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Xander drugged Leo then had sex with Sarah instead. Eric refused to forgive Sarah for sleeping with Xander. Jack and Melinda both decided to run for mayor. Victor hired Brady as CEO. Eve stole Rolf's diary. Kate turned down Ted. Claire and Tripp kissed. The board named Stefan and Chad as co-CEOs. Haley told J.J. that she was an illegal immigrant.
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Jack and Melinda both decided to run for mayor
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Eric makes a shocking discovery

Eric makes a shocking discovery

Monday, January 21, 2019

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Kate received an unexpected visit from Gabi. "Well, lookee here -- Salem's latest pariah. Welcome to the club, girl," Kate said to Gabi, who wasn't amused.

"Are you busy? We need to talk," Gabi insisted, barging into Kate's hotel room. "I'm not busy...but I don't know what we have to talk about. I mean, the truth is out, and Chad has his child back, so..." Kate replied, prompting Gabi to clarify that the conversation was going to be about Stefan. "You saw the news, right?" Gabi asked. "Yeah, I did. I cannot believe they cleared Stefan of all those charges," Kate grumbled. "If he gets [reinstated as CEO of DiMera], the first thing he's gonna do is [go after] his enemies, and you're gonna be at the top of that list," Gabi warned, adding that Kate had killed Vivian. "That was an accident," Kate maintained.

"You orchestrated almost all of [Stefan's] misery, [so] I think you're the one who's going to have trouble with him," Kate argued. "I can handle Stefan DiMera," Gabi dismissively insisted, but Kate wasn't convinced. "You didn't come here just to warn me; you came here to [try to convince me] to help you get out of the mess that you made," Kate guessed. "Okay, fine -- it is about me," Gabi eventually admitted, adding that Chad, unlike Stefan, was willing to return control of Gabi Chic with no strings attached. Kate reluctantly agreed to try convincing Shin to keep Chad as CEO of DiMera Enterprises -- but not for Gabi's sake.

Abigail took Charlotte to the DiMera mansion for a planned visit with Chad, who had completely forgotten about it. "I've had a lot on my mind," Chad apologetically explained. "Uh...okay... If you, um...if you need me to take her, I can change things..." Abigail hesitantly offered, somewhat surprised. Chad insisted that wasn't necessary. Abigail nodded and began to hand Charlotte over to Chad, unaware that Stefan was watching from the foyer.

"Such a tender moment," Stefan jealously observed, stepping into the living room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Abigail asked, glaring at Stefan. "This is my home," Stefan explained with a shrug. "Believe me, it's only temporary," Chad assured Abigail. "As soon as the board is through deliberating, one of us will be out on his ass," Stefan agreed. "It's not gonna be me," Chad insisted. "We'll see about that," Stefan countered.

After letting Chad and Stefan argue for a few more minutes, Abigail finally interrupted. "As long as he's in this house, Charlotte and I will not be," Abigail told Chad before starting to leave the mansion with Charlotte. "Oh, come on now, you crazy kids -- don't fight over me. I was just on my way to the breakfast room," Stefan announced before walking away. Once the coast was clear, Chad reiterated that Stefan would soon be out of the mansion again. Abigail pointed out that Chad couldn't guarantee that, since it was up to the board to decide. "I'll figure something out. [You and the kids] will never have to deal with Stefan again," Chad promised.

Later, Abigail ran into Gabi while passing through Horton Town Square. "You gonna offer me one of your famous cups of tea?" Abigail dryly asked Gabi. "No...but I'm guessing you heard that Chad and Stefan are going head to head over who's going to be CEO, [and I want you to know], for what it's worth...I hope Chad wins," Gabi replied. "Well, then, we have one thing in common," Abigail said before walking away with Charlotte.

Rex entered Eric's apartment and flopped down on the couch with a dramatic sigh, noisily dropping a set of keys onto the coffee table in the process. "You look like hell," Eric observed seconds later, joining Rex in the living room. "Did I wake you up?" Rex asked as Eric finished getting dressed. "Do you care?" Eric coldly replied. "Sorry, man," Rex said, sighing again.

"It just all went to hell with Sarah last night, you know? She stormed out on me, and I've been looking for her everywhere, and I've just been up all night..." Rex continued. "I'm getting scared that something might have happened to her. Do you have any idea where she might be?" Rex asked hopefully. "Not now...but I know where she was last night," Eric admitted.

Eric elaborated that Sarah had stopped by the previous night in search of someone to talk to about Rex's latest stunning confession. "You know, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I regret [sleeping with Sarah's sister...but] you don't know the circumstances --" Rex started to explain. "I don't want to," Eric insisted, but Rex forged ahead, not wanting Eric to think the worst. "The fact of the matter is that during the time that I was unfaithful to [Sarah], I just felt like I didn't deserve her. And I know [that] sounds like some sorry, lame-ass excuse, but it's true," Rex continued.

"There were a lot of aspects about our relationship at the time that were very good, [but] she was so hypercritical of me... Like, I was too quiet when I was hanging out with her friends, or I wasn't funny enough, [or] I needed to hold her hand more, or tell her that I loved her more... It's like I constantly felt like I couldn't measure up, and I was just being judged," Rex concluded.

"Did you tell her that?" Eric wondered. "No," Rex admitted. "And I realize [that] was a problem, 'cause those feelings were just building up inside, [but] I felt like...if I brought this up with her, she would think that I was just complaining, and then she would criticize me more, [or] she'd think that I wasn't the right guy for her. [So], when I slept with Mimi and Noelle...God, I was really screwed up in the head, [and] I just felt unworthy -- [like], 'Oh, Sarah's just gonna leave me, anyway, so --'" Rex continued. "Why are you telling me this?" Eric asked tiredly. "Because you're my brother, [and] I don't want you to think that I'm a horrible person," Rex reiterated.

"Are you bored?" Rex wondered, finding Eric's attitude a bit puzzling. "What, you expect me to be empathetic to you [for] sleeping with your fiancée's sister because you felt insecure at the time?" Eric incredulously countered. "Fine. You know what? Just forget it," Rex said with a scoff of disappointment. "Just tell me one thing -- how was Sarah when you saw her [last night]?" Rex added. "Why aren't you saying anything? What is it you don't want me to know?" Rex asked when Eric didn't respond right away. Eric remained silent, still remembering how Sarah had left the apartment in a huff after he had refused to sleep with another brother's love interest.

"She was in so much pain when she left here. She just wanted to forget what you did to her. [And I] offered to make a pot of coffee so we could talk, [but]...that's not what she needed," Eric finally revealed. Rex wanted to continue looking for Sarah, but Eric didn't think that was a good idea. "I have to fix this!" Rex desperately insisted. "You slept with her sister! Do you really think that can be fixed?" Eric incredulously countered.

Rex gave the matter some thought and ultimately conceded that Eric was right. Rex thanked Eric for listening then went to take a shower. Eric tried to contact Sarah while the coast was clear, but the call went to voicemail.

When Rex finished showering, Eric was gone. Rex soon received an unexpected visit from Kate, who had heard from Roman that Rex was back in town. Rex apologized for having neglected to get in touch with Kate upon returning to Salem. Kate wondered how Rex's plan to win Sarah back was progressing. "Well, I was making some pretty good headway..." Rex began. "That's past tense," Kate noted. "Yeah, it all kind of went to hell," Rex admitted with a sigh. "What'd you do?" Kate asked knowingly. "It's more like 'who'..." Rex reluctantly clarified, eliciting a groan from Kate.

At Doug's Place, Chloe helped Brady prepare for a meeting with Victor. "What do you think [he] wants?" Chloe asked. "He wasn't about to divulge that [when he called me] last night. He likes to make me wait -- that's part of the fun that he has with me. But he was more...he was more conciliatory than usual. Maybe the guy realized he was dead wrong about something," Brady replied with a shrug. "Nah," Chloe and Brady decided in unison.

When Brady arrived at the Kiriakis mansion later that morning, Victor was waiting in the living room. "How was your visit with my great-grandson?" Victor began. "It was fine. Tate's getting settled in. He is learning how to swim, and he loves his preschool," Brady reported. "And Theresa's mother?" Victor continued. "Still dying," Brady bluntly stated, already clearly sick of the small talk. Victor asked to see a recent picture of Tate, and Brady reluctantly complied. "He's a Dodgers fan?" Victor observed with a shake of the head. "Well, you always said Theresa was a bad influence," Brady replied with a shrug. "He looks like a wonderful boy," Victor concluded.

