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Ted told Hope he loved her. Jordan asked Rafe to look after her baby. Jennifer kidnapped Jack. Rafe moved out. Rex diagnosed Will with a brain tumor. Ben asked Ciara to spend the night. Claire stopped Haley's wedding. Jack stopped his own wedding.
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Rex diagnosed Will with a brain tumor
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Jennifer observes Eve's influence over Jack

Jennifer observes Eve's influence over Jack

Monday, April 8, 2019

by Mike

Rafe went to Bayview to see Jordan, who was relieved to hear that David had been located and was safe and sound in Salem at that moment.

Jordan wanted to see David right away, but Rafe gently explained that it was up to Jordan's doctors to decide when to allow that to happen. Jordan grudgingly conceded that David needed a mother who was well enough to care for a child without supervision. Rafe tried to suggest David's father as a temporary guardian, but Jordan refused to name the man. "David's dad has never been a part of his life -- [and] never will be!" Jordan stressed. "[Then] is there someone else -- another blood relative, [like maybe] Ben --" Rafe began to ask. "Absolutely not!" Jordan insisted, still thinking of Ben as a monster.

"Is there anyone else that you trust?" Rafe wondered. "What about you?" Jordan suggested, grasping Rafe's hands.

At Doug's Place, Ted pulled away from Hope and declared that the kiss they had just shared had been even better than the previous one.

Ted tried to kiss Hope again, but she put a hand on his chest, holding him at bay. "I made it very clear, [back when you kissed me] at the hospital, that you should never do that again," she reminded him. "I have told you, over and over again --" she began to add. "That you are a married woman," he tiredly concluded for her. "Maybe you shouldn't be," he boldly suggested, stunning her. "When there is more disappointment than joy, [and] trust has been seriously undermined, maybe it's time to think [about what you're] doing in this marriage," he reasoned with a shrug.

Hope tried to walk away, knowing that it wasn't appropriate to discuss such things with Ted, but when he stopped her, she made it clear that she wasn't ready to give up on her marriage. "If I've misled you in any way, I'm terribly sorry. It wasn't intentional," she added. "I don't think I misread the situation. I believe I have a good grasp on it. [I think] you are ready to move on -- and hopefully with me," he argued.

"If you were in a good marriage, I would respect that...[but right now, all I see is] a man that is not committed enough [or] passionate enough for you; I see a man that is not warmed by your own presence; [I see a man] that is not..." Ted told Hope before saying something else in French. "English, please," she replied, swooning a bit. "Crazy in love with I am," he translated, stunning her. "You barely know me," she pointed out. "I know what's important to know," he insisted before proceeding to share a bunch of little-known facts that only someone who had been paying close attention could ever hope to know about her, leaving her visibly impressed.

"I know you have feelings for me. I felt it in our kiss. I just want you to know that I'm willing to wait [until] you're allowed to admit those feelings to yourself," Ted told Hope before walking away. She swooned again.

At the Brady Pub, Abe backed away from Sheila after noticing that a customer was watching from the nearby bar.

"What are you trying to do?" Abe asked loudly. "What am I trying to do? What are you doing?" Sheila incredulously countered. "Don't play innocent here! You were trying to kiss me!" Abe snapped. "You were trying to kiss me!" Sheila insisted. "I wasn't trying to kiss you!" Abe claimed. "You were sure looking at me all funny!" Sheila pointed out. "I wasn't looking at you in any way at all; I was just thanking you for being so supportive. And then you...moved closer to me --" Abe argued. "You moved closer to me!" Sheila protested.

As Abe and Sheila glared at each other, Eli and Lani entered the pub with David. "Mind telling us what we just walked in on?" Lani asked, confused. "Where'd you two get a baby?" Abe replied, genuinely curious but also desperate to dodge Lani's question. "This is David --" Lani began to explain. "Hold up -- I thought David was dead," Sheila blurted out before quickly apologizing. "It's like my mouth spit [the words] out before my brain had a chance to tell it to shut the hell up," Sheila summarized with a sigh of regret. Sheila was relieved when Abe, Eli, and Lani each dismissed the concern, knowing that there had been no malicious intent behind the comment.

Eli and Sheila soon went to the bar to order a round of drinks. "I thought you [and Abe] were getting along -- maybe even becoming friends -- [but] it looked like there was a lot of tension between you two [earlier]," Eli curiously noted. "Oh, please -- the mayor and I are definitely not friends," Sheila dismissively insisted. "All I did was give the man some suggestions about the campaign, and [he] bit my head off," Sheila added when Eli pressed for more details. "That doesn't sound like Abe," Eli noted, prompting Sheila to suggest that being in a long-distance relationship was starting to take a toll on Abe.

"Hold up -- don't put this on my mom!" Eli protectively protested. "[I'm just saying that Abe needs] what every man needs -- a woman who'll stand by your side and tell you what's what," Sheila countered with a shrug. "You seem awfully concerned about Abe's love life," Eli curiously noted. "Hey, it's my job to take care of the man," Sheila explained, waving a hand dismissively.

Meanwhile, Abe gently warned Lani not to get too attached to David. "I don't need another baby named David to bring up feelings about my own son; he's right there with me every day, no matter what," Lani assured Abe.

Rafe soon arrived to pick up David, whom Lani handed over with a bit of reluctance. Abe and Eli shared a look of concern when Rafe revealed that David was going to be staying in Salem for the foreseeable future.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer quickly recovered from the sting of Eve's announcement and went right back to reporter mode, challenging its validity. "You advertised [this] rally with the hashtags 'HaleyChen' and 'ICE.' What does the candidate proposing to you have to do with Haley's immigration case?" Jennifer asked Eve. "We wanted to provide the viewers with a clear contrast between our true love story...and the ridiculous fiction that Haley Chen is peddling to ICE," Eve claimed as Jack remained silent, flashing a big smile for the cameras. "Where's the ring?" Jennifer wondered, making Jack and Eve squirm.

"I thought it was best to wear it on my right hand until the press conference. We didn't want our big secret to get out before we made it official," Eve eventually claimed, removing a random diamond ring and holding it up so everyone could see it. "It's...modest, considering the grandiose story that you're trying to tell..." Jennifer pointedly observed. "Well, Jack and I are true romantics at heart, [and] it's not about the ring; [it's] about the love that we share. [This ring symbolizes that] the Deveraux campaign is about substance, as opposed to the flash that the other side is offering," Eve coolly countered, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Claire stormed off after Jack and Eve ended the event. Haley breathed a sigh of relief, having expected a much more explosive ending. Eve chased after Claire, who hadn't bothered to say goodbye to anyone before leaving. While J.J. was disgustedly declaring to Haley that Jack and Eve were a perfect match for each other because they were both heartless, Tripp curiously noted that Claire had just disappeared.

Eve caught up with Claire in the park. "What the hell just happened?" Claire demanded to know. "I'm not sure, okay? I had [the video] all queued up, [but then I] pushed play, and it was -- it was gone! It was like it was erased!" Eve explained with a shrug of confusion. "We will figure out [another] way to break up Haley and Tripp, okay? And it's gonna be easy, because that relationship's not even real, remember?" Eve tried to assure Claire. "Tripp and Haley are getting married tomorrow, and that just feels a little bit too real to me!" Claire worriedly countered.

"[But] all you care about is getting whatever the hell you want, and to hell with me, right?" Claire added. "I resent that you think that I don't care about you," Eve replied. "I think of you as... [Look], I miss my little girl -- I still miss her, every single day -- but I also miss being a mom... I mean, it was part of my identity -- it was a big part of my identity -- so I just... I don't know -- it comforts me to be able to nurture a young woman in a motherly way; it just helps me tamp down all that grief, you know? I mean, if you can actually tamp it down," Eve sincerely stressed.

Convinced and moved, Claire apologized to Eve, who again promised that Haley would soon be out of Tripp's life for good.

