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Jack returned to Salem with no memory of anyone or anything from his past. Eve encouraged Jack to embrace a new life. Kayla suspended Haley. Abigail declined to press charges against Gabi. Gabi told Hope that Ben had kidnapped her for Stefan. Rafe arrested Stefan for treason.
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Jack Deveraux rose from the dead with no memory of anyone or anything from his past
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Eve returns to Salem with shocking news

Eve returns to Salem with shocking news

Monday, December 31, 2018

by Mike

At Doug's Place, Haley quietly asked J.J. about the uninvited guest. "Her name's Eve Donovan," J.J. responded, matching Haley's tone. "You know her?" Haley wondered. "Unfortunately," J.J. confirmed with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Brady demanded to know what Eve was doing back in Salem. "Well, come on, Brady -- I thought it was pretty obvious. It is New Year's Eve. I thought it was only appropriate that I make an appearance," Eve explained with a shrug. "I certainly hope that that's club soda," Eve added, eyeing Brady's drink. "That goes for your brother, too -- and, of course, my dear, dear friend Jennifer," Eve concluded.

Jennifer begged Eve not to ruin the Horton Center's charity event. "Why don't you pop a pill and get over it? That is your specialty, right -- popping pills?" Eve dismissively countered.

Eric agreed that if staying meant continuing to attack people, it would be better for Eve to leave. "Wow. How quickly you come to your ex-girlfriend's defense. I guess you're feeling a little guilty, since you're the one that turned her into an addict in the first place [by] injuring her in that awful, awful car accident. Of course, [she was] not nearly as injured as your, um, good friend Daniel," Eve mused. "Those of you who don't know, actually, what I'm talking about -- if I remember correctly, New Year's Eve 2015, Eric turned Parker's daddy into worm food," Eve helpfully added before claiming a glass of Champagne and shamelessly taking a sip.

"Eve, come on!" Chloe disapprovingly protested. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Sarah incredulously added. "I don't think it's any of your business...whoever you are," Eve dismissively replied.

"Actually, it is my business, [since] Daniel is my brother," Sarah clarified. "Hmm. You must be Sarah," Eve realized. "Yeah...and you, Eve, are beyond despicable for talking about [Daniel] in that vile, disgusting way! And for you to bring up what was a tragic accident, as if Eric's involvement was intentional, after everything that he has been through? And, my God, who are you to point fingers at anyone after what you did to me -- mowing me down with your car when I was a kid? Who the hell are you to throw stones?" Sarah snapped. "I didn't come back to Salem with stones; I came back to Salem with a giant wrecking ball," Eve replied.

Eli and Lani sneaked out of the club, having seen and heard enough. A short time later, while passing through Horton Town Square with Lani, Eli bumped into someone. "That guy... I can't remember where, but I've seen his face before... [Maybe in a] photo..." Eli mused as the man walked away. "Like a mug shot?" Lani asked. "Maybe..." Eli replied before dismissing the matter with a shrug, wanting to focus on having fun with Lani.

Eli and Lani wanted to go to another club and continue partying, but the place was packed, so they headed back to the Martin mansion instead -- and soon decided to take full advantage of their alone time.

Meanwhile, back at Doug's Place, Eve curiously wondered why Chloe had kissed Brady at the stroke of midnight instead of Lucas. "Lucas left town. He broke up with me," Chloe explained. "Oh. Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that. And I'm actually surprised, 'cause I thought you two were the perfect couple -- you know, [since] neither one of you [are] that bright, [and you both] kind of have that low-key kind of energy... But we all know that you don't [ever] pine away for a man too long," Eve sweetly replied. Annoyed, Chloe asked Eve to leave. "I'm not going anywhere," Eve insisted. "In fact...I am just getting started," Eve added, loudly enough for everyone to hear.

"Eve, enough! [Look], I don't know what's going on here -- I don't know if you're drunk [or] if you're just being vindictive because you're angry at me -- but you're making a fool out of yourself, so my suggestion is [that] you walk out those doors before you ruin everybody's evening," Brady interjected. "Oh, to hell with everybody's precious evening!" Eve dismissively countered.

"You took a match to everything we worked so hard for -- you made a mockery of our love [then] tossed me aside like yesterday's garbage -- [and] all because you, who have been forgiven countless times by countless people, couldn't forgive me one -- one -- mistake! [And now] you think I should be worried about ruining [everybody else's] damn evening?" Eve spat.

"[That one mistake] cost me my son!" Brady pointed out. Hurt, Eve argued that other people -- like Victor and J.J. -- were just as responsible for how Tate's custody hearing had ended. "Hold on -- I never wanted Brady to lose Tate. I gave Theresa a place to stay, [and] that's it," J.J. insisted. "Right. You two were just roommates -- completely platonic," Eve sarcastically agreed. "Listen, honey, he is so not your type," Eve warned Haley. "Leave her out of this," J.J. demanded. "Haven't you hurt J.J. enough?" Jennifer interjected. "It's pretty clear that there was no permanent damage done," Eve dismissively replied.

"[I mean, how could there be] when we have tiger mom and crusading journalist Jennifer Horton [here], digging until she brings the truth to light?" Eve added. "And, apropos of her digging, does anyone know what dear Jennifer Horton has dug up lately? [Because] I do! She recently found out [that] Nicole never wanted to break Eric's heart, [but] Brady forced Nicole to leave town. [And Jennifer kept that] a secret because she had Eric's ring on her finger," Eve revealed to everyone. "You blackmailed me. You never wanted the truth to come out," Jennifer clarified. "[And if it hadn't], Nicole wouldn't have been caught in that explosion," Eve argued.

Eric insisted that Jennifer wasn't responsible for Nicole's death, and Chloe added that Kristen and Xander were the only villains of the tragic story, but Eve disagreed with both arguments. "It was a chain of events involving a whole lot of people, including the very culpable, very duplicitous Jennifer Rose Horton," Eve maintained. "You blew my life to smithereens, and now it's only fair that I blow up yours," Eve added, glaring at Jennifer. "Stop insulting my date," Henry demanded. "So nice to [finally] put a face with the name," Eve said after learning the identity of Jennifer's new protector. "[Jennifer] dumped you for Eric, right?" Eve recalled.

"You keep talking about this wrecking ball, [so] show us what you've got!" Jennifer tiredly challenged Eve. "I have had your number since the minute we met, [and] you cannot hurt me with anything, so bring it on!" Jennifer added. "I think you mean 'bring him on,'" Eve cryptically replied. "Any minute now, he is gonna be walking right through those doors," Eve teasingly promised, directing everyone's attention to the front of the club. As if on cue, Eve received a text message. "Looks like our special guest had to stop off at the town square to, you know, pick up a few things, but he should be here any minute," Eve assured everyone.

"Who?" Jennifer wondered. "My date, of course," Eve vaguely clarified. "You know, [Jennifer], I have to admit, you're mighty impressive. I mean, you didn't waste any time [before getting] right back up on that horse after that devastating, devastating breakup [with Eric]...but you know what? I've moved on, too," Eve added. "That's really no big surprise, Eve. I mean, we've heard this song and dance before. Last time you came to town, you were even married to Deimos. I hope you [at least] picked better this time," Brady interjected. "I certainly have -- and you know what? It's somebody you already know and love," Eve informed Brady.

J.J. offered to take Haley home, but Eve insisted that wasn't a good idea. "You, probably more than anybody in this whole room, [really] can't miss this," Eve added. "Why?" J.J. demanded to know. "Because my mystery guest [is] a member of your dear family," Eve vaguely explained. "Not another long-lost Horton..." Adrienne dryly muttered. "Funny, [but] no, it's not a long-lost Horton, Adrienne. [Actually], it's a member of your family, too. [In fact], it's your brother," Eve revealed. "Not in a million years. Steve may have left Salem, but he wouldn't --" Adrienne began to protest. "I'm talking about your other brother," Eve clarified.

"Now I know you're lying, because my other brother is --" Adrienne started to counter -- just as Jack entered the club.

Everyone stared at Jack in stunned silence. "Jack?" Jennifer finally asked. "Jennifer," Jack replied after a moment of thought, as if recalling a fact. "It can't be you," Jennifer insisted with a shake of the head. "It is. Billy Jack Johnson Harcourt Deveraux. In the flesh," Jack announced. "Who is that?" Haley quietly asked J.J. "My father," J.J. explained in an equally hushed tone, fighting back tears. "You said your father was dead," Haley noted, confused. "He was," J.J. confirmed. "How is this possible?" Jennifer wondered. "Oh, come on, Jennifer -- it's not the first time Jack Deveraux has escaped death," Eve pointed out, looking and sounding bored.

