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John conspired to switch out Marlena for Hattie. Impersonating Marlena, Hattie pretended to wake up from a coma. Hope arrested Ben, and Ben claimed that Hope had framed him. Gabi drugged Abigail. Lani told Eli that she did not think they should date. Lucas convinced Adrienne to drop the charges against Bonnie after a DNA test proved he was the father of Bonnie's baby.
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Marlena's loved ones get a surprise

Marlena's loved ones get a surprise

Monday, September 17, 2018

by Mike

Tripp was alone at home when Shawn arrived to see Ciara. Tripp informed Shawn that Hope had arrested Ben earlier -- and that Ciara had gone to the police station to check on Ben after having failed to reach Ben's lawyer.

"You know, I thought this would finally convince [Ciara] to wash her hands of [Ben], but...for some reason, no matter what anybody says, she just can't let go of [him]," Tripp grumbled. "The more you tell her to do something, the harder [she's going to fight] against it," Shawn advised. "Yeah, no kidding," Tripp conceded with a shake of the head.

Shawn feared that Ciara might never see Ben as a monster. Tripp hoped that the evidence against Ben would stick, taking away Ciara's choice in the matter.

At the police station, Ciara told Ben that she hadn't been able to reach his lawyer yet. He thanked her for having at least tried to do so. He hoped that meant that she didn't believe that he had tried to kill her back at the cabin. Shrugging, she admitted that she didn't know what to believe anymore. "This looks really, really bad," she pointed out. "Maybe because somebody wanted to make it look that way," he countered.

Meanwhile, Rafe sadly informed Hope that Marlena was about to be taken off the ventilator -- and would probably die shortly after that happened. "So, this is Sami's last chance to say goodbye to her mom, make amends..." Rafe continued. Stunned, Hope softened a bit, no longer focused on Rafe's decision to sneak Sami out of the police station. "Please tell John and the family that I'm praying for Marlena," Hope quietly requested.

Claire returned home while Tripp was in the process of sending a text message to Ciara. Tripp paused after realizing that Claire was upset about something. Claire tearfully filled Tripp in on what was happening at the hospital at that moment. "[Actually, my grandmother's] probably gone [by now...and] I miss her so much already!" Claire admitted before breaking down in Tripp's arms.

"You know, she was so much more than a grandmother to me; she was like a friend, [and] a second mom, [and] my hero... [And] it's just really hard to believe that this powerful force of good and love [is] just not gonna be here anymore. [And] I don't know what I'm gonna do without her, [and] I just...I feel alone," Claire continued after pulling away from Tripp.

"You're not alone, Claire...and you're never going to be -- [not] as long as I'm around," Tripp promised before giving Claire another hug.

At the hospital, Sami, Eric, and Belle waited anxiously with John and Kayla in Marlena's room. "Mom? It's me, Belle. We love you so much, and it's okay if you want to let go [now that the ventilator's off]," Belle tearfully began. "Belle, what are you doing?" Sami asked incredulously. "I am telling her that it is okay --" Belle tried to respond. "To die," Sami angrily concluded for Belle. "Of course you would; you're the reason [they pulled the plug] in the first place!" Sami continued. Eric and John both tried to intervene, but Sami forged ahead, tearfully stressing, "Mom, you listen to me -- you have to fight this, [because] we all need you!"

"[Plus], then she can get you off the hook with the police..." Belle interjected. "Get her out of here!" Sami begged John and Eric while glaring at Belle. "You're the one who doesn't belong here! You're the one who put her in that bed!" Belle spat. "[And] you are the one --" Sami started to counter. Eric quickly interrupted, arguing that Marlena's fate was ultimately in God's hands. John agreed with Eric, but Sami and Belle did not -- and continued blaming each other for what was happening. Eventually, a hoarse demand -- "Could you keep it down?" -- put a quick end to Sami and Belle's fight. Everyone stared in shock at the source.

"Oh, my God! Doc! Honey, you're awake!" John exclaimed. "Kayla, is..." Eric began to ask, elated but also confused. "Well, you know, I can't explain it. Um...if you'd all just give me a little room to give her an examination..." Kayla replied in an effort to clear the room. Another hoarse demand -- "Wait! I wanna see my children!" -- stopped everyone. "Are you sure, honey?" John wondered. "Yeah, I'd really prefer we clear the room..." Kayla added.

A hoarse confirmation -- "I'm sure" -- kept Sami, Eric, and Belle from leaving. Eric and Belle each said a few words of encouragement. "Mom, you're gonna be okay!" Sami added. A hoarse reply -- "I thanks to you!" -- surprised Sami. John and Kayla tried again to clear the room, but Sami was horrified and insisted on first setting the record straight.

"You have to know that I would never intentionally hurt you, Mom! [And] if I'm the one who shot you, I'm so sorry! Please, please know that I love you, and you mean the world to me, and I would never, ever want to hurt you! And that crazy woman -- she drugged me, and she was talking about E.J., and I just wasn't in my right mind..." Sami tried to explain. Another hoarse demand -- "John, get her out of here -- before she finishes me off!" -- silenced Sami, but only for a moment.

Hurt but determined, Sami continued trying to set the record straight. Eric finally dragged Sami out of the room after Kayla threatened to call security. "This can't be happening! This is my worst nightmare!" Sami told Eric as Rafe approached. Rafe assumed that Marlena had just died, but Sami clarified that Marlena was still alive -- and was even awake and alert. "[The only problem is that] she hates me. She thinks I tried to kill her," Sami sadly added. Rafe didn't think that was the kind of thing that Marlena would say to any loved one, regardless of the circumstances, and Eric agreed that Marlena's medication was probably responsible. Sami wasn't convinced.

"I ruined [Mom's] wedding day, and if I pulled that trigger, I nearly killed her, [too]. My mom is right -- [I deserve] this; I deserve to be punished," Sami concluded with a sigh of defeat. "I would like to go back to my cell [now]," Sami told Rafe. Eric tried to protest, but Sami insisted, "I shouldn't have been here [in the first place]." Eric gave Sami a hug and promised to try to smooth things over with Marlena at some point.

Meanwhile, John and Kayla hinted that Belle also needed to leave Marlena's room. Belle tried to protest, not wanting to leave just yet. A hoarse assurance -- "It's okay" -- stopped John from continuing to argue with Belle about the matter. "[Mom], there's something I want you to know, and I want you to hear it from me," Belle hesitantly began to explain.

"I'm the one who had you taken off the ventilator," Belle regretfully added as John tried to interrupt. "I found your living will, and it had your health directive, naming me [your] proxy, [so] I gave it to Kayla, and she passed it along to the hospital administration, who then ordered the ventilator be removed," Belle continued. "I thought I was doing the right thing -- you understand that, right?" Belle asked hopefully. A hoarse reply -- "I understand [that] you're the person who tried to pull the plug on your mother!" -- drove Belle to tears.

"You know, Belle, um, your mom has been through quite an ordeal, and, um, you know, she's heavily medicated..." Kayla pointed out. A hoarse protest -- "I know what I'm saying!" -- further upset Belle, who repeatedly tried to apologize for having mishandled the situation. "Let me walk you out, 'cause I have to order some tests..." Kayla awkwardly suggested while practically dragging Belle out of the room, leaving John behind.