"Why am I here?" Brady impatiently demanded to know. "I know you haven't forgiven me...[but] I want you to come back to Titan -- as its CEO," Victor replied.

"Where is this coming from?" Brady asked suspiciously. "Chad DiMera was a disaster -- I'm sure you've heard. [And] I have to keep the company within the family, so that leaves me few options. Sonny's married to his accuser, so he's out, [and] I'm certainly not gonna turn the company over to Xander," Victor explained with a shrug. "Why not? I mean, think about the bio in the annual report -- 'Xander Kiriakis comes to Titan with a plethora of experience, including locking women in cages and trying to murder them on their wedding days.' It's brilliant," Brady dryly argued. "He also has inside information on DiMera," Victor revealed, stunning Brady.

Brady realized that Xander had handed Jack over to Eve in exchange for that information. "Probably. [But] I'm not gonna cave to Xander. He's a thug," Victor said. "So, that's why you called me -- you're desperate, [and] I just happen to be in the right gene pool," Brady summarized with a hint of disappointment. Victor raved that Brady was better at running Titan than anyone else was, but Brady thought that was just sweet talk.

Eric soon entered the mansion, hoping to find Sarah there. "I'm sorry that Xander beat the rap -- for Marlena and...for Nicole," Brady told Eric. "Me, too," Eric quietly replied before heading upstairs to look for Sarah.

"Well, are you gonna take the job or not?" Victor asked impatiently. "Not, [because] I know what's gonna happen -- I'll come on as CEO [and] straighten out your mess, [and as soon as] things are fine [again], you'll find some reason to believe that I'm unnecessary, and you'll fire me once again. I'm not going through [that] again!" Brady replied. Victor argued that Brady had a responsibility to the family, but Brady countered that Victor had done many harmful things to family members over the years. Victor sighed and conceded the point but was quick to stress that any harm that had been done to Brady had been done with the goal of protecting Isabella's son.

"Titan is a mess, and you're its only hope, [so] what do you say?" Victor asked again. Brady sighed and reluctantly agreed. "[But] this time, it has to be different, [so] no playing one family member against the other, okay? It's my vision for the company, and no one else's -- not Sonny's, not Philip's, not Xander's... [And] I'm gonna need a contract that expresses that," Brady insisted. "I'll have Justin draw it up this afternoon!" Victor happily agreed. Brady and Victor sealed the deal with a handshake. Victor soon began snickering for no apparent reason, making Brady a bit uneasy. "[Xander's] in for a big surprise when he finally gets up!" Victor noted.

Meanwhile, Leo awoke to the sensation of something poking him. "Hmm -- somebody's already awake," he flirtatiously observed before opening his eyes and realizing that it was just an empty bottle of Champagne -- and that he was otherwise alone in the bedroom. "Xandy? Where are you?" he asked, but no one responded.

Down the hall, Eric approached Sarah's bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, so Eric peeked inside -- and found Sarah in bed with Xander.

Eric and Sarah fight over Xander

Eric and Sarah fight over Xander

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kayla visited Jennifer at the Horton house to discuss Dr. Rolf's formula. "I really need Jack to remember how much we loved one another," Jennifer said. Kayla told Jennifer that Seth Burns had handed over the formula to the FDA. With a groan, Jennifer noted that the formula had already worked once. Kayla said the bureaucracy of the government was at work.

"I'm just going to have to find a way to reach Jack without the serum," Jennifer muttered. Kayla told Jennifer that she was confident that the love of Jack's life could jog Jack's memory. Jennifer told Kayla about the family dinner and the fact that Chad had had to pay Jack to show up. With a groan, Jennifer complained that Eve had ruined the night.

"The man I love is choosing to be with a woman who is completely using him," Jennifer said. Kayla informed Jennifer that she had begged Eve to start fresh in another town, but it was obvious that Eve had ignored her advice. Jennifer complained that Eve did not want Jack to be happy with his family. Jennifer refused to let Eve turn Jack into "something he is not." Kayla told Jennifer that Eve was using Jack's shame against him.

"[Jack] has to remember the man that I knew and loved," Jennifer said. Jennifer argued that there had to be a way to get Jack's memory back. Kayla suggested that they use Dr. Rolf's notes to synthesize a new serum. Excited by the idea, Jennifer asked Kayla if they could go to the hospital and see if the notebook was still there. When Kayla and Jennifer arrived at the hospital, they were unable to locate the journal.

Jack returned to Eve's hotel room with morning coffee and magazines. "A bridal magazine?" Eve asked. "So, when are we getting married?" Jack asked. With a chuckle, Eve asked Jack if he was proposing. Jack explained that Jennifer had told him that Eve had mentioned that she was going to marry Jack. Eve reminded Jack that she and he were alike.

"So, we are alike? That's why you want to marry me? It's not to use me like a knife in Jennifer's back?" Jack asked. Eve told Jack that Jennifer was jealous and that Jack could trust Eve. Eve reminded Jack that he and Jennifer had divorced twice. "They don't need to be your future," Eve added. Jack argued that his dinner had shown him that his family liked him and enjoyed his company.

"Do you want to be the man that you were or the man that you could be? With me at your side," Eve said. "Because you love me so much? Because you believe in me?" Jack asked. Eve handed Jack the contract that Chad had given her for a job in Paris. Eve explained that she had turned down the job because she believed in her heart that she belonged with Jack.

"You mean more to me than some stupid career move. Jack, I need to know that you believe me," Eve said. "I'm sorry I've doubted you," Jack noted. Eve assured Jack that they had an amusing future together. With a shrug, Jack reminded Eve that they needed to find jobs first. Jack suggested that he write another book. Reconsidering, Jack wondered aloud if he should approach the Spectator for work as a journalist.

"That is a terrible idea!" Eve shouted. Eve explained that the paper was a failing prospect. "You need to be someplace that you can really shine," Eve said. Jack was not sure, but Eve argued that the paper would not be around much longer.

"I know you don't remember this, but you were a politician for a while," Eve said. Jack said he liked the idea of being a senator. Eve advised Jack to aim for ousting Abe from his position as mayor. "We can run this town together," Eve said with a grin. Jack worried aloud about his amnesia, but Eve argued that meant Jack had no baggage. With a nod, Jack said he would research the issues first. Jack invited Eve to join him at the pub, but she declined. After Jack left, Eve picked up a notebook and cradled it to her chest.

At Eric's apartment, Kate stopped by to visit her son Rex. Kate playfully chastised Rex for not telling her that he had returned to Salem. Kate asked how Rex's plan to win back Sarah was going. With a groan, Rex explained that the other woman he had slept with had been Sarah's sister. Rex asked Kate for advice in how to win back Sarah. When Rex told Kate what had happened at the pub, her jaw dropped open.

"You never tell the truth! Are you kidding me? When a woman says she wants to know the truth, she doesn't really!" Kate shouted. Rex told Kate that Chloe had agreed. With a sigh, Rex said he needed to find Sarah. Kate stopped Rex.

"You need to wait this out. You have to give her a chance to cool down, and if you love her, you need to give her a chance to process that you were stupid enough to sleep with her sister," Kate argued. Rex agreed. Kate suggested that Rex be patient. With a nod, Rex said he would not give up on Sarah.

In the Kiriakis living room, Sonny was surprised to see Brady in the house. Brady confirmed that he was talking to Victor again. With a grin on his face, Sonny said he was one step closer to getting rid of his "slime of a husband." Brady marveled aloud at the fact that Sonny had married Leo. Suspicious, Brady asked what evidence Leo had against Sonny. Sonny promised to make things right.

"I just hope Uncle Vic can find the right person to put Titan back on track," Sonny said. Brady confirmed that Victor had hired him. "He must have a lot of faith in you," Sonny said. With a shrug, Brady said he was the lesser of two evils compared to Xander. Sonny told Brady that Xander had been pushing Victor to hire him as CEO.

"As if an arms dealer slash diamond smuggler slash bag man is actually qualified to run a company like Titan," Sonny joked. Brady chuckled. Sonny told Brady that he believed Brady was the best person for the job. "My heart wasn't really in it, and yours always was," Sonny said. "Thank you. That means a lot," Brady said. Brady and Sonny hugged.

Upstairs in his bed, a groggy Leo called out for "Xandie." Leo gripped his head in pain and looked at the empty bottle of Champagne in bed beside him. Leo thought about the previous night when Leo had jumped on top of Xander. Confused, Leo wondered aloud, "Where did he go?"