Jennifer seized a hug from Jack, who stiffened in response. "This can't be real...[but] I can feel you! I can feel your warmth!" Jennifer tearfully declared before pulling away from Jack. "How is this happening? Why are you here?" Jennifer asked. "I don't know," Jack replied. "Of course you don't know. You were so badly hurt, you would never remember that accident," Jennifer conceded, giving Jack a nod of understanding.

"It's not just the accident I don't remember. I don't remember anything. I don't remember you. I don't remember any of you," Jack clarified.

"No, you recognized me, Jack -- you said my name," Jennifer protested. "Eve -- she showed me your picture," Jack explained with a shrug. "I thought that by seeing all of you, it might spark something,," Jack apologetically added. "It's okay," Adrienne assured Jack. "I know this is really overwhelming, but this room is full of people who love you [and] are so happy to see you. I'm your sister," Adrienne added before also introducing Justin. "[And] this is your son," Adrienne revealed, gesturing toward J.J. "I'm Jack Junior -- J.J.," J.J. elaborated. "J.J.," Jack repeated with a nod, as if recalling another fact. "Abigail," Jack robotically added.

Jennifer took that as a good sign, but Jack clarified that Eve had simply mentioned J.J. and Abigail. "I thought [Abigail would] be here," Jack added. "She just had a baby -- a little girl -- [and] they're both at home, asleep. We have a granddaughter -- [and] a grandson," Jennifer explained. "You're a grandfather, you're a father, you are a wonderful husband..." Jennifer continued. "Ex-husband," Eve stressed, putting an arm around Jack.

"When you said Jack was your date, you did not mean --" Jennifer worriedly began. "Eve and I are just good friends," Jack clarified. "She is not your friend," Jennifer insisted. "Don't say that. Please. Eve -- right now, she's my whole world," Jack stressed. "Your whole world? Jack, you were married to her for two minutes! She didn't mean anything to you!" Jennifer incredulously countered.

"We were in love with each other, [and] we had a beautiful life, [and] a family..." Jennifer began to add before stopping abruptly, realizing that Jack still couldn't remember. "Why is he like this? What did you do?" Jennifer asked, glaring at Eve. "I just brought the man home -- and you're welcome, by the way," Eve innocently replied. "How did you find him? How did he survive? I mean, what has he been doing all this time? My God, [he's] been gone for six years!" J.J. interjected. "I wish I could tell you, but I don't know how Jack survived, and I don't think he knows, either," Eve said, giving J.J. an apologetic shrug.

"I only learned that he was alive weeks ago," Eve added. "Weeks?" Jennifer incredulously repeated. "Yes, weeks, Jennifer -- because, unlike you, I considered Jack's feelings. I had to prepare him for what he was going to have to deal with tonight, and I knew all of this would be very overwhelming for him," Eve explained. "Not sure how well it worked -- the waiting -- [because I'm] feeling pretty overwhelmed," Jack admitted before walking over to the bar to get a glass of Champagne. Brady seized the opportunity to pull Eve aside and warn that it would be foolish to try to steal Jack away from Jennifer. Eve scoffed at Brady's advice.

"This doesn't feel right. Nothing is coming back to me -- nothing!" Jack shakily fretted after taking a few sips of Champagne. "It's okay. That doesn't matter [right now]. All that matters is [that] you're alive," Jennifer insisted. "I can take you home, and you can see Abigail, and we can just go through pictures together --" Jennifer started to add. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" Jack stressed with finality.

"You don't want to come home with me?" Jennifer asked, hurt. "I don't even know you, 'Jennifer' -- and, to be honest, I'm not sure that I want to," Jack replied. "I came here to -- to see my family, but that doesn't include you [anymore], correct?" Jack continued. "How can you say that?" Jennifer wondered, stunned and confused. "Eve gave me my book -- the one that I wrote," Jack began to explain.

"She hoped that by reading my own words, it might jog my memory," Jack continued. "Didn't work," Eve interjected. "But it did help me find out more about our past -- that I was held hostage in Afghanistan, that I suffered PTSD, that you blamed me for leaving you..." Jack added. "I did, Jack, but I had no idea the hell that you had gone through --" Jennifer tried to clarify. "[But] even when you found out [the truth], you still weren't sure that you wanted me, so you decided to date me and this 'Daniel' fellow at the same time -- to string us both along until you had time to figure out who you liked best," Jack countered, eyeing Henry.

"I see you've made a decision," Jack concluded. "Oh, no -- I'm not..." Henry awkwardly began. "Daniel's dead," Chloe explained for Henry. "So, you've moved on yet again," Jack summarized, glaring at Jennifer. "No, I haven't, Jack. I am not -- I'm not dating," Jennifer insisted. "Maybe not, but, um, Jack, you are right on the money -- she's 'moved on' with about half the men in this room," Eve interjected.

"Oh, I see what's going on here -- you've turned Jack against me," Jennifer guessed, scowling at Eve. "She did nothing of the kind. The facts spoke for themselves," Jack clarified with a shrug.

"They don't tell the whole story. They don't tell how the story started -- how we fell in love [when] you took a college intern under your wing and made her a journalist. You gave me a career, [and] you taught me how to dig for the truth, and that is what you need to do right now," Jennifer told Jack. "The woman that I am, the girl that I was, the woman I grew into -- I did that all with you, [and] I would never be the woman I am today without you, [Jack]. You taught me how to not take life so seriously, and that I could overcome anything -- that we could overcome anything together," Jennifer added, getting emotional.

"I have always loved you, Jack Deveraux, [and] somewhere deep down inside, I know you feel the same way," Jennifer tearfully concluded. "No, I don't," Jack unapologetically insisted.

"Jack, you are the love of Jennifer's life," Adrienne confirmed. "Look, if you need [time] to process this, it's okay. [You can just] come home with Justin and me. [We] have a really big house, [and] there's plenty of room --" Adrienne added as Jack tried to interrupt. "Thank you, but I'm staying at the Salem Inn with Eve," Jack eventually managed to explain. "Why would you be staying with Eve?" Jennifer asked incredulously. "Why wouldn't I be?" Jack replied with a shrug. "I know that you think she is helping you, [but] ask anyone in this room, [and they'll tell you that] she is lying [and] scheming," Jennifer warned.

"I told you she wouldn't be grateful that I brought you home," Eve said with a sigh while wrapping an arm around Jack's waist. "You did," Jack agreed. "Get your hands off him!" Adrienne demanded. "A little overbearing, too," Eve noted. "Just like you said," Jack recalled. "Dad, don't listen to Eve, okay? She hates Mom. Before you showed up, she was just saying how she wanted to ruin Mom's life," J.J. revealed. "By...bringing back her dead ex-husband...? I'm getting the picture now. I'm sorry to have been such a burden to you," Jack replied. "No, this has been the most incredible blessing!" Jennifer insisted.

"This whole evening's been rather exhausting to me. Can we go now?" Jack said to Eve. "Oh, absolutely," Eve agreed. "If you walk out of here, I am so afraid I'm never gonna see you again," Jennifer tearfully protested, reaching for Jack's arm. "You don't have to worry, Jen -- Jack and I are back in Salem to stay," Eve promised. Jennifer and J.J. comforted each other with a hug as Eve exited the club with Jack.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Due to the New Year holiday, Days of our Lives did not broadcast a new episode. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, and pick up where the Monday, December 31, 2018, episode concluded.

Justin tells Gabi to find another lawyer

Justin tells Gabi to find another lawyer

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Eve received a visit from Jennifer, who demanded to see Jack immediately. Eve delighted in tricking Jennifer into thinking that Jack had left Salem. "You love torturing me, don't you?" Jennifer mused after Eve clarified that Jack had actually just gone out in search of coffee. "You go after me every chance you get!" Eve countered before shoving Jennifer out of the hotel room and slamming the door shut.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Hope received an unexpected shock. "Oh, my God! Jack, is that you?" Hope asked hesitantly, staring at Jack in disbelief. Jack, who was carrying two cups of coffee, stared back at Hope blankly. "Oh, my... Come on, Jack, snap out of it! It's me! It's Hope!" Hope stressed with a hint of exasperation, assuming that Jack was just pulling yet another prank. "Well, 'Hope,' I will tell you what I've been telling everyone else -- I have no memory of my life in this town [or] any of the people in it," Jack explained with an apologetic shrug. "Well, it's a really good thing that I remember a lot," Hope replied.