Meanwhile, Jennifer cornered Jack in the town square. "I may not recognize the man that you've become, but I know your deer-in-the-headlights look, Jack, and that's what happened just now -- it was written all over your face [that] Eve completely blindsided you with that engagement announcement," Jennifer observed. Jack tried to insist that wasn't true, but Jennifer wasn't convinced. "Are you really going to let Eve rope you into marrying her?" Jennifer wondered. "I am my own man! I'm not Eve's puppet!" Jack defensively assured Jennifer. "That's exactly what you are," Jennifer countered.

"You let her talk you into running for mayor, talk you into assassinating the character of our dear friend Abe Carver, talk you into betraying your son so you could use some poor girl as a scapegoat for your political gain, and talk you into putting a ring on her finger! Do you really think that anyone believes this was all your idea?" Jennifer asked Jack incredulously.

"No one tells me what to do! Not you, not Eve -- no one! Every choice I make is my own!" Jack again assured Jennifer, getting even more defensive. Before Jennifer could respond, Eve approached and apologized for having disappeared earlier. Jennifer watched as Eve dragged Jack away, but Jack never protested, which seemed to prove Jennifer's point.

Later, J.J. approached Jennifer, who had just finished writing an article about Jack and Eve's engagement. "You okay?" J.J. asked. "Yeah," Jennifer claimed. Unconvinced, J.J. comforted Jennifer with a hug.

At the Salem Inn, Jack lashed out at Eve for having pulled such a crazy stunt earlier. "Do you honestly think I'm gonna marry you?" he asked incredulously, leaving her stunned and hurt. "I don't know what you're so damn upset about, [but] if you want to back out of this, you go right ahead, [and] we'll figure out another way to spin this," she dismissively snapped at him in an effort to hide her pain.

"But you better think of something fast, 'cause Haley and Tripp are getting married tomorrow," Eve added, surprising Jack. "This romance you've concocted could play well to my base..." Jack admitted after a moment of thought. "We're gonna get married tomorrow, too," Jack decided, surprising Eve. "Haley Chen and my nephew are busy concocting a lie, and the best way to fight a lie isn't with the truth; [it's] with a bigger lie," Jack reasoned with a mischievous grin. "Come on, Jack -- it's not all fabrication, is it? There is something between us, right?" Eve argued.

Jack ignored Eve's questions, still focused on the details of the plan. "We can sell this [as] an all-American love story," Jack eventually decided, smirking at the notion. "And who doesn't love a love story?" Jack added.

Jennifer schemes with Eric

Jennifer schemes with Eric

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

In their hotel room, Jack and Eve got dressed for their wedding. "When we're married, are you going to try to dress me every day?" Jack asked with a smirk. When Eve said she could not believe they were getting married, Jack reminded her that the engagement had been her idea. Eve said she believed that she and Jack could have a real marriage.

"Making you my wife makes you my only family," Jack said. "Why not make a fresh start?" Eve wondered aloud. J.J. knocked on the door, and then he barged in. Reluctantly, Eve left to pick up her wedding dress so that Jack and J.J. could talk privately. Jack asked J.J. if he was there to yell at him about Haley.

"No, I'm here to rip into you for what you're doing to mom," J.J. said through gritted teeth. Jack argued that Jennifer was too tough to be upset. J.J. explained that Jennifer was pretending to be strong but had been hurt by Jack's actions. "Marrying Eve is the worst thing you could do to yourself," J.J. added. "Because [Jennifer] hates Eve?" Jack asked. Exasperated, J.J. blurted out, "Because she still loves you, you moron!"

Jack disagreed and said that Jennifer did not even like him. J.J. said that Eve was a bad person, but Jack countered that everyone said he was a bad person, too. Jack told J.J. that he hated that they were at odds. When Jack asked if they could work through their differences, J.J. asked how. Jack asked J.J. to be the best man at his wedding.

"Only you would have the nerve to ask me to be your best man," J.J. muttered. J.J. informed Jack that he was the best man at Tripp's wedding. With a chuckle, Jack asked J.J. why he wanted to waste his suit on a fake wedding. "Your wedding is real?" J.J. countered. Jack quietly noted that Eve understood him.

With a shake of his head, J.J. registered his frustration. J.J. told Jack that he would lose everything and end up married to "a real bitch." "When [instead] you had the chance to be married to the best woman in the world," J.J. said sadly. With a shake of his head, J.J. walked out.

At the loft, Claire thought about her fight with Eve in the park over Tripp's deleted video. "If I can make one video, I sure as hell can make another," Claire whispered. Tripp and Haley walked into the living room. Claire joked about it being bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. With a laugh, Claire noted that the cliché might not matter for a fake wedding.

"I don't know what you're talking about. This marriage is real. We love each other," Tripp said. A look of shock flooded across Claire's face. "What did you just say?" Claire stuttered. Tripp took Claire by the hand and led her into the hallway. Frantic, Claire yelled at Tripp and Haley for betraying her. Tripp asked Claire about her phone. Confused, Claire asked what Tripp meant. Tripp explained that he was worried that someone was listening in on their phones. Claire called Tripp paranoid.

Once Claire had turned off her phone inside the loft, Haley apologized to Claire for not sharing their suspicions sooner. Tripp left to pick up his tux, and he left Haley alone with Claire to prepare for the wedding. Claire grilled Haley about her relationship with J.J. With a sigh, Haley said that whatever had been between her and J.J. was over because she could not forgive him for telling Jack about her immigration status. Claire helped Haley with her makeup, and she fantasized about doing a terrible job. Claire chuckled to herself.

In Eric's bed, Eric and Sarah snuggled after sex. After some words of love, Sarah woke up from her dream. "Hi, baby," Rex whispered. Rex handed Sarah a cup of coffee and asked why she had been restless. Sarah said the previous day had been rough. With a shrug, Rex said he thought the day had been perfect because Sarah had accepted his proposal. Rex asked Sarah if she had second thoughts. When Sarah said no, Rex asked her to set a date for the wedding.

"I guess no reason not to. What about next summer?" Sarah asked. Rex said he did not want to wait another year. When Sarah asked Rex what date he wanted to marry, he suggested that day. Sarah choked on her sip of coffee. As Rex patted Sarah on her back, he apologized for springing the idea on her. When Sarah asked why Rex was in a hurry, he explained that they would already have been married if he had not been an idiot.

Sarah reminded Rex that both Tripp and Jack would be at the courthouse for a wedding that day, and Rex relented. Sarah said she also wanted a wedding with Maggie in attendance. With a sigh, Rex agreed to wait. Rex's phone beeped with a notification about Will's test results.

At the pub, Eric told Marlena that there was nothing he could do about Sarah's marriage to Rex. Marlena urged Eric to tell Sarah about his feelings, but Eric refused to tell Sarah because of his promise to God. Marlena disagreed. Marlena argued that Sarah would be happier with Eric. When Eric mentioned his vow again, Marlena said she had not taken any vow and was free to tell Sarah about Eric's feelings.

"Respectfully, may I remind you that this is none of your business," Eric said sweetly. Marlena asked Eric why he had offered up his own happiness. With a shrug, Eric reminded Marlena that she had been the one to ask Eric to get along with his brothers. Marlena complained that she was tired of seeing Eric unhappy. Eric asked Marlena to promise not to tell anyone about his feelings for Sarah.

After Marlena left, Jennifer walked in and joined Eric. Jennifer asked Eric if he was ready to talk to her about Sarah. Guilty, Eric shifted his eyes away. Eric changed the subject to Jack's engagement, and he urged Jennifer not to give up on her former husband. Jennifer countered that she had given up on Jack like Eric had given up on Sarah. With a shake of his head, Eric noted that the situation was different because Jack did not love Eve. Eric suggested that Jennifer should stop Jack's wedding to Eve.