"What the hell's the matter with you? Was that really necessary? The way you treated Belle and Sami just now was completely uncalled for!" John snapped once the coast was clear.

"Those two selfish little cows deserved a good tongue-lashing! And that good-looking Eric -- he deserves one, too, [but] of a very different kind... [I mean], he's almost as good-looking as his daddy...which reminds me, is Roman single? [Anyway, look, if you don't like what I'm doing, then the] next time you want to go save your precious Dr. Marlena Evans, [maybe] don't call on Hattie Adams!" Hattie countered, abandoning the hoarse voice at once. John and Hattie glared at each other and exchanged sighs of irritation.

Shawn went to the police station to talk to Hope about the new evidence that linked Ben to the cabin fire. "So, you were right -- he did set [it]?" Shawn asked. "Of course he did -- and now I have proof, [so] he'll never get near your sister again," Hope replied with a shrug. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. [Tripp] told me that [Ciara] came down here to see [Ben]," Shawn revealed.

Horrified, Hope rushed off to one of the conference rooms, with Shawn in tow. At that exact moment, Ben was in the process of explaining to Ciara that Hope had planted the new evidence that had been found at the cabin. "She would do anything to make me look guilty in your eyes," Ben concluded just before Hope burst into the room.

"You're not allowed in here," Hope insisted while trying to drag Ciara away. "Why is that, Hope -- 'cause you don't want her to find out that her mother planted evidence at a crime scene?" Ben countered. "You can't believe a word this animal says!" Hope protested while trying to drag Ciara away again. "You warned me that if I didn't leave town, you'd make my life a living hell, and what do you know -- here I am. [And] isn't it convenient that you were the one that miraculously found this new evidence just sitting there after all this time?" Ben continued. "How did you find it?" Ciara asked curiously.

"I went back out to the cabin, just to be sure I hadn't missed anything -- [and] to be sure that CSU and the arson investigators hadn't missed anything," Hope began to explain. "Or maybe you went back there to set my ass up," Ben suggested. "What kind of cop are you, Hope? What kind of person are you?" Ben added. "She was doing her job [and] protecting her daughter!" Shawn defensively insisted. "By planting evidence [and] breaking the law?" Ben calmly countered. Hope scoffed and tried to drag Ciara away again. "Ciara, I told you before, and I'll tell you again -- I would never, ever hurt you," Ben stressed.

"I think you realize it, but your mother's framing me," Ben added. Hope insisted that Ciara needed to ignore everything that Ben was saying. "Ciara, you know exactly what it's been like -- how [your mother] targeted me, how she went behind your back to run me out of town... [And] when you convinced me to stay in Salem [and then invited] me to live with you, it made her crazy, and now [she's taken] it to the whole next level," Ben continued. Shaking, Hope angrily countered, "No! No! No! 'Cause unlike you, I respect the law, Ben -- and doing things right!" Shawn supported Hope, reminding Ciara that Ben was a monster.

"No, man, I'm not that guy anymore, okay? Dr. Evans even said it herself," Ben insisted. Conflicted, Ciara conceded, "Maybe you played her [the same way] you played me." Ben tried to assure Ciara that wasn't true, but Ciara chose to side with Hope. As Hope rushed Ciara out of the room, Ben desperately begged Ciara to reconsider. Outside, Ciara told Hope, "Look me in the eye, Mom. If you love me, you will look me in the eye, and you will tell me the truth. Do you swear to me that you did not plant that evidence?" Hope made eye contact with Ciara and replied, "I swear -- on my life." Sighing, Ciara seized a hug from Hope.

Claire was surprised when Tripp revealed that Ben had been arrested earlier -- and that Ciara was at the police station with Ben. "I guess she doesn't fully believe the evidence [yet]...or she doesn't want to admit that she's wrong," Tripp mused with a shrug. "Oh, it's so much more than that, [and] you and I both know it," Claire countered. "[I mean], for her to stand by Ben, [even] after all the evidence says that he started the fire -- [that] just shows how important he is to her, [and] honestly, I don't know how you keep putting up with it, Tripp, 'cause you deserve so much better," Claire added with a shake of the head.

Rafe arrived at the police station with Sami shortly after Ciara left. Hope gave Rafe the cold shoulder, prompting Sami to protest, "Can you just cut him some slack? My mom was dying!" Trying to avoid an argument, Rafe quickly added, "There's good news, though!" Nodding, Sami revealed, "My mom is doing better. She, um -- she rallied." Rafe elaborated, "Looks like she's gonna make a full recovery!"

"Really?" Hope asked, softening a bit. "I'm happy for you, Sami...[and] for your whole family," Hope added. "Yeah, me too," Sami replied before turning to Rafe. "Can I just go back to my cell now, please?" Sami requested.

At the hospital, Belle wrapped up a phone call with Claire then sadly told Eric about what had happened earlier. Eric again reasoned that Marlena's out-of-character outbursts had to be a side effect of heavy medication.

Claire excitedly informed Tripp that her grandmother was awake -- and was apparently going to be okay. After they celebrated the good news with a hug, she spontaneously kissed him -- just as Ciara entered the apartment.

After taking Sami back to a holding cell, Rafe rejoined Hope, who was still upset that Rafe had broken protocol to give Sami a chance to say goodbye to Marlena. "I'm sorry, [and] I will accept the consequences for what I did, [but] for whatever it's worth, I still think it was the right thing to do," Rafe insisted with a shrug.

Changing the subject, Rafe questioned Hope about Ben's arrest. Hope happily revealed that Ciara had finally turned on Ben. "She couldn't ignore the evidence...although Ben did do his best to try to convince her that I planted it," Hope added. Gauging Rafe's reaction, Hope defensively asked, "Oh, my God -- you think I did [plant it], don't you?"

Meanwhile, Shawn gloated that Ben was finally going to be sent away again. "I see how you look at me," Ben calmly replied. "You think I'm this horrible person -- the Necktie Killer, a murdering monster... [But] what about your mother? What do you think about her? You think she's innocent? You think she's honorable?" Ben added. "Don't talk about my mom!" Shawn warned, getting upset.

"Come on, Shawn. You're a smart guy. She didn't just 'suddenly' find any 'new evidence,'" Ben continued. Scoffing, Shawn started to leave the conference room. Undeterred, Ben forged ahead, insisting, "You can't ignore the truth, Shawn. Hope would do anything to get rid of me, and now she has." Shawn paused at the door, suddenly remembering that just a few hours earlier, Hope had vowed to get rid of Ben, one way or another.

"You believe me. You realize [the truth now], don't you? You know your mother planted that evidence," Ben guessed, gauging the sudden change in Shawn's facial expression.

Kayla reveals Marlena's fate

Kayla reveals Marlena's fate

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

At the police station, Hope was surprised when Rafe doubted that she had found new evidence at the scene of the fire. "It looks a little convenient," Rafe pointed out. Rafe ushered Hope into the interrogation room to talk privately. "You can't say you've never broken the law before," Rafe muttered. Hope yelled that Ben was guilty. Rafe said he understood that Hope had been desperate to protect her daughter.