Down the hallway, Eric walked into Sarah's room and found her naked and asleep in bed with Xander. "What the hell did you do to Sarah?" Eric yelled out. Xander and Sarah startled awake. With a satisfied grin, Xander said, "I did all sorts of things to her last night, but maybe Sarah can tell you what she enjoyed the most." Eric went to grab Sarah, but Sarah insisted she had slept with Xander of her own free will.

"I enjoyed every minute of it," Sarah stressed. Xander complained that Eric had ruined his plans for "morning delight." Xander leaned over and whispered to Sarah that she was "very special." As Xander lightly kissed Sarah's cheek, Eric recoiled in disgust. Eric looked away as Xander pulled on his pants.

"You had your chance with her, mate, and you missed out on a lot," Xander said. After Xander walked out, Eric slammed the door. "How could you do this?" Eric asked. "Why are you even here?" Sarah countered. Eric said he had felt bad about how things had ended the night before. Eric accused Sarah of sleeping with Xander to get back at him. With a groan, Sarah argued that her decision to have sex with Xander had had nothing to do with Eric.

"I'm dying to know how you just hopped into bed with the scum of the earth?" Eric barked. Sarah explained that she had been angry. Sarah told Eric what had happened when she had returned home to the mansion and found Xander there: "Men are creeps," Sarah complained. "Tell me about it," Xander agreed. Sarah told Xander that Rex had slept with her sister. When Sarah told Xander she had attempted to sleep with Rex's brother Eric, she winced as she said Eric had rejected her.

"My life has just been one humiliation after another lately. What the hell is wrong with me?" Sarah wondered aloud. Xander told Sarah, "There is nothing wrong with you. You're perfect. I mean, you're beautiful, you're smart, and a doctor. I mean, I thought you were amazing from the moment I first saw you, and all this snap, crackle, and pop? It's a total turn-on," Xander said as sidled up beside Sarah on the couch. With a roll of her eyes, Sarah told Xander that he had only said that to make her feel better.

"I could stop saying anything and just make you feel better," Xander offered. Xander kissed Sarah, and when Sarah kissed Xander back, Xander stood and swept Sarah up into his arms. Sarah shook off the memory and looked Eric in the eyes.

"Xander was kind to me when I needed kindness," Sarah said. Furious, Eric argued that Xander had played Sarah because Xander hated Eric. "How could you be so stupid?" Eric said bitterly. Sarah growled that she had gotten what she'd wanted from Xander. Eric yelled that Sarah had hurt his feelings by sleeping with the man responsible for Nicole's death.

"Maybe I wasn't thinking about you at all," Sarah said. "You're not who I thought you were," Eric said with disdain. Eric yelled that he could not look at Sarah. As Eric started to leave, Sarah blocked his path to the door. Sarah swore she had not slept with Xander to hurt Eric. Eric countered that Sarah had wanted to sleep with Eric after Rex's confession and then had been just as angry when she had left Eric's apartment after Eric had turned her down.

"If your goal was to destroy our friendship, you succeeded. Now, please step out of my way," Eric growled. Eric walked out. "What did I do?" Sarah whispered to herself.

Xander returned to Leo's room and explained that he had been at breakfast. Xander said he had been hungry after their night together. "We slept together?" Leo asked in confusion. Xander joked that there had been little sleep. "Please don't break my heart and tell me you don't remember?" Xander asked innocently. "I don't," Leo confirmed. Xander said he was hurt.

"I was very reluctant at first, as you know, but once we got into it, I had a good time. We both did," Xander said. "We did?" Leo asked. Leo argued that if their time together had been good, he would remember.

"I showed you a hell of a good time. There were tears in your eyes when you kissed me goodnight, so you know what that means," Xander said. "Round two?" Leo asked. Xander firmly said he had given Leo what he had wanted, and Xander wanted the leverage he was owed. Leo argued that it was not fair that he did not remember the sex.

"I did my part. So, now it's time for you to do yours," Xander said calmly as he clutched the comforter to his chest. "I'm not telling you anything unless we have sex that I enjoy and remember, right now," Leo demanded. Xander argued that they had agreed to terms. Suspicious, Leo pointed out that Xander had said he had enjoyed their night together. Xander declined to have sex with Leo. Leo sniffed his champagne glass.

"Drunk or drugged?" Leo asked. "I'm a man of my word, if nothing else. The last thing I'd do is slip you a mickey," Xander said. When Leo threatened to test the glass for drug residue, Xander scowled and slapped the glass out of Leo's hand. The glass shattered.

"Oh, my God. You did drug me," Leo said. "You're a total lightweight, by the way," Xander confirmed. With a chuckle, Xander informed Leo that Leo had passed out after one kiss and that Xander had then ventured downstairs and hooked up with Sarah.

"Kissing her really helped get the taste of you out of my mouth," Xander grumbled. "I can't believe you tricked me," Leo protested. Xander argued that Leo would have done the same if Leo had been blackmailed into sex with a woman. "Probably, but that is not the point. We had a deal," Leo argued.

"Turns out I didn't have the stomach for it," Xander explained. With a shrug, Leo said he got a kiss, and Xander got nothing. Leo warned Xander that he did not have enough leverage over Victor to secure the CEO position at Titan. Leo stormed out.

After dressing, Leo walked downstairs and ran into Sonny in the foyer. "You look like hell," Sonny said. "That's how you start the day? With insults?" Leo asked. Leo appeared hurt. When Leo said he needed Sonny, Sonny suggested that Leo jump in the hot tub with Xander.

"As if I have eyes for anyone but you," Leo said with mock surprise. Leo snuggled up close to Sonny and asked Sonny to join him on a spa day. With a sigh, Sonny walked out with Leo.

In the living room, Xander noted that Brady appeared to be pretty comfortable by the fire. "Maybe I should throw you out before Victor gets a whiff of you," Xander suggested. Brady grinned. "I'm pretty sure it would be you that Victor would rather have thrown out of here," Brady countered. With a smirk, Xander noted that Victor was very close to picking him to run Titan. Brady announced that Victor had hired Brady to be the new head of Titan instead. Xander scowled.

At Eric's apartment, he loudly threw his keys down on the table as he returned home. "You all right?" Rex asked as he watched his brother stew by the front door. Eric said he did not want to talk, but Rex insisted that Eric open up. "Somebody I care about let me down, but I will deal with it on my own," Eric said.

Trask makes an unexpected career move

Trask makes an unexpected career move

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

by Mike

Trask stormed into the police station while Hope was in the process of explaining Rafe's unexpected absence to a curious Eli. "Just when I thought this department couldn't get more incompetent, you prove me wrong yet again [by letting] another high-profile criminal go free...and this time, you're gonna have to answer for it!" Trask snapped, glaring at Hope.

Abe arrived a short time later, while Hope and Eli were explaining to an increasingly outraged Trask that the evidence against Xander had been lost. "I can hear you all the way down the hall. What's the commotion?" Abe wondered. "Ask your 'brilliant' commissioner! Thanks to her and her worthless department, Xander Cook is a free man!" Trask replied. "You cannot allow such gross incompetence to stand any longer! You need to fire Hope Brady-Hernandez!" Trask added. Eli was quick to defend Hope, but Trask dismissively noted that Eli was Hope's cousin and was therefore biased.

Trask continued criticizing Hope's leadership until Abe finally interrupted. "It was my office that made the mistake [that allowed Xander to go free]. The buck stops with me," Abe clarified, pointedly recalling a phrase that Trask had recently used. Abe led Trask to an unoccupied conference room to continue the conversation. "My office was tricked into providing security footage of Xander Cook," Abe elaborated. "To whom?" Trask wondered. "Unfortunately, Xander himself. He was pretending to be John Black," Abe admitted. "John Black should not have had access in the first place!" Trask insisted.

"But you can never say no to a friend, can you? [And] now, thanks to your handing out special favors, this department's security has been breached!" Trask continued, livid. "You are on thin ice, Melinda. I'd advise you to watch your tone," Abe warned. "I will watch my tone when you watch this department! You and your whole law enforcement team -- you're a total joke!" Trask spat.

"I refuse to be associated with this [any longer]," Trask continued. "What are you saying?" Abe asked, confused. "I'm saying...I quit!" Trask clarified.