"Stop Jack's wedding? Great idea," Jennifer said with a laugh. "Jack stopped one of my weddings once," Jennifer said. Jennifer reminisced to Eric about her crazy courtship with Jack and how Jack had kidnapped her, dressed as a firefighter, from her wedding to Emilio. "Too bad he is not the same man anymore," Jennifer said sadly. Eric urged Jennifer to think about returning the favor to Jack. Eric offered to help.

"Why are you doing this?" Jennifer asked. "That's what friends do for each other. And I know that I hurt you when I went after Nicole," Eric added. Jennifer stressed that Eric had had no other choice but to pursue the woman he loved. Eric said he never wanted to see Jennifer unhappy again. As Jennifer smiled appreciatively, Eric grinned wide. Eric said he had a plan.

Will and Sonny returned home from the hospital to the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny insisted that Will take it easy and let Sonny take care of him. Sonny argued that until the test results were ready, he wanted to wait on Will hand and foot. After pouring Will a cup of coffee, Sonny gave Will a new necklace for his charm.

"You thought this was a crock. What changed?" Will asked. Sonny said he did not believe in superstitions, but he was unnerved by Leo's curse. Will said he believed that his illness was a coincidence. "It can't hurt to have a good luck charm, okay?" Sonny noted. "Not if it is a present from you," Will conceded. After putting the necklace around Will's neck, Sonny kissed him.

When Marlena walked in, Will and Sonny rushed to hug her and say hello. With a wide smile, Sonny told Marlena that he intended to remarry Will. Talk turned to Will's health, and Will explained to Marlena that there were many innocuous reasons for his fainting spell. Right on cue, Rex called Will and asked to meet at the hospital to review the test results.

"If it were good news, wouldn't he just tell me over the phone?" Will asked nervously. Marlena suggested that Rex might not have read the results yet. Sonny agreed that it did not necessarily mean bad news.

In the square, Eve chuckled as she ran into a scowling Tripp. "Going all out for that made-up wedding?" Eve asked. Tripp countered that Eve's marriage was not real. "Do you have any idea how much this is hurting Claire?" Eve asked. Suspicious, Tripp asked Eve how she knew how Claire felt. Eve lied and said anyone would be hurt when their boyfriend dropped them for a random woman out of the blue.

"Marrying an American citizen doesn't automatically guarantee Haley her paperwork," Eve said. Eve explain that Haley could still be deported, and then Tripp would be left with a brokenhearted Claire. Tripp growled that it was Eve's fault because she had gone after Haley and created the situation.

After Tripp walked away, an anonymous caller contacted Eve on the phone about dirt on Abe Carver. Eve noted that she was on her way to her wedding, but the tipster insisted. On the other end of the line was Eric, who spoke in a fake Russian accent. Eric asked Eve to meet him at the Brady Pub. Eve rushed over to the pub, but she found no one there except Eric at the bar. Eve told Eric that she was waiting for someone. While Eve watched the door, Eric smiled to himself.

At the Salem Inn, Jack finished dressing in his tuxedo and noticed smoke spilling in under the door to his room. In the hallway, a figure dressed in firefighter's gear used a smoke machine in the hallway. Jack grabbed a towel and shoved it in the crack of the door as the alarm went off. Jack opened the door and found a firefighter in the hallway.

At the hospital, before she left to check on a patient, Marlena told Will that he would be fine. Sonny told Will that he agreed. When Rex and Sarah arrived, Will asked about the test results. "I wanted to go over everything before I talked to you," Rex said. Will eagerly asked for the results. "I'm sorry. I have to give you some bad news," Rex said.

Will receives a shocking diagnosis

Will receives a shocking diagnosis

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Lani parted ways with Eli, who had to work that day. They made plans to meet back there later to have lunch together.

Rafe soon emerged from one of the stores, struggling to push David's stroller while also carrying several shopping bags that were filled with supplies for the child. Rafe breathed a sigh of relief when Lani rushed over to help out. Lani wondered how long Rafe was going to be acting as David's guardian. "Dunno. Wish I did," Rafe replied, already feeling the stress of caring for such a young child.

"Spoke to a doctor at Bayview this morning, and he said he has no idea how long Jordan is gonna have to be there, much less how long before she can be responsible for a child," Rafe elaborated, adding that Jordan had refused to name the child's father and didn't have any relatives other than Clyde and Ben. "[In cases like this], the law says that I'm supposed to hand him over to Child Protective Services --" Rafe began to note. "What? No!" Lani protested, horrified. "Can't you just keep him -- at least until Jordan is better and healthy?" Lani suggested after calming down.

"Eh... I mean, I always did want kids of my own... [And] I love taking care of him, even when he's screaming his head off in the middle of the night... [But] he's not mine -- it's not my place..." Rafe began to reason. "Why not? I mean, Jordan turned to you [and] asked you to protect him, [so] why can't you?" Lani argued. "It's not just my decision," Rafe pointed out. "I'm not sure it's what Hope wants. [We] talked about having kids before, and she was very honest, and, um...I think she's done raising kids, so..." Rafe elaborated with a sigh and a shrug.

"Are you okay with that?" Lani asked. "Um...well, I guess I have to be, right?" Rafe replied. "[Besides], Hope and I -- we're going through a bit of a rough patch right now, [so] I just don't think that, uh, bringing a baby into our home, temporary as it may be, is gonna help," Rafe added. "I hear you...[but] if this is what you want, don't you at least think that you should tell Hope that?" Lani argued.

At the police station, Ted approached Hope, who looked exhausted. "I was helping Rafe with Jordan's baby [all night]," Hope explained when Ted expressed concern. Ted was stunned to hear that Rafe had agreed to watch the child for the time being. "You're okay with that?" Ted asked incredulously. "I'm fine with it. [David's] very sweet. Why wouldn't I be?" Hope replied, but Ted wasn't convinced.

"Did you have any more time to think about what I said yesterday?" Ted wondered. "I have hardly thought about anything else," Hope admitted. "[But] only because your insistence is so...infuriating," Hope quickly added, disappointing Ted. "I shared too much with you, and now you see my marriage as flawed...which, of course, makes you think that I am open to another relationship -- which I'm not," Hope stressed after pulling Ted into a conference room and shutting the door. "I thought I made that very clear to you," Hope continued. "No, I believe you haven't made it very clear [to me]...because it's not clear to you," Ted argued.

"You want more than what Rafe has to offer. You want someone who's all in. You want someone that will make you the center of his universe. I can be that someone," Ted promised. "I meant it when I said I loved you yesterday," Ted insisted -- just as Eli entered the conference room. Startled, Ted rushed off, forcing Hope to deal with Eli alone.

"What the hell does he think he's doing? [He] can't come strolling in here [and start] harassing you [and] declaring his love for you when you're committed to your marriage!" Eli complained, outraged. "You...are...aren't you?" Eli added when Hope started squirming. "A lot of the time, I feel like I go from one crisis to another...[and then there's] the pressures of this job... [Rafe] wants to be everyone's rock -- just not mine, [and] I should be at the top of his list..." Hope reluctantly began to explain in an effort to satisfy Eli's curiosity. "I'm a very private person. I don't want to discuss my feelings with you," Hope added, clearly uncomfortable.

Eli reluctantly agreed to drop the matter -- but only after optimistically predicting that Hope and Rafe would work things out.

Shortly after Eli left, Rafe joined Hope in the conference room. "We need to talk," Rafe and Hope said to each other in unison.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Lani kept an eye on David for Rafe. "I could just sit here and watch you sleep forever," Lani admitted to the child as Eli listened nearby, having just arrived for their lunch date.

At the Salem Inn, Jennifer barged into Jack and Eve's room, disguised as a firefighter, and pulled a blanket off the bed. "[The fire's] in the basement, [but] we're evacuating everybody!" Jennifer explained while throwing the blanket over Jack's head, preventing him from seeing the smoke machine that was in the hallway. She led him to a supply closet then revealed herself after locking the door.