"You came here as a young man [and] eventually fell madly in love with my cousin Jennifer Horton. You've got two great, amazing kids -- I will show you some photos [on my phone]... You are the love of Jennifer's life. I'll take you to her, [and] when she sees you --" Hope excitedly continued. "She's seen me," Jack revealed. "[And] it's my understanding [that] at the time of my accident, [we] were divorced, [so] I don't think I need to talk to her anymore at this time," Jack added. "If you'll excuse me, [my] coffee is getting cold," Jack concluded before rushing off. "Same old Jack," Hope mused, recalling Jack's habit of running away from uncomfortable situations.

J.J. went to the Horton house to talk to Abigail, who guessed that he simply wanted to apologize for having ever doubted her sanity. "I can't tell you how sorry I am for that. If I could kick my own ass right now, I would. But that's not what I came here to talk to you about," he vaguely clarified. "Oh. Surprise, surprise..." she grumbled, assuming that he needed her help with something and was failing to see the irony of the situation.

"I don't know how to say this, so...I -- I -- I guess I'm just gonna have to say it," J.J. hesitantly began before proceeding to tell Abigail about what had happened at Doug's Place the previous night. "This makes no sense," she protested at the end of his tale. "You're absolutely right...but it happened," he insisted. After a moment of thought, she rushed off to the Salem Inn, ignoring her brother's concerns about the idea.

Jennifer rushed over to the town square after receiving a phone call from Hope. "You heard about Jack," Jennifer guessed, joining Hope on a bench. "I ran into him," Hope confirmed. "[And] I kept telling myself that it couldn't be him, but it was -- it was Jack! [Except]...he looked at me like I was a complete stranger, and he just couldn't wait to get away from me," Hope added. "The only things that Jack remembers [are the things that] Eve's been telling him," Jennifer explained. "I'm sure they're all lies," Hope grumbled. "But I'm not gonna focus on that, Hope, because Jack is alive!" Jennifer stressed, fighting back tears of joy.

"[For years], I have been praying [for another chance to] tell him what's in my heart..." Jennifer admitted. "Your prayers -- they got answered," Hope mused. "[But] what if he never remembers me?" Jennifer fretted. "You two share [a bond], and nobody can ever take that away. Nobody. [We'll] find a way to get through to him. [And] as for Eve, her schemes eventually -- always -- blow up in her face," Hope assured Jennifer.

Jack returned to the Salem Inn and told Eve about what had happened at the town square. "I left the woman sitting on a bench! I couldn't get away fast enough!" Jack recalled with a hint of guilt. "It's gonna keep happening, isn't it? People are gonna keep freaking out every time they see me," Jack realized. "I know [they] mean well, but... If I didn't have you here -- [an escape] from all this pressure..." Jack mused, giving Eve a look of gratitude.

"It's gonna be okay. I mean, you can't help it that you don't remember," Eve assured Jack before retreating to the bathroom to finish getting dressed. Someone soon knocked on the hotel room door. When Jack opened it, Abigail gasped and excitedly seized a hug. Jack stiffened and pushed Abigail away. "J.J. was right -- you don't remember me, do you?" Abigail realized, sounding a bit hurt. "I'm Abigail, and I'm your daughter," Abigail clarified. "I believe you. I know that I have a daughter named Abigail. I was told that. But I don't feel that I have ever seen you before in my life," Jack replied. "That's okay," Abigail assured Jack, fighting back tears.

"I only know my life after my accident," Jack elaborated. "So, you remember the accident?" Abigail asked. "You were saving my life, Dad. In the elevator. I was trapped, and you saved my life," Abigail revealed. Jack started to remember that, and Abigail sensed what was happening, but Eve returned just then and demanded to know what was going on. "Not now, Eve," Abigail snapped. "Dad, tell me what happened. Something came back to you. I just saw it. You can tell me," Abigail excitedly encouraged Jack. "I am a blank," Jack claimed with a shrug, choosing not to admit to having remembered Abigail's -- and Jennifer's -- involvement in the elevator collapse.

"That's okay. We'll just, uh...we'll just -- you know, we'll have to keep trying --" Abigail began to assure Jack. "No, I can't hear that anymore. Enough of that," Jack protested. "You have to! It's the only way!" Abigail insisted. "You need to back off -- [or, better yet, just] leave," Eve demanded. "I'm not gonna leave unless my dad wants me to leave," Abigail countered. "I think you should go," Jack agreed, somewhat apologetically.

Nodding, Abigail promised to return some other time -- with Jack's grandchildren. "We are your family, okay? Not her. She's not your family," Abigail stressed, glaring at Eve.

"She seems like a very nice...if determined...young woman," Jack observed after Abigail left. "Well, that 'nice' and 'determined' young woman locked three women in a basement and tried to suffocate them," Eve casually countered. "No! She's violent?" Jack asked with a gasp of shock. "She's a little bit of a head case. I mean, she even went after me one time. She is a chip off the old block," Eve replied. "That old block is me," Jack defensively noted. "No, no, no -- what I mean is that she's exactly like Jennifer," Eve clarified. "You really need to stay away -- [I mean], really far away -- from Jennifer," Eve advised Jack.

"Why do you dislike her so much?" Jack asked curiously. "Jack! We're talking about you!" Eve sweetly deflected. "You divorced her, [and] there was a reason for that, you know," Eve added. "You keep saying that, but you never go into specifics...and while we're on the subject of divorce, why did you and I get one?" Jack replied. "That one's very complicated, and I really want to talk to you about it...but I don't have the time right now," Eve claimed before starting to leave. "Are you gonna tell me where you're going, at least?" Jack wondered. "That's not important," Eve insisted before rushing off, leaving Jack puzzled.

At the Brady Pub, Chad greeted Will with a hug. "Thanks for meeting me. I know Arianna really needs you right now," Chad began. "Oh, no -- it's, uh... John and Marlena took her ice-skating, so..." Will replied before changing the subject, wondering how Chad was doing in the wake of everything that had happened on Christmas Day. "I, uh, stayed up most of last night, just replaying [all of it once again]," Chad revealed with a groan of exhaustion.

Will optimistically suggested that knowing the truth about Charlotte's paternity could lead to a reconciliation for Chad and Abigail, but Chad didn't think that Abigail would be interested in reconciling anytime soon, if at all. "How do you get somebody to forgive you for something that you don't forgive yourself for?" Chad wondered. "I don't know how to answer that," Will replied with an apologetic shrug.

"You hear what I did to Sonny?" Chad asked. "Yeah," Will confirmed. "I hate that [Sonny's] married to someone like Leo... I wish there was something I could do..." Chad mused with a sigh of regret. "Yeah -- me, too," Will agreed, also sighing. "I just miss [Sonny]. And Leo is making [Sonny's] life miserable. [Leo's] getting drunk all the time, [and] spending Sonny's money, [and] coming on to [Sonny] -- you know, saying that [it's time to] 'make it a real marriage,'" Will revealed, choking out the last part with some difficulty. "You and Sonny belong together. If there's anything I can do..." Chad began to stress. "I'll let you know. Thank you," Will replied with a nod.

"I'm not giving up hope, though -- I'm telling you that. There's gotta be some way to get rid of Leo," Will mused, managing to sound somewhat confident.

After saying goodbye to Will, Chad exited the pub and checked for missed calls and messages. "You gotta be kidding me..." Chad muttered while reading a news alert.

Chad looked up from the cell phone's screen just in time to see Abigail approaching. "I just read about your father," Chad revealed. "He's back," Abigail confirmed. "[But] he doesn't remember me -- or any of us -- right now," Abigail added. Chad wondered if Abigail wanted to talk about the shocking development -- or about anything else, for that matter. "Not with you," Abigail replied before starting to walk away.

"Did you hear that Gabi turned herself in?" Chad called out. "Yeah," Abigail confirmed. "I know it doesn't make up for what she did to you,'s something," Chad stressed. "Oh, it's 'something' -- it's just not enough. Not even close," Abigail replied before rushing into the pub in an effort to get away from Chad, who took the hint and released a sigh of defeat.

At the police station, Rafe joined Gabi in one of the conference rooms. "Go ahead, say it -- I have disappointed you yet again," she preemptively began for him. "'Disappointed' doesn't quite [cover] it," he replied.

"I know everything that Abigail did to you -- [I know] how you suffered at her hands -- but she wasn't in her right mind, [and] you knew exactly what you were doing," Rafe pointed out. "Can we not go through all this --" Gabi tiredly began to request. "No, we are gonna go through this!" Rafe insisted. "[Look], I know that what I did was horrible. [And] I know that everyone hates me -- I know that people are gonna look at me, and they're never not gonna think, 'Okay, she's a monster' -- [but] you know that I'm not a bad person," Gabi said. "I need to know if you're gonna turn your back on me," Gabi worriedly added.