"I'm not desperate enough to make the same mistakes. The mistakes I made with Stefano," Hope said. Rafe told Hope that she could tell him the truth. Hope reiterated that she had not planted the evidence. "I wish the man that told me he loved me would try a little harder to believe that," Hope said. Hope changed the subject to Rafe's actions sneaking Sami out of the precinct.

"There wasn't time to do the paperwork. They were taking Marlena off of the ventilator. She was going to die. Are you seriously blaming me for helping Sami say goodbye to her mother?" Rafe asked. Rafe questioned whether Hope's anger was about his fling with Sami. With a groan, Rafe said he had believed they had moved past that mistake. Hope countered that it was hard to move on when Rafe was at Sami's beck and call. Hope yelled at Rafe for assuming her guilt but always jumping in to vouch for Sami.

"I am not under Sami's spell, okay?" Rafe said. Rafe stressed that Sami had been handcuffed and under his control at the hospital. Hope reminded Rafe that Sami had escaped from him a day before that. Frustrated, Rafe asked Hope if she was going to suspend or fire him.

"You want to punish me for helping Sami? Then punish me. Go for it," Rafe challenged. "My first priority is finding Kristen and making sure this case against Ben sticks. He has slipped through our fingers before, and I am not going to let that happen again," Hope said. Rafe nodded in agreement. Rafe grabbed Hope and kissed her passionately. Without a word, Hope pulled away and walked out.

In the loft, an over-enthusiastic Claire kissed Tripp in celebration of the good news about Marlena. "Am I interrupting?" Ciara asked as she returned home. Tripp said the situation was not what it appeared. Claire chirped that Marlena was breathing on her own, and Claire had been overwhelmed emotionally. Ciara suggested that Claire splash water on her face to calm down. Claire thanked Tripp for being a friend, and she went into the bathroom.

"It is one thing to share joy, but did you really have to kiss her?" Ciara asked. Tripp noted that Claire had kissed him. Tripp reminded Ciara that she had run out after Ben when Hope had found new evidence against him. Ciara admitted that Tripp was right.

"Except this time, I finally saw the truth," Ciara said. Ciara explained that she had not wanted to believe her mother's claim about the new evidence, but she had not been able to deny the accusation. Ciara said she refused to believe that Hope had planted the evidence. "Since his print is on that can, Ben Weston is guilty as hell," Ciara said. Ciara noted that Ben had played her.

"You have a big heart. He counted on that to manipulate you," Tripp said. Ciara apologized to Tripp for not trusting his instincts about Ben. Ciara asked Tripp if he could forgive her for inviting Tripp into their home. Tripp stressed that Ciara did not need to apologize for having a big heart. As Tripp leaned toward Ciara, she asked if he would rather kiss Claire instead. Tripp reiterated that he had been celebrating the good news. Ciara blamed Claire.

"I do want to be her friend. I just thought I had been very clear that that was all we would be," Tripp said. Ciara told Tripp to stop sending Claire any signals. Tripp said the only woman he was interested in was Ciara, and he did not want anyone getting between them. Tripp suggested he and Ciara hang out, but Ciara said she needed to move her bike first.

While Ciara was gone, Claire apologized to Tripp for upsetting Ciara. Tripp reminded Claire that he was with Ciara. Tripp explained that Ciara believed Ben was guilty and was done with him. "If it's true," Claire said. Claire reminded Tripp that Ciara had waffled about Ben's guilt before. "I really do hope she means it this time and that you are not the one being played," Claire said.

In the square, Belle told Shawn the good news about Marlena. Belle explained that Marlena had woken up after Belle and Sami had gotten into a yelling match. Breaking into tears, Belle claimed she was a horrible daughter for losing faith in Marlena.

"I made a really big mistake that could have cost my mom her life," Belle cried out. Shawn hugged his wife tightly. Belle told Shawn about Marlena's anger. Shawn was confused because Marlena had written her own advance directive. Belle reasoned aloud that her actions had still hurt Marlena's feelings.

"I've got some good news. Mom arrested Ben Weston. He is in jail. Right where he belongs," Shawn said. Belle was excited to hear the news, but Shawn admitted that it looked suspicious that Hope had found evidence that no one else had located. Belle said she did not believe Hope would plant evidence.

"Let's just hope this new evidence is enough to put him in prison for the rest of his life," Belle said. Shawn said he was relieved that they did not need to worry about Ciara or Claire's safety anymore. Shawn suggested that they return to the hotel, but Belle said she needed to make things right with Marlena first.

In the park, Kayla whispered to Roman that "Marlena" had recovered after removing the ventilator. "So, our plan worked?" Roman asked. "Thanks to Hattie," Kayla said. Kayla marveled that they had been able to pull off their plan. Roman countered that they would not have been able to pull off the switch without Kayla's help. Kayla thought back to the time of the switch, when Kayla had covered Marlena's face with a sheet and wheeled her out on a gurney with John. Kayla confided that she had been terrified she would be caught by hospital administration.

"I love Marlena, and there is nothing I want more than for her to live. And if this is what it takes," Kayla said with a shrug. Roman urged Kayla to stay positive about Marlena's recovery. Roman told Kayla about how he had sneaked Hattie into the hospital in a laundry cart. "I had my hands full," Roman said with a chuckle. Kayla lamented that Hattie had acted so harshly with Sami and Belle. Roman agreed that it would be difficult to keep Hattie in character.

In Marlena's hospital room, Hattie lashed out at John for questioning the severity of her comments to Belle and Sami. Hattie said the daughters deserved Marlena's wrath. John reasoned aloud that everyone would see through Hattie's ruse if she did not act more like Marlena. Hattie urged John to show more appreciation for her. With a sigh, John said he was grateful for Hattie's help, but he wanted to make sure that no one suspected that Marlena had been removed from the hospital.

Hattie thought about when Roman had visited her in prison to ask for her help impersonating Marlena. Shaking off the memory, Hattie said she had felt sorry for Marlena's plight. John stressed that neither Sami nor Belle had meant Marlena any harm. Hattie said she disagreed. With a sigh, Hattie said she had felt bad about kidnapping John and Marlena, and that was why she had been eager to help John protect Marlena.

"I need to know that I can depend on you," John said. "Are you kidding me? Hattie Adams is nothing if not dependable," Hattie countered. Hattie spit on her hand and held it out for John. "We got a deal," Hattie said. John spit in his hand and shook Hattie's. Hattie's face wrinkled in disgust. Hattie thought back to her conversation with Roman at the prison when Roman had warned Hattie that she had been labeled a snitch. Roman had explained that the warden had signed Hattie's transfer papers to another prison. Hattie smiled at the memory of Roman.

Hattie asked John when she would be released from the hospital. John noted that there was no rush to go home because he did not want to raise suspicion. With a frown, Hattie asked John if he could get her food from the pub and a "hot, steaming cup of Roman." Hattie cackled. John agreed to go to the pub and get food for Hattie.

"I am very grateful for what you are doing here, but please, we just need to proceed very carefully," John said. Hattie asked John how long they had until Statesville realized she was not in the new prison. John promised Hattie would not be missed. With a nod, Hattie asked what would happen if Marlena did not recover. "Doc's coming back to me. I have no doubt about that," John said.

Roman and Kayla arrived at the hospital and thanked Hattie for her help. With a grin, Hattie asked if she could have some food. John interrupted to remind Hattie to behave as Marlena would. Kayla agreed to get food, but she stressed that she could only provide food that fell within Marlena's dietary restrictions. Roman offered to stay with Hattie while Kayla and John went for food.