"There is no fire...but this is an emergency," Jennifer began to explain as Jack struggled to figure out what was going on. "I tricked you, and I'm so sorry...[but] I was just trying to find a way to get you alone so that I could talk to you, just the two of us," she continued as he realized that the door was locked. "We're not going anywhere until you hear what I have to say," she insisted, showing him the key then dropping it inside the protective suit she was wearing. "Your phone is in your room," she knowingly pointed out when he began searching his pockets.

"One time, you used a ridiculous outfit like this to stop me from making the biggest mistake of my life," Jennifer revealed, surprising Jack. "I'm just returning the favor," she added with a shrug.

"Does that sound even a little bit familiar?" Jennifer asked hopefully after telling Jack the whole story. "It is nice to hear you talk about me and not refer to me as a jerk, [and] I wish I could remember..." he began. "But you don't," she concluded for him, disappointed. "No," he confirmed before impatiently begging her to unlock the door so he could attend his wedding ceremony.

"I really thought that story would do the trick..." Jennifer admitted with a sigh, ignoring Jack's request. "[But I still] can't let you marry Eve, [because] then I will never get a chance to have you back -- the real you, the man that I fell in love with," Jennifer added. "Why would you want that [man] back? I mean...look, he sounds like a complete idiot!" Jack argued. "Underneath that [man's] cynical exterior was this -- this heart that held so much love; [he just had trouble admitting it because he was] stubborn, and complicated, and so neurotic... [No], that's not the right word... [Maybe]...emotionally stunted," Jennifer explained.

"[But] he was a wonderful husband a lot of the time, and he was so funny, and he was an incredible father...and I'm telling you right now, I would do anything to have that man back," Jennifer added.

"You are persistent -- I will give you that," Jack admitted. "I've had a lot of practice fighting for you," Jennifer explained with a shrug and a laugh. "You always tried to hide or get away from me, but I knew that what we had was so special. [And] it took us almost dying on a sinking ship for you to admit that you loved me. [Since then], we have had our share of ups and downs, but we never stopped loving each other, and I know that our love can survive this, too, because I know that all of those feelings and all of those memories are [still] in there somewhere," Jennifer continued, putting a hand on Jack's chest.

Jennifer wanted to share more stories with Jack, but he backed away from her and insisted it wouldn't do any good. "They mean nothing to me at all! This Jack that you miss -- that's not who I am anymore! [My past] -- it's like a hard drive that's been accidentally wiped clean!" he stressed. "Even if you don't remember the old Jack, you don't have to choose to be this version," she argued. "You don't get it! Without this version, I am nothing! I feel nothing! I am a cipher! I'm zero! I'm -- I'm like this loser with no past and no future! My wanting to be mayor at least gave me a feeling that I've got a place in this world!" he tried to explain, but she was quick to guess that running for mayor hadn't been his idea.

"[Eve's] using you -- don't you see that?" Jennifer asked incredulously. "She gave me a direction, she gave me a focus, she accepts me as I am, she reminds me that I still have a future --" Jack argued. "You can build a [new] life, but you don't have to build it with her! You don't have to be married to her to be part of this dumb election!" Jennifer pointed out. "This 'dumb election' is all that I have!" Jack defensively snapped. "No, you have me! I still love you!" Jennifer stressed. "But I don't love you!" Jack countered. "You're saying you do love Eve?" Jennifer wondered, doubtful.

"I don't want to hurt your feelings, [but] you gotta give this up. Eve is gonna be my bride -- my wife," Jack evasively replied, but Jennifer refused to give up -- and also refused to hand over the key.

Annoyed, Jack started trying to move one of the supply closet's shelving units, apparently hoping to use it to break the door down. A stack of boxes fell on his head in the process, knocking him out.

At the Brady Pub, Eve recorded a voicemail message for Jack, excitedly explaining what was going on.

"You have dirt on Abe Carver?" Eric asked curiously after Eve ended the call. "Do you eavesdrop on all your customers?" Eve irritably replied. "No -- it's just that your voice tends to carry," Eric explained before wondering if Eve had received the dirt from a foreign national. "I'd hate to see you accused of treason...[and besides], you can't believe anything you hear from a foreigner," Eric noted with a dramatic gasp, mocking one of Eve's apparent political beliefs. "My dad is from England," Eve dismissively reminded Eric.

Eve declared that illegal immigrants were the real problem. "That young nurse at, uh, University Hospital -- I can't tell you how many nights I've spent lying awake with worry about her," Eric sarcastically agreed. Unamused, Eve insisted that even if Eric wasn't concerned about illegal immigrants, many other citizens were concerned. Eric suggested that those citizens might only be concerned because Eve was exploiting their fears and appealing to their worst instincts about human nature.

"You're also appealing to Jack's worst instincts -- [trying to turn] a guy with no memory into something he's not," Eric added, prompting Eve to defensively counter that Jennifer was the only one who was trying to change Jack. "That is why she lost him to me," Eve bragged. "So, it doesn't bother you to feed Jack a made-up version of what his life would be with Jennifer and his kids?" Eric asked. "I'm not feeding Jack anything," Eve insisted. "He read his own book. He knows he was divorced from Jennifer when he had his accident, and he also knows that his marriage was far from perfect," Eve continued.

"Well, at least they were in love. I don't know what you and Jack have, but I know it's not love," Eric argued. "Gosh, I forgot -- you are an expert on love, [right]? Yeah, I see how well that worked out for you," Eve sarcastically mused. "Touché," Eric conceded. "You should be thanking me, 'cause I have left you a clear shot straight to Jennifer," Eve pointed out. "Jennifer and I are good friends, and we always will be...but Jack is the love of her life, and she is his. I'd be a fool not to see that...and so would you," Eric countered.

Annoyed, Eve finished drinking a mimosa then started to exit the pub. "Giving up on your new friend?" Eric asked. "Well, I think it's pretty obvious -- he either got cold feet, or I was played," Eve reasoned. "So sorry to have disappointed American lady," Eric stressed in a fake Russian accent that Eve immediately recognized. "You were the one who called me," Eve realized, outraged. "Jennifer -- she put you up to this," Eve guessed. "Actually, it was all my idea -- [a way] to give Jack and Jennifer some time to talk without you hovering," Eric clarified, shrugging unapologetically. "You are a son of a bitch!" Eve spat.

"Why are you so worked up? I mean, you and Jack -- you're in love, right?" Eric teasingly countered. "You and Jennifer -- you're not gonna get away with this!" Eve insisted before storming out of the pub.

At the hospital, Rex regretfully revealed that there was a small mass on Will's frontal lobe. "Are -- are you -- are you saying I have a brain tumor?" Will asked incredulously. "A small tumor," Rex stressed.

"[Which] probably explains your headaches [and why] you passed out," Rex continued as Will and Sonny stared at each other in shock. "So...I have, uh, brain cancer?" Will assumed, sinking onto the nearby bed as if trying to avoid passing out again. "No, no, no -- nobody is saying that; it could very well be benign," Sarah clarified. "Your tumor's very small, and malignant tumors are usually larger and grow much faster," Rex added.

"So, if it's small, that means that you could -- can you -- can you take it out?" Sonny asked hopefully. "It's very risky, given its location," Rex admitted. "But we're gonna get a biopsy done as soon as possible," Rex added. "I know that you must have a lot of questions --" Sarah began. "[Just] one right now -- so...this mass is giving me headaches and making me pass out; is it...gonna kill me, too?" Will wondered. "We don't have enough information yet to give you a prognosis," Sarah noncommittally replied. "[For now, you] can go home...[but] no driving, no working, no strenuous exercise...and if your symptoms worsen, [then call us]," Rex advised Will.