"You know I'd never turn my back on you," Rafe assured Gabi. "[But] I'm a cop, [and] you just admitted to one felony after another," Rafe added. "I didn't want it to go on for so long," Gabi claimed. "I [kept] trying to tell Chad the truth, but then...I'd think about Arianna -- I'd think about my daughter, you know? She's so scared [of losing me again that] she made me promise on Christmas Eve that I'd never leave her," Gabi continued, getting emotional. "Well, that's a pretty rash promise, considering everything you've done," Rafe noted. "I can't leave Arianna, okay? I can't!" Gabi worriedly insisted. "I'm gonna do everything that I can to help you," Rafe vowed.

"[But] you gotta start living a different life," Rafe told Gabi -- just as Justin entered the conference room. "When you called, you didn't mention this was about Gabi," Justin pointed out. "Well, it is...and, obviously, she is going to need a good defense attorney -- which is why I called the best," Rafe replied. "I'm sorry. This is one case that I just can't take," Justin insisted. "Abigail is my niece. How can I possibly take this case after what you did to her?" Justin added, glaring at Gabi. "If you won't do it for me, please do it for Arianna," Gabi begged. "Were you thinking about Arianna when you did the things that you did?" Justin incredulously countered.

"Look, I don't want to see any mother separated from her child, but I'm sorry -- the answer is still no. You need to find yourself another lawyer," Justin added with finality before walking away.

Chad went to the Horton house in the hope of seeing Charlotte. J.J., who was watching the child in Abigail's absence, expressed reservations about getting in the middle of Chad and Abigail's ongoing conflict but ultimately decided to grant Chad's request, knowing that Chad had already missed out on a lot of time with Charlotte. "It makes me sick to think that I took [Gabi's side over Abigail's]," J.J. admitted. "[Gabi] hurt a lot of people. We need to make sure that never happens again," Chad replied before changing the subject, wanting to talk to J.J. about Jack. Chad reminded J.J. that Jack's lost memories could return at some point.

J.J. soon went for a walk so Chad could have some time alone with Charlotte, who woke up a short time later. "I'm gonna do everything I can to put [our family] back together," Chad promised Charlotte.

Hope entered the police station and informed Rafe that Jack was alive. "Really? Jack Deveraux?" Rafe asked skeptically. "Either that or an exact double," Hope insisted. "I suppose stranger things have happened in this town," Rafe conceded. "Don't we know it," Hope agreed. Changing the subject, Rafe complained to Hope that Justin had refused to represent Gabi. "Kind of expected, right?" Hope noted. "Yep. It was always a long shot," Rafe conceded. Hope advised Rafe to hire Ted instead. Rafe scoffed and stared at Hope in disbelief. "You gotta be kidding me! [Ted's] a slimeball!" Rafe spat. Hope countered that Gabi couldn't afford to be picky.

"Sorry if that makes you mad, but I'm just trying to help," Hope said. "By trying to offer Gabi a shyster lawyer? I don't think that that's helping -- [and] it does make me mad!" Rafe snapped. Stunned, Hope reminded Rafe that Gabi had done some pretty unforgivable things to Abigail -- a member of the Horton clan. "Pretty cold attitude to take [as] a sister-in-law," Rafe grumbled. "I have been very fair to Gabi, and I have been more than understanding, [but] I am done, okay? I am done. I am all out of understanding," Hope countered. "[Ted's] the one attorney who might actually be able to help," Hope added.

"[And] I am trying to help," Hope reiterated. "Well, thank you for your offer to 'help,' but, um, I'll look after Gabi myself," Rafe replied before storming off.

J.J. ran into Eve in the town square and seized the opportunity to complain about what had happened at Doug's Place the previous night. "You must be real proud of yourself [for] kicking that many people in the gut in that amount of time. That's gotta be a record, even for you," J.J. began. "I've been hurt, too -- you should know that more than anyone," Eve countered. "Takes a really twisted brain to do the things you've done and still feel sorry for yourself," J.J. mused. "I'm the one that brought your dead daddy back to town!" Eve reminded J.J., expecting gratitude instead of anger. J.J. guessed that Eve had only done that for selfish purposes.

Eve -- who seemed a bit nervous, perhaps because Abigail had managed to trigger one of Jack's memories earlier -- insisted that J.J. and the rest of Jack's loved ones were all being too pushy and needed to stay away from Jack for the foreseeable future. "If you don't, you're gonna regret it," Eve warned J.J. before rushing off. Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Jack pondered Eve's earlier behavior -- and soon received a visit from Jennifer.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo stumbled into the living room with a groan. "My head is killing me," Leo complained. "Good," Sonny replied. "At least the brat is quiet this morning," Leo continued. "My daughter [spent] the night with Will and his grandmother," Sonny explained. "Her mother's in jail and could go to prison for the rest of her life -- you do know that, right?" Sonny added. "You don't give a damn about Ari, do you? [She] needs Will and me, and we should be taking care of her together, but we can't because of you. No wonder you stay a sloppy drunk -- how else would you live with yourself?" Sonny spat.

"That kid should thank her lucky stars if [her mother gets sent to prison for life]. She's got a mother from hell, just like I did. I would've paid someone to send my old lady away for life," Leo dismissively replied. "Whoa," Sonny said. "What?" Leo asked, oblivious. "It's just...I've never heard you talk about your mother," Sonny curiously noted. "It's no big deal; [she] just wasn't much of a mother, that's all," Leo explained with a shrug.

"Tell me about her," Sonny encouraged Leo. "You would not understand," Leo insisted. "How do you know?" Sonny asked. "Because I've met your mom. She thinks the sun rises and sets on you. She's willing to kill anyone that messes with you. I'm afraid of her," Leo explained. "You should be," Sonny stressed. "Not everybody gets to be that lucky. For my money, no mother at all would have been better than the one I had," Leo said.

Sonny called Will as soon as Leo went back upstairs. "Something wrong?" Will asked worriedly. "No more than usual," Sonny assured Will. "I gotta be quick, 'cause Leo's upstairs...and he must've just come in [after partying all night, 'cause] he seemed like he was still really drunk," Sonny began to explain. "With any luck, he'll destroy his liver," Will dryly mused. "He was actually being more open than usual, [and] he said something that I think we can use against him," Sonny excitedly continued. "Something big?" Will asked, intrigued. "Everybody has an Achilles' heel, and I think this might be Leo's," Sonny optimistically replied.

At the police station, Gabi received another visitor -- Abigail.

Meanwhile, at the park, Eve sent someone a text message: "I'm here! Where the HELL R U?" Eve soon received a response: "Right behind U" Eve turned to face the person, looking uncomfortable.

Eve meets with a partner in crime

Eve meets with a partner in crime

Thursday, January 3, 2019

by Mike

J.J. went to the hospital after receiving a phone call from Kayla. "You heard the news," J.J. guessed, joining Kayla at the nurses' station. "Well, things don't stay quiet around here for very long," Kayla replied with a shrug.

"Which is why I really wish you would have come to me first," Kayla continued. "Wait, what?" J.J. asked, confused. "I heard that Haley tried to commit suicide -- and that you covered it up," Kayla elaborated. "I thought you were talking about --" J.J. tried to say, but Kayla forged ahead. "I understand that you were trying to protect Haley from Seth Burns, but this is something that I really should have been notified about," Kayla insisted.

"Okay. I'm sorry. She wasn't in a good place when I found her, and I didn't want to make things worse," J.J. explained. "So, what are you going to do?" J.J. asked worriedly. "Well, this isn't something that I can ignore. I mean, I have guidelines I need to follow when one of my nurses tries to take her own life -- especially [while] on the job," Kayla replied -- just as Haley approached. "You told her?" Haley asked J.J., hurt.

"Why would you betray me like that, J.J. -- blabbing to my boss about the worst night of my life?" Haley continued, fighting back tears. Kayla clarified that another nurse had revealed the secret, adding that the nurse had been right to do so. "I can explain --" Haley began, but just then, Kayla was called away to deal with an urgent matter. "When I get back, we're gonna talk about this, [but] until then, you're off duty," Kayla told Haley.

"Guess I owe you an apology," Haley said to J.J. after Kayla rushed off. "I'm the one who owes you one," J.J. insisted, feeling guilty about having invited Haley to a New Year's Eve party that had devolved into a really bizarre family drama. Haley dismissed the concern and sympathetically mused that it had to be painful for J.J. to know that Jack didn't remember having a son. "[It's] ten times worse for my mom," J.J. fretted.