"Do you think you might want to come lay beside me and wrap your big, strong arms around me and keep me warm?" Hattie flirted. Roman offered to get Hattie something warm to drink. Hattie shrugged in disappointment. Changing the subject, Hattie asked how she could thank Abigail for killing Andre. When Hattie suggested that she should buy Abigail a drink, Roman reminded Hattie that Marlena would not behave that way.

In another wing of the hospital, which was under renovation, John and Kayla visited Marlena. Kayla promised John that Marlena would be safe and undiscovered in her new room. Kayla promised to keep Marlena comfortable.

"I just couldn't let you go," John whispered to Marlena. John promised to do everything in his power to help Marlena, but he needed her to find a way to wake up. Kayla gently reminded John that Marlena might never recover. "The secret is you just never give up," John countered.

Chloe confronts Bonnie

Chloe confronts Bonnie

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

At the hospital, Kayla asked Lucas if he had told Will about his possible little sister, baby Bonnie. Lucas said he wanted to keep the information from Will until the DNA test results were back. Kayla confirmed that she had put a rush on the results. Nervous, Lucas said he was anxious to know the truth. Kayla said she understand why Lucas was cautious about the test, since Sami had switched paternity test results for Lucas with Will.

"You never know. I don't want to take any chances," Lucas said. Lucas said he had felt a connection to the baby, and he did not know what to do if he was the father. Kayla counseled Lucas to remain calm. With a nod, Lucas said he would face his responsibilities if the DNA test proved he was the father. Kayla told Lucas that he was a responsible man.

"I'm also the guy who was so drunk that he slept with a woman pretending to be a woman that she wasn't, and I didn't remember anything," Lucas grumbled. Lucas verbally beat himself up for having slept with Bonnie. Lucas admitted he was ashamed of his actions. Lucas confided that he believed Chloe would break things off with him. Kayla disagreed. Lucas said he would do the right thing no matter what it cost him.

In the interrogation room at the police precinct, Bonnie fussed over her baby. Sheila asked Bonnie if she was putting on a show for everyone. "Is this really Lucas' baby?" Sheila asked. "I'd like to know the same," Chloe said as she walked into the room. Sheila offered to take the baby out of the room so that Bonnie and Chloe could "catfight." Once baby Bonnie was gone, Bonnie asked if Chloe was there to mark her territory.

"Have at it. I've already won," Bonnie said. "We all know that you are lying about that baby, and there is no way that I'm going to let you use an innocent child to let you hurt Lucas again," Chloe growled. Bonnie asked Chloe if she was angrier about the baby or about the fact that Lucas had made love to her. Chloe called Bonnie a con woman. With a scoff, Bonnie said she did not believe Lucas would let the mother of his child rot in prison.

"How can you use an innocent child to save yourself? Any mother, any real mother would protect their child. Would do anything for them," Chloe stressed. Bonnie barked that she loved her children. Bonnie added that she would not have agreed to a DNA test if she was not certain that Lucas was the father.

"You and Lucas can lie to yourselves all you want, but once those results come back, truth time. And you are just going to have to accept it," Bonnie said. Chloe asked Bonnie if the baby was even Bonnie's child. "You bail out of town and you come back with a baby? And let's be honest here, isn't that uterus of yours a bit dusty to carry a child?" Chloe asked. Bonnie noted that the baby was not Chloe's business. Chloe refused to let Bonnie push her away from Lucas.

When Bonnie reminded Chloe that she had been in prison and was not afraid of an "opera singer," Chloe raised an eyebrow. Chloe asked if Bonnie had heard of El Fideo. When Bonnie said she knew the name, Chloe informed Bonnie that she had killed El Fideo. With a laugh, Bonnie asked if Chloe had killed one of the most dangerous men in the world with a high C note. Chloe scowled.

"I stabbed that son of a bitch in the back. I made him cry like a stuck pig. Now imagine if I could do that to a man like El Fideo, imagine what I can do to you. Because if you hurt Lucas again, you're not going to have to imagine it. I'll show you," Chloe said calmly. As Chloe turned to leave, she added that El Fideo had never "seen it coming," and neither would Bonnie.

In the bullpen of the precinct, Sheila rocked baby Bonnie in her arms. Eli smiled and asked Sheila about the baby. Sheila told Eli that the baby was Bonnie's. Sheila thanked Eli for helping her escape charges so that she would not have to return to prison. When Sheila asked Eli about Gabi, Eli admitted that his relationship had ended after he had impregnated another woman. Sheila chuckled and said she did not picture Eli as a father.

"The baby died," Eli said softly. Sheila apologized for her joke. With a smile, Sheila joked to baby Bonnie that Eli was a tough guy. Eli laughed. With a grin, Eli asked if he could hold the baby. Sheila eagerly placed Bonnie in Eli's arms.

"You're a natural. You'll get another chance. You still with the baby mama?" Sheila asked. "No. I'd like to be, but I think the only thing she sees when she looks at me is losing David," Eli said. "I don't know if she'll ever get past it," Eli added. Changing the subject, Eli asked Sheila if she was headed back to Chicago. Sheila confided that she had limited job prospects. Eli promised to give Sheila a reference if she needed one.

"If your lady friend is smart, she'll figure out you're too good of a guy to let go," Sheila advised. Eli handed the baby back to Sheila, and she returned to the interrogation room. Sheila handed the baby back to Bonnie, and she asked for monetary assistance for the baby's care. Bonnie said she did not have any money to offer Sheila.

"You are the baby's godmother. I thought you knew you were doing this out of love," Bonnie said. With a groan, Sheila said the baby was a con to avoid jail. Bonnie yelled that she did not have any money. Sheila warned Bonnie that she would not be there to help Bonnie once the DNA tests proved that Bonnie had lied. Sheila stormed out.

At the hospital, Chloe arrived to provide moral support for Lucas. Lucas explained that he was still waiting for news. Chloe promised that she would be there for Lucas no matter what. Kayla returned and announced that she had the test results.

Lani walked by the Brady Pub and declined a call from Eli. As Lani sat on the bench, J.J. exited the pub and asked her if she was okay. J.J. reminded Lani that she had been upset the last time they had spoken. Lani admitted that she was still dealing with the loss of her child. J.J. told Lani he was sorry for her loss. Shaking her head, Lani stressed that she was fine.

"I realized that it is always gonna hurt," Lani said. "If you ever need a friend, you've got one," J.J. said. With a nod, J.J. walked away. Lani went into the pub and met Abe for lunch. Abe said he was thrilled that Marlena was better but worried about Paul. When Abe noted that Valerie was concerned about Lani, Lani grew defensive. Abe promised that Valerie had not betrayed Lani's confidence. Abe urged Lani to open up to him.

"Eli and I have these moments," Lani confessed. Abe asked Lani if there was something romantic between her and Eli. With a shrug, Lani said she was not sure. Lani said she did not want to mistake grief for something more. Abe said he was proud of his daughter for considering Eli's feelings, but he added that Lani might have overthought the situation. Lani confirmed that Valerie had agreed with Abe's assessment. Lani added that Eli had confessed that he had feelings for her.