"What's that expression -- 'life is what happens when you're making other plans'?" Will said to Sonny with a nervous chuckle after Rex and Sarah left the room. Sonny, also trying to act brave, nodded and hugged Will tightly.

Rex and Sarah walked through the park together, discussing Will's case. "You never know what tomorrow brings -- or even the next second," Sarah told Rex, pausing in front of the pub. "I don't want to tempt fate by putting things off any longer," Sarah admitted, unaware that Eric had just exited the pub. "I want to set a wedding date. I want to get married as soon as possible," Sarah told Rex, who was thrilled.

Sonny drove Will back to the Kiriakis mansion. "My mouth is, uh, as dry as dust... [Rex] didn't say anything about no alcohol, did he?" Will asked. "No," Sonny confirmed before offering to prepare a gin and tonic for Will.

"I can't believe this is happening," Will admitted while Sonny was busy at the bar. "We just got rid of Leo and his mom, [and] we were...gonna be together..." Will continued, sighing heavily. "I know that it's scary, [but] we have to try and not assume the worst," Sonny advised, joining Will on the living room couch and handing over the drink.

"It's ironic, isn't it? [I mean, I was just thinking] how much I -- I love my life, [and I'd] already started making, like, some mental plans [for the future] -- you know, I was thinking maybe we could take Arianna to London, because she loves Harry Potter so much, and we could show her Hogwarts, [but also] Windsor Castle, Dickens' house, the British Museum..." Will told Sonny, who promised that all of that could still happen.

"You can't say that for sure," Will quietly pointed out. "Until someone tells me that you have cancer, you do not have cancer," Sonny stressed.

"And even if you do, there is so much research out there -- I mean, there are so many treatments... [And] you are young, and you are strong, so if that's what it is, we're gonna deal with it, and you're gonna beat it," Sonny continued, forcing Will to make eye contact. "We're gonna beat this together, okay? We're not gonna give up," Sonny concluded with finality.

"I love you so much," Will told Sonny, clearly feeling a bit better. "I love you so much," Sonny replied before giving Will a kiss. "You're gonna be okay," Sonny added as Will seized a hug.

Later, while Sonny was in another room, Will opened a laptop and began researching brain tumors. "A mass of cells in your brain that are not normal... Benign tumors don't have cancer cells... They can cause problems if they press on certain areas of the brain... Life-threatening..." Will read aloud before closing the laptop, having seen enough. He struggled to keep a flood of tears at bay but eventually began sobbing quietly.

Sonny soon returned and heard Will's sobs. Sonny rushed over to comfort Will, who gratefully accepted another hug, looking terrified.

Hope and Rafe reach an impasse

Hope and Rafe reach an impasse

Thursday, April 11, 2019

by Mike

At the loft apartment, Haley opened a box and stared sadly at its contents then quickly set it aside as Tripp entered the living room.

"Ready to do this?" Haley wondered, and Tripp shrugged in response then asked her the same question. "Do I have a choice?" she replied with a nervous laugh. "Having second thoughts?" he assumed. "Second, third, fourth..." she confirmed. "If you've changed your mind, it's totally fine --" he began to assure her. "I haven't," she firmly clarified.

At the hospital, Kayla greeted J.J., who had just finished a work shift. "[Did you] talk to Claire about that lighter you saw in her jewelry box?" Kayla asked curiously. "Yeah, I did...[and] she kind of freaked out. She thought I was accusing her. She got very defensive and practically fell over herself denying that she possibly could have done it," J.J. replied. "Well, we both know that Claire can be rather high-strung..." Kayla pointed out.

Changing the subject, Kayla gently asked J.J. if it was true that Jack and Eve were getting married later that day. J.J. confirmed the rumor with a nod and a sigh. "I told [my dad] that his [plan to marry Eve was] ripping Mom apart, [but] he didn't give a damn -- and he even had the nerve to ask me to be his best man," J.J. reported. "Even if I wasn't [already] Tripp's, there's no way in hell I would stand up there as a witness to [my dad] marrying Eve," J.J. added. "I'm sorry your family's having to go through this," Kayla stressed. "I know this is terrible, but...I kinda just wish my dad would have stayed dead," J.J. admitted.

Shortly after J.J. left, Tripp arrived to talk to Kayla about the wedding. "Since Dad is out of town, you're the only family I have, so...would you come?" Tripp asked hopefully. "Of course I will," Kayla replied. "Your father would be so proud of you if he was here -- just seeing you helping somebody who needs it..." Kayla stressed. "Guess I scored some good genes from the guy out saving the world somewhere, huh?" Tripp mused.

At the loft apartment, Haley received an unexpected visit from J.J., who had just picked up a pair of boutonnières for the wedding ceremony as part of his duties as best man. "I hope you don't mind -- I, uh, saw this flower and thought it would look good in your hair," he said while presenting her with an orchid, which made her start crying. "When I was seven, I, uh...I went to my very first wedding," she began to explain when he asked if something was wrong. "And the bride was so beautiful, and the way the groom looked at her -- you could just tell he was so in love with her... And I promised myself that one day, that's gonna be me," she continued.

"You got the 'beautiful bride' part covered," J.J. assured Haley, who gave him a smile of appreciation then reopened the box she had set aside earlier. "This is shuangxi -- it means 'double happiness'..." she informed him after removing a crafted wedding favor from the box -- one that featured the Chinese symbol. "I took [this] home that day, and I dreamt about my own wedding [being] in a room filled with this symbol of love..." she recalled.

"And now my wedding day is here, and...on the day that I'm supposed to be marrying someone who loves and accepts me for everything that I am...I'm forced to deny that huge part of me... I mean, don't get me wrong -- I'm so grateful to Tripp for offering to do this... But...when I was that little girl in China, I -- I dreamed of somebody who -- who would make my heart skip a beat, someone who would be the other half to my double happiness," Haley sadly admitted to J.J., who felt responsible. "If I had just kept my mouth shut with my dad --" he began with a sigh. "You trusted the wrong guy," she reasoned. "So did you," he regretfully acknowledged.

"No, I didn't," Haley insisted, grasping J.J.'s hands. "I waited for this day all my life -- my wedding day -- because I knew it was gonna mean something, and it may not have turned out the way that I planned, but it's still gonna mean something, because, I'm letting go of all my anger. I forgive you," she added. He smiled and put the orchid in her hair then gave her a passionate kiss, which she happily allowed.

At the Salem Inn, Eve recorded an angry voicemail message for Jennifer then started to storm off in search of Jack -- just as Claire arrived. "Tripp saw Haley in her wedding dress and went totally gaga!" Claire complained while barging into Eve's hotel room. "Well, that's not gonna bode well..." Eve superstitiously mused, referring to the fact that Tripp had seen Haley before the wedding ceremony. "But you need to excuse me --" Eve added before trying to leave again. "You are not going anywhere!" Claire shouted, stepping in front of Eve and slamming the hotel room door shut.

"You told me that you would help me blow up Tripp and Haley's wedding!" Claire reminded Eve. "You told me to 'play the long game'...[but] Tripp and Haley are getting married today, so we don't have time for the freaking long game!" Claire continued. "Are you blowing me off [now]? Do I need to do this on my own?" Claire asked incredulously.

"No, I'm not blowing you off," Eve tried to assure Claire. "We both just need to calm down [and] come up with a plan --" Eve began to add, drawing a dismissive scoff from Claire.

"What 'plan' is gonna help us [now]? It's too late! I -- I -- I -- I've lost him!" Claire fretted, ignoring Eve's attempts to interrupt with words of encouragement. "I have tried so hard to be the best -- the best girlfriend ever, and I -- I wasn't enough! And now everything in my mind is just -- it's spinning out of control, and I don't know how to make it stop...and, you know, it all goes back to Haley -- all of it! It's Haley's fault! 'Cause now Tripp is gonna dump me, J.J.'s given the lighter to the police, and everything in my life is just spinning --" Claire continued.