"Don't you think that's a little bit rash?" Abe asked incredulously. "I don't, actually. I've been planning to resign for quite some time. I'm sick of dealing with everyone else's screw-ups, and this is as good a time as any to bow out," Trask explained. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but I accept your resignation, so feel free to clear out your office," Abe said. "Gladly. I'll finally be able to move on to bigger and better things," Trask replied before leaving.

Meanwhile, Hope thanked Eli for the earlier support. Returning to the matter of Rafe's absence, Eli curiously wondered if it had anything to do with Hope's relationship with Ted. "Sorry -- it's none of my business," Eli quickly added. "Yeah, you're right -- it is none of your... Nothing is... I need some fresh air," Hope replied before rushing off, clearly flustered.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate called out to Tripp, who had just emerged from the café and was clearly nursing an arm injury. "Are you going to take my order?" she asked impatiently, ignoring his distress. "No, I'm on my way to the hospital. The cook accidentally burned me," he replied before continuing on his way. "Does that mean you're not taking my order?" she called out, dumbfounded. "I'm sure someone else will be along soon, okay?" he said with a forced smile. "Bitch," he added as he turned to leave again, making only the slightest effort to avoid being heard.

"Happy to see you haven't changed a bit," Ted said, taking a seat at Kate's table. She wondered if his island getaway had changed him at all. He confirmed that his blackmailing days were over for good. She found it hard to believe that he was going to be an upstanding citizen for the rest of his life, but he explained that he owed the commissioner that much for having gone out on a limb for him when he hadn't really deserved any favors. He insisted, when asked, that his relationship with the commissioner was completely innocent, and he flirtatiously added that another woman still had his full attention.

"I forgive you [for what you did to me]. Can you forgive me?" Ted asked hopefully. "I don't need you to forgive me. I don't want you to forgive me," Kate dismissively insisted. "We had something special! You meant something to me!" Ted protested. "But you chose money and power over me," Kate pointed out. "I won't make that same mistake again," Ted promised. "You're right -- you won't...because I'm not giving you the chance. [See], I spent months tangled up in lies, deception, and blackmail, and now I can breathe freely," Kate replied. "Okay, I understand...[but] how about one last kiss goodbye?" Ted flirtatiously suggested.

Kate scoffed and doused Ted with the remaining half of a martini. "Go to hell," Kate spat before walking away. Embarrassed, Ted started to clean up -- and soon noticed that Hope was watching from afar.

At the hospital, Haley admitted to a curious Kayla that it was actually surprisingly nice to have a therapist to talk to about things. "Sounds like you're making some real progress," Kayla observed. "I hope so. I mean, it's not like all my problems are magically solved, but...I do feel a lot better -- and I want you to know, I'm never gonna try taking my life again," Haley replied.

Haley admitted that it was going to be hard to repay J.J. -- not just for literally being a lifesaver but also for having agreed without hesitation to provide shelter for a suddenly homeless person. "You're staying at J.J.'s?" Kayla asked, surprised. "Only temporarily. [See], my old roommate -- she, uh...she decided that our living situation was no longer convenient for her," Haley vaguely explained before continuing to gush about J.J.'s many great qualities. "Sounds like you and my nephew are getting pretty close," Kayla observed with a hint of concern. "We're just friends," Haley quickly clarified.

Just then, Tripp approached the nurses' station. "What happened?" Kayla asked, concerned. "Work -- the cook accidentally got me with some hot oil. I'm sure it's fine, but [my boss] insisted I come down and get it checked out. You know, I guess she doesn't want a lawsuit," Tripp explained. Kayla nodded and led Tripp to the nearest unoccupied examination room, with Haley in tow for assistance.

While tending to Tripp's burned right forearm, Kayla explained that Stefan had been released because someone else had confessed to using Steve's bionic eye to gain access to confidential information. "Excuse me -- what?" Haley asked, stunned. "It's a long story," Tripp vaguely clarified. "Sorry -- this is my stepson, Tripp," Kayla further clarified before giving Haley the task of dressing Tripp's wound.

After Kayla left, Haley began telling Tripp how to care for the wound until it was fully healed. "Yeah, I actually kind of remember a lot of this stuff from when I was studying for the med school exam," Tripp revealed. "So, you're gonna be a doctor?" Haley assumed. "No, no -- not anymore," Tripp clarified with a laugh. "What happened?" Haley asked curiously. "I made a huge mistake, and, uh...change of plans," Tripp vaguely elaborated.

"What about you? You always want to be a nurse?" Tripp wondered. "Oh, I love being a nurse, but...when I was younger, I wanted to own a rabbit farm -- [and] not just any rabbits, [but] giant rabbits. You know, some breeds can grow up to four feet," Haley replied. "That sounds horrifying," Tripp declared with a shudder. "I think you mean 'completely adorable,'" Haley argued. "Yeah, maybe for some, [but] I have a weird thing about rabbits -- I don't know, ever since I saw Donnie Darko as a kid..." Tripp admitted. "'As a kid'? No wonder you're scared of rabbits!" Haley noted. "Well, I didn't say 'scared,' per se, [but] I'm not a fan," Tripp clarified.

"[And] you're probably right -- I probably watched a lot of things I shouldn't have [as a kid]. My dad wasn't really around," Tripp added. "The one with the bionic eye?" Haley assumed. "No, no -- my adoptive dad," Tripp clarified. "Oh. Okay. And I thought I had a complicated life," Haley said with a chuckle, causing Tripp to laugh, as well.

After parting ways with Haley, Tripp went to check on Kayla, who had clearly been trying to hide some emotions during the earlier conversation about Steve. Tripp insisted that Steve loved Kayla and would surely return soon.

J.J. entered the Brady Pub and called out to Jack, who was sitting at the bar with a glass of beer in one hand and a tablet computer in the other.

"Dad," J.J. repeated when Jack didn't respond to the first greeting. "Jack," J.J. said when Jack also ignored the second greeting. "Hmm?" Jack immediately replied, turning around. "Oh! J.J.! Excuse me -- I, um...uh...actually, I heard you the first two times," Jack awkwardly admitted. "Ah -- but you're probably not used to hearing someone call you 'Dad,'" J.J. realized. "Uh...I guess, yeah," Jack agreed with a shrug.

"So,'re here...meeting someone?" Jack asked. "Oh, I just, uh -- just got off work, so I usually stop by and grab a beer," J.J. clarified. "Oh. Well, uh...don't let me keep you," Jack said before turning back to the tablet computer. "Actually, you want to -- you want to join me?" J.J. asked hopefully. "Oh. Uh...well, sure -- sure, why not?" Jack agreed, shrugging again. J.J. ordered two beers then led Jack over to an empty table.

"So, what had you so engrossed?" J.J. asked curiously, gesturing toward Jack's tablet computer, which was no longer on. "Just looking at the political landscape of Salem. Eve tells me I used to be a politician," Jack explained. J.J. was surprised to hear that Jack was actually considering running against Abe in the upcoming mayoral race. Jack wondered if J.J. knew Abe. "Uh...well, I -- I used to date his daughter..." J.J. hesitantly began. "And I, uh...I almost killed his son," J.J. eventually added. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you," Jack said after J.J. shared the whole story -- including the part about the planned suicide attempt. "Me, too," J.J. replied.

"But, uh...luckily, I had, uh...I had a lot of other people who supported me and wanted to help me, and I was able to turn to them, and that's what saved me. And that's why now I'm just trying to pay it forward by being there for someone else," J.J. added. "You're talking about the girl from New Year's Eve," Jack guessed. "How'd you know?" J.J. wondered. "Uh...father's intuition?" Jack decided with a shrug. "She's your girlfriend?" Jack assumed. "What? No," J.J. insisted with an awkward chuckle. "Hoping she will be?" Jack assumed again. "Just friends -- that's it," J.J. maintained. "And...well, roommates," J.J. admitted, leaving Jack even more skeptical.

Changing the subject, J.J. wondered what had happened after the recent family dinner, when Jack and Jennifer had ended up alone together at Doug's Place. " was nice..." Jack began. "But...?" J.J. asked expectantly. "I think I have more in common with Eve," Jack explained with a shrug. "You have no idea how wrong you are," J.J. insisted. "You're not a fan," Jack deduced. "Definitely not," J.J. confirmed.