"You said you were afraid of hurting Eli. Does that mean you're also afraid to explore your feelings for him? See where it might lead?" Abe asked. "Eli and I went through a lot together, and I think he is incredible," Lani said. Abe asked if Lani was still in love with J.J. Lani said she was not sure. Lani confided that she did not believe J.J. had any romantic feelings for her anymore.

"[Eli] did right by you and your son," Abe said. "He was a rock, and I do care about him," Lani confessed. Abe said he understood that Lani was hesitant to make the wrong choice. Abe urged Lani to listen to her heart. "Wisest man ever. I love you," Lani said. With a thanks for Abe's advice, Lani left. Outside the pub, Lani called Eli and asked to meet. Lani told Eli she had thought about what he had said and wanted to talk.

Inside the pub, Abe stepped outside to take a phone call from John. Across the room, Sheila complained about how broke and hungry she felt. Sheila noticed Abe's credit card on his table, unattended. "Looks like this one may be on Mr. Abraham Carver," Sheila said as she picked up the card. "That would be me," Abe said as he returned to his table.

At the Horton house, Abigail set down a picnic basket as she answered a call from Chad on her phone. Chad asked Abigail if she was ready for the picnic. With a grin, Abigail confirmed she had packed all of Chad's favorite foods. Chad promised they would have a beautiful day. From the foyer at the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi scowled as she overheard Chad on the phone.

With a forced smile, Gabi walked into the living room and asked Chad if he wanted to join her and Arianna at the zoo. Chad declined, citing his picnic with Abigail. Gabi said Arianna loved Thomas and that she might join them on their picnic. Chad asked for a raincheck.

"Abby and I wanted to just kind of have some alone time with Thomas," Chad said. Gabi asked Chad if that was a good idea. Gabi explained that Abigail's baby belly was very pronounced, and she was concerned that Chad would be uncomfortable at the sight of it.

"When you see her, aren't you concerned that all you're going to see is Stefan's baby growing inside your wife's belly?" Gabi asked. Chad said he wanted to make it work with Abigail. With a nod, Gabi told Chad he was a good man and that she was worried about him. Chad reminded Gabi that Stefan had taken advantage of Abigail.

"I'm going to have to step it up if I'm going to be the husband she deserves," Chad said. As Chad turned to leave, Gabi asked Chad if she could make a copy of his house key, since Arianna had taken hers. Chad threw his keys to Gabi and left the room. Once alone, Gabi called someone and told them, "I really need you."

Gabi went to the hospital and obtained sleeping pills from Kayla. "This is the medication you gave me when I was carrying Arianna? Safe during pregnancy? Not that I have to worry about that anymore," Gabi said. Kayla asked Gabi if she wanted a recommendation for someone to talk to about recent events. Gabi declined the offer, noting that she preferred to take action rather than talk about her problems.

"Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better," Kayla advised. "That's exactly what I'm going to do," Gabi muttered under her breath as Kayla walked away. With a nod, Gabi left the hospital.

At the Horton house, J.J. delivered a cup of decaf coffee to his sister. J.J. asked about the picnic. Abigail confided that she had made progress with Chad and that the picnic had even been Chad's idea. J.J. assured his sister that Chad would return home. Abigail said she wanted to remain patient, but she was anxious to move on with their lives. When J.J. asked Abigail about Gabi, Abigail told J.J. that Gabi had broken into the house.

"She said she wanted to talk, so we did. I confronted her," Abigail explained. Abigail told J.J. that Gabi had admitted that she resented that Abigail had not lost anything and Gabi had lost everything. Suspicious, J.J. asked if Abigail had asked Gabi about Chad. Abigail said she had asked Gabi about Chad, but Gabi had denied working to turn Chad against her. Abigail added that Gabi had claimed that she was working on her anger.

"Do you believe her?" J.J. asked. Abigail said that although Gabi had seemed sincere, she would keep an eye on her friend. J.J. assured Abigail that things would get better. With a nod, Abigail said she believed that her and Chad's marriage would be stronger than ever once they reconciled. J.J. told Abigail that he had run into Lani. "It's comfortable. Good," J.J. said. Abigail asked J.J. if there was a chance for romance in the future. J.J. said he wanted to give Lani space to deal with her grief.

While J.J. helped Abigail carry her picnic basket to the car out back, Gabi sneaked in the front door. Gabi emptied three capsules of sleeping pills into Abigail's cup of coffee. The back door slammed shut, signifying Abigail's return to the house. Panicked, Gabi rushed upstairs to hide. Abigail returned to the living room and sipped from her cup of coffee.

In the square, Chad waited for Abigail and Thomas. Chad nervously stared at his phone. At the Horton house, Abigail slept on the sofa. Gabi crept downstairs and stared at her rival, who was helpless on the couch.

Kate finds out about Gabi's new revenge plot

Kate finds out about Gabi's new revenge plot

Thursday, September 20, 2018

by Mike

Eli went to the park to see Lani, who somewhat reluctantly admitted that she had feelings for him and was done trying to pretend otherwise. He was thrilled -- until she clarified that she didn't want to pursue those feelings.

"I think our connection is about sharing the loss of the baby -- the sadness of that, the grief..." Lani began to explain. "It's more than that for me!" Eli insisted. "But...not for you," Eli sadly realized, gauging Lani's reaction.

"Maybe I'm still not recovered enough from that loss to love anyone," Lani suggested with a shrug. "I don't want to hurt you. And I don't want to get hurt. So...I think it's best for us both if we just...keep our relationship professional," Lani added. Eli was disappointed but promised to respect Lani's decision. They parted ways after agreeing that, if nothing else, they would always be friends.

At the Brady Pub, Sheila returned Abe's credit card and innocently claimed that she had only picked it up to turn it over to one of the pub's employees for safekeeping. Nodding skeptically, Abe informed Sheila that he was the mayor of Salem -- which made him a particularly poor choice for a mark. Feigning indignation, she complained that he was profiling her. He clarified that he was actually making a reasonable assumption about her true intentions because he knew exactly who she was -- and therefore knew exactly what she was capable of doing. "Once a criminal, always a criminal, right?" she grumbled.

"You know what? I don't care what you think," Sheila added before starting to walk away. "Hey -- we weren't done," Abe protested, placing a hand on Sheila's arm. "Don't touch me! That's assault! You assaulted me! Did everybody see that? The mayor just tried to assault me!" Sheila shouted while pulling away from Abe. "Would you please just keep it down?" Abe quietly requested. "Oh, so now you want to silence me? I will not be silenced! Somebody call the police!" Sheila loudly countered -- just as Eli entered the pub. "That man tried to assault me, and I want him arrested!" Sheila told Eli.

While explaining what had happened, Abe realized that Eli and Sheila knew each other. "[We] go way back," Sheila bragged. "Let me handle this," Eli told Abe. "Be my guest," Abe gratefully replied.

After Abe left the pub, Eli teasingly noted that Sheila really knew how to pick the perfect mark. "I wasn't gonna steal his card! I just got it to turn it in!" Sheila maintained, but Eli clearly wasn't buying the innocent act. "Okay, okay -- I considered [stealing it], but I didn't charge it, harm, no foul," Sheila reasoned with a shrug. "You're gonna have my back on this, right?" Sheila asked hopefully. "Lucky for you, Abe and I are pretty close. He happens to be dating my mom...[and] he's also Lani's dad," Eli revealed. "The chick you was trying to get back with?" Sheila recalled. "Not anymore," Eli replied with a sigh.