Confused, Eve finally managed to interrupt Claire then asked for clarification about the lighter that J.J. had turned over to the police. "It's not a big deal," Claire claimed with a nervous laugh, having been unaware of the slip of the tongue until Eve had pointed it out. "I had this lighter that I kept in my jewelry box, and thanks to stupid Haley, J.J. found it, and [he's] somehow convinced that it's connected to the fire that almost killed Ciara last year," Claire reluctantly elaborated. "And he thinks that you're involved in that?" Eve asked incredulously.

"That's totally ridiculous -- I mean, Ciara...she is your family, [and] you two have had your drama, [but] you would never, ever do anything her..." Eve added before stopping abruptly, suddenly not quite as confident about what Claire was and was not capable of doing to Ciara. "Oh, my God, Claire -- did you start that fire?" Eve wondered, and Claire nodded in response, fighting back tears.

"She turned on her phone, [and] her location lit up on my laptop... I was so excited, [because] I was gonna go save her, Eve -- I was gonna be a hero, and that doesn't happen to me very often... So, I got there, [and] I walked into the cabin, [and] I saw her sleeping, and... I don't know -- she just looked so...she just looked so vulnerable... And then...I don't know -- all these...all these thoughts just started racing through my head...about how Ciara always took things away from me -- Theo, the Bella contest, Tripp...everything! She always won, no matter what..." Claire explained.

"I saw Ben's lighter on the table, and I -- I picked it up... I don't know -- it was almost like I was watching myself... I knew it was wrong, but I just -- I couldn't stop..." Claire continued.

"Ciara almost died!" Eve pointed out, stunned. "How could you?" Eve asked gently.

"I'm not a monster -- I swear!" Claire insisted. "Please believe me -- I'm so sorry!" Claire continued. "As soon as I ran out of there, I realized what I had done, [and] I ran back inside to go save her, but Hope and Rafe were already there, so I just...I went home, and I tried so hard to just put it out of my mind...but I couldn't...[so] I held onto that lighter to remind myself of how lucky I was that Ciara didn't get hurt..." Claire explained. "[But] then, thanks to stupid Haley, J.J. found it, [and] now Jordan's swearing that she didn't set the fire, [and] I just don't know what I'm gonna do!" Claire grumbled.

"What if the police trace the lighter back to me, [and then] Tripp finds out? He's just -- he's gonna hate me...forever!" Claire fretted, seemingly more worried about losing Tripp than about being arrested.

Eve comforted Claire with a hug. "Are you gonna turn me in to the police?" Claire asked Eve after calming down a bit. Of course I'm not," Eve assured Claire. "I know you, [and] I know your heart, [and] I couldn't protect my daughter, but I will protect you," Eve vowed. "Somebody [else just] needs to go down for setting that fire -- and I'm gonna make sure Ben Weston takes the fall," Eve added with a scowl.

At the Horton Town Square, Lani continued gushing over David as Eli watched with obvious concern. "Yes, he's cute...but you do know we're gonna have to give [him] back to Rafe soon, [right]?" Eli eventually asked.

Before Lani could respond, Ben and Ciara approached, both eyeing David. "So, it's true -- my sister really does have a son," Ben observed, stunned. "Can I hold him?" Ben asked after getting the child's name. "No!" Lani protectively snapped, keeping David just out of Ben's reach. "Ben is the baby's uncle. He deserves the right to hold his nephew," Ciara argued. "It's fine," Eli assured Lani, who reluctantly handed David over to Ben.

"Last time I held a baby, it was Thomas...when I thought I was his father," Ben noted while holding David. "I think he kinda looks like you," Ciara observed. "Yeah?" Ben asked with a grin.

"It was very nice to meet you, David. I hope I get to see you again real soon," Ben stressed before handing David back to Lani, who quickly left with the child, with Eli close behind.

"Could she have been any ruder?" Ciara grumbled. "She only sees a serial killer, right? She doesn't trust me. I get that," Ben reasoned with a shrug.

Eli soon returned to ask Ben about the unsolved cabin fire. "J.J. brought me a lighter similar to the one that [you] used to set fire to the cabin [back when Chad and Abigail were being held there]. He found it at the loft, [and] apparently Claire had it, [but] she said she found it laying around...and you did stay at the loft for a while..." Eli explained to Ben, clearly suspicious. "So...what, Ben decided to hold onto the lighter as some...what, freaky souvenir...[and then] just decided to leave it laying around?" Ciara summarized with a dismissive scoff. "The lighter's not mine," Ben assured Eli, who wasn't convinced.

"I'd like you to come to the station and take a look at it," Eli told Ciara. "Alone," Eli quickly added. "What, you think I'm gonna influence her?" Ben asked Eli incredulously. "It's okay -- you and I both know that you didn't do it, and whatever they think they have is bogus," Ciara confidently assured Ben, who didn't seem quite as certain that there was no reason to worry about the matter.

After Ciara left with Eli, Ben contacted someone at Bayview and tried to arrange a meeting with Jordan, but the request was denied. Later, Ben crossed paths with Lani and David again, but Lani ignored Ben.

At the police station, Eli showed Ciara the lighter. "Okay, it might look...kind of...a the lighter that I saw Ben use at the cabin...but it doesn't prove anything," Ciara insisted, still certain that Ben was innocent.

At the Salem Inn, Jennifer worriedly tried to revive Jack, who eventually opened his eyes. "Say my name," she demanded in an effort to determine the severity of the blow to the head that he had just suffered. "Loretta," he replied, stunning her. "I know who you are -- you're the crazy girl who pretended this whole building's on fire so you could lock me up in this place," he tiredly added. "But you just called me Loretta!" she excitedly noted. "So what? It doesn't mean anything," he dismissively argued. "Yes, it does!" she insisted with a wide grin, confusing him.

"Remember when I told you that you almost died on that sinking ship when you admitted that you loved me?" Jennifer asked Jack. "Yeah. So...?" he replied, still confused. "The name of the ship was Loretta!" she explained. "Do you know what that means?" she excitedly added. "Nothing?" he guessed. "It means everything!" she insisted. "It means that all these memories and these feelings that you have -- of me, and the way that you loved me, and our life together -- are still in this thick skull of yours, which means that you might remember everything again, which also means that we may have our life together again!" she elaborated for him.

"Okay -- there were these diary pages that everybody wanted, and we had them! And this thug -- he took me hostage, and he was gonna trade me for the diary pages!" Jennifer told Jack. "I saved your life!" Jack bragged after Jennifer shared a bit more of the story. "Right, but you risked my life at the same time, because you gave him fake diary pages, and if [he] would have found out they were fake, then he would have killed me!" Jennifer clarified. "But he didn't, and you're still alive to torture me in the here and now!" Jack cheerfully countered. "[But] back then, I stormed off, and I boarded the Loretta!" Jennifer continued.

"Wait a minute -- that sounds familiar!" Jack admitted with a dramatic gasp, getting Jennifer even more excited. "You were a handful back then, [just like] you're a handful now!" he elaborated, disappointing her.

"You can keep dropping things on my head 'til all my memories come back, or you can just open that door right now and give up on the idea that you and I are ever gonna be together again!" Jack added. "I'm not giving up on you, because the man that I love -- who risks everything, who loves to the edge of the moon -- is still in there, and I know it... But I also know that I can't stop you from choosing the life that you want, can stay here with me, and we can figure out a way to bring the old Jack home...or you can walk out of here, and you can go marry Eve Donovan -- your choice," Jennifer replied, unlocking the supply closet door.

Hope and Rafe went to the park to talk things out with each other. "You go first," Hope insisted. "Okay... I want us to keep Jordan's baby," Rafe admitted. "I mean, this kid has no one," Rafe stressed. "[It's] a terrible situation all the way around," Hope agreed. "[But] it's not a good time for us to take in a baby. We're not in a good place," Hope added. "Maybe this baby [will] bring us closer," Rafe reasoned.