Kayla soon returned and wondered if Haley was ready to talk about what had happened. Haley wanted to take care of something first but promised to drop by Kayla's office afterward. "[Hopefully] she'll tell you why she wanted to take her life, because she won't talk to me, and she doesn't want to talk to Eric, [either]," J.J. said to Kayla after Haley rushed off. "She's lucky that you were looking out for her," Kayla noted. "Eh, if anyone can relate..." J.J. reasoned with a shrug. Kayla gave J.J. a sympathetic nod then started to walk away. J.J. stopped Kayla. "Since you haven't mentioned it, I'm not sure if you heard..." J.J. hesitantly began.

Kayla was stunned to learn that Jack was alive. "Your mom must be so happy," Kayla said with a hint of awkwardness. "You can't even imagine," J.J. confirmed. "[It's just]...his amnesia... Do you know what happened to that stuff -- that serum -- Will used to get his memory back?" J.J. wondered. "J.J., that wasn't FDA approved. I had to turn over the [serum] and the formula to Seth Burns," Kayla apologetically replied. "Is there any way you think you could get that back? For my dad?" J.J. asked hopefully. "I can look into it," Kayla hesitantly promised. J.J. thanked Kayla then rushed off. Kayla immediately contacted Steve, who actually had time to talk.

"I'm so glad I caught you. I don't know if you've talked to Adrienne, but, um...I have some really big news..." Kayla began to explain to Steve.

At that same time, Haley was also in the middle of a phone conversation. "Yes, I know it could cause a lot of trouble... No, don't worry -- I won't say anything to Dr. Johnson," Haley promised, unaware that J.J. was nearby.

At the Horton house, Julie entered the living room and greeted Chad, who was bonding with Charlotte. "A sight for sore eyes," Julie approvingly declared. "Thanks to you," Chad acknowledged with a grateful smile.

Chad marveled at Julie's ability to see the truth about Gabi that everyone else had missed. "I saw [things] through a different lens," Julie explained with a shrug. "You had all the same evidence that I did, and you had her back. I'm her husband. I should have [had her back]. I let her down," Chad regretfully mused. Chad vowed to never stopped trying to regain Abigail's trust. Julie predicted that Chad would eventually succeed.

At the police station, Gabi wondered why Abigail, of all people, had stopped by for a visit. "What else is there to say?" Gabi added. "Oh, trust me, bitch -- I have plenty more to say," Abigail replied.

Abigail wondered when Gabi had gone from being a friend to being an enemy. "[At first], I resented you, Abigail -- I hated you and your alters for what you did to me -- [but], I mean, I was trying to be the bigger person; I was trying to stuff those feelings down..." Gabi began to explain. "Okay, [so] what changed?" Abigail asked curiously. "What changed was a visit that I had with Kayla, where she told me that I would never be able to carry another child to term. [Then] she stepped outside to take an emergency call and left me there in shock, with the news that I would never be able to give Arianna a brother or a sister," Gabi replied.

"[And] that's when a lab technician came in and dropped an envelope [off] for Kayla [that had] your name on it. [And when I saw] that it was Chad, not Stefan, that was Charlotte's biological father...[well], you can understand how that would hit me -- how it would seem unfair that during this time when my entire life was crashing down around me, you were getting everything you wanted again, Miss Happily Ever After. And before I even realized what I was doing, I changed the results. The only thing that was running through my mind was that you needed to suffer the same way that I was suffering, no matter the cost," Gabi continued.

"[So], all you wanted was for me to suffer," Abigail repeated with a shake of the head. "[But changing the paternity results] wasn't even enough for you, Gabi; you just kept going, [and] you amped up your plan even further, [making sure] that I was sent to Bayview so that you and Chad [could] raise my children without me! I hurt you that badly?" Abigail added. "Yes, Abigail -- you did," Gabi confirmed with a shrug.

"I mean, you go on and on about how I'm this evil person, but...I mean, how different are we, really? You lied about me in a court of law, framed me for murder, kept me from my daughter for months --" Gabi started to elaborate. "I was sick, and I have taken responsibility [and] apologized," Abigail pointed out. "And...what, 'sorry' is gonna make it all okay?" Gabi incredulously countered.

"Because of you, Arianna's traumatized. Because of you, I will never have [any more] children. Because of you, I have been living a nightmare. So, yeah, I get it -- I've done horrible things to you -- [but only] because of the unspeakable things that you have done to me. The only difference is, Abigail, I didn't have an alter to blame it on; I didn't have another personality to hide behind. [And] I know that what I did was wrong, but at least I have the guts to own up to it, even if it means that I will be separated again from the only child that I will ever have," Gabi added.

Just then, a man interrupted, introducing himself as the assistant district attorney. "D.A. Trask would love to see you. You're the key witness in this case," the man said to Abigail. "You can tell the district attorney that I'm not going to press charges," Abigail replied, stunning Gabi. "I don't understand. You had me right where you wanted [me]," Gabi said to Abigail after the man left.

"You were right -- mental illness or not, I did unspeakable things to you. And, more importantly, I would never be able to forgive myself if I let Arianna grow up without her mother. I think that we've all suffered enough," Abigail explained with a shrug. "I don't know what to say..." Gabi admitted. "Look, we're not gonna be friends after everything that we've been through, but I think that what's important is that we can try to move forward with intention and integrity, and show that example to our daughters. We can focus on our children," Abigail stressed. Gabi breathed a sigh of relief as Abigail walked away.

At the park, Eve irritably reminded Xander that it wasn't nice to sneak up on people. "Yeah, well, I have to be in stealth mode; after all, I'm still a wanted man," Xander countered. "Aw -- and all you did was try to kill Marlena Evans on her wedding day," Eve dryly replied. "It's not like she was my actual target," Xander stressed, adding that Sami had messed everything up. "Oh, come on -- you can't blame Sami. It was that totally deranged Kristen DiMera that messed everything up," Eve argued. "Careful there -- if it wasn't for the 'totally deranged' Kristen D., well, you couldn't have waltzed back into town with Jack Deveraux," Xander pointed out.

"I don't know [if] Kristen deserves credit for my reunion with Jack. [I mean], I know that she and her crazy family kept him alive, but you were the one that approached me in November," Eve countered. "True...[and] as I recall, you weren't too happy to see me at first, [but] I just knew those pretty little ears would perk up at the word 'revenge,'" Xander said, smirking. "And they did, 'cause I was dreaming of a way that I could pay Jennifer back for torpedoing my life...but never -- [even] in my wildest dreams -- did I ever imagine what you had in mind," Eve admitted with a shake of the head, remembering the meeting.

In a flashback of their November meeting, Xander lured Eve to a hotel room under false pretenses, claiming to be Brady. "I never thought that you would call --" Eve excitedly began before realizing who was really waiting in the room. "Don't be hasty," Xander begged when Eve had started to rush back out of the room. "I think you're gonna want to hear what I have to say. Give me five minutes," Xander added. "[Well, I do] want to know why and how you [knew] I was in New York in the first place..." Eve admitted, deciding to play along. "I hear lots of things," Xander vaguely stressed in response to Eve's question.

Still in the flashback, Xander added, "Like, for instance, the fact that you and Brady are donezo." Eve asked, "Why do you care?" Shrugging, Xander pointed out, "Well, I'm partly responsible. I brought your sister back." Scowling, Eve dismissively insisted, "The only person who put the final nail in that coffin was Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes." "Jennifer Horton," Xander guessed.

In the memory of their meeting, confirming Xander's assumption, Eve spat, "Little lying bitch. She is gonna get hers. I'm gonna see to it personally." "I guessed you'd make a vow like that...[and] I have in my possession the perfect instrument for your revenge," Xander cryptically revealed. "Don't get me wrong -- I don't want to cause her any physical harm," Eve quickly clarified.

Still in the flashback, Xander replied, "You just want to shatter her delicate psyche...for which I have the perfect weapon." Eve immediately began protesting again in response. "Relax -- I'm not talking about guns and bombs; I'm talking about a living, breathing weapon," Xander vaguely clarified before randomly knocking on a wall. "What the hell were you just doing?" Eve wondered. "Giving a signal so my friend [in the other room] would know to make his grand entrance," Xander explained with a teasing grin. "[Although], to be fair, I only just met him last year. You've known him a lot longer," Xander conceded as Jack entered the room.