Eli didn't want to elaborate, but Sheila refused to drop the matter. "Tell me all the gory details over lunch -- your treat," Sheila insisted. Chuckling, Eli reluctantly agreed.

Meanwhile, Abe ran into Lani in the park and quickly realized that something was wrong. Nodding, Lani told Abe about what had happened earlier. "A part of me is sad, [because] Eli's been there for me, and I did feel a connection...but after losing our son..." Lani hesitantly began to explain. "You're trying to protect yourself," Abe concluded for Lani. Nodding again, Lani wondered if it was wrong to do that. "Love is always a risk, and after everything you've been through, I don't think anyone would blame you for being cautious," Abe assured Lani, who found that comforting but couldn't help feeling guilty for having hurt Eli.

"He's such a good guy," Lani raved. "Can't argue with that," Abe agreed. "He just helped me out of a sticky situation earlier, [in fact]. Let's just say I owe him one," Abe vaguely added.

Back at the pub, Eli finished telling Sheila about what had happened earlier. Sheila supportively insisted, between bites of food, that Eli was better off without Lani, who clearly couldn't see that Eli was a true catch. "You know, [your sympathy would] be a lot more convincing if you'd put that damn burger down [while we're talking]," Eli skeptically noted. "I can do two things at once!" Sheila countered before taking another bite.

At the hospital, Kayla informed Lucas, "According to these [paternity] test results, it appears that Bonnie Lockhart was telling you the truth." Lucas was stunned -- and quite disturbed -- but Chloe was quick to question the wording of Kayla's announcement. "You said that it appears that Bonnie's telling the truth," Chloe curiously noted. "From the DNA markers we use, yes. [See], it would be extremely cost-prohibitive for a hospital to test for every one, so we use the standardized 15...[which all] came back a match," Kayla elaborated. Lucas, who had taken every possible precaution to ensure that Bonnie wouldn't be able to manipulate the paternity test in any way, concluded with a groan that the results were indisputable. Sighing, Lucas said goodbye to Chloe and Kayla then reluctantly marched off to the police station to talk to Bonnie, looking sick.

Kayla guessed that Chloe, like Lucas, was in shock. "Yeah. Honestly, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about all this. I mean, it's a new life, and Lucas -- I know he'll be a great dad to her, like he is to all his kids... It's just that..." Chloe hesitantly began. "He's gonna be tied to Bonnie," Kayla concluded for Chloe. "For life," Chloe added with a groan.

Kayla wondered if Lucas was going to help Bonnie stay out of prison in light of the new information. Shrugging, Chloe worriedly replied, "All I know is [that] when Bonnie wants something, she usually finds a way to get it."

At the police station, Bonnie paced around one of the conference rooms while grumbling that if Sheila could no longer be counted on to provide help when needed, reinforcements were going to have to be called in right away. "I didn't want to do this, but..." Bonnie added before calling out to the police officer who was guarding the door. "I need to make a phone call!" Bonnie irritably demanded.

Later, Lucas arrived and grudgingly admitted that Bonnie had apparently been telling the truth all along. "So, what are you waiting for? Time to call my good buddy Adrienne and get her to drop the charges [against me]! I mean, we are talking about keeping the mother of your baby out of the Gray Bar Hotel!" Bonnie impatiently replied. "[And] why, exactly, would I want to do that?" Lucas countered.

Confused, Bonnie wondered what Lucas was talking about. "Let's face it, Bonnie -- sooner or later, you're gonna go back to jail, where you belong. And when that happens, that little baby's gonna need a parent. And now that I know that I'm the father, I'm willing to accept my responsibilities...[but] I'll be raising that baby on my own," Lucas explained with a shrug. Bonnie protested that only a monster would even consider separating a baby from a parent. Lucas countered that Bonnie had been doing the same thing until recently. "[Besides], I would be a better parent than you, [anyway]," Lucas added, shrugging again.

"[Well], if I can't be with my baby, neither can you!" Bonnie spat. Scoffing, Lucas insisted that Bonnie would never stand a chance of winning a custody battle. "This conversation's over. I'm gonna go find my daughter," Lucas added before starting to leave. "Except you don't know where she is," Bonnie pointed out. "She's with Sheila, [who] can't be that hard to track down," Lucas dismissively replied.

"Sheila doesn't have the baby [anymore...and I'll only tell you who does] after you help me avoid prison. Until then, Baby Bon-Bon has left the building," Bonnie tauntingly countered, glaring at Lucas.

At the hospital, Kayla received an unexpected phone call from Steve. After assuring him that she was fine, she tearfully admitted that she was partially responsible for his recent arrest. "And if I could just do it over again, I swear --" she started to add before he cut her off. "Okay. You're right. Your name will be cleared, and you will come back to me, and I will be waiting," she agreed before reluctantly ending the call.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Kate spotted Chad, who was still waiting for Abigail and Thomas. "You look hopeful. Does that mean that you think you and Abigail can work things out?" Kate asked. "I hope so. I mean, no matter what, I love her, and I miss her and Thomas, so I know, figure out a way to, uh, be okay with the fact that she's having...that man's baby," Chad replied with a shrug. Kate was quick to remind Chad that Abigail's betrayal hadn't been intentional. "You were -- and still are -- the love of her life," Kate added. Chuckling, Chad admitted that it was surprising to hear Kate defend Abigail, of all people.

"She's usually not this late," Chad curiously added, getting worried. "Well, call her," Kate advised. Nodding, Chad dialed Abigail's cell phone number. "Straight to voicemail," Chad told Kate, sighing.

Kate suggested that Abigail might have gotten cold feet. Chad doubted that was the case, since Abigail had seemed really excited about the planned picnic. "We were all excited about it. [And] she knows that I'm still struggling with the pregnancy, [but] it's like I told Gabi -- [Abby's] not giving up on me, so I need to find that same kind of, you know, courage [to] not give up on her," Chad added. "'re confiding in Gabi now?" Kate asked curiously. "Yeah, she's good to talk to about [this because] she doesn't just care about me; she likes Abby, too. [But she's] concerned because Abby's starting to show more..." Chad explained with a shrug.

"[And] she thought [it] was okay to point that out?" Kate asked incredulously. "She's protective of me," Chad explained, shrugging again. "[Anyway], I'm gonna just go to Abby's house. I'm not gonna wait anymore," Chad added before walking away. "Oh, Gabi, this has got to stop," Kate muttered once the coast was clear. Kate quickly composed a text message -- "Come to my place immediately! It's urgent" -- and sent it to Gabi, who was still at the Horton house, staging Abigail's relapse. Gabi considered ignoring Kate's demand but soon realized that might be a bad idea. Gabi mischievously mused that Abigail's relapse didn't have to be rushed, anyway.

As Gabi was leaving, Chad arrived and called out to Abigail. Panicking, Gabi quickly ducked behind a chair in the living room. Chad stepped into the living room to look for Abigail -- just as Thomas started crying upstairs. Gabi breathed a sigh of relief as Chad went to check on Thomas. As soon as the coast was clear, Gabi sneaked out of the house. Abigail, whom Gabi had moved to the guest bedroom earlier, continued sleeping soundly.