"Dad, you can't trust Eve. She's just using you as a pawn to get to Mom -- to hurt Mom -- the same way she used me," J.J. continued. "What, did she try to sleep with you, too?" Jack asked jokingly. "Oh..." Jack added, the smile fading at once in response to J.J.'s deadly serious reaction to the question. "Eve seduced you to hurt your mother?" Jack incredulously summarized. "It's not exactly that -- I do share some of the responsibility -- but...yes, I do believe that Eve got involved with me because she knew it would upset Mom," J.J. replied. "I see," Jack said.

"You okay? You seem a little freaked," J.J. observed. "Um...yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just,'s just strange, you know, to realize that your son has exactly the same taste in women," Jack explained.

J.J. took that as a perfectly awkward time to leave. "J.J., um...I'm really glad that you and I had a chance to talk -- just the two of us -- and I'm sorry I haven't been there for you, but...memory or no memory, I want to make up for lost time. I want you to know...I'm here for you now, whenever you need me," Jack hesitantly stressed. J.J. returned the sentiment and handed over a business card so Jack would always know how to get in touch.

"If you're thinking about running for mayor, you should know that Abe Carver's pretty popular around here, and defeating him's not gonna be easy," J.J. warned. "I'll take that under advisement," Jack replied.

J.J. soon returned home and told Haley about the encounter with Jack. "I felt like we kind of connected, even if he doesn't remember me," J.J. admitted. "You know, sometimes, you have this natural connection with certain people, even if you can't explain it, you know what I mean?" Haley mused, perhaps not thinking of J.J. "Yeah, I do," J.J. confirmed, smiling at Haley.

At the Salem Inn, Eve settled in a chair and began reading the entries in Rolf's diary that pertained to the memory-jogging serum.

"Ten percent of the solution multiplied by...that squiggle with the line through it?" Eve muttered, clearly quite confused. "Oh, my gosh -- I cannot believe that this gibberish is actually gonna get Jack's memory back!" she said with a shake of the head. "Well, hopefully it'll be years before the FDA approves it -- if they ever do. I just need to make sure that this doesn't fall into the wrong hands [in the meantime], and then I get to keep Jack all to myself," she concluded with a mischievous smirk. "I don't know -- maybe I need to destroy it altogether, though..." Eve realized after a moment of thought.

Just then, someone knocked on the hotel room door. Eve stashed Rolf's diary in a desk drawer then opened the door and found Jennifer standing in the hallway.

"Ugh. Jennifer, do you ever take a hint? You. Are. Not. Welcome. Here!" Eve tiredly declared. "Sorry -- you're not getting rid of me that easily," Jennifer replied, barging into the hotel room.

"Oh, no -- did [Jack] walk out on you? Was it because I told him that you were gonna trick him into marrying you? Gosh, I hope I didn't ruin your little evil scheme!" Jennifer said with mock concern after realizing that Eve was alone. "Nice try, you little tattletale, but I hate to break it to you -- your little plan to out me was a bust, [because] I didn't have any problem admitting [that I want to marry Jack]," Eve replied. "Did you tell him it's because you want to stick it to me?" Jennifer asked. "This is so not about you, Jennifer! [Jack and I] belong together, [and] sticking it to you [is just]...gosh, what would you call it? Ah -- a fringe benefit," Eve insisted.

Eve delighted in showing Jennifer the bridal magazine that Jack had purchased earlier -- and claiming that it was proof that a wedding could be happening in the very near future. "The only [reason] that Jack would ever marry you is because he doesn't remember who you are. [We both know that] if he had his memory back, he would run as far away from you as possible," Jennifer insisted. "That's debatable...and irrelevant, because Jack doesn't have his memory back," Eve replied. "Yet," Jennifer stressed, adding that there was a serum that could change that. "Dr. Rolf's magical elixir?" Eve pretended to recall.

"Isn't [that] in the hands of the FDA right now, waiting for approval? I mean, that could take years, and by then, you know, Jack and I will be living in wedded bliss. [You know, it's] kind of a shame that there's not another copy of that lying around somewhere..." Eve added. "You know what? There is. There's Dr. Rolf's original diary," Jennifer clarified. "Really? Well, what happened to it?" Eve asked curiously. "Seth Burns lost it, apparently," Jennifer revealed with a sigh. "Lost it? Now, that's weird, right? I mean, why would someone be so careless about something so important?" Eve replied.

"[And even if Jack] did get his memory back, I can tell you this much -- he would [still] choose me any day over you, because all you've ever done is make that man miserable," Eve continued. "If you really believe that Jack would choose you, you're even more delusional than I thought. The real Jack would never love you, and you know it -- that's why you have to play dirty," Jennifer countered.

Eve denied being worried about what would happen if Jack's memory ever returned. Eve considered handing over Rolf's diary as proof of that claim but ultimately decided to instead tell Jennifer about Chad's job offer. "If I were so afraid of losing Jack to you, don't you think that I would have taken that job [and] taken Jack with me, just to keep him away from you and your kids? But I didn't do that, did I? No! I stayed right here in Salem," Eve said. "Because you want to rub your relationship with Jack in my face," Jennifer guessed. "No, Jennifer -- I'm confident that he's gonna choose me. It's just a matter of time, 'cause he's falling hard," Eve countered.

"You really are so sick and twisted, you know that? But the good news is, it's only a matter of time before Jack notices, and then it's over, and you're always," Jennifer predicted. Eve was hurt but didn't let it show until Jennifer was gone. After a quick tantrum, Eve put Rolf's diary back beneath the couch cushion that had originally concealed it. "It is a good thing that Seth Burns isn't too careful with his office keys..." Eve mused.

"You've got some explaining to do," Jack said just then, joining a startled Eve in the hotel room. "What do you mean?" Eve asked, feigning innocence. "You slept with my son!" Jack clarified, outraged. "Oh. That," Eve said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Look, that's ancient history. Come on, you're not gonna judge me for one horrendous mistake, [are you]? I was going through a hard time...exactly like you were when you slept with Jennifer's mother," Eve continued. "I did what?" Jack asked, stunned. "I told you we both have made some bad mistakes," Eve reminded Jack with a shrug. "You're right. Who am I to judge?" Jack decided.

With that out of the way, Eve wondered if Jack had given any thought to the idea of joining the mayoral race. "Let's give Abe Carver a run for his money," Jack replied, pleasing Eve.

After receiving an unexpected phone call from Trask, Jennifer headed over to the park to find out what was going on. "[This is] against my better judgment. I'm not really a fan of yours, after the way you treated my daughter," Jennifer admitted. "I was trying to convict someone who had committed a crime. It doesn't always make you friends. But you don't need to worry about that anymore," Trask replied.

Jennifer was surprised to hear that Trask was no longer the district attorney. "Why?" Jennifer wondered. "That's actually why I asked you to meet. I have a major scoop for your little paper," Trask teasingly began to explain.

Chad makes a decision that stuns Abigail

Chad makes a decision that stuns Abigail

Thursday, January 24, 2019

by Mike

At J.J.'s apartment, Haley started preparing a dinner for two -- and casually mentioned, while the food was cooking, that treating cute patients at work was a good way to build up an appetite.

"You're not supposed to notice when your patients are good-looking," J.J. teasingly pointed out. "It was pretty obvious," Haley replied before adding with a sigh that the patient in question was Kayla's stepson and was therefore off-limits. "You mean Tripp," J.J. realized. "He's my cousin. His dad and my dad are brothers," J.J. revealed. "And for the record...I'm much better-looking than he is," J.J. insisted with a wink and a grin, making Haley chuckle. J.J. seized the opportunity to probe for information about Haley's family, but Haley kept things vague and quickly steered the conversation back to the topic of J.J.'s family -- specifically, Jack.

"So, you guys met up for beer, [and] you said you guys connected..." Haley began. "Yeah, we did, but it was confusing; it was like connecting with a stranger," J.J. admitted. "What did you guys talk about?" Haley asked curiously. "Well, he did mention that he was thinking about running for mayor of Salem..." J.J. revealed. "That's ambitious," Haley noted. "He always was," J.J. recalled.

"[Anyway], our talk was good...mostly...[but] it got a little awkward when we started talking about our love lives..." J.J. added. "Let's just say I've...made some mistakes," J.J. vaguely clarified, but Haley wanted more details. "Okay, fine... I slept with Eve Donovan," J.J. admitted. "That lady from New Year's Eve? You slept with that witch? [And] now she's involved with your dad?" Haley asked incredulously. "Yeah. It's...not something I'm proud of," J.J. replied, sighing. "Well, I mean...Eve is a MILF," Haley acknowledged, trying to make J.J. feel better -- and assuming that Eve was indeed a mother. "Her daughter was my girlfriend," J.J. hesitantly revealed.