In the memory of her meeting with Xander, Eve was stunned. "How can this be?" Eve asked, staring at Jack in disbelief. "I'm Jack Deveraux. And you are...?" Jack began, sounding and acting even more robotic back then. "I'm Eve Donovan. I was your ex-wife," Eve revealed, confused. "You don't remember," Eve quickly realized. "I'm sorry. I have suffered memory loss," Jack confirmed. "An unfortunate side effect of the drug that saved [his] life," Xander interjected.

Still in the flashback, Xander offered some explanation. "My business partner's family -- they rescued him [and] brought him back from the brink of death [then] hired me to keep an eye on him and make sure he continued to make progress. [Because] they heard [about] my sterling reputation as a caretaker. And, as you can see, I was doing quite well...until the Wonder Twins showed up, and the entire facility went kaboom!" Xander elaborated. "So, Jack was at the same facility as E.J.," Eve concluded. "That's right. But he's in much better shape, 'cause he had almost two years of rehab over E.J.," Xander clarified before sending Jack back to the other room.

In the recollection, Xander proposed a plan. "What could be a better way to shatter Ms. Horton's psyche and get your revenge than to turn the one true love of her life against her?" Xander summarized for Eve with a wicked grin. "You have no idea how strongly Jack and Jennifer are bonded," Eve protested, doubting that such a bond could ever be broken. "Won't be a problem. He has no memory of 'a bond' with 'a Jennifer.' He's totally malleable right now. And since you're the only one who knows he's alive, you're the one he can be bonded to. [You'll be] in total control, [and] you can drop this bombshell on Jennifer whenever's best for you," Xander countered.

Still in the memory, Eve was tempted but suspicious. "What's the catch?" Eve asked knowingly. "I do want something in return..." Xander vaguely admitted. "Okay, I'm willing to give you exactly what you're asking for," Eve agreed after hearing Xander's terms. "But what if this 'brilliant' revenge plan of yours blows up in my face, huh? What if Jack remembers everything, including his passionate love for Jennifer, and then all I've done is reunite them?" Eve added. "I'm not unreasonable. I'll wait until you decide that the time is right to reintroduce Jack to the lovely people of Salem. [And] if everything goes as intended, only then will I demand payment," Xander assured Eve.

Back in the cold of January, Eve followed through on her end of the bargain. "Since you kept up your end of the deal, here it is -- everything you asked for," Eve told Xander at the end of the recollection, handing over a flash drive. Xander thanked Eve then curiously wondered if the revenge scheme was going as planned thus far. "Yeah, but Jack's only been in town for a day. If anything jars his memory, all this goes up in smoke," Eve fretted. "That's not gonna happen -- trust me," Xander confidently replied.

After Eve walked away, Xander produced a laptop and inserted the flash drive. "Oh, jackpot!" Xander excitedly shouted, grinning wildly at something on the monitor.

At the Salem Inn, Jack stiffly greeted Jennifer, who couldn't help staring. "Sorry -- I still can't believe that you're here. You look really good...for a man that's been dead for six years," Jennifer observed. "I...try to stay out of the sun...?" Jack explained with a shrug. "I want to help trigger your memory. Is that something you would be willing to try?" Jennifer asked hopefully. "It's been six years, and my life has been a blank... I don't think there's anything that you can do..." Jack replied. "Give me a chance," Jennifer begged. Nodding, Jack invited Jennifer into the hotel room. Jennifer quickly produced a photo album.

"This is Abigail, [and] you'll meet her very soon --" Jennifer started to say while pointing out Abigail in a group photograph of the Deveraux clan -- the last one that had been taken before the elevator collapse. "She came by earlier," Jack revealed. "Lovely young woman. I suppose I can forgive her for making me a grandparent twice over," Jack added. "I've forgiven her for that, too," Jennifer replied with a laugh.

"Any memories?" Jennifer wondered. "Nothing," Jack claimed. "And I think we have to assume that if my children can't spark any memories, then there's nothing you can do," Jack added. Undeterred, Jennifer continued showing Jack photographs. "This is from our first wedding --" Jennifer started to say while showing Jack a particularly cherished photograph. "First wedding? How many did we have?" Jack asked incredulously. "Uh...actually, two...but that's below the Salem average, trust me," Jennifer replied, laughing again. "It's like looking at the life of a complete stranger," Jack said with a sigh.

Jennifer didn't want to give up hope yet, but Jack doubted that things would ever get better. "My life has been a complete blank for the last six years. I remember nothing before my accident," Jack stressed. "What about after the accident, Jack? You fell down an elevator shaft, and the paramedics said that you died instantly. How did you survive, and where have you been all this time?" Jennifer asked curiously. "I have so few answers... From what I understand, I was in a coma, and when I finally came to, I was in really bad shape, [and] I was slowly nursed back to health by this brilliant but very peculiar doctor," Jack began to explain.

"Dr. Wilhelm Rolf," Jack recalled, surprising Jennifer. "You know him?" Jack asked, equally surprised. "Yes, I know him! He worked for Stefano DiMera! I should have known that that family was involved in this..." Jennifer said with a shake of the head. "That name doesn't ring a bell, but, uh, I really had no contact with anyone, other than this -- this big, burly man who was taking care of me... He had an unusual name, too -- Xander," Jack continued. "You know him, too," Jack realized, gauging Jennifer's reaction. "Yes. Dr. Rolf and Xander Cook -- they were last seen in Nashville," Jennifer replied, struggling to process everything.

"That's where I was [until] a couple months ago -- in a private medical facility [in Nashville]. It was the last in a long chain of private clinics over the years," Jack revealed. "[So], you were with E.J. DiMera, then...although you said that name -- [DiMera] -- doesn't ring a bell," Jennifer mused. "No, it doesn't...[but] Eve did say something about an E.J. being there," Jack recalled. "Were you in the building when it blew up?" Jennifer asked. "Yes. Xander got me out," Jack replied. "Xander survived? Where is he right now?" Jennifer wondered. "Couldn't tell you. We went our separate ways [after] he reunited me with Eve," Jack said with a shrug.

"[And] how has that been, Jack?" Jennifer asked. "Fine. I'm very much at ease with her," Jack replied. "What exactly did Eve tell you about your marriage?" Jennifer wondered. "To her? [That] we were very much in love, but life got in the way, and we grew apart," Jack recalled. Jennifer laughed hysterically then began to tell Jack the real story. "The only reason that Eve and I got married was money?" Jack asked incredulously in the middle of Jennifer's tale. "Yes, Jack. She was determined to inherit ten million dollars from you. [And] after we worked things out, you got an annulment," Jennifer explained.

"Was it amicable?" Jack wondered. "No, because you wanted your ten million dollars back. So, she came and found us on our honeymoon to have it out with you, [and] then she put this crazy curse on our marriage," Jennifer replied. "[And] I'm beginning to think that it worked, because we have been torn apart by fate so many times --" Jennifer began to add. "No, it's not just fate; Eve [said that you and I] had plenty of problems," Jack protested. "We had our ups and downs...[but we also] had something that you and Eve never had together -- we were so in love with each other," Jennifer stressed.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple," Jack muttered. "Oscar Wilde! Yes, Jack -- you used to quote him all the time at the newspaper! This is such a good sign! Maybe your memories aren't buried so deeply, after all!" Jennifer excitedly mused. "Getting my memory back -- that would mean a lot to you," Jack realized. "Of course. You were the love of my life," Jennifer confirmed. "But we weren't married when I supposedly died," Jack pointed out. "No, but we were reconciled," Jennifer clarified. "So, you want to pick up where we left off," Jack assumed. "I want to know you all over again," Jennifer replied.

"When I lost you, my heart broke into a million pieces, and I didn't even know who I was -- I didn't know how to go on -- and, yes, I found love again, Jack, but it was never the same. I have never loved anyone the way that I loved you -- the way that I still do," Jennifer added before giving Jack a kiss. Jack started to respond to Jennifer's advances but soon pulled away.

"Sorry, Jennifer. I can't jump into something I don't feel," Jack said. Jennifer gave Jack a nod of understanding and apologized for having gotten carried away. "I should go...but I'm not gonna give up. I didn't fight for you hard enough last time, and I'm not gonna make that same mistake [again]," Jennifer vowed before starting to exit the hotel room -- just as Eve returned to it. "I told you to stay away from him!" Eve snapped, but Jennifer walked away without bothering to respond. "What did I miss?" Eve asked Jack with a hint of concern. "She and I had a long conversation..." Jack vaguely revealed.

"And now you and I are going to do the same. I'd like for you to explain to me why you have been lying to me," Jack demanded.