"I have to say no. The problems we're having -- [I mean, we just] talk around them [and] put them in a box, and they get worse, not better... That's not a good atmosphere for a baby," Hope maintained. "We've had problems before -- big ones -- and we've gotten through them, [so] what's different [this time]? I feel like you're acting like we can't work through our problems anymore," Rafe countered.

"Is this about Ted?" Rafe wondered. "He's in love with me... [And] on two separate occasions, he kissed me... [And now] he wants me to leave you to be with him," Hope hesitantly revealed. "Huh. Well, I wish I could have been there to -- to see you -- to see you tell him to go to hell..." Rafe began to muse, chuckling at the thought. "You...did...tell him to go to hell, didn't you?" Rafe asked when Hope started squirming.

"I made it very clear that I am not interested," Hope eventually assured Rafe, who was happy to hear that but still wanted to track Ted down and reinforce the message. "Of course you [do], because it's so much easier to throw punches at Ted than stay here [and] fight for your marriage!" Hope shouted as Rafe started to storm off. "I need you! This marriage needs you! [But] you're so busy running off [and] saving everyone else [that] you haven't even noticed!" Hope tearfully continued after Rafe froze. "I'm not the one running around behind your back, making out with --" Rafe began to counter.

"How dare you!" Hope snapped, shoving Rafe in anger. "Look at us -- so broken! We can't bring a baby into this -- there's no way!" Hope added after calming down a bit.

"I love you, and I want to be with you, and I want to fix everything that is wrong with us...but I'm not sure that's what you want; in fact, I get the feeling that when Ted painted his pretty little picture about the two of you being together, you didn't say no," Rafe told Hope, who maintained that Ted had indeed been shot down. "I don't think that you need me like you say you need me," Rafe argued, still not convinced.

"[But] that baby needs me, so I'm gonna take care of him, and until you figure out if you want to be with me or with Ted...I'm moving out," Rafe added before walking away, leaving Hope in tears.

Both weddings face trouble

Both weddings face trouble

Friday, April 12, 2019

At the Salem Inn, Eve suggested to Claire that they should frame Ben for the fire, even though Claire had confessed that she was the one to blame. "You made an impulsive decision, just like a lot of other girls do at your age. Why should your life be ruined because of that?" Eve asked. When Claire asked if it was fair to frame Ben, Eve countered that Ben needed to pay for murdering her daughter, Paige. Eve promised to tell Claire the plan after she got married to Jack.

Frustrated, Claire reminded Eve that her boyfriend was also about to get married. Claire asked what had happened to the video of Tripp's confession. Eve said the video did not matter and that ICE would find enough evidence to deport Haley. With a groan, Claire shared her concern that Tripp would fall in love with Haley in the next thirty days.

"You know what happened with Ciara up there at the mountain cabin? I just don't want you to do something you regret, okay?" Eve said. Claire argued that she should do something rash, since Eve was occupied. "I told you I would, and I am going to. I just can't do it today, okay?" Eve said haltingly. Annoyed, Claire warned Eve not to let her down.

Outside the pub, Ben hung his head after Lani rushed past him and would not let him see his nephew. Ben picked up a dropped toy as Ciara approached him. "Did you make a new friend?" Ciara asked optimistically. Ben explained that Lani had dropped the toy when she'd run off.

"It's so not fair. You're that baby's uncle," Ciara said. Ciara asked about Jordan. Ben confirmed that he had not been able to contact his sister. "It seems like nobody in this town wants me to get to know my own nephew," Ben said. Ciara argued that Ben should have custody of David, not Lani. Ben asked Ciara about her conversation with the police. Ciara admitted that she had told the police that the lighter looked like the one that Ben had used at the cabin.

Ben told Ciara not to beat herself up for telling the police the truth. Ben pulled Ciara into a hug and kissed her head. Claire rounded the corner and greeted the lovebirds. Claire asked Ciara about her conversation with the police. Angry, Ciara informed Claire that the police had asked about the lighter from Claire's jewelry box.

"They believed your story, Claire. That you found it after I left it at the loft," Ben said. "It's not a story. How else would I have ended up with it?" Claire asked. Ben said he had never seen the lighter after he had left the cabin. Claire asked Ben if it was a coincidence that the lighter had ended up at the loft. Ciara argued that the person that had started the fire could have been someone other than Jordan or Ben. Claire's face went sour.

"I do not have time to talk about this now. In case you forgot, my boyfriend is marrying another woman today," Claire said with fake cheer. "You'll manage somehow. You always do," Ciara sneered.

When Ciara and Ben returned to his apartment on the DiMera estate, Ciara continued to stew over Claire's words. Ciara complained that Claire wanted to start trouble. Ben noted that J.J. had given the lighter to the police, not Claire. Ben asked Ciara if she had doubts about him.

"I know that you would never hurt me," Ciara said. Ciara said she loved that Ben treated her like she was someone special. "Someone that could treat me like that could not possibly be dangerous," Ciara said. Ciara promised that no one would change her mind about Ben. Ben thanked Ciara for her trust, and he worried aloud that he would lose her if he went to prison. Ciara promised they would find the person that had set the fire.

"How did that lighter end up in the loft?" Ciara wondered aloud. Ben shrugged. Ciara asked Ben if Jordan had planted the lighter at the loft. With a shake of his head, Ben noted that Jordan had planted evidence at the motel because he had lived there, and she had no reason to plant evidence at the loft. Ciara wanted to go home, but she did not want to attend Tripp's wedding. Ben said he respected that Tripp was helping Haley. Annoyed, Ciara said it was mean that Eve and Jack had decided to marry on the same day.

"What kind of a person uses their wedding day as a campaign stunt?" Ciara marveled. With the baby at Rafe's house in Ciara's room, Ben suggested that Ciara spend the night with him.

In the Salem Inn basement closet, Jennifer gave Jack a choice. "We can figure out a way to bring the old Jack home, or you can walk out of here right now and go marry Miss Eve Donovan," Jennifer said as she dug the key out of her shirt. Jennifer unlocked the door and stared at Jack. Jack sarcastically thanked Jennifer for giving him a choice after kidnapping him.

"I can stand here, and I can tell you how much we meant to each other, but I can't make you love me. The choice has to be yours," Jennifer said. Jack nodded. With tears in his eyes, Jack admitted that he believed he and Jennifer had shared something special. "As strong as the connection was, I just don't feel it anymore. I'm sorry. Truly," Jack said. Jack walked out of the room.

Still in her firefighter gear, Jennifer wandered over to the town square. Jack's banner and campaign signs were up on a stage for the wedding. Jennifer sighed. As Jennifer continued to walk, she ran into Adrienne, who chuckled at Jennifer's outfit. Jennifer explained that she had attempted to stop Jack's wedding to Eve.

"Instead, I'm the one who got burned," Jennifer muttered. After telling Adrienne about her encounter with Jack in the inn's basement, Jennifer complained that Eve had clouded Jack's mind. Adrienne argued that Eve had brainwashed her brother. Jennifer said she had done all she could to help Jack, but there was nothing left she could do to stop the nuptials.

At the Salem Inn, Eve paced her room and called the front desk. Jack returned to the room and sighed deeply. "Where the hell have you been?" Eve asked. Jack told Eve that Jennifer had kidnapped him. Worried, Eve asked Jack if anything had jogged his memory. "Nothing came back," Jack said firmly. When Eve noted that the firefighter scheme was a crazy idea, Jack explained that he had done the same thing to Jennifer long before. Jack muttered that he had to have really been in love to go to such extremes.