"Like I said, it's...not something I'm proud of," J.J. reiterated as Haley struggled to absorb the shocking new detail. "Well, I'm guessing that was the end of your relationship..." Haley eventually mused with a laugh. "Yeah...[and] she was...she was...killed, uh...not long after we broke up," J.J. sadly admitted. Haley immediately regretted having cracked a joke about the matter, but J.J. understood that it hadn't been meant in a malicious way. "How did it...?" Haley curiously began to ask. "I don't really want to talk about how she died; I just, uh...I like to remember her life instead," J.J. replied before proceeding to tell Haley a few things about Paige.

Upon learning that J.J. and Paige had shared a passion for music, Haley begged for an impromptu performance. "Come on! What are you afraid of?" Haley asked when J.J. tried to refuse the request. "Nothing! Well, I mean...clowns -- I'm terrified of clowns..." J.J. replied. Haley laughed at the joke then picked up a nearby guitar and shoved it at J.J. "Stop making excuses and play," Haley demanded.

J.J. reluctantly complied, and Haley immediately recognized the song that he had chosen to play. She soon began singing along with him. Afterward, they took turns gushing about each other's talent.

Tripp entered the loft apartment while Claire was in the process of writing a new song. "What happened there?" Claire asked, noticing Tripp's bandaged arm. "The chef got me with some hot grease in the kitchen," Tripp explained. "Oh, my God, Tripp! I've been saying forever -- that guy is a threat to everyone who works there!" Claire fretted. "It was an accident, okay? Kayla's already checked it out and said I'll be fine...and, uh, the cute nurse even showed me how to change the dressing myself," Tripp replied, grinning. "What cute nurse?" Claire asked jealously. "She's new at the hospital," Tripp explained, already thinking about asking Haley out.

Claire agreed that it was time for Tripp to move on from Ciara. "[But] I thought that if you were gonna move would be with me," Claire admitted. "You've been a great friend to me, Claire, but...with you and I living here, and Ciara living here, too...I mean, it could get really messy," Tripp pointed out. "Oh, come on, Tripp -- really? We don't even know if Ciara's coming back! What if she falls in love with South Africa [and] decides to stay there with Theo?" Claire argued. "I guess that's possible..." Tripp conceded. "I think we could have something really good, Tripp, and we can't let Ciara stand in our way," Claire insisted.

"What if it doesn't work out? What if it's a disaster, and we end up hating each other?" Tripp asked. "What if it's amazing and it changes our lives?" Claire countered.

"It's kind of like writing a song -- you never really know if it's gonna work until you put together the words and the music," Claire added before kissing Tripp, who responded favorably at first but eventually pulled away and breathlessly suggested that it might be best to take things slowly. "I've waited two years for this, so how much slower can it go, right?" she argued. "Good point," he conceded before following her to her bedroom.

At the Horton Town Square, Hope wondered why Ted had been talking to Kate, of all people, earlier. "Do you have a problem with [that]?" Ted asked curiously. "It's none of my business who you talk to...but you did tell me that Kate was the one who put Stefan up to kidnapping you, [so] it should be pretty clear why I'd be...just a little seeing the two of you together," Hope replied.

Ted admitted to having a very complicated relationship with Kate, who had once been a lover but had just made it very clear that the relationship was over for good. "You seem a little bit...relieved," Ted curiously observed, gauging Hope's reaction to the news. "I am, [because]...she's dangerous," Hope claimed with a shrug. "Well, I appreciate your concern...but for a split second, I thought you might be jealous," Ted said. "I have no reason to be jealous, [because]...I'm a happily married an amazing man," Hope insisted, fidgeting. "I will have to take your word on [that]," Ted skeptically replied.

"[Anyway], it's getting late. I'm pretty sure your 'amazing' husband is waiting for you at home..." Ted added. "Actually, he's out of the country..." Hope admitted. "Well, in that case...would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" Ted asked. Hope declined with a litany of excuses, but Ted sensed an opening, knowing that one excuse should have been enough. "My fragile ego could not bear taking another blow tonight," Ted stressed with a wink, adding that the dinner would be a way of repaying Hope for all the recent help. "Let's go to my dad's restaurant -- Doug's Place," Hope eventually decided.

At the police station, Eli informed Gabi, who was looking for Rafe, that Sami had recently convinced Rafe to travel to Europe to help Johnny stay out of trouble. "Why didn't Rafe tell me?" Gabi wondered, stunned. "Maybe he wasn't in the mood to share after what you did," Eli suggested with a shrug. "He was probably in a hurry when he was leaving. He'll probably call me when he gets there. [He] loves me, despite the mistakes I've made," Gabi dismissively insisted with just a hint of uncertainty. "'Mistakes'?" Eli incredulously repeated. "[Just] tell Hope to have Rafe call me," Gabi requested before rushing off, having just received an upsetting text message.

Later, Eli went to Doug's Place in search of Julie -- and found Hope and Ted together there, eating dinner and drinking wine while discussing Rafe's decision to travel to Europe to help an ex-wife. "We had work to discuss," Hope claimed. "Gotcha," Eli skeptically replied before changing the subject, happily revealing that Trask had resigned earlier that day. Thrilled, Hope prayed that it would be easier to work with the next district attorney.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Stefan waited anxiously for Shin and the other board members to decide who was going to be appointed as DiMera Enterprises' CEO -- and soon received an answer. "[Chad DiMera, the board] has decided to keep you on as CEO, effective immediately," Chad read aloud from a text message before pausing to gloat about the victory. "You might want to read the rest," Stefan advised with a chuckle, having received the same text message. "[The board has also] decided that, in the interest of stability --" Chad continued reading aloud. "You will be sharing the position with [Stefan DiMera]," Stefan cheerfully concluded for Chad.

Gabi arrived a short time later, interrupting Chad's desperate attempt to talk Stefan out of accepting the board's offer. "I heard about the board's decision [from Kate]. So, what does [it] mean for me?" Gabi asked worriedly.

"My position hasn't changed. I still want nothing to do with you or Gabi Chic, so you can keep your company," Chad assured Gabi. "That's not a decision you can make, Chad," Stefan pointed out.

Gabi advised Stefan to remember what had happened to the last person who had tried to steal Gabi Chic, but Stefan dismissively countered that Abigail, not Gabi, had killed Andre. "Yeah, but you made sure I went to prison for that crime, [so] it seems like I'm owed a free murder," Gabi reasoned with a shrug. "I am not the person I used to be, [and] this new person [won't] be pushed around," Gabi added, glaring at Stefan.

Gabi turned to Chad for support, but he wasn't particularly interested in helping her. "Honestly, I have more important things to worry about," he said before exiting the mansion.

Stefan encouraged Gabi to walk away from Gabi Chic instead of sticking around to watch its destruction. "I'm never leaving Gabi Chic. Actually, I'm gonna use it as an opportunity to make your life a living hell," Gabi vowed. "Well, since I'm only co-CEO, that means I'll have plenty of time to do the same to you," Stefan countered. "You think losing Gabby and Charlotte hurt? I can do so much more to hurt you. When I'm done with you, you're gonna beg me to take my company back and go," Gabi promised. "Or maybe I [will] decide to send you back to prison for another murder that you didn't commit," Stefan shot back.

"Don't underestimate me, Stefan. [I mean], I had Abigail locked up, and she was my best friend, [so just] imagine what I'm gonna do to my worst enemy," Gabi warned. "Bring it on," Stefan dismissively replied as Gabi left.

At the Horton house, Jennifer curiously probed for the details of Abigail's recent interactions with Chad. "He's really trying to win [me] over, [and] I'm always going to love him, [but]...I want peace in my life, and I want stability for my kids, and I don't know if I'm ever gonna get that with Chad, you know? Especially now that he's in this feud with his brother... [Honestly], I don't think he's ever gonna back down from [that] fight, even if it costs him me and the kids," Abigail admitted with a sigh. "Ultimately, I just need to know that he's back to being that man that I first fell in love with," Abigail added. "I know the feeling," Jennifer stressed, thinking of Jack.

Later, Abigail received an unexpected visit from Chad. "The board made its decision," Abigail guessed. "They named Stefan and I co-CEOs," Chad revealed. "Then I'm still gonna have to insist that if you want to see the kids, you have to come here, because I'm not gonna have them under the same roof as Stefan," Abigail stressed. "I know how hard it is for you to be around him...which is why I made the decision that I made," Chad replied.