Rafe attacks Stefan -- then places him under arrest

Rafe attacks Stefan -- then places him under arrest

Friday, January 4, 2019

At the hospital, Kayla called Seth and left a voicemail asking about Dr. Rolf's serum. "I have another victim who's a candidate," Kayla said. As Kayla ended her call, Stefan rushed up to her. With a smirk, Kayla said she was happy to know that Chad was Charlotte's father. Unfazed, Stefan told Kayla that her negligence had caused the mix-up with the paternity test. Kayla argued that the situation was not her fault.

"Enjoy your job while you still have it. I filed a formal complaint with Seth Burns," Stefan explained. Kayla countered that Stefan should face charges for his actions regarding Steve's eye. Stefan reminded Kayla that he had not been involved in selling the data from Steve's eye and that he had cooperated with authorities to help Steve.

"More lies," Kayla grumbled. Stefan suggested that Steve was the thief. Kayla stewed as Stefan accused Steve of selling government secrets. With a grin, Stefan walked away.

In Eve's hotel room, Jack asked Eve why she had lied to him. "I may not remember a damn thing about my life here in Salem, but I know when a person is talking around and around and around something," Jack said. Jack asked Eve about their marriage.

"What exactly did Jennifer tell you?" Eve asked. Jack questioned whether he and Eve had ever loved one another. Grudgingly, Eve admitted that she had married Jack for the money but added that Jack had wanted the money, as well. "We were partners. We were good!" Eve said. Curious, Jack asked Eve why they had split up if they had been so good together.

"We split up because you decided that you wanted to go back to little miss perfect," Eve said. When Jack said Eve had forgotten to mention that they had not liked one another, Eve claimed that Jennifer had exaggerated. "We had some good moments!" Eve said cheerfully. "Like when I swindled you out of that inheritance?" Jack said with a grin.

"Oh, my gosh, she is such a blabbermouth! Okay, that one ticked me off a little bit," Eve agreed. "So, I stole a hell of a lot of money from you, we didn't like each other, and you want to help me? Why?" Jack countered. Eve shrugged. "As a frenemy kind of thing, maybe?" Eve said as she contorted her face, unsure. With a groan, Jack guessed that Eve's actions were all about Jennifer.

"Maybe I am enjoying sticking it to that hypocrite just a little bit, but I don't know. That's just whipped cream," Eve said. Eve told Jack that she enjoyed his company. Suspicious, Jack said he did not believe that Eve had forgiven him for stealing from her. Eve assured Jack that she and Jack had a mutual respect for one another because they were similar people.

"I tried to be the good girl, but that was a fatal mistake. I tried to play by the rules, and I lost absolutely everything," Eve confided. "You're going over to the dark side?" Jack asked. With a smile, Eve countered that Jack had not been a saint either. "You had your brother beaten up once. And if I remember correctly, you never let any man or woman stand in your way of getting what you wanted," Eve said.

"So, I'm an ass?" Jack asked. "But you became a very good guy. Your reward? Jennifer? Kicked you right in the teeth," Eve said with a chuckle. Jack noted that Jennifer appeared to be a kind person. Eve cautioned Jack not to fall for Jennifer's "good girl" act. Eve added that Jennifer had strung Jack along before in favor of Daniel and that Jennifer would break Jack's heart again.

"This Daniel, the man who died, was Jennifer in love with him?" Jack asked. Eve told Jack that he had missed the point. "You were the hero. You came back to town to the woman that you loved, to your family. She is the one that did all the wrong," Eve said. Jack countered that Jennifer was the mother of his children and that he would have to have some kind of a relationship with Jennifer.

"I think you need to embrace your dark side to protect yourself, because I don't want you to have to learn all those hard lessons all over again," Eve said. Jack asked Eve what she meant. "Nice guys finish last, and everybody, I mean everybody, loves the bad boy," Eve purred. With a shrug, Jack said he was overwhelmed. Jack announced that he should go visit Abigail, but Eve cautioned Jack to concentrate on rebuilding his life instead.

"I'm a grandfather. I'd like to see my grandkids. I think," Jack said with a shrug. Eve advised Jack to back off of Abigail. "Abigail is a little wackadoodle. I mean she is juggling between fake baby daddy and real baby daddy. They're both her ex-husbands and one even married her alter personality, so, definitely, she needs to unsnarl her own life before you start asking questions about yours," Eve advised. Jack raised an eyebrow.

"You're right, but I want the truth," Jack demanded. Eve said she understood why Jack would want to question her motives. "I am the only person in this town that is not trying to force you to be the man you were. And what the hell fun is that, anyway?" Eve asked. Eve told Jack that he did not belong with Jennifer any more than Eve belonged with Brady. "We were bad. But we were so good," Eve said with a grin.

"Maybe we could do that again?" Eve suggested. "You feel it, too? The pull?" Eve asked. Eve snuggled up to Jack and told him that they had always had a pull toward one another. "You are a very sexy woman," Jack whispered. "You are a very sexy man. You know, it's kind of crazy that with all this sexiness, we never made love when we were married. Not once. Now, ain't that a shame? But we have now," Eve said. Eve suggested that they celebrate the new year and Jack's new life. Eve and Jack kissed.

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer asked Roman if he had seen Jack after the accident. Roman confirmed that he had watched the EMTs fail to revive Jack and take him away in the ambulance. Jennifer asked Roman if he recalled anything suspicious about the night of Jack's accident. Roman shook his head no. Roman encouraged Jennifer to focus on the great news that Jack was alive.

"But he doesn't even know who I am, Roman. I need to know what happened to Jack and how Eve got her hooks into him," Jennifer complained. Jennifer said the worst part about the situation was that Jack did not want to be in the same room as her. Roman counseled Jennifer to focus on the positive. Jennifer said she was grateful for Jack's return, but she hated that Eve had turned Jack against her.

When Kayla arrived at the pub, she excitedly ran over to Jennifer to ask about Jack. Jennifer said she was still reeling from the news. Kayla informed Jennifer that she had told Steve the news and that he was thrilled that his brother was alive. Kayla added that Steve was not able to return to Salem to see Jack, but he wished him well.

"It's okay because Jack doesn't remember anybody. But I have hope because of Will, and I know it's a long shot, but can you do anything to help?" Jennifer asked. Kayla told Jennifer that she had left a voicemail for Seth, asking about the serum and Dr. Rolf's research. Kayla promised to do everything she could to convince Seth and the board to let Jack have access to the serum that had helped Will.

After Jennifer left, Roman informed Kayla that the federal authorities had been working to find a way to tie an espionage charge to Stefan. Curious, Kayla asked if the authorities had been successful. With a shrug, Roman said the only thing he knew was that a grand jury had been convened to determine whether to indict Stefan on espionage charges.

"The decision was sealed, but if they did vote to indict him, he could be arrested anytime," Roman explained. "Or he could get away scot-free," Kayla remarked.

In the Horton living room, Chad cradled his daughter and told her that she gave him hope. As Chad promised Charlotte to give her, Thomas, and Abigail the life they deserved, Abigail returned home. Abigail gently took Charlotte away from Chad and placed her in the crib. Chad haltingly explained that he had volunteered to watch Charlotte when J.J. had been unable to stay because of work.

"That wasn't J.J.'s decision to make," Abigail grumbled. Chad reminded Abigail that they would continue to see one another and would need to make a schedule to see the kids. "Unless you are planning on not allowing me to see Charlotte?" Chad asked.

"Gabi kept our daughter from you long enough. I'm not going to do that," Abigail said. Chad said he hoped that Gabi would spend her life in prison for what she had done. Abigail explained that she had decided not to press charges. "Gabi just walks away, and you're okay with that?" Chad marveled. Abigail explained that she was walking away from anger and hate.

"I'm going to just focus on the positive things in my life, like my children and being a good example to them," Abigail said. Chad asked about justice, but Abigail countered that Gabi would have to live with what she had done. Curious, Chad asked Abigail if she had forgiven Gabi.

"No, I'm not going to forgive her, but I don't need to forgive her in order to move on. We've all suffered enough here, Chad. Putting Gabi behind bars, it is not going to undo any of the damage," Abigail explained. Chad said he wanted Gabi to suffer every day for the rest her life. Frustrated, Abigail said she did not want to discuss the matter.

"I think Gabi needs to answer for what she did to you," Chad said as he pulled on his coat. "You don't get to fight for me now. You don't get to protect me now. You did not believe me when I needed you. You chose to believe Gabi. So, it is too damn late," Abigail growled. Abigail asked Chad to go, and she promised to drop off the kids at the Kiriakis mansion.

