered when Marlena had talked a man off the roof and had almost died. "I thought my life with you was over before it had even begun," John said about the memory. John asked God for a miracle.

"I want to be your husband again, but you're going to have to come back to me right now," John pleaded. John held Marlena's head and kept repeating his request. After John talked to Justin, John returned to the hallway to inform Eric, Belle, Claire, Brady, Sami, Rafe, and Kayla that Justin had been unsuccessful in court. Kayla said she needed to disconnect the monitors. Belle asked Kayla if they could sit with Marlena when it happened. Kayla agreed to let immediate family in the room.

John said he wanted to go to the chapel and pray first. Everyone joined John. After prayer, the group returned to Marlena's room. Belle encouraged Claire to go home. John asked Will and Brady to check on Paul and tell him about Marlena. With a nod, Brady and Will left. Rafe stepped aside to take a call from Hope. Furious, Hope asked about Sami. Rafe explained that he had escorted Sami to the hospital to say goodbye to her mother.

In Marlena's room, Kayla removed the ventilation tube and prepared to disconnect the monitors. John, Belle, and Eric entered the room. Eric hugged Sami and Belle and said, "It is with compassion, support, and the power of your love we ask that you comfort our mother with all your protection. We ask for you to give her the strength she needs to fight. Help her hope. That you are forever and ever our Lord," Eric said. John nodded at Kayla. Kayla turned off the monitors.

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