Chad picked up Thomas then found Abigail and woke her. "Oh, my God -- I was supposed to meet you an hour ago," she groggily noted after checking the time. "I don't know what happened. I guess I took a nap... [I mean], I just don't really remember lying down here, but I don't know what other explanation there might be," she added, clearly confused. "The last thing I remember, I was downstairs, packing for our picnic..." she began to recall.

Sighing, Abigail apologized for having ruined the picnic. Chad assured Abigail it could be rescheduled. Chad seemed a bit concerned about Abigail's lost time but didn't voice those concerns.

Gabi went to the Salem Inn to see Kate. "I was in the middle of something," Gabi complained while entering Kate's room. "Busy breaking up your best friend's marriage?" Kate guessed.

Gabi was horrified to learn that Kate had seen Chad earlier and had seriously considered revealing the truth about the baby's paternity. "Chad is going through hell [and] doesn't deserve it!" Kate pointed out. "I don't like hurting Chad, but we both have our reasons [for doing so]. Now, I'm gonna need you to keep your mouth shut, or I'm gonna tell Chad that you're feeding Stefan inside information," Gabi coolly countered.

Scoffing, Kate pointed out that it wasn't like Gabi's plan was working, anyway. Gabi agreed that it was time to take the plan to the next level. "And that would be...?" Kate asked worriedly. "Well, I think it's time for everybody's favorite alter to return," Gabi replied with a shrug. Kate was quick to point out that Abigail's alters had been integrated and weren't likely to reappear anytime soon, but Gabi wasn't concerned about that.

"I don't need the real Gabby alter to [actually] show up; I just need it to look like she has. So, you know, Abigail starts having blackouts, losing time, waking up somewhere she doesn't remember [going to]...and then everyone starts thinking that she's relapsing -- including herself," Gabi explained. "Wow. You have hardly any conscience left at all," Kate replied with a stunned shake of the head. Gabi angrily countered that the same could be said about Abigail. "I went to prison because of her! I almost died!" Gabi continued. Kate tiredly interrupted Gabi's rant to point out that there was an innocent baby to account for in the revenge plot.

"With Abigail locked up in an asylum, Stefan could swoop in [and] stake his claim, and I am not going to have that man raise Chad's child!" Kate insisted. "Calm down. I'm not finished yet," Gabi countered.

"Yes, once Abigail is out of the picture, there will be absolutely nothing to stop Stefan from claiming custody of that child. And once he does that, he'll have a family of his own -- what he always wanted! [But] that's when Chad will discover that the paternity tests were switched," Gabi continued. "[In fact], you know what -- I'm gonna make it look like Stefan's the one that did that!" Gabi spontaneously decided. "[And then] Stefan will lose the child that he so loves, [and] he's gonna be left with absolutely nothing -- [at which point] the revenge on the two people that have ruined my life will be complete," Gabi concluded with a mischievous grin.

"But when the doctors realize that Abigail hasn't relapsed, aren't she and Chad just gonna get right back together again?" Kate asked, confused. "No, because by then, he will already be raising his child with somebody else," Gabi replied with a shrug. "Like who?" Kate wondered, still confused. "You're looking at her," Gabi clarified, flashing another mischievous grin.

"So, you're planning on making a move on Chad while his wife's in a mental institution," Kate incredulously summarized. "Is there a better time?" Gabi countered, shrugging again. "I mean, [just imagine] -- if I'm [there with him] when he finds out he's the real baby daddy, [he'll] be so happy [and] grateful, [he'll] practically fall into my bed," Gabi added.

Kate pointed out that Gabi had previously claimed to be over Chad. Gabi insisted that was still true. "[But] I'm always gonna care about him, [and] this isn't about what I'm gonna get out of this; this is about what I'm taking away from Abigail, okay? Her child, her husband, her freedom..." Gabi continued before defensively noting that Kate was looking a bit judgmental. Kate admitted that Gabi's plan seemed a bit drastic.

Gabi reasoned that the tamer plan had failed, making a more drastic course of action necessary. "[Plus], this way, Chad still finds out that he's the father at some point, [which should] ease your conscience," Gabi added. "Or ease your conscience -- what you have left of it," Kate countered. Gabi scoffed and quickly changed the subject, wondering if Kate was going to keep quiet about the new plan. "[Look], the wheels [are] already set in motion, [anyway], and you should be happy about this [because Abigail] never paid for killing Andre! And you hate Stefan! [So] this is a win-win -- for both of us!" Gabi reasoned. Kate agreed to think about it.

Back at the Horton house, Chad and Abigail left the guest bedroom together, not noticing that a dark-haired wig was partially visible under one of the bed's blankets.

Hattie toys with Marlena's loved ones

Hattie toys with Marlena's loved ones

Friday, September 21, 2018

by Mike

After leaving the police station, Lucas reluctantly headed over to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Adrienne. The exes greeted each other awkwardly.

Adrienne was quick to assume that Lucas wanted to talk about Will's recent breakthrough. Lucas happily confirmed that it was nice to truly have Will back at last. "I just want you to know [that] as far as Will and Sonny are concerned, I am completely behind whatever decision they make. I know [that] with Paul being in the hospital, it's difficult for them right now, but --" Adrienne began to stress. Interrupting, Lucas clarified, "I'm not here to talk about them right now. [I'm here because] I really could use your help." Intrigued, Adrienne nodded and tried to offer Lucas an appropriate drink, still feeling a bit awkward. Lucas declined and urged Adrienne to relax.

"Sorry. What can I do to help you?" Adrienne asked. "I really need to talk to, about Bonnie Lockhart. [See], Bonnie can't go back to prison. I need you to drop the charges," Lucas reluctantly explained. Adrienne was stunned to hear that Lucas had conceived a child with Bonnie back when Bonnie had been posing as Adrienne -- and that Bonnie was essentially holding the child hostage. Although sympathetic to Lucas' plight, Adrienne wasn't willing to give Bonnie a free pass. "[After what she] did to my life, I will not feel safe with her on the streets! [And] what about the other people she hurt, [like] Victor and Maggie?" Adrienne fretted, clearly upset.

"And me. [Bonnie] broke my heart -- twice," Lucas pointed out. "And I know you think I owe you for that --" Adrienne began to reply. Interrupting, Lucas clarified, "I'm not saying you 'owe' me for that; I'm just saying maybe this would be a good time for us know, even up. [And] this is not about me, [anyway]. I don't care about me, [but] what's that baby gonna do [if] her mom's in jail and her dad doesn't know where she is? What kind of life is that baby gonna have?" Sighing, Adrienne grumbled that Lucas wasn't playing fair. "You have to know what you're asking me to do!" Adrienne added with a hint of bitterness.

Lucas apologized for having put Adrienne in such a difficult position. Still conflicted, Adrienne fearfully admitted that the only thing that was keeping the nightmares at bay was the knowledge that Bonnie was behind bars.