"Victor fired me. He kicked us out of the house," Chad explained. When Abigail asked why, Chad said he had known about the sexual harassment lawsuit and had not warned Sonny. Abigail crossed her arms defiantly. "Why the hell not?" Abigail asked. Chad admitted that he had been blinded by his quest for vengeance against Stefan.

"Who are you? Where is that man that I married that had principles and ethics and integrity and always chose to do the right thing?" Abigail asked. Chad admitted that he had lost his way. "[That man] stopped focusing on his wife and his kids and his friends," Chad admitted. "I guess that makes you a true DiMera then," Abigail countered. Abigail told Chad that Stefano would be proud of him.

"I'm not proud of what I did, but I'm going to make it up to Sonny, and I'm going to do my best to make it up to you," Chad said. "There's no way that's going to happen," Abigail countered. Chad asked Abigail to give him a chance. "I don't know how to give you another chance. You didn't see me. You stopped seeing me. You didn't trust in us," Abigail said. Chad argued that he had done what he'd believed had been the best thing for Abigail.

"I am never going to forgive you. I'm never going to look at you and not see the man that ripped my child out of my arms. I'm never going to be able to look at you and not see the man that I thought you were. I am never going to get over this," Abigail stressed. Chad said he would prove to Abigail that he could be a better man.

"I screwed things up in an epic way, and I broke your heart, and I broke up our family, but I am not going to stop fighting for us," Chad said. Abigail stared, stoned-faced, at Chad. Chad walked over to Charlotte and told his daughter that he would "fight like hell to make things right." With a nod, Chad walked out of the house.

In the police interrogation room, a surprised Rafe and Hope walked in and asked Gabi if it was true that Abigail had decided not to press charges against her. "I know you think I'm a monster and that I should roast for this, but yes, it's true," Gabi said. Gabi said she did not understand why Abigail had decided not to move ahead with charges.

"I'm going to be cautiously optimistic because, without Abigail's cooperation, Melinda Trask doesn't have much of a case, and I doubt she will pursue prosecution," Rafe said. "Trask is the least of my problems," Gabi muttered. Hope asked Gabi why she did not appear relieved at the news of her freedom. Gabi explained that she was afraid of Stefan DiMera. Rafe asked Gabi if she was afraid that Stefan would retaliate against her.

"He already has," Gabi said. Alarmed, Hope asked Gabi why she had not mentioned it when she had turned herself in to the police. Gabi explained that when the police had believed that Gabi had been on the run, she had actually had been kidnapped and held at the mansion.

"Did he hurt you?" Rafe asked. "He threatened to, but no. He let me go. He was very clear that this was not over," Gabi explained. Furious, Rafe said he would kill Stefan, and he turned to leave. Hope chased after Rafe and stopped him in the bullpen. Hope warned Rafe that he could not arrest Stefan based on Gabi's accusation. Rafe said he was not going after Stefan as a cop.

"We can protect [Gabi], but we have to do it by the book," Hope said firmly. "The way you followed the book with Ted Laurent?" Rafe asked. Rafe asked Hope to support him, since Hope had asked Rafe to do the same for her. "You have my support, but this is not going to help. It's only going to make things worse," Hope advised. Rafe asked Hope if she had spoken as his boss or as his wife. "Both," Hope said. Rafe walked out. With a sigh, Hope returned to the interrogation room to speak to Gabi.

"Abigail went through hell because of you," Hope said quietly. "Yeah, and I went through hell because of Abigail. Pretty sure she didn't press charges because we're even. I mean, if it's enough for Abigail, why can't it be enough for you?" Gabi asked. Hope's cell phone rang. The call was from Melinda Trask. Hope told Gabi that Melinda had dropped the charges. As Gabi rose to leave, Hope asked Gabi to give her a statement about who had kidnapped her.

"It was his new head of security. Ben Weston," Gabi said. Hope's jaw dropped open. Gabi walked out. Freshly released from custody, Gabi walked to the town square and called Arianna to tell her that she was on the way home. As Gabi ended her phone call, she ran into Chad. With narrowed eyes, Chad noted that Arianna had gotten her Christmas wish to have her mother stay home.

"Abigail has been very compassionate," Gabi said. "That's because she is a better person than either one of us," Chad countered. Chad told Gabi that he would never forgive or forget what she had done.

At the Horton house, Jennifer returned home and found Abigail staring at her wedding photo. Jennifer asked Abigail how she was doing. "I hear that you saw dad," Jennifer clarified. Abigail confirmed that Jack had not remembered her or anyone else. "He doesn't remember anyone who really loves him," Jennifer added. Abigail reminded Jennifer that Will had regained his memory. Jennifer confided her worry that Eve would talk Jack into doing something stupid.

Ben showed up at the loft with flowers and asked Ciara to forgive him. "I'm not really a roses kind of girl," Ciara said. Ben threw the flowers aside. With a chuckle, Ben said he would get whatever flowers Ciara wanted. "You are crazy," Ciara joked. "So I've been told," Ben said quietly. Ciara winced over her insensitive comment. Ciara apologized, but Ben told her not to be sorry.

"Now, the only thing I am crazy about is you," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben why he had been unable to meet on Christmas. Ben thought about when he had kidnapped Gabi. "Routine business," Ben said cryptically. Ben explained that Stefan had given him a job and a room, and appeared to be a decent guy.

"How can you even say that after what he has done to the people I love?" Ciara asked. "Because I saw Stefan when he found out that Abigail's baby wasn't his," Ben explained. Ben said he had felt sorry for Stefan's loss. "Losing a baby that you thought was yours? There's nothing worse," Ben said. Ciara noted that on the bright side, she was happy that Chad had learned that he was Charlotte's father. Ben nodded and looked away.

"I get that Chad isn't your favorite person, but he is a pretty awesome dad," Ciara said. As Ciara talked about Chad's parenting, Ben grumbled that he understood that Chad was a good father. Ciara admitted that she had once had a crush on Chad. Ben frowned. "Are you jealous?" Ciara asked playfully. With a scowl, Ben countered, "It's not a place I like to go."

"Things I did to Abigail because I was jealous of her and Chad? I was a monster," Ben said. Ciara apologized for mentioning the past. Ben countered that he could not run from his past. "I wake up with it. I go to sleep with it," Ben said. "You're a different man now. You were sick, and now you're better. And you're starting a whole new life," Ciara countered.

"I have debts that I can never repay," Ben said. With a grin, Ciara suggested to Ben that they go out for a ride on her bike. Ciara grabbed Ben's arm and dragged him toward the front door. When they returned from their ride, Ben joked that Ciara was a "speed demon."

"Maybe it's because I wanted you to hold on tighter. And it worked," Ciara said. Ciara held up the bell and thanked Ben for the gift. "Not a single evil spirit in sight," Ciara said. When Ben said he should leave, Ciara mentioned that Tripp and Claire were at work. Ben eagerly agreed to stay and keep Ciara company. As Ciara and Ben kissed on the couch, it grew heated. Someone knocked on the front door. Annoyed, Ciara said she would get rid of the unwelcome visitor. While still rebuttoning her blouse, Ciara opened the door to find Hope.

"You missed a button," Hope noted as she walked into the loft. Hope asked Ben to give her a moment alone with her daughter. Ciara told Hope that whatever she had to say, Hope could say it in front of Ben. With a nod, Hope said Ben was involved in the matter she wanted to discuss. With a groan, Ciara warned Hope not to talk about the fire again.

"This has to do with Ben kidnapping Gabi Hernandez," Hope said. Hope explained that Ben had kidnapped Gabi on Christmas Day while Arianna had been in the next room. "Is this true?" Ciara asked Ben. "Are you going to arrest me?" Ben asked Hope defiantly.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano returned home. Rafe jumped out from behind the door and pulled Stefan into a chokehold. Stefan and Rafe struggled. "Let me guess, this is about Ted Laurent and his bogus claim against me," Stefan sputtered out breathlessly. "It's about my sister and what you did to her, you son of a bitch," Rafe growled.

When Rafe loosened his grip on Stefan's neck, Stefan reminded Rafe that the only evidence Rafe had was Gabi's word. Rafe scowled. "We both know what that is worth in this town," Stefan said. Stefan ordered Rafe to leave. Rafe told Stefan, "This isn't over." "It never is," Stefan said.

Rafe's phone rang. When Rafe answered the call, he smiled. "It looks like you're under arrest, after all," Rafe said with a grin. Rafe explained that a federal indictment had been issued to arrest Stefan for treason.

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