"I'm gonna resign," Chad continued. "So, you're gonna give up the house, and the job, and...everything?" Abigail asked, stunned. "None of it means anything if you're not a part of it," Chad explained with a shrug.

Haley tells J.J. her secret

Haley tells J.J. her secret

Friday, January 25, 2019

At J.J.'s apartment, Haley thought about when they had sung together over dinner. Haley smiled to herself. J.J. returned home with a chocolate latte for Haley. "Thank you for this. It was totally unnecessary," Haley said. J.J. apologized if the coffee was cold because he had gotten distracted by the morning news. "Abe Carver just got a new challenger for mayor," J.J. said. Haley breathed deeply.

"So, it's for real then. You said your dad was thinking about running for mayor. I guess he is going for it," Haley said. J.J. explained that the candidate was not Jack. "I'm thinking you already knew that," J.J. added. Haley shifted her eyes away.

"You knew your sister was planning to run for mayor, didn't you?" J.J. asked. Haley explained that she had hoped that her sister would change her mind. Nervous, Haley said she needed to leave for work. Haley thanked J.J. for the coffee then she rushed out of the apartment.

In Eve's hotel room, Eve showed Jack a rough cut of his ad for mayor. "You are a natural! This is great!" Eve said. Jack and Eve hugged in celebration. Eve noted that they should upload the video to social media. Jack hesitated, and he wondered aloud if they should announce his candidacy first.

"There is time for that later. Social media is where it is at. We'll upload, and it will go viral, and then you are on your way!" Eve said merrily. As Eve opened the browser on the computer, she cried out in dismay. Eve showed Jack the news about Melinda's announcement. When Jack asked about Melinda, Eve told him that Melinda had attempted to prosecute Abigail for murder.

"Trask is challenging Abe on the same issues that we want to challenge Abe on," Eve complained. Jack wanted to run as an independent, but Eve discouraged the idea. "As horrible as this woman is, she has a base. You don't," Eve said. With a shake of her head, Eve seemed to dismiss what she had been going to say. Eve told Jack that she believed in him, and she asked him to believe in himself.

"You would be a better mayor than Abe Carver or Melinda Trask," Eve said. Eve argued that Melinda would flame out because her ego would get in the way. With a smile, Eve suggested that they could sabotage Melinda's campaign if Melinda did not do it herself.

In the town square, Jennifer asked Abe for a quote about the candidate running against Abe for mayor. "This out-of-the-blue announcement by my so-called challenger is extremely cynical," Abe said. Abe asked Jennifer why she had not warned him about the story. Jennifer promised that she had left messages with Sheila.

"That woman has turned losing messages into an art form," Abe complained. Jennifer asked Abe for a comment. "My challenger has no business running for public office. She is a heartless barracuda who has absolutely zero empathy for anybody," Abe said. "If you're going to trash me, Mayor Carver, at least do it to my face," Melinda said as she walked up behind Abe.

Abe argued that Melinda had put her personal ambitions ahead of the needs of the community. "And you've tried to railroad people. Innocent people," Jennifer added. With a sneer, Melinda commented that Jennifer and Adrienne were too lenient on Abe.

"You failed to report that Mayor Carver admitted that Xander Cook just walked on attempted murder charges because of a mistake that came from his own office. Rather than pointing out my shortcomings, I suggest you focus on making the case as to why you should retain your job. May the best candidate win," Melinda said as she marched out of the square. Jennifer warned Abe to be ready. Jack and Eve wandered into the square, and Abe's face lit up as he saw his old friend.

"Deveraux! I'm so glad that you're among us," Abe said, shaking Jack's hand. Jennifer introduced Jack to Abe. "I know who he is," Jack said. Jack explained that he knew about Abe from the paper. "It's going to be a crowded race. Mayor Jack Deveraux has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?" Eve wondered aloud. Abe's face fell. "You're running against Abe?" Jennifer asked, shocked.

"Melinda running against me is bad enough, but you, too?" Abe asked with a wounded look on his face. Jennifer told Jack that he could not run for office against one of his closest friends. Eve argued that Jack would be a great mayor. Jack said he believed he could make a difference. With wide eyes, Jennifer asked Jack to speak to her privately so that she could explain what a terrible idea it would be for him to run for mayor. Eve interjected that Jennifer should speak to her and Jack as a team. Ignoring Eve, Jennifer asked Jack for five minutes.

"I'm trying to protect you," Jennifer whispered. Jack agreed. Eve promised to meet up with Jack in five minutes. Unsure of what to say, Abe stammered, then walked away. Alone together, Jack asked Jennifer why he would be a terrible mayor.

"Listen. I think that you would make a terrific mayor. I'm not talking about your ability. I'm talking about your past. And I seriously doubt with your history that you would ever get elected," Jennifer said calmly. "Because I raped Kayla? I regret that more than you know," Jack said. Jennifer said she understood but that the rape was public knowledge. "I'm a clean slate candidate," Jack insisted.

"You may not remember who you are, but the public will. And I'm not just talking about what happened to Kayla. When you were working with your dad, your company dumped toxic chemicals, polluted the water in Salem. Abigail had contact with it and developed aplastic anemia," Jennifer said. "I poisoned our daughter?" Jack asked in surprise. Jennifer stressed that Jack's past would be a part of the campaign.

"Are you prepared to handle that?" Jennifer asked. "I've made mistakes. Horrible mistakes, but I regret them. I'm truly remorseful, so I will confront what happened," Jack said. Jack argued that he would get ahead of the problem. Jennifer explained that she was worried about Jack. "Did [Eve] bother to warn you about any of this?" Jennifer asked. Jack admitted that Eve had not said anything.

"Because she has an agenda. It is not about you. It is all about Eve; it always is. Why are you letting her use you?" Jennifer pleaded. Jack protested that Eve supported him more than Jennifer. "Don't you think I'm smart enough to see through Eve?" Jack asked.

In Eric's apartment, he stared at his coffee and thought about when he had found Sarah in bed with Xander. Eric threw his coffee mug across the room, smashing it against the wall as Rex exited the bedroom. "Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Rex quipped. Eric quietly set to cleaning up the mess. Rex pushed Eric to open up to him. When Eric avoided the subject, Rex started to talk about Sarah. Rex asked Eric what he should do.

"Leave me out of it! I don't want anything to do with you or Sarah," Eric said. Frustrated, Eric returned to his room and slammed the door. When Eric returned, dressed for a run, he muttered that Sarah might not be able to forgive Rex. Rex refused to believe that he could not work through his problems with Sarah. Eric again asked Rex to leave him out of the matter.

"I just asked for your help because it looked like you and Sarah were getting close," Rex said. "Well, we're not," Eric retorted. Rex said he would talk to Sarah himself then he left. Eric sighed.

In her room at the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah dreamed of the moment when she and Eric had kissed. Sarah stirred awake and rolled over to cuddle the warm body next to her. When Sarah opened her eyes, she saw Xander smiling at her. "Morning, beautiful," Xander cooed. Startled, Sarah asked Xander why he was in her room. Brandishing a handful of condoms, Xander said, "Care for round two?"

"You need to leave," Sarah stressed as she gathered the sheet to cover her chest. Xander reminded Sarah that they had had fun together before, and she countered that she had been drunk and upset when they had slept together. "That was a mistake," Sarah grumbled.

"But I made you feel good, didn't I? Very good, as I recall," Xander whispered. "I know all about mistakes. They happen. So why not just let this one happen again -- and again and again. No one needs to know. Just you and me," Xander said. Xander caressed Sarah's face. Sarah started to lean in for a kiss then slapped Xander's hand away.

"But I appreciate you so much more than those idiot brothers. Your ex cheated on you, Eric rejects you, I would never do that to you. All you have to do is say yes," Xander said. As Xander pulled Sarah into a kiss, she shoved him away. Sarah yelled at Xander to get out of her room. Xander started to protest, but Sarah hit him with her pillow. Xander jumped out of bed as Sarah yelled, "What do you not understand about no? You're such a pig!"

"It's never going to happen again," Sarah said. "Never say never, darling," Xander returned as he walked toward the door. Sarah threw Xander's condoms at him, and he raced out of the room. Sarah looked at the condom wrappers on the floor and sighed in frustration.