Armed with cookies, Chloe went to the Salem Inn to check on Brady, having heard about Marlena's recent recovery as well as Paul's devastating diagnosis. Chloe soon admitted there was another reason for the visit -- a more selfish reason. "I would like some relationship advice," Chloe hesitantly began. "I don't know if I'm the [best person to turn to for that]. I mean, come on -- look at the mess I've made of my relationships in the last couple years," Brady pointed out. "Well, that's exactly why I'm here. You're my favorite walking disaster," Chloe jokingly countered. Brady chose to take the dig as a compliment, and Chloe confirmed that it had been meant as one.

Chloe filled Brady in on what was happening with Lucas. Groaning, Brady desperately tried to forget the mental image of Lucas and Bonnie conceiving a child together -- and the mental image of Bonnie in labor, which was even worse. Forging ahead, Chloe explained to Brady, "Lucas hasn't been sober for very long, and I just want to be able to give him the support that he needs right now." Nodding, Brady guessed that Chloe was worried that the unexpected development might cause Lucas to suffer a setback. Chloe admitted that wasn't the only concern. "I want to be supportive, [but this isn't] what I signed up for. [I mean], my life is complicated enough as it is, and Parker's been having a hard time lately, and I'm just doing my best [to try to] give him a stable home, and to bring another baby into that -- especially [one] with a mother like Bonnie Lockhart..." Chloe continued, sighing.

Brady promised to keep an eye on Lucas as a fellow addict and to offer support when needed. Chloe gratefully accepted the help then changed the subject, wanting to know how Brady and Eve were dealing with Kristen's recent return to Salem. Brady admitted to feeling responsible for Kristen's latest reign of terror. "I mean, everybody -- everybody -- warned me [a few years ago to stay away from her], and I couldn't, and now she won't let go. [And] she's just one of the bad choices I've made in the past [few] years. I mean, think of the [other] train wrecks that I've gotten myself involved with -- [there's] Theresa, who took my son away, [and] Nicole, who was in love with my brother all along..." Brady noted. Nodding, Chloe guessed that no one would have ever predicted that Brady's most stable relationship in recent years would end up being with Eve, of all people.

At the Horton house, Jennifer received an unexpected visit from Eve, who feared that Jennifer was still planning to tell Eric the truth about Nicole -- perhaps soon, since Marlena was finally on the mend. Jennifer confirmed that Eve was right, adding that Eric was actually going to be dropping by later. Eve dismissively predicted that Jennifer would get cold feet once again when Eric arrived, but Jennifer insisted that wasn't going to happen.

"Jennifer, in your heart of hearts, you know [that] as soon as Eric finds out that Nicole still loves him, [he's gonna run after her] so fast, he's gonna leave skid marks. [I mean], you think [you're] gonna help him by telling him the truth, [but even though] you're no prize, [he] is a hell of a lot better off with you," Eve argued, hoping to change Jennifer's mind. Scoffing, Jennifer countered that Eve was only raising concerns about Eric because of a selfish desire to maintain control of the situation. Jennifer insisted that Brady deserved to know the truth about Eve, just like Eric deserved to know the truth about Nicole.

"And then what?" Eve asked. "You know how long it's taken [Eric and Brady] to get close again. You really want to destroy that -- [especially] when Eric's mother's in the hospital, and Brady's other brother's struggling to get his life back?" Eve continued. Sighing, Jennifer conceded that Eve was right. "Maybe I just need to face [the] reality [that] being honest can hurt people unnecessarily. [So]...I will keep my mouth shut," Jennifer promised.

Pleasantly surprised, Eve rushed off, cheerfully declaring that Jennifer had made the right decision and was never going to regret it. Jennifer didn't seem quite as confident.

At Doug's Place, Lucas greeted Chloe and revealed that Adrienne had reluctantly agreed to drop the charges against Bonnie. Still conflicted, Chloe forced a smile and gave Lucas a nod.

At the Horton house, Jennifer greeted Eric, who was in a really good mood because Marlena was finally out of the woods. Eric's mood got even better when Jennifer revealed that the house was unusually quiet because everyone else was gone -- and none of them would be back anytime soon. Eric wanted to take advantage of the privacy, but Jennifer guiltily dodged his advances and insisted that they needed to talk about something important. "I have been lying to you..." Jennifer hesitantly began. Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Eve celebrated with Brady, assuring him that they were going to be fine from that point forward.

At the hospital, John offered Marlena words of encouragement as Kayla did a few routine tests. "Any change?" John asked Kayla hopefully. "Well, her vitals are [still] strong. [But] we tried to wean her off the ventilator a little while ago, [and] she wasn't ready to breathe on her own yet," Kayla reported. John took that as confirmation that enlisting Hattie's help had been the only way to save Marlena's life.

"[But] the last thing in the world [that] I want is for [Hattie to be] parading around town as Marlena. That's just too dangerous," John noted. "Well, I'll stall as long as I can, but we have to hope that Marlena comes out of this soon, [because] Hattie's perfectly healthy, and someone's gonna notice [that eventually]," Kayla replied. Just then, Roman joined John and Kayla and reported that Hattie was demanding food from the Brady Pub as an incentive to keep up the charade. Roman added that Belle had decided to visit Marlena while Will was keeping Paul company at physical therapy. Sighing, John rushed off to handle the matter.

Meanwhile, in Marlena's room, Belle offered up a bouquet of flowers as an apology of sorts. "Did you ask for the 'Sorry I Almost Killed My Mom' bouquet? [I guess not, 'cause] that would have been bigger -- and brighter -- considering that, you know, I almost died [because of you]," Hattie grumbled. " flowers in the gift shop..." Belle hesitantly explained, hurt and also somewhat confused. "Next time, get me gladioli. They're not just Dame Edna's favorite flower; they're also mine," Hattie revealed. "Your favorite flowers are lilacs," Belle countered, suddenly even more confused.

"What is going on with you?" Belle asked suspiciously. "Getting shot and nearly dying can change your perspective on the world," Hattie explained with a shrug. "And change your favorite flower?" Belle skeptically countered. Sighing, Hattie softened a bit and asked for a closer look at the bouquet. Belle handed it over to Hattie, who sniffed the flowers and immediately sneezed. "Ugh! Take your guilty flowers away!" Hattie demanded.

Hattie accused Belle of having ordered the ventilator to be shut off in an effort to hasten the receipt of an inheritance. Hattie vowed to take Belle out of the will then told Belle to leave and never return.

Just then, John arrived and started doing damage control, guessing that Marlena's medication was still causing out-of-character outbursts. Hattie insisted that wasn't the case -- and received an angry look from John in response. "Fine," Hattie conceded, forcing a smile. "When I signed that paperwork, I guess I wasn't really clear [on] exactly what it meant. I mean, I didn't realize that it meant that I was going to lose my family, lose my...children..." Hattie continued. The smile suddenly turned mischievous as Hattie concluded, "Lose the man that I couldn't wait to marry." Belle was relieved to know that Marlena wasn't really holding a grudge.

John was pleased with Hattie's performance -- until Hattie, still grinning mischievously, asked John for a kiss. "I don't think this is the right time," John evasively replied. "The right time? We should have been on our honeymoon right now!" Hattie countered. "[You know], there I was, about to become Mrs. John Black...when a bullet went right through my heart, like Cupid's arrow," Hattie continued, acting wistful.

"You know what? I don't want to wait [any longer]. Why don't we get married -- right here, right now?" Hattie concluded, delighting Belle and annoying John.

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