"You're not in love with Jennifer now, are you?" Eve whispered. When Jack looked at Eve, he was silent. "You want me, not Jennifer, right?" Eve asked. Jack stressed that he had no memory of loving Jennifer and that he was committed to a future with Eve. Jack smiled and stroked Eve's cheek. With a sigh, Jack said that Jennifer's stories baffled him.

"In the early days of our romance, apparently I couldn't even tell her that I loved her. And yet, somehow, for some reason, she wouldn't give up on me," Jack said with a laugh. Eve agreed that the romance had been improbable, and that was why it had ended. Eve reminded Jack that they had more in common.

"We're going to show the people of Salem what a true, true love story is all about, as opposed to that fake news that Tripp and Haley are trying to sell," Eve said. Jack said he was ready to get married. With a laugh, Eve took Jack's hand.

At the hospital, Tripp confirmed with Justin that he had picked up the marriage certificate. Tripp asked Justin if there was a conflict of interest for him to act as an officiant. "Why would there be? As far as I know, you and Haley are madly in love with each other," Justin said.

At the loft, Haley and J.J. kissed passionately on the couch. J.J. told Haley that he was grateful for her forgiveness. "I shouldn't have been so hard on you," Haley whispered between kisses. J.J. told Haley he wanted another chance with her. As they leaned back onto the couch, Haley admitted that she still cared about J.J. J.J. asked Haley if they could date again, and Haley promised that after ICE spent thirty days examining the marriage, she would seek J.J. out. There was a knock at the door. Haley assured J.J. that the visitor was Kayla. After one more kiss, Haley answered the door. It was Agent Smith at the door.

"Just making a routine check, but judging by your outfit, I'd venture this is your wedding day," Agent Smith said. Smith asked if she could stay and observe the wedding. All smiles, Haley invited Smith in. J.J. said hello. "Where's your groom?" Smith asked suspiciously. Haley explained that Tripp would be home soon. Concerned, Smith asked Haley why she was spending time alone with a man that had been romantically interested in Haley.

"There is nothing suspicious going on here, ma'am. Tripp and I are cousins, and he asked me to stand up for him. I'm his best man," J.J. said. Smith argued that it did not explain why J.J. was alone with the bride. J.J. lied and said that he had arrived early to tell Haley that even though things had not worked out between them, he was happy for her and his cousin. Haley added that she had told J.J. that she had forgiven him for telling Jack about her immigration status.

"After all, we're going to be family now, right?" Haley said. J.J. smiled and agreed. "I'm not buying it," Smith said. Smith added that if she found any evidence that Haley and Tripp's marriage was not real, she would make sure to order Haley's deportation to China immediately. Smith took out a pen and asked Haley additional questions about Tripp. Behind Smith, J.J. helped hint at an answer to one of the questions.

Outside in the hallway, Claire raised her key to open the door. Tripp stopped her. Tripp reminded Claire that it looked bad for his ex-girlfriend to show up for his wedding. Claire wanted to stay, but Tripp argued that he needed the wedding to appear legitimate. Claire imagined that she returned to the loft after thirty days away to find that Tripp and Haley had fallen in love. Claire shook off the image.

"Is the wedding the only reason you don't want me here?" Claire asked. Claire asked Tripp if he was falling for Haley. Tripp swore that he loved Claire but that he needed to sell the image of him and Haley as a couple. With a pout, Claire said she was tortured by their separation. Claire told Tripp to kiss her to prove that he missed her. Claire kissed Tripp.

Inside the loft, Smith, Haley, and J.J. sat on the couch in silence. "Your groom isn't very punctual, is he?" Smith asked. "That's one of the things I love about him," Haley said cheerfully. Haley showed Smith her Chinese symbol for double happiness. "[Tripp] makes me feel whole," Haley said. "That's a lovely sentiment, but unfortunately, that's not legally binding. So, either get this show on the road, or I'm leaving," Smith said.

In the loft hallway, Tripp and Claire continued to kiss until the loft door opened, and they jumped apart. It was J.J. "What the hell was that?" J.J. whispered. Defensive, Claire said she wanted to say goodbye to her boyfriend before he married another woman. J.J. told Tripp that Smith had shown up for the wedding and had been grilling Haley while they had waited for Tripp to return home. J.J. shoved Tripp into the loft as Claire quietly, half-heartedly congratulated Tripp on his wedding.

Claire walked over to the park and played a recording of her conversation with Tripp from the loft hallway. "I am your boyfriend, but Haley's entire future is at stake here, so we have to really sell our marriage, or she may lose everything she fought so hard for," Tripp said on the recorder. "Perfect. Now I have all the ammo I need," Claire whispered.

When Justin and Kayla arrived at the loft, the ceremony started. Tripp said, "I know we haven't been together that long, and in a more perfect world, we might have even moved a little more slowly, but in a perfect world, we would have never had to worry about you being sent back to China forever. And now, thank God, all we have to do is worry about how we are going to spend the rest of our lives, and I believe with all my heart that we belong together," Tripp said. Haley glanced over at J.J. and fought back tears.

"I never believed in love at first sight, but you made me a believer, Tripp. And I can't wait for us to start our lives together," Haley said. J.J. handed the rings to Justin. After exchanging their vows, Justin started to pronounce Haley and Tripp husband and wife, but Claire rushed into the room. "Wait!" Claire cried out.

In the town square, Jack laughed as Eve showed him the decorations for the wedding. Jack kissed Eve passionately. Across the square, Adrienne looked ill. Adrienne walked over and congratulated Jack on his wedding. With a sigh, Adrienne explained that whether Jack remembered her or not, he was still her brother. Adrienne asked Eve if they could get past their differences, since they were about to become family.

"I would like to officiate your wedding," Adrienne offered. "It would mean a lot to me," Adrienne added. Eve was not interested, but Adrienne showed Jack her credentials. "I would like nothing more than to be a part of your special day," Adrienne said. Jack suggested that it would be good PR to have his sister officiate the wedding. Reluctantly, Eve agreed.

"Looks like the happy couple made it to the square on time," Jennifer said tersely as she approached Jack and Eve, who were canoodling in the corner. "That's because your little lame kidnapping plan failed," Eve grumbled. Eve announced that Adrienne had agreed to officiate the wedding. Jennifer raised an eyebrow. Adrienne explained that Jack was her brother, and she wanted to support him. Eve took Jack's hand and escorted him away from Jennifer.

Shocked, Jennifer asked Adrienne if Adrienne's offer had been a joke. "Relax. I know what I'm doing," Adrienne assured Jennifer. Jennifer smiled. Across the square, the press took pictures as Jack greeted the crowd. Adrienne walked to the podium as Jack announced that his sister would officiate the ceremony. Adrienne waved to the crowd.

"I never expected to fall in love with my campaign manager," Jack said with a chuckle. Across the square, Jennifer watched Jack's performance. "No matter how crazy a love story seems, what matters is that it is true," Jack said. When Jack noticed Jennifer, his smile fell away. Eve chimed in, "Ours is! Unlike that marriage taking place across town where an illegal immigrant is marrying a man she doesn't love simply to get her green card." Jack added that Abe approved of Haley's wedding fraud.

"I thought this was a wedding, not a campaign rally!" Jennifer shouted out. "You are so correct, Miss Horton," Eve said. Eve turned to Jack and suggested they get married. "Since Eve is responsible for bringing Jack back into our lives, it only seems fair that Eve speak first," Adrienne said. Jack glanced over at Jennifer, and he thought about their conversation in the basement of the inn, when Jennifer had told Jack that he did not need to marry Eve to be mayor.

"I have waited my whole life to love a man as strong and as ambitious as you, Jack Deveraux, and I know that together, we can accomplish some amazing things, so thank you. Thank you for making all my dreams come true," Eve said.

"Eve, I was lost and you found me. You helped me find meaning in my world," Jack said. Jack looked over at Jennifer, and he stopped. Eve asked Jack if something was wrong. "I'm sorry. I can't do this," Jack said.



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