At Doug's Place, Brady told Chloe that Victor had named him as the CEO of Titan. Elated, Chloe hugged Brady and congratulated him. "I knew that despite everything that has happened with Victor, he is your grandfather, and he loves you," Chloe said. Chloe urged Brady to admit that he loved Victor, too. With a chuckle, Brady told Chloe that she knew him better than he did.

"You always kick my ass when I need it. I'm very grateful to you," Brady said. With a smile, Chloe told Brady that she was grateful for him, too. "I wouldn't have this club if it wasn't for you. You gave me a loan when no one else believed in me. Speaking of which, I have this month's payment for you," Chloe said. As Chloe handed the check to Brady, he ripped it up. In the doorway, Xander poked his head inside the restaurant and watched Chloe and Brady talk.

"Debt cancelled," Brady said. Chloe was reluctant to accept, but Brady insisted. "You've been my rock for as long as I can remember. I honestly don't know what I would have done without you at times," Brady said. Chloe said she felt the same way.

"How did two amazing people like us just give our hearts to people who stomped all over them? Don't we deserve better? I think we do," Brady joked. Chloe said she had no time for love.

"Maybe you don't have to look as far as you think you do," Brady said. As Chloe and Brady stared into each other's eyes, Xander cleared his throat. "Sorry to interrupt, but I would murder someone for a tequila," Xander said. Chloe noted that the restaurant was closed. Xander changed his order to a coffee. With a nod, Chloe whispered to Brady that she needed to drop off the kids with Maggie, and she asked Brady to make sure that Xander did not rob the restaurant. Brady nodded yes.

After Chloe left, Brady asked Xander to leave. "You and I have some business to discuss," Xander countered. Xander congratulated Brady on his new position. "Do you honestly believe that you are the Kiriakis that should have been crowned?" Brady asked. "I'm clearly the better choice, but the decision has been made, so you should know that I am open to joining the team," Xander announced. Brady stifled a laugh.

"Uh, no," Brady said. Xander told Brady that he should consider what Xander had to offer before Brady made a decision. Brady said he was not interested in Xander's corporate espionage. "One little thumb drive, so much power," Xander teased. "I'll bite. You bring me something that is good, worthy, I will give you your own division," Brady countered.

"Now we are talking! What did you have in mind?" Xander asked. "I think I have an executive position open in the janitorial department, because you are full of crap," Brady said. Xander's face soured, and he told Brady that he was sick of the disrespect. Brady called Xander a liability. "You just made your first mistake as CEO," Xander warned.

"You're hated in this town, so why don't you quit while you're ahead and get out," Brady advised. When Xander reminded Brady that the last time he had left Salem, he had absconded with Nicole's confession, Brady promised that Xander would leave Salem with nothing that time. "I never leave empty-handed," Xander growled.

In the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion, a flower-carrying Rex ran into Chloe as he entered the mansion. "Looks like someone is trying to be forgiven," Chloe commented. Rex explained that the flowers were Sarah's favorite. Taken aback, Chloe asked Rex if he expected Sarah to forgive him because Rex had flowers.

"I have to do something. Do you have any advice?" Rex asked. "Are you wearing a cup? 'Cause I think I'd want to kick you where it counts," Chloe countered. Chloe encouraged Rex to ask Eric for advice. With a shake of his head, Rex said Eric did not want to be consulted on the matter. Chloe wished Rex good luck as he bounded up the stairs.

When Rex got to Sarah's room, he walked in. Sarah was not there. Rex looked around the room at the mess, and he spotted the condom wrappers on the floor. With a groan, Rex rubbed his forehead. Rex returned downstairs, and Chloe raised an eyebrow.

"I'm guessing that didn't go so well? Not her favorite anymore?" Chloe asked. "No. Apparently some other guy got to her first," Rex said as he handed the flowers to Chloe. Rex walked out. With a shrug, Chloe sniffed the flowers.

When Chloe returned to Doug's Place, she found Brady still sitting at the bar. Brady said he had told Xander to go to hell. "It was immensely satisfying," Brady added with a wide grin. Brady noticed the flowers. "Tell me you don't have a secret admirer," Brady said. "Maybe I do," Chloe countered playfully.

At the Salem Inn, Eve returned to her hotel room and found Xander waiting for her. "You and I have unfinished business," Xander said with a devilish grin.

As Eric opened the door to leave his apartment, he found Sarah on his doorstep. Eric scowled. Eric barked that Rex was not there. Sarah asked Eric if they could talk, but Eric refused. Sarah walked past Eric into the apartment and announced that she wanted to return his shirt.

"This is who we are, Eric. You remember that night? The pasta? The garlic debate? I was there for you, you were there for me, and we laughed. We were so close. I just want that back," Sarah pleaded. "If that night meant so much to you, then...I don't need it. I have plenty," Eric said as he motioned to the shirt. Eric pointed to the door to invite Sarah to leave. Sarah refused to go.

"There is nothing you can say to change anything," Eric yelled. "I was angry, Eric, and drunk, and Xander was there," Sarah said. Sarah apologized to Eric. "It was a terrible, terrible mistake. Please tell me that we can get past this," Sarah said. Eric said he did not know how he could get past having seen Sarah in Xander's arms.

"One mistake and no forgiveness? I have been on your side since the day that we met. I have helped fight for you to keep Holly. I have seen your compassion and your kindness and your wisdom," Sarah said. Eric remained quiet. "Fine, I'm the terrible person that slept with Xander just to hurt you," Sarah huffed.

"You're damn right you hurt me!" Eric yelled. "You could have slept with anyone in this town, but you chose Xander," Eric pointed out. "Because he was there!" Sarah protested. "No, because I refused to sleep with you," Eric argued. Sarah told Eric to stop making the situation about him.

"Admit it, Sarah. Because I wouldn't jump into bed for payback, you jumped into bed with Xander. If you can't admit it to me, admit it to yourself," Eric said. "Fine. Yeah, I wanted to hurt you," Sarah confessed. "I was so angry at Rex, and then you rejected me," Sarah explained. "I was trying to stop you from doing something that you'd regret," Eric argued.

"It gutted me. Because all I saw was the guy that I had come to know," Sarah said. Eric asked Sarah what she had wanted to say. Sarah took Eric's hand in hers and looked him in the eye. Rex returned home. As Eric turned toward the door, Rex saw Eric and Sarah holding hands. "What the hell is going on between you?" Rex asked.

Outside the pub, Haley saw her sister talking on the phone. "I want a full-court press on this. No mercy," Melinda said. Melinda noticed Haley and ended her call. Melinda explained that she had been talking to her campaign manager. Haley asked Melinda if she was sure that she wanted to run for mayor. With a nod, Melinda asked Haley to stay away from her. As a look of disgust crossed Haley's face, Melinda softened.

"How are you? Do you need money? Did you find a place to live?" Melinda asked. "It's all good. I'm staying with J.J.," Haley said defiantly. Melinda groaned. "You had to pick a former cop who is too damned nosy? Please tell me you didn't tell him anything," Melinda said. Haley promised that she had not told J.J. anything. Haley confessed that she had opened up to Marlena about her secret.

"I'm happy that you are getting the help you need, but please, Haley, remember what is at stake here," Melinda said. Haley promised that no one would ever hear her secret. "I would never hurt you," Haley said softly. Melinda told Haley to take care of herself. As J.J. approached from the alley, he watched Melinda walk away.

"What was that all about?" J.J. asked. "'You followed me?" Haley asked defensively. J.J. pulled Haley's phone out of his pocket and handed it to her. Relieved, Haley thanked J.J. "What I saw just now didn't exactly seem warm and fuzzy," J.J. commented. Haley said she needed to get to work.

"See, that's the funny thing, because I called the hospital to leave a message about your phone. Your shift doesn't start until this afternoon," J.J. said. Haley lied and said she was confused about her schedule. J.J. noted that Haley was good at avoiding answering questions.

"All I am trying to do is help you, and I can't do that unless you talk to me. You are obviously in trouble. You need someone who can help you. You need a friend," J.J. said. J.J. reached out and held Haley's hand. "You don't have to do this alone," J.J. said softly. "I'm a criminal," Haley whispered. Frustrated, Haley told J.J. that he did not understand.

"I understand that you tried to kill yourself. I understand that you feel completely alone. That your sister has pretty much abandoned you," J.J. said. Haley told J.J. that it was not what he thought it was. "I am illegal. As in undocumented immigrant," Haley said. Overwhelmed, Haley ran